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    [Social Media] Is Unstructured Collaboration the Key to Business Agility?
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Is Unstructured Collaboration the Key to Business Agility? What Drew touched upon in the bolded quote above is the very basic premise of a social business; the ability to link and collaborate both internally and externally and to have that information flow both ways. We are now in an era of social media where the data that is being captured is unstructured. Social media has found a home in the consumer products market where immediacy is a clear benefit.
    [Social Media] SlideBatch: A Super Cool New PR Tool
    ” They say a buyer will view eight media items before making a decision and where they find those can be scattered across the web. You can drag media files from your desktop, from Dropbox, SlideShare, or Flickr. Or you can add items from YouTube, Vimeo, news, blogs, and even the social networks. The cool thing about public batches is they can be shared on social media sites, which is exactly what they did for me before I landed in Boston. This hangs out at the top of their news page and the rest of the media kit follows. What is SlideBatch?
    [Social Media] Cool Social Tools: Wizeo
    Related Posts Cool Social Tools: Noosfeer Cool Social Tools: Ravetree I signed a contract with an AMS. 30 Tools Social Media Professionals Can’t Live Without Improve Your Tradeshow Performance With The Right Apps [Cool video Friday] How to keep us safe inside Twitter. Cool Social Tools This is a new series of posts from software and app and tech vendors who have new tools they’d like you to know about. Vendors are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their sites. SITE: ————-.
    [Social Media] Should Your Business Use Facebook, Twitter or Both?
    Before the advent of social media, businesses reached customers through traditional advertising. Word of mouth was the old style of social advertising. Social networking is similar to word of mouth advertising, only on a global scale. Between the two social media giants, which is better for your business? For social marketing purposes, Facebook is an amazing tool. Interaction on Facebook is more personal than on some social sites which is a great tool for engaging audiences. Facebook Twitter Brand marketing Promotions social networking
    [Social Media] It's OK to Have Multiple Twitter Accounts
    This all changed as soon as I begun to witness the true power of this popular social networking tool. Those needs, as well as my personal interest in blogging and communicating using social media, dictate that I keep separate profiles to reveal the right information to the right people. Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Christian Collard @printedproof Do-er of many things, expert at none. Followers want updates that are of interest to them.
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    [Social Media] Getting Mass Traffic from StumbleUpon: A Definitive Guide
    You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » Getting Mass Traffic from StumbleUpon: A Definitive Guide Getting Mass Traffic from StumbleUpon: A Definitive Guide Written by Glen, this post has 83 Comments Many bloggers end up having a love-hate relationship with StumbleUpon. Here are some examples of popular avatars in the social media space: It is up to you whether you want to use an ‘avatar’ style picture like this or a picture of your face. really appreciate this post, because I’m ready to add a new social media outlet to my marketing mix.
    [Social Media] How to Retweet Properly
    recently ran a story about 10 Social Media Infographics that received over 1,100 retweets and was featured by Guy Kawasaki. Tags: Twitter retweeting social bites ( Credit ). 2010 is becoming the year of Internet laziness. Many have given up blogging (yes, not updating your blog in the last few months counts as giving up too) and have joined the ranks of the Twitterverse. One simple tip will get you noticed above most Twitter users: Spend an extra 30 seconds before automatically retweeting. know we’re all in a hurry. What’s the solution? Meaningful retweets.
    [Social Media] PR vs. Journalism: Why Rivalry Hurts Both
    For a very long time, public relations has used the media to tell the story of its clients. He does social media management for   KimberMedia and teaches for   @bgckids. Communication Guest Posts Matt LaCasse Media Public Relations fighting journalism rivalry working togetherWhile perusing my Facebook stream the other day, I came across this article on Business Insider. Its Its title alone (What PR People Really Think Of Journalists) told me the article was link bait. That’s changed a bit in recent years, thanks to the Internet, but that fact still holds true.
    [Social Media] New Mobile Audit Reveals State Of Mobile Commerce Among Leading Brands; Identifies Best Practices
    He oversees the strategic direction and tactical execution of key client initiatives in a variety of digital areas, including content & collaboration, commerce, digital marketing, social media and mobile. As a mobile and emerging media strategist, Tom has worked with many leading brands to develop solutions that successfully integrate mobile applications, sites and marketing platforms into true cross-channel initiatives that leverage digital content, commerce and social media capabilities. The growth of mobile online shopping in the U.S. by end-2011.
    [Social Media] Implementing Enterprise 2.0 at Intuit, Part One: Business Drivers
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Implementing Enterprise 2.0 at Intuit, Part One: Business Drivers View Comments July 8th, 2010 Next up in out series of companies that  are implementing Enterprise 2.0 is Intuit.  So far we covered Oce and Vistaprint. Social CRM, and Social Media strategies. Jacob is also the co-author of Twittfaced, a social media 101 book for business. This was due to the E2.0 initiatives that Intuit pursued.  The #1 thing that allowed this to happen? 
    [Social Media] Search Engine Optimization: 7 Important Considerations for Link Building Strategies
    Social media websites are very important and help you greatly in this regard. The easiest way to get your content attention on the net is to promote it on popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter etc. The most popular searching forums for such content are social media websites. 3. It is important to note however, that different social media websites have different kinds of crowds. Place your content on any social media website accordingly. 5. The popularity of any web page is dependent on its reaction off-page.
    [Social Media] A Guide to Marketing on Tumblr
    It is hard to judge the value of a specific social media channel because every brand is different. This content was shared via social media and increased traffic, search ranking, and ultimately sales.  Find your customers that are using Tumblr (or another social network) and share their pictures, video, and animated gifs. The next big thing to hit the shelves of digital marketing is a site called Tumblr. Despite the peculiar name, it pulled a massive amount of news when acquired by Yahoo for over $1 Billion dollars earlier this year (yep, that’s a billion).
    [Social Media] 4 Tips for Increasing PPC Conversion Rates
    [This is a guest post from Selena Narayanasamy , Director of Social Media Outreach at BlueGlass Interactive, Inc. Follow her at @esvienne. ]. PPC, or pay-per-click advertising is a hugely successful concept (originally) from Google. Pay only when an interested visitor clicks on your ad. The system allows for an incredible amount of control compared to other advertising mediums, and can be tweaked to perfection (if you are willing to spend some time on it). – The biggest challenge of PPC marketing is to maximize ROI – and as such it has developed into a science.
    [Social Media] The Name Game: ‘AAAA Taxi’ Won’t Cut it Anymore
    Ken Mueller is the owner of Inkling Media , a social media marketing and communications consultancy in Lancaster, Pa. Today’s guest post is by Ken Mueller. What do you think when you hear Spike’s Salon & Spa? Joe’s Garage says one thing, but what about Fifi’s Garage? The name of your business is important. It says a lot about you, and it can convey all sorts of information: From what you do to who you are, and what your mindset is as well. You can’t always just go with the obvious or what may have worked for others in the past. The Game of the Name. Probably not.
    [Social Media] The Secret, Selfish Side Of Social-Curation Sites
    The Secret, Selfish Side Of Social-Curation Sites. Here’s my beef with social platforms today: I don’t think they’re very social at all. As much as Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest promise a way to connect, they’ve also promoted a disconnect--sharing on different platforms, proving a fragmented sense of keeping tabs on any social network. has set out to associate themselves with the craze that is “social curation": What is this Pinterest? No one is really looking at the bigger, underlying picture--the fact that social curation isn’t really social at all.
    [Social Media] Marketers Hunt and Customers Watch
    It isn’t and if you use social media with your institutional thinking for both you lose. That isn’t what the human network refers to “being social”  However most marketing efforts reflect a “get and keep them” sentiment and that is how buyers feel and talk about your marketing efforts. The language that comes with marketing, especially in terms of all things social, has evolved into something that sounds like a droid trolling for “friends” rather than a human engaging with sincere intent. Lets be real.
    [Social Media] Cool Social Tools: Ravetree
    Recently, I began considering the need for a full-featured “Social App Platform” that addressed the issue of privacy. After months of work Ravetree ( ) was launched as an ad-free social platform that includes useful apps such as file storage, a powerful calendar, and more. We offer a private social app, called a “Portal,” that can be used by businesses for a monthly subscription. Cool Social Tools This is the second in my new series of posts from software and app and tech vendors who have new tools they’d like you to know about. 1b2efgx).
    [Social Media] Social Pearls Before Swine Phenomenon
    Many people who attempt to enact social change find themselves frustrated by the pearls before swine phenomenon, struggling to understand why people reject their proposals and ideas when they hold so much promise. The Promise of Social Technology. Who would have thought that businesses would need to try to control these conversations by instituting “social policies&# to curb risk? Useful application of social technology by organizations is the “key&# to unlocking needed innovation expected by the customer (people), internal and external.
    [Social Media] Gamification: The Gift To Your B2C Employees That Keeps on Giving
    Things Your Customers Find Sexy It’s Just A Game Work Is Bullshit: Gamification for Northwestern University Social Media and Games: Get In The Flow. Tweet. It’s the giving season and I’m going to give you the gift of a better business, if you choose to accept it. As the title suggests, this post will be more focused towards B2C brands and companies, but don’t let that get you down B2B-ers, you can take some things away from this as well, I hope. It’s no secret that I’m a proponent for companies using gamification. You bet your ass it is. Blown.
    [Social Media] Time To Fire Your Client? Five Steps to Take When Contemplating A Break-Up
    How to hire a consultant to help you with social media and marketing ( When should a PR agency choose to 'Fire' a client? At our best, PR people are diplomats as well as communications experts; core to good client service, we are taught, is honing your listening skills. Listen “between the lines” to uncover your client’s real needs, listen even when you disagree with what they’re saying. After all, the client is always right. Well, not always, but it’s a good rule of thumb to follow. But what happens when clients go from being challenging to abusive?
    [Social Media] How to Use Twitter to Find New Business
    Sysomos is the leading provider of social media monitoring and analytics technology. They Marketing Tools Social Marketing Twitter sysomos twiiter for lead generation use twiiter for new businessFor those that follow me, you know I talk about how Twitter is one of my best lead generators. Most people are either afraid or intimidated and there really is no reason to be. Understanding how your prospects are using Twitter and what personal data they are willing to share can boost its use for new business. 82% of Twitter users now provide a name, compared with only 33% in 2009.
    [Social Media] All You Need To Know About Your Facebook Reach [Study]
    Engagement is one of the key words when it comes to social media. It was discovered in the research that shares and clicks vary on different days, which is a further extension of statistics we read in Buddy Media report , where we saw engagement rates differ on a daily basis. Tweet. Creating content, reaching out to your fans and acquiring some more is what all of us aim for when updating our Facebook page or writing blogs. For this purpose, they analyzed over 80,000 of their Posts over the month of October (2011). . Each post on Facebook roughly reaches about 2.5% of fans.
    [Social Media] [MUST READ] The Story Behind Red Cross’s Twitter Faux Pas
    This is a guest post by Wendy Harman, Director of Social Media for the American Red Cross.  We’ve all heard the story of the unfortunate (though hilarious) tweet sent out through the Red Cross’ main Twitter account – here’s a nice recap by Shannon Otto you’ve probably seen - and how they made lemonade from lemons (so to speak).  In amongst all the various blog posts about it, we came across this fabulous guest post commissioned by Sean Stannard-Stockton of the Tactical Philanthropy blog where it first appeared. JACKIE: Hmmm. Maybe “Rest assured.
    [Social Media] Why Pull Marketing Works
    This is where social media and search marketing come in. There are two ways that small businesses go about marketing online. They either “push” or “pull.” ” Let’s talk about the difference. Push Marketing is when you push yourself in front of your prospects and offer them a come-on or a sales pitch. Many companies have used this type of marketing for many years. Most marketing in the 20th century falls into the category of Push Marketing. Television advertising is Push Marketing. Radio advertising, billboards, newspaper ads, etc.
    [Social Media] The Rules Of Throwback Thursday
    With that being said, I am here to help you all abide by some social media etiquette before you go all “old school.” “TBT” or “Throwback Thursday” is one of the most popular hashtag trends on the web. According to Instagram, there are over 132 million photos bearing the tag. Obviously, it’s popular. Throwback to the 90′s- My cousins and I always loved to dress up our Barbies and each other! Consequently with all of its fame, there are bound to be some missteps when using the popular term. Break out those family albums and snap away.
    [Social Media] 6 Tips for Successful Cross-Promotion of Restaurants
    His art is mixed media “street&# art so he wants to have food that compliments his art. —— Daniela Bolzmann is the Social Media Community Manager for  Symbaloo. Daniela also freelances as a social media marketer, helping restaurants and retailers in her home town of Orange County. She writes about her lessons in being a community manager, freelancing and being Gen Y on her blog and can be reached via her many  social networks. Sometimes going the extra mile for an event in your restaurant can make all the difference.
    [Social Media] Mobile Marketers: Why Device Detection Delivers Competitive Edge
    This assumes that you have the branding, marketing and social media savvy to get the word out that you have an app, and what it takes to rise above the dozens (even thousands) of apps in your category. Give your customers what they want? It’s a tall order on mobile, where marketers must navigate an increasingly fragmented landscape and ensure they are supporting all the different ways their customers consume Web services. Ronan Cremin cuts through some of the myths about our mobile device usage and behavior to reveal what we really need to know about mobile. That was then.
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    [Social Media] Popup Opt-in Forms: Case Studies, WordPress Plugins, and Alternatives
    We’re talking blogs and people that make the Technorati Top 100, Adage Power 150, Forbes Social Influencers, and other prestigious lists in the marketing world. Social Media Examiner. Social Triggers by Derek Halpern. Pushing Social. How Social Media Examiner Grew Its List 234% (2012) – “The pop-up form has been absolutely instrumental in our success” says Stelzner, who estimates that the form generates nearly 70% of email subscriptions. You can see it in the above examples for Chris Brogan, Pushing Social, and Lewis Howes.
    [Social Media] Facebook data says you will get dumped 2 weeks before Christmas
    Seeing how easy it was to compile this information from Data freely available on Facebook does have to make us wonder how many other people will be doing this in the future, and what other insights can we learn about our dating habits from other social media. Facebook has always been a window into relationships, however thanks to a study by David McCandless of data compiled from over 10,000 different statuses we now know the following: Most breakups happen after Valentines day. Breakups likely to happen 2 weeks before Xmas and on April fools day.
    [Social Media] How Do You Share Content If You Don’t Have a Blog?
    Jeffrey Cohen had an interesting post on, 6 Ways to Create and Share B2B Social Media Content Without a Blog that I found to be interesting. You can house great content on your website and use links in social networks to bring them your info. Post on your YouTube channel and share a link on social sites. Marketing Tips Marketing Tools Social Marketing content sharing how to share content without a blog jeffrey cohen socialmediab2b.comDoing a blog is a major commitment and lots of us haven’t pulled the trigger for just that reason.
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    [Social Media] Is the iPad Good for Blogging?
    One of my main reasons to have one is for when I am at seminars, such as the upcoming Social Media AZ , or when I’m at conventions like the upcoming Blog World Expo in October. iPad for Blogging and Social Media. What kind of other tools/apps are available for SEO, social media, etc.? Since the Apple iPad has come out, I have been dying to get one. Image Credit: Chester and the iPad. received some good resources on reasons for getting an iPad as well as against getting one sent to me by James from an iPad video converter software company.
    [Social Media] “Think Like A User” And Other Semantic Search Suggestions
    Don’t forget social media — consistently offer information and answers. Unless you have been ignoring the world of SEO, you have an idea about semantic search. think it’s exciting to see how the focus in marketing is coming back around to the humanity of connections rather than the mechanics of coding, although you still need both. The two are getting blended in semantic search. Dozen Things To Do. In the article Ian Harris wrote for Search Engine Journal, he suggests 12 things you should be doing right now for semantic search. search engines semantic search SE
    [Social Media] Can Local Marketing Trend Online?
    It’s not hard to see why the Super Bowl is a trending topic on any social media. Social media – you can still share your content with friends and fans on all the social media sites. The top trending topic on Google+ this morning is #SuperBowl. The same topic is also trending on Twitter. It’s one of the most watched events on TV every year. And there is a game people play where they judge the best and the worst Super Bowl commercials. Then there’s the half time show. We won’t even talk about that. How do you do that?
    [Social Media] Growth Hacker Marketing And The Rise Of Engineers In Marketing
    The default position is to use social media. Let''s face it, there are so many brands on social media, that''s it somewhat hard and ambiguous to say which ones are truly being effective. In the Marketing Charts news item, Too Many Companies On Social Media? Almost Half Say Yes , they state: "Within the US, almost half - 47.1% - of respondents who had been active on any type of social media in the previous 6 months indicated some level of agreement," that they had "negative attitudes to social media marketing."
    [Social Media] High School Reunions - The Ultimate Social Meet-Up - Jeff Korhan
    Jeff Korhan - New Media and Small Business Marketing Home About Me Working With Me Speaking Favorites Trends Subscribe « Social Engagement Works | Main | Beta Your Small Business Innovations » August 01, 2010 High School Reunions - The Ultimate Social Meet-Up This past weekend I attended my high school reunion.    Naturally, the conversation often drifted to Facebook - who is using it and those that still refuse to embrace this social platform.   What happens at social networking meet-ups?    You are making friends. 
    [Social Media] Winning the Marketing Battle Between Help and Hype
    The advent of the social web has changed things significantly, giving businesses a genuine opportunity to engage in a running dialogue with the communities most relevant to them. The majority of social media advice provided is incorrect – While social media has opened up a new way of business communication, it hasn’t triggered a new way of business behaviour (on the whole). I see so many business ‘doing’ social media as an add on to their traditional marketing activities or saying ‘how does this work socially’?
    [Social Media] The Cautionary Tale of Balderdash and Hogwash
    You don’t need to worry about the ROI of social media – instead, worry about baby unicorns. The Cautionary Tale of Balderdash and Hogwash originally appeared on Danny Brown | Social Media Marketing Blog - The Human Side of Media and the Social Side of Marketing under a Creative Commons license. Back in the day, two friends named Balderdash and Hogwash decided they wanted to be seen as really smart. So they decided to share their thinking and position it as Fairly Important Correctionable Tales In Other News (FICTION). The BS Boat Sets Sail.
    [Social Media] Are You Trapped in The Content Marketing Box?
    You join the approved list of social media networks. You decided to focus on just one social network and set the goal to completely saturate it with your content. Yep, that means you would just have one social icon. “Man the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system.” - Bruce Lee. You are slowly being manipulated into a box. You didn’t create the box. You can’t see it but I bet you can feel it. In this case, it’s the content marketing box. You feel that you must fall into line or be ignored. And on and on.
    [Social Media] What To Do About a Filtered Yelp Review
    You can also do it via social media, especially if the customer follows you. It’s happened to the best of us. customer goes on Yelp to leave a review, ends up writing a 5 star masterpiece longer than most Hemmingway novels, and Yelp filters it out. Not only is your business deprived of an awesome review – chances are that your formerly satisfied customer is a little ticked off, too. So what do you do about it? Filtered Yelp Reviews are Still Reviews. More importantly, it’s still getting indexed by Google. Why You Should Still Publish Your Filtered Yelp Reviews.
    [Social Media] The Power of Pull: From Passion to Potential
    If you read only one book about how the social web is changing individuals and institutions in the 21st century, read ‘ The Power of Pull ‘, by John Hagel, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison. Once again, if you read only one book about how the social web is changing individuals and institutions in the 21st century, read ‘ The Power of Pull ‘ If you would like to interview me for a story or invite me to speak at a conference , please e-mail me at , call me at +91-9999856940, or connect with me on Twitter. Share this on
    [Social Media] Koka Sexton dot Com
    Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Everything you ever need to know about Twitter I recently wrote about Twitter saying “Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send “updates” (or “tweets”; text-based posts, up to 140 characters long) to the Twitter website, via short message service [SMS], instant messaging, or a third-party application such as Twitterrific.&# I thought I would put together a post for people to reference on everything you need to know about Twitter. Then you can choose to follow them or not.
    [Social Media] Seesmic for Android Brings Shortcut Array for Fast Actions
    One of the initial attractions for me to the Android platform was the flexibility of the home screens, which don't have to just feature applications in a monotonous 4 by 4 grid, but also the option to have widgets with live streaming content from social media and news sites and shortcuts to actions within applications. Social media powerhouse Seesmic is introducing an upgrade to its popular app today that fully leverages this capability - bringing all aspects of the product to the front of your device. In version 1.7, Seesmic Twitter android
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    [Social Media] The Number ONE Inbound Marketing Success Secret is Content
    Companies that publish content online in their corporate blog and social media make them self more visible to their target audience. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are indexing the content which is distributed online through social media and increase the chances for a company to get found when potential customers looking for products and services they also have to offer. It is no secret that companies who publish valuable content on the web get more attention from their existing and potential customers. — HOW-TO’S. — WHITPAPERS. — BLOG!
    [Social Media] Best Practices for Engaging the Social Customer from Adam Metz of The Social Customer
    On our quest to understand the state of social marketing dynamics, we invited author and marketing strategist Adam Mertz ( @theMetz ) to share his insights about what’s at the heart of social marketing – the social customer.  In his book The Social Customer: How Brands Can Use Social CRM to Acquire, Monetize, and Retain Fans, Friends, and Followers , Adam explains the advantages of socially-minded companies, which proactively manage the social customer. Let’s start with who the social customer is. Bostonmike.
    [Social Media] Be Wary of Absent Ties
    Someone like Danny Brown  – who I never met but know fairly well through his social media activities and our reciprocal online communication – is a weak tie. Related Stories Why I Want Weak Ties Strategies and Tips on Social Media Marketing How to Be Productive on Facebook. …in some places. Mathematical sociology suggests there are three types of interpersonal connections. Strong ties are people who live, work, or play with you. These could be former classmates, ex-coworkers, old flames. still do. What about absent ties, though? Thanks for reading.
    [Social Media] The Social Shark Tank
    Then comes social media and now every brand is attempting to become our friend thinking we all need them as a friend, we don't. The "tricks of the advertising trade" are no longer considered to be "social" and brands that continue in those practices are at risk of being bitten by consumers, the sharks in the tank. The Social Shark Tank represents a reversal in power and influence. Shark Tank  is a reality television series based on the  Sony  TV/ BBC TV  Dragons' Den.It The panel evaluates and negotiates investment proposals from entrepreneurs. Deal with it.
    [Social Media] Facebook Success Summit Review
    Home Consulting Products and Workshops Boulder Social Media Training How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business Sink or Swim Webinar Facebook Tutorial Twitter Tutorial About Grandma Mary Contact me Subscribe Facebook Success Summit Review – Mari Smith October 7, 2010 I’m currently attending the Facebook Success Summit and it’s been fantastic so far. want to pass along some of the fabulous nuggets of wisdom shared during these online sessions. Who doesn’t want profits?  Don’t forget the value! and 1 p.m. 
    [Social Media] The B t Excuses for Attitudes Towards Women Needs to Stop
    The B t Excuses for Attitudes Towards Women Needs to Stop originally appeared on Danny Brown - the human side of media and the social side of marketing - all rights reserved. Related Stories Blog Comments, Digital Universes, and the Future of Social Conversations How to Build the Commodities of Identity and Trust in Social Media Are We In Danger of Losing the Right to an Opinion? Warning: This post contains profanity and disturbing imagery. If this offends you, you may want to skip today’s post and I’ll see you next time around. TWO. F **G. GAMES.
    [Social Media] 41% of Gamers on Social Platforms
    I know when I saw all the social games coming out, such as Farmville and others, I thought they would have a minimal shelf life and the phase would pass…I thought wrong. Social gaming is not just another fad that would pass like overall pants …it is here, and is only growing bigger and bigger. 41% of Gamers are playing on social media platforms. 2. 26 million play social games on their mobile devices .  . 4. Social Gaming Ad Spend increased from $183M in 2009 to $293M in 2011 .  .  5. Sources: Dream Grow Social Media. Smart?
    [Social Media] Diary of a Wimpy Blogger
    Home About Pushing Social #FF Gratitude Journal 4 My Tweeps Archives Contact Subscribe Pushing Social Diary of a Wimpy Blogger by Stanford on September 8, 2010 Spread it! Subscribe to Pushing Social and I will send my very best posts directly to your inbox Written by Stanford Im Stanford and I want to help you stoke your passion, spread your message, and help your blog get noticed and promoted. My recent post RISE- PUSHING SOCIAL- ITTYBIZ- Where Credit’s Due Wednesday Reply pushingsocial September 9, 2010 at 10:11 am Yes, you should have a blog. Let me explain.
    [Social Media] An early New Year’s resolution for brands confused about the definition of community
    Tags: Community Engagement online communities social media 2011
    [Social Media] IT'S TIME TO INVEST
    Home About Services Social Media Speaking-Training LMA Contact Subscribe Myrland Marketing Minutes Strategic Social Media: Making Social Media Make Sense IT’S TIME TO INVEST by Nancy Myrland on March 1, 2010 A few times a week, I send out short marketing words of wisdom on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter called Myrland Marketing Moments. Here’s one of the three that came to mind:   Myrland Marketing Moment – Social Media: The more you interact, the more people will interact w/you. What a gift! Invest! Allow me to explain.
    [Social Media] Why 98% of Opinion Blog Posts Suck
    An example: “Twitter isn’t the end-all of social media.”. The crimes are so socially heinous that the reader immediately swears off the behavior and rushes to comment and separate themselves from the wrongdoers. I hate 98% of opinion posts. rarely write opinion posts because they are the blogging equivalent of smoking weed. Like weed, they seem harmless, but after a while, they make you lazy, dumb, and boring. The real problem is that it takes a great deal of skill to write a credible and logical opinion post. Anything less is just an adult temper tantrum. Excellent.
    [Social Media] A Blog for a Long Weekend - Jeff Korhan
    Jeff Korhan - New Media and Small Business Marketing Home About Me Working With Me Speaking Favorites Trends Subscribe « Still Dont Get Social Media? Recent Comments Seo Services on Typepad vs Wordpress Series - Own Your Blog Jeff Korhan on Authenticity Guidelines Supra Skytop II on A Social Networking Theory Walter Adamson on 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding Walter Adamson on Authenticity Guidelines Jeff Korhan on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You?  I highly recommend checking out their website to find an instructor in your area.
    [Social Media] Obama's New Economic Plan
    Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Obama’s New Economic Plan February 3, 2009 by Taylor Marek I thought I would deviate a little from my regular postings to share some humor with you. Taylor is a 21 year old New Media Visionary on a Journey to change the World. Enjoy Here are the economic advisors of our time, these guys explain everything perfectly: (Abbott and Costello do it perfectly, don’t they?) What youve just read are some insights hes gleaned so far.
    [Social Media] Top result in!
    Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Top result in! Go to this link: [link] Taylor is a 21 year old New Media Visionary on a Journey to change the World. June 9, 2009 by Taylor Marek This is fascinating to me. After I had updated (roughly 6 days ago) all the links and other backend things on my website, I browse over to see my website stats. found someone came from, and that was the exact day launched. Don’t believe me? 150) I was bought by Mashable!
    [Social Media] Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you?
    Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Taylor is a 21 year old New Media Visionary on a Journey to change the World. June 24, 2009 by Taylor Marek There is a fine line between having an Entrepreneur mindset and an Employee mindset, lets see if you notice the difference: Entrepreneurs are willing to risk it all, employees prefer to play it safe and stay off the radar. Entrepreneurs make the rules, employees follow rules. Which one are you?
    [Social Media] Social Business Advisor Ranked as Top 20 CRM Blog for 2010 !
    I’ve been toying around with a few different names for this blog, it’s been called “Social Media Globetrotter&# for a while now because of my love for travel (and the travel blog section of the site). However, as of late I’ve  changed the tagline to “Social Business Adviser&# to better reflect the content and the discussions that we have here. Now, onto the exciting news. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to an exciting 2011! Rants and Musings
  • DANNY BROWN  |  SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2011
    [Social Media] Welcoming Livefyre Comments Back to the Blog
    Improved Social Sharing Options. A lot of bloggers – myself included – have wondered about the effect social networks have on blog comments. This is similar to the Reactions feature on Disqus, with a difference – Livefyre’s way of doing things seems better suited to social conversations being part of the comment stream. Welcoming Livefyre Comments Back to the Blog originally appeared on Danny Brown | Social Media Marketing Blog - The Human Side of Media and the Social Side of Marketing under a Creative Commons license.
    [Social Media] Reports Reveal Hot Mobile Numbers; Facebook Phone Might Upset Mobile Marketing
    Some of the leading wireless analysts issued reports this week, covering everything from revenue projected from the combination of mobile, social and loca l, to the size of the app business in 2011 and beyond. point that stands out: the mobile/social/local combo will explode in usage but generate little revenue because price drops will put smartphones in the hands of more consumers. Julie gave us the inside track on Forrester’s 2011 mobile trends. Put another way, it isn’t a question of either/or. It’s both. Apps and Web will coexist and marketers will adapt.
  • DIGIGEN  |  MONDAY, MARCH 1, 2010
    [Social Media] How to Maximise Google's Use of Facebook Fanpage Updates
    For a while now, I have been talking about the use of Social Media Optimisation (SMO), and now this becomes particularly relevant given most companies starting point on social media is Facebook. Campaigns in social media should act as a quick volume driver, not the only thing you do. Digigen Strategy for Success: 1) Create a social media program, do away with the bits of digital debris that surround one-off campaigns. Dan on A New Focus on Social Business Strategy. So what does the change mean? great way of thinking.
    [Social Media] How to Reach Out to Bloggers
    As a former journalist who is now an hireSEO copywriter and social media marketer, these tips are very helpful. know how to pitch traditional media, but we're talking about a whole different ballgame here. friend on Twitter sent this my way, so timely… since I am reaching out to lots of bloggers presently to get some pick up on our social media tool. Much appreciated for those of us who are clueless with regards to social media methodology. For instance – Is the Social Media Release relevant? Lets dig in. Really.
    [Social Media] Marketing Automation Discussion at SFAMA
    If they follow up with giving you more information such as social media contacts by sharing your landing page, you can begin to learn more about this prospect and start to offer them customized information that hits home with them. social business inbound marketing Last night I moderated a very interesting panel for the San Francisco American Marketing Association on marketing automation. It was an great group for this kind of discussion and I wanted to share some of the takeaways with you. On the panel: Jason Miller – Marketo. Kim Stieglitz – Vertical Response.
    [Social Media] Monday Roundup: Buzz Marketing a la Spring
    Why: “The advent of the social web has changed things significantly, giving businesses a genuine opportunity to engage in a running dialogue with the communities most relevant to them,” explains Adam Vincenzini in this still-relevant post for Convince and Convert as he explains why buzz and hype will be replaced with “developing genuine relationships” (as Jay Baer describes in his excellent book, “Youtility) in the future. 3.  As we  approach the start of a new month (and Q2), Spring is in the air… and in our step. What about you?
    [Social Media] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Grinding the Crack
    This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on How to measure your blog’s growth – from SEO, social to subscribers, everything you might want to keep track of to see if your blog is growing plus free tools and a spreadsheet to use. 12 SEO experts share how the Google +1 button can impact Google search results – how the experts think Google is responding to their own social signal. Social Media / Social Networking.
    [Social Media] Share This: a Recap of #measurePR with Richard Bagnall (Pt. I)
    Share This is billed as “the social media handbook for PR,” and it is very well-written (Richard sent me a copy). We had a terrific #measurePR chat last week. Richard Bagnall , one of the founders of Metrica, which is now part of the Gorkana Group, was our special guest. I’ve known Richard for – oh, seven years now, I think – wow, seven! – and he is just one of the smartest and nicest people in the world, let alone our field. Plus he has that jollye olde British accent, don’t you know, and it sometimes even comes across in tweets.
    [Social Media] Cutting Through Content Clutter with One Social Thing
    Besieged by blog posts, articles, and columns about social media and content marketing? Today, news of our brand-new email service… One Social Thing. One Social Thing takes content curation to its logical conclusion. figures out the single most important and interesting content about social media and content marketing, and sends it to you at the end of every day. Here’s a sample of One Social Thing, so you can see the clean lines and smell the rich, Corinthian leather. Help Create One Social Thing with #OneSocialThing.
    [Social Media] The New Model: How Google+ “Gets” Content
    Google+ has just won the People’s Choice award for social media at The Webby Awards presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. It’s trying to reverse that situation though and bind everything together into a huge social network, always faithful to its mission ‘to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’. A day may soon come where there is no getting away from its global presence. Social signals – they don’t operate as links. This is a guest post by Joel Harrison. The Old Model. Conclusion.
    [Social Media] Startups Use Micro-PR Campaigns to Tip Momentum in Their Favor
    Social media, mobile marketing and such are great additions to a large PR campaign, but a startup company with limited resources or sales experience becomes overwhelmed with what to take on. Paywalls, Media Coverage and User Access: What’s a PR Pro to Do? This is a guest post from Wendy Dulaney, co-founder of Easy.PR. Wendy has been doing some interesting work for start-ups, targeting small audiences to achieve specific goals during critical stages of their growth. asked her to share some examples and tips here. – Adam. Ironically, more than you may realize.
    [Social Media] Directory Submissions for Backlinks: Tips n’ Tricks to Get Some Love from Google
    Additionally, you can create social media accounts that link back to your website. The more that relevant websites link to your website, the better Google likes you. It is authority by association. Think of it this way: you have a LinkedIn profile and the more your colleagues/clients recommend you the better your professional standing. Similarly, when a website links to your website,  Google considers it a recommendation or a vote of confidence and increases your ranking. The best way to get back-links is to create valuable content; create it and they will link!
    [Social Media] How Fast Company Confused Ego with Influence
    link] The History of Influencer Theory on the Social Web | Geoff Livingston's Blog [.] have become a bit disillusioned with the entire 'industry' of social media and its various forms because there is so little high quality work being done. There are a few people I read all the time, but after a sour experience w/one so-called social media expert, I'm a little jaded. Regardless, Fast Company just got the attention of the entire Social Media world today so their level of influence just spiked off the charts. Or even reach. Thanks.
    [Social Media] How To Figure Out Your Sales Funnel
    The ones who heard or saw and responded went further into the funnel. A lot of people are active online, so social media  may be the first place they become aware of your brand. You see the term “sales funnel” many times in marketing. It’s a good analogy in one way because a funnel is used to catch a wide stream of something and narrow the stream to the size of the container. The sales funnel has filters in it so only the right things get through. Think Backwards. The best way to figure out how to get a particular result is to work back along the process.
    [Social Media] Nine Years of the Social Network: A Facebook Birthday Tribute
    What can we possibly expect to see from the social media giant in its first double-digit year of life? How many of us have ever thought to ourselves “I wish I had thought of that Facebook thing, I would never have to work  another day in my life.” . If you had the idea fifteen, or even ten years ago, you would be all over the news and making billions. Unfortunately for all of us not named Mark Zuckerberg, this is not the case. One thing that was clear throughout the past the nine years was that Facebook never rested on its laurels as it continued to grow. Innovation Plus Opinion
    [Social Media] Productivity Simplified
    Jeff Korhan - New Media and Small Business Marketing Home About Me Working With Me Speaking Favorites Trends Subscribe « Customer Driven SEO Leads You to Their Favorites | Main | Free-for-All Web Marketing - Part 1 » September 26, 2010 Productivity Simplified Regardless of the type of work you do, you can simplify your productivity by focusing on the necessary elements: materials, tools, and labor.   You can also do the same with social bookmarking sites such as Delicious.  You can also do the same with social bookmarking sites such as Delicious.
    [Social Media] Make Your Company Look Alive
    When I talk with people in the social media analysis business, it's common to speculate about a coming reduction in the number of competitors. I've always been generous in my definitions, so these aren't all direct competitors, but they all did something in the area of monitoring and measuring social media, with their own technology. Having no Twitter account is not a positive indicator in a social media business. Having just finished a long-overdue review of my vendor database, I'm here to report that it's already happening. Check your redirects.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2012
    [Social Media] The World Of Thumbonomics
    If we learned anything about the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook , it is that the world of Social Media and mobile is colliding faster than we had ever expected. More recently, Lutze released her second book, Thumbonomics - The Essential Business Roadmap to Social Media & Mobile Marketing. online social network. social media. Episode #302 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. This is also episode #21 of Across The Sound 2.0. Enjoy the conversation. blogging. david usher. itunes.
    [Social Media] Facebook Marketing Part 9: Developing Communities
    Home About Social PR Contact Me Subscribe Get Social PR By Rodger D. For more on building community online, I recommend these three resources: Online Community Strategy The Online Community Guide Community Spark Using Groups for Community Building Levy give us ideas for building internal groups using Facebook, making the argument that the social network can be a cost effective alternative to connecting employees for small businesses. It’s a good read for the beginner and those who are wading into social media marketing. agree. tend to agree with that.
  • GET SOCIAL PR  |  MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2011
    [Social Media] 5 Public Relations Campaign Strategies Posts You Might Have Missed
    Although there has always been a need for issue management and damage control after a crisis has hit, social media can add super combustible fuel to a crisis, so I have included a great post on Facebook. While none of these posts in themselves are a fully fleshed out campaign strategy for public relations, each is a part of a whole. One of the important things to remember here is this. Creating stories and messages that resonate with a certain group or groups of people is the underlying goal of public relations campaign strategies. Effective Use of Keywords in Content Marketing.
    [Social Media] How To Add The New Twitter Tweet Button to Your TypePad Blog.
    Jeff Korhan - New Media and Small Business Marketing Home About Me Working With Me Speaking Favorites Trends Subscribe « Social Media Is Not A Business Fantasyland | Main | A Social Networking Theory » August 12, 2010 How To Add The New Twitter Tweet Button to Your TypePad Blog You have most likely seen the TweetMeme button on blogs that you have visited.    This social proof of your credibility serves to encourage more subscribers.   This social proof of your credibility serves to encourage more subscribers.
    [Social Media] Don't Let the Computer Stop You From Thinking
    Now I know that sounds obvious but think about how the format of the web or social sites can subconsciously restrict your thinking. In a sense that is why some people struggle with social media. What social marketing needs is for you to speak with a human voice - the screen is just your interface. Once you have the words then.only then.use social media as your printing press. Can you remember a time when life wasn''t ruled by a screen? He said this. It made me think about how we use technology. They forget how to speak away from the screen interface.
    [Social Media] How to Generate Blog Post Ideas
    You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » How I Generated One Years Worth of Content Ideas In One Hour, And You Can Too How I Generated One Years Worth of Content Ideas In One Hour, And You Can Too Written by Glen, this post has 66 Comments I have a confession to make. While StumbleUpon shows the pages with the most thumbs up, Delicious shows posts with the most saves (bookmarks). I’ve had a lot of success with Delicious on this blog, regularly being featured on the popular pages for  SEO ,  Blogging and  Social Media. Home What the F ? That post.
    [Social Media] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Returning From Vacation
    This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on resources for small businesses a great list of social networks, answers, bookmarking, and other sites that are essential for a small business. What SEO and social media have in common – five things you must have to be successful with both. Social Media / Social Networking. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing. Making Money Online / Online Business. Back From Vacation.
    [Social Media] How to Reach Audiences and Influencers Through Their Egos
    But as I was researching my new book The Social Media Side Door: How to Bypass the Gatekeepers to Gain Greater Access and Influence , I had an epiphany: Ego itself is not the problem; it’s my ego that’s the problem. Two out of five sharing motivations in The New York Times’ Psychology of Sharing report are in service of the ego: To define ourselves to others and to receive social validation. They made it simple to share this non-news with one’s network by placing social buttons in their congratulatory emails , complete with pre-populated braggy messages. Embrace it!
    [Social Media] The Nightmare Public Relations Professional and How to Stop Him
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Internet , Marketing , Social Media > The Nightmare Public Relations Professional and How to Stop Him The Nightmare Public Relations Professional and How to Stop Him by Tamar Weinberg on September 29, 2009 Share This is a guest post I wrote for new media and PR expert Brian Solis , but I also wanted to share it with my readers. Where do they come off doing that? A few months ago, Brian Solis talked about an off-topic pitch about a social network for plants.
    [Social Media] Missed Opportunities
    The truth is that Marketing is changing, shifting and adapting. A lot of those changes have to do with Social Media, but not all of them. Prior to Social Media, we still had people connecting and sharing ideas (online and otherwise). Whether you're using a more complex Social Media monitoring tool like Radian6 or Sysomos or using free tools like Google Alerts and Twitter Search , there really is no excuse not to know what people are saying, where they're saying it, how much of a network they're connected to, and what the overall sentiment is. consumer.
    [Social Media] The Power of Authenticity
    Jason Falls is the founder and CEO of Social Media Explorer and oversees its information products division that includes  market research ,  events  and a  learning community . He is a leading thinker, educator,  speaker  and strategist in the world of social media marketing, public relations, digital marketing and communications. The Power of Authenticity is a post from: Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. When you’re authentic, you’re true to yourself. You stand for something.
    [Social Media] Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Professional Tradesmen
    It’s true optimization is usually associated with search, but you can insure that your content performs well on social media platforms. Make content spreadable - RSS feeds, emails or social media. Marketing Tips Social Marketing Traditional Marketing blogs for professional tradesmen heide cohen optimizing your blog professional tradesmenFor those of us who write blogs, we do it with the sole purpose of sharing insights and tips that hopefully make your job easier. Make your posts easy to read - use headings and bullet points. Those are some thoughts.
    [Social Media] The Endurance Of Niche Social Networks
    I don't think we should be fascinated by   the rise of niche social networks. think we should be fascinated by the endurance of niche social networks. They were here before the social media explosion, they're still going strong, and they will be here after it washes away.    You should worry less about social media platforms and more about how to create a unique group identity that other people set out.   Successful communities has very little to do with technology and a lot to do with developing a strong group identity.
    [Social Media] These Opinions Are My Own
    At a recent event with a wonderful company I respect a great deal, one of their social media professionals took incredible issue with the idea that she should have to censor herself personally while she’s not “on duty&# representing her company. If we’re holding back for fear of the inevitable person that might take offense, aren’t we diluting some of the power of the social evolution of business? Disclaimer: No social media professionals were harmed in the writing of this blog post. But see where this gets tricky? People make mistakes.
    [Social Media] Made in America: It Still Matters!
    How Do You Measure Social Media Success? 50 Power Twitter Tips to Help B-to-B Marketers Twitter: Steps to Insure Success Adding Social Icons Helps Drive E-mail Marketing Campaigns Whats Your Company Value Proposition? Reach Tradesmen Using a Social Media Map STAFDA Convention-Phoenix Category Cloud Marketing Tips Marketing Tools Marketing Trends Social Marketing Traditional Marketing Twitter Uncategorized Theme Contempt by Vault9. American manufacturers continue to wrestle with the question – Does American-made make a difference?
    [Social Media] Four Ways Content Writers Can Change the World
    But writers- and social media practitioners, speakers, and other professional communicators- can often get the point across as well as or better than others. I have long been a proponent of the power of language. From the time I wrote an essay in second grade that blew away half of the elementary school teaching staff, to what felt like thousands of rounds of high school debate, to my current job at the helm of a fast-growing stable of content writers, language has been an intimate part of my existence. Image:  Hownote  via Wikimedia Commons, CC 3.0. Leverage content for causes.
    [Social Media] Boomers Feel Increasingly Comfortable Online: Research Indications
    According to the findings they present – Boomers feel very comfortable online: Deloitte 2009 survey brings evidence to the large increase in Social Networking among Boomers and Matures: 46 percent of Boomers (up from 31% in year 2008), and 14 percent of Matures (up from 36% in year 2008) maintain a profile on a social networking site like Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn (compared to 77 percent of Millennials, 61 percent of Gen Xers). AARP has published its recent survey on Boomers (conducted by GFK). Is that really so? The drop in internet use is found for the 65+ group (38%).
    [Social Media] Thinking Through 2010
    Applying Social Network Analysis to Social Media Not only is SNA different from SMA , we're really just getting started at using them together. The Importance of the Analyst , Learning Curves for Social Media Analysis , and Can Analytics Be Taught? Whose Ethics Apply in Social Media? Social Buzzword Bingo I went for a humorous approach, but the point is that social is a seriously abused buzzword, especially in the hands of trendsetters who are unaware of the existing language. I don't try to post every day. What will happen in 2011?
    [Social Media] 11 Scientific Facts About Why You’re Doing Blog Titles All Wrong
    In one of my favorite studies ever done on blog titles, HubSpot’s social media scientist Dan Zarrella reviewed 2.7 What we can gather from this is that a fantastic blog title is your ticket to Twitter shares, as well as the amazing SEO that you’ll gain from these positive social signals. To learn more about how social media and SEO are increasingly the same thing, we recommend Are Blogging and Social Media a Match Made in Heaven? 2. social. media. social media. Writing blog titles isn’t much of an art. Relevance.
    [Social Media] Facebook Deals: Another thing of the past…?
    In 2011, the age of social media, this traditional concept is susceptible to becoming another victim of the digital revolution. This not only started putting more local businesses on the social media spectrum but also soon gave birth to Facebook ‘Deals’. It was not so long ago when customer loyalty was measured with a stamp on a piece of card, with the customer usually being rewarded a free coffee or similar product. With more and more people owning smartphones that boast geo-locating features, it was only a matter of time before someone took advantage of this.
    [Social Media] Unveiling New Logo for #Nifty50 Kids
    Members of the marketing and social media communities were thrilled to see their hardworking colleagues gain the recognition they deserved, and we are very proud to be bringing the awards back for a second year. finance, education, B2B, health, sustainability, security, media, etc.). This year, we also wanted to add a social brand purpose to the event and its sponsors. After careful consideration, we finally settled on our third goal: 3) Provide positive social good through the contribution of technology devices to underprivileged children. Nifty50
    [Social Media] How To Nail a Job Interview (And Actually Get The Job)
    But bragging on how many Twitter followers you have (which is a unique quandary in the social media world and one that fills me with bemusement), or how many times you got promoted, or how many awards you won? Shes a writer, professional speaker, community and social media strategist, and has worked with businesses of all sizes to solve business problems through better communication. Interviewing is a key part of the job quest and getting it right is important. But for someone that’s hiring, the interview is the means, not the end. Don’t fake it. Best, M.
    [Social Media] 3 Great Safe Alternatives to Guest Blogging
    Alternative One: Paid Media. Use Paid Media to get the content noticed. A PPC ad is great, but also Twitter and Facebook ads will help really well. Alternative Two: Media Outreach. Start becoming your own PR (public relations) person and start pitching to the media. Start pitching those articles directly to the press, media, journalists, reporters. Use sites like to find media outlets and sites that are on-target for your possible story idea. Authors who have a good social media presence can apply to be an approved AuthPost author.
    [Social Media] Main Page - Social Patterns
    Home About The Book Patterns Events Designing Social Interfaces Views Page Discussion View source History Personal tools Log in / create account Navigation Main Page Community portal Current events Recent changes Random page Help Search Toolbox What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Printable version Permanent link Main Page From Social Patterns Jump to: navigation , search #What is this site? Contents 1 Social Patterns & Best Practices 1.1 Social Media 1.4 5+ Anti-Patterns 1.5 Social Patterns Presentations and Workshops 4.2
    [Social Media] 5 Reasons You Need to Give Away The Recipe For Your Secret Sauce
    Jay Baer is a hype-free social media and content strategist & speaker, and author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype. Jay is the founder of [link] and host of the Social Pros podcast. Reasons You Need to Give Away The Recipe For Your Secret Sauce is a post from: Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy. Photo from Don’t be afraid. But the biggest issue is fear. “Why would we write a blog that explains how we do things? And they DO say this. Not a chance.
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