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    [Marketing] Do Search Engines Love Opinion Posts As Much As We Do?
    By day, she is a productive member on the Inbound Marketing team at a NJ-based SEO services company. This guest post is by Helen Hoefele of Is the goal of your blogging efforts is to make money, to raise money, to sell or promote a product or service, or simply to get your message out? Regardless, the one thing that every blogger needs to pay attention to, whether you’re excited about it or not, is the importance of creating high quality content to keep both your readers and the search engines happy. simple answer of “yes” does not suffice here.
    [Marketing] From 8 Million to 500,000 on Alexa, Fast!
    Second, my goal was to build an email list and I felt that daily emails were too frequent for my market, and would lead to a high unsubscribe rate. This guest post is by Chuck Rylant of The goal was to find a single resource—a roadmap or blueprint—to take my blog with minimal traffic and turn it into something significant. I was a few months away from launching a book and needed a platform to make it happen. The problem was not insufficient information; the problem was too much information. decided to pick one product and stick to it. 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.
    [Marketing] Video Must Become More Social
    Is it just me, or does that sound boring and uninspired from a Marketing perspective? marketing. Tags: advertising brand content digidayonvideo digitalplatform eyeballs futureofvideo google googlevideo grp marketing massmedia measurement metrics onlinevideo onlinevideocampaign publishing searchengine smartphone socialmedia tablet television tvbroadcasting tvcommercial videotechnology webanalytics youtube While I spend a lot of time and energy thinking about online video and the future of video, it's still one of those areas within the digital platforms that puzzles me.
    [Marketing] Picking a leader for your social media program
    At the end of the day internal pissing contests between public relations, advertising, IT, marketing, etc. This is post is part of the Institutionalizing Social Media series. To see previous installments or to learn more about the series, click here. In earlier posts from the Institutionalizing Social Media series, we focused on fundamentals, methods and reasons to take social media from a silo to a corporate-wide tool. One thing that we hadn’t touched on is who should have final decision rights and lead the overall vision. Knowledge of the Business. Passion 2.0. Mission Control.
    [Marketing] 6 Potentially Wildly Inaccurate Observations about Tostitos and Social Sentiment
    As a marketer, don’t sound the alarm just because you see a few negative tweets or forum comments doesn’t mean all hope is lost. It’s entirely possible you love this commercial. I don’t. The Tostitos “talking bag” commercial ran extensively during the bowl game extravaganza on ESPN and other channels on January 2. There are actually at least two spots, but this one ran more often). Given that I almost never watch television without an iPad nearby, I quickly retweeted displeasure about the commercial. Dusty (@DustyHunt) January 3, 2012. Hmmm. 4.
    [Marketing] What Moved You In 2010
    Personal Branding R.I.P. Product Is The New Marketing. Along with a healthy and happy family, amazing friends and my community service, we (my three incredible business partners and I) managed to grow Twist Image to nearly 130 Digital Marketing professionals in our two offices (Montreal and Toronto) working for some of the best clients and coolest brands. travelled to over thirty cities in five countries, evangelizing the Digital Marketing industry, my agency and the book, Six Pixels of Separation (which 800-CEO-Read and Inc. canadian marketing association. Web 3.0
    [Marketing] Social Pros 19 – Scott Stratten, UnMarketing
    What’s left for the mid market? You’ve got the low market stuff, Hootsuite and services like that, but for your mid-size companies, what are they going to do? There’s not going to be any software for the mid-market anymore, and I’m not sure what we’re going to do about it. There’s a huge market opportunity for somebody, but the mid-market is going to get flat screwed in this M&A route. The market always feeds itself , you know. When somebody asks me a book comes out, “How do I market it?” Right?
    [Marketing] Audience, Access, Advertising
    Maybe you are the manager of a marketing team, hoping to gather more interested customers to see your wares. The mysteries of this new world are many. If the old way to fame was to build a big audience while restricting direct access , the new way is to pursue a small audience and grant much more access. But those, friends, are two of the most important knobs to learn how to twist on this strange and futuristic machine. But let’s not forget that third knob over there, the Ghost A: advertising. Are you trying to do something in this new world? Advertising: The Ghost A. All of them.
    [Marketing] How to Harness Your Email List to Help Pay Your Rent
    And while some of you will be thinking that word “affiliates&# sounds dirty and underhanded, I’m here to tell you that affiliate marketing is actually one of the most honest ways to make money on the Web. The possibilities with this type of marketing are endless. Capturing as many email subscribers as possible is the first and most important step in affiliate marketing. 2. This guest post is by the Blog Tyrant. Wouldn’t it be nice to send out an email or two and pull in $10,000+ to pay your rent or mortgage payments for the year? photo credit: Esparta.
    [Marketing] Whats wrong with the idea of shared value
    Traditional advertising and marketing is not two way, the creativity comes when you can advertise and market your ideas together with consumers rather than at or to the consumers. Surprised? mean I talk a lot about sharing, even more about values.the new capitalist model on the last Engaging Brand podcast was about a closer tie between capitalism and why do I think the idea is wrong? Well, I don't believe the idea is wrong but how companies approach this concept.they either. Shared value must be like a diamond.
    [Marketing] How to Sprint to Your Blog’s Tipping Point
    Copyblogger Media just took the whole information marketing niche to school with its recent Teaching Sells launch. quick review reveals priceless email marketing, blogging, and copywriting strategies. The air in the dojo was electric. Kids with gap-toothed smiles fidget with their belts nervously waiting for the class to begin. Anxious parents line the walls with cellphone cameras pointed at their “little karate kid”. I was one of them. This was my son’s 4th class and my 1st. Today I was on a survey mission. My goal was to “evaluate&# just serious how he  was about Karate.
  • CHRIS BROGAN  |  MONDAY, JULY 30, 2012
    [Marketing] Does the Ocean Hold the Key to Helping You Better Define Your Business?
    Once you dare to declare your part of the ocean, and dare to seek specifically the market you intend to serve, everything gets easier. I just spent a handful of days on the Gulf Coast down in Texas (post about the place we stayed coming up). In case you’re like me and didn’t know this, Texas has over 600 miles of coastline, complete with every possible livelihood that comes from that. If you’ve never thought of it, a stretch of ocean provides you with: Transport (lots of our goods come across water channels on huge cargo ships). Oil (you can see rigs off the coast).
    [Marketing] Where The Work Is Going
    The work you’re doing is becoming part of marketing, part of customer service, part of internal comms, part of the wiring of the business. Be the marketing team, not the social media person. If you’re a social media type, the work is heading towards being embedded into everything else. It’s not less important; it’s more mainstream. Yes, not everyone has embraced social media, and yes, there are two or so more years left for social media consultants to make some money helping people get their wiring in place. Embed. It’s not going away.
    [Marketing] Seven Traffic Techniques for Bloggers—and Metrics to Measure Them
    content marketing. Content marketing metrics. Most bloggers are well versed in the process of reviewing their stats after a guest post publication on another site, to see how the post performed, and get ideas about what works, and what doesn’t, and how we can make our content marketing more effective over time. But if we look at referred traffic levels only, we may not get the full picture of how effective our content marketing effort was. Looking at pure traffic levels can really limit your understanding—and the efficacy—of your content marketing efforts.
    [Marketing] 5 Ways An Infographic Can Go Wrong
    Infographics can be a slam dunk for your marketing department if they are done correctly. It’s not always easy to tell if an infographic is good or bad. But with all the “you can do it” make-your-own-infographic cheerleading websites and blog posts, infographics are being churned out at a breakneck pace. The problem is, most of them are useless and rarely, if ever, see the light of day. But how can you tell if the infographic someone just sent you is worthy of being posted to your blog? Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 1. Is it visually appealing or a visual train wreck?
    [Marketing] 5 Ways An Infographic Can Go Wrong
    Infographics can be a slam dunk for your marketing department if they are done correctly. It’s not always easy to tell if an infographic is good or bad. But with all the “you can do it” make-your-own-infographic cheerleading websites and blog posts, infographics are being churned out at a breakneck pace. The problem is, most of them are useless and rarely, if ever, see the light of day. But how can you tell if the infographic someone just sent you is worthy of being posted to your blog? Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 1. Is it visually appealing or a visual train wreck?
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2013
    [Marketing] Famed Comedian, Marc Maron, Talks Podcasting And Building An Audience
    digital marketing. marketing podcast. Episode #368 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. This is a big week for Montreal. We have the Just For Laughs comedy festival in town (full disclosure: Twist Image built the Just For Laughs website). It''s the place where anybody and everybody involved in the business of comedy converge on this city for galas, one-off shows and parties. In the past few years, comedy has latched on to new media in a big way. Since 2009, he has been producing his podcast, WTF With Marc Maron. brand.
    [Marketing] Are You Parenting/Babysitting Your Children Or Are You Letting Technology Do It?
    It turns out that Alex from Target was a marketing hoax. As a marketer, I can see both sides of the debate. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It''s not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel. Last week, we briefly spoke about the Alex From Target meme that was breaking out. Not by Target but by some new agency called, Breakr. break.
    [Marketing] ‘Do The Work’ by Steve Pressfield
    It would definitely be interesting to see more books become available from a wider range of industries and subjects to hopefully read people who aren’t already established creative or marketing experts, and see what they would want to push as their manifesto, much as the TEDBooks launched as Kindle singles. I previously received and reviewed Seth Godin’s Poke The Box , and now the nice people at the Domino Project have sent me their second book, ‘ Do The Work ‘ by Steven Pressfield.
    [Marketing] Newspapers, Magazines, and the Apple iPad
    TheWayoftheWeb The digital convergence of media, entertainment, marketing and PR front page archives about RSS Click below for the WayoftheWeb bookstore The Blogroll A Shel of Myself Chris Brogan Currybetdotnet Eaon Pritchard Faster Future Gaping Void Howard Owens Jaffe Juice Jonathan MacDonald KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog Michael Leis – Digital Strategy Nick Burcher Occam’s Razor Web Analytics blog Only Dead Fish Seth Godin Simon Collister – Networked Society Teaching Online Journalism The Herd The Obvious? OK, sure, they have outlets etc.
    [Marketing] 3 Tweaks that Helped Double My Blog Traffic Almost Overnight
    blog about making money online and marketing your business, so there’s no case study as realistic and relevant as showing people how much money I make and how much traffic I get—as well as how I do it. This guest post is by Onibalusi Bamidele of Like you, I really love to get traffic to my blog, and I’ll do anything just to make sure my traffic increases. Recently, I made several changes to my blog that doubled my traffic almost overnight. And they can easily be implemented by any blogger in any niche. 1. Capitalizing on my bio. This worked like charm.
    [Marketing] Cloning Yourself for Fun and Profit- Guest Post
    different markets, with more than one hub? The following is a guest post from someone I admire a great deal. Chris Guillebeau is out there doing some amazing things in the world of helping others design lifestyle businesses. His latest book, The $100 Startup (amazon affiliate link), is worth grabbing, too! It’s everyone’s fantasy. When you think about imaginary superpowers, you first wish for the ability to. fly—doesn’t everyone? Then you wish for the power of invisibility, the ability to eat as much ice cream. as you want, your own Batmobile, and so on. don't forget!].
    [Marketing] Partnering With Another Blogger: The Complete Guide
    But much like trying to produce a mega-successful content marketing campaign, most of us can see the benefits in doing it, yet can’t put our finger on just how to get there. They taught you all you wanted to know about your niche, whether it be social media marketing or deer hunting, and made you dream about becoming a blogger yourself one day. This guest post was written by Jove Welner of App Champ. “Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”—Hellen ”—Hellen Keller. Sounds like a treat, doesn’t it? We’re all human. Great! Great!
    [Marketing] Think Narrow and Harness the Power of UnPopular
    Jay: It’s a challenging concept for a lot of companies though because they assume, because they’ve been taught to believe this, that business is about transactions and that it’s about talking about yourself and marketing the business. Excerpt of my interview with Erika Napoletano. Transcription services from our friends at Speechpad. For full conversation, watch the video! Erika, how are you? Thanks for being here. Erika: Any better and I would be twins. Jay: Wow, I don’t even know what that means. It’s freaking me out a little bit actually. loved it. Right?
    [Marketing] From Blog to Profitable Business in Four Steps
    This guest post is by Michael Chibuzor of Content Marketing Up. Before I launched my first ebook, I didn’t understand outsourcing one bit. I had to do the entire task myself—market research, keyword research, cover design, writing, and marketing. When you visit my  content marketing blog , you won’t find an affiliate banner or link. Let’s face it: updating your blog on a daily basis doesn’t necessarily make you smart. It might be helpful, but there is more to blogging than writing. How about doing this online “thing” as if it’s a real business? A
    [Marketing] 6 Ideas for Teaching Digital Leadership to College Students
    Here is an AWESOME example  of a business faculty member at the University of Delaware who had her students jump into #MMchat (a marketing chat).  . Times have changed. Our graduating seniors can no longer rely on a one page resume to get their first job out of college. Our students need a strong digital reputation of which they can be proud and share with others. Some of our students may not want or be fit for the traditional career path, which is even more of a reason for them to leverage the digital tools that are available to them. This is also a great exercise in creative writing!
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    [Marketing] 700 Million Appliances Will Soon Be Connected To The Internet
    So, a recent study came out, and it states that the connected home appliance market is forecast to hit 700 million units within the next five years. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It's not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly to SoundCloud , if you're interested in hearing more of me blathering away. morning show. or YouTube. or Twitter.
    [Marketing] Making Your Community Addictive (Free Video)
    If you missed it, you can watch the video below (on repeat!). A few weeks later I was lucky enough to speak to a group of 1400 inbound marketers at MozCon on building a powerful sense of community. In June, I was fortunate enough to speak at David Spinks' CMXSummit in New York. You can find the slides below. Building A Powerful Sense of Community - MozCon 2014 from Richard Millington.   If you're interested in us speaking at your event, you can now visit the updated speaking page. Will you be one of them? link]. Branded Online Communities Managing Online Communities
    [Marketing] My 6 Favorite Blogging Locations
    have a little routine that I use: an hour in one cafe; a 15-minute stroll through the shops, where I get all kinds of marketing ideas; an hour in a second cafe; another stroll through shops; then I settle down in the food court or a resautrant for lunch. Where do you blog from? One of the most attractive parts about blogging as a profession for me is the independence and flexibility that it brings. I can work from anywhere that I can find an Internet connection. This flexibility, and the opportunity to be location-independent, are wonderful things. Cafes. Shopping centers (the mall).
    [Marketing] Why My First Blog Failed … and What You Can Learn from My Mistakes
    Instead of seeing my blog itself as something that will produce money, as if by magic, I’ve realised that I need to use my blog as a marketing tool to support my business. Blogs are a wonderful way to market and grow your business—through writing great content that draws people to your products or services. This guest post is by Ali Luke of Aliventures. To other bloggers, it might look like I’ve been successful. And I have definitely had my share of success … but, like every single blogger you can think of,I’ve also had my share of failures. Where I began. Learning point.
    [Marketing] What Blogging for Fun Taught Me About Blogging for Profit
    well done blog can bring in new customers, establish yourself as an expert in your field, open up communication with your clients, and support your SEO and marketing. This guest post is by Becky Canary-King of Direct Incorporation. There’s really too much to say about the benefit of a good blog for your business. Recently I discovered that the blog I write for fun about body image issues has a higher Google page rank than my company’s blog! Now that I’m writing for my company’s blog, here are the lessons I’m taking with me: Pick a specific topic. Be specific. Great. Comment and share.
    [Marketing] Twenty Theses for Government 2.0, Cluetrain Style | Social Media.
    Instead of marketing your social media capabilities, skills, experience, platforms, software, etc. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Events Calendar Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email Social Media Strategery Best Of Best Practices Enterprise 2.0 Government 2.0 Miscellaneous Personal Prof. Development Social Media Twenty Theses for Government 2.0, This is even more true now.  Ever since President Obama’s “Transparency and Open Government&# memo was issued a few weeks ago, it seems that every one of our clients is asking about social media.  Both are important.
    [Marketing] Blog Smarter: Turn Your Blogging Skills into Successful Affiliate Promotions
    Again, you can make use of the same strategy in your affiliate marketing. This guest post is by Regine Becher of Syndicated Partners. Like most bloggers, you probably want to make some money from your blog. Chances are good you’ve tried things like writing product reviews or putting banners or links to affiliate products into your sidebar. But while many bloggers have mastered the “Art of Blogging” (or at least the basic principles) successfully, earning money from your blog doesn’t seem to be that easy. Write (and promote) for your audience. So, again, be picky.
    [Marketing] Which Crowd
    You might work for the company, or you might be offering consulting, but you’re probably the person people turn to for help with online marketing and social media advice. If you’re writing for your buyer and your buyer isn’t in the online marketing world, then they might need a little more information. It strikes me that often times, we’re blogging for our colleagues and not our buyers. When I write a post that gets a lot of attention, it’s because it resonated with someone who does a similar job as me. We all Have Two Crowds. My buyers? Not as often.
    [Marketing] How Search Engine Optimization Adds Value to a Website
    And, as someone who has been actively practicing organic search engine optimization since 1996, I am probably just as qualified as anyone else in the search engine marketing industry to tell you about the benefits of search engine optimization. Organic or natural search engine optimization is the art of optimizing your existing website so that it’s more search engine friendly and optimizing your off-site website marketing plan so that your website is found in the search engine results for keywords that people search for that are related to your business. Digg this!
    [Marketing] Published Social Media Research in Education
    Potential of the social media as instruments of higher education marketing: a segmentation study.   Journal of Marketing for Higher Education,  21(1), 7-24. Journal of Marketing Education,  33(2) 193-203. Published research on emerging technologies, such as social media is becoming more and more prevalent. However, with lags in publication timelines and lengthly research methodologies and analysis, by the time a study is released the technology it once looked at may not be as ‘emerging.’ Studies published on ‘hot’ platforms like instagram or vine?
    [Marketing] Behind the Scenes of the DPS Pinterest Strategy: Case Study
    It may get a bit geeky when it comes to the marketing strategies, but trust me: your blog will be better for it. You can see our example for DPS here. I’ve also created one for my marketing client at The Village Agency. A couple of weeks ago, I was asked if I wanted to set up and manage the Pinterest account for Digital Photography School. Within a week, we had launched, and Darren explained his take on the process in this case study. So far, the account has nearly 5000 followers. People don’t just want pretty images. They want context. The interest graph. Over to you.
    [Marketing] Killer Online Content With Brian Clark Of Copyblogger
    In the past few years, Clark and his team, have built Copyblogger Media - a company that offers software and training with over 100,000 customers who are doing their best to create better content marketing online. have known Brian for many years, and we finally managed to schedule a conversation about the changing landscape of blogging, social media and content marketing. content marketing. digital marketing. marketing blogger. marketing podcast. It''s not an easy ask. It''s something that most brands struggle with. Enjoy the conversation. blogging.
    [Marketing] Find—and Use—Your Blogging Freedom
    This guest post is by Jon Rhodes of Affiliate Marketing Tips. Jon Rhodes is a successful blogger and affiliate marketer from the UK. He strongly advocates ethical affiliate marketing, which he firmly believes is the best strategy for long term success. Learn his secrets to making money online at his blog Affiliate Marketing Tips. Isn’t the idea of being a full-time blogger great?! You control your own time, and answer to nobody. You don’t have to ask someone for permission if you want to take some time off, or go and pursue a new idea you’ve had.
    [Marketing] The Great Old Minds Of New Media
    " While this may be true and while history does repeat itself, it's amazing to step back (instead of staying in the present or looking too far into the future) to get an idea about how Marketing, Communications and Advertising can change. Curious to get some fresh thinking in your New Media diet? Yes, there are countless brand spanking new business books, Blog posts and answers on Quora to help you better navigate the new media channels. You could do that, or side-step and delve deeper into the history of mass media communications to discover some gems. written by Douglas Coupland.
    [Marketing] Reach New Readers with a Freebie Blitz
    Today I’m going to talk about one of the most effective ways to market yourself and your website. This article is actually based on a real life example of a website owner named Michael I dealt with recently. I’d never spoken with Michael before, but he approached me to release a free UI kit on my website. I’ll get to the story of Michael and the strategy that he has inspired, but it will show you exactly how to market yourself like crazy through the power of freebies. This guest post is by Tom Ross of Blogs.FanExtra. The principles of why freebies work.
    [Marketing] One More Thing. Before You Take Off For The Holidays.
    This is a book about brands and real relationship building (the next loyalty marketing?). I was just sent an advance uncorrected proof (as the book only comes out on March 7th, 2013), but I can't wait to dive on in! Campbell Assistant Professor of Marketing at Wharton University. loyalty marketing. marketing professor. You're going to eat, drink and be merry for the next little while, aren't you? That's what this break is all about. Spend some time with family and friends and be thankful for everything that you have. Who am I kidding? Berger is the James G. dan pink.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #26
    Marketers Test Ads In E-Books - The Wall Street Journal. On one hand, us Marketers are constantly looking for another place to shove an ad in front of a mass and captive audience. So what happens when Marketers shove those ads into e-books. a new format?" Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? As author Amanda Marcotte points out, it's an object lesson in bipartisan politics and the influence paranoia has on political discourse" (Alistair for Hugh). " (Alistair for Mitch). ebook.
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    [Marketing] Are You Biting The Hand That Retweets You?
    “Maybe I should ask people to retweet more often&# , we think, rationalizing it down to a sound marketing strategy. For more twitter tips and social media news, check out our blog: [link] January 19, 2010 Eric C @onviolence This is how marketing works. Everything (EVERYTHING) on the Internet has an incredibly short half-life, and it seems that unlike the way marketing used to work (think Coca Cola and McDonalds—the game was making sure you thought of them by default), you now need to just keep delivering more and more NEW content. Please. So we try it out again.
    [Marketing] Social Media’s Rise from College Outsider to Campus All Star
    Social media has proven to be a viable element of marketing and branding the college experience that can’t be ignored.   The reward of capitalizing on social media is obvious to the dozens of other universities found on the aforementioned Top 100 list and has even led to several new social media initiatives that my own campus is undertaking. During a 2009 leadership conference, I conducted a session about social media. Fear of the Unknown. Murakowski was also responsible for a slew of postings that were anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobic, all on a website hosted by university servers. 
    [Marketing] How T-Mobile Got Back in the Game This Year
    Though it was the last of the four major carriers to launch a 4G network, T-Mobile is nevertheless making up solid ground as it now extends 4G network coverage to well over 157 million customers in 116 cities, already covering the top 22 markets. As with all business competition, the mobile service provider landscape is rife with companies trying to entice new customers without forfeiting revenues. And like in many areas of business, when one company latches on to a good thing, the competitors are not too far behind. Go Ahead, Jump. Getting an iPhone “Flagship”.
    [Marketing] Three Blogging Lessons from Leoardo Da Vinci
    Martyn Chamberlin is an entrepreneur who blogs about copywriting and digital marketing at Two Hour Blogger. This guest post is by Martyn Chamberlin of Two Hour Blogger. It was getting late. The sick old man sighed and set down his brush. Learning back deeply in his chair, he gazed at his painting. No matter how hard he worked, he couldn’t seem to finish it. It was only a medium sized work—30 by 21 inches. This painting wasn’t getting anywhere. He couldn’t even give it a name. It was time to admit defeat. Nightfall had long since fallen, and it was past his bed time.
  • PAMORAMA  |  TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2010
    [Marketing] Facebook is Now the Leading Publisher of Web Display Ads
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Facebook is Now the Leading Publisher of Web Display Ads by Pam Dyer on May 18, 2010 Share Thanks to steady traffic growth and an ad-friendly redesign, Facebook’s ad impressions took off in the first quarter of 2010. customers in Q1, which is 16.2% of the total market. And Facebook’s ascent could help fuel the online advertising market, which shrank during the recession — as budgets have returned, display ads have recently rebounded strongly. pulling ahead of long-time leader Yahoo.
    [Marketing] Humanize in Action: great social media is possible even in a regulated industry
    Migration to HR or Customer Service or Marketing from social team is a needed step if you’re going to transform to be a social business. Can a bank be a social business? The answer is yes. Hear how TD Bank does it in this great BlogWell video. Some good notes from the session are below, but there’s a ton more great information in the video. Must watch. TD Bank Group: Becoming a Social Business: Connecting TD Customers & Employees — presented by Wendy Arnott from on Vimeo. In fact, she asks, “Can a bank be a social business?” What’s right for us?”. Read it?
    [Marketing] More Stats Than You Can Shake a Stick At
    How about this one:  according to a new study by Capgemini Consulting and the MIT Center for Digital Business, companies that are “digitally mature” generate more revenue, are more profitable and achieve higher market valuations. Just a few statistics and links to some of the latest data around social media for you. For the latest stats on social site user growth, always check the RealTime Report. —————————— The #RLTM Scoreboard:  Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 1 billion active users. via  Facebook. via  Google.
    recent Myrland Marketing Moment I shared was: Remember that Social Media use is a little bit about you, and A LOT about everyone else. It’s true. These are called Social Media, and we do Social Networking on them. We’re here to spread the good word, which isn’t always ours.  We’re here to communicate, connect and sometimes
    [Marketing] Medical World Finding Social Media is a Healthy Option
    It’s an affordable, easy way to market and keep patients informed and happy. Social media is an integral part of any marketing strategy, and for those in the medical profession , it can provide a smart source of information. Social media is everywhere. All industries incorporate social media as a way to reach customers, clients and patients, and healthcare is no exception. Not only is social media a smart way to reach out, but also to engage and keep costs down. They include: • Many healthcare providers have moved to scheduling and billing on their websites.
    [Marketing] Mexico’s Social Media Trends
    At present, the Mexican market is dominated by travel ticket sales, which are purchased by almost two thirds (64%) of all online consumers. It is out of this relationship that the US company Walmart has been able to capitalize on the Mexican market, being part of more than 90% of the physical item orders made online. The number of internet users in Mexico grew more than 150% from 2006 to 2013. Time spent online. The average time spent using the internet each day is five hours and 22 minutes, with more than half of that (three hours, ten minutes) spent through mobile devices.
    [Marketing] Optimize Your Health for Better Blogging
    Coding, typing, sitting, posting, responding, marketing, designing, being stagnant for long periods of time … sometimes, it’s all just too much to deal with! Time and time again, I see entrepreneurs (bloggers, online marketers, and others) fueling their bodies incorrectly. Even at some of these top-notch online marketing conventions that are hosted throughout the country, I meet people who are very successful, but are also leading extremely unhealthy lives. This guest post is by Joey of So you want to be a blogger? Let me explain…. Awesome!
    [Marketing] Social Media Turns Tie Games Into Brand Wins
    Social is an important part of an integrated marketing program, not a replacement for one. social media strategy integrated social media lifetime customer value social media integration Social Media MarketingLet’s not lose our minds, okay? Sure, social media is transformative, because it changes the company to customer relationship from its historical “master and servant&# to something closer to “peer to peer.&# But even transformative shifts don’t dictate that you can rewrite rules and rationality. Baseball is the longest of professional sports seasons.
    [Marketing] Wanted: The World's Software Library, by Subscription
    This sets up a market imbalance, similar to that of the world of music pre- Napster , where the consumer at times can seem justified for obtaining the software freely using another method. Retail software prices are often eyebrow-raisingly high, and for the most part, inflexible. Every couple years, it's not uncommon for our family to shell out $150 to $500 for the latest Microsoft Office Suite. The full Adobe Creative Suite will set you back almost $2,000, and upgrades are $600. The home edition of Mathematica is about $300. Web-based SAAS for single instance applications is not enough.
    [Marketing] Verizon's Big Year Is Much More than Just iPhone
    Additionally, Verizon is going to be the go-to-market partner for Motorola's new Xoom tablet, which I saw demoed at CES this morning, and was awarded best in show. After years of living in the barren AT&T wilderness, iPhone fans and desperate would-be switchers are eagerly awaiting the widely reported planned announcement that Verizon will finally make it to the iPhone 4. Depending on who you read, it's thought the availability of iPhone in CDMA wearing a new carrier's clothes could boost Apple by another 10 million units. More costs extra, of course. Probably not. As for me?
    [Marketing] 5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Company Blog Updated
    Over the years I’ve worked on marketing campaigns with hundreds of small businesses, and I’ve developed five simple tips and tricks that I share with all of them about updating their blog regularly: If you’re really too busy, hire a writer: You’d be surprised at how easy it is to find high quality blog writers these days. Brendan Egan is the founder & owner of Simple SEO Group, an online marketing, web design, and SEO firm that helps small businesses improve their web presence. Guest Post by Brendan Egan. blogging blogs
    [Marketing] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately
    Ways to Improve your Pinterest Marketing // Social Media Examiner. Your news – this week expanded, as requested! hope there’s something here that you will find helpful. Tips to Improve Your Facebook Posts // Social Media Examiner. And now I want a bread bowl filled with cheese. Lesser-Known Strategies to Get More out of LinkedIn // Mashable. Have you had much luck with LinkedIn? You might now! Top 10 Wins for Getting Started Fast with Facebook Video // Buffer. With 300 hours of viewable video posted every minute, you’re going to need to know how to stand out. General
    [Marketing] Get Creative About Your Content … Consistently
    Pratik Dholakiya is a Lead SEO Strategist at E2M Solutions, a full service internet marketing company specializing in Organic SEO, PPC, Local Search, Social Media, Reputation Management, Content Marketing and more. This guest post is by Pratik Dholakiya of E2M Solutions. You’ve heard it a thousand times. You need great, original content.” And it’s becoming increasingly obvious that “original” isn’t the same thing as “not plagiarized.”. There’s just one problem. Doing something truly original is hard. How can you make original ideas happen? Just publish.
    [Marketing] How to Start a Blog - Jeff Korhan
    Jeff Korhan - New Media and Small Business Marketing Home About Me Working With Me Speaking Favorites Trends Subscribe « Seductive Social Media | Main | Can Social Media be Effectively Outsourced? Because they are commons concerns small business owners have with social media marketing. Because they are commons concerns small business owners have with social media marketing.  Let's take a look at some of the common challenges, some solutions for overcoming or working around them, and then a step-by-step process for how to start a blog.
    [Marketing] Do You Need a Pinterest Consultant? Interview with Jade Craven of dPS
    In operating in the marketing space and became disillusioned with some of the activities I saw. You don’t need to invest as much time into relationship marketing. Back when Pinterest was brand-spankin’-new, we heard the same cry from a lot of readers: “Not another social network! Who has time for all this?!” ” Who indeed? Each social network is different, and they all require slightly different approaches and skills. One potential solution for more than a few bloggers is to hire someone to help develop and implement a Pinterest strategy.
    [Marketing] Do the Work
    We are off “marketing.&# There’s a lot of what we do that is intangible. Sometimes, it’s at an event. Your presence at the event is with the goal of growing your potential future business. Maybe you’re writing a blog post (like this one) that will jolt someone into taking a different course of action, or hiring you to do work with them. Maybe you’re tweeting and updating Facebook and really showing people that you’re real and genuine. But are you doing the work? Do the Work. There’s a lot in this space that isn’t sexy. But we have to do.
    [Marketing] Storefronts
    Stores are perfect learning environments for understanding digital marketing and sales. You probably have email marketing, blogging, etc. business marketing thinkingGet offline, and go visit your local grocery store. Pay attention to how the store is laid out. There are circulars or flyers (or whatever term you want for the “specials&# put down in little newspapers) at the front of the story where you get your basket. started thinking about how a grocery store like that (or a similar store – you can pick whatever you fancy) translates to our efforts online.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011
    [Marketing] 4 Tips for Pitching Guest Posts Like a Pro
    Since launching my blog in Mid-may 2011, I have guest posted on a number of A-list blogs in the blogging and online marketing niches (including ProBlogger, MarketingProfs, and Daily Blog Tips). link]. - The Joe Girard Method: What the World’s Greatest Salesman Can Teach You about Sales and Marketing. Visit to get his new ebook— Marketing to the Pre-Historic Mind: How the Hot New Science of Behavioural Economics Can Help You Boost Your Sales —for FREE. This guest post is by Aman Basanti of Stop trying to be a mind-reader.
    [Marketing] Partnering With Brands Theme Week: Putting it All Together and Getting Started
    Reach out to your favourites (remembering to make contact with people in charge of marketing, rather than generic email addresses or social media accounts, if you can) with your pitch and your media kit. You have decided to work with brands on your blog to create a little income. Congratulations! You’re joining hundreds of thousands of others doing that very thing, and more than likely having a great time doing so. You’ve read all the advice, and you’re keen to get started. Let’s put it all together and get the wheels in motion. Step Four: Keep doing your thing.
    [Marketing] Real-Time News Curation - Process, Key Tasks, Workflow
    Print this article Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 4: Process, Key Tasks, Workflow What are the tasks involved in the real-time news curation process? What does exactly a news curator do? Photo credit: Carl Swahn In Part 1 of this Curation Guide I have explained the reasons why news curation has become a necessity. Part 2 was devoted to explain the difference between automatic news aggregation and human-powered manual curation. have also recently updated it with some visual maps to make navigation and browsing even easier. The Real-Time News Curator Workflow 1.
    [Marketing] Disagreement vs. Disagreeable
    came across (let's call them) a “new marketing agency&# that claimed to be the world's leading agency of its type despite having only been founded this year and, at least not outwardly, being very active even within the niche they claim to dominate. I was following this agency online just to make sure I was aware of what they were doing (as I do with many competitors, partners, etc) when I started to get tired of their vapid, bloviating, etc posts. Conflicting ideas, dissenting viewpoints, differing opinions are healthy and a really good thing. Have you felt this? Thanks!
    [Marketing] How To Kill A Debt Monster
    However, such value acts against the very system that is required to bring them to wide scale markets.  In fact, the act of “going to market” can often negate the value that these innovations create. The quickest way to kill the debt monster would be to create a source of “New Value” and inject the antigen into the monster’s head. Let me explain: Suppose someone discovers a new form of energy that is free for all to use with no negative environmental impact. Suppose that another person creates a device that allows people to communicate telepathically. The New Value Movement.
    [Marketing] Photographs, Digital Rights & Social Media Events
    There were many reasons for this including serving as a featured guest who helped market the event and gave my time for free; as a professional blogger; because the photographer was hired by friend and organizer Mark Drapeau for the affair; and finally, as I was tagged in Facebook of all places, the most portable of all image networks. Marketing Photography in the Social Media Era. If attending events and tagging people with photos is a way to get a photographer’s business marketed on Facebook, one would be advised to consider the event! The world is going digital.
    [Marketing] You Are In Sales
    Customer service is now as important to marketers and operations engineers as it is to the people who answer the phones. There’s what you do to sell, and there’s everything else. There’s your main business and there’s everything else. If you’re not bucketing your time and your chores and your day’s plans accordingly, how do you think the results will turn out? lead with sales because I’m convinced that everyone in every organization is now part of the sales force. Sales comes first. You Are In Sales. Put sales into every day. Who knows? And You?
    [Marketing] 5 Blogging Tips to Earn Money
    One of the golden rules in blogging is knowing your target market. Talk to some successful bloggers or internet marketer and get some useful tips on how you can get good marketing results in your blog. 5. Making money in blogging seems like a tough job but it doesn’t have to be. Many people are already jumping on writing a blog because of the success stories they’ve probably heard from other bloggers. In creating your website, you only need a minimum investment and a lot of effort to establish your blog. Establishing a blog takes time. Share your thoughts below!
    [Marketing] The Magic That is Apple
    Marketing bells and whistles are great, but if the very product/service sucks, I don’t think even the best marketing, or great customer service, can help us get very far. I was all tapped out yesterday. Monday was a hectic day, yesterday we had a really energetic #measurePR Twitter chat with Megan Berry of Klout (can’t wait for that recap, can you?), I had 16 papers to grade, my husband’s birthday is coming up, followed a week later by our wedding anniversary… so much going on, to do/plan/prepare for… aargh! And then it happened. Every. Single.
    [Marketing] Facebook Facing Mobility Questions Following IPO
    business to debut with a market value of greater than $100 billion. large number of analysts also  believe Facebook can snag a major piece of the Internet advertising market pie. A public stock offering, a marriage to his long-time girlfriend, and questions and more questions. Those are just a few of the things Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been dealing with over the last month. While Zuckerberg has had a lot on his plate of late, he is no doubt keeping his ears to the ground as to how Wall Street is viewing the now famous IPO. Photo credit:
    [Marketing] 8 Data KPIs Every Blogger Should be Using to Grow Their Blog
    Justin Butlion is the co-founder of  Feedio , a marketing platform for bloggers that focuses on RSS-to-email, social media engagement and blogging analytics. Justin loves to write and talk about online marketing and entrepreneurship and is a die-hard English Football fan. This is a guest contribution from  Justin Butlion. When it comes to growing a blog, there are a hundred different directions one could take. Some decide that the design of their site is outdated while others remove or add share buttons in the hope of increasing engagement. Bounce Rate. Exit rate. Time on site.
    [Marketing] Social Media Loans You Some Options
    As the following article shows, because auto loans in a changing market are difficult to track, following lenders and dealerships on social media takes the headache out of the equation. If you’re in search of a home, car, or small business loan, social media can help you during the financial hunt. Many loan providers use social media to inform current and potential customers on the lending process, which makes it a valuable and informative resource. Here are just a few ways you can use social media to lock down the right loan for your needs: Finding a Mortgage Using Social Media.
    [Marketing] Influence That!
    Unless there’s a big market for vaginal influencers… Musings Social Media influence klout oh myThere’s a lot of negativity around online influence tools at the minute. Things like Twitter Grader, Klout and similar are coming under fire, with common complaints being how is influence decided, what metrics are used, and does it even matter anyway. Allyson Kapin came up with a great statement, about measuring impact as opposed to influence – show us real metrics of success from your actions as opposed to success with your interactions (big difference).
    [Marketing] Build a Successful Blog by Creating a Content Musical
    The trick in content marketing is to find a middle ground. Brad Smith is a digital marketing consultant who focuses on lead gen for businesses by getting more traffic, leads and sales online. This guest post is by Brad Smith of So you want to make money blogging? You want a popular blog that gets thousands of visitors each day, and the attention and respect you’ve been looking for. So what’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? You’re cranking out content, just like Mashable, about the latest news stories in your industry. Conclusion.
    [Marketing] Put a Social Effort Behind Your Ecommerce Platform
    Once you have an Ecommerce provider in place, make sure everyone involved in the game plan markets your site to the hilt, especially via social media. While it is certainly okay to promote your company’s blog posts, press releases, marketing content etc. Whether you run a small, midsize or large business, there is a very good chance that your company website is getting traffic. With that in mind, are you monitoring and even taking advantage of the traffic that comes to your site? For too many business owners, the answer to that question is unfortunately mildly or even no.
    [Marketing] Are Consumers Smart Enough For Smart TV?
    From the MediaPost news item mentioned above: "'Consumers are now increasingly buying big-screen TVs that include the Internet capabilities, even if they're specifically looking for [those capabilities] or not,' Veronica Thayer, TV systems analyst at IHS , tells Marketing Daily. marketing daily. Smart TV growth is about to explode. That's the news out of MediaPost yesterday according to the article: Smart TV Growth Is Set To Explode. But, the bigger question is this: are consumers ready and knowledgeable enough to make this work? Updating! Creating!). It's not seamless.
    [Marketing] The Development in Facebook Mobile [infographic]
    For businesses, it’s a very interesting marketing tool – and especially with the great number of users in mind. Tweet Now, with even more than 150 million active mobile users on Facebook, the development of Facebook mobile has gone very fast. More and more users have joined the platform, and together with the constant introduction of new applications, it keeps attracting more individuals to Facebook mobile. If we just take a look at the difference of users in 2009 and 2010 on the infographic (compiled by FlowTown ), it’s easy to spot a great increase. Facebook, Sharing, Social And Me.
    [Marketing] Mapping the Social Internet – what part of the world is the most.
    Using fresh data from the Trendstream Global Web Index – a recurring survey of more than 50,000 users of social platforms in 18 markets. Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved
    [Marketing] Social Vetting Makes Knowledge Tangible
    This has happened in countless instances from the current financial crisis to nearly every product, market, environmental calamity, or political failure in recorded history – the referees who were supposed to keep their eye on the ball, did not. The term “Vetting” comes from the sport of horse racing where the animal is “vetted” by a veterinarian to determine if the animal is in suitable condition to race. Today, there are many vetting mechanisms acting in society and communities. Think of it as the referee that keeps the game fair. Where the vetting mechanism fails, the system fails.
    [Marketing] What Blog Tasks are You Embarrassed to Admit You’ve Overlooked?
    Many of the people who responded to that post admitted that they hadn’t tried out some of the most common, and proven, newsletter marketing techniques for one reason or another, even though they knew they should, and wanted to. Over the last few days we’ve been talking about taking your blog to the often-elusive “ next level.” ” We’ve seen tips for developing your voice and message , creating stronger calls to action , and increasing traffic. That’s great—one of the best things about blogging is that it lets us pursue our passions!—but Whoops!
    [Marketing] Feeling Lost? Let a Blogging Roadmap Lead You to Success
    For example, if you want an ebook ready to be published by Q3 of this year, you’d better start the final draft by the end of Q2, and the pre-marketing campaign sometime in early Q3. This guest post is by John Davenport of It’s been said countless times in the blogging world that in order to be successful we need a plan. But how do we create this plan in a way that will help us reach our goals? Do we scratch it onto a piece of loose paper? Do we grab a crayon and write it on a napkin? We create a roadmap. So I created a roadmap to get there. You should too!
    [Marketing] 3 Critical Questions To Answer Before You Take Your Blog On The Road
    Though ensuring you achieve a return on investment is more complex via a blog than for someone selling a product, it is essential to measure the effectiveness of event marketing for your blog’s brand. This is a guest contribution from Kelly Edwards. If you’re a blogger, then there are many benefits that can be gained from getting out from behind the keyboard and attending real world events: from raising awareness, sourcing new talent, and increasing overall readership. Question One: Is this event the right fit for my blog? Question Two: Is my blog memorable and branded? General
    [Marketing] My 3 Words for 2011
    Essentially, I’m going to get my own marketing house in order. I’m going to make sure things make sense, make sure they are easy to understand, and make sure that the right people know about them. Every year, I come up with three words that will be my guiding pillars for what I will focus on in the coming year. Instead of resolutions, which don’t usually help me very much, I work hard on using these words as a lighthouse for my actions and efforts. Here are my 3 words for 2011: Reinvest. Package. have some fitness goals. I can’t keep playing at it. The end result?
    [Marketing] How to Write a Great Paragraph
    Eminem can teach you how to become a writing and marketing machine. This guest post is by James Chartrand of Damn Fine Words. There are eight million posts out there about how to write a great headline. Copyblogger ’s written about half of them. I’ve written a few myself. But you know what none of us tell you? What to do after the headline. You know, the actual “content” part. It’s not enough to create killer headlines or spectacular introductions. It’s not enough to write compelling content (and we don’t tell you how to do that either). know: paragraphs aren’t sexy.
    [Marketing] How to Blog, Muppet Show-Style
    Marjorie Clayman is Director of Client Development at Clayman Advertising , a full service marketing communications firm located in Akron, OH. This guest post is by Marjorie Clayman of Clayman Advertising. There are a lot of things that shows like Friends didn’t warn teens and twenty-somethings about. For example, you seldom saw, on any episode, scenes where the characters’ bodies randomly decided to become overweight or broken down. Monica and Chandler never said, “Yippee! Saturday! More time to do work!” Here are some ideas on how to blog Muppet Show -style. Begin on the surface.
    [Marketing] 5 Small Changes That Can Lead To A Big Increase In Conversion Rate Optimization
    We received this article from Chris Lucas, Vice President of Marketing at Formstack. As marketers, we’re on a constant mission to motivate action. Whether it’s convincing consumers to buy a product, sign up for a subscription, donate to a cause or commit to volunteer their time, marketing is the driving force. There’s a lot of measurement behind solid marketing plans – both on the front end to establish a benchmark, and the back-end to evaluate results. Formstack is a provider of online traffic conversion solutions. Usually, it’s to click the call to action button.
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Buttermilk the Dwarf Goat
    Strategies to Turn Your Boring ABOUT US Page into an Engaging Marketing Machine – Creating a really engaging About page requires a great deal of thought because it is one of the most visited pages on your website. 23 Seldom Revealed Truths about Network Marketing – Looking for some real truths about network marketing? Why You Need Content, Search, AND Social for Successful Online Marketing – The following are ways that content, search, and social play vital roles in the success of each aspect of your online marketing campaign. Here you go.
    [Marketing] This Post Isn’t Worth Your Time – Brave Now
    Do you know why bad marketing looks like arrogance? I’ve spent a lot of my life being quite self-deprecating. “I haven’t done much” or “this isn’t really that big a deal” or “I have no idea why anyone would care.” It’s time to be worthy. Our Inner Critic Shouldn’t Ever Be Given the Mic. Look at this old blog post from 2004 about hiring an inner coach. I’ve been on to this for a long time. Essentially, your Inner Critic is real and serves a real purpose, but it’s also a voice that should be minimized. Brave
    [Marketing] Cool Facts About Search Engines
    1997: Yandex – It holds the largest search market share in Russia with over 10 billion pages indexed. We all use search engines every day. If you are online at all, then you recognize names like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. All these search engines offer a valuable resource to dig through the endless supply of information strewn across the web and bring us what we are searching for. But how did search engines start? What were they created for and what were their capabilities? Here are some cool facts that you may never have known about search engines: The Users. The Beginning – 1990s.
    [Marketing] From MAGNET: Attracting and Retaining Manufacturing Talent
    Whether manufacturers are seeking to develop new products, enter new markets, or improve overall productivity, their workforce will be key to their ability to remain competitive and achieve their goals. Each month we be feature a blog post from our friends at MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network). MAGNET’s mission is to support, educate and champion manufacturing in Ohio with the goal of transforming the region’s economy into a powerful, global player. You can visit MAGNET online at Attracting and Retaining Manufacturing Talent.
    [Marketing] Must-have Joomla Blog Extensions
    Knowing the revenue and marketing potential of blogging, I think we can at least agree that Joomla users deserve the chance to make a go of it using their platform of choice. Gere Jordan is a web designer, SEO, and internet marketing professional at Holony Media , a digital consulting company he founded in 2006. This guest post is by Gere Jordan of Holony Media. At first glance, Joomla isn’t the best platform for blogging. Actually, it’s probably not even in your top five. But that doesn’t negate all the strengths Joomla brings to the table as a content management system.
    [Marketing] Maximizing Conversion Rates through Targeting
    As a marketer, these tools and practices are a great way to increase your overall site effectiveness and impact your conversion rate in a positive manner. This is a guest post by Craig Smith. Craig Smith is the founder and CEO of Trinity Insight, a leading eCommerce consulting agency that provides multivariate testing. Conversion rate optimization is both and art and a science. To grow your percentage of buyers, your business must be proactive to the user segments and varied needs and goals of your website visitors. Usability is a key element to conversion rate optimization. Geographic.
    [Marketing] Reinventing your brand to meet a changing marketplace
    The book and the 5 steps help people discover their career passion, uncover the key skills and qualities they possess, reinvent and adapt those skills to a new career path, rebrand a fresh new version of themselves and help them re-birth themselves through both in person and online activities to market and promote themselves. Not since the digital revolution in the early 90's has technology placed such a comprehensive burden on business, employees and individuals to reinvent their business plans, services and products, and themselves to keep pace with the changing marketplace.
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 9, 2013
    [Marketing] 5 Guiding Principles of a Website Launch
    Our team will actively take part in existing social channels from a journalism perspective instead of a marketing perspective, acting as a trusted broker of content and ideas to the association community – and listening and sharing other great perspectives offered by other community members in meaningful ways. Amid the controlled chaos of a successful web launch are a handful of guiding principles that keep the vision on track, the content on point, and the project on time. We listened to our audience. We wanted a mobile-friendly experience out the gate. Mobile:  .    .
    [Marketing] Merging Social with Project Management – What are the Benefits?
    It is playing a mission critical role in the digital marketing strategy of a business and is also instrumental in improving the customer engagement. But evolution in market dynamics and the needs of target customers means businesses are faced with newer challenges vis-à-vis project management. Social media has not only become an integral part of our personal lives but also embedded itself into various business processes. That’s not all. It is also used by astute project managers as a part of their management strategy. Project Management, Meet Social! The
    [Marketing] The 5 Elements of Authoritative Content
    Because that is where Internet entrepreneurs gather to learn about blogging and Internet marketing. Guest blogging, apart from its marketing intention, was created for this purpose. This guest post is by Tito Philips, Jnr. of MADphilips. Authority, in case you’ve forgotten, still rules! ProBlogger is still relevant because of its authoritative content. The same thing applies to mainstream blogs like ChrisBrogan , SethGodin , ZenHabits , LateralAction , and so on. You just can’t get enough of their content. Because they’re authoritative! Insight. Simplicity.
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