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    [Social Media] Backing Up Your Own Social Data
    If so, it’s time to get your head out of the cloud and start thinking about how you are going to preserve years of social data that you’ve been sharing on your favorite social networks. The traffic is dwindling and your favorite social media website – the one you use for your business – decides to undertake a redesign. Social Media facebook LinkedIn Myspace Are you taking Facebook and LinkedIn for granted? And just in case you don’t believe me, you should read this article about a recent MySpace foible. It’s all gone.
    [Social Media] Guest Blog Posts On The Rise
    As the owner of a popular business blog focused on Internet marketing topics such as search engine optimization and social media , I get a LOT of these requests, and they are now on the rise – to the tune of multiple requests via e-mail each day. Blogging for Small Business guest blogging SEO Social MediaIt’s fun when something that I predict will happen occurs. Usually it takes awhile between the prediction and the actual happening, but this time, it happened within a matter of just a couple weeks.
    [Social Media] 4 Ways To Use Instagram
    Integrate it with your other social media – Integrate Instagram into your current online marketing strategy by sharing those photos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Social Media Instagram small business social networkingConstant Contact reports that more than 50% of top brands are using Instagram in their marketing plans. But they aren’t the only businesses using Instagram. Many small businesses are using it as well. Instagram is a smartphone photo sharing app. It’s the smartphone version of Flickr and Photobucket.
    [Social Media] Mistakes To Avoid While Blogging
    Not socializing – Your blog is a social media tool. Write often and share what you post on your social networks. Blogging for Small Business blog marketing blogging content online reputation SEO Social MediaSome mistakes are easy to overcome. Others can kill your marketing. If you routinely publish bad content on your blog, it could hurt your reputation online and damage your brand. If you do it occasionally, that will have less of an impact, but you want to avoid bad content if you can. Or that has low value, or no value, for your readers.
    [Social Media] Delta Airlines Tweets for Customer Satisfaction
    While it’s nothing new for airlines to use a Twitter account for marketing purposes, Atlanta based Delta was the first to use social media to immediately tend to customer complaints. While this advance in customer service has made great strides for Delta, it does not erase the bad social media press the airline received a few weeks back when the airline charged soldiers $200 for bags on their way back from Afghanistan. Delta Airlines is not just offering pretzels, peanuts and your choice of inflight beverages. Socialnomics
    [Social Media] Who You Should Be Online
    In an industry that is centered around building relationships, real estate is a prime candidate for social media success. The value in social media comes from connections made. Here are a few tips based on my social media successes and failures: 1. When I started in social media, my first folly was in strategy: I wanted to be a guru of everything Maui real estate-related. Be social. Social media is a two-way/group conversation, not an advertisement platform. Discover more articles on new and emerging media.
    [Social Media] The Future of Media in a Digital World
    With the rise of social media and digital information tools, it’s a nonstop struggle to stay on top of the latest trends and stay informed about the overall trajectory of the media industry. The pace of change in the media industry seems to be accelerating now more than ever—affecting everything from how we get our news to how we interact with our favorite people, personalities, and brands. The Future of Media Panel. The panel shared both strong opinions as well as valuable insights about where the news and media worlds are heading. By Juliet Travis.
    [Social Media] Story And Conversation: Pin It To Build A Brand
    Pinterest in a relatively new wave of social media in the branding world. Cabot Cheese's board for appetizers brings appetizers made with their cheeses to life. This week at work, I was explaining Pinterest to some of my coworkers, and one of them posed a question that I had yet to ask myself — What brands are using Pinterest? How It Works. If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, it’s basically an online bulletin board. Users can share pictures from websites that they find interesting or inspirational. If it sounds like fun, it is! How Brands Are Involved. Chris March.
    [Social Media] Fake It Till You Make It
    Social Media helps you fake it better than anything else. The big difference now is that Social Media gives you a platform to really share what you're all about with the world. social media. Let's face it: not everybody has the high level of skills to really deliver the goods from day one. I was listening to Howard Stern the other day. He was interviewing Aerosmith front-man and new American Idol judge, Steven Tyler. Stern asked Tyler if he knew growing up that he would be a rock star. " You have to believe in yourself and what you're doing.
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    [Social Media] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Timelapse from Outer Space
    This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, freelancing, SEO, and social media on How To Use Memes to Build EASY Backlinks & Traffic – What if I were to tell you that there’s a simple strategy that you can follow to achieve all of these objectives, an easy formula where all you have to do is fill in the blanks, and watch the backlinks and social media traffic roll in? Social Media / Social Networking. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing.
    [Social Media] Why Branding is 'Being'
    Using social media may get you noticed, but 'being a genuine human being' will create the commitment (and therefore the brand). Tags: brand branding price promotion social media using social media business marketing marketing jargon Branding is so much more than a marketing goal. For me actually branding is an outcome of just good plain business common sense. Yet, it is often seen as a driver rather than an outcome. For all the marketing jargon, for me branding is about doing the right thing and furthermore being right there. genuine understanding warm.
    [Social Media] Show 439 - Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype
    The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social marketing , business ideas and  brand marketing tips  has a new episode but first. Anna Farmery  discusses with Jay Baer  - "a hype-free social media  and marketing keynote speaker, author, and consultant" about how social marketing is all about Youtility the concept that Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype  . The Engaging Brand podcast covering social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips has a new episode but first. Stop trying to be amazing and try to be useful with your brand marketing.
    [Social Media] Coming Soon! 4 New Location Based iPhone apps by minority founders with awesome landing pages, +1
    In October of last year while speaking at the  Blogalicious conference I bumped into James Andrews , founder of Social People.TV. James, busy traveling and working with celebrity clients discussing social media strategies and I spent most of last year speaking about location-based marketing, apps and TriOut. Both of us were speaking at the conference and had a quick moment to catch up. Fast forward to the end of quarter one of 2011 and four new minority founded location based iPhone applications are prepping to establish their own footprint in the space. Mosion. Arrived.
    [Social Media] Everything Is Digital
    Yes, you can use websites, mobile apps and social media to sell a message (much in the same way that advertisers do with television, radio and print). Social Media has overtaken porn as the number one activity on the Web. 93% of marketers use Social Media for business. social media. Digital is everything. Are you listening? But now your customers, your products, your business operations, and your competitors are fundamentally digital. piecemeal strategy of bolting on digital channels or methods is no longer sufficient. What does this mean?
    [Social Media] Why Influencer Marketing is Creating Huge Returns for Businesses
    This could be because social media users tend to be more affluent and more likely to recommend products to family and friends. Digital Marketing case studies channel strategy influencer analytics influencer marketing influencer metrics marketing strategy social influencer case study Businesses are making a strong return from influencer marketing, generating $6.50 in revenue for each $1 spent, according to the latest poll from influencer marketplace Tomoson. majority of marketers believe that influencer marketing attracts higher-quality customers to their business.
    [Social Media] Why Seth Godin Misses the Mark on Facebook and Privacy
    Tags: Musings Social Media facebook privacy seth godin
    [Social Media] Keyword Density: When Is It Enough?
    After reading it though, I realized as a search and social media professional, what was likely happening. Last week I was chatting with a client about their on-page content, specifically they wanted to know “how many times their intended keywords should appear on their web page?” ” I told them what I tell all of my clients, that there is no magic number. I can’t tell any client that having a phrase appear on-page 10 times will return first page search engine results (SERP). However it also takes website visitors to bring up web traffic numbers too.
    [Social Media] Showers and Sex
    Ari Herzog provides social media marketing and editorial services. Visit the blog archive to read more articles on new and emerging media. You love reading about showers and sex. This declaration does not seek confirmation and nor is it a question. It’s fact. Photo by krystle. I’ll go on a limb and suggest the reason you love reading about people’s experiences in the shower and under the covers is because you love writing and talking and sharing the deeds yourself. The jury is undecided whether writing a blog in first person or in third person works best.
    [Social Media] Dell: Excellence in customer service
    Dell: Excellence in customer service was written by Cendrine Marrouat for her social media blog, Creative Ramblings. Last month, my Dell laptop almost died on me. The hard drive had been so badly damaged by constant overheating, that it was ready to give up. went to the repair shop and had it changed. also asked for the fan to be cleaned. This cost me $300. So, needless to say that when [.] If you like this post, you will probably enjoy her latest eBook, The Little Big eBook on Blogging: 40 Traffic Generation Tips , available on Amazon!
    [Social Media] Cutting Through Content Clutter with One Social Thing
    Besieged by blog posts, articles, and columns about social media and content marketing? Today, news of our brand-new email service… One Social Thing. One Social Thing takes content curation to its logical conclusion. figures out the single most important and interesting content about social media and content marketing, and sends it to you at the end of every day. Here’s a sample of One Social Thing, so you can see the clean lines and smell the rich, Corinthian leather. Help Create One Social Thing with #OneSocialThing.
    [Social Media] How to Use Twitter for a Product Launch
    As social media networks, particularly Twitter, become adopted by the mainstream media and corporate marketing firms, we’re seeing an evolution in the way that products are launched. The difference between marketing methods of old and social media marketing is that customers have a say. The success of a social media campaign is dependent not upon how much money is spent, but upon the people being marketed to. If the message works and they like the product, the masses will Tweet it to the rest of the masses. Now that’s power. Cheers.
    [Social Media] Pin This For @JuliaCSocial
    Slide 26 of Julia Campbell’s presentation on getting ahead with social media indicates bloggers should use “Pin It” buttons to help out readers who enjoy sharing on Pinterest. Media pinterest Cognizant the majority of my readers don’t have an account on the digital scrapbooking site , I explicitly choose to not give you a pinning option. But Julia insists I have the button so here you go. I’ll monitor statistics over the coming days and write a followup blog post with results. Pin me here –>. Thanks for reading. Thanks Ari!
    [Social Media] TED's Secret To Great Public Speaking
    One of the best presentations that I participated in at Social Media Marketing World this week in San Diego was Michael Port 's workshop titled, Heroic Public Speaking: How to Give the Best Presentations of Your Life (you can also hear Michael and I discuss his amazing new book on the subject, Steal The Show , right here: SPOS #472 - How To Steal The Show With Michael Port ). Perhaps the art of speaking and presenting will get the attention in the mass media that it so rightfully deserves. mass media. social media. social media examiner.
    [Social Media] 8 Reasons Your Business Needs to Go Mobile – Free LogMyCalls Webinar
    With social media at its highest and most widespread use and the rapid growth of click-to-call phone numbers (on mobile or with VoIP), measuring this data is extremely important for sustained success. I’ve shared stories about the lack of measurement and tracking in small business operations and I still hear about it too often. Tracking how and why customers are reaching you is more important now than ever before. How many people are coming in? What channels are they coming in from? Does your marketing work – or is it money down the drain? Consider leaving a comment!
    [Social Media] When Stories and Numbers Collide
    How can you measure social media? What struck me most about the PRSA 2011 Conference – which was just terrific, I got to see so many old friends and meet new ones – was that there were two things you couldn’t get away from. The first was the importance of storytelling. Whether you went to Soledad O’Brien’s keynote (which was absolutely terrific), or sat in on Jay Baer ‘s presentation, people kept talking about the importance of storytelling and how it is central to what public relations practitioners do. The second was measurement. Numbers.
    [Social Media] We Are Looking for a Content Manager
    Before heading for the white slopes in Val Thorens, the Content Manager will go through a three week training at Mindjumpers where the person will be trained in communicating in social media, community management, producing content and getting insight into the Coca-Cola brand. Similar Posts: The Social Marketing Roadmap [Infographic]. Tweet. Mindjumpers is looking for a Content Manager that will be working on Coca-Cola Ski Hotel in Val Thorens. The Content Manager should be an excellent communicator and have skills in photography and producing video content.
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    [Social Media] 45 Things I’ve Learned in My 45 Years on Earth
    content marketing social media do good life lessons self reflection The other night, I was flying back from the west coast and found myself on a flight without wifi and in a rare situation where I was fairly caught up on e-mail/work. Instead of sleeping or reading my latest issue of Rolling Stone , I got thinking about how lucky I was 45 years into my life and all of the things that I had learned along the way. I was skeptical at first that I could come up with 45 lessons (to match my age) but low and behold once I started writing they managed to flow. On everything. Seriously.
    [Social Media] What Playing the Oboe Taught Me About Building My Own PR Practice
    It was through my love of music that I discovered my passion for branding, public relations, and social media. I came into communications via a rather round-about path: I enrolled in a Bachelor of Music program for oboe performance. Without any communications, journalism, or marketing classes under my belt, and working to build my own consulting practice over the last two years, I’ve had to push myself, think outside the box, and create my own systems from scratch. Attention to detail. The oboe is one of the more challenging instruments one can choose. Obsess, then let go.
    [Social Media] Blog Mastery Weekend Assignment #9 – Commenting Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Schmuck
    After reviewing over 4,800 comments on Pushing Social, I’ve developed a pretty sensitive ear for bullsh*t artists and attention moochers.  On the other end, there are some excellent bloggers who make little mistakes that kill their reputation and test the “host’s” patience. Although I hate sounding like the social media etiquette police, there are several faux pas to watch out for: 1. Extend don’t Echo :  Pushing Social commenters rock because they often add a new angle or perspective to my posts. H ow are you using comments to attract readers to your blog? wink}.
    [Social Media] How to Use Google Hangouts On Air to Run Your Next Webinar
    As much as I love social media it moves fast and not every update gets seen. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not dropping social media entirely, I’m just focusing my efforts more on my list. Editor’s Note: A version of this post originally ran on Sandy Sidhu Media. Email marketing and list building… We know we have to do it, but how much time do we really spend on it? This year I decided to make it a top priority in my business. However, when you email your subscribers, you are in their inbox, where the chances of being seen are much, much higher.
    [Social Media] SXSW and the UK Digital Mission
    Here are just three of the sessions I am looking forward to: Time + Social + Location. What’s next in mobile experiences – Foursquare and Gowalla are hot properties inn the social media world at the moment. Banking 2.0 – financial services driven by people and emerging technologies – as a social media agency, FreshNetworks has always done a lot in the financial services sector, so I am keen to test some ideas we’ve been discussing back at base. Silence Media – cost per engagement ad network for video banner ads.
    [Social Media] Project Gaydar and online privacy (or what you might be telling the world)
    However, the research does highlight, again, the privacy issues that people need to think about when using social networks , and when sharing information online. The ongoing growth of social networks and online communities is actually the tale of the ongoing growth of people sharing information online. What the MIT students did with just one facet of somebody’s life (their sexuality) could be repeated to build a much more complete picture of people using the information they leave across social networks and online communities. Image by Alicakes* via Flickr. web2.0
    [Social Media] Happy 4th Birthday, #measurePR: The Queen of Metrics Returns!
    Media + Google Analytics + behavior metric on one dashboard #measurepr. measurePR will next come your way on Tuesday March 4, 12-1pm ET. I’m psyched that online social media training provider, author, and entrepreneur Eric Schwartzman will join us as our featured guest. Do you know what Feb. 2nd was? Go on, guess, I’ll wait… It was #measurePR’s 4th birthday! Yes, the chat which has become somewhat of an institution as far as industry-wide digital PR events go (and I am thrilled about that), has been going strong for four whole years. Whodathunkit?!
    [Social Media] The #FutureOfBusiness Is Social: Adapt Or Die
    Here’s the reality: Media consumption has changed. Technology and social media. This will force business to become nimble in order to keep up with the consumer, and that is the underlying premise of Social Business. It is surprising how many businesses still “think” they can control the message, despite the countless examples of organizations that have been humbled by this thing called social media. Marketing has traditionally held this responsibility, and the rise of social has kept the customer largely within the hands of this department.
    [Social Media] The 7 Stages of Blogging Grief
    Tags: Blog Social Media
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    [Social Media] Use Predictive Analytics to Create Valuable Content
    Target audience members can share the same level of income and age, but have completely different social identities. The campaign ended up creating a worldwide stir, resulting in millions of mentions and pictures on social media, as well as fueling revenue and volume growth. By Robert Conrad. Generating the type of content people want to read and share is the penultimate goal of every PR professional out there. It’s a great feeling to be so in tune with your target audience that you know the types of content they want, even before they do. Simple. Coca-Cola. Digiorno Pizza.
    [Social Media] 10 Ways Savvy Bloggers Use Landing Pages
    These comments offer “social proof,&# lending authority to your page and thereby increasing conversions. Excellent tips The Copyblogger media crew is obsessed with packing education into every product they sell. Jumpstart social media. Blog Marketing copyblogger media landing pages premise premise copybloggerThe magic formula for growing a spectacular blog is getting your readers to take action. A lot of action. Specifically, you want to funnel your most devoted followers into an e-mail list or convince them to purchase a product. Build e-mail lists.
    [Social Media] How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Facebook
    While company owners may know that they need to use social media to promote their SEO efforts they may not understand that that this can also drive traffic to their website.  This aspect of social media marketing can be just as important to any business as the SEO efforts are.  You can certainly use your social media marketing techniques for strictly SEO purposes but you are missing out on a great deal of traffic to your website.  You need to know how to utilize Facebook to get people looking and buying what you are offering on your website.  Facebook
    [Social Media] The Pillars of Online Marketing Success in 2014 & Beyond
    Telling a compelling story is as simple as sharing good experiences you’ve had with your customers, demonstrating how their lives have changed because of your product or posting images of rarely seen processes in your factory on the intricacies of the manufacturing process of your product or by just sharing common interests with real users on social networks. In addition, every social network evokes different activities and attracts a different audience. Therefore, as you set your sight on crushing it online, keep studying the audiences and trends to determine your path.
    [Social Media] The Road to the Future is Paved with Gold (AmEx Cards)
    OPEN Forum turned the card you carry into a robust social system membership. Members Project was social before social was hot. While many other issuers still rely on tactical promotions to bump-up fan counts, AmEx is forging deep partnerships with social networks like Facebook , Twitter and Foursquare and inventing new ways to transact online. If you're reading between the lines, you might already have a sense that AmEx's closed loop data has been a nice bargaining chip in its dealings with top social platforms. And that's a good thing.
    [Social Media] 10 Best Marketing Books Written By Marketers
    Today, it is accomplished on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other social media outlet. Focusing on content and social media, Miller gives completely practical tactics and strategies for integrating the two. The second section of the book provides methods for using social far better than you may be today, to build trust and drive traffic. Promote your content through social media for maximum distribution. He provides very practical steps to build your most important asset through content and social media engagement. Chapman.
    [Social Media] Facebook Testing Private Messages For Pages
    All Facebook is reporting a new feature may alleviate some of these social media pains. We’ve all experienced a Facebook page where the same person keeps posting their complaint over and over, spamming the wall and making it hard for other customers to use the page and communicate. Pages may soon be able to receive private messages from users. Administrators will receive notifications under their admin menu that they have received private messages. Clicking The notifications will appear with other general notifications for those navigating Facebook as a page. Blog Facebook
    [Social Media] The Psychology of Social Engagement
    In regards to the world of social media, engagement refers to how people interact with one another, specifically with your business. The first step is to understanding the psychology of social media trends. 81% of consumers receive advice relating to purchasing from friends and family on social networking sites. Giving your customers a way to make wish lists and share their purchases with their social networks puts your products directly in the line of sight of customers struggling with purchase decisions of their own. Reviews and Research.
    [Social Media] 3 Reasons Why Google+ is Good For Business
    Unless you live under a rock I’m sure you’ve all heard about Google +, the social network created by the number one information engine in the world. That is faster than any other social network. Media. The Google + interface is simple and sleek (very Apple-esque) and the media files don’t fail to impress either. All of these added controls will encourage your readers to share your content with their social circles. Do you have a social media rock star within your company? Online Marketing Social Media business turnaround investment banking
    [Social Media] Monday Roundup: Hook Your Audience
    Why: “Humans are social creatures by nature, but the advent of social media has blessed us with an unparalleled opportunity to share and relate to others,” writes Bryan Adams as he demonstrates how you can use storytelling and appropriate hooks “as a bridge to invite people to become part of your story.” Why:  Pam Lontos  explains why “adaptation is the foundation for creating your hook” when you work in media relations. 7.  Around the Web hook your audience media hooksCreative Email Marketing Campaigns That Inspire Action.
    [Social Media] Groupon Responds to Super Bowl Ad Complaints
    Groupon’s roots are in social activism – we actually began as cause-based website called  The Point , and we continue to use Groupon to support local causes with our  G-Team initiative. The controversy surrounding this campaign resulted in 32 million free media impressions. Groupon Social Media Video Groupon Responds Groupon Super Bowl Controversy Groupon TibetGroupon CEO Andrew Mason responded to the backlash on Twitter and Facebook about Groupon’s  &# Tibet&# Super Bowl ad via the Groupon Blog: xwgYqIZUtZ0. IOvxz8zHr9s.
    [Social Media] Fast Company Influence Project: Pyramid Scheme or Genius?
    Fast Company seems to have caught onto the fact that probably a good 50 percent of social networking is ego related and used it to formulate a cracker of a business plan: “The influence project,” is (almost) unapologetically a link baiting pyramid scheme. Tags: Social Media Fast Company Influence Project Fast Company Influence Project Results By  Erik Qualman. Link baiting, pyramid scheme, marketing genius? Fast Company’s  Influence Project is a little bit of everything. The Influence Project is promoted by Fast Company as finding the most influential person.
    [Social Media] Blogging: The Small Business Way
    Chris Marentis writes from experience about lead generation, closing the sale and leveraging social media. He is the founder and CEO for a local internet marketing company Surefire Social, a resource for local search marketing. Blogging has different meanings for different people. It would only be logical that entrepreneurs who use blogs as a marketing tool should likewise utilize it specifically to market goods and services. It is crucial for local businesses to maintain a blog in order for them to be competitive. If Content is King, New Content is Emperor.
    [Social Media] Commander’s Intent: “Starting With the End in Mind”
    Mike :  The guts and theory behind LeadLi was based on a product we created a few years ago.  We saw how much time people were spending on “being social” and receiving very little business value out of it.  It is very expensive from a time perspective to invest in social activities. Additionally, we found that people did not know how to turn their social media footprint into a great lead generation tool. The world is changing. Fortunately experience is an amazing filter. Mike:  Understand that every entrepreneur is afraid. Socialnomics
    [Social Media] Collective Wanderings for August 1st 2008
    liked this interesting new real time social browsing. Thought for the week ; It’s always amusing to see the criticism of social media. Funny thing is, it usually comes from people that proudly display a few flashy badges that link to their social accounts. Upon further inspection, the critics are barely using social media. Thought for the week : Social Media is much like my leaky roofer, great when it’s sunny but totally useless in the rain… Shana’s picks. Social Networking: Online Tridimensional Conversation.
    [Social Media] Digital business is a strategic priority for CEOs… but not for CIOs (yet).
    Most C-level executives say the three key trends in digital business—namely, big data and analytics, digital marketing and social-media tools, and the use of new delivery platforms such as cloud computing and mobility—are strategic priorities at their companies , according to McKinsey’s first annual survey on the topic. Check out the latest McKinsey Global Study  on Digital Business. There’s so much good stuff in here, I’m just going to quote liberally from it. However, they also report some tough challenges. Tons of interesting data in this survey. photo credit ).
    [Social Media] Wednesday’s Thursday Post on TED Talks
    Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media. Each week at the Brooklyn Brothers I pull together three relevant TED talks around a particular theme. This weeks theme was “The Importance of Something New&#. think sometimes we forget that new doesn’t always have to be about creation, new can mean evolution. In the three talks for this week “new&# is taken to different and interesting levels. From Matt Cutt’s “Try something new&# to Google’s Driverless Car, all were about good new things which had simple reasoning.
    [Social Media] LinkedIn Marketing & Sales
    Social Media Examiner has a good explanation of how this can work for you. How Is Social Media Like A Mullet? Social Media Attack Plan LinkedIn – Branding LinkedIn – Event Promotion. As we continue our series on using LinkedIn to help grow your business, today let’s take a look at how it can help with your marketing and sales efforts. There are a number of ways that we’ll outline in this installment. We talked in a previous post about setting up a LinkedIn company page. think cold calls are a waste of time. How can LinkedIn help?
    [Social Media] Referral Analytics Traffic Dashboard Webinar & Coverage
    In the Social Media Monitoring realm – I’ve had access to many of the best tools and platforms – and I’ve had opportunities to help shape them – Compete’s Traffic Dashboard was an example of one of those times where that happened. This can help you answer questions like, “what specific social sites are making my Social traffic drop?&#. Tags: Traffic Dashboard Compete comScore Data Google Google analytics Product Manager Search Social Media Open FAQs Where does the data come from ?
    [Social Media] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Facebook Law
    This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, freelancing, SEO, and social media on It guides you through your first days of building great content for your new blog including brainstorming techniques, developing a content plan, building a social media presence, setting up a publishing process, and more. 10 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic with Social Media Teasers – We have one job. To make our social media teasers irresistible. The Resources Mashup.
    [Social Media] Video: How McDonalds Turned It Around
    Tags: Marketing and Branding Social Media brands mcdonalds video
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    [Social Media] My Like Minds Slides on Spreadability at WOM UK
    Tags: Social Media reach spreadability wom uk
    [Social Media] The Unadulterated Pleasure of Going Dark
    missed my friends and some of their wonkiness, but I did not miss the grind of the social media industry. At the same time, that very same escape is difficult for those that make their living off of digital media. You come to understand the relevancy (or lack there of) online media, and yet you cannot leave it behind. Pop Philosophy break dark detox digital going grid luxury mediaThe weekend is coming and I can’t wait. Going dark for days on end was really an unadulterated pleasure. More than anything, it was a relief. could breathe again. Not for long.
    [Social Media] Leaders: Tear Down The Walls
    Hierarchies are crumbling all around us, with social media building a new world run by collaborative power. Innovative ideas are emerging from the ground up, and employees are driving corporate social responsibility. The trend is clear. To succeed in the 21st Century the role of management is to get out of the way of letting employees do great work. For managers to feel comfortable with “getting out of the way” the key is a high-level of trust in management and among employees, which opens the lock of a strong culture of innovation and collaboration.
    [Social Media] How to Start a Blog - Jeff Korhan
    Jeff Korhan - New Media and Small Business Marketing Home About Me Working With Me Speaking Favorites Trends Subscribe « Seductive Social Media | Main | Can Social Media be Effectively Outsourced? Because they are commons concerns small business owners have with social media marketing.  This is how words like ninja, guru, and expert became so prevalent on the social Web. For example, I am mentoring a young man in college with his social media and blogging. How do I start a blog? Blogging takes patience.
    [Social Media] You Cannot Change What You Do Not See
    You Cannot Change What You Do Not See originally appeared on Danny Brown | Social Media Marketing Blog - The Human Side of Media and the Social Side of Marketing under a Creative Commons license. Often, we change things based on what we see in front of us, or based on perceptions of what we feel is in front of us. It may be that our sales channels are bringing in less than 12 months ago; so we change the sales team or manager. Or, our customers are leaving in numbers that are scary; so we change the customer service team or manager. Take Nintendo, for example.
    [Social Media] What Do the Best Bloggers Have in Common?
    They closely analyze the comments, emails and social response they receive after publishing posts and find out the learning stage of their audience. They get the clear idea that their audience has become matured and now they don’t need guides or tutorials to start on social media or the basics of SEO any more rather they will look for insightful researches, case studies, in-depth information, unique hacks and tweaks, latest trends that are actionable and can produce positive results. As a blogger, your mindset defines your attitude. Source: List-based post.
    [Social Media] The Intersection of Online Communities and Learning Management Systems, an AMS with a built-in social community platform Acquires Digital Ignite , the most socialicious LMS on the market. (We wrote about this acquisition here.). Abila, the folks who introduced the concept of Social CRM to the association market, acquires Peach New Media. LinkedIn, the first social network to be publicly traded on the Stock market, acquires Lynda, a leading online learning platform  for $1.5 Social learning is a growing trend. Debunking the Hype Featured From the Trenches Industry Insider Social LearningHere’s our take.
    [Social Media] It Makes You Appreciate the Little Things More
    This past weekend, I completely switched off from social, turned my phone off, and focused solely on my family. It Makes You Appreciate the Little Things More originally appeared on Danny Brown - there's more to life than social media - all rights reserved. On Friday and Sunday, my wife and I gave our complete attention to our kids. On Saturday, we went to my wife’s aunt and uncle’s for Easter dinner, and a chance to bring together the various parts of my wife’s family around the same table. With Every Passing Year, Memories Begin to Take Over.
    [Social Media] How Instagram Restored My Faith in Social Networking
    If you have not played with runaway hit mobile social network Instagram , you should. Yes, it’s become known as a utility for iPhone users to send pictures to Facebook and Twitter, but make no bones about it, Instagram is its own social network, and a very enjoyable one, too. In fact, it has restored my faith in the media form. Gone from the mix is the usual social media punditry and sword fighting. Yes, you can share professional or well edited photos via your phone, but generally Instagram is a social phenomena of the moment.
    [Social Media] Consumer loyalty, decision making and retail banking in a digital world
    In 2010, the Harvard Business Review  discussed how digital technologies, and the use of social media was impacting traditional thinking about the consumer buying journey. The way consumers were interacting and using these media was making the traditional funnel less relevant and expanded on the more iterative consumer journey. Customer experience Financial services Social business Harvard Business Review marketing Retail banking social media At this stage it is important to moot that not all loyalty is equal in today’s increasingly multifarious world.
    [Social Media] Crowdsourcing the winning National Lottery numbers
    Between the Wednesday live prediction and the Friday explanation, social media sites were awash with theories and conspiracies explaining what had happened. Whether you believe this explanation or not (and there are certainly those who are sceptics), the use of crowdsourcing in this mass-media entertainment show highlights the widespread understanding and acceptance of this tool. Image by seyahmas via Flickr. Last Wednesday, illusionist, Derren Brown , correctly predicted the winning number in the National Lottery live on air. Quite a feat.
    [Social Media] Identity and self in online communities
    They can make themselves sound much more exciting than they really are in social networks if they so choose, talking about a band they just love and not showing certain photos that might be embarrassing from the weekend. Social networks are about ‘me’ and as such it is relatively easy to create the identity that you want to portray, showing photos, having conversations and listing things in your profile that support this. Web Technology: Impact on Social Media and Community ( Using Social Networking Online (
    [Social Media] infographic: Do you use Twitter like the rest of the world?
    Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application. Another awesome infographic from the guys at Flowtown. This one is called “ Who’s Using Twitter And How They’re Using It &#. My question is do you use twitter like the rest of the world according to the flowtown infographic? Featured Twitter infographics 2010 infographic using twitter
    [Social Media] Introducing Ello, the New Ad-Free Social Network
    Ello is a new social network that has literally exploded onto the social networking scene. Think Facebook and Twitter combined into one social media network–without all of the ads, retweets, and “likes” And there’s no algorithm behind their newsfeed or timeline. Ello is just like a lot of other social networks. Just like on other social media sites, if you still use the default avatar then you just won’t get many followers and it won’t look like you’re serious about using that social network.
    [Social Media] Show 311 - How customers are a marketing channel for you
    How people create 256 billion product/services impressions on each other when social networking! Are different market sectors more relevant to social media? How to focus on who will influence and who will be connecting to your social media audience. Tags: Pod Casts josh bernoff empowered forrester research marketing marketing podcast leadership podcast social media social networking podcast awards marketing funnel anna farmery Show 311 of  The Engaging Brand leadership and marketing podcast is ready  just for  you. We discuss .
    [Social Media] The future of business is here.
    Inspired by the ways in which social media has been successful, we identify twelve aspects of organizational life, spanning across culture, structure, process, and behavior, that will allow us to retain our machine-like efficiency while simultaneously solving our most pressing management problems (e.g., “Throughout human history, we have been dependent upon machines to survive. Fate, it seems, it not without a sense of irony. ” - Morpheus, in The Matrix , 1999. Humanize is a guided tour of the next era in management. The current era in management is winding down.
    [Social Media] Top #Sales and #Marketing Influencers of 2012
    ” The criteria  used to benchmark each individual’s impact within the sales space was: Social media presence – Twitter/ Facebook/ Klout score/LinkedIn authority. Blog Anneke Benchmark Brodie Credentials Dan Waldschmidt Editors Guy Kawasaki Influencers Jeffrey Gitomer Konrath Marc Benioff Marketing Practices Media Presence Popularity Professional Researchers Regularity Sales And Marketing Selley seth godin Work BooksI about fell out of my chair when I saw that my name was added to this list. Probably because I have no balance more than anything else. Jeffrey Gitomer.
    [Social Media] How do you deal with the social customer?
    It seems like the gravy-train buzzword of Social Media is starting to fade away only to give way to the term social customer.  In theory, as customers migrate more towards social media, companies need to evolve to keep up with them. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to get started or want to see how some major companies are doing it, check out the virtual Lithium Social Customer Summit. My tract with Lithium’s Jenny Zaszut, discusses how Vistaprint participates and measures social media.  It will run at 9:00 am EDT and 3 pm EDT.
    [Social Media] Selling The Marketing Dream
    The author of Branding Only Works On Cattle , Bright Lights & Dim Bulbs , Histories Of Social Media and Tell The Truth (which he co-authored along with Sue Unerman - Chief Strategy Officer of MediaCom , a WPP agency), is now trying to get young people interested in marketing. His opinions on Marketing, Social Media and the new world of branding will get you thinking and it's a pleasure to have him back on the show. histories of social media. online social network. social media. Enjoy the conversation. advertising podcast. brand.
    [Social Media] The Truth About Marketing Leadership
    Schaefer over at Grow Blog is about to publish his second book, Return On Influence - The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing , which dissects the fascinating world of scoring an individual consumer's true influence in the online channels. media hacks. online social network. social media 101. social media marketing. social scoring. Episode #293 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Mark W. Is it how many people follow someone on Twitter ? itunes.
    [Social Media] HR Meets Generation Y: Who Is Asking For Too Much?
    While some still went off to become doctors, lawyers, and big business moguls, the rest of the generation has squandered their lives away – according to the generations before – generation y is irresponsible, lazy, addicted to social media and technology, and a disgrace to everything this once great nation has stood for. wrote a post a while back on Social Media Mom, that discussed the digital revolution , one very interesting avenue big businesses were taking was working through avatars. Credit. So who is asking for too much? Where were they? Uh Sweet!
    [Social Media] Mobile web will be catching up with text messaging with more teens owning smartphones
    Accessing of social networking sites or blogs increased 1.8% 23% of teens access social network sites on their phones. With more teens owning smart phone devices and with decreasing mobile data cost  we expect the text messaging trend to be replaced by similar communication behaviors evolving around the mobile web, specifically  instant messages and social networking. Tags: Apple Trend Spots Trend Spotting Behavior Trend Targets & Groups Uncategorized applications mobile mobile web prediction social media youth million people in the U.S. increase).
  • DAVE FLEET  |  MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010
    [Social Media] Why Facebook’s Community Pages Could Give Brands Headaches
    The social network launched roughly 6.5 So, if your Facebook Page falls into “owned media&# in our  social media ecosystem , Community Pages would fit more into “earned media.&#. also get that companies don’t “control&# their online presence – I work in social media; I actually appreciate the fact that people talk about things that interest or are important to them. Pay even closer attention to monitoring other social sites. Community Pages 101. million of these when they first launched. Who will do it?
    [Social Media] Our Top Tips on Creating Content: the Most Popular ProBlogger Posts of 2015
    the other day – it’s time to look back on the year that was  on your blog. I’ve been having a scroll through our analytics to dig out what posts you guys found most useful this year and I’ll be publishing the top five in the categories of content, monetisation, social media, and the general tips we’ve shared across the rest of this week. This post has four recommendations – on the subject of visual content, how to keep tabs on those blogging in your industry, how to manage your social media, and growing your influence. Tools!
    [Social Media] Why Stronger Visuals Help You Sell More Stuff
    So you will be picking up converting traffic from these social channels and many more. As you’re planning the creative elements for your social efforts, considering the following: Consistency. Represent your brand consistently in all social channels, but allow for some differentation among them to keep the content appealing to the community. Use the images that you post on your social channels to tell a story about the lifestyle of your brand. About the Daniel Lemin: Follow @social_studio. If not panic, then what should the lesson here be? Storytelling.
    [Social Media] The Important Role Of Social Influencers
    So it’s no surprise that the role of influencers in social media has never been more important. They are one of the biggest brands in the world, hosting events in the most prestigious casinos, but spend a lot of time working with the likes of Daniel Negreanu and Liv Boeree who are not only experts of the game, but very engaging with their social media following. According to the PokerStars Social Power Table the pair have almost 400,000 Twitter followers between them, both with a social authority over 65 meaning they have highly engaging accounts.
    [Social Media] Learning to be behave appropriately on LinkedIn
    Though there’s no rules committee for how to use social media, there are cultural expectations. The big three of social media for me are: Twitter, my blog, and someplace to house video. have a presence on about 50 different social media platforms, but my big three get most of my attention. Here are the special attributes of LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a unique cultural setting: Viveka von Rosen , who is LinkedInExpert on Twitter , says “LinkedIn is a different social media culture.&# My Twitter stream is tied to nearly all the rest.
    [Social Media] Hack Your Email Growth Rate with This List-Building Tool
    Instead, something peculiar happened: email evolved into a safe haven from the social media storm and became the core revenue driver for many web-based businesses. Email works well for marketers because it’s a singular channel, not a fragmented space like social media. And the sheer volume of email users is still a factor: 85% of internet users have an email address, while just 62% use social media. Image via Just how valuable is email to online marketers? return for every $1 spent. How did this happen? Tweet This ). Visibility.
    [Social Media] Are You Setting the Right Goals For Your Blog?
    Pushing Social Bloggers need to be mentally tough to succeed. These blog’s don’t have enough readers to power engagement goals such as comments and social shares (retweets, likes, Linkedin Shares). Social Media Examiner uses its blog to promote seminars, offer advertising, and create a social community with branded forums. But, this doesn’t mean beating yourself up. Setting unrealistic goals is one, particularly nasty, way to beat yourself up. These unrealistic goals often look good on the surface but are doomed to fail. Sounds good right? Blog Strategy
  • ARI HERZOG  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2011
    [Social Media] How Obama Sets Online Marketing High
    We’re not talking about a few thousand dollars spent on Google Adwords buys each month ahead of the election, we’re talking full campaigns across all social media in an attempt to galvanize the base and spring them into action (such as on Facebook). Photograph by Pete Souza. This Feature Friday article is written by Jessica Wagner. It sounds staggering but President Barack Obama will likely break $1 billion in political fundraising for his 2012 re-election campaign. That fund is the basis for public financing, though checking the box does not cost you anything.
    [Social Media] TGIF – Extremely Thankful Friday Edition!
    This week at Jugnoo, we’ve been making with the grateful even more often than usual, giving away copies of the latest bestseller from Gary Vee , ‘The Thank You Economy’ After all, who better than the Social Mix 2012 keynote speaker and a social media superstar who really knows how to show his customers how much he appreciates them, to thank  you, our customers, fans and followers? originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM Blog - the blog for social crm thought leadership under a Creative Commons license. Also kind of inaccurate. ALL WEEKEND.
    [Social Media] ANALYSIS: Entertainment Marketers Harness Cross-Platform To Drive Commerce
    Research from independent mobile ad and data platform company Millennial Media and mobile measurement firm comScore shows that entertainment brands are stepping up efforts to engage people every step of the consumer journey and drive objectives further down in the purchase funnel. But now brands have to get creative about the call-to-action and enable people to do much more: access movie information, check TV show times, view mobile video trailers, buy tickets, pre-order and buy DVDs, and connect with social media sites to spread the word to friends and communities.
    [Social Media] In Memoriam: Don Bartholomew, Godfather of the Measurati
    “His efforts on behalf of the IPR Measurement Commission, the The Conclave on Social Media Measurement Standards, and countless other volunteer efforts that were helped by his brains and energy have changed the Public Relations field forever. Incredible sadness at the loss of a remarkable and tireless proponent for excellence in our field but, more importantly, a remarkably kind and good person. I got to know Don a few years ago, after I’d become a “social media” person. His “He will be forever missed but never forgotten.”
    [Social Media] Marketing Spending Pays Off
    Luckily, this time we have access to lower cost, easier to track digital media. The previously mentioned “Small Business Marketing Health Check” indicates that smaller businesses were shifting away from traditional media and toward social media, email newsletters and search. Tags: Email Marketing Lead Generation Media Social Media Marketing Advertising Well, here’s a big surprise: small businesses which spend more during a downturn actually do better financially. It’s nice to have some empirical data to prove our assertion.
    [Social Media] Listen to the Voice of Your Employees #SocBiz #HR #IBM
    The entire book is very well organized and paints a vivid picture of how analytics can be used in todays social businesses, offering a detailed history of the kinds of changes the skillful deployment of big data can bring. At Blue Focus Marketing (@ BlueFocus ), we have had the privilege of enjoying an ongoing conversation with IBM regarding employee development and retention in social business, having featured the brands success story in our Amazon best-selling book, The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, 2013). The Enterprise Social Pulse Program.
    [Social Media] The Era of Social Data Convergence is Here!
    The reality, as he sees it (and I agree), is that it doesn’t really matter where social media falls within the organization. What’s key to the success of the organization’s communications efforts is that social media is integrated with PR, marketing, investor relations, or whatever business unit communications touches. The explosion of the social Web has led to an abundance of available data for marketers/market research professionals. However, the social Web has created a 360 degree experience for most consumers. Anyway…. Hogwash!
    [Social Media] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    The 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Content Marketing // Social Media Today. How to Better Prepare Your Social Media for 2016 // Hootsuite. How to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ads Manager  // Social Media Examiner. Google+ Changes: What Marketers Need to Know // Social Media Examiner. Video Dominates Social Media in 2015 // CNet. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited about the end of the year. love Christmas, and I love a new year with its promise of a fresh start and new beginnings!
    [Social Media] Digging Deeper: 10 Big Blogging Ideas for 2012
    More Blog Promotion Tips Last week I spoke at Social Slam in Knoxville, TN. Huge thanks to Mark Schaefer who invited me and Fluency Media who sponsored my trip. My talk followed the innovative Social Slam format which allowed me only 10 minute to share 10 Big Blogging Ideas for Social Media. Four other whip-smart social pioneers presented 10 ideas in their respective specialities. Small is the new social black. At Pushing Social, about 60 people are working together to get 1,000 new readers to their blogs. absolutely loved the format.
    [Social Media] Digging Deeper: 10 Big Blogging Ideas for 2012
    Pushing Social Last week I spoke at Social Slam in Knoxville, TN. Huge thanks to Mark Schaefer who invited me and Fluency Media who sponsored my trip. My talk followed the innovative Social Slam format which allowed me only 10 minute to share 10 Big Blogging Ideas for Social Media. Four other whip-smart social pioneers presented 10 ideas in their respective specialities. Small is the new social black. At Pushing Social, about 60 people are working together to get 1,000 new readers to their blogs. absolutely loved the format. Enjoy!
    [Social Media] The Best of the Best of 2015 Round-ups
    There is a best of 2015 post (or several) for every interest, niche, social network, food, clothing item, silly antic, and Kardashian out there. . Not to mention social media animal celebrities (who no doubt are cooler than you). By Laura Petrolino. Ok, let’s be real here…. It’s the first day back after the holidays, and even if you worked all the way through—it’s everyone else’s first day back. This week is going to be crazy, and painful, and exciting all at once. The Best of the Best of 2015. Best of 2015 posts are everywhere right now. So with that said….here
    [Social Media] Maximize Blog Traffic with Top 27 SEO Plugins
    An all-round plugin that makes it easy to manage title tags, keywords, meta data, links, canonicalization, social media markup, and a whole lot more. 14.  WP Social SEO Booster. WP Social is designed to boost rankings in Google. This plugin works to improve rankings and click-through rates in Google and on social sites. Sociable makes websites social. Social Locker. Having trouble getting visitors to click the social buttons on your blog pages? Social Locker addresses this problem by motivating people to like, tweet, share, etc.
    [Social Media] Marketing Doubleshot Podcast – Ep. 4 – FCC vs Llamas and a Dress & Finding Good Content Resources
    In this episode Jonathan Barrick and Josh Muirhead discuss how the net neutrality ruling by the FCC was completely dwarfed on social media by a pair of llamas and debate over the colour of a dress, and how the content resources we rely on evolve over time along with our own approaches to marketing. Blog Digital Marketing Marketing Doubleshot Podcast Social Media Marketing content marketing digital marketing dressgate llamas marketing marketing doubleshot podcast social media Llamas on the loose –  [link]. The Dress Debate –  [link].
    [Social Media] Facebook status goes viral over bra colors?
    All I can say is the power of social media still amazes me!  home about smi learning lab contact SMI is powered by seasoned professionals from C.E.L. Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks C.E.L. Public Relations Small Business Mavericks Loading Quotes. scan or click the QR code to see the packages we offer Facebook status goes viral over bra colors? by admin on January 15, 2010 I recently got a message on Facebook from a close friend: It sounded like a fun game so I did as asked and forwarded on the message to my other girlfriends. Now that’s a far reach!
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011
    [Social Media] Google Adwords Express for Local Small Businesses
    Google Adwords Express is perfect for small businesses like this who are just getting their feet wet with online marketing , and who simply do not yet have the time to build a social media fan base to drive their online marketing. Leave a comment below or share this with your social community.  . Yesterday Google launched Adwords Express for local small businesses. Your Local Small Business. To be clear, Google Adwords place your business on page one of a Google search for the category you choose. That’s what you are paying for. Google Adwords and Places.
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