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    [Marketing] Social vs content
    The value of context in defining your business Social media and workplace discipline How to figure out how to participate on social media sites Participation and its role in affiliate marketing Why I enjoy learning outside my discipline What makes you stand out? Both perspectives have their merits, as I’ll explore below. Social media is about posting content For some people social media is about posting content, which means posting information. Sometimes a link to a website or blog is included and sometimes it’s just a simple tip that is included. Imagine Your Reality.
    [Marketing] Social media activism
    The value of context in defining your business Social media and workplace discipline How to figure out how to participate on social media sites Participation and its role in affiliate marketing Why I enjoy learning outside my discipline What makes you stand out? As Jeremiah explains, activist groups such as Greenpeace have been using technology for a long time to aid in their activist work, and social media is no exception. In fact, I would suggest that businesses should study such activist groups and learn what they are doing right. What do you think? Imagine Your Reality.
    [Marketing] Geo-location and privacy
    The value of context in defining your business Social media and workplace discipline How to figure out how to participate on social media sites Participation and its role in affiliate marketing Why I enjoy learning outside my discipline What makes you stand out? In the post, the writer mentioned that someone had been stalked and the stalker had used FourSquare to do it and make a point to the person being stalked. But, in fact, it’s not an urban myth and i t is a privacy issue. Maybe they’ll give me a virtual award, but that’s cold comfort. So what do you think?
    [Marketing] Why automation doesn't work with social media
    The value of context in defining your business Social media and workplace discipline How to figure out how to participate on social media sites Participation and its role in affiliate marketing Why I enjoy learning outside my discipline What makes you stand out? don’t want an automated message that someone has crafted in an attempt to get me to buy, because s/he thinks s/he knows what I want. What I want is engagement, and this is why I don’t think automation and social media mix well. Even now there people who still push this approach to social media. Imagine Your Reality.
    [Marketing] Implementing Enterprise 2.0 at Penn State University Part Four: Pilot Project or All In?
    Penn State had a relatively short time frame to make everything happen, in fact they only really had around a 7 week marketing strategy. This is part four in a multi-part series on how Pennsylvania State University is implementing Enterprise 2.0. Part one covered the  business drivers of Enterprise 2.0 for Penn State University , part two looked at  change management issues around culture for Penn State University as well as where the push for E2.0 efforts. Similar case studies in this E2.0 series have been done in a similar fashion on  Oce ,  Vistaprint , and  Intuit. Key Takeaways.
    [Marketing] Addicted to Social Media | Spin Sucks
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Aug 02 2010 Addicted to Social Media By Daniel Hindin | Email | Print | 8 Comments | Guest post by Martin Waxman , co-founder and managing partner of energi PR, Communications, Digital in Toronto. My name is Martin W., and I am…addicted to social media. No wait.
    [Marketing] 4 Social Media Questions Answered
    Social media is not an ‘or,’ it’s an ‘and’ in marketing. Historically their competition spends less than 10% of their marketing dollars are digital initiatives.  By Erik Qualman. periodically find it helpful to put together a list of the top questions I’m asked by people, corporations and the media.  Hopefully you find my answers helpful. 1]  Do most companies seem to have clear strategies and direction with social media or does it seem like people are still trying to figure out what to do with it and how it can help them? It is the world’s largest focus group on Steroids.
    [Marketing] The 7 New Roles Agencies Must Play to Survive Real-Time Business
    Marketing and communication has moved from a series of lakes (campaign>>analyze>>modify>>repeat), to a waterfall where you’re doing the communicating and the analyzing and the modifying all at once, every day. As marketers, we weren’t trained for this. That was the premise of my presentation to the BOLO 2010 conference in Scottsdale this week, where 150+ agency principles convened to drill deep into the speedy digital future of professional marketing services. Tweet Change is all around us, in many shapes and guises. Everything happens faster now. Or sauce.
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    [Marketing] ‘Get Real’ with Social Media Management
    Transparency and authenticity are more than just buzzwords, but the level of each you display online is dependent entirely on your specific brand and the unique audience you are targeting with social media marketing. 'Get real. Authentic customer service works when it comes to social media management. We’ve all seen social media go disastrously awry. Tweet posted from the wrong account. manager’s rant filmed and uploaded to YouTube. simple mistake or typo that altered the entire context of a comment. Don’t. What might work with one may be completely inappropriate with another.
    [Marketing] Confused? Consider Rox's 180 Rule
    Thanks to blogging and Twitter, even people who have never used your products can have more influence on buying than any other marketing channel! spoke to a Marketing Class at HPU last night and one of the questions was about making money. And in this case, the use of social media marketing plays in perfectly for the entrepreneur. Consider Rox’s 180 Rule Confused? Consider Rox’s 180 Rule by Roxanne Darling on December 3, 2009 When I am doing social web training these days, at least once or twice an hour I implement what I call “Rox’s 180 Rule.&#
    [Marketing] Review of Social Media Analytics
    Listen to this: “…I have come to believe marketing and communications agencies are not the most appropriate entities to measure marketing or PR campaigns run on behalf of their clients, especially within social media. That’s exactly what Bob and I walked away from our conversation thinking and talking about, and Marshall is right that it’s an EVEN BIGGER mistake in PR and Social than it is in the relatively “hard&# disciplines of online marketing. But that’s really just a small piece of the total effort. No so.
    [Marketing] Pro PR Tips: 100 Tips from Rafe Needleman Published in a Book
    Tip #21: Guest List People I want to hear a pitch from, in descending order: CEO, CTO, VP Product Development, Janitor, Brand Marketing Manager. Tip #73: Decoder ring You say: “Google’s entry into this space validates our market.” The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases Fortune 100 Need to Get More Creative with Twitter Smart Move from Condé Nast: GQ and DETAILS Should Have Their Own Websites Leave a Comment Subscribe (1-2 posts per week) Connect with Me Recent Posts Which News Sites Get the Most Social Media Engagement? Except when they are good).
    [Marketing] Apple Turns Its i To Television
    Apple proved that there was a huge market for this type of tablet device and you can imagine what a sixty-four inch version might look like (push that further and imagine using your iPad or iPhone as the remote control to flick content on to the screen). Apple has already had Apple TV in market since 2006, but the second generation (which came out in September 2010) has already begun the true fusion of online content with our television screens. Are you paying attention to Apple 's next move? Yes, the line between resolution quality of print and screen has happened. Steve. apple.
    [Marketing] I confess — I don’t write these posts on my own
    The post I confess — I don’t write these posts on my own appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute. 'I have a confession to make. don’t write my blog posts on my own. m just not a good enough writer. And I’m even worse at proofreading. That’s why I use Grammarly’s proofreading software  because, with my luck, public would become pubic without its keen eye keeping me on the G-rated side of the tracks. When I started in the business, every time we drafted anything, it immediately went to the proofers. When possible, let it sit overnight. Know your own bad habits.
    [Marketing] Ever wondered about….SXSW?
    If you’re using Twitter, reading blogs and generally have any interest in tech (and what marketer doesn’t?) Quite apart from the fact that big industry events often signal industry change and progress, SXSW also points clearly to what we should be understanding loud and clear by now: It’s no longer about social vs marketing vs technology vs content. Wisdom London Creative Communications is our world… « Ever wondered about…Social Commerce? Ever Wondered About…Net Neutrality? » Ever wondered about… SXSW? What is it? What will 2011 hold?
    [Marketing] Early Days for Mac App Store, Chrome Web Store
    In fact, despite my understanding that these are replacing retail software titles, after years of staring at the Android Market and iTunes App Store, there's something very much like sticker shock when scrolling through the offerings and seeing prices in the tens of dollars, $30+ and beyond. Even the Android Market, once barren, doesn't need to highlight its total app count any more. Practically all my favorite bands were missing. But I believed in the model, and knew that eventually, the contracts would be signed that filled in the gaps. Top Mac Apps. Kid Pix is $50.
    [Marketing] Copying Apple
    That while the company in a post- Steve Jobs world is still churning out cutting-edge consumer electronics and digital services, that the market for that may be hitting a plateau (this is why their last quarter was seen as a disappointment to Wall Street when - in reality - it was one of the best quarters that any company has ever had). This isn't just the advertising that we see in market, but the overall experience it delivers. believe that there is a higher calling when it comes to marketing and influence. It's like an itch that you just can't scratch. It's not overt.
    [Marketing] Social Media’s Influence on Giving Back [Infographic]
    Ultimately, these numbers also represent a trend that all communicators and marketers need to recognize. The social media adoption curve is different for everyone, even for those who share the same job title in the communications industry. Some dove right in, others tested it out for a while until they found a niche. One constant though among these users is that they eventually get to a point where they understand the real-world impact and influence that social has. So fittingly, my introduction into the influence of social was social good. 1 in 5 adults have donated to charity online.
    [Marketing] @DorieClark – New Book: Reinventing You – Does Your Professional Persona Need a Reboot?
    In other words, if you want to be a marketing consultant, you have to behave like one in order for people to accept you as one. 'It goes without saying that our professional identities matter. We project these identities to the outside world at least 40 hours each week—and sometimes many more, depending on our jobs and ambitions. Many of us have carefully cultivated these identities from the get-go, working to ensure that the way others see us is exactly how we hope to be seen. Others have built up their identities on the fly, applying valuable lessons as they go. Best foot forward.
    [Marketing] We live in strange times…
    Despite the predictable flurry of bloggers attempting to get traffic by relating their top tips for marketing or small businesses which can be derived from the rioting, there’s still a huge amount of uncertainty in the air, and a sense that the implications of what has happened will take a while to surface. It’s been a strange couple of weeks, both personally and given the events occurring across the country. I’ve seen social herd behaviour lead to violent unrest, and then seen it result in people coming together to clean up the aftermath. Digital Culture
    [Marketing] Kelly Mitchell Discusses Next Level & Hawaii Social (#nextlevelhi)
    KM: They will learn social media’s importance and ability to generate profits, new customers and broader market awareness. We’ll also teach them how to start conversations & engage new customers & contacts to help them grow revenue & achieve marketing objectives. Every region with a strong social media community has a great conference that serves that area. The Hawaiian Islands are no different, with Next Level Hawaii set to take place next Thursday through Saturday (April 29 – May 1). Here’s our interview. It’s the same with social media.
    [Marketing] Who’s On Our Client List?
    Marketing Agencies. 'During the past decade, we’ve worked with over 100 different types of business owners and operators. The list grows because new types of businesses are created all the time. We’ve learned that no two businesses are alike, not even if they are in the same industry in the same town. Maybe they’re in different phases of business or their intended audience is different. No two outfits are the same. When our customers succeed, it is by their own hard work and flexibility towards change. That’s what works best for us – and for our clients.
    [Marketing] Are Comments Really Necessary on Your Small Business Blog?
    Additionally,  Jeff Korhan , a specialist in Small Business growth and Social Media marketing, asks the question we’re asking here:  Should Your Business Accept Blog Comments ? 'There was a time, before the launch of Twitter and open registration of Facebook, where the general feeling among people was that  comments were an important and necessary piece of blogging. It was part of what made a blog a dynamic and engaging website. Arguments were made how comments, especially for business blogs, allowed better engagement and put a personality behind a static company website.
    [Marketing] 31 People That Helped Create Youtility
    My new book, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype releases on Thursday in hardcover, Kindle, Nook and iBook. first spoke about it at the inaugural Content Marketing World conference in 2011 (note: I’m keynoting this year’s affair. Since then, I mulled, researched, wrote and marketed the book. < Tamsen Webster, a fantastic person and terrific marketer, who provided editorial guidance for early versions, and whose experiences with Warby Parker are chronicled in the book. 'Image from Audible audio version on the way.
    [Marketing] Friday Vendor Roundup: 15Five, Clarizen, & Bitrix24
    I think the sweet spot for Bitrix is either smaller or mid-size businesses but for that particular market it has a great offering with a very reasonable price point. 'Every Friday I’m going to attempt to summarize any relevant news in the future of work/collaboration space. ll provide the name of the vendor, a short summary of what the announcement or piece of news is with a link to the original, and finally a short POV. can’t cover every single thing that comes out but I will do my best to provide as much relevant content as I can. 15Five launches version 2.0. Link to announcement.
  • SOSHABLE  |  TUESDAY, JULY 9, 2013
    [Marketing] The Trouble with Cryptomnesia
    In the course of reading dozens of marketing blog and writing hundreds of marketing words every day, it’s definitely a looming threat to myself, and everyone else in the industry. It’s not a pleasant thought, but when you’re reading and writing  automotive digital marketing  material all day every day, it’s something you should keep in mind. 'Cryptomnesia has been on my mind a lot lately. Cryptomnesia occurs when you remember something you’ve read or seen in the past, but your brain interprets it as something new and original. Featured
  • ENGAGE  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 2014
    [Marketing] How to Craft Print Vs. Online Headlines
    However, content marketers need to alter their approach when writing for different mediums. 'What makes a good headline? As you likely know, there’s a difference between writing a headline that works for a print magazine and writing for the web. In magazines, we have the advantage of photos, imagery, a kicker, deck and layout to convey what the article is about. Each of these elements acts as a single instrument in a kind of visual orchestra. When these elements play well together, the effect is a pleasing melody that serves the needs of readers. Twitter links are briefer than that.  .
    [Marketing] Print is Dead; Long Live Print!
    Elliott, the president of his eponymous ad sales and marketing firm, started in the business more than three decades ago, he entered a yearlong training program at Ogilvy & Mather before officially working for the agency. 'The old saw, “print is dead,” may be the most overused quotation since Mark Twain famously quipped about the news of his own demise more than a century ago. Yes, reports of print’s so-called death are, as Twain said, “greatly exaggerated.”. When James G. But Elliott says there are four things he knows for sure: . Print is here to stay. Digital is here to stay.
    [Marketing] Australia Job: Social Networking Guru
    Online Marketing & Social Networking Guru. Develop and coordinate online Marketing Strategies. Creative writing skills and Marketing Ideas. In this Online Marketing role the duties are varied and will include: Copy Writing & Marketing – multiple websites, articles, PR, email newsletters. Develop and implement creative, Online Marketing strategies including all channels of Social Networking, email, promotional ideas, advertising & blogs. Found this on Seek – job for someone in Melbourne? Build our Social Networks. Modern Office.
    [Marketing] Share Your Blog Here
    Whatever you write about — internet marketing, mobile devices, gardening, frog leg delicacies, or something more eccentric — this is your chance to share your blog with me and with other readers. This picture of two sisters and their cousin is by puravida. Every blogger wants eyeballs and new subscribers. If you’re a blogger, what do you write about? Can you describe your blog in a few sentences? What are your favorite articles to write? Do you focus your writing in a geography or to a specific reader? And, are you seeking guest contributors? The choice is yours.
  • SOSHABLE  |  TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2012
    [Marketing] What the Heck is and What Does it Mean?
    I also have colleagues tell me that this shows that Facebook is getting into search engine marketing, but I think that’s not the case either. This would directly attack Google and hopefully cut into their market penetration.  At this point you’ve probably heard something about  At first I heard people say that it was going to go up against Facebook and Google+, even though anyone with a cursory knowledge would know that it’s not the case.  But, what, exactly, is it?  Right now, it looks sort of like Pinterest or a social bookmarking site.  and then post them.  But, will
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & A Slow Loris
    10 Tricks to Research Anything – Researching a new market, customer or channel can be wildly inefficient. Tom is a freelance blogger and internet marketer. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, freelancing, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have seen on Google+ , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. Blogging / Content. This is a myth. Here’s why. Uncomfortable, awkward moments rarely lead to sales.
    [Marketing] The Reaction Compulsion
    Because I'm still in learning mode, about PR and marketing and business-running and yes, writing too, the pressure is higher than it would otherwise be. And more difficult than it used to be to examine the stars at 1/4 impulse power… [link] Storytelling Business Social Media Marketing PR & Technology Curated Stories June 15, 2010 [.] We digest very little of it. We tweet things we haven’t read. We review books we’ve barely skimmed. We contribute to online lynch mobs and tote our virtual pitchforks with pride, with barely a fact check among us. get it.
    [Marketing] TweetDeck Looms to Battle Seesmic, Twitter on Android
    In the two years since TweetDeck first launched on the desktop , it has set the standard for multi-functional multi-account Twitter-centric applications, bringing the concept of columns, grouping and integrated search to what had previously been a bland market of simple apps. Now, the two are competing for visibility on yet another screen - that of the fast-growing Android platform, and unlike previous battles, which usually saw TweetDeck innovating first, it was Seesmic who got there first - in a big way, going live on Android and BlackBerry back in November of 2009.
    [Marketing] 5 Ways to Nail Social Media Branding
    Social media marketing is one of the best ways to attract visitors to your blog. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are among the hottest components in the modern marketer’s toolkit. Miranda Burford is the Marketing Manager for Swiftly. 'This is a guest contribution from   Miranda Burford of Swiftly. But how do you make sure the branding you’ve built on your blog translates to all these other platforms? Here are five tips you can action right now to ensure you’re consistent across the board. Develop a unique look and feel . Post fresh content regularly. Genera
    [Marketing] 7 Must-Have Legal Resources for Freelancers and Independent Contractors
    560 Resources for Blogging, Online Marketing, and Starting a Business. This is a guest post by Leon Harris. Working as a freelancer sounds pretty great in the beginning: you get to set your own hours, choose clients, and virtually be the boss. And while this is definitely awesome, there are some potential drawbacks, as well, like hustling for work, juggling multiple clients, and having to pay for your own health insurance. Like any type of work, there are both challenges and rewards. But when it comes to the legal aspects of running your business you may not know where to begin. Docracy.
    [Marketing] Meet My New Dumb Smartphone
    AriHerzog is a digital marketing and government professional seeking a position in community affairs. 'I thought I wanted a dumb phone. bought it — and returned it after three days. It was too dumb. It was fine for talking but texting only worked when the messages were strictly text. couldn’t receive pictures. The camera also sucked, comparatively. didn’t care about social networking but I did need my Google calendar with me. exchanged the T-Mobile 768 for the Prism 2. Huawei manufactures it. It’s a barebones Android phone; a dumb smartphone, essentially.
    [Marketing] Stop Worrying What to Do Online
    Ari Herzog provides social media marketing and editorial services. How much time do you spend seeking answers to unimportant questions? It doesn’t matter how many fans you have on your Facebook page as long as you provide relevant information and respond to their questions. It doesn’t matter how frequently you send messages on Twitter or Google+ because your friends will respond to those messages that are relevant or insightful to them and gloss over the rest. Stop over thinking what you should do online — and just do it. Thank you for reading! Productivity
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    [Marketing] Facebook 'Hilarious Video' Phishing Attack is Spreading Quickly
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Facebook ‘Hilarious Video’ Phishing Attack is Spreading Quickly by Pam Dyer on May 30, 2010 Share Be careful out there! Facebook phishing scam is running rampant this weekend — the third widespread attack on the site in as many weeks. The scheme attempts to steal your Facebook login credentials, install malware on your computer, and grab your home address. You may also be presented with a contest to win an iPad, with a request to enter your home address. Average Age of a Facebook User?
    [Marketing] OK Go + Muppets = Epic Win.
    I could try and shoehorn in something about OK Go building their following by doing their own thing and not relying on a record company etc, or try and find 10 marketing lessons you could learn from The Muppets, but to be honest, if you haven’t seen it, this video is just bloody brilliant. Hat Tip to the lovely Vicky_Anderson on Twitter, who runs a great site about anything going on stage in Liverpool. Disclosure: Vicky is an old (and valued) friend of mine). Funny brilliant video muppets ok go
    [Marketing] Stories From Smaller Nonprofits: Asylee Women Enterprise (AWE)
    Some how it seems fitting that the last in Diva Marketing's 2011  Shining A Light on smaller nonprofits series  should highlight an organization that helps courageous women find hope at the start of a new chapter in their lives. Somehow it seems fitting that this NPO goes by the name of  AWE. . Molly Corbett  is our story teller for this special post. She is the founder and executive director of  Asylee Women Enterprise  (AWE). Molly has worked in the nonprofit sector for 20 years.  Molly Corbett -  Most of us are very familiar with the Christmas story of Mary and Joseph. Website.
    [Marketing] Stories From Smaller Nonprofits: St. Vincent and Sarah Fischer Center
    In midst of the chaos of shopping, gift wrapping and cookie baking I invite you to join me on Diva Marketing for a quiet moment to learn about the work of some smaller nonprofits. Throughout December I'll be highlighting stories from nonprofits that light the way for causes that may not be on the front page of the New York Times. It's my wish that together we can help raise their visibility, perhaps find a new volunteer or even encourage a donation or two. Because as Laura King Edwards , Taylor's Tale , says, "Nothing should stand in the way of a dream." 
    [Marketing] Memorable Speakers Blend Stories, A Connection to the Audience, and Takeaways
    I’m into day two of the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston, part of the #FutureM events that are dedicated to showing how big a tech and marketing town Boston really is. spoke yesterday, as did author Ben Mesrich. Today, I’ll see Guy Kawasaki, Tim Hayden, and Dan Heath, among others. It has me thinking about speaking and speakers. Great Speakers Tell Stories. great speaker doesn’t simply preach from the stage. They tell illustrative stories that explain their points. More so, she shared her own feelings about the brand and how the story related to her.
    [Marketing] Uncommon vs. Common Causes
    However the real value is in understanding that uncommon causes are now the common cause that reflects the current market dynamics. 'Common cause are events, occurrences and points of reference that are considered normal variation. Uncommon cause are unusual events that aren’t common. The reaction to common vs. uncommon causes are different. Traditional wisdom would tell us to work on improving common causes of errors while simply noting uncommon causes of errors. Let’s say you drive the same road to work every day and on average it takes you 30 minutes to get to work. Not likely.
    [Marketing] Narcissus at work
    And as important as the above blog is to understanding the BASE motives of people, I think it more important to understand self interest so that we, as marketers, as influencers, as the avant garde of social media leaders, to use our intelligence and understanding of the new modes of communication to help people learn how to see beyond simple self interest. That’s okay. So am I. And here’s the secret: everyone is. You You may not agree, but understanding and accepting that fact is the key to success in anything. Everyone operates in their own self-interest. Always. And so on.
    [Marketing] SEO Advice from Blueglass
    Link building should not be your purpose, but a by-product of your content marketing efforts. Are You Still Making These Six Senseless SEO Mistakes? You know SEO has changed. You’ve cleaned up low-value backlinks. You’re varying anchor text. Heck, you’re even including universal anchors. Something you’d never have done only six months ago. You’re now building a natural link profile. But sometimes you wonder – does Google agree your link profile is natural? Could the almighty Google still punish you in the next algorithm update? ” ~ Greg Boser.
    [Marketing] All Your Ideas Are Belong to Us
    It’s so vexing that the 4A’s took the unusual step of sending a letter to the consultancy on the review, Select Resources International, regarding the provision, which is tucked into the marketer’s nondisclosure agreement. Maureen Morrison has a post up at Ad Age Digital on how Sear’s latest call for advertising pitches is going horribly wrong: Who would turn down the opportunity to work on an iconic retail brand that spent nearly $500 million last year and ranked No. 22 among all U.S. megabrands in 2009? ’&#. Get a grip, Sears.
    [Marketing] Every Employee is Now a Buyer of Collaboration Software
    Instead of focusing the benefit and the value on the organization as a whole (or on a specific buyer), vendors need to adapt their messaging as if they were marketing to individuals instead of to just corporations. In my opinion education is one of the best forms of marketing. 'Remember when the traditional model of selling software to a company meant that you had to go through either IT or a business unit leader? Yep, those days are over. Thanks to cloud based solutions every employee is now a potential buyer of collaboration software. Low barrier to entry. Messaging. Education.
    [Marketing] Social Media Reputation: Picking the Power Accounts at Your Dealership
    The rise of social signals in search marketing alone is enough of an incentive to make it happen even if you don’t believe in social media itself as a marketing tool. If you’re a full-time social media marketer for your dealership, this isn’t a bad approach. If you, like most, are integrating social media into a diverse marketing strategy and can only put in a couple of hours a day at the most into social, stay focused on the networks that matter: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This is Part 2 in a 5 part series. Read Part I here. They like faces.
    [Marketing] You Are Your Own Brand: 3 Tips to Keep You in Their Minds
    'Branding affects everything in the marketing sphere and is what consumers will associate with your business. While branding is often associated with an enterprise or corporate entity, there is also personal branding in which individuals create a trademark identity or signature design that their followers can come to know them for. When you establish a strong personal brand, you can overlap or intertwine that brand with that of your company’s. You Are Your Own Brand: 3 Tips to Keep You in Their Minds. Define Your Niche. Your niche should be well-defined. Dare to Be Different.
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & a New Version of Friday
    Making Money Online / Marketing / Online Business. dangerous realities of social media for business – five things to consider for businesses involved with social media marketing. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. Blogging / Writing. Personal Development / Productivity. Social Media / Social Networking.
    [Marketing] Big Mashable Social Media Meetup in Antwerp
    Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved Mashable’s Social Media Meetups take place all over the world and everyone is invited to organize a Meetup.
    [Marketing] The New Twitter
    Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved And with the new changes we get even more – both faster and easier. It also provides you content that are related to the tweet you clicked.
    [Marketing] Social Media Coaching Can Bridge Skills Gap
    in 5 marketers said their business was “fundamentally ill-equipped to take advantage of social media” and only a quarter of those questioned had established any solutions for this lack of competency. In the coming year, businesses will need to address the widespread skills gap that this survey has uncovered,” said Thomas Brown, head of insights at The Chartered Institute of Marketing. A recent study by the Chartered institute of Management in the UK polled 1500 businesses worldwide about the use and attitude towards social media.  Posted by Sally Falkow.
    [Marketing] Ever Wondered About…Net Neutrality? « Wisdom London
    We should care because we’re due to hear a lot more about it, and because this is certain to have ramifications for digital marketers at some stage, sooner or later. If net neutrality is protected, this is generally good news in cost terms for tech start-ups and marketers alike, but with more data than ever being carried, networks are in danger of becoming overloaded and one way or another infrastructure investments must be made and paid for. Wisdom London Creative Communications is our world… « Ever wondered about… SXSW? Emotive subject alert! Why should I care?
    [Marketing] Gin and Topics: Douchecanoes, Bears, and Dogs. Oh My!
    Michael Schechter  is the digital marketing director for Honora Pearls, a company specializing in  freshwater pearl jewelry. Today’s Gin and Topics are brought to you by Michael Schechter. . When the Dietrich is away, the kids will play! It appears Gini may have cracked into the New Year’s champagne a little early. So much so, she is giving me free reign over the final  Gin and Topics  of 2011. m intimidated by the caliber of adorable animal videos and Internet memes Gini has collected this past year, but duty calls…. The requisite cute animal video.  Louis C.K. continues
    [Marketing] Wake Up!
    Related Posts: Inception Marketing, An Infection of Ideas Friday Social Media Haiku #1 If You Could Have Any Superpower…? Digg Digg. There will be a new post tomorrow to end out the week, but today I wanted to post one of my favorite poems. It’s titled “A Dream Within A Dream&# by Edgar Allen Poe.  Each and every day we walk through our lives and encounter so many different things that hold little to no meaning to us, yet we let them affect us in drastic ways.  I’ve been living through this recently and this poem has been one that I read almost daily. 
    [Marketing] Common Sense To Developing Communities
      So, for sure, add your branding, a custom layout, ask lots of questions before people join, include game mechanics, and anything else that fits in with your marketing plans. Just GenerationBenz spent a fortune developing this rubbish. It gets very few discussions from very few members. It’s a huge failure…but it looks lovely.    This is a thriving community for the GolfGTI. It doubt it cost much. Which has 1.2m posts from 26,105 members. Probably the sort of size and activity you're looking for. Now, it would seem common sense to follow the GolfGTI example. 1.2m
    [Marketing] How to Delete a Ning Network – Removal is not possible
    Social Network Marketing Campaigns: Features Attributes (14). As the online community provider Ning moves from freemium to pay-for services (and eventual death, by Christmas, I reckon) they are sending out warning, reminder notices on email. None of those emails tell you how to remove or delete your Ning network: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY. Today is the final day for free Ning Networks. We would like you to stick with us and keep your Ning Network running: [link]. Less than 24 hours left to choose. Your Ning Network will be blocked after midnight tonight unless you choose a new plan.
    [Marketing] Research-Driven Ideas for Social Data
    Industries such as marketing now rely heavily on a new field of social data science to make sense of the large quantities of information about their brand community. 'Attending the European Conference of Information Systems in Tel Aviv last week, I was happy to find that areas such as data visualization, predictive analytics, social CRM and ROI etc found their way into the conference. These areas have been somewhat excluded in the past by more traditional information systems research. They offered exceptional concrete value to practitioners of social business intelligence: 1.
    [Marketing] On stage for Jigoshop…
    I’m also available to talk about technology, wordpress, marketing and digital content for birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and christenings – you can contact me here ! I recently popped along to the WordPress London Meetup on behalf of my client, Jigoshop, who provide a free, open-source WordPress eCommerce platform. Here’s the presentation – I attempted to go for extra open source kudos points by using Open Office Impress, which then got merged with Rob’s Mac-based slides via Google Docs, causing all sorts of formatting fun. Buffer.
    [Marketing] Seth Godin’s ‘Poke The Box’…
    It’s a project that I wholeheartedly support as an example of someone going out to do something different and disruptive, rather than just talking about it… My review of Poke the Box by Seth Godin: Like most people with any interest in digital marketing, I’ve been reading Seth Godin’s books and blog as a fan for several years now. The Big Red Fez is also a good choice for the specifically digital marketer. It’s a book you could get through in a couple of hours, and then follow the instructions at the end to pass it on to colleagues and friends.
    [Marketing] TEDx Video: The Killer Business and The Next Vision of the Web by Kimberly Dillion of House of Mikko
    Kimberly Dillon is the founder of House of Mikko, where she manages Marketing and Product Strategy. She started her career as an IT Consultant with Accenture and has over 8 years of marketing experience in the digital and consumer space, including a stint at Procter & Gamble. Title of Talk: Acknowledgment- The Killer Business Strategy. She founded the company to address the challenges that women, specifically women of color face at the beauty counter. She has 2 undergraduate degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from the University of Michigan. About TEDx?
  • ENGAGE  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 2011
    [Marketing] Rebecca Black and the Art of Being Bad
    Engage Content marketing resources and insights from content marketing professionals. Rebecca Loveridge Rebecca works in marketing at TMG. Matthew Bavosa Matthew is a Marketing Intern for TMG and a lifetime goal of his is to collect antique license plates and state flags from all 50 states. Things Good Marketers Have in Common ( 2 ) Sean Kelly : Coincidentally, these are the same qualities that you need to be successful in life! Home 1. Strategy 2. Creation 3. Management 4. Distribution 5. For the moment, anyway. And why should they? FRIDAY! Makes sense.
    [Marketing] How to Achieve In One Year What I Did In Three
    Three as at 18 my blog managed to get me a lucrative job in the internet marketing field or four as I managed to quit my job and start working for myself. made around $5,000 through my websites over the next year and over $20,000 through coaching about internet marketing. For the most part, once you have your first website up and you’re starting to take action, ignore pretty much the entire internet marketing industry. imagine that it is still very exciting to get into the internet marketing world now with thousands of people promising you easy success. Cheers!
    [Marketing] Debunking Myths About Millennials
    work at a social media marketing agency, so I can’t really talk. 'Image via [link]. As a millennial I have heard every myth possible about my generation. am sure you have heard the more popular statements that millennials are lazy, narcissistic, and never do anything but sit on our computers. The list goes on and on. am going to try and not make this post completely about myself, because you cannot really generalize an entire generation based off a few people. However, that is what typically happens, so please do not let one millennial ruin your entire outlook on us.
    [Marketing] How to Scale Real-time Plus Face-time | Gauravonomics Blog For.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « Social Networks and Communities Can Be Content-Centric or People-Centric Should Brands Approach Community Engagement Like Governments Approach Public Diplomacy? » How to Scale Real-time Plus Face-time Welcome to the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists ! Follow the blog on RSS , Twitter or Facebook and youll never miss a post again!
    [Marketing] This weeks #Social Media Topic: Connecting With Consumers Through Social Media
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch where the real work happens, consumers are still being marketed online.  Inevitably the same marketer or communications person does what they know and starts blasting messages.    As a result, the consumers that you were trying to get closer to actually end up further away.  Posted: May 3rd, 2010    By: Jason Breed. The title of this post pretty much sums it up.  So often we get caught up in frameworks and checklists and strategies and everyone is running around looking busy.  How could this be? Jake McKee Sound straightforward? 
    [Marketing] Guide To Online Content Syndication
    For example, the average, quality blogger would have a very difficult time signing an individual distribution deal with LexisNexis (a leading global provider of information solutions to professionals in the legal, risk, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets). About Susan Gunelius With nearly 20 years of marketing, branding and copywriting experience, Susan Gunelius , President & CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc. Susan is also a featured columnist for where she writes about copywriting and marketing communications.
    [Marketing] 10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Consulting Firm
    Social media has defined the marketing fronts of most companies with many of them registering phenomenal success. Competent consultants need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of your marketing niche. The reason behind this is that different markets have different approaches as far as social media is concerned. 'According to Social Media Today, the rate of social media usage rose by 18% in 2013. This brings to nearly 25% the number of subscribers using social media today. This includes personal and business accounts. Which clients do you serve? Social Media
    [Marketing] SOCIAL MEDIA ASIA PODCAST: Toys “R” Us Reveals Mobile Shopping & Barcode Asia Strategy
    In brief: MSG is proud to be a media partner and launch a series of podcasts in the run up to Social Media World Forum Asia (September 22-23, Singapore), an event organized by Six Degrees bringing together major global brands (Facebook, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, BMW, OgilvyOne, Freemantle Asia) to discuss how they are using social media in their marketing and public relations strategies.  Today we speak with Argha Sen, Toys “R&# Us head of Marketing & CRM. Asia is fast becoming a major focus for social media giants. PODCAST WITH ARGHA SENN. million members. 15:45].
    [Marketing] The Rift In Troika at Google: An Ex-Googler’s Journal
    Furthermore, with marketers shifting their focus to Social, than search we will see the core revenue channel thinning. •    Social: The burning, bitter pain point for Google which in a matter of months changed the dynamics of the digital space is still a losing battle for Google. Arun is a digital marketing professional who previously worked with Google in India before seeing snow for the first time as a current MBA student at HULT International Business School in Cambridge. Lets read that bombshell of a post again by the departing CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. So managed chaos?
    [Marketing] Bake Social Into Your App To Succeed
    recent eMarketer report , Social Media Marketing On Mobile Devices: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities, confirms what we have long suspected: mobile and social are forever intertwined. 'Whether you want your app to be discovered or your brand to be heard, the key opportunity in the shift toward mobile is engagement. Mobile users not only log in more frequently; they also spend more total time on social media sites. Most of us (as much as 91 percent in India, compared to 42 percent in the U.K.) access social networking sites from mobile devices. 65 percent) and lastly the U.S.,
    [Marketing] Blogs as Loss Leaders
    give that to you in Third Tribe Marketing , which isn’t free. Then, I can sell the larger parts, like customization and the management and all the details, through my marketing company, New Marketing Labs. Chris Voss gave me the idea for this post. He was talking about his blog as a loss leader, meaning, something that doesn’t exactly earn revenue, but that is a lead in towards other things that make money. Stores use loss leaders all the time. Sell nylons to ladies at cost and get them to buy the high markup stuff, too. Loss leaders are as old as retail.
  • BILL HARTZER  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012
    [Marketing] Does the Perfect Blog Post Really Exist?
    Get more marketing tips from Social Triggers. I have written before about the perfect blog post. Does a perfect blog post really exist? Well, that really depends on how you define the phrase, “the perfect blog post” When it comes to a perfect blog post, I personally define it as being a blog post that meets its objectives. What are the goal(s) for the blog post? Why are you writing it, and what net effect do you want to get from it? Every blog post should have a call to action. you really need to focus on the ultimate goal of your blog post. Like this? blogging blogs
    [Marketing] "Can you please delete someone's comment?"
    We're having a lively discussion over at Marketing Prof's Daily Fix about how to handle a sticky problem I found myself in a few months ago. was asked by a website owner to delete a comment someone had made about him and his service offering. It's a loaded issue that asks some tough questions about social media's transparency, the risks of having an online presence and much more! Come on over and add your two cents by clicking here ! Web/Tech
    [Marketing] Connecting Bloggers and Businesses Through Guest Blogging with PostJoint
    Hence, you won’t get hit up for the rogue car insurance pitches when your blog is about online marketing. There are lots of great guest blogging and blogger outreach networks available to bloggers who are looking for fresh content for their sites and businesses who want to connect with bloggers in their industry. The downsides to some of the pre-existing networks include price, difficulty navigating the platform, and (for bloggers) opening the door to lost of unwanted spammy requests by businesses not even relevant to your industry. The Benefits of PostJoint for Bloggers.
    [Marketing] Keeping Up With Social Media - Jeff Korhan
    Jeff Korhan - New Media and Small Business Marketing Home About Me Working With Me Speaking Favorites Trends Subscribe « Blogging Wet | Main | How Facebook is Humanizing Search » October 13, 2010 Keeping Up With Social Media The pace of social media is exhilarating for those of us that thrive on constant change.   This must seem like insanity to most small business marketers.  This must seem like insanity to most small business marketers. Keeping Up You cannot do this alone - none of us can. There is a better way. Share with me! Make friends.
    [Marketing] How Your Audience Is Like The Mogwai
    You are it’s owner, it’s protector (so don’t sell out your audience’s emails for marketing purposes, but that’s another blog post). Digg Digg We’ve all seen them: the cuddly heroes from Joe Dante’s 1984 film Gremlins known as the Mogwai. Gizmo is the most famous (and the only one that doesn’t break the rules and torment the small mid-western town) and is pictured to the left. The real question is, What can this cute, little guy and his brothers teach us about your social media audience? You must listen to Mr. Wing, now. This is that rule.
    [Marketing] 4 Ways Social Media Could Electrify Tesla
    By most market indications, Tesla Motors and its line of pure electric vehicles is among the most progressive auto manufacturers in the world. The possibilities for Telsa are endless, and any auto-aware Internet marketing company would be drooling at the chance to market these cars to the global community while optimizing social media integration. 'I hope it won’t disappoint my readers to discover that this article addresses the social media potential of Tesla Motors , not the 19th century inventor. Its stock spiked 14 percent last weak to breach $100 for the first time.
    [Marketing] How to Make Money from Your Social Media Influence
    You have even tried just about every internet marketing “fad” that seem to pop up over and over again. You spend a lot of time online. If you are like me, you have tried a lot of various methods to make money online. You spend time creating a website or creating some sort of ebook (which ends up being a downloadable PDF file), and you do something magical to get all sorts of visitors (thousands of visitors, of course) who want to download it, try out the unique “method” of making money online. So, what gives? Well, it may not be because you’re not putting in the effort. Social Media
    [Marketing] One Social Thing Wrapup – Week of June 25
    Scroll to see the social media and content marketing articles you need to know. If you find a social media or content marketing story you think is a must-read, tweet it out with the #OneSocialThing hash tag. Here’s what we included in this week’s One Social Thing daily email. To get One Social Thing delivered to your email each day, please subscribe below. If we use your idea in an edition, I’ll send you a signed copy of my book. Thanks! – Jay. What was the big issue of the week for you? Thousands of People Get One Social Thing. How About You?
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 5, 2013
    [Marketing] PowerPoint Doesn't Suck. You Do.
    Also in the room were the most senior communications and marketing executives from the company, to ensure that everything was being set-up just right. 'How many times have you heard the phrase, " PowerPoint sucks!" " or "slides kill presentations?" " Here''s something to think about as you head into the weekend: PowerPoint doesn''t suck. You suck. Sorry. don''t mean "you" (the person reading this blog post. they suck. True story: I was speaking at a board meeting several months ago. It was a small event in a very exclusive hotel. It''s you. At all.
  • SOSHABLE  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2013
    [Marketing] Social Media – The Ultimate Experience in Customer Service
    Whether you have an in-house team or you rely on the services of a capable Internet marketing company to manage your brand’s social media engagement, your company is responsible for guaranteeing some level of personal engagement with consumers that choose to reach out to you. The Role of Social Media in Niche Marketing. 'What do your “Likes” mean to you? When we “like” our favorite product on Facebook, we’re not simply telling everyone in digital land what our interests include. Liking” a brand on Facebook means a lot more to us when companies are willing to reciprocate.
    [Marketing] Reframing Social Strategy
    Strategic thinking has always emphasized an assessment of market needs. Social strategy is about how organizations can expand the market by creating more value through collaboration with everyone and anyone. Everyone seems to be trying to fit “all things social” into strategic thinking models of the past. The problem with that approach is “all things social” are not indicative of any thinking models from the past. Chandler, MIT Press 1962). Sounds like typical ambiguous management jargon that is meaningless to the customer. Lot of Things Have Changed.
    [Marketing] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Young People Don’t Use It Today’s marketing coordinator is tomorrow’s CMO, and younger Americans don’t embrace Twitter. The point is to understand social media as part of an overall marketing strategy, understand individual apps, and be nimble and adaptable. It allows a sniper vs. shotgun approach to marketing. You're right – people tend to jump on the Twitter bandwagon and think that it's the silver bullet for their marketing strategy. Like anything else, this is just one of the many tools in the marketing toolbox. Don’t get me wrong. Check.
    [Marketing] Soleil’s Digital Future Will Be Her Own
    Soleil supports Marketing in the Round teammate Gini Dietrich with a Chicago Cubs T-Shirt. Earlier this week I shared that I’m posting less photos of my daughter Soleil online. It’s part of a conscious effort to be mindful about how my actions and attitudes will shape her digital future. It’s just stunning how quickly time flies. remember holding her in my arms when she was just days old. She literally fit between my wrist and elbow. In just three months, she will be two years old. My baby talks to me now. We have conversations about all the things she sees.
    [Marketing] Show 474 - Scaling up Excellence
    'The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social marketing , business ideas and  brand marketing tips  has a new episode. 1) You can listen on your PC now without downloading any software just click hear to listen to the latest marketing podcast. The Engaging Brand podcast covering social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips has a new episode. Anna Farmery  speaks Huggy Rao about how Scaling up Excellence , a new business book he has co-written with Bob Sutton. We discuss. How to recognise excellence in business.
    [Marketing] Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Ranking Problem Solved for a Reader
    Here is his question: Message Body: I love your blog… you have a lot of useful internet marketing content. Perhaps in response to one of my recent blog posts about search engine ranking problems , I got an email today from James who owns a website called 4insure dot net. He asked me if I would take a look at his web site and see if I can figure out why he is having search engine ranking problems. was wondering if you could do a blog post about the situation I’m currently having. My site,, was recently penalized in Google. getting penalized for incoming links.
    [Marketing] A Little Brave Sarcasm
      Katy Kleim, Lithium's Chief Marketing Officer, took the stage and made fun of the situation. 'During Lithium's Linc afterparty, attendees began to complain the canopee foods wasn't filling enough.  She noted "no-one had yet died", created the #foodmageddon hashtag, and ordered a stack of pizzas.    Last month, two girls horrifically stabbed a classmate to satisfy a fictional character created by the SomethingAwful forums.   All three had the beneficial impact of bringing sanity and perspective to the situation.
    [Marketing] How Your Brand Can Win Over Online Customers One Skeptic at a Time
    Knowing how your customers perceive you gives you  a benchmark to measure progress  and helps you know how to proceed with marketing to improve your brand perception. It’s one thing to work to understand where your brand fits into the market, but it’s another to remain relevant. 'Image via Have you ever noticed how proud parents look at their toddlers’ crayon scribbles as though they’re admiring a Picasso painting? As humans, it’s easy to become biased when we’re attached to something. The way we see things doesn’t always match up to reality.
  • KIKOLANI  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2011
    [Marketing] Dispelling Misconceptions About Bloggers
    Favorite Lists of Bloggers and Marketing Experts in 2010. I’ve been reading a variety of blog posts and reactions to them recently about how bloggers should be doing this but should not be doing that that. I’ve come to realize that there are a few major myths about bloggers circulating out there that are just wrong. I’m ready to dispel these myths – right here, right now. Here are some things about bloggers that should be obvious, but obviously aren’t. Photo Credit. Bloggers Do Other Things Besides Blogging. know, it’s hard to believe. Guess what?
    [Marketing] The Best Blog Post Titles are Short
    Everything You Need to Know about Using Title Tags in Content Marketing. No, no. Not Martin Short. Short, as in not very long. Bloggers have been told for a long time that the longer and more detailed the title, the more likely it will be that people will click on them. We have seen quirky titles popping up for a long time and they definitely have an extra clickability factor to them that shorter blog post titles do not. However, the singular benefit does not compensate for the negatives associated with longer titles. Second, shorter titles are more likely to be shared on social media.
    [Marketing] Cloud Computing And The Streaming Of Everything Will Change Media Forever
    Amongst media and marketing professionals, the idea of streaming is more commonly thought of as a way to broadcast live where the data and information is never stored on the consumer's hard drive - they can simply enjoy the content (text, images, audio and/or video) live and "in the moment." marketing professional. We're getting much closer to the world of dumb clients. and that's a smart thing. The biggest change is going to be that you won't have to really download anything, as all content will not only live in the cloud, but will be accessible to you on-demand. media.
    [Marketing] SEO Software Tool Review: Colibri
    The free trial account allows you to check up to 50 keywords daily which works well for helping you find out more information about your online competitors, and monitor your online market. But ultimately, the website is a useful tool for online marketers looking for a much more convenient way to do keyword research across numerous search engine platforms. If you are going to be successful at getting your web pages to rank well in the search engines, it is extremely important to track how well they rank for popular keywords in your niche. Search Engine Optimizatio
    [Marketing] Why Your Corporate Website Needs a Blog
    An additional technique bloggers can teach corporate marketers is to make technology your friend. Besides being simple for marketers to use and update the site with out IT intervention, blog software program has the added benefit of automatically creating an RSS feed from the content material. If you are in charge of a B2B (business to business) corporate web site, you might have wrestled with the decision of whether or not your company should create a blog. The Nuts about Southwest blog is the corporate blog of Southwest Airlines. How often will it be updated? Digg this!
  • SOSHABLE  |  MONDAY, MAY 7, 2012
    [Marketing] Masters of The Download – Top Degrees For App Moguls
    To ensure reliable compatibility across the numerous platforms, many app developers are required just to bring one program to market. Since June 2011, there have been at least 12,500 different apps released each month just for the Android software system, according to the Android website AppBrain, which covers developments and maintains statistics for the Android market. In August 2011, nearly 35,000 new applications hit the Android market. For aspiring mobile applications designers, this is a dream come true. Apps Educational Social Media
    [Marketing] Will Facebook wake up the Blues Brothers?
    The Yogi Berra School of Marketing – my buddy Geoff Livingston is a really smart and entertaining dude. If you are a fan of baseball or work in marketing, you should peep this out. I love the NFL Playoffs, great Wild Card weekend and hoping for the same result in the Divisional Round. Sure no one is picking the Ravens, but I haven’t lost faith… The week was really quick but busy – how about you? Hope to catch up next weekend, until then, check out this week’s edition of Five for Friday. Facebook Under Siege: Will It Ever Grow Up? this article is quite interesting to me.
    [Marketing] Selling Your Domain Name with LeadRefs
    For those who like to do affiliate marketing, buying domains is a familiar subject. Many affiliate marketers buy tons, and tons of these types of domains, and work to get those domains ranked in the search engines. For example, if I am interested in a domain that starts with “internet-marketing”, is there a way to find these types of domains? You never know what set of keywords will be the next big thing, so you buy several domains with several different combinations of keywords. This is the kind of problem that can help solve. Domain Names
    [Marketing] Time to Filter and Prune my RSS
    Solve Internet Marketing Overload with Google Reader and a Process ( Once in awhile I check my Google Reader Trends (found in the top left of your GR, under "Your Stuff") just to see what my habits are (and how I can synch or shortcut). . Here's a screen shot from this morning: So, in a 30-day period I "read" 18,402 items. But since I know my " Skim, Scan, and Save (then Share) " habits - I know this is a misnumber:-). skip over at least 400 of those 613 items. like the average of 5.7 per day sharing (either on Google Reader or via email). 
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