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  • [Social Media] B2B Blogging Trends in 2011
    B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media In- former. accepted part of the online media. The blog is a very important communication channel and is often the hub for so- cial media activity by B2B organizations. However, as J-P De Clerck points out: It’s not about the media, the channels, the formats etc. JAy BAer: Social media is more important. Social Monitoring is important. Yann Ropars captures it this way: Blogging allows brands to cut through the social media clutter and. integration is with social media (e.g.,
  • [Social Media] Does Social Media Affect SEO?
    Learn the 5 Factors that can increase your chances of being rewarded in search engine rankings
  • [Social Media] The Complete Guide to AUDIENCE ANALYSIS on Social Media
    You conduct regular analysis of your own Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, but are you doing all you can to get to know your varied social audiences
  • [Social Media] Getting Started with Social Media
    An introduction to social media concepts, tools and program building
  • [Social Media] The 7 Secrets to Social Selling: Effectively find leads on social media and convert them into customers
    This eBook will give both social media beginners and seasoned professionals the seven secrets to social selling success
  • [Social Media] 5 Ways to Integrate Social Marketing Across Marketing Channels
    Fully Harness the Power of Social Media Marketing by Putting It On the Table With Every Other Marketing Channel
  • [Social Media] How to Create a Weekly Social Media Report
    Six tips for creating meaningful social reporting
  • [Social Media] The Essential Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits
    Two words: social media Ultimately, your goal as a nonprofit is to garner support, but how do you reach people you don’t already know?
  • [Social Media] The Beginner's Guide to Social Media Metrics
    Your blueprint for getting started with social analytics
  • [Social Media] The 3 Social Brand Personas and How to Manage Each of them
    Professional vs. Personal: How to handle the divide when you work in social media
  • [Social Media] Social Media Engagement For Dummies -- Free Sample Chapter
    This eBook sample will help you build and grow relationships with followers and customers, craft content just for them, analyze how they’re responding, and refocus and refresh your campaign
  • [Social Media] Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition -- Sample Chapter
    This book includes checklists, case studies, and example to help you decide the best places to spend your marketing dollars
  • [Social Media] How to Protect Your Brand in Social Media
    Learn how to protect your brand in social media from brand impersonators, malicious account spoofing and counterfeiters
  • [Social Media] Social Marketing for Lead Generation
    Here's how your social media channels can transform your lead generation from blah to wow
  • [Social Media] Five Best Practices for Achieving Social Media ROI
    What every Social Media marketer needs to know
  • [Social Media] Social Media for Lead Generation
    Nine part course designed to help marketers generate leads via social media
  • [Social Media] How Social Media Will Transform Brand Management
    Social media suffers from an image problem today
  • [Social Media] 4 Steps to Drive Your Brand Extension with Social Media
    Every day, we face uncertainty with new opportunities to extend our brand experiences
  • [Social Media] Five Best Practices for Achieving Social Media ROI
    What every Social Media marketer needs to know
  • [Social Media] Social Media for Lead Generation
    Nine part course designed to help marketers generate leads via social media
  • [Social Media] 16 Social Media Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses
    Social media marketing is an art form, and with the right social media marketing solution, business owners can master it
  • [Social Media] Five Best Practices for Achieving Social Media ROI
    From Facebook and Twitter to blogs and videos, social media has become part and parcel of modern marketing efforts
  • [Social Media] Social Media for Lead Generation
    Over the last several years, social media has emerged as an effective tool for generating leads
  • [Social Media] LeadTail Social Insights Report: How Top Marketers at Mid‐Size Companies Engage on Twitter
    Download this report and get to know the social media habits of marketing decision-makers at mid-size companies Selling to marketers?
  • [Social Media] The Five-Step Guide for Better Social Media Security
    Download this simple, five-step guide now, to help your brand avoid security pitfalls
  • [Social Media] Social selling insights from a new report on the value of social media sales and the habits of social sellers
    Social sellers tell all in this report packed with insightful data on social media sales from respondents in over 20 industries
  • [Social Media] Capture Sales + Shoppers' Imaginations with Pinterest
    Pinterest has proven to be an extremely suitable and profitable tool for retailers looking to market their products through social media. Start getting your products pinned today
  • [Social Media] Social Media Management Platform Buyer's Guide
    Get the keys to determining the best social media management platform, including features, integration requirements and a vendor checklist to ensure that you choose a solution that works for you
  • [Social Media] Maximize Your Social: A One-Stop Guide to Building a Social Media Strategy for Marketing and Business Success
    Create and maintain a successful social media strategy for your business
  • [Social Media] Social Retail Solution Guide: Use Social Media Content To Drive Commerce
    Turn social media into real-time consumer experiences that attract more people to your brand, link directly to product pages, and convert shoppers to buyers People don't want advertising when making a purchase - they want valuable content.
  • [Social Media] The Social Hunger
    Why your Audience Feasts on Social Media
  • [Social Media] 7 Proven Ways to Integrate Social Media with Your Site
    To help bridge the gap between corporate needs and expertise, download a helpful list of the top social media integration tools marketers and web strategists need right now
  • [Social Media] Leveraging Facebook to Improve ROI on Brand Sites
    Social media is more than just another channel; it has created a shift in user expectations for website experiences
  • [Social Media] Social Media Analytics - Making Customer Insights Actionable
    This white paper examines the role social media can play in presenting a more strategic view of customer data and how the right combination of technologies can deliver insight to help companies more effectively meet perpetually shifting consumer demands expressed through, and influenced by, these dynamic communication channels
  • [Social Media] The Future of Social Media Lead Management
    How to segment & nurture your social media followers
  • [Social Media] Social Media Best Practices
    This White Paper will introduce you to the necessary steps you should take to employ HootSuite social media best practices
  • [Social Media] 8 Tips for Social Business
    HootSuite's latest White Paper, will illuminate the correct process by which organizations can successfully implement a successful and scalable social media strategy
  • [Social Media] Social Media Geek-to-Geek: Practical Insights for Technology Marketers
    There exists an underlying tendency in the geek world to be skeptical about social media, especially about its role in anything serious or substantial. And yet nobody, not even the geekiest geek, can afford to ignore the opportunity and the power that lies in deploying social media for marketing technology, both to geeks and to the rest of the world. In Social Media Geek-to-Geek, authors Rick Jamison and Kathy Schmidt Jamison explore the increasingly vital role that social media plays in technology marketing efforts.
  • [Social Media] 21 Social Media Updates & Advancements to Inspire Your 2013 Strategy
    We're already into 2013, so take this time to learn about these updates and make this year the year your business crack social media. Review them to help make the difference you've been waiting for in your social media strategy Although Twitter and LinkedIn ended their relationship, they both worked to make segmentation easier. Meanwhile, Facebook bought Instagram and took strides towards making global marketing easier. Now it's time to integrate these updates swiftly into your marketing strategy.
  • [Social Media] The Future of Social Media Lead Management
    How to segment & nurture your social media followers
  • [Social Media] Quantifying the Value of Social Media Engagement in B2B Marketing

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