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How Much Google News Traffic Do Publishers Get? Here’s Data on 80 News Sites.

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But just how much traffic is it currently driving to publishers? But I’ve included enough sites to provide a good sense of the current news search opportunity for publishers. Related posts: Mobile Visits Account for 40% of All Traffic for Publishers. How Much Search and Social Media Traffic Do Publishers Get? News Sites Ranked by Google News Traffic.

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Link Building Tactics for Publishers

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When it comes to link building publishers have a significant advantage because editorial content, be it hard news or evergreen content, lends itself naturally to linking and sharing. It is one of the many reasons that content marketing has become so popular, as brands in other industries put an emphasis on content development and promotion and essentially become publishers themselves.

The Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Publishers

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What are the best tools for publishers looking to track social media activity at the content level? Chartbeat Publishing. Chartbeat Publishing was the first on the scene in this category and it continues to be the most popular. HipDek is an up-and-comer; it hasn’t achieved the critical mass of the others yet but it offers good functionality specific to publishers. Spike.

How Much Search and Social Media Traffic Do Publishers Get?

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On average, what percentage of referral traffic to publishers comes from search, social media, links and direct navigation? To get an idea of where things currently stand, I pulled 2013 referral data for a selection of 52 magazine and content sites, all well-known brands from major publishers. Publishing Social Media 10.2%. Other Web Sites 22.3%. Typed/Bookmarked 29.7%.

Mobile Visits Account for 40% of All Traffic for Publishers

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Mobile is an important and growing traffic source for all publishers, but just how much traffic does it represent? I was curious where things currently stand so I pulled mobile traffic figures from SimilarWeb for a variety of well-known brands. Related posts: How Much Search and Social Media Traffic Do Publishers Get? Publishing Here’s a breakdown by percentile. 20-29% 6.

The Best Tools for Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis and Trending Topics

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For additional suggestions see my post on social media analytics tools for publishers. 1. Search Data (@YahooSearchData) a Good Source of Trending Topics for Lifestyle Publishers. Editorial teams and content creators are always on the lookout for useful tools for keyword research and content planning. Keyword Research. 1. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner. Google Trends. Wordstream.

Publisher Survey: Reddit Traffic Way Up, Digg Way Down

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Has this translated into a significant change in social news referrals for publishers? ” I wanted to get a better idea of just how much of a shift has occurred with some of the publishers that we work with at Define Media Group. intentionally chose sites from several different publishers and focused on those with content that is a reasonably good fit for social news sites.

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SEO Metrics for Publishers: How are You Tracking and Measuring Success?

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When it comes to SEO publishers need to understand and effectively communicate progress and success. In this post I’d like to highlight some of the key metrics for publishers to focus on. Conversions – this comes into play much more in fields like e-commerce SEO, but publishers have desired conversions too. My Top Posts of 2011 on SEO, PR and Social Media for Publishers.

Survey: Pinterest a Great Source of Links for Publishers. What Types of Sites Get the Most Links?

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As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity and usage it is becoming not only an important source of traffic and engagement for publishers but also a good source of links. For reasons of client confidentially I am not able to reveal the specific sites but they are all well-known brands from major publishers. What types of sites get the most links from Pinterest? Food 612,238 12,886.

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SEO and Social Media for Publishers: A Low-Rent Infographic

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SEO and social media are now vital components of audience development for publishers of all shapes and sizes, but there are still huge opportunities for improvement. Since infographics are still (kind of) the rage I’ve been meaning to publish one here. Related posts: My Top Posts of 2011 on SEO, PR and Social Media for Publishers. Publishing

SEO Guidelines for Sponsored Content and Partner Links

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Sponsored content in various forms is growing in popularity as publishers seek additional sources of revenue. Done well it can be a good fit for both publishers and advertisers, and dare I say even add value for users. How do publishers ensure that sponsored content complies with Google’s guidelines? Survey: Pinterest a Great Source of Links for Publishers.

The Most Common Google News Errors and How to Avoid Them

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In working with publishers one of the things I’m most frequently asked to do is troubleshoot problems with Google News. To help with that, I’ve compiled a list of the Google News errors – and publisher mistakes – that I most often come across, along with a recommended solution for each. Eligibility and Indexation. It also helps to segment your news content (i.e.

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SEO Tips for Infinite Scrolling

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Publishers are starting to use it more often too on their home and channel pages. Infinite scrolling has been growing in popularity with various forms being utilized on a variety of sites. While there are pros and cons from both a technical and usability perspective, and it hasn’t worked for everyone , in the right situation it can be a good fit. Don’t Forget SEO.

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5 Ways that Social Media Impacts SEO

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It is intended to be a general overview for publishers. That’s a common question these days as publishers try to make the most of search and social for audience development. Also be sure to check out my thorough, painstakingly created SEO and Social Media for Publishers: A Low-Rent Infographic. My Top Posts of 2011 on SEO, PR and Social Media for Publishers.

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Pinterest: Great Opportunity for Lifestyle Publishers and Brands

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While any photo-rich site can benefit from Pinterest, at least at this stage in its evolution there are particularly strong opportunities for lifestyle publishers and brands. At the moment it has more followers than all of the others combined. I am primarily covering publishers in this post but there are also solid opportunities for retailers. Should Publishers Add “Pin It” Buttons?

The Google News Standout Tag: Does it Work?

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The standout tag for Google News has been around for a couple years now but many news publishers are still uncertain about it. So I do encourage news publishers to experiment with it; the key is to use it conservatively and have realistic expectations on what the return will be. That is something that nearly every publisher (that wants to be in Google News) wishes they had more of.

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8 Critical SEO and Digital Marketing Opportunities

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So I put together a round-up of current SEO and digital marketing trends that offer good opportunities for publishers. For publishers there is promise, however it’s too soon to say if the pros will outweigh cons such as giving up some control and/or technical complications. Syndication is an important audience development and traffic driving tool for publishers.

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Official Publisher Profiles on Digg One Year Later: Followers up 720%

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When I did my original post Digg v4 was just about to come out of alpha so there has been a significant increase in exposure for the profiles and many more publishers have created them. Most of the publishers continue to follow very few others: Profile Following 8/10/11 Following 8/4/10. 8/10/11 Diggs by Publisher. 8/4/10 Increase Comments by Publisher.

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StumbleUpon Traffic to Magazine and Content Sites Down 27%

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For confidentially reasons I am not able to reveal the specific titles, but they are all well-known brands from major publishers. One thing that is important to point out is that some publishers participate in StumbleUpon Paid Discovery which has an impact on their traffic figures. Personally I’m a fan of StumbleUpon both for users and as a source of traffic for publishers.

29% of the Top 500 Google+ Pages are News and Content Sites

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Whenever I do a presentation on Google+ for publishers I mention that quite a few news and content brands are among the most followed pages. The point being that Google+ does indeed offer good opportunities for audience development, engagement and content promotion. Today I thought I’d check to see just how many news and content sites are among the top 500 pages on Google+. 143 OK!

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The Best Free (or Cheap) Tools for Blogger and Influencer Outreach

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For publishers it typically involves identifying users that are sharing, discussing and linking to content from your brands and their competitors, and about specific topics. Blogger and influencer outreach is an area with strong crossover between PR, audience development and link building. But the same general approach applies to any industry. Each tool is free unless otherwise noted. Topsy.

The Most Popular and Active News Brands on Instagram

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Instagram may be a better fit for lifestyle publishers like the sites I covered in my posts on StumbleUpon traffic declines , Pinterest traffic gains and links from Pinterest. Pinterest: Great Opportunity for Lifestyle Publishers and Brands. So it seems like a good time for media organizations to take stock of their efforts on the photo sharing site. Washington Post 66,969 167 391.

My Top Posts of 2011 on SEO, PR and Social Media for Publishers

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Is Using Facebook Comments Good for Publishers? The post on Facebook analytics tools did well considering I just published it last week. PublishingAs another year comes to a close I thought I’d finish off with a roundup of this year’s most popular posts. Original idea! PRFilter Shows Press Release Buzzword Abuse Still Prevalent. Is LinkedIn the New Old Boys Network? Thank You.

Media Relations Gone Wrong: How Not to Pitch a Journalist (Video)

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Then a bunch of other sites will take your article, barely change it and then publish it on their own sites. –So will you publish the story today? The Internet and social media have certainly made it easier to conduct media relations in a more efficient and less intrusive way. Or stand over the fax machine feeding through one press release at at time. –My press release.

A Simple Workflow for Keyword Research for Content Planning

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Mining keyword research, analytics and competitive data to identify new evergreen content opportunities does not always get the attention it deserves from busy editorial teams, despite this being an area with considerable upside for publishers. But what about using search and social data to influence the editorial calendar over the longer term? Keyword Research for Content Planning. SEMRush.

Google Expanded Sitelinks: Optimize Opening Text in META Description Tag

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MLB and the Chicago Bulls offer examples of what can get pulled in from pages with no META description tag and not much text content: — Related posts: Publishers: Solve Tracking Code, Duplicate Content Issues with the Canonical URL Tag. Google’s expanded sitelinks give sites greater exposure for branded searches and the ability to dominate the page one results above the fold.

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The Best Free Tools for Twitter Analytics

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Twitter has created its own free analytics tool , however it is still in beta and not yet available to everyone: The data is fairly basic; the publishers we work with that already have access have not found it particularly useful yet. What are the best free tools for analyzing a Twitter profile? For a list of trend tools see the Twitter section in Free Tools for Monitoring Hot Search Trends.

5 Good Ideas for News Media Facebook Pages

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Geotargeting isn’t a natural fit for every news organization, but for those with content that will appeal to specific areas and those that publish in multiple languages it is worth experimenting with. 2) Try a Guest Editor. Print publishers, particularly magazines, have a powerful draw that they can use to their advantage: people love to see their name in print. What Else?

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Google News news_keywords Meta Tag: More Cons than Pros?

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The Google News news_keywords meta tag is now available to all publishers that are approved for inclusion. It is nice that Google News is trying to accommodate publishers and allow for more witty, print-style headlines. But in the bigger picture encouraging the use of this tag has as many potential cons as pros, so publishers should be careful about how they promote it internally.

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10 Practical Twitter Tips for Publishers

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The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases

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Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases by Adam Sherk on June 29, 2010 Unique, one-of-a-kind, best-of-breed…blah, blah, blah. They turn me off on the company that publishes them more than anything else. And let’s be honest, we’ve all used it at one time or another — shame on us.

7 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Publishers

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Paras has been doing some interesting work with A/B testing and conversion rate optimization so I thought it would be good to get some tips for publishers from him. As the director of Visual Website Optimizer (A/B testing software) I have had the opportunity to observe hundreds of A/B tests by our (publisher) customers and analyze what works for them. Tags: Publishing Yes / No.&#

Pinterest Traffic to Magazine Sites Up 141% But Figures Still Modest

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It is well established that Pinterest offers great opportunities for lifestyle publishers but how well is it paying off in actual site traffic? selected sites from several different major publishers that are a natural fit for Pinterest, specifically those that cover food, home, women’s fashion and entertainment. See Publisher Survey: Reddit Traffic Way Up, Digg Way Down ).

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Is Using Facebook Comments Good for Publishers?

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So is the system good for publishers? So if you publish content that appeals to a wide audience, and if you don’t already have a well-engaged on-site community, the positives outweigh the negatives and Facebook Comments is worth experimenting with. 10 Practical Twitter Tips for Publishers. So I’d rather not put that activity into my Facebook news feed. think it is.

An Ode to Blog Comment Spam

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Finally, you have to admire the “it’s them not me” approach of this one: I have to say Akismet does a good job of catching spam comments like these. A few make it through each week but the vast majority are caught before they are published. Is Using Facebook Comments Good for Publishers? PublishingRelated posts: Blog Tag Optimization Tips for News Sites.

Yahoo! Search Data (@YahooSearchData) a Good Source of Trending Topics for Lifestyle Publishers

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Now that the Hot Searches list on Google Trends has been stripped down publishers are moving to other sources for monitoring search trends. Specific to lifestyle publishers the Google data was never all that useful anyway since it was dominated by topics like breaking news, sports and entertainment. So what’s a lifestyle site covering things like food, fashion or home to do?

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Google News Tip for Google+ Embedded Posts

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A quick tip for news publishers on using Google+ embedded posts. When embedding a Google+ post in a news article, be sure to include enough original editorial text to meet the 80 word minimum for Google News indexation. The same goes for Facebook Embedded Posts , Embedded Tweets and any other form of embedded multimedia. Google News Wants Title Tags to Match Headlines?