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    [Marketing] The impact of word-of-mouth marketing: a McKinsey report
    We’ve been extolling the virtues of word-of-mouth marketing over big-budget advertising for some time now, and when a firm of consultants like McKinsey start doing the same thing it really feels like our message is hitting home. recent article in McKinsey Quarterly looked at the impact of word-of-mouth-marketing for businesses and how companies can take better advantage of buzz. But what is interesting is the way the article looks at at the impact of word-of-mouth marketing – or, what McKinsey term, “word-of-mouth equity&#. What’s being said.
    [Marketing] Get Your Business Moving: 9 types of Mobile Marketing
    Why should your marketing be? It’s time to cut the cord and set your marketing-mix free to keep up with your active customers. Mobile phones still make up the majority, but many other devices are fast becoming popular and offer opportunities to marketers for reaching their customers where ever they may be. Here are examples of other mobile devices: E-Readers: (Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony Reader) offer many opportunities to market to consumers on their mobile reading devices. Your customers are not confined to their homes or offices.
    [Marketing] 13 Marketing Translations gone wrong
    have involvement at the local level; from people who truly understand the market nuances and language. Below are thirteen (an unlucky number in some countries) examples of marketing translations gone wrong: 1.    The wildly successful “Got Milk” campaign from The Dairy Association when used in Mexico brought a lot of attention also: “Are You Lactating?”. They were going to run a large marketing campaign using the cartoon character Woody Woodpecker.  5.    Gerber kept the image of its smiley baby on their jars and packages when they entered the African market
    [Marketing] Going Mobile with B2B Marketing
    As I mentioned in my Top 10 predictions for 2010 – I think the Mobile Marketing in 2010 will become more mainstream. As a marketer I always like to play the “odds not the lottery&# and to me when you have a market of 3.3 Once you have that you are good to go but there is an art to getting them to sign up in the first place and that has to do with content marketing. Related posts: Why is Google Scared and What it means for B2B Marketing! Tags: Advertising Buzz Marketing Mobile You really have a shot at getting some attention. Tweet This!
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    [Marketing] Quora Opens Doors to Self Promoters, Bias and Marketeers
    But as the site's grown in visibility, attracting more a wider swatch of early adopters, including social media marketers, there has been something of a tug of war between those looking to keep the site pristine, lacking self-promotion, and those who are hoping to leverage the site as yet another outlet for branding and positioning. As Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn all crossed the chasm from early adopter plaything to mainstream acceptance, brand advocates and marketers followed. Quora MarketingSee Wired: Does Quora Really Have All the Answers?
    [Marketing] How B2B and B2C Marketing Are Different
    My fourth book, Social Marketing to the Business Customer ,  came out this week. While the purpose of this e-mail is ultimately to convince you to buy it, I hope to also impart some insight I gained from immersing myself in business-to-business social marketing for six months. Co-author Eric Schwartzman and I wrote the book because we felt that B2B marketers were getting inadequate advice about how to apply social media constructs to their work. Invariably, someone stands up and asks, “What does this mean to me as a B2B marketer?&#. Download a sample chapter.
    [Marketing] Creative Marketing Ideas From 10 Great Thought Leaders
    'Without the advances of bold thought leaders, there would be a lot fewer creative marketing ideas floating around. Edgy, forward-thinking marketing can make or break a company, which is why we’ve chosen to highlight the thoughts and words of 10 of the sharpest content marketing heroes: 1. He also recently made headlines, and even caught a little heat from other thought leaders like Scott Monty of Ford , when he hired an employee for the sole purpose of tracking his conversations in hopes of putting out more quality thought on small business marketing. Real time.
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2012
    [Marketing] Social Marketing is a Process
    Social media marketing, now simply known as social marketing by many, is a strategic process that is designed to create a buzz that ultimately leads to profitable sales. The earliest modern marketers understood this – “Sell the sizzle, not the steak” was one popular catchphrase. Charles Revson was one of the masters of modern marketing. Revlon sold cosmetics, yet their marketing focused on attraction – creating demand by selling excitement, fashion, and fantasy. 1 – Marketing Always Starts with Attraction.
    [Marketing] B2B Marketing: Trust + Community = ROI
    Trust is not a new thing when it comes to marketing and communications as evidenced by one of the most awaited studies in the communications world is always the annual Edelman Public Relations Trust Barometer. Trust is not a new thing in the world of sales either – its a fact that people enjoy buying from people that they trust and in B2B Marketing part of our job is to shorten the time spent building trust so sales can have an easier time and focus on selling. This is actually good news for the B2B Marketer. Building demand for their unique point of view. Tweet This!
    [Marketing] LAST CALL FOR ENTRIES: Effective Mobile Marketing Awards
    A last call for entries for the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards organized by Mobile Marketing Magazine. However, David Murphy – friend, esteemed colleague and editor of Mobile Marketing Magazine — tells me there will likely be a few days grace for those struggling, so get started on those entries!). The Award is in its second year and recognizes the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns, apps and mobile websites worldwide. Mobile MarketingThe deadline to submit your campaign (no entry fee, BTW) is Friday, August 26th. Recognizing results.
    [Marketing] Can Online Marketing Be Customized?
    There is no one way to market a business online. Every marketing strategy is different and every business deserves its own marketing strategy. customized online marketing strategy will make your website and your web presence unique. Not only will customers and prospects perceive your brand to be unique and different, but your content will reflect the natural uniqueness of your brand – and that’s how marketing is supposed to work. Therefore, you should have a unique approach to reaching the market you are targeting for your services.
    [Marketing] 3 Success Criteria for Any Business Marketing Platform
    Historically, the greatest challenge for marketers was reaching their target audience. This not only required an understanding of marketing skills, but also relationships with the media and the dollars to engage their capabilities. The traditional barriers to building a successful marketing machine have been removed. Here are 3 essential components that should be part of your formula for building your marketing platform. When you can position your business as the ONLY one in a unique category – you have a marketing platform without rivals. .
    [Marketing] Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes
    Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes Infographic >> Featured Infographic Socialnomics marketing mistakes mistakes infographic online marketing mistakes Top 5 Marketing Mistakes
    [Marketing] Mapping Facebook for marketers
    Platlas is a clickable map (“atlas”) of Facebook, created by Carrot Creative , which allows you to visualize – as a marketer – all of the different ways that people interact with Facebook. The video below explains the following in more detail, but basically it maps out, through concentric circles, the interactions an individual user can have (and therefore potential marketing touchpoints) inside Facebook and the actions that user can take related to each interaction. And look out for future versions for Twitter and other social networks. Useful Data
    [Marketing] Tip: Address Unified Marketing Technology Solutions Now.
    In a previous post , we discussed unifying and imbedding marketing data and analytics into business functions for greater business value. If we take another page from its foundation, it might provide insight on how to currently address broader more dynamic marketing technology solutions. If you view IP Convergence as a foundation to Unified Communications (or Unified Marketing), you would see that IP Convergence was driven from carriers with the purpose of combining voice, data communications, and video. Marketing Strategy Marketing Technology Mike Fuqua Unified Marketing
    [Marketing] The 4 C’s of B2B Marketing
    We’ve all heard about the four P’s of marketing. The four P’s were created mainly to describe the ideal “marketing mix&#. The term “marketing mix&# became popularized after Neil H. Borden published his 1964 article, Concept of the Marketing Mix. would argue this killer combo of marketing is mainly for B2C marketing and thus it is best applied to the marketing of products, especially mass retail products. So let’s take a look at another more contemporary framework for B2B marketing – the Four C’s.
    [Marketing] Marketing’s Problem Isn’t Leads. It’s Relationships.
    In the world of small business marketing (and even large biz) we are not balanced in our focus and approach to retention and leads. This is a concept that was originally hashed out by Seth Godin in his book Permission Marketing. had the pleasant experience to review the idea through Chris Baggott’s book, Email Marketing by the Numbers. Chris does a better job at paraphrasing Seth’s thoughts: “As marketers, we usually don’t approach our customers like we would approach a potential spouse, do we? Marketing” . Our problem? ” .
    [Marketing] Timing Your Social Media Marketing
    Social media marketers always wonder when the best time is to post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and the myriad of other social platforms for optimum customer engagement. It offers valuable insights for marketers who are trying to fine-tune their social outreach efforts. Argyle Social produced this great infographic which distills the content from the webinar into a visual representation everyone can understand: Facebook Infographic Marketing Slides Social Media TwitterIs it in the morning, since many people check their Facebook page before they go to work?
    [Marketing] Learning From Leading Marketers & Markets To Map Mobile Strategy
    Everywhere on the planet companies and merchants are using mobile in new ways to market and drive results. The hard part is identifying what we can (and should) apply as we seek to supercharge our own mobile marketing strategies. From C-Level execs and pioneers to brand marketers who are finding their way as they confront (and conquer) the challenges of mobile, their observations and accomplishments are the focus on my new book, Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices. In many ways, that is great for marketers.
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2013
    [Marketing] Social Marketing is Relationship Selling
    'The Social Marketing Process ©Jeff Korhan. Mainstream small business will more reliably get better results from social media if they view it more as selling  than marketing. Because effective relationship selling is personal, and now marketing is too. Traditional marketing or advertising was something you did – to your communities. Whereas, social marketing in our digital environment is something we do – with our communities. It’s covered in detail in Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business.
    [Marketing] Email Marketing Done Right
    When used well, email marketing is one of the most powerful and reliable methods for delivering valuable information to a distinct audience – one that asked for it. Email Favors the Better Marketers. What I like most about email marketing is that it favors the better marketers – those that greatly respect their subscribers. This is why smart marketers make a special effort to deliver well crafted email newsletters that deliver a value exchange. Unfortunately, like many other online marketers I get my share of both soft and hard bounces.
    [Marketing] Libya’s Media and Marketing Industries Inching Forward
    Yes, we’re even starting to talk about marketing. Libya’s Media and Marketing Industries Inching Forward is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical. Author information Conway Wigg Digital Strategist at BPC Conway Wigg is a digital strategist at BPC, Malta’s leading communications agency and a senior manager at Arabicomm, a full service media and marketing agency operating in North Africa which is part-owned by BPC. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Libya’s Media and Marketing Industries Inching Forward. Experiences which will surely scar them for life.
    [Marketing] Horizontal Marketing
    Warning: this going to sound self-serving: Marketing has to stop being a vertical within the business and must become horizontal across all business lines. When a business claims to be moving in the direction of becoming a social business, the brands that fail are the ones that have a social media department within another department (usually marketing and/or communications) and their work is predicated on things like campaigns currently in market or individual initiatives. it's time to make our marketing horizontal as well. horizontal marketing. marketing.
    [Marketing] Breaking Down the Four Ms of Influence Marketing for Better ROI
    come from a background of 20 years in marketing, and gained my Associate Marketing Degree from the Chartered Institute of Marketing almost 15 years ago. cut my teeth on the Four Ps of Marketing – Product, Price, Promotion and Place – and used that quadrant for clients and employers alike. But, as useful as the Four Ps have been in my own growth, times change and marketers need to change with them. This goes for both performance marketers (where I’d place myself) and brand marketers. Why the Need for the Four Ms of Influence Marketing?
    [Marketing] The Benefits of Offline Marketing
    It seems everyone’s obsessed with online marketing, from the growth of search engine marketing and Google controlling the majority of searches in the US to social media marketing with Facebook and Twitter being the hottest topics at the moment. For that 21.9%, here are some offline marketing methods to consider to reach everyone in your overall marketing strategy. Direct mail is another method of offline marketing. One advantage of direct mail vs. email marketing – no spam filters. Why Every Blog Should Have a Marketing Plan.
    [Marketing] Content Marketing Examples from Home Depot
    Like anything, there’s probably some gray area about what is and isn’t “content marketing” – though if you read Joe Pulizzi or attend the Content Marketing Institute via RSS (I do both), then the picture is a little more clear. This practice is closer to spam than content marketing. I’m sure there are a lot of other things Home Depot does right with Content Marketing, but these should give you ideas about how you can helping your customers and prospects – from the ZMOT to the after-they-bought. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Marketing] What’s next in marketing and advertising
    Last year we highlighted a great presentation from Paul Isakson on the future of marketing and advertising , where his argument was that advertising was dead and the future was marketing. This week, Isakson updated this presentation and theory for 2009, with an equally good presentation on what’s next in marketing and advertising. In this he looks at the constantly evolving marketing world and the way that marketing and advertising is reacting to and evolving with this. For him: The future of marketing is not about doing and saying things to people.
    [Marketing] Real-Time Marketing or Data Driven Marketing?
    While the goods being sold were a great mix, and kept the bakery successful, it was what the owner did to keep it that way that interested me (and probably instilled the first concept of marketing to my subconscious). Real-Time Marketing or Old School Initiative? It received praise from various publications, and was used by many social media consultants as the dawn of real-time marketing. While there’s no doubt it was a masterful stroke of quick thinking and marketing on the day, it was more than just that. Real-Time Marketing, Before Social Media.
    [Marketing] B2B: Involve Your Sales People in Social Media Marketing and CRM Now
    In many other businesses, sales reps continue to play a very important role from the early buying process stage onward and are involved, as consultants, in lead generation and even setting cross-divisional marketing and communication priorities. Social media for marketing and business in general is not about telling people what they need or what they should think. Are marketing and PR aware of the reality that good sales people (and customer service reps, etc.) Social sales skills: beyond social media marketing. Of course, it’s not the only division in most cases.
  • PR AT SUNRISE  |  FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2011
    [Marketing] How Marketing Grads View PR
    My psychology professor always lumped terms like “marketing”, “public relations” and “advertising” together, most likely due to a lack of interest in the subject. Of course there are similarities, but saying someone in marketing is a PR person is akin to calling someone in the Marines “Army boy” (not something I recommend doing). quickly learned the difference between marketing and PR. The goals of a marketer are sales and profit, while the goals of a PR person are positive perceptions and understanding. Marketer’s View of PR. About the Author.
    [Marketing] Social Media Marketing Strategy: Starts with Who
    Short Course in Social Media Marketing. good social media marketing plan usually involves these 12 vital steps. Among those steps, here are a few that are particularly crucial to driving your marketing efforts: Set goals and objectives. How “Social Proof” Can Help Architect Your Social Media Marketing Blueprint. According to HubSpot , an Internet marketing services firm, “people can be heavily influenced by others’ experiences, making a case for why social proof is such a powerful concept for businesses to leverage.”. Marketing Social Media Marketing Strateg
    [Marketing] 7 Social Marketing Insights
    I've gathered 7 insights (at least I hope they're insightful) to share on social marketing. B2C marketing Brand marketing Content marketing Relationship marketing Social media marketing brand marketing relationship marketing social marketing social media marketing tips & tricks
    [Marketing] Organizing Your Social Media Marketing
    'You can take the stress out of your social media marketing process by organizing it into written plan that is consistently implemented. The key to an effective social media marketing plan is following specific rules that are organized into a process. Social Marketing is a Process. Your social media marketing process should include, but not be limited to the following best practices. Specific topics that your content marketing will address. The process of social media marketing comes down to understanding not just what to do, but also why.
    [Marketing] Birth of the Chief Marketing Technology Officer
    Marketing used to have a tough time negotiating with IT on whys, Digital Insight Digital MarketingNot long back, it used to be a pain creating a special promo page on a corporate website, adding some content,or starting a blog for the business, creating a promo mail id, analyzing traffic data or even putting a small 3 field form!
    [Marketing] [MUST READ] The Future Of Content Marketing
    'Remember the Content Marketing Crap Deluge ? The Future of Content Marketing: 5 Beyonds from Velocity Partners. Here’s the followup. MUST READ. —— Content Strategy Debunking the Hype Industry Insider Potluck
    [Marketing] QR Codes, Email, and Mobile Marketing: Tools for Small Businesses to Compete Digitally
    For small businesses, marketing often takes a back seat to day-to-day operations. They acknowledge that marketing is important; yet there are only so many hours in the day. That’s why at Signal , we’ve dedicated a piece of our business to providing an affordable and simple product to help small businesses leverage mobile marketing, social media and email to grow and nurture their customer base. Instead of thinking about these offers as a one-time marketing gimmick, focus on using digital tools to foster long-term relationships with customers. At Your Service.
    [Marketing] Mobile Marketing Association Surveys Brands & Agencies Worldwide
    Brands, agencies and the entire mobile marketing ecosystem must plan for a new phase of growth and activity. To this end the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is collaborating with Millennial Media , an independent mobile ad and data platform company, and MobileGroove to research and produce a comprehensive knowledge resource. This definitive work —which will include detailed market data, case studies, best practices and exclusive insights from executives and companies that have harnessed mobile to drive positive business results — is slated for release in 2012.
    [Marketing] The 4 Pillars Of Viral Marketing
    That being said, I’d like to present you with the 4 pillars of viral marketing. Viral marketing is difficult to plan. It’s better to focus on the pillars of viral marketing. Viral Marketing content marketingGoing viral is one of the hardest things to do online. You don’t have to get your content in front of everyone online to go viral. All you have to do is get it in front of the right people. What do you have to have in place to go viral? Let’s take a look. It has to be the right content.
    [Marketing] 12 Google Plus Events Marketing Tips
    It can be quite beneficial for marketing, as it can help you to reach a larger segment of your audiences than you might be able to reach with other outlets. Here, we will look at some of the best tips for using Google Plus Events for your business and your marketing needs. You should always make sure that you make the most of video and photos during any marketing effort. 12 Google Plus Events Marketing Tips is a post from Mr Ryan Connors Blog. Business Marketing Strategies and Tactics Social Media event marketing event marketing tips google plus events
  • KYLE LACY  |  MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2013
    [Marketing] How the Lean Startup is Changing Business Big and Small
    would rephrase the concept to fit within any marketing department. Lean marketing – any expenditure does not build the customer experience or drive direct revenue should be viewed as expenditure to be cut. Sound like marketing? Marketing 'I’m becoming increasingly convinced that the mantra of “think like an entrepreneur” is becoming even more important in the business world today. And with that mantra comes the teachings and learning of the Lean Startup by Eric Ries. via Wikipedia. However, the methodology has slowly crept into larger organizations. It should.
    [Marketing] Marketing In the Round
    But it’s time to let the cat out of the bag because  Marketing In the Round: Multichannel Approaches In the Post- Social Media Era  is listed and ready for pre-sale on  Amazon  and  Barnes & Noble ! That is because integration is a much discussed topic within social media, but also one PR and marketing professionals are discussing in great detail. recent  IBM study  of 1,700 chief marketing officers has some interesting results. There is a great need for information and an understanding in multichannel marketing. Marketing In the Round. Guess what?!?
  • KYLE LACY  |  MONDAY, MAY 20, 2013
    [Marketing] Five Digital Trends Changing the World Now and Forever (Presentation)
    Marketing 'I had the utmost pleasure to spend the last two weeks in Australia and keynote the Connect Tour for ExactTarget. The presentation is based around what I believe are the five trends changing business and the world. They are ongoing and perpetual and will change the way we look at business, consumer behavior and ultimately the use of technology to reach consumers. Below is the deck and a brief description of the five trends. Disruption – The Five Trends That Will Change the World by 2020 from Kyle Lacy. Moments. Does your website shift based on screen size? Lean Startup.
  • INBLURBS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 19, 2012
    [Marketing] Why marketers Increase their Social Media Marketing Budgets?
    Smart marketers use social media to offer great support, increase brand reach and to generate business leads, only to name some of the great opportunities which the social web offers. Recent stats show that those marketers spend less than 20% of their marketing budgets on social media which includes the outreach to target audience on social sites, advertising and maintaining a social media presence. Most marketers have or plan to increase their budgets for social media marketing by up to 25% in 2012. The most known challenge is to measure social media ROI.
    [Marketing] The Two Core Elements of B2B Social Media Marketing Success
    There have been numerous models proposed for social media and content marketing (including the Four C’s of Social Media Marketing model previously published here), but when all of the complexity is stripped away, social media marketing success comes down to two core elements: content and amplification. Amplification is the process of getting influential voices in your market to share your content with their friends and followers. Content is like singing a song. Amplification (done well) is like singing that song into a microphone. On American Idol. Case studies.
  • WORKFACE  |  MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011
    [Marketing] Customer Experience Marketing for Real People
    By Lief Larson "Customer Experience " has redeveloped as a buzz phrase in digital marketing departments lately. Customer experience management is the intersection of many different disciplines, including: design, marketing, branding, and interactions. Marketing is an exercise in relationship building. Too often, the marketer gets caught up in the idea that the customer experience is just about customers interacting with a product or service. This is simply not the case. This information is almost always most successful when conveyed by real people.
    [Marketing] Social Media Budget Ratio in B2B Marketing
    According to the IT Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) which, full disclosure, I am a member and an avid fan of their work. If you blow up the chart you can see that Social Media as a percentage of your overall interactive spend has grown from 13 percent of budget to 14 percent of budget for B2B Technology Marketers. Why not create a blog post, Twitter tweet and even a podcast or video on it to help promote it and activate the social spheres on your latest content at a fraction above your content marketing spend. So here is my take …. Tweet This! Share this on Facebook.
    [Marketing] Make The Grade: Taking The MMA Mobile Marketing Certification Test
    Using mobile to drive positive results for brands and advertisers requires marketers to grasp a wide range of concepts , ranging from campaign types and formats, to consumer best practices and privacy, to mobile measurement and metrics. Put another way, mobile marketing requires us to master a laundry list of fundamental skills. This is where the Mobile Marketing Association comes in. Today the organization launched the first phase of its Mobile Marketer Certification Program in the UK. Specifically, Tier one focuses on the language of mobile marketing.
    [Marketing] Marketing needs to be more Adaptive!
    Ok so this isn’t the newest concept you ever heard of – but hear me out – its time we really changed a few things in the marketing organization. So its easy to see that today’s marketing teams are not that well equipped to handle “ real time marketing ” as David Meerman Scott defined it. In a real time marketing world speed will be key. As marketers we need to be optimized for speed and rapidly effective decision-making. We need better systems to take in data and analytics in order to make smarter better business decisions.
    [Marketing] The Yoga of Email Marketing
    She told me how yoga was spiritual to her, and that she would feel awkward doing any kind of marketing. The post The Yoga of Email Marketing appeared first on Outspective. Email Marketing Featured Permission MarketingMy yoga teacher complained to me one day about how nobody showed up to her latest workshop. She is a fairly successful teacher with many regular classes at gyms and local studios, but one of the biggest ways to stand out as a yoga teacher is to host workshops. The concept was solid. My response to her was that I didn’t even know about the workshop.
    [Marketing] 10 BtoB Marketers Predictions for 2010
    So that begs the question - what’s on the horizon specifically for BtoB for marketers next year? Here are 10 concrete ways I think the environment in which BtoB Marketers operate will evolve in 2010. Facebook ads today remind me of Google AdWords in 2001 with low CPC’s on topics and segments many marketers will want to reach. Mobile Marketing – Frankly I think Social Media is just a warm up for Mobile Marketing. For BtoB Marketers you might begin to experiment with Location Based Services especially at live events. Enjoy! Mark it down people ;-).
    [Marketing] Customer Service is the New Marketing
    It’s that WOW or should I say WOM that enhanced the value of their marketing and attracted a player like Amazon. In a world where User Generated Content has surpassed that of Publisher Content (ie marketers like you and me) I would argue that Word of Mouth (WOM ) is really your last frontier as a marketer and that outstanding customer service is not only the new marketing it’s your only marketing! Most marketers are blissfully unaware of how things are going in their contact center. Zappos was founded in 1999 and sold to Amazon for $1.2 Tweet This!
    [Marketing] Social Marketing Wisdom from the Insurance Industry – Really
    His best story actually had nothing to do with insurance but everything to do with using social marketing to build loyalty and word-of-mouth awareness. His  advice to social media marketers: “Think big. B2B Corporate Blog Facebook influence innovation marketing Social Media social networks Tips Twitter insurance John Hancock LIMRA LOMA New York Life State FarmI was privileged to be on a panel with some outstanding social media practitioners from the insurance industry at the 2011 Social Media Conference for Financial Services put on by LOMA LIMRA this morning. With 1.3
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2012
    [Marketing] 3 Hyperlocal Marketing Success Factors
    While they may not be familiar with the term hyperlocal marketing , successful local businesses have learned it is essential to their continued prosperity. However, location is just one piece of the hyperlocal marketing puzzle. Thus, successful hyperlocal marketing is a sequential process. Traditional marketing focuses on the needs and wants of customers. It’s the crux of hyperlocal marketing. How do you accomplish this – with content marketing that provides relevant solutions for your local community. These are the 3 reasons why.
    [Marketing] The Marketing Code Disconnect
    Yet, this marriage of different functions creates a unique tension, with marketing and IT failing to understand each other. Marketers don’t get code, and coders don’t get marketing. That’s inside the marketing department. That creates the major challenge facing modern marketing software companies… Making technological functionality intuitive and easy. All of these marketing concepts are foreign to the security-minded IT manager. It’s a dog eat dog world, but success is contingent on making the relationship between marketing and IT work.
    [Marketing] A Cause Marketing Christmas
    We’ve run across a few articles concerning cause marketing during the Christmas season that you might find of interest. Cause Marketing Christmas – As a holiday, Christmas is surprisingly challenging to cause market around, but a local homebuilder has the bones of a good campaign based on a gingerbread house-building contest. Southwest’s Check-In Cause Marketing – Southwest Airlines is combining Facebook Places and charitable giving to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to encourage travelers to check into Southwest when they get to the airport.
    [Marketing] What Marketers Can Learn From Zombies
    Then select two disparate items as I have for this post: What Marketers Can Learn From Zombies.  What lessons could a marketer draw from zombies? Marketers too often are fragmented in their approach to the market. There is a fine line between too slow and too fast, when it comes to marketing. For instance,  marketers often trot out a marketing tactic and when it doesn’t immediately gain traction, they move on to the next thing. Most marketing tactics require time to become effective. At Tags: My Creative Team Marketing
    [Marketing] CMOs: Shedding light on marketing performance
    But when it comes to marketing, there has always been a bit of the “black box” effect. Marketing is the one major budget item that traditionally has been the hardest to understand and measure from a traditional business performance standpoint. Quarterly and annual reviews provide some idea of how the money is being spent, and frequency, reach, target rating points, media impressions and clip counting are among the longstanding measures of marketing effectiveness. But these are becoming less and less informative as the world moves at Internet speed.
    [Marketing] 5 Lessons From the Best Example of Content Marketing Ever?
    Marketers sometimes say things to me like, “Well, nobody in our industry is doing that kind of robust content marketing, so why should we start?” Major companies are doing it, Click to read more » Content Marketing content marketing market your marketing Mcdonald's Canada self-serve information youtlity” Here’s the deal. Your industry doesn’t matter. What matters is that big companies are embracing big content, and in so doing they are changing the expectations of YOUR customers , whether you like it or not.
    [Marketing] Influencers vs Advocates in B2B Marketing
    According to Wikipedia – Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of recent practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. The 4 P’s to Social Media Marketing Ok ok – based on the great response I got. They are non partial and therefore they write about many firms. Tweet This!
    [Marketing] Why Mobile Marketers Must Listen & Respond To Digital Natives
    Mobile enables instant self-expression and turns up the pressure on companies and brands to deliver their marketing message via a two-way conversation within the context of what matters most to digital natives: their lives, their experiences, their networks, and their worlds. But delivering a message doesn’t make for a conversation; marketers also have listen to what digital natives have to say. Connect the dots, and it’s clear that permission marketing has earned a central spot in the mobile marketing mix. Marketing and more.
    [Marketing] Marketing’s Magic Bullet
    Do you believe there is a marketing magic bullet? Hundreds of “consultants&# make millions of dollars each year teaching seminars and boot camps, and selling newsletters about marketing’s magic bullet - that one simple thing you can do to fill up your register with virtually no effort on your part. My marketing magic bullet: focus , discipline and consistency. Discipline necessitates developing a marketing plan and implementing it aggressively. know businesses that market and then just expect clients to flock to them with wallets in hand.
    [Marketing] Mobile Marketers Need To Balance Targeting & Privacy Concerns
    Yet targeting is core to marketing in all its forms , from creating and maintaining a database to developing an online/offline strategy. This week we learned the details about how Apple collects location information from iPhone devices (and hence, their users) — data it yields to help marketers target consumers. Think of the money (billions of dollars) involved in targeting and marketing. Market research firm eMarketer takes a look at what consumers think of discounts and limited deals. Mobile Marketing Permission marketingHOW I SEE IT: Detailed?
    [Marketing] 120 Marketing Tactics for Blogs
    'Part of a good content marketing strategy, blogging helps you position yourself as an expert in your area. . Content marketing  consists of producing and publishing information that builds trust and authority among your ideal customers. It The steps below will help you create a content marketing strategy for your blog that ensures that you will reach your goals. Are you trying to attract a particular target market? Use marketing tactics to create visibility . “If you build it, they will come” isn’t a viable blog marketing strategy.
    [Marketing] The Importance of Healthy Internet Marketing Strategies
    'As an online marketer I get contacted on a daily basis by potential clients from around the world. ” However, these are two perfect examples of what healthy Internet marketing strategies are NOT. Chris, Kilbourn, Founder and CEO of Utah-based Tofu Marketing , explains it well: “You’ll never hear us throw around the term ‘traffic’ as though it is the be-all and end-all of Internet marketing. Instead, we are an online marketing agency that focuses on sending  qualified leads  to your website.” Can you buy us a couple email lists?
    [Marketing] Brand Choreography Through Integrated Marketing Communications
    Today, the subject of Integrated Marketing Communications is hotter than ever. In this rapidly evolving, ever-changing landscape, marketers are challenged to elevate their games by raising the relevance of their marketing communication plans in the face of evolving approaches and options: The rapid proliferation of media choices. New marketing channels and formats. The shift from traditional to inbound marketing. Marketers are racing to prove the value of every dollar they spend to generate the highest ROI possible. The Problem. shift in buyer behavior.
    [Marketing] The End of Traditional Marketing
    And, like the contemplations of communication theorist Marshall McLuhan, they have taken on new meaning with the collision of traditional and digital marketing strategies. In 2009 Forrester issued a report that outlined the world of interactive marketers in the digital space. It’s about the death of traditional marketing. Advertising Buzz Marketing Data Mining Innovation Interactive Marketing Media Social Media Social Networking Earned Media Owned Media Paid Media POEM Social InsightsPaid, owned and earned media.
    [Marketing] What Moneyball Teaches Digital Marketers About Winning
    Hindered by a small market budget, Beane embraced alternative statistics, or what marketers might call “KPIs”, to find undervalued players. The parallels between the almost ten year old book and the experience of marketing in today’s digital world didn’t escape me. Now more than ever marketers are asked to achieve increased performance (usually this quarter), prove ROI, and demonstrate how a throng of marketing activities generate sales. The technology and techniques marketers frequently use are outdated, broken, or unscalable. We’re card counters.
    [Marketing] Seven Tools for Your 2012 Marketing and Communication Plans
    Today, though, I want to talk about some things you should be considering for your 2012 marketing and communication plans. We’ve talked about this before, but gamification is going to continue to grow and will affect your marketing and communication in 2012. Seven Tools for Your 2012 Marketing and Communication Plans originally appeared on Spin Sucks on November 8, 2011. Social Media Twitter 2012 planning consolidation gamification google wallet improved analytics marketing and communication mobile content privacy social televisionConsolidation. Privacy.
    [Marketing] How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing
    Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Business , Marketing , Social Media > How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing by Tamar Weinberg on May 5, 2010 Share As much as Facebook may not be kind to businesses , it’s still a tremendously valuable business tool. Let’s just take a look at the potential of Facebook for business for a moment here and review the various options business owners have in order to be effective with Facebook business marketing.
    [Marketing] Mobile Marketing Trends [IG]
    'Mobile marketing is taking the world by storm. As more and more people take to their cell phones, it opens us to a whole new style of marketing options. That means that if you’re not paying attention to mobile marketing, your website is missing out. When considering mobile marketing, there are a few things a company needs to think about. Each of these are viable options, depending on the marketing strategy you plan to use. What mobile marketing strategies are coming in the next year or two? Today, there are about  6.8 You can take your phone anywhere.
    [Marketing] Best New B2B Marketing Blogs – The Blog Tree (Infographic)
    The best B2B marketing blogs are once again creatively presented by marketing automation provider Eloqua and JESS3 in this year’s Blog Tree. ” You can find the interactive PDF version of this very cool infographic here or in Joe’s post.It’s great to see some familiar names like Pam Moore The Marketing Nut , Mack Collier , Savvy B2B Marketing and B2B Bloggers on this year’s tree, as well as a lot of new blogs to check out. It’s gratifying to see that Webbiquity sprouted a leaf this time out.
    [Marketing] How to Market to Millennials
    [Marketing] Microsoft’s Future in Digital Marketing
    Over the weekend I got to meet with Romi Mahajan the World Wide Director of the Digital Marketing Platform Group at Microsoft. His His role is to create the vision for Digital Marketing as it relates to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites, Microsoft FAST Search Server technology, and Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-ins to create great digital experiences for its customers and leverage its extensive partner network. 1) What is your vision for Microsoft and Digital Marketing? I see Microsoft at the forefront of digital marketing in the next 5 years.
    [Marketing] Close Looping Your Social Media Marketing Campaign!
    While we all fret about the RoI from social media marketing, there seems to be little concern over how we close loop our social media marketing efforts. Tags: Digital Feature Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing The real RoI from social media (buzz or viral effect, thought leadership or engagement) can be achieved effectively if we also focus on Close Looping our campaigns. So, Aircel, created an independent website Save Our Tigers and promoted this cause through hoardings and (presumably) barter ads on TV and Newspapers. How to sustain the excitement and.
    [Marketing] Creating and Curating Killer Internet Marketing Content
    From blogs to email, creating killer internet marketing content is what separates the winners from the loser. Whether you believe content is king or not, there’s no denying that it plays one of the most important roles in modern marketing. What is Killer Internet Marketing Content? However, in this article we’ll be narrowing our focus to the type of internet marketing content that appears on sites – be it static or dynamic – email shots, promotional materials and social media. Where do you get your content marketing ideas? Rich Media.
    [Marketing] Social Media: Marketers Chasing Marketers
    The world of marketing is learning that old models, old mindsets and the intents of marketing are changing. As the world adopts “all this social stuff” marketers seem to be chasing other marketers to do the same old thing but with a different tool, social media. What seems to be apparent to consumers but mysterious to marketers is the intent of social media. Marketers tend to use old media methods within social media channels. Users attention for a moment doesn’t necessarily equate to the same intent of the marketer.
    [Marketing] 9 Ways How Chief Marketing Officers can Harness Social Media
    An IBM study found study found out that about 26 % of chief marketing officers track blogs and only 40 % follow any online communications. And the most shocking is that about 82 % still rely on traditional “old school” market research to plan their marketing strategies. As social media is no trend it will not vanish and Chief Marketing Officers should very quickly embrace this powerful communication channel. Further important resources: Marketers struggle to harness social media – survey. Create a social media policy. Be always honest! Be authentic!
    [Marketing] Get up to 25 times more business leads with Content Marketing
    Content Marketing has become a significant part of online marketing strategy. Content Marketing has proven to be the best and most cost effective way to drive traffic to a company website and convert this traffic to leads and customers. The most popular ways of Content Marketing are blogging, social media and video. Social Media Marketing has become a powerful tool to spread remarkable content to reach a wide audience. Reasons to start your social media marketing: 1. Taylor products and marketing campaigns based on customer preferences.
    [Marketing] Why Businesses Should Take a Note from the Fisher Association of Marketing Professionals
    Over in Columbus, Ohio, the marketing and advertising students at Fisher College of Business are setting the example when it comes to how business should be run. It’s clear that the combination of Dean Christine Poon and Professor Shashi Matta, who’s the Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing at Fisher, have played a large part in this. Why Businesses Should Take a Note from the Fisher Association of Marketing Professionals originally appeared on Danny Brown - The Human Side of Media and the Social Side of Marketing under a Creative Commons license.
    [Marketing] Going Mobile with B2B Marketing – Part II
    So in my last blog post – Going Mobile with B2B Marketing we discussed the basics of the mobile market and where to focus our attention as a B2B Marketers. Related posts: Going Mobile with B2B Marketing As I mentioned in my Top 10 predictions for 2010. Why is Google Scared and What it means for B2B Marketing! Tags: Advertising Buzz Marketing Mobile Now we want to move into the content. would say that if  “ Content is King &# on the internet “ Context is Queen &# on mobile.  This is why aps like Yelp and foursquare are so hot now.
    [Marketing] 7 Steps to Successful Content Marketing [Infographic]
    'Content marketing is a way of communicating with your customers and prospects without pitching your products or services. . Also known as  inbound marketing , content marketing is non-interruptive. It is the opposite of interruption marketing, also known as  outbound marketing , a traditional method of product promotion which interrupts a person’s flow of activity to grab their attention and tell them about what they should buy. This form of marketing may create recognition, but it’s rejected by consumers about 90% of the time. . Research.
    [Marketing] The Real Definition of Content Marketing
    Content marketing is confusing. looked up content marketing and found these definitions. Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumer bases.”. General term for Article Marketing, Audio Marketing and Video Marketing where you get traffic by giving away free ‘content’. Essentially “content marketing is using content to market your product.” So what is content marketing? More Blog Promotion Tips.
    [Marketing] Marketing Technology Takes a Page From Unified Communications.
    Like Unified Communications, the next generation of marketing data and analytics is likely to require big changes and it also is all about unifying and imbedding it into more business processes. In the case of customer engagement, that can be any business area that is tangent to the marketing goals. So if marketing technology has some similarities to UC, where are we in the evolution of obtaining the bigger benefits? So what to do while waiting for these next generations of unified marketing technology systems to emerge? Mike Fuqua. Tweet This! Post on Google Buzz.
    [Marketing] The Yogi Berra School of Marketing
    What better way to celebrate than apply some of Yogi Berra’s quotes to marketing? Here are my five favorite Yogisms as they apply to marketing: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” ” If you don’t have outcomes to achieve, if there’s nothing to measure, then how do you know if your marketing is successful? As a result, marketing may be completely misaligned from the organization, and can lead it off the rails. Know where your company or nonprofit is going, and market appropriately. Image by cliff1066. Make changes.
    [Marketing] It's Time to Stop Thinking Like Marketers
    It strikes me as odd that we've taken the old style of mass marketing, which itself has been competing for attention and eyeballs for years, and simply moved it over to digital marketing - and then, to make matters worse, have transferred that to social media. Marketers are constantly testing, assessing and doubting advertising on social networks, but rather than questioning the platforms, shouldn't we be questioning the methods? For a while, I've been on the trail encouraging brands to think like consumers rather than like marketers. Similarly, the other Inc.
    [Marketing] Is Your Online Marketing Intuitive?
    Design Your Marketing for Your Customers. This means you should be able to design and build your marketing to effectively lead them to your door. When it comes to any kind of marketing – especially social media and other types of online marketing, there can be a temptation to think that more is better. The key to successful marketing is both understanding your ideal customer and firmly taking a stand on what you believe and are prepared to deliver. Is Your Marketing Working? Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Why not sooner? It Just Works.
    [Marketing] Strategies 360 Is Hiring: Marketing & Social Media Associate
    Today I begin my search for the first piece of many in building out the S360 Marketing & Social Media team. The New Gig: VP of Marketing & Social Media @ Strategies 360. Great Social Media, Digital Marketing & Productivity Tools. Digital Marketing Social MediaTweet Like I mentioned in my earlier post, things couldn’t be better in my new gig at S360. So good in fact that it’s only taken a little over a month and a half to already need to hire my first team member and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Tweet This! Digg this! Share this on Facebook.
    [Marketing] How Social Media, Content Transform Marketing from Expense to Investment
    Sales leads generated through inbound marketing–the combination of content marketing, blogging, social media, website chat and SEM–cost 61% less than those produced through traditional demand generation techniques (e.g., Photo credit: DIY Marketers. But as compelling as those cost savings are, the arguably larger financial impact is that social and content strategies change much of what marketing does from an expense (an expenditure tied to immediate consumption) to an investment (an allocation with a long-term payback).
    [Marketing] How can marketers best make sense of database intelligence today?
    The buzz amongst marketers is, “How can marketers best make sense of database intelligence today?” CI Hub is a central repository that holds accurate data from all marketing sources, including both online and offline information. Business Intelligence Customer Data Integration Customer Intelligence Marketing Data Management customer data database marketing Digital Marketing forrester research marketing data”  Concurrently it’s a panel discussion at B2B Online. Join in and contribute your thoughts.
    [Marketing] Streamlining Text Messaging To Fast Track Mobile Marketing
    The advance of smartphones, the avalanche of apps and the heightened interest in mobile video, mobile barcodes and Augmented Reality are combining to take mobile marketing strategies and creatives to the next level. But are marketers and mobile operators getting ahead of themselves? In developing markets is the only screen.) SMS is clearly an effective way to deliver mobile marketing campaigns and messages. Permission marketing also builds trust. Marketers need little convincing to understand the value of a deeper engagement with consumers. percent.
    [Marketing] Marketing Must Be Anticipated, Relevant, Personal, and Integrated
    Change the way they are developing marketing initiatives and using marketing technology. There comes a time when the marketer and the consumer must say, “Dear Marketing, I’m no longer in love with you. sat down this morning to look over (and review) Permission Marketing by Seth Godin. One of the famous quotes from the book is the following: Businesses can no longer rely on traditional forms of interruption marketing in magazines, mailings, telemarketing, radio or television. Marketingwant to build something deeper and stronger.
    [Marketing] Social Media Marketing Needs a Purpose
    It is an overlooked fact in when talking about Social Media Marketing that there needs to be a specific purpose to your efforts. Thousands of e-books are sold explaining all of the ‘secrets to social media marketing ’. Marketing is comprised of campaigns and all marketing campaigns have a goal or end result that they are trying to achieve. fast food chain running a marketing campaign for $1 cheeseburgers has a goal of attracting more customers to buy a $2 coke to go with that burger. Your social media marketing campaign should have an equally definable goal.
    [Marketing] Celebrity CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett Talks Mobile Marketing, Social Media & Privacy
    How should marketers approach social media marketing? It challenges executives and marketers to take a hard look at their businesses, forcing them to evaluate, deconstruct and then reconstruct their business into one that is alive and thriving. No doubt today’s new emphasis on social media in marketing makes that last connection mission-critical. How do marketers communicate the value proposition and maintain a personal touch? Vdopia’s is primarily focused on the Indian market , but Jeff sees growing opportunity for mobile video across all markets.
    [Marketing] Blyk Sells Indian Youth On Permission Mobile Marketing
    Since launching its permission-based marketing service with Indian mobile operator Aircel in November 2010, mobile messaging media company Blyk  reports over one million opted-in users. caught up with Blyk Country Manager Shubhodip (Shubho) Pal to discuss Blyk (which describes itself as a “mobile media that works with operators to link young people with brands and other stuff they like&# ) and key learnings from the Indian market. India, like most developing markets, is country where spam is a concern. Mobile Marketing Mobile Social Media Permission marketing
    [Marketing] Great Content Marketing Lessons from SAP
    Lee Odden, one of the speakers at Content Marketing World 2012, posted a series of blog posts with interviews about content marketing. content marketing success example about content marketing to promote Content Marketing World 2012! B2B marketing Content marketing Interviews content marketing Content Marketing World inbound marketing Lee Odden Michael BrennerThe different interviews were also summarized in a great eBook. Lee, who launched his book Optimize in Europe [.].
    [Marketing] Top Ten Marketing Trends for 2012
    told the students that this was the most exciting time in my lifetime as a marketer. If you look at my top marketing trends for 2011, several have changed significantly and this is exactly why marketing is so much fun; there’s a lot happening and it’s keeping us on our toes. I recently gave a presentation to an MBA class at the Simon School of the University of Rochester. And I wasn’t just blowing hot air — I really believe it. So here’s what I see in store for 2012
    [Marketing] Are you deluged with content marketing crap?
    The Content Marketing Deluge. 'Or let’s put it another way… Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Think about it. from Velocity Partners. Content Strategy From the Trenches
    [Marketing] Introducing: User Marketing
    But in that same breathe, many are pursuing social media and mobile marketing methodologies. Enter, User Marketing. In an environment where the interaction and relationship between the people, the consumer, the individual has never been closer to the brand, the product and the company than ever before, the User will become the proponent to your either marketing scheme. Not to be mistaken for a user of the product itself, User Marketing will come to represent the very users of social media and mobile technology. Our ways of life are changing. The beloved ROI.
    [Marketing] 2012 Social Marketing & New Media Predictions [White Paper]
    It became an integral part of all marketing, communication agendas and therefore there is an innate need to understand what lies ahead in future. has compiled a list of top predictions, insights and advice from 34 marketing strategists, brand marketers, and leading marketing consultants for the year 2012. These insights and  predictions have been collected and organised into different sections, depending on their nature: Sections : The Biggest (Social) Marketing Developments. The Role of Big Data in (Social) Marketing. For this reason, Awareness Inc.
    [Marketing] #FF FollowFriday: Derek Johnson On Mobile Text Marketing
    #FF at MobileGroove amplifies the voices you need to hear, and profiles Derek Johnson , CEO of SMS marketing company Tatango and — more importantly — a brave (sometime edgy) voice in the mobile marketing space. We may know him best as the CEO and founder of Tatango, an angel-funded text marketing company with a sharp focus on outbound messaging. In June Derek’s company got even more coverage when it took the wraps off a new look, a new version of its service and a new emphasis on helping small- to medium-sized businesses harness text marketing.
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