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  • DAVE FLEET  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2012
    [Social Media] Six essential shifts in social media strategy
    We’ve reached a critical point in the evolution of social media as a business tool. We’re at the point of social media saturation, and something’s got to give. The crux: that the days of social media as an experiment are over – it’s time for a more mature approach to social media within companies in order for social media to be viewed as a sustainable communications and business function. Six Essential Shifts in Social Media Strategy. Setting better objectives for social media.
    [Social Media] 7 Annoying Social Media Personality Disorders
    There is one thing that will make or break someone’s ability to be successful in social media. And oftentimes, these offenders have no idea they’re guilty of some of the worst turn-offs on the social web. So, who are these social miscreants? Divas are pretty easy to spot in social media circles. Although a little bragging every now and then never hurt, social media shouldn’t be used as megaphone for sharing all of your positive traits. Social media hoarders have a complete mental hang-up with giving away anything of value.
    [Social Media] Is Social Media Crowdsourcing Making Us Lazy?
    Blame social media. Actually, don’t – blame social media  and crowdsourcing. Social Media crowdsourcing research social mediaYou’ve become lazy. You’re no longer smart. You’re a shadow of the clever person you really could be. Don’t feel bad – I am too. We all are. We used to be questioning; now we just ask questions. Penned by Jeff Howe in a 2006  Wired Magazine article , crowdsourcing does exactly what it says on the tin – allows us to source a crowd for an answer. Want to know where the best steakhouse in Waco is? Ask Twitter. Useful?
    [Social Media] Is “Social Media” Hurting Social Media?
    Is the term “social media&# hurting strategic communicators in the digital space? Plenty of people have wondered about the term before ( Google “social media term&# and you’ll find a 2007 post from Jeremiah Owyang on the topic) but I’m thinking of this from a slightly different angle. Is the term “social media&# leading clients to take the wrong approach to their online activities? Social media. These might fall into a definition of social media, but they’re not really two-way – not truly.
  • SMTHREE  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 2011
    [Social Media] Social Media Monitoring: Are you paying attention?
    With this attention to detail it makes me wonder about their overall quality of work. I see this same lack of attention to detail in social media – all the time. If you can’t find the time to maintain your social media presence – why bother being here in the first place. Social media is all about constant contact. Yes, the buzzword is ‘engagement’ and you cannot engage on an occasional basis – not if you expect to leverage the relationships you build thought social media into increased sales or donations.
    [Social Media] Social Media Definition by Peeing [infographic]
    Social media (tools) are basically interactions between humans and what better way of illustrating this by grabbing on to something humans have been doing since the birth of mankind – peeing. took the idea to our creative guys and we played a bit around with it – threw some extra social media in and started illustrating… Enjoy our little bit to the evolution of the idea and please feel free to build on it. Similar Posts: Is Social Media Just A Buzzword? Great Case on Social Media Turned Into a Bad One by The Traditional Media.
    [Social Media] Diversify Your Social Media Portfolio
    But this isn’t limited to spoken word– the same can be said for almost anything written, including social media. Here are a few examples of people diversifying their social media portfolio: 1. Whether you’re representing yourself or a business, take a look at your Tweets and Facebook posts and ask yourself this question: do I need to diversify my social media portfolio? Tweet In high-school speech class, we’re taught that speeches typically have at least one of three purposes: to entertain, to inform, or to persuade.
    [Social Media] Social Media Integration – How do all the pieces fit?
    Social Media Integration takes several forms (Inside, outside, local, global, enterprise, etc.), all of which take some major planning and time to execute. that can be used for your social media usage as well. There have been several studies done to show that brands engaging in social media are much more likely to be searched for. Also, you can ensure that your social profiles are linking back to perfectly optimized pages. These pages are the links you want to send out via your social profiles. Media Buys. Social Media
    [Social Media] Seth Godin, The Dip, and How to Really Succeed at Social Media
    suspect you already know this.  I believe content marketing (AKA Storytelling) and social media can transform you and your business.    The only thing you have to do is decide to be the best, not average, not good-enough, but the best. There’s a widening influence gap in the social media space.  Specifically, how do you cross the Social Media Dip? Is There A Social Media Dip? Since social media is built on technology, the Dip traveler will also need to immerse themselves in the language of bits and bytes. Social Media
    [Social Media] Seth Godin, The Dip, and How to Really Succeed at Social Media
    suspect you already know this.  I believe content marketing (AKA Storytelling) and social media can transform you and your business.    The only thing you have to do is decide to be the best, not average, not good-enough, but the best. There’s a widening influence gap in the social media space.  Specifically, how do you cross the Social Media Dip? Is There A Social Media Dip? Since social media is built on technology, the Dip traveler will also need to immerse themselves in the language of bits and bytes. Social Media
    [Social Media] How to Be a Social Media Rock Star
    So you want to be a social media rockstar? Below you’ll find all you need to know to become a bona-fide social media rock star, with insights from some folks over at my Facebook page who were kind enough to offer their advice. No self-respecting social media rock star can have a normal, boring, everyday bio. Thanks to social media, though, now you can just gather a bunch of non-related blog posts together, add in a foreword that makes them seem related, and have other social media rock stars write wonderful things about your blog book.
    [Social Media] Social Media Burnout
    Whether you are using social media personally or for business, it can wear you out.  I don’t know if you have noticed it, but I’m detecting an upswing in social media fatigue (SMF) these days. From a personal perspective, social media is wearing on me because there seems to be an explosion in the number of networks available. The business you get through social media is more likely to be the kind that lasts. 10 Tips For Managing Social Media Burnout. Ways To Overcome Social Media Burnout. video).
    [Social Media] 11 Myths of Social Media Marketing
    Though social media marketing is rapidly advancing in terms of adoption and sophistication, many marketers and business executives still struggle with it. They wonder if their organizations are doing enough, if they are doing things right, even if they should be involved in social media at all. This confusion is partly due to some still-common misconceptions about social media marketing. As the goal of Social Media is Simpler Than You Think was to demystify social media marketing, this post will attempt to de-myth-ify it. 1.
    [Social Media] Eight Tools for Social Media Listening
    There are five steps in social media we always recommend to  new clients who are just beginning to branch out online. Social media is no different. To be a master at social media communication you must have a strong foundation of listening. The media landscape has changed and print journalists are no longer the only ones with influence. Social Bookmarking. Eight Tools for Social Media Listening originally appeared on Spin Sucks on October 4, 2011. They are listen, assess, engage, measure, and refine/improve. Blog Tracking.
    [Social Media] How to Use Twitter Cards in Social Media Marketing
    Twitter Cards enable publishers to attach media experiences to tweets — beyond the 140-character limit. Tweets with images and other media attract: 89% more “favorites” 18% more clicks 150% more retweets Get started with Twitter cards in 4 easy steps 1. link] — Jayson Stark (@jaysonst) June 20, 2014   Player card Video, audio, or other media Best for sharing video and song clips within a tweet Sometimes I think my days can’t get any more rediculous until today. Bypassing the character limit also helps increase conversion rates.
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2014
    [Social Media] World Cup Social Media Just Gets Bigger
    Jugnoo Blog: Where social listening meets social engagement - trends that matter in social media marketing management. World Cup social media will get a huge boost this year. Because more people are participating in social media during the games, there’s a big chance they will be discussing a lot of other things as well, and sharing anything that adds to the conversation and the party! Brand marketers are predicting big numbers for all aspects of social media and social media advertising. He has 26.5
    [Social Media] Webfluenz Brings Social Media and Influence Analysis to the Masses
    When it comes to social media analysis and influence marketing, and the ability to use software to identify and track potential influencers for your brand, one thing that always comes up as a stumbling block is the cost usually associated with it. So far, this has meant the benefits of social analysis, as well as true influence marketing, has been limited to mid-to-Enterprise-level businesses and organizations. Addressing the Cost of Social Data. If you want social monitoring, you need a dedicated monitoring platform. Meeting Multi-Level Business Needs.
    [Social Media] The State of Social Media Marketing in 2012 [Study]
    Marketers continue to question the value they get from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Many don’t know any more about how to measure engagement and what benefits it offers brands than when social media marketing first took off a few years ago. Even though current thinking dictates that social media outreach is essential [.]. Social Media
    [Social Media] Social Media Marketing by the numbers
    Social Media has a rabbit hole quality to it. So, how do we wrap our hands around this ever evolving world of social media marketing? Of course, finding exact statistics on the hows and wheres of social media can be fraught with discrepancies. AOL Media Network. Active Digital Media Universe. Current Digital Media Universe Estimate. Except when it comes to social media. It is still a cluttered marketing world and social media just increases the noise. Steve Allan, Social Media Specialist.
    [Social Media] Social Media: The New Olympic Sport
    Embracing social media is something the Olympic movement knew it had to do. But true to form with any emerging and not widely understood entity, the ugly side of social media has reared its head in world record time. The London 2012 Olympics are proving to be the perfect test scenario of intense, global social media. As social media watchers, we can study engagement, reaction, and trouble-shooting from a number of different angles. We can look at it from the sport, corporate or media outlet side. Should we be surprised?
    [Social Media] Three Social Media Myths
    During that brunch we talked about running a business, social media experts, whether or not we’re facing a bubble burst, and solving all the world’s problems. And, I mean she’s not a social media big deal. As Rieva says, Remember social media is a two-way street. And neither one of us covered every myth out there, including how many small businesses there truly are in the United States and how many books the social media “experts&# really are selling. Rieva is one of the smartest women I know. agree with that.
    [Social Media] Social Media and the New Marketing
    People ask where marketing fits in with social media, and if it still has a place as consumers and “normal people&# enjoy a bigger say in how successful a product is. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive look; more an easily digestible social media and marketing biscuit. Social Media and the New Four P's of Marketing. Social Media and the New Marketing originally appeared on Danny Brown - The Human Side of Media and the Social Side of Marketing under a Creative Commons license. Hope you enjoy.
    [Social Media] A 12 Word Social Media Policy
    Continuing my “awesome finds on the interwebs” series this week, here is the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media’s 12-word social media policy. The biggest risk in health care social media is not participating in the conversation.  Simply putting “find me on Facebook” or “follow me on Twitter” badges on your website does not equate with health care social media.  Following these simple rules can prevent most social media miscues, and keep you out of the  Friday Faux Pas  series. You heard that right.
    [Social Media] 30 Social Media Sites, Tools, Posts and Articles that I Bookmarked from 2010
    One of the things that I do throughout the year though is, I stockpile sites, blog posts, articles, tools and things that just catch my eye-Oh yea that’s called social bookmarking isn’t it? So it starts with this resource: 100+ Upcoming Social Media & Tech Events. 2) Turn what people post in social media into compelling stories with Storify. 3) I liked the premise of this but always questioned whether it was sustainable beyond the this is cool stage? Gaming the System: How Marketers Rig the Social Media Machine. social media
    [Social Media] Why you should avoid Social Media Marketing
    Social media is a great way to step into two way conversation with recent and future customers. In these times it seems that everybody wants to step into social media. In my opinion social Media is not for everybody! And I will tell you from my point of view: Social media marketing for small businesses can increase their brand awareness and reach massively. Everywhere in the net small businesses are trying to get a piece of the social media marketing pie and acting nervously to not get left behind. The same with social media!
    [Social Media] Social Media Measurement for Pragmatists
    like studying results-based information from social media experts. But I’ve noticed a tendency among some to repeat behavior I saw early in my career in paid media: act as if tracking to the bottom line – especially where social media measurement is concerned – is pointless or impossible. It was social media monetization before it was cool. And At times we’ve been able to make important media decisions when about two-thirds of customers could be accurately tracked back to original sources. Guest Post by  Robert Rosenthal.
    [Social Media] Five Social Media Lessons From Anthony Bourdain
    So, what did Anthony Bourdain teach me about social media? rookie blogger and student of social media, Craig is originally from Baltimore, but now lives in Seattle, with his wife and two kids. Social Media anthony bourdain craig mcbreen social media lessonsToday’s guest post is written by Craig McBreen. What can a snarky, middle-aged, New Yorker teach a 40-something, wannabe blogger about life? Well, I often find inspiration in the strangest places and politically incorrect, sharp-tongued, bad boy chefs dole out the best advice.
    [Social Media] How to Learn Social Media Marketing: 15 Blogs for Beginners
    Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can take your marketing to the next level. However, many businesses aren’t using social media at all — they aren’t aware of what’s being said about them online and they don’t know how to start conversations with their target audience. Of the brands that *are* using social media marketing, many of them don’t do much planning regarding their social media activities. This post is Part 1 of a series I’m writing for social media beginners.
    [Social Media] Social Media -Outsource or Not?
    Social Media Outsource. have been a firm believer of the fact that one needs to segment audience and engage them with customized content thorugh different social media channels platforms and this requires serious efforts. So, while it’s good to say that the corporates should not outsource their social media efforts-the fact of the matter is-corporates should focus on creating policies, processes and KPIs, and leave the actual engagement wherever possible to outside agencies. The Ultimate Online Social Experience! Image Source:  [link].
  • SMTHREE  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 9, 2012
    [Social Media] Social Media For Fun and Profit
    Fully 88% of the participants in the study viewed Social Media platforms as just another – albeit new – form of entertainment. While there are variations in how each segment of that demo views and uses Social Media (after all, a 13-year-old shares few of the same traits of a 49-year-old) – the end result is that social Media is yet another pleasant form of diversion. We see great Social Media involvement when it comes to movies, music, cars, food, shopping, fashion or nerve-touching causes. Second, be wary of humor.
  • JUGNOO  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 2012
    [Social Media] Build Stronger Relationships: Meet Social Media Contacts Face-to-Face
    For example, social media platforms like Twitter, Google+ hangouts, Facebook conversations, LinkedIn Groups and many more. But if you’re not using social networking tools to meet potential customers in-person, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build long-lasting relationships. Here are four reasons why you should meet with your social media connections face-to-face: People buy from those they know and trust. Meeting your social media contacts in-person for the first time shouldn’t translate into a hard-core sales pitch. Enjoy this post?
    [Social Media] Social Media Marketing Wins…and Fails
    social media social media infographics Social Media marketingHere’s a great infographic surreptitiously  attached to an MBA in marketing lead gen site.  Be that as it may on the interwebz, this inforgraphic nonetheless, is not bad.
    [Social Media] Social Media is Better for Experiential Products
    Everyone is endeavoring to decipher the Rosetta Stone that is Social Media. Unfortunately, by definition the medium is multi-dimensional and the real applications of social media range from customer support & communication, content distribution, sales, marketing, PR, business intelligence and well beyond. Experiential products clearly stand to benefit more from social media. Because social media is fundamentally a channel for sharing and it is inherently human nature to share our experiences. That is the role of Social Media.
    [Social Media] Benchmarks for Doing Social Media Well
    There are as many ways to benchmark social media as there are companies using it, because social is a human quality that will be unique to each and every business. Today I overheard the comment; “They are doing social media well.” ” How do you know you are doing social media well? All media is designed to facilitate communications, and social media by definition accomplishes that objective in a social context. What sustains your social media progress? But how do you measure trust?
    [Social Media] How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads
    Tweet So you want to use social media to generate leads for your business?  If that’s true, then you must also be willing to take the steps necessary to put your business and brand in a position to attract leads online. Social media is a powerful tool, but cannot stand alone as an online marketing solution. Social media marketing comes after you have discovered your voice through blogging and have a key word strategy in place. You can’t expect to put your business online and expect the online buzz to suddenly rocket you to online social media stardom.
    [Social Media] Finally Unlocked- The Social Media ROI Formula
    At last, it’s been done- A simple, proven social media ROI (smROI) calculation for both B2B and B2C marketing efforts. Though this formula has been the bane of marketers for the past decade, we can now begin to quantitatively analyze the variables and bridge the gap of obscurity that has typically marred social media marketing. Social Media Return on Investment (smROI): . = Net Gains As a Result of Social Media. = (Tangible Related Revenue + Estimated Intangible Related Revenue – Cost of Social Media) / (Cost of Social Media).
    [Social Media] 100+ Social Media Monitoring Tools
    From fans to followers, brands are actively working to engage their current and future customers via social media — and online reputation management is quickly becoming a vital part of doing business. Social media monitoring helps brands discover, in real time, who is saying what online and where the conversations are happening so they can respond in a timely fashion. Businesses also need to measure, analyze, and report on their social media efforts. Klout tracks the impact of your opinions, links and recommendations across your social graph.
    [Social Media] The Social Media Landscape [Infographic]
    Last year, I posted a great infographic from that did a terrific job of roadmapping the social Web. As social media continues to evolve, it’s difficult to keep up with all of the changes. The acceptance of social media’s importance by consumers has increased very quickly. These days, a social-media marketing strategy has clearly become a a vital part of advertising and customer outreach. Advertising Digg Facebook Infographic LinkedIn Social Media Social Networking StumbleUpon WOM Word of Mouth YouTube Social media marketing
    [Social Media] The Biggest Moments in Social Media in 2012
    Looking back on the year, it’s easy to see what was big when we have the benefit of an infographic.  At the least, there’s no doubt that social adds a layer and an element to our memories. social mediaBig shoutout to Mashable and The SEO Company.
    [Social Media] Five Ways to Measure Social Media Efforts
    He asked if that included social media. said it did and he relayed a story to me about how many cold calls he gets from social media experts wanting to start Facebook and Twitter accounts for his business. Well, anyone with a Twitter account and a keyboard is a social media expert.” The fact of the matter is, you can  (and should) measure your social media efforts. If you set up your tracking correctly, you’ll be able to watch who comes from the blog, email marketing, and even your social networks. said, “Yeah.
  • SOCMED SEAN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2012
    [Social Media] Is Your Social Media Strategy Truly Agile?
    Social media isn’t without these nebulous phrases or buzzwords either. My latest favorite buzzword that is invading both the business and social vocabulary is “Agile” As an ex-software developer, it makes me giggle a little when people use it incorrectly. ” I do believe, however, that the 12 core principles of Agile software development methodology can be easily applied to social media activities. Welcome changing requirements, even late in development – Issues arise in the social space frequently. Revisit them frequently.
    [Social Media] Why storytelling and social media need each other to survive
    As the business marketplace continues to integrate social technology, it’s tempting to say that the arrival of social media is as revolutionary as the digital revolution was ten years ago. It’s also tempting to think that social media agencies will rob traditional media companies, whether they are advertising agencies or PR firms, of a large share of their clients ad spend just as digital companies have done. It’s easy to mistake social media as an end in themselves, but the currency that marketers and communities of all types still trade is emotion.
    [Social Media] Social Media – It’s Not Just for White Folks
    Over at his excellent Convince and Convert blog, Jay Baer shares a post on how he feels  white folks are the majority in social media. Jay’s post goes on to ask why there isn’t more diversity in social media, and that “we have to do more than rely on a bunch of 30 year old white people&# for our social media information. If you drop over to BlackWeb 2.0, for example, you’ll find an excellent resource that’s leading the way in highlighting blacks in technology and new media. Insights social media cultures
    [Social Media] Social Media: BEYOND THUNDERDOME
    ” What does any of this have to do with social media? As businesses, marketers and brands, we tend to overlook the most important laws that govern the social networks we have come to rely on. Breaking these rules is the quickest way to ruin our reputations and, essentially, get ourselves exiled (at least socially) from these networks, which is exactly what happened to Mad Max. Your goal for social media is (or should be) to build and maintain relationships with your customers. What media do they use to communicate?
    [Social Media] Why Do We Need a Social Media Policy?
    While giving a webinar, Managing the Risks of Social Media , for Higher Logic , I got an unexpected question:  “Why do we need a social media policy?” My first thought was Duh! Of course you need a social media policy. The structure and need for social media policies or guidelines have gotten a lot of press and more is written every day. Every social media practitioner ( Maddie, Lindy , and me to name a few) will tell you that you need one. I co-authored a white paper with SocialFish about social media policies.
    [Social Media] Maximizing Your Social Media Hub
    Building a social media hub is easy, but making it an effective marketing tool requires forethought and an outlined strategy. never changing social media hub is a waste of resources. Users should expect to learn about your brand from your social media hub instead of anywhere else. Deeper integrations allow for the recommendations of gifts, articles, and products based on their social profile. Show consumers what their friends liked and turn your social media hub into a social proof machine. Integrated Social Profiles.
    [Social Media] Why Research is Key and How to Create a Research Station For Your Social Media Strategy
    Social Mention. One of the best free solutions for finding information across the social web, Social Mention even gives a basic overview of sentiment and shared value. Social Search. While you still use TV, or radio, or other “traditional media” to advertise, this won’t tell you why your widget is selling (other than folks like your advert, possibly). This is where you combine the research station with the media station. Social Mention. Social Search. Insights Social Media social media research social media strategy
    [Social Media] Quickstart Guide to Social Media [infographic]
    Tweet Getting started with a social media initiative does not necessarily require a lot. The following infographic presents some of the strategic steps that is useful to go through before establishing a sustainable social media initiative. Similar Posts: Lack Of A Plan Shows That Businesses Struggle With Social Media Marketing. How Social Media Strengthens Companies [infographic]. Save Your Brand Reputation With Social Media. Yet there are some vital considerations to go through before getting on board.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2011
    [Social Media] Managing Social Media Fatigue
    She said I didn’t really answer the social media fatigue question and asked me to consider revisiting it. So I talk for a few minutes about why we’re all feeling social media fatigue, the deal I made with Kary Delaria for this Sunday, and how you can manage your own information overload. Do you have social media fatigue? Managing Social Media Fatigue originally appeared on Spin Sucks on July 28, 2011. Social Media information overload Kary Delaria Marijean Jaggers rusty speidel social media fatigue
    [Social Media] Obsessed with Social Media Much?!
    So—when someone tells you they are obsessed with social media, don’t take them seriously until they show you their tattoo of Facebook profile pictures and Twitter avatars! Blog Social Media Facebook Tattoo Obsessed with Social Media Social Media ObsessedI couldn’t believe that I came across this video on All Facebook earlier today.  A woman got her arm tattooed with profile pictures of her 152 Facebook friends.  The entire process took 2 weeks… but what is she going to do when she adds more friends?! ApOWWb7Mqdo.
    [Social Media] Crowdsourcing Your Social Media Strategy
    Each week a company will be selected and anyone who wants to can wade in to help develop a crowdsourced social media strategy  using the hastag #socialfresh.  It was fun and there were some good ideas generated, but a lot of the ideas were way off-target. What are their media habits – both online and offline? Based on this knowledge, what should be the focus of your online or social networking presence? If you would like some crowdsourced knowledge for your company’s social media program, you can fill out this form. Where will you find them?
    [Social Media] How to Spot A Social Media Expert
    Some of you might get bent out of shape because I dare to suggest that a social media expert exists. understand that there is a healthy society of humble naysayers who scoff at social media expertise. However I believe that there is such an animal as a social media expert.  In fact, we’ve hired our fair share at Fluency Media.  Unless we’re all deluded, there are people out there that have the right mix of talent, drive, work ethic, and experience to lead social programs. Intensely Curious: Social Media is a moving target.
    [Social Media] Why Social Media Drives Action [Guest]
    Why Social Media Drives Action. Social media drives action. In the case of Mike and I meeting and the ensuing activity, we had indeed fist ‘met’ via social media. Keep in mind: The original social media is in person conversation. The telegraph and then the telephone became new social media format choices. Today we have innumerable options to utilize social media in our lives and world. Like  another colleague  savvy in social media stated, people are already talking about you (as a business).
  • DAVE FLEET  |  TUESDAY, MAY 25, 2010
    [Social Media] Four Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Sucks
    That’s the three-step approach we recommend companies take when it comes to approaching social media marketing activities for their organization. Brian Solis , for example, talks about “listening, observing and learning” as the bedrock steps in organizational use of social media in his book “ Engage ” (which I’m currently reading). Social media tools don’t just let you flip a switch and reach thousands or millions of people. Social media lets you identify, create and tap into communities of like-minded people. Listen; engage; develop.
    [Social Media] The End of ‘Social Media’
    This is the time of year when a lot of people make predictions. I’ll resist that urge, though, and instead present a plea: Let’s make 2011 the year we stop talking about “social media.”. It’s not that social media is no longer important. On the contrary, today there’s almost no media today that isn’t social. Books I read this year that do an exceptional job of sketching out the post-social media world include The Hyper-Social Organization by Francois Gossieaux and Ed Moran, Open Leadership by Charlene Li and Do It Wrong Quickly by Mike Moran.
    [Social Media] Top Social Media Case Studies of 2012
    What were the most popular social media case studies in 2012? Based on traffic, here are the top case studies we published in the last year, from social media fails to innovative, multi-platform campaigns: Toyota Under Fire For #CamryEffect Twitter Spam Superbowl Promotion  (Feb 6): Twitter users that were tweeting about the SuperBowl received unsolicited @ reply messages from Toyota inviting them to enter a contest for a 2012 Camry. Still, Wion offers some great lessons for engaging on social media – even when things “don’t go as intended.”
  • SMTHREE  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 2012
    [Social Media] Social Media Bullshit
    I have not posted for a while because, well, because I just didn’t feel like writing another blog about some meaningful event that was transpiring in the Social Media “verse” I decided to spend more time reading that writing and came to the conclusion that when it comes to Social Media – there’s a lot of bullshit out there. First, let me state that I do believe that Social Media is useful – even necessary – for businesses and non-profits. Social Media is the tail, not the dog. Absolutely.
    [Social Media] Social Media for the Busy Sales Person
    I’ve gotten quite a bit of great feedback on my last post, the 5 traits of the social sales person. The post really seems to have struck a nerve with a lot of people, even though it barely touches the surface of how sales people can use social media to get more business. Social Media in Action social salesOf course that’s a lot of the feedback I got. It’s not deep enough. So I decided  I’d take it a little further and offer a short class on the subject. Here’s a link to  register now.
    [Social Media] Infographic: Selling in social media
    Some great stats here about how companies and brands are using social media to boost sales.   via Social Media Today. Psychology of social networking. Featured infographic Social Media Related posts: Blog check list for getting noticed. Pinterest for business. PLEASE LIKE  MY FACEBOOK PAGE.
    [Social Media] 8 Social Media Questions Publishers Should Be Asking Themselves
    For most publishers social media has earned itself a prominent seat at the audience development table. However many still face issues with strategy, execution and incorporating social into a cohesive program. This week I took part in an OPA Social Media Day panel on social media for audience development with Lisa Brewer from Time Inc. To provide a strategic overview and set a framework for the discussion I came up with a list of questions that summarizes the types of issues we frequently encounter in helping publishers with social media.
    [Social Media] Hot Off The Press Social Media Tips
    That being said you owe it to yourself to check out Lori Taylor’s latest blog post 15 Social Caffeine “Must Do’s” To Rock Your Facebook Fan Page. Definitely will be paying closer attention to Social Mouths. And lastly through Social Mouths I checked out Francisco’s Facebook fan page and also fell in love with what he’s doing with his fan page. Related posts: The Office For Mac Social Media Extravaganza! Social Media Friendly Blogging. Great Social Media & Community Job Resources. Blogging Social Media
    [Social Media] Using Social Media to Deepen Customer Relations
    An obvious win for companies looking to jump into Social Media is in the Customer Support area. As more and more customers voice their opinions online, the choice is not if you should be responding using Social Media, but when are you going to start responding! recently saw figures from Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research that showed 92% of BtoB Technology buyers consider themselves engaging in some form of Social Media. Tags: social media Customer Support If that isn’t a wake up call for Technology Companies, I don’t know what is!
  • DANNY BROWN  |  MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011
    [Social Media] Social Media and Rocket Ships
    One of the things we frequently run at Bonsai are introduction workshops to social media. While social media is no longer “new&# from an audience angle, like anything you will always have people that are just finding themselves in it. We’ve found it to be pretty useful for showing social media doesn’t need to be this scary creature – hopefully you find some use for it too. Social Media – It’s Not Rocket Science! Social Media social media 101Cheers!
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2011
    [Social Media] Seven Ways Social Media is Changing PR
    Social media is a game changer for public relations.  It is bringing new challenges and opportunities to the profession and to savvy pros.  I have outlined seven ways that social media is changing PR. PR pros need to know the latest digital tools, including social media monitoring tools, Twitter, Google Analytics. The social networks provide a wealth of information to PR pros on target markets, customer service, and media they want to pitch. They can now create new opportunities that may not have been available before without social media.
    [Social Media] Connection: Social Media’s Special Gift
    miss the days when social media was more personalized. A big US brand with over 100,000 Twitter followers has run into the problem that I tweeted about above. To this well-known retailer, social media has become just one channel of many where they need to offer customer service without any care in the world for the people they’re engaging with. Much of their tweets are just them asking people to follow them, coupled with the must-include initials that apparently are required of their social media policy. What’s your social media policy?
    [Social Media] Why your Social Media content stinks
    I just read a great blog: Why your social media initiatives will fail in 2011 by Adam Kmiec. It got me to thinking (very dangerous) about the root of what drives social media – content – and why so much of it stinks. As you develop your social platforms think about what it is you want to say about yourself. Social Media affords you the opportunity to put a real face on your nonprofit or business. In social media it is all about me. Sorry, but someone on your social media team has to be able to write.
  • UNSPOKEN  |  SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012
    [Social Media] Brilliant Minds Behind Intel’s Social Media ~ @Ekaterina
    Lately I’ve focused on individuals who build influence through the effective use of social media. Today I’ll talk about how Intel sets the standard for corporate social media excellence, using all manner of social media to engage its audience, inform, educate and build the brand. If you think Intel is just a nuts and bolts company, you’ll be surprised at how seriously they take the intangible world of social media engagement. Certainly food for thought as you develop your own social media strategy.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2011
    [Social Media] Debunking Popular Myths of Social Media
    Social media is many things to many people. Yet there is one area where all the definitions can come together and agree on, and that’s the area of social media myths. So, here are a few social media myths that we can probably all agree are out-of-date thinking at best, and dangerous advice at worst. Social Media is Free. So let’s make it simple – social media is not free. Sure, you can bootstrap your way around social media – but free it ain’t. Social Media Levels the Playing Field.
    [Social Media] Social Media News & Updates: September
    There are so many changes and updates in the social media world, its hard to keep track of them all if you are busy with the day to day running of your business! I’ve put together the most important updates that took place in September to keep you ahead of the curve in social media marketing for your business: Facebook Adds View Counts to Videos : With this new update people will be able to see how many views a video on Facebook has received: New Tools to Promote Facebook Events:   Facebook has added new features that help Pages promote their events and see how they’re performing.
    [Social Media] The Secret Spice For Successful Social Media
    Tweet There are a million “social media experts” out there and there are ten-million strategies being taught about how to use social media.  I am going to give my insight based on the 40-50 hours a week I spend embedded in social media and what I have learned and observed.   One thing to keep in mind is that every person or company measures their success differently so “successful social media” is a fluid term depending on the goals behind the strategy. I do, however, think that static social media would be considered a failure by the majority of users.
    [Social Media] Should you let social media conversations direct your business?
    Here’s a question for you: Should you let conversations in social media direct your business? If you’ve worked in the social media space, that seems like a pretty straightforward “yes”, right? What if we ask the question a couple of other ways: Should you always let conversations in social media direct your business? Should you let individual conversations in social media direct your business? Some social media practitioners are ready for this; others aren’t. Tweet. Product and Service Insights.
    [Social Media] Eight Social Media Trends for 2012
    This will get you started on planning and getting everything ready to launch the year on January 2. I’ve written the eight social media trends you  need to pay attention to for next year. 2012 Social Media Trends. Social TV Convergence. I’m not a television watcher, but I’m seeing something interesting happening with apps, such as Get Glue. Today we talk about mobile, social, marketing, public relations, advertising, direct, email, customer service, and sales as if they’re working in silos. Social Commerce. Results.
    [Social Media] [Comic] Social Media Security Fail
    You’re asking for social media fun and frivolity with your Facebook or Twitter account. Facebook Featured Humor Mobile People Social Media Twitter best practices facebook security social media social networking tech tipsEver had this happen to you? You check your email and notice that you’re receiving all kinds of strange messages from your friends on Facebook? The first thought is “oh no…my Facebook account has been hacked!” ” But often, the reality is even more simple than that. So press that lock key.
    [Social Media] 22 social media management tools – a wiki in development
    Social media management tools can help businesses listen to, manage, measure and respond to conversations about their brand on the social web. With more and more social media management tools springing up on the market, it’s hard to keep track of what’s out there. We hope it will eventually become a useful social media management tool resource. Argyle social : Social media marketing platform that helps marketers measure and justify the social channel.
    [Social Media] Social Media Strategic Plan Template
    You’re social media program should be no different. If you’re like most businesses, you’ll be spending more time on social media next year, so its time to start developing strategy for your social media. Is it possible to really measure social media and determine ROI? ” Determining ROI starts with a Social Media Strategic Plan.There are 3 phases to this planning. We’ll cover the third step in another blog post and finally, social media ROI (a.k.a. social media #smshi #smshiroi
    [Social Media] Developing a social media strategy
    Last year I wrote a series of blog posts taking readers through each stage of developing a social media strategy. Social Media Social Media Strategy Series social media ebook social media strategyThey were the most popular posts I’ve written and are still shared regularly. So, as they’re still relevant, I thought I’d publish them again for those that missed the series the first time round. They’re … Read more.
  • SMTHREE  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 2012
    [Social Media] Social Media Rules!
    ” However, in the rapidly changing wild west world of chaos known as Social Media it is probably a good idea to have a starting point. The folks at Fast Company have produced a very good infographic that lists the 36 rules of Social Media. They might not all apply to your situation but they are a good starting point when you are defining your Social Media strategy. Steve Allan, Social Media Specialist. Your thoughts? SMThree.
    [Social Media] Social Media Contests with Real ROI
    In a world of social media and connecting across cyberspace, social media contests are becoming a popular and effective way for companies to make a tangible connection with their customers. When done well, social media contests can build brand awareness and engage users with your product or company. Effective Social Media Contests. If you’re looking for a creative way to promote your brand, follow the lead of these five companies that know how to do social media contests correctly. Launching Your Own Social Media Contests.
    [Social Media] Social Media Strategy Template
    Download the PDF of the Social Media Strategy Template here. In January 2014 almost three-quarters of all adults were active in social media, according to the Pew Research Center. 92% of marketers claim that social media marketing is important for their business. However, only 38 percent of companies say they have a defined social media strategy. It would appear that two thirds of businesses are still “flying by the seat of their pants” when it comes to social media. Map the brand’s social graph. Meritus Media Inc.
    [Social Media] How to use Social Media for Employer Branding and Recruitment
    Social media is ultimately about establishing relationships. Using social media for employer branding and recruitment provides the following benefits: An opportunity to enter into dialogue and engage/attract potential candidates. Your employees drive your business, and allowing employees to become ambassadors on behalf of the company in social media will have a positive effect on your employer brand. Therefore, it is important to have a social media policy in place, where you communicate your expectations to your employees. Tweet. Results.
    [Social Media] B2B Social Media: How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile
    Social Media in the B2B space has become a hot topic lately. Companies are using the social space to get themselves found and attract new leads and business opportunities. One of the major players in B2B social media is LinkedIn.  As I work to raise awareness within my organization of the importance of buy-in from all company personnel in the adoption of social media practices, I’m surprised by how few actually follow best practices. In the B2B space, social media isn’t just about your content. Wendy Boyce. and Bing.
    [Social Media] Selective Hearing And Social Media
    Selective Hearing Applies To Social Media! For the most part this isn’t literal in social media which is why I want to make a slight amendment to the term and call it “Selective Processing” Your fans and customers are selectively choosing which messages they will process and they’re basing their decisions off more than just the content you’re providing. Some people are scared about being confronted on social media but I recommend embracing a little confrontation from time to time. Here are a few ways to do that. 1.
  • JASON YORMARK  |  FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2011
    [Social Media] Using Social Media To Avoid The Fires
    One of the biggest challenges in my new role at Strategies 360 is going from developing social media strategies for B2B & B2C to less product/service focused clients. Obviously we are working with them to change this and it shouldn’t take much, but it goes to the heart of what I am pitching to our existing and future clients around the importance of implementing and executing on a social media strategy regardless of whether you actually sell a product or service…controlling your brand identity. Olive Garden on Facebook: How To Not Use Social Media.
  • KYLE LACY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 5, 2011
    [Social Media] The 5 Pitfalls of Social Media Engagement
    What did you do recently to celebrate Social Media Day ?  Social Media (for me, that’s Twitter, Facebook, my blog, YouTube and my online marketing efforts) can and has enhanced my life greatly.  It can also complicate things if certain pitfalls are ignored or overlooked. . There’s a reason it’s called social media.  Once you do, cultivate those relationships and BE SOCIAL. Suggestion:  use the many different social platforms to tell us your stories.  Suggestion:  Identify why you’re online and engaged in social media
    [Social Media] 23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides
    Though the use of social media and social networks for marketing is now nearly ubiquitous, and 78% of companies have dedicated social media teams, many marketers sill struggle with certain aspects of social marketing, such as formalizing strategies and measuring results. Yet as buyers make increasing use of social media to evaluate the offerings of and engage with vendors,  expectations will inevitably increase. What trends and changes in social media do marketers need to stay on top of? Social Media Marketing Guides.
    [Social Media] 7 Good Reasons To Be Annoyed By Social Media
    The other day I wrote   “3 Developments that Is Sabotaging the Social Media Movement”  , a guest post for {{grow}}.  It hit a chord and I spent a good 4 hours responding to some incredible comments. It was the most fun I’ve had to date doing this Social Media thing. The best part was finally putting my finger on some of the myths and false hopes that some folks have about social media. Social Media isn’t as easy as buying a banner ad. Although there is Media in Social Media, you don’t plan, negotiate, or track it like most media
    [Social Media] Social Media Adoption by Top 10 Media Agencies
    The world of social media is maturing. People have adopted the new means of communication, companies are experimenting with the new business tools, but how the heart of the media industry is adopting to a new social landscape? will try briefly to overview what I found in my research analysing social media adoption in 10 Top Media Agencies and some of the best practises. Sources: Campaign “Top 50 Media agencies” + Netprospex “Top 50 Brands in Social Media”. The key points from research: Social media presence.
    [Social Media] Social Media is Key to B2B Content Marketing [Report]
    91% of B2B marketers now use social media as a content marketing tool. B2B marketers are distributing their content on social networks more than ever before. If you have a website, a blog, or maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks, you are a publisher. This is the first in a series of posts about how to use content to market online and via social media. LinkedIn is the top social network when it comes to B2B content marketing. But many are uncertain about how to successfully employ the many tactics available to them.
    [Social Media] Social Media Use: Three Big Mistakes Made by Small Businesses
    In seeking to connect with and grow an audience online , small businesses frequently turn to social media sites. Still, though social media is a popular marketing tool for small businesses, it can also be a minefield of potentially costly and critical mistakes. There are several key ways in which small businesses are continuing to miss opportunities to maximize their social media marketing potential. Here are a few of the biggest: Believing social media is free. The use of social media is not about controlling your message.
    [Social Media] 5 Ways Social Media is Like a Great Friendship
    When social media started getting popular with businesses, there was a lot of excitement from consumers because they could now interact with companies on a more personal level rather than dealing with companies just like another transaction. While social media has evolved into a lot of other things, such as a great marketing tactic, an amazing customer service tool, and even helps with content sharing and discovering, it’s maintained many of its important values which make it seem a lot like any great friendship. This is a guest post by Danny Wong. You Give.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2011
    [Social Media] Social Media Fatigue
    What is social media fatigue, what do you think causes it and what are a few ways to combat it? 2. Social Media Fatigue originally appeared on Spin Sucks on July 21, 2011. Social Media Arment Dietrich beatriz alemar gini dietrich online time commitment social media fatigueDoes it feel like it was JUST Facebook question of the week time?! Today is Thursday. Right?? Well, if I’m wrong and it’s not Thursday, surprise! I’m coming to you from a hotel room. took his advice. But wait until you see how exciting the backdrop is.
    [Social Media] Memories of #SoMix2012 @GaryVee: “You’re Betting Against the Internet if You Don’t Believe in Social Media”
    With no media spend, he took advantage of their platforms to distribute the message. We know we need to pay attention and invest the time and resources in social media, but we lack the motivation or gumption to carry it up the flagpole and put it into action. Below is Gary’s Keynote at Social Mix 2012–in its entirety. Social Media Videos #somix2012 GaryVee social media social mix 2012Below are some pretty profound quotes and anecdotes I captured from Gary’s Keynote. Everything stays the same. People are people. Enjoy!
    [Social Media] Where’s Social Media Going in 2014?
    2013 is coming to an end after what has been an interesting year for social media and we think that 2014 isn’t going to be any less interesting. This means that more and more companies try to tab in on this opportunity and make use of or create their own social news rooms to find the content that fit their brand. Social media is our new news site. And with Facebook’s new change in algorithm, articles and publications will get a larger reach, which means that social media probably will be our no. The social TV. Real time is king.
  • UNSPOKEN  |  MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012
    [Social Media] The Most Remarkable People on Social Media Today
    Since I couldn’t find any lists that suited my taste, I decided to start my own… “The Most Remarkable People on Social Media Today” My own social media hall of fame, so to speak. I did not take into account the number of followers or the number of retweets but selected my list purely based on how much these people changed my beliefs or motivated my actions. believe we should highlight people who are doing remarkable work in the social universe and not only those who are just social celebrities. She brings Social to Big brands.
    [Social Media] Fear and Social Media
    During CommPartners’ Social Learning session at #ASAE11, attention turned quickly to social media. So I read Why Companies are Afraid of Social Media , a guest post by Eric Deckers, Jason Falls ‘ co-author of the upcoming book, No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide To Social Media Marketing. For social media, you have to take a leap of faith and trust your people. Most employees and members want to do the right thing (you may need to teach them what that is in social media).
    [Social Media] Five Social Media Haters We Love To Hate
    Social media haters are familiar to those of us who do social media on a regular basis. These are the people who, for whatever reason, aren’t just content to never use social media, but think that everyone else is a raging lunatic for even using it. These are the five social media haters you will frequently encounter whenever you pull out your smart phone and start sending a tweet. ” They refuse to use social media, because they think it’s childish and silly. Blog Social Media haters humor
    [Social Media] 5 Educational and Inspiring Social Media Diagrams
    Tweet At HubSpot , they have collected 22 educational social media diagrams – and I think some of them are very useful, when wanting to gain an easy insight into social media. The social media diagrams start with the basics telling which keywords to keep in mind when being present in social media – and continues further on presenting how to monitor and engage with people who have an interest in you and your brand. In this post, I have chosen 5 of the 22 visual concepts presented by HubSpot, which I find most inspiring.
    [Social Media] More On The Social Enterprise: Social Media At Scale
    The discussion about a social enterprise and managing social media at scale has been growing. One recent example is the ebook from Sprinklr that compiles thoughts and recommendations from 30 social media experts. have always been a fan of what Michael Brito , Nilofer Merchant (a fellow Overlapper ), and David Armano have had to say about social enterprises. agree with the prevailing theme that enterprises have no choice but to embrace social media. need to qualify the SPOC in a social media context: I do not mean one social account (e.g.
    [Social Media] Social Media: The True Impact
    We spend a lot of time talking about how to make social media work for business and what kind of marketing targets social media users. But we don’t often take a step back and see the true impact that the addition of social media networks has had on our everyday lives. Ten years ago, could you ever have imagined what social media is, let alone how it has changed our world? The addition of social media to our everyday landscape has been both a positive and a negative influence. The response was astonishing. Photo Source).
    [Social Media] Succuessful Social Media Engagement Requires Generosity
    Generosity is a huge part of the social media experience. In fact, social media is all about focusing on others and not on yourself. Social media generosity 101: Do you research new information in your niche? It also drives links back to your social profiles and even your web site when people want to learn more about you. When was the last time you asked someone on your social media network how things are going? Tags: Social Media in Action generosity Social Media social media coach Comment.
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