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    [Social Media] 22 social media management tools – a wiki in development
    Social media management tools can help businesses listen to, manage, measure and respond to conversations about their brand on the social web. With more and more social media management tools springing up on the market, it’s hard to keep track of what’s out there. We hope it will eventually become a useful social media management tool resource. Argyle social : Social media marketing platform that helps marketers measure and justify the social channel.
    [Social Media] The Ugly Side of Social Media Sharing
    am a social media advocate. But I hate the ugly side of social media sharing; especially when kids are involved. This is the nature of digital media. Social media by definition is a space where people share ideas and information. In my opinion, this is what makes social media so beautiful. Don’t we as social media professionals, especially a Page like with more than 34,000 likes, have an obligation to make sure that we are utilizing images from a reputable source? 'Guest post by Jenelle Conner.
    [Social Media] CEOs-Roll Up Your Social Media Sleeves
    The company earned an incredible amount of media coverage which put the company on the map. The lesson is clear: CEO’s that are active in social media and content marketing efforts ignite conversation. Writing for the MediaBistro’s 10,000 Words, Lauren Hockenson might have summed it up best when she wrote about three takeaways , “Never underestimate the power of social media to become a megaphone for a cause.”. Social CEOs drive results. Frank Strong is a classically trained PR professional with new media savvy.  By Frank Strong. He swore. 
    [Social Media] The Dirty Dozen Top 12 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid
    There have been numerous posts written about the pitfalls of social media marketing (including helpful pieces from Online Social Networking , Sysomos , and  one I wrote for HubSpot ). But the list below is a summary of the most common mistakes based on both my client experience and research for this recent presentation: How to Achieve B2B Social Media Success. Social media is about having a conversati0n with your prospects, not broadcasting to them. Your social media strategist is your public spokesperson. Failing to LISTEN.
    [Social Media] 5 Educational and Inspiring Social Media Diagrams
    Tweet At HubSpot , they have collected 22 educational social media diagrams – and I think some of them are very useful, when wanting to gain an easy insight into social media. The social media diagrams start with the basics telling which keywords to keep in mind when being present in social media – and continues further on presenting how to monitor and engage with people who have an interest in you and your brand. In this post, I have chosen 5 of the 22 visual concepts presented by HubSpot, which I find most inspiring.
    [Social Media] Why storytelling and social media need each other to survive
    As the business marketplace continues to integrate social technology, it’s tempting to say that the arrival of social media is as revolutionary as the digital revolution was ten years ago. It’s also tempting to think that social media agencies will rob traditional media companies, whether they are advertising agencies or PR firms, of a large share of their clients ad spend just as digital companies have done. It’s easy to mistake social media as an end in themselves, but the currency that marketers and communities of all types still trade is emotion.
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    [Social Media] Social Media Breeds PR Laziness
    Laziness disguised as “social media best practices” and cool new tools. And while many of these tools and practices may help someone increase their reach or save them some time, they are also making  social  media a hell of a lot less social. We’re approaching social the same way we’ve always done things. This is no longer an excuse, just like using social media to collect people like old stamps is inexcusable. It’s the only way to keep social, well, social  and keep your job from becoming extinct.
    [Social Media] Understanding Social Media ROI Cycle
    Tweet On our blog, we have several times written about how to calculate ROI of your social media campaigns. He is also the co-author of How to Make Money with Social Media. In this post, we will look at ROI on social media with a different perspective, starting from the launch stage of a brand till it becomes matured in the industry. The prime target at this stage is to create a social media presence. Depending on the business needs they may focus on Flickr , e-newsletters, blogs, SlideShare and other social media platforms.
    [Social Media] Social Media in Higher Education
    There’s an ongoing debate about the role social media should play in K-12 education. As a result, schools have been especially slow to adopt social technologies. Advocates point to the benefits social media offers students, and critics want to remove social media from classrooms, insisting that there be more regulation. When used as an educational tool, colleges and universities have found that social media enhances the learning experience by enabling students and teachers to connect and interact in new ways beyond the classroom.
    [Social Media] What’s Your 2013 Social Media Plan Look Like?
    Tweet It’s 2013 and there are still many businesses, big and small, without a social media plan. Diving into social media without having a plan is like trying to build a new home without a blueprint. For the past three years I’ve seen it so much I now consider it to be the number one biggest mistake made in social media marketing. She spent more time planning out that week than most business owners I’ve met in the last three years ever spend on their social media plan. appeared first on One Social Media.
    [Social Media] 4 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Content Strategy
    Lots of people spend lots of time nowadays thinking about how to build up channels/audiences/communities (choose your buzzword as appropriate) through social channels. With a few degrees of variation, most people will suggest you look at around a 90/10 ratio of engagement to static content on social channels. Here are four ways to begin to improve your social media content strategy. Launching a new social channel, or campaign on a channel, isn’t the end of the planning process. social media uncategorized contentTweet. Set Goals. Optimize.
    [Social Media] How Important Is Trust in Social Media?
    The Eight Pillars of Social Media Marketing? These could very well have been called “the eight pillars of social media marketing.” While I’m not going to go through each of his Trust Pillars in this post, below is a video where I share with you some of his key points in the book that WILL help you rethink your approach to how you use social media to grow your business. Can trust give you an edge in social media? The challenge? But consider this scenario: I just met you at an after hours networking event. Of course not.
    [Social Media] Are Marketers Killing Social Media?
    As a marketer, and as a social media consultant, I get a little defensive whenever someone says anything negative about my profession. But Shel Israel recently had a thoughtful post on marketing and social media at Forbes. Organizations are back to measuring social media programs in terms of ROI, which makes as little sense as determining the ROI of wearing clothing to a business meeting. That said, when you devise your next social media campaign, try to make it conversational. Social Media marketingmean, really connecting.
    [Social Media] Case Study Crunch: FMCG Social Media Case Studies « The Cube
    Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Case Study Crunch: FMCG Social Media Case Studies 23/06/2010 tags: Case Studies , Marketing , Social Media by Annalisa Morgan Over the past year or so, FMCG’s have had their fair share of social media successes and failures. Some interesting posts have emerged of late regarding the challenges FMCG’s face in the midst of social media and the digital revolution – not least Brand Channel’s  Social Media a Cereal Killer?
    [Social Media] Using social media across cultures
    Most businesses are now well aware of the benefits that using social media can bring, such as driving sales, getting customer feedback, building brand awareness and more. However, the majority are still only focusing on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Whilst these channels are undoubtedly very useful, there are also extremely popular social networks in other countries which should not be overlooked. Research like this is handy for localizing your company’s social media efforts. Social Media in ActionViadeo.
    [Social Media] Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010
    the sources below provide a vast wealth of data, statistics and research results, as well as a bit of interesting social media trivia. How are consumers and b2b decision makers using social media in their buying processes? Which social media platforms are most effective at influencing buyer behavior? How do the audiences differ across various social networks? How do social media marketing strategies in small businesses differ from those in larger enterprises? Social Media Facts and Stats. by Social Media Today.
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    [Social Media] Social Media for Executives
    Social media for B2B companies. Until then, Jack and I bring you selections from the discussion on “Social Media for Executives.&#. Social Media for Executives originally appeared on Spin Sucks on May 19, 2011. Social Media Jack Monson PRSA PRSA Chicago prsa keynoteIt’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap!)! will have you know that Abbie Fink stole my, “Hello. I’m Johnny Cash&# at Counselors Academy on Sunday. actually yelled at her from the audience. Neither here nor there. The other funny thing?
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    [Social Media] Five Ways to Create a Social Media Audit
    Now that social media is integrated into our communications programs, the social media audit becomes an equally important part of the bigger program. The audit is an opportunity to fix what’s wrong with social outreach, to guide your new efforts moving forward and to prevent your company from making the same “old” mistakes from the past. When you conduct an audit and evaluate your social media properties, there are a few areas you want to review. When you set up a social profile, it doesn’t always keep its intended purpose. Marketing.
    [Social Media] First, Make Everyone Feel Special: Social Media Ethics 101
    Chris Brogan said both on Friday and his blog post on Saturday that Social Media is about making people feel special. First, Make Everyone Feel Special: Social Media Ethics 101. Tags: Experience Social Media compelling I’m struggling to pick what to write about after the incredible weekend I’ve had with those of you at Like Minds. My aim with event planning Like Minds was to not make as much of a conference as it was an experience. Make People Feel Special. I’m so glad he did that. What Was Said, and What Was Felt.
    [Social Media] Social Media Case Study: LEGO CLICK
    Now they have continued their innovative approaches to engagement and embraced social media. The LEGO CLICK community is a great example of the hub-and-spoke model of social media engagement. This is an interesting use of social networks to drive content to a community. It relies on contributions from users of other social networks and then brings them together in a single hub where different types of content from different sources meet. Read more of our Social Media Case Studies. Image by Kaptain Kobold via Flickr. In a big way.
    [Social Media] 10 Things Your Parents Told You That Still Apply to Social Media
    The old adage of “do-to-others-as-you-would-have-done-to-you&# is as much a religious commandment as it is social media principle numero uno. You may want to try more than one social media platform. Make sure your social media presences are updated. Tags: Guest Posts Musings Social Media family iggy pintado social media This is a guest post by my friend Iggy Pintado. Iggy is the Director of Marketing, Sustainability & Innovation at UXC Connect. You can find Iggy on Twitter at @IggyPintado. That’s all.
    [Social Media] Social Media Monitoring vs. Customer Intelligence Analytics
    Let's try to define the differences between Social Media Monitoring and Customer Intelligence analysis based on content available on Social Media platforms. Social Media Monitoring. The content originates from Social Media networks and other public (Internet) sources. Related posts: Today’s Visualization Tools Help Our Brains Understand Social Monitoring. Become Social in Social Media With Jugnoo. Social Media Is Much More Than Just Social and Media. Focus is on BUZZ.
    [Social Media] Social Media: The New Olympic Sport
    Embracing social media is something the Olympic movement knew it had to do. But true to form with any emerging and not widely understood entity, the ugly side of social media has reared its head in world record time. The London 2012 Olympics are proving to be the perfect test scenario of intense, global social media. As social media watchers, we can study engagement, reaction, and trouble-shooting from a number of different angles. We can look at it from the sport, corporate or media outlet side. Should we be surprised?
    [Social Media] The Difference Between Content Marketing and Social Media and Why You Should Care
    'I’ve attended many social media strategy sessions that goes something like this… Twitter? This is usually the extent of the social media strategy in many businesses. But like the roulette payer, covering every number in social media slows swirling down the toilet bowl but doesn’t prevent it. Despite inevitable failure, the stock-in-trade social media strategy starts with a pithy cover your bets social media “action plan.” Why are social media channels important? Check. Facebook?
    [Social Media] Can Publishers Harvest Social Media Intent in a Meaningful Way?
    Many publishers are now doing a good job of developing social media strategies for brand awareness, content promotion and user engagement. And they’ve made good strides in utilizing social media monitoring and measurement to better understand user behavior and quantify the success of their efforts. This week I’ll be part of a panel discussion at Socialize that will address just that question: Social Media: Harvesting Intent for Better ROI. But can the same approach be successfully applied to social media? Social Media
    [Social Media] Webfluenz Brings Social Media and Influence Analysis to the Masses
    'When it comes to social media analysis and influence marketing, and the ability to use software to identify and track potential influencers for your brand, one thing that always comes up as a stumbling block is the cost usually associated with it. So far, this has meant the benefits of social analysis, as well as true influence marketing, has been limited to mid-to-Enterprise-level businesses and organizations. Addressing the Cost of Social Data. If you want social monitoring, you need a dedicated monitoring platform. Meeting Multi-Level Business Needs.
    [Social Media] How PR and Social Media Can Work Together
    Social media and PR would seem to be natural allies. So why do corporate PR and social media efforts so often appear disconnected and out of sync? To be sure, some agencies and companies get it, and do an effective job integrating social media and PR efforts. But integrated properly, social media can help amplify PR efforts, and effective PR can help generate social media coverage. For SEO and traffic purposes, the press release and social media release link back to the company’s website/blog. Since many (most?)
    [Social Media] How to Use Social Media for Your HR Needs
    And with 80% of companies using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool, it’s clear to see that social media (at least from LinkedIn’s side) is a great tool for any recruiter or human resources department to find their next employee (or for employees to find their next position). And with Google+ about to set business accounts live, candidates finding you through social search could be about to step up to another level. Insights Social Media hr recruiting social mediaBut what about the other main networks and platforms? Twitter. You interview.
  • DAVE FLEET  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2012
    [Social Media] Six essential shifts in social media strategy
    We’ve reached a critical point in the evolution of social media as a business tool. We’re at the point of social media saturation, and something’s got to give. The crux: that the days of social media as an experiment are over – it’s time for a more mature approach to social media within companies in order for social media to be viewed as a sustainable communications and business function. Six Essential Shifts in Social Media Strategy. Setting better objectives for social media.
    [Social Media] Cartoon: Speaking Social Media
    Working in social media in my day job and my night job, I spend a LOT of time around social media geeks. The other day, I overheard an entire conversation that was so full of social media lingo and jargon that it was like a whole new language. While I understood what the terms meant, I asked myself what I would think if I were an executive at a company that just didn’t understand social media. So here’s a tip to all those who are working to educate their leaders and organizations on the value of social media.
    [Social Media] 9 Actionable Ways To Prove & Track Your Social Media
    For the last few years, social media has taken the marketing world by storm, if you aren’t engaging with your visitors then you’re probably putting yourself at a massive disadvantage against your competitors who do. However I’ve spotted a disturbing trend amongst many marketers who utilize social media; they don’t know how to track it properly! So in this post, I’ll show you how I track my social media campaigns and more importantly, how to prove to clients that it’s worth pursuing. Generating x% increase of website visits through social media channels.
    [Social Media] 20 Social Media Trends for Business in 2011
    Tweet 20 Social Media Business Trends in 2011. This week, I had an opportunity to pull together some of the key social media trends I’m seeing for a presentation at an event in Waterloo. Trend #2: Social customer support. Trend #3: Social impact drives reputation. Maturation of social media. Trend #18: Social media overload. Trend #19: Ubiquitous social. social media trends communications marketing pr public relationsView more presentations from Dave Fleet. Trend #1: Integration. Ubiquitous mobile.
    [Social Media] 7 Annoying Social Media Personality Disorders
    There is one thing that will make or break someone’s ability to be successful in social media. And oftentimes, these offenders have no idea they’re guilty of some of the worst turn-offs on the social web. So, who are these social miscreants? Divas are pretty easy to spot in social media circles. Although a little bragging every now and then never hurt, social media shouldn’t be used as megaphone for sharing all of your positive traits. Social media hoarders have a complete mental hang-up with giving away anything of value.
    [Social Media] Five Social Media Lessons From Anthony Bourdain
    So, what did Anthony Bourdain teach me about social media? rookie blogger and student of social media, Craig is originally from Baltimore, but now lives in Seattle, with his wife and two kids. Social Media anthony bourdain craig mcbreen social media lessonsToday’s guest post is written by Craig McBreen. What can a snarky, middle-aged, New Yorker teach a 40-something, wannabe blogger about life? Well, I often find inspiration in the strangest places and politically incorrect, sharp-tongued, bad boy chefs dole out the best advice.
    [Social Media] How to Make Social Media Less of a Time Suck
    Because of the fast pace of social media, we are constantly bombarded with distractions from one social network or another. You have to participate and engage consistently, Facebook seems to change something on a weekly basis, Google has all of these animal-named announcements, new social networks pop up all the time…it’s exhausting to keep up with everything! recently asked on our Facebook page, “If you had only 20 minutes a day to spend on social media, what would you focus on?” You can easily spend hours, if not days, on social sites!
    [Social Media] Social Media Use: Three Big Mistakes Made by Small Businesses
    In seeking to connect with and grow an audience online , small businesses frequently turn to social media sites. Still, though social media is a popular marketing tool for small businesses, it can also be a minefield of potentially costly and critical mistakes. There are several key ways in which small businesses are continuing to miss opportunities to maximize their social media marketing potential. Here are a few of the biggest: Believing social media is free. The use of social media is not about controlling your message.
  • PAMORAMA  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 2013
    [Social Media] Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet [Infographic]
    Make sure that you have attractive, consistent visual branding across all of your social media platforms. Visual marketing is a breakout trend on social media sites. Companies need to “show” instead of “tell”, and social networks are tapping into our desire for beautiful imagery and design. Social Media Cheat Sheet Facebook Infographics LinkedIn Pinterest Social media marketingWhile content is a huge driver of  awareness, dazzling [.].
    [Social Media] 79 Remarkable Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012
    Social media and inbound marketing techniques have been a boon for marketers. Not only do leads generated through social and content marketing cost half as much as traditional outbound-generated leads (see below), they also close at higher rate (again, see below). And social media isn’t just about lead generation of course. While prospective buyers are using search and social to research products and services before making purchase decisions, marketers and PR professionals can use those same tools to research buyer wants and needs. Social Media B2B ).
    [Social Media] Social media is not a weapon
    This one is about people using social media as a weapon to bully brands and service providers into getting what they want. She never even had time to offer to resolve it before he brought out the heavy social media artillery. We’re becoming a culture of instant gratified “or else&# and even litigation over interactions on social networks is common. Just because you have access to social media doesn’t give you license to swing your social network around like a mace. Not entirely anyway. happen to know her quite well.
    [Social Media] 5 Totally SWAG Social Media Predictions for 2012
    As competition for readers is heating up and social publishers are turning to these WordPress alternatives to make their blogs stand out from the crowd. The Social Media elite loves Google+ but the majority of users still rely on Twitter and Facebook to engage with their audiences. B2B Joins the Social Party – Fashionably Late. Business to consumer companies are a natural match for social media.  B2B companies, however, have struggled to realize the benefits of dialogue and content marketing  on social platforms. Social Media
    [Social Media] What is Your Social Media Page Saying about You?
    A targeted social media strategy offers big opportunities for businesses of every size. Social media can be a channel for stronger customer relationships, brand awareness and promotions. But social media can be a double-edged sword, creating both positive and negative images of your company with far-reaching effects. How to Make Your Social Media Page Say ‘We Get It’. You’re doing social media right if your page: Creates conversations : Blatant promotional updates are boring. Does Your Social Media Page Say ‘We Don’t Get It’?
  • ADAM SHERK  |  TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2011
    [Social Media] The Most Popular Summer Blockbuster Movies in Social Media
    Alterian recently released some data on the most popular summer blockbusters in social media, focusing specifically on movies with May and June release dates. According to their data Fast Five and Thor are far and away the most popular summer movies with each getting 38%+ of social media activity among the selected group of films: (click to enlarge). Share of social media activity: Fast Five 38.46%. Related posts: Which News Sites Get the Most Social Media Engagement? Social Media News Releases Get 3x More Media Coverage.
    [Social Media] Social Media Content Calendar is Key for Consistent Posting
    This is a guest post by Samia Zaky, who is in the social media daily trenches as a corporate Social Media Marketing Manager. She has developed robust and sustainable social media profiles and programs for different companies, knows the ropes, and gives us practical, valuable advice which I think you will find useful. We always.
  • JANET FOUTS  |  TUESDAY, MAY 8, 2012
    [Social Media] Social Media Efficiency for Nonprofits
    I talk to nonprofits about various aspects of social media just about every day. They get the relatively manageable expense of leveraging social media to raise visibility for their nonprofit, find funders, advocates, and  volunteers when compared to more traditional marketing channels. They WANT to use social media effectively. Some of the tricks of the trade that help manage a social media engagement plan with a small team. Social Media Tips and Tricks efficiency webinarSo what’s stopping them from diving in? Two
    [Social Media] What The Ninja Turtles Taught Me About Social Media
    Tweet The world of social media is more diverse than most people realize. The same is true about social media. What that tells us is that social media, not even one channel, is not meant to be managed by one individual. If you want to see real results from your social media efforts you have to make sure you’re doing EVERYTHING. That may seem frustrating at times, but it’s essential to your future success on social media. You need ideas to create and share interesting and valuable content. At least in theory.
    [Social Media] Social Media Strategy from A to Z » Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Blogging , Business , Marketing , Social Media > Social Media Strategy from A to Z Social Media Strategy from A to Z by Tamar Weinberg on May 28, 2010 Share Social media might be old. That’s why you need to paint a picture that’s more meaningful and encompasses what “social media&# as a label really is. The role of customer service online is becoming equivalent to social media marketing.
    [Social Media] The State of Social Media In The UK
    Another chance to look at the social media universe, analyse the trends and make the strategies. 2012 Social Marketing & New Media Predictions [White Paper]. New Report on Social Media Management From Altimeter– Reading it Will Save Your Company’s Money! Research/Study demographics England Facebook Linkedin Social Media social media 2012 Social Media statistics stats Twitter UKTweet Beginning of 2012 has brought in a lot of predictions and opportunities. UK Facebook statistics. LinkedIn. The losers.
    [Social Media] Using Social Media to Manage Relationships Through the Sales Funnel
    Social media provides new channels to attract, influence, engage and convert prospects into loyal customers through the sales funnel. A “soft sell” approach is better with social media because the customer can find your business through online channels while seeking out insights and advice. It’s helpful to use social media analytics tools (or even ) to see what conversations are happening in your industry and to inspire your spreadable story ideas which you can then share on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
    [Social Media] A 12 Word Social Media Policy
    Continuing my “awesome finds on the interwebs” series this week, here is the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media’s 12-word social media policy. The biggest risk in health care social media is not participating in the conversation.  Simply putting “find me on Facebook” or “follow me on Twitter” badges on your website does not equate with health care social media.  Following these simple rules can prevent most social media miscues, and keep you out of the  Friday Faux Pas  series. You heard that right.
    [Social Media] Eight Social Media Trends for 2012
    I’ve written the eight social media trends you  need to pay attention to for next year. 2012 Social Media Trends. Social TV Convergence. Today we talk about mobile, social, marketing, public relations, advertising, direct, email, customer service, and sales as if they’re working in silos. Not everyone uses social networks (yet). Social Commerce. New Social Networks. We need another social network like we need a hole in the head. Welcome back to the real world! hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving weekend.
  • UNSPOKEN  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2012
    [Social Media] Social Media saving lives – two words at the time
    write a great deal about using the power of social media to become an influencer and motivate change. What chat rooms, social media networks, Facebook and the rest of the social media universe really do is allow us to communicate more easily, but the one thing this technology all too often doesn’t show is our feelings. We spend our time on social media retweeting or “liking” to show someone that we care, but we don’t take the time to look people in the eye and tell them they matter to us. Angela Maiers. You matter.
    [Social Media] Social Media – It’s Not Just for White Folks
    Over at his excellent Convince and Convert blog, Jay Baer shares a post on how he feels  white folks are the majority in social media. Jay’s post goes on to ask why there isn’t more diversity in social media, and that “we have to do more than rely on a bunch of 30 year old white people&# for our social media information. for example, you’ll find an excellent resource that’s leading the way in highlighting blacks in technology and new media. Of course, social media is much more than just Twitter.
    [Social Media] Social Media Tools Map
    Our good friends at Overdrive Interactive released their most recent social media tools map (below). include some of the Chinese social sites like Renren & Kaixin, consider removing Bebo, include Sysomos and Awareness in tracking tools, Spotify or ping  for music, etc.). Overall this Map rocks as a nice pocket-guide for what’s happening on the social Web. I’ve include an image from Mashable below on the Chinese social networks. As Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China; these are the major Chinese Social Networks (source: Mashable).
    [Social Media] 16 Free Must-Read eBooks About Social Media
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 16 Free Must-Read eBooks About Social Media by Pam Dyer on February 3, 2010 Share Whether you’re keeping up with family members or growing your company’s brand, social media has become integral to many aspects of our lives. Here are some ebooks that can get you started on your path towards social media success or help you kick things up a notch if you’re already active on the social Web. Building a Social Media Team , Amber Naslund. link].
    [Social Media] Why Do We Need a Social Media Policy?
    While giving a webinar, Managing the Risks of Social Media , for Higher Logic , I got an unexpected question:  “Why do we need a social media policy?” Of course you need a social media policy. The structure and need for social media policies or guidelines have gotten a lot of press and more is written every day. Every social media practitioner ( Maddie, Lindy , and me to name a few) will tell you that you need one. co-authored a white paper with SocialFish about social media policies. Risk and Social Media
    [Social Media] Can Social Media Make You Truly Happy?
    ve found myself wondering whether social media is all it’s cracked up to be. Social Media And Value. It’s common these days to see the youth of today heavily engaged in social media, chatting to their friends about any topic under the sun. But despite all of this usage that social media gets, is there a lot of value going on around here? Better yet, how many conversations in social media do you get where at least one person feels genuinely better having had that conversation? Social Media And Time. Be Aware.
    [Social Media] 9 Points on Why I’m Not a Social Media Expert
    Over at Chris Kieff’s blog today, there’s a post on how to evaluate a social media expert in 9 ways. It offers tips on how to spot if your social media person is an expert or not, and uses the likes of Twitter lists, Google, Klout and Facebook fans to determine your expertise. Curious – how do my college friends, ex-lovers that hate me but haven’t removed me from their friends, my baker and the newspaper delivery boy that are part of my Facebook friends make me an expert in social media? To your points: 1. Google. Twitter Lists. yikes!
    [Social Media] The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Opinion , Social Media > The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook by Tamar Weinberg on December 10, 2008 Share Social media mimics real relationships — in many cases. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need a refresher course on social media etiquette — and perhaps real-life etiquette also. Many call this spam. Usually.)
    [Social Media] Dear Business: Get Over the Social Media Hump
    Over the last several months – actually, couple of years – I have seen and experienced exactly what small business owners, business people, and basically any “regular” person feels when they are told they need to get with social media. That’s It’s tiring and a bit of a heavy realization for someone who has been so enamored of social for so long. Can’t you just hear it: “I’m sorry, social, it’s not you, it’s me… but really, it’s you.” None of these are problems related to social media.
    [Social Media] The Single Most Important Social Media Asset
    Social media and those companies feeding off it or building it have exploded in the past two years. Most would agree that 2010 was the year of social with brands and agencies scrambling to first understand it and then integrate it into their marketing strategies. Social media marketing dot com bubble Facebook LinkedIn social media assets TwitterHowever, what are companies such as Facebook and Twitter really worth?
    [Social Media] 20 Social Media Blogs You Should Read in 2012
    Social media is now an essential component of doing business. It’s important for marketers to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape so they can align their strategies and achieve the results they’re looking for. Here’s a list (in alphabetical order) of some great social media blogs to read in 2012. They all have unique voices that cover a wide range of social-media-related topics, news, and trends. He writes about communications, PR, marketing, and social media, and the areas where those topics intersect.
    [Social Media] Developing a European social media strategy
    An issue for many brands who are developing a social media strategy is how they translate what they do in one country into other markets in which they operate. As a European social media agency, at FreshNetworks we are very used to helping clients take a US or UK strategy and then roll this out across the rest of Europe. In this week’s video post, Matt Rhodes talks about how to approach developing a European social media strategy and why what works in one country might not work in others. And those who have done it badly. Tweet This!
    [Social Media] Social Media Influencers vs Brand Advocates: 5 Must-Reads
    How should you approach influencers and advocates on social media? Social Media Influencers vs Social Media Ambassadors: What is Their True Value? By Raymond Morin At a time when the biggest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest) are starting to make a move towards e-commerce, the subject of influence marketing is more than ever a major issue for most companies. Blog Social Media Social Media Marketing brand advocates social media influencersFind out in today’s must-reads.
    [Social Media] Social media monitoring review 2010 – download the final report
    Over the last few months we’ve been conducting an in-depth review of the leading social media monitoring tools in conjunction with our sister company, FreshMinds Research. We compared over 19,000 online conversations and have written about the following topics: The basics of social media monitoring. The location of social media conversations. Social media monitoring and duplication. How to set up the tools (search strings, comparison challenges and coverage). Data latency and the tool with the most up-to-date results.
    [Social Media] The Fantabulous Lists of Social Media Case Studies
    I’ve been browsing through the lists of top social media case studies and I thought I am going to share  some of the top sites with you: by Tod Maffin. List of Social Media Marketing Examples by ( [link] ). Social media case studies by  ([link] ). Social Brand Index by ( [link] ). The Association Social Media Wiki’s List by ( [link] ). 300+ Cases & Examples of Social Media Marketing by ( [link] ). 30 SEO, Social Media & Marketing Case Studies that Prove the ROI of it All by ( [link] ).
    [Social Media] The social media strategy series: Guidelines and Training
    Photo by Jurvetson This is the penultimate post in our social media strategy series and it’s been a long time coming. Tags: Social Media Strategy Series guidelines and training social media policy social media strategy This also means that the series ebook will be out in a couple of weeks for those of you that have signed up for it. If you haven’t already, pop your details here and [.].
    [Social Media] Tracking ROI from Social Media to Sales
    Social media is an important community builder, but there may come a time when you have to demonstrate to company leaders how social media efforts impact business objectives, especially revenue. While there are a variety of technologies available to help you accurately tie social media activity to business growth, I recommend three core pieces: web analytics, call tracking and a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Tracking Online Conversions from Social Media. Capture Offline Social Media Conversions. —-.
    [Social Media] Why Research is Key and How to Create a Research Station For Your Social Media Strategy
    Social Mention. One of the best free solutions for finding information across the social web, Social Mention even gives a basic overview of sentiment and shared value. Social Search. While you still use TV, or radio, or other “traditional media” to advertise, this won’t tell you why your widget is selling (other than folks like your advert, possibly). This is where you combine the research station with the media station. Social Mention. Social Search. Insights Social Media social media research social media strategy
    [Social Media] The Metrics of Social Media - Danny Brown
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs The Metrics of Social Media May 12, 2010 32 voices share yours! Share 62 saves There’s an interesting post over at the Canadian Marketing Association blog today called “Measuring Social Media&# , written by Jim Estill , who’s on the board of BlackBerry makers RIM. Nor should you only be measuring by brand awareness (although this is definitely a measurement gauge for social media). media ROI.
    [Social Media] Social Media In 2012: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (5 Must-Reads)
    2012 was an exciting year in the social media space. From the Nielsen Social Media Report for 2012. Big Social Media Disasters of 2012. 100 Fascinating Social Media Statistics and Figures From 2012. By Brian Honigman Here are 100 of the most fascinating social media statistics and figures from 2012 that can help you better understand Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus for the coming year. Americans Spent a Collective 230 Millennia on Social Media During One Month in 2012. Seriously obsessed.
    [Social Media] Three Stats Prove B2B Social Media Set To Explode [Charts]
    Social media has reached prime time. Consumers are interacting with each other and with companies on social media. Social media isn’t just for B2C marketers. B2B organizations are getting leads and generating demand using social media. We rounded up three stats that prove B2B social media is not only here, it’s set to explode. Fact 1: B2B Companies Are Using Social Media. According to a 2010 survey by White Horse , 86% of B2B companies are investing in some form of social media.
    [Social Media] Forrester report: how companies listen and engage with social media
    Forrester Consulting recently surveyed 200 US marketers about their use of social media listening and engagement. Some of the most interesting findings include: Information sourced by social media is now being used by more than 70% of B2B decision-makers. Interestingly, there is a significant uptake of companies adopting social media tactics (97%), but there is a plenty of opportunity for business returns to be improved. However, strategic social media is not being used extensively. Image from Flickr courtesy of sfllaw. Tweet This!
  • SOCMED SEAN  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2013
    [Social Media] [INFOGRAPHIC] Social Media Explained Through Coffee
    If you don’t “get” social media, grab a cup of coffee and walk through each of these steps and maybe this infographic will help you bridge the gap If, after reviewing it, you still don’t get social media…at least you have a cup of coffee. Blogs Facebook Featured Google+ Humor Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Social Media Twitter YouTube blog facebook humor social media social networking wordpress 'For today’s funny Friday, I had to share this great infographic from the fine folks at MarketPlaceMaven.
    [Social Media] Choosing the Right Social Media Platform [Infographic]
    'There are many factors to consider when you’re choosing the social media platform that is right for your brand or company profile. state social media profile can sometimes do more harm than not having one at all. It also dives into the demographics of each social media account and you can determine if that matches your customer profile. Below is a Quick Summary of the Infographic: Facebook and Google+ have the widest range of media types including: photo, video, article, and text. Social Media social media
  • PAMORAMA  |  MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010
    [Social Media] Social Media: Tracking Its Exponential Growth [Stats, Video]
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Social Media: Tracking Its Exponential Growth [Stats, Video] by Pam Dyer on May 10, 2010 Share Many of you are probably familiar with Social Media Revolution , a fantastic video created last year by Erik Qualman that examined the explosion of social media onto the modern scene. It did an excellent job of explaining the importance of the social Web and its impact on society. Social Media / Networking is not a FAD. You’d better. love it.
    [Social Media] 48 Ways to Measure Social Media Success
    Ultimately, as Olivier Blanchard has pointed out repeatedly , social media marketing has to demonstrate an ROI (though he acknowledges the questions have to be made more specific). But it’s crucial to the social media ROI debate to recognize that “R” is an end-of-the-process measure. Similarly, in social media marketing, there are numerous intermediate “process” measures that don’t fit into an ROI equation, but which are vital in optimizing social media efforts in order to minimize “I” and maximize “R.” Nine Blog Metrics. Overall traffic.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011
    [Social Media] How a Single Professional Female Practices Safe Social Media
    They think I’m an online “media techie&# which cracks me up. Thanks to that experience, I’ve been able to embrace social media with minimal fear of loss of privacy. Still, I don’t believe in avoiding online social platforms because of it. put my potential dates through the wringer and “D” jokes that the only basic information I didn’t have about him before our first date was his social security number (I eventually got that, for a background check … but that’s another story). Social Media crister delacruz privacy safety Transparency
  • JUGNOO  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 2012
    [Social Media] Reinventing Customer Service: Social Media Meets CRM
    was asked to present a workshop on Social CRM for a Federated Press conference called “Reinventing Customer Service” The premise: Where do social media and CRM intersect to create an enduring and profitable customer relationship? Businesses realize that social media is not a fad–it’s even bigger than we think. Those who fail to understand this reality will not be part of tomorrow’s conversation: social media is “changing” the face of CRM. Marketing Resources CRM customer service social marketing social media
  • PAMORAMA  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2012
    [Social Media] Top 12 Social Media Insights for Nonprofits in 2012
    Blackbaud, NTEN, and Common Knowledge have released their fourth annual Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report, a yearly analysis of how nonprofits are using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This year’s report highlights 12 key social media insights for nonprofits that are intended to help the sector become more effective at using social media [.]. Facebook Infographics Marketing Nonprofit Social Media Twitter
    [Social Media] The Best Social Media Strategy
    Finding your way with social media is not a linear process. To make matters even more confusing, many social media consultants, who often refer to themselves as strategists, prescribe complicated methods that keep their clients tethered to them for extended periods. During the early days of social media there was a great deal of confusion and apprehension. If you are new to social media you probably still already the basics – namely, that LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are the major channels. Dive Right In. was pushed.
    [Social Media] Social Media at Scale: Organizing Global Social Media Teams
    One of the most fundamental questions in running a social media program at scale is, “how do I organize it”? More recently, he released a more focused look at the tensions facing companies who are looking at scaling their social media. Enterprise Deployment vs Organic social growth. was recently asked about whether I had a preferred model for resourcing social media teams. These can improve programs, reduce risk, and drive efficiencies through a large social organization. 201 Social at Scale social media social at scale
    [Social Media] Social Media is Going Corporate [Infographic]
    The following infographic was compiled by and it showcases some recent and interesting findings on how corporations are tackling social media. Below are some of the more interesting highlights from the infographic: 94% of corporates use social media in some capacity. Favorite social sites are Facebook (92%), Twitter (82%), LinkedIn (73%) and blogs (61%). Lead Generation Online Advertising Social Media blogging corporate facebook lead generation linkedin social media twitter75% saw an increase in website traffic.
    [Social Media] Where Are the Jobs and What Can You Make In Social Media?
    As I’ve said many times, I love a good infograph, thus, let’s introduce the  Onward Search Social Media Jobs Salary Guide. One, there are a lot of good paying  jobs out there in the social media space. social media jobs social mediaSome interesting things to note here. Two, I’m surprised that some of the positions and locations are not paying more. Given what is on the line for some companies, I would have expected more from some of the locations for the strategist and marketing manager positions. What do you think?
    [Social Media] Social Media Professionals: How Techie Should We Be?
    It’s no secret that social media has a credibility problem in the business community, especially when most only see the noise generated by so many of us out there on any particular social network. Many of us also lack credibility on the technology side because we may not fully appreciate how integrating social technology adds a layer of complexity to existing processes. People Social Media is a Hybrid Discipline. Understanding the Role of Social Media in Other Digital Marketing Disciplines. Social > Techie? Save and Share.
    [Social Media] Social Media ROI: Check Before You Start
    An army of social media thinkers has deemed it useful to redefine ROI. Blog Management Social media marketing Jim Lenskold marketing ROI return on influence return on investment social media ROIIn 2010, Brian Solis introduced it in his book Engage! as Return on Influence (and also as Return on Investment, Return on Involvement, Return on Innovation and Relevance of Interaction). The term Return on Influence (now Realization of Influence as well) [.].
    [Social Media] Seth Godin, The Dip, and How to Really Succeed at Social Media
    I believe content marketing (AKA Storytelling) and social media can transform you and your business.    The only thing you have to do is decide to be the best, not average, not good-enough, but the best. There’s a widening influence gap in the social media space.  Specifically, how do you cross the Social Media Dip? Is There A Social Media Dip? Absolutely, in fact social media has one of the most brutal and deepest dips.  Crossing the Social Media Dip. Social MediaI am expecting a lot from you.
    [Social Media] Buy Some Social Media Today!
    had built up close to 12+ years of experience around digital marketing, but was really gravitating towards social media marketing. MA has established themselves as a leader in brands using social, and I was lucky enough to be a part of that team in the early stages as social media tools like Facebook and Twitter began to take off. had reservations around focusing my career primarily on social early on for the fear of the fad wearing off eventually. Thousands of people are jumping on the social bandwagon and touting themselves as experts in the field.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2012
    [Social Media] By the Numbers…Where Social Media is Today
    As well, Social Media Examiner released their Social Media Marketing Industry Report and there are some interesting findings in it. They looked at: Value of social media. One of the things I find most interesting is, of the top 10 questions marketers ask about social media, measurement is number one. Other things of interest include 83% said social media is important to their businesses, but that’s down from 90% last year. I’m on a plane again, which means I have takeoff and landing time to catch up on reading.
    [Social Media] Lanyrd: Social Media Conferences & More
    It seems like almost every day more and more cool sites are popping up taking advantage of the social web.  Related posts: 5 Great Social Media & Community Job Resources. Social Media Book Giveaway Contest Follow Up. Dave Barnes & Matt Wertz: Music & Social Media Done Right. Social MediaA few weeks ago I stumbled across another gem, Lanyrd and it’s officially my go to site for all things conferences.  I’m always a fan of great UI and simplicity in execution, and Lanyrd nails both. 
    [Social Media] Is “Social Media” Hurting Social Media?
    Is the term “social media&# hurting strategic communicators in the digital space? Plenty of people have wondered about the term before ( Google “social media term&# and you’ll find a 2007 post from Jeremiah Owyang on the topic) but I’m thinking of this from a slightly different angle. Is the term “social media&# leading clients to take the wrong approach to their online activities? How many companies have you encountered taking a scorched earth approach to their social media activities? Social media.
    [Social Media] How to Measure the Return On a Social Media Campaign
    Tweet When it comes to social media, it has always been a widely discussed topic how to measure returns and a lot of the traditions from more traditional marketing has of course paved its way into the field of social media. Many businesses that wish to run a social media campaign of course want to set goals and plan what should be achieved in terms of concrete figures. While handling social media this rule of thumb of marketing should be especially remembered. Similar Posts: 5 Great Social Media Initiatives in 2010.
    [Social Media] Global Social Media Adoption In 2011 [White Paper]
    Tweet In January 2012, a report called ‘Global Social Media Adoption In 2011’ was published by Forrester. This report uses Forrester’s Social Technographics groupings to show how people around the world use social media. The report is based on Consumer Technographics data in 18 countries across North America, Europe, South America, and Asia in order to examine social media behaviors around the world. Regional social media adoption patterns: Here are some brief take-aways from the report. The State of Social Media In The UK.
    [Social Media] Social Media Strategies Summit & More
    absolutely love being able to build out a marketing/social media business for the firm, and we’re already making things happen with some pretty significant clients. It would be untrue to say that I still don’t have much to learn and for that reason I’m looking forward to attending The Social Media Strategies Summit in a few weeks. hope to pickup up my blogging over the next few weeks and provide some insight and glimpses into my experiences of building a social media business within an existing agency. The Office For Mac Social Media Extravaganza!
  • JUGNOO  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 2012
    [Social Media] Build Stronger Relationships: Meet Social Media Contacts Face-to-Face
    For example, social media platforms like Twitter, Google+ hangouts, Facebook conversations, LinkedIn Groups and many more. But if you’re not using social networking tools to meet potential customers in-person, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build long-lasting relationships. Here are four reasons why you should meet with your social media connections face-to-face: People buy from those they know and trust. Meeting your social media contacts in-person for the first time shouldn’t translate into a hard-core sales pitch. Enjoy this post?
    [Social Media] What makes great social media content?
    He has not only created an engaging media outlet, he continually expands his reach into digital, social and mobile platforms. It’s off the charts for those of us in social media. Our goal as social media marketers and engagers is to find and develop content that people are passionate about. Starbucks is a winner in social media because people love their black ice tea (oh, wait, that’s me). Many B2B companies struggle with social media engagement because they cannot locate the passion point their brand offers.
    [Social Media] Best Social Media Monitoring Tools
    More and more businesses are getting into social media – an umbrella term that covers various activities that help bring about social interaction on the internet. Facebook and Twitter are some of the main outlets for social media, but there are numerous types of social media like blogs, wikis, forums, chat rooms, etc. Since so many people are gathering to share ideas, and concepts through social media, it is important for businesses to monitor how their brand is being handled through the various social media channels.
    [Social Media] Social media influencers 2010 – download the final report
    Following on from the success of our social media monitoring tools review earlier this year, we’ve been testing  nine of the leading social media monitoring tools in order to assess how effective they are at identifying influencers. We’ve tested Attensity 360 , Brandwatch , Radian6 , Alterian , Scoutlabs , Sysomos , Synthesio , PeerIndex and Social Radar using the subject  of  “organic baby food” as the test topic for our report. Download our social media influencers report 2010 to find out.
    [Social Media] 4 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Curve by Incorporating Social Media
    In 2010, Scott Monty, the head of social media for Ford Motor Company, had the amazing idea to launch their newly redesigned Ford Explorer exclusively via social media. However, with social networks combining over 1 billion users and Google’s quest for providing the most personalized search results, social media should be on the marketing plan of every business. To avoid this mishap, small business owners should only choose the social networks they have time to consistently update. social media Social Media Community
    [Social Media] Five Awesome B2B Social Media Statistics
    Do you think social media isn’t for B2B organizations? But social media is now mainstream and we have proof B2B companies are generating demand and getting leads using it. We set out to find the top five B2B social media statistics. The social landscape changes so rapidly we wanted the latest research we could get. We wanted a variety of different sources – not just from digital marketing agencies with a vested interest in promoting social media. Top B2B Social Media Statistics. Social media isn’t just Facebook.
    [Social Media] Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)
    It’s amazing how fast the world of social media moves!  As many of the statistics from the original Social Media video have changed, I took a moment to refresh the video with a few new statistics and graphics.  Thanks to all of you for your support in making the first Social Media Revolution and Social Media ROI videos such a huge success and I hope that you enjoy this refresh! 96% of them have joined a social network. Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web. last year met via social media.
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