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Why You Should Tweak Your E-mail Marketing Strategy

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Every business needs to take another look at its marketing strategy from time to time. In this case today, I’d like to discuss why might consider re-envisioning your e-mail marketing plan. There are a number of reasons why might consider revising your e-mail marketing strategy. When is the last time you took a look–a really hard look–at your e-mail marketing list? Writing engaging and enticing subject lines for your e-mail marketing campaigns is one of the most important things you can do for your business. recommend scrubbing it once a year.

Mistakes To Avoid In Your Video Marketing

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There have been a number of  video marketing  posts with helpful links on this blog. Knowing Knowing your customer is foundational to every marketing message. Do you have any advice for those ready to try video marketing? Video Marketing marketing videos One of the best ways to capture interest is video. Look around at all the people watching something on their phones! Who knew that one day we could do that? But those videos that folks are watching usually are not like this: infomercial-style. uninteresting to the targeted audience. lots of jargon.

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Using Video Marketing To Boost SEO

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Is video marketing a useful SEO tool? It’s also a great way to utilize an offline marketing event for online purposes. In the mean time, watch that video and consider its marketing potential. Video Marketing SEO Social Media Viral MarketingGiven the emphasis on social media in search algorithms, the answer has to be a big yes.

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Make It Fun: Gamification & Marketing

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Those two factors, fun and competition, are effective in marketing because they create engagement. The fact that you are doing something because it’s rewarding in some way goes past “playing a game” and into areas like education and marketing. If you haven’t developed an empathy map and buyer personas, your marketing doesn’t have a focus. Your marketing may use games, or it may be something entirely new. Online and Offline Marketing and Advertising empathy map gamification marketing What Do People Want?

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls

How To Sabotage Your Marketing Efforts

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You can have amazing SEO strategies, great PPC campaigns, and the kind of content on your site that Google loves and still end up with a big marketing problem if your customer service stinks. ” These two statements from Seth’s blog highlight the most common way a business will sabotage its marketing efforts: the promise being made in the marketing does not get kept when the customer actually asks for that promise to be fulfilled. . Marketing Is One Part Of A Non-Divisible Whole. You can’t see it but it’s happening, daily.”

What is Integrated Marketing, and Why Should You Do It?

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When Internet marketing started taking off and businesses began to implement it into their overall marketing strategies, there was no precedent for incorporating electronic and digital marketing techniques into a traditional marketing plan. Many businesses simply re-allocated their marketing dollars to pursue an all-in Internet marketing strategy. Over the years, businesses have learned that online marketing is just as necessary as traditional off-line marketing, but it shouldn’t replace it. Video marketing has matured.

Why Pull Marketing Works

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There are two ways that small businesses go about marketing online. Push Marketing is when you push yourself in front of your prospects and offer them a come-on or a sales pitch. Many companies have used this type of marketing for many years. Most marketing in the 20th century falls into the category of Push Marketing. Television advertising is Push Marketing. are all forms of Push Marketing. Essentially, Push Marketing is marketing you engage in by interrupting people and trying to sell them something.

Video Ads, Facebook, and Marketing

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So if you aren’t looking at video ads as a marketing strategy, you may want to think about changing your mind. Of course, your particular customer demographic plays into every marketing strategy, and if your target market isn’t looking at video ads then it isn’t an urgent issue. Video Marketing facebook Facebook ads video ads By the time you read this, Macy’s massive Thanksgiving ad campaign will be in full swing on Facebook. Every woman in America? I’ll be curious to see if I get one on my feed. Are You Looking At Video Ads?

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The Smart Marketer's Guide to Social Media Management

Engaging in social media isn't an option anymore. So if you're going to do it, you want to do it well

Your Content Marketing Should Be Originalized

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Most of the content marketing advice small business owners get online is rehashed pat answers from stale old questions. Three examples she offers are: You need a content marketing strategy – Of course, it begs the question, “What IS a content marketing strategy?” ” Content marketing should lead directly to leads and sales – Always? What Should Content Marketing Do And Be? Therefore, your content marketing should be unique. Gabbert recommends, and I echo, that your content marketing strategy be emergent. It could.

10 Essential Online Tools for Small Business Owners

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If you do any business online, or if you are a small business owner in the 21st century, you should be familiar with basic online tools that will allow you to run your business, market your business, and interact with your customers. SurveyMonkey – SurveyMonkey is a great way to conduct market research by taking customer surveys. Here are 10 of the best online tools for doing all of the above. Freshbooks – A great service for sending invoices, tracking the time you spend on projects, and more. This will make your business more efficient and profitable.

How Would You Spend 30 Minutes On Social Media?

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All of the different platforms and rabbit trails are a time-sucker if you aren’t careful, but social media is part of the way business operates these days and so I was interested to see Kevan Lee’s look at the best way to spend 30 minutes of your time on social media marketing. Social media marketing  is a powerful business tool, but it is just a tool. Social Media social media manager social media marketing Most of us spend a lot more than 30 minutes on social media, but many of us wish we could figure out how to do it. Twelve Things Social Media Managers Do.

What Is An Integrated Marketing Plan?

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There is marketing and then there is integrated marketing. The latter involves a bit more strategy, though a simple marketing plan is not necessarily void of strategic planning. The difference is that an integrated marketing strategy is more involved. Typically, small businesses develop a website then think about how they are going to promote, or “market”, that website. ” It’s not truly integrated unless you work to make each piece of your overall marketing plan work toward a single, common goal. So what does that look like?

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Do You Know Your “Empty Nesters”?

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There have been interesting changes in many of the demographics marketers are accustomed to targeting. The Takeaway For Marketers. I don’t think it’s safe to assume you know your targeted demographics. That means responsive website design & development  and mobile marketing are key to reaching this group — and they are not the digital natives who rely on their phones for daily functions. It would indicate who is using your site, who is frustrated with your site, and what you could do to reach them effectively with new marketing messages.

12 Winning Facebook Tactics

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Social Media facebook facebook tactics social media marketing Tracking & AnalyticsIf you are a business on Facebook these days, you know that it is a lot like surfing: If you caught the wave and stayed on top, you are riding high, but if you missed it, you are treading water and looking for the next wave to catch. Fortunately, for those of us who feel like we are doing the doggie paddle, Search Engine Journal just gave us 12 Facebook Tactics Working Right Now. Share Quote Photos — you know those pretty pictures with the inspiring words?

Top Reasons Case Studies Make Good Marketing

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We are seeing a rise in the use of case studies for marketing for several reasons: case studies can be shorter than white papers and easier to read. Small Business Internet Marketing case studies case study guidelines credibility story marketing Everybody loves a story — and a case study tells a story. case studies are flexible so they can be a blog post or one of many formats. case studies that include visual elements are attention-grabbers. Your case study doesn’t have to be a scientific fact-finding mission unless you want it that way.

Is Video Marketing Really Profitable?

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Marketing Pilgrim has an interesting take on video marketing. Either enter the video marketing arena and make an honest go of it or risk losing business to the competition. Video marketing is not a necessity. wouldn’t recommend it for every client, but videos are powerful marketing tools. What are your thoughts on video marketing ? Video Marketing small businesslike what Frank Reed says in this paragraph: You must consider how your product is able to be ‘pitched’ via video. It’s that simple. So what if you feel that video is too expensive?

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Master The Next Wave Of Social

As social media adoption becomes more and more mainstream, marketing leaders race to keep up - creating blogs, communities, and Facebook pages, all too often without a clear road map in mind

What Is Conversational Marketing?

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“Conversational marketing” is a term that has been around for about as long as the Internet. The idea is based on the concept that markets are conversations. The “markets are conversations” concept was discussed in a book published in 1999, “The Cluetrain Manifesto.” ” According to its authors, markets have always been conversations, except for that period in the 20th century dominated by mass media. If you don’t treat them as such, then you will lose in the age of conversational marketing.

3 Steps To Powerful LinkedIn Page Optimization

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One of the most powerful tools for marketing your business is a LinkedIn page, but what do you know about optimizing your page? It’s an art, not a science. Here are three ways you can better optimize your LinkedIn business page and drive more traffic to your website. Share updates often – Some people say to post updates to your LinkedIn page just once a day. Some people say do it once a day. It doesn’t matter how often you do it, but you should do it often. At a minimum, you should update your LinkedIn page at least once a day.

What's An Internet Marketing Strategy Consist Of? | Small Business.

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Why Quora Is The New Twitter » What’s An Internet Marketing Strategy Consist Of? If you’re new to Internet marketing and you’re not sure what an IM package might consist of, relax. Strategic Internet marketing takes time. Therefore, it’s important to know your market. About Us What’s a Maverick? They’re all different.

10 Tips For Optimal AdWords Campaign Settings

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Your online marketing strategy in all its forms is optimal when it is specific to your goals and circumstances, because then you are speaking to the people most apt to respond at the times they are most apt to listen. PPC for Small Business adwords adwords optimization online marketing strategy PPC Do you have the right campaign settings? Andrew Lolk has an interesting illustration about the importance of this topic when he says, “ Compare it to running a marathon, but you forgot to put on your shoes. Target the languages the demographic in your location targeting speak.

How To Market Your Business With A Blog

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You might as well jump on the bandwagon and market your business this way. Small Business Internet Marketing advertising blog blogging content google internet marketing keywords online marketing SEO Social MediaEverywhere you turn, you can hear someone talking about a blog. Whether they are writing a blog or they are reading a blog, one thing is for sure. Blogs are wildly popular. And one more thing is certain – social networking is the most popular thing on the Internet. Blogs are like websites, but you have social interaction with your viewers.

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4 Low Cost Online Marketing Strategies For 2012

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If your business has an online presence then you are now in a very competitive market. You are not competing with just your business competitors – you are also competing with those looking to make a quick buck through Adsense or affiliate marketing sites, and mom and dad blogs that often attract good search placements and social media attention. The news is not all bad however, you can compete, and these four low cost online marketing strategies can help you to increase traffic, market awareness, and hopefully, profits.

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Introducing LinkedIn Showcase Pages

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It’s also got the potential to be a great targeted marketing tool for enterprise businesses and small businesses alike. Companies doing business on LinkedIn have been able to connect with audiences through business pages. Now, LinkedIn has rolled out an additional level of social media for companies with multiple brands and divisions called Showcase Pages. In order to use Showcase Pages you first need to have a company page. have to say, this is a novel idea and probably one of the best ideas LinkedIn has had in a long while. Then select “Create A Showcase Page.”

How To Market To Young Moms

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At least, that’s what Experian Marketing Services says. Does that change how you view online marketing? Will you change how you’ve been marketing to young moms? Social networking is a growing area of marketing for a lot of businesses. Social networking isn’t the only way to reach your target market, but if the demographic is right, then it can be an effective way to reach your audience – especially if they’re young moms. Social Media social networking target marketing Young moms.

Your First Small Business Step To Online Marketing

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Advice I’ve given in the past is the same advice that most small business marketing consultants give: Buy a domain name, pay for hosting, set up a website, etc. So there needs to be a low-commitment way to achieve an online presence that is still effective marketing for the average small business owner. Then you can get a taste of what online marketing is all about without having to shell out hundreds of dollars on site development. Small Business Internet Marketing online marketing small business Social MediaThey aren’t stupid. And there is.

Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Time? | Small Business Mavericks

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» Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Time? Are you making the most use of your time as a marketer? I’d be willing to bet that most online marketers are spending too much time on social media or unproductive channels. Responses to “Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Time?&# About Us What’s a Maverick? Social media is fun. Don’t you think?

Streaming Video: A New Marketing Moment?

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think this may be an untapped opportunity for marketers. But I think we’ll start to see some savvy Internet marketers experimenting with streaming video in the near future. Video Marketing Branding online video sponsorships YouTube According to a recent press release , 51% of Americans have watched screaming video in the past week. Some people are calling this a tipping point, but is it? The study specifically measures viewing habits of U.S. people using online streaming video through technology such as tablets and smartphones. Or does it? What do you think?

How Offline Marketing Techniques Can Radically Effect Your Online Business

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Having an online business, or a bricks and mortar business with an online presence, doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing. Most of the offline marketing techniques used still hold true to an online business. Segmenting your market, promoting in places where your potential customers hangout are just two good examples. Many years ago, marketers cottoned on to the idea of reducing prices by one or five cents. Smart marketers are now applying these techniques to postage and packaging charges with great effect.

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3 Things To Remember About Content Marketing

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Content marketing is on everybody’s radar, right? Well, if it isn’t, it should be–if you are interested in internet marketing at all. It’s kind of ironic that “content marketing” is a trend because, in reality, the point of marketing has always been what you are saying to the world and how they are perceiving your message. Probably the most important thing about marketing is knowing who your audience is. There’s a lot of noise out there, and many marketers are saying the same things. Who, What & How.

Market Segmentation To Older Facebook Users

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When Internet marketing first started picking up speed (back in the 1990s), few marketers thought about market segmentation. Market segmentation has been an important marketing principle for most of history. It’s the idea that you tailor your marketing message to the audience. One way is to build a Facebook page that appeals to the interests of the market. So if your product or service crosses age or generation boundaries, then why not create a separate Facebook page for each of your market segments? 65 and older are online?

What Do You See In Marketing For 2015?

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In the field of marketing, I think there are exciting things happening: FCC Auction 97 is on hold until January 5 and current bids are totaling well over 44 billion dollars. Marketing has to keep up with that change. think the lines between traditional and digital marketing are fusing together into an integrated experience that customers will increasingly expect. Marketing messages are no longer going to be effective if they are isolated random statements because people operate in an omnichannel realm. What do you see happening in marketing for 2015?

5 Key Components of Successful Web Design

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While you may not be the person designing the website, you should know enough about web design and Internet marketing that you can help style your site the best way possible to represent your business on the Web. But it’s every bit as important as making your website attractive or branding yourself with a marketing tool. website development web design website branding Website Marketing website navigationWeb design is often thought of as something you do because you have to. That’s not a very good plan, for a number of reasons. The 5 Key Web Design Components.

3 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Calendar

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Make your social media content a part of your overall content marketing, or editorial, calendar. little bit of planning will make your content marketing go a long way, even your social media content. Social Media content content calendar content marketing social media content You do have a social media calendar , don’t you? If not, how about a content calendar? You can merge the two into one, and you should. It will be easier to manage and keep your content focused on the topics it needs to be focused on. Organize your content – This goes along with planning.

Is Your Marketing Strategy Flexible?

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Now, marketing isn’t warfare, but there is a real similarity in the idea that strategy has to be flexible. In marketing, this happens when a PPC campaign is cherished despite results, or when a slogan is kept even when nobody but the boss likes it. marketing tactics. mobile marketing. Online and Offline Marketing and Advertising marketing strategies marketing strategy online health strategies tactics Have you heard any variation of the idea that no strategy survives the first contact of the enemy? Strategy Must Be Secondary. conversions.

Is The Content Right On Your YouTube Ad?

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One of the trends in online marketing is the increasing use of video. As she rightly points out, “ AdWords for video offers search marketers the chance to reach a big, very engaged, very specific audience with rich content. Video marketing is worth the investment if you know your audience. If you don’t know who you are marketing to, then it’s just wasted time. Video Marketing adwords for video content YouTube Helena Clark’s recent Search Engine Watch post has some practical tips for getting the content right on YouTube ads.