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    [Marketing] The Do’s, Don’ts, and I Can’t Believe They Did That’s of QR Codes
    Other really silly uses of QR codes that give what could be a useful content marketing tool a bad rap: In your email signature. So before you run out and try to get a QR code installed on your rooftop, here are some things to keep in mind: Basic marketing rules still apply. Content marketing is all about giving people content that will benefit them in some way. M aybe it’s just me, but putting QR codes on rooftops could be the silliest idea ever. Apparently, the point is to get free advertising through Google Maps. So stay patient. On a highway billboard. Give people value.
    [Marketing] Which Idea Has Merit?
    The word merit means the quality of being particularly good or worthy, so as to deserve attention, support, praise or reward.  An idea that has merit gains praise and rewards because it can be substantiated by evidence that it meets an unmet market need, creates value for the end-user and supported by a team that can turn the idea into a scalable and profitable business. Many entrepreneurs believe their ideas will attract capital to build a business around the idea. They spend enormous amounts of energy promoting their idea without validating it with evidence that the idea has merit.
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    [Marketing] What You Need To Know About Facebook, Content And Brands
    It's especially not easy for brands that have been, primarily, marketing-driven organizations. Yesterday, MediaPost , published the news item, Marketing Content Has Short Shel Life On Facebook. Not as a one-off but as a long term commitment to something (and that something is the result of defining a better digital marketing strategy). Lots to think about as the concept of content marketing evolves. content marketing. digital marketing. marketing content. marketing organization. It's all about the fleeting moment. But is it working? brand.
    [Marketing] Google To Make Not Provided Keywords Exclusively Available to.Google Domain Names
    According to an unnamed Google source, this is one of the marketing tactics that Google is using to encourage website owners to move their websites from a.COM,NET, or.Org TLD to the new.Google Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD). Google soon will revoke access to all websites’ Not Provided keyword data normally viewed via Google Webmaster Tools , Google Analytics , and Google AdWords , and offer 100 percent of the keyword data exclusively to site owners who move their websites to the new.Google gTLD and make their websites secure. Let’s just see how this all plays out.
    [Marketing] Testing
    When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. This is a temporary blog post for Technorati to verify my blog with claim token HZJXBET4X77X. Upon verification, this post will be deleted. Please continue reading Testing and leave a comment if inspired. Got a question? Need help? Contact Ari today! Comments Comments Related Stories Why You Should Unfriend Facebook Friends Twitter Verifies Vice President Paul Ryan #MySMCStory: Social Media Club and Me. Media
    [Marketing] Lovin': Paper.Li
    We can also chat there if you like Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit from → Lovin , Social Media , Twitter ← Top 10 social media, marketing and pr links from last week 100 pieces of business advice – by you → No comments yet Click here to cancel reply. Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Lovin’: Paper.Li Despite seeming a little gimmicky at first, I was pleasantly surprised to find just how nifty it is. By simply authorizing the app to access your Twitter account, Paper.Li have said about it too. what a year!
    [Marketing] Create An Online Conversation
    Make sure anyone you have on video signs a  release form so you have their permission to use it in marketing your own business. We’ve talked about  listening to the online conversation. And we’ve talked about  assessing where your customers and prospects are already participating online. These should have done two things for you: 1) Helped you see a pattern of where people are talking about you, the company, or the industry (i.e. blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.); and. 2) Helped you understand where the people you already do business with are spending their time. Listen. 2.
    In my case, he wouldn’t have even needed to look very far to know that my “interest” in marketing, including Social Media, is very high.  My tagline with my logo gives a hint: Strategic Social Media. know how busy you are, but it was a great one, so I’ll email the replay link to you in case you’d like to watch it later.  I see from your website that your business is marketing consulting, including social media, so I would love to talk to you about how our service might be something to offer your clients….” You can see it up there at the top of this page. What do you think?
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    [Marketing] Facebook + Instagram: 5 Must-Reads
    Marketing Lessons From Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition. Facebook recently purchased Instagram for $1 billion. Here are 5 must-reads on the topic. By Matthew Siegel Pages upon pages of commentary have been written about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the astronomical valuation applied to the deal, and the competitive impetus for the transaction. But what’s most interesting is what it implies about Facebook’s perspective on content creation versus content distribution. Why Facebook Bought Instagram: IPO Buyers And Apple. So what’s going on here? By John D.
    [Marketing] Embed Facebook Content Into Your Website | Small Business Mavericks
    Contact Us | Home Site Map | Legal Notices Small Business Mavericks is a part of Melberg Marketing, Inc © 2006 – 2010 Melberg Marketing, Inc., d/b/a/ Small Business Mavericks, Minneapolis, Minnesota Website Design, Development & Promotion Services About Us What’s a Maverick? Seriously, this isn’t a mind-sweeping technological advancement. Widgets and tools that allow for embedded content have been around for years. WordPress has plugins that do the same thing so it’s really nothing new. Have you? Just take a look at the page.
    [Marketing] 11 Ways to Write Damn Good Headlines
    Not only is this a great way to avoid content marketing mediocrity, but this tactic allows you to use phrases like “the ultimate/comprehensive/definitive guide to” — phrases that are proven to increase CTR. The post 11 Ways to Write Damn Good Headlines appeared first on Inbound & Content Marketing Hub. I’m going to be bold here and create an ultimatum for bloggers. Your headline is the most important part of your blog post. As such, it doesn’t matter if the content is top-notch. Sufficiently scared? Use Odd Numbers. Ask a Question. Give an Order.
    [Marketing] Integrate consumer trends with your overall community strategy.
    Online Community Strategist Angela Connor on Growing Successful Online Communities Home About Angela Contact Popular Speaking Media Press Tips Subscribe to feed Integrate consumer trends with your overall community strategy November 19, 2009 in Community Building , Community Engagement | Tags: consume trends , research , Have you thought much about how you will take your community to the next level in 2010. I’ve been giving that a lot of thought and I’m not sure that it’s new features for me. Instead of viewing it as merely a list, I am thinking more broadly.
    [Marketing] Special Report: The Community Manager Survey « Online Community.
    Online Community Strategist Angela Connor on Growing Successful Online Communities Home About Angela Contact Popular Speaking Media Press Tips Subscribe to feed Special Report: The Community Manager Survey April 12, 2010 in Community management | Tags: Community management , community manager , "community manager survey" I am happy to announce the release of my very first Special Report. The Community Manager Survey provides unique insights from 50 practicing community managers. The participants were open and honest, and their answers are quite revealing. simply cannot thank them enough.
    [Marketing] The Bartender Economy
    just read and commented on Danny Brown ’s post about Marketing and the Emotional Connection. On Danny’s blog, my comment agreed about the emotional connection in marketing. I don’t know if it was being on a Scotsman’s blog, but he made me think of the local bartender. Today I ( Lisa Gerber ) ramble from influence to bartending to staying out of trouble. Last Friday. 5:45 am. The airplane doors closed. I am on my way home to Idaho for the week. dutifully shut down my phone and opened my book. There is always something to keep my attention. watched. You have a lot of competition.
    [Marketing] The Social Era Is About Exceptionalism
    Social technology has empowered the human network to influence the behavior of markets. The Social Era dynamics are unusual and subsequently creating new rules and principles foriegn to previous era’s. The Social Era is about exceptionalism. Exceptionalism is the perception that a country, society, institution, movement, or time period is “exceptional” (i.e., Subsequently exceptional changes are redefining leadership, value creation, work and how work gets done, competition and enitre business models. Chamber of Commerce’s think tank. Why is it so exceptional?
    [Marketing] Bake Social Into Your App To Succeed
    recent eMarketer report , Social Media Marketing On Mobile Devices: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities, confirms what we have long suspected: mobile and social are forever intertwined. Whether you want your app to be discovered or your brand to be heard, the key opportunity in the shift toward mobile is engagement. Mobile users not only log in more frequently; they also spend more total time on social media sites. Most of us (as much as 91 percent in India, compared to 42 percent in the U.K.) access social networking sites from mobile devices.
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    [Marketing] Why the Best Social Media Begins Offline
    W hen I was notified last year that the content marketing firm where I work was moving offices —giving up its spacious, albeit outdated, digs for a new state-of-the-art studio three blocks up the road—I couldn’t help but be a little skeptical, uneasy even, of the changes in the offing. Maybe somebody in your marketing department has an idea about how to improve your editorial product, or vice versa. There was plenty to get excited about. We were told the change would improve workflow, encourage collaboration, and usher the company into a new era of creative thinking.
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    [Marketing] Social Media Sucks: 5 Must-Reads
    By Tom Pick Here are six reasons why social media skeptics have a point, and six reasons businesses must and will continue to embrace social media marketing anyway. Social media sucks (but not really). Check out these 5 must-reads. Social Media Sucks For Businesses And Here’s Why. By Adam Helweh For years it’s been “business as usual” and then suddenly everyone is bouncing around words like “social”, “engage”, “community” and all kinds of other blather. Social media sucks and here’s a few reasons why. Top 10 Reasons Why Your Social Media Sucks. Forget it.
    [Marketing] Cookie Tracking: What You Can Do to Prepare for Future?
    Owing to these changes, online advertisers need to change their marketing research tactics that will be more ready to embrace the future of a cookie-less web browsing activities in the future. Instead of feeling panicky and adamant about the way Google is forcing online marketers to take a different direction in promoting their website, it is high time gauge your ability to adapt to these changes and here are some insights on how to prepare for the future. Most tracking cookies are harmless and mainly used for marketing analysis by most websites. What are tracking cookies?
    [Marketing] Of Comment Trolls and Flash Mobs
    Of Comment Trolls and Flash Mobs originally appeared on Danny Brown - The Human Side of Media and the Social Side of Marketing under a Creative Commons license. At some stage in your blogging journey, you’re going to write something that, for whatever reason, brings down the equivalent of Darth Vader, Sauron, Freddy Kreuger and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse onto you all at once. That’s okay – part of the beauty of blogging is that you’re opening up your opinion to the world, and as we all know, no-one ever agrees on everything someone else says.
    [Marketing] Are you selling what your customers want to buy?
    appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute. All too often, I see businesses advertising their wares…but from their own perspective. They talk about their expertise and what they DO or MAKE, thinking that’s what people are buying. Of course, that’s not what they’re buying at all. Hence my question — are you selling what your customers want to buy? Confused? There’s a great story that illustrates this perfectly. college professor stood in front of his classroom, holding a shovel. He told the class that their assignment was to write an ad, selling the shovel.
    [Marketing] Video Testimonial from Montgomery M0tors
    There are a number of things about this meeting that really rocked the house: Ross and Ann and their marketing consultant Clint really know their brand, their customers, and their business and want to keep growing it stronger and larger. Last week I collaborated with two of my Social Media Club colleagues, Philippe Tassin and Tara Coomans in a three-hour consultation with the very cool folks at Montgomery Motors. If you don’t know them, they are a sixty-plus year old, family-owned, and Hawaii-born and bred company that sells motorcycles and related cool gear. They said yes!
    [Marketing] My Blog is Carbon Neutral! Yours Can Be Too! « Saying It Social
    Saying It Social Your Social Media Marketing Resource Home About Polls Our Services Testimonials My Blog is Carbon Neutral! « Previous | Next » About Saying It Social, LLC provides Social Media Marketing & Local SEO Services for Franchisees & other Small Businesses. Yours Can Be Too! How much carbon dioxide does your blog create? According to a study by Alexander Wissner-Gross, PhD, physicist at Harvard University and environmental activist, an average website causes about 0.02g (0,0008oz.) of carbon dioxide for each visit. for a tree each year. link] [.]
    [Marketing] 3 Tips For Effective Blogger Outreach
    Integrate it to build relationships: Like all social media, blogger outreach can be interwoven with your wider marketing strategy. Tweet Bloggers are one of the key influencers in the online sphere. Working with social media PR a lot of good publicity can be gained from getting the right mention of a large blog. Just like journalists in traditional media, bloggers in social media should not be taken lightly and an appropriate plan must be made if you as a brand wish  to include blogger outreach to your social media efforts. And remember, that it doesn’t harm to make it personal.
    [Marketing] Be Increasingly Accessible or Increasingly Irrelevant
    Speaking at a conference in Switzerland in September of 2000, Doc Searls commented that “The most important market place in the history of civilization is designed to value the man on the street. The individual human being.” See the speech here. In our approach to Social CRM, are we thinking of customers as individual human beings. [.].
    [Marketing] 70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog
    Headway – Headway markets itself as the drag and drop theme, best for new WordPress users. I can tell you that while it is a great theme, it is not as easy as drag and drop because I have worked with a new WordPress user that was very, very confused by the system. One question I get asked often is how to start a blog. While there are many platforms to choose from, I always suggest that if your purpose for blogging is anything related to branding, business, or making money online, then you want to go with WordPress on your own domain. Choosing a Domain Name. DomainsBot. KnowEm.
    [Marketing] Living On the Web With Chromebook Good for Battery Life
    No doubt the earliest models aren't yet putting too much fear into established PC market share unit leaders, who have to be watching the developments with some interest, but as someone who lives on the Web, and has access to the first model from Samsung, it's clear to see how the concept of a Chromebook provides value. If I want to rent a video, I can turn to YouTube or the Android Market. The Air, which I used much like the Chromebook, primarily for e-mail, social networking, playing music, etc., More: | RSS | E-mail | Cell: 408 646.2759.
    [Marketing] Defining and Measuring Influence: Insights from Susan Frech of
    Marketers are increasingly incorporating influencer relations into their marketing mix. She notes it’s one of the most powerful tools marketers can use, as it encourages consumers to try, experience or purchase new products or services. When developing marketing strategies geared toward opinion leaders, Sue and her team adhere to Dr. Robert Cialdini , the world’s most cited living social psychologist, Six Drivers of Influence. Starting with small asks initially, marketers can foster brand loyalty in the long haul.
    [Marketing] Don’t Hide The Awesome.
    Today’s post is from Matt Ridings, Founder of MSR Consulting, and a thought leader on integrating social media into the realm of Relationship Marketing. He’s not so much a guest here anymore as the guy who you’d comfortably give a key to your house (and that drinks all the beer in the fridge). He blogs over at  Techguerilla , and you can find him on Twitter at  @techguerilla. Humility. It is one of the central tenets of all the worlds major religions. It’s something that we are taught from a young age is a primary virtue to uphold. Yet what, exactly, is humility?
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    [Marketing] Social Listening for Brand Advocates
    Below is an infographic that illustrates the difference between an “advocate” and an “influencer” You’ll often hear marketers talk about finding influencers to help promote a campaign or push the brand story. One of the key benefits of social listening for any enterprise is uncovering the “brand advocate”. This is someone who thoroughly believes in the brand, and will not only advocate for it but also influence those around them. Unfortunately it usually involves bribing them with samples, subscriptions, or cash to spread the message to their audience.
    [Marketing] Should You Worry About Yahoo and Bing?
    Yahoo and Bing combined do still command a decent amount of search market (between 10% and 24% depending on which figures you choose to go off). When the topic of SEO (search engine optimisation) is discussed many people automatically think about optimising for Google and do not really think about Yahoo or Bing. Closer Analysis. Of course Google commands the largest percentage and for this reason they do get the main focus of many seo companies. How To Target Specific Search Engines. Final Word. Web Analytics
    [Marketing] Social commerce – the future of e-commerce?
    Michael Nutley, editor-in-chief of New Media Age , rightly points out in his Marketing Week article that these two approaches to social commerce take social media a step further by bringing the ability to purchase what’s being talked about on the social network within the network itself. We’ve written previously about the value of social shopping and how it can benefit online retailers ,  and it seems that the issue of social commerce has risen to the forefront of e-commerce strategy discussions again. It is expected that Facebook will take a 30% cut of all transactions.
    [Marketing] Activate Run-Ons with WIFM
    Business writing seeks to market and inform stakeholders. Image by Mad African! The best way to spruce up boring business writing? Activate verb tense, parse run-ons into multiple sentences, and add the what’s in it for me (WIFM) factor. Yes, some colleagues focus on grammar, but when I edit business text these are the first three things my red pen seeks out. Inevitably business text crams an overt amount amount of jargon and hyperbole into copy to ensure that it stays “on message” and achieves branding goals. Get to the business at hand, and do it quickly.
    [Marketing] How to Start Networking When You Don’t Know a Single Person on the Internet
    When I joined my company’s marketing team a little more than a year ago, I was told, more or less, to start reading blogs, commenting on them, and seeking out guest posts. Guest post-what? I was new to the marketing/blogging community and had absolutely no idea where to start. This is a guest post by Mandy Kilinskis. My reaction? Comment-who? Network-where? Sound familiar? Here’s the secret: regardless of your niche, you have to start with good, old-fashioned networking and relationship building. What you know is undeniably important, but so is who. Don’t be.
    [Marketing] Show 484 - How To Get The Most From LinkedIn
    The Engaging Brand podcast  covers  social marketing , business ideas and  brand marketing tips. The Engaging Brand podcast covers social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips. Anna Farmery speaks with Melonie Dodaro  of Top Dog Social Media , Canada''s No.1 LinkedIn expert to find out more about the power of LinkedIn. Many of us use it.but do we really get the most from it? The statistics that suggest that we should take a new look at LinkedIn. . Who is LinkedIn for and why it is growing as a source of referrals. What is LinkedIn? Tweet this ).
    [Marketing] 7 Ways to Infuse Your Company Website with Brand Personality
    The modern marketer’s job is to create a web experience that communicates everything wonderful and unique about their company in mere seconds. Starting to blog for business is a brilliant way to express brand personality and experience the incredible benefits that come with a solid content marketing strategy. Including social media follow buttons on each page of your website is an inbound marketing best practice, but there’s definitely no rule that says you need to adopt cookie-cutter icons to link to your company presence on social networks. 3-5 seconds. Your Blog.
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    [Marketing] Shift the Perception of Public Relations
    That requires more work on developing benchmarks for what a PR program should be expected to do in both marketing and corporate situations. Huh? I don’t disagree with her list, which includes business, marketing, budgeting and forecasting management, leadership, and a willingness to learn. Today’s guest post is written by Rick Rice. . Changing the perception of the public relations industry requires more than a new definition. That shouldn’t be news to anyone. Just saying something will not make it a reality. Smoke and mirrors won’t change anything. These are just tools.
    [Marketing] Social Media Etiquette: Did You Really Need To Say That?
    “Wow, I cannot wait to let every 26-year-old jobseeker mine my top-tier marketing connections to help them land a job.” ” Jaimie Field , Esq., a legal marketing and business development professional, summarized it this way: “Years ago, the woman who received the email [Diana] would have just complained to her friends about how nasty this was – and then it would have been forgotten by everyone. It started as a labor of love for the marketing industry, but somehow it also became a labor, and I vented my frustrations on the very people I set out to help.”
    [Marketing] People See More Than You Think
    Sellers knew this and took advantage of the situation and manipulated markets for the sake of higher financial gains. Marketers learned to spin information in entertaining ways. There was a time when sellers took advantage of dumb buyers. Buyers were dumb simply because they didn’t have access to enough information to make informed decisions. Suppliers were squeezed, employees were expenses, the environment wasn’t a consideration and the entity was a slave to its shareholders. Then buyers became smart and sellers had to provide more information about everything.
    [Marketing] Change, wickedness, being connected and thinking different
    Very few are well along the path, and for most of them, being online is a marketing exercise at best. I’m working with a group of students — undergrads and postgrads — at the University of Canberra, helping them imagine the future of a connected world. What are the social, political, cultural and work implications of a changing globe where being connected is becoming a part of who we are? want them to be t-shapers — people with a depth of skill and the capacity to collaborate across disciplines. want them to develop pattern recognition so they can see the order in the chaos. At best.
    [Marketing] Blog Action Day & Age of Conversation: Like H2O
    The book is written by 171 marketers, educators, leaders, and social media-olgists aound and about the conversation landscape.   For the last few years, I've been able to take part in two important projects: The collaborative storytelling of Age of Conversation and the cooperative Blog Action Day.  This year, they converge and combine together H2O. Both projects combine efforts of community conversation in hopes to affect great change.  And this year, the focus is on water. Blog Action Day 2010: Water is calling on bloggers to focus on the topic of water today. Good stuff.
    [Marketing] Discover the Words You Use to Describe Me
    Font size equals frequency; more people equate me as a social media professional than a marketing professional or someone who lives in metro Boston, and this is why social and media are the largest words. When he's not blogging, Ari works with people and brands to improve their digital marketing. This is a screenshot of words you use to describe me on Twitter lists. Do you think my online reputation is accurate? Do you connect me with these words or with other words? Based on how well you (think you) know me, would you change anything? How to create a Twitter list Wordle. 1.
    [Marketing] Air Canada and the Non-Lesson from United Airlines - Danny Brown
    mentioned as much when I was quoted in Marketing Magazine, that the social media successes also had a large ad budget behind them too. ;-)Just thought in this case they were apt. removeClass(livefyre-hidden)" class="livefyre-show-comment livefyre-button"> View comment Show More Trackbacks Tweets that mention SocialMedia Air Canada and the Non-Lesson from United Airlines #Marketing #SM -- says: August 5, 2010 at 11:09 am [.] Share Save This story caught my eye today. It’s about a little 10-year old boy who’s dying from muscular dystrophy. Wrong. You replace.
    [Marketing] Is Social Media Just A Buzzword?
    Having these opinions, I would like to show you this presentation compiled by Marta Kagan, who is managing director at the marketing agency Espresso. Follow Anne on Twitter Similar Posts: Five Consequences Of The Social Media (R)Evolution Social Media on Roskilde Festival Social Media Is Not The Cure For Everything, It’s Part of The Media Mix Tags: Anne Herngaard , Facebook , Marta Kagan , Slideshare , Social Media , social media evolution Posted in Marketing & Communication , Social Media Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. No, it is not just a buzzword.
    [Marketing] 20 Rocking Tools for Successful Blogging
    The post 20 Rocking Tools for Successful Blogging appeared first on Inbound & Content Marketing Hub. Surely, success of your blog is defined by your knowledge of the topic. That and the ability to convey your message in a language that would be easy for your audience to comprehend. But if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal, chances of your blog becoming remarkable are pretty slim. Whether you want to know more about tools for better productivity during writing, better formatting options , or maybe a plagiarism checker, please read on. WordPress. FocusWriter.
    [Marketing] How to Embrace Change as a constant of Business
    So for example, we have a section on marketing and a section on sales and a section on networking. In Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile, the author discusses how Western and Eastern cultural perspectives on change are different. Western culture treats change as a linear phenomenon, with a definite beginning and ending. Everything that occurs happens in a sequence and there are periods of rest as well as change. Eastern culture treats change as cyclical and on-going. It never stops, but it does go through progressions where change may be more or less prevalent.
    [Marketing] Why You Don't Need to Blog Daily - Danny Brown
    guess the most important thing really is: "What does the market want?"My Im not bashful that my blog is an extension of the marketing for my BUSINESS, so I TRY to write as much for potential clients as I do myself, readers. I am shy about promoting myself, pimping my own blog (did it here ;-) and tweeting myself. Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Why You Don’t Need to Blog Daily August 18, 2010 87 voices share yours! Others will say once a week. Not necessarily.
    [Marketing] The Future Of Digital 2013
    Under-utilizing the vast amounts of information, data and analytics that are available to make their marketing more effective. Not truly embracing the reality that creating utility as an engine of marketing is the future of advertising. context marketing. utilitarianism marketing. Business has changed. This was the pure sentiment of my second book, CTRL ALT Delete , which came out this past summer (and, if you''re so inclined, I would love for you to pick up a copy of it today ). Business has changed. The opportunities are massive and everywhere. amazon. google.
    [Marketing] Design Your Own Blog or Ask For Help
    Ari Herzog provides social media marketing and editorial services. There comes a time in every blogger’s life when a choice must be made: do you keep doing things the way you’ve always done them, or do you step out of your box and ask someone to do it for you? This blog is powered by WordPress — and the Thesis framework , a premium theme that sits on top of WordPress. bought Thesis in November 2008. As the 3-year anniversary approaches, I reflect upon blogs shifting designs from premium to customized and whether now is a good a time to follow. What do you think?
    [Marketing] How to Use Social Strategies to Drive Business Goals
    This week: From ExactTarget , a free ebook called The Mathematics of Social Marketing. From Cision , a free ebook called Power Your Story: Content Marketing Essentials. ” Social Media Stat of the Week: Marketing Teams Need Understanding to Succeed. Jeff shares an infographic that eCornell has put together using data that they have collected from surveying business leaders about what they feel they need to succeed in marketing. 92% of those researched said they need a better understanding of their target market in order to succeed. Listen Now . Gvidi.
    [Marketing] 13 Not-So-Scary Ways to Become a Master at Blog Commenting
    Every content marketing strategy should involve a plan for blog commenting. Content marketing expert Ken Mueller cites his regular commitment to leaving comments as a critical success measure, stating “[i]t has been incredibly important to my growth as a blogger, and to the growth of my business.”. There’s a definitive art to leaving outstanding blog comments, and as content marketer Angela Suico points out, stating “Thanks for the insight! As Suico points out , many content marketers have an irrational fear of blog commenting. Setting Reasonable Expectations.
    [Marketing] Don’t Publish Another Blog Till You Read This!
    blogging des moines social media company One social media social media des moines social media for small businesses social media iowa social media marketing company social media Philadelphia social media servicesI’ve been looking for this post for some time now and have found it. When I first read it about a couple of years back, I was simply blown away by the facts. They were pretty amazing and offered the kind of insights that are usually quite hard to come by. Tremendous information there; and it’s all too good to miss. So let me share this with you if you haven’t seen it already.
    [Marketing] Facebook Privacy: 6 Years of Controversy [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Tags: facebook des moines social media company One social media social media des moines social media for small businesses social media iowa social media marketing company social media Philadelphia social media services
    [Marketing] A Blog is Exactly What We Wish It to Be
    come from a traditional marketing and communications background, where everything is set in stone and the relationship to the sale is a true and trusted path. When I first started blogging “seriously”, it was a continuation of a public relations blog that I had, back in my early solo consultancy days. The goal was simple – to share thoughts and ideas on social media and where that fit in the business world. And you know, perhaps at that time it was okay to write about things that way. But everything’s fluid – we need to keep moving. Thankfully, that’s worked so far.
    [Marketing] Seting Up A New WordPress Blog In 8 Steps Or Less
    As a social media marketing professional, being able to setup and optimize WordPress in just a few hours (design aside) is a skill that you really should have. You’ll be able to setup functional mocks of micro-sites, have skills you can bill to clients, or impress your bosses and make you more indispensable… Read the rest on SML  How To Setup A New WordPress Blog In 8 Steps or Less. FYI – This blog will be transitioning over to Social Media Launchpad  within the next 2 weeks and these postings will stop at that time. Please visit and subscribe. Thanks!
    [Marketing] #BookLoews Lets You Book Hotel Room Via Twitter
    study by travel market research firm PhoCusWright found that “ 34% of hotel room revenue comes from online and mobile app bookings ,” a figure that is by all accounts only going to rise in the future. The luxury Loews Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of Loews Corporation, recently announced that hotel booking is now possible through Twitter. Customers just have to tweet @loews_hotels with #bookloews to express interest, at which point a Loews agent will respond with an attached link to a secure chat channel to shore up booking and credit card details.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, MAY 5, 2014
    [Marketing] 6 Social Media Best Practices You Probably Aren’t Doing (And Should)
    If you’re an ad agency, you have a far better chance of having an article seen that showcases the ten best commercials of the year rather than a simple case study that features your own work. A mix of the two is an important component of any strong content strategy and content marketing campaign. With the constantly changing social media landscape, it’s hard to keep up with trends. There are a lot of hugely beneficial and fairly simple social media best practices in which brands and individuals should be participating, but most people simply don’t know about them.
    [Marketing] 5 Group Buying Sites to Stalk
    JDeal is a similar site to Groupon, except for one key difference–it specializes in products aimed at the Jewish market. Group buying sites are becoming a popular online destination for many shoppers. The range of offers and deals mean that consumers can save on a number of different products and experiences. If you are looking to find a new online site where you can access a plethora of discounts, you should visit the below sites and start saving money – there’s something for everyone in all of these. Parents Deals. Groupon. JDeal. Green Deals. Plum District. Takeaway.
    [Marketing] Blogging Is Not Intimidating
    Blog blog writing Blogging content marketingI talk to a lot of people who are intimidated by blogging. “I’m not a writer,” they say. “I can’t string two sentences together.” ” I usually point out that they just did right there, and that blogging is not as hard as they make it out to be. Okay, maybe not THIS informal. The great thing about blogging is that while, yes, it technically is writing, it’s less formal than writing. That doesn’t mean you can misspell words, misuse grammar and punctuation, or write crap. blog is informal.
    [Marketing] Do You Know the Secret to Smart Networking?
    He does social media management for   KimberMedia  and does marketing/PR for  @bgckids. Ed: seeing as how it’s “holiday week” here in the U.S., we decided to give the WUL team a bit of a break. So we’re re-running some older posts … not necessarily the ones that got huge numbers of comments, but the ones that are personal favorites of the team. Today’s pick (by moi!) is an updated version of Matt LaCasse’s terrific post from March 2011 on the secret behind good networking. Always relevant. Congrats Matt & family! In the trash can most likely.
    [Marketing] A Look at the New Twitter Advertising Platform
    As many of you might already know, you can run a great marketing campaign, but if it’s targeted at the wrong people, places and things – it probably won’t produce any results. Having a HUGE Twitter following is really good for your overall marketing efforts. It is absolutely imperative that you  track your results  when managing any marketing campaign. Get More from Twitter – Twitter Marketing eBook Review. This is a guest post by Gregory Smith. The social-media giant, Twitter recently released their advertising platform for brands. Promoted Tweets.
    [Marketing] My First Novel, 19 Years in the Making
    Without the business books, social media marketing experiences, and yes, failed attempts to find a publisher nine years ago, I would not have found the courage to release book myself. Image by Vindaloo. Over the past few months I babbled about a secret project in blog posts now and then. It’s time to lift the curtain and reveal the project. intend to release a science fiction novel at the end of summer. Here’s some more babble for you. Exodus (Book One of the Fundamentalists) has been 19 years in the making. Nineteen fricking long years. Check it out! and C.C. know that.
    [Marketing] An Enterprise 2.0 Framework for Success
    Every organization is obviously going to have it’s own cultural challenges (which can also be due simply to the geographic location, Betrand Duperrin highlighted some French specific challenges and also looked at why prediction markets have no success in France ).  Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER An Enterprise 2.0 Framework for Success View Comments June 6th, 2010 Around a week or so ago I presented online at the social business summit on making Enterprise 2.0 Business challenges This should be common sense right? 
    [Marketing] Developing relationships with a little LESS conversation
    For starters, it means that marketers are not in charge. Start paying attention to the number of times people say things like, “if people only understood the benefits of…” or “we just need to educate folks on….” My hunch is, you’ll hear phrases that suggest “marketers as powerful” is the ruling motif. Secondly, it means marketers simply must focus on the people in the marketplace. Gladly. There’s value in understanding conventional wisdom—it often give you a clue on what not to do. Tom Asacker ’s also a contrarian. You’re probably saying, “duh, no one thinks they are.”
    [Marketing] Consumers use social media to tell brands: “We want to help” (Part 2)
    This means that marketers and social media managers should plot their strategy along two axes: Reach : in social media, both a broad and a limited reach can be useful. Social Media around the World 2012 (by InSites Consulting) from InSites Consulting. Part 2 of a guest post by Steven Van Belleghem, author of  The Conversation Company  &  The Conversation Manager. Part 1 is here. How to exploit all the possibilities of social media. Here are the conclusions of our study of social media around the world. Good content always appeals to a large group of people.
    [Marketing] Social PR and Future of Social Media Monitoring and Reporting
    First, SMM (Social Media Monitoring) is nor Market Research (yet) and can not provide, in most cases, the precision report required for a variety of reasons covered in my book, however I feel it is too often being sold as a proxy for market research. It’s also true realistic timeframes and pricing, while making an Analysts life easier who works for a PR, Marketing or Services firm (for a change) would increase pricing of reporting beyond what most clients are willing to pay for this level of reporting at this point of time. URL : [link]. Web Analytics #socialPR
    [Marketing] When Customers Attack
    Back when I was giving some of the first full-day social media seminars to marketing professionals, his book, The New Influencers , was part of the recommended reading list. Gillen stayed connected to the intersection of social media, marketing and has a focus on the B2B landscape. b2b marketing. b2b social media marketing. content marketing. digital marketing. marketing blogger. marketing podcast. marketing professional. secrets of social media marketing. social marketing to the business customer. blogging. brand.
    [Marketing] The Future of Search: Personal, Persistent and Implicit
    Stated directly: The traditional search market is powered by one time explicit search. The future search market is powered by persistent implicit search. Disclosure: I am the vice president of marketing at my6sense , which is also a Paladin client. The world of search is changing before our eyes - from one where there is one right answer for all people at a specific instant to another where an answer to one's query can differ based on who they are, their social graph, their location, or even the time of day. What do I mean? For example, take Google Alerts.
    [Marketing] What Is A Balanced Narrative?
    They used to call it cooking the books but that sounded criminal so now it’s called “creative accounting” The 21st Century is ushering in a 360 degree transparent view into any organization’s operations.  No matter what the tangible financial picture is the market can now get a balanced view of any business simply by “listening to its stakeholders” and the intangible attributes. Simply by listening anyone can determine how much intangible capital an organization has by hearing noises from the market of conversations. The Untold Story.
    [Marketing] Denial Only Has One Result
    Markets change. Today’s market dynamics are fueled by a connected world engaged, informed and creating rapid cycles of change that wait for no one to catch up. We tend to deny the things about ourselves that we don’t like. Some of those things are obvious to others while others are hidden below the surface and we cover them up like an addict covers up their addiction. It is hard to change and sometimes change doesn’t happen until it is forced upon us. Our health can slip away for years then it becomes a choice of change or die. Avoiding the Worse Results.
    [Marketing] Association Social Media: ASCD
    The communications team also meets regularly with the marketing team to discuss upcoming promotions, determine each unit’s plan, and coordinate our efforts to maximize effectiveness. Because the campaign took place during Teacher Appreciation Week, we paired it with a teacher appreciation marketing campaign that offered a bundle of ASCD Arias publications at a discounted rate. ———————  . Meet Tina Byland, ASCD’s Social Media Specialist! 1. First things first - in what department in your organization does your role sit? all week.
    [Marketing] Social Media for Good – The #CitizenGulf Project - Danny Brown
    Organized by a mix of business owners, cause marketers and social good causes, the CitizenGulf project aims to help fishing families affected by the recent BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf Coast. Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Social Media for Good – The #CitizenGulf Project August 10, 2010 5 voices share yours! Share 1 save One of the greatest aspects of social media is how it’s been adapted to helping charitable causes and non-profits. So how can you help? Enjoy this post?
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2011
    [Marketing] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Volcano Timelapse
    The ultimate guide to online marketing for local business – the basics of what you need to do for search and social media to succeed in your local online marketing strategy. Leveraging your SEO for search retargeting – leveraging your SEO duties for marketing success. ways to maximize your YouTube marketing results – actionable tips to enhance your video marketing strategy. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on
    [Marketing] Are Managers “Numerate”?
    Otherwise the data and analysis says will you will lose in a market where knowledge and wisdom are required to survive. Your organization is surrounded by data. What is the data telling you? Organizations are consumed with collecting data about everything and everyone. Social technology has created an explosion of new data never before seen, collected, analyzed and interpreted. The difference between information and knowledge is being able to interpret the data. The difference between knowledge and wisdom is being able to create valuable insight (meaning) gained from the data. There
    [Marketing] The Human Side Of Local Search
    Let them earn the right to hire more sales people and be entrepreneurial in their market but with the backing of a Goliath like Microsoft. Contact Us | Home Site Map | Legal Notices Small Business Mavericks is a part of Melberg Marketing, Inc © 2006 – 2010 Melberg Marketing, Inc., d/b/a/ Small Business Mavericks, Minneapolis, Minnesota Website Design, Development & Promotion Services Tags: bing , google , local search This entry was posted on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 at 9:41 am and is filed under Local Internet Marketing. About Us What’s a Maverick?
    [Marketing] Helping Members and their Communities Succeed: the Future of What We Now Know as Membership
    At the heart of the business models of fast growing, market leading associations and other service providers in our research, are human relationships and interactions. We all have had these moments. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the clouds of confusion part and you look at the world with new- found clarity. Of all places, my “moment” came today at my doctor’s office, while waiting nervously for the results of my annual mammogram. Instead, her “go to” resource was a small, online network that another association member had launched and now boasted a few hundred members. 
  • SOCIALFISH  |  MONDAY, JULY 29, 2013
    [Marketing] Council of Manufacturing Associations Panel: Keeping Up with the Messenger
    ”  I’ll be joining Matt Mantey, SVP Sales and Marketing at Smartbrief, and Carlos Barrionuevo, Principal of Oveo Solutions in a robust conversation about the disruption in how associations manage communications and marketing. This will be an audience of association CEOs.  If you’re an association marketer or PR/Comms person, I’d love to hear from you – and share on the panel – about what themes or issues you would want your CEO to hear about the changing role of the association when it comes to content and messaging.
    [Marketing] The New Enterprise 2.0 Community Manager
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER The New Enterprise 2.0 Community Manager View Comments December 7th, 2009 Most of the time when people or brands refer to a “community manager,&# they are referring to someone that can manage the online relationships for a particular brand.  Most community manager roles include blogging, tweeting, monitoring the web for online conversations and engaging when appropriate (and possibly a few other things).  The community manager is the ring leader or the conductor that makes everything happen. 
    [Marketing] World Social Media Day, June 30th, Antwerp Belgium
    Social media marketing Antwerp Belgium event Mashable social media Social Media DayWhile “GTs” or “Get Togethers” are not new to social media, made it all official in 2010 when they began promoting June 30th as the official worldwide social media day. Aside from lending the idea some good credibility, Mashable was also smart enough to provide some social media tools as a way for locals [.].
    [Marketing] Day 5: People of color impacting the social web – Joselin Mane – #29DaysofDiversity
    passionate Internet Marketing Consultant with 20 years of computer technology experience. Add my 10 years of Online Marketing experience and 12 years of Business Development experience, and you get a powerful combination that is rarely seen in this new media market. He specializes in wrapping marketing around technology to help grow his clients’ businesses in more efficient ways. His international experiences gives him a strong foundation from which he has developed global marketing campaigns for my clients. As we all know, February is Black History Month.
    [Marketing] Have You Got an App for That?
    According to a recent eMarketer article , mobile apps for social networks - in addition to phones - are under consideration by more marketers than ever before. Lest you think that this is simply marketers chasing the latest shiny object, or the boss claiming G.M.O.O.T. ("get me one of those!"), there's some solid reasoning behind the choice to move more resources to mobile. It seems that app development is where it's at in social. As you can see in the graphic below, the leading platform for an app (unsurprisingly) was Facebook, followed by the iPhone. Enter the app.
    [Marketing] What Was And What Shall Be
    Schaefer from the Grow Blog that covered topics like the power of Klout and the evolution of Marketing, Communications and Blogging in 2010. digital marketing. marketing. marketing over coffee. new marketing labs. social media marketing. Episode #235 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. As I explained last week (more on that here: No Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast This Week ), I had an amazing conversation with Mark W. Enjoy the conversation. bite size edits. blogging. blue sky factory.
    [Marketing] Gartner Magic Quadrant for Internal Social Sotware 2010: Valuable or Not?
    think these types of reports to a good job of providing an overall big picture of what’s going on in the vendor space and they help many people understand what the “market&# looks like, but I’m hard pressed to see how a report like this can help a client. Gartner recently released their Magic Quandrant report for internal social software vendors. The below images are courtesy of Read Write Web. The first image is for 2010 the second is from last year. More in a minute, first the images. Only then were we able to put together a solid RFP. No demo is conducted.
    [Marketing] Tips for Brands Using Social Media
    By now, any marketer worth their weight in salt knows the importance of social media in your campaign efforts. Between it’s affordability, potential reach and audience engagement rates, there is no reason a strong social media strategy shouldn’t be fully integrated into your marketing setup. The really savvy marketers will also pick up on the topical aspect that Facebook, Twitter & their contemporaries all offer, whether that’s engaging with customers via trending hashtags or direct comments, or creating some specific holiday-themed content. Honda are great at this.
    [Marketing] Social Media Clout: Klout them up – don’t you know who I am?
    Therefore “To Klout Them Up” means to dangle a C2C (Customer to Customer) carrot in front of a companies eyes and say “I promise I will tell my friends and family that your stuff is neato if you give me some phat lewt” Which in marketing speaks means: “I can bring on board many of your target demographic but I need goodies in return” The real short hand is “don’t you know who I am?” Your recommendations, and personal responses are the subject of endless market research, Big Data experiments and social media campaigns. Klout ).
    [Marketing] Six Tips for Recruiting a B2B Social Media Hire | Spin Sucks
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Sep 08 2010 Six Tips for Recruiting a B2B Social Media Hire By Daniel Hindin | Email | Print | 5 Comments | Guest post by Elizabeth Sosnow , managing director of BlissPR. Why was it so difficult? There are a whole host of reasons: What’s in it for me? Macro to micro.
    [Marketing] Are Case Studies Helping or Hindering You?
    The challenge, of course, is that most “best practice&# examples leave out many of the gory details, either for marketing purposes or because there’s confidential or proprietary stuff in there that businesses don’t want to give away. It’s as much a sales and marketing tool as it is a teaching tool, however. Best practices. Case studies. We ask for them. Nay, we *demand* them, especially when we’re trying to understand something that’s new to us. Reassurance: “It’s possible.&#. Instruction: “Here’s how we did it.&#.
    [Marketing] Making Homelessness Visible Through Social Media - Danny Brown
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Making Homelessness Visible Through Social Media September 13, 2010 8 voices share yours! Share Save This weekend just gone, I was honoured to meet a guy I’ve admired for a long, long time, Mark Horvath (Mark’s in the centre, my business partner Troy Claus is on the right). Based out of Los Angeles, Mark is someone with an incredible story. Fifteen years ago, Mark was homeless and sleeping on the streets of Hollywood. Then the economy collapsed.
    [Marketing] 5 Ways to Check Your Online Reputation
    560 Resources for Blogging, Online Marketing, and Starting a Business. This is a guest post by Peter Nevins. You have traffic, but no leads. What could be the problem? Maybe your online reputation is killing you. From bad reviews to malicious forum posts to negative word of mouth, your reputation precedes you for good or for ill. Photo Credit: John Uhri of Sketch Note Artist on Flickr. The only way to increase sales, when this happens, is to tackle the issue head on. But first, you have to find the problem. Then you have to fix it. Here’s how to do it. Engage Bad Press. It happens.
    [Marketing] FreshNetworks Blog: Top five posts in July
    As a social media agency , FreshNetworks aims to bring you the best posts in social media, online communities, marketing and customer engagement online. In truth, the rise of social media for marketing is less about technology and more about brands realising the benefits of closer engagement with customers and others. An issue for many brands who are developing a social media strategy is how they translate what they do in one country into other markets in which they operate. Image by TheTruthAbout… via Flickr. 93% of the world is not on Facebook. What does this mean?
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2013
    [Marketing] How To Become A Thought Leader
    If Anderson Cooper describes you as a "marketing thought leader" prior to interviewing you on air, you can run with that title. Personally, I would have never defined myself as "the rock star of digital marketing," but when Marketing Magazine called me that, I ran with it as well. digital marketing. marketing magazine. marketing though leader. You are one if someone reputable says you are one. That is the short and simple answer to what is a very complex thing to define. Who really is a thought leader? On becoming a thought leader.
    [Marketing] 21 Steps to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile
    Your Headline Should Be Catchy & Have Keywords You Want To Be Found For  Create a headline that captures your target markets attention to encourage them to check out your profile. 4. Update Your Status Daily  One of the pillars to social media success is consistency so be sure to update your LinkedIn status daily with something that provides value to your target market. 9. Speak Directly To Your Target Market  Always write so that youre speaking directly to the type of person you are trying to attract/sell to. Keep it clean and concise! 3. Same drill!
    [Marketing] The One When #measurePR Turned Five: Recap
    She most recently served as Vice President of Content Marketing and Media Analysis for eOutreach/CustomScoop, analyzing media, digital content, and trends for Fortune 500 clients. Guest Post by Jen Zingsheim Phillips. The February 3 #MeasurePR chat was rollicking! This is a fun word and should be used more often, IMHO). It was the FIFTH anniversary of the chat, which merited some special fanfare. Guests were Katie Paine (who was a guest on the very first chat!), Johna Burke of BurrellesLuce, and Shonali. Hosting duties were shared by guest hosts Deanna Boss and me. measurepr. measurepr.
    [Marketing] Sharing the Olympics in 2014, A Million Dollar Idea
    This way the users get to see the sponsor’s name at least twice and have a chance to be exposed to their marketing message. Each morning I have breakfast with my Lovely Bride. She watches DVR recordings of lame reality shows while I surf my Social Networks and catch up on news. This morning there was a tweet from @MediaHunter that caught my eye: Todd calls it now. By next Olympics there’ll be something else we’ll be using other than Facebook & Twitter. What do you think? GruenSweat. — Craig Wilson (@mediahunter) August 15, 2012. Time for the Underwear Gnomes. Step 2: ???
    [Marketing] Who Are Your Twitter Fab Five?
    She’s an online marketing pro, not one of the “make $3 million a day” kind but the hard working kind who knows SEO, e-commerce, content management, etc. Christopher is also a really smart marketer and all around decent guy. And he once said I was one of the few marketers on Twitter that had any integrity. In response to the madness of Twitter Follow Friday, I’m going to try something new that I call my “Fab Five to Follow Post.” Vruz is my good friend Horacio from Uruguay. As with most of my favorite people on Twitter, our friendship is based on mutual respect. Jorgensen.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  FRIDAY, MAY 7, 2010
    [Marketing] 17 WordPress Plug-Ins To Help Improve Your Blog Experience - Danny.
    You might also like: 7 Ways to Market Your Business on Facebook – Free Ebook Headway 1.6 Jupiter Real Estate´s most recent blog post.Valencia at Abacoa Market Update From January to May 2010 =-. Jupiter Real Estate´s most recent blog post.Valencia at Abacoa Market Update From January to May 2010 =-. Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs 17 WordPress Plug-Ins To Help Improve Your Blog Experience May 7, 2010 51 voices share yours! couple of things. So… on with the list.
    [Marketing] Should ROI be the Only Driving Factor for Enterprise 2.0?
    market predictions vary so greatly.  Market Predictions Vary so Greatly? Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Should ROI Be the Only Driving Factor for Enterprise 2.0? View Comments December 23rd, 2009 This is the fifth and final post of a multi-post series covering the discussion between SOCIALtality founder and 20-year Fidelity-enterprise veteran, Wendy Troupe and myself.  The topics of our discussions were around Social Media, the emerging Enterprise 2.0 movement and the issues facing companies contemplating adoption. 
    [Marketing] What Information Is Not
    Based in Maryland with roots in New York, she’s been crafting effective marketing copy as a writer and polishing many forms of prose as an editor since 2002. There was a radio station we used to listen to pretty often during my  morning commute. It used to proclaim at program breaks: “WXXX, where information is power.&#. The hair immediately rose on the back of my neck, and from then on hearing that phrase intoned by the bass voice had me grimacing inwardly.  It’s an easily digested lie. Otherwise, I’m doing the social media equivalent of watching National Geographic.
    [Marketing] 5 Reminders For Social Media Job Candidates
    If you’re in the market for a role like this, keep in mind a few key things as you respond to openings and opportunities. 1. If you’re on the market, be on your best behavior. What advice would you have for those on the job market? Social media and community jobs are a hot commodity right now, and in demand by both employers and job seekers. And there’s no question that social media has changed the way individuals not only look for jobs, but how employers vet potential candidates and consider their qualifications. Read the job description carefully.
    [Marketing] Pushing Social Digest – 5 Links Worth Reading
    SocialMouths delivers the “real goods”  I immediately began analyzing Pushing Social using the solid email marketing advice offered by Francisco. This post has nothing to do with social media, blogging, or content marketing.  It’s about how to think.  It’s valuable for that reason alone. More Blog Promotion Tips I fell in love with you all over again. Just read the comments on the “ Gory Details ” to see why.  :). In the meantime, here’s what caught my attention this week. 8 New Google+ Changes and How They Impact Your Business.
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