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    [Marketing] How Search Engine Optimization Adds Value to a Website
    And, as someone who has been actively practicing organic search engine optimization since 1996, I am probably just as qualified as anyone else in the search engine marketing industry to tell you about the benefits of search engine optimization. Organic or natural search engine optimization is the art of optimizing your existing website so that it’s more search engine friendly and optimizing your off-site website marketing plan so that your website is found in the search engine results for keywords that people search for that are related to your business. Digg this!
    [Marketing] Where Did All The American Jobs Go? [Infographic]
    The US job market is nowhere close to where it should be. For example: 150,000 new jobs should be added each month to keep up with the growing population but in January, 2011 there were only 36,000 jobs added. America is losing jobs and the reason for it is because US companies are sending these jobs abroad. India and China are among the top countries where most of the jobs are being outsourced. Take a look at this infographic which highlights where in the world are the American jobs… ++ Click to Enlarge Image ++ Image Source: Infographics
    [Marketing] 10 Operations to Get Multichannel Success
    Marketing research provides that multichannel consumers are able to contribute three to five times more sales as compared to a single channel consumer and this brought about that growth of the multichannel success in the retail industry. Consumers are now giving high preferences on multichannel business and with this changing consumer mandate, retail marketers find the need to take a step ahead towards getting into a multichannel approach in online marketing in order to address this evolving demands of the consumers. They stay because you give them good customer service. 
    [Marketing] Steve Jobs — 10 Lessons in Life & Leadership
    At one point he worked hard on a device similar to the Palm Pilot, but appropriately killed it to focus on the cell phone market. Not all products under Jobs were the most cutting edge on the market, however consumers perceived them to be. Jobs didn’t want his iPhone team to be muddle with pre-conceived notions around the cell phone market and had the team placed in a separate building. Digital Leadership. It is a sad day for the world when a visionary like Steve Jobs is no longer walking among us. It truly reminds all of us how. short and precious life is. Simplify.
    [Marketing] Show 481 - Advice on Better Writing and Living
    The Engaging Brand podcast  covers  social marketing , business ideas and  brand marketing tips. The Engaging Brand podcast covers social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips. Remember as a subscriber  you can download 30 Lessons on  Social Leadership Powers  - the new ebook for just 99p using the discount code ilovebob. This week Anna Farmery speaks with author and speaker Jeff Goins. We discuss. How writing is ''words with intention''. How writing requires intention for the ''why'', the ''what'' and who you are writing for. The Writers Manifesto.
    [Marketing] How to Implement the rule of 3 in your business
    In Romancing the Brand , the author discusses a rule of marketing call the rule of 3. While it’s a marketing rule, it also applies to customer service. Romancing the brand is an excellent book for understanding the relationship of branding to marketing. also learned some interesting history around the marketing of particular brands such as coke, dos equis, and other brands. If you are a business owner or marketer, you’ll find this book useful for helping you understand how to create a relationship between your brand and your clients. Blog busines
    [Marketing] Inc. 500 Companies Seeing Positive Results From SM Use
    On stats from Umass Dartmoth Center for Marketing Research. Chris is also Director of Business Development and New Media for Rief Media, a full service marketing and communications firm. 500 Companies using Social Media and ACTUALLY seeing positive results is on the rise.  More small businesses need to view the importance of Social Media the same as their larger counterparts. Interesting to note that Facebook success rates have gone up from 54% to 85% while services like twitter and blogging have gone down. Overall the importance  of Social Media in a Inc.
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    [Marketing] An Employer’s Best Practice Guide to Performance Management
    The best HR software packages on the market can offer real-time PM tracking features and tools for recording employees’ development needs and action plans throughout the year. As much as it is an employee’s responsibility to set and work towards measureable professional targets, it is also the job of an employer or manager to help navigate their staff members through the choppy waters of professional development. ’ Know Your Employees. Go Paperless. Sidestep the paper-trail by keeping all your PM documents in one place. Appraisals: Take it Outside.
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    [Marketing] 10 Features I Want to See in TweetDeck
    We realise that there is a lot of competition out in the market and we know we need to stay on our toes to maintain our position as the number one desktop client. Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Neal Wiser @nealwiser 10 Features I Want to See in TweetDeck 37 I have a love/hate relationship with TweetDeck. To be sure, some of those issues involve Twitter itself earning Team TweetDeck kudos for dealing with the limitations of the Twitter platform. Hell, yes!
    [Marketing] Social Media - Learning From Each Other
     A thank you post to the great people who generously participated and gave of themselves to create a "real time social networking" environment last week at the American Marketing Association Social Media  Bootcamp in San Antonio. Our day and a half together ended as, it began, with people learning from each other. With their permission, here are some of the take aways and lessons learned from our concluding exercise.  especially prez Casidhe Meriwether and Sheila Dunn who handled on site logistics.
    [Marketing] Guest post: From nothing to something: How to build a social media presence from scratch
    Part of the issue is that social media marketing, to begin with, is a bit of a ‘chicken and the egg’ scenario. The other part of the issue is misconceptions surrounding social media marketing. In actuality, most ‘viral’ content is supported by a hefty marketing budget and friends in high places. Be prepared to pay to play As previously alluded to, the idea that social media is a free form of marketing is a myth. It’s easily customizable and even the least web savvy of marketers will be able to use it. The following is a guest post by Chris Smith. The results?
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    [Marketing] Helping You Communicate Better
    Beth Kanter, Geoff Livingston, and Kami Huyse comprise the leadership team of Zoetica , a media organization providing marketing communications and other marketing-related services to nonprofit organizations and socially-responsible companies. My sole proprietorship, aided by a team of individuals who provide complementary services, provides a mix of editorial and social media marketing services to nonprofit and public sector clients. Visit 451 Marketing , Abraham Harrison , Mechanica , or Schneider Associates to get a taste. Marketing business
    [Marketing] Is Social Really That Important?
    Any particular platform, tactic or channel may fizzle, but the fundamental concepts are part of the new marketing landscape. All businesses have recognized that social media is here to stay. WRONG! In a recent interview with Kyle Lacy on this blog, the lead question was, “Now that most organizations have recognized that social media is here to stay – how will organizations train their staff?” ” I want to address the premise of that question rather than the answer. Not all organizations are businesses, so let me limit my scope. think many are hoping it goes away.
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    [Marketing] Coffee in the Workplace
    Image courtesy of The Movie Network ) Maybe taking shots at a biased marketing survey is a little too easy (or way too easy), but I have to start somewhere. Related Stories Qualities of a Prospective Employee Customer Service: Five Behaviors to Use Referral Marketing for Professional Services Firms. By Reed Parker Coffee in the workplace is an interesting conundrum. In an office environment, the coffee pot is the supreme gathering place. Especially in the morning, everyone gravitates toward it so they can make the same sad jokes about not having had their coffee yet.
    [Marketing] How to Craft a Perfect Blog Post Headline [+Examples]
    The post How to Craft a Perfect Blog Post Headline [+Examples] appeared first on Inbound & Content Marketing Hub. Writing an effective blog post headline is one of the most challenging steps in getting your content ready for publishing, and one of the most rewarding if done well. The headline is the lure that will draw readers to your content; it’s worth taking the time and effort to get it right. Here is a simple 3-step guide to crafting the perfect blog post headline that will grab your audience and make them click through to your post. Step One: Choose a Tone. Don’t do that.
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    [Marketing] Engage and You Will Get What You Want
    If you learn how to apply this principle to your content creation - you will be more effective with your social media marketing. It's also a great way to approach your social media marketing - creating a new article, video, or Facebook page or blog post. One of the secrets of the universe is you get what you most and least want. . Jump and The Net Will Appear. When speaking to an audience, I have learned that when I trust my expertise and preparation, the right words will come to me. What often happens is I deliver something better than what I prepared, and that's pretty exciting.
    [Marketing] Top result in!
    and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Top result in! June 9, 2009 by Taylor Marek This is fascinating to me. Don’t believe me?
    [Marketing] #99: What is your Question, Derek Media, and Facebook buys Friendfeed
    and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Sponsored by GoToMeeting, try it FREE for 30 days: [link] Big moves and changes being made in the Business and Technology sector, you will want to sit down and listen to this one. Finances : What is your Question? link] !!
    [Marketing] Six Reasons Entrepreneurs Suck
    Eric Reis , the Lean Start-Up guy, says, to summarize, get the product out there with some good features, but let the market determine where it should go and release updates accordingly. Today’s guest post is written by  Marc Girolimetti. I’ve been blessed by living among entrepreneurs my entire life. I’ve learned a lot from them and they inspired me to drop the dreams of being the next Jacques Cousteau and head straight to Babson College , which has been named the #1 undergraduate program for entrepreneurship for 15 consecutive years. “One more hit,” I say.
    [Marketing] Pitch Black: The Original Social Sensory Experience
    Its a great case study for social, live streaming and sensory marketing all happening together. Cast your mind back to 2000. Can you remember what the internet looked like and how it was shaping up? Google was on the rise, Hotmail was booming and social media, well that was a completely unknown area or term. Of course, there were social media and social networking sites, but they hadn’t been named as such. They were simply places you hung out, chatting. The year was 2000, the film was Pitch Black. The problem? Trailers of Pitch Black had been booed at the Cinema. The solution?
    [Marketing] 10 Compelling Calls to Action to Brighten Your Blog
    There’s plenty of confusing jargon in the inbound marketing realm – like funnels, the ever-changing lingo of SEO optimization, and agile marketing. When many marketers think of a call to action, their minds turn to something like the basic buttons displayed to visitors to the MailChimp homepage: Image credit: Spectacled Marketer. In fact, sometimes the most effective and powerful call to actions are just a natural extension of your text, like the example below: Does your small business marketing strategy need a serious boost?  Simple Text. Blog Banners.
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    [Marketing] Texty: Texts From Google Chrome Via My Android Phone
    Find the Texty Android app on Android market and install it on your phone. The past few weeks, I have been texting from my Android phone a lot more than usual, and I haven't even had to touch the device, thanks to a smart application that leverages the marriage between Google Chrome and my mobile OS to send messages directly from my browser to any phone number - making a text as simple as posting an instant message or a new entry in a chat window. Recent Texts Between My Wife and Me (In Texty) If you are one of the early testers of Texty, getting started is very easy.
    [Marketing] 26 Truths About Me and Convince and Convert
    This idea is echoed often by my friends Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute , and by Marcus Sheridan over at the excellent blog The Sales Lion. For a long time now, I’ve been writing about the power of the “ Social FAQ.” ” It’s a simple premise, really. If you want to garner trust and overcome objections, proactively answer the questions that your customers and potential customers have about you. Incidentally, Marcus wrote the foreword to my new.
    [Marketing] Social Media Merging Of The Minds
    Social Media Network - Marketing Social Media, Social Media Network, SMN, Social Media Network Online, Online Reputation Management, ORM, Digital Space, Interactive, Web, Blog Advertising Marketing, Buzz, Affiliate Marketing Program, Freelance, Mobile, Data Understanding, Business, Technology, CRM, Consumer, Direct Marketing, Mass Communication, Sell Online, Sell Products Online, Money, Home Jobs, Shopping, LifeStyle And More Social Media Network - Marketing by Pervara Kapadia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0
    [Marketing] Social Media - Oh My God Where Are My Followers!
    Social Media Network - Marketing Social Media, Social Media Network, SMN, Social Media Network Online, Online Reputation Management, ORM, Digital Space, Interactive, Web, Blog Advertising Marketing, Buzz, Affiliate Marketing Program, Freelance, Mobile, Data Understanding, Business, Technology, CRM, Consumer, Direct Marketing, Mass Communication, Sell Online, Sell Products Online, Money, Home Jobs, Shopping, LifeStyle And More Social Media Network - Marketing by Pervara Kapadia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0
    [Marketing] Ronin
    Others simply go on to lead schools of thought, marketing themselves to other free agents as “thought&# leaders. These marketing “dojos&# can become quite large, but many times they are not battle tested. The best schools take their words as a responsibility to the market place, sharing research, experiences and real market examples. Ronin – A lordless samurai, especially one whose feudal lord had been deprived of his territory. There are many of us today, many more than 25 years ago, even 10 years ago. It’s not an easy life. Some are not.
    [Marketing] Gin and Topics: Lollipops, Donkeys, and Misrepresentations
    For those of you in PR, marketing, or advertising, it’s a not-to-be-missed campaign. As a marketer, it’s interesting to see what kind of data you can get online for customers and prospects. It’s Friday! And it’s the weekend before Halloween, which means you have today and tomorrow to get your pumpkin entry in on our Facebook wall. I saw some of the prizes yesterday and I may have to enter myself! They’re goooood! We’ll be announcing the winners on Monday. SNL Honors Steve Jobs; Skewers Netflix and Facebook. Prostitue Turned Into Donkey.
    [Marketing] Is time-on-site a useful measure for online communities?
    Matt Rhodes Measurement Online communities Social networks Word of Mouth Business co-creation customer communities facebook freshminds FreshNetworks innovation On the Web online communities online market research online research community social social media Social network Social network service social networking Twitter Virtual community Web Tags: Marketing 2.0 Image by ToniVC via Flickr. I’ve read a few posts and articles this week discussing a report from showing that Facebook users spend more time on site than Twitter’s. Some more reading. Get Back to the Basics.
    [Marketing] Use Social Media To Adapt To Your Tribe’s Needs
    Would they just accept that their market was fading and the society was on their way to death? Tweet There are more than 500 million active users only on Facebook, which means there is no question that social media is a gateway to reach out to potential customers. Those targets groups you want to reach are out there. So the question is rather how you should use social media to find them, listen to them, get them interested and to turn that interest into action. This is how The Swedish Church did it. Find the tribe. Surveys showed that the Swedish people prays. A lot. Online. The results.
    [Marketing] Examples of online communities in the not-for-profit sector
    online communities customer communities United States Navy Social network FreshNetworks word of mouth Oxfam Web Barack Obama presidential campaign 2008 Non-profit organization US navy Marketing and Advertising qualitative market research Social Media navy for moms United States Social network service online market research innovation market research United Kingdom Business Matt Rhodes uk fundraising co-creation Online communities Tags: social media Virtual community marketing AARP Online Community Examples freshminds FreshNetworks Blog web2.0 blog).
    [Marketing] The Most Hated Man on Twitter « The Spinks Blog
    The Spinks Blog A Fresh Look Into Social Media Home About Contact Me Under 30 Professionals The Most Hated Man on Twitter Honestly, I’m surprised this didn’t get more buzz. We’ve seen celebrities utilize their twitter popularity for good causes. Drew Carey and Drew Olanoff combined forces to raise money for Livestrong. Ashton, CNN and Oprah had their exciting  fly net twitter race thing. Daniel Tosh used twitter a little differently. You can watch the whole video it here. Within seconds, James’ reply stream was flooded with messages of hatred and anger. Reply Davina K.
    [Marketing] What's in a Name?
    Marketing savvy, stunt or stupidity? The iPad. Unless you were in a coma, you probably heard about the launch of Apple's new tablet. larger version of the iPhone, at 0.5 inches thick, 1.5 pounds, $499 (base model) + a $29.99 unlimited data plan, it's pretty impressive. You can read all about the reveal and product specs over on Engadget , who covered it live. There's an interesting subplot going on here, though. The hype around the event was palpable - even the Wall Street Journal noted "Last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it."
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    [Marketing] 7 Ways I Make Money Online
    Affiliate Marketing. Ah, good old affiliate marketing. If people like the design of your site and they are in the market to get a theme, then your own site makes for a great conversion. Unlock Your Marketing Genius to Make Money Online. Making money online is a hot topic, and it is one I get asked about frequently in a variety of forms. How do you make money online? How can I make money through blogging? How long does it take to become a professional blogger? So today, I will answer the first question which should give you some ideas for the second. Adsense.
    [Marketing] Best Time to Post
    When I was the Head of Marketing at Travelzoo our production team always sent out the Top 20 e-mail list to the 21 million subscribers on Wednesday at roughly 11 am. Often times it’s not what you post, but when you post. The most important thing is to still post great content, however you can severly hamper your great content by posting at the wrong time. General guidelines: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are your best days. Saturday is the worst day. Holidays are slow traffic days (except commerce sites). 10 am – 11:30 am and 1 – 3:30 pm are great times to post.
  • KIKOLANI  |  SUNDAY, JULY 4, 2010
    [Marketing] 17 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs to Visit’s goal is to provide useful marketing information and valuable discounts & promotions for startups, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs looking to run successful online busineses. This dofollow and KeywordLuv enabled blog is home of great articles on affiliate marketing , blogging , and Internet Marketing. Big Girl Branding has one of the best mission statements – To bring forth quality info to readers, who can then use said info and apply it to their own biz, branding, and marketing shenanigans. CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List.
    [Marketing] 11 Reasons Why Microsoft's Kin Was a Failure
    product created from a non-Millennial mindset to be marketed towards Millennials. Home It’s Josip Archives Let’s Talk The Word on the Web 11 Reasons Why Microsoft’s Kin Was a Failure Written on July 5, 2010 by Josip Petrusa 2 Comments Tweet Share Save Last week’s announcement of Kin’s failure was a surprise. But it wasn’t that shocking. As product exposure was none-existent during it’s tenure, the death of the Kin followed that same lacklustre effort.  No one really cared about the Kin before. And no one really cares about the Kin now. Or should I say “was&#.
    [Marketing] 11 Reasons Why Microsoft's Kin Was a Failure | it's Josip not.
    product created from a non-Millennial mindset to be marketed towards Millennials. Home It’s Josip Archives Let’s Talk The Word on the Web 11 Reasons Why Microsoft’s Kin Was a Failure Written on July 5, 2010 by Josip Petrusa 2 Comments Tweet Share Save Last week’s announcement of Kin’s failure was a surprise. But it wasn’t that shocking. As product exposure was none-existent during it’s tenure, the death of the Kin followed that same lacklustre effort.  No one really cared about the Kin before. And no one really cares about the Kin now. Or should I say “was&#.
    [Marketing] Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts Nov 23 – Nov 29, 2014
    Thoughtography) Coaching Calls Designed for a LIFT Giving a Gift of Growth A Poem of Gratitude for Small Business 8 Tips to Creating a Small Business Holiday Marketing Plan Big Lists for Big Planning, Launching, and Reading Captions, Releases and Inside-Out in LIFT Clips Better Inventory and Content in LIFT Slides SmallBizTracks Daily Podcasts you many have missed this week: SBTD Episode 118:  Losing Your Motivation as a Business Owner? One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on  SlideShare. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Marketing] Not Tracking Social Media ROI is Your Fault
    Drive Social Media ROI with Content Marketing. These software packages “tag” the lead by link and source, and enable your sales and marketing teams to ascertain total booked revenue that came from particular social initiatives. Broadening the social media ROI conversation to include current customers also spotlights the extraordinarily important (and monetizable) benefits of socially-enabled customer service, product development, and market research. Last week, Susan Etlinger from Altimeter Group published the Social Media ROI Cookbook. ” white paper.
    [Marketing] Digital trends round-up July 2014
    Amazon enters the smartphone market with its Fire Phone. commerce giant Amazon has entered the smartphone market, with the launch of its Fire Phone. If Amazon is indeed able to break into the smartphone market and the technology takes off, the Fire Phone will help the online retailer strengthen its m-commerce offering and position itself favourability against competitors. Each month we bring you the  FreshMinds  trends round-up – a summary of  innovations , new technologies and the  latest digital trends  to help you navigate today’s fast-paced, tech-enabled world.
    [Marketing] Billions of Awesome Pieces of Content Served Daily?
    Disclosure: I am vice president of marketing at my6sense, a Paladin client. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, and Barack Obama, USA's interim CEO, dueled for attention this morning in what turned out to be an intriguing one-two punch on the state of social globally and then then the state of the nation broadly. Zuckerberg promised us something "Awesome", while Obama dueled with opposing party leaders claiming he didn't keep his own promises. Not bad considering both were completed before noon Pacific. billion. Per day. Just on Facebook. Think about two other things Zuckerberg said today.
    [Marketing] Your Content Strategy Sucks. Here’s How to Fix It.
    Based on my recent market analysis for Writtent , we’ll be placing our focus on: Actionable, data-driven content creation and content marketing tips backed up by real case studies with a lot of visual how-to’s. The primary benefit of Semrush is being able to almost instantly access your competitors’ top keywords, so you can enrich your own marketing strategy in a matter of minutes. For Writtent , this may include the following categories: -       blogging. -       copywriting. -       content marketing. -       inbound marketing. -       freelance writers.
    [Marketing] The Important Role Of Social Influencers
    The customer is the most powerful tool in marketing. In fact some would say it’s changed the balance in the way brands actually market their product. And marketers aren’t going to be giving that up easily are they? (Image URL: [link]. It’s pretty much common knowledge that we’re more likely to trust word-of-mouth than an advert on television. We’re more likely to trust the washing powder that Jane got 10-year-old Randall’s grass stains out of his trousers than an advert claiming it produces whiter results than an ordinary non-bio. Image URL: [link]. Socialnomics
    [Marketing] Dare Magazine Story on How Indian Brands Are Using Social Media.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « Dare Magazine Story on Whether Social Media Marketing Can Directly Impact Revenues Killer Startup Idea: (Get Together at Places With Friends of Friends) » Dare Magazine Story on How Indian Brands Are Using Social Media Welcome to the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists ! What is it good for? It’s brilliant.”
    [Marketing] The Transition of “Digital Days” to “Multichannel Days.”
    The conference highlighted how critical it is for companies to look at their direct, digital and targeted marketing in a multichannel context. True, the percentage of marketing expenditures as a portion of all media funneling into the digital channel increases every year. However, as a marketer, I need to know how to engage with customers and prospects in every channel THEY want to, not just online. Marketers are challenging their agencies to develop and manage ever more complex communications programs as brands look to engage with consumers in the methods customers want.
    [Marketing] Search Engine Optimization 101: Working Keywords into Your Web Pages
    Recently, I posted a review of SEM Rush , a great search engine marketing tool that can help you with your keyword research. The keywords you use on your web pages should be influenced by who your niche market is. By conducting some research, you will be able to identify which keywords are the best for your particular niche market too. As you use this keyword research tool, though, it’s critical that you understand exactly how keywords themselves are a part of your overall search engine optimization plan for your website. Search Engine Optimization
    [Marketing] How Checking Your Writing Makes You A Better Blogger
    and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Regardless of whether it was a careless stroke by the artist or not, what just happened? Instantly your liking of the painting took a hit. Please double check your work! Here are a couple tips to remember: 1.
    [Marketing] I Have Something To Share With You, But It’s Only Available for 72 Hours
    It will come back on the market, but that might be a week from now, two weeks, or not until next year. I don’t know how many people will sign-up, so it’s available for 3 days then it’s gone. I’ll also be removing the last three blog posts from this site. The whole point of the product was to show you exactly how I make a living online with affiliate marketing and to give you the best support anyone has ever offered in this kind of course. New tools I use that have helped me refine my affiliate marketing process. Social Media
    [Marketing] As the Social Networking Footprint Expands, So Does Attention to Social Monitoring
    play a very important role in brand marketing strategies. With However, it is extremely difficult to measure the impact of this new social voice on a company’s bottom line and marketing efforts. In 2011, social media and monitoring companies received a large amount of attention from investors, and this year, the sector is expected to benefit from a similar rate of financing, despite the overall market turmoil. Brands are now, more than ever, directly connected to their customers via the social voice of the consumer. Tweets, likes, dislikes, comments, etc.,
    [Marketing] Your Legal Questions Answered:Copyright, Defamation and CAP Code.
    Ashley Hurst: The big change with the new CAP code provisions (which take effect from 1 March 2011) is that they will apply to “non-paid for&# advertising and marketing communications. The The CAP Code already covers online advertising and marketing by email, texts, pop-ups and banner ads, and viral campaigns.  However, it will now cover advertising and marketing on company websites and through social media such as on Twitter and Facebook where the purpose of the communication is to sell something. The question is then what the user does with the tweet. For
  • LOUIS GRAY  |  SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2011
    [Marketing] Sonos Shrinks Wireless Sound Systems With Play:3
    but this week the company took a step down in the market with the introduction of the Play:3 line, which has a smaller form factor, fewer speakers, and a new profile which looks great if posed either vertically or horizontally. Sonos' mission is to deliver the highest quality music from any source to any part of your home, wirelessly. The company's beautiful Apple-like speakers have played a major role in my home's decor for the better part of 18 months, ever since I got my first S5, later added on two more units, and even a wireless dock to play songs from the iPod Touch. Huge win.
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 2013
    [Marketing] The Fight for #Conversation - Will There be a Migration From Twitter?
    There''s no doubt that Facebook launching hashtags is a big thing, especially for marketers, but I think for users too. Now you can add a simple keyword prefaced by a pound sign (#) to any post or comment and immediately let others click and see the entire conversation around that particular keyword. This is really what defined Twitter - it was the ability to have organized conversations through hashtags that made Twitter a breeding ground for conversation. On Twitter I know of many that use hashtags to start large conversations and bring attention to a particular topic. Events.
    [Marketing] Social Media Consultants & Companies-The truth can be found in their numbers
    I read an article in Wired’s Epicenter from a couple of days ago titled- Gaming the System: How Marketers Rig the Social Media Machine and the article caught my eye for a number of reasons. The first reason is that when I first “dabbled&# in social media 5 years ago-I was that marketer. I was the one gaming the system. Back then, comment spam and server farms did wonders for text based links and I was all over it. But a funny thing happened. started seeing the conversations. started paying attention to what was really happening around me. And it was cool. Nothing.
    [Marketing] Capturing Attention: The First Step to Action
    This past weekend, my friend Ken Mueller shared a video he’d taken of a Christmas flash mob at the Lancaster Central Market, singing the Hallelujah Chorus. love flash mobs – who doesn’t, right? plus, I think they’re in my DNA, since no one can flash mob like Bollywood can – so I watched it. It’s a cute video, albeit without much arm-shaking and leg-waggling. When Ken posted the video to Facebook, one of the comments was pretty negative, along the lines of “this is completely boring.” ” Not literally, of course, but you get my drift.
    [Marketing] Summer Camps Make Tracks with Social Media
    Camp directors and organizations are realizing they need to hit up the social media market to attract campers, counselors and to engage the community in general. It’s also a great marketing tool as prospective campers can check out all the fun pictures and posts. Twitter and Instagram – Marketing works well, here, too. Social media is affordable marketing – Often, camps don’t have large advertising budgets, and paper mailings are expensive, but social media isn’t. Summer camp – ah – the place where memories are made.
    [Marketing] Sydney Social Media Course – 3 Days with Laptop
    Workshop Facilitator:  Laurel was named in 2012 by Forbes magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally, and Marketing Magazine named her “Head of Industry, Social Media” Author of Social Media Revenue, Laurel has consulted globally including with Singapore Government and Middle East Broadcasting, and in Australia, with Westpac, Sony, local, State and Federal Government. We look at transactional based APIs (selling on Facebook) to Freemium (free and plus premium tiers) and marketing intelligence. Sydney social media course 2013. Set them all up in 3 days.
    [Marketing] Reputology: Review Monitoring Within HootSuite
    Not just for restaurants and hotels, but other markets having reviews are or soon will be available too. One of the things small town restaurants and roadside motels ask about is how can they monitor and resolve some of the reviews they are getting on services such as Yelp or TripAdvisor. It’s a much better question than the head-in-sand approach of a few years ago. And as one Boston-area sandwich maker can bear witness to , is how a flurry of great reviews on Yelp can lead to national exposure. Reputology: Review Monitoring Within HootSuite is a post from: ConverStations.
    [Marketing] All You Ever Needed Were the Basics
    One of the main problems with consuming this much information regarding making money online and the next new thing in internet marketing is that you feel like you have learned a lot. Benefits of Blogging – Developing SEO & Internet Marketing Skills. Favorite Lists of Bloggers and Marketing Experts in 2010. With all the information online about everything and anything, it’s so easy to get lost in learning and researching things. Not to mention, I find Twitter like internet crack ! The Harm in Consuming Mass Information. This Is How You Waste Time. Hell yeah!
    [Marketing] 10 Unorthodox Tips for Getting Better Performance From Your Blog
    The one-time fee covers the cost of marketing to the new customer. Try: Transforming your editorial calendar into an Editorial Marketing Calendar. If you plan to use content marketing and blogging as your primary marketing strategy then you need to have “novice” familiarity with CSS. I bet you’ve read enough about blogging to identify the obvious strategies: Write interesting blog posts focused on reader needs. Promote your blog posts via social networks Use your blog posts to generate demand for your products and services. We’ll tackle this challenge today.
    [Marketing] 5 disruptors shaking up the grocery industry
    Amazon Fresh and Dash are currently only available in certain parts of America; however talk of their introduction to the UK market has intensified in recent months. We’d love to hear your examples of other disruptors and innovation in the grocery market. Every week, we bring you the  FreshMinds  Friday picks – ideas to help you make the most of digital technologies and understand how they are helping brands to grow and innovate. This Amazon Fresh. Hello Fresh. UK-based Hello Fresh aims to take away the stress and time involved in making a home cooked meal. Instacart.
    [Marketing] 5 Reasons I Should Get More Comments than Gini Dietrich
    Michael Schechter is the Digital Marketing Director for Honora Pearls, a company specializing in  freshwater pearl jewelry. Today’s Coup de Blog is written by Michael Schechter. Every day, Gini Dietrich leads you to believe that she is kind enough to provide others an opportunity to give their voice on this blog; to share in her audience. This is a flat out lie. Having been a long time reader of Spin Sucks, there is one clear and, frankly, sinister intent for Gini’s so-called generosity… she gets to trounce us all in sheer volume of comments. But why not try something new? Agree?
    Of course there are many other ways to promote it as article marketing, PPC campaigns, paid banner impressions, social networking and others. #KeyResources FOR BRANDS AND BUSINESS TO GET MAXIMUM EXPOSURE ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND #KeyResources FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO EARN ONLINE FROM HOME REGISTRATION IS FREE Below am sharing TWO SECTIONS with you. Part One is for people who would like to get good mileage for their Brands and Businesses. This is called SECTION 1. The Second Part is for people who would like to earn from Internet. This is called SECTION 2. Million Users! 2. Million Users!:
    [Marketing] Living Social: 10 ways of using Posterous at work or home
    Home About Social PR Contact Me Subscribe Get Social PR By Rodger D. Johnson Living Social: 10 ways of using Posterous at work or home June 10, 2010 Chuck Gose, a colleague of mine, has a nice little Posterous blog going where I found this little gem. He found, and published 10 ways of using Posterous. It’s a neat little application. Share/Bookmark [link] Chuck Gose Who you calling little? Rodger You do tower over me! Nonetheless, I like your Posterous blog. Lots of good stuff there. Join me, please. Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes. WordPress Admin
    [Marketing] Warning: 5 Business Myths Which Wreck Your Success
    Here are some of the myths that I have come across whilst leading social marketing and social leadership workshops during the last month. They judge YOU both on the quality of the knowledge and the way it is applied to their business. "We are B2B so social marketing does not apply to us". Secondly, social marketing is potentially even more important for B2B. They are looking for reasons to invite you into tender for their business. "We love the concept of social marketing but we just don''t have time" Every business person has the same amount of time in a day. False.
    [Marketing] How to Create an Online Writing Portfolio with Contently
    Unlock Your Marketing Genius to Make Money Online. One of the best ways to make a good first impression for a freelance writing or guest blogging opportunity is to present someone with your writing portfolio. portfolio that showcases your best work can go a long way at turning a maybe into a yes! While I typically suggest that freelance writers have a portfolio set up on their own domain like I have done with my own freelance writing portfolio using the My Resume design from Elegant Themes , there are other great networks that allow you to create an online portfolio. Basic Information.
    [Marketing] Is Your SEO Up For Global Business?
    Marketing & SEO Are About Language. That still makes me laugh.) He suggests creating tailored websites for each market, choosing appropriate keywords, and localizing your content. The internet makes global business possible, and it also makes it possible to find a professional writer who speaks the language of the market you are targeting. I truly don’t think that the size of a business determines how many countries they engage, because I see individuals starting global businesses and making it work.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 5, 2011
    [Marketing] The Power of Social Over Search Engines
    If, as a marketer, you can come to grips with that and leverage it, you have a great competitive advantage. Today’s guest post is written by Paul Sutton. How long do you think you could go without using an Internet search engine? asked my friends and networks the question, and two thirds of the people I asked said that, on average, they use a search engine more than 10 times per day. They don’t think about it, they just do it. And they have total faith in the results they receive. Think about the power and influence this gives search engines over the way we see the world.
    [Marketing] How to Apply Social to Conferences
    Capturing the content and using it to gather leads will also give your marketing department more to work with when it comes time to promote the conference next year. Do you work in the Meetings or Conferences department of your association? Social media and conferences, just like chocolate and peanut butter are better together. When it comes to engaging conference participants before, during, and after, a face-to-face event, social media is a remarkably effective tool. It’s something that your social-media-savvy participants are starving for. This is how. Use it wisely and use it early.
    [Marketing] Buying & Selling Websites for Profit: An In-Depth Guide
    The reason for this is that usually there is a large marketing campaign prepared for when these products launch and many affiliates send emails to their lists. Before you do put a site up on the market try to find other ways it can be run if it is originally growing simply because of the work you put in. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" genuinely feel that the internet is one of the best places to invest your money and get a great ROI if you know what you’re doing. Those who want to invest in websites browse for and purchase the types of sites they want. Cheers!
    [Marketing] Google Says Google+ Doesn’t Influence Rankings
    It’s one of the most hotly debated issues in all of search engine optimization and digital marketing right now. A lot of people, experts included, are claiming that not only does Google+ have an affect on rankings, it is one of the most important ranking factors going. Does Google+ influence search rankings to any noticeable degree? Other people, also experts included, are saying that it makes no appreciable difference. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Let’s take a look at the newest opinion to hit the scene, one that carries a lot of weight. Did you read the title?
    [Marketing] @thebrandbuilder's Tech Tip #349: Mash enough buttons
    Home About Book Trey to Speak Let’s Connect #smBBQ Subscribe trey pennington connections, content, conversations: commerce™ @thebrandbuilder’s Tech Tip #349: Mash enough buttons by trey on June 6, 2010 Sometimes we encounter challenges we just can’t do anything about. When that happens, it’s often humorous to take note of what we do. We’re “do-ing&# creatures, even in the face of obstacles better addressed by not-doing. Michelle Chmielewski caught my “do-ing&# on video; Oliver Blanchard, @thebrandbuilder on Twitter, dubbed it his Tech Tip #349.
    [Marketing] Shocking: Most Small Businesses Don???t Have a Website
    Entering the e-commerce market from scratch might seem intimidating, but youre actually in a pretty sweet position. Cater to your market. You need to cater to your market and be where they are; in this day and age, that where is online. Written by Larry Alton. It might seem like everyone is online these days, but numbers dont lie: The majority of small businesses actually dont have a website. If youre lucky, they might have a social media page, but even these are often slim pickings. Getting started. Author Bio. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
    [Marketing] Smart Trust: Your must-read guide building trust to ignite your brand
    Steven and Greg to a masterful job of telling us exactly how to do that step-by-step so that we can integrate it within our organizations and take it to market. No topic strikes at the heart of so many problems challenging our country, the private sector, and business success than the issue of trust. Today’s marketplace is almost defined by a lack, or loss, of trust. So nothing could be more important right now than a book that speaks to the architecture of trust with a view to core business benefits that include teamwork, culture change and leadership, all of which drive profits.
    [Marketing] 7 new social networks your company should be monitoring
    If you ask most marketers or individuals they are up to their neck in social media and social networking sites. flickr photo by: Intersection Consulting. Many say they don’t have time to manage them. Especially if you work for an agency. I was speaking at a recent SocialFresh event about location-based apps/@Foursquare and mentioned how there are over 60 plus location based services. One lady responded, we have Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and now Foursquare how many more sites/apps will there be? Especially if it has a niche audience with a great brand. CrunchBase Information.
    [Marketing] When Twitter Suspends Your Account
    Ari Herzog provides social media marketing and editorial services to the nonprofit and public sectors. Uploaded with Skitch ! When Twitter suspends your account, you will not be offered gift cards. Twitter phishing continues. You are warned! Thank you for reading! If you are inspired to add a comment with your thoughts, please visit When Twitter Suspends Your Account in your browser. Related articles you may enjoy: When a Blog Has Its Own Twitter Account. Why My Twitter Account is Brand New – and What it Means for You. How to Delete and Send Twitter DMs in Bulk. by tammikibler.
    [Marketing] Is Your Association’s Website Any Better Than
    Your Rights and Social Media Policies What’s coming down the pike in social marketing? Every day (or at least I strive for every day….) I read the Washington Post. And it seems that every day since October 1, the first page has been dedicated to chronicling the failures of Namely–an organization’s website REALLY MATTERS to people. All because he’s a smart business person and a good project manager. Imagine that–a skilled and savvy project manager leading your web project–what a novelty! It is HUGE. Short answer for both? A lot. Really?
    [Marketing] Is Our PR Community Part of the New Pittsburgh or the Old One?
    Pittsburgh and other mid-size cities get a bad rap in the PR and marketing industry. Where’s the PR, advertising, and marketing community in all of that? This post originally appeared on PRSA Pittsburgh’s blog. . Creative Commons image from Flickr user Slackley. In this month’s Pittsburgh Magazine, there’s a story highlighting how millennials are literally and figuratively transforming my hometown. And people around the country are taking notice. and Chicago. People who care more about making an impact rather than getting a promotion. want to prove them wrong.
    [Marketing] Friday Vendor Roundup: Mindjet, Spigit, AtTask,, Box, & Tomfoolery
    Most people have never heard of Tomfoolery or their product Anchor, and that’s because the team behind it is small, the product is new, and there isn’t a lot going on in terms of marketing. However, Anchor is perhaps one of the most beautifully designed mobile apps for collaboration that I have seen on the market today. Their main target market is definitely not the enterprise but I think they can make a dent in smaller and perhaps (later) some mid-size organizations. Mindjet and Spigit merge. Mindjet and Spigit are merging to become a single company. My POV.
    [Marketing] Will consumers make money from their online data? The arguments for and against
    Marketers and advertisers will only be interested in bargaining if they can see it’s the best way to reach people – again, it depends on en masse adoption. Tweet Scales of Justice (Photo credit: Citizensheep). As we recently discussed, there is a growing discussion about who is making money from personal data that we share online and the role that “ data-lockers ” might play. These would essentially allow people to retain ownership of their data – only ‘unlocking’ it to brands and organisations with which they are happy to share the information. times.
    [Marketing] Model Behavior: What’s the Best Way to Attribute a Website Conversion?
    While most marketing programs include digital components — display, retargeting, organic SEO, social campaigns — there’s always a battle over how the budget will be apportioned out. An attribution model helps marketers understand how each piece of a marketing program contributes to the conversion process of a product or service. While most marketing departments know they need to get in front of their audience, many haven''t developed a attribution model plan that showcases how the channel helped — and those that have , have likely done so incorrectly.
    [Marketing] Hey! What’s happened to Absolute PA?
    started Absolute PA, a virtual assistant service, in 2009 and built it from scratch in to a successful business, largely using social media and online marketing to raise my profile and find clients. Social media became a valuable resource and marketing tool for me, providing numerous leads, clients, opportunities and web traffic. Having experienced the power of social media marketing for myself, I wanted to help other business owners achieve success too. I was increasingly being asked by clients to help set up, manage and implement social media and online marketing plans for them.
    [Marketing] How to Design a Blog to Explode Your Social Reactions: 11 Tested Tools
    Social media optimization (SMO) is a relatively new form of inbound marketing that’s closely tied to SEO. Providing your website visitors with easy opportunities to share on social media, when coupled with quality content and sound SEO practices, will transform your site into a marketing powerhouse. We love the subtle design of the option below: Image Credit: Book Marketing Maven. To learn more about the importance of great images for social reactions, we recommend Visual Content Marketing Tips from 13 Genius Thought Leaders. Talk about some low-handing fruit!
    [Marketing] 3 Critical Considerations Before Tackling Facebook’s New Contest Option
    The Facebook marketing industry has been churning since the announcement, some praising Facebook’s decision, others hating it. Not surprisingly, most Facebook contest app vendors claim that “serious” marketers will still need third party apps. Typically, Facebook marketers have used contests and promotions to grow the fan base for their Page(s). This data can then be used for emailing and marketing purposes and can add value to your Facebook marketing efforts in the long run. Facebook just made another major change  to its terms of service. Respecting the law.
    [Marketing] Face Time
    The same holds true for tangible marketing material. Social Media Marketing Some social media proponents would have you believe that the digital world is the new Nirvana. Guess what? Humans - the users of social media - haven’t really changed their behavior in 75,000 years. Although, we do dress better now, and we’re not all cavorting naked on the plains of the Serengeti. Humans - being human - love social interaction, particularly of the face-to-face variety. Always have, always will. full 84% of those surveyed say they prefer real-life interaction over digital.
    [Marketing] Colorful Brands
    He offers some excellent tips on the use of color, Choose a color that reflects the values of your company and resonates with your audience.   Don’t pick one simply because it’s your favorite, or commit to a certain hue without first testing to see how your target market reacts. Tags: Brand Branding Marketing We talked sometime back about the use of color in your branding efforts.  My Creative Team uses orange as our dominant color. Orange is considered an energetic color, connoting excitement, enthusiasm, playfulness and value. What colors are you using?
    [Marketing] Facebook Followers: Profiles vs Pages
    ” Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute , agrees with Tara that Facebook success is not dependent on a page. With over 39,000 fans today, Jon Loomer struggled to create a Facebook page. It was the winter of 2011 when Jon understood the value of a page but didn’t think his consulting business needed its own. He had a personal profile and encouraged his would-be fans to follow that profile and interact on public-facing wall posts. Facebook explains following : “When you follow someone, you see their posts in your news feed. didn’t. For others, no.
    [Marketing] Acquisition, Retention, And Building Loyalty In Social Media
    In order to get people on-board you will need to make a Business decision if you want to do aggressive marketing or have a subtle chronological effort. What you need to know and do is target the advertisements in a correct manner by way of selecting the right Target Audience and their Target Market / Geography along with a message that will generate a desirable response. ?? There are three important criteria while working on Social Media: Acquisition Retention Building Loyalty Acquisition: This is the process of getting new people on-board. Do not spam. Use these constructively.
    [Marketing] Why Dunbar's Number is Irrelevant
    have connections now on every continent, across different industries and segments of marketing. I can't possibly engage with all on a regular basis, but we know of each others' presence, knowledge, interests and willingness to help. Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Why Dunbar’s Number is Irrelevant View Comments January 25th, 2010 For those of you not familiar with Dunbar’s number it basically says that the most amount of people that you can maintain stable social relationships with is 150.  Your thoughts?
    [Marketing] Does your culture allow for change?
    The toughest struggle by far is in execution—whether the way that an organization thinks, learns, behaves and measures success embody the vision.  We have seen countless of smart leaders fail to move their organizations to an entirely new place in their markets because they rely on conventional processes and ways of thinking to execute new ideas and models.   And your very first steps and decisions are critical determinants of the final results: how you assess challenges; frame, communicate and act on priorities. Not so.  Why are they selected? Short-term fixes. How did you decide on it? 
    [Marketing] Super Bowl XLVI Social Media Command Center
    The Social Marketing Hub is the backbone of the operation, where a staff of 50 monitors and responds to comments and fan safety issues, while providing fan-powered tips on what’s happening via four social media channels – Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , and Flickr. Planning for the Command Center began more than a year ago, with the Committee making a final selection of the Awareness Social Marketing Hub in July 2011. You can choose your social channel of choice from there to stay connected and watch updates in real time – Blog, Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , Flickr. Go Pats!
  • PAUL GILLIN  |  MONDAY, MAY 31, 2010
    [Marketing] Great Events This Week
    We’re bringing together a lot of smart practitioners from the area who are putting social marketing to work in real business scenarios. There are a couple of events coming up in the Boston area this week that I hope you’ll attend. On Thursday, June 3, the Mass. Technology Leadership Council is hosting its second annual Social Media Summit. David Weinberger (right) kicks it all off as our keynote speaker. If you’ve never heard David speak, don’t miss this opportunity. Sign up here. The evening before MassTLC is the 7 th Annual MITX Technology Awards. Sign up here.
    [Marketing] America's Got Talent Tips
    and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? She had an awesome voice for singing and everyone was floored by it. She didn’t make it that far though, but she left a mark nonetheless. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or try to copy another person.
    [Marketing] My Social Media Vault
    and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? It all started in 2008 at the New Media Expo. I was speaking to my mentor, Paul Colligan , and he strongly recommended that I launch a product. At that time, my podcast had only been around for two years. learned alot from it.
    [Marketing] A good example of social media PR handling
    I’m reading Perspectives on Social Media Marketing (affiliate link) and one of the questions focuses on how to handle PR crises with social media. B. Bough related an example of how Pepsico handled a situation where an ad agency (that worked for Pepsi) had published a rejected ad for a contest in a magazine. One of the readers of the magazine was offended and tweeted about the ad to her followers. It’s a powerful example of how to do social media right, when it comes to a PR situation. Pepsico contacted every person who was offended by the ad and had posted about it.
    [Marketing] How I Made My First $100 Online
    and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me How I Made My First $100 Online March 3, 2010 by Taylor Marek “It was a dark and stormy night.
    [Marketing] Six examples of downtown Raleigh businesses using QR Codes
    The QR Code marketing movement is underway across the USA and Raleigh is right there joining other major cities such as New York and Boston with various businesses using QR Codes. In the upcoming months everyone will be adding QR Readers to their existing mobile apps along with various marketing agencies looking to see how they stay ahead of the other and add QR Codes with their clients marketing efforts… good luck. Regardless here are six examples of companies using QR codes downtown Raleigh, NC. 1. SPARKCon Posters. 2. Design Box Window Clings. 3. SPARKcon App dev.
    [Marketing] Fails, the Center of the Universe, Automating, and Tracking Traffic from Social: 6 MUST READ Posts This Week
    Keep a list of the digital marketing tasks that you do today and over the next few days and determine if they are repeatable tasks with predictable outcomes. Just another quick roundup of MUST READ posts you may have missed: 1. What Does a Washington Post Blogger Resigning Say About the State of Digital Publishing? Maggie McGary) – Maggie has that knack of pushing through to the harder questions when everyone else (including me) just buys what we’re told. ” Everyone knows that the traditional publications model is dying. socialbiz. socialbusiness. Here’s your homework.
    [Marketing] PRSA Response to PR Definition Criticism
    And helping current and future business leaders understand and appreciate the vital role of reputation management in their marketing mix. 4.     They aren’t particularly “modern.”. Today’s guest post is written by  David C. Rickey , chair of the PRSA PR Defined Task Force, in response to Redefining Public Relations by Gini Dietrich. With the release of the three final candidate definitions for public voting, and with the winning definition to be adopted by PRSA, more strong opinions now are being expressed. You hate them. Sweet mother of confusing sh*t.”. Public. Communication.
    [Marketing] How to Subscribe to Facebook Business/Fan Page Posts in Your.
    Saying It Social Your Social Media Marketing Resource Home About Polls Our Services Testimonials How to Subscribe to Facebook Business/Fan Page Posts in Your Favorite Feed Reader Hint: You can also use these tactics to get the RSS Feed URL of your page if you wish to import your Facebook Page’s feed on your blog or other sites! « Previous | Next » About Saying It Social, LLC provides Social Media Marketing & Local SEO Services for Franchisees & other Small Businesses. But, would you "settle" for one or the other? if yes, please explain.
    [Marketing] Why Voice is THE Game-Changer
    They had the agility, focus, and low costs that allowed them to get into small but market-shaping deals, and pursue a  strategy that the giants—like AT&T, IBM, and Microsoft — lacked. Apple, which has been dormant in speech technology for decades, has licensed technology from Nuance and introduced Siri, one of the first commercial and mass-marketed realizations of the vision of an omniscient personal assistant. Everything looks so dated, so sixties: green alphanumeric terminals, no display windows, primitive graphics, no mouses, no portable tablets or wireless devices, no Web.
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