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    [Marketing] Five for Friday
    Don’t be bashful, PR, social media, marketing, advertising, legal and sales all count. OK – I am not going to lie. This  Five for Friday was written out on Tuesday night and I may have missed an article or two. Hopefully you’ll check back for the content that I am producing at SXSW in terms of videos and chats with some cool folks. I am also still doing the crowdsourced social media tips for small businesses so feel free to grab me if you see me or leave comments here. Hope all is well with you and you have a great weekend and I’ll catch you next week…. Definitely read it.
    [Marketing] Help Wanted – PR Pro for Department of Winter
    Unfortunately, the season has been hit by a lot of bad press lately and has not done a great job marketing or branding itself. This post originally ran on PR Breakfast Club , but I wanted to share with you all as well. Over the past few months, you may have noticed that the weather outside has become increasingly colder. While it might seem alarming, it is actually one of the year’s four seasons, albeit one that comes with some detractors. For every great story, ad or video on a ski resort or some outdoor hockey game, there are three or four negative mentions. PR public relations Winte
    [Marketing] IRL? What’s that?
    Teresa Cantwell is the marketing and community manager at EXPO Communications, Inc. Show of hands: How many of you have a smart phone glued to your hand? Laptop? The list goes on and on.  I am a self proclaimed. DISCONNECTING.  Around the same time Jeff asked me to write this post, I met someone who literally takes my phone from me and forces me into real life. Shook me up a bit, and slowly but surely I am getting there.  Why should I? didn’t see the harm in always being on Facebook, Twitter, and having access to what’s going on.  Silly really. Put it away. That’s right.  Do it! 
    [Marketing] Five for Friday 7.9
    The email marketing companies started the buying frenzy and other industries have followed suit. Home About Archives Press Clips Spark Advisors Suggested Reading Five for Friday 7.9 Written on July 9, 2010 by Espo in Five for Friday How was your week? Mine was, well not a week, but two working business days. This post will be posted as I get ready for my brother-in-law’s wedding so the articles are from earlier in the week. Despite being short, my week was busy and I made my debut speaking. So without any further rambling, here is this week’s edition of Five for Friday. How about you?
    [Marketing] Why talk unicorns and rainbows?
    Aside from those metrics, you can pull up equated net promoter scores, social influence marketing score and conversation share (I blogged about what each is here ). Home About Archives Press Clips Spark Advisors Suggested Reading Why talk unicorns and rainbows? Written on July 22, 2010 by Espo in social media This post originally ran on  PR Breakfast Club earlier in the week. However I wanted to share to readers of this site who may have missed it. My near 10 years in the public relations industry has taught me a lot. The looks of disbelief and folks asking what we do all day is irksome.
    [Marketing] Can influence be bought? | Strategic thoughts on using social.
    If money was going to be discussed, I brought in my marketing team – which should be the action of any responsible flack. Home About Archives Press Clips Spark Advisors Suggested Reading Can influence be bought? Written on September 27, 2010 by Espo in PR This post originally ran on PR Breakfast Club earlier in the week. added in some additional insight and I wanted to share to readers of this site who may have missed it. Disclosure – I love free stuff, seriously. The popcorn tin and tailgate beer mugs were pretty sweet. You just sign up for hte service and I get offered deals.
    [Marketing] PB116: How to Snap Readers out of Passive Lurking to Become Engaged
    Episode 64: Content Marketing – Secrets From an Entrepreneur Who Has Used It to Build a Successful Business. Note: this episode can be listened to in the player above or on iTunes or Stitcher. How to Move Readers From Passive Lurking to Engagement. Welcome to episode 116. I am working through a series that helps you to warm your blog readers up.  In episode 112 , I introduced the four stages of warming your readers up.  In episode 113 , I talk about how to get the first eyeball to your blog. This is crucial for building an ongoing relationship with your audience. Ask for engagement.
    [Marketing] PB116: How to Snap Readers out of Passive Lurking to Become Engaged
    Episode 64: Content Marketing – Secrets From an Entrepreneur Who Has Used It to Build a Successful Business. Note: this episode can be listened to in the player above or on iTunes or Stitcher. How to Move Readers From Passive Lurking to Engagement. Welcome to episode 116. I am working through a series that helps you to warm your blog readers up.  In episode 112 , I introduced the four stages of warming your readers up.  In episode 113 , I talk about how to get the first eyeball to your blog. This is crucial for building an ongoing relationship with your audience. Ask for engagement.
    [Marketing] Will You Build or Buy Your New Blog?
    Like any market, the blog property market has a range of pitfalls for the beginner, and buying a new blog as a way to get a head-start on a new blogging niche isn’t for everyone. Andrew Knibbe is the Marketing Manager at Flippa , the #1 marketplace for buying and selling websites. This guest post is by Andrew Knibbe of Flippa. When most of us think of blogging, we think about starting from the ground up. One of the least talked about, and most often overlooked, is to buy an existing blog. Why buy a blog? it may come with a ready-made audience—hopefully, a loyal one.
    [Marketing] Influence, Cash, or Hobby: Which Blogging Choice Is Right for You?
    wasting time marketing your blog on the wrong sites. Should you have done your research on blog marketing, you’ll know that blog commenting and article marketing are excellent ways to promote your blog and build backlinks to it. Brandon Connell is a full-time blogger, web designer, and internet marketer in Illinois. This guest post is by Brandon Connell of When I first started a blog that I took seriously, it was to promote an ebook that I had published on Amazon’s Digital Text platform. The problems. Readers walk. Think about it.
    [Marketing] How to Re-Ignite Your Blogging Fire When You’re Feeling Burnt Out
    In 2006, at 17, I started a blog about marketing which was very successful from launch. didn’t want to write about marketing this time, but instead I decided to focus on the topic of personal development, which I was passionate about at the time. For Right now I’m doing the same with ViperChill – writing about a topic I love (marketing, again) – and doing so for a very small amount of money. Glen helps people build remarkable websites and writes about viral marketing. A Guest Post by Glen Allsopp from ViperChill. Set Smaller Goals. Share This.
    [Marketing] Three Problems that Make Me Leave Your Blog in Three Seconds
    It is how your blog is perceived by others and where it is positioned in the market. This brand is positioned as the only healthy option in the fast food industry, and as a result it’s killing this market space. This guest post is by the Blog Tyrant. “Wow that’s an interesting looking title you’ve got there, I think I’ll check out that blog.&#. That’s what I think. But three seconds later I’m gone, never to return again. Be very careful to fix these if they’re present on your site. Think about it for a second. How can you fix it?
    [Marketing] The Unmissable Secret of Long Term Blogging Success.
    In The Myth Of Great Content Marketing Itself , Darren said that: The reality is that many blogs produce quality content that doesn’t get read. Later, he said: Letting your content market itself DOES work IF you already have an audience to help with that process by spreading word of it through word of mouth. The reason isn’t that the blog’s not worth reading – but in many cases it’s because nobody knows to go read it. YOU need to be the one who starts the process. It’s time to hustle and get word out about your content. agree. Yes, I’m talking about the networking. Be A Filter.
    [Marketing] What They Don’t Tell You About Successful Product Launches
    We see it a lot in the Internet marketing circles, people selling their own information or products on how to launch a product by talking about how much they made. These techniques to show what you’ve made are fairly typical in this Internet marketing space. Many times we see successful product launches being talked about and are so dazzled by the huge sales numbers and income generated but fail to see all the hard groundwork that has been done behind the scenes for months and years before the launch. Notes. The transcription provided by The Transcription People. Share This.
    [Marketing] Why You're the Key to Social Media Success
    Unlike every other form of marketing and communication ever devised, you can’t treat social media like taking medicine – something that you do when you have to, and only because someone told you so. It is important that, as marketers and business-owners, we know what business we are in and we are in the communications business. If communication is most effective in a press release, so be it, but if it is most effective via social media tools, that should be just as viable an option to a marketing or PR department. The biggest obstacle is corporate culture.
    [Marketing] Inside the Life of the Other Kind of ProBlogger
    This guest post is by Paul Cunningham, blogger, internet marketer, and author of How to Become a Successful Freelance Blogger, I bet that you could easily name at least a dozen blogs that dispense blogging tips to other bloggers. Paul Cunningham is a blogger, internet marketer, and the author of How to Become a Successful Freelance Blogger, the ebook that teaches you how to turn your knowledge and passion into a real income stream. But what about the other kind of problogger, the one who gets paid simply to write blog posts? Skills and experience. Discipline and time management.
    [Marketing] Bravo Dan Gilbert – a PR stunt that worked
    While the results of the surveys wouldn’t be the end all be all, they could gauge interest in certain players in terms or marketability or jersey sales. Home About Archives Press Clips Spark Advisors Suggested Reading Bravo Dan Gilbert – a PR stunt that worked Written on July 21, 2010 by Espo in PR About two weeks ago the city of Cleveland, the NBA and its fans around the globe were treated to The Decision – a one-hour long special on ESPN where LeBron James let everyone in the world know that the Miami Heat would be his next NBA team. Stern. Imagine the homecoming of that one – as T.O.
    [Marketing] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    You build a volunteer marketing army one soldier at a time, not overnight. Pedant “unprecedented … not unlike the 1920s&# *sigh* Pedant “unprecedented … not unlike the 1920s&# *sigh* Pedant “unprecedented … not unlike the 1920s&# *sigh* Pedant “unprecedented … not unlike the 1920s&# *sigh* [link] Allen – Personalbrander Social Media Marketing has become one of the essential marketing channel to business of any kind! link] #marketing #business [link] SMM_News Are you slow enough to succeed in social media?
  • PROBLOGGER  |  SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2010
    [Marketing] 9 Proven Tips For Creating An Extraordinarily Successful Blog [Lady Gaga Edition]
    Lady Gaga isn’t just a pop genius, she’s an unapologetic strong-willed marketing genius as well. A Guest Post by Karol Gajda from Ridiculously Extraordinary. I’m going to come right out and say it: I’m a Lady Gaga fan. didn’t really know who she was until about 6 months ago. knew the name, but hadn’t heard the music or learned about the artist. Then I heard the music and my first thought was: “pop genius.&# That said, it wasn’t until I heard/read a few interviews and witnessed how she carried herself that I actually became a fan.
    [Marketing] New Year Reboot: Make This Your Most Productive Year Yet
    Nothing stops a blog faster than running out of time to create and market it, but if we take a look at our working style (and *ahem* bad habits ), we can easily see where we can cut out what isn’t working and how we can make good habits as automatic as brushing our teeth. . 2017 is your year! If you’re thinking of starting a blog, levelling up on your blog, or are looking to take your blog in a new direction, we are deep-diving into our content archives this week for the best posts to help you do just that. How many posts am I really doing each week? BONUS. Essential!
    [Marketing] 180: 7 Types of Facebook Live Videos that Grow Your Audience, Build Your Brand and Make Money
    Last year at Social Media Marketing World, at the end of every day, I would get on and do a Facebook Live video for my followers of here’s the top five things that I learned at Social Media Marketing World this year. Ways to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Blog. In today’s lesson, I want to talk about Facebook live video which is a technology that has been around for a while now on Facebook and that I think continues to be something that bloggers could get a lot of value out of. We’ve seen Facebook continue to develop it over the last 12 months. Zoom Webinar Tool. Full Transcript.
    [Marketing] Don’t Let Your Blog Get Caught with its Pants Down
    marketing guy won’t subscribe to a blog about ten different topics; he’ll subscribe to a blog about marketing. Joseph has a marketing degree from UT Austin. This guest post is by Joseph of Blog Tweaks. know a guy who went on a backpacking trip in Ghana. One leg of his trip stood out—a five hour bus ride from Kumasi to Cape Coast. This particular ride started at 4:30 a.m. Yes, that’s crazy early, but it wasn’t the worst part of the trip. The worst part was the rolling bowel cramps that started from mile one and wouldn’t go away. They came back every ten minutes. But where?
    [Marketing] How to Get Hired on the Problogger Job Board
    As a Marketing Manager at a new company with many quality content development needs, I decided to create a posting as well. Ross Hudgens is a Marketing Manager at He also blogs over at his personal website, Authentic Marketing. Guest Post by Ross Hudgens of Making money as a freelance content writer isn’t easy. If you aren’t running your own blog or website, turning content into cash can be a difficult thing. But there’s opportunity out there – you just have to try a little harder than normal to find it. How I Found a Content Writer on Problogger.
    [Marketing] How to Use a Manifesto to Spread your Blog’s Message
    manifesto that offers special value for your readers can act as a viral marketing tool for your blog. This post is by Clare Lancaster, of Ever since I read Chris Guillebeau’s manifesto, 279 Days to Overnight Success , I’ve been inspired to create one for my own blog. The way that it communicated the message of his blog, packaged in an attractive, shareable, valuable asset that cemented his place as a niche leader, was enough to make this blogger gush. attracted the “right&# people. built community and solidarity with those “right&# people.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010
    [Marketing] How to Take an Idea to Launch in 4 Steps
    Launch – With a mixture of fear and excitement you gradually move your idea forward towards launch. I can’t tell you exactly how to launch a product or service because it’ll vary hugely from situation to situation – however what I have found is that if you’ve gone through the test and tweak process well that you’ll end up launching something that is not only a better quality product or service – but you’ll hopefully have ended up with some ideas on how to market and launch that product. Let me say a little about each step. Some examples.
    [Marketing] 5 Life Skills You Already Have that Can Make You a Great Blogger
    Rest assured that very, very few bloggers have got the market cornered on every area of expertise. It might be tempting to write that post complaining about your coworker who took credit for your new marketing plan. This guest post is by Sarah Von from Yes and Yes. If you’ve just started a blog you are, no doubt, using your best Google-fu to hunt down every last post giving advice to novice bloggers. There’s heaps of great information out there, but it can get a bit overwhelming for the true beginner. Tweeting and SEO and HTML, oh my! Never fear. Be reliable.
    [Marketing] How to Outsource Your Blog… Or Part of It
    This will help you to qualify candidates early in the process, and save you from spending time talking to “prospective&# contractors who really aren’t in your market at all. 4. Unless you have experience in a given market space or discipline and believe you have the skills to select good talent off the bat, you might consider asking peers and colleagues for talent recommendations. You don’t need to be a big-time blogger to need to outsource some aspect of your blog. There are plenty of reasons why you might outsource some aspect of your blogging. Great. Great!
    [Marketing] How Article Frames Show Readers a Clearer Content Picture
    In marketing, the frame is provided by a product’s unique selling proposition. Consider these two ideas: tennis and your lounge room. These ideas appear disparate. Tennis? My lounge room? So what? Put a Nintendo Wii into the picture. Now you have a frame—or context—for the two ideas. Within the frame provided by the Nintendo Wii, tennis in your lounge room makes sense. frame is a great way to communicate information. In journalism, it’s called a hook, or story angle. And a frame is something that bloggers can use to immediately draw users in and keep them reading. Examples?
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, MAY 16, 2016
    [Marketing] 12 Types of Facebook Live Videos that You Could Create to Help You Grow Your Blog and Business
    Immediately after Social Media Marketing World in San Diego I decided to do a recap of the event. This week we’re taking a deep dive into Facebook Live Video and how you can use it as a blogger to deepen relationships with your readers, build your profile, extend your reach on Facebook and much more. Make sure you get notified in the final post in this series by subscribing to ProBloggerPLUS below. Click Here to Subscribe to ProBloggerPLUS for Free. I’ve embedded a number of videos into this post – all were shot using FB live. Ask me Anything (AMA). Behind the Scenes.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, MAY 23, 2016
    [Marketing] PB117: Case Study – How One Blogger Used a Blog Post, SlideShare Deck, Lead Magnet, Email Sequence and a Webinar to Earn Over $28,000
    Donna’s Blog Post – 21 Pro Tips for a Packed House at Your Webinar or Live Event Using Visual Marketing. Note: this episode can be listened to in the player above or on iTunes or Stitcher. Blogger Shares How She Made $28,000 Using The 4 Stages of Warming Her Readers Up. She did this by using a single blog post, a SlideShare presentation, a lead magnet, an email sequence, and a webinar. Recap of Episodes in Warming Your Readers Up Series. Episode 112. walk you through the 4 stages of warming your readers up. First getting their attention. Second getting them interested. Episode 113.
    [Marketing] Just 24 Hours Left to Get Your ProBlogger Training Event Virtual Pass
    Facebook Marketing. Affiliate Marketing. As this post goes live 450 bloggers from around Australia are boarding planes to head to the 4th annual ProBlogger Training Event on the Gold Coast, Queensland. They’re tweeting with excitement on the #PBEVENT hashtag – check it out. There they will be lapping up over 30 hours of great blogging training from international guests like Trey Ratcliff, Amy Porterhouse, Tsh Oxenreider as well as Aussie bloggers like Shayne Tilley, Pip Lincolne, Nicole Avery and myself. Attend Our Event With the Virtual Pass. Designing Your Blog.
    [Marketing] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Social Media is Email Without the Database Because social communication feels more authentic and timely in most cases, email marketers must fully embrace testing, personalization and optimization to boost relevancy for recipients. certainly do not support the Draconian position that somehow social networks threaten email’s existence as a marketing channel. But, But, if email marketers don’t actually use the data they have at their disposal to increase message relevancy, then the email versus social debate become more viable.  It’s no contest. Thanks dude.
    [Marketing] 177: How to Build Traffic and Momentum on Your Blog After a Blogging Slump
    Sometimes we have a slump in traffic because our email list, our email marketing, or our social media marketing has become cold, either because we haven’t been doing it or because we haven’t been doing it effectively. Six Ways to Boost Traffic on Your Blog. In today’s lesson, I want to talk about getting your traffic kick started in the new year. In this lesson, I want to give you 6 things you can do to hopefully boost your traffic a little and to hopefully get it back to where it was or even higher. So if you’re looking for a boost in traffic – today is for you. BuzzSumo.
    [Marketing] PB165: Interview with Daniel Flynn – Thankyou Cofounder
    Even today, we do launches that get great PR, great marketing, and great cut through but they are so uncomfortable. think for me, I was in Nathan’s session yesterday and I was literally just like, “My mind’s going to explode with all the things we need to do to improve.” He’s just sharing all the journey of founder and essentially all the case of success. I’m messaging a marketing manager. An Interview with Daniel Flynn – Co-founder of Thankyou. They give 100% of their profits to end extreme poverty. The importance of being a learner. Thankyou. Radcasters. Full Transcript.
    [Marketing] Bloggers Don’t Predict the Future
    After all, people can sniff a blatant marketing scheme from miles away. Chris Kahler is an underground marketer diversifying his business into the field of blogging. This guest post is by Chris Kahler of Unless you believe in your abilities to have prophetic visions, you likely can’t predict the future. As a blogger (or hopeful blogger), you need to realize that attempting to see what your future business has in store is a waste of time and effort. Rather than trying to predict the future of your business, you should be pacing the future of your business.
    [Marketing] 178: How to Get Products to Review on Your Blog
    Reviews can be monetized as well, particularly through affiliate marketing if you are recommending a particular product and linking to where people could buy that product with an affiliate link. Strategies to Get Products to Review on Your Blog. In today’s lesson, I want to share 7 strategies that I used to get products to review on my first ever commercial blog – a camera review blog. So if you’d like to create more product reviews on your blog – this one is for you. Listen to this episode in the player above or here on iTunes. Further Resources on Writing Reviews. Borrow.
    [Marketing] UNcanny Insights From UnMarketing | Book Reviews | Social Media.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search UNcanny Insights From UnMarketing September 7th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet The new book UnMarketing from Canadian viral marketer and Twitter gadfly Scott Stratten takes the rules and purees them, Blendtec style. tags: marketing) [.] UNsettling Stratten has a knack for gaps.
    [Marketing] How to Assess Blog Content Submissions
    It was the only site in its niche, yet it couldn’t lead the market, since it didn’t represent the best. When Darren announced he’d hired a Content Manager , one fan commented that she hoped this would ensure greater consistency in the quality of guest posts published on ProBlogger. That comment points to a conundrum that every blogger faces: how can we assess guest submissions objectively? We probably find it easy to differentiate between a fabulous post and a terrible post, but it’s the gray areas that are more challenging. Who are you to judge? Great.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, MAY 9, 2011
    [Marketing] How My Blog Landed Me on Yahoo’s Homepage (Twice) in the First Year
    Plus I have a goal to become a millionaire and I wanted to chronicle what I was learning in business to help others increase their net worth too. I was one out of hundreds of new blogs in finance and business, but I really wanted to learn about online marketing and blogging so I figured I would give it six solid months of trying. This guest post is by Jaime Tardy of Within six months of starting my blog I was contacted by a reporter from CNN. Less than a month later I was on and did an interview on CNN Newsroom with Tony Harris. We all have a story.
    [Marketing] Why Mom Didn’t Make it as a Blogger
    What I had was grit and determination to find my audience and market products to them. This guest post is by Chris The Traffic Blogger. We always hear stories about the people who eventually succeeded as bloggers … but what about the ones who didn’t? What of those millions of people who heard that you could make money online, tried it, and eventually gave up? Why aren’t those stories shared and, more importantly, why don’t we discuss the reasons these people failed? Here is but one story in a sea of millions that can shine some light on the subject.
    [Marketing] Weekly Trends + Using Polls
    assume that questions about political affiliation or age on a parenting blog, for example, are done for either the sake of marketing research or the blogger’s own curiosity, but they are useless because they aren’t fulfilling a need for your reader. This column is written by Kimberly Turner from Regator (a great tool that gathers and organizes the world’s best blog posts). Darren. Last week, along with the list of the ten most-blogged-about topics of the week, we talked about how to get more comments on your blog. If you want them to interact, you need to give them another option.
    [Marketing] Source Quality Content … Continuously
    It helps ensure you don’t omit important information: if your blog covers a growing market space, there are probably news items and events that you’ll want to make sure you cover. What does every blogger need more of? Quality content! This is the first of a series of six posts that tackle key content questions. Today, we’re looking specifically at content sources: places where you can get ideas and information that, with a little work, you can turn into quality blog posts. Your posts may be text, images or video; they could deal with any topic. Internal Content Sources.
    [Marketing] Blastoff for My New Social Media Newsletter
    link] Marketing 150 Via @jaybaer [link] Blastoff for My New Social Media Newsletter [link] TimWeaver How will this be different or an adjunct to those of us who read your blog, FB and follow you on Twitter? Ive founded 5 companies, and spent 15 years running digital marketing agencies. must-read articles about social media (plus a bonus from the Convince & Convert vault) Sent twice per week (usually Monday and Friday) Sent at 1pm pacific time 3-2-1: it’s the greatest newsletter in the history of social media newsletters. Why didn't I think of it? Im Jay Baer.
    [Marketing] PB147: Tips, Tools and Techniques for Managing Incoming Email
    It really took my focus away from the marketing of the products and the development of more products as well. Tips on How to Manage Incoming Email. Is email sucking away all of your time, and taking away from your blogging? Today’s topic comes from one of our readers. Phil says, “I’ve been blogging a couple of years now and in the last 6 months have seen quite a bit of growth in traffic to my blog. This is great but I’m noticing with it is coming a significant rise in the incoming emails I get. feel like I’m drowning in it and that it’s taking me away from my blogging. Zendesk.
    [Marketing] Are You Growing Enough Voices
    Before Permission Marketing , how much audience did Seth Godin have? couldn’t write Katie Van Domelan’s post about social media listening tools. I don’t have the chops to write Mike Corak’s piece on the role of language in content marketing. Josh Lysne contributed a social marketing management process (and companion document) that I’d never seen. More from Convince and Convert You Are Pissed Off at the Wrong Guy Are you spending enough on digital marketing? Ive founded 5 companies, and spent 15 years running digital marketing agencies.
    [Marketing] Understand Your Site’s Traffic
    This post was written by John Burnside, an expert in the making money and Internet marketing niche. This guest post is by John Burnside of When people arrive at your blog, they’ve all come from somewhere on the World Wide Web. They could have found you on a search engine, they could have known about your site already, or they could have come from any one of a million other places. But all of these different types of visitors have a certain frame of mind when they visit your site. Almost always, they will have a different reason for coming to your site.
    [Marketing] 5 Blog Naming Basics
    Pick a niche or market because you care — and not just about the money. want to caution you not to get sucked into certain topics or niche markets just because they’re currently hot. In general I try not to be too influenced by people who aren’t in my target market (and some of my family members are not into raw foods at all!). A guest post by Nathalie Lussier, who blogs as The Raw Foods Witch. Is your blog getting the attention you know it deserves? Maybe you haven’t started your blog yet because you can’t settle on the right name or theme. Share This.
    [Marketing] Turn the Tables on Social Media with NutshellMail | Email.
    More from Convince and Convert Are You Cherishing the Wrong Trophy A Social Media Scoreboard That Works The Wisdom of Social Media X-Rays Convince and Convert Recommends How to Introduce Social Media to Your Business (Danny Brown) Social Media Marketing… Simplified (The Arkayne Blog) Alexandra Kirsch and the Perfect Blogger Pitch (Danny Brown) Tagged as: email marketing , NutshellMail , Social Media Marketing , social media tools , social networking Did you enjoy this blog post? Ive founded 5 companies, and spent 15 years running digital marketing agencies. Big help.
    [Marketing] You're Invited to the Socialpalooza
    More from Convince and Convert Marketing Sideways to Win at Social Media The Social Media Reality Show The Social Media Train: Catch It While You Can Convince and Convert Recommends How to Introduce Social Media to Your Business (Danny Brown) Alexandra Kirsch and the Perfect Blogger Pitch (Danny Brown) How Not To Use Social Media (The Arkayne Blog) Tagged as: Mike Stelzner , SMSS , social media strategy , Social Media Success Summit , social media training , Webinars Did you enjoy this blog post? Ive founded 5 companies, and spent 15 years running digital marketing agencies.
    [Marketing] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    More from Convince and Convert The Conflicting Faces of Social Media Are You Cherishing the Wrong Trophy Teach and then Reap Convince and Convert Recommends How to Introduce Social Media to Your Business (Danny Brown) Social Media Marketing… Simplified (The Arkayne Blog) How Not To Use Social Media (The Arkayne Blog) Tagged as: Internal Social Media , phil simon , social media adoption , social media operations , social media ROI , the next wave of technologies Did you enjoy this blog post? Ive founded 5 companies, and spent 15 years running digital marketing agencies. Absolutely.
    [Marketing] Use Photos to Stand Out in the Facebook News Feed
    This guest post is by Tommy Walker, Online Marketing Strategist and owner of Tommy is an Online Marketing Strategist and owner of He is about to release Hack The Social Network , the ultimate guide to Facebook Marketing, and is currently developing a “mind hacking” course. picture is worth a thousand words, right? This old cliché has become especially true in blogging. It’s statistically proven that by inserting compelling photographs into your blog posts, you’re able to better retain your reader’s attention. Step 1: Breaking up the image.
    [Marketing] How a 30 Minute Reject Post Brings Me Hundreds of Subscribers a Week
    If I was a marketing firm I would have charged a lot of money for that strategy! In the affiliate marketing world, this is called pre-selling; Darren calls it a sneeze page. 3. Most internet marketers agree that you need to use a direct call to action that tells your visitors exactly what they need to do to subscribe. This guest post is written by the Blog Tyrant. Three weeks ago I wrote a guest post for a large blog that got rejected on the grounds that it contained ideas that had already been discussed at the blog. photo credit: Julian Stallabrass. The rejected post.
    [Marketing] Can I Get Your Advice on a New Project Please
    very much enjoy interacting with other people in the social media, marketing, and business arenas, and I’ve done many interviews in the past few years. I have lots of new projects I want to tackle this year. We’ll be doing a redesign of Convince & Convert in the first quarter. I’ll also be writing a new book (roughly scheduled to be out in August – more details soon). started with my groundbreaking Twitter 20 series of live interviews on Twitter, and now I do many video interviews of authors. Would you be so kind as to participate? Thank you!! – Jay.
    [Marketing] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Market research is as important to most companies as the payroll department. Surveying, physical and online focus groups and opinion polling are still the primary tactics companies depend upon for market prediction and go to market strategy. The output from co-creation can be a market test and sharper go-to-market strategies, so you know what your consumers want before you take it to market. Not so different to this approach to marketing. Ive founded 5 companies, and spent 15 years running digital marketing agencies. Embrace these people.
    [Marketing] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    This is the overarch… [link] #marketing [link] Jim Weldon Delivering Happiness Delivers Indeed: Yes, nice guys can finish first. Nice review from @jaybaer [link] [link] Randy Kemp Delivering Happiness Delivers Indeed [link] [link] Lisa Diomede Delivering Happiness Delivers Indeed – [link] (Can't wait to read – just released today) #marketing [link] Alysia Shivers I want to win a copy of "Delivering Happiness" — the book about the rise of Zappos. Ive founded 5 companies, and spent 15 years running digital marketing agencies. Brilliant.
    [Marketing] Leveraging 101: Make the Most of Others’ Skills
    Offline marketing – There are people who will put your message on a billboard sign and stand in front of Grand Central Station for $5! Let’s not neglect the power of offline marketing—which can also be procured on the site. Brandon Connell is a full-time blogger and internet marketing expert who teaches you how to make money blogging. This guest post is by Brandon Connell of Leverage is something I have used my entire life. Fortunately, I was easily able to adopt the idea of leverage for my online businesses as well. It will only cost you $5.
    [Marketing] The Dark Art of Product Pricing
    This post was written by the Web Marketing Ninja — a professional online marketer for a major web brand, who’s sharing his tips undercover here at ProBlogger. Market perceptions. But what you need to determine for your specific product is this: is there a market-based status quo when it comes to the price people expect to pay? Competitive market research. You’ll also get a good understanding of the caliber of your opponents’ products in the particular subsection of the market you choose to enter. Curious? So are we! Your existing readers.
    [Marketing] Is Social Media Too Big For Its Britches?
    Social Campaigns & Apps (social media marketing) In this approach, you’re using contests, promotions, offers, and self-contained applications and widgets to promote your company or product. Content Marketing & Thought Leadership Most often used in a B2B scenario, you create and distribute free information snacks so you can sell paid meals down the road. Most blogging, video content, Slideshare presentations, Squidoo lenses and content marketing of that type fits into this category. link] [link] Email Marketing Talk Is Social Media Too Big For Its Britches?
    [Marketing] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    But, one of greatest benefits of social media is that it puts the shortcomings of your operations department in marketing’s lap, and vice-versa. Every marketer should spend some time with the customer service team at least once a month listening to complaint calls. It is much easier to market things that inspire passion then items with nonchalant users. Every marketer should spend some time with the customer service team at least once a month listening to complaint calls. It is much easier to market things that inspire passion then items with nonchalant users.
    [Marketing] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Pattern recognition is available almost instantly, and companies can capitalize on just-in-time marketing and social CRM opportunities like never before. check it out) [link] [link] Kelly L Davis Marketers take note: new search engine Kurrently combines real-time Twitter and Facebook results [link] (via @jaybaer) [link] Kelly L Davis Marketers take note: new search engine Kurrently combines real-time Twitter and Facebook results [link] (via @jaybaer) [link] Avi H RT @jaybaer: New search engine Kurrently combines real-time Twitter and Facebook results. Or Microsoft. Or IBM.
    [Marketing] The Power of Not Giving Up – One Blogger’s Story
    decided to give some marketing coaching. I had to fill out a form to say who I was and what I was offering, and I wrote that IttyBiz was the “offshoot blog of IttyBitty Marketing”. IttyBitty Marketing? A guest post by Naomi Dunford from IttyBiz who emailed last week to remind me (Darren) that today is ProBlogger’s 6th Birthday and asked if she could write a birthday post. Maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Naomi Dunford, and I was just like you. I was desperate, scared and pregnant. Even before he was born, we knew our baby boy would have health problems.
    [Marketing] From Side Project to Sustainable Business … Using Social Media
    wrote about social media case studies, the basics of online marketing, and my journey so far. One of the first strategic networks that I built was focused around my industry peers—marketing and digital types. sold the majority of my guides to other marketing consultants and learned a valuable lesson: know your audience, listen to what they need, and create it. One of the reasons my ebook sold so well was because it was one of the first on the market. recently launched my first premium product, a do-it-yourself online marketing ecourse. Don’t hesitate. domain.
    [Marketing] The 5 Foundations of Social Media Success that No One Talks About
    Or that networking platforms like Twitter are a communication tool—not a marketing tactic. This guest post is by Clare Lancaster, of As I was sitting down to write my first social media column for ProBlogger I was thinking about the best place to start. Should I do a run through of the basics or jump right into reporting on my latest experiment? My sense of flow and logic won over and here we are at the beginning, a very good place to start. The rave, by leocub. could talk about the things we’ve all heard before. But that’s not very exciting, is it? Share This.
    [Marketing] Newsletter Readers Do Click Ads
    I recently attended an event where a presenter talked about the reasons that they didn’t use email marketing as part of their online business. One of the main reasons that he presented was that he didn’t think that people coming from a newsletter would click the ads on his site. His reasoning was that people coming to his site week after week from a newsletter would become blind to the AdSense ads he was using (his main source of income). So rather than working on building loyal readers he put all of his efforts into SEO to generate one of readers. Share This.
    [Marketing] How to Blog for a Transient Audience
    As a consumer marketer, I’d done this for years—but I’d never done it for my blog readers. I’m knee-deep in it now. This is content that will help keep them in a job, and out of the job search market. I’m also beginning building my database. This post is by T im Tyrell-Smith, founder of Tim’s Strategy. We all have a free flow of readers who pop in, consume our content and move along. And while we have them, we hope to convert them: to have the, purchase a product, sign up for our feed, or perhaps join our community for good. Image by Tim Tyrell-Smith. beginning photography.
    [Marketing] Build the Perfect Blog Audience for You
    Your ideal reader would be somebody who shares certain goals with you (after all, that’s what makes them part of your market to begin with). If you’re at all familiar with the world of Internet marketing, then perhaps you know who Frank Kern is. David Risley shows bloggers how to find the intersection between blogging and marketing, and finally start making money with your blog. This guest post is by David Risley of If you could hand-pick your ideal blog reader, who would they be? What are they like? What do they look like? They will be fans.
    [Marketing] 8 Reasons to Add an Ecourse to Your Blog
    Sonia Simone told us she didn’t really, really understand her niche until she launched her ecourse, the Remarkable Marketing Blueprint. The biggest market in all topics is the beginner market. This is a guest post by Kelly Kingman of and the co-creator of Engaging eCourses. great ecourse can make a huge difference to your blog and your business. In fact, I can name eight fantastic reasons why you should add an ecourse to your blog. But first of all, what exactly do I mean when I say “ecourse”? basis for community. points of connection with your audience.
    [Marketing] 2 Products Worth Considering to Improve Your Blog Today
    This week there were two of these such products that hit the market. Each week I see multiple products launched targeting bloggers wanting to improve their blogs. I’ve tested many of them in my time and the reality is that most don’t deliver what they promise and I don’t promote them. However from time to time – some hit the mark and present unique and helpful information that delivers real value. Both are quite different in their focus but both are from experts in their field and will help bloggers improve two important aspects of their blogs: 1. Share This.
    [Marketing] 10 Realizations that Will Crush Your Little Heart In Your First Year of Blogging
    This type of social media marketing needs to be done, and done well. This guest post is by Moon from Experiments in P assive Income. This post comes from someone who has made a ton of mistakes and is on her way to learn from those mistakes. You and I probably have a lot in common … after all, you’re here to learn about blogging and how to do it well and, well, I’m trying to do the same. As a new blogger in a very crowded niche, I’ve found the year tough. Still, it helps to be prepared. Here are ten things that will crush your little heart in your first year of blogging: 1.
    [Marketing] Which Domain Is Right for You?
    Karol K provides blogging and marketing tips at This guest post is by Karol K of If you’ve ever wondered about domain name selection, you probably already know that there are basically only three main types of domain names. And they are: semantic names. unusual names. combined names. Which will be best for your next blog? If you’re not quite sure yet, read on! In this post, we’ll consider each of these options in detail. semantic name. This is a name created from one specific word, or several words put together.
    [Marketing] Why Link Exchanges Are Like Mosquitoes
    Google carries 71% of the search engine market and they hate link schemes. A Guest post by Akila from The Road Forks. Last week, I had a revelation when, after spending ten minutes fiddling around with a VPN in Podunkville, China, I opened my email and found four link exchange requests, including one asking to exchange links with “The Toad Forks” rather than our website, The Road Forks. As I slammed my laptop lid down, I realized that link exchanges are the mosquitoes of the blogging world. The mosquitoes hover, pinching our legs and arms. What is a link exchange request? Cool blog!
    [Marketing] Hot Association Jobs – December 1
    Here are some of the most interesting jobs you can find via the  SocialFish job board !  We focus on jobs in  social media ,  marketing ,  communications ,  PR ,  advocacy ,  digital  and  technology. Marketing Manager ,  Climbing Wall Association –  The marketing and communications manager will be responsible for the promotion and growth of the association through leadership of its marketing and communications efforts. The position reports to and works under the general supervision of the Director of Membership and Marketing. Hurry! photo credit ).
    [Marketing] The Business Benefits of Not-Com Domain Names
    As marketers, a polished and professional website is arguably the single most important promotional tool in your arsenal. Your website is the first chance you have to make an impression on your prospective clients or customers. Maris Callahan looks at how brands create meaningful and memorable homes on the Internet. The post The Business Benefits of Not-Com Domain Names appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Why You Must Make Agency Specialization a Priority How the Presidential Election Affects Communicators Sexism is Alive and Well at This Year’s PRSA Conference.
    [Marketing] Four Email Drip Campaigns to Extend Your Communications Program
    Email drip campaigns feel like they should be left to, well, the email marketers. Related Stories Build Your Email List with These Growth Hacks This is Why Your Customers Ignore Your Emails How to Execute Email Marketing that Doesn’t Look Like Spam. Email Marketing Marketing activecampaign email campaigns email is dead HubSpot infusionsoft jack bauer Mailchimp orbit media PESO model saneboxBut Gini Dietrich proves they belong in the communications plan. Here are four examples that will extend your public relations efforts.
    [Marketing] Getting Your Content and PR Strategies on the Same Page
    When content marketing is done without coordination of a brand’s PR and overall message, it hinders on both sides. Related Stories Top Free Content Marketing Tools for Beginners You Can Measure Content or You Can Set Money on Fire Master Modern PR By Integrating the PESO Model. Instead of creating content only to get shares, you should approach it specifically with your company’s core values, message, and goals in mind. Zachary Evans has more. The post Getting Your Content and PR Strategies on the Same Page appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Marketing] Duplicate Content: The Myths, the Facts, and the Truth in Between
    Related Stories Top Free Content Marketing Tools for Beginners Categorization, Justification, and Your Brand Message 10 Ways to Get Comments On Your Blog. There is a lot of angst about duplicate content and what it means for communications pros, particularly as we pitch contributed content or work to have media outlets syndicate our work. Gini Dietrich outlines the myths, the facts, and the truth in between to settle your worried brains. The post Duplicate Content: The Myths, the Facts, and the Truth in Between appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Marketing] Seven Step Process to Email Drip Campaign Success
    Related Stories Eight Tips for Successful eCommerce Email Marketing Overcoming Three Common Product Launch Challenges Where Does an Ultra Cool Content Marketer Go for Work? Email Marketing Marketing content marketing world danny iny social media marketing worldIn a world where attention is divided, an email drip campaign still works, if done well and with value. Here is a seven-step process for success. The post Seven Step Process to Email Drip Campaign Success appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Marketing] Leadership Begins with Safe and Honest Conversations
    entrepreneur Leadership Arment Dietrich duke energy four i of leadership harvard business review inclusion intentionality interactivity intimacy jim rogers marketing in the round thought leadershipWhen it comes to great leadership, it begins with safe and honest conversations. To do that, leaders must understand the four Is that work. The post Leadership Begins with Safe and Honest Conversations appeared first on Spin Sucks.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 2016
    [Marketing] Challenge Consumer Perspectives with Brand Storytelling
    Four Elements of Successful Brand Storytelling Four Content Marketing Lessons from Anthony Bourdain. Does you brand challenge a consumer's perspectives or habits? Laura Petrolino explains how to use brand storytelling to effectively change behavior. The post Challenge Consumer Perspectives with Brand Storytelling appeared first on Spin Sucks. Comments I'm not sure how it translates into a business use, but it. by Paula Kiger Related Stories Which Brand Storytelling Persona are You?
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 2016
    [Marketing] You Can Do It! The Secret to Viral Content
    Viral potential isn’t a matter of luck. It’s the result of a highly emotional experience and emotions are what compel people to take action. The feelings people experience after seeing, hearing, or reading something that aligns with one of the three ideal emotional configurations will influence their behavior. Andrea Lehr says there’s a method to the madness, and all it takes is for your content to strike the right emotional chord. She has more. The post You Can Do It! The Secret to Viral Content appeared first on Spin Sucks. Comments REALLY well done, Andrea! Thanks for writing this – will.
    [Marketing] Eight Tips for Successful eCommerce Email Marketing
    To capture more customers and increase your sales,you can’t ignore the fact that email marketing will bring more e-commerce to your business. The post Eight Tips for Successful eCommerce Email Marketing appeared first on Spin Sucks. by Paula Kiger Related Stories Angst Ridden Squirrel Dominates Boost Sponsorship Revenue with these Five Strategies How Experiential Marketing Can Take Your Brand to the Next Level. Comments Great tips!
    [Marketing] 8 Best Practices for Online Communities
    There should be appropriate linkages to any and all other web properties, social media sites, and email marketing. When I conduct an online community audit, usually in order to help organizations figure out why their community might not be as active as it could be, I start by explaining my philosophy around online communities. These are simple best practices (even though I hate that term) that provide the context for the recommendations I provide through my audit.  I thought it might be useful to share them here. Truly understand the actual value YOUR community provides. Is it purchases?
    [Marketing] 62 Experts Share Their #1 Actionable SEO Technique
    Their responses cover a vast range of techniques, such as writing quality content, on-page SEO optimization, influencer marketing, guest blogging, networking, analyzing competition, outreach to bloggers, and optimizing for keywords you are already ranking for, as well as optimizing for searcher intent, for user experience, for semantically related terms, for CTR from search engines, for location, and much more. Use Influencer Marketing. David Leonhardt is President of The Happy Guy Marketing. He’s an internet marketing expert and all-around marketing geek.
    [Marketing] Avoid These Common Mistakes In Twitter Chats
    Social Media Twitter #CMWorld #ContentChat #SproutChat Applebee brand has a listening issue buffer building a brand community business reasons for twitter engage your twitter audience hashtag hashtag marketing host a twitter chat How to Identify Popular Hashtags on Twitter hug your haters jay baer promoting your twitter chat social media marketing targeted social media outreach Twitter chat twitter chat etiquette Twitter chat promotion Twitter chats Twitter fails twitter hashtag Twitter MarketingTwitter chats are an excellent way to build a relationship with your community.
    [Marketing] In The #SocialPR Spotlight: Elise Perkins
    Hi! I’m Elise – a communications and marketing professional who found herself in DC after college and brought her husband and dog along with her. Happy August! Today we’re debuting a new series: the Social PR Spotlight on Social PR pros who are daring enough to make a difference. This replaces our Monday roundups because, let’s face it, people are way more interesting than link generators. I’m super-thrilled that our very first Spotlight shines a light on Elise Perkins , someone I’ve known from the DC Social PR scene for a few years now. How could I say no?!
    [Marketing] COMING SOON: SocialFish Job Board!
    Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up – after years of connecting jobseekers and employers through the low-tech “email introduction” method, I am excited to announce that I will be piloting a new SocialFish job board in partnership with the awesome folks at Boxwood. I’m open to including jobs in social media, marketing, communications and PR, fundraising, grassroots advocacy, digital, content, and technology – all topics familiar to SocialFish readers! Featured Industry Insider SocialFish News
    [Marketing] Politics Have Divided Us; How Do We Solve Our Differences?
    Related Stories ReadItForMe Is Cliff’s Notes for Business Five Barriers to Sustainable Business Growth Why I Bet On a Pro Poker Player to Lead My Marketing Team. In a time where politics has divided us even more than normal, people look to their leaders for advice on how to speak out and get involved. The post Politics Have Divided Us; How Do We Solve Our Differences? appeared first on Spin Sucks. entrepreneur Leadership all lives matter black lives matter david fisher donald trump melania trump Michelle Obama plagiarized speech talk about politics
    [Marketing] Monday Roundup: Learning from Measurement Mistakes
    Measuring Mobile Marketing Requires Different Metrics. Why: “While many marketers are dedicating substantial resources to adapt to mobile, measuring mobile marketing campaigns can challenge even sophisticated marketers,” writes CMO of CyberAlert, Bill Comcowich as he explains why “successful mobile measurement requires a different mindset.” Mistakes, everyone makes them. It’s whether we learn from them or not that makes the difference. Are You Making PR Measurement Mistakes? ” 3.  Common Math Mistakes That PR People Make.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016
    [Marketing] Four Elements of Successful Brand Storytelling
    Communication Content brand stories brand storytelling content development content marketing david cote laura petrolino storytelling the summit projectDoes your brand storytelling strategy include these four elements? Laura Petrolino explains why the most powerful, effective, and lasting stories through history include them, and how you can too. The post Four Elements of Successful Brand Storytelling appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Marketing] Snapchat – Proof That Simplicity & Authenticity Wins
    Advertising Brands Community Management Content Marketing Engagement Snapchat Social Media authentic authenticity celebrities chat culture influencers personalities simple simplicity spontaneity spontaneousSnapchat has 100 million daily users , 9,000 snaps are shared per second , 10 billion videos are viewed per day and at 500 million Snapchat stories per day, it would take more than 158 years to watch an entire day of Snapchat stories. It’s no wonder that advertisers want a bite of it. Since the mid-90s, SMS has been seen the same way, with mostly the UI advancing. Here & Now.
  • FIREBELLY  |  MONDAY, MAY 23, 2016
    [Marketing] Social Media Marketing For Mobile Games: Firebelly Works With Tap & Smash
    Social media marketing for mobile games. To help them achieve these goals, Firebelly is providing a variety of social media marketing services—including strategy, social ad management, and content development. The post Social Media Marketing For Mobile Games: Firebelly Works With Tap & Smash appeared first on Firebelly | Social Media Marketing & Management Company. Firebelly News Social Media MarketingWe’re excited to announce that we have started working with World Trade Smart, developer of the mobile game TAP & SMASH. Want to play?
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 2016
    [Marketing] Advertising and Marketing Awards Are Stupid Vanity Metrics
    Advertising and marketing awards are hardly representative of a successful marketing campaign these days. The post Advertising and Marketing Awards Are Stupid Vanity Metrics appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Looking Back at Weird 90s Marketing Find Brand Clarity With Four Identity Fixes Five Ways Content Marketing and SEO Can Work Together. They are merely a popularity contest in which the coolest brands with the biggest budgets win over the judges. Comments I don't think anyone's arguing that awards are “the most. by Carlin This. So much this.
    [Marketing] Celebrating Women on International Women’s Day … and Every Day
    ” ~ Dorie Clark ( @dorieclark ), Marketing Consultant, Author of Stand Out. Deirdre Breakenridge is an author, entrepreneur and CEO of Pure Performance Communications. A 25+ year veteran in PR and marketing, she is the author of five Financial Times Press books including her latest titles, “ Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional ,” “ Putting the Public Back in Public Relations ,” and “ PR 2.0, New Media, New Tools, New Audiences.” Breakenridge speaks nationally and internationally on the topics of PR, social media and marketing.
    [Marketing] A Heart to Heart with My Industry: Five Ways to Improve the Business Consulting Industry
    But it’s not uncommon for marketing professionals and other business consultants to get creatively and occupationally stuck on a hamster wheel, partly as a result of things we do to ourselves and our industry as a whole. I’ve been thinking about these a lot lately, so I figured it’s time to explore what they are and start an industry-wide discussion.  For example, as a message strategist, it is not my job to generate 100% of the messaging for organizations; it’s my job to manage the tasks that will create clever content for organizations as part of the overall marketing mix.
    [Marketing] Heather Chapman Joins The Firebelly Team
    The post Heather Chapman Joins The Firebelly Team appeared first on Firebelly | Social Media Marketing & Management Company. We’re excited to announce that Heather Chapman has joined the Firebelly team as a social media manager. Get to know a little bit about her below! Favorite social networks: Snapchat and Pinterest. Most-used hashtag: #MyKindOfCrazy. Favorite emoji: Thoughts on selfie sticks: I don’t own one, but do what you’ve gotta do. My wing span is pretty legit. Because my arms are so long, I’m the automatic selfie taker. Firebelly News
    [Marketing] Go to the Women in Tech Summit!!
    Whether you are a developer, the HR manager at a tech company or a digital marketer, the Women in Tech Summit is for you. “Here’s what I loved about the Women in Tech Summit – meeting other women in tech that are legit, smart and inspired” – WITS attendee – Philadelphia. The Women in Tech Summit has been teaching and inspiring women who work in tech for the last 4 years in Philadelphia. They are now bringing this innovative conference to Washington D.C. on March 19th. Why should you attend and send your employees to the Women in Tech Summit Washington D.C.?  .
    [Marketing] Firebelly Starts Work With 450 North Brewing Company
    The post Firebelly Starts Work With 450 North Brewing Company appeared first on Firebelly | Social Media Marketing & Management Company. We’re excited to announce that we have recently started working with 450 North Brewing Company. 450 North Brewing Company is a brewpub with a full-service restaurant in Columbus, Indiana. They continue to expand their beer menu and recently began offering their most popular brews in cans—available increasingly at Indiana retail outlets. To learn more about 450 North Brewing Company, please visit their website. Firebelly News
    [Marketing] Creative Marketing Case Study: Allstate Mayhem Campaign
    The post Creative Marketing Case Study: Allstate Mayhem Campaign appeared first on Spin Sucks. by Gini Dietrich Related Stories How to Convert Marketing Fails in Future Wins The Five Elements to Include in a Content Marketing Strategy Five Tips for Mapping Your Content Journey to Fit Gen Z. Integration Marketing allstate campaign allstate's mayhem creative marketing laura petrolino mayhemThough many of us don't have the budget of AllState, there are many things you can take away from Mayhem, their "spokesperson."
    [Marketing] Monday Roundup: Best WUL Guest Posts of 2015
    Why: “Video marketing, video advertising, live streaming via video, ephemeral video, video status updates and video-anything will be the way of content life in the new year,” writes Mayra Ruiz. 6. Words and Pictures – the Batman and Robin of Content Marketing . Can you believe it’s almost 2016? I can’t… but then again, we say this every year, don’t we? So, for today’s round-up, I’m giving a shout-out to our guest bloggers – regular, as well as one-time. And these seven posts are some of my personal favorites. 1. ” 4.
    [Marketing] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Jennifer MacDonald
    That social media marketing is easy. If you’re a successful social media marketer, heck nowadays it should be any marketer, then you know how to tie all of your efforts back to business goals. And it’s not just social media marketing that is hard, sometimes it’s the fight for that position that takes the most effort. I. ’m referring to the constant training for your team and your C-suite, and reminding them you can’t build a community overnight. . She writes about marketing and online advertising. By Gini Dietrich. That is when I met Jennifer MacDonald.
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