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Meet 7 Twitter Influencers Who Follow Millions

Ari Herzog

At the end of the day, Twitter is a marketing tool so having more followers does create a more valuable resource for me. How do you know if you are following one too many people on Twitter? How do you manage the relationships between the people you follow and the tweets they write? Do you feel guilty that you won’t see everyone’s tweets? million people and are followed by 3.5

Saying Goodbye to Digital Marketing: Meet the New Me

Ari Herzog

spent four wonderful years self-employed as a digital marketing trainer, consultant, and community manager. managed online footprints for nonprofits and a Fortune Global 500 company. I led national conference panels on social media marketing. taught MBA students and small business owners everything from Facebook marketing to email marketing. Footsteps by schick.

Stop Dividing Marketing and Media

Ari Herzog

Why are we creating schisms in marketing and media? Digital marketing. New marketing. Online marketing. Social marketing. Social media marketing. If you stop and think about it, what is the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing — vs marketing itself? Marketing Media culture Digital media. Simplify.

90 Percent of Small Business Use Social Media

Ari Herzog

When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. A survey of 600 small business owners across the United States indicates that 90% are actively engaged in social networking sites and 74% perceive social networking as valuable — if not more valuable — than networking in-person. The takeaway is clear. You need to be where your customers are.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls

Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

Ari Herzog

When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. This is a guest blog post by Stephen Black. This is his story. 2005: Flickr. Do I want to treat Flickr as a serious base for showcasing my photographic works? Or, do I want to use it as a base for experimentation? Ask Chiaki Williams. 2007: Facebook. scramble my name and Alps Bethneck is born. 2010: Twitter.

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Why I Killed 61% of My LinkedIn Friends

Ari Herzog

AriHerzog is a digital marketing and government professional seeking a position in community affairs. Recognizing I had 2,474 LinkedIn connections three months ago, I posited a question on this blog: Should my network be tight enough that they can recommend me without asking who I am and what I do? You need to grasp that LinkedIn is an ecosystem. Why am I there? How wrong I was.

Happy Belated 9th Birthday to My Blog

Ari Herzog

You can visit the archive  and read my initial blog posts about apartment life, later posts about digital marketing, and ultimately about minimalism and productivity. May 2016 marked the ninth birthday of my blog! It’s seen three URLs and numerous designs. For instance, here’s a piece from May 2007 critiquing a website. On the political: You can expect to read my honesty about the U.S.

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When I Was Hired Sight Unseen

Ari Herzog

Why I Want Weak Ties Strategies and Tips on Social Media Marketing. At the time, its primary competitors were SAP and Oracle (which later bought it). I don’t remember how I found the company. LinkedIn wasn’t yet around but was two years old so maybe it was there. It was a short-lived job — but my point is I was hired after two phone interviews. Media

The Smart Marketer's Guide to Social Media Management

Engaging in social media isn't an option anymore. So if you're going to do it, you want to do it well

Stop Your Smartphone From Telling Burglars Where You Live

Ari Herzog

AriHerzog is a digital marketing and government professional seeking a position in community affairs. Photo by Pieter Vieu. Used with permission. No joke. The fix is easy: turn off the GPS “feature” for your camera and video, keeping it on for the apps that need location information. Cheers to JO Social Branding for the reminder. Sign up to receive blog posts by email.

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6 Guest Blogging Emails That Suck

Ari Herzog

But reviewing the email submissions from wannabe writers, it is pathetic how frequently people think I will publish anything and it is disappointing they view my blog as a trophy to place on their article marketing case. The 5th reason your email sucks: You confuse guest blogging with article marketing. Article Marketing. Marketing Strategywant you to write for me.

SLAPPED! LinkedIn Warns Me For Being Friendly

Ari Herzog

Related Stories Strategies and Tips on Social Media Marketing Be Wary of Absent Ties Why I Want Weak Ties. Imagine my shock when I attempted to invite someone (who I did not know) to join my LinkedIn network: Huh? LinkedIn’s mission is explicit to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” That gives them an out.

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter in 2013

Ari Herzog

will continue to seek out new connections who are strategically aligned with my interests and passions in social media marketing, open government, and social change. When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. That is the order of my priorities in 2013. Facebook in 2013. 1. want to learn my friends’ latest news and chit chat. 2. Need help?

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Why Twitter Hashtag Infographic Fails

Ari Herzog

Companies such as J Campbell Social Marketing continue to spread it. AriHerzog is a digital marketing and government professional seeking a position in community affairs. Twitter launched this infographic on August 21, 2013. Mashable and other sites spread it the following day. It’s everywhere. And, it’s a failure. Who spends so much time creating a hashtag? This is cool!

Non-Facebook Users: Please Comment Here

Ari Herzog

When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. Anil Dash is insightful about the differences between the old web and the new web. Scroll below his post to add a comment — and be forced to comment through Facebook. Danny’s reason? His readers preferred Disqus. I’ve asked you before which commenting system you prefer best. Got a question?

How to Gain Productivity

Ari Herzog

Related Stories What I Want to Do Saying Goodbye to Digital Marketing: Meet the New Me Meet My New Dumb Smartphone. There were dozens of blog posts on my Feedly reading list. They had accumulated over the past few weeks and I’d only read a handful of them. already feel accomplished. There are many best practices and guidelines to gain productivity — but the best is to declutter.

Facebook Followers: Profiles vs Pages

Ari Herzog

” Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute , agrees with Tara that Facebook success is not dependent on a page. With over 39,000 fans today, Jon Loomer struggled to create a Facebook page. It was the winter of 2011 when Jon understood the value of a page but didn’t think his consulting business needed its own. You automatically follow people you’re friends with.

Master The Next Wave Of Social

As social media adoption becomes more and more mainstream, marketing leaders race to keep up - creating blogs, communities, and Facebook pages, all too often without a clear road map in mind

Why a Municipal Website Moved to Facebook

Ari Herzog

Marketing FacebookMayor Keisuke Hiwatashi of Takeo, Japan, a city located in Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, frowns when people leave comments on municipal websites (especially those with blogs or other interactive content) with anonymous names and handles. For this reason, there was some opposition as it would limit access to city information for some citizens. Should they?

The ROI of Social Media

Ari Herzog

Marketing Strategy culture Pam Moore created a Twitter chat last night and asked people to explain the return on investment of social media. Some responses: One thing I'll offer off the bat: ROI is vital, but not every social activity should have ROI. Sometimes other KPI. getrealchat. — Scott Gulbransen (@kcgully) February 19, 2014. A2.Yes. SocBiz ROI is achievable. GetRealChat.

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Feature Friday: What Nike Can Teach Us About Social Media

Ari Herzog

Everyone tells you how great it is, such as, “It’s the way of the future… You can reach the entire world… It’s pretty much free… It’s the most effective form of marketing.&#. There are so many resources to help get you started (we offer free resources at B-List Marketing). Social media marketing is all about learn by doing. So do it.

Learn Email Marketing From Butchers

Ari Herzog

Paul Cunningham is among those who agree with the email marketing mantra of always asking potential email newsletter subscribers for confirmation. Siding with him are Michael Martine (who shares a useful resource on email marketing ) and David Risley (who writes these tips to improve email marketing ), to name two respected bloggers. Marketing emailWho’s right?

Mobile Technology and Your Small Business

Ari Herzog

Technology has grown so rapidly that marketing has been able to take on a whole new form. Large corporations have been able to stick with the traditional television, radio, and paper marketing. There’s still work to be done from companies entering this new market but it’s definitely an important market to be in. Mobile technology is not one thing. Got a question?

Why You Should Care About Klout

Ari Herzog

As more and more marketing professionals look for ways to measure and manipulate influence online, Klout is emerging as a force too big to be ignored. Klout Perks and other marketing services are reaching out to introduce new products via so-called “influencers.&# Empire Avenue runs a social influence stock market game and My Likes lets you monetize your Twitter stream.

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19 Twitter Best Practices That Show the Real You

Ari Herzog

You may not know I curate a Twitter list that includes over 300 social media managers and marketing professionals at some of the world’s most well-known organizations. manages digital marketing for Remy Cointreau. frequently peruse the list to get inspiration. Among those represented are Jetblue, Sony, McDonald’s, Lockheed Martin, Keurig, Walmart, MTV, and Coca-Cola. Here are examples of tweets from today that have no links and no mentions of other people. Most of the time their tweets promote their employer, their industry, or social media in general. It felt great!

How to Synchronize Online Marketing with Offline Sales

Ari Herzog

Remember when marketing and selling were easy? Yeah, me neither. I’m young, having only been in web marketing and web development side of things for two years, so it’s foreign to me when people talk about the “good ol’ days.” But when you have an online marketing team spreading one message and your offline sales team building relationships with another message, you’re left with no one really knowing anything about what you’re trying to do. In marketing speak, we call that a big hot mess. The following is written by Erin Everhart. First: Create a Unified Message.

Happy 7th Birthday to My Blog

Ari Herzog

You can expect to discover case studies and best practices on digital marketing — delving into the holistic experience and away from norms. Today is the seventh birthday of my blog! It’s seen three URLs, multiple names, and many designs. For instance, here’s a piece from May 2007 critiquing a website. What you can expect between now and May 2015. Thanks for reading. Blog News

Feature Friday: How to Increase Web Traffic

Ari Herzog

Nobody can survive as an internet marketer without traffic. You can’t survive without traffic; it make the whole process of internet marketing go round. Related articles you may enjoy: Commentary on Search Engine Marketing. Tunnel picture by pixelplacebo. The following guest article is by Steven Papas. Why will they return often? How Do You Get Targeted Traffic?

Bloggers Unite Today Around Food

Ari Herzog

Ari Herzog provides social media marketing and editorial services. I blogged in 2008 about poverty. blogged in 2009 about climate change. blogged in 2010 about water. This year this blog is about food. Goodbye pyramids and hello plates. The U.S. Department of Agriculture eliminated their food pyramid earlier this year and created a better representation of the five food groups. by Raj-PB.

Interview with Storyteller Susan Murphy: Monday Muse #3

Ari Herzog

Social media are kind of like rebellious teenagers now — shaking up traditional marketing — and forcing many companies to re-think the way they connect with people. From her blog to her tweets , there is a down-to-earth quality that attracts me to Susan Murphy. discovered her about two years ago and haven’t looked back. The social media bubble is still alive and well.

How Flickr and Google Help Us Remember

Ari Herzog

When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. The Library of Congress did not know the names of French brothers Michel, age 4, and Edmond, age 2, when the institution uploaded this photograph to Flickr in the summer of 2008. They knew the duo were Titanic orphans. They didn’t know anything else. The LOC now has that data. The past is a click away.

Meet Social Restaurant Co Co. Sala

Ari Herzog

Whenever I am asked to speak about digital marketing, I mention a chocolate lounge in Washington, D.C. Marketing branding Twitter called Co Co. talk about how I visited the lounge five years ago to celebrate someone’s birthday, yelped about my experience, and received a private message from the co-owner. Co Co. This is what happened next: Amazing, huh? couldn’t.

Mark Schaefer on The Tao of Twitter

Ari Herzog

If you go into Twitter with the mindset that you are trying to “sell” or market to people, you’re probably to fail. encourage you to visit his marketing blog entitled {grow} to learn about the connections between companies, reputations, and profits. Mark Schaefer introduced his first book, “ The Tao of Twitter ,” on his blog on February 15, 2011. What’s the formula?

My Story About Living My Life

Ari Herzog

later taught digital marketing workshops on those specific topics to individuals and small groups. Over the past 2-3 years, I developed syllabi and curricula and led digital marketing courses to over 100 students aged 18 to 78. I was an instructor at two community colleges and an adjunct professor at two private colleges. This is a short story about a man and a job. Steve Jobs.

Why Facebook Pages Should Be Deleted

Ari Herzog

Laurent works for an email marketing company and has her own Facebook page to promote training events and ask her fans what they think about the evolution of social media. Julia Campbell talks about the importance of social media marketing for nonprofits on her Facebook page. Marketing FacebookPhoto by Sarah Altamimi. Corissa St. The list goes on and on. No more. Any questions?

Win a Copy of The Facebook Marketing Book

Ari Herzog

Want to win a free copy of The Facebook Marketing Book , a 262-page softcover guide that provides easy-to-follow advice and illustrations on profiles, groups, pages, applications, advertisements, events, and other Facebook etiquette you need to succeed? If you’re a total newbie to Facebook marketing, any book, (or online resource for that matter) is a great start. The interview.

Drafting My Next Job Description

Ari Herzog

Work closely with marketing staff to develop strong and effective advocacy messages, create stories, and generate content for blogs, social media, and our website. Fluent in internet technologies and tools and with highly developed skills in oral and written communications, I have a proven ability to explain complex concepts clearly and concisely. I am comfortable serving as a liaison to government officials and lay citizens, and am familiar with legislative and regulatory processes. After five years as a self-employed digital media teacher and consultant, I want a change of pace.

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