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Give Your Campaign Video Marketing Boost

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Give Your Campaign Video Marketing Boost By Alexander Harrison. When you consider that at least half of mobile web traffic is video content, it doesn’t take much figuring out that if you’re not making use of this marketing medium, you’re potentially missing out on giving your advertising campaign a welcome shot in the arm. Raise Your Profile & Increase Trust. Positive ROI.

How To Start A Mobile Marketing Strategy

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How To Start A Mobile Marketing Strategy. Have you considered mobile marketing as part of your advertising strategy? Here is how you can embark with a successful mobile marketing strategy. App Based Mobile Marketing. That is why you should certainly consider app-based mobile marketing. SMS Marketing. In-Game Marketing. QR Codes. Mobile Search Ads.

Why An ERP Performs Better In The Cloud

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There are so many ERP (enterprise resource planning) options currently on the market that it’s easy for enterprises to find one perfectly suited to their unique requirements. Why An ERP Performs Better In The Cloud. Before diving into the details however, it’s important for any prospective user to choose between an on-site or cloud ERP deployment. Here’s why: Management Is Handled For You.

3 Top Internet Marketing Jobs To Watch In 2017

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3 Top Internet Marketing Jobs To Watch In 2017. For this reason, companies are searching for internet marketing professionals to give them an edge on the market. Here are three of the most sought after positions in the internet marketing world right now: SEO Specialist. Search Engine Marketing. SEM is a completely different field from SEO marketing.

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Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls

Your Next Trade Show Checklist

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Trade shows are the real deal, but just like keeping people’s shrinking attention span on the internet is tantamount to marketing success, so is keeping people engaged when in a face-to-face interaction. Your Next Trade Show Checklist. What other time can you look people in the eye to talk about your brand and its story? Real life interaction for the win. Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

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Social Networking Stats: LinkedIn Is Most Important Social Network for B2B Marketers, #RLTM Scoreboard

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LinkedIn Is Most Important Social Network for B2B Marketers. When asked which social media method is most important for their social outreach, LinkedIn was the clear winner among B2B marketers (chosen by 30%) according to  new research by BtoB. YouTube was significantly less popular with just 8%, and Google+ was most important for only 1% of B2B marketers. via  CNET. via  CNET.

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Increase Your Business With Social Media and SEO

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This is a wrong idea, because social media has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade and is now one of the best ways to market your products and increase your business. Increase Your Business With Social Media and SEO. If you want to improve your business, then you need to use social media along with your SEO strategies. You need to regularly post on the subject and build a following.

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The 5 Elements Of Successful Influencer Marketing Programs

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Businesses have always understood that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful ways to shape opinions and drive awareness, preference and sales. “Influencer marketing” is simply the new, fancy way to describe word-of-mouth. So what are the elements that actually make up an influencer marketing program? Want to learn more about influencer marketing?

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations

Salorix Launches AI-Powered Predictive Influencer Marketing And Social Media Management Platform

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It “brings direct marketing discipline” into social media, and enables scale. But if you’re looking to manage influencer marketing and social media outreach programs around high-ticket purchases such as cars or financial products, this is a product you or your agency need to take for a test drive. The Fortune Global 100 companies are mentioned 5.6

52% of B2C Marketers Plan To Increase Social Marketing Budgets in 2013

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The vast majority – 70% – of B2C marketers are moderately to highly engaged in social media, followed closely by 63% of B2B marketers, according to Webmarketing123′s new “ State of Digital Marketing 2012 Report.”  The report examines lead generation, marketing budgets, and measurement of ROI for both B2B and B2C marketers using social media in the US.

How To Go Viral Gangnam Style: Great Content, Great Marketing, Or Both?

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What fueled this meteoric rise in popularity – the content, the marketing, celebrity tweeting, or some combination of these elements? 10 Yetis researcher Andy Barr noted: “Many online marketing analysts cited celebrity tweets as the reason behind the Gangnam Style success, but this was clearly wrong: celebrity tweets did not happen until after the initial spikes in traffic.”.

#HashAtIt: Now You Can Search Hashtags Over Multiple Social Platforms

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Are hashtags part of your brand’s marketing plan? Hashtags work on multiple social networks – but until recently there was no easy way to search them on all of these platforms. Enter ; the site bills itself as “the first social media search engine that gives users a way to gather information on any metadata tags (#hashtags) from popular social networks.”

Don’t Get Lost In Translation

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Even the smallest of businesses with a quality product or service to offer can now build the necessary web based infrastructure that allows them to reach localized markets in the blink of an eye. When tapping into new markets in foreign lands, it’s important to ensure that your website can make the sale. Don’t Get Lost In Translation. Proper Translation Services.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Media Fragmentation: 3 Strategies For How Business Marketers Can Keep Up

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This is a guest post written by Lisa Smith, Director of Media and Markets Research/Mindwave Research. Our experience with research tracking media consumption and buying behaviors in the B2B tech markets shows significant shifts in who is involved: 20 years ago: B2B tech buying largely done in IT departments with CIOs and IT managers unilaterally driving purchase decisions.

Only 17% Of Businesses Measure Social Media ROI; 12% Have A Realtime Analytics Solution

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The survey was conducted online in the spring of 2012 and drew more than 500 participants from a wide variety of professional disciplines and industries, including media, financial services, consulting, marketing, human resources, engineering, and others. ” But the majority (53%) say they don’t know when they will be investing in solutions that support big data analytics.

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PeopleBrowsr v. Twitter: The Arguments On Each Side — And What’s At Stake

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Twitter has changed its guidance over the years, moving downstream into the mobile and desktop client markets, and changing the terms around API access, all of which have impacted a variety of third-party developers who had built business models based on Twitter’s initial assertions that it was in favor of an open ecosystem. PeopleBrowsr: The Complaint. ” The Pipeline Cracks.

Top Social Media Case Studies of 2012

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” Social Media Marketing: Burberry Launches New Campaign on 10 Social Platforms  (July 11): Luxury brand and “digital darling” Burberry launched its Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign on 6 social platforms in the US and 4 in China. What were the most popular social media case studies in 2012? What did you think were the most interesting case studies of 2012?

Social Networking Stats: Millennials Are 56% More Likely To Find Brand Content On Social Networks

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“Our survey shows that social is the channel of first choice for millennials, and that will have broad implications for marketing as brands seek to build trust and relationships with this important demographic,” says Paige O-Neill, CMO of SDL. . The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 1.23 billion monthly active users. via  Facebook. YouTube.

Realtime Marketing: How To Plan For The Moment

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This is a guest post by Matthew Yeoman of the Social Media Marketing blog. When realtime marketing works, it’s because you have something much bigger than you doing your marketing for you. How Does the “Moment” Do Your Realtime Marketing For You? When the time is right, they are shared on social media and the moment does the marketing for them.

89% of CMOs Say Social Data Has Influenced Their Decisions

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The survey asked members of the CMO Club (a forum for top marketing executives) how they value social data, as reported by MIT Sloan Management Review. Social Media Statistics Bazaarvoice chief marketing officer CMO CMO study marketing social business social dataIn general, CMOs surveyed expressed a high opinion about the value of social data.

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Social Media Marketing: Burberry Launches New Campaign on 10 Social Platforms

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Burberry, a “digital darling” among luxury brands, recently launched its Autumn/Winter 2012 collection across 10 different social platforms, according to L2.  YouTube has a series of short films about the collection. Instagram has a selection of campaign images. Pinterest features exclusive, behind-the-scenes photography from the photo shoot.

Influicity Introduces YouTube Influencer Marketplace

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Influicity is set to unveil a “first-to-market” platform that allows marketers to efficiently search and connect with YouTube influencers. Once selected, marketers can collaborate with influencers using the platform’s campaign management and analysis tools to bring a video campaign to life. Selections appear on the right.

Customer Service on Twitter: Top Brands Respond To Only 14% Of Tweets

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Both studies indicate that in order to keep up with customer expectations , brands need to expand their focus on social media to include customer service efforts in addition to marketing initiatives. Nearly all (95%) of top brands are active on Twitter, and 23% of top brands have Twitter handles dedicated to customer service, according to a  Simply Measured study. Positive (“thank you!”).

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TweetLevel’s New Influence Measurement Tool Delivers Far More Than A Score

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The topic search tool allows marketers to identify influencers that are relevant to the conversations they care about. The influencer types analysis helps marketers to understand how best to engage with individual influencers. What’s critical for marketers is to understand how these different influencer types shape the flow of a conversation. engagement, and trust.

5 Tips To Secure Your Business Success

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You don’t have to have a huge weighty tome in place, you just need to outline specific objectives, outcomes you want to achieve, how you’re going to get there and your sales and marketing plan. 5 Tips To Secure Your Business Success. Succeeding in business is something that all of us aspire to. Think about it, none of us go into business to be mediocre, right? Use the right kind of office.

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How To Organize A Brand Hackathon (And Why) – Interview With Betabrand’s Chris Lindland

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Its fans are its biggest marketing asset, and the company uses its brand as a platform on which its customers can express themselves. We recently ran a post covering the  Facebook-powered sock insurance program  from Betabrand, maker of geek chic such as the Executive Pinstripe Hoodie  and the Nauseating Holiday Pants. You don’t own your brand: your customers do. And The mission?

We’ve Updated Our Influence Measurement Guide

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Tools like Traackr, mBlast and Appinions have all updated and enhanced their analytics and the support that they offer for tracking real-time conversations or managing influencer marketing programs. What are the best practices for using tools like Klout to run Perks marketing programs—and are these programs effective?

Facebook Brand Engagement Grows 896% Year-Over-Year

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more effective social marketing by brands. Adobe concludes that “Facebook is becoming a more valuable advertising marketing channel than in the past” and marketers should take advantage by including more social -and mobile – marketing in their mix. Mobile engagement is also way up; around one-quarter of Facebook engagement came from mobile users.

“Digitally Mature” Companies Make More Money

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How about this one:  according to a new study by Capgemini Consulting and the MIT Center for Digital Business, companies that are “digitally mature” generate more revenue, are more profitable and achieve higher market valuations. Still looking for ways to convince your boss, clients or board of investors to invest money in realtime tools and strategies?

77% Of Company Mentions On Social Media Are Neutral

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Language is another important factor for marketers to keep in mind: though 64% of posts with company mentions were written in English, a substantial amount of influencers interacted in French (16% of mentions) and Spanish (11% of mentions). Contrary to popular belief, most company mentions on social networks are linked not to a positive or negative message, but a neutral one. Monday: 14%.

6 Strategies for Increasing Fan Engagement on Facebook (Wildfire Research)

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Brand advocates — people who share content that results in a new person engaging with a campaign – generate an average of 14 earned media impressions each, according to research released today by Wildfire, the social media marketing software company recently acquired by Google. On average, only 17% of fans share a brand’s campaign with friends and family.

Facebook Customer Satisfaction Score Hits Record Low

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Facebook and Google+ are competing on two critical fronts: customer experience and market penetration. Users are not happy with Facebook, according to a survey released today by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).  But Google+, a newcomer to the survey, tied for the highest score in the Social Media category. The average score in the Social Media category was 69, down 1.4%

What “Big” Social Media Means for Small Businesses

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Even our best attempts to keep up with trends and hop on the bandwagon feel hollow as every other marketer on the block seems to be doing the exact same thing. As social media marketing remains an enigma for many SMBs, large-scale success seems so far away. With so many marketers reaching for the same brass ring, how do we make our own mark? And why not? Hashtags. Newsjacking.

WhatsApp Now Used By 19% of Global Online Audience

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” Here’s a list of countries with the highest percentage of WhatsApp users: Countries with the highest percentage of WhatsApp users [GlobalWebIndex] Based on this data, it looks like Facebook’s decision to acquire WhatsApp was a good one, especially in terms of expansion in international markets. Only 3% of adults in the U.S. Will WhatsApp’s popularity in the U.S.

The Friday Hangout With Tonia Ries: The Evolution Of Realtime Marketing

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I had a chance to participate in today’s Friday Hangout , a weekly program hosted by Janet Fouts, Adam Helweh, and Steve Farnsworth, to talk Realtime Marketing: what it means, what the benefits are, and where it’s going. Some highlights: Realtime marketing starts with listening: what are the conversations your customers are already having–and how can your brand add value?

Social Networking Stats: Comparing Top Brands (Big vs. Small) on Twitter, #RLTM Scoreboard

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Here’s a more detailed look at the comparison between Interbrand and Forbes top companies on Twitter: Simply Measured Study: How Top Brand Marketers Use Twitter. The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 1.19 billion monthly active users. via  Facebook. YouTube. over 1 billion monthly unique users. via  YouTube. via  Twitter. via  TechCrunch. via  VK.

Facebook Brand Posts Get One-Third of Their Reach Within Just 10 Minutes

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Brands posting to Facebook see 60% of total engagement within the first hour after publication, and Marketing Charts advises that “brands looking to increase engagement with Facebook fans should consider when those fans’ peak levels of activity are.” Social Media Statistics Facebook marketing post half-life