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    [Retail] Today’s Realities Do Not Fit Yesterday’s Rules
    Penny represents a struggling breed of broken retail business models riddled with excessive cost, out of touch engagement strategies bound by old real estate contracts that suck shareholders equity and cash flow out the back door. The rules I am referring to are the ones that shape the mental models about business. Most of today’s current views have been shaped by the previous rules embedded by past experiences, patterns of once productive thinking, conventional wisdom, best practices and dominant logic. Think about J.C. Companies, and leaders, get stuck in a rut.
    [Retail] What Amazon Dash Tells Us About the Future of Shopping – and the Future of Marketing
    When Amazon announced  Dash — a series of branded smart buttons that will allow Prime members to simply press to replenish popular packaged goods as supply runs low (reorders are automatically fulfilled through Amazon, of course) — right around April 1st, people questioned whether the retail giant was treating them to an April Fool’s Day joke. Innovation Internet of Things Marketing Technology amazon dash digital ubiquity innovation internet of things retail smart home Whether or not Dash itself proves to be a success remains to be seen.
    [Retail] How Nike Stole Social Media Gold From Olympic Sponsor Adidas
    Social Media Case Studies 2012 Olympics Adidas Nike Olympic sponsor retailWhich brands were the real winners in 2012′s “Social Olympics”? Were Olympic official sponsors – like Adidas – more successful on social media, or did brands like Nike – who sponsored hundreds of individual athletes – steal the show? Each brand made its presence known through carefully planned branding.  As an official Olympic sponsor, Adidas’ black and white stripes were seen on all official Olympic signage. What were the keys to Nike’s success?
    [Retail] How multi-channel search marketing has become more social
    The phrase “Multi-channel&# has been a buzz word for some time now in the retail sector and this has led to 3 main changes in the market: With e-commerce capabilities accessible to even the tiniest of single-store independent retailers, the ability to shop across different channels has become almost universal. Typically retailers have been working on a multi-channel strategy that ensures customers who already shop with them get the expected brand experience at every touch point. GPO works for retailers because it returns results for location based searches.
    [Retail] 5 Data Points You Need To Know From xAD, Nielsen, IAB Chetan Sharma & Mogreet
    SOURCE: [link]. A new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau underlines the strong use of mobile by consumers while they are inside a retail store. Retailers Leveraging Tablets to Boost Sales ( Featured Mobile Advertising & Marketing Mobile Commerce Mobile Search Apple Chetan Sharma Mobile Marketing Mogreet New York QR code retail SamsungThe majority of mobile local search click actions were calls in 1Q2012. 58 percent of secondary actions post-search click led to calls, ahead of maps and directions (36 percent). SOURCE: [link].
    [Retail] Tracking, Personalization And Screams Of Privacy
    According to the Business Insider article: "Nomi's team gives retailers a snippet of code that lets wireless routers listen for nearby smart phone signals. Instead, Nomi will show retailers how many customers visit each day, the average time spent in the store, and new versus repeat visitors." " Creepy invasion of privacy or awesome use of technology at the physical retail level? compare prices among retailers, the survey says. Both consumers and retailers are empowered like never before. internet retailer. retail. retailer.
    [Retail] Promote Retail Brands Using Social Media Tools: Analyzing ’TrueView for Shopping’ in Detail
    Google has been making a few announcements off-late but the latest one involving TrueView for shopping is what keeps the retails interested. If utilities are concerned, this featured tool allows online retailers to be in complete control of the advertisements, appearing alongside the displayed images and videos alike. Other details and action calls also resort to these freebies, offering the retailers with an option that concerns brand promotion. The ideologies which can be paired along include video reviews, instructional snippets and many more. Google Social Media Brand
    [Retail] 67% of shoppers spend more following recommendations from their social networks (infographic)
    Only 8% of retailer Facebook pages are able to accept transactions. Jon Stokes Social Media Social media for retail Social media news F-commerce facebook FreshNetworks recommendations Social commerce social media agency social shopping word of mouthMaking purchases directly from within Facebook (a form of social commerce ) has the potential to make the social network a place where we spend not just considerable amounts of our time, but also our money. Just 11% of the surveyed UK customers have bought something from Facebook.
    [Retail] Are Phone Calls a New Marketing Trend?
    Over the past few weeks I have been interviewing retail businesses that belong to the same association, and naturally have some things in common. In response to my query of their top challenges, here’s what the owners of three respective retail businesses had to say. Awareness Marketing Online Marketing Selling Small Business Social Media Trends customers differences engagement Internet Jeff Korhan listening marketing Marketing Mix online phone retail similarities social mediaThat’s what you notice on the surface. Cross-Section of Challenges. Doubtful.
    [Retail] What consumers want from the high street of 2025: an infographic
    We’ve summarised the key findings in the infographic below, together with our suggestions of how retailers can adapt and respond to the changes identified. Consumer behaviour Digital tools and technologies Consumer Behaviour High Street RetailIt’s exactly a week since we launched our research into the high street of 2025. The If you’d like to explore the research in more depth, you can  download the full report here. The post What consumers want from the high street of 2025: an infographic appeared first on FreshMinds.
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    [Retail] Winners And Losers In The Digital Age
    He recently presented his data-based insights and predictions on who is pushing ahead and who may not make it across the finish line in everything from social media and retail to brands at DLD NYC. retail. businessmodel digitalage dld dldnyc l2 marketing marketingprofessor nyustern retail scottgalloway socialmedia startup This is probably one of the most eye-opening perspectives on the digital age that you will see. We have new business models, brands that explode with popularity, platforms that keep being invented. But what does it really mean? Who is winning at business.
    [Retail] 40% of consumers use price comparison sites to buy household goods
    Instead, I found myself taking a trip to my nearest electrical retailer, with iPhone in hand, reading over product reviews on my phone while testing the products for real. My online/offline shopping experience led me to think about how many other people approach shopping like this, and whether this kind of ‘dual experience’ shopping gives savvy high street retailers an advantage over others. In 2008, 51% of online purchases came from purely online retailers. Experian and ResearchNow have just released a whitepaper based on survey of 2,000 UK Consumers.
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    [Retail] What The Next Five Years Will Be About
    The brand's reality was this: as the years wane on, the amount of retailers that they sell to were diminishing. As the major big box outlets continue to grow and as consolidation rifles through the retail sector, the bigger brands only have a handful of outlets to sell their wares. With these retailers' size and growth comes another reality: they begin to dictate everything from quantity and terms to acceptable margins. Notwithstanding how the major retailers might feel about this project, it was a smart and wise play. retail. retailer. How do you win?
    [Retail] The iPad Should Be Free
    Tie this thought into the recent news of Amazon becoming very public about their media and advertising models (before moving any further, please read this article: Advertising Becomes Amazon's Newest Low-Price Weapon ) and you can see how hard retailers will struggle to beat Amazon. To understand this better: Amazon is typically the cheapest retailer. retail. retailer. Have you ever heard of the "razor and blades business model?" " The concept is pretty simple: give people the razor for free and make all of your money by selling them the razor blades.
    [Retail] Being vs. Using Social in 2011
    However, in the long run social media will back fire on you if your organizations culture is not designed to “ be social “ In a Business Week article titled “Zappos Retails Its Culture :  Christopher Palmeri writes “ Customer service reps are given plenty of freedom. In a tough year for retail, sales are up by double digits. Everywhere we turn those who proclaim to understand social media are talking about measurement and ROI from social marketing. But exactly what are they buying? And Those Issues Are? 95% of Zappos sales were transacted online.
    [Retail] The Chinese take on Pinterest
    Jon Stokes Social media for retail Social media tools and technology Social networks China China social media Pinterest Sina WeiboTweet New Chinese social media sites have long been inspired by popular sites and trends from the West, such as Facebook’s distant cousin Renren and Twitter’s brother Sina Weibo.  It is no surprise then that they have embraced Pinterest with both arms. We’ve found over 30 Chinese Pinterest variants (and we reckon the number is growing); here are a selection of the most interesting ones. China pinterest sites. View more PowerPoint from FreshNetworks.
    [Retail] Data for customer closeness: Is in-store finally catching up with online?
    It seems strange to begin a retail blog post by talking about a lack of consumer data. Much of what’s currently written relates to how leading retail brands are getting closer to their customers by analysing data. But there is one area in which even the most advanced retailers know comparatively little about their customers and have very little usable data  – namely their in-store behaviour. While the great benefit to retailers of online shopping is the trail of data they leave behind, for in-store shopping this type of information is much harder to come by.
    [Retail] Don’t speak too soon: why the BRC’s prediction of retail job losses could be premature
    Earlier this month, a new report from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) warned that as many as 900, 000 retail jobs could be lost by the year 2025. They argues that as consumers start to shop more and more online, the cost of labour increases and leases come up for renewal, stores will close and as a result, retail jobs will be lost. Secondary, when it comes to in-store retail staff, consumers aren’t prepared to bid farewell to customer service advisors just yet. So I’d argue that it’s not time to say goodbye to retail jobs any time soon.
    [Retail] Treat Bad Customer Reviews as Good Friends
    Blog Connected marketing Customer relationships Customer service Research conversion customer reviews reevoo reputation Right Now Retail Consumer ReportWhen a customer is disgruntled, the act of solving his problem in a rational and authentic way – which means not hiding the truth – is an excellent opportunity to turn him into the most loyal customer you ever had. Does this mean we should mess up as a strategy? Of course not. You [.].
    [Retail] Retailers: Use Mobile To Get 360-Degree View Of Customers
    Recently, an Oracle study was release that underscored how retailers are leaving real dollars on the table by not effectively use big data correctly. The report found that retailers were losing upwards of 10% of their total revenue. For a typical retailer with $500M (US) in sales, this amounts to $50M. The Oracle study found that only 17 percent of retailers rated themselves as having a 360-degree insight into their customers through data gathered across multiple channels. Oracle surveyed 333 C-level executives from U.S. SOURCE: Oracle.
    [Retail] The True Omni-Channel Is Convergence
    " The wake-up of retail. Over the past several months, I have spent a serious (and significant) amount of time presenting to retailers throughout North America. Senior retailers from some of the world''s biggest brands at events for Google and Twitter , to local merchants with unique retail specialty at retail association events. Internally, retailers will say that becoming omni-channel is the true imperative. Amazon has been teasing at a physical retail operation for a long time, and it seems more real than ever before. online retail.
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    [Retail] The Ever-Evolving Consumer Evolves (Again)
    Just as brands were getting semi-used to engaging with consumers in the online channels, how are things going to change when consumers bring this added perspective right down to the retail level. The news item, Consumer use of mobile to access retail content jumped significantly: Study , caught my attention. You may not be surprised that people are doing this, but trust me, retailers have close-to-zero clue how to deal with this. This cuts down the response time afforded most brands and moves retail into the real-time Web (probably kicking and screaming). retail.
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    [Retail] Your Brand Is A Learning Space
    While this may not be pushing itself out to the masses just yet, or those who spend their time at big box retailers, it's becoming a reality. At the retail level, on a mobile application, on Facebook or on YouTube. big box retail. retail. retailer. How much more content does the world really need? Sure, the world had advertorial content back then, but it was nothing like the media landscape of today. Ads continue to take a back seat in these digital channels, to brands that are creating pieces of content which are augmented with a paid media strategy. brand.
    [Retail] Social media, perfect information and whether the best products will always win
    Matt Rhodes Social business Social media Social media for retail Social media strategy macroeconomics Perfect information ratings and reviews social business social mediaTweet There is a concept in macroeconomics called ‘ perfect information ‘ In brief (and apologies for missing many details of the theory and debate for a non-specialist audience), this would say that if all consumers know all things, about all products, at all times, then they will choose the best one for them. The best products would survive, because they are the best. Organisations such as Which?
    [Retail] Your Content Marketing Store
    When I was conducting my Social Media Summit here in Chicago a few weeks ago I sensed that the concept was not resonating with some of the retailers in the group. Why are so many retailers offering free Wi-Fi without obligation to make a purchase? Awareness content marketing How-To Marketing Selling Small Business Success customers free Jeff Korhan mainstream small business marketing profitable retailersAre you still having some challenges wrapping your arms around the concept of content marketing  to increase your small business revenues? Imagine Your Store.
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    [Retail] The End Of Showrooming (And Webrooming)
    " Showrooming is when a consumer goes to a physical location and uses a mobile device to either compare prices with other retailers or complete their transaction with another retailer (even later at home). Showrooming has been a headache for retailers for several years - and continues to be a challenge - as more mobile devices become increasingly connected and pervasive for consumers. It''s an always open retail landscape. retail. retail landscape. retailer. First, we had "showrooming." Now, we have "webrooming." Brands.
    [Retail] Holiday Social: The Gap Gives Away 1 Million Holiday Postcards to Facebook Fans
    The retailer also “loved the idea of tying their brand to something as tangible and emotional as a card sent to a loved one in the mail.” ” Social Media Campaigns Gap holiday promotion mobile app Postagram retail SincerelyLast week the Gap announced a social media promotion for the holidays: the brand’s Facebook fans can send their own photos as real, printed postcards to their Facebook friends – for free. The Gap is the first brand to use startup Sincerely’s new “brand-centric service” Postagram Direct, which launched last week.
    [Retail] Facebook And Walmart Team Up for Black Friday Mobile-Ad Blitz
    Walmart had pre-purchased the ads, “edging out” other retailers for exposure at the start of the holiday season, according to The Wall Street Journal. The retail giant also made adjustments – in the moment – using Facebook to promote certain items. Will this experiment “spur on other retailers to use social media in new and bigger ways?” Social Media Campaigns Social Media Case Studies Black Friday holiday shopping mobile advertising retail WalmartThe results, according to The Wall Street Journal, were “mixed.”
    [Retail] Retail Social Media Top 10
    Courtesy of Retail Customer Experience. Portfolio
    [Retail] Influencer Relations and the Target Plus-Sized Win
    But Target did have another story in the news lately, and this one’s looking like a hit for the mega-retailer: Target scored by using influencer relations to help launch a plus-sized clothing line. Except, if you’re plus-sized, Target has not traditionally been your retail BFF. Influencer Marketing Marketing Bloggers influencer relations plus sized consumers Public Relations retail Target By Eleanor Pierce Target keeps shooting, and these last few weeks, there have been some hits and some misses. Miss: Canada. As in, missed the entire country. And it’s not like it’s small!
    [Retail] There's No Patience In Business
    Ultimately, when it comes to the retail experience, I believe there are two types of consumers: The ones that want to get in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible, and then those that want a bit more of an experience (they want to walk around, get information from the sales associates, be handled just a little bit). In short: consumers knows more than most retailers about what they''re buying, and if they don''t, the information is readily available in the palms of their hands. and he was raging against the retail experience and RadioShack ''s most recent announcement.
    [Retail] Learn from Abercrombie & Fitch: Embed social media in every customer touchpoint
    Tags: Matt Rhodes Social Media Social media for retail Word of Mouth Abercrombie & Fitch facebook London marketing social media Social network Twitter
    [Retail] Agile Innovation Update – February 2015
    This month we’re looking at announcements from Google and Uber that could transform sectors, new functionality that will enable Gmail users to transfer money via email, online retailers’ attempts to meet rising expectations for delivery, the messaging app that is hoping to disrupt the grocery industry and the Post Office’s attempts to break into retail banking. Online retailers trial different ways of meeting consumers’ ever rising expectations. The Post Office tries to find position within the UK retail banking industry.
    [Retail] Are You Making These Costly Holiday Mobile Mistakes?
    And if you’re a retailer, hopefully you haven’t just primed your in-store and online offers, but your mobile presence as well. While mobile commerce stats have been rising for quite some time, many retailers have yet to nail its optimal experience. Nearly every retailer has an abundance of sales and products planned for the holidays to both entice your current customers and bring in new ones. Many holiday retail consumers use their handheld devices to compare prices and promotional offers. Posted in Customer Experience eCommerce Mobile. won’t return.
    [Retail] Three collaborative initiatives to meet consumer expectations for a digital high street
    Consumers have high expectations for digital technologies in store but these are not yet being met by retailers. This government-backed initiative , including representatives from Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Argos, aims to share digital best practice amongst its members in order to promote the range of opportunities to harness digital technology in retail. crowdfunding project providing an online platform for more than 400 retailers across 160 towns, MyHigh.St is helping smaller shops to compete online with bigger retailers. Digital High Streets Advisory Board.
    [Retail] Do You Need Multiple Retail Channels?
    Unfortunately, in today’s fast moving retail environment, no, it’s not enough. Customers are looking for a more complete experience in retail. How Do You Achieve Multiple Online Retail Channels? When you think about all the possible online retail channels where you could be selling your products, it’s easy to just think about those channels you can control. Another thing that many small retailers overlook is their own website. Web Design and Search Engine Optimization online retail responsive web design sellingIsn’t that enough?
    [Retail] What’s Hot in Social Media: April 2012
    Retail – trying on clothes virtually. Katie Glass Social media for retail Social media news Social networks facebook Google Drive instagram Tumblr what's hot in social mediaTweet It’s the end of April which can mean only one thing…our monthly round-up of what’s been causing a stir in the world of social media. Movers and shakers. couple of the giants of digital made some interesting moves in April, with Facebook buying Instagram for a sweet $1 billion and Google turning up the heat in the cloud wars with the launch of Google Drive. million blogs. What have I missed?
    [Retail] American Apparel: “We’ve made as much as $50K in one flash sale on Twitter”
    This is quite different from the more traditional retail schedule that pushes out products each season, and in limited amounts. Social Media Case Studies American Apparel clothing flash sales Promoted Tweets realtime marketing retail ROI social media ROI Twitter Twitter marketing Twitter has proven itself to be a valuable marketing tool for edgy clothing brand American Apparel. In an interview recently posted on the Twitter blog , American Apparel’s Director of Marketing Ryan Holiday discusses a single flash sale on Twitter that earned $50,000 for the clothing brand.
    [Retail] Walmart brings the ‘quantified self’ to supermarket shopping
    The retailer’s new programme is the latest in the ‘quantified self’ trend aiming to satisfy customers’ eagerness to analyse their own data themselves, rather than letting brands do it for them. Customer experience Data visualisation Digital tools and technologies Mobile Retail Apple Watch Brand Match iCloud iPhone quantified self Savings Catcher Walmart Walmart, the world’s largest public company according to this year’s Fortune Global 500 list, is letting its shoppers analyse their own shopping habits data. In this sense, the scheme is similar to Sainsbury’s Brand Match.
    [Retail] Hunting for Social Media at the OSRM09 (Outdoor Retailer Summer.
    Home About eBooks Social Media and Internet Marketing Speaking Twitter Says You Are Here: Home » Social Media » Hunting for Social Media at the OSRM09 (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market) Hunting for Social Media at the OSRM09 (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market) Written on July 22, 2009 by Josh Peters in Social Media 1 Comment - Leave a comment! The ORSM ( Outdoor Retailer Summer Market ) is a yearly event here in Salt Lake City and is a huge draw for outdoor enthusiasts and retailers alike. This is a great exposure for the event and for the people attending.
    [Retail] Case Study Crunch: Retail Social Media Case Studies « The Cube
    Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Case Study Crunch: Retail Social Media Case Studies 08/07/2010 tags: Case Studies , Marketing , Social Media , Social media case studies by Annalisa Morgan In retail, social media is everywhere. Online retailers are also getting craftier with social media, with brands such as Dell and NAKEDPizza using promotion and discount-related tweets to drive traffic to their fan base, webpage and – eventually – shopping trolleys (as shown by another recent study by Compete). million – and counting.
    [Retail] The New Disruption
    Being a retail creature of habit, I realize how bad this is for the retailer, but the truth is that reading, buying and storing my books in the cloud trumps all. Retail is going to have to change. Amazon just released a new mobile app called, Price Check , that allows consumers at the retail level to use barcode scanning, their camera or speech to text search to price check and compare with Amazon (and their merchants). If you can have something shipped as fast as possible to you and can return it - no questions asked - then the retail game changes. retail.
    [Retail] iConsumerism, e-commerce and the demise of the high street
    The trend is highly likely to continue, with the Centre for Retail Research predicting that the number of high street shops will decline by a further 22% by 2018. iConsumerism and retail decline. The decline of the bricks and mortar retail stores is a complex phenomenon, but there are two main trends. In the press, much of the discussion of the future of bricks and mortar retail has taken on an air of the decline of the Roman Empire, with nothing to follow but barbarians and illiteracy and darkness. credit: chrisjohnbeckett. It could just be something practical.
    [Retail] The Speed Of Brands And Other Stuff
    Some days, there is a significant discount, other days it is closer to the full retail price. This is what digital does that makes the future of retailing so fascinating. What if every product on the shelves at physical retailers had no prices on them, but just a barcode (or a digital price tag)? What would retail look like? Competition becomes fierce and suddenly the technology running retail looks more like high frequency trading systems that are customized than anything else. future of retail. retail. retail technology. retailer.
    [Retail] Don't Blame Groupon
    Don't blame Groupon for the results, blame the local retailers. While I'm sure that Groupon and other daily deal sites make a lot of promises in selling these opportunities to retailers, it's still - one hundred percent - the retailers opportunity to win over some new customers and build loyalty. While there are countless customers just looking for a quick bargain (and nothing more), retailers need to smarten up and wake-up to this reality (think of it as shrinkage). " Is this Groupon or LivingSocial 's fault or was this a failure of the retail experience?
    [Retail] Show 529 – Leading Digital Strategy For Business Growth
    Is retail letting customers down – driving people to commence channels? What is omni-channel retailing and how do we maximise it? We discuss […] Pod Casts business growth chris bones commerce goals digital strategy ecommerce effective ecommerce engaging brand podcast good growth how to design the customer journey james hammersley leading digital strategy omni channel retailing Can we learn to lead digital strategy rather than manage it on a day to day basis? That is the question on this weeks award winning Engaging Brand podcast. We discuss.
    [Retail] Local Business Networks Intersect
    Community Marketing Online Marketing Selling Small Business Social Business Success business network business networking Buy Local communication community customer service customers hyperlocal Jeff Korhan Leasing local business Local Business Network Local Community Local Franchise Local Network Local Purchasing local retailer mainstream small business social media social networking Visit Local Local businesses are their own location-specific network , and they tend to support each other and freely share without compromise. What is your business doing to tap into at least one of them?
    [Retail] Business and Marketing Tips for the Beginning of the Holiday Season
    Any business or retailer who doesn’t make an effort to capitalize on the holiday season is frankly just silly! Here are a few examples of concepts that you might want to promote and how to make the most of them during the holiday season : Retail Establishment or Website – we all know that retail rules when it comes to the holiday season. If you own a retail business or a website that is retail-based, take this golden opportunity to offer new products. It seems as though the time of year that is coming is one of deals, bargains, and sales campaigns.
    [Retail] Mobile provider 3 launch “Live Shop”
    It’s the next evolution of the sales “live chat” that can often be found in online retail spaces, taking the most up-to-date information from a web store, giving it a human face, and displaying it in an easy to understand manner for the customer. 3 has put a lot of thought into the experience for staff and has tried to make it as natural as possible to drag, scale and adjust the auto-populated content that appears. Dan Harris Social Media Social commerce Social media for retail 3 live shopping Online shopping social media three
    [Retail] Retail Apps for Mobile Devices
    Michael Koploy shares some Apps that should be of interest to Retailers: Whether you own a small retail chain or sell items out of your brother’s apartment, there’s an app for that. Developers are beginning to produce mobile tools to help retailers operate their businesses. iTunes doesn’t have a retail category — in addition to being far from search friendly. Meanwhile, the new web-based Android Marketplace is a little more search friendly, but the lack of a retail category again stands as a roadblock. Read more: Best Retail Apps.
  • ADAM COHEN  |  MONDAY, JULY 12, 2010
    [Retail] 10 Reasons Market Research is Critical to Social Media
    Adam has over 15 years of experience leveraging technology to drive and sustain business value for clients in the Consumer Product, Retail, High Tech, Healthcare and Financial Services industries. Consumer segmentation models are typically owned in these groups, and often they are leveraged for behavioral patterns that help with the proverbial 4 Ps – Product, Price, Place and Promotion.  That stuff is important to the business, no doubt.  But those same companies need to leverage, not ignore, that insight available when fusing social media into the marketing mix they already have.
    [Retail] How Your Brand Should Tell A Beautiful Story
    retail. advertising b2b b2c blackfriday brand brandattributes casestudies casestudy commercial customerloyalty cybermonday digitalmarketing documentary internetculture marketingchannel media nationalgeographic onlinevideo patagonia retail shopping shortfilm socialmedia testimonial whitepaper wordofmouth wordofmouthmarketing wornwear youtube yvonchouinard Before you do anything, please watch this: It''s almost perfect, isn''t it? I don''t even own that much clothing from Patagonia. But, after watching this twenty-plus minute video on YouTube , that will change. and not the rule.
    [Retail] Under Armour #WhatsBeautiful Campaign Targets Women Via Social Media
    Social Media Campaigns #IWill #WhatsBeautiful athletic wear contest mobile app retail Under ArmourWomen now account for 30% of sales for athletic apparel brand Under Armour, and women’s apparel is the fastest growing segment of their business. New marketing efforts reflect this shift, and are aimed directly at the female demographic — with social media as the primary tool for reaching out. Hoping for a high level of feedback, Under Armour is engaging heavily with the @UAWomen Twitter account, as well as #IWill and #WhatsBeautiful. Sweat. Every. 4yUkong5zZg via @ youtube.
    [Retail] Social media in retail seminar - thoughts and reactions
    Last week we ran the first event as part of our Social Media Training series - focused on the retail industry and attracting speakers including James from ASOS , Joanne Jacobs and our own Helen. The session was focused particularly on what those in retail could and should be doing in the current economic climate to use social media to help them build advocacy, innovate, gain insights from consumers and involve them in the business. Retail 2.0 Image via Wikipedia. The presentations provoked plenty of discussion and reaction and you can see what people were discussing below.
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    [Retail] How To Curtail Showrooming: Charge Admission
    There have been a couple on instances in the news this week that highlight the general challenge that retailers face in the age of showrooming. In short, they're getting the full, physical retail experience - which could even include some consultation by the sales associate - only to lose the sale to the online channel or another retailer who is offering a better price. Many retail pundits agree that physical stores need to offer more services and value if they are ever going to compete. Could retailers charge a fee if they're simply worried about showrooming?
    [Retail] Will Facebook’s ‘buy’ button succeed where its previous ecommerce attempts have failed?
    If Facebook takes a small cut of sales, or charges retailers for selling their products on the site, e-commerce could be a way of monetising the social network beyond advertising revenue. Clothes firm Gap and games retailer Gamestop have both opened, then subsequently shut, stores – Forrester Research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru told Bloomberg that selling on the social network is “like trying to sell stuff to people while they’re hanging out with their friends at the bar.”. Twitter appears ready to monetise beyond advertising too, after acquiring payments company CardSpring.
    [Retail] Social media in retail - monetising and building value
    Last week we ran the first event as part of our Social Media Training series - focused on the retail industry and attracting speakers including James from ASOS , Joanne Jacobs and our own Helen. The session was focused particularly on what those in retail could and should be doing in the current economic climate to use social media to help them build advocacy, innovate, gain insights from consumers and involve them in the business. Image by DavidDMuir via Flickr. FreshNetworks presentation: Case studies in social networks monetisation. View more presentations from joannejacobs.
    [Retail] We Must Simplify the Idea of Big Data
    “The combination of big data and advanced analytics offers retail and CPG companies countless opportunities across the value chain. Through detailed hourly analysis of in-stock rates by store, retailers can reduce out-of-stocks, provide a better shopping experience for consumers, and boost sales for both themselves and their CPG partners.” Data Industry Retail Are we getting ahead of ourselves by pushing constantly to understand reams of customer data when we are still behind on very basic purchase data? Technology isn’t the issue. Email. Last Purchase.
    [Retail] Is Marketing About To Get Really Creepy Or Really Good?
    It is the ability for a brand to deliver contextual and highly targeted marketing at the local retail level. Applications range from step-by-step indoor navigation, to product-level retail customer engagement, to proximity-based social networking." It turns out that consumers are looking forward to more technologies at the physical retail level. In short, retailers want to capture this new, connected and highly untethered consumer. Amazon has been hard at work capturing tons of consumer information at the retail level. future of retail. retail.
    [Retail] How online retailers can benefit from social shopping
    Online retailers are doing relatively well in the current economic climate. Whilst spending is down across the board, online retailers are doing either significantly less badly than their traditional competitors, or they are actually performing strongly. Both ASOS and Vente-Privee are seeing relatively strong performances in a weak retail market. They also allow the retailers to stock smaller amounts of more products, allowing them to have a larger portfolio and to cater for a wider range of goods. Online retail benefits most when it lets you see such people.
    [Retail] Endless Aisles
    What has your shopping experiences been like lately? I was recently in New York City giving a presentation at the National Retail Federation 's Big Show 2012 event. I was part of the First Look series and talked about the massive changes that retail will face as technology, Social Media and mobile collides at the retail level. It truly is a sight to see if you're into retail, commerce, fashion and a unique in-store experience. Pundits think that e-commerce kills the retail experience. How do you see the future of retail? retail. What if?
    [Retail] Creating engaging content: US department stores Barneys vs Saks in social media
    We used Social Bakers to take a look at these two US retail giants and see whether they are making the most of their brands online. Katie Glass Social commerce Social media Social media case studies Social media for retail Social networks Barneys Saks social mediaTweet They’re two of the most iconic department stores in New York, but just how well are Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys using social media? Despite being a mere ten minute walk down the street from each other, Barneys and Saks are already miles apart when it comes to Facebook fans. Think about when you post your content.
    [Retail] The New Newer Economy
    Some of the markups were 1200% above the retail value (not a typo). Admittedly, the idea of buying goods at retail, and selling them at a higher markup is nothing new, but there seems to be something else happening here. It's a fascinating group of entrepreneurs, who take the notion of "hustle" to a whole new level, and offers up some very interesting marketing insights on branding, digital connectedness, social media, retail and the global nature of something that started off so small. retail. retailer. Have you ever heard of resellers? Still, times change.
    [Retail] How five food and beverage brands use digital to innovate
    Innovation Retail Social business Brand Cadbury Coca-Cola cocoreation Crowdsourcing FMCG food and beverage FreshMinds Friday picks future of market research innovation starbucks Every week we bring you the FreshMinds Friday picks – ideas to help you make the most of digital technologies and understand how they are helping brands to grow and innovate. This week we’re looking at five large  food and beverage companies that are really pushing the boundaries in their industry, using digital technologies to drive this innovation – including Starbucks, Coca Cola, AB InBev, Nestle and Cadbury.
    [Retail] The Frightening Ramifications Of High-Frequency Pricing
    It wasn't the mad hoards of people trampling one another for the latest electronic whiz-bang, and it wasn't the dreaded story of a major retailer's site going down, making them unable to capitalize on months of build-up, ad spends and hype (not to mention damage to the brand). Yesterday, The New York Times ran a news item titled, Retail Frenzy: Prices on the Web Change Hourly. From the article: "Retail price wars online have entered a new era of speed and precision, creating a confusing landscape for shoppers in which prices leap and plummet on short notice. retail.
    [Retail] SortPrice Store Facebook Application Tops 1000 Retailers
    Proving yet again a real commitment to opening new avenues of success for online merchants everywhere, comparison shopping engine has now built virtual stores for more than 1,000 retailers through its Merchant Store application on Facebook. SortPrice was one of the first to offer a virtual storefront for retailers on the Facebook Platform when it introduced the Merchant Store application a little over a year ago. “Having our SortPrice Facebook Store brought Equestrian Collections closer to our fans and helped make our 4th quarter a banner one.&#. Digg this!
    [Retail] What is Your Marketing Key Note?
    The night before my keynote presentation to independent retailers this past weekend, I was testing and preparing the final details for the next morning. Community Marketing Online Marketing Small Business Social Media Success community content marketing customers Jeff Korhan keynote presentation retailers social mediaJust before knocking off for the evening I decided to clean up my blog reader. To be perfectly honest, the above statistic surprised me. Apparently, that time is now. Awareness Leads to Readiness. One of my favorite films is A River Runs Through It. Why is this?
    [Retail] The Year Of More
    This is going to be especially true for brands that sell their products and services through third-parties (like retailers or value-added resellers). retail. While many article and columns look back at the year that was or posture on the year that will be, it's becoming abundantly clear that 2012 will - without question - be the "Year of More.". It sounds a little incredulous to say this when we're in a world that is struggling for stability. With that comes innovations, new opportunities and an ever-demanding public desire for the latest and greatest. More social. More global.
    [Retail] Quirky Turns Us All Into Sharks And Dragons
    To date, they have launched close to 230 products with close to 190 retail partners (including Target , Staples , Amazon , Bed Bath & Beyond and more). retail. Have you ever seen the TV show Shark Tank or Dragon's Den ? Being an entrepreneur is hotter than ever. Individuals are starting to realize that global economic forces are abound, and that the sanctity of a traditional office job with a pension may be a relic of the past. People who have great ideas tend to not have all of the necessary skills to bring that idea to market. until now. Enter Quirky. Money? Royalties?
    [Retail] Celebrating the Small Business Community
    This the magic of community that Apple amplified with their retail stores that revolutionized retail. Apple used their extensive creative and financial resources to take what is best about local retail to design an experience that engages buyers that are often fanatical about the Apple brand. Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. It’s a day that may not necessarily be on the radar of of many consumers, but it is one that is especially important for l ocal small businesses. This day is about more than business; it’s a celebration of community. .
    [Retail] The Power Of Infographics
    Epic Retail Fails Of 2011. Epic Retail Fails of 2011. Infographics celebrity plastic surgery finance health healthcare infographics Mafia New Year's Eve New Year's resolution retail failsThere is nothing I enjoy more than someone or something that just gets to the point. Infographics do just this. When I look at an infographic, I know that someone else took the time to do the research, and strain the results to give me a simple answer to life’s most interesting questions. I can look, learn, laugh, and share the morsel of greatness with my friends. Fantastic Plastic.
    [Retail] The Only Consumer That Matters
    Most retailers struggle to retain customers because of digital technology. It''s easy for a potential customer to walk through a physical retail environment, and then use their smartphone to either find a better price, become more informed about their purchase or ask their social network their thoughts on the pending purchase. Initial thinking on showrooming was that it would cause mass disruption to the retail space. In fact, it''s become so pervasive that retailers have created other terms around it to put it into perspective. How does this change retail?
    [Retail] Where The Consumers Are
    In my first business book, Six Pixels of Separation , I recount the story of a friend who was looking to launch a retail endeavor. The risk associated with a retail location - where you're beholden to issues like foot traffic and weather - seems so unpredictable when compared to the online world. He doesn't have stress over union strikes and other anomalies that can impact a retail store (like construction or even if the stadium decides to move). retail. Consumers are not just people who see media and advertising. It's a true petri dish. but they're all online.
    [Retail] Gin and Topics: Crazy Football Fans and Awkward Pregnancy Photos
    They say it’s a video to learn how to bring your retail skills to the next level. Social Media Top 5 awkward pregnancy photos farting preachers gin and topics retail training video selling is service service is selling two hamsters one wheelI believe fall has arrived! Which I would be totally excited about, but it also means football season and my Bears had a rough game last night. What makes things worse is they lost to the Packers. It’s one thing to lose a game. It’s an entirely different thing to lose to the cheeseheads. But alas! Selling is Service. But this?
    [Retail] Examples of online communities in the retail industry
    For the second in our series of Online Community Examples , we move on to look at online communities in the retail industry. Online communities in the retail industry. In an economic downturn, we’re seeing a real shift in retail shopping  patterns. No overview of online communities in the retail industry would be complete without looking at MyStarbucksIdea. People are shopping around more and price is of even greater importance than it might have ever been in decision making. This is where online communities can come in handy. Wal-Mart’s Elevenmoms.
    [Retail] L2?s top 20 luxury brands using digital – Burberry lead the way
    Social media Social media for retail Social media news L2 luxury brands social mediaA recent report has revealed that social media adoption by the fashion industry has exploded over the last three years. The latest L2 Luxury Digital IQ Index report which was led by Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern, reveals that there is now widespread adoption of social media channels by fashion brands. The 49 brands studied in the report were given a Digital IQ according to how they scored in four areas of digital; their websites, digital marketing, social media and mobile capacities.
    [Retail] The Customer Is (Not) Always Right
    If you're in line at your favorite retailer and you're wondering why they don't open up a second cash register, you're just a tweet away from holding that company responsible for their store policies. retail. There's an ongoing business axiom that defines customer service: "the customer is always right." " Publicly, this may be the proper posture. That being said, there are instances when the customer is not always right. The majority of customers simply want value. They want their products or services to do what it says it will do - reliably. Answer: nothing).
    [Retail] The Problem With The Status Quo
    It is a striking acceleration of the retailer's fledging publishing program that will place Amazon squarely in competition with the New York houses that are also its most prominent suppliers. retail. advertising amazon author bookpublisher bookpublishing data ebook ipad iphonekindleapp josephjaffe kindle kindlesingle lifeafterthe30secondspot literaryagent retail richardcurtis stephenking technology thematrix thenewyorktimes theterminator webanalyticsStop me if you've heard this one before: "technology is the great disruptor." From the article. Hardly. Hardly.
    [Retail] Digital trends round-up – May 2014
    The convergence of social and e-commerce opens up exciting developments for retailers. This is especially the case for grocery retailers, who respondents trusted more than any other type of food and drink business (including brands and loyalty card providers) to provide them with information on grocery deals via mobile. Each month we bring you the  FreshMinds  digital trends round-up – a summary of  innovations , new technologies and the  latest digital trends  to help you navigate today’s fast-paced, tech-enabled world.
    [Retail] Social Media in Retail – A FreshNetworks Training Seminar
    The first seminar is less than 2 weeks away and will focus on the retail sector. Sign up on our FreshNetworks Retail 2.0 Tags: FreshNetworks news Online communities Sarah Eno Social Media Social Media training asos asos life co-creation customer communities freshminds FreshNetworks gurgle innovation james hart joanne jacobs Marketing and Advertising online communities Retail retail 2.0 Image via CrunchBase. We all know that social media is all about sharing. We talk about collaborating and learning from each other all the time on this blog. event page.
    [Retail] 3 Things About Facebook
    Facebook Will Be 50% Of Online Retail By 2015: Infographic. retail. amazon apple business charlierose content economy facebook fastcompany future google infographic markzuckerberg marketing media microsoft mobilestrategy onlinesocialnetwork purchasingdecision retail sherylsandberg socialcircle strategyFacebook continues to grow, change, add, adapt and connect us all (whether you like it or not). In the past few weeks there has been three pieces of content that best frame Facebook's place in our society. This would be a mistake. Charlie Rose interviews Mark Zuckerberg.
    [Retail] RFID & Mobile Retail: Moving From Efficiency To Engagement
    National Retail Federation Show, New York City: This week the old Javits Center in the New York hosted retail folk from across the U.S. and shed some light on a technology play that may define a new industry I call Retail 2.0. And, since it is about the shopper experience, it’s clear that winning Retail 2.0 Allow retailer micro-visibility into order status and inventory. Yes, it is about the efficiencies that RFID and other wireless, smart technology bring to retail overall. Retail 2.0 is about the shopper. It’s coming. What to do?
    [Retail] RFID & Mobile Retail: Moving From Efficiency To Engagement
    National Retail Federation Show, New York City: This week the old Javits Center in the New York hosted retail folk from across the U.S. and shed some light on a technology play that may define a new industry I call Retail 2.0. And, since it is about the shopper experience, it’s clear that winning Retail 2.0 Allow retailer micro-visibility into order status and inventory. Yes, it is about the efficiencies that RFID and other wireless, smart technology bring to retail overall. Retail 2.0 is about the shopper. It’s coming. What to do?
    [Retail] Do you tweet whilst you eat? How food and drink brands are experimenting with social media
    US pizza restaurant chain Sbarro filed for bankruptcy in March – the brand has more than 1,000 retail outlets in shopping malls worldwide, but failed to adapt while the mall’s other shops increased their online presence in the face of falling visits. Customer experience Digital tools and technologies Mobile Retail Social media Birds Eye Cadbury Digital Insights Feel good cafe Flowtown instagram KitKat millennials photo Pinterest Sbarro smartphone starbucks tweet Tweet-A-coffee Weight Watchers Tweeting for free drinks? Photo-sharing for free food?
    [Retail] Email Marketing Segmentation: Mr. Retailer – We Don’t Like Schweddy Balls
    This post was inspired by a Saturday Night Live skit. If you’re easily offended by sexual innuendo and double entendre you may want to skip the watching the video. Last year while looking for a gift for a friend, my wife and I settled on a box of gourmet “Schweddy Balls” from the Schweddy. Email marketing email marketing email marketing segmentation Saturday Night Live SNL
    [Retail] Social media + online shopping = social shopping
    Social shopping has certainly helped to personalise the sometimes faceless online shopping experience,  and with 67% of shoppers spending more money online after recommendations from an online community of friends or like-minded people (according to Internet Retailer ) a key element of social shopping seems to be the ability to recommend and share additional items that shoppers are likely to want to purchase. recent social shopping survey by e- tailer PowerReviews has also shown that a retailer’s own e-commerce sites play an important role in the purchasing process. 
    [Retail] The Complexity Of Simplicity
    Primarily, I''m a big fan of retail and an enthusiast of the industry. love the smell of commerce in the morning (to quote the movie, Mallrats ). I am fascinated with the changing landscape of retail and even more enthralled with the place of shopping malls in our culture (more on that here: Do Shopping Centers Have A Future? ). apple retail. retail. retail industry. Nobody said it was easy. As the years wane on and you gather perspectives and insights from your business, your industry and your peers, what you quickly realize is this: nothing is easy. shopper.
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    [Retail] The Truth In Digital Advertising
    The retail advertisers spend the most, and they are responsible for 22% of dollars spent. After the retailers, auto and financial services come in, and each accounts for 13% of 2015 revenue. retail. retail advertising. Don't believe every headline that you read. There has been a long-standing statement that,  "people hate advertising."  For years, I (and many others in this industry) have said that this is not true. In actuality, "people hate bad advertising." Nobody likes to be annoyed and interrupted. Everybody loves to be entertained and informed. ad blocking.
    [Retail] Adapt Or Die
    You see, it's easy to be an armchair quarterback and say that the newspaper industry, the music industry, the book publishing industry, the retail industry, a traditional advertising agency. retail. adaptordie adaptation analytics apple bookpublishing business businessevolution businessmodel commerce connectivity consumer creativity data digitalfrontier disruption ericries facebook google innovation mobile musicindustry newspaper newspaperindustry retail technology theleanstartup traditionaladvertisingagencyDo you like the saying, "adapt or die" ? Think about it.
    [Retail] The End Of Privacy. The Beginning Of Personalization
    Amazon ''s ability to create such a highly personalized experience is core to their retail success (and consumer satisfaction), but as the company begins to roll out their Amazon Media platform, the world will be better able to see what happens when a company understands so much about their consumer, that all of the advertising associated with the experience will - at the very least - be highly relevant (if not substantially more transactional than most of the online advertising that we''re exposed to). retail. But what about the rest of the Web? Yes, it has become that dire.
    [Retail] Introducing: User Marketing
    The reality is that we still spend excessive amounts of time shopping at in-store retail locations. The reality is also the fact that in-store retail has yet too be optimized for the User, as shopkick and foursquare themselves are still taking on a company-centric approached as opposed to an user-centric one. It involves the socialization and technological expansion of the in-store retail space, the message element and the user element. What’s great here is that User Marketing adds greater value to many elements that already exist with in the in-store retail space.
    [Retail] No Turkey For You
    Many retailers are opening tomorrow to give stuffed families the opportunity to walk off their tryptophan induced comas in the store aisles. Some retailers are receiving negative backlash for opening on Thanksgiving. But most turkey-blind retailers will be rewarded. “An estimated 33 million people, or 23 percent of those surveyed by the retail federation, say Thanksgiving will find them in stores at some point,” according to this USA Today article. Rants 2013 retail thanksgiving tradition work Today is the first day of Hannukah. That’s right.
    [Retail] The Impact of Reviews and Other Social Media Content on Shopper Purchase
    Along the path to making a purchase, nearly Click to read more » social media strategy google haul videos mobile marketing online retailers SEO social recommendations ZMOTIn April of this year Google published an eBook dedicated to a fairly recent marketing concept called ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth). The concept is built around the 70% of Americans who look at product reviews before making a purchase, the 79% who use a smartphone to help with shopping, and the 83% of moms who do online research after seeing TV commercials.
    [Retail] The Impact of Reviews and Other Social Media Content on Shopper Purchase
    Along the path to making a purchase, nearly Click to read more » social media strategy google haul videos mobile marketing online retailers SEO social recommendations ZMOTIn April of this year Google published an eBook dedicated to a fairly recent marketing concept called ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth). The concept is built around the 70% of Americans who look at product reviews before making a purchase, the 79% who use a smartphone to help with shopping, and the 83% of moms who do online research after seeing TV commercials.
    [Retail] E-Commerce to Leapfrog Organized Retail in India?
    According to Technopak, organized retail in India will grow 4 times from $46 billion in 2014 to $182 billion in 2020, while e-commerce will grow at 14 times from $2.3 Instead of developing their own e-commerce platforms, Indian retail chains are partnering with e-commerce players to sell online (Future Group with Amazon India and Croma with Snapdeal), leading to concerns that they will be overtaken with the better funded e-commerce players. Commerce Fashion India Amazon India Croma E-Commerce Future Group Kishore Biyani Retail Snapdeal Technopak Venture Capital
    [Retail] F-Commerce - Rise Of The Facebook Consumer
    Gift cards are big business these days and many retailers are getting in on the action. The challenge was in figuring out the analytics to link those social acts back to a sale in order to create a semblance of proper retail attribution. retail. retail attribution. What the Facebook? While visiting Florida last October, I noticed a wall of gift cards near one of the checkout counters at a Target store. With all of the options available, one brand really jumped out at me. It was a gift card for Facebook. Facebook is huge and continues to grow at a staggering pace.
    [Retail] The Bright Side Of Black Friday
    Those who get the deals camp out for hours on end on unforgiving cement, and those who don't get the deals wind up trying to pick the retail shelves dry while muttering their disdain for the retailer under their breathe. If the sole purpose of Black Friday is for the retailers to clean their shelves or to get a whole whack of people into their stores, they can ignore the past five hundred words that I've written. retail. retail brand. retailer. Everybody loves a deal. Black Friday is one of those days when we wind up seeing the worst in people. brand.
    [Retail] Facebook now accounts for 1 in every 6 page views in the UK
    Taking just online retail sites as an example, the Hitwise report shows that traffic from social media sites has risen by 13% in the year to September 2010 with 9.1% of visits to all online retailers now coming from social media. Tags: Matt Rhodes Social Media Social commerce Social media for retail Social networks facebook FreshNetworks Google Hitwise Jimmy Choo Social network Social network service social search YouTube Image by LarimdaME via Flickr. Facebook accounts for 1 in every 6 page views in the UK. and Bing. And this figure is growing. Tweet This!
    [Retail] I Want To See Ads!
    It''s not the brand that is the advertiser of these ads, it''s the online retailer that''s doing a lot of this retargeting. And, is this retailer, now doing co-op advertising and charging the brand for all of this? The ability for a brand (or retailer) to follow, track and engage with a consumer across multiple media properties seems like advertising panacea, but it has to be done strategically, and in a compelling and valuable proposition for the consumer. online retailer. retail. retailer. "Of course, you want to see ads, you''re in marketing!".
    [Retail] The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers
    The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers [infographic]. Compliments of Retail Customer Experience. Portfolio
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