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Facebook Under Fire: Do Marketers Care?

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Clients from great startups to established Fortune 500 brands are continuing their bullish investment in Facebook advertising despite the accidental misreporting of video duration and completion metrics. In addition to Moat, Nielsen, comScore and Integral Ad Science , other partners will start to verify ad viewability and attention metrics in the next few months. Facebook has been under a lot of scrutiny over the recent discovery that its video duration metrics were incorrect. That’s why it started an audit to review its metrics to ensure that there were no other reporting errors.

[Cool Social Tools] IssueLab: To Unlock PDF Jail, Share What You Know


Startups and tech vendors are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms – SocialFish readers love to read about new tools and apps! Nielsen-Norman said they are “unfit for human consumption.” A few years ago the Washington Post sarcastically suggested “the solutions to all our problems may be buried in PDFs that nobody reads.”.

Instagram for Business: 30 Tips to Grow Your Audience and Stand Out on Instagram

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Across more than 400 campaigns measured globally with Nielsen Brand Effect, ad recall from sponsored posts on Instagram was 2.8x higher than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising. Instagram is the go-to place for over 300 million people to share their photos, videos, and stories every single day. The importance of goal setting and how to create a clear Instagram strategy. Mascot.

Cómo se dice… “Strategic Communications”?

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Pruitt is CEO  and co-founder of a pre-launch tech startup and therefore serves no other useful purpose at the moment. She was named one of Nielsen’s Power Mom 50 Influential Bloggers in 2009 as @Geekmommy – but that was in the Pleistocene era of the Blogosphere and now she just ignores her ever-growing inbox and reads Spin Sucks to stay in touch. In hindsight?

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4 Ways the Twitter You Know is Changing Forever

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An exclusive partnership with Nielsen , buttressed by its recent acquisition of social TV data firm BlueFin means Twitter itself will provide data that analyzes tweets and provides ratings for the social impact of television shows. startup wants to change that, however, and enable Twitter to fulfill its promise as a real-time discussion forum. Twitter as a Ratings Service.

What to Consider When Building an In-House Social Media Team

Home Social Media Business Entertainment Tech Web Video Dev & Design Apple Mobile Social Good Jobs Business News Advertising & Marketing Small Business Advice Career Development Money & Finance Business Apps Now Trending : iPhone Versus Android: Nielsen Delivers the Numbers [STATS] November 2, 2010 Amy-Mae Elliott View Comments What to Consider When Building an In-House Social Media Team email share email share Do you like this story? View More » Business Essential Startup Funding Tips From 8. Push Notifications Startup Raises Ano. Studard agrees.

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5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing

We're a small B2B software startup and we focus on testing out new campaigns/tools and are constantly reviewing the metrics to determine what's working. Mark Zuckerberg: The iPad Isn't Mobile 4 iPhone Versus Android: Nielsen Delivers the Num. 5 12 Tech Toys for a Geeked-Out Wedding 6 Why Google Is Suing the U.S. View More » Dev & Design 7 A/B Testing Resources for Startups. Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Mobile 2.0 The B2B Social Media Marketing Series is supported by IDG Enterprise. Learn more.

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HOW TO: Gain Twitter Influence

Home Social Media Business Entertainment Tech Web Video Dev & Design Apple Mobile Social Good Jobs Social Media News Twitter Facebook Foursquare YouTube MySpace Google Microsoft Humor & Culture Now Trending : iPhone Versus Android: Nielsen Delivers the Numbers [STATS] November 2, 2010 Sarah Kessler View Comments HOW TO: Gain Twitter Influence email share email share Do you like this story? View More » Business Essential Startup Funding Tips From 8. Push Notifications Startup Raises Ano. iPhone Versus Android: Nielsen Delive. Or are you even involved?

How to Hack Your Efficiency with an Agile Blog Planning Process

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CoSchedule is a startup that believes in agile development. As a startup, we change fast. Norman Nielsen Group covered this topic on Web design , and loosely translated, this is what it means for your blog: If readers like one post on a blog, they’re more likely to judge the entire blog favorably in the future. That’s being effective. Excellent. Right? But You can.

What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing

Frighteningly Fun Zombie iPhone Games Apple Launches Online Store in China 5 Fun iPhone Accessories for Kids Apple Now Offers Free iPad Engraving View More » Mobile iPhone Versus Android: Nielsen Delive. New Startup Seeks to Turn Your Mobile. Movies music myspace ONLINE VIDEO politics pop culture privacy Search small business social good social media social networking social networks software sports startups tech television trending tv twitter verizon video video games viral video web video Wordpress Yahoo youtube Join More Than 2.8 Learn more. million followers).

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Picking a new social media monitoring service

The initial startup for any search also takes some time to populate with the proper information. Pricing - $13,000/year with unlimited searches, existing customers get the same rate for 15 months Nielsen Buzzmetrics – Now this tool was awesome when I sat in the demo. It was a total hands-off tool that had the good folks at Nielsen analyze what’s being said in the social space.

The Future of Blogging: I Had to Tell You This

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prediction about the future of blogging; a platform actively used by over 181 million people (Nielsen data for October 2011). This is an important blog post, because it makes a prediction. Not only will you learn why I think most blogging advice is dated and ineffective, but I’ll also reveal where I believe this entire industry is heading, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

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Social Media Metrics Superlist: Measurement, ROI, & Key Statistics Resources

The Top 20 Social Networks of 2008 From Mashable: Discussion of final numbers from 2008, and with them, a look at the rankings and trends within the top 20 social networks, according to Nielsen Online. Interactive Insights Group Interactive Insights Group helps companies use the Internet and Social Media to grow their business. Boss asking about the ROI of your social media campaigns?

Content Aggregation For Links, Traffic And Buzz

There are many new developments in areas like social media and technology that need to be “translated&# into plain English so that, for example, a small business owner can understand it and act on it. I’m thinking, for example, of the usability articles by Jakob Nielsen (great content but perhaps too dense for some people) or the excellent articles by Kevin Kelly in The Technium.

What’s So Funny About Social Media and Online Marketing? 2010 Edition

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Marketing’s Greatest Creation: The iPhone Cult by The Great Startup Game. Remembering Leslie Nielsen: His Best Quotes by Funny or Die. Anyone can tweet, post or email a funny or clever link and waste a few minutes of your day. This post is more ambitious: wasting your entire day. Maybe not today. Maybe it would be best to read this post on a weekend. Seriously. Priceless.

Social Search at LinkedIn Beats Google - ReadWriteWeb

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LinkedIns 361% year-over-year growth handily beats Facebooks 56% growth in the same period, according to the latest stats from Nielsen: However many people have pointed out to me that my case is unusual. startups. ReadWriteWeb. RWW Network. ReadWriteWeb. ReadWriteTalk. Last100. AltSearchEngines. About. Subscribe. Contact. Advertise. RWW Daily by Email. RWW Weekly Wrap-up. Web Apps. Trends. Google. Microsoft. Facebook. Archives. Social Search at LinkedIn Beats Google. Written by Bernard Lunn / May 21, 2008 11:15 AM. / 12 Comments. just found a more useful way to search than Google.