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    [Marketing] Instagram Beefs Up Ads With App Install And Buy Buttons, Interest Targeting, API
    Now they’ll work much better for direct marketers who want you to do or buy something. TechCrunch – Instagram is ready to make some serious money. After a year and half of format experiments and basic targeting,  Instagram is giving advertisers much more powerful tools. Those include “Shop Now”, “Install Now”, and “Sign up” buttons, interest and demographic targeting, and an API for efficiently managing huge campaigns. Since their  launch in October 2013 , Instagram’s ads were best for big brands who just wanted you to remember them. Image from TechCrunch .
    [Marketing] The Snowfall of Communication
    In the traditional marketing and communication world, people would use each touch to ask for something, to issue a call to action. Think of a Twitter account, especially a corporate Twitter account. It’s a very interesting dance of balance that I imagine a lot of companies are going through. I’ve been asked by different companies over the years how they might approach finding their voice on Twitter. To a single one, these companies all wanted to go in what I consider the “wrong&# direction. They wanted the accounts to be wholly corporate. Communication is a Snowfall.
    [Marketing] 4 Ways Social Media Has Changed The Fashion Industry | Mindjumpers
    Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « 5 Popular Posts About Social Media 3 Infographics on Why You Should Use Social Networks as Marketing Tools » 4 Ways Social Media Has Changed The Fashion Industry Posted by Sara Hansson Sep 10th, 2010 Tweet Fashion weeks have past by all over the world. Is there really any change on how the world’s luxury brands are marketing themselves? 1. Is there any difference between the fashion week procedure now and some years ago? New influencers There is a difference. Lets start on front-row.
    [Marketing] 5 Things to Email Your Subscribers About Today
    It also shows that your email list isn’t just a marketing exercise. 3. I’m a big advocate for building a list around your blog, then making the most of it. current list of email subscribers is an advantage to any blogger who wants to build their presence, whether you’re monetizing your blog or not. Often, new bloggers tell me they want to find readers, and more experienced bloggers are always wanting to continue growing their blogs, rather than see readership plateau over time. Your email list can help you meet both these challenges. Give them something.
    [Marketing] Invite Your Customers Onto Twitter
    You might just have to help them out a little bit more than putting “Follow Us On Twitter&# on the bottom of your recent marketing materials. Often times, people tell me, “But my customers aren’t ON Twitter.&# This is probably true. Twitter still has only 140 million or so users. But that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t invite them onto Twitter as a way to communicate with your business. Your Approach to Twitter. If you’re just going to do A, it’s not very useful. Make your account a picture of you or of whoever’s going to do the tweeting.
    [Marketing] The Most Amazing Internet Stock Of The Year
    content marketing. What do you think it is? I'm a huge fan of Business Insider. can't think of any other media organizations that writes headlines as good as they do (Business Insider, if you're reading this, pay your copywriters handsomely. they're doing everything right). My daily email newsletter from them is always chock full of linkbaity headlines that get me clicking and clicking. This one, from yesterday, was one of them: And The Most Amazing Internet Stock In The Past Year Is. So, who do you think it was? LinkedIn ? Apple ? eBay ? Priceline ? it was AOL. Called it. Not really.
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    [Marketing] What Goes Into a Punch
    Do The Work. I’m working on changing/improving how we market Kitchen Table Companies , and it’s a lot of work that comes before we see the reward. I’m reading Do the Work (amazon aff link) by Steven Pressfield. You can get it free on Kindle, or it’s $10 from that link). Oddly, it’s where my mind is right now anyhow, so I’m at one of those ideal points where reading the book is really in sync with what I need to know. I was thinking about how hard it is to work on things where the result doesn’t come immediately. What Goes Into a Punch.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #82
    "Being the Marketing nerd that I am, I devoured the book, The King of Madison Avenue - David Ogilvy and the Making of Modern Advertising , by Kenneth Roman back in 2009 when it was first published. And yes, those are the perfect words to describe what exactly, a marketing agency is actually selling." Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "Space shuttle rockets burn hydrogen and oxygen, two parts to one. In that respect, they're really pretty clean, giving off only water vapor. Quora.
    [Marketing] Why Big Data Will Drive the Next Big Boost in Productivity Gains
    David Steinberg is CEO of XL Marketing. The Big Data argument speaks quite clearly for itself: the better a brand knows its customers, its interaction with those customers becomes more meaningful, ultimately increasing the likelihood that the customer takes some sort of action whether it be a purchase, a positive review, a recommendation or otherwise, and repeat that action in the future. However, the tech landscape provides a backdrop that basically changes with the seasons, so as the hardware changes, so does the consumer. Creating, in effect, the essence of Big Data.
    [Marketing] Domain Names for Sale: Why You Should Buy a Keyword Rich Domain Name
    One of the best kept secrets of the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industry is the expired domain name auctions that exist out there. If someone does not renew their domain name, it is frequently put up for auction on by the registrar itself, like Godaddy. If you do not renew your domain name at, then there is a good chance that the domain name will appear on their expired domain name auctions. Sure, you may have an existing website. This is a great domain name to own, even though it’s a dot net TLD (Top Level Domain). Share this on
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    [Marketing] How to Blog to Build Your Coaching Business
    Whether you’re offering life coaching, technology training, or marketing consultancy, your client wants to feel like your service is worth their investment, and that you will be easy to work with. For example, if you’re a marketing coach, which of these pieces of copy do you think are more likely to build your credibility? “To succeed in social media marketing you’ve got to get your business to stand out and be noticed. Amy Harrison is a copywriter and content marketer for Personality Entrepreneurs wanting to connect and sell authentically to their audience.
    [Marketing] Electronics Supply Companies: Growth and Decline
    According a recent IHS iSuppli Industrial Electronics Market Tracker report , eight of the leading industry suppliers all suffered from declining revenues in 2012, for example. Thanks to the pedigree scoring system, Verical is addressing the challenges of the secondary market head on by providing insight into the true source of electronics components, the warranty of these parts, the general authenticity and more. Generally speaking, the electronics supply industry has been experiencing something of a significant decline for the last several years. Image source:
    [Marketing] Social Scorecard Wrap-Up: Key Takeaways for Social Success
    We’ll share these hard-won lessons, so you can shape up your social marketing programs going forward. While not all brands can afford expensive ad campaigns or costly marketing initiatives, like having a celebrity spokesperson, there are lessons to be learned from each. We invite marketers to take a peek at our scorecards , implement some of these best practices and let us know how performance improves at @ awarenessinc. We shared a series of report cards that defined who won the weekly social media battle. Social Best Practices: 1. Mike Lewis. bostonmike.
    [Marketing] Is Your Social Approach to Recruitment Working?
    Effectively developing a good social media marketing plan takes time, patience and practice. Whether you’ve just begun your small business journey or you’ve been in the field for decades, recruitment is an ongoing task that is ever-changing. Owning a solid company starts with having smart, dedicated employees. With millions of people out there, how do you find the right people for your company? Social Networking Proves Popular. An infographic from found that 92 percent of companies are currently relying on social media to meet their hiring needs.
    [Marketing] Backstage Pass: How I Do What I Do
    cringe at the term “internet marketer&# as a way to define myself, so I’m going to open up the comments to any suggestions you might have for me. What I am going to do is share some of the things that help me in life (not necessarily marketing related) that I use on a daily basis and hopefully they will help you too. I’m very much into the idea of outsourcing my life. On a work level I outsource 95% of what needs doing such as design, SEO and other forms of marketing. could say internet marketer for cash gifting, but that made me cringe too. Thanks!
    [Marketing] 4 Simple Steps to Get Sponsorship from Media Agencies
    Each brand will have its own marketing calendar of activity, with the budgets normally planned two to three months before the live date. Treat your site as a product and market it professionally.  Check out how professional blog sites market themselves.  This guest post is by John Kelly of When bloggers think about monetising their content, most will turn to Google AdSense for advertising revenue, and some may think about releasing an ebook or enrolling in an affiliate program. . The real advertising money is spent by media agencies. According
    [Marketing] NamesCon 2014: Carolyn Goodman, Mayor, City of Las Vegas
    She has gone to a lot of other tourism markets. To be.Vegas and have that opportunity, it’s a grand time to have all the marketing opportunity. We are a world class city, she came here in 1964 from the East Coast with here husband and she has been here 50 years. It was the gambling meca, with the best entertainment. She came here and there were 100,000 and now there were 40 million tourists here last year. Lots of people come for shopping and for the gaming. Gaming is everywhere, and Las Vegas is the number one tourist and convention destination. There is no estate tax here.
    [Marketing] Ditch the Job Mentality and Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset
    The major arguments that always emerge within the travel blogging community arise between those from the journalistic world and those bloggers whose success has had less to do with their linguistic ability than with their ability to market and network. This is the reality of online marketing and building your own business. This guest post is by Caz Makepeace of y Travel Blog. Having success in the blogging world is attributed in large part to your own thinking and the mindset that you bring to this new avenue of making money. Change is evolution. The rules have changed. Think big.
    [Marketing] Social Pros 10 – Lauren Teague, PGA Tour
    There’s an article that said, “Has Hunger Games fundamentally changed the way digital marketing works?” ” I get so tired of listening to people who have no business experience say something like, “Oh, you shouldn’t do any traditional marketing. ” The official headline is, “ Did Hunger Games Create a New Digital Marketing Template for Hollywood? seem to think that your connection with the PGA is probably a little bit more valuable than my connection to marketing software nerdery. Listen Now. The RSS feed is: [link].
    [Marketing] What is the Business Model of the Future?
    It is about working with the customer not for the market? Crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, social media, additive manufacturing.all business ideas that is changing the way a business model is created today. All ideas that seem faddy, but in reality are shifting the traditional business model. Consumers are moving to a position where they don't need us as much! They can have an idea.and print it it a case for an iPhone , a human kidney or the worlds first printed plane! So what is the big business idea? What is a business model that will are some thoughts.
    [Marketing] 4 Questions with Paul Marsden, Social Commerce Expert
    However, both The F-Commerce Handbook and The Social Commerce Handbook would appeal to any marketers, from those in corporate marketing to retail departments, in almost any sized company – SMB to enterprise organization. Those are the philosophical underpinnings that brands must engrain into their sales and marketing DNA if they plan to be successful in using social commerce. Many enterprises struggle with the concept of direct sales through social channels. Who inside a company will most benefit from the lessons taught in your book? How can they avoid these pitfalls?
    [Marketing] Why I Love to Say Selly Sell and Other Human Business Works Secrets
    And more so, in these blended content marketing channels, if there’s some question whether something is leading towards a sale or not, that just starts a little bubble in our bellies about whether we trust the person talking with us. I used to hate to sell. Until I learned what it meant to do so. Or at least what it means when you do it well. Selling is helping someone acquire something of value to them and capturing some part of that value for yourself in return. S. Anthony Iannarino has a much better definition, but that’s what I’ll use for now. “Hah! Surprise!”
    [Marketing] MeasurePR: Paywalls, Pitches And Prognoses
    It’s starting, more and more, to bridge the gap between “PR,&# “marketing,&# “bloggers&# and I’m sure many more niches to understand that, regardless of what our titles are, we are all on the same team. Shannon Pauls Very Official Blog Spin Sucks TopRank Online Marketing Blog Writing Boots - David Murray Love WUL? asked Jennifer Zingsheim of CustomScoop , who’s “appeared&# on the chat before, to come back. Not because I’m a former client of CS, but because Jen is an avid #measurePR fan and all-round measurement smartie. Thank you.
    [Marketing] 2 Amazing Movember Case Studies That Will Make You Grow it Back
    Amazing Movember Case Studies That Will Make You Grow it Back is a post from: Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy. Movember may now be but a fond memory, but Mo’vangelists and content enthusiasts alike have a lot to learn from how the movement was driven online and through social media. According to data from Topsy , there were 1.5 million tweets about Movember, with more than 790,000 of them generated from the United States. For Instagram, data from Sysomos shares 914,000 photos on Instagram used the hashtag #MOvember. Movember participants!
    [Marketing] Five times as many Brits turn to Google ahead of Social Media for breaking news
    Research undertaken by the multilingual search engine marketing agency, Search Laboratory now suggests otherwise, well at least in the UK anyway. Not only do the Brits turn to the market dominate search engine searching for answers,  they are nearly five times as likely to turn to Google ahead of Social Media for breaking news. Social Media has for a long time been noted as “the place” to get up to date breaking news on the web. The South West and London were two of the areas that trusted the search engine more than any other media or persons. times per day).
    [Marketing] 7 Skill Sets for Nurturing Open Community
    Demystify Content Marketing with Content Rules. Tweet Guest post as part of the virtual book tour by Maddie Grant and Lindy Dreyer to explore concepts from their new book Open Community : a little book of big ideas for associations navigating the social web. We come from the association industry and for many of us “membership” people, community is old hat. It’s what we do. It’s central to our work. And yet, for some reason (actually a lot of reasons) what we know about community isn’t always translating well to building community online. Here’s the gist. online. Listening. Conversation.
    [Marketing] Ex-Googlers Launch Beluga for Mobile Group Chat
    Beluga On the Android Market and One Photo In Line Behind the app are a trio of former Google employees , including Ben Davenport, Co-founder and CEO, who sports Google AdSense on his resume, Lucy Zhang, Co-founder and President, who helped design AdWords, News and Docs while at Google, and Jonathan Perlow, also a co-founder, and CTO, who was a senior staff engineer at Google, with responsibility as the tech lead of the Gmail front-end team. textPlus has forged the way in this market with innovative pieces, including Communities , and photos , both items Beluga has from day one.
    [Marketing] We Must Practice
    Home About Services Social Media Speaking-Training LMA Contact Subscribe Myrland Marketing Minutes Strategic Social Media: Making Social Media Make Sense WE MUST PRACTICE by Nancy Myrland on October 12, 2010 Image via Wikipedia Think of something you’re really good at, such as golf, public speaking, court reporting, environmental law, you name it. If we want to be great marketers and strategists for our clients, which I do, then we must practice. Isn’t it a great feeling to know you were born with, or developed, these skills? So what do you do now? Yes, MULTIPLE!!
    [Marketing] 9 Content Lessons Ted Turner Can Teach You
    In July 1985, MGM studios went on the market. Study how other top digital marketers do this and copy them. 7. Scott Aughtmon is a content marketer, content creation specialist, and a speaker. This guest post is by Scott Aughtmon of He wasn’t planning on becoming a media mogul. He just wanted his father’s billboard business to succeed. But the content strategy that Ted Turner stumbled upon would change his life forever. This is the story of how hardworking Ted Turner became a media mogul. Ted’s early years. The Atlanta Braves.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2015
    [Marketing] No Spin Sucks Today
    by biggreenpen Related Stories Five Tips for Effective Marketing Collateral How to Write Like an IDIOT The 2015 Summer Reading List. By Gini Dietrich. There is a slight issue with my writing at 5:00 every morning: When I’m sick, there isn’t a blog post to run. Typically I’d have a post I could repurpose from another website, but I’ve been traveling every weekday for more than a month and haven’t done any writing for anyone. All of this to say, I guess I’m human after all, which is super disappointing to learn about yourself!
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #165
    "When the Snowden affair broke, it occurred to me that there would be a huge new market for secure, encrypted Internet communication services; where users would pay for privacy. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "I had the pleasure of meeting George Dyson a couple of weeks ago, and while I only spoke with him briefly, I heard him present and explain the tides of technical history. He is a careful, convincing researcher of the near past, and in doing so, of the probable future. It scary. gigaom.
    [Marketing] Make an Offer they Can’t Refuse: 5 Tactics for Stronger Calls to Action
    Writer Dan Kennedy shares his insane advertising ideas for pain relievers, financial services, and skin cream product in the market in this post. Christopher Jan Benitez writes helpful articles about social media, small business, and print marketing, in particular full color brochure printing. This guest post is by Christopher Jan Benitez of For site owners to increase their profit, they need to strengthen their calls to action (CTA). Websites earn from visitors who click on a button or banner. ProBlogger has said much about calls to action here and here. Color.
    [Marketing] A Community Starts with 1,000 Members
    It was a good opportunity to connect and meet people, but it was also the touch point to invite people who shared in my interests of branding, sales, and marketing. These aren’t communities, they’re marketing platforms. Jeremy Miller is the President of , a sales and marketing consultancy specialized in brand-based demand generation. This guest post is by Jeremy Miller of It’s easy to see the successes bloggers like Darren Rowse and Chris Brogan are having with social media and think, “I want that.” They simply consume.
    [Marketing] Between Google and Bing: Positioning a Blog Using Social Media
    But there’s more to blog marketing than just loading content onto your Facebook and Twitter profiles. This guest post is by Tricia Lawrence of I’m not one of those people who relies solely on search engine optimization to get me to the top of the heap. I am paid to write blogs for clients every week, and they focus on their SEO enough for the both of us. Positioning has another meaning to me. It’s content-focused and deals only with how my content and expertise is positioned in my audience’s head. You can’t get those results from a Google or Bing search. How far?
    [Marketing] The Art Of Writing Well With Roy Peter Clark
    marketing podcast. Episode #386 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Every so often, I get the chance to dive deep into a topic that is of huge (and personal) interest to me. This is one of those episodes. Roy Peter Clark is widely regarded as "America''s writing coach." " He has a stated desire to create "a nation of writers." " He has taught writing to everyone from children to Pulitzer authors at the infamous The Poynter Institute - a school for journalism and writing in Florida. blogging.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #268
    I'd never heard of Murray Gell-Mann ; like many things, it's about marketing. '. For the past few years, I have been challenging the business world to think less about their content marketing, and much more about their content distribution strategies. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another: The Jaguar and the Fox - The Atlantic. "I was talking with a few people this week about the difference between Quantum and Newtonian physics. amazon.
    [Marketing] Tesla’s new product is a battery for your home
    Tesla shares have  jumped 20%  over the past month as investors speculated about the battery’s technical specifications and market potential. CNN – Tesla has unveiled a suite of new energy products, including a wall-mounted battery that will be sold for use in consumers’ homes. . Tesla is calling the rechargeable lithium-ion battery the “Powerwall.” ” As the name suggests, the unit is designed to be mounted on a wall, and connected to the local power grid. Image from CNN. It will be sold to installers for $3,500 for 10kWh, and $3,000 for 7kWh.
    [Marketing] Online Video Platform Vessel Launches Paid Subscriptions
    “Vessel must rely on content creators’ popularity and self-marketing to entice their loyal viewers into paying a monthly fee,” he said. (Reuters) - Online video platform Vessel launched its paid subscription service on Tuesday, offering programming at least three days before other websites in a bid to reshape an industry dominated by free content on Google Inc’s YouTube. Image from Vessel , which costs viewers $3 a month, was founded by former Hulu Chief Executive Jason Kilar and Chief Technology Officer Richard Tom. Thumbnail from
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    [Marketing] Like 'em or Hate 'em, Paypal May be the Best Checking Account Alternative for Business Banking
    They're attached to Money Market funds that produce interest on my checking account. I was even able to order a debit card online, and now I can withdraw actual cash from my Paypal account. Most of you know my relationship with Paypal. They sent my wife away in tears on a recent Ebay transaction, and their customer service can be horrible at times (I'm now out $230 of my own money because of it, and because supposedly they can't trust me). At the same time I'm on their Developer Council and I love 'em to death, because as a developer I feel I have a voice with them. What do you think?
    [Marketing] I Wish Chris Brogan Would
    I wish Chris Brogan would write more about marketing. wish he’d talk more about social media for nonprofits. wish Chris would write more about software (and why I don’t ). Chris doesn’t cover social media. Chris’s blog posts are too short. Chris’s blog posts are too long. Chris writes too much about himself. Chris is too into money and not spiritual. Chris takes , takes , takes. He is aloof. He forgets where he comes from. wish Chris Brogan would… And While I Have Your Attention. Please swing by and skip something to feed hungry kids
    [Marketing] How to Blog Without Comparing Yourself to Others
    It started out as an online diary, but has now become a multiverse of niche websites, content marketing tips and funky YouTube clips. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.&# – Oscar Wilde. Is your blog the best in the world? Often when we want to blog, we can struggle with what we see in the blogging universe. These blogs are doing better than our blog. Why is that? This blog has more followers on Twitter, has better and longer comments, has more views, has more Likes… Just calm down. Why should you be upset that a blog has more of something than your blog has?
    [Marketing] Use Word-of-Mouth Promotion to Boost Blog Traffic
    In fact, paying hundreds of dollars to attend industry conferences without telling the people you meet about your blog is like having a trade show booth that doesn’t display its marketing materials. This guest post is by Jeszlene Zhou of First Communication Job. love the idea of using a blog as your personal hub, and how it creates a centralised space for all your social media sites, your portfolio, and more. Most bloggers and social media professionals promote a link to their blog or website, and shamelessly direct traffic towards their personal hub. You—and everyone! Where?
    [Marketing] When your biz feels like last year’s stilettos (and what to do next)
    When I went from Virtual Assistant to Social Media Consultant, I took training to really understand the online marketing landscape. You’ve invested a lot into your business, time, money, late nights and most likely, tears. But do you ever feel like, well, it just doesn’t seem to fit anymore? Like when summer fades and you get out last year’s jeans which you LOVED, and made your legs look hot, if you say so yourself. But wait, now they feel all wrong? They aren’t YOU enough. Something’s changed… You have a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction. What the H is that all about? HELL NO!).
    [Marketing] The Why and How of Split Testing for Bloggers
    Here’s an example from, a popular affiliate marketing blog: We’ve also experimented with arrows on pages that drive signups to our free memberships (with pretty good results): Try incorporating arrows into pages or sections of your site where visitors are able to sign up for your newsletter or create a membership. This is a guest contribution from  Michael Johnston, co-founder of Split testing has become an absolute must for anyone running an e-commerce site or driving PPC traffic to a landing page. Increase pageview s per visit (i.e.,
    [Marketing] Dances With Robots
    Founded in 2011 and backed by the famed startup accelerator, Y Combinator , Double Robotics (operated out of Sunnyvale, California and Miami, Florida) is focused on building and bringing to market these iPad-based telepresence robots for under two thousand dollars a piece. In 1863 something profound happened to First Lieutenant John J. Dunbar. While recovering from an injury during the American Civil War, he takes solace in the solitude of his new post out on the western frontier. As Dunbar immerses himself in the Sioux culture and people, they give him the name, " Dances With Wolves."
    [Marketing] 7 Habits of Expert Analytics You’re Probably Missing Out On – Part 3 of 3
    At this point you should have a basic understanding of how analytics can benefit your organization and how and what to look for when it comes to analytics and even some basic marketing concepts. Here is the third part of my three-part series on 7 habits of expert analytics you’re probably missing out on. Just in case you missed it, here is  part one and part two. Habit 5: Seek first to Understand, Then to be understood. One of my favorite examples is bounce rate. In this example, we’ll pretend you have two pages on your website. Which page is better? Which page needs work?
    [Marketing] 7 Habits of Expert Analytics You’re Probably Missing Out On – Part 3 of 3
    At this point you should have a basic understanding of how analytics can benefit your organization and how and what to look for when it comes to analytics and even some basic marketing concepts. Here is the third part of my three-part series on 7 habits of expert analytics you’re probably missing out on. Just in case you missed it, here is  part one and part two. Habit 5: Seek first to Understand, Then to be understood. One of my favorite examples is bounce rate. In this example, we’ll pretend you have two pages on your website. Which page is better? Which page needs work?
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    [Marketing] The Art Of LEGO
    If you happen to be in Toronto on Monday, May 25th, make sure to attend The Art of Marketing. the art of marketing. "What do you want to do for a living?". All of us grapple with who we have become. The work that we do defines us. As As a parent, this is the question that we most fantasize about. As an adult, this is the question that we often reflect on when work gets tedious or we're simply ready for a change. On a recent flight, I was watching the science fiction movie, Interstellar. All of us grapple with who we have become. The work that we do defines us. It was all yellow.
    [Marketing] Punk Social Media
    “Anything that Chris Brogan doesn’t do is punk social marketing. Read that carefully,&# said Richard Laermer , author of Punk Marketing. On February 2006, the Sex Pistols — the four original members plus Sid Vicious — were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their response : “Next to the Sex Pistols, rock and roll and that hall of fame is a piss stain.&#. The height of disco was the mid 70s. One could say that Andy Gibb gave birth to Johnny Rotten. It’s a time for punk social media. You can see punk tones rising throughout the space. crowd. Think.
    [Marketing] Thermal Imaging App Raises Legal Concerns
    However, a new iPhone attachment, designed by FLIR Systems has been introduced to the market meaning that consumers can now carry a thermal imaging device in their pocket. Thermal imaging cameras are more commonly known for being used by the police to detect criminals, or by fire fighters to see through smoke or perhaps in sport. Electrical test equipment supplier ISSWWW who specialise in a vast range of thermal imaging cameras reported even seeing an increase in purchase from more surprising sectors including agricultural. Apps Thermal Imaging
    [Marketing] Business Communications: Use Your iPhone to Learn a Language
    These individuals are highly sought, since they can communicate comfortably and efficiently in foreign markets, and assist a wider variety of customers. Employees who understand and speak more than one language can be an enormous asset in the current workplace. According to research conducted by Korn/Ferry International, 31% of U.S. executives speak two languages. Business leaders around the world understand the value of being able to speak another language. But attending classes and carrying a textbook can be costly and time consuming. Podcasts. Offline dictionary apps.
    [Marketing] Your Most Important Audience
    External communication in the form of advertising and marketing seem to be pretty important though. Today we have a post from Rachel Kerstetter, Sonnhalter’s PR Engineer. have noticed in some companies that internal communication is not made a priority. Here’s the problem: Within a company, if you can’t communicate internally enough to get everyone on the same page, how exactly do you expect to communicate with anyone else? One of my mentors once told me that internal communications is definitely “public relations,” because a company’s employees are its most important audience.
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    [Marketing] 5 Reasons to Blog Anonymously (and 5 Reasons Not To)
    Additionally, you could make it into a marketing scheme, such as offering to reveal your true identity after reaching a certain number of subscribers. Using the pseudonym of Phil, Phil is a high school freshman who writes for, markets, and manages a humor blog about all aspects of high school life. This guest post is by Phil (not his real name) of somehighschoolblog. It used to be impossible to run a business anonymously. Sure, some authors could pull it off, but if you worked at an office, what were you supposed to do? Go to work with a bag over your head? No pressure.
    [Marketing] Is Voicemail Dead?
    Mike Doman is an Account Executive at  Mulberry Marketing Communications in Melbourne, Australia. Guest post by Mike Doman. It’s a familiar phrase to people of my generation. You have no new voice messages.”. Working within PR, and particularly in media relations, I’ve found that voice mail is bordering on pointless. There’s no reason for me to leave a voice mail on somebody’s mobile phone (or landline), not when I can text them, email them, Skype them , tweet them and Facebook them – all far more effective than leaving a voice mail. Image by ixographic via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND-2.0.
    [Marketing] Should You Use Affiliates to Promote Your Products?
    Last week I shared my answer to a common question that many people getting into online product marketing ask: “ Should I offer a money-back guarantee? &# Today I want to tackle two others: “Should I start an affiliate program to promote my product?&# If so, “how much should I pay affiliates as a commission?&#. I had this conversation only yesterday with one blogger who was launching his first ebook. He had decided to set up an affiliate program but was unsure about what percentage to pay. Why an affiliate program could be worthwhile for your product. Why, or why not?
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2012
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Kitten Reacts to Sneeze
    10 Tactics for Integrating Photographs into Content Marketing – Images, particularly photographs, are content marketing’s magnetic force since they’re driving social media across platforms. As a result, you need a tailored image strategy within your content marketing plans. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, freelancing, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Content. Enjoy! Find out why. Business / Career. Find out how. Freelancing. think you do!
    [Marketing] 5 Fast Tips to Improve Internal Links
    This article was written by James Hay, Social Media Coordinator at Fasthosts Internet Ltd and the main contributor to the Fasthosts Blog which provides advice on everything from B2B Marketing to Social Networking. This guest post was written by James Hay, Social Media Coordinator for Fasthosts Internet Ltd. Playing to your strengths is an important part of SEO, and before going out and spending all day endlessly pursuing external links, it is important to look at your own site. Internal links are considered important in SEO terms, as they are often spidered and displayed by Google.
  • BILL HARTZER  |  FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011
    [Marketing] comScore April 2011 Search Engine Rankings
    Google Sites led the explicit core search market in April with 65.4 explicit core search market in April with 65.4 percent market share, followed by Yahoo! Every month about this time comScore releases the search engine rankings data, and I report it here. These are not the actual search engine rankings that you see when you search at a search engine, which are constantly changing. comScore, Inc. NASDAQ: SCOR) , a leader in measuring the digital world, has recently released its monthly comScore qSearch analysis of the U.S. search marketplace. Google Sites led the U.S.
    [Marketing] StOp being NormAl to bE an EngaGing Brand
    We get complacent as brand managers, as business people, as social marketers and when we get complacent we get lazy, we lack that creative inspiration to keep moving the brand forward. The market becomes complacent and more likely to be enticed to try something new, to try the company are speaking about.the one who constantly engages their customer. How do you normally do things.? If you have started thinking about answering that question   STOP. BEWARE - DANGER LIES AHEAD! . Yes, we need consistency to build loyalty, to build the succeed as a company. beware! . Brandin
  • PROBLOGGER  |  SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2012
    [Marketing] Limitations: Your Key to Blogging Success?
    He posts multiple times a week on his own blog, writes guest posts for others and spends a lot of time researching affiliate marketing. There is something that has been sold to most of us and the marketers have done a good job at making us believe it: the unfair advantage (and fear as a bonus). How many times has a marketer or another blogger told you that you have to do a specific thing or buy a certain product to succeed? This guest post is by Timo Kiander of know a blogger who tries to do everything he can to make his writing career successful.
    [Marketing] Build Blog Products That Sell 4: Price Your Product
    Budget the requisite time to create your products , plan far enough in advance that your blog won’t be compromised in the short run, test-market your products, then make them available for sale. You’re not an experienced marketer with a reputation, hawking indestructible knives and superabsorbent towels that suck up ten times their weight in liquid. Be conservative with your revenue estimates, liberal with your expense estimates, and you can get a better handle on how much you should charge when your products finally make it to market. Any link farm can do the same thing.
    [Marketing] Traffic: Stop Thinking in Numbers, Start Thinking in Words
    Sure, the keywords and markets are different, but it’s my job to manage the clients’ expectations and to give them the facts. Recently I’ve been writing down the frequently asked questions from my SEO clients. Here’s a few you may recognize: How much traffic do I need to make $10,000 a month in revenue? How do I get people to click like on my Facebook page? Why is no one following me on Twitter? Are the only people online successful because they are famous? How many links do I need to hit page one on Google? These questions are asked on nearly every incoming call.
    [Marketing] How I Made it onto Freshly Pressed 3 Times in 6 Months
    never asked for a favor, had my tweets endorsed by a celebrity, paid a single dime for marketing my blog, or even guest blogged (in fact, this post you’re reading right now is the first guest post I’ve ever written). This guest post is by Hassan Osman of Less than a month after I launched my blog, one of my posts got featured on Freshly Pressed—’s homepage where each weekday, ten posts are selected from around 450,000 new blog posts. As you might imagine, the traffic results were huge. It seemed like I was doing something right. used list posts.
    [Marketing] And We’re Live With the New Design
    The blog has always been about making you feel at home, but knowing that you’ll find business advice as well as personal stories of social media and marketing, and I think Lisa has got that perfectly. So tremendous, in fact, that Lisa is now officially the web design arm of Bonsai Interactive Marketing. Hey there. So, notice anything different? After what seems like a long journey (longer for some, eh, Lisa?), I’m really pleased to be able to unveil the new design here at So, what’s some of the new stuff? In the meantime, what do you think?
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #200
    You come up with an idea, you do your best to protect it, you gain market share, you get attention, you get people to care, and then the maniacal hawks (dogs) swoop in and do ridiculous things like this. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "So we''ve been sharing links for nearly four years, and this is our 200th installment. figured I''d choose things that make us feel old. First up, Karateka. But nothing came close to Karateka. Mechner''s first computer had 16K. Dig around for a while and feel old."
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #107
    And I love this line, known as the Elster Axiom: 'nothing is so unimpressive as behavior designed to impress.' As it turns out, it takes 98 pages to say don't market like a douchebag." Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "Nothing to see here. Just a guy stripping down and rebuilding a motor over nearly a year, taking pictures of each step so he can put it back together properly. Which makes for an amazing film." " (Alistair for Hugh). Or is it more like money? " (Hugh for Alistair).
    [Marketing] Google isn't making us stupid, we are
    Carr  back in 2008 -a must read for anyone interested in social media, social marketing or the internet. Google lives and thrives on links, social marketing thrives on links, social advertising relies on links.and who links, us humans. Much is written on how the internet is changing the way we live and think. One of the best articles, in my opinion is,  " Is Google Making Us Stupid ? What the Internet is doing to our brains"  written by Nicholas G. But this is how I feel. the internet can't change us.only we can change us! means we are doomed to a life, controlled by the internet!
    [Marketing] Surprise! Amazon posts a profit, shares jump 18%
    Shares soared over 18% at one point after the closing bell — giving Amazon a bigger market cap than Wal-Mart, which was worth $233.5 billion when the market closed. And for now Amazon is worth about $264 billion, but that will change when the market opens Friday. CNN – Amazon reported a surprise profit for the second quarter. Sales jumped 20% and the company earned $92 million. year ago it lost $126 million. Wall Street went bonkers over the news. Analysts had expected Amazon to post a loss. Sales from AWS grew 81% to $1.8 Article by Hope King for CNN.
    [Marketing] How To Say No
    When I can’t review someone’s website, I refer them to Third Tribe Marketing. I have the hardest time saying no. Lots of people do. It’s one of those things we do to foil up our lives quite often. Because we hate to disappoint. Because we think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Because we want to say yes and be more positive. There are lots of things that thwart us from saying no. Personally, I’m an avoider. That’s even worse. Because I don’t do well at just saying, “You know, this isn’t going to work.&# But that’s changed.
    [Marketing] The Power of Mobile
    Further, a brand marketer can now “track” your interactions from an email to the store and back to your mailbox. startup and marketing veteran, Tim lives in Austin, Texas, where he works with Edelman clients across the globe to leverage the power of the mobile evolution. With the Internet in your pocket, at almost anytime in darn near any location (subways, wine caves and most airplanes be damned) you can summon information to settle a debate or sports bar argument in a moment’s notice. All of the above you could have made happen with a computer. Creepy, huh?
    [Marketing] Finish What You Start
    Respected marketing author Seth Godin likes to ship.  He is proud of getting books and projects out the door.  I am too. This may be one of the best times of the year for those of us that enjoy planning ahead. It's also a good time for looking back to see what worked this year and what didn't. My list of successes - what worked , was much longer than those that didn't get finished. That's why I am not adding one single project to my list for 2011. Instead, I'll be focused on finishing what has already been started. Yep, that's me finishing in a local 10K. Finish! Who You Are.
    [Marketing] Working Money
    Heck, when I took my first president role at New Marketing Labs, I went into a budget meeting where the first question was, “Well, what’s YOUR salary going to be?&# I wasn’t prepared to answer. mentioned the other day that I sold a lot of suitcases via this blog post , and someone said, “I thought you were a blogger and a writer.&# I replied that I’m also a marketer and a salesman and that I have to stay current with tools and methods to understand what’s going to work and what isn’t. We get weird around money, don’t we? With me?
    [Marketing] Wakeup, social login dominance and father of the year
    WAKE UP CALL: Word of Mouth Marketing more than Social Media – social media is not new, it has been called a lot of things, but is still word of mouth marketing. This post points out the power of traditional word of mouth marketing. How was your week? Mine was busy and kind of crazy. But, at the end of the day, it is Friday and its time to get ready for the weekend. I am looking forward to my second Father’s Day and a BBQ with family. What are your weekend plans? Hopefully you have a great weekend and look forward to catching up on Monday. Notice a familiar top dog?
    [Marketing] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    February 25th, 2010 |Written By: Susan Baier | View Comments Tweet Guest post from Susan Baier, a 20-year marketing strategy veteran with an MBA in Entrepreneurship. Her company Audience Audit provides strategic marketing support and audience segmentation research that helps organizations understand their customers better. Marketing), ThinkGeek is “all about serving our community. Integrate Marketing and Customer Service After Christmas I had to return an electronic item from ThinkGeek that had stopped working. What a genius marketing team they've got over there.
    [Marketing] We Are Not Morons Or Are We?
    Newt is like “the other white meat,” same cholesterol, better marketing.  He just says he’s the smartest guy in the room so often that the dumberazzi are actually starting to believe him. My wife believes that all this social stuff is stupid. Often we get into discussions and I try and share the value of social technology for both business and personal reasons. Moron may refer to a disused term for a person with a mental age between 8 and 12, and a common insult for a person considered stupid (or just a generic insult). link]. Wrong. ” [33]. Bush’s website).
    [Marketing] Happy Birthday Violette
    This has nothing to do with sales or marketing, but it has everything to do with being human, and what I learn from my daughter. Photo by Katrina Brogan. Today, my daughter, Violette, is 9. This is the first year I wasn’t there in person on the day of her birthday, and that stings a bit. However, she and I have plans to celebrate together privately this coming weekend, so it’ll be all good. wanted to tell you a bit about Violette. There’s value in that to some of you. Be Yourself. Violette, since early early childhood, had no interest in matching clothes. Be Funny.
    [Marketing] Make an App to Engage Your Blog’s Readers
    The second avenue of distribution is the Android Market. When adding the app to the Android Market, pay special attention to the app’s name and description. This guest post is by Leah Goodman of AppsGeyser. A few months ago, when I started working for AppsGeyser, a friend asked me if I could turn her blog into an app, to which I responded, “Yes.” ” Then she asked me the more important question: why would she want to do that? There are loads of reasons. Raise the level of engagement. It’s a different level of engagement. Push your message.
    [Marketing] 5 Tips on Using Google Analytics More Effectively
    Once you organize the data that Goggle Analytics provides you can utilize this essential information to market and promote your website. There is a free tool that Google provides called Google Analytics. Google will give you code to copy and paste in your website. When you enter the code, Google will then give you details on your website and it will break down all of the important parts of it. The program will track your site data and provide you with summaries for important visitor details you will want to be study. You can track geographic data, gender, age, IP addresses etc.
    [Marketing] Is It Moving You Forward
    Business-wise, I’m getting the most yield from email marketing, forum software, and blogging. I’m not using to write any “daily whatevers.&# I’m not using Quora to answer questions. haven’t tried that new Twitter client. In fact, I’m not doing a LOT of things. have a very simple question to answer each time: will this move me forward? We do things because we want to stay informed. None of these technologies is hot, new, or otherwise bleeding edge. They are all helping me move forward. That saves my back, because I travel tons.
    [Marketing] 4 Things You Need to Know About Influence
    link] What You Need To Know About Influence (via Brass Tack Thinking) « Inc.sights – Branding, Marketing and Communications with Wong Giok Leigh [.] link] Internet marketing agency What influences one, may not influence another.So Both Tamsen McMahon – of and Justin Levy at New Marketing Labs suggested this tip but have their own take on how this [.] link] Social media recent press articles « Social Media Marketing @ IBM [.] 4 Things You Need to Know About Influence, on Brass Tack Thinking [.] Or measure it? But which things?
  • PROBLOGGER  |  SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2011
    [Marketing] 7 Ways Guest Posting Can Boost Your Reputation
    There’s the work and marketing category, the finance blogs, and then the blogs that deal with subjects I really don’t know anything about, nor do I have any interaction with in my work or personal life. This guest post is by Mathew Carpenter of Sofa Moolah. I’m an avid blog reader. My Google Reader is packed with hundreds of different blogs, each one covering a subject that I may or may not be directly involved in. Every time I scan over these blogs, I’m reminded of how I came into contact with them in the first place. 1.Fresh faces often become the best readers.
    [Marketing] Are You Driven to the Benefits of Social Media?
    You never know who’s in the market for a car and your old car might be exactly what a friend of yours has been looking for. Whether you’re looking to buy a car, sell your old car or simply get your oil changed, you can use social media to help find the best deals, the best services and the best car dealerships in your area. When most people think of social media, they think of sharing photos of their kids with friends and distant relatives. While social media is hugely used for personal uses, it’s also used for business purposes. Get Social on a Loan.
    [Marketing] 5 Essential Elements of a Successful Self-published Book
    You’ll need to come up with  a killer marketing plan for the launch of your book. For This guest post is by Srinivas Rao of  BlogcastFM. Self-publishing is a hot trend.  People’s eyes are lit up by the possibility of actually making money from their content. But there’s more to it than throwing together a PDF, uploading it to Amazon, and waiting for a check to arrive in the mail. The most successful self published authors treat their books as if they’re working with a publisher. Content. Editing. Platform. You could write the greatest book in the world. Promotion.
    [Marketing] Start a Magazine that Complements Your Blog … in 5 Steps
    found myself asking “What if the Adsense market fails? If you have your sights set on producing a higher end magazine, you will need significantly more, depending on what market you are entering and how big you are going right off the bat. For an idea of what reality is, try and find out what similar magazines in your market are charging. know of one magazine that just kept throwing money at itself, starting in new markets without first being profitable in one and, to appear successful, they gave away their ad space for free. They say that print is dead.
    [Marketing] 10 Little-known Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog
    What has worked best for me is sharing it on my favorite Internet marketing forums, like Digital Point Forums. This guest post is by Onibalusi Bamidele of Getting traffic to a blog is the major challenge a blogger faces. Many have read about various traffic generation strategies, but they find it difficult to get traffic to their blogs because these tips are no longer as effective as they once were. For example, guest blogging used to be very effective, but now that a lot of people are doing it and talking about it, it’s no longer as effective as it used to be.
    [Marketing] How Sponsored Posts Can Ruin Your Blog
    They can hurt your relationship with readers. I don’t have a problem with affiliate marketing or any other business model that makes money from great content. Affiliate marketers still focus on creating great content and share resources that benefit their readers. Kalen Smith writes about the importance of a  social media marketing plan  and Internet marketing experiments and case studies on his blog This guest post is by Kalen Smith of More bloggers accept guest posts for their sites. Or is it? What is a sponsored post?
    [Marketing] Managing Social Presence
    Email marketing integration. I’ve been thinking through my social presence, but further more, I was thinking about what it’s going to be like for a business (small or large) to manage their social presence. The thing is, there are a lot of different ways people are going at this, and not any one of them is perfect, but I like looking at what is there and then thinking about what else I’d want. For instance, I’m a user and affiliate for the Hootsuite application. It also lets you cook up searches in Twitter search, plus a few other things. blog editor.
    [Marketing] A Checklist for Choosing the Right Monetization Method
    Blog products have come a long way since I started out, and that’s partially due to technology and market trends, and partially because of the creativity of bloggers themselves. Finally, you might be able to glean opportunities that haven’t yet been tapped in your market—opportunities that your new idea can take advantage of. 6. If you’ve been blogging for a while, you may already have tried a range of methods to monetize your blog. How can you choose the right ones to try on your blog? Let’s look at them now. 1. Your brand. Your goals. Your audience.
    [Marketing] The Problem with Many Task Management Solutions like Asana
    There are many task management solutions on the market today such as Asana, Producteev, HiTast, and dozes of others.  My team happens to use Asana which is why I mentioned them in the title of this post (and is hence the one I am most familiar with). The goal of all of these solutions is to make it easier to get work done, especially in teams, without relying heavily on email. However the problem with all of these task management solutions comes down to getting notified about tasks, which inherently comes down to email. I’ll use Asana is an example.
    [Marketing] Turn to Social Media for Your Next Credit Card
    If you are in the market for a new card, look to what your friends are saying about their cards. Using social media to find the best credit card isn’t such a strange idea after all. More people are turning to social networking to connect with businesses, not just friends. Following the businesses you like or are considering via their network accounts makes a lot of sense. Customer Service. People are finding that they can use social media to solve problems they are having with services or products. When a question is posted on such an account to ignore it would be bad press.
    [Marketing] Don’t Let Your Brain Destroy Your Blog Business
    When attempting to objectively process data that’s emotionally relevant (such as starting a business, creating a service or marketing yourself), your limbic system lights up and your brain automatically weaves in the things you want, dream, admire, crave, and desire. This guest post is by Steve of The U.S. General Accounting Office has estimated that purchases of equipment by the military that feature new technology are delivered on time and on budget just 1% of the time. 1. remain incredulous. Your brain, the painter. Who’s calling the shots?
    [Marketing] Social Pros 7 – Cindy Kim, JDA Software
    This episode features Cindy Kim , the Director of Marketing and Social Media for JDA Software. some sort of in-depth market research on consumer demand that. Eric : VP of Marketing at Edison Research. And this type of content is classic Tom Webster and… Jay : And that kind of study is classic modern marketing. desire to get clicks and win the content marketing game tends to. journalism major, or legitimate market research. company. A lot of our marketing… Jay : You’re part of the problem, not part of the solution, honestly.
    [Marketing] Welcome the New We Create Content that Works!
    You don’t need weeks and thousands of dollars to spend on a content marketing strategy. appeared first on Internet Marketing Blog. Great news! At, we just had an update! We’ve rolled out new, awesome features and products.We have a great team and a great product to back us up. This This is something I’m immensely proud of as the Founder. First, First, I want to thank every one of my team members who put in sleepless nights to make it happen. At Writtent we create high-quality, engaging content that’s ready to scale. At Writtent – we can do it!
    [Marketing] Five for Friday
    My team also headed to the New England Direct Marketing Association where we took home awards for top Twitter strategy (second year in a row) and third place for overall social media strategy. This was one heck of a week. On one hand we took Baby Espo for his trial run-through at daycare (time has flown) which made me both excited and sad. We also got to hang at the Museum of Science and see some dinosaurs; the triceratops to the left had his eyes on the hardware.  With all that going on, I almost forgot that we’re on the verge of a long weekend. No matter what you have on tap, be safe.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #238
    As a marketing professional, I am often asked ''what''s next?''. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we''re recommending to one another: The Dominant Life Form in the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots - Motherboard. Watching Star Wars decades after its release, it always bugged me that there were humans in the spaceships. So why haven''t we seen them? ''You don''t spend a whole lot of time hanging out reading books with your goldfish. Alistair for Mitch). amazon.
    [Marketing] Tips for Flying
    If at all possible, carry your luggage onto the plane. I use the Eagle Creek Tarmac 22, but Mitch Joel (who recommended this bag to me) has recently upgraded to the Eagle Creek Traverse Pro Daypack (amazon affiliate link), and I have looked it over and plan to buy the same one when I’m next in the market. I travel every few days. On the day this posts, I’ll be flying to Chicago. A few days later, off to the west coast. Then, Chicago again. Then home. Then, Latvia. Yes, I fly a lot. thought I’d offer some tips for flying. Tips for Flying: Planning Your Flight.
  • DIGITAL DIVA  |  MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014
    [Marketing] Where does time go?!
    years of hard work resulted in a Masters degree (MSc) in Digital Marketing. I haven’t been blogging a lot lately… life has been very busy with lots of work and lots of play. All good excuses for not blogging… living life… but I’ve been missing nattering on and I’ve missed the lovely community of bloggers that Leeds has. So, here I am back to nattering and I’m looking forward to seeing a few of the fab Leeds bloggers at an event tomorrow night. What’s been keeping me from blogging? The whole week was exhausting, but so so much fun. Proud.
    [Marketing] How Small Blogs Became 6-figure Income Generators (and How You Can Do the Same)
    She has years of experience in the online marketing industry and has worked as a content writer for several media outlets. This guest post is by Patricia Rodriguez of Adsgadget. From its early beginnings in 1993 to its inevitable rise in the last few years, blogging has become part of our daily lives. These are just a few of today’s biggest blogs. Most people have probably heard, or at least can guess that most of the big names in blogging started in 10×10 dorm rooms, small bedrooms, or a corner in the attic at the family home. Nice little story, right? How did he do it? Be visual.
    [Marketing] SEO World Class…. What SEO Snake Oil Salesmen Look Like
    The set includes all Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Mobile Marketing, Local Search, Reputation Management, Link Building, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Development, Pay Per Click Management etc. So, from what they’re saying, for $99 you get Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Mobile Marketing, Local Search, Reputation Management, Link Building, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Development, Pay Per Click Management etc. From: Mark Lee. Date: August 30, 2013, 12:23:18 PM CDT. To: bill. Really?!?
  • VIPER CHILL  |  MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010
    [Marketing] How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10
    know I have to be consistent with posting on a daily basis and building backlinks through article marketing. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10 How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10 Written by Glen, this post has 62 Comments It’s no secret that one-man blogs can make a lot of money. In a sea of over 100 million blogs, these guys are the exception. It’s certainly not easy or quick to build a blog to reach these income levels. Thanks!
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