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Twitter and Facebook Both Quietly Kill RSS, Completely

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At that time, they removed the prominent RSS icons and made it only possible to access an RSS feed for an individual by logging completely out of Twitter, and visiting that individual's profile page. Here's the scoop: the RSS itself is still there (as Jesse's roundabout method for finding it shows). The hyperlink to the RSS on the profile page; and. 2. Hope that helps!"

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With the New Design, Twitter Kills RSS, Literally

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The blogosphere is abuzz lately about the latest trend: “RSS is Dead,&# everyone says. Other blogs say “RSS isn’t dead.&# (of which side I tend to agree with). Whatever side you agree with, I just discovered one thing we’ll all be able to agree with: at least on its own site in the new design, Twitter has quite literally killed RSS. Hope that helps!&#.


APOSDLE learn@work - Triple-I

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Workshop on Contextualized Attention Metadata: Profiling and Modelling User Activities - Call for Papers. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications: Metadata for Semantic and Social Applications. News as RSS Feed. Sitemap. Search: Top menu. Overview. Workplan. Results. Events. Publications. Partners. Weblog. Contact. APOSDLE learn@work. -->.

Types Of HTML 5 Content | Small Business Mavericks

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Here they are in a nutshell: Metadata Flow Content Sectioning Content Heading Content Phrasing Content Embedded Content Interactive Content All of these types of content are in current use, of course, but HTML 5 provides definitions for them and specific protocols for deploying them within the HTML code. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 With Web 2.0

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6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Blog


downloaded an RSS reader called RSS Bot , although there are many others available, such as Feedly. Use Snappy Social Metadata  . It’s really important that you include OpenGraph tags in the metadata of all your posts. This is a guest contribution from Will Nicholls. It was a little over two years ago when I first went online and bought my blog’s domain name. The result?

This Week in Social Media – 6/12/2013

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Could Facebook be working on its own RSS reader ? Now, most of this is purported to be more innocuous metadata, such as frequency of calls, numbers dialed, countries, etc. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry. These are those links. And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in the This Week in Social Media Magazine. Think email is dead? Think again. Mobile.

5 Basics to Having Your Post go Viral


Have you checked the metadata? The longer I blog, the more I hear of bloggers trying to go viral. I’m sure on top of posting consistently, using social media strategically, and generally providing interesting, useful, and inspiring content on the internet, it would be a little help if that content was seen by as many people as possible. Going viral wouldn’t hurt, right? General

Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags

According to the official source : Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets. Hashtags are getting more and more popular (despite the fact some people are against them wishing their Twitter stream to be metadata-free and “as human a form of communication as possible&# ). Where can I find what hashtags people are using?

Toward a New Knowledge Society

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Resources described in LOM or RSS Eg. content author, publisher, classifier) Distributed metadata â?? metadata models â?? analogy: personal information [link] Slide 36: Metadata Slide 37: What Will We See? RSS Feed. (beta). My Slidespace. Upload. Community. Widgets. Latest. |. Most Viewed. |. Most Embedded. |. Featured. |. Most Favorited. |. Most Downloaded. |. Slidecasts. Uploading. Download not available The user has chosen not to allow download of this file. If you need it badly, send a request on his/her slidespace. All Comments (3). downes.

Social Media From A to Z: A Glossary


Atom and other Web syndication formats like RSS are now used for many purposes, including journalism, marketing, bug-reports, or any other activity involving periodic updates or publications. News Reader : A news reader enables users to aggregate articles from multiple Web sites into one place using RSS or Atom feeds. But never fear! An example of this is the Twitter API. site (e.g.

Online Content Curation: The Key To Building Visibility, Authority And Value

On the Internet, these include RSS feeds , podcasts , saved searches, and search filters that deliver relevant information for easy processing and sharing. Modern libraries even employ professionals with titles such as " metadata specialists ". follow RobinGood at [link] News Archive Home | Subscribe | RSS Feeds | Site Map | Syndicate Edited by: Luigi Canali De Rossi.

Why Curation Is Just as Important as Creation [OPINION]

Content curators currently enjoy power because most content creators don’t know the basics of online publication, such as the creation of meaningful metadata, the need to have clean code, and the importance of manual registration with key directories. RSS Feed 587,678+ Subscribers. RSS Lists. People Recommended Mashable Staff More people. Trending Stories. Who Gets Heard?

50 Ways to use Social Media, listed by Objective « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang Home About Speaking Research Media Contact Subscribe via RSS Connect with Jeremiah: twitter friendfeed linkedin flickr technorati Connect with Jeremiah on twitter @ spicedawg56 It is! Ensure you offer the basics on your site, like an email alternative to an RSS subscription. Learn how tagging and other metadata improve your ability to search and measure the spread of information. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 Yet remember email is a social network. Learn which bloggers might care about your customer.

Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 5: The Curator Attributes And Skills

What makes a successful " newsmaster " is therefore not the ability to maneveur freely with RSS feeds, aggregators and PHP includes, or having access to the latest content curation technology, but rather the level of passion and depth of interest for a specific subject matter, and the harmonious and coordinated application of a rare and multidisciplinary skillset. It’s a way to add value.

Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 2: Aggregation Is Not Curation

The explosion of RSS-based information channels and my early experiments with it, led me to think that whoever, like Robert Scoble was claiming to be able to follow hundreds of thousands of news feed sources, would have had to soon question his assessments. It is in the DNA of RSS to be wanting to be free, to be further reused, personalized and syndicated. Guess what?

Online Content Distribution: Guide To The Best Content Syndication Services

After a free registration, you can access the management console, where you can configure every aspect of your widget: styling, embed options, metadata, keywords, backlinks and more. The company adds value to the content gathered by adding metadata, stock ticker-symbols, keywords and other categorization fields that make your content easy to find. No analytics features.

Traffic Technique 6: Backlinks


Search engines link to the sites they list, advertising links to sales pages, and other tools that aren’t part of the web, but are still online—like RSS and email—help us generate traffic through links. Originally they gave value to links, the link text, and the metadata associated with links, such as link titles and follow attributes. So links are an integral part of the web.

Storify and the search for curation

Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Google, RSS and bookmarks (custom links) comprise the story creation palette.  When Twitter starts rolling out their metadata features though things could get really interesting. TNW Location Chaplin movie time traveler TNW Social Media Is Google a Monopoly? TNW Google TNW Podcast 32: Take Two The Next Web Viewing the US through Taiwans eyes.

Twitter Homepage Refresh | Justin Levy

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If youre new here or just an old friend, Id love it if you subscribed via RSS feed. link] This comment was originally posted on Twitter [link] Ari Herzog If you visit [link] , you can search metadata from bios, urls, locations, and names. Thanks for taking time out of your day to come hang out here! Once you log-in nothing has changed, at least as of yet.  What do you think?

12 kinds of Knowledge Workers

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Other interested webloggers could subscribe (via RSS) to such channels and could ping them whenever they write something that relates to the topic at hand that they wish to share with the community of subscribers. They provide a sociality-driven incentive for bloggers to apply metadata tags to their posts. Metadata has never been more fun!". Well, thats perhaps an exaggeration, but Im personally much more interested in metadata that means something for people other than me. RSS Discovery shows my rss feed in clean html. Updated: 12/08/2002; 12:50:46 AM.

Mathemagenic " Reasons for using weblog to keep information bits

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RSS Feed. From another, it is essentially a set of webpages connected by links, with permalinks, metadata and underlying standards. Comments RSS. « New weblog, new RSS feed | Personal side of social media: learning from weblogs » Welcome! Entries RSS. Comments RSS. Mathemagenic. Lilia Efimova on personal productivity in knowledge-intensive environments, weblog research, knowledge management, PhD, serendipity and lack of work-life balance… Home. About. June 22nd 2008 11:00 pm. Reasons for using weblog to keep information bits. Website.

50 Ways Marketers use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing

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Learn how tagging and other metadata improve your ability to search and measure the spread of information. Ensure you offer the basics on your site, like an email alternative to an RSS subscription. Social media isn’t always the right tool for the job. Not every company needs a blog. YouTube worked for BlendTec, but it might not work for your company. Don’t fabricate this). Gently.

eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

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PLEs are meant to simplify managing these artefacts, creating meaning through aggregation, linking and metadata tagging (eg comments, keywords). A PLE integrates with the digital services to which the individual currently subscribes. But standardisation (aside from RSS feeds from within the VLE environment) is improbable, with each VLE having its own processing and storage idiosyncrasies.

Social Media Monitoring Grudge Match: Radian6 vs. Scout Labs

Sharability - not just alerts, let me set up streams (RSS feeds) out of the monitoring. Topic/Theme Clouds (We do them all day) -Author/Audience Data (We have the author data and with a little bit of work we can expose the audience data) -Sharability (We have the ability to share data via RSS) I agree this space is becoming the wild west and it's getting more interesting every day.

The complete knowledge sharing guide. |

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It can either be pushed to you (RSS and email for example), or you can set out looking for it yourself (on Google, for example). The stuff you would ask someone only when needed can be dealt with through pull (Google, or if you have access to it, a professional source like Factiva), while the stuff you’d like someone to come tell you should be set up through push (think RSS).

The FASTForward Blog " Managing Personal Knowledge: Setting a Foundation for Transformation? : Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

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via RSS. metadata. via RSS. Entries RSS. Comments RSS. Managing Personal Knowledge: Setting a Foundation for Transformation? by Bill Ives. May 2, 2007 at 2:45 pm. · Filed under Enterprise 2.0. have read about the debate between Tom Davenport and Andrew McAfee with interest but resisted getting involved until now. The debate was recently posted on again in a useful way on this blog by Tom Mandel, Transforming enterprise work â?? can it transform the enterprise itself? RAVE in a few weeks. tools. In Tomsâ?? words. â??I argues that his own blog â?? Worked.

Measuring Engagement

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Tagging (user-generated metadata). Register for Alerts by RSS feed – to get new content. If engagement is the holy grail of social media marketing, how do we know if we’ve hit the jackpot? How many of our visitors are fully engaged and how many are walking away? Measurement depends on setting goals, establishing benchmarks and then measuring progress toward the goal.  make a noise.

Measuring Engagement

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Tagging (user-generated metadata). Register for Alerts by RSS feed – to get new content. If engagement is the holy grail of social media marketing, how do we know if we’ve hit the jackpot? How many of our visitors are fully engaged and how many are walking away? Measurement depends on setting goals, establishing benchmarks and then measuring progress toward the goal.  make a noise.

Curating, not moderating, the flow of content and participation

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