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    [Marketing] Is Google gunning for HubSpot? and Two Posts at Search Engine Watch – Web Journal – April 30th – May 2nd 2012
    Yes they do – and so become one of Google’s next targets, weather it happens now, a year from now, or two years from now, HubSpots days are numbered, I predict – because Google Analytics will eventually want to own the entire marketing suite. This has been a very busy week for with two interviews with me appearing within a day apart, plus two new articles in Search Engine Watch Magazine, and the continued interest in the article I wrote last week on Mining for Terrorists . The interview was conducted last Friday and appeared Monday morning.
  • CHRIS BROGAN  |  MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014
    [Marketing] Exploring Nature and the Value of a Good Website
    You’d think, if you listened to all us who are into content marketing, that sites with great stories are good. The kids and I went to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary over the weekend to check out their program about camouflage and how animals hide in plain sight. wouldn’t have known to take the kids there, but I thought, “You know, as a dad, I’m supposed to do some research and plan actual things to do, instead of ‘hey, let’s go to the mall!’” ’” And that’s what I learned the value of a good website. have two kids.
    [Marketing] Use an Editorial Calendar
    This is not a paid advertisement or affiliate marketing. just think this product is really useful. My friends at STRESSLIMIT have built a really nifty plugin for WordPress called the editorial calendar. It works exceptionally well at a very simple, but useful task. It helps you plan out your content with a very useful drag and drop interface. checked it out a day or two ago and am already using the heck out of it. It’s free. You should get it and start using it right away. Here are the features: Features. See all of your posts and when they’ll be posted.
    [Marketing] Blog Design For ROI Rule #7: Blend Ads With Content & Encourage Comments
    Some of the top marketing blogs use this area for advertorial promotions, be it for inhouse marketing (most commonly), or also for other people’s products. Social Media Examiner uses their branded cartoon-jungle-explorer style for their newsletter promotion: And MediaBistro make their promo’s background the same as the background behind links to related content: And of course Problogger does this as well, featuring affiliate marketing for the Genesis WordPress framework. This guest post is by Gab Goldenberg, author of  The Advanced SEO Book. Advertorials.
    [Marketing] Is Advertising Revenue Dead as a Blogging Income Stream?
    Earlier in the week I observed a conversation between two Internet marketing bloggers on Twitter which grabbed my attention. They gave some solid-sounding reasons for their conclusions, including: There’s been a decrease in the budgets that companies are putting into marketing (due to the economy). The topic of conversation? Monetizing blogs by selling advertising directly to advertisers. Their conclusion on the topic? It’s a dead and obsolete method of making money. It was a fascinating conversation to observe. Your own products and services.
    [Marketing] Five for Friday
    Only downside is that the app is only available on a device that is synonymous with something animals would chow down on and they have ignored the Android market. No One “Consumes” Social Media – This post from Geoff Livingston touches on the common misnomer that is put out there among market research groups – media consumption. This week seemed to fly by for me. How was yours? Hopefully a little less crazy and more awesome. Any big plans for the weekend? How many times have you been to a zoo and were left looking for the animal in the exhibit? Hopefully that changes.
    [Marketing] iPad so therefore I think!
    I am typing this post on a shiny new IPad.and it is hitting me how marketing and branding teams I talk to are not necessarily struggling with the New tools, they are not always struggling with the change in consumer they are struggling to change their own mindset. approached the iPad like my mac.wrong.this is your coach, your teacher, your housekeeper, your office all in one. So a challenge to us all.can we stop thinking of how we can move what we do now into the digital world.after all no one tried to fax a telephone! brand
    [Marketing] #2: Fascination Power Blogging with Mystique
    Subscribe to Pushing Social and I will send you my very best posts directly to your inbox Tagged as: blog marketing , fasinate , social branding , social media marketing Written by Stanford Im Stanford and I want to help you stoke your passion, spread your message, and help your blog get noticed and promoted. Home About Pushing Social #FF Gratitude Journal 4 My Tweeps Archives Contact Subscribe Pushing Social #2: Fascination Power Blogging with Mystique by Stanford on August 17, 2010 Spread it! That mixture or unbelief and curiosity you feel is…Mystique. How about you?
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    [Marketing] Stand Out With Breakthrough Ideas
    digital marketing. Episode #459 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. I can be old and cynical when it comes to building a personal brand. It used to be that digital media allowed all of us to present ourselves in a three-dimensional way. While that statement still stands true, we have a swath of people presenting themselves in really silly and unprofessionals ways online. Figuring out how to make a statement that is both authentic and professional can be a challenge in this Instagram world. Enjoy the conversation.  . audio. blogging.
    [Marketing] Heavyweight Help: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Blog
    It sounds crazy at first but you’ll often hear guys like Darren say that even though doesn’t make him huge amount of money it elevates his profile and gives him a hugely valuble marketing tool. It’s not a matter of “highest bidder wins” Better prices: It might seem strange, but I’ve heard people say that they’ve achieved slightly better prices with private sales because the buyers didn’t feel guided by “standard pricing” that often becomes commonplace in set markets. Yep, your blog! Let’s do it!
    [Marketing] Being an Influencer Is Not a Top Priority
    Instead, I am present enough to contribute to the larger conversation and market my business. Many people engage in online media to promote their services. The idea of choosing between becoming an online influencer or a communicator probably doesn’t occur to them. After all, they just want to win a few clients and projects. reached a point where I needed to prioritize my own online interactions versus a desire to do the work, scale a business, and maintain balance in my personal life. So a choice was needed. ” I guess that’s potential RT reach? kind of like that.
    [Marketing] The Happiness Of Pursuit
    digital marketing. marketing blog. marketing podcast. Episode #435 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Chris Guillebeau is a super-interesting human being. He is the author of The Art Of Non-Conformity - Set Your Own Rules, Live The Life You Want And Change The World , The $100 Startup - Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future , and the recently published, The Happiness Of Pursuit (which, is an awesome book title!). Enjoy the conversation. . audio. blogging. brand. Facebook.
    [Marketing] Social Media Advertising: Should Bloggers Bother?
    No one has any doubts about the value of social media marketing through engaging customers, running promotions, and creating company pages. But marketers also say these ads haven’t proven they can convert people into paying customers.”. Sean Jackson, the CFO of CopyBlogger, suggests that for all of the talk about being unable to measure the ROI of social media marketing in general, businesses should not be dismayed. Marketing is an expense, and goes on the Profit and Loss statement.”. This guest post is written by Lior Levin. Advantages of social media advertising.
    [Marketing] Productivity 2.0: How the New Rules of Work Are Changing the Game | Zen Habits
    How long does it take to see the results of a marketing campaign online and turn it off? Zen Habits. About. Links. Uncopyright. Forum. Subscribe ( RSS | Email ). 73,800 People Subscribed. Photo courtesy of Joshua Hoffman. Productivity 2.0: How the New Rules of Work Are Changing the Game. For years, books and articles and blogs on productivity have been showing us how to be more productive: crank out the tasks, multi-task, work faster, be organized. In short, they’ve taught us to be a good part of a corporation that wants more out of us. Certain jobs have different requirements.
    [Marketing] Katie Couric Will Give Us The Internet That We Deserve
    What you will see is that the market value online is divided up like this: Apple = 41%. What kind of Internet do we want? Some might consider this a vague, daunting and even ambiguous question, but it begs for an answer. Anyone who has been online for a long time knows how interesting, diverse and different the Internet - as a medium - was (and can still be). It was very different from anything that we had seen before. From sitting back to leaning in. From looking to touching. From consuming to creating and curating. Traditional media wants to becomes active. Google = 27%. Amazon = 13%.
    [Marketing] Brands, if you really want to make money look to your motives
    That means extra bank for every marketing buck. Image: Kilroy's Links. Everywhere you look these days there’s another instance of a brand being caught out for disingenuous, duplicitous or unconscionable behavior. It’s almost as if they can’t believe either a) this Internet thing is here to stay, or b) that it requires transparency. So in an effort to shunt to process forward, let’s look at two different business situations – one negative and one positive –  in which an open kimono stance is highly recommended. 1. The list goes on. Facebook.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2015
    [Marketing] Millenials Will Crush Our Economy?
    The car industry hasn't built or done marketing to this segment in forever. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It's not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly to SoundCloud , if you're interested in hearing more of me blathering away. morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel. This week we discussed: Millenials. video.
    [Marketing] Social Pros 18 – Ike Pigott, Alabama Power
    B2B Magazine, which also has a website, B2B Online, put out a little research this week that said that amongst B2B companies, 33% of them have   “fully embraced social media marketing.” ” That’s up substantially from last year, but if you look at that from the converse, it means that two thirds of B2B companies have not fully embraced social marketing, which strikes me as curious at some level. Your use of social really becomes more of a content marketing play than a social marketing play. Are you in marketing or communications? Indeed.
    [Marketing] 5 Tips for Maximising Your Earnings from Amazon’s Affiliate Program During the Holidays
    They also contain a lot of tips that would be relevant to other affiliate marketing efforts. With the holidays almost upon us, now is a time for bloggers who are Amazon Affiliates to act to capitalize on what is usually one of the most profitable times of the year. While Amazon is not my biggest source of income (it makes up around 5% of total income for me) it does spike at this time of year. Here’s how Amazon performed in 2010 and into the early months of 2011 for me. Tips for maximizing Amazon commissions. So how do we get our commissions up in the coming weeks? Buying guides.
    [Marketing] Top Ten Implications of Google’s Broadband Plans for Competition and Regulation
    This way, changing trends in the consumer market are retained by the company. Now, Google can augment its own profitability by presenting its own products to the relevant target market accordingly. 8.     Redistributing Market Share to New Entrants. However, this competition is other than the one derived from market forces. It is the competition managed by FFC, in which Google’s goal is to redistribute the market share to new entrants or smaller competitors. 9.     The Need to Modernize US Laws of Obsolete Communication. Google's Broadband Plans.
    [Marketing] Reputation Management for Wordpress (Free Plugin)
    Reply ViperChill Monthly Report 7 (Ranking for “Viral Marketing&# ) says: May 4, 2010 at 5:09 pm [.] Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » Reputation Management for Wordpress (Free Plugin) Reputation Management for Wordpress (Free Plugin) Written by Glen, this post has 66 Comments I’m deviating from the typical type of post here at ViperChill today as I have something pretty awesome to announce: My first plugin, Reputation Management for Wordpress, is now available for download. You rock! love it. Thanks Glen. Awesome!
  • PAMORAMA  |  MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010
    [Marketing] Social Media: Tracking Its Exponential Growth [Stats, Video]
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Social Media: Tracking Its Exponential Growth [Stats, Video] by Pam Dyer on May 10, 2010 Share Many of you are probably familiar with Social Media Revolution , a fantastic video created last year by Erik Qualman that examined the explosion of social media onto the modern scene. It did an excellent job of explaining the importance of the social Web and its impact on society. Erik is also the author of the fine book Socialnomics , which details how social media has forever changed the way we live and do business.
    [Marketing] How To Connect With Your Social Media Followers
    Smart internet marketers start polls, ask questions and always answer any question that a follower may have. Connecting with your social media followers is something that is really important because this is what actually brings in more followers on the long run. If you cannot establish a connection with the follower, you can be sure that the results you will get will not be as great. Many social media managers do not know much about what they have to do. If that is your case, here are the facts that you have to remember: Share Articles That Are Helpful For The Target Audience.
    [Marketing] Jimmy Fund Helps You Social Media for Social Good
    Back in 2007, the marketing team realized we would be missing out if we weren’t on MySpace, so I created and managed our page. Towards the end of last week, I stumbled across an awesome initiative from the Jimmy Fund that will allow folks addicted to social media to put their time behind the keyboard to a good use. How can you do that you ask? Well if you visit Help Attack!, you can pledge a monetary amount that is tied to status updates or Tweets for a 30 day period. At the end of the month, you simply donate the money to the Jimmy Fund. The money goes to help kids with cancer.
    [Marketing] Using PLR Content with Success
    This guest post is by Laurie Neumann of Internet Marketing PLR Content. found some PLR offered by a successful internet marketer (who wishes to remain anonymous) on some topics that I thought my market would be interested in. It was written by someone who had done internet marketing for years and now was sharing some of their valuable information. Laurie Neumann is the co-owner of Internet Marketing PLR Content. The PLR is written by herself and Rhonda White, both whom have been internet marketers for over six years. So, I decided to give it a try.
    [Marketing] Meerkat and Periscope Making Headway
    Along with all the other apps and tools for social networking and marketing, you may be hearing a lot about Meerkat and Periscope lately. Have fun with them and remember this may not be for every purpose, especially your more professional marketing endeavors, but give live streaming a try. Though Meerkat has been around a touch longer, both are used for live video streaming, from anywhere to anywhere, and are a window into someone else’s world. They are similar, but have a few subtle differences and either may be a great social networking tool for your small business.
    [Marketing] Flintstone cigarettes, WWE and broken legs
    My favorite from the article is below: WWE Unveils Social-Media Smackdown for Wrestlemania – whether you like fake wrestling or not, you have to admire the way that the WWE has leveraged social media to expand the audience experience — talk about getting content marketing right. Man I am sure glad it is Friday. This week has progressed as quick as molasses on an ice block. The cold that I thought was going away towards last weekend came back with a vengeance and has kicked my ass over and over. If so, you may want to check if you missed any of these feature updates.
    [Marketing] Westboro Baptists get theirs, your own rules & sexism in tech
    Real-Time Marketing Sucks – this is more of a fail blog than anything but worth perusing if you are in need of a laugh. What’s happening folks? You have a good week? On my end it was a hectic week that started with an early flight back from Baltimore after a great surprise birthday party for my old college roommate. Mental note never fly in at 6:00 am and out at 7:45 am the next day – trust me it blows. For the weekend I am looking forward to some daddy and son bonding time and picking out some underoos for him. What do you have on tap? Pour a 40 out for Gowalla. Five for Friday
    [Marketing] Seesmic for Android Brings Shortcut Array for Fast Actions
    Adding Twitter Searches and My Full Screen of Shortcuts You can grab the latest update from [link] or by searching for Seesmic on the Android Market, and don't miss their great YouTube intro of the new features , which go beyond just shortcuts to include improved spam reporting, translation and link handling, from Liza Sperling. Social media powerhouse Seesmic is introducing an upgrade to its popular app today that fully leverages this capability - bringing all aspects of the product to the front of your device. In version 1.7, Repeat the process until you've got as many as you like.
  • SOCIAL WAYNE  |  MONDAY, MAY 13, 2013
    [Marketing] PDF – WilmerHale 2013 Venture Capital Report
    Please contact me to schedule an interview: Laura Mecoy, 310.546.5860 or Here is some additional information about the two reports and third report on M&A activity around the country: WilmerHale’s 2013 IPO Report offers a detailed analysis of, and outlook for, the IPO market. The 2013 Venture Capital Report offers an in-depth analysis of, and outlook for, the US and European venture capital markets. The firm’s 2013 M&A Report contains a detailed review of, and outlook for, the global M&A market. source for VC-backed companies.
    [Marketing] Facebook Ads or Google AdWords: Which One’s for You?
    Chief among the search advertising platforms is Google AdWords (Note that Google still dominates the search game with nearly two-thirds market share). If an integration of both internet marketing platforms can be done, all the better (as is recommended for SEO and PPC integration ). This guest post is by Alexis Thompson. “The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” ” —Howard Luck Gossage. The goal of advertising is not to gain the most visibility; it is to attract the most attention.
    [Marketing] Creating Products Week: Which Product Should I Create?
    So we know, that there is a bigger market for products 2 and 3. Take the market size and multiple it buy the value, and you’ll have a total potential value on each of those products and rank them in order. Defining this part is tricky, as it’s going to come down to what your reader prefers, what you are able to deliver, and what might already exist in the market. Quick to market. Define your unique point of difference in the market. Discover if the size of the market will make it worth the investment. It’s a debate well worth having. eBooks.
    [Marketing] Learn Something New Every Day from Social Media
    Images: Werwin15 , MKH Marketing. A common goal that many people set for themselves is to learn something new every day. You could learn a simple fact or a complex idea, or even something that will get you ahead in your career. Luckily, it is easier than ever to educate yourself with the numerous social media sites at your disposal. A lot of people tend to use these platforms solely for social purposes, but why not take the next step? Learn How to Cook. Want a new meal idea to try out? Check out Food52. They have great recipes that are not only delicious, but also good for you!
    [Marketing] Protect Your Content from Being Copied in 3 Steps
    Abhishek  is a part time blogger from Delhi who loves to write unique and interesting tech tips on a variety of topics like blogging, making money online, SEO, internet marketing and gadgets. This guest post is by Abhishek of  Budding Geek. Content scraping still haunts the entire blogosphere. No matter how hard you try to defend your creation, content thieves will always find a way to steal it! It really feels terrible to find exact copies of your original work distributed all over the internet, often without any credit or link back to your blog as the source. by scraping your RSS feed.
    [Marketing] Eliminate the Silo and Become a Change Agent
    Today we have a guest blog post from Jeff Naymik, Marketing Director at Nook Industries. This post originally appeared on Nook’s blog Making Motion Work and is reposted with permission. Read the original blog here. We live in a world of instant communication and yet, we are sometimes not good communicators. Poor communication is usually the root problem for creating silos in many technology-driven companies. Development secrets are usually held tightly and limited to only those in the organization who “need to know”. How can this happen?
    [Marketing] Maximize Facebook: Building Your Brand Online
    Facebook in particular offers a unique format that is ideal marketing yourself and directly interacting with your potential clients and customers. Building your brand online is hard. Everyone it seems like the newest, greatest social media site has launched, and yesterday’s hot thing goes the way of Friendster or MySpace. But even with whatever Tumblr or Pinterest site comes next, there are a few big boys that are probably here to say.  The biggest, of course, are Twitter and Facebook. And at the very least, you can still use Facebook as an almost inexhaustible resource for information.
    [Marketing] What Has Blog SEO Got to Do With How Your Readers Feel?
    Your on-site optimization isn’t all about seeding the text of your blog with the right density of phrases, but sharing value that your market craves. He has taught thousands of entrepreneurs “how to earn a steady online income doing what you love” Learn more about information marketing at his blog, or get his book Think, Write & Retire! This guest post is by Dr. Mani of Internet infopreneur. My blogging has evolved. Since 2003, when I first started blogging, the style and nature of my writing has changed to match trends, experience, and personal growth.
    [Marketing] The 7 New Roles Agencies Must Play to Survive Real-Time Business
    Marketing and communication has moved from a series of lakes (campaign>>analyze>>modify>>repeat), to a waterfall where you’re doing the communicating and the analyzing and the modifying all at once, every day. As marketers, we weren’t trained for this. That was the premise of my presentation to the BOLO 2010 conference in Scottsdale this week, where 150+ agency principles convened to drill deep into the speedy digital future of professional marketing services. Tweet Change is all around us, in many shapes and guises. Everything happens faster now. Or sauce.
    [Marketing] 5 Techniques to Create Raving Loyal Fans
    It’s marketing 101: write for everyone and you write for no one. This post is by Brad Branson of Lessons in Lifestyle Development. Most people walk through life in a living daze. Most people live their lives vicariously through television, sports, or the gossip section. They are afraid to take action, afraid to take a risk. Be average and you don’t risk embarrassment. So, how does this relate to writing compelling blog articles and creating a devoted, enthusiastic fanbase? You need to be polarizing. Be the jalapeño mocha light frappuccino, and they will come in droves. Haha ;). Heh.).
    [Marketing] Problogger’s Blogging for Business Book
    Set a successful business blogging strategy… no matter what your product or market. Friend Mark Hayward has launched a new book with Problogger called Problogger’s Guide to Blogging for Business (affiliate link). Hayward’s got a lot of great advice, and anyone writing under the Problogger banner is someone that I trust. checked it out. It’s tricky to get results, and a lot of times, people end up feeling like they’re blogging and no one’s paying any attention. Conduct targeted keyword research… even if you’ve never done it before. Check It Out For Yourself.
    [Marketing] The Secret Fairytale Magic to Irresistible Blog Posts
    If your audience grows to see you as their own fairy godmother of marketing, crafts, or blogging, they’ll want to keep coming back for more. 4. She provides free copywriting and content marketing advice on her website This guest post is by Amy of From Jack and the Beanstalk , to Little Red Riding Hood , to Cinderella , fairytales have been enchanting audiences for thousands of years. They are constantly being retold, modified and even made into blockbuster movies. Create desire. Every fairy story starts with some desire. Overcome challenges.
    [Marketing] Book Update-Manuscript is Done!
    For now I get to take a short breather while the folks at Wiley start the editing process.  In the meantime I’m working on my next book for Forbes around collaboration and will be coming up with some marketing ideas for my Wiley book. Towards the end of October of last year I announced that I was working on a new book for Wiley around the future of work. will post a link to the book once it is available on Amazon. Thanks for all of your support. Send to Kindle. Rants and Musings Resources book update done manuscript wiley
    [Marketing] What’s Your Communication and Media Plan?
    Databases – I’m working email marketing hard now. I’m learning new ways to do it. I’m also shifting some of my efforts to content marketing and content products, like my blog topics project. want you to come to Third Tribe Marketing to talk marketing. There are so many media channels available to us. We’ve gone from not being allowed to communicate in any meaningful way to having a hundred Gutenberg presses, a thousand video networks, and a million chances to catch someone’s eye. There are problems with this. The Age Old Answer.
    [Marketing] How Google Instant Might Impact Your Small Non-Profit
    Image: Greig Christie via Flickr, Creative Commons Since Google Instant’s launch just over a month ago, digital marketers have been scrambling to figure out how search engine marketing strategies might need to change. While it’s too soon to tell what effects Google Instant might have on your search traffic or how best to adapt marketing efforts, some have speculated that small businesses may be more affected than large organizations. Erica Holt has more than 8 years experience developing digital marketing strategies for non-profit and public sector clients. Yahoo!
    [Marketing] PBEVENT 2015: A Roundup of Tips and Advice Shared at the ProBlogger Training Event Sessions
    To see why, read A Guide to Using Data Analytics to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategies. Content Marketing: Planning content: Identify and create a profile for your dream reader. Amy Porterfield offers advice about this process in How to Create a Survey to Find Your Target Market. Email Marketing. credit: Mick Russell. On August 14 and 15, more than 700 bloggers and online creatives descended upon the RACV Royal Pines on Australia’s Gold Coast for two days of learning and networking at the ProBlogger Training Event. Look at your life. How are you?
    [Marketing] 7 Zen Principles for Blog Content Writing
    Maybe not at first glance.  I don’t know about you, but most of the content marketers I know are a pretty jittery bunch. Here are some applicable ways you can become a more mindful content marketer: 1. Here are some ways you can use your content for good: Donate occasional content marketing services to a local non-profit. Mentor an aspiring blogger or startup marketer. Attend at least one or two marketing conferences a year. Blogging results and inbound marketing success can take time. Could blog content writing be Zen? More wisdom and clarity of mind.
    [Marketing] Five for Friday
    Unlocking Viral Secrets On Facebook: MIT Study – While I hate the useage  of viral in the title, this article from Fast Company offers some pretty interesting findings on marketing tactics and their results in the social space. This was on helluva quick week for me. Aside from being shortened by the fourth, I spent yesterday at home hanging with Baby Espo and running a ton of errands in preparation for his Christening tomorrow. In the office we’re also cranking up the gears on a project that I am uber-amped for. How was your week? Any big plans for the weekend? Catch you next week!
    [Marketing] Advertising Your Blog: Go Viral on a Blogger’s Budget
    If a marketing student came on here they would be able to talk for hours about these matters. Know your target market. Who is your target market? This guest post is by The Blog Tyrant. Until now you’ve been relying on organic methods to grow your blog’s traffic—search engine rankings, guest posts , social media and word of mouth. But now you are thinking about stepping into the league of the the big boys (and girls) and spending some money on advertising your blog to the world. Where do you start? Where do you find the money? How much do you spend? And where?
    [Marketing] Come to NYC With Me
    This is the 201 Stuff, Not the Fluff. I’ve built up a program for ImpactNEXT built around two core approaches: content marketing (including blogging, email marketing, webinars, podcasts, and more), and digital channel mastery (what to do with all this various social media stuff), with two 3+ hour workshops on the subject material. You are invited to a live event in New York City with me, on March 26th, 2013. What are we going to do? Grow your business. That’s the whole point of the experience. There’s a Lot Going On, But Not Too Much. An Intimate Setting.
    [Marketing] Using personalised products to enhance a brand
    Now this can be achieved on a different number of levels from the way that new customers are addressed, approached, talked to and how a firm markets its image. Also, having a personalised company approach to marketing helps to make organisations look more approachable, reliable and from what I’ve learnt over the years trustworthy to other businesses. When prospective clients approach a company to form a partnership or to buy a product it is important that businesses provide them with the right look and feel. If you want to provide a guest post just email me your thoughts!  .
    [Marketing] What I Learned From Liars and Journalists, and How it Made Me a Better Blogger
    Ryan, author of controversial posts like  The Top 5 Performing American Apparel Ads, And How They Get PR For Free (NSFW) , is the Director of Marketing at American Apparel, and is a self-proclaimed “media manipulator.” He has made a high-flying career serving irresistible blog content to places like the Huffington Post, Gawker, and Jezebel. The book has pushed my limits as a marketer and as a person from the second it arrived in my mailbox. Way back in history… Way back in American History, nearly 150 years ago, newspapers were run by incredibly brilliant marketers.
    [Marketing] How to Make a Blogging Business Plan … Whether or Not it’s a Business Blog
    Kelly Watson is a freelance copywriter and longtime blogger who writes about marketing for small business owners. This guest post is by Kelly Watson of Blogging can be a great hobby. But treat it like one, and you may not get the traffic and attention you want. Treat blogging like a business , however, with a detailed plan and scheduled check-ins, and you’ll see results in no time. learned this the hard way. When I first started blogging 10 years ago, I dove in without knowing how to sustain regular updates or gauge my progress. Today, I do. Explain. Case studies.
    [Marketing] Social Media Strategy: State Farm Insurance | pamorama
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Social Media Strategy: State Farm Insurance by Pam Dyer on October 5, 2010 Share In this video, Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner interviews Kelly Thul , Director of Communication Services at State Farm Insurance.  Thul shares his insights about how they communicate with their 17,000 agents, their Facebook and Twitter strategies, and their very successful YouTube channel. Thul encourages other businesses to be inclusive about who you involve in your company. Average Age of a Facebook User?
    [Marketing] How To Blog For Business
    There are Internet marketers aplenty who will tell you that you can be making six figures in a few months’ time with just a few simple, tested formulas. I’m sure some of those things work rather well, and I am not saying that some folks aren’t making that kind of success, but that’s not what I’m selling. A while back, I started a project called Blog Topics, which is still running and provides hundreds of people with ten or more post ideas plus writing advice every week. gave a free webinar on the topic and had almost 3000 people register. Selling is okay.
    [Marketing] How Internet and Cable Providers Can Utilize Social Media
    billion active monthly users – Facebook is the most critical component of your social media marketing strategy. If any industry understands the power of the internet, it’s the cable industry. As broadband subscriptions continue to rise and an increasing number of customers are migrating toward online streaming services, it’s apparent that the future of digital communication will be rooted in the internet. Specifically, that means cable and internet providers need to find ways to interact and engage with customers online. Most Important Social Media Platforms. They are: Facebook. Twitter.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #230
    What are some of the best; & probably cost-effective; ways to promote/market a new/existing book of any genre now-a-days?) - Quora. "Is it just me, or is Quora suddenly becoming more useful than Wikipedia ? Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we''re recommending to one another: How to be literate in what''s changing journalism - Press Think. " Jay Rosen ''s excellent list of things he expects his journalism students to have understood by the time they finish in his class.
    [Marketing] Conversation of the Day: Facebook is the New Address Book - The.
    He is charged with helping clients identify emerging technologies and trends that can be applied in marketing communications programs. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 31 Aug 2009 Conversation of the Day: Facebook is the New Address Book When it comes to personal information like email, calendars, to- dos and notes, I have super systems that keep all the data up-to-date by leveraging the cloud and keeping local copies on my computers and my iPhone. Evernote, for example, is one great tool that I use to stay in sync. People move around too much these days. Whats your view?
    [Marketing] Four Tips for Bloggers Who Want to Work with the Travel Industry
    Yet for many people, particularly those in the travel PR and marketing worlds, this is a new and slightly frightening universe. Travel blogging is a niche market that is still learning the nuances of the mainstream travel industry, and vice versa. This guest post is by Matt Long of People are attracted to travel blogging for a lot of reasons. For some, they are doing a year-long trip and simply want an easy way to keep in touch with friends and family. Image is author's own. Don’t take advantage. There is a fairly low barrier to entry to become a blogger.
    [Marketing] New Year's Resolutions for Job Seekers
    Much of the job market is hidden, sometimes even unknown to HR. Post Categories Select Category Blogging for Grasshoppers Business Career Networking Communication Blogging Measurement MeasurePR Public Relations Social Media Twitter Writing Events Guest Posts Amrit Pal Bryce Keane Conway Wigg Erica Holt Herwin Icasiano Howie Goldfarb Mike Doman Narciso Tovar Shanan Sorochynski Steff Metal Interviews Marketing Media Personal Cooking Recipe of the Week Philanthropy PRSA 2009 Resources How To Weekly Roundup Speaking Training Women Grow Business Featured Guest Bloggers Extra, Extra!
    [Marketing] Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Guest Posts?
    Alex Strike is a passionate writer of Lifehack and a blogger who writes on the topics of education, content marketing, writing, and lifehacks. This is a guest contribution from Alex Strike, writer and blogger. During my writing career, I’ve had the good fortune to have appeared on many cool and informative blogs and websites – but it hasn’t always been this way. Writing for blogs appeared to be not as easy as I at first thought, and I must confess that the more I learned the nuances of guest blogging, the more the fear ate at me. Give me more! More blogs! . Literally.
    [Marketing] Introducing Megan Beausang!
    For those of you who started businesses because you really love what you do or your career is in PR or marketing, you’ll understand when I say it’s such a relief having a financial mind on our team! As promised, I have a little treat for you! Rather than listen to me all congested and sniffling up a storm, you get to hear our new chief financial officer, Megan Beausang , talk about what it’s like to work here and what she plans to do to help us achieve Global Domination. Plus, you can’t tell by looking at her, but she has a little surprise to share at the end!
    [Marketing] How to Use Private Label Rights to Get Content for Your Blog
    You know what I’m talking about—those packs of “10,000+ PLR articles” that are sold for a dollar on PLR clearinghouse sites or included as bonuses with the sale of Internet marketing products. Finally, it’s also to your advantage to seek out PLR content that’s available in limited circulation.  By this, I mean looking for content where only a set number of licenses are available—for example, maybe only 25 or 50 copies will be sold before the product is pulled from the market.  This guest post is by Pawel Reszka of Pre-written copy that you can claim as your own? 
    [Marketing] How To Builds Brands That Sell But Don't Sell Out With Marc Ecko
    also knew that his marketing antics have been well documented (remember the tagging of Air Force One ?). marketing podcast. Episode #377 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Welcome to episode #377 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. Marc Ecko is one of the most fascinating people that I have ever met. I was asked to interview him live and onstage in Toronto earlier this year. knew that he was the creative and fashion genius behind Eck? Unltd. Enjoy our conversation. blogging. brand. business book.
    [Marketing] Why I Wrote the Kind of Book I Hate
    This guest post is by Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing. Danny Iny ( @DannyIny ) is an author, strategist, serial entrepreneur, expert marketer, and the Freddy Krueger of Blogging. We all have pet peeves. Things that annoy us. Products that we would never spend money on. And things that we swear we’ll never do ourselves. But sometimes, fate turns the tables on us. That’s what happened to me, and that’s why I ended up writing the kind of book that I usually hate. Image copyright moshimochi - It’s all because of Derek Halpern. Here’s what happened. Write great content.
    [Marketing] Early Days for Mac App Store, Chrome Web Store
    In fact, despite my understanding that these are replacing retail software titles, after years of staring at the Android Market and iTunes App Store, there's something very much like sticker shock when scrolling through the offerings and seeing prices in the tens of dollars, $30+ and beyond. Even the Android Market, once barren, doesn't need to highlight its total app count any more. Practically all my favorite bands were missing. But I believed in the model, and knew that eventually, the contracts would be signed that filled in the gaps. Top Mac Apps. Kid Pix is $50.
    [Marketing] Build Your Home
    The American Dream was one of the greatest marketing events to ever face the western world, and we exported it, too, so that people who were perfectly happy overseas could suddenly feel inadequate as well. It all started making sense a little bit at a time, and then a lot at a time, and then I really saw it all, in a kind of continuum. There’s a war, such as it were, and the enemy has been named. But before we talk of war, we have to start where it always starts: at home. Build Your Home. Life has changed over the last few decades. Certainly not living. Continue Reading.
    [Marketing] #3: Fascination Power Blogging with ALARM!
    Home About Pushing Social #FF Gratitude Journal 4 My Tweeps Archives Contact Subscribe Pushing Social #3: Fascination Power Blogging with ALARM! by Stanford on August 24, 2010 Spread it! Share Email This This is Part 3 Of the Fascinate Series inspired by Sally Hogshead’s sensational book “Fascinate” It’s the art of agitation. Fidgeting, nail-biting, tension that crawls under your skin and puts you on edge.  You feel it when you have a problem that you can’t solve. It’s the stress that grinds on you when there’s a chance you will miss something important. Sometimes it scares you.  You too!
    [Marketing] The Future of Work
    This might be my most “out on a limb&# prediction, but I have some reasoning, based partially on how social tools and Internet sales and marketing have changed the power structure of small businesses. The more we can grow and market small businesses, the more other company size benefits won’t be useful. I think about work often. have been both an employee and a deep thinker about work since my first jobs. Even before I was of legal age to work, I had little business ideas and plans, and some of my beliefs, once thought to be pipe dreams, are a lot more common place.
    [Marketing] Groupon Launches Its Own Food Delivery Business, Groupon To Go
    While there are now a number of on-demand food delivery businesses on the market, a big differentiator for Groupon’s service is that it claims it will save its customers up to 10 percent on every order. This expansion to non-delivery restaurants also represents what Groupon believes gives it the ability to compete in the growing market where a number of companies are offering on-demand food delivery at the push of a button. However, Groupon To Go should be live in several more markets by the end of the year, and the plan for the future is to expand quickly. million.
    [Marketing] BlackBerry is reportedly planning a switch to Android
    With less than 1% of the smartphone market share, trying something new might not be a bad idea for BlackBerry. Mashable -  BlackBerry  may release an  Android  smartphone this fall. BlackBerry is considering a new smartphone that will run Google’s Android operating system in a bid to win back customers it ceded to the iPhone and Android smartphones,  Reuters reports. BlackBerry’s existing devices currently run its own BlackBerry 10 operating system. It’s unclear if the device is the  same slider device  the company teased at Mobile World Conference earlier this year.
    [Marketing] The Rookie Mistake that’s Holding You Back
    And everyone “knows” affiliate marketing. This guest post is by Alexander Heyne of Milk the pigeon. You’re paralyzed. You started reading how to drive more traffic to your blog, write viral content, and make money online… Three hours later you wake up and realize you haven’t actually done anything. You think you’ve had a productive day, and can visualize the influence and money in your future, but time passes and it never comes. You repeat many days like that, and wonder if there is something wrong with your strategy. You say you gave the blogging thing “a good run,” and you quit.
    [Marketing] A Perspective on Bitcoin and Other Online Virtual Currencies
    Although Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, there is a viable market for them. It supports Wiki, and helps online visitors access free and valuable information, most especially in the field of editing, marketing, and coding of Wiki online files.          •        Darkcoin. This is due to the fact that its investors can use Darkcoin in the acquisition of anything and everything, including black market items. Bitcoin, the most famous digital currency , is in the limelight in the last few years. The New Era of Commerce. Socialnomics
    [Marketing] In Celebration of Female Freaks
    ” Estee Lauder – When she founded her company in 1946, naysayers said, “You’re a woman, and besides, there’s already a woman in the business (Helena Rubenstein), and she and Charles Revson of Revlon have the market.”. Randi Reed called me out. She said that I didn’t do a great job looking for women “freaks” when I said that there weren’t many of them in my book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth. She’s right. didn’t work hard enough. To fix this, I wanted to give you Randi’s list. Are you nuts???” ” Madam C.J.
    [Marketing] How Free Ice Water Turned into a $10M/Year Business (And What it Means for You)
    Essentially, Wall Drug was able to bring in customers by tapping into marketing channels. Tapping into your marketing channels—for example, by putting up billboards on virtually any road in the region—lets people know you exist. Emotional marketing. If you’re a savvy marketer, you realize that Wall Drug has created massive social proof—and its own tribe of fans. Tap into your marketing channels: Ted put signs on Route 16, then expanded to other roads and the interstate highways. What are your marketing channels? His secret? Free ice water.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #80
    The principle tenet of Lean is: your job as a start-up entrepreneur is get to 'product-market fit'. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "Missed 2011 in pop music? Fear not. This amazing five minute track shows mash-ups aren't dead. Can you name all the tracks? Derivative or pure genius?" " (Alistair for Hugh). Drunk History Christmas with Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes - Funny or Die. "Give a man a half-bottle of scotch. Ask him to recite a Yuletide poem. No matter what he says.
    [Marketing] The Cost Of A Community That Doesn't Buzz
    How much time from marketing/PR/tech/legal people is spend on the community?   Now review the decline of current marketing efforts. We underestimate the costs of a community that doesn't buzz. lifeless community hurts you financially. At the low end, you can spend a few hundred dollars to launch a community platform. At the high end you can spend several million. Let's put the average around $30 - $60k for most organizations (the average for our clients is around $70k). That doesn't include your  upcoming revamp to boost activity.    Now staff.
    [Marketing] All You Need to Know About Using Exclusivity for Better Product Launches
    Whilst you’ll see what sound like legitimate reasons for this, trust me –  it’s a marketing tactic. This is a contribution by our very own Shayne Tilley. Image by Flickr user EricaStLeonards. Launching products and campaigning can be fast-moving and complex beasts. So what do I mean by “exclusivity” and “limits” in the context of a launch or promotion? Exclusivity: Exclusivity is about creating a proposition that will not be available to the general public. It’s an offer specifically for you, because you meet some sort of criteria.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #86
    Marketers and business leaders seem to have adopted Gladwell and Ariely as their own, but the stuff that they write about is less of a business book and much closer connected to the social sciences. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Literally Unbelievable. " The Onion is funny. But nobody would take it seriously, right? Turns out, plenty of people -- including the occasional congressman -- do, frothing with righteous indignation all over Facebook. Hilarity ensues. " (Alistair for Hugh). blink.
    [Marketing] You Do It To Yourself
    No one has seen the world, marketing, or Social Media through my eyes. Do you remember The Bends, by Radiohead? bought myself a new copy and have been listening to it as I drive here and there. It’s a beautiful example of the good ole angsty 90s days, when flannel shirts and pain were the top fashion statements. One of the songs, Just, has a repeating refrain. “You do it to yourself, you do, and that’s what really hurts.&# As I listened to this, I realized that when it comes to blogging, very often our biggest obstacles are those that we put in front of ourselves.
    [Marketing] Diary of a Wimpy Blogger
    Home About Pushing Social #FF Gratitude Journal 4 My Tweeps Archives Contact Subscribe Pushing Social Diary of a Wimpy Blogger by Stanford on September 8, 2010 Spread it! Share Email This This summer, I’ve been reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It’s a kids book that cracks me up. It also is also a motivational masterpiece for bloggers. Let me explain. Greg Haffley, the wimpy star, can’t seem to catch a break. His parents, brothers, friends, and school chums alway put him in awkaward predicaments. Every situation reminds him that he is a wimp. But, let’s be frank with each other.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014
    [Marketing] Collaboration, Sharing And The New Entrepreneur
    In this short, under twenty minute, conversation with Charlie Rose , Stone covers a myriad of interesting concepts and stories that every marketer should pay attention to. When you think about entrepreneurship, who do you admire? Names likes Richard Branson , Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos come to mind. They are awesome. Their work is inspiring, creative and important. What do you think about Twitter ? As powerful? As impressive? As life-changing? It''s a tough call. Regardless of your stance, Ev Williams and Jack Dorsey get a lot of the accolades and attention. Tweet, tweet, tweet. jelly.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2014
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #209
    That book - read by every aspiring start-up entrepreneur in the universe - promotes the theory that cheap new technologies brought to market by nimble little start-ups will usurp the big companies who can''t radically change course, because their existing businesses still make them too much money. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "It''s one of the most harrowing, memorable, and iconic images of the twentieth century. It almost single-handedly turned the tide of public sentiment in Vietnam. Stare.
    [Marketing] 5 Lessons from an Internet Millionaire
    People are sick of marketers—especially online marketers. This guest post is by M.Farouk Radwan of [link]. As of August 11 last year, I celebrated making my first million selling books and products online. I’m not saying that I’m an Internet guru, but I do believe that my experiences in making money online might help you get to your first million. 1. How many times did you close that long sales copy page a few seconds after it popped up unexpectedly while you were searching for something? Once trust is built, you can sell anything to your customers. 2. Fair enough.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014
    [Marketing] Top Three Takeaways from Finding Readers Week: What Can You Do Today to Create Community?
    DJ recommends syndicating your blog to other sites, and marketing it well. In the first week of May , you heard from several bloggers with unique perspectives on how they grew their readership into a force to be reckoned with. It was the fourth Theme Week we’ve held here on ProBlogger this year, and it was an interesting one. We had discussions about introducing forums, how to get people to read your personal blog, how to drive traffic to a startup blog, and how to create a beautiful blog that people can’t help but share with their friends. Relationships. Consistency.
    [Marketing] Can Courtney Love be Sued for Tweeting
    Guest post from Gary Kibel , a Partner with the law firm of Davis & Gilbert LLP in New York who practices in the areas of advertising/marketing, new media/technology and privacy law. What do you call a Twitter user? This is not the opening of an off-color joke, but a key question that may arise in a lawsuit between fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir and Courtney Love over Ms. Love’s tweets. According to Dawn Simorangkir, a number of comments posted on Twitter by Courtney Love besmirched her good name by alleging drug use, selling drugs, prostitution, embezzlement and assault.
    [Marketing] How to Use Big Business Finance Principles to Grow Your Email List
    These tools monitor the key metrics that their sales and marketing teams have to stay on top of. This guest post is by Josh Turner of If you’re like me, you focus most of your attention on the growth of your site. You know that generating revenue is priority number one. Thinking about finance and accounting? That’s just a distraction. While this is true to some extent, there is much more to the world of finance than just counting the beans. Business finance is about using numbers to improve future business performance. And you can do the same things.
    [Marketing] LinkedIn Helping Prep College Students for High Demand Jobs
    Accessibility like this gives college students a unique opportunity to search the job market and get a feel for what jobs are available before beginning the interview process. A growing number of companies and major corporations are looking for employees who have an impressive online presence. For job-hunting college students, this means expanding their social profiles on a professional level, which is exactly what LinkedIn is designed to do. Job-seekers fresh out of college probably already have a pretty substantial social media presence. Optimized Online Portfolios.
    [Marketing] Every Employee is Now a Buyer of Collaboration Software
    Instead of focusing the benefit and the value on the organization as a whole (or on a specific buyer), vendors need to adapt their messaging as if they were marketing to individuals instead of to just corporations.  If any employee is a potential buyer then any employee needs to understand the value and benefit of the product. The more employees know the better.  In my opinion education is one of the best forms of marketing. Remember when the traditional model of selling software to a company meant that you had to go through either IT or a business unit leader? Messaging.
    [Marketing] How I Increased Traffic by 90,000 Hits per Month in 25 Days
    The title of this article isn’t marketing hype—it relates the true story of what happened to me this month. I am not claiming that I’m an expert in increasing traffic, but I’m sure you might find a point or two in this post that might be of benefit of you. First I created a marketing campaign on Facebook until I added few more thousand people to the fan page. This guest posy is by M.Farouk Radwan of [link]. The problem. My website was growing very fast until 2009. It stopped growing when it reached 500,000 hits per month. plan of action. One is sent each week.
    [Marketing] Mobile Gaming Apps: Leading the Way in a Content Rich World
    While there the markets for audio, visual and literature apps are commonplace and lucrative, however, there is one sector that continues to outstrip them all in 2015. This is the market for mobile game apps, which is projected to grow at 16.5% 2015 will see the rate of e-book downloads rise by just 4.4%, for example, while the music app market will also grow at a relatively modest 5.4%. this year, this still falls short of the growth in the mobile gaming market. this year and reach a cumulative value of $3.04 billion. billion. Thumbnail courtesy of Shutterstock.
    [Marketing] Playing squash and cocktails in Newcastle with an old friend
    and many many cocktails… We even managed to get ourselves up in the morning to go to the Quayside market (not entirely sure how after all of those!). Hey everyone, hope your week has been good…I’ve had a busy one (usual!). Work was very busy this week and I had to stay pretty damn organised to stay on top of everything. That will be live on the blog in the next few days. My pledge last week that I’d be eating healthier did actually take place and me and the husband got back into playing squash again after all our holidays (oh, woe is me, haha!). so good!!)
    [Marketing] 10 Ways to Use Your Blog to Manage a Crisis
    Whole Foods Market’s’ blog, Whole Story , has a series of Food Safety posts that show its care and commitment to safe, healthy foods. 6. This guest post is by Jeff Domansky of The PR Coach. Your blog is a very important part of your personal image or company brand. While you’ve invested time in its development, have you ever thought about how you could use your blog to manage a crisis? blog offers several advantages compared to news releases, websites, or other social media channels. Image by Jeff Domansky of, used with permission. Ten ways to blog in a crisis. Be proactive.
    [Marketing] My Best Product, My Best Launch, My Best Month – Ninjafied
    Last week the mysterious Web Marketing Ninja released a free PDF mind map here on ProBlogger (with accompanying video) that walked readers through his in depth strategies for turning a Blog into a Business. The feedback from that MindMap and video were great and I had a steady flow of thank you emails over the weekend from readers working through it. See the video here. The 3 case studies are: A/B testing – how we significantly increased the revenue from a product launch through split testing emails (and how we could have done even better had we done more testing).
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2014
    [Marketing] Truth and Authenticity
    But casting a clear eye on the story, what do we think about it as content marketers? Even if you’re not the sort to follow the comings and goings of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, you may still have heard the rumblings surrounding the announcement on (Paltrow’s lifestyle blog) of their separation: a “conscious uncoupling.” Social media issued a simultaneous snort: Gwyneth Paltrow calls her separation a "conscious uncoupling." He got conscious and she got uncoupled. Joan Rivers (@Joan_Rivers) March 27, 2014. Merrill Markoe (@Merrillmarkoe) March 26, 2014. Narcissistic.
    [Marketing] The 7 Cs of Business Communication: Make Your Posts Shareworthy Every Time
    Doing MBA, I did many subjects like Marketing and Management which are great for anyone who is a webpreneur or looking to become one. This guest post is by Marya of Writing Happiness. When I finished my MBA degree about a decade ago, I undertook a course which taught me how to write great content for my blog. Sceptical? know what you are thinking: blogging wasn’t even around then! Allow me to explain. That being said, Business Communication was, by far, the most enjoyable subject of the whole course. And I knew it would come in handy one day. Conciseness. Consideration. Clarity.
  • CHRIS BROGAN  |  FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2013
    [Marketing] Hold No Ground Solid
    Others are about building out a better digital channel for marketing and business-making. It’s so easy to get set in our thinking. spent 2013 working hard on creating courses , and paid a little less attention to my media efforts. I’ve also started work on some rebranding efforts. All of it gives you and I a lot to think about. What In Your Plans Are You Holding As Solid? For all of 2013, most of my business has come from offering courses to help people grow their businesses. Some are about blogging. Others are about productivity. Zero are about “social media.”
    [Marketing] Make Your Blog the Event of the Year (and have People Clamor to Attend)
    In business terms, this is your target market. The other consideration is your target market. For instance, I know that having done the requisite amount of market research is fundamental to any marketing success. But most of my readers’ eyes glaze over when they see those two words together (market + research = boring). Tea, aka The Word Chef, helps solopreneurs and DIY marketers make more money by teaching them how to find and share their secret sauce online. This guest post is by Tea, The Word Chef. Sound familiar? Guess what? Choose a theme.
  • FEVER BEE  |  THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014
    [Marketing] More Speakers for FeverBee SPRINT in October
    Jennifer Lopez (yup!) is the architect behind Moz's thriving community of inbound marketers. On Oct 29 - 30, the world's top online community professionals will be coming to San Francisco for FeverBee's SPRINT.   This is the final day you can get discounted tickets for the event. If you need permission from your boss to attend, you might want to remind them. You can also get a 50% discount if you join CommunityGeek.      Two new speakers. Joe Cothrel is the biggest name in the community space. Jenn is also a leading expert in SEO and communities. 
    [Marketing] [VIDEO] Are you a Social Executive? @SocialEmployee Cultures Depend on #SocBiz Leadership #SocBiz25
    Blue Focus Marketing is pleased to announce the fourth video in support of our Amazon best-selling book, The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, 2013). The brands that leverage their employee base in order to engage customers and prospects through social media are the ones destined to win the marketing wars. Edelman, Global Co-Leader, Digital Marketing & Sales Practice, McKinsey & Company. The video, titled “Are You a Social Executive?” explains why social business is driven by strong, visionary social leadership. But how does this work? The rest, as they say, is history.
    [Marketing] Balance Spawns Creativity
    Blue Focus Marketing will be Live Tweetchat guests on Monday, Aug 23rd at 8:00 PM EST.  Join Us! Blue Focus Marketing @bluefocus360. To learn more about Blue Focus Marketing, go to the media room and read our Fact Sheet and Press Release. Creativity is a Process – Tim Leake Interview. Part 2 of 3. Dedicated to Dan Higgins @adscientist Medical Officer US Army deployed  Monday, Aug. 23rd to Afghanistan and will be reading Part 2 – Tim Leake blog on the plane. New York City – Soho. Relishing a Creative Challenge. Inspiration Comes from Balance and Discipline.
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