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    [Marketing] SocialCRM (sCRM) and Web Journal – March 7-14th 2011
    While that’s an appealing idea, I’m skeptical of Omniture’s prospects in this market. This is a market with intense competition and products that are rapidly maturing and well ahead of what Omniture showed in terms of features and capabilities. Having just finished writing Social Media Analytics, I’d have to agree with Gary Angel in this – the Adobe Omniture offering is compelling – but when you consider everything else going on, a little too late in the market (when it’s finally released later this summer, so I’m told). Lithium ,  Jive ), data monitoring and capture (e.g.
  • ALEX BLOM  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 9, 2009
    [Marketing] the last person on my list
    Pivoting (for those who don’t know what/why) It’s all in the build-up A quick and dirty study on Social Media Alex Blom Digital & Social Media Marketing, Toronto Home About Consulting Contact Me The last person on my list by Alexander Blom on August 10, 2009 in Thoughts, tips & advice Spread it! create fresh, unique Internet Marketing and Social Media campaigns tailored to help you grow. Click here to learn more about my Digital Marketing services. How to Build & Sell Through a Community Part 2: Why? Like most of us I meet many new people each day.
  • ALEX BLOM  |  MONDAY, MARCH 8, 2010
    [Marketing] Too much noise! Too many channels! Eeek!
    Pivoting (for those who don’t know what/why) It’s all in the build-up A quick and dirty study on Social Media Alex Blom Digital & Social Media Marketing, Toronto Home About Consulting Contact Me Too much noise! create fresh, unique Internet Marketing and Social Media campaigns tailored to help you grow. Click here to learn more about my Digital Marketing services. How to Build & Sell Through a Community Part 2: Why? Too many channels! by Alexander Blom on March 9, 2010 in Thoughts, tips & advice Spread it! need to begin this blog with an apology.
  • ALEX BLOM  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 2010
    [Marketing] Cell-less
    Pivoting (for those who don’t know what/why) It’s all in the build-up A quick and dirty study on Social Media Alex Blom Digital & Social Media Marketing, Toronto Home About Consulting Contact Me Cell-less by Alexander Blom on June 25, 2010 in Thoughts, tips & advice Spread it! create fresh, unique Internet Marketing and Social Media campaigns tailored to help you grow. Click here to learn more about my Digital Marketing services. How to Build & Sell Through a Community Part 2: Why? Or as it would be called back home in Australia, mobile-less.
  • ALEX BLOM  |  THURSDAY, JULY 1, 2010
    [Marketing] Groupon vs Local Papers: Sometimes control is good
    Pivoting (for those who don’t know what/why) It’s all in the build-up A quick and dirty study on Social Media Alex Blom Digital & Social Media Marketing, Toronto Home About Consulting Contact Me Groupon vs Local Papers: Sometimes control is good by Alexander Blom on July 1, 2010 in Thoughts, tips & advice Spread it! create fresh, unique Internet Marketing and Social Media campaigns tailored to help you grow. Click here to learn more about my Digital Marketing services. How to Build & Sell Through a Community Part 2: Why? WordPress Admin
    [Marketing] Why Google+ is an Essential Part of Your Social Strategy
    Businesses and marketers need to gather crucial information on potential users signing up for their site, but the more hoops people have to jump through, whether that’s the number of clicks or the number of information boxes that need to be filled out, the less likely they’ll continue through the process until they’re all signed up. Doing so will also help provide instant permission-based access to the user’s social profile data, which includes demographic, psychographic and social graph data, all of which is really invaluable to targeting relevant marketing efforts. No excuses!
    [Marketing] Twitter Whois Record Hijacked, Syria Electronic Army Claims Responsibility
    1355 Market Street. Admin Address…… 1355 Market Street. Tech Address……… 1355 Market Street. 'Update: This post has been updated and will be updated as situation warrants. Updates at bottom of post. The title of the post has been updated, as well. friend of mine pointed out the Twitter whois record. Apparently it looks like the Admin record is Sea Sea and het email address for Twitter is now something There is a political situation going on right now in Syria, and there is unrest there. certainly hope not. Organisation Address.
    [Marketing] Reflections on Dell’s Social Media Facility
    In conversation with Rajiv Narang , executive director for social media and marketing innovation at Dell, it became clear how analytical this company is. Then it mindfully addresses its business direction to serve the market. Dell continues to be one of the most innovative companies out there in social media. Yesterday, on the one year anniversary of its Social Media Listening & Command Center , Jason Falls and I toured the computer giant’s headquarters. Perhaps the biggest impression made on me was the experimental and open nature of the Dell social team.
    [Marketing] Fred Willard and the Pee Wee Herman Effect
    PBS announced shortly thereafter: "Given the unfortunate news reported today, effective immediately, Fred Willard no longer will be involved with the Market Warriors series," said Jeanne Hopkins, a spokeswoman for WGBH, the Boston News comes today that actor Fred Willard was arrested for alleged lewd behavior at a "Hollywood adult theater."
    [Marketing] So you wanna launch a startup? – Infographic Data for Future Entrepreneurs and Their Biggest Obstacles
    Market awareness – 15.6 It seems that everyone not in just Silicon Valley is launching a startup these days. If not launching a startup they’re joining an accelerator or incubator. While startups are the new cool thing and accelerators and incubators are the new american idols for startups, launching a startup is no easy task. Recently Kauffman FastTrac conducted an “Are You An Entrepreneur?” ” questionnaire with results from 5,000-plus individuals and posted on ” questionnaire. Persuasiveness – 16.3 percent. percent. percent.
    [Marketing] Top 5 App Store Optimization (ASO) Hacks For Better Rankings
    'Anyone who owns a smartphone knows just how massive the app market is today. Keep in mind that some app markets don’t take kindly to keyword stuffing. Markets can differ greatly, sometimes in subtle ways you may not be aware of. What works on one market might not always work on another, so be willing to adapt your ASO accordingly. The app market is one of the most competitive out there, but its size shouldn’t prevent you from exposing your app to a large audience. Is your app among them? It doesn’t have to be. Make a Strong First Impression.
    [Marketing] Today’s Socially Connected World Means the Jobs Go where the Talent is
    Particularly in internet marketing and social media roles, having an employee work from home often takes away from the distractions of the office that can hamper both creativity and productivity. More people are working from home. Most do some work from home and the majority from an office, but the trend is heading towards a mobile and home-based work force. Other than the obvious benefits of lower office costs and improved employee morale, there’s another component that should be discussed: expanding the talent pool. Click to see the whole story. * * *.
    [Marketing] Seven Trends Transforming Customer Communication (Presentation)
    'This is an excerpt from an excellent post written by Drew Beechler on the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud blog. It is a synopsis of my seven trends presentation given last week at our Connections digital marketing conference. . Smartphones still have a massive growth potential with only 30% of the total market using smartphones. The ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s recent  Predictive Intelligence Benchmark Report  found there is a 12-25% increase in sales if the transactional message includes personalized product recommendations. Moments Matter. Connected Consumer.
    [Marketing] How To Survive The Algorithm Apocalypse
    So what does the marketer do when it’s clear that what used to work isn’t working and the situation is dire? 'Were you affected by the Penguin update? Did you notice any effects from Panda, Pirate, or the combination thereof? Moz just posted Glenn Gabe’s entertaining look at The Danger of Crossing Algorithms: Uncovering the Cloaked Panda Update During Penguin 3.0 , and it’s entertaining in the same way that zombies fascinate current culture. When they compared notes, it became pretty obvious that more than one algo was being updated and affecting SEO.
    [Marketing] Communicating Without Words
    As marketers, if we're not great presenters and presenting ourselves in the best possible way, all is lost. marketing professional. "Words account for only 7% of all communication." " That's one data point that has been kicking around forever. The translation is simple: your personal brand is screaming so loud that people can hardly hear a word that you are saying. The differences between what makes a good presenter and a great presenter are - more often than not - slight nuances. Hard to believe? It's something that I have been thinking a lot about recently.
    [Marketing] Want to network AND get smarter? Check out these conferences
    "    The Senior Marketing Executive Conference by The Conference Board -- November 9 -11 (NYC). In 2009, The Senior Marketing Executive Conference was cited as the #1 Senior Marketing Venue Globally; this year’s 2010 conference promises to deliver. You will hear some of the greatest business marketing stories of our time—directly from the leaders. There's no better way to learn than to mingle with smart people, learn from smart people and share your own smarts. There are three excellent opportunities to do just that in November.
    [Marketing] Blog Against the Machine
    They say that professional blogging is a dying social marketing tool. The University of Massachusetts revealed a 25% drop in the number of corporate blogs in the Inc. 500 (from 50% of the general surveyed population to 37%).The The next generation of trade media — team and professional “blogs” — have risen to the fore and [.]. Social Media blogging brian Copyblogger corporate Hubspot Inspiring Generosity Jason Falls MarketingProfs Social Media Explorer solis
    [Marketing] Why you need the right people to help your business grow
    These people will be people who look at your finances, business operations, marketing, and other aspects of the business that need to be performed in order to effectively make the business work. 'Recently I and another coach decided to exchange services with each other. While I don’t often do barter anymore, I felt like this would be a good trade, and so far it looks like it’s beneficial for both of us. As a coach, one of the biggest reasons a person hires me to help with their business is because they want a different set of eyes and perspective on what they are doing.
    [Marketing] What does Just Right look like for you?
    How much time do you have to network, market your business, do sales calls, balance the books, etc? 'A lot of focus on business is how much you need to grow your business, but one of the problems I find with the focus on constant growth of business is that it doesn’t really factor in what just right looks like. In fact, if anything, it makes growth of a business seem like a cancer, with a constant need to grow regardless of whether that is healthy for everyone working at the business. So what does just right look like? And that brings us to the second consideration.
    [Marketing] Why wise use of your resources is important
    Generally, the more of your resources you liberate from things and employees and invest in productive advertising, marketing, promotion, and sales, the more money you’ll make and the faster you’ll make it. One of the books I’m reading is How to Make Millions with Your Ideas by Dan Kennedy. It’s a classic of business and a book I’d recommend to anyone serious about starting or growing their business. think he’s right. The ultimate reality of a business is that you are doing it to make a living. Look at your business resources.
    [Marketing] Why Successful Businesses need a Business Coach
    You use that day to track your weekly efforts, plan next week’s goals, review your marketing and sales actions and plan, attend to your internal business processes and communication, and develop content that will be used during the rest of the week for your business. Most of the time people think that a business coach is needed when a business is in trouble. And that is certainly true, but sometimes even successful businesses need a business coach. For example, you might be bringing in lots of sales and not have time to attend to specific business tasks that need to be done.
    [Marketing] If you don’t believe in it, don’t sell it
    The second service is mobile marketing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached by people to sell a service or product they have. Most times its an MLM product where if I become a sales person they get some of the proceeds of my sales because they found me and got me recruited. That, in and of itself, turns me off, because it really amounts to someone profiting off my efforts, and really only wanting me to sell something because they know they’ll profit. That profit may not even be a percentage of my sales. It’s really that simple.
    [Marketing] Why Social Media is Low Priority and why it shouldn’t be
    They need to accept that social media is a viable medium not just for marketing, but also networking, and customer service and that what people want, more than anything else, is a relationship with the businesses that they support. Despite all they hype and talk about social media, something I’ve noticed with most businesses is that social media is low priority, in terms of adopting it and/or using it for the business. Unfortunately this is a very short-sighted approach to take to social media. Is social media the end all, be all of business communication?
    [Marketing] Know your audience and prospects
    They may feel overwhelmed at the idea of learning or using social media on a consistent basis, and they have no clue where social media fits into their marketing, customer service, or overall business. Part of building a successful business plan is knowing who your audience is, what their needs and problems are, and where you can find them, both in person and in virtual mediums. When I hear a lot of elevator speeches from people, what is often missing is that key component of audience…who it is you can help. Let’s break that down further.
    [Marketing] 6 Tips on Creating Compelling Newsletter Titles
    NewAge Marketing Agency Newsletter” vs. “Digital Marketing Guide”. Consider these examples: “Commission Nation Newsletter” vs. “Affiliate Marketers Guide to Wealth”. As with anything you write, the headline or title is the most important part. If it doesn’t do its job of convincing people to keep reading, what’s the point? powerful headline – whether an ad headline or newsletter title – successfully does a lot of things at once: creates interest. promises a benefit. boosts readership. increases click-through rate. Focus on your industry, not your company name. Trends.
    [Marketing] Tell Us Your Social Media Success Story
    Over at Bonsai Interactive Marketing , we’re currently putting together our next ebook to join the likes of From Stats to Strats and others. And we’d like you to star in it. We’ve all seen the great success stories in social media that are Dell, Zappos, JetBlue, etc. And that’s great, as success stories always are. But they’re also the ones most used, and there needs to be new shining lights, from businesses of all sizes. So here’s the deal. We want to show that it’s not just big businesses with bigger budgets that can make social media work.
    [Marketing] Brand series: Gap is bigger than a logo « Wisdom London
    think what would make the difference now to those who are really a bit confused about it is some really concerted marketing efforts that demonstrate the story behind it, what ‘new’ Gap is all about? Wisdom London Creative Communications is our world… « Brand series: What is a brand? Brand Series: Drew Creative on brand » Brand series: Gap is bigger than a logo By Kate Spiers Wow. Gap launched a new visual identity this week and there is uproar. But more than that, some quite stinging mockery. That’s OK. It was probably overdue. Probably.
    [Marketing] Interview with Tamar Rimmon: Analytics Without The Glazed Over Look
    Toby/Diva Marketing: As Senior Manager of Analytics and Audience Development your days are filled with numbers. Toby/Diva Marketing: We understand that measuring success starts with goals/objectives. Toby/Diva Marketing: What is a must bring to Adobe Summit for you? mine is digital, though…) Adobe Summit is a great opportunity to meet fellow analysts and marketers and learn about all the innovative things they are doing. This Diva Marketing post is part of an influencer  Adobe Insider program  for  Adobe Summit. m also a big believer in data visualization.
    [Marketing] Live Streaming = Death of Television?
    Being a self-identified digital marketing nerd, I found myself wondering what live streaming says about us as consumers and what it means for video watching in the future. The concept of cord-cutting is debatable; whether you believe that TV is seriously threatened by online video or whether it will always have a place in the home, marketers can’t deny that the idea is taking hold.  It’s clear that live streaming is going to have an increasingly strong presence in the future and there is a large, gaping opportunity for marketers
    [Marketing] Samples of SlideShare (Visual Lessons)
    101 Free Marketing Online Resources (Look for the ‘Get it Here’ Button). 101 Free Online Marketing Resources For Entrepreneurs from Fit Small Business. 'Each Saturday, we share a few video clips or lessons that might motivate you, teach you a new trick, or get you thinking about new data or trends. While most of the media we share on these types of posts is video, an excellent and not-to-be-neglected platform is There is also a huge library presentations that you can view and learn from. Why Should You Use SlideShare? SlideShare 101 from Amit Ranjan.
    [Marketing] When is the Best Time to Post for Your Small Business?
    First, there are the pros: Marketers; Copywriters; Bloggers; Agencies; SEO pros and others. Second, 'One of the most often-asked questions, “When is the Best Time to Post?” ” There are two camps the question comes from. First, Second, there are the small business owners who are not among the first group: Plumbers; Landscapers; Taverns; Shoe Stores; Florists; and tons of others. Each group has a legitimate reason for asking. The first group is often looking for a blanket  or scientific answer, while the second group might have two purposes for the question. It Depends.
    [Marketing] 5 Steps Required to Building a Best Practice Digital Analytics Function
    The changing communications landscape has also led to revolutionary changes in the world of market research. Unfortunately, not every market research professional is adopting this new form of research citing its lack of structure as a major drawback. Fortunately, that’s becoming a smaller group of individuals as progressive companies up and down the Fortune 500 list see mining digital and social data as an essential part of the marketing function. The most common digital data use case is for public relations and marketing, and that is totally fine.
    [Marketing] When is the Best Time to Post a Blog Post?
    Unless, of course, you have some sort of need to wait until the stock market closes or some other company financial reason. Related posts: Search Engine Optimization: Why a Blog is Important When talking to business owners about marketing their businesses on. I have been asked over and over again by many different people. And most likely you have probably been wondering. When is the best time to post a blog post? Is there a certain time of day and day of the week when it is ideal to post your article or blog post on your blog? Yes, there definitely is a better time than others.
    [Marketing] Social Mediators 7 – Eqentia – Social Media Monitoring Tool For Enterprises
    William says that he had the funding to carry on with the development of the product and to explore its marketing potential. Eqentia is a social media startup headquartered in Toronto, Canada. In  this week’s episode of  Social Mediators , Eqentia’s CEO and Founder,  William Mougayar , joins  Joe Thornley and me for a discussion about Eqentia, what it does, who it’s aimed at and future plans for it. Eqentia is positioning itself as a team-based knowledge dashboard that can be managed by one or two users, freeing others from the need to set up and refine searches.
    [Marketing] Social Media Cupcake Thoughts
    Authentic Brand Stewardshi p - Social media brings interesting challenges to marketers who are responsible for keeping the brand safe.  On my happy birthday to me day, thoughts turned to cupcakes. Little tastes of wonderful sweets that do not overwhelm. but with big flavor. They can be made from decadent chocolate or veggies like carrot or zucchini. Cupcakes are limited only by your imagination. Read what resonances with you. As with social media. it's always your choice! Consumer generated media may find its way into every area/department that touches the customer experience.
    [Marketing] When it Comes to Content, Honesty is the Best Trick in the Book
    'More than 2,500 marketing types flocked to Content Marketing World in Cleveland this week to learn about the very latest in content marketing. few dozen attendees had an opportunity to learn a lot from one of the very first in content marketing. In his matter-of-fact Midwestern tone, Jones told a story of sustainable content marketing that wowed everybody in the room. So, what’s the secret behind the long-running magazine’s content marketing success? Note: Deere won’t disclose the exact circulation, nor does it share budgetary information.).
    [Marketing] Big Data and Content Engagement – a TCBY Case Study
    But what they are parading as street style — once fashion’s last stronghold of true indie spirit — has lately been breached, infiltrated by tides of marketers, branding consultants and public relations gurus, all intent on persuading those women to step out in their wares.” A lot of talk about Big Data this year and for sure, in 2013, probably a good deal of it being hyped. Yet, Obama did win last week and it’s partly due to Big Data according to reports that have come out of Chicago. After all, according to IDC by 2016 Big Data Analytics will be a 51 Billion dollar Industry.
    [Marketing] How to Keep Fans and Influence People on Facebook
    m not going to spend too much time on this because everybody has their own marketing ideas and attracting fans to your Facebook page has already been widely discussed on the internet. Personally, I think the most important thing is to have a good quality service/product/idea because, however well you market it, in the end you are asking people to tell their friends that they like it. This is a guest post by Tom Parnell. If you have anything to promote, on or offline, whether it’s a product or just a personal blog, Facebook is a free and easy way to reach a huge potential audience.
    [Marketing] The [Real] Story of Thanksgiving
    26 The Admiral Ackbar Philosophy of Facebook Marketing Fun Friday: Presidential Guest Post The Blogarium of Dr. Stawnassus: The Power of Story The Story No One Can Steal. Tweet Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! As you know, I’m using my new platform and schedule to promote guest posters each Thursday. This week, with it being a holiday, I’m going to let a friend of mine tell you a story: The Story of Thanksgiving. His name is Theodore and boy does he have a story to tell you. think I’ll turn it over to him at this point. know this is hard to hear, but it’s all true.
    [Marketing] Top 20 Social Media IPOs = 50% Failure Rate
    Carbonite, a data backup firm, had a successful IPO in August, a brutal month for the market. Bazaarvoice, the ratings, reviews and social commerce software provider out of Austin, Texas has a virtual monopoly on its market. As long as Yelp doesn’t encroach on markets like coolers (Rubermaid) and electronics (Best Buy) Bazzarvoice should remain strong (full disclosure – I’m on the Advisory Board for BV). Facebook’s IPO will be next week. It’s anticipated to open on May 17 between $28-$35 per share and a $96 billion valuation. Yandex (YNDX) -20.8%
    [Marketing] There Is Lots Of Money In That Data
    Hewlett-Packard this month bought Britisih software firm Autonomy, a market leader in unstructured data search, for $12 billion. The collection, analysis   and use of   consumer data is and will continue to both be valuable and yet threatening to privacy and individual preferences.  Think about the implications already being revealed.  How and what you communicate and associate with reflects your character, affinities and values. All of the related data is for the world to see and organizations to use both for you and against you. Data drives everything we know and don’t yet know.
    [Marketing] Twitter Manager Tools – Compare!
    Forget HootSuite: 5 Best Twitter Marketing Tools. As Twitter becomes more widely used as a marketing tool for businesses, using it effectively and creatively will be critical.Given the nature of Twitter, if used incorrectly, a marketer will become overwhelmed and get lost among the constant stream of information. 'When it comes to managing your Twitter account, there is a plethora of offerings, some free, some not. And because everyone has an opinion, here is a collection of  lists for Twitter manager, Twitter client, and Twitter management tools.
    [Marketing] Social and Speaking Out on Religious, Political and Personal Beliefs
    Others (remember that I’m in the business of marketing and perception or, worse, sometimes even deception, does play a role now and then) are very cautious. And, in case of doubt, you can always discuss about it… Sacrificing the sense of security However, one thing is for sure: if no one speaks up in this very public space, we call the social Web, we are intellectually and socially dead in it and better leave it, unless we really don’t like debate, think the world is perfect, are on social media for fun or for the money as many marketing folks I know, etc. Marriott is a Mormon.
    [Marketing] The Symptoms of a Dysfunctional Business
    'Whenever someone tells me they are having trouble with their marketing (a common symptom of a dysfunctional business) I know that problem is only the tip of the iceberg. Inevitably their are other problems in their business which either are begin ignored or aren’t recognized as problems, because the focus is on marketing. And it will show up in the marketing and how well it is or isn’t executed as well as whether or not marketing is on the same page as other parts of the business. So let’s say you figure your marketing out.
    [Marketing] June Revisited:Top 5 Blog Posts on Social Media
    Some time ago, we had a guest post on our blog stating how social media is not a cheaper alternative, even though many marketers think it doesn’t cost much. Companies’ Use of Content Marketing Is On the Rise [infographic]. More companies are moving their marketing efforts online and seeking to expand their reach in the web sphere. Here, social media naturally plays a great role and this means that the budgets allocated to content marketing are growing. Instead of using only traditional marketing, content marketing has become popular at the same time as it.
    [Marketing] BUILDBox – The Top Startup, Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Articles This Past Week
    2015 Marketing and Technology Trends via @OpenViewVenture. 'BUILDBox curates the best building resources for technology entrepreneurs, daily. BUILDBox. How ‘venture builders’ are changing the startup model via @VentureBeat |. Discuss the Ideal Exit with Investors by @davidcummings on Startups. The Official Definitions of Seed, Series A, and Series B Rounds by @jason. BUILDUP #podcast w/ Semil Shah on How Can Underrepresented Minorities In Tech Can Build Bridges With Investors. Weekend Read: Startups Should (Almost) Never Discount Their Prices via @wsjstartup. by @wndxlori.
    [Marketing] How to use Internal Site Search Data to Figure Out If You’re Giving your Readers What They Want
    Let’s go back to this report: So thanks to this report I can see ‘content marketing’ is something that my visitors are interested in finding out more about. While this isn’t great news; this sort of insight is really valuable and leads to action – in this case the data suggests I need to create more content around ‘content marketing’ (oh the irony!). Now let’s imagine that I’ve done just that – I’ve written some new posts on ‘content marketing’ – a month has passed and I’m keen to see if what I’ve done has improved the situation at all. This is a guest post by Hannah Smith.
    [Marketing] Buy Amazon Kindle at Croma Stores in India
    You also browsed my amazing new Amazon Kindle lighted cover photos and found the best Kindle reading lights available in the market. Home > Gadgets > India » Kindle Amazon Kindle is now officially for sale in India. You can buy Amazon Kindle exclusively at Croma stores across India from now on. After launch of Junglee  search engine, this is Amazon’s biggest push to sell Kindle in India. Buy Kindle at Croma Stores. If you visit the Croma Online Store today, you can see Amazon Kindle featured on the front page. Indians can buy Amazon Kindle starting at Rs.
    [Marketing] Put Eyes Behind Your Back: Monitor Your URLs on Twitter - The.
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 30 Jun 2009 Put Eyes Behind Your Back: Monitor Your URLs on Twitter I talk to a lot of people in PR about conversation monitoring. Everyone, it seems, recognizes the importance of monitoring Twitter for mentions of their brand (be it a corporate/product brand or personal one). Other similar tools include TBuzz and Topsy.
    [Marketing] The Future of Blogging - a Collaborative Mindmap - The Steve Rubel.
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 7 Jul 2009 The Future of Blogging - a Collaborative Mindmap A little over five years ago, sites like Typepad, Blogger and WordPress dazzled by empowering anyone to instantaneously share his or her thoughts with the world; My how times change. So is blogging dead? It depends on who you ask. Please edit it! Interesting map.
    [Marketing] Association Social Media: NASTAD
    Association Social Media: ASCD BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups 3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Doesn’t Work for Associations ePatient 2015: Healthcare Associations, Are You Ready? ——————— Please welcome Meico Whitlock, Senior Manager, Communications, at NASTAD , the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors. 1) First things first –  in what department in your organization does your role sit? Who do you report to? Meico:  We don’t have a formal department for the work I do. More like this.
    [Marketing] The Future Of Digital
    We live an era of exponential business and marketing growth. marketing growth. That's right, we no longer see business moving in a linear fashion. The growth has become exponential (magnificent rises and terrible burn-outs). While many pundits will argue that not much has changed in the world of business, I'm bullish on digital and the disruption it has caused - and will continue to cause in the coming years. It will also tackle what you (and I) will need to bring to the proverbial table to be employable within this time of purgatory (as I will define it in the business book).
    [Marketing] Facebook’s Zuckerberg to Focus on China
    “Mr Zuckerberg came to get a better understanding of  China’s Weibo market,&# Sina said in a statement. Chinese social networks RenRen and QZone are the dominant players in the market. By 2013 this is estimated to equate to a market potential of $431 million. If Facebook were to team up with Baidu or Sina they would be strong alliances against Facebook’s current and foreseeable competition of Google and Twitter in other markets. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg vacationed in China during the holidays. Baidu is the Google of Chinese search.
    [Marketing] Another Kind Of Advertising Agency
    didn't get into the marketing industry to make consumers feel "less than" unless they bought the products or services that I was representing. got involved in marketing, because I enjoy the practice of better understanding human nature, why we buy and how can we better inform people to make decisions that are more aligned with their goals and values. marketing industry. Why is it that so many advertising professionals eventually retire and become consumer advocates? Are they atoning for their sins? This is the commonly held perception. It's not always easy.
    [Marketing] Could and Need
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Could and Need August 19, 2010 3 voices share yours! Share Save There are two basic ways of deciding on a course of action. call it the Could and Need Effect. Both similar. Both different. Both entwined. Both separate. But each one defines your success and longevity. Ask yourself a question and approach it from Could and Need to decide your next step. This bill could wait until next week. need to pay this bill to keep my business open. Enjoy this post?
    [Marketing] [Please Share!] Are you a Millennial aged between 25-30?
    Using YouTube for B2B 3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Doesn’t Work for Associations Proven Tactics to Recruit, Retain and Unleash Millennial Talent BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups Cool Social Tools: Double The Donation Healthcare and mobile technology. 'In case you hadn’t heard yet, Jamie and I are doing some research for our next book, and we are looking specifically for the perspectives of Millennial employees in the workforce. Millennials: we want YOU. There are two ways to participate in the research. Just go to  this open link to our survey. Potluc
    [Marketing] Innovation, Agility, and Social Organizations
    The only way you keep up with an ever-changing market is to be ever-changing yourself. It was earlier in the year that I made the connection between agility and social organizations. Agility is one of the big problems that can be solved when organizations become more human (the other big one is engagement). Traditional organizations are bad at agility because they are steeped in mechanical thinking. guess that’s to be expected. Machines are not designed for agility. They’re not designed to change directions rapidly or adjust to shifts and changes in the environment. Humaniz
    [Marketing] Secure your spot today for Monday’s Association Palooza II!
    Hear from your association peers at PMMI , American Podiatric Medical Association ,  Mortgage Bankers Association , American Historical Association  and Intelligence and National Security Alliance  about how they’re successfully leveraging technology – including mobile apps, email marketing, and responsive and adaptive design – to deliver superior experiences to members. 11:15am-12:00pm - Round Robin: Mobile Apps, Responsive Design, Email Marketing, Social Media. Alicia Roundy,  Director of Marketing, Mortgage Bankers Association. Afternoon Session.
    [Marketing] 'Jumo' – The New Social Networking Site For Non-profit.
    Making people participate With the understanding in mind that sometimes certain ideas that already exist need a twist and a marketing strategy to really hit the roof, I think Jumo has great potential to do exactly that. brilliant marketing strategy Subsequently, what is really worth mentioning here is not Jumo, what Jumo is, and how that’s going to change the world for the better, or help users online donate to causes and see in real time where disasters are taking place and how to help prevent those. The real issue I noticed here is how brilliant the marketing strategy is.
    [Marketing] 25 Success Tips for Writing Irresistible Customer Success Stories
    'Your company’s best advocates aren’t in your marketing department; they’re your current customers. Customer success stories are among the top five most popular forms of content marketing, and 64% of B2B marketers consider them the single most effective form of custom content. Your prospects and customers are highly jaded to biased marketing messages, and nothing will raise suspicions faster than a report that seems exaggerated, or inaccurate. Cross-promote their content on your social media channels, or offer a discount for their help to your marketing strategy.
    [Marketing] White Paper: Engaging the New Influencers - The Steve Rubel Stream
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 4 Sep 2009 White Paper: Engaging the New Influencers You must have flash to see this embedded document. One of the most remarkable things my employer does is host a world-class summit for academics every year on new media. We do so even in downturns, like the one we're in now.  This year's event, which featured both industry and academic insights, was held in Washington in June. Wow, thanks for the info.
    [Marketing] Quick appearances elsewhere
    In the meantime, the business development experts at the Future Agency have published a comprehensive interview with me on the future of PR/Marketing and Content, mainly focusing on how running TheWayoftheWeb has continually evolved over time and how I want it to be run in the future. 'Client work has kept us all really busy at the moment, along with some work on our own projects – some live, such as OnlineRaceDriver , and some still at the ‘skunkworks’ stage. And me. The post Quick appearances elsewhere appeared first on TheWayoftheWeb. TheWayoftheWeb
    [Marketing] Quick appearances elsewhere
    In the meantime, the business development experts at the Future Agency have published a comprehensive interview with me on the future of PR/Marketing and Content, mainly focusing on how running TheWayoftheWeb has continually evolved over time and how I want it to be run in the future. Client work has kept us all really busy at the moment, along with some work on our own projects – some live, such as OnlineRaceDriver , and some still at the ‘skunkworks’ stage. And me. Buffer. TheWayoftheWeb
    [Marketing] A Social Media Master Class
    Looking beyond the forty million-plus views that this thirty-minute documentary/movement has achieved in a couple of days (if you haven't watched it, you owe it to yourself to do so below), this admirable non-profit movement is giving a free master class in Social Media marketing to both non-profit and for-profit organizations. non profit marketing. social media marketing. If you have not seen the Kony 2012 video, you may be living under a rock. It is, without question, the hottest viral video sensation the Internet has seen in a long time. The video works. Twitter spam.
    [Marketing] Social Media Trends 2012 – Analytics and Measurement
    Several years ago Jim Sterne of the Web Metrics Summit said that someone who can understand web analytics and interpret the numbers for the marketing and PR people is worth their weight in gold – and I believe that is still the case today. Today I am going back to the four social media trends Beverly Macy predicted would be hot in 2012 in the Huffington Post. The rise of Social Intelligence. Better use of analytics and more focus on measurement. Content creation and curation. Social media education and training. Let’s take a look at Analytics and Measurement. Measurement.
    [Marketing] Social Media: Should I Accept All Connection and Friend Requests?
    I, nor any other marketing strategist, can tell you exactly what should be done in 100% of the cases. If, on the other hand, you find them interesting in terms of your marketing and business development goals, and that also means pure education, not just that they will they become a client, then give them serious consideration. 'These questions and concerns come up often. just want to be connected to my family and close friends on Facebook.? Should I accept a request from this person I don''t really know on LinkedIn? have no idea who this person is. Should I Circle him on Google+?
    [Marketing] Why Social Media is a Check to Your Passion
    because I live and breath my brand but social media is part of my development to see my market from different viewpoints. There is a Zen saying that is posted on my To her lover a beautiful woman is a delight, To a monk a distraction. To a mosquito a good meal.". When you a running a business it is so easy to let your passion overtake your ability to remember to keep honest to that passion and to keep seeing the world from different angles. listen to many podcasts that I don't totally agree with, I read blog posts from people who have a different view point.why? Related articles.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012
    [Marketing] Top 10 Guest Blog Posts of the First Half of 2012
    vs Marketing and  Owned vs. Earned Media: Measuring the ROI. Today’s guest post is written by Lisa Gerber. . Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s time for the Spin Sucks Semi-Annual Top 10 Guest Blog posts. Our guest bloggers create about 30 percent of the content on the blog, and we love having you because we get to showcase some of the great talent within our community (cough, with a few exceptions, cough). So, much like Nordstrom does with their  Half Yearly Sale , we want to thank you. Let’s get right to it. The Top 10 Guest Blogs on Spin Sucks for 2012. Oh, Pinterest.
    [Marketing] Are Schools Killing Creativity?
    In a post  on his new book,  “We Are All Weird,” Seth Godin wrote, During the age of mass (mass marketing, mass manufacturing, mass schooling, mass movements) the key was normal. Today’s guest post is written by Craig McBreen. Years ago, there was a boy who spent much of his school day staring out the window, daydreaming. To him, school was like the clink – a penitentiary so void of inspiration his imagination often left the room. His creative spirit needed an outlet, but it was so stifling in there. Kids dream big. Innate abilities lost over time? Passions are lost.
    [Marketing] Quality Still Counts - Danny Brown
    Whether it’s launching new products, starting a PR/marketing/advertising campaign or adding sections to your website, taking on too much will leave you thinly spread. The iPhone, the iPod, Windows Vista, Xbox – although there may be different versions of the same product for different markets, essentially it still equates to one product line. This is one of the main reasons why these two companies lead the market in their fields. They keep the new products launched to a minimum for a simple reason – don’t confuse the market. And, rather ultimately, less effective.
    [Marketing] 6 Readers Share Why They Read Blogs by Email
    Judy Parisella, a Massachusetts online marketer of civility : It’s what I know, in that email is part of a process. Why do some people prefer reading blog articles by email? Reaching out to six random email subscribers spread across the planet (courtesy of Google’s Feedburner application which displays email addresses of anyone who subscribes this way) and asked for their insights, they were more than willing to share… Mark Harai, a business development consultant in Costa Rica: RSS readers just don’t work for me. m not a mobile-multi-app practitioner at this point.
    [Marketing] General Counsel: “Lawyers, Know My Business”
    During my in-house legal marketing days, we had the water company as a client. 'Even though the rapid-fire GC Panel at last week’s LSSO Raindance Conference was filled with pages full of suggestions (some of the one-liners were priceless), there were a few recurring themes I can’t get out of my head. We’ll start with just one of those themes today, but I will tackle more in the coming days. If you look below, you can see a few Tweets I shared as I listened to our panel. If you see abbreviations, please remember we are limited to 140 characters on Twitter. KEY TAKEAWAYS.
    [Marketing] Report: Social Media Responsible For Only 3 Percent of Web Site Visits
    Despite the exponential, widespread, and breathlessly documented rise in social media activity and usage, many of us don’t have a great way to quantify the value of social media marketing to bottom-line business results. There is a new report from ForeSee Results that details research that they performed showing that social media is responsible for only three percent of web site visits to retail web sites. Apparently, according to a report that I wrote about recently, social media spending is going up. But is this really a good decision? Social media scored just two percent of the vote.
    [Marketing] Is Twitter for Business Even Worth the Trouble | social crm.
    By way of comparison, that’s approximately the same size as the Asian American population, and you certainly don’t see the media coverage, software development, conferences, and general hullabaloo about marketing to Asians. Can you imagine an “Illinois Marketing for Dummies&# book? As a marketer, you’d think I would have joined it to be an early adopter, but no. Jon Thomas Story Worldwide [link] [link] Doktor Marketing Is Twitter for Business Even Worth the Trouble? Nobody forced companies to get involved with their customers in this way.
    [Marketing] How to Promote Yourself Using Social Media for HCRCA | Bare Feet Blog
    Marketing The Good News: Other people can spread your message for you. Home About What We Do PayPal Speaker Contact Subscribe Press / PR Bare Feet Network Internet Literacy for Business: Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video & Social Media Howto, Consulting, Training & Public Speaking Home > Branding , HowTo , Social Media , Speaking > How to Promote Yourself Using Social Media for HCRCA How to Promote Yourself Using Social Media for HCRCA by Roxanne Darling on May 22, 2010 This presentation was for the Hawaii Court Reporters and Captioners Association. Where would be without them?!
    [Marketing] PR Tip: Why Your Mission Statement Sucks
    'I read a lot of websites and marketing literature from all sorts of organizations large and small. Unfortunately, there is a problem with most of them. They don’t have a positioning statement. Oh, sure! Most have mission statements, but the two are vastly different. Veteran public relations agency consultant, David Henderson, writes this: “[Mission statements] are frequently a pastiche of buzzwords designed to sound lofty, reassuring, authoritative and … well, boring.” ” Have you read a mission statement and said to yourself, “So what?” Right?
    [Marketing] 7 Strategies to Grow Your Email List
    You want that sign-up form and e-newsletter to match your design, look and feel of your company, website and other marketing material. Growing an email list as a public relations campaign strategy for your blog and company is very important. In so doing, you’re cultivating a loyal band of people interested in you, your products and services. Besides using email to promote your business, however, consider using it to deepen relationships. Before you can deepen those relationships, however, you need to build a list. And I use MailChimp to build subscribers to my newsletter.
  • GET SOCIAL PR  |  SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2011
    [Marketing] PR Strategy: The future ain’t what it used to be
    Here, I’ll summarize: Find what people are reading in your industry or market. Yogi Berra was famous for giving us one-liners that seems a little off, but always apropos. And when we think of public relations campaign strategies in a new digital world, the future [really] ain’t what it used to be. With social media tools aplenty and the changing behaviors of savvy consumers, companies that want to connect with them must build PR strategy with social and search in mind. Today, I want to focus on search, specifically the process of backlinking. It wasn’t talked about.
  • CITIZEN MARKETER 2.1  |  MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010
    [Marketing] Quick'n'Dirty Episode 43: We've Got a Producer!
    Citizen Marketer 2.1 Useful information on how to add "social" into your marketing mix with measurable results. This weeks TOTW was none other than Lee Odden , CEO of Top Rank Marketing. minutes ago What We Do Inside Third Tribe Marketing - Ever wonder what we do inside Third Tribe? We help people improve their marketing. So how are you taking advantage of the market con. days ago Social Media Marketing Whats #NewTwitter? Oh yeah, Ill also talk about new things Im learning too. promise it will be worth your while. It he. You w.
    [Marketing] The Art of the Personal Power Ratio
    As always Josh provides real-life interesting examples from his own personal Groundswell. At 8,000 followers, Josh certainly has a poweful and potent following, not quite capable of causing an uprising perhaps, but certainly being very informative. In this case, Josh used his personal Twitter following to try to remember a name of movie that tanked due to negative Twitter coverage. The film was Bruno by the UK’s Sacha Baron Cohen. Personally, I haven’t seen the movie but in general the reviews in the UK had been pretty good. Rightly so in some aspects. Link here.
  • DIGIGEN  |  TUESDAY, MAY 4, 2010
    [Marketing] Twitter Launches New Embed Feature
    Nevertheless, I thought I would write about both today and with Twitter’s launch of their new embeddable tweets they are going to get a quick note here too. Embeddable features have always been a useful addition to YouTube videos, enabling the dynamic spread of great videos across blogs or other websites. However, Twitter has always had the problem, or we have always had the problem with Twitter, that we need to copy and paste or screenshot a page, to get those valuable tweets which we want to talk about. This is great as it enables quick reference of tweets without any massive effort.
    [Marketing] Here Is What Smart Companies Get That Others Don’t
    That isn’t just a marketing slogan coined by Apple the ability of an organization to think differently drives everything they do and why they do it. 'There is nothing more alarming to a man than when a woman says “you just don’t get it” That phrase implies many things including you are not listening, you don’t understand or you are so arrogant you don’t care to try to either. In others words the phrase or feelings of “you just don’t get it” implies a serious disconnects that are usually followed by trouble ahead. What Smart Companies Understand.
    [Marketing] Borrowing Social Currency?
    Productivity increases revenue if and only if there is a market willing and able to consume what you produce. If I borrow money from you to pay my expenses then you borrow money from me to pay your expenses and neither of us can really afford our expenses what happens? We both default on our debt which hurts both of us and everyone tied to the monetary system. Just like individuals, nations borrow money and just like individuals, they also have to repay their debt along with interest! And why some nations can’t borrow money? third is by taking loans from other countries.
    [Marketing] Are You Asking the “Why Should I” and Missing the “Why Are They”?
    Mobile Marketing Research You Need Now! Wow, things change fast, hmm? New things, changed things, different ways to use things. And have you seen the way those people are using those things? And so we are faced with a question (or two). Many of us start with this one: Why (on earth) would I want to do that ?! Unfortunately, as you may have determined by the tone (the exclamation after the question mark) this really isn’t a question – though it should be, just without the sarcasm. Whether you and I agree with that practice is secondary in the context of business. Mobile Apps.
    [Marketing] Growing a Blog to 10,000 Subscribers in One Year: The Stats
    don’t think there is any better way to learn the ins and outs of marketing. viral marketing: 3,390. As I promised to you all in the final monthly report , today I’m releasing an analysis of the growth of this blog over the last 12 months. Although ViperChill doesn’t turn one for another 10 days, I’m going on a road trip and have a product launch about to happen, so I wanted to get this out there for all of you. I’ve always viewed my monthly reports not just as interesting updates (as I personally enjoy them) but also as part of an overall case study.
  • SOSHABLE  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 2013
    [Marketing] What Social Media Accounts do You Need for Business and Why?
    Staying relevant in this digital era requires you to adopt online marketing strategies that will connect the experience of your customers with the corresponding technologies that enable you to deliver the right content at the right time. Though getting social is an important part of your marketing efforts you should look at networking as just a mean to help you get your message out there and to drive the traffic back to your site. It offers a huge potential for businesses to market their products and services to the second widest audience in the world. Twitter. Google+.
    [Marketing] What is PitchTo and How Can Founders and Investors Use It?
    It ranges from none to a crowded market. Size of the Market: What is the big opportunity in terms of revenue, or user growth? 'Today I’m pleased to announce the public beta release of PitchTo. PitchTo is a dedicated platform for managing and rating founder pitches and provides a way for entrepreneurs to get feedback on their product or pitch. While working with founders on their pitch deck either preparing for demo day or investor meetings I saw an ongoing theme. The other space where PitchTo could be used is judging hackathons, pitch contest or startup weekends.
    [Marketing] Monitoring Social Media 2010 London and Integrasco Event Presentations
    That got me thinking on how value for a object or service is often set by an market or trading service.   Sure, there are people coming up with some figures, but there is no currency exchange, no market where one could or would want to exchange friends or ReTweets, for example.    It’s not clear to me if such metrics could really be plugged into any ROI equation unless someone assigns some monetary value to these things and be willing to pay for that value. Here’s the presentations for both appearances. Social media roi tracking london 11-22-2010 – final.
    [Marketing] Solid Tips for Managing Your Online Social Life - The Steve Rubel.
    Great marketing work. He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 8 Jul 2009 Solid Tips for Managing Your Online Social Life MakeUseOf has two great sets of tips for staying on top of your online social life, without letting it run you. Part I and Part II ). This one is my particular favorite  - a mind map of your online social life. youve got to be kidding.
    [Marketing] Social Media Tweetable Facts
    FACT] Although data mining poses a challenge to today’s marketers, 61% say big data will overhaul marketing practices for the better. FACT] 71% of chief marketing officers feel their organization is not prepared to deal with the impending big data explosion.  'Social media statistics these days are all about big data, how companies are collecting (and using) the data, where this data comes from and how social media sites are used.  Do you know the recent B2B social media facts from fiction? Twitter devours 12x more. TWEET THIS. TWEET THIS. TWEET THIS. CNET TWEET THIS.
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2012
    [Marketing] 5 Steps to Improve Your Pinterest Profile in Five Minutes
    If you’re willing to put in a bit more time, you’re in luck – BlogWorld & New Media Expo just launched a completely free eBook called The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Blog, Podcast, or Videos with Pinterest written by yours truly that shares more secrets to improving your Pinterest profile, especially if you’re an online content creator. This is a guest post by Allison Boyer , Community Outreach Coordinator and regular blogger for BlogWorld. For most users, the answer is no, unfortunately. When you create a board on the fly (i.e., Like the current default?
    [Marketing] How can multiple people use one Twitter account? | Shuaism
    Home About eBooks Social Media and Internet Marketing Speaking Twitter Says You Are Here: Home » Microblogging , Social Media , Strategy , twitter » How can multiple people use one Twitter account? How can multiple people use one Twitter account? Written on January 18, 2010 by Josh Peters in Microblogging , Social Media , Strategy , twitter 1 Comment - Leave a comment! Well in a word Cotweet. So that takes care of technology, but that’s always the easy part. The hard part is figuring out exactly how, who, when, and why. Are they tweeting because they absolutely need to?
    [Marketing] What Is Social Media Supposed To Do?
    If you were hoping it would show that social media involvement gets measurable results in marketing, you’ll be disappointed. According to the report: “…many companies continue to treat social media as a one-way communication vehicle and are largely focused on how they can use these sites to push their marketing agendas. Here’s what I conclude from this interesting poll: Social media is a small but potent part of your interaction with your market and the way it looks for your business will depend on the relationship you have with your customers.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Baboons in a Car
    Guide To Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy – From the webinar “Implement These 10 SEO Tips, You Must” comes a guide to developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy. 25+ Tools for Real-Time Marketing – We’re about to document the 25+ tools marketers need to know about if they’re serious about real-time marketing. Ways to Grow YouTube Subscribers and Your Exposure – YouTube Marketing Strategy: How to get subscribers with strategically placed annotations, call-to-actions, your blog and Featured Channels.
    [Marketing] Online Videos Rise: Where are the Advertisers?
    Learn more about video marketing on this social news site. The trends are clear: more people are watching videos online and spending less time in front of the television. Perhaps more importantly, it’s easier to skip television ads thanks to technology such as Tivo than it is to skip ads online. With such clear trends, why are companies not embracing online video advertising more? This Infographic by our friends at BuySellAds has clear implications, but online video ads are only marginally increasing. We hope. * * *. YouTube advertising videos
    [Marketing] How to Use Social Strategies to Drive Business Goals
    This week: From ExactTarget , a free ebook called The Mathematics of Social Marketing. From Cision , a free ebook called Power Your Story: Content Marketing Essentials. ” Social Media Stat of the Week: Marketing Teams Need Understanding to Succeed. Jeff shares an infographic that eCornell has put together using data that they have collected from surveying business leaders about what they feel they need to succeed in marketing. 92% of those researched said they need a better understanding of their target market in order to succeed. Listen Now . Gvidi.
    [Marketing] Twitter Updates for 2009-03-03
    1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Twitter Updates for 2009-03-03 March 3, 2009 by Taylor Marek Taylor is still hobbling around from last nights FUN! Weird.
    [Marketing] Last Day at Wells Fargo
    1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Last Day at Wells Fargo August 21, 2009 by Taylor Marek Yes, today is the day. What does the future hold for me? Learned alot.
    [Marketing] BIG NEWS! @TheEIU Announces Top 25 #SocialBusiness Leaders #SocBiz25 @TheEconomist #SocBiz
    Aside from myself, the board included prominent social business thought leaders Lisa Gansky (@instigating) , chief instigator at Mesh Labs, Brian Solis ( @BrianSolis ), principal at Altimeter Group, Maria Winans ( @MariaWinans ), vice-president of social business marketing at IBM, and Nick Blunden ( @nickblunden ), senior vice-president and global head of digital and content strategy, The Economist Group. Today, we are thrilled to unveil our list of the EIU’s Top 25 Social Business Leaders to the world. Also, please kindly use the hashtag #socbiz25.
    [Marketing] Get the Kids Off the Phone and Meet in Real Life
    Janet Tyler  is co-CEO of  Airfoil , a top technology PR and marketing firm with offices in Detroit and Silicon Valley. Today’s guest post is written by Janet Tyler. The brats of the digital world— Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn , Pinterest and a brood of other social networks—will spend all day talking at us if we aren’t careful. Communication pros spend big chunks of their time conversing on these social sites, treating them like kids – nurturing, taking their pulse, measuring their height and weight, and testing their temperature. Let Go of the Kids.
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