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    [Marketing] How to Use Pinterest to Highlight Your Company
    For example, if you have a marketing company, a fun board may be titled “Marketing Gone Wrong” and could showcase pictures of funny advertisements that didn’t do so well; or check out the Anaheim Ducks’ “ Hockey E-Cards ” board for an example of an organization using humour to engage with their fans by pinning photos such as the one below. Pinterest can effectively be used to showcase your company’s caring, “human” side. Sometimes companies appear to be all about business – an all work, no play scenario. The best part about this is that you can use your imagination!
    [Marketing] Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old
    When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. This is a guest blog post by Stephen Black. This is his story. 2005: Flickr. Do I want to treat Flickr as a serious base for showcasing my photographic works? Or, do I want to use it as a base for experimentation? Ask Chiaki Williams. 2007: Facebook. Do I really want my email addresses and more to be in the hands of some Ivy league whiz kid? scramble my name and Alps Bethneck is born. For my face, I use the skin I made for one my 3D characters. 2010: Twitter. The answer is @BookMerah. It started in 2002.
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    [Marketing] What Being on the Radio Taught Me About Writing
    The producer at WTOP allowed me to go on the air as a favor to a marketing and PR colleague I worked with. E verything I learned about writing I learned on the radio. All right, that’s not entirely true. But I’ve learned a lot. My first stint on Washington, D.C.’s radio juggernaut WTOP (“traffic and weather on the eights”) was nine years ago. I was asked to speak about upcoming weekend events—at least four or five of them—in Washington. I was supposed to be an authority and offer a breezy, assuring discourse about the city. radio audience. You ever done radio?” he asked.
    [Marketing] You're too fat for this community
    Online Community Strategist Angela Connor on Growing Successful Online Communities Home About Angela Contact Popular Speaking Media Press Tips Subscribe to feed You’re too fat for this community January 13, 2010 in online communities | Tags: , online community , social media This is exactly what nearly 5,000 members (or should I say “former&# members) of the website were told after packing on the pounds during the holidays, according to a story on This is the same as having them re-apply.&# It’s one that I truly believe in.
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    [Marketing] Collaboration: The Fab 40 Online – Wallpaper and Poke
    The Fab40 Online is the online version (its all in the naming!) of the Fab40 which appears in print. The Fab40 is Wallpaper’s guide to the best of the US, UK, Spain etc. The Fab40 is the online version highlighting the really interesting things about the web segmented into hardware, retail, innovations, inspiration, blogs and downloads. Well worth spending some time playing around with it. Link Here Posted in cool stuff | Tagged best of the web , collaboration , fab40 , poke , wallpaper blog comments powered by Disqus « Fashion. Limited. Powered by WordPress and Hybrid
    [Marketing] Who is *really* the uber internet users?
     One of the common sense rules of marketing is that you should know where your prospects or target audience hang out.   More justification to include some digital marketing in your overall plan. Before you scold your college aged son or daughter for how much time they spend online, you'd better look in the mirror.  According to research conducted by MarketingProfs ( buy the full report here ) if you're in the 30-39 age bracket, you're the heaviest users out there! These stats line up with what we know about Facebook as well. Why does this matter?
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    [Marketing] Masters of The Download – Top Degrees For App Moguls
    To ensure reliable compatibility across the numerous platforms, many app developers are required just to bring one program to market. Since June 2011, there have been at least 12,500 different apps released each month just for the Android software system, according to the Android website AppBrain, which covers developments and maintains statistics for the Android market. In August 2011, nearly 35,000 new applications hit the Android market. For aspiring mobile applications designers, this is a dream come true. Apps Educational Social Media
    [Marketing] Thoughts on Cognitive Surplus : : …words
    The advent of TV, and the marketing that financed its production, pulled people away from social and group activities and into passive consumption of entertainment. …words The personal weblog of Stephen P Smith Home Thoughts on Cognitive Surplus July 19th 2010 Posted at Productivity 0 Comments Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky I purchased this book on 12 June, and started reading it shortly thereafter. It is an amazing book, a thorough and well-though-out expansion of the ideas in this presentation by Shirky (Link to Clay Shirky on Cognitive Surplus ). Shouldn’t we?
    [Marketing] Building A Rock-Solid Community Offline
    To me, it’s a great reminder that social technology is not for everyone right now, and that good old-fashioned marketing principles of brand, service, promise and experience count. With people like you.  In a market consumed by standardized brand experiences, this is worth something. 4. Share this: Reddit Share Facebook Email Print StumbleUpon Digg This entry was posted on September 5, 2010 at 9:50 pm and is filed under brand , marketing strategy with tags loyalty , Flat White , offline engagement , brand experience. Cool people, the best music, palpable energy.
    [Marketing] Why Your Strength Within Lies Without
    At our marketing agency , I have the immense good fortune to be partnered with Troy Claus , a guy that’s like a beast unleashed at driving business development and leads. “Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong… And yet, a person can perform only from strength.&# Peter Drucker. None of us like to admit we’re weak. None of us like to present the potential of fear to our opponents, always waiting in the wings for us to slip up. And yet… Our opponents are just as fearful. Just as cautious. But why fear weakness?
    [Marketing] The best iPhone QR Code Reader Application is?
    For more iPhone QR Code reader apps, see my post: 10 iPhone QR Code Reader Applications to get you ready for the QR marketing madness. While looking at my analytics I notice a lot of people searching for the best iPhone QR Code Reader Application or one of the following QR iPhone app related terms: qr code reader iphone. qr code generator app. qr code, iphone. qr code reader for iphone. QR iphone. iphone qr code reader. qr readers. Both apps are great with QuickMark with a slight edge over Optiscan due to additional features and linking to online profiles. The apps: FREE.
    [Marketing] Your Facebook Page Insights are Inaccurate
    This is a minor bug that has caused major headaches to marketers. Company owners and marketers complained. If you run a Facebook page, you may or may not have noticed big changes in the numbers between August and December, 2012. For those who do not run many ads, the numbers were lower than expected. For those who run ads often, the numbers were likely higher than expected. This discrepancy led many to believe that Facebook was going to a “pay to play” model and despite reassurances by Facebook that this wasn’t true, the numbers told a different story.
    [Marketing] What Would A Passionate Community Manager Do?
    On a related note, if you are an organization developing a community, don’t select someone in marketing to be in charge out of habit. If there is one single trait between communities that succeed and communities that don’t, it’s the passion of the person in charge. Communities developed by amateurs (unpaid, but passionate, hobbyists) succeed because of the amateur’s passion. The amateur is convincing when reaching out to people. They participate in their spare time. It would be great if you could suggest a few questions for her. We’re currently a few short. Managing Online Communities
    [Marketing] Independent Hawaii Musician Kenneth Makuakane Thrives on Social Media
    That was the only marketing we did. Other events include concerts around Oʻahu, and the kick off event, the annual Nā Hōkū Hanohano Music Awards happening tonight. You can watch the ceremony live in HD via local TV station Hawaii News Now. Scroll down and look for the player in the left column if you don’t see it featured.) Really, though, this post is about Kenneth Makuakāne. He is an independent Hawaiian musician, earning a comfortable living for himself, his lovely wife and their small child. Rox: How long have you been using social media? One by one.
    [Marketing] Nine Notable Uses for Social Bookmarking
    Related Articles 10 Easy Steps to Build a Successful Internet Marketing Social Network | Understanding Social Bookmarking Services So You Too Can Build a Successful Internet Marketing Network More Articles by Mark Dykeman Blog It in 140 Characters or Less Latest Articles in Social Bookmarking Bookmarking: To Be or Not to Be? Audio / Blogging / Browsers / E-mail / File Sharing / Hosting / Marketing / Money Making / Search Engines / Security / Services / Social Bookmarking / Social Networks / Video / Web Design / Web Talk. Webupon > Social Bookmarking. out of the boxâ??
    [Marketing] Facebook Video Ads
    While that’s still a far cry from traditional TV ad budgets, marketers and brands continue to move aggressively into the online video space. Facebook is testing a new ad format – video ads that play without sound or prompting. They will play as soon as they appear onscreen, although the sound will be muted (until the viewer chooses to turn it on). The video will also play fullscreen if chosen to to so. The new ads will play in the News Feed, and will continue to play silently as you scroll by them. ad spend increasing 46 percent to $2.9 billion. ” - Bismark Lepe, Ooyala.
    [Marketing] Will the bad economy bring peer-to-peer social commerce a reality?
    Do you think the craptastic economy and social graph growth will lead to a peer-to-peer e-commerce platform similar to flea markets or yard sales? A few weeks back I read a TIME article on how the poor economy has contributed to a boom in reality TV with shows like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars and American Restoration. The premise of folks looking to save or make money on household items that are just collecting dust. didn’t think of it too much until my wife and I were looking for a bouncer for our son, scouring yard sales and the like for one.
    [Marketing] Create and Optimize Visual Content: a new PR skill
    Make sure your Marketing and PR teams are trained and can effectively use the power of visual content in 2013.   And once they know how to create it, they also need to know how to optimize all visual content for both news and web search. Forbes called the rise of visual content the breakout trend of 2012. As early as 2007 Jakob Nielsen’s eye tracking studies showed that images attract attention.  And attracting the attention and interest of a visitor to your newsroom or brand content online is vital in this overcrowded content world. note the word compelling). They climb to 7.4X
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    [Marketing] From Advertising To Youtility
    He is a frequent guest on this podcast and I am honored to have him back to discuss a topic that is both near and dear to my heart as well (a full chapter and more on utility-driven marketing is featured in my latest business book, CTRL ALT Delete ). digital marketing. marketing podcast. Episode #367 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Welcome to episode #367 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. Really thrilled to have my friend, Jay Baer , back on the podcast. " Proof in the pudding?
    [Marketing] 3 Metrics More Important Than Keyword Rankings
    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - What are your business goals and how are your Internet marketing efforts helping you reach them? Your reach tells you whether you are penetrating the market deep enough. Online marketing is changing. If you are still tracking keyword rankings, you may be in the minority, or at least in a dying majority. Late last year, Dr. Pete posted a blog post highlighting the 25 standalone features of search engine ranking pages. Now, you won’t see all of these features on a single SERP, but you will see them all on some type of SERP.
    [Marketing] Picking the Right Measurement Tools: a #measurePR Recap
    Jen Zingsheim  is Vice President of Products and Services for CustomScoop , driving product development plans to better meet the needs of public relations and marketing professionals. Jen Zingsheim guest-moderated last week’s #measurepr chat and provided the following recap. And even though this is posting late (hey, I was out!), I’m going ahead with it since I know the transcript will be useful to you. Also it’s a great recap. On October 11, the #measurePR chat had a terrific guest in  Don Bartholomew of Fleishman-Hillard. tool selection begins. Indeed … very important.
    [Marketing] 1,440 Minutes
    15 Empty Jar Marketing But To Read Is Devine Social Media Sucks, Especially Twitter How Twitter Reminds Me Of “Vanilla Sky&#. Digg Digg “To understand the value of a minute, ask someone who just missed their bus/train/plane.&#. Lately I’ve read a lot of blog posts, tweets, Facebook status updates and other online communications revolving around time.  It got me thinking about how I use the 1,440 minutes I’ve been given each day. The following is a rough summary of where the minutes I’ve been given go. 540 minutes = Work. 300 minutes = Sleeping.
    [Marketing] Don't Forget About the Enterprise
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Don’t Forget About the Enterprise View Comments February 2nd, 2010 Yesterday I had the pleasure of writing another post for Marketing Profs which I hope will get more people to think about social media and collaboration WITHIN the enterprise.  These relationships are external facing; meaning brand to consumer, and are used for functions such as product development, customer service, increasing sales, and marketing.  You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0
    [Marketing] Big Announcement! @BlueFocus @MNBurgess to Deliver #TEDx #TEDTalks @TEDTalks #socbiz
    Blue Focus Marketing CEO Cheryl Burgess (@ CKBurgess ) and I first began fleshing out the idea of personal branding and celebrating one’s passions during our work on our Amazon best-selling book, The Social Employee. The brands that leverage their employee base in order to engage customers and prospects through social media are the ones destined to win the marketing wars. Edelman, Global Co-Leader, Digital Marketing & Sales Practice, McKinsey & Company. May 10, at the Two River Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey. My thanks again to the organizers of this TEDx event.
    [Marketing] This Week In Infographics: Live The American Dream And Poop On Your Keyboard
    However, the infographic brings some much needed information to the table, to help us better understand the housing market and maybe have a shot at the American dream after all. Tis the time for all the boys and girls to find out who made the cut in infographics of the week. Let’s just get right to it. According to our viral infographic for Keeping It Kleen, 1 in 6 people have poop on their cell phones. This infographic explores the disgusting truth behind many commonly used items in the home. Then we move on to the American Dream that seems to be slipping out of reach.
    [Marketing] How you use your tools matters more than your talent
    Facebook is a great tool if you know how to use it properly My personal story If it does not work, change your mindset Related Posts: A few days ago, I had this really interesting discussion with a friend regarding Facebook and its role in marketing. He is not an independent artist but understands that. For Independent Artists branding diversification Promotion ramblings
    [Marketing] 6 Reasons why you should check-in with location-based services such as TriOut, Foursquare, Brightkite, Whrrl, Gowalla, Scvngr, PlacePop, Yelp and more!
    Yesterday afternoon I was on a geo / location-based twitter rant due to various market research reports and blog post about the value of location-based services and the adoption of them. I’m not saying the research was inaccurate but I think the main message that was being delivered to marketers about the current state of location-based services could have been delivered better. If you have no clue what I’m talking about read the following post: Study: Foursquare, LBS Apps Have Narrow Audience, Prime For Early Adopter Marketers. waynesutton Wow. Love it.
    [Marketing] Level 5 Leaders Need Level 5 Employees | Spin Sucks
    challenge each of you to rephrase Collins and ask yourself what it takes to be a level 5 employee. A few answers Gini gave for “What does it take to be a Level 5 CEO?” in her article : Surround myself with super smart people Stop doing things that don’t make the company money Lead and inspire people by leading by example, even when I’m not talking Spend time daily thinking, being creative, and reading Spend more time outside of the office marketing the firm and being our own brand ambassador My thoughts on these? What about Generation Y? Fabulous, but I am not a CEO. Most of us are not.
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    [Marketing] Content Design for the Digital Reader
    content marketing executive with more than two decades of experience who’s helped develop online reading applications for publishers such and AOL and Hearst, Pittman is also the voice behind the blog, “ From Concept 2 Market: What Makes a Product Worth Talking About.” Terry Pittman, author of From Concept 2 Market Absolutely. Washington, D.C., where I live, is a city known for its appetite for reading. On any given morning, the downtown line is a gray hue of policy wonks, academics, financiers and other pseudo-intellectual types. Or The Wall Street Journal. Maybe. It’s not.
    [Marketing] Social Media: Best way to use Instagram for business promotion
    The below is the list of best ways to use Instagram for your business promotion and marketing. The purpose of business marketing and promotion simply means communicating with your prospective customers. Social media has become a global phenomenon among the web users, with almost everyone using the internet seems to have their accounts at site or the other. The sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. seem to have become the best tools for business promotion. Showcase your products or services. Build up the interest. Give your business brand a face.
    [Marketing] Social Media Job Week 1 InsideView - Koka Sexton dot Com
    in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 3237 Computer Stickers Laptop Computer Stickers HyperLocal Marketing Small business online marketing SOCOM Sales Wordpress Themes Download Free Wordpress Themes and Plugins Recent Posts Social Media Job Week 1 InsideView The Job Search is Over… Foursquare is fun and big brands are figuring that out. How NOT to use your Social Media Marketing Manager! New office, new people, new responsibilities and with so much newness that can be enough to give the brain a cramp. Koka Sexton dot Com: [.]
    [Marketing] Preparing Students and Young Professionals for the Business World.
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Sep 15 2010 Preparing Students and Young Professionals for the Business World By Gini Dietrich | Email | Print | 31 Comments | During the summer I fell off the InsidePR bandwagon. Not in terms of recording, but in terms of talking about it here. But I’m baaack!
    [Marketing] The Social Generation and Your Small Business
    Another is being able to observe and learn from the behaviors of the next generation of business men and women - with two unknowing volunteers being my son and daughter, both of whom are studying marketing at top business schools here in the midwest.  . One of the advantages of being older than most social media practitioners is being able to apply my decades of business experience to a new way of doing business - one that includes all of the social and new media technologies. Zak Korhan, Ohio State University President Gee, & friend. That was the extent of our use of technology.
    [Marketing] Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Jan 25 – 31, 2014
    Week in Review  January 25 – 31, 2014: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations  and  SmallBiz Tracks (Almost) Daily Podcasts , and LIFT resources shared on Twitter ( @smallbiztracks ) This Week on ConverStations Using Twitter for Business – The LIFT Weekly Podcast No. 4 Why Do I Do What I Do? It Depends: More Than a Blanket Statement 4 Ways to Use Technology to your Advantage Muscle Up With Forward Memory (Thoughtography) Looking to Increase Productivity Through Telecommuting? In 2015, we launched a new podcast:  The L.I.F.T. Weekly Podcast  for Small Business Owners. The 
    [Marketing] WWE vs. UFC: Social Lessons from the Winning Sports Brands
    Social marketing best practice tips and strategic guides are easy to find, but it can also be beneficial to simply monitor the social channel of a successful brand to understand everything they do and why they do it. We did this in our latest white paper, Marketing Lessons from the Top Social Brands , where we used The Fan Page List (dubbed social media’s leading directory) to determine the top brands in sports, retail and services. Thinking about your own social marketing efforts, how do you stack up against your closest competitors? How often? Facebook Fans. 8,857,582.
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    [Marketing] TechPoint Bringing Facebook Executive and Spokeswoman to Speak at Innovation Summit in Indianapolis
    INDIANAPOLIS (May 20, 2011) — TechPoint’s 2011 Innovation Summit will feature a keynote address by Facebook Spokeswoman and Director of Market Development Randi Zuckerberg – who is also Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s sister. 45 on Hollywood Reporter’s list of “Digital Power Players,” Zuckerberg is no beneficiary of arbitrary nepotism; she works on the marketing team at Facebook, where she manages partnerships related to media, news & current events, and non-profits. I love this kind of stuff! Just wanted to keep everyone informed. This should be an amazing event! ——-.
    [Marketing] Why SEO and Social Media Sites Go Hand-in-Hand
    Social media sites and SEO should work together to increase a business’ visibility, protect the company’s brand, and effectively market products or services. SEO companies are fully capable of increasing and maintaining a business’ web presence, providing detailed analysis of your target market, and creating strong and relevant site content. Since the rise of social media sites, many have believed that the need for SEO is now dead. Visibility is still the primary goal of all online businesses. Without it, there is just not a shot that your business will succeed.
    [Marketing] The Vendor Opportunity Gap in The Future of Wok
    An innovation problem or a marketing obstacle? The current market challenge. Vendors have switched from innovating and product development mode to marketing and selling mode while just doing enough on the product side to keep pace with the market. There are essentially five stages for building a collaborative organization  but from a broader perspective I’m seeing a bifurcation in the market. Part of this means understanding what’s happening on the technology side of things which is one of the reasons why I started doing my Friday Vendor Roundup.
    [Marketing] 4 Simple Growth Strategies Any Breakthrough Blog Can Learn From Pinterest
    how marketers are using it. how marketers CAN use it. When Steve Jobs came back to Apple he came back to a mess: little to no market share, declining revenue, and a business almost on the verge of bankruptcy. In fact, John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, repeatedly stresses the importance of companies having a core purpose. When Mel Gibson decided to market The Passion of the Christ , he focused his efforts. When a Baptist preacher named Rick Warren decided to market his book, Purpose-Driven Life , he focused his efforts. …and etc. Namely: 1.
    [Marketing] How to Apply Social to Conferences
    Capturing the content and using it to gather leads will also give your marketing department more to work with when it comes time to promote the conference next year. Do you work in the Meetings or Conferences department of your association? Social media and conferences, just like chocolate and peanut butter are better together. When it comes to engaging conference participants before, during, and after, a face-to-face event, social media is a remarkably effective tool. It’s something that your social-media-savvy participants are starving for. This is how. Use it wisely and use it early.
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Chicago Lightning
    Making Money Online / Marketing / Online Business. 2011 social media marketing industry report – the third annual report on everything you need to understand about using social media for marketing. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. Blogging / Writing. Personal Development / Productivity.
    [Marketing] Show 270 - How to cope with change
    Main | The True Meaning of Life » Show 270 - How to cope with change Show 270 of The Engaging Brand leadership and marketing podcast   is ready just for you. Ed Hardy Shirts on Show 300 - Facebook Marketing spyseo on Show 300 - Facebook Marketing Small Business Answering service on Putting the Wow into Customer Service Small Business Answering service on Customer Service and the Fred Factor Krishna De on Show 300 - Facebook Marketing LOGO DESIGN on Whats Missing in Your Logo? Kathy Garolsky on Social media can be your brand trigger!
    [Marketing] 5 Reasons Why Blogging is Not Working for Your Business
    More than ever before, businesses are now focusing on generating regular content for their target markets to keep a steady inflow of customers. Because your objective will ultimately give direction to the type of content you post on your blog and the type of marketing channels you choose for promoting your content. 2. Your strategy should not only include the type of content you’re going to create for your target market, but it should also include a comprehensive plan to promote your content so that it reaches the right audience at the right time. Conclusion.
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    [Marketing] Facebook + Instagram: 5 Must-Reads
    Marketing Lessons From Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition. Facebook recently purchased Instagram for $1 billion. Here are 5 must-reads on the topic. By Matthew Siegel Pages upon pages of commentary have been written about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the astronomical valuation applied to the deal, and the competitive impetus for the transaction. But what’s most interesting is what it implies about Facebook’s perspective on content creation versus content distribution. Why Facebook Bought Instagram: IPO Buyers And Apple. So what’s going on here? By John D.
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    [Marketing] In a Data-Driven World, What Is Highly Effective in Social Media?
    And every day, we marketers ask ourselves: What can I do to garner the most ROI for my client every day? Marketing and PR 101—who is your audience? Tons of articles offer advice on what exactly is a highly effective post on Facebook, what’s the optimal tweet length, and what images create the highest number of likes or shares. Facebook says to use engaging images with less than 20 percent copy on them. For Twitter, some say use 100 characters of the 140 limit. For Instagram, some experts say to post between 3-4 p.m. Eastern time. Understand and know your audience.
    [Marketing] Strength of Community Supersedes Influence
    Instead the market is left with an increasing dearth of influencer metric solutions, catering to the PR 2.0 Image by Annie Siegal. With the current overfocus on influence metrics, companies and nonprofits are left to wonder at the digeratti’s navel gazing via participation scores. While influencers play a role in social media, for a company or nonprofit that role is ultimately very small. After the influencer “graces&# everyone with their presence, the organization’s community remains. After a sales or advocacy campaign winds up, the community remains.
    [Marketing] What's Just Outside Your Focus?
    When do you notice that last year's off-target product from an adjacent market turns out to be this year's competitor? Focus is a good thing. To know what you're doing, you need to know what you're not doing. So companies define their space, focus their attention, and get to work. What if customers frame their needs differently from you? What if a competitor looks at the world from another angle? What if something that is off-target in your frame turns out to be on-target for another way of looking at things? No answers today This isn't one of those questions with a general answer.
    [Marketing] The Wrap, Newser and Content Aggregation: How Much Attribution is.
    It’s safe to say they don’t get along: Related posts: Yahoo News Syndication: Attribution Links Not SEO-Friendly I Hope News Corp Does Block its Content from Google Syndication Best Practices: Reduce the Risk of Being Outranked for Your Own Content 25 Major News Sites Ranked by Page Speed Newsweek’s Tim Geithner Interview Live on Facebook: Don’t Forget to Link to the Video Afterwards { 5 comments… read them below or add one } Brittany Machion April 9, 2010 at 12:14 pm Hey Adam, I’m the Marketing Manager at Newser. Thanks for the write up.
    [Marketing] Introducing Megan Beausang!
    For those of you who started businesses because you really love what you do or your career is in PR or marketing, you’ll understand when I say it’s such a relief having a financial mind on our team! As promised, I have a little treat for you! Rather than listen to me all congested and sniffling up a storm, you get to hear our new chief financial officer, Megan Beausang , talk about what it’s like to work here and what she plans to do to help us achieve Global Domination. Plus, you can’t tell by looking at her, but she has a little surprise to share at the end!
    [Marketing] 5 Ways An Infographic Can Go Wrong
    Infographics can be a slam dunk for your marketing department if they are done correctly. It’s not always easy to tell if an infographic is good or bad. But with all the “you can do it” make-your-own-infographic cheerleading websites and blog posts, infographics are being churned out at a breakneck pace. The problem is, most of them are useless and rarely, if ever, see the light of day. But how can you tell if the infographic someone just sent you is worthy of being posted to your blog? Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 1. Is it visually appealing or a visual train wreck?
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    [Marketing] #Seniors: Can They Make the Jump to #SocialMedia?
    Add in the fact that baby boomers are starting to enter their golden years, and there’s nothing but tremendous upswing for social media and digital marketing. Online marketing companies , which once focused on younger demographics, could begin targeting older age groups in advertisements. Seniors have sheer strength in numbers and their increasing competence of social media could make them a lucrative focus for marketers. fishbat Discusses Social Media Marketing For Senior Citizens. Facebook? What kind of book is that?”. Related articles.
    [Marketing] Improve Your Business Strategy by Listening to Social Media | One.
    Follow these three tips as often as possible to learn about your competitors as well as identify your target consumer markets. Share this post Tags: des moines social media company , One social media , social media des moines , social media for small businesses , social media iowa , social media marketing company , social media Philadelphia , social media services Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Then you should definitely start ‘listening’ to the social media channels. These include their business blogs, as well as corporate accounts in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    [Marketing] Industrial Supply Association Show Roundup
    Traditional Marketing industrial supply associationI just got back from the ISA Show in Chicago. Most of the manufacturers that I talked to were pretty upbeat on business in general, but were somewhat disappointed with the turnout of distributors for the booth session. Sunday was slow in the morning and spotty in the afternoon. Monday it was a slow start, but traffic picked up around noon. left Monday, but I’d be interested in knowing how many people showed up for the closing luncheon. liked it better last year in INDY where they closed the booth session down for the luncheon.
    [Marketing] Guest post: How to get targeted traffic from Quora and Yahoo Answers
    Marketing your blog or website is key to its long-term success. The following is a guest post by Catie Keeler. Her bio is at the end of the article. Finding ways to increase your traffic will help you increase your sales and protect your brand longevity. Quora and Yahoo Answers are both simple question-and-answer sites. [.]. Branding Guest Posts Quora traffic building Yahoo Answers
    [Marketing] iPhone Table
    HD-capable capacitive iPhone with touch screen capability.  If this comes to market I’m going to try and make some cool coasters for it. Giant iPhone Table with touch screen. By Erik Qualman. If this giant iPhone table is for real, then I want one!  Who wouldn’t want a giant iPhone table in their office or kitchen? It’s estimated this is a 58? The video was uploaded to YouTube on November 2 by tableconnect1 and as of this writing already has 1.2 million views.
    [Marketing] ICYMI – Facebook Videos, Hyperlapse, Google Authorship Demise
    Great content marketing from GE – an electronic dance track from sounds from GE’s research centres. A ‘contactless’ donkey from Barclaycard – why not… Image credit. Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Comparethemarket runs first video ads on Facebook. Twitter expands ads programme to twelve new countries. Facebook is cracking down on clickbait headlines. Campaigns. icymi
    [Marketing] What Bubba Gump Shrimp Can Teach You About Social Media
    This is Episode 4, I believe. I’m joined by my trusty sidekick and social media marketing impresario, Eric Boggs. Speaking of social media marketing impresarios, Lauren Fernandez , from Landry’s Restaurants is going to join us on the show today. There is a distinct bias amongst social and digital marketers to that effect. Jay : That’s a research project that we should do – the bias of the professional digital marketer around the propensity to click on digital ads. It’s from a 2011 marketing survey by the Corporate Executive Board.
    [Marketing] 31 must read articles from the week that Google dominated the tech news
    I almost called this post “ This week in Google &# but wow, Google had a very busy week. It seems almost every day Google was either announcing something new or updating a few of their products. Google is closing out 2010 with a bang! So far, a new phone (Nexus S), a new Chrome OS, a Book Store and more. If you missed any of the Google news, here’s a recap: 31 must read articles from the week that Google dominated the tech news. Looks Like “Google +1? Congrats to the Google team. Did I miss any other Google News from the week? Featured News google
    [Marketing] 5 New Business Books That You Should Read (But Probably Never Heard Of)
    It's probably going to take most Marketing professionals the rest of the year to get through these three popular business book titles, but the truth is that there are five other fascinating books sitting right here that are next up in the cue and deserve some attention. Because I have yet to read these books, I've grabbed their descriptions from their respective websites (so, please mind some of the Marketing blather). 5 New Business Books That You Should Read (but probably never heard of): Alone Together - Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by Sherry Turkle.
    [Marketing] Managing Your Brand & Personal Social Media "Friends"
    Smart marketers began to develop guidelines or house rules that set expectations for both sides of the conversation. For the most part, social networks and social media were never really intended for business communications. Expect for LinkedIn of course. Think about it. Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ began life helping people connect to family and friends. In that context it made total sense that you would  "friend" someone you wanted to invite into your digitial world. . Before we knew it enterprises were stepping into the game. Some smartly. Some like a bull in a china shop.
    [Marketing] 3 Steps to a Productive Life on Twitter as a Blogger Using Buffer
    Get More from Twitter – Twitter Marketing eBook Review. This is a guest post by Leo Widrich. One of the most important things I discovered is to manage my time efficiently on Twitter. Otherwise I would spend hours and hours without getting anything else done. Recently I have started to use Buffer , a super simple Twitter tool which helps you to breathe a little easier by keeping my followers posted all day long. It is very different from any existing Apps and makes my life online a little less complicated. Now, let’s take a look at how Buffer works. Your Thoughts.
    [Marketing] BYOA for Newbies
    The almost limitless number of apps on the market opens a lot of potential for associations, but if not managed correctly, the movement could lead to mayhem, as the Huffington Post reports. Guest post for the SocialFish by Dean Cope. ——– Now that BYOD or ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies are becoming more mainstream in the modern business world, the BYOA or ‘Bring Your Own App’ trend is the next big thing. While the BYO motives are beneficial to many workplace processes, there are still risks that business owners have to deal with. Work and Home.
    [Marketing] The Social Organization: Social Media Metrics
    Events Examples News/Commentary Organizational Structure People Relationship Management Social Media Marketing Technology Web/Tech Weblogs Archives March 2009 February 2009 January 2009 December 2008 November 2008 October 2008 September 2008 August 2008 July 2008 June 2008 More. Name is required to post a comment Please enter a valid email address Invalid URL Lijit Search People You Should Know Aaron Strout Social Marketing Expert Andrew McAfee Everything Enterprise 2.0 The Social Organization About Rachel Social Media Metrics Social Media Examples Enterprise 2.0 We use web2.0
    [Marketing] Perfect Expectations of We (and Them) and Ourselves
    If you’ve read somewhere that controversy sells, consider the inventory you’re going to market with … and write about that (or the benefits thereof). The voice of ridicule can be deafening at times. We, as a collective people, seem to have obtained such a great wealth of knowledge and experience that we point at this or that (and often everything) with an unwavering stance of disdain. All too often for some. If you’re blogging (or tweeting, etc) to build your business, avoid the pointing of fingers demanding perfection. Ay, there’s the rub.
    [Marketing] In Time of Social Media Crisis – How Do You Respond?
    Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved In particular when it triggers our feelings – love, aggression or maybe compassion. They made things get even worse.
    [Marketing] What is the definition of empowerment
    For me empowerment is about trust in the talent of those around you to think, to innovate, to react to what the market requires. Empowerment and delegation are often confused within the business world. Giving  someone a task and trusting in the talent at your disposal are two different things.There are times when delegation is required, there are times when empowerment is a necessity.  . Empowerment is not about the loss of control, it is about gaining control through the loyalty of employee engagement. For me delegation is about a specific task or duty. Related articles. What is Profit?
    [Marketing] Poisoning the Online Well
    Off the top of my head, I''m thinking of legal, market, and technical risks, but that''s probably just a start. Garbage in, garbage out. The latest from the ongoing Snowden/Greenwald revelation is a reminder that interested parties know how to plant false information on the Internet, and that some of them are probably doing it. It has implications for anyone looking for good information online, anyone with a reputation to protect, and—potentially—for everyone invested in the online world. The same tactics are available to every government—and any other motivated group.
    [Marketing] Boners BBQ: A Study In How To Hate Your Customer
    Cheap and easy word of mouth marketing? He does social media management for  KimberMedia  and does PR and marketing for  @bgckids. This isn’t going to be another deconstruction of the awful PR and social media job done by Boners BBQ in Atlanta recently. There are hundreds of those out there ( though Unmarketing’s take is among the best ). This is going to be a “How to ensure your business never gets off the ground” kind of post. The first step? There are plenty of examples of entities with edgier themes out there. Sex sells in our culture. However.
    [Marketing] Business Degree to Business Career [Infographic]
    Many prospective college students have decided on business programs, especially within the past few years, because employers need people who already possess a high business acumen and strong teamwork skills before entering into the job market. This infographic presented by New England College illuminates interesting stats associated with the current job market as well as the security that a business degree will provide job-seekers entering the work force. Infographics business education
    [Marketing] Meet My New Dumb Smartphone
    AriHerzog is a digital marketing and government professional seeking a position in community affairs. I thought I wanted a dumb phone. bought it — and returned it after three days. It was too dumb. It was fine for talking but texting only worked when the messages were strictly text. couldn’t receive pictures. The camera also sucked, comparatively. didn’t care about social networking but I did need my Google calendar with me. exchanged the T-Mobile 768 for the Prism 2. Huawei manufactures it. It’s a barebones Android phone; a dumb smartphone, essentially.
    [Marketing] Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn – The Truth
    The guy’s written a book on new marketing so he deserves some attention. First of all , Facebook is a social network but it’s only for people to connect with their real friends. Citing a 2007 interview by founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Augie Ray points out : Facebook [has] been quite clear that the social network is for facilitating real and firm relationships and not making soft, virtual ones. guess both would raise hell with my recent decision to be friends with all. Second , Twitter is not a social network but exists for news, content, and information. Uh huh.
    [Marketing] The Reason Google Wants To Put A Business On The Map
    All of our marketing efforts are for naught if our business is hidden from a search. Recently, Google’s official blog said, “ It’s time to put America’s small businesses on the map.” ” The search giant has a campaign going on right now to help 30,000 cities get their local businesses online. To quote: Four out of five people  use search engines to find local information, like business hours and addresses, and research shows that businesses with complete listings are t wice as likely  to be considered reputable by customers.
    [Marketing] Guest Posts Start A Reader Journey
    The challenge of internet marketing is the volume of stuff online shouting for our attention. Your guest post is the beginning of a conversation. chance to connect. — Henneke Duistermaat. Copyblogger recently had a great article by one of my favorite writer/mentors, Henneke Duistermaat. Her look at the potential of guest posts  points out that there is a journey involved for the reader, one that goes like this: your guest post catches the reader’s attention. your author bio makes them want to learn more. you offer an email sign-up incentive that triggers a click on the link.
    [Marketing] Were Your 2014 Predictions Right?
    This idea is valuable for all of your internet marketing, not just social media. One of the best things to do at the end of the year is look back and see what was good about it and what you can change to make the next year better. At the end of 2013, I predicted that 2014 would be The Year of Social Metrics. Facebook had risen to #1 status online, LinkedIn and Twitter were going strong, and social media was an increasing part of daily life. Since everybody was on social media, it made sense that measuring what happened on social media would be a wise business move. Yes, they are.
    [Marketing] Automotive Soon to be Gorilla in Mobile and Social
    Vehicle manufacturer’s large budgets and constant need for innovation in marketing give them both the means and the motivation to test and push new channels and tactics more aggressively than other verticals. In their highly competitive market, automakers’ must be progressive in appealing to shoppers in their desired media.  This is pure gold in the highly competitive, price driven vehicle market.  On the mobile front, dealers that are able to leverage location based services, SMS and shopper applications will get a huge leg up on the competition. Socialnomics
    [Marketing] Interview with Mark Levy, Author of Accidental Genius
    Mark is the founder of Levy Innovation , a marketing strategy firm that helps entrepreneurial companies increase their fees by up to 2,000%. In his interview for Diva Marketing, Mark not only shares his insights about creativity in business but gives us a holiday gift. Diva Marketing: Creativity is an illusive concept. Diva Marketing: When I think about being creative, my thoughts turn to the arts. For instance, they have to figure out how to unblock a bottleneck in manufacturing, or think up a way of entering a market that’s kept them out.). Glad you asked. Mark
    [Marketing] Make Us Believe - Danny Brown
    Or maybe hundreds or thousands of hours of their time, like a university degree or black belt in karate.Word-of-mouth marketing is based on trust, almost entirely. It is the most effective form of marketing you will ever have. Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Make Us Believe September 7, 2010 23 voices share yours! Share 1 save We buy products and services every day. Some we need, some we don’t. But we’ve heard good things about them so we buy them. Our friends. Our family. We will.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2011
    [Marketing] What Microsoft Taught Me About Self Promotion
    She works at Coherent Interactive on social media, website design, mobile apps, & marketing. Today’s guest post is written by  Neicole Crepeau. Recently, Gini Dietrich wrote about  Achieving Workplace Equality that referenced an article  “A Rant About Women” in which the author said that women would go further if they were more self-promotional. Gini isn’t so sure we women need to be self-promotional, but I’ve found that tooting my own horn is an important and necessary part of doing business. learned that lesson during my 13 years at Microsoft. Keeping my brand top-of-mind.
    [Marketing] 4 Tools That Simplify Life For E-Commerce Startups
    From POS systems, to building e-commerce platforms, to product and inventory management, pricing, supply chain management, finance and accounting, to marketing and business intelligence; this comprehensive ERP system handles them all with equal aplomb. It has a great marketing and sales module that tracks visitors and nurtures them into leads, qualifies leads and helps sales team convert these qualified leads into actual customers. Manage email marketing campaigns, customer service programs even order management from right within Agiliron. Here are my top four picks.
    [Marketing] Why Facebook Isn’t Worried About Ello
    Platform Markets are Different. The winners in platform markets typically get 80% share, and everybody else fights over the scraps. In the late 1980s Lotus was larger than Microsoft and had a stranglehold on the highly profitable spreadsheet market with 1-2-3. None gained more than a few percentage points of market share. Novell’s NetWare reigned as the market leader until a good enough alternative came along in IP. They will be disappointed. Ello has no better chance of challenging Facebook than MySpace or Friendster. Invariably the script is the same.
    [Marketing] Show 481 - Advice on Better Writing and Living
    The Engaging Brand podcast  covers  social marketing , business ideas and  brand marketing tips. The Engaging Brand podcast covers social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips. Remember as a subscriber  you can download 30 Lessons on  Social Leadership Powers  - the new ebook for just 99p using the discount code ilovebob. This week Anna Farmery speaks with author and speaker Jeff Goins. We discuss. How writing is ''words with intention''. How writing requires intention for the ''why'', the ''what'' and who you are writing for. The Writers Manifesto.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2014
    [Marketing] 10 Business Books That Aren't Out Yet (But You're Going To Read)
    The Marketing Performance Blueprint: Strategies and Technologies to Build and Measure Business Success by Paul Roetzer. Paul wrote a super-interesting book titled, The Marketing Agency Blueprint , back in 2011. From the book: "The Marketing Performance Blueprint is an actionable and innovative guide to unlocking your potential as a marketer and accelerating success for your business. With an eye toward the marketing industry''s rapid evolution, this book focuses on the processes, technologies, and strategies that are redefining the marketing environment.
    [Marketing] Back to Business and Thank You
    Are.-= Are Morch´s most recent blog – Social Media Marketing on Steroids =-. Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Back to Business and Thank You April 22, 2010 138 voices share yours! Share Save It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, as I took an extended break for health reasons. To that end, I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove that I’ve had to miss these last few weeks. will be responding to the emails and calls more personally soon.
    [Marketing] FreshNetworks Blog: Top five posts in May
    At FreshNetworks, we aim to bring you the best posts in social media, online communities, marketing and customer engagement online. Russia: the fourth largest social networking market in Europe. In a post from last year we look at data showing that Russia was the fourth largest market in Europe for social networks behind the UK, Germany and France. 5. Image by D’Arcy Norman via Flickr. In case you missed them, find below our top five posts in May. 1. Social Media Monitoring Tools – 2010 Review (intro). 20 Social media speakers and experts.
    [Marketing] 10 New 2012 Social Media Stats = WOW!
    Part of Facebook IPO woes have been the result of them, not properly monetizing, the mobile market. 7. Some shocking statistics were released by Edison Research. These stats come from the best & brightest in the business ( Jason Falls , Jay Baer , Tom Webster , Mark Schaefer ). Some of top “wow” statistics (based on Baer  analysis): 10 Wow Social Media Statistics: 1. 47% = Facebook has greatest impact on purchase behavior. Last year, 68% of Americans using social networks said that none of those networks had an influence on their buying decisions. population overall. 3.
    [Marketing] NPR Features News Acceleration, Our Ability to Consume It
    Disclosure: I am VP of Marketing at my6sense , which makes tools to personalize the new world of streams. Yesterday NPR Reporter Linton Weeks posted a interesting observational piece on the accelerating pace of news, from its discovery to a reaction - spurred forward not just by the 24 hour broadcast networks, but the parallel growth of social media, which sometimes plays the role of news starter, news observer or news distributor. It's a lot easier to turn off CNN and go play FarmVille, or to have Glenn Beck tell you the evils of Obama's legislation than to read it yourself, after all.
    [Marketing] The PRWeek Guide to Required Reading | Spin Sucks
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Aug 07 2010 The PRWeek Guide to Required Reading By Gini Dietrich | Email | Print | 6 Comments | Last week PRWeek published a guide for required reading and Sheelagh Doyle recommends Spin Sucks, among my own favorites. daily.”) Danny Brown
    [Marketing] Guest post: How social media is helping entrepreneurs succeed in the digital age
    Marketing uses for social media Other business uses for social media The following is a guest post by Zach Buckley. His bio is at the end of the article. Remember when the next big thing was going to be the Internet? A few smart companies hopped on that bandwagon early and made a major profit, Tips
    [Marketing] Who is a Leader at Your Company?
    There may be an employee in the marketing department who is a leader of work-life balance. One of the fascinating things I am starting to see within organizations that are deploying collaborative tools and strategies is the emergence of leaders. Traditionally if you were to ask someone who a leader was at their company they would name a manager or a senior executive. However, this is no longer the case. Leaders are also exceptional story tellers. Through social media and collaborative platforms employees can now share these things.
    [Marketing] Watch out for Danish start-up – bringing you a social work.
    Similar Posts: Improve Organizational Efficiency via Social Media-Part I Improve Organizational Efficiency via Social Media-Part II Where To Place Responsibility For Social Media In The Organization Tags: Hoist , internal communication , Kasper Hulthin , Podio , social work platform , Tommy Ahlers , working platform , Zyb Posted in Marketing & Communication , Social Network Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Will iTunes’ Ping Be a Success? Well read on!
    [Marketing] MeasurePR: Why Are AVEs Still Around?
    Jen Zingsheim is Vice President of Products and Services for CustomScoop , driving product development plans to better meet the needs of public relations and marketing professionals. Guest post by Jen Zingsheim. [Ed: since I was out last week, the always-wonderful Jen Zingsheim agreed to moderate #measurePR. Here's her quick recap. and thank you, Jen!]. On July 5, the #measurePR chat discussed AVEs, specifically a Wall Street Journal Numbers blog post that challenges the notion that publicity can be equated with paid advertising. The conclusion was: not likely. Should be fun.
  • SOCIALFISH  |  MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013
    [Marketing] Advancing Nonprofits’ Missions With Storify and Quora – How MomsRising and charity: water Have Used These Tools for Success
    Some tools, like Facebook and Twitter, are are a given – but in the case of new social media platforms that continue to emerge and evolve, which tools should community managers and marketing staff focus on? With so many social media tools capturing the attention of nonprofit organizations, how should nonprofits decide which tools are the best investment of their time and personnel? We took a look at two organizations using two of these lesser known platforms to (successfully) advance their missions: Storify and Quora. Here’s how. And with that, comes reputability.
    [Marketing] Holy Twit – Increased Tweet Volume Drives Results
    Doing so allows me to focus my other Twitter interactions on engagement and response, rather than curation. I’ve used Buffer off and on for a while now (and I REALLY want Buffer to get together with my guys at Argyle Social , which I use most often for social media marketing due to their extraordinary statistical capabilities ). The idea that there are universal “best” times to tweet reminds me a lot of the long-ago rule in email marketing that you didn’t want to send on Monday or Friday because many people were on vacation. Buffer also works for Facebook).
    [Marketing] A Social Media Game-Changer? Facebook Quietly Launches Promoted Posts
    Although that may be useful if you’re looking for a new roommate or on a job search, it also opens the door for further infiltration of our news feeds with marketing material. Christopher Wallace is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Amsterdam Printing, one of the nation’s largest providers of promotional products for businesses large and small. For any business or organization using a Page rather than a personal ‘profile,’ the change occurred quietly. Facebook isn’t reinventing the wheel here. Social Media
    [Marketing] How can Social Media be used in Education?
    But, we are here, the world didn’t end, and businesses all around the globe are realising the infinite potential of social media. I’m making a prediction that in 5 years time 80% or more of schools, colleges and universities will be using social media as not just a marketing tool, but as an actual cog in the learning process of students. For Marketing Purpose. Do you remember when you first created your Facebook account?  I remember asking my sister, “But what do I even say? Who cares what I’m doing?” ”  Little did I know, everyone  cares.
    [Marketing] Where do you get your local news from?
    Now, I do readily admit that I’m not necessarily mass market. I’m a blogger and work in digital marketing, so it’s no surprise that this is how I get my news. BBC Radio Leeds asked me to come in to talk about local news this morning. This week, the ABC released a report stating that local newspaper circulation figures continue to drop , so they wanted to talk to myself and a journalist about this. So, I thought I’d put my thoughts down here. Personally, the only time I would read a local print newspaper is if I pick up the METRO if I’m ever on the bus or train. I
    [Marketing] Five Fantastic Friendfeed Filters for Flow - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 10 Jul 2009 Five Fantastic Friendfeed Filters for Flow Friendfeed, it seems, isn't going mainstream anytime soon. That doesn't mean it doesn't rock. In fact, I am using it a ton as a real-time front end for in-bound social flow. Combine these  with email alerts and Gmail and it gets even better. Thanks Steve.
    [Marketing] Engaging Brand Show 421 - Kevin Kelly on What Technology Wants
    Welcome to the latest and free   The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social marketing , business ideas and brand marketing tips  but before we start. How you can listen to The Engaging Brand. 1) You can listen on your PC now without downloading any software just click hear to listen to the latest marketing podcast. 2) You can subscribe to the show via  iTunes  or. 3) If you use a different podcatcher then you can subscribe using the following  RSS Feed. 4) Or subscribe on   Stitcher Radio  . Today is an interview with Kevin Kelly. Kevin What should we call this revolution?
    [Marketing] The Lack of Engagement on Your Facebook is Probably Not Your Fault
    Don’t pick on your marketing manager. Don’t pick on the nephew who’s running your search marketing. There is some really good material available out on the blogosphere that can truly help business owners and marketing pros make the right decisions and get their Facebook engagement up. It’s mine. Those of us who are out here in the blogosphere preaching about how to use Facebook properly for your business – we’re the ones to blame for your Facebook page’s failures. Don’t blame Facebook or Google or the media.
    [Marketing] Drive Blog Traffic Without Using Twitter | Spin Sucks
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Sep 07 2010 Drive Blog Traffic Without Using Twitter By Gini Dietrich | Email | Print | 56 Comments | Happy Tuesday everyone! But by providing value to others (mostly other PR and marketing folks), I’ve earned their trust and stayed top of mind with them.
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