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Once it’s set up on your site, users can log in using their Google, AOL, Yahoo, or OpenID account…no need to create another username and password. Currently it only offers a few “gadgets&# but I’m sure it will be rolling out more down the road. It will be intersting to see if it takes much market share from Ning which is a finished product for end users. Media.

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Lastly, don’t expect your consumers to be using a variety of social networks and email platforms –they are not evenly distributed, surprisingly, Yahoo has more login than Facebook logins. timbursch Do you think we will see a Social ID, similar to OpenID? By sharing their experiences with friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, etc.

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Must register / have username. ** Reviews powered by JS-Kit comment form – accepts login via Facebook, Twitter, Google Profile, JS-Kit, FriendFeed, Yahoo, Blogger, HaloScan, or OpenID. Groups such as Google (free) or Yahoo (free). In the last few months, I have had the privilege of becoming a regular contributor on several multi-author blogs such as Search Engine Journal , Famous Bloggers , Social Media Examiner , Search Engine Watch , and Stay on Search. Announcements. This should be the most obvious and important use of a private blog group. Post Promotion. link].

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Use Yahoo! Get a account for its OpenID benefits. Chris, I found the first section immediately valuable, especially the links to Yahoo Site Explorer, CrazyEgg, and Summize - not only for personal branding but for web marketing in general. Covering social media business strategy and personal power. About. Speaking. Rockstars. Subscribe. Newsletters. 100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media. June 16, 2008. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else. Bravo!

RIP 3 Ways Facebook is Killing Your Website

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Facebook’s opening of the API to searches (and the subsequent inclusion of Facebook content in Google, Bing, Yahoo search results) blunts the historical searchability advantage of Web pages. Build a website. Make it useful and at least moderately pleasing to the eye. Keep it updated. Make your content at least semi-friendly for search engines. Bingo! digital marketing success story. Not now. Who killed the website? Facebook, of course. Ironically, Facebook itself started as humble website. Do You “Like&# Me in Attack Mode? Facebook is waging a three-pronged war on websites.