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    [Marketing] Multiple Communities Within The Same Company
    It’s tempting to divide the community into distinct sections based around the products you sell or existing market segments. This makes it neat and simple to manage. The existing departments and group divisions can each take responsibility for their own community. There are three problems with this:  1)  Competition for a customer’s attention. You’re often persuading the customer to participate in several communities instead of one. You dissipate activity across too many areas. This makes all the communities look empty. Empty-looking communities repel participation.
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    [Marketing] 6 Social Media Best Practices You Probably Aren’t Doing (And Should)
    If you’re an ad agency, you have a far better chance of having an article seen that showcases the ten best commercials of the year rather than a simple case study that features your own work. A mix of the two is an important component of any strong content strategy and content marketing campaign. With the constantly changing social media landscape, it’s hard to keep up with trends. There are a lot of hugely beneficial and fairly simple social media best practices in which brands and individuals should be participating, but most people simply don’t know about them.
    [Marketing] Intel Compute Stick is Smallest Windows Computer
    The Intel Compute Stick is the smallest windows computer ever to be launched in the market. Just about the size of a USB pen drive intel computer promises to be fully power packed. Read full original article at Intel Compute Stick is Smallest Windows Computer ©2015 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved. Related posts: Get Windows 10 App : Reserve Free Windows 10 Today [Photos]. Buy Dell XPS One 27: Largest All-in-One Dell Computer. Buy Windows 10 on USB Flash Drive. Computers
    [Marketing] 21 Free Social Media Tracking tools
    Chris Rawlinson The Marketing Gentleman's Log Home Contact Photo Gallery Who is Chris Rawlinson 21 Free Social Media Tracking tools January 5, 2010 by admin Happy New Year and hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. 2010 looks set to be an exiting one in the digital marketing realm, budgets are on the up and are predicted to rise by over 12% in the Digital sector alone. Reply B2B Search Marketing & Social Media Marketing Questions Answered | Business.coms B2B Online Marketing Blog September 21, 2010 at 2:39 am [.] Chris 1. YouTube, Ustream). and Bing.
    [Marketing] Building a Facebook Presence
    Get market research about a new product/service launch. A couple of months ago, we talked about the huge presence Einstein Bagels has created on Facebook and what that presence has done for their same-store sales. Let’s face it – Facebook has more than 500 million users and they’re spending 700 billion minutes every day engaging with friends, family, and the businesses they frequent. It’s time to figure out how to use the tool to create brand loyalists. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how your company makes its money, your customers are on Facebook. Hey! I’m already on the bandwagon !
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    [Marketing] Optimize Blog Content for Social Media with These 4 Effective Tactics
    You can also use these quotes as a marketing tool to capture readers’ attention. Photo Credit: ePublicist via Flickr. This is a guest contribution from freelance blogger and writer Alicia Rades. When you get a notification that someone tweeted or liked your latest blog post, you get excited. You can’t help but crack a smile and do a little fist pump because someone shared your content. If you feel like the king (or queen) of the world and you do a little dance every time someone shares your blog post, get it out of your system now. Why do social shares matter? Glad you asked.
    [Marketing] 15 Quick and Easy Productivity Super-Hacks for Busy Bloggers
    Email marketing service such as GetResponse offers ready-made one-click responsive templates, so you don’t have to worry about how your emails show up on a smartphone or tablet, therefore saving you a ton of time. Pooja Lohana is a  freelance writer, ghost writer and online marketing mentor  featured on Problogger, Firepole, JeffBullas, MarketingProfs, Hongkiat and more. This is a guest contribution from  Pooja Lohana. Let’s face it. As a blogger, you have a knack to find just one more task that needs to be done. And the best part? Sound good? Let’s get hacking. Why 5 sentences?
    [Marketing] How to Target 25-40 Year-olds Online
    This is my target market. Appreciate that it’s a great target market to have. Many people have suggested that offline advertising will soon become redundant, but Direct Marketing News does point out that when trying to reach the 20- to 45-year-old demographic that “word of mouth has always been a powerful marketing tool.” This guest post us by Genevieve Flintham of Pictures of the day’s events, winter landscapes, and memorable quotes. Titles laden with puns, facts, and intrigue. Here’s what we’ve learned. 1. Mix old and new.
    [Marketing] Social Media Monitoring Case Study for Columbia Business School Alumni Club – Part 3
    Tags: Social Media Case Study - Havana Central Social Media Marketing Social Media Monitoring Web Analytics Altimeter Group Case study Data Online Communities Radian6 Social Media Social Networking Twitter
    [Marketing] How much time should you devote to social media?
    To help build up awareness, respond to questions about your company or share relevant information about the brand to potential customers who are discussing your market. This is post is part of the   Institutionalizing Social Media   series. To see previous installments or to learn more about the series,   click here. One of the biggest and more oft-debated questions in the social space is how much time a company should devote to its social media efforts. The answer to this question lies on your business goals for social media and what want to get out of it. Image -  simpologis.
    [Marketing] Weekly Roundup: Project Happiness
    Shannon Pauls Very Official Blog Spin Sucks TopRank Online Marketing Blog Writing Boots - David Murray Love WUL? Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Weekly Roundup: Project Happiness September 5th, 2010 Tweet When I wrote yesterday’s post, asking, “ Are you happy ?&# I didn’t expect to get the answers that I did. Image: Jordan Pérez Ordenez via Flickr, CC 2.0 I’m touched that the post struck a chord with so many people. I was happy yesterday. It was a lot of work.
    [Marketing] What Is Your Good Name?
    Post Categories Select Category Blogging for Grasshoppers Business Career Networking Communication Blogging Measurement MeasurePR Public Relations Social Media Twitter Writing Events Guest Posts Amrit Pal Bryce Keane Conway Wigg Erica Holt Herwin Icasiano Howie Goldfarb Mike Doman Narciso Tovar Shanan Sorochynski Steff Metal Interviews Marketing Media Personal Cooking Recipe of the Week Philanthropy PRSA 2009 Resources How To Weekly Roundup Speaking Training Women Grow Business Featured Guest Bloggers Extra, Extra! And people want to do you the courtesy of addressing you by that name.
    [Marketing] Follow Friday Challenge, Week 1 #FFwk1
    and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? What I want to do is give you a FREE 30min consultation with me. will be giving away one spot every week on Friday in conjunction with the “Follow Friday&# meme brought about through Twitter. What will it be on?
    [Marketing] The Apple iPad. Greatest thing since iSlicedBread?
    and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me The Apple iPad. Greatest thing since iSlicedBread? Things have now cooled down a tad. Yes, you heard me.
    [Marketing] I was bought by Mashable!
    and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me I was bought by Mashable! April 1, 2010 by Taylor Marek Hey guys! What does this mean? What do you think?
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    [Marketing] #107 Stop Spending Money, Promotion Techniques from the 2010 FIFA.
    and Why Google Wave? (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3540) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? No more dorm rooms for me, I’m heading to Taiwan in August! Enjoy this episode, feel free to leave comments! Links Mentioned: [link] [link] [link] [link] Finances: Stop Spending Money! Here are a couple tips: 1. Stop Buying Junk. 2.
    [Marketing] Taking A Page Out Of Life's Book
    and Why Google Wave? (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3540) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? First one is I need to schedule and take a break more often from my online world. At least a week or two each year so that I can refocus everything and solidify my thoughts. It truly helps to take a break sometimes. Second thought. How about you?
    [Marketing] Must Have Roadmap: From Customers Who Browse to Customers Who Buy
    It’s every marketer’s dream. Your website is your biggest marketing tool. These can be funded by negotiating killer rates from your suppliers, by using marketing funds to subsidize the discount or even asking the supplier to co-fund the deal so you sell more product and both you and the supplier benefit in the process. To have limitless visitors walk in through your store’s doors every day and have each one of them walk out as a paying customer. Ditto for an online store. Unfortunately, reality is often different from wishful thinking. Is it all your fault? Retargeting.
    [Marketing] Two More Perspectives On Podcasting
    keep seeing a rise in the popularity of the podcast and can’t help but think it’s something to include in any business marketing strategy. Search Engine Journal recently had two separate posts on podcasting and they both are worth reading. Here are two more voices reminding us the podcast is something to consider: Leverage Existing Content For Podcasts. Amanda DiSilvestro shares How To Leverage Your Existing Content For Podcasts  and gives some very practical advice: Some content can be turned into an interview, which many listeners appreciate. Optimize the SEO for iTunes.
    [Marketing] PoliPulse and the Power of Opinion Monitoring from Crimson Hexagon
    What was the initial reaction to the product prior to availability? • How did the conversation change after the product was released? • How were the initial online marketing efforts received, specifically via Twitter ? • Who were the big drivers of conversation and response during the launch party? Tags: #msm10 Adaptive Semantics Boston Crimson Hexagon Customer Hewlett-Packard Internet marketing Social Media Twitter looked at the case studies to see how similar or dissimilar they were and what questions were Opinion Monitors attempting to answer.
    [Marketing] 6 Steps to Make Your Nonprofit’s Blog a Must-Read Web Destination
    Perhaps most importantly, it’s a critical marketing tool to spread knowledge of your work and the issues you prioritize to millions of potential supporters. This is a guest contribution from Eric Rardin. Managing a nonprofit is already more than a full-time job. Often, when operating on shoestring budgets to make a dent in large-scale, intractable problems like poverty or human rights, writing up a few hundred words for a blog post can seem like the least important of the myriad to-dos. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Harness your staff’s creativity.
    [Marketing] 5 Ways to Make Your Blogging Life Easier
    That doesn’t include planning , goal-setting , editorial calendars , blog design , design tweaks, multimedia, multiple updates on social media, a social media workflow plan , guest blogging, networking, sponsorships, affliliate sales, creating products , launching products , email marketing, creating newsletters, being part of the blogging community, going to events, keeping up with trends… There’s so much to do. Blogging. It goes a little something like this: Think of idea. Write a post. Take/source/edit a photo for the post. Format the post. Respond to comments.
    [Marketing] Should Your Company Blog Be Done at Home or Outsourced?
    Many times the blog will be handled within the marketing department, so that is where your efforts should be focused if you want to maintain the blog in-house. Guest Post by Dave Thomas. While some businesses pay extra special attention to their blog(s), others seem to have little to no interest in maintaining it on a regular basis. Whether just starting a business or you have been around for some time, one of the questions you should review is are you best served doing a company blog in-house or outsourcing it? Company blogs come in all shapes and sizes. blogging blogs
    [Marketing] When TweetLevel Visited #MeasurePR
    Jen Zingsheim  is Vice President of Products and Services for CustomScoop , driving product development plans to better meet the needs of public relations and marketing professionals. Almost a month and a half ago (yikes!), Jonny Bentwood, the creator of TweetLevel, appeared as the guest on #measurePR. Jen Zingsheim, who guest-moderated the chat, provided the following recap. And even though this is posting late, I’m going ahead with it since I know the transcript will be useful to you. Okay, maybe just the ones in my head). The tool is free, and anyone can review the algorithm.
    [Marketing] Five for Friday
    Social media’s slice of the marketing pie – This post takes a look at a number of results on marketing spend on social media – definitely worth peeping out. You have to love productive weeks, where everything just seems to flow. I got to do some tedious research that was good, but tedious none the less and will help prove some more social value. The week in Boston was kind of warm as well and hopefully the Thunderstorms from yesterday keep it cold through the weekend. How was your week? This post calls that out in some lovely terms. Image -  2CHIN.
    [Marketing] dot coma – Are Domain Names Even Relevant Now?
    I have been in digital marketing a long time. How long? When I started, domain names were free , because why would anyone pay money for something of no consequence? My first online voyage was in 1994, working with my college pals at Internet Direct, Arizona’s first Internet company (and also the inventor of virtual Web hosting, ultimately sold to Mindspring). Domain names were free, and brands didn’t even know what the World Wide Web was in many cases (given that graphical browsers barely existed). If you were, you had to prove you were a non-profit. Fast forward.
    [Marketing] 6 Ways to Sell a Website, and 4 Ways Not to Sell One
    The biggest mistake I see being applied to website sales is one that’s repeated in almost all aspects of online marketing: using the same tactics for very different audiences. It’s a philosophy that can be applied to everything from online marketing to selling your own websites, and it always produces good results. If your site is on the market without any profit optimization, you’re making a huge (and potentially costly) error. Look at rule two again—you’re marketing your website to other marketers. Six steps to a successful site sale.
    [Marketing] For The Love Of Words
    Admittedly, I''m not a fan of reading fiction, but I have this fantasy of living a novelist''s life of toiling with the muse, while writing about life, business, technology and the marketing of things. There are people who are true magicians. Not parlor tricks. Not those who try to fool others. Individuals who have ideas and can create stories out of thin air. Very compelling stories. While they walk among us, they work alone, for the most part. They are not collaborative in the work that they do. There is something very magical about words, writing and the writer. Still, the romance.
    [Marketing] Unmask the Caller ID on Anonymous Calls. - Koka Sexton dot Com
    in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 3237 Computer Stickers Laptop Computer Stickers HyperLocal Marketing Small business online marketing SOCOM Sales Wordpress Themes Download Free Wordpress Themes and Plugins Recent Posts Social Media Job Week 1 InsideView The Job Search is Over… Foursquare is fun and big brands are figuring that out. How NOT to use your Social Media Marketing Manager! Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Unmask the Caller ID on Anonymous Calls. No software or downloads are needed.
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    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Seals on a Surfboard
    Content Marketing Essentials 2013 – A huge interactive infographic on content marketing. How to Use SlideShare to Generate Leads – Here’s how to use SlideShare as part of your visual content marketing strategy. The State of SEO: The Experts Weigh In – Part III – The SEO experts weigh in on link building, digital media, web development and e-mail marketing in the third part of the state of SEO series. The Resources Mashup. On Kikolani. Here are 10 tools you can use for free or cheap for a limited time plus some best practices. Fetching Friday
    [Marketing] A Sense Of Place
    digital marketing. There's a big lesson here: you have to care about everything that surrounds you first before you can do magnificent things within it. Below, you will find a TED Talk. This is one of those TED Talks that can (and should!) change your life. We forget (or never even pay attention to) a lot of the things that are around us. We don't take them for granted because we're not even thinking about them. It's may very well be impossible to fix online advertising if we don't fix the platforms and channels first. Want to think differently and to care differently? online video.
    [Marketing] How Chris Ducker Grew His Community With Periscope
    Is being a productive marketer worth the personal price? . The Allure of Raw Video. The evolution of social media professionals and the ability to schedule blogs/podcasts/tweets/etc. has created the opportunity for a high level of scripting in one’s social presence. While this makes for a safe and controlled front to an audience, it also removes what makes social media unique from other interactions… the feeling of personal connection and communication. Enter stage right: Live-streaming apps such as Periscope. In This Episode. Quotes From This Episode. ” —@ChrisDucker.
    [Marketing] Why You Should Be Puzzling!
    As a designer, marketer etc you can use puzzles as a tool to create brand engagement. . "A puzzle activates a mind". Milton Glaser, famous for his pop culture publicity and designing the iconic "I 'heart' New York campaign believes in the power of the puzzle. He explained in a documentary that the mind loves a puzzle. Because people invest time working out a puzzle, they feel more connected. When people realise the 'heart' means a simple way, it makes them feel clever as they have worked that  simple puzzle out!
    [Marketing] Nine years of Twitter
    According to Social Mention , about 13 per cent of my 12,325 followers have a professional interest in social media or marketing; no surprises there. Twitter has been around now for nine years; during that short time it’s changed both the PR profession and practitioners alike. It’s been a driving force for my business, career and life. connect with colleagues and associates from around the world. I’ve built an international following and have had many great opportunities come my way thanks to my Twitter profile. It was pretty boring at first. really didn’t get it. Instagram or Vine?
    [Marketing] Am I curating yet? Drawing the lines between creation, aggregation and curation
    My Work Content Curation Subscribe Dare To Comment Fresh insights on social media and content curation marketing from a young professional in the field Am I curating yet? July 22, 2010 at 10:19 pm Curation, attention deficit and the exaflood August 8, 2010 at 10:12 pm The past, present and future of content curation August 13, 2010 at 4:52 am Vital statistics for B2B marketers – The case study « Earnest about B2B September 14, 2010 at 10:08 am { 2 comments… read them below or add one } 1 Clinton Forry June 11, 2010 at 2:57 pm Nice post! Home Comment Caviar Be 3-D.
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    [Marketing] Set Your Blog for Success With These Simple Tactics
    However, you can eliminate some of these unknown factors by conducting research about the possibilities your market contains – and you can increase the chances of realising your dreams by setting a different type of goal. It might work best for you to save a few months’ or a year’s worth of salary, then take that time off paid employment and market like there’s no tomorrow. This is a guest contribution from freelance writer, Ayelet Weisz. Blogging is hard work. Set Inspiring (But Realistic) Goals. Mark Aplet – Will they buy your products?
    [Marketing] The Purpose of Twitter
    instantly smiled at the metaphor and began attributing him in my digital marketing courses. When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. Jeffrey Levy commented on this blog in 2008 that his description of Twitter was a source of filtered, purified water out of a raging river. tell my students that I compare LinkedIn to the Chamber of Commerce, Facebook to the cocktail party, Pinterest to the digital scrapbook, Tumblr to the photo collage, and Twitter to the river. would not expect anyone to notice I stopped tweeting. ariherzog. Got a question?
    [Marketing] Throwback Thursday: Search Engine Watch Circa 1999
    In fact, it was more about educating people about search and SEO (search engine marketing). Today is Thursday, and every Thursday I try to feature one search engine or search engine website. Today, because of the official announcement that Danny Goodwin is leaving Search Engine Watch , I thought I would feature Search Engine Watch. Let’s take a look at what Search Engine Watch looked like back when Danny Sullivan owned and operated it, back in 1999: SEW was a part of, and Danny Sullivan was the editor. WebCrawler Search Voyeur. link]. Java-capable browser is required.
    [Marketing] What You Need to Know About Your Stats if You Want to Work With Brands on Your Blog
    For every dollar they spend on marketing their business, they are looking for a corresponding return. This is a guest contribution from Louisa Claire of Brand Meets Blog , a blogger outreach agency marrying brands with the bloggers who want to work with them. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by last week’s Partnering with Brands theme week , this might give you just the inspiration you need… When bloggers start working with brands they tend to be full of excitement about the opportunities that come with it. . The impact of search. Blogging for Dollars
    [Marketing] Twitter and Google Team Up For Search-What It Means For Your Business
    There is always a “next big thing” when it comes to SEO and social media marketing. Twitter has recently agreed to make its tweet data accessible to Google search. The merger is set to happen in the first half of 2015 and although Google has had the ability to search for keywords in Twitter profiles before this deal, this partnership will make the search apply to tweets quicker and more directly. Since no Twitter account is required to view tweets on Google search, Twitter will see increased traffic and visibility. Stay Current and Timely. Instant Access. Google Twitter
    [Marketing] Create your fancypants custom email signature with Wisestamp
    Think how many emails you send in a week, how far reaching they can be, and how long they stick around… This makes an email signature an ESSENTIAL marketing tool for any business owner: It’s a monumental piece of marketing real estate that reaches the people who already like, know and trust you , and are interested in your products or services. Strategy Stuff creating email signature online marketing tools social media for business social media resources useful platform for promotion wisestampBut what about all the other ways to contact you? Frustrating, right?
    [Marketing] PR’s 4 Biggest Challenges
    Is social media a separate discipline, does it belong in PR, marketing or customer service? It’s very rewarding to discover that the key challenges identified by a global study of 4500 PR leaders in 23 countries align with my 2013 strategies post. The Cross Cultural Study of Leadership in Public Relations and Communication Management conducted by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at The University of Alabama highlighted the four most important issues identified by nearly two-thirds of global respondents to the online survey. The role of Social Media (15.3%).
    [Marketing] Curation, attention deficit and the exaflood
    My Work Content Curation Subscribe Dare To Comment Fresh insights on social media and content curation marketing from a young professional in the field Curation, attention deficit and the exaflood by Ian Greenleigh on August 8, 2010 · 6 comments Overwhelmed by a conversation about being overwhelmed. Some areas like, say, Restoration literature, just do not naturally generate the same amount of content of, say: technology and Internet marketing news. Dare to Comment aims to facilitate a conversation about conversation marketing. Home Comment Caviar Be 3-D. Bonus!
    [Marketing] From MAGNET: Determined Innovators Face Risk to Reap Rewards
    Coming up with innovative ideas is hard work, getting them successfully to market is difficult and always risky. Each month we’ll be featuring a blog post from our friends at MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network). MAGNET’s mission i s to support, educate and champion manufacturing in Ohio with the goal of transforming the region’s economy into a powerful, global player. You can visit MAGNET online at This post originally appeared on MAGNET’s  Manufacturing Success blog and is reposted with permission. Everyone wants an advantage.
    [Marketing] IT'S TIME TO INVEST
    Home About Services Social Media Speaking-Training LMA Contact Subscribe Myrland Marketing Minutes Strategic Social Media: Making Social Media Make Sense IT’S TIME TO INVEST by Nancy Myrland on March 1, 2010 A few times a week, I send out short marketing words of wisdom on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter called Myrland Marketing Moments. guess I was feeling particularly “wise&#  yesterday, because I posted three Myrland Marketing Moments! So, the opportunity for marketers may be to help develop customized systems that allow folks to rapidly gain comfort.
    [Marketing] A Walk Down Memory Lane: My Third Ever Podcast… with Michael Arrington
    But I think what you’re asking is, “How do companies engage with the social net and in ways that help them from a marketing perspective in gaining users and user trust?” Aaron Strout: . I’m sold on the idea of coming to those, because I think they’re great networking events and great ways to see other products and get a pulse on the market. Photo courtesy Robert Scoble. One of the lessons I learned early on in life was the power of networking. My first official podcast interview was with Shel Israe l at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco in September of 2007. Über blogger.
    [Marketing] The Gulf Needs More Than BP/Obama Oil Spill Recovery Efforts
    As we have learned from the Louisiana Seafood Marketing and Promotion Board , the Catholic Charities of New Orleans and others, the vast impact on the Louisiana economy and its cultural way of life have been drastically underestimated by the Obama Administration and BP as reported by the media. Ewell Smith, executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Marketing and Promotion Board estimates the problem to be a $100-$200 billion economic calamity (see above video). Our Citizens Effect Gulf Mission (full team reports here) meetings with nonprofits over the past few days wrapped up.
    [Marketing] Tired of Losing Data with Facebook Insights? Here’s Some Different Options
    Komfo is another full social marketing suite, which provides a host of apps just for Facebook, and partners with more than a hundred of the leading social media networks. PostAcumen doesn’t provide the great suite of features found in some of the social media data aggregators found above, but they do corner an interesting and essential part of the market. They also provide deeply detailed competition analysis pages, which can provide vital clues on content types, times, and other metrics for social media marketers to capitalize on. Via The cons? Komfo.
    [Marketing] What have you learned lately?
    20+ lessons I (re) learned about marketing when starting an Internet business (Dennis Price). One of the sure signs of a person who is going to be successful is that they wholeheartedly behave in lifelong learning. didn’t say believe in life long learning because I’ve found just about everyone believes in it. But few actually act upon that belief. If you are someone who gives lifelong learning more than lip service (waving to all the “believers” but not behaviors out there!) Which you know it would be — since it is Mack Collier’s creation. BlogH.O.T.
  • TWITIP  |  MONDAY, MARCH 15, 2010
    [Marketing] HOW you are Communicating is Almost as Important as WHAT you are.
    mixed marketing communications firm based in Southwest Florida. Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Samantha Scott @GetPushing Samantha is the Grand Poobah (President) of Pushing the Envelope, Inc. HOW you are Communicating is Almost as Important as WHAT you are Communicating. Most users of Twitter and other social media sites would agree that it’s about communication. What does that mean? Are you doing that – exchanging thoughts and opinions? Not very much.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #87
    Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "Economies of scale mean that a few big players can dominate an industry. When they get too big, they can dictate pricing, control standards, and generally become uncompetitive -- which is why monopolies are regulated. In the rise of new monopolies, author Barry C. Lynn sees nothing less than the potential downfall of a democracy." " (Alistair for Hugh). brilliant answer to copyright. "There are some songs you can't use without paying hefty royalties. apple.
    [Marketing] Be Increasingly Accessible or Increasingly Irrelevant
    Speaking at a conference in Switzerland in September of 2000, Doc Searls commented that “The most important market place in the history of civilization is designed to value the man on the street. The individual human being.” See the speech here. In our approach to Social CRM, are we thinking of customers as individual human beings. [.].
    [Marketing] 5 Crucial Link Building Strategies After Google Panda 4.1
    Rizvan Ullah is the founder of Ranktactics , which provides internet marketers with tutorials on traffic generation, social media marketing, product reviews, and case studies. This is a guest contribution from Rizvan Ullah. Many people have been affected by the chain of Google Panda updates which began to roll out in February 2011. With an influx of information readily available, it’s become more important to provide only the best results for those using Google while skimming through search results. Let’s get started… 1. You’ll notice Google Panda 1.0 Since Panda 1.0,
    [Marketing] How to Optimize Your Content for Authorship Success
    While AuthorRank hasn’t officially been implemented by Google as a ranking factor, the idea behind it has already been implemented across digital marketing platforms universally. She promotes and market brands by identifying and representing their unique voices across digital platforms. This is a guest contribution from Jaclyn Freeman. Who are you? Don’t fret – this isn’t philosophy class and no, we’re not trying to steal your identity. As a writer, it is essential that you are taking advantage of every opportunity you have to turn yourself into a developed brand. . Genera
    [Marketing] Unlock the Power of Email To Grow Traffic and Profit: Melbourne ProBlogger Event
    As a result we’re running this Email Marketing Workshop next month in Melbourne at the Melbourne Business School. The workshop will be capped at 30 attendees (there are 12 tickets left) and will be run by Shayne Tilley (who runs all my marketing, including our email marketing) and myself. Next month on 24 May we will be running a day long workshop in Melbourne for bloggers on the topic of using Email to grow traffic and build profitability to your blog. There are only 12 10 tickets left – grab yours here. Nurturing Your List (how to keep subscribers engaged).
    [Marketing] Social Media vs. Anti-Social CEO
    In short, a CEO must enable transformation at the Board level, within the company, throughout its marketing and across all social media so it can keep pace with technology and profit from in a changing marketplace. “Leave me the heck alone!&# ) (8) September 29, 2010 -- How crowdsourcing is changing business, advertising and cause marketing (0). Image Credit: Kevin Mandeville. It’s difficult enough for CEOs to manage their companies and inspire their staff. Now they must add another role to that list – Chief Technology Adopter. What else must a CEO do?
    [Marketing] Poll: Teens expect access to social networks at work « Online.
    Writing a book Contact Media Popular Industry Interviews Press Speaking Tips Meta Register Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS 3 comments Comments feed for this article December 10, 2009 at 11:46 pm The Future Is Open | Marketing Conversation™ [.] = 'marcon'; Angela Connor wrote a very thought provoking article about how Teens expect access to social networks at work. Will they get a rude awakening, or will this be the status quo by the time they enter the workforce? Miller, ethicist and director of the Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative. Ainar D. percent.
    [Marketing] [Artomatic Diaries] Getting started with Twitter branding and follow strategy
    Instead, I focus on asking for notice of, and retweeting, anything that is about local DC art. I’ve also decided that the “voice” of Artomatic, since we work with artists and musicians (as opposed to more corporate-sounding lawyers or doctors or marketers – ha), can basically be my voice. This is the first (real) post in my ongoing living social media case study.  I am part of the volunteer management of Artomatic, an art nonprofit based in DC, and I’d like to share with you the work I am doing as we go along.   See more here. It could be every 2 or 3 years.
    [Marketing] Dangers of Algorithmic Sourcing
    Perhaps that same percentage of the population will be able to resist precision marketing in this form. The increasing pervasiveness of algorithms in everyday life disturbs me. At the behest of many friends, I finally joined the 500 Pixels community and have begun uploading some of my better photos there for licensing. It’s an awesome place filled with pro photographers competing for the highest scores on their photos. Yet, scores are determined by the amount of likes, favs and comments you get over a short period of time. What gets top ranked ? just won’t do it. It depends.
    [Marketing] Regulating PR, Working Harder and Leaving Google
    The Most Effective Marketing I Saw at SXSW – at conferences, brands blast you with their marketing messages. This week was kind of a whirlwind wrapping up a trip to SXSW and then coming back to three days filled of meetings. The weekend looks just as busy as we’ll be looking at the house we are under agreement on with an inspector. How was your week? Hopefully you are having just a good one with awesome weekend plans. So without further babbling, here’s this week’s edition of Five for Friday. It makes sense and can be extremely effective. This post highlights that thought.
    [Marketing] The Three Pillars of SEO: How Do They Align With Search Engine Processes?
    If you want to flourish in your digital marketing career, you need to understand how SEO works from both points of view – and this is what we will be talking about today. Implementing efficient SEO campaigns requires a very good understanding of the optimization process itself and how search engine processes work. Google keeps rolling out algorithm updates, adding new web spam filters that eliminate poor-quality websites from the search index and help users find relevant information more easily. Understanding the 3 Pillars of SEO. Technology. Relevance. Authority. Crawler. Indexer.
    [Marketing] Gin and Topics: Douchecanoes, Bears, and Dogs. Oh My!
    Michael Schechter  is the digital marketing director for Honora Pearls, a company specializing in  freshwater pearl jewelry. Today’s Gin and Topics are brought to you by Michael Schechter. . When the Dietrich is away, the kids will play! It appears Gini may have cracked into the New Year’s champagne a little early. So much so, she is giving me free reign over the final  Gin and Topics  of 2011. Let’s enjoy a little  Gin and Topics  before the bubbly starts flowing! 5.  Guilty pleasures and good deeds.  Louis C.K. continues Five-year resolutions, anyone ?  Dogs in Cars. 
    [Marketing] Google Wave: Invite Led Viral Campaign
    And it has done so in a way it knows best – through invite based viral marketing. Privileged invites led marketing has been a potent weapon that Google has learned to wield well, and with Google Wave, it intends to go for a big kill. That’s a good marketing case study – the buzz surrounding the “wave invites&# overcomes the wave itself. During her stint at advertising Dhivya has assisted in developing direct marketing campaigns, executed events and helped in launching communication in international markets. The story so far.
    [Marketing] Google Wave: Invite Led Viral Campaign
    And it has done so in a way it knows best – through invite based viral marketing. Privileged invites led marketing has been a potent weapon that Google has learned to wield well, and with Google Wave, it intends to go for a big kill. That’s a good marketing case study – the buzz surrounding the “wave invites&# overcomes the wave itself. During her stint at advertising Dhivya has assisted in developing direct marketing campaigns, executed events and helped in launching communication in international markets. The story so far.
    [Marketing] Where Influence Measurement Tools are Stymied
    Even though they wrap it up in pretty marketing talk, Klout, Kred and others, are really charging customers for a measurement based on popularity, not influence. WHAT’S A MARKETER TO DO? Marketers need to develop a robust conceptualization of influence within the context of social media so they don’t have to rely solely on the definitions provided by Klout, Kred and other tools. Marketers today are wasting too much time, effort and money trying to find social media influencers using these tools without really understanding what influence is.
    [Marketing] Do the Work Now Free on Kindle at Amazon
    This venture is the brainchild of uber-marketer Seth Godin, and it's one that is gathering momentum just like a tumbling row of of dominoes. If you aren't familiar with the Domino Project you should be.  . Godin has partnered with Amazon to change the way ideas are spread. This is less about digital media and more about exploring new ways of sharing ideas to make a difference. Poke the Box by Seth Godin. Since the project began, I have downloaded Godin's Poke the Box on Kindle for a single dollar. The Kindle Version of Poke the Box is now $7.99. Do the Work by Steven Pressfield.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Marketing] 4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Domain Name
    It’s one of the core values of marketing to be memorable, and simplicity is usually best. When there’s more than 284 million registered domain names online, you’re going to want yours to stand out. But you also want to be easily remembered, have a URL that accurately describes your business, and it would help if it ranks well in Google. Right? Right. It’s very easy to buy a domain name that you come to regret later. What was useful and fashionable years ago suddenly is unwieldy and a pain in the butt to describe now. It also helps if it’s easy to type.
    [Marketing] Focus Strategically On the New Social Tools | Spin Sucks
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Sep 09 2010 Focus Strategically On the New Social Tools By Gini Dietrich | Email | Print | 12 Comments | It’s time for the Arment Dietrich Facebook question of the week! ’? How do you get them past image creation and messaging in the old idiom? Thanks!
    [Marketing] How I Got Two Job Offers and a $200-an-Hour Consulting Gig from Blogging
    Pretend you’re an employer, a marketing firm with 100 employees, and you’re looking to hire the 101 st. If marketers are your audience, on the other hand, offer design or copywriting services. Now, let’s say you’re writing to people who want to get better at internet marketing. This guest post was written by Joe Bunting of The Write Practice. So you started blogging to make some money. Adsense, advertising, and affiliate sales looked like a pretty good way to make a living. You thought you could make money while you slept at night. Sounded good at the time, right?
    [Marketing] SEO - an art and a science
    Today in a guest post from the wonderful  Joseph Baker , we look at the marketing implications of the holiday season. Today in a guest post from the wonderful   Joseph Baker   who is a wonderful friend to The Engaging Brand. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is both an art and science. When you design a site and optimize it, you have to make it flow and capture your visitors' attention, giving it an easy to use interface and developing an aesthetically pleasing layout. Data Mining. Links and Traffic. Every share and social promotion generates a new link to the content, boosting rankings.
    [Marketing] Reputation Management for Wordpress (Free Plugin)
    Reply ViperChill Monthly Report 7 (Ranking for “Viral Marketing&# ) says: May 4, 2010 at 5:09 pm [.] Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » Reputation Management for Wordpress (Free Plugin) Reputation Management for Wordpress (Free Plugin) Written by Glen, this post has 66 Comments I’m deviating from the typical type of post here at ViperChill today as I have something pretty awesome to announce: My first plugin, Reputation Management for Wordpress, is now available for download. You rock! love it. Thanks Glen. Awesome!
    [Marketing] How SmallBizTracks Works: Next Steps and Follow Through
    Content Marketing does more than just lead into a sales call. Content Marketing includes the sales, the service, and the follow-through. At SmallBizTracks, it’s one of the things we teach our customers to apply – and it’s also part of how we service what we sell. As we complete a project (track), we make sure the small business we worked with has a few things in hand and at the ready: A completed Scope document, which also serves as a “punch list” during the project. It’s how we Stay Ahead of the Next Big Thing. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Marketing] How to Use Twitter to Generate Writing Ideas
    Get More from Twitter – Twitter Marketing eBook Review. Have you ever been stuck on coming up with writing ideas for your blog, niche site, or a client? Twitter can be a very valuable tool when it comes to generating writing ideas, if you know how to use it. Here are some ways to come up with content topics using Twitter. Follow People in Your Niche. Twellow Directory Search Results. One of the best ways to find out what is important now on a particular subject matter is to follow the top people in your niche. So how do you find the experts in a niche on Twitter? Setup Searches.
    [Marketing] The goal of business is NOT increasing shareholder wealth
    What does this mean for marketers? Although it sounds a bit cliche and more than a little “frou-frou&# (especially in the land of B2B), driving a business from your heart will always have a profound impact on your success with that business. I don’t care if you’re a starving artist of the CEO of a paper clip company, there’s no marketing expertise in the world that will take you as far as your own passion. by trey on January 4, 2010 What is the goal of business? My American friends are now having canniptions and thinking I’ve lost my mind.
    [Marketing] How Social Media Experts Get Their Wings
    Credit: Conversation Marketing – good post, Ian. Years before I started my own firm, I clearly remember a great question designed to trip me up at a job interview: “So Brian…how many hours of experience do you have on Visio?&#. After a chuckle, I regained composure and replied: “About 4-5 years. Do you catch a lot of people on that one?&#. “Yes, I do,&# he said with a smirk. Which brings us to the point of expertise. Lots of people throw around needlessly unqualified labels about how so and so is a guru, maven, or expert. The answer? 10,000 hours. Got that?
    [Marketing] Blogging on the Bleeding Edge: Create Content that Gets Liked, Shared, and Talked About
    However, regurgitated content won’t thrust you to the forefront of your market. This is “bleeding edge” content that’s new to your market. You want your finger on the pulse of what’s happening next, and the only way to do that is to know the decision-makers in your market. Have you identified the decision-makers in your market? Glen is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create and market a blog online that makes them money. This guest post is by Glen Andrews of It doesn’t really excite anyone anymore.
    [Marketing] Monitoring Your Company’s Brand Online with MutualMind
    While these are useful ways to gather marketing and demographic data , you still need to know what people are saying behind closed doors. MutualMind is a highly innovative and dynamic web application that helps marketing firms and public relation firms monitor the “word on the street&# in regards to brands that they are following – both your own, and your competitors. Have you ever wondered what people are REALLY saying about your brand ? MutualMind takes the different aspects of social media and brings them together into a concise, and helpful way. Digg this!
    [Marketing] Hosting a Successful Networking Event
    Get others involved, if you own a clothing company, include vintage clothing samples from local markets, or sell handmade confectionary, at food-based events. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or you have been in business for years, networking is the most efficient way of meeting like-minded business owners and increasing your contact database. Hosting your own event is the most efficient way of making networking work for you, ensuring the best outcomes for your business. Venue. Refreshments. which was required to get to the event. Entertainment. Give back.
    [Marketing] Stories From Smaller Nonprofits: Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative
    During this month Diva Marketing is shining the light on a few smaller nonprofits. This December the winds blew colder than usual and for many their winter wonderland turned life into a world of isolation. For For nonprofits, who depend on the kindness of strangers, this year especially, with the challenges of the economy it seemed to feel as thought they were fighting the battle for their cause alone. It is our hope that stories you read will inspire you to help in ways that fit with your life. be it a donation, an hour of volunteer time, a Facebook status update or an extra tweet.
    [Marketing] Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing and How to Make It A Success
    The former is common in the SEO industry, where online marketers who worked for agencies or themselves building and selling sites decide they want to finally share all their SEO knowledge with the masses. He is passionate about helping new and professional bloggers build sustainable online businesses via content and social marketing. This is a guest contribution from Gary Dek from If your blog is dependent on Google search engine rankings like most websites, you should know that one record month of traffic can easily be followed by a record low. Collect emails.
    [Marketing] Myth Picking And Member Behavior
    It’s helped them become the new king of content marketing which you should envy and emulate. Our current beliefs about engagement are insane. Here’s a common one: The more engagement you get, the more value you generate. This is a really fun myth to pick apart. For example, GoPro has a radical new engagement strategy which uses their popular Instagram account to transform advertising. They understand the importance of integration …and you should too! Alas the company just laid off 7% of their workforce after sales tanked. The Engagement = Value Myth. This is a complex system.
    [Marketing] Images and Voices of Hope Summit: Is media disconnecting us from ourselves?
    They will be inviting leaders in the fields of journalism, marketing, gaming, culture and the arts, to discuss these issues. I’m really excited to be speaking at the Images and Voices of Hope  world summit in September in New York. wanted to share the event with you because it addresses what I think is a very important question. The theme for this year’s event is “Mind Full Media&# and the conference is designed to answer the question as to whether digital technology is, in fact, increasingly connecting or disconnecting us from ourselves and one another.
    [Marketing] An Interactive Q&A Session with David Siteman Garland
    He’s just released a book called Smarter, Faster, Cheaper that continues his no-fluff approach to building, marketing and succeeding at your own business, as well as the community around it. Hey there, and welcome to a very special blog post. Today, from 12.00 noon Eastern / 11.00am Central / 9.00am Pacific time, the blog is being given over to you and my very special guest, David Siteman Garland of The Rise to the Top. He’s one of the most passionate people I know, and is a rollercoaster (in a good way) of fun, smarts and energy.
    [Marketing] [Podcast] Episode #17: Noah Kagen – Hacking Your Headline For Success
    stumbled across what is probably the most powerful blog marketing tool I''ve ever used. [link]. Push Me To Subscribe to the Pushing Social Podcast. It''s called King Sumo a plugin that allows you test multiple headline variations. invited Noah Kagen, founder of AppSumo, on the show to walk us through how to get the most out of this plugin. In this episode we discuss: 1. How to quickly test your headlines within minutes. 2. Unexpected insights Noah discovered while testing headlines for AppSumo. 3. How to get your own free copy of KingSumo! Right Click Here to Download This Episode.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Tough Love
    How to become an Influencer through Content and Relationship Marketing – My experience as a publisher taught me a lot of things, particularly in making me understand several aspects of marketing that can really help a brand make an impact to its audience. The 2013 LinkedIn Marketing Guide – LinkedIn is a great network for businesses looking to increase traffic and leads, as well as individuals looking to market their expertise for new career opportunities. The Resources Mashup. This Week on Kikolani. Blogging / Content. Business / Career. Dig in.
    [Marketing] Skip to the End: 5 Great Ways to Make Your Readers Care
    Marketers use scarcity tactics to get you caring about endings (“75% off, today only!”). It may be wise to chase an end goal for your blog that’s modest in scope and entirely achievable – but that’s a really poor way to market it. This is a guest contribution from Mike Sowden. Have you ever taken part in a business presentation that just died on the spot? Say you’re up there speaking. Nobody is laughing at your jokes. Your throat has dried up. Dark patches of panic-sweat are appearing all over your shirt. You suddenly need the bathroom. ”?
    [Marketing] 65 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
    Let’s take article marketing as an example. Article marketing is one of the oldest and best ways to generate traffic. But the success of your article marketing campaign depends on many different things, like the number of articles you write, the number of article directories you submit to, the quality of your articles, how many articles a day you submit, and more. This guest post is by Satrap of What is the best way to drive traffic to my site? What’s the fastest way to generate traffic to my site? What’s…? Test them for yourself.
    [Marketing] The Foremost Ideas To Create Personalized User Experience On Your eCommerce Site
    The more you market your product in an improvising manner, more you will be able to get the attention of visitors. As per the survey; most of the consumers get irritated when the contents, offers or any ads do not match their interest. To be successful in eCommerce it is important to customize the user experience and offer indulging experiences to the customers. By providing eCommerce personalization, it’s easy to offer every user a personalized treatment that fit as per the customer experience. This will provide users an easy search & save their time too.
    [Marketing] Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
    The post Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays appeared first on Inbound & Content Marketing Hub. Writtent would like to wish a warm Christmas season to your business team, families, and loved ones. May your holiday season be filled with peace, joy, and a little bit of magic and hope for 2014. We are grateful to the dedicated readers of our blog and are happy that you find our content useful. We are also very thankful to our clients and audience who inspire us to work harder, set new goals and expand our horizons, day in and day out. We are wishing you an abundance of happiness!
    [Marketing] The Misery Of Agency Life
    In June of this year, longtime marketing agency professional, Uwe Hook , did something about his unhappiness with agency life. digital marketing. marketing agency. marketing blog. marketing podcast. Episode #438 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Some of us actually meant it, quit our jobs and went off to do other things. After close to twenty years in the business, he quit his job and explained it all rather publicly in a Medium post titled, Why I quit my agency job. Enjoy the conversation. audio.
    [Marketing] Did LinkedIn Throw Out the Baby with the Bath Water
    Is it just me, or do you really not understand what’s going on over at LinkedIn? I’ve been on record in the past as saying how smart I thought it was that LinkedIn moved from a social network for business to a content marketing platform for business. This video is f rom  Jay Today is my near-daily 3-minute video where I talk about social media, content marketing, business and life. Thousands and thousands of businesspeople produce content on the LinkedIn platform natively. I put blog posts there as well. They’ve tried to become a B2B magazine. Smart.
    [Marketing] Social Media Isn’t Dead: It’s Boring
    What people maybe thought they were getting was a book about social media and social networks, about marketing and campaigns. look at marketing, sales, and service as a shared/hybrid role, where everyone has a part to play in the experience. I’d also say that these are the business aspects that we’ve tucked into The Impact Equation underneath it all. Isn’t it time we started telling bigger stories than this? That’s the simplest possible summary of the book. Some people believe that’s what Julien and I do. Social media are a set of tools. Content.
    [Marketing] Game Thinking is a Bigger Idea Than Game Mechanics
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « From Design Thinking to Game Thinking Why Social CRM is a Non Starter in India » Why Game Thinking is a Bigger Idea Than Game Mechanics Welcome to the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists ! Follow the blog on RSS , Twitter or Facebook and youll never miss a post again! For more, read my bio. Here are some things you should do: 1.
    [Marketing] BBC World Have Your Say Panel Discussion on Internet and Society
    The Ultimate List of Meetups, Events and Conferences for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists in Asia Five Similarities and Differences Between the Social Media Behaviors in India and China After #IndiaVotes09, Election Campaigning Goes Digital in #IranVotes Vote Report India Featured in BBC Story on the 2009 Indian Elections My SXSW Interview with BBC on How Social Media is Changing News Internationally. You can listen to the audio program here. To argue that the internet needs to remain a free unregulated space is naive.
    [Marketing] SEO Tips for Your LinkedIn Company Profile
    As we all know, visibility and content marketing go hand in hand. LinkedIn now has more than 332 million registered users making it easily one of the leading social media sites out there for businesses. Naturally, this has a lot of spillover consequences that can help businesses get ahead. For example, nine in ten recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates, and many B2B companies are actually finding customers through LinkedIn. 14 SEO Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile. The end-goal is to get a URL that is identified as yours. You can learn about how to create a custom URL here.
    [Marketing] Your Social Media and SEO Game Plan for 2012
    That is why, as SEO marketers, we need to take a different approach to ranking on Google and driving free organic traffic to our sites. He also likes writing on topics related to SEO Tips , blogging, list building, traffic strategies and other Internet Marketing Topics. This guest post is by Herman Dias of Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard about the Google Panda update and what it did to many low-quality websites last year. It was more like a Google sniper attack on all the spam and rubbish sites. choosing the right keywords.
    [Marketing] How to Create a Facebook Fan Page
    Many marketers I know tried to stay away from Facebook for business for quite a while.  There was something overly familiar about connecting everyone you know from all walks of life – past meeting present, work meeting play – that made it sort of uncomfortable for many to bring their personal/business social graph into the marketing fold.  Nowadays, many have simply accepted Facebook into their business persona…either that or maybe it was the Hitwise data crowning Facebook as the top site of the web. Maybe you already have but are looking to be better?
    [Marketing] New MacBook Pro – MacBook Apple Store Down
    – Apple SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller. New MacBook Pros were released from Apple this morning. Unfortunately the Apple online store has been down for much of the morning. The New MacBook offers: Upgraded processors and graphics. High-speed Thunderbolt I/O port. New FaceTime-enabled HD camera. The big improvement, especially for professional users is the Thunderbolt I/O port. Thunderbolt is a revolutionary new I/O technology that delivers an amazing 10 gigabits per second and can support every important I/O standard which is ideal for the new MacBook Pro. 13-inch MacBook Pro.
    [Marketing] 3 Overlooked Ways to Integrate Social into Your Company’s Product Packaging
    While it may be true that your company needs a strong social media presence, saying so in a marketing advice column has become tired and cliché — like, eye-rolling levels of tired and cliché. But keep those eyebrows unarched for a moment just yet: while you probably have the online space covered, have you ever thought about bringing your social media presence to the physical world? If not, you’re missing a prime opportunity to connect with your current and potential consumers during key decision making moments. There’s one easy place to do exactly this: your product packaging.
    [Marketing] The Ultimate Online Social Experience!
    Not for Social Media Marketing! Online Reputation Management- Part 1 2 Million ONLINE Leads Market for BFSI Sector in India! For anyone interested in online social behaviour , last 48 hours have been like a live case study. have personally been aggressively engaged in tracking the events in Mumbai through twitter, facebook, Wikipedia, flickr , various blogs and not forgetting good old Google. have also observed the trending of reactions very closely, which began as news, evolved to provide helplines, and a few live descriptions of events, to now analysis. Recession?
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