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    [Social Media] New podcast – Marketing Doubleshot – Ep.1!
    In this inaugural episode, Josh and I tackle the following topics: Social Media – The ‘not-so-level’ playing field? Dollars for eyeballs in social and the rise of Ello. Higher Education & Social Media Training. Hands-on experience with social for business. Blog Digital Marketing Marketing Doubleshot Podcast Social Media Marketing digital marketing marketing marketing doubleshot marketing strategy podcast social media social media marketing We certainly hope you enjoy! appeared first on Foglyte.
    [Social Media] Why You Should Plan A Multi-Channel Event
    Get all your channels involved — social, PR, content, demand generation, product marketing, even executives should have a role that they value. It’s easy to see how an event that involves different marketing tools can be multichannel because the various social media platforms could each be considered a channel. Michael Powers of Marketo recently wrote about planning a multi-channel event the right way , and he has some good points: Start early — it takes time to get approvals and gives you room for flexibility when the situation calls for it.
    [Social Media] ICYMI – Google+, Spotify, Instagram and Twitter Partner Audiences
    Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Google+ splits into Photos and Streams. Google announces that mobile-friendly sites will be increasing important signal for SEO. Spotify updates desktop app and adds lyrics. Instagram adds carousel and clickable links for advertisers. Twitter in talks with live streaming app Periscope and Meerkat launches. Twitter launches Partner Audiences. Facebook like counts expected to drop soon. icym
    [Social Media] Content Marketing Trends for 2014
    Among B2B companies , 87% are getting the word out on social media, 81% are using blogs and 80% are distributing their content via newsletters. This is a guest post from Alicia Lawrence. . Content marketing is alive and healthy in 2014 and it’s not leaving anytime soon. Content has matured as an industry ever since it exploded sometime around 2011. In fact, 92% of B2B marketers say they are budgeting for it, which is a sure sign that content marketing here to stay. But how has it evolved? PRs are realizing that they can use content marketing to do a lot of their work for them.
    [Social Media] How Marketers are Monetizing Social Media
    A few weeks ago, I sat on a panel for MITX that focused on monetization of social media. Three of the biggest takeaways/talking points were as followed: Two sides of social. Social media is a lot like search marketing and is something that should be looked at with lens similar to both paid and organic social media. The paid side is the one that focuses on advertising ventures across the social platforms. Looking at social in this manner allows for companies to look at separate KPIs and then roll them up into a performance overview.
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    [Social Media] Get your ass outside
    Put your phone down and get outside… social media
    [Social Media] Listening and acting on social signals
    A few weeks back, I took the stage at Internet Retailer ‘s annual conference for the ecommerce industry to discuss social media and how marketers can  do it right, but also how they can do it very wrong. Much of the value of social media lies within the data that is readily shared by its users. In the presentation below, I offer some examples of companies doing a good job, companies who have failed in marketing to me and also what our social teams at Vistaprint look at. Listening and acting socially from Jeff Esposito.
    [Social Media] You’re gonna have a bad time on social media in 2014
    So, here’s a post inspired by that all-too-true tweet from 20kGroup and Matthew Carberry, along with couple more things that still happen in social media that should have been wiped from existence ages ago. If you fight your customers on social media… (Thanks to @20kGroup & @matthewcarberry ). Auto DM’s are the least-social way to say anything in social media. Same thing applies in social media. The post You’re gonna have a bad time on social media in 2014 appeared first on Foglyte. It’s 2014, everyone.
    [Social Media] Marketing Doubleshot Podcast – Ep. 2 – Creating Smarter Content & The New Approach to Blogging
    In this episode, Josh Muirhead and Jonathan Barrick look back at 2014 and talk about what digitally savvy brands in 2015 will need to do in their content marketing strategies to truly achieve success, as well as how the world of blogging has evolved to a rich-media platform. Blog Digital Marketing Marketing Doubleshot Podcast Social Media Marketing blogging content marketing digital marketing marketing doubleshot marketing strategy podcast social media marketing PT7hAh5hxkk. Kevin Spacey at CMWorld on Storytelling –
    [Social Media] Marketing Doubleshot Podcast – Ep. 4 – FCC vs Llamas and a Dress & Finding Good Content Resources
    In this episode Jonathan Barrick and Josh Muirhead discuss how the net neutrality ruling by the FCC was completely dwarfed on social media by a pair of llamas and debate over the colour of a dress, and how the content resources we rely on evolve over time along with our own approaches to marketing. Blog Digital Marketing Marketing Doubleshot Podcast Social Media Marketing content marketing digital marketing dressgate llamas marketing marketing doubleshot podcast social media Llamas on the loose –  [link]. The Dress Debate –  [link].
    [Social Media] Marketing Doubleshot Podcast – Ep. 2 – Creating Smarter Content & The New Approach to Blogging
    In this episode, Josh Muirhead and Jonathan Barrick look back at 2014 and talk about what digitally savvy brands in 2015 will need to do in their content marketing strategies to truly achieve success, as well as how the world of blogging has evolved to a rich-media platform. Uncategorized blogging content marketing digital marketing marketing doubleshot marketing strategy podcast social media marketing Links and resources mentioned in this episode: Gary Vaynerchuk on the importance of Context – PT7hAh5hxkk. NJnP2wsgnoA.
    [Social Media] Best Practices: Be the Resource with Content Curation (Resources)
    Content Curation is Not a Strategy, It’s a Tactic One of the best at sharing resources, Brooke Ballard is up to the challenge of content curation and shows us some key points on what social sharing is a great tactic. What, When, and How to Share on Social Media Here are simple questions, lots of screen shots and examples on what, when, why, and how to share good stuff on social media. Social Media Sharing content is a great way to build up your intended audience. call this practice:  Be the Resource. What is Content Curation? And why not. I
    [Social Media] All eyes on Madonna, but she’s not the social media winner for #brits2015
    Since the Super Bowl went dark, real-time marketing has officially become ‘a thing’ on social media (some would argue we’ve been doing real-time marketing for years, but that’s another blog post). But Madonna’s stumble sent the whole thing into a new realm of social activity. The traditional media aren’t to be left out either with the front pages of today’s papers (apart from the Guardian) making out that there was pretty much only one thing to talk about when it comes to the Brits. But when you crunch the numbers, social media tells a slightly different story.
    [Social Media] Marketing Doubleshot Podcast - Ep. 4 - FCC vs Llamas and a Dress & Finding Good Content Resources
    In this episode Jonathan Barrick and Josh Muirhead discuss how the net neutrality ruling by the FCC was completely dwarfed on social media by a pair of llamas and debate over the colour of a dress, and how the content resources we rely on evolve over time along with our own approaches to marketing. marketing marketing doubleshot digital marketing social media content marketing llamas dressgate
    [Social Media] ICYMI – YouTube for Kids, Yo and Barclays
    Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. YouTube launches an app for kids. Linkedin to begin selling ads across the web. Facebook launches ad manager app. Pinterest was the fastest growing network (outside China) in 2014. Remember Yo? It’s back and it has reinvented itself. Barclays offers payment by tweet. Campaigns. Tesco launches Beauty Consultations via Google Hangout. Image credit. icymi
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    [Social Media] Using Twitter Ads to Increase Sales: Good or Bad?
    Twitter online marketing social media marketing twitter followers twitter marketing twitter marketing strategy We absolutely love Twitter here at Devumi, but how do we feel about Twitter Ads? Do they actually add value to your Twitter marketing efforts, or is it just money blown into the wind? These are important question to ask as every marketing foray comes down to cost per acquisition. first point to consider, before we get too far into this, is that Twitter themselves found that 76.3% of their tweeters use mobile devices to get online. appeared first on Devumi Blog.
    [Social Media] Paid Social Campaigns vs Paid Search
    One of the questions asked on Search Engine Journal in the interview between Kelsey Jones and Pamela Lund, a well-known PPC marketing specialist, is which companies would do better with paid social campaigns rather than paid search. Here’s the gist of what Pamela Lund has to say: If your company is trying to boost app installs, grow fan engagement, or any other social buzz-building endeavor, then probably social advertising is going to have better results. Without a strong social presence on the particular network, the advertising may not be as effective.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2015
    [Social Media] How to Increase Twitter Engagement Levels – Get Active!
    Call to action words have strong engagement levels To look at the other side of Zarella’s study, words that are usually associated with calls to action have a much higher engagement level: you twitter please retweet post blog social free media help please retweet great social media 10 follow how to top blog post check out new blog post Look at the sentences you can make from those and you’ll see how proactive those words are; “Please retweet our new blog post.” Please follow our social media account.” will also be throwing some actual examples in.
    [Social Media] ICYMI – Digital Wake, Tweetdeck, Snapchat
    Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Max Tatton-Brown and I recorded our latest version of Digital Wake this week. Listen to it here. Twitter launches Tweetdeck teams. Sky News becomes the first UK specific channel on Snapchat. Facebook rolls out dynamic product ads. Snapchat is raising more money, with a huge $19bn valuation. Instagram revenue is projected to hit $5.8 billion by 2020. Image credit. icymi
    [Social Media] Social Media Data Analysis: How to Build your Plan
    The Devumi blog is chock full of ideas to help move your social media marketing forward. The most successful social media business accounts will be massive, sprawling communities bursting with users, comments, and information. How you can make a bit of sense of all this is through social media data analysis. Without good social media data analysis you may find your stumbling in the general direction of forward, rather than smoothly moving upwards with your follower numbers, mentions, and general brand reach. personally use Google Docs.
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    [Social Media] Pinterest App Pins: How, and What, to Use Them For
    Pinterest app marketing online marketing pinterest pinterest business account pinterest marketing pinterest strategy social media marketing Yesterday, February 12, 2015,  saw the unveiling of the new Pinterest app pins to the general public. These are an add-on to the already existing pin structure. Nothing is changing in a drastic way. The Pinterest experience is just being enhanced – especially for those who love apps. note; this is only rolling out for Apple apps, those with Android or Windows phones will have to be patient. Pinterest app pins – How do they work?
    [Social Media] ICYMI – Facebook, Niche, Curator and Tweetdeck
    Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Facebook adds relevancy scoring. Twitter acquires Niche. You can now choose who will look after your Facebook account when you die. Whatsapp tests voice calls. Twitter launches Curator. Good news! GIFs now work in Tweetdeck ! And, finally, Adidas becomes the first company to use Twitter’s Group DM functionality. Image credit. icymi
    [Social Media] 7 Tactics To Get Free Twitter Followers
    Whether you’re on Twitter for your personal use, or if you have business goals in mind, more followers equal greater social influence. You can “select all” or choose just the ones you’d like to follow. 3)   Connect on Facebook  Twitter integrates well with other social media platforms, and Facebook is no exception. But the thing is, Social Proof can help improve the effectiveness of free tactics. Tweeting well (#4), hash-tagging appropriately (#5) and being social (#6) are not only good tactics – they’re a way of life on Twitter.
    [Social Media] How to Get More Website Traffic from Social Media
    Those are great, but how do you turn them into more website traffic from social media? I’ll look at how you can likely double your website traffic from social media, and truly make social a useful aspect of your overall online marketing campaign in this article. Get more website traffic from social media channels Most businesses have a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account. You won’t get more website traffic from social media if you’re a spammer. You’ll drive people away from your social media instead!
    [Social Media] Social Leaders: Spreading the #SocBiz Fire on #SocBizChat #Leadership #HR #NewWayToWork
    Topic: The Social Employee. In 2014, we spent the year celebrating the dawning social employee revolution. This year, we will celebrate the next phase of that revolution: the rise of the social leader. The idea of the social leader first made splashes late last year, when The Economist Intelligence Unit (@ TheEIU ), sponsored by IBM (@ IBM ), released its list of the Top 25 Social Business Leaders. It was my great pleasure to serve on the advisory board charged with determining the list, each member of which is a true social leader in their own right.
    [Social Media] How to Get More Vimeo Views the Easy Way!
    Vimeo content marketing online marketing social media marketing video marketing vimeo marketing Vimeo may be a newer video sharing platform, but it is far and away the…second most popular platform to share video on. With the big competition over at the Google owned giant, the challenge to get more Vimeo views is always present. We know that Vimeo is more popular amongst filmmakers and serious cinema lovers alike. So read on for my tips to get more views on Vimeo! Choosing the right one will help people find you when they browse videos by theme. Why would I watch it?
    [Social Media] Social Customer Service & How FREAKER Nailed It
    An inside look into a great customer service experience that I had through social media and what your brand can do to mimic the process! The post Social Customer Service & How FREAKER Nailed It appeared first on. Corporate Social Media Customer Service Wilmington Beer FreakerUSA ILM Instagram Social Media Monitoring
    [Social Media] RFP: Request for Pain
    Sometimes this is overcome with a focus on niches , such as community management or social media content. Having done two mandatory tours of duty in the big agency world, I understand the RFP process. It’s a necessary evil to win most large accounts. However as a small business, I find them to be downright painful. An RFP ought to be called a Request for Pain. As a small business owner, RFPs are extremely taxing. Consider that in a large or mid-size agency you have business development and senior staff dedicated to winning this kind of business. They have a glaring flaw.
    [Social Media] Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Jan 25 – 31, 2014
    Week in Review  January 25 – 31, 2014: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations  and  SmallBiz Tracks (Almost) Daily Podcasts , and LIFT resources shared on Twitter ( @smallbiztracks ) This Week on ConverStations Using Twitter for Business – The LIFT Weekly Podcast No. 4 Why Do I Do What I Do? It Depends: More Than a Blanket Statement 4 Ways to Use Technology to your Advantage Muscle Up With Forward Memory (Thoughtography) Looking to Increase Productivity Through Telecommuting? In 2015, we launched a new podcast:  The L.I.F.T. Weekly Podcast  for Small Business Owners. The 
    [Social Media] Who You Are
    And, 165 came here from social media, including 48 from Facebook and 47 from Twitter. According to Google Analytics , 923 people visited my blog during the month of January 2015. With a wonderful 7% bounce rate (indicating 93% of you are reading more than one page), there was a total of 1,115 sessions. session is a visit. If you visited my blog every day, that’s 30 sessions. If you visited once, that’s one session. Many returned. You come from many countries… …and cities of the world… …with different browsers… …and operating systems.
    [Social Media] PRSA LA State of the State of PR
    Duane Bates, Senior Director of Digital Communications Strategy and New Media, Habitat for Humanity International. Using analytics of past content across all social channels lets you see what resonates with your audience. This social media strategy template might be helpful when planning your content. And just a quick side note: The media knows good visuals work. When Weber Shandwick, long known as a PR agency, starts a section devoted only to paid media (Sawmill) and makes Josh Rose the Chief Creative Officer, you know things are changing in our industry. 
    [Social Media] ICYMI –
    Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Facebook continues to dominate social logins. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Facebook updates. Facebook quietly launches a ‘Lite’ app for Android users in emerging markets. Facebook suffered outages. Facebook launches a new conversion lift product for advertisers. More than half a billion people access Facebook solely from mobile. Facebook now has over 3B video views per day. Twitter. Others. WeChat tests out ads.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 30, 2015
    [Social Media] Use the Twitter Discover Tab to get More Twitter Followers
    Take a look at how that social media savvy Gorilla has other social media experts suggested: The Find friends tab in Twitter Discover is a way to use your contacts from other platforms to connect with them on Twitter. Twitter content marketing hashtag marketing online marketing social media marketing twitter marketing twitter marketing strategy The absolute worst thing your Twitter account can be is boring. I’m not just talking about how your fans see it, but how you see it as well. The Twitter discover tab is there to help you. Ya, no.
    [Social Media] How Fast Should A Social Media Response Be?
    One of the great things about social media is its immediacy — and that immediacy is also its greatest risk. According to Sandra Fathi at the SMX Social Media Marketing Conference, here are the deadlines for recovery from a social media mistake: on Twitter, you have to respond within minutes, and after two hours it’s too late. on mainstream media, you have 1-2 days to put your response out. Now, I haven’t done a study, but ask yourself how much backstory you have read on the social media you are involved with.
    [Social Media] Social Media Marketing Advice 2015: Cross-Platform Marketing
    An overall social media marketing plan is an essential in today’s consumer market. If all you have right now is a failing Facebook fan page, you need to step your social media marketing game up! This article is going to look at social media marketing advice that will get you over the hump, and propel you for the rest of 2015. This social media marketing advice isn’t just about becoming SoundCloud famous. This isn’t just good social media marketing advice either, it’s also going to help your SEO. One step ahead. YouTube.
    [Social Media] Twitter and Facebook and Weight Loss…Oh, My!
    What are the main reasons people use social media? Most of us use social media to: connect with long-lost classmates, family, and friends. Many experts diss social media—pointing to all the ways it can ruin our live. Let’s take a look at exactly what is happening in the world of social media. Social media is the most popular online activity ; the US population spends more time engaging in social networks than enjoying any other internet activity. Social media even tops email. market our business or brand.
    [Social Media] The best of #DeflateGate
    Social Media After last weekend’s win over the Indianapolis Colts, the New England Patriots are under investigation by the NFL about using 12 game balls that were below the proper inflation level. The internet did not hold back on poking fun at #DeflateGate. Below are a few of our favorites: Fully filled #DeflateGate krispykreme (@krispykreme) January 21, 2015. The internet had a field day with Tom Brady’s press conference #DeflateGate [link] — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) January 23, 2015. ShareThis.
    [Social Media] 6 SEO Hurdles for Retailers and How to Beat Them
    You don’t want to link out to what was once another local kitchen supply store from your bakery shop, only to find out later that it’s turned into a dog food supply. —– Author Bio:   Larry Alton  is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship. Written by Larry Alton Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are best practices that help move your website (or web presence) to the top of the results when people search for “your” keyword(s) in Google or another search engine. Follow him on  Twitter  and  LinkedIn. Marketin
    [Social Media] Social Networking In Your Face
    Jena Kingsley is the latest in a series of comedians to poke fun at social networking systems by forcefully interacting with people in public places and proving that our online lives are silly when taken literally. The lingo and the descriptive language, such as friends on Facebook vs connections on LinkedIn, frustrates my students when I explain the basics of social media. Media culture identity networking Youtube Facebook has a little-used function called a poke. You can then ignore it or poke me back. Or poke anyone else.
    [Social Media] ICYMI – Guardian, Whatsapp and Tumblr
    Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Google Search now directly links you to brands’ social profiles. 70% of marketers will spend more on social media ads this year. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Facebook at Work launches. Twitter planning to sell ads on apps and sites of other companies. The Guardian is the UK’s most tweeted newspaper. Facebook cracks down on hoaxes and spam in its latest news feed tweak. Image credit. icymi
    [Social Media] Make Money on SoundCloud: RouteNote & SoundCloud Merger
    SoundCloud music marketing online music marketing social media marketing soundcloud marketing soundcloud promotion soundcloud tips Everyone seems to want to make money on SoundCloud. Record labels are salivating at the chance to get at more money through online monetization. And, heck, even the artists themselves might get a slice. recent announcement that has been overlooked that will impact how people make money on SoundCloud came from RouteNote last week. If you want to make money on SoundCloud, getting familiar with who they are and what they do is necessary. Not a bad cut.
    [Social Media] Influencer Marketing – Part 1
    Content marketing Digital Marketing Instagram social business Uncategorized influencer marketing influencers klout marketing online influencers social media influencers Influencer Marketing is an emerging method of advertising that is proving itself an effective and, for some brands, integral component of digital marketing strategy. Here is some background on why influencer marketing is now considered a highly effective form of advertising. The post Influencer Marketing – Part 1 appeared first on.
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    [Social Media] How to Get More Pinterest Followers Fast
    Connect your Pinterest account to all of your other social profiles. Make sure that those social profiles also link to your Pinterest account. Social media is all about showing your followers that you’re just like them. Advertise your Pinterest boards on other social media platforms Pinterest is a newer platform, especially amongst business users. Pinterest contest for more followers very fast Everyone loves to look useful on social media. Don’t forget to advertise it across all social networks, and in your newsletter.
    [Social Media] A Helpful Guide To Free SEO Training
    These aren’t just little tutorials, these are MOOCs — Massive Open Online Courses — and he shares his suggestions for the courses he would use in training an organic search specialist. I can see this being a great help if you want to create a team to monitor your social media reach, for instance, or develop some in-house talent. It’s becoming a standard need for businesses of any size — the whole Search Engine Optimization thing is no longer the realm inhabited by the computer geeks. The trick is knowing what’s most helpful.
    [Social Media] BuzzFeed’s Social Lift Algorithm
    Content Global Short Form Buzzfeed Social Media SocialLift Virality – Wired.
    [Social Media] Filmmakers: 5 Reasons to Choose Vimeo over YouTube!
    Vimeo YouTube online marketing online video social media marketing video marketing vimeo marketing youtube marketing For the average person, YouTube will do just fine as a video sharing platform. For serious filmmakers trying to get their films out there, and meet a community of like-minded individuals, there are a number of reason to choose Vimeo instead of YouTube. Here are five reason that will back up that lofty claim, along with plenty of examples to amp up the fun factor!   5 Reasons Vimeo is better than YouTube for filmmakers Youtube is the King of Video Content Volume.
    [Social Media] The 2015 Social Media Image Sizes Guide
    infographics Social Media 2015 Facebook google guide image size instagram Twitter By the team at
    [Social Media] Pew Internet Research Social Media Update Report 2014
    Pew Internet Research released their Social Media Update Report 2014 last week with tons of data for social media analytics and marketers. You can view the full social media report here on Pew Internet Research. Social Media pew internet research social media 2014 social media report socialmedia Below are some of the graphs from the report.
    [Social Media] The Top Startup, Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Articles This Past Week
    Teenager’s View on Social Media — Backchannel — Medium. BUILDBox curates the best building resources for technology entrepreneurs, daily. The essence of venture business by @Om Malik. Discuss. The 104 Most Active Seed Venture Capital Firms via @cbinsights. Discuss. Elad Blog: The 3 Types of “Platform” Companies via @eladgil. Discuss. 2015 Marketing and Technology Trends via @OpenViewVenture. Discuss. Vivek Wadhwa: How Technology Will Eat Medicine by @wadhwa via @wsjstartups. Discuss. Discuss. The 12 Laws Of Entrepreneurial Power by @johngreathouse. Discuss. Discuss.
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    [Social Media] Twitter Native Video Hosting Kicks Off Soon – YouTube Beware!
    Twitter YouTube online marketing social media marketing video marketing youtube marketing youtube strategy Twitter video hosting has officially kicked off for a select group of verified users. This exciting development is a move by Twitter to help keep users on its service. Why only ever allow people to share links that send them away YouTube, owned by Google, when they have the ability to keep people on their service? With shareholders expecting Twitter to turn a profit, Twitter video hosting may just be the move that does it. You can read more here.
    [Social Media] Pinterest Promoted Pins Are Now Available to Everyone
    There is one more point that I’d like to highlight, and I’m going to cut and paste it directly from their blog post so you know it’s true: “Brand advertisers achieved about a 30% bump in earned media (free impressions!) Pinterest online marketing pinterest pinterest board strategy pinterest marketing pinterest strategy social media marketing Pinterest Promoted Pins have been around for quite a few months now. first wrote about them back in October. At that time, Pinerest promoted pins were made available to a select group of brands. Gear up, Etsy lovers!
    [Social Media] What Selfies and SnapChat Mean for the Future of Media
    Community Content Short Form Society Facebook Media Selfies SnapChat Social Media – David Carr in The New York Times.
    [Social Media] How To Figure Out Your Sales Funnel
    The ones who heard or saw and responded went further into the funnel. A lot of people are active online, so social media  may be the first place they become aware of your brand. You see the term “sales funnel” many times in marketing. It’s a good analogy in one way because a funnel is used to catch a wide stream of something and narrow the stream to the size of the container. The sales funnel has filters in it so only the right things get through. Think Backwards. The best way to figure out how to get a particular result is to work back along the process.
    [Social Media] My first five impressions of #DigitalIndia as an outsider
    After writing 1500+ blog posts over 5+ years, I stopped blogging because I realized that I had nothing interesting to say anymore, beyond self-referential updates about my own conference talks, media sound bytes, and professional projects. After helping catalyze the emerging social media marketing ecosystem in India, as a client-side marketer and an agency-side entrepreneur, I deliberately distanced myself from it because I couldn’t connect with the commercialized, commoditized, lowest-common-denominator cacophony it had become anymore. years, away from India for 2.5
    [Social Media] Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Dec 28 – Jan 3, 2014
    Cicret Bracelet Could Turn Your Skin Into a Smartphone Display Keep up with everything we share everywhere from the ConverStations/SmallBiz Tracks  Social Stream page. – You can catch a complete review, in addition to top links to give your small business a L.I.F.T by subscribing to  Whistle Stops Weekly  email newsletter. In 2015, we launch a new podcast:  The L.I.F.T. Weekly Podcast  for Small Business Owners. The  The  SmallBiz Tracks (Almost) Daily Podcast  is now included with select ConverStations posts. Consider leaving a comment! Brain Stew Whistle Stops
    [Social Media] Finding Love: From Craiglist Missed Connections to Facebook
    Short Form Society Craigslist Facebook Love Missed Connections Relationships Social Media Rosemary Counter in The New York Times on being misled by a married man she met on Craigslist Missed Connections.
    [Social Media] In Case You Missed It: ICYMI
    Content Short Form Digital Media Digital Publishing ICYMI Social Media Twitter – Teddy Wayne on New York Times.
    [Social Media] Recent Posts: Expanding Social Authority and Enlivening Boring Predictions
    10 Tips for Expanding Your Social Authority in 2015 – Midsize Insider, Jan. 1, 2015. I go into detail on strategies to get more out of your existing social presences and where to experiment with new ones. FIR B2B #19: Doubts about Social Media’s Lead Gen Potential. Two new surveys cast doubt on the value of social media as a lead generation vehicle. One found that the top three value propositions of social media relate to ongoing customer engagement rather than lead generation. Here’s a roundup of what I’ve been musing about.
    [Social Media] Social Media Marketing Predictions 2015: YouTube Kills the Video Star
    One of my big social media marketing prediction for 2015 is that this is the year video takes off even more! Read on for more of my social media marketing predictions for 2015. It’ll be full of examples so that you can see what your social media marketing plan should start including. Social media marketing predictions for 2015 YouTube kills the video star – MTV now only plays reality show reruns I’m old enough to remember when MTV showed videos. I’m also old enough to remember day 1 of MTV2, when they played nothing but videos non-stop.
    [Social Media] Marketing Failure Should Not be a Dirty Word
    Whether you are creating a new ad strategy, trying something new on social media, running new creative or creating a new brochure, there will be hits and misses. “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might has well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.” ” ~J. K. Rowling. While watching the Blood Moon eclipse this morning I was reminded about an experience I had this past weekend. Lessons in failure, perseverance and overcoming obstacles are commonplace. ” ~ Bill Gates.
    [Social Media] 2015 Social Media Predictions
    There is always interesting discussion at the end of one year looking into the next – What are the social media predictions, trends and hot topics to look forward to. With the introduction of the ‘buy’ button both on Twitter & Facebook, social commerce will truly get its wings. To ensure the most targeted offer on social for customers based on demographic & behavioral attributes, vendors will build cross channel consumer profiles. In this social media overloaded society, it will be increasingly important to create content that engages your audience. 
    [Social Media] Algorithm Cruelty and Human Misjudgment
    Social media has put every error in judgement under a microscope and then broadcast it into a reputation management challenge. I’m glad that Facebook apologized, but the best thing about this situation has been the increased conversation about the need to pay attention to what is going on. By now, you probably have seen the “Facebook Year in Review” storm over the way that some users were presented with painful memories from the past year in a happy sort of way. The Problem With Algorithms. The problem? The machines do what the machines are programmed to do.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2014
    [Social Media] The Best Brands on Twitter 2014
    Twitter hashtag marketing online marketing social media marketing twitter followers twitter marketing twitter marketing strategy It’s no secret that we have a soft spot for Twitter here at Devumi. Since I wrote a top brands on Instagram  article earlier, I think it is only appropriate that I also give you a best brands on Twitter 2014 review. Hopefully you’ll learn a few things that you can apply to your own brand, improve your Twitter marketing, and find more followers!  . The best brands on Twitter 2014. Charmin – Charmin toilet paper. Unless they use Charmin.
    [Social Media] Happy Holidays! The Best Holiday Ads Online in 2014
    It may be the holiday season, but I’m still here working hard to bring you some social media related cheer! And I’m an online media analyst! To qualify as one of the best holiday ads of 2014 , you need to be social. Twitter YouTube content marketing hashtag marketing online marketing social media marketing twitter marketing twitter marketing strategy Let’s take a look at the best holiday ads of 2014 and remember that today is about more than commercials. hope you’ve spent plenty of time with your loved ones this week!  . The best holidays ads of 2014.
    [Social Media] Were Your 2014 Predictions Right?
    At the end of 2013, I predicted that 2014 would be The Year of Social Metrics. Facebook had risen to #1 status online, LinkedIn and Twitter were going strong, and social media was an increasing part of daily life. Since everybody was on social media, it made sense that measuring what happened on social media would be a wise business move. Are Social Metrics Still Important? Here is why you need to keep track of what is going on with your social media outreach: If you don’t measure what is happening, you can’t analyze.
    [Social Media] Marketing Doubleshot Podcast - Ep. 2 - Creating Smarter Content & The New Approach to Blogging
    In this episode, Josh Muirhead and Jonathan Barrick look back at 2014 and talk about what digitally savvy brands in 2015 will need to do in their content marketing strategies to truly achieve success, as well as how the world of blogging has evolved to a rich-media platform. marketing strategy digital marketing content marketing blogging social media marketing marketing doubleshot Links and resources mentioned in this episode: Gary Vaynerchuk on the importance of Context - PT7hAh5hxkk. NJnP2wsgnoA.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2014
    [Social Media] The Best Brands on Instagram 2014
    They may have chosen the best social platform for their brand when they first started on Instagram. Uncategorized content marketing hashtag marketing Instagram instagram marketing online marketing social media marketing 2014 may go down as the Year of Instagram as the photo sharing app surpassed the 300 million user mark. This number surpasses even the mighty Twitter. Brands in 2014 have finally gotten on board with Instagram, and some exciting content has been produced over the year. Here are five of the best brands on Instagram according to which are my favorites.
    [Social Media] How to Drive Traffic with Twitter Cards in Four Easy Steps
    With the advent of Twitter cards, individuals and brands can add greater context to a tweet with rich media, expanded messaging, and enhanced branding. Once approved, followers will have the card added to their own tweets, potentially boosting social shares, conversation and brand awareness. Mastering Social Media A guest post by Sure Payroll. Since it’s conception, Twitter has always been a hub for short, concise bits of information. So how do Twitter cards work? By manually adding a series of meta tags, twitter users can customize each card.
    [Social Media] Tweeting during a crisis: #SocialMedia Voice
    Where is the social media manager for @LindtCafeAus #MartinPlace  which was retweeted 21 times. So here goes for those of you interested: I was teaching a social media and online community manager class. teach 1,000’s of social media and online community and pr and marketing people a year – and have done for the last 10 years – good chance I knew them if they were in Sydney. public relations Shitstorm social media crisis comms sydney siege Twitter hope they are ok. Read what you want into that but does anyone know?
    [Social Media] 4 Essential Viral Video Marketing Tips: Be Seen!
    You need to have a social media following around this. YouTube content marketing online marketing social media marketing video marketing viral marketing youtube marketing youtube marketing strategy CEO: “Okay, here’s our viral video marketing plan: We start out with a spinning close-up on the logo, cut to a shot of me talking about the virtues of Product X, show an image of it being used, then finish with the logo again. We’ll put a light piano music background in, and it’ll be a viral video hit!”. Creating a viral video may be one of the hardest things to do online.
    [Social Media] 7 New Buttons Facebook Hopes You Will Use
    Social Media facebook business pages facebook call-to-action buttons facebook rankings Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern is a guy I pay attention to. His quick overview of the Call-To-Action Buttons for Business Pages  look like they may have come up with some very good options for your Facebook business page. Here are his “best interpretations” of what these new buttons can be used for since there aren’t more details on their functionality yet. Use App:  If your company has its own app, this could be a button to open the app on your mobile device.
    [Social Media] Why Facebook’s Updates (probably) Won’t Kill Your Business
    Facebook’s push toward paid advertising is likely to aggravate an already tense relationship between small businesses and social platforms over audience ownership,” says Steven Jacobs of Street Fight , a Colorado-based media-and-events firm covering local digital marketing.” Quote, “Dan Levy, Facebook’s vice president of small business, says that Facebook’s paid-advertising options have become more effective recently and that companies should view Facebook as a tool to “help them grow their businesses, not a niche social solution to getting more reach or to make a post go viral.”
    [Social Media] 5 Tactics You Will Need to Use in 2015 to Market Your Small Business
    That means it’s going to be even more difficult to get your social, promotional and advertising content in front of your customers. Dozens of social media networks and existing platforms, such as Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr, put an emphasis on micro-content. It’s a small burst of content – delivered in any media form including text, photos, video and more – published on a regular basis. Previously: Getting Customers in the Door with Social Media. Written by  James White. What does that mean in the long run? Marketing
    [Social Media] What are Twitter Offers & How Can a Brand use Them?
    Twitter online marketing social media marketing twitter marketing twitter marketing strategy Twitter recently announced the launch of a new type of Twitter card. It is exclusive to the U.S. market right now, but plans are underway to expand it. The basic idea behind Twitter Offers is that it will allow advertisers a better way to track their ROI from Twitter. This is due to the nature of Twitter Offers being right in Twitter’s system. The system isn’t perfect, but you can use Twitter Offers for your brand to drive sales campaigns, and measure your ROI. Following that?
    [Social Media] How any Business Can Get More Pinterest Followers (With Pictures)
    To help you work the right way I’m going to look at five ways you can get more Pinterest followers, and meet your social media marketing goals.  . Nike Women were wise to include their popular Pinterest profile along with all of their other social channels: Basics color psychology matters as you optimize your images. Leverage your other social channels. Pinterest online marketing pinterest board strategy pinterest business account pinterest marketing pinterest strategy social media marketing Create some pins, create a board, and repin a few folks.
  • PAUL GILLIN  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2014
    [Social Media] Marketo Tells How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation
    Marketo recently contacted several B2B social media marketing pros to get their tips on how to generate leads with social platforms. For example, 58% of marketers who have used social media for more than three years say it has helped boost sales. The marketers quoted here (I’m one of them) offer advice on how to create unique content that stimulates engagement, which is the currency of social media marketing. Check out “ How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation.” It’s They report encouraging results.
    [Social Media] Skepticism on Gallup’s Gloomy Social Media Assessment
    A new Gallup study appears to throw cold water on the whole concept of social media marketing, but I’d be careful about taking the findings at face value. Gallup asked 18,000 consumers about the influence of social media on their buying decisions. Sixty-two percent said social media has no influence at all. billion on social media advertising in 2013, a number that’s expected to triple by 2018.  These indicate that researchers were thinking in terms of social networks, which are only a subset of social media.
    [Social Media] Social Media Updates: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. Be Ready!
    Blog Facebook LinkedIn Marketing Social Media for Business Social Media Marketing Tips Twitter Facebook Business Page Facebook changes integrated marketing Linkedin marketing for small business social media Just in case you missed it…Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter recently announced important new updates  that are taking effect right now. . Here’s EVERYTHING you need to know to make sure your profiles are updated CORRECTLY and continue to drive business with no hiatus: Facebook Update: New Layout for Business Pages. Check out the new layout!
    [Social Media] 3 Super Quick Facebook Tips to Increase Fans
    Blog Facebook Tips integrated marketing marketing for small business social media Here are three easy tips to organically increase your Facebook Fan base and engagement: 1. Link Your Facebook Business Page from Your Personal Facebook Profile . When people visit your personal page, they land on your Timeline, which looks like this: Make sure you have a link to your Facebook Business Page so people can Like your Page. It should look like this: To do this, follow these steps: Go to your personal profile. On your timeline cover image, click on “Update Info”. That’s it.
    [Social Media] How to Measure Social Media Success for Your Small Business
    With social media marketing, you can  undeniably  grow your audience, gain visibility and exposure for your company/products/services, provide outstanding customer service, and – yes – generate business and increase sales. There are many business owners running small-to-medium sized businesses who are still hesitant to invest in and start social media marketing because they are not sure how to measure and prove social media ROI – Return on Investment. Social Media Referral Traffic and Visitor Increase to your Website. 5.
    [Social Media] Infographic Gives Good Overview of Good Helpouts
    How to Social Media Technology video Google Helpouts One of the many little-known Google services is Helpouts , which are video meetings with experts who can help you do everything from seed your lawn to play the piano. You can hold impromptu Helpout conferences using Google Hangouts immediately or schedule them for later, depending on the expert and availability. Some carry a charge and others are free. Several brands offer free Helpouts to support their products. useful infographic arrived today from DPFOC , a digital marketing agency based in Ireland and the UK.
    [Social Media] 3 Super Quick Twitter Tips for Your Business
    IMPORTANT NOTE!    When tweeting using an image, use  Twitter , NOT Hootsuite, TweetDeck or any other social media management software. Here are three super quick Twitter tips to get you better traction when using Twitter for your business so you will start seeing great results! 1. USING THE PERIOD BEFORE @ SIGN. If I start my tweet with an @ sign, only people who follow BOTH me and AND the person I am tweeting to will see this tweet. It  won’t  be seen by ALL of my followers. It won’t appear in their feed, unless they follow Mari Smith too: Why? USE IMAGES IN YOUR TWEETS.
    [Social Media] Social Media for Your Business: Quality Over Quantity
    We all want to see our followers on social media skyrocket in numbers. Don’t fall into the social media trap of being obsessed with getting over 100K followers, especially if you are a small business. On Twitter and other social media channels, these “bought” followers will not give your business any added value or boost. Take a look at your last 10 Social Media updates and ask yourself: Would I engage with that post if I saw it in my news feed? Blog Marketing Social Media for Business Social Media Marketing
    [Social Media] 5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Efforts are not Working
    While many small-to-medium size business owners are reaping the benefits of using social media to generate traffic and significantly boost sales , some business owners have found that social media has shown few if any tangible results. One important advantage of social media marketing is that it enables you to target a particular, specific audience. If your campaign is not going as expected, take a close look at the type of traffic your social media efforts is generating. Simply engaging in social media for your business is not enough.
    [Social Media] Social Media News & Updates: September
    There are so many changes and updates in the social media world, its hard to keep track of them all if you are busy with the day to day running of your business! I’ve put together the most important updates that took place in September to keep you ahead of the curve in social media marketing for your business: Facebook Adds View Counts to Videos : With this new update people will be able to see how many views a video on Facebook has received: New Tools to Promote Facebook Events:   Facebook has added new features that help Pages promote their events and see how they’re performing.
    [Social Media] Join Me at the YWCA in Bergen County!
    Come & join me for coffee and breakfast  at this FREE power session on: “Social Media for Small & Medium Business Owners”  . This power session is perfect for you if you want to dive into the (sometimes) complex and overwhelming world of social media, but don’t know where to start. will cover: The importance of social media today. What social media can do for your business. The most popular social media platforms. WANT TO LEARN MORE? I am giving a Social Media One-Day Intensive Workshop:?.
    [Social Media] Social Selling Tips on Salesforce Live
    This time I was joined by Jill Rowley and Jamie Dominici and the topic was driving sales through the art of social selling. Jill Rowley provides some great examples of how companies are leveraging social selling in the enterprise. Leveraging social media tools like LinkedIn and Twitter for sales has been a topic I have been passionate about for about 5 years now and it was great to be on Salesforce Live with thousands of viewers tuning in to hear from us. Life at LinkedIn Social Media Tips Social Selling Strategies LinkedIn social selling Twitter
    [Social Media] The Importance of Consumer Insights in Today’s Marketing Strategies
    This is one area in marketing that is grossly under-represented in contemporary academic and media discussions. All of this must also be accomplished in the blink of a virtual eye because the social media universe has made the consumer response swift and unrelenting. Social media influencers and advocates can quickly build up a product they like to their circle of influence, or just as easily tear it down. Consumer Insights branding consumer insights marketing social media The Forces Behind the Rise of Consumer Insights. All Rights Reserved.
    [Social Media] Unlock these 6 Secrets to Better Email Marketing
    That’s more than direct mail, social, telephone, or mobile advertising. Fitting The Social Media Cube into a Round Marketing Strategy. Email marketing is dead! …at least that’s what some corners of the Internet would like you to believe. But take one look at the numbers and you’ll find that email marketing is not a dying breed. In fact, it remains one of the strongest channels for driving sales. recent study by the Direct Marketing Association found that 66% of consumers recently made a purchase as a result of an effective email marketing message.
    [Social Media] What Social Media Means For Your Business in 2014/2015
    SOCIAL MEDIA is no longer a novelty , but a strong marketing tool for small and medium business owners. Businesses have definitely realized and experienced the power and importance of social media. Did you know that  social networking is now the top Internet activity  and people spend more time here daily than any other major Internet activity, including email? But with the advent of social media, the tables have turned. Social media is a game changer. . They are all available on social media. It’s essential.
    [Social Media] The History of Social Selling Old vs New
    Bubba Page from QuotaDeck put together this cool infographic that explores two eras in the history of sales that share a common name: social selling. Social selling is highly in vogue right now, so we contrasted the current era against the original era of social selling in the 1940s and 1950s. Social Media Tips Social Selling Strategies LinkedIn Social Marketing social selling Twitter Powered by WP Bannerize.
    [Social Media] How to Produce Social Media Content for Your Business
    If your business already has a presence on your chosen social media profiles or if you are just starting out, you know that you have to post great valuable content continually and consistently to attract new followers and retain the ones you have. You also know that social media is a hungry content machine! Just break down your blog into many different mini posts for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or other social media profiles. Posting content in this random way will not lead to social media success for your business. The Secret: BLOGGING!
    [Social Media] Business Mistakes on Social Media: Learn from their #FAIL!
    Here are a few business mistakes on social media that you can avoid to be sure that you don’t wind up being the wrong kind of Internet famous! Business Mistakes on Social Media: Learn from their #FAIL! The business mistakes on social media to watch out for here is that McDonalds tried to force their audience into giving them content. Amazon goes full on creep-out with their social media fail. When it comes to social media, try to think for a moment about who you may be offending. McDonald’s doesn’t quite seem to get it.  .
    [Social Media] Firebelly CEO Presenting “Take Social Media Marketing To The Next Level” At ASCA Conference
    Our own Duncan Alney will be presenting “10 Ways to Take Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level” at the 2014 American Society of Consulting Arborists Annual Conference, the only conference designed to help consulting arborists expand their careers, in Palm Springs, California on December 5th. Social Media Session description Regardless of whether you’re a one-person.
    [Social Media] ICYMI – Twitter CFO, Vine, Snapcash and a new podcast
    Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. The media and the UK government attacks Facebook for not doing more to track terrorist activity. This week, Max Tatton-Brown and I are also launching a new podcast – The Digital Wake – looking at PR and social media recent trends. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Twitter CFO Anthony Noto accidentally tweets secret acquisition plan. Facebook to crack down on overly promotional posts. icymi
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2014
    [Social Media] How to REALLY do Viral Video Marketing on YouTube!
    Share it on all their social platforms. Viral video marketing can happen by pure dumb luck, and a good social media share campaign. You need an audience to do this, such as on your social media channels, but getting those first few thousand views can be the toughest. Social proof will take over and they’ll watch the video! YouTube create viral content social media marketing video marketing viral content viral marketing youtube for business youtube marketing youtube strategy Hire a random celebrity who fits in the budget. MAGIC.
    [Social Media] New podcast - Marketing Doubleshot - Ep.1!
    In this inaugural episode, Josh and I tackle the following topics: Social Media – The ‘not-so-level’ playing field? Dollars for eyeballs in social and the rise of Ello. Higher Education & Social Media Training. Hands-on experience with social for business. marketing doubleshot marketing social media digital marketing marketing strategy social media marketing I am very excited to announce the launch of the Marketing Doubleshot podcast! We certainly hope you enjoy! Authenticity and the stigma of the ‘big brand’.
    [Social Media] How To Enhance Holiday Marketing With Pinterest
    Social media marketing is a powerful business tool that all of us could use. Social Media holiday marketing Pinterest product pins Project Holiday This is a visual season. love all the lights, the efforts that go into decorating spaces, and the ideas that start swirling like the traditional snowflakes. Why not use that visually appealing aspect of the holidays to utilize Pinterest in your marketing campaigns? ” 3 Ways To Start. Show off the hottest holiday items — analyze your Pins and use the best-performing as features for emails, stores, or your site.
    [Social Media] 10 Ways to Advertise your YouTube Channel (With Examples)
    Having social media profiles EVERYWHERE. In this day and age, you can’t have a successful dog food company without a successful social profile on Twitter, Facebook, and maybe Pinterest or Instagram. This is where something like Twitter cards , or advanced techniques like Twitter remarketing , and that social profile emphasis above, can pay off. 5. Just as you need more than one way to reach your fans via social media, you need more than one place for your fans to discover your content, and have it updated regularly. Yes, I know. link].
    [Social Media] Don’t Ignore These 10 Financial Services Marketing Trends
    Meanwhile, digital channels and data sources such as web analytics and social media continue to grow at an explosive rate, creating new integration challenges and adding complexity to connecting to and managing both online and offline content. Social Media Marketing will mature. While the rest of the world has jumped feet first on to the social media bandwagon, banks and other financial institutions have proceeded more cautiously. In fact, some  have gone so far as to say that social media is a waste of time for banks and credit unions.
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