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    [Marketing] Shade alternate rows in Excel
    I was writing a marketing plan for my new book Digital Leader in Excel. like to highlight every other row in Excel (in gray vs. white) so it’s easier to read. always did this manually, however if you ever make a change it is a nightmare to manually adjust all the rows. This was not only a pain in the rump, but it was also very time consuming. knew there had to be a better way and there is! The below from  looks complex, but it isn’t. suggest you print out the below and try it the next time you need to shade alternate rows in Excel. just did it and it worked great.
    [Marketing] Why Medium Might Be Large
    Will It Be a Great Place For Marketers? I’m pretty interested in Twitter’s nifty longer-form platform, Medium. I don’t normally like to write about specific tools (especially after I keep telling people I’m not into social media , but this might be an exception. First, Typography and Clean Design Is Ruling. love Google+. I’m a huge fan of the look and feel of the platform, and it’s serving my business interests well. Similarly, what’s going on at Medium is that it looks really nice, partly due to the typography and very clean design. Absolutely.
    [Marketing] Please Dig Deep For Justin Levy. He Is One Of Us.
    Others know him as the bestselling co-author of the business book, Facebook Marketing. facebook marketing. Life is fragile. Really fragile. I''m on Facebook - like I am every day - flicking through stuff. I''m used to seeing something from Justin Levy that is going to either make me hungry (he eats well, clean and healthy) or something that''s going to make me feel guilty for being on Facebook and not working out (he is known to hit the gym and then report back on which parts of his body he has "destroyed" on any given day). Suddenly, he''s posting from a hospital.
    [Marketing] 3 Reasons Why Pinterest Thrives From Holidays
    Please note: This post was originally written for Marketing On the Have you wondered why social media, particularly Pinterest is so addicting? As it has been described as “ESPN for women,” just what is in the social media crack that has you clicking “Pin It” over and over again? Here are three reasons why Pinterest thrives on social media addicts, especially during holiday season. The Skinny. 1. Visual media is the dangling carrot for web surfers. 2. It saves time for party planners. 3. Do-It-Yourself ignites the excitement firework in your brain. Wait… You mean to say….
    [Marketing] NBA Scoring With Social Media
    It’s essentially a free way to market your business – except the small price of the product you’re giving away. Social media is used by pretty much everyone nowadays. Whether you are starting up a business, already run a successful business, write a blog, or simply enjoy networking with friends, social media is your outlet. Professional sports players are no different. They tweet regularly, have fan clubs on Facebook and use professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Google+. What are the rules? What are they posting? What can businesses learn?
    [Marketing] Banks Know Social Media is Money
    They are using it for a variety of different things, ranging from advertising and marketing, to announcing upcoming promotions, new banking products, and providing fast customer service. Just about every type of business is now using social media, so it should come as no surprise that banks have jumped on board. There are small, neighborhood banks and large financial corporations both using social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more. Why Banks Should Utilize Social Media. The first thing to look over is why exactly banks choose to use social media.
    [Marketing] Preparing Communities For The Future Fragmentation
    For example,  Communities for marketers  { qualifier 1 } , i n London { qualifier 2 }, who are passionate about measurement { qualifier 3 }. There is a finite number of people in the world.    Each of these people can give a finite amount of attention to a community.    The number of communities is rapidly increasing. Most will fail, but many will succeed.    The competition for people and attention is getting ever fiercer. The number one community will probably remain the number one community.   3) The non-leaders are in trouble.
    [Marketing] Lovely Little Leaps of Faith
    This post was written by the Web Marketing Ninja—a professional online marketer for a major web brand, who’s sharing his tips undercover here at ProBlogger. But with the inherent desire for meaning, there’s always a little voice inside us looking for a reason not to spend our cash.  As bloggers and online marketers, we’re often our own worst enemies.  Stay tuned for more posts by the secretive Web Marketing Ninja — a professional online marketer for a major web brand, who’s sharing his tips undercover here at ProBlogger. Curious? So are we!
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    [Marketing] My Brave New World
    When I started my career in content marketing several months ago, I wasn’t entirely sure what life as a “content marketer” would entail. I have a confession to make. knew our agency was looking for a veteran reporter to write health care policy and advocacy stories for a medical association. It didn’t dawn on me (entirely) that this association was “my client” until I came aboard. Having toiled for years as a journalist, I was used to working independently and chasing and writing stories as I saw them—even if those stories sometimes ruffled a few feathers. In their place?
    [Marketing] Why You Absolutely Need a Blogging System
    Newsletter marketing. Mixing high-quality blogging with a strong understanding of email marketing is pure systematic, repeatable income dynamite. This guest post is by Shaun Connell of Live Gold Prices. People like things to be predictable. Formulas—or patterned systems—are all around us. Many popular action movies have the same basic plot, every criminal trial is supposed to be run with the same basic principles, the planets follow the same basic paths, and billions of dollars are spent every day in stocks, futures, and currency trades using complex formulas. Content patterns.
    [Marketing] The Five Stages of Filtering, Relevance and Curation
    Mona Nomura of Pixel Bits today talked about the serendipity algorithm and what it means to marketers looking to leverage machine learning. Disclosures: I am vice president of marketing at my6sense. There is no question that content creation and sharing is exploding and people are completely incapable of giving every single message and item their full attention. And many smart folks are looking to bring solutions to find the best and ignore the rest. As I see it, there are five major ways companies and individuals take on the topic of relevance. 1. Examples: , my6sense.
    [Marketing] 5 Reasons to Start a Niche Blog, and 3 Niches to Consider
    We won’t cover online marketing or business blogs either. While our intention with these posts is to profile each of the niches, and provide a bit of market-specific information for those who might be thinking of targeting them, the posts also shed light on key blogging tactics that any blogger can use—no matter which niche you’ve chosen for yourself. When the opportunity came up for us to do a series on niche blogging here on ProBlogger, I jumped at the chance. Blogging isn’t what it was. But niche blogging is also a topic that’s important to me.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010
    [Marketing] How NOT to Win Friends and Influence People - Danny Brown
    You’re an online advertising company, so I’m pretty sure you’re aware of Permission Marketing from Seth Godin. You might also like: Using Social Media Right – For You Social Media for Good People, Numbers and the Fast Company Influence Project Tags: Advertising , business sense , Marketing , spamming 26 voices - share yours! What is worse is some of these people call themselves Internet Marketers. Its almost as if they find this to be a marketing strategy. It was posted by Claire Reynolds on behalf of the DSNR Media Group. Really, DSNR? " New!
  • PROBLOGGER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2011
    [Marketing] 7 Ways to Rescue Your Business Blog From the Blahs
    One site that epitomizes variety in terms of content, presentation, and approach is One Woman Marketing. Known by many entrepreneurs for its stationery and marketing products, it also has a blog that features useful tips and tools for maintaining a successful business. This guest post is by Jennifer Brown Banks of Penandprosper. recent Google search in preparation for this piece revealed over 40 million entries for the term “business blog.“ That makes for a whole lot of niche competition. compelling reason to seek strategies to stand out to stay in the game. Provide variety.
    [Marketing] Social Media Case Study: LEGO CLICK
    They want to capture and catalogue ‘lightbulb moments’, ideas that are relevant to toys and to the market LEGO serves. Image by Kaptain Kobold via Flickr. LEGO is a brand that many people are very passionate about, a brand people love and we’ve written before about how they use segmentation to engage their consumer base from children to enthusiasts in an innovative way. Now they have continued their innovative approaches to engagement and embraced social media. In a big way. The site is designed to bring together ideas in written form, images and videos.
    [Marketing] Guy Kawasaki, Cristal, and 19 Facebook Webinars
    19 Facebook pros (including yours truly) will help business owners and marketers improve in the wild and wooly world of Facebook. This This Summit’s focus is to empower you to  implement successful Facebook marketing tactics ,  track and measure your Facebook ROI , and  see how successful Facebook campaigns were executed. Also: As a way of saying “thanks” for signing up soon, there’s a gift just for marketers called “Facebook News Feed Optimization: How to Dramatically Increase Your Visibility and Engagement” by Mari Smith (valued at $59) waiting for you. Who Should Attend?
    [Marketing] Diversifying Yourself Into a Platform Business
    have completely transformed my business. I now get paid for website design, writing, book coaching, marketing, and more. Guest post by Phil Simon , a technology expert and the author of three books. You can back his latest project here. My forthcoming book is about the platform as an important and relatively new business model. have learned from personal experience that building a platform is not only beneficial, but also imperative for many companies’ survival. How did I do this? In short, I built my own platform. And even fewer need me at any given time. should have been ecstatic.
    [Marketing] How to Use Blogging as a Job Search Tool
    This post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing enthusiast who works for a start-up company that offers a to-do list app for businesses and individuals. This guest post is by Lior Levin. Blogging is not just writing your personal notebook these days: it’s a truly open platform where people share their ideas, passion, goals, and thoughts on subjects they care about. Gone are the days when people would consider blogs “a personal affair.” The scene has long since changed. Blogging as a job search tool. By engaging with like-minded people, you’ll understand what they want from you.
    [Marketing] Social Pros 20 – Katie Morse, Billboard
    This week, sitting in for my pal Eric Boggs is my other pal, Jill Carlson , the marketing manager for our friends at Argyle Social. Jay : Terrific guest on the show today, Katie Morse , who’s the social marketing manager for Billboard is going to join us in a little bit. Jill’s company, Argyle Social, providers of data driven social media marketing software. Katie Morse, who is the social marketing manager for Billboard. market, but this is really the time when everyone’s eyes are on Billboard in a very, very major way. Listen Now. OK, Jill.
    [Marketing] afaqs! Story on How Early Adopter Indian Brands are Experimenting with the Hottest Digital Trends of 2010
    If you liked this post, you might also like: MSLGroup’s Webster Lewin on Real-Time Engagement and Mobile Marketing My Top Three Social Web Predictions for 2011: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Made in India, Made for the World: A Manifesto for Indian Social Web Startups Foursquare: From Location-Based Check-in App to Reputation System For the Real World Trend: From Status Symbols to Status Skills and Status Stories How to Scale Real-time Plus Face-time. afaqs! Do read the story to see how some early adopter Indian brands are experimenting with these technologies.
    [Marketing] 31 People That Helped Create Youtility
    My new book, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype releases on Thursday in hardcover, Kindle, Nook and iBook. first spoke about it at the inaugural Content Marketing World conference in 2011 (note: I’m keynoting this year’s affair. Since then, I mulled, researched, wrote and marketed the book. Carrie Morgan from Rock the Status Quo, who has been a tireless supporter, and helped put together the forthcoming “21 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Marketing” Slideshare. Image from Check it out!
    [Marketing] Is Wi-Fi Making You Anti-Social?
    Guest post by David Murton, a professional writer specializing in the fields of social media and marketing. He is also an avid piano and accordion player, with a particular interest in the music of the Classical era. In the pantheon of big ideas, the concept of the noosphere ranks right up there with the best of them. Interesting idea. For better or worse, the noosphere is here, though not in exactly the way that Chardin envisioned. Our noosphere needs a network, and, increasingly, wherever we go, one is available. History of Interconnectivity. Progress, in the beginning, was slow.
    [Marketing] The Unsexy Truth about Finding Traffic for Your Blog
    Don’t throw all your efforts into just the new, “sexy&# forms of marketing (like social media). Do they correlate with where you put your time and energy when it comes to marketing? Last week I tweeted that I’d not checked my Google Reader account in a month. Well, it turns out that I’m not the only one. Within minutes, I started getting tweets back from others saying that they rarely check their RSS feeds any more. Instead, people were finding content from other sources including: Twitter. Facebook. email subscriptions. The decline of RSS?
    [Marketing] How to Beat Amazon eBook Competition
    Side note 1: If you’re a blogger or anyone bent on learning online marketing, clicking Amazon emails, ads, and even Facebook ads can be really informative. Second, this will instantly multiply the organic marketing base you have (with things like more personal Facebooks and Twitters to share from). This is a guest contribution from The Blogger, Greg Narayan. If you’ve tested your luck in the eBook industry you probably have noticed one thing: the scene is a total mess. This presents a real problem to both producers, and consumers as competition rises to the extremes.
    [Marketing] 7 Crowdsourcing Sites for Brands
    This site also offers other services, like market research, knowledge management, creative consulting and so on. Most weekends I publish a guest post from a reader who wants to share their thoughts on branding - if you have one for our community email it to me at is this weeks. Branding can be expensive. Branding takes real expertise. Yet even small business owners can now afford quality branding services thanks to the concept of crowdsourcing. It all starts with a name and finding great domain name nowadays can be really tough. Sorry ?we
    [Marketing] The Drone Wars. Business Style
    " But, this is just the beginning as industry analysts feel that the market will double in less than a decade. Once drones are being used in domestic settings beyond that of hobbyists - and citizens feel like their privacy is not being breached - it's not hard to imagine businesses and marketers coming up with new and inventive ways to use drones to better commercialize their businesses. Drones are everywhere. Less than a decade ago, The Pentagon had about fifty unmanned combat air vehicles (known as drones or uav). And, that's just the work being done by United States.
    [Marketing] The Consumer Gap
    Needs create markets. The web has brought a whole new transparency to the world. Social media has brought an array of information to our fingertips. It is easy to believe there is no gap to fill for the consumer.I think that is wrong and here's why. The information is growing at a much faster pace than our ability and desire to change. This creates a gap. Gaps create need. Whether you see it as curation, filtering or just explaining through clear communication.the consumer needs help in bridging that gap. The ultimate question for you this week is.
    [Marketing] 10 PBEVENT Speakers Tell How They Stay Motivated
    Ruth will be presenting the keynote session  The 5 Ordinary Habits of Extraordinary Bloggers, and breakout session Pinterest Marketing 101: The Three Elements of the Perfect Pin. All secrets are being revealed on ProBlogger this week! We’ve had the morning routines of superstar bloggers and online entrepreneurs, and also their number one life hack (especially for time management). Today, they share how they keep going when the going gets tough. HEATHER ARMSTRONG: Author, speaker, and blogger at Dooce. One, I am the sole provider for my children. Blogs at Woogsworld. THE EVENT.
    [Marketing] Google Give PR Pros a Holiday Gift
    And give yourself another gift for the New Year: Read Rebecca Lieb’s Content Marketing: Think Like Publisher.  It will help you devise a better strategy for 2012. In the summer of 2010 Google completed the Caffeine update, which allowed them to rapidly index fresh content across the web. This week Google announced that they had done another major update based on freshness of content to cope with the burgeoning amount of social content available online. Even if you don’t specify it in your search, you probably want search results that are relevant and recent.”
    [Marketing] How Influence SHOULD Work
    In fact, if you’re in marketing and sales and you’re not reading more books on psychology and fewer books on “social media,” then I’m not sure what you’re hoping to accomplish. I’m obsessed with how influence should work, and more so, how it doesn’t. 200,000 people will read this post at some point over this month. But that won’t happen. Because maybe special needs isn’t your cause. Because you wanted to do so but got busy. Because too many people hit you up in too close a time frame. Because anything. Every cause is different.
    [Marketing] Use Twitter Contests to Find Targeted Followers
    Simply, a Twitter contests is a marketing activity designed to cause people to follow you and tweet a predefined message in order to be entered into a drawing for a prize. This retweet message is not for my current contest, so please don’t retweet it! I’m using it for illustrative purposes only: RT @tonyeldridge Win a $1300 book marketing prize package from top book marketing experts in the business: [link]. If you give enough time for this process, you can truly win them over to this marketing activity. Anyone can put on a Twitter contest. Prompt them.
    [Marketing] 3 Lessons for Bloggers, Gangnam Style
    Was there a marketing trick hidden in it? I did some research and discovered three aspects of Gangnam Style which can be applied to your blog. 1. This guest post is by Ali Zia Khan of [link]. The PSY Gangnam Style video : you watched it … but missed some key points about blogging. That’s right, blogging. As bloggers, we can learn extremely useful lessons from things that are unrelated to our topic. Yesterday, I listened to the song. Replayed it, and replayed it again. kept listening to the song for around half an hour. Why did I keep listening to the song? Innovate. Tell me now.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #267
    Most people (especially marketers) haven't thought much about this, but they should. So few businesses even understand the power of marketing automation. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another: How Our Brains Make Memories - Smithsonian. came across this Smithsonian article on how we form memories; fascinating stuff." Alistair for Hugh). The Faulty Walnut - The Book of Life. Alistair for Mitch). Hugh for Alistair). Lovely little video."
    [Marketing] Social Media Monitoring needs Motifs and Relationships
    And to end this post it should be obvious by now why this kind of analytics is literally impossible to imagine in just about any marketing/PR/MarCom firm even though what it delivers is actually what clients want and need in the first place - true insight … it takes a bit more time to do than firms are willing to commit to, or let the analysts devote,  and the vocabulary of PR (based on Spin) is antagonistic to analytics which essential nature is a search for the  truth of a situation, often by triangulation. Here goes. Gary Angel: What to Demand in Your Social Dashboards?
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2015
    [Marketing] Winning Experiments With Tim Ferriss
    digital marketing. Episode #460 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Tim Ferriss just launched a TV show. It's called, The Tim Ferriss Experiment , and - by all accounts - this is the exact line of work that Tim was meant to do: use his body, mind and spirit to help us all learn how to get better and hack our lives towards excellence. Tim is such a fascinating character. While he describes himself as a "human guinea pig," he is so much more. And, there's so much more. Enjoy the conversation. audio. blogging. brand. business book.
    [Marketing] Cool Stuff: BBC's Remixable Pilot Video
    Not only have they given us the iPlayer for which we should be eternally grateful, they track social conversation around their shows and bring us great digital sites stacked full of delicious content. So its no surprise that they continue to break boundaries (or is it push). Their latest, potentially greatest (?) move is the launch of a shareable, re-mixable online pilot show. Link Here. think this is a really great concept and something that could be easily rolled out across all of BBC’s programming. e.g. drag and drop to create a DVD which could then be sold at a premium.
    [Marketing] Quick updates: DPiP and a new me…
    originally started TheWayoftheWeb as a personal blog while I was first employed as a journalist and then as a marketing manager. It’s not going to become full of self-promotion and business buzzwords, but will have a clearer focus on the things which underpin the business: Content, Marketing, Technology. Two quick updates on various things happening at the moment. Our next meetup is at The Brewery Tap on January 17th, 2013. You can check out more details on the DPiP website. A new me? As a result, I’ve finally taken the time to set up a new blog at
    [Marketing] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    “Twitter users talking about marketing and brands far exceeds the usage on the other social networks,&# said Tom Webster , the VP of Strategy & Marketing at Edison (and the study author), when I interviewed him for this post. link] [link] Debbie Schultz Twitter is more popular for brand awareness with users, thus more valuable for marketing when used correctly. And as for FB, it's kinda reserved for real life friends. I'm not even a big fan of twitter (for personal uses) but for marketing purposes, I think it's a great and powerful tool. Ha ha.
    [Marketing] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately
    IFTTT Recipes for Social Media Marketing // Social Media Examiner. 17 of the best WordPress Plugins for Marketers // Hubspot. A big hello from ProBlogger HQ on Grand Final Day ! So much footy to be had today ( and tomorrow , for NRL fans!) and so much food to be eaten whilst watching. Ok, that’s probably just me (for the record, I’m making this ). Quick Guide to Building a a Thriving Social Media Community // Social Media Today. Because without them, your blog isn’t likely to be read. For all y’all who are into shortcuts (you know I am!) Number 5! General
    [Marketing] 7 Lessons I Learned by Starting Over with Blogging
    Jeff Goins is a writer, innovator, and marketing guy. This guest post is by Jeff Goins of Goins, Writer. Six months ago, I was frustrated with my blog. felt stuck and stymied. I had written on it for nearly five years and built a small, but steady, stream of traffic. But there was just one problem: it wasn’t growing. And I was tired of trying. Copyright Vibe Images - My blog had reached the dreaded plateau. So I decided to quit. Despite my better judgment, I chose to start over, to launch a brand-new blog. It was never going to be extraordinary. And I wanted it to be.
    [Marketing] Creating Products Week: The Launch Countdown
    learned what marketing worked and didn’t work with my audience, I learned about writing sales copy, I learned a bit about the price point my readers would buy at, etc. 9. Know your ‘Angle’ With all my launches I like to pick the ‘angle’ I’ll take in my marketing nice and early. By ‘angle’, I mean the one key point that I will emphasise in marketing the product throughout every part of the campaign. hope you’ve found it helpful and feel equipped to create your next product. hope you find this useful! Pick a date. Genera
    [Marketing] Does Fotolia Have Photos for Your Blog?
    “This license allows you to use our images to illustrate magazine ads, websites, blogs, marketing campaigns, press articles, tv video or movies, book and book covers, documents, reports, presentations, etc. Those who are really into design, marketing, and visual communication can pick very fine lines between what’s deemed “usable&# and what’s not. I’ve used a lot of images from stock.xchng over the last three years or so, and it’s pretty easy to tell the dross form the diamonds. Do you use images in your blog posts? Costs. Use and application.
    [Marketing] Why Are You Taking My Content Out of Context?
    Marketers tend to be highly emotional and creative people. As many of you know, I wrote a blog post last week titled, Do Not Hire Young Entrepreneurs. They Have No Experience. The post was extremely well received and generated a ton of content and comments. However, I have had a couple of people extremely upset. will be the first to say that I tend to write some emotional content. I am also someone that will always publicly admit that I am wrong. Doug’s post sparked the discussion which lead to two blogs being published here. So let me be clear: DOUG LOVES YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS.
    [Marketing] Implementing Enterprise 2.0 at a Healthcare Organization Pt 3: Roll out and Technology
    Therefore, it is used for all video needs such as marketing, communications, and internal webinars and programs. This is the third in a series of posts on how a mid size medical association is implementing emergent collaboration strategies and technologies within its organization. Part 1 on Business Drivers, can be found here. Part 2 which covers some aspects of change management is here. Today we  are going to be  looking out how the platform roll-out and the technology stack. project at a mid-size healthcare organization. All communication took place in June and July 2011. example e2.0
    [Marketing] Sticky PR Measurement: Are We There Yet?
    So boom, they latch onto what their senior colleagues – and oftentimes the “marketing&# folk – think is “good&# measurement. Shannon Pauls Very Official Blog Spin Sucks TopRank Online Marketing Blog Writing Boots - David Murray Love WUL? Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Sticky PR Measurement: Are We There Yet? The second part is my take… with the exceedingly original sub-head, “My take.&# Probably quite often. Here’s a clip. You tell me.
    [Marketing] How To Become A Public Relations Star
    Many thanks to @greg_savage and @LucyChisholm for their input) Mike Doman is an Account Executive at Mulberry Marketing Communications in Melbourne, Australia. Shannon Pauls Very Official Blog Spin Sucks TopRank Online Marketing Blog Writing Boots - David Murray Love WUL? Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali How To Become A Public Relations Star December 14th, 2010 Tweet Guest post by Mike Doman I recently had the pleasure of sitting on the admissions panel for a PR course. Lets play.
    [Marketing] $1m Case Study: My $550 Domain
    The domain is relevant to my market and should help me with the most important part of this project: getting search engine traffic. Reply Zoli Cserei says: November 30, 2009 at 8:26 pm I’m really curious what domain you just bough for the price of a top-of-the-market ride cymbal! Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" Now that I had my niche, it was time to get a domain. This domain would become the home of my million dollar website so it had to be good. As with most domains these days, mine was of course already taken. Perfect. just started doing this myself. Cheers!
    [Marketing] New Data: Retargeting Industry Facing New Challenges as Growth Continues
    In the overview of the suvery, Nissan’s director of interactive and social media marketing, Erich Marx , reveals why Nissan has decided to pursue a paid conquest strategy. Retargeting is growing up and facing new challenges. That’s among the key takeaways of a  new Chango/Digiday survey  that asked 400 media buyers, agency executives and brand executives how they’re using the technology and measuring its success. So where is all that money going? Most brands and agencies are conducting Site and Search Retargeting (88 and 65 percent, respectively).
    [Marketing] 15 Bloggers to Watch in 2013
    Now, I´m not putting Tom on here because of his list post efforts. I try not to focus on the blogging/marketing niche anymore as it can be incredibly formulaic. Welcome to the 2013 edition of Bloggers To Watch. My work has changed a lot over the past year – I’ve been focused a lot on the Australian blogger community, and on curators – so this post is very centered on those communities. This is the last time I’ll be writing this yearly round-up. It has been a blast exploring this project over the past 4 years. Tina Roth Eisenberg. Well, I disagree. Jenny Lawson.
    [Marketing] Medium – Just Another Blogging Platform or More?
    The Marketer’s Guide to Medium. Medium is said to be a lot of things – a writer’s dream-come-true, a cross between Pinterest and Tumblr, a machine-curated and crowdsourced New York Times, and a highfalutin publishing platform, just to name a few. Personally, I believe it is a reader’s dream come true, where you get a break from the usual LOLcats and clickbait articles. But that’s neither here nor there. Disrupting Content Publishing. With a flurry of blogging and publishing platforms like Tumblr, WordPress and Squarespace, we might have been led to believe that we have seen it all.
    [Marketing] 3 Tactics I Used to Develop a PageRank 5 Blog in 5 Months
    We all know that having a blog can enhance your freelancing business and serve as an effective marketing tool for your products and services—that’s given. honestly don’t think it’s too hard to achieve a highly trafficked, highly profitable, and attractive freelance blog for marketing. This guest post is by John Saddington of  TentBlogger. And although it’s easy to get a blog started (and to start a freelancing business) it’s much harder to make a dent in search engine rankings so you can win those viewers (and new customers and clients). Here’s what I did. 1.
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, JULY 6, 2010
    [Marketing] Twitterfeed, HootSuite RSS Feeds, and Blog Posting Schedules
    You can use the RSS feeds from your article marketing networks , job feeds from sites such as oDesk , news feeds from CNN , your own Delicious feed , and so on. Are there blogs that you read regularly that you find so good that you end up sharing every post on Twitter? Do you hate it when you miss a post from those blogs, and wish that, even when you’re offline, you can promote new posts from those blogs to your followers because you know that each one will be valuable to them? Pros of Automatic RSS Feed Updating. Cons(iderations). How often does the blog post new content? Step 1.
    [Marketing] My January and Febrary Blogging Income Breakdown
    Note : “continuity&# includes membership sites like and Third Tribe Marketing. Today I spent some time looking at my monthly income figures. wasn’t quite sure how the stats would look for January and February. On one hand, after the record month I had back in December , I had a feeling things would look a little down by comparison. On the other hand, we launched a new ebook on my photography blog late in January/early February, which saw a rise in ebook sales. December : affiliate income. January-February : ebook sales. Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips.
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2014
    [Marketing] 5 Things I Learned at Postal Camp
    The value of integrated marketing was a theme throughout the conference. Marketers can use technology integrated into the mail that interacts with customers’ mobile devices, such as QR codes, PURLs and embedded microchips. Would you believe me if I told you that I heard about some interesting new technology-driven innovations … at the National Postal Forum? When I attended the conference in March, I learned a lot from the presentations that could help us make smart decisions for our clients. This is a quick and easy way to engage with a customer’s purchasing process.
    [Marketing] The Secret to Blog Popularity
    He also runs the Advanced Internet Marketing Strategy blog —which you should not visit if you’ve just started blogging or didn’t find value in this post. This guest post is by Ankesh Kothari of Psychologist Antonius Cillessen of the University of Connecticut wondered how kids became popular. So he started researching social behaviors and peer relations of early adolescent kids in American schools. And he found something very interesting. He found that every school had a bunch of very friendly kids who are socially accepted and liked by everyone. Apple. Rolex.
    [Marketing] Titles That Work on ProBlogger—And Why
    Facebook Marketing Tactics That’ll Triple Your Fans. Unique ideas grab attention: We see titles about Facebook marketing and WordPress plugins all the time, and they’re basically essential reading. ” 9 Facebook Marketing Tactics That’ll Triple Your Fans : This post was submitted with the title “9 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Triple Your Fans” I changed “strategies” because, well, they weren’t strategies. Darren recently highlit some of the posts that attract a lot of clicks at Digital Photography School.
    [Marketing] How a Blogger Landed His Dream Job
    Not to put words into my new employers mouth, but they didn’t hire a blogger or a marketer, they hired a person. When interviewing for this job, I was up against candidates with much more marketing experience than myself, but I believe my personality, my passion, and my work ethic came through on the virtual pages, and I got the job. Brad Dowdy is a Marketing Associate for , an online retailer of Japanese Pens and Stationery. There were no monetezation goals, I didn’t focus on SEO, and I didn’t take my brand into consideration. Tell and show.
    [Marketing] Growing a Blog to 10,000 Subscribers in One Year: The Stats
    If I’m teaching you how to build better websites, I want to share exactly what I do with my own and how they grow. I don’t think there is any better way to learn the ins and outs of marketing. viral marketing: 3,390. As I promised to you all in the final monthly report , today I’m releasing an analysis of the growth of this blog over the last 12 months. August was the best month so far but I expect many months to top it next year. The figures for the year are as follows: Visits : 383,371. Pageviews : 665,627. Average Time on Site : 02:24. Referring Sites.
    [Marketing] Five Social Media Tips for the Hospitality Industry in 2011
    Once you’ve outlined your goals and objectives for 2011, assign specific marketing and PR goals that are supported by social media tactics. Whether you decide to take social media in house or not, keep in mind, it’s still a PR and marketing function that requires professional know-how. Guest post by Didi Lutz , an award-winning public relations professional specializing in the  travel and hospitality industry. believe social media can help the hospitality industry through the Great Recession and give it a much needed communications makeover in the process. Hire a pro.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #111
    " Google has consistently balanced its marketing and commercial efforts with those that are good for the planet, taking a stance on things like gay rights, global warming, and science education. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Now, they've taken their Google Earth resources and created time-lapse videos that show -- painfully -- how the planet is changing. Watching the Amazon rainforest vanish, or Las Vegas sprawl across the desert, or the Aral Sea dry up, is as sobering as Potter's last thoughts."
    [Marketing] How to Be a Successful Creative Sprinter
    Catherine spends her days helping world-changers create marketing from their magnificence. If you need a coach for your creative sprinting, she guarantees epiphanies within 15 minutes in her free 30-minute Marketing Check-up (or your money back!). This guest post is by Catherine Caine of There are people who can do the old slow-and-steady routine, but I am so not one of them. When it comes to big creative endeavors, I’m a sprinter, not a marathoner: my new, best-ever-work physical product was created, start to finish, in one month. That’s nothing!
    [Marketing] Do you have confidence in your social media strategy?
    If I said to most business owners or marketing directors -- I'll give you $10,000 worth of advertising time on television and we'll produce the TV spot for free -- they would not grab the camera, shoot anything they pleased and then just run the spot whenever they felt like it. If you cannot articulate your marketing strategy and then point out your social media strategy within that bigger picture. One of the definite perks of being on the SmartBrief on Social Media's Advisory Board is that we get sneak peeks at some of their offerings.  But.
    [Marketing] Rumors arise that Apple is building a car
    The company has been known to explore technologies and build prototypes that never actually make it to the market; the long-rumored “iTV” television still hasn’t arrived, and may never. Carmakers will slowly build the market for autonomous cars by first releasing connected and partially automated cars,” the auto industry source said. Patrick Kulp from Mashable reported that after months of rumors, it seems increasingly clear that Apple has an electric car in the works. “Fully automated driving is an evolution. Thumbnail courtesy of
    [Marketing] Proof that Savvy Social Media Users are the Most Contagious Viral Seeds
    This is a guest post by Dan Zarrella, social and viral marketing scientist. This means that for marketers these users can be a powerful vector for making content go viral. Dan Zarrella is a social and viral marketing scientist, you can read his blog here or follow him on Twitter here. He has put together a viral content sharing report and below is an expansion and exploration of some of the data uncovered by that report. While this may sound like some what of a “duh&# statement, the concept of “influencers&# has been much debated recently. Digg this! Tweet This!
    [Marketing] How to Land the Best Products to Review
    Today companies must be more surgical with their marketing spend, and that’s where you can help. Find the right marketing contact on their corporate website and send them an email. This will usually be a public relations or marketing employee. This post is by Simon Worrall of CM Copywriters. Each year, companies spend hundreds of millions on branded T-shirts, mugs, stickers, and pens. Go to enough conferences and you’ll amass terabytes of memory sticks and a wardrobe of T-shirts, hoodies, and caps. Promotional products are also a way of making money. They sent A.V. Metrics.
    [Marketing] 3 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rates and Increase Conversions
    You’ll notice the navigation on that site includes topics that the site posts about, such as landing pages, email marketing, and keyword research. So, for instance, on the Email Marketing page on Copyblogger , an intro on the topic and its effectiveness is given, followed by links to great Copyblogger content, followed by a link to the Copyblogger newsletter specifically on email marketing (which people are obviously interested in). This is followed at last by an opt-in form that states that Copyblogger is a great place to learn about email marketing.
    [Marketing] This Post Will Change the Way You Read Blogs. Guaranteed.
    This is something that I originally learned from internet marketer Terry Dean. This guest post is by Timo Kiander of Let me ask you this: how many RSS subscriptions do you have? figured that the number you follow would be quite high. used to follow almost 90 blogs through RSS. However, there is one big pain that I experienced: although these blogs were very interesting and I read the blog posts, I was pretty much wasting my time. Because of this realization, I had to start really making the most of a blog post if I decided to read it. Admit it: you are sleeping!
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #198
    "As any marketer knows, changing behaviors is hard. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "This set of artifacts, designed by architect, Katerina Kamprani , will drive you bonkers. She takes everyday items, and then changes them to render them completely useless. It''s definitely art. Most of these things could only come from a really twisted, deviant mind. OCD trigger warning." " (Alistair for Hugh). Motivation Wave - BJ Fogg. " (Alistair for Mitch). " (Hugh for Alistair).
    [Marketing] Partnering With Brands Theme Week: Ways to Collaborate and Earn an Income on Your Blog
    There is a fair chance if you have included a contact email address on your blog that before long an email from a brand, a PR or digital marketing agency, will land in your inbox. So you’ve been blogging for a while and have built up a solid readership and community because you consistently deliver useful/inspirational/entertaining content? You will either be surprised and delighted, or offended, that your little blog has been noticed by said brand. That first email signifies that as a blogger you need to get very clear on your publishing guidelines. Maybe you haven’t.
    [Marketing] Twitter Misleads. Bloggers Take the Bait. About that Facebook vs. Twitter Infographic…
    The Infographic, created by Digital Surgeons , which is supposed to be a “Digital Marketing Agency&# , boasts a whole bunch of figures based on a total user base of 500 million for Facebook, and 106 million for Twitter. Back in April I shared how Twitter was misleading the media and its users into thinking the numbers it was reporting were comparable to Facebook’s. The problem is that Facebook doesn’t have 500 million total users. In SocialToo’s database I keep an ongoing cache of users based on the users we have and their friends.
    [Marketing] No Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast This Week
    Schaefer from the Grow Blog that covered topics like the power of Klout and the evolution of Marketing, Communications and Blogging in 2010. If you're really starved for an episode of Six Pixels of Separation, please allow me to recommend that you take a listen to SPOS #159 - Digital Marketing All-Star Roundtable. This episode featured a roundtable conversation I conducted on behalf of Marketing Magazine with Seth Godin , Charlene Li , Shelly Palmer and David Weinberger in June of 2009. marketing. marketing magazine. Well, it was bound to happen. But then.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, APRIL 7, 2014
    [Marketing] The Fallacy of Social Media ROI with No Investment (or “I”)
    So why do marketers and business owners now think that they can reap the benefits of the “free lunch” offered by social media marketing? How much would you be making per hour if you were not toying away with Facebook marketing or writing your blog? The Golden Age of social media marketing , where brands could generate huge awareness and boost sales without so much as a penny spent on ads is, sadly, dwindling. There is still a tremendous amount of potential when it comes to social media marketing. This has been true in business for generations.
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2012
    [Marketing] Are J-Schools Finally Going Digital?
    The digital journalists of today have to navigate the middle ground between traditional journalism (solid reporting and writing skills), programming (fluent or semi-fluent in HTML and CSS), graphic design (comfortable with PhotoShop) and marketing (attracting and building a following through social media). There’s been a lot of hand-wringing in the professional media and higher education over the state of journalism schools. Are they worth it? What are kids these days really learning? There’s merit to these questions, for sure. thought it was all coming together.
    [Marketing] How to Generate Massive Traffic, Excitement, and Even Jealousy with a Hollywood-Style Launch Trailer
    Yes, they have an army of crackerjack marketers creating special promotions, building strategic alliances, and merchandising everything imaginable. This guest post is by Jon Morrow of You know that feeling you have when you’re onto something big? Your heart is thump, thump, thumping, your mind races down the roads of future possibilities, and you drift through the day with strange grin plastered on your face, like someone shot you up with happy juice, and you’ve yet to come down. also had 673 likes and dozens of comments on a new Facebook fan page.
    [Marketing] 5 Fatal Landing Page Mistakes—and How To Fix Them
    We often associate big, fat headlines with hyped up, bold-red text used by internet marketers, but in reality this is really your value proposition. As an affiliate marketer myself, one of the products that has done exceptionally well for me as an affiliate is a hair loss treatment which I currently promote using the Markethealth program. Sign up for his free niche marketing coaching on his niche marketing blog. This guest post is by Anshul Dayal of It is often said that lead generation is the lifeline of any online business big or small. Wrong!
    [Marketing] Twitter for Business is now open
    Do you think it will be overused by brands and marketers just to get more followers? Tonight ReadWriteWeb broke the news about the new Twitter for Business platform that allows businesses to buy Ads, Trending Topics & promoted tweets. Depending on how long you have been using Twitter you may be thinking what took them so long. Only time will tell how this will work out and be received by everyday Twitter users, regardless you can get started with Twitter for Business by going here: [link]. Featured Twitter ads promoted trends promoted tweets trends twitter for business
    [Marketing] How brands can use Instagram and other mobile photo sharing applications today for customer engagement
    While the popularity of mobile photo sharing apps seems to be growing, I believe we will see more brands use photo sharing applications as another tool to engage with customers or gain new customers or as another marketing channel. The only thing left now is monetization, brands and agencies start seeing opportunities to use photo sharing apps as a way to increase customer engagement or for marketing and when they do… please do not call it social media. Tags: Featured marketing social networks Burstn instagram Mobile path photo sharing applications picplz treehouse
    [Marketing] 9 location-based infographics showing how and why the mobile world is checking in
    Regardless location-based services are here to stay and being implemented in brand strategies, mobile marketing campaigns and more. Two of the most blogged about topics right now are location-based services and infographics. Location-based services user numbers are growing, along with the amount of new geo / location startups launching what seems like every week. Many are questioning the value of location-based services even with the recent announcement of Facebook Places. The History of Location Technology. Via: Mashable. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Location. Via: Gigaom.
    [Marketing] Ice Cream Makers Scooping Up Social Media
    Ice cream sales are double-scooping through the roof and it’s all thanks to manufacturers’ marketing efforts on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Customer outreach is the key to marketing success and ice cream manufacturers know there’s no better way to get the word out about their tasty treats than with social media. In fact, a number of big ice cream brands or jumping on the social ice cream truck to market their frozen goods. Popular Ice Cream Social Marketing Campaigns. That in combination with great promotions results in marketing success.
    [Marketing] The 10 Secrets to Making a Spellbinding Video Trailer for Your Next Blog, Book, or Product Launch
    Yes, it annoys some people, but marketers have tested the socks off this, and it gets a better subscription rate pretty much every time. 8. We feel like marketers are evil scum buckets who will say anything to make a buck. This guest post is by Jon Morrow of Okay, so not everybody is a natural-born Steven Spielberg. You might like the idea of creating a trailer for your next launch. You might even believe it’s doable after reading this guide to creating movie trailers. Well … I won’t make any promises. It takes work. It takes thought. But beware.
    [Marketing] Today’s Biz and Buzz
    Samsung hopes that this campaign will boost their sales in the smartphone market. THE STORY. An updated privacy policy from Spotify is causing users to run to CancellationVille… think black Friday thundering type of herds. The backlash on Twitter got so bad that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek posted an I’m Sorry Note on his blog (Source: Billboard ). But how will this affect the 562 playlists I’ve made? It won’t. Source: Mashable ). DA SKIM. The blog post published by CEO Ek said that the change “caused a lot of confusion about what kind of information we access and what we do with it.
    [Marketing] Today’s Biz and Buzz
    Walmart isn’t going to give up here though, they are planning to open up 160-170 Neighborhood Markets and 60-70 Supercenters in the next year (Source: Reuters ). THE STORY: Amazon > Walmart. Forget about the days when Walmart was the retailer everyone wanted to be. Those days are long gone as Amazon is taking over (Source: CNN ). But isn’t Amazon mean… Despite what The New York Times released about the work culture at Amazon, it doesn’t seem to be hurting them too much. The e-commerce giant’s stock is up 70% this year (Source: CNN ). DA SKIM. Walmart has been spending a lot.
    [Marketing] How to Optimize Your WordPress Database for Better Performance
    This was a post by Lior Levin who is a marketing advisor to Internet startups and companies. This guest post is by Lior Levin. Optimizing the databases of your WordPress blog sounds like it might be a difficult task, but it’s a lot easier than it sounds. In most situations it can be done in just one or two clicks—no need for complicated steps or terminology. You’re probably wondering why you would even want to optimize your database tables. Well, that’s easy: it can drastically speed up the load time of your blog. WP-Optimize. WP Optimize. TentBlogger Optimize WordPress Database.
    [Marketing] ProBlogger Podcast 39: What is Your Why?
    Sometimes the blog runs away on its own and you feel as though in the machine of content creation, internet marketing, fulfilling reader expectations, and you get further and further away from the nucleus of what you wanted to create, why you started blogging in the first place. The previous episode of the ProBlogger podcast asked you a very simple question that I think is the basis of all that we do: “how are you?” ” How are you physically, emotionally, with your health? Are you blogging from a solid foundation of wellness? Are you taking care of your personal needs?
    [Marketing] 31 Unexpected Perks of Blogging You’ll Never Want to Give Up
    Then, if you like your new idea, you can build out from your blog to develop a more comprehensive business or just continue to use the blog as a marketing home base. This guest post is by Uttoran Sen of You’ve got it! You’re officially a Have in a world of Have-nots! What do you have? It’s probably not money, fame, or tax-write-offs disguised as corporate jets. It’s something more powerful. You have a blog. And a darn fine one at that. If you’ve said before that you’ll never give up blogging—surprise! You’re probably right! Giving up a good thing is next-to-impossible.
    [Marketing] The Truth about Food Blogging
    Find a gap in the market (easier said than done, I know, but that’s blogging for you) and fill it. This is a guest contribution by Amy Murnan, writer of TheFreshFresher. . It is slim pickings in the world of food blogging. know this because, about a year ago, I had a bright idea. said to myself – hey, don’t worry about your lack of job prospects after graduating University! You like writing and you like cooking, so start a food blog – you’re bound to get a book deal! Needless to say, I was a tad naïve. In reality, the truth about food blogging is tougher than any other blogging niche.
    [Marketing] The Problem With Social Media Spam And How To Prevent It
    In fact, social media spammers can hit your marketing campaigns far harder than email spammers can. Social spam isn’t a new phenomenon by any means; however it has grown substantially in the last couple of years. In fact, in the first half of last year it managed to rise by over 355% – by no means a small change. Of course, the big issue here is that it’s a lot harder to detect social media spam than traditional forms. According to the Social Media Spam Report from Nexgate – only 15% of spammy link – this makes it far harder to detect. Sorts of Social Spam. Social Media
    [Marketing] Bon Appétit Magazine Tastes Envelope Glue In Preparation for Tax Day
    Bon Appétit Magazine Tastes Envelope Glue In Preparation for Tax Day is a post from: Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy. File this one under, “oh no they didn’t!”. In preparation for the dreaded Tax Day, several intrepid Bon Appétit reporters took one for the team by taste testing and ranking the best and worst envelope glue. And yes – there’s proof. Just check the @bonappetitmag Instagram account. In a sea of crave-inducing food photos, this post is unique because it’s unexpected. About the Jessica Gioglio: Follow @savvybostonian.
    [Marketing] How to Improve Your Business via POS
    In recent years more and more marketers reroute their efforts from acquiring new customers to retaining old ones – statistics say that acquiring a new customer is 6-7 times costlier than keeping an old one. The shop is only as good as its service is. Even the most wonderful assortment of goods, advantageous location and brilliant advertising won’t help you if employees are rude and unhelpful and checkout doesn’t work as it is supposed to. And one of the best ways to improve your service is to introduce a high-quality, convenient and modern POS. Featured How To Small Business
    [Marketing] Develop Irresistible Content with this 4-Point Formula
    Then tell them how you’ve helped hundreds of people build wealth using an ebook marketing strategy … a strategy they can get their hands on once they go through a rigorous application process. This guest post is by Neil Patel of KISSmetrics. If you want to create blog posts, white papers, and even ebooks that clearly communicate your idea and compel your readers to do whatever you ask,  you need to use this little formula. It deals with the four different learning abilities people have, but it’s also based in a rock-solid copywriting technique I’ll tell you about in a minute. Thompson.
    [Marketing] Jimmy John’s: Serving up Freaky Fast Tweets
    Everything Jimmy John’s is executing through social media is one to one marketing – providing information, engaging and at times consoling their customers. Content Marketing Specialist – Portfolio. Consumers are experiencing your brand, and instead of just telling a neighbor or colleague about the experience, they are talking about it on Twitter with thousands of followers. If your target demographic is 16-24 you have no choice in the matter…71% of of 16-24 year olds go online when they have a problem with a product. Specifically Twitter. Perfect example: 3.
    [Marketing] The Rift In Troika at Google: An Ex-Googler’s Journal
    Furthermore, with marketers shifting their focus to Social, than search we will see the core revenue channel thinning. •    Social: The burning, bitter pain point for Google which in a matter of months changed the dynamics of the digital space is still a losing battle for Google. Arun is a digital marketing professional who previously worked with Google in India before seeing snow for the first time as a current MBA student at HULT International Business School in Cambridge. Lets read that bombshell of a post again by the departing CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. So managed chaos?
    [Marketing] Getting Started with Social Media for Your Small Business
    Social media is the new driving force behind a majority of the marketers to promote their business. If you are not marketing on it, then you are most likely missing a large chunk of the pie and letting your competitors having a field day. Competition is tough, and getting a wide and loyal customer base is quite an overwhelming task. Social media is only going to grow in the coming years. By the time you realize this, it will be too late and the best time to get started is now. The question to ask here is: if you are looking to adding new customers, how are you going to add it?
    [Marketing] Five for Friday Halloween Edition
    Not only are they doing an innovative product launch, but are also paving the way for traditional in-store commodity companies to be able to provide a hard value for social media marketing. While I know that Halloween is not until Monday, many folks will be celebrating this weekend. My family will be taking Baby Espo to a party with some other babies in his sweet dragon costume and then dressing up as a cow for daycare on Monday. Do you have any big plans or parties to attend? The real question is what are you dressing up as? It’s OK to tell, I won’t make fun of you.
    [Marketing] But Enough About Me
    Promotion is a powerful part of marketing and sales. It’s not about you. It’s not about you. It’s not about you. Promotion is NOT the art of “Could you help me tell the world about me?&# That’s not how it works. That’s the LEAST good way of trying to promote things. It’s the jerkiest and the most self-serving and it’s the one that rankles people who receive your request to help them take over the world. Daily. Multiple times. looked in Facebook and someone wants me to help with a new project by sharing how awesome he is. Just not as useful.
    [Marketing] Chicago Pics: A Demonstrative Evolution
    I spent last week in Chicago at the Cause Marketing Forum. Before the show and after the first day was done, I had the opportunity to take a couple of photo walks, which produced some of my best work so far in the 365 Full Frame Project , including the header image for this post. It is nice to see the progression in my skills via the project over the past 11 months. But what was really amazing to me was how far I’ve come since I picked up my first DSLR in 2009, a Nikon D90. In that year, I visited Chicago and took quite a few pics. It’s a clear evolution.
    [Marketing] Relax… It’s Labor Day
    At Sonnhalter, we earn our own living by marketing to professional tradesmen in industries like yours…from construction to industrial to MRO. As your week winds down, pencil in the time on Monday to relax because it’s Labor Day. Have a happy Labor Day! We need to take time to say thanks to all the tradesmen that we come into contact with on a regular basis. What would we do without the electricians, plumbers, HVAC professionals? How would our factories run smoothly without all the MRO professionals out there? Our working force built this country. You’ve certainly earned it.
    [Marketing] Is Google gunning for HubSpot? and Two Posts at Search Engine Watch – Web Journal – April 30th – May 2nd 2012
    Yes they do – and so become one of Google’s next targets, weather it happens now, a year from now, or two years from now, HubSpots days are numbered, I predict – because Google Analytics will eventually want to own the entire marketing suite. This has been a very busy week for with two interviews with me appearing within a day apart, plus two new articles in Search Engine Watch Magazine, and the continued interest in the article I wrote last week on Mining for Terrorists . The interview was conducted last Friday and appeared Monday morning.
  • CHRIS BROGAN  |  MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014
    [Marketing] Exploring Nature and the Value of a Good Website
    You’d think, if you listened to all us who are into content marketing, that sites with great stories are good. The kids and I went to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary over the weekend to check out their program about camouflage and how animals hide in plain sight. wouldn’t have known to take the kids there, but I thought, “You know, as a dad, I’m supposed to do some research and plan actual things to do, instead of ‘hey, let’s go to the mall!’” ’” And that’s what I learned the value of a good website. have two kids.
    [Marketing] Use an Editorial Calendar
    This is not a paid advertisement or affiliate marketing. just think this product is really useful. My friends at STRESSLIMIT have built a really nifty plugin for WordPress called the editorial calendar. It works exceptionally well at a very simple, but useful task. It helps you plan out your content with a very useful drag and drop interface. checked it out a day or two ago and am already using the heck out of it. It’s free. You should get it and start using it right away. Here are the features: Features. See all of your posts and when they’ll be posted.
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