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    [Marketing] Prezi just got even cooler.
    60 Tips for marketing your social media. Have you tried Prezi yet? Check out some of ours: Three is the Magic Number. Listening Effectively. Truth and Authenticity in the Digital Age. 30 Social Tools in 30 Minutes. Prezi has just announced that you can now have up to ten people working on a Prezi at the same time, as well as one person in the group presenting to the others. Here’s how (video embedded below).  I can’t wait to test this out. Die, Powerpoint, die!
    [Marketing] Wandering Ink " Blog Archive " How to Prevent Another Leonardo da Vinci
    For the record, I strongly believe in the process of unschooling, however it is completely unsustainable in today’s world and job market to be without a high school diploma. Wandering Ink. About. Photos: TRIUMF. How to Prevent Another Leonardo da Vinci. May 23rd, 2007 Posted in education , intelligence , opinion , science , thought. EDIT: This post has been chosen as a finalist in the 2007 Edublog Awards! Thank you to all its readers! This is how we kill each trait that may yield another Da Vinci: 1. Curiosita (from “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci&# ). will solve it?
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    [Marketing] Social PR Campaign Strategists You Can’t Miss
    Content Marketing Case Study: Eloqua $2.5m As most of us working in social media and public relations, I read my colleagues’ blogs. There is much to be learned from others, and I look forward to new insights from those I follow. When they particularly insightful and visionary, sharing them his important too. Here is this week’s line up of strategists: Moving From Social Media Tactics To Your Social Business Plan. LinkedIn – Business Development. Sales Boost With Grande Guide s. What Is “Spin” vs. Strategic Communication? Public Relations Strategy on a Tight Budget.
    [Marketing] The Importance of Stories
    TAGS: greatest job in the world , importance of a story , queensland tourism bureau , story marketing , telling stories This entry was posted on Monday, November 23rd, 2009 at 3:11 am and is filed under Marketing Strategy , Social Media Marketing. dj adelaide now, i want one of those shirts lol and yes, i agree, it was a very good marketing strategy! The whole idea was to give on person the opportunity to be the caretaker for the Queensland islands.  The shirt by itself was absolutely meaningless but the story behind it is what was interesting.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    [Marketing] An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex | Mindjumpers
    Let me introduce another example of successful use of YouTube advertising that combines these two experiences… Tipp-ex, leader on the European market of correcting products, has created a fun interactive YouTube campaign featuring a hunter and a bear, offering the viewers to choose what ending they want to see by changing the title of the video – thanks to Tipp-ex of course! We can’t get enough of it. The first one lets the audience choose the ending – and the next step– of the video story by choosing different options. You can even try the f word and see what happens.
    [Marketing] #94: Who runs the boat, For all you diy's, and crunchpad
    and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Back to the regular show format, though I changed a couple things. Good to be back in the hotseat! Finances : Who runs the boat? Are you the captain of your ship or are you letting someone else run it? Listen to find out.
    [Marketing] Welcome to the new TheWayoftheWeb
    Then almost 3 years ago, I found myself setting up as a freelancer to provide content and marketing to a small group of clients which has since grown – along with my business which now involves partners and a network of specialists employed on various projects for businesses based in the UK, Europe and America. It needs to feature the insight of everyone involved, and become a hub for growing small and large businesses through effective content and marketing. Now it’s the start of a new era.
    [Marketing] Can You Understand Popular Culture, If You Don’t Consume Popular Culture?
    It’s an existential question because I am ‘the marketer who went off consumption’, turned my back on mass (lowest common denominator) media and traditional (inside-out, push-based, interruption-driven) marketing, and refused to see people as single-dimensional consumers who have only one reason to exist: consume more. Instead, I wanted to explore an approach to marketing that was rooted in a more holistic view of people, as consumers, but also as citizens and community members. The only honest answer is: no, not really. Share this on
    [Marketing] Crucial Step In Securing Happy Customers
    You see companies spend so much time on getting the right process, teaching the right marketing, sales and service techniques…they forget the main ingredient of enjoying happy customers…and it is FREE! What makes you happy as a customer? What lesson can you take to secure happy customers for your business? Think about the last time you shared a great customer service experience with your friends – What was it that made it feel so good? So fabulous that you just had to share it with everyone? Great customer service experience only happens if YOU are PRESENT.
    [Marketing] AOL Newsroom: A Model for the Future or Shades of 2001?
    Hitwise Reports News and Media’s Share of Search-Referred Traffic Declining Social Media Dominates 2010 PR Planning, But SEO Increasingly in the Mix Help Haiti: News Sites Promote Ways to Donate { 1 comment… read it below or add one } Chuck March 4, 2010 at 2:12 pm it’s my perception that AOL is going to be dumping heap loads of content on the market, whether written by professional writers or Indian sweatshops in the next few years in order to rank and sell adsense. Are you sure you want to write that article, Dave? Is this a good thing? Done right, I say absolutely.
    [Marketing] Eating Dog Food
    But good marketing is good marketing. Quality marketing includes social as part of the overall strategy today, I don’t care what kind of business you have. Sign up for the monthly marketing mash-up. Sometimes you have to do things because they are right, even though you don’t want to. yielded to staff pressure last week, and committed resources to doing more with our Tenacity5 Media social media accounts. We have to eat our own dog food here. Why not engage in social before now? parallel can be drawn to blogging in the 2015 era. Walk the Talk.
    [Marketing] Chuck Carey of Troika: How listening and design shape brand storytelling
    We can be brought in to help get a little perspective on what’s going on in the market, what they’re looking to achieve with their business, and how their branding and marketing can help them accomplish those goals. If what we do from the branding, marketing and packaging perspective doesn’t have an entertainment value to it, then it’s completely disconnected from the market we serve.  So that’s incredibly stimulating to us. This week our guest is Chuck Carey of Troika which is one of Hollywood’s top creative branding and design firms. CC: Absolutely.
    [Marketing] 5 Ways to Humanize Your Brand on Twitter
    She is also founder and principal of Genuine Media , a marketing agency that helps clients build their individual and brand reputation through social media. Injecting a real face and personality into your personal Twitter account is intrinsic, and most people don’t give it a second thought. We We share what’s happening in our lives, photos from great vacations, things that annoy us, and other content that compels us. But when it comes to imbuing corporate Twitter accounts with a similar measure of personality and humanity, we often fall down on the job. True, Host Twitter chats.
    [Marketing] Get your Gold Circle Award Submissions in by January 20
    This year’s awards ceremony will be held several months early to coincide with the Marketing, Membership, and Communications Conference, May 23-24. Hey SocialFish readers–you deserve to be recognized. Consider this a heads-up. Every year, the ASAE Communications Section’s Gold Circle Award (GCA) competition recognizes the extraordinary communications efforts undertaken by associations. That means you need to get your submissions together now in order to get in under the January 20 deadline. Integrated (Multi-Vehicle) Communications Campaign. Magazine. Web Site.
    [Marketing] How To Figure Out What You’re Good At: Three Tips To Find Your Niche
    Do the digging and figure out what truly makes you tick, and how you’re going to turn that into a marketable skill. Last week I had a dinner date with a friend. She was trying to figure out how she was going to make money with her career. Many of you are working for companies in a job you’re unhappy with. Or perhaps you’re in academia and you’re seeing the difficulties in the education system and you want something more (but not quite corporate America). Sometimes our minds are so clouded with noise, we can’t clearly see what we’re even good at.
    [Marketing] Get Big Things Done
    digital marketing. marketing blog. marketing podcast. Episode #452 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. When a friend like C.C. Chapman tells me that I have to meet someone, I am there in a heartbeat. Prior to the introduction, I had never heard of Erica Dhawan. Erica was in the final throes of writing her first book, Get Big Things Done (which she co-authored alongside Saj-Nicole Joni ). Erica''s mission is to accelerate the connectedness of employees, teams, customers and clients. Enjoy the conversation. audio. brand.
    [Marketing] The Biggest Social Media Scandals, Fails, and Blunders of 2013
    ” When the marketing director realized what was happening, he reportedly said “How do I shut down Twitter?” Guest post by Yazmin Gray. ——-. Social media can do a lot of good, but it’s also a platform capable of killing a reputation in under a minute. Several companies got a good taste of that last year. Check out these biggest social media fails of 2013. Applebee’s Makes Rules it Can’t Keep. Last year a waitress from St. Louis posted a photo of a customer’s receipt which read “I give God 10 percent, why do you get 18?”
    [Marketing] Come Visit SHIFT Digital at @PubCon 2012 in Las Vegas October 15 – 18
    Supported by some of the biggest names in social media, Pubcon offers conference attendees a look into the future of technology and digital marketing.  . Speakers this year include: Dr. Robert Cialdini: Robert, also known as the godfather of influence, is Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University. Make sure you stop by the booth and say hello if you’re also attending.  If you’d like to arrange a one-on-one meeting, please contact him directly at What is Pubcon?
    [Marketing] Do brands need a Big Data Ethicist?
    This sparked outrage about the legality of Target’s actions and many people have started questioning various companies’ marketing techniques and using their club-cards. million fine for embedding software that bypassed privacy settings of millions of Apple devices in order to collect users viewing data for their direct marketing efforts. Tweet 6/52 - Work (Photo credit: whatmattdoes). There is much talk about the looming gap between the opportunities being created by big data and finding workers with the right skills and expertise to fill these positions. Tweet This!
    [Marketing] Facebook: Too Big to Fail
    In June, 1990, the FTC launched a probe into allegations that Microsoft and IBM were colluding to corner the PC software market. billion and a market cap of over $250 billion. You have to wonder why the Obama administration isn’t hinting at a bailout for Facebook in the event that the social network’s latest privacy kerfuffle threatens the very vitality of the global poking grid. There are Facebook user protests and even predictions that this will cause a mass exodus of users and the eventual shuttering of Facebook as a going concern. But ultimately, what will change?
    [Marketing] 7 Habits of Expert Analytics You’re Probably Missing Out On – Part 3 of 3
    At this point you should have a basic understanding of how analytics can benefit your organization and how and what to look for when it comes to analytics and even some basic marketing concepts. Here is the third part of my three-part series on 7 habits of expert analytics you’re probably missing out on. Just in case you missed it, here is  part one and part two. Habit 5: Seek first to Understand, Then to be understood. One of my favorite examples is bounce rate. In this example, we’ll pretend you have two pages on your website. Which page is better? Which page needs work?
    [Marketing] Mitt Romney is getting tired (or lazy) in Iowa!
    The marketing message is pretty clear here. This upcoming Presidential election will be my daughter’s first opportunity to vote. Combine that with the fact that we live in Iowa, the caucus is upon us and she’s a registered Independent and you can only imagine the flood of mail and calls she’s received leading up to the caucus. You know what all the candidates are thinking… fresh meat! So I was a little surprised and appalled at what front runner Mitt Romney sent her late last week. The front of Mitt’s postcard to my daughter. Shame on you Mitt.
    [Marketing] Build your digital footprint in a hub and spoke model
    One place that is the repository for your core content.   In my case — it’s  this blog.  It’s home base — containing the bulk of the content I have created.  It’s where I link out from and it’s where I want people to ultimately land if they’re searching for marketers, marketing agencies in the midwest, Iowa advertising agencies etc. The hub/spoke model. Click on it to enlarge. And with good reason.  It’s the 21st century — so when we want to find anything or anyone, we Google it. And to achieve that — you need a strategy.
    [Marketing] Case Study: Shoemocracy (A new online community about shoes)
      * It's also best to avoid the marketing fibs. Throughout this platform it feels like the copy has been written by a marketing flunky than by a member of their target audience. Shoemocracy recently launched an online community for shoe lovers.    It makes for a good case study about the interplay between the elements of social psychology and platform design. So if Shoemocracy was a client, this is what we would tell them:   The Concept. community for shoelovers is ok, but it's competitive. It's a community of interest. qualifier 2}.
    [Marketing] When Twitter Suspends Your Account
    Ari Herzog provides social media marketing and editorial services to the nonprofit and public sectors. Uploaded with Skitch ! When Twitter suspends your account, you will not be offered gift cards. Twitter phishing continues. You are warned! Thank you for reading! If you are inspired to add a comment with your thoughts, please visit When Twitter Suspends Your Account in your browser. Related articles you may enjoy: When a Blog Has Its Own Twitter Account. Why My Twitter Account is Brand New – and What it Means for You. How to Delete and Send Twitter DMs in Bulk. by tammikibler.
    [Marketing] Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media: Improving Your Processes vs.
    TAGS: changing processes , company change , Enterprise 2.0 , improving operations , improving processes , improving vs changing , revolutionizing operations , Social Business , social media This entry was posted on Thursday, February 11th, 2010 at 3:05 am and is filed under Enterprise 2.0 , Social Business , Social Media Marketing. Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Enterprise 2.0 If you were an executive at a large or mid-sized company, which would you prefer (or would want to hear)? What changes are some of the tactics. 
  • TWITIP  |  MONDAY, MARCH 15, 2010
    [Marketing] HOW you are Communicating is Almost as Important as WHAT you are.
    mixed marketing communications firm based in Southwest Florida. Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Samantha Scott @GetPushing Samantha is the Grand Poobah (President) of Pushing the Envelope, Inc. HOW you are Communicating is Almost as Important as WHAT you are Communicating. Most users of Twitter and other social media sites would agree that it’s about communication. What does that mean? Are you doing that – exchanging thoughts and opinions? Not very much.
    [Marketing] Youtube Makes Interactive Gallery
    Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « 5 Tips for Making a Consistent Social Media Effort Social Media Marketing Policies and Education: The Employee Perspective » Youtube Makes Interactive Gallery Posted by Anne Herngaard Sep 8th, 2010 Tweet You may remember Youtube’s user-generated film project called Life in a Day which I wrote about earlier this summer. As a smart way of showing all the footage, Youtube has created an online interactive gallery on their channel.
    [Marketing] The Simple Question To Improve Your Sales
    It is a question that successful entrepreneurs can answer in relation to their market and it is simply… “Why doesn’t it work?” ” The answer is why the market needs YOU. Why doesn’t your market work? How do you know the market wants your solution ? …before building their business. Too often we worry we need customers but customers only come if they need us Click To Tweet. If it works brilliantly (rare!) then there is no need for you. It may be the service side. It may be the product side. It may be the cause. No gaps. If yes.
    [Marketing] How To Advertise Your New Business In Blog Posts Without Looking Too Promotional
    It’s something anyone who makes blogging a part of his marketing strategy would crave for. Neil solved this problem by using his digital marketing service to grow TechCrunch’s traffic by 30%, and then shared his result in a blog post. As Corey Eridon of HubSpot puts it “ Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility. For example, HubSpot is an inbound marketing company, hence, you’ll usually find topics related to inbound marketing on their blog. Image via Flickr user twicepix. Get results. Traffic.
    [Marketing] Brand influence vs Consumer influence – Who will win the fight.
    It’s the technology in the hands of almost ALWAYS CONNECTED PEOPLE that make it so powerful.” by Harvey Blume Find On Facebook Fan Page SMC Co-Founders Of: Visit SOCIAL MARKETING FORUM   SMC support: Lifestream #Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps - has anyone seen it yet? Home Content RSS Log in Social Media Citizens Home Case Studies Reports SMC List TOP Lists Video Consulting Portfolio Brand influence vs Consumer influence – Who will win the fight? February 15th, 2010 by Giedrius Ivanauskas Leave a reply » Share The power of the consumers in social media can be deceiving.
    [Marketing] Buffer Review – My Favorite Time Saving Twitter Tool
    Get More from Twitter – Twitter Marketing eBook Review. As I recently mentioned in my BlogWorld recap , I met Leo Widrich , one of the guys behind the Buffer App for Twitter sharing. Now as many of you might know, I’m a huge fan of HootSuite for my Twitter management needs. For the longest time, I have heard people raving about Buffer, but I figured I didn’t need another app to schedule tweets since I could already schedule tweets in HootSuite. What I didn’t realize is how much simpler Buffer really is. Let me demonstrate. from Buffer for writing this post.
    [Marketing] All We Are Saying.
    This is an idea that needs more Marketing. How hard can this be? What would it bring to the world? one day of peace. online video. peace. ted talk. jeremygilley onedayofpeace onlinevideo peace tedtalk
    [Marketing] The Social Network – the story of Facebook
    It’s the technology in the hands of almost ALWAYS CONNECTED PEOPLE that make it so powerful.” by Harvey Blume Find On Facebook Fan Page SMC Co-Founders Of: Visit SOCIAL MARKETING FORUM   SMC support: Lifestream #Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps - has anyone seen it yet? What do you think about the idea to make a film about Facebook? Previous Entry: Are you here to make friends? You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Advertisement blog comments powered by Disqus Top Videos Previous Entry Are you here to make friends? Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional | Valid CSS 3
    [Marketing] 100,000,000 Views on YouTube – Avril’s “Girlfriend” is There
    What does this say about the state of YouTube?  Of buzz marketing?  Of the Internet in general?  Read more about viral marketing on this blog. Tags: Social Media Marketing YouTube avril lavigne youtube Blast. With the help of extremely ambitious and clever fan clubs, Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend&# video is on the brink of hitting 100,000,000 views.  It is moving so fast that by the time you’re reading this, it’s probably already in the exclusive 9-digit league. Just a few months ago, “Evolution of Dance&# had held the top spot for a long time. 
    [Marketing] New Search Engine Features Beef Up Restaurant Results
    are once again competing for local and mobile market-share with new features that promote additional restaurant information in search results. Taking advantage of these new display options should be an integral part of restaurant marketers’ local SEO strategies. ZOG Digital’s search and social marketing strategies increase online brand visibility and drives sales. Contact ZOG Digital to start an audit of your digital marketing efforts today. Google and Yahoo! Yahoo! Partners with Yelp. Yahoo! local listings. Some other features that Yahoo! Conclusion. Insights
    [Marketing] Just a Small Deluge of Data - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 16 Jul 2009 Just a Small Deluge of Data Saw this today in a presentation given by Google. It comes from " The Social Data Revolution." " Can anyone confirm if this is true? Regardless, it's food for thought. attention attention crash data Permalink Tweet Comments 5 Comments Jul 16, 2009 Paul Swansen said.
    [Marketing] Maybe Chris Anderson is Right - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 19 Jul 2009 Maybe Chris Anderson is Right Can't argue with this. the top five Kindle books this morning are all free titles, including his. Good thing Sir Arthur isn't looking for royalties. ebooks Kindle Permalink Tweet Comments 6 Comments Jul 19, 2009 metoo said. He might, of course (Im pretty sure he will).
    [Marketing] My Wake Up Call
    He has worked in communications and PR for 25 years, and specializes in social media, consumer marketing, product launches, corporate and internal communications, b2b and entertainment. Guest post by Martin Waxman. remember a time not too long ago when I knew how to do my job really well.  I’d get up in the morning, scour the media and go to work, confident  that when a client would call, I could help them out. knew what worked by doing; that is, based on success. And (mostly) they were. Like many people who follow this model, my mantra became, “Because that’s the way we do things.”
    [Marketing] The Problem with Automated Urinals
    This is meant to be a marketing blog with social media insights, no?&#. Or your marketing. Are you jumping into a new market prematurely? I have a problem with automated urinals. Not in how I use them; I know how to pee in public (and I’m sorry if this post veers off into uncharted territory here – I’ll try keep it clean). No, I’m more frustrated with the way automated urinals use themselves. For anyone not sure what an automated urinal is (my lady readers might not be aware of their delicacies, for instance), here’s the quick overview.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #131
    Everything Is Marketing: How Growth Hackers Redefine The Game - Fast Company. Marketing is not just advertising and, because of the nature of digital, great ideas can come from coders too. This Fast Company article looks at people they call, 'Growth Hackers' - a hybrid of marketers and coders who are simply leveraging the tools and technology to get more people to use their products. It's a gem of a read and validates just how much marketing continues to evolve. "It took me a while to get around to watching this. " (Alistair for Hugh). Here is that ebook.
    [Marketing] Prepare Your Website for Geolocation with WordPress
    This is a guest post by Lorna Li , Founder & Editor in Chief of Green Marketing TV. It is the newest way to draw customers through your door, but is your business ready for geolocation? If you feel overwhelmed by people battling for mayorships or checking in to earn badges, not to worry – we will walk you through the basics of using geolocation on your website or blog and how to prepare your business for the new service! How does Geolocation Work? Start Using Geolocation for Your Blog or Business. You can find a theme for almost any business. Introducing Geolocation to Your Website.
    [Marketing] A Conversation About Social Media Influence #SMSHI
    For Tara Coomans : (Based on your marketing experience and socmed practice) – are clients interested in understanding and/or measuring influence factors – what different strategies do you based on the type/size company – what do you see as the failings of online influence measures – case studies and real examples are very welcome. Stay tuned; I will be updating this post! Please add your opinions/question in the comments or on Twitter; we are using the hashtag #SMSHI. This conversation will run from 10 am – 10:40 am HST today, April 14. Make some donations.
    [Marketing] Google Wave fails to cause a splash
    TheWayoftheWeb The digital convergence of media, entertainment, marketing and PR front page archives about RSS Click below for the WayoftheWeb bookstore The Blogroll A Shel of Myself Chris Brogan Currybetdotnet Eaon Pritchard Faster Future Gaping Void Howard Owens Jaffe Juice Jonathan MacDonald KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog Michael Leis – Digital Strategy Nick Burcher Occam’s Razor Web Analytics blog Only Dead Fish Seth Godin Simon Collister – Networked Society Teaching Online Journalism The Herd The Obvious? ’ from The Official Google Blog. Love Chrome.
    [Marketing] Developing for the Web or for Classic Mode
    These limitations, and general skittishness over new technology, led many people not to dive into Mac OS X right away - and some software developers, most notably Quark and Adobe, dragged their feet on committing to the new OS, waiting for the market to demand it. It''s, pardon the pun, a classic dilemma of developing for a known and existing market, or preparing something for a future market. It Looks Great, But What About Printing? Living on the bleeding edge by installing this first version of Mac OS X meant it had some obvious holes. For one, I couldn''t print.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2012
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Within Two Worlds
    10 Email Marketing Tips for Bloggers – Ten tips for bloggers to help you improve the email marketing strategy for your blog. Twitter Tools to Enhance Your Marketing – Discover these 5 free tools to grow and manage your community and maximize your visibility. Answers to Your Top 7 Questions About Mastering LinkedIn Marketing – Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about LinkedIn marketing. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Content. Ways to Find Viral Content Ideas – Want to find content ideas that have a chance at viral fame?
  • STEVE RUBEL  |  FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2010
    [Marketing] Flashback to 1979 - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 23 Jul 2009 Flashback to 1979 This entire Gizmodo 79 series , taking us back to the golden age of technology - 1979, is a great read. These two posts in particular brought back lots of childhood memories. gadgets nostalgia Permalink Tweet Comments 8 Comments Jul 24, 2009 -- said. Awesome.I still have the game on the cover and remarkably it still works as well as it did when i was a kid. Thanks, Steve.
    [Marketing] Video: Mr. Kawasaki's Wild Ride - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 24 Aug 2009 Video: Mr. Kawasakis Wild Ride You might think Guy Kawasaki lives a sweet life. Well maybe he does, but he still drives a beat-up Toyota Sienna mini van. took a ride in it today in Palo Alto where we caught up on Alltop and its growth and had a laugh or two. I am a fan of Alltop and, now that I survived the ride, one of these days I will set up my own My Alltop page. Drove right by TechCrunch!
    [Marketing] Video: The Wall of Headlines - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 2 Sep 2009 Video: The Wall of Headlines via This week we moved into our new offices in New York City. Among the highlights, is a giant wall of headlines. Richard Edelman gives us a tour. Theres something about headlines that still gives me goosebumps. hope that even in the age of streams, headlines dont lose their punch. Not bad. When I first looked at it I thought, "how come it is not moving?".
    [Marketing] AOL Integrates Lifestreaming into AIM for the iPhone - The Steve.
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 10 Sep 2009 AOL Integrates Lifestreaming into AIM for the iPhone via One of the big things that Facebook brings to the age of streams is instant messaging and presence indicators - the ability to see who is online right now and active on the service so you can chat in real time. hope that sites like Twitter (and its ecosystem of apps) do the same. Now its all coming in the iPhone.
    [Marketing] Track Twitter Trending Topics with Tweeter Trends - The Steve.
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 21 Sep 2009 Track Twitter Trending Topics with Tweeter Trends One of my frustrations with Twitter is that there's no easy way to track the hot trending topics within your personal stream. So, with that, I went ahead and created a tool that does just that. All you need to do is follow @ Tweetertrends or simply subscribe  via RSS. The app is a mashup that uses Dapper , Feedburner and Twitterfeed. Great idea!
    [Marketing] The Pitch: Alan Warms of Appolicious - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 25 Sep 2009 The Pitch: Alan Warms of Appolicious Alan Warms, CEO of Appolicious , stopped by my office today to give me a rundown of his site - a social network for mobile apps. Right now it's just for iPhone apps, but they will be expanding soon to cover Android and Blackberry. For more see this short video. apps iPhone mobile video Permalink Tweet Comments 6 Comments Sep 26, 2009 Anup Surendran said.
    [Marketing] How to Get a Viral Buzz on Twitter
    He specializes in social media marketing and search engine optimization in Utah. However, I wanted to share a real-life success on how to get lots of buzz (and viral marketing – which means links and brand building) via Twitter. Only reason you don’t care about Shaq is because he left your team for greener pastures Thanks for all you’ve taught me about SEO and online marketing! How to Get a Viral Buzz on Twitter 22 First off, did I ever mention that I’m one of 559 people Shaquille O’Neal is following on Twitter ? Twitter does take time. Thanks.
    [Marketing] affiliateSkin, My New Product, is Here!
    affiliateSkin is a creation which came about through my frustration with solutions on the market to build affiliate websites. This software has enabled me to build great looking affiliate websites in minutes, and allowed me to focus on marketing and making money. Everyone knows that the best use of your time for making money online is spent on marketing and conversions. Even expert millionaire marketers spend more time on building these sites than they have to. The solution to my own problem, is affiliateSkin. The real place your time should be spent.
    [Marketing] What If Savings Investments Were More Like Blogs?
    Researchers such as John Padgett have demonstrated “increasing autonomy&# as a fundamental market behavior going back to the Renaissance in the 1500’s, and I see this as one more step in the development of human consciousness. Tagged as: autonomy , behavior , incentives , investing , markets. What If Savings Investments Were More Like Blogs? Today I learned about some research being done in financial services with the goal of creating incentives for us to be more self-reliant in retirement. It is practical and outcome-oriented. What about you? Hawai?i
    [Marketing] An Open Letter To Professional Women: Appearances Matter
    Call me a fuddy-duddy if you want, but if you want people’s attention to be on your slammin’ body, go to the bar, not the boardroom or the marketing conference. My fellow professional ladies, We need to have a bit of a chat. I go to a lot of events every year, and work with a lot of companies with brilliant women in their ranks. realize that the business world is constantly changing, and I understand how challenging it can be to make an impression and put your very best foot forward, whether that’s networking with colleagues or sitting in an important meeting. Heels.
    [Marketing] And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Content
    The classic line that if you want to please everyone, you wind up pleasing no one is somewhat true in this day and age of content marketing as well. Content is not about marketing. content marketing. What's your endgame? You won't be surprised to know that so few brands actually have an answer to that one, specific, question. Without an answer to that question, you wind up getting the type of branded content that we're all being inundated with, day in and day out. It seems like a never-ending slew of silly questions, random polls and worse. Nothing more. It's vanilla.
    [Marketing] Crowdsource: BP Oil Spill and social media
    Most of the projects came in for  A leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances… or This company is one of the world’s most respected leaders in the premium alcoholic drinks business or better yet   international humanitarian charitable organization. And while you are working on number one, get your PR/Marketing crew to work on number two. BP haven’t consulted the rest of the world on solutions for Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. And there are a lot of innovation crowdsourced communities online. BP aren’t that evil… are they? Schweeeeeet.
  • CITIZEN MARKETER 2.1  |  FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2011
    [Marketing] Obligatory Posts on Google + [Podcast]
    Since I am short on time these days as I wrap up the Location Based Marketing for Dummies book (comes out 8/16) with Mike Schneider, I’m trying to repurpose content as best I can. To that end, I focused yesterday’s Quick’n'Dirty podcast show exclusively on Google’s new social offering, Google +. So far, I like
    [Marketing] Here we go…opening the Social Branding Blueprint for the first time together.
    Just imagine the bigger stages you could speak on, the thousands of extra people you could train, the countless word of mouth referrals, or the larger companies, projects or fees you could command if you got the same marketing support as the top brands in the world. This is such an exciting week as We First launches for the first time ever it’s Social Branding Blueprint that. To that end We First has just launched for the first time ever its Social Branding Blueprint with a VERY SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE NEXT 72 HOURS ONLY. Exclusive Online Training Program (Value: $2000).
    [Marketing] Successfully Failing Social
    Accelerated markets can shift instantly because of new technology, mass communications and the migration of swarms of “people” following dominant conversationalist using all the latest and greatest “social tools”. Applying old methods and mindsets to the new and ever changing dynamics of “social” technologies and open conversations of the “markets” could be and should be labeled as insane. The word failure usually carries a negative connotation with it. Fear and failure are the usual human reactions to change. Failure can have duel reaction. Why do people fear failure so much?
    [Marketing] Pakistan Emerges as a Social and Mobile Player
    Contrary to the general belief and opinion, Pakistan is one of the fastest growing markets for Digital Media with an approximate 20 million people using internet, 72% of online Pakistanis maintaining profiles on Social Networking sites and spending an average of 2 hours on Facebook every day. The success story of the Page can also be demonstrated through the praises mentioned for Samsung Pakistan in many Marketing and Advertising Magazines including Aurora and Synergyzer in their Annual Issues (2011). Social Freshness pakistan world
    [Marketing] Search Engine Rankings for January 2014: Search Queries up 8 Percent
    Every month about this time comScore releases its search engine market share data for the previous month. I try to cover this every month, and report the search engine rankings. During January 2014, Google continued their reign in the search engine market with 67.6 percent the market share. Microsoft had 18.3 percent, and Yahoo! with 10.4 percent. Here’s some more detail: 19.6 billion search queries were conducted in the United States during January 2014. What’s interesting to note, there were 13.2 billion search queries performed: which is up 7 percent. Yahoo!
    [Marketing] What Are You Optimizing? Keywords vs Topics
    And my favorite part is always the discussions in the comments since you get a sense of what other marketers are doing. Those days are soon going to be legends told for the amusement of new marketers. In that sense, we need to be aware of what is happening with search algorithms since they affect our marketing efforts. Effective marketing will always be holistic because people are holistic. There are lots of numbers and charts for those who love numbers and charts, and a link to download the study with more numbers. Why The Topic Thing? What About Keywords?
    [Marketing] App Makers Utilizing Social Media
    Market it? Where do you market it? You see it all the time on social media – marketing for apps. Have you been thinking about App Development? You’ve finally hit on that perfect idea for the perfect app and now what? Create it? Make money? Why of course, social media. You can have your very own app showing up on social media, too. However, first things first, you’ve got to create that App, than pepper social media with it. Dial-in to Potential Profits. An idea is enough! – Don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about App creation.
    [Marketing] Streams from the Road: One Impressive Teen - The Steve Rubel Stream
    Well, even though he is just a senior in high school Daniel: runs marketing for Qik (and was one of their first employees), writes for TechCrunch and also continues to build out Teens in Tech, a site he started a couple of years ago. Anyway the takeaway here for marketers is to seek out teens like Daniel (and others who are less tech savvy too). He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Not only does it make me feel younger but it helps me keep my eye on the ball of whats next.
    [Marketing] William Martino on Who Owns Social Media - The Steve Rubel Stream
    Whether we like it or not, we now must market our brands in a landscape where consumers have the tools to make their voice heard, and the technology to hear what everyone else is saying." This is not about ownership but about marketing, customer relations etc aka PROPAGANDA. He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The reality is, CONSUMERS own social media, not brands and certainly not agencies. The hard part is even putting a box around just what is social media. Plain nonsense!!
    [Marketing] Are You Removing Friction from Collaboration?
    Have an internal marketing plan and make it fun. When it comes to collaboration, friction is not a good thing either from a behavioral of from a technological standpoint. Imagine your collaboration effort is a equivalent to a skater gliding along the ice, every time you add a point of friction you basically make the gliding motion harder and harder to achieve until you get to a point where you’re trying to skate on concrete. Enough friction will kill even the best and most thought out collaboration initiatives. Here are some ideas to help remove or prevent friction from happening.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012
    [Marketing] Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Have Social Network
    In addition to relieving some of the fear and uncertainty tied to starting a business, Project Eve provides its members access to hard to find business resources, the ability to develop relationships with people previously thought out of reach, and a receptive platform to demonstrate their expertise, market, and grow their business. This blog post is for all of the women Spin Sucks community. Guys, you can read it too, but I’m not sure it’ll mean much to you. hate to lose half our audience on a Monday morning, but it’s going to be worth it to the girls. Sorry, guys.
    [Marketing] Social Media Etiquette: Did You Really Need To Say That?
    “Wow, I cannot wait to let every 26-year-old jobseeker mine my top-tier marketing connections to help them land a job.” ” Jaimie Field , Esq., a legal marketing and business development professional, summarized it this way: “Years ago, the woman who received the email [Diana] would have just complained to her friends about how nasty this was – and then it would have been forgotten by everyone. It started as a labor of love for the marketing industry, but somehow it also became a labor, and I vented my frustrations on the very people I set out to help.”
    [Marketing] 5 Tips On Finding Your Next Customer
    According to a recent eMarketer post, only 32 percent of small business owners think social media marketing is an effective tool in today’s digital bazaar. Here are a few basic reasons that businesses of every size should invest their marketing resources in social media. Five reasons social media marketing is important. 1. Ultimately, the concern of all small businesses is getting the most bang for their marketing buck. Depending on how you approach it and what platforms you use, marketing through social media will either be free or very cheap. It’s cheap.
  • KYLE LACY  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 2010
    [Marketing] Benjamin Franklin: Social Media Mogul
    He has over a decade of experience, which includes an extensive background in marketing, public relations, e-commerce management, product development, technology, and web development. Benjamin Franklin and Twitter may not appear to have much – if anything – in common, but history tells a different story. In fact, the impact that social media sites like Twitter have had on how we communicate is a near reflection of the massive shift in colonial communications that occurred under then Postmaster General, Benjamin Franklin. Flash forward to today.
  • KIKOLANI  |  MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013
    [Marketing] 10 Premium SEO Tools That You Can Try for Free (or Cheap)
    If you don’t do SEO for a living but want to do some major search marketing work with your website, you’re in luck. The following are awesome SEO tools you can use for free or cheap for a limited time to do your search marketing research. Raven Tools offers a 30 day free trial for their online marketing toolset. It’s actually pretty insane how many tools they have built into their system for just about anything you need in your online marketing campaign. You don’t need to pay an expensive monthly fee if you need to do one-time research.
    [Marketing] OK Go + Muppets = Epic Win.
    I could try and shoehorn in something about OK Go building their following by doing their own thing and not relying on a record company etc, or try and find 10 marketing lessons you could learn from The Muppets, but to be honest, if you haven’t seen it, this video is just bloody brilliant. Hat Tip to the lovely Vicky_Anderson on Twitter, who runs a great site about anything going on stage in Liverpool. Disclosure: Vicky is an old (and valued) friend of mine). Funny brilliant video muppets ok go
    [Marketing] Is Privacy a Lost Cause?
    The common thread that we hear about is that people want to own their information and control it.  We don’t want advertisers to take our public information and use it as a way to market or advertise to us. Instead this information is used to put you into a “bucket&# with other people like you so that you can receive more targeted marketing. No doubt privacy has been quite a controversial and popular topic as of late, especially when it comes to Facebook. Again, these large sites had NO IDEA these programs were installed collecting customer information.
    [Marketing] How Old is Your Association’s Website?
    When we went out and spoke with our members we realized that for many of them our website IS the association,” said Ceela McElveny, Chief Communications and Membership Officer at the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, in a session at the 2012 ASAE Membership, Marketing and Communications Conference. Ray van Hilst is Director of Client Strategy and Marketing at Vanguard Technology – a website redesign and online technology service provider for associations and association management companies. ————-. Oh… and thank you for your participation.
    [Marketing] Twitter + Yammer? What could have been…
    I’ve been thinking a lot about Enterprise Social Networks recently, and so should you if the figures about the potential size of the market over the next few years are to be believed ($6.4bn by 2016). The news that Yammer has been acquired by Microsoft for $1.2bn therefore shouldn’t come as any surprise. Sure, it is a big sum, but I think this is a smart move by Microsoft. Whether the same can be said for Yammer is another question. Can Microsoft harness the power of ESNing? Time will tell and it is a subject for another post. It might seem strange at first but bear with me.
    [Marketing] Independence In The State of Mind
    His clients are mostly from the aerospace, higher education, finance, and diverse corporate marketing concerns. Independence is a state of mind.  Americans have always chosen independence – and they will continue to do so.  It is often convenient to let ourselves trust elected leaders and the esteemed business titans to do what is in our best interest.  Don’t be fooled, this is “trust”, not dependence. That is where we are today.  Something extraordinary is about to happen in the way Americans organize themselves.  Nothing is sacred, no one is immune. 
    [Marketing] When Should Brands Establish Credibility in Social?
    An internal social media strategy ? A go to market strategy? The answer to the title of this post is now, but how are they supposed to do that? What does social credibility look like on the brand side? Is it a Facebook and Twitter presence? Hiring a social media director? What should credibility look like for a brand in the not so new social space? Is it  accruing  a massive numbers of followers and fans? At what point is a brand legit in social media? So how or when is a brand supposed to go about establishing credibility in social media ? What does that look like?
    [Marketing] 10 Company and Product Branding Tips from Microsoft
    This gives me a unique view of what organizations are doing not only for their digital strategy but also with their overall brand marketing. At Rival IQ, we see tens of thousands of companies, products, and people come through our system. One thing I’ve noticed is very few companies are doing a good job at both their corporate and product-level branding across social media channels. Here are a few tips to help guide you as you build out both your branding and social media strategy. 1. Small.
    [Marketing] Research-Driven Ideas for Social Data
    Industries such as marketing now rely heavily on a new field of social data science to make sense of the large quantities of information about their brand community. Attending the European Conference of Information Systems in Tel Aviv last week, I was happy to find that areas such as data visualization, predictive analytics, social CRM and ROI etc found their way into the conference. These areas have been somewhat excluded in the past by more traditional information systems research. They offered exceptional concrete value to practitioners of social business intelligence: 1.
  • DAVE FLEET  |  MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2011
    [Marketing] Monday Morning Reads: Digital Reputation, Facebook Tutorials, Speed up Blogging
    Fascinating discussion around Craigslist’s place in the market, including an interesting take from Josh Hannah who suggests that Craigslist *has* been disrupted; it’s just not obvious yet. In this week’s Monday Morning Reads: digital reputation management; a plethora of Facebook tutorials; how to speed-up your blogging; turning Google’s April Fool’s joke into a reality and an interesting Quora discussion on Craigslist’s longevity. Enjoy. New York Times: Erasing the Digital Past. The more links, the higher the approved sites rank.&#. Weekly Reads
    [Marketing] 11 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring Freelance Writers
    You need it for your website, your marketing, and your clients – you need it to stay relevant in your industry. Image source. As a small business owner, hiring freelance writers may be something that you do quite regularly, or at least, something that you plan on doing. What choice do you have, right? In-house writers are expensive, and content is king. But are you doing it right? Are you hiring the right people for the job? You might not be, and a simple oversight can cost you time and money when you’re outsourcing content. The wrong freelancers can even sink your business.
    [Marketing] 5 Reasons Why I Love Social Media
    Colin Alsheimer Digital & New Media Strategist About Lifestream Contact How to Pitch Me Guest Post Guidelines Disclosures RSS Feed Twitter Facebook 5 Reasons Why I Love Social Media By Colin – 11/08/2009 Posted in: Social Media , internet marketing Share Part two in my mini series on the state of social media.  See my previous post - 5 Reason Why I Hate Social Media 1. The people My social media use has created so many opportunities for me to meet and converse with some truly wonderful people.  Now - I love it.  I get to meet and talk with people!  Its great!  Thats awesome. 3.
    [Marketing] Thesis vs Genesis – Comparing Premium WordPress Themes
    Kolakube offers one free Thesis skin and several others at $37 each which you can buy individually, or you can standard membership which includes six month access to all of their skins for $77 or a full membership which includes one year access to all of their skins for $147. I use the Marketer’s Delight skin on my fledgling Rockin Affiliate site – the opt-in box still gets subscribers daily even though there is no freebie offer. Overall, Thesis Skins are generally designed for businesses, marketers, and serious bloggers. Thesis vs Genesis. Enjoy! Pricing. Personal.
    [Marketing] “Nearest Tube” Early iPhone Augmented Reality App
    The AR space is starting to heat up, and VentureBeat DigitalBeat has a nice report today on some of the startups jockeying for position in what promises to be a fascinating market. AcrossAir , developers of the iPhone app, have introduced Nearest Tube , a 3D Augmented Reality (AR) app for the iPhone that overlays a tube map on live video to help users quickly find the nearest tube station. Delivering practical consumer grade AR applications like Nearest Tube was impossible one year ago. wrote about AR here on May 22. Thanks Simon Mainwaring for the pointer to Nearest Tube.
    [Marketing] Here's why you're not a community manager
    Social media is playing out like search marketing has over the years. Online Community Strategist Angela Connor on Growing Successful Online Communities Home About Angela Contact Popular Speaking Media Press Tips Subscribe to feed Here’s why you’re not a community manager October 23, 2009 in Community Building | Tags: "social media business forum" , Community management , community manager If you follow me on Twitter you know that I spent most of the day at the Social Media Business Forum. It has been a really good conference so far. But the thing is, I am dead serious. Serious swagger!
    [Marketing] Help Haiti: News Sites Promote Ways to Donate
    The Most Popular NFL Teams on Twitter and Facebook: 2010 Season Pew Research News Survey: Findings on Search Engines, Social Networks and Twitter Why the News Business Isn’t Profitable Categories Public Relations Publishing SEO Social Media Popular Posts The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement? Aid organizations are racing against time to save as many lives as they can, and what they need most right now is money. Social media users are doing their part too. The recent earthquake was a tragedy.
    [Marketing] My new standing desk – day one, and how it helps business
    love new opportunities, and the way that technology is evolving more quickly all the time – I work with every client to help them start to change their outlook and business practices to cope with that, rather than just offering content or marketing which won’t evolve and grow over time. My new standing desk is now being used, and it’s symbolic of the changes I’m working through in the way I work. Having moved into a new house, I’ve had a bit of time without the internet or an office at home, which has given me some time to re-consider the way I do things.
    [Marketing] The 7 Day Blog Challenge - Danny Brown
    love the idea of supporting less known/newer bloggers - partly because I am one of them.If you are interested in SEO, online marketing, or leadership and management then you should find something of interest:[link] New! Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs The 7 Day Blog Challenge September 15, 2010 41 voices share yours! Share Save Here’s a little experiment I’d love for you to join me in. Let’s call it the 7 Day Blog Challenge. Interested? Subscribe to the new blog. Bravo!
    [Marketing] Cyber Security and Social Capitalism
    Keep your eyes peeled for more ideas, entrepreneurs, and innovations to appear in the market.  I recently received a press release that was appeared way too geeky to have been written by a PR Jockey.  Usually, email like this is a quick toss into the the trash but for some reason I chose to read a little further along.  Perhaps this author reminded me of myself many years ago when I began this journey of calling-to-action what I saw as great opportunities being routinely oppressed by the status quo with blind acceptance by the lambs. Complaining is OK if you also provide a solution.
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & The Subway
    Ways to Organize Your Content for Curation – How you organize your content plays a key role in your marketing success. Here are a few examples of how content marketers manage the organization process. Reasons Agile Marketers Are Better at Their Jobs Than You – Learn why agile inbound marketing will help you get more done, faster, and better than other marketers. Facebook Marketing Tips to Improve Engagement – Learn some great ideas, new things to try and ways to stand out that will ultimately help your business grow. Business / Career.
    [Marketing] Social Media Scales of Engagement
    As a marketer living in the age of social networks I think about what engagement means in terms of bringing a brand to life. Are turning one of the most exciting and innovative communication stategies of 21st century marketing into another mundane messaging channel? . 4. This week I was called to jury duty. The Honorable John Doran, Jr. presided. jury selection is much like making a film or a commercial. There are a lot of stops, starts and waiting around while lawyers and judge side-bar conversations that you can't hear but would so love to be invited to the party. his and ours.
    [Marketing] The Difference Between A Casual Usage And The Professional Usage On Social Media
    Social Media professional has a marketing objective. They understand the principles of direct marketing and at the same time they know that they do not need to do hard sales and shout their sales messages as a one way communication. Community Management on Social Media sites like Facebook is not just about having a Fan / Business Page set up. Social Media professional cannot use their Facebook Page the way a casual user consumes Facebook. There is a definite difference in the way [reason] a casual user consumes Facebook as against the Social Media professional.
    [Marketing] How to Create Awesome Content From Your Next Event Experience
    Over the last few years, content marketing has grown from a marketing tactic used to generate publicity and inform customers, into an essential strategy for promoting any startup, SME or large company online. The basics of content marketing are fairly simple: publish great content that solves your audience’s most common problems, informs them of the latest developments in your industry or teaches them something new and helpful. From startups to small businesses, many companies’ content marketing campaigns burn out due to a lack of ideas. More content ideas.
    [Marketing] The Billion Dollar Questions
    While I'm not a big photo person, their app is great and I get it. I am a Digital Marketing evangelist. Yesterday, I was speaking with a very senior digital marketing expert whose opinion I value. Yes, valuations can get out of control and people who do not know what they're investing in could inflate the market, but we actually have a well-worn marketplace here with consumers who are buying. digital marketing. digital marketing evangelist. We're all experts. We're all experts. until Facebook buys Instagram for one billion dollars. Nothing more. Nothing less.
    [Marketing] It’s Not What You Know. It’s Who You Know.
    The best I feel like I can do is try to market myself. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.&# I’ve heard it my whole life. The funny thing about that quote is that you can hear it everyday but if that day ends and you still don’t know anyone it hasn’t really gotten you far, and when you’re a young college student with a busy schedule it doesn’t feel like you can really go door to door and introduce yourself to business owners. The thing that seems most unrealistic? That any business owners will take a college student seriously.
    [Marketing] 6 Ways Social Media Affects Your Google Rankings
    Don’t short your digital marketing efforts by neglecting your social media accounts. As technology progresses and the Internet becomes an increasingly complex and crowded place, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. When it comes to your business, this can be a big problem. Your ability to be heard in the crowd and make valuable connections can play a major role in the present and future success of your business. This means it’s important to link your social media and SEO strategies. Social Sharing and Link Building. Making Connections  . Personalization  . Reviews. Google
    [Marketing] Can Your Business Benefit from Celebrating More?
    What you can do, though, is use minor holidays and other celebrations as outreach tools to grow your business by building your customer base and supplementing your marketing plan. Note: This is a guest post from Melissa Ortiz: Meli has lived in six states in her 30+ years and prefers the Southwest, where snow doesn’t turn to slush and ruin good shoes. She is a lifestyle reporter for her local paper. I was recently watching the film “I Hate Valentine’s Day” and I got thinking about small businesses. Sounds off-topic, right? Well, not so fast.
    [Marketing] How I Write Blog Posts
    But it’s perfect for businesses who need to see results from all  of their marketing efforts. Why Every Business Should Consider Adding a Blog to Their Marketing Strategy. There are few marketing mediums that build competence better than blogging. So, how do you write a blog post? We’ve talked about making sure you blog from your innate strength but what are the mechanics of writing or creating content for your blog? I’ve spent years studying content creation and have created a system that is focused on: 1. Quantity: Blogs need traffic. Google sends traffic. Still with me?
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