[Marketing] Understanding The Blockchain With Alex and Don Tapscott
    digital marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. marketing podcast. Episode #512 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. The technology behind Bitcoin is something called Blockchain. Many think of it as a complex new way that technology works and connects information and value to consumers. For his latest book, Blockchain Revolution , he teamed up with his son, Alex Tapscott. Alex is the founder of Northwest Passage Ventures. Enjoy the conversation. audio.
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    [Marketing] A More Elegant Question About Twitter
    digital marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. What should Twitter do? Do you have an opinion? Do you know what they have done in the past year? It has been a year of change for the platform that allows people to share 140 characters with one another. Still, after their quarterly earnings call this week , we see a very different Twitter than one we have known to date. In June, it will be one year since CEO Dick Costolo left (and was replaced by co-founder, Jack Dorsey ). With that, Twitter has tried. Video.
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    [Marketing] 6 Business Books That Are Coming (That You Better Get)
    digital marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. There is a whole new batch of business books that are coming out in the next few months. My book reading pace has slowed. Dramatically. Not because of Netflix (but, let's be honest, have you seen the latest seasons of Daredevil and House of Lies ?), but because there really wasn't all that much that was moving me in the non-fiction book space. It has been some time. With that, I often get asked to interview authors for Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast.
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    [Marketing] Humans First. Technology Second.
    digital marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. It seems simple enough. Let's put each other first, before the technology. What is simple is not often what we - as humans - do. Think about it this way: what is the first thing that you touch right after you wake up? What is the last thing that you touch right before bed at night? If you are living with someone, is it your smartphone or your (smart) partner? The data doesn't lie. It's the tech, silly. Call it a sad state of affairs. reality. Not all? andrew hill.
    [Marketing] Your Employee is the Voice of your BRAND #Business #Marketing #Branding
    Over at B2B Marketing Insider , Michael Brenner (@ BrennerMichael ) puts the spotlight on Netflix (@ Netflix ) and their ongoing efforts to place culture and employee activation at the center of all their branding efforts. To drive his point home, Brenner highlights Netflix’s 2011 Slideshare presentation focusing the brand’s cultural values, which he considers “the best marketing Netflix will ever do”—aside from continuing to provide superior content, of course. Edelman, Global Co-Leader, Digital Marketing & Sales Practice, McKinsey & Company. FOR EWORD by David C.
    [Marketing] How #Business Leaders Can Avoid Being Uberized #Marketing #IBMAmplify
    In other words, businesses must be in the habit of looking at talent through a marketing lens. In Blue Focus Marketing’s new video tutorial course “ Social Employees: The New Marketing Channel ,” we show how to build an effective, engaged social workforce—building an employee-first brand from the inside out. The course, released by Lynda.com, a LinkedIn company, first establishes marketing’s shifting role in the modern organization before explaining how to design a social employee pilot program—beginning with buy-in from the C-Suite. commercials).
    [Marketing] Lawyers, Are Your Competitors Spying On You?
    We get all tied up in knots thinking we are losing market or client share to them when we aren’t always sure that is the case. Well, it is often the case that someone is going to: Be smarter Be wiser Be more aware of issues that are important Be ready for market activity when it happens Be motivated to stop procrastinating, and get some work done Form alliances with those who complement our business Cultivate referral sources from people who are conflicted out of matters I never want you to copy exactly what you see someone else doing. First, let’s back up a minute.
    [Marketing] Why B2B Marketers Need to Educate Buyers With Content
    Marketers are busy planning, creating, optimizing, and analyzing, and for many of us, creating content is just one of many things on our to-do lists. We’ve all seen the stats that reveal B2B marketers are spending more time, budget, energy, happy hours, hackathons, and puppy time on content. 68% of B2B marketers say that increasing conversion rate is their leading objective for lead nurturing, according to a December 2015 study by Ascend2. That That means marketers want more people who download their content to become marketing qualified leads. Send them more.
    [Marketing] How to Use Data to Tell a Stronger Story
    For example, maybe you conducted a study on trends in product development over the last five years and found in the last year, there was a major influx of software products for geriatric care introduced to the market. Vidyard, for example, does this part well with their infographics. “ The modern marketers mission: Become an agent of ROI ” presents the all-to-common challenge many marketers face: not being able to deliver satisfying metrics to demonstrate ROI. The superheroes became the characters that product managers and marketers could relate to. Dig Deep.
    [Marketing] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Results Without Breaking the Bank | Entrepreneur. Because we’re not all made of cash, but effective content marketing can certainly help us make some. It’s a rainy and cool weekend here in Melbourne, and I’m looking forward to reading something inspirational with several (ok many several) cups of tea. These have been an excellent start! How Facebook Decides Who Sees Your Updates | Edgar. This was interesting and confusing and a complete rollercoaster of emotion. wrote them down in all caps. Couldn’t agree more!
    [Marketing] The Three Word Shortcut to Great Influencer Relations
    ” That’s not surprising, since “influencer marketing” is the buzzword du jour. So it’s also not surprising that for every company or marketer who’s trying to do this thoughtfully , there are tens, if not hundreds, of others, trying to make a quick buck by creating an influencer marketplace. Influencer Marketing building relationships Influencer marketing shortcutThere isn’t one. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of pitches from companies wanting to “leverage” my “influence.”
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    [Marketing] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Liz Reusswig
    On this week's Spin Sucks Inquisition sits Liz Reusswig, marketing business advisor and founder of Kids Theatre News. Get to know her. You won't regret it. The post The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Liz Reusswig appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Travis Peterson The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Whitney Fay The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Susan Cellura on Video. FollowFriday follow Social Media emr strategies kids theatre news
    [Marketing] Four tools to revamp your marketing efficiency on Twitter
    Twitter is possibly the most powerful marketing platform out there, specifically for brands targeting global audiences. Apart from content suggestions and post scheduling, this application also offers a content library, hashtag suggestions and an employee advocacy feature, which can further simplify your marketing efforts    . If you’re a social media marketer on Twitter, you definitely appreciate the value of content curation and sharing. complete toolkit for Twitter marketers. comprehensive step-by-step look into tools that can enhance your Twitter marketing.
    [Marketing] Brands with purpose: the role of insight in creating campaigns we really care about
    We are starting to see a fundamental shift in the way that brands approach marketing. Always is not the only brand championing this kind of marketing. Well, quite simply it creates powerful marketing. That’s why in my mind, combining important causes with rich consumer insight is the winning combination for creating effective marketing. Consumer behaviour Customer experience Research marketingCompanies are moving away from placing products at the heart of campaigns and are instead bringing the causes we care about the fore. The result?
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    [Marketing] How to Get Followers on SoundCloud: An Alternative Guide
    Resource SoundCloud music marketing online marketing online music marketing soundcloud soundcloud marketing twitter marketing strategyNo, this ‘alternative guide’ isn’t about how to get grungy and wear flannel. This is meant to work as an extension of my previous guide on how to get followers on SoundCloud, which focused more on tactics you could use on SoundCloud itself. Now I’m going to examine the techniques you can use which are […]. The post How to Get Followers on SoundCloud: An Alternative Guide appeared first on Devumi.
    [Marketing] Three Techniques to Write Irresistible Headlines
    Why Emotional Headlines are Good for Your Content Marketing. Headlines offer a brief glimpse into your article. It’s where your audience forms their initial impressions of the topic at hand. With all this resting on your article headline, it’s important to write one that keeps and attracts people’s attentions. These three tips can create a change in the way people perceive your content. The post Three Techniques to Write Irresistible Headlines appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Can Executive Thought Leadership Be Outsourced?
    [Marketing] Social Engagement Is More Important Than Ever
    Marketers should strive for content engagement, yet constantly question the quality of it and consider how it can be improved. Similar Posts: Make Your Digital Marketing Matter. Advertising Brands Content Marketing Marketing & Communication Social Media Marketing Social Media Strategy Social NetworkThe average human attention span has been decreasing extraordinarily in recent years. In fact, thanks to smartphones (and undoubtedly social media too), our average attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish. Be Human. It’s still engagement.
    [Marketing] Lawyers, Can We Please Talk About Auto Direct and Private Messages?
    Yes, putting processes in place and using marketing automation software can be effective when done with some thought and strategy that includes being thoughtful about what your target audiences do for a living, where the holes and gaps might be in their business, and committing to relationship-building that lasts longer than one message. Nancy Myrland is a Marketing, Content, Social & Digital Media Speaker, Trainer & Advisor, helping lawyers, law firms and legal marketers grow by strategically integrating all marketing disciplines.
    [Marketing] Content Tagging For Better Social Media Analytics
    As you probably know too well as a digital marketer, brands can receive thousands of mentions  every day and you need to reply as fast as possible to those that have the biggest impact. Rules This is another problem digital marketers are familiar with. COMPANY UPDATES content tagging context crisis management digital marketer digital marketing disambiguation new feature pharma precision qualitative analysis rule based tagging sentiment analysis social data social listening TalkwalkerWhat is rule based tagging ? Refine Sentiment Analysis With Rule Based Tagging.
    [Marketing] 5 Content Marketing Trends to Put You Ahead of the Pack
    The rapid advance of technology forces marketers and creators to reinvent the way they produce content more quickly than ever before, but the goal remains the same: Tell a great story that captivates and informs. With that in mind, here are five emerging trends that’ll help give an edge to your content marketing strategy. Already many marketers are working with chatbots and branded emojis. Influence Marketing. They’re an essential element of any savvy content marketing strategy. User-generated content (UGC) has emerged as a powerful format for marketers.
    [Marketing] Contractors: Do You Know How to Connect With Them and Stay Connected?
    recently presented to a group of building material manufacturers at a marketing summit put on by Mark Mitchell from the Whizard Strategy.  Marketing Tips Traditional Marketing best way of building contractor relationships how to connect with contractors What are contractors looking for from manufacturers? By John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman, Sonnhalter. Manufacturers who focus on contractors and professional tradesmen need to understand who they are and what makes them tick. They need to spend less time selling and more time solving the contractors problems.
    [Marketing] Why Your Sales Funnel Is Probably Upside Down
    His revolutionary approach has spurred a movement within martech and given rise to a series of festivals, conferences, and virtual summits that are drawing in hundreds of marketing specialists from around the world and challenging the status quo on a daily basis. As a marketing team, we have access to all of this information.” “Turning prospects into advocates is the most important job marketers need to be doing.” Challenging the Sales Status Quo. We all know the sales funnel. We are familiar with its design, function, and purpose. It seems crazy, right?
    [Marketing] A Step By Step Tactical Psychology Guide To Get Mark To Participate
    know you worked like crazy to get it done, so congrats! I’m also wondering if we can help our partners (notably Sarah in the accountancy group and Louis in Marketing) upgrade their systems too. Most of us write the way we think. If we want employees or colleagues to share more knowledge, we might send them an email asking them to participate in a discussion. For example: “Hi Mark, Please can you share your recent experiences about upgrading our project management system with the rest of the company in our community? Thanks, Richard”. This is extra work for him with no reward. Rich”.
    [Marketing] 6 Ways to Get Into a Career in IT Without Quitting Your Job
    Business & MarketingChanging careers is something most people do a lot over the course of their life. Whether due to a shift in the marketplace or a shift in interest, tackling something new can often prove to be a boon to your bottom line and quality of life. That being said, changing careers isn’t something that happens overnight or without proper preparation or forethought. From going back to school to investing in training or other certification, a shift to a career IT often takes both time and money. Take Online Courses. Get Certified. Build a Website. Start Freelancing.
    [Marketing] How Influencers and Snapchat Dominated #SMMW16 Discussion
    Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW16) kicked off last Sunday, bringing 3,000 marketing professionals to San Diego through Tuesday. Before the event even kicked off, Lee Odden ‘s Top Rank Marketing Blog released a list of the Top 50 Social Media Marketing Influencers Speaking at #SMMW16. As seen below, the emoji was used 109 times over the course of three days: Top Rank Marketing Blog. As illustrated above, the list of top influencers , as well as 7 Tips for Marketers to get Started with Snapchat  both originated on the Top Rank blog.
    [Marketing] Why Marketers Should ???? Emoji Speak
    Sarah Clark shares some tips for incorporating emojis into your company’s marketing strategy. The post Why Marketers Should The corporate world needs to keep pace with the changing communication trends. Emojis are big part of today's communications.
    [Marketing] Case Study: How One Trick Can Help You Gain 200+ Links from Badass Sites
    Chosen from five writer-minded topics, initially outlined by our team, it provided the data interesting for bloggers, IT managers, internet marketers, freelancers, and all office employees in general. This is a guest contribution from Emily Johnson. Do you consider all specifics of your content and audience when it comes to promotion? The thing is, entertaining content and useful content are far from the same. When your niche is popular and loved by millions, you have no problems with content creation and distribution. But what can you do to deal with a not so well-loved niche promotion?
    [Marketing] How to Create Your B2B Dream Team
    Get more content like this , plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Email company culture email design email marketing email signature marketing email strategy hiring SigstrIf you’re a B2B company, then you know just how important your people are to your company’s success. Don’t get us wrong—employees are an important part of every business, no matter the industry. Without good people who do their job and treat customers well, your business will not be successful. How else do you attract good talent that will represent your brand well ? highlight to tweet).
    [Marketing] Mind the Most Important Influencer: You
    We know that the best public relations and marketing programs include employees as core influencers, a group necessary for ensuring a cohesive message inside and outside the organization. Guest Post by  Heathere Evans-Keenan. As PR professionals, our best thinking is spent targeting influencer groups with proactive engagement strategies, educating key audiences and moving them out of indifference to a product, service or issue. Yet while we tend to all that externally-focused communicating, it’s what’s going on inside that gets really interesting. How We Get In Our Own Way. What a jerk!
    [Marketing] What Are You Doing to Keep Contractors Coming Back?
    and Western Europe-based B2B marketers from a variety of industries in October and November 2015. The market research firm found that 62% of respondents said building market share remained the top challenge among others. But how do you build market share without building relationships with those you sell to? There are plenty of ways to build market share and one of them is loyalty. By John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman, Sonnhalter. The biggest challenge manufacturers face today is the ability to keep contractors interested and engaged in their brands.
    [Marketing] How to Build Unique Strategies for Creative Influencer Marketing
    He believes in passion, making marketing exciting, thinking outside of the box, and mutually beneficial relationships built on trust and innovation. August United is an influencer marketing agency that focuses on facilitating energized and impactful relationships between influencers and brands for mutually beneficial success. His experiences and insights on all things influencer marketing made him an amazing guest on this week’s show. In the News: Match Game: Making Influencer Marketing Work. Open Your Mind… …and the rest will follow? Well, yes!
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    [Marketing] Why Your Marketing Team is Not Performing Well (Is it your Fault)?
    A poorly performing marketing team is a nightmare for any CEO. Marketing is how you spend most of your money and how you make most of your money. The post Why Your Marketing Team is Not Performing Well (Is it your Fault)? Linkedin Marketing content marketing linkedin marketing marketing teamIf your team is failing to meet targets, you are in a situation where your company may be losing money. Conversion rates for the average website are […]. appeared first on Devumi.
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    [Marketing] How Bad Spelling and Grammar Affect Your Content KPIs
    Spelling and grammar are key signals of quality content which must not be neglected by marketers. Here are some ways your content marketing KPIs can be directly affected. Main Principles of Conversion Content Marketing How Difficult Is It to Break into the World of Freelance Writing? Communication Content American English American spelling of words bad grammar bad spelling British English content marketing KPIs CTR of Headlines SEO performance target your content for your audience use local language variations
    [Marketing] Get with it! 6 Quick Social Media Tips
    Eager to tackle the marketing beast we call social media but not quite sure how to hit it? Social Media Marketing social media social media tipsTweet this. Like that. Snap what? Here are 6 of our best social media tips you can get. The post Get with it! Quick Social Media Tips appeared first on Harp Interactive Blog.
    [Marketing] 5 Strategies for Boosting Engagement on Instagram
    A recent update to Instagram’s feed sorting got marketers worried. While the move evoked different sentiments, the fact remains that the algorithm change is unenviable and marketers will have to adjust. When it comes to Instagram marketing, they are a recognized authority. However, Whole Foods Market has found a way to make their photo collection incredibly appealing both visually and contextually. One of the most prominent marketers, Gary Vaynerchuk , knows a thing or two about creating that sense of immediacy. Who are they? What do they like?
    [Marketing] Using Social Listening to Reveal Actionable Insights
    This post originally appeared on the   Crosby Marketing Blog and was written by Social Media and Content Director, Lindsey Goebel. Follow her on Twitter: @LindseyGoebel. News about advances in 3D printing technologies, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s stance on LGBT issues, and contagious cancers are seemingly incompatible stories. But a closer look reveals these issues are in fact related, part of a larger conversation about the topic of organ donation. How social listening connects the hearts of organ donors.
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    [Marketing] 10 Keys to the Kingdom of Content Marketing
    Content marketing is hard work. You have to be a bit of everything to do it well – a marketing pro, a psychologist, an excellent writer, a solid researcher, an expert on all social media platforms, a creative, and a quick study, in order to keep up with the rapidly changing environment of all things digital. Perhaps these 10 keys for content marketing will help. Content marketing is hard. You're reading 10 Keys to the Kingdom of Content Marketing , originally posted on Kikolani , authored and copyrighted by Rick Riddle. Write for Your Audience, not Yourself.
    [Marketing] The Real Way to Get More Customer Feedback
    Last week I was in Nashville speaking at Marketing United , a fantastic event run by Emma , one of my sponsors and the company that powers our email program here at Convince & Convert. NOTE: I talked about this lesson first on Snapchat, as part of my new “ Baer In The Woods ” series. A few times a week, I create a Snapchat story with advice about digital marketing and customer service. Customer Experience customer experience customer feedback customer service emma marketing unitedBut here’s the problem… it won’t work.
    [Marketing] Referrals don’t happen by accident
    And I congratulate them – there’s no better marketing than having a customer rave about your work. But relying on your customers to decide that they’re going to actively recruit new clients for you is probably not a brilliant marketing plan. Now, you’ve got a buzz worthy event which will generate its own word of mouth marketing and your best customers are walking prospects right to your door. The post Referrals don’t happen by accident appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute. Referrals don’t happen by accident. When How about yesterday?
    [Marketing] Living Proof That Defense Contractors Can Rock at Social Media
    How creating defined strategies for each social channel leads to an effective and targeted marketing plan. Social Media Targeting. Raytheon is a technology and innovation leader specializing in missile defense, civil government, and cybersecurity solutions. With an astonishing $23 billion in sales and 61,000 employees worldwide , they have established an impressive presence in the field of national security. So why would a business such as Raytheon need social media? Well up until 2014, company leaders didn’t think it did. In This Episode. Quotes From This Episode. Resources.
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    [Marketing] Can Executive Thought Leadership Be Outsourced?
    by Sherrilynne Starkie Related Stories Main Principles of Conversion Content Marketing How Difficult Is It to Break into the World of Freelance Writing? What Did the Comedian Say to the Marketer? Executive thought leadership is tactic that is bandied about like it's easy to do. When, in fact, it takes a ton of time from the executive to be successful. Here are some ways to get it done with minimal involvement from the busiest professionals. The post Can Executive Thought Leadership Be Outsourced? appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Marketing] What “Industry Presence” is — and Why It Matters to Online Visibility
    The web presence optimization (WPO)  framework  includes tracking and measuring online marketing metrics for five key channels or disciplines: Press (PR), Social, Website (SEO), Paid, and Industry. In terms of specific tactics within the marketing mix, industry marketing entails activities like: exhibiting, sponsoring and/or speaking at trade shows and other industry events; working with industry analysts (conducting briefings, participating in research, sponsoring reports, etc.); and. This post originally appeared on WPOinc. Academic sites (.edu edu domains). gov domains).
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    [Marketing] Content Strategy: Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2016
    This week he graciously interviews me to discover and share the top takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2016 hosted in San Diego, CA last week. Mark Schaefer, the author of The Tao of Twitter and The Content Code , gave the closing keynote at Social Media Marketing World. You can still buy a virtual pass to access to 140+ Social Media Marketing World session recordings and slides by going here. The post Content Strategy: Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2016 appeared first on Jeff Korhan. Frank Kenny has twice been a guest on the show. Here it is.
    [Marketing] 5 Expert Tips for Engaging Your Webinar Audience
    On the webinar, the dealer principal shared how he was able to increase their average gross profits, reduce price discounts as the sales desk by more than 50%, and find the pricing “sweet spot” in his market for every new vehicle to maximize gross profit. In this case, it made sense for the internal executive to set the stage and discuss the challenges dealerships are facing for new vehicle margins, market based pricing, and minimizing discounts. Get more content like this , plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Use Industry Disruptions to Your Advantage.
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    [Marketing] Main Principles of Conversion Content Marketing
    Kiara Halligan says by using conversion content marketing you'll reap most rewards in 2016. She goes on and shares the main principles of conversion content marketing you need to keep in mind. The post Main Principles of Conversion Content Marketing appeared first on Spin Sucks. Communication Content build a relationship with your potential customer content marketing conversion content marketing conversion content marketing principles focus your attention on your target audience Robert Cialdini Social Media test your content what are your objectives
    [Marketing] Best Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Work in 2016
    Lots of businesses chose not to make changes to their digital marketing strategies with the start of this year because they believed those were providing them with good results. Digital marketing strategies have become more sophisticated with each passing day and are now executed with greater passion, discipline and accuracy. Therefore, it is high time for your business to identify the best digital marketing strategies that will work in 2016. It is best not to be left behind in today’s competitive market. Digital Leadership Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Tips
    [Marketing] Get Your Voice Out There
    I got back from my fourth trip out to Social Media Marketing World (run by Mike Stelzner and team) and had a blast. also came back quite inspired. Though I rail against “social media” quite often these days, I caught the thread of what it should REALLY be doing for us. It’s about making sure you’re out there serving, and part of that, is getting your voice out there to help. If you’re not down for reading, here’s a podcast episode that covers it a slightly different way, but gets the gist of it. It wasn’t any specific thing Gary said. owner
    [Marketing] How Brands Are Using Live Streaming Video Successfully
    I am a storytelling and comedy nerd, a marketer, and a comic improviser. The Madden video games series had their marketing team use live video to get behind-the-scenes coverage of players and share it with fans. The There will always be a market for produced, polished brand videos. Additionally, a big part of the beauty with live-streaming engagement is discovering what people want and using that to sharpen content marketing strategy. Streaming video is a powerful tool in the marketing toolbox. know how important preparing and letting go is. Live events.
    [Marketing] Monday Roundup: Influence in Unusual Places
    After all, marketing doesn’t own influence. Though “influence” is buzzing louder than a swarm of bees these days, there’s really nothing new about it. We can be influenced and impacted in all sorts of ways, and by all sorts of people… and that can have an impact on how we practice our own work. So, for today’s roundup I thought we’d take a look at the impact that peers, mentors, teachers, and more can have on our lives. After all, that’s real influence, don’t you think? 1. Mentoring Matters. ” 3.  In fact, she changed mine.”.
    [Marketing] What Does It Mean to be Nonprofit?
    Some have been arguing recently that nonprofits should be run more like “businesses,” which includes investing more than they have traditionally in “overhead” like marketing and business development. And what drives your success as a nonprofit will depend on your context, your market, your cause, and your goals. You’ve probably heard the line, “nonprofit is a tax status–not a business model.” ” I didn’t come up with that one (though I wish I did), but I use it all the time. Same is true for the for-profit businesses too.
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    [Marketing] The Truth In Digital Advertising
    How big of a growing market is ad blocking? So, as people complain about the size and quality of digital advertising, the market just continues to soar. ad market. digital marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. search engine marketing. Don't believe every headline that you read. There has been a long-standing statement that,  "people hate advertising."  For years, I (and many others in this industry) have said that this is not true. In actuality, "people hate bad advertising." agency.
    [Marketing] How to Squeeze the Most out of Your Facebook Posts
    Facebook is an unbelievably potent marketing tool when used correctly. Facebook is an unbelievably potent marketing tool, however there are a few key things to remember to ensure its full potential is reached. However, there are a few simple rules to ensure you are harnessing the full potential of its incredible capabilities as a marketing tool – otherwise you are really just shooting yourself in the foot. Nick Stillman is a strategist and copywriter at If You Build It – Sydney-based digital strategy and content marketing wizards. It’s All About Timing.
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    [Marketing] The Power Of Dealstorming
    Now, he's back with Dealstorming , a book focused on how to create a better sales and marketing strategy within your organization. digital marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. marketing podcast. Episode #511 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Tim Sanders spends his career on the cutting edge. He was an early stage member of Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner 's broadcast.com , which had the largest opening day IPO in history. audio. blogging.
    [Marketing] TED's Secret To Great Public Speaking
    One of the best presentations that I participated in at Social Media Marketing World this week in San Diego was Michael Port 's workshop titled, Heroic Public Speaking: How to Give the Best Presentations of Your Life (you can also hear Michael and I discuss his amazing new book on the subject, Steal The Show , right here: SPOS #472 - How To Steal The Show With Michael Port ). digital marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. social media marketing. social media marketing world. don't think so.
    [Marketing] The Big Buzz At Social Media Marketing World
    There's only one thing left for those in social media marketing to talk about. It was a busy two days in San Diego, as  Social Media Examiner 's Social Media Marketing World came to a close tonight. content marketing. digital marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. social media marketing. social media marketing world. Podcasting? Blogs? Twitter ? YouTube ? Facebook ? If you're not doing, thinking, working on live video, you're going to lose. That's how it felt. Non-stop. audio.
    [Marketing] The Future of Lifelong Learning #educational #HR
    The brands that leverage their employee base in order to engage customers and prospects through social media are the ones destined to win the marketing wars. Edelman, Global Co-Leader, Digital Marketing & Sales Practice, McKinsey & Company. Trends Branding Education Lynda.com Marketing Social Learning Social Media Marketing The Social Employee Workshops & TrainingI love Brian Solis’ quote on the importance of learning.  I am also honored to be invited as a guest blogger on Brian’s website.  Image:  Brian Solis. FOR EWORD by David C.
    [Marketing] What’s Your What If?
    normally write about topics with calls to action, or lists to help people with marketing, etc. Last night I drove a lot of miles away from the hustle and bustle I normally fight through on a daily basis to coach my son at his baseball game, a little town called Granite Falls. It’s about 50 miles north and east of Seattle and off the beaten path. arrived with my son, and as they warmed up on one baseball field, I watched as the high school team wrapped up their practice on an adjacent field. It was classic small town America. And how much I wanted someday to have that.
    [Marketing] Top Ways to Utilize Mobile Marketing and Payment Options Today
    The prevalence of smartphones, in particular, has really led to a variety of new marketing and sales techniques that are beneficial for both customers and businesses. In the past, many small businesses were either unable to accept credit card payments due to their remote location (such as at a farmers’ market, a conference, tradeshow, in-home consultation, food truck, pop-up shop, and the like), or because it was too expensive or difficult to set up an appropriate point-of-sale machine. Use Specialized Marketing Strategies. Take Payments Anywhere, Anytime.
    [Marketing] Get More From Email Signatures With Sigstr
    This is episode three of my new show: Marketing Marvels. It almost seems too simple: Utilizing your email signature, the thing that gets automatically attached to every single email you send, for marketing purposes. That’s why I was so excited to chat with Dan Hanrahan from Sigstr, the company that is effectively harnessing the power of email signatures for simple marketing that works. Learn more about Sigstr’s capabilities in this episode of Marketing Marvels and let me know what you think. It is, in fact, a Marketing Marvel. Jay: Hey, everybody.
    [Marketing] What to Consider When You Price Your Mobile App
    Making your app available for free and marketing it well might give you an edge in terms of downloads, but this will obviously not generate revenue. Get more content like this , plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. The business of apps is thriving. Around the close of 2015, Google Play contained around 1.8 million apps , while the Apple Store boasted 1.5 million apps in June 2015. Estimates peg consumer expenditure on mobile apps at $50 billion for 2016. This makes the mobile app space both an opportunity and a challenge for new app developers and businesses.
    [Marketing] 7 of The Best Apps for Making Money Online
    The app works with advertisers who are performing market research, so you get paid to help them perform that research. There is an app for just about anything you could possibly think of, from games that keep you entertained, to apps that help you find jobs and real estate, and even apps that help you know exactly what first aid procedures to take during an emergency. But did you know that there are also many social apps that are designed to help you make money online? Who wouldn’t want to find new and easy ways to make some extra income from the time they spend online?
    [Marketing] How Data Cleansing Helps Expiring Data and Poor Leads
    Large companies live or die based on their data, so you’d think that marketing data would be strictly controlled and carefully recorded and maintained. In fact, in non-tech companies, where marketing automation adoption rates were only 3% in 2014, this is almost never the case. Read on to find out why every marketer should prioritize a clean, tidy, and up-to-date marketing database —and why doing so can maximize company revenue. 1. Understand Your Target Market. This is as true for comedians and actors as it is for businesspeople and marketers.
    [Marketing] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    These Three Everyday Challenges Are Plaguing Marketers All Over the World | Edgar. The Scientific Marketing Strategy Behind Exponential Growth | SumoMe. There is a rush on video focus at the moment (funnily enough, by people who used to deal solely in clickbait) and it’s interesting to see where it’s all headed. 5 New Facebook Live Features for Marketers | Social Media Examiner. Related Stories Seven Steps to Combat Blog Content Thieves How to Create a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan for Your WordPress Blog 5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Sucks.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2016
    [Marketing] A Blog is Exactly What We Wish It to Be
    come from a traditional marketing and communications background, where everything is set in stone and the relationship to the sale is a true and trusted path. When I first started blogging “seriously”, it was a continuation of a public relations blog that I had, back in my early solo consultancy days. The goal was simple – to share thoughts and ideas on social media and where that fit in the business world. And you know, perhaps at that time it was okay to write about things that way. But everything’s fluid – we need to keep moving. Thankfully, that’s worked so far.
    [Marketing] #measurePR Recap (April 2016): Influencer Marketing
    – influencer marketing best practices, relationship-building, and measuring your efforts. They included: Gini Dietrich , CEO of Arment Dietrich and queen creator of the popular Spin Sucks blog community; Founder of the influencer marketing platform Traackr (my client), Pierre-Loic Assayag  (my friend!); Jason Falls , SVP of Elasticity, a disruptive integrated marketing agency; and. On common mistakes seen in influencer marketing: A3: From my own experience, brands try to control your content, your messaging, your everything. measurepr. measurepr. measurepr.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2016
    [Marketing] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Bill Smith
    FollowFriday follow Social Media analog photography digital marketing martin waxman university of toronto visual diaryHang out on the Spin Sucks Inquisition with us today and learn more about Bill Smith, communicator, social media expert, skier, and photographer. The post The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Bill Smith appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Howie Goldfarb The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Susan Cellura on Video The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Hanna Knowles.
  • ABSOLUTE PA  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2016
    [Marketing] Why I’m not buying what you’re selling (and how to change it)
    Social Media & Online Marketing business marketing tips online marketing small business marketing social media tipsRemember when you were younger, BEGGING to be allowed “the” shoes/jeans/hairstyle that all your friends had? It felt so important to blend in. Anything different was social death and anyone who couldn’t understand this was clearly a monster. Or parent. Trouble is, for many that’s carried over into adulthood, and if you own a business, that too. Bad move, girlfriend. The fear of standing out. Guess what? Being different WILL repel custom!
    [Marketing] Friday Quiz: Who’s the Best Influencer For Your Brand?
    SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS brand image celebrity marketing influencer influencer marketing quiz social listening social media social media analytics social media stars TalkwalkerWorking with well-chosen social media influencers is an opportunity for brands to enhance customer experience by using social media to provide examples of how a product is adopted by people they can connect to. With  Talkwalker’s social media analytics , we were able to identify three main categories of digital brand advocates: traditional celebrities, social media stars and micro influencers.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2016
    [Marketing] Buy the Right Metrics for a Viral Video Marketing Sensation!
    The value of viral video marketing is plainly obvious to anyone with even the smallest understanding of marketing: It can help spread your brand message far, very quickly, while also helping push long term goals like getting more YouTube subscribers …if you do your job right. The post Buy the Right Metrics for a Viral Video Marketing Sensation! Resource YouTube content marketing online marketing social media marketing twitter marketing video marketing viral marketing youtube business youtube for business youtube marketing youtube strategy youtube video marketing
    [Marketing] Real Valley Stories: The SVP of HR and a Bunch of Lawyers Will See You Now
    The day had started innocently enough. I was hosting our company’s public relations firm at the office, as we worked with our product marketing and management teams on interacting with press. In my marketing role over the last few years, I had used Salesforce.com practically every day. stayed another five years or so, exceptionally more skeptical now about importing any leads to Salesforce.com from any source that Marketing didn’t explicitly gain ourselves. Editor’s Note: Part 11 in an irregular series of stories from my many years in Silicon Valley. So I followed.
    [Marketing] Lawyers & Legal Marketers: Kick It Up A Notch in 2016 – An #LMA16 Infographic
    [Infographic from #LMA16 below] Jonathan Fitzgarrald , Managing Partner of Equinox Strategy Partners, gave a stellar presentation at the recent  Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference   that was full of advice for how to prove your worth where your clients are concerned. The part of Jonathan’s presentation I found the most valuable included 10 tips for in-house legal marketers to prove their value to their internal clients. 2016 Myrland Marketing & Social Media. Tip #6: Use Your Marketing Committees To Prototype Your Ideas Use them as a focus group.
    [Marketing] How to Use Google Suggest to Improve Your Content Marketing
    Once you know what they are you can begin incorporating the proper SEO into your content marketing and site details. You may gain a better understanding of your own marketing avenues this way. Building traffic is a long-term goal, anyone will tell you that. What they might fail to mention is that laying a bit of groundwork in places you probably didn’t consider will pay dividends over time, and rather passively. My favorite method of doing this is through taking advantage of Google Suggest. Google Suggest is insanely useful when it comes to boosting traffic. SerpStat.
    [Marketing] 8 Tips for Effectively Outsourcing Your Content
    One aspect of a business that is particularly well-suited for outsourcing to remote workers is content marketing. By outsourcing your content marketing to remote workers, you can reduce costs and free your time to work on the aspects of your business which play to your strengths. Particularly for niches such as digital marketing where the value of a post is usually based on its utility , your audience cares more about receiving actionable information than they do about whether the author adheres to your in-house style guide. Choose Writers Wisely. Judge by the Results.
    [Marketing] This Brutally Honest Social Campaign Wants You to ‘Seize the Cray’
    By tapping into consumer insights, it’s not just an Organic Valley marketing campaign; it’s the voice of busy working women. At the end of the day, it’s all about adding value, both with your marketing and your products. great marketing campaign with a poor product isn’t going to make a lasting impact.  Get more content like this , plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Social Media Case Studies marketing to women organic valley social media campaign social media case study Social Media Marketing video content” Tell It Like It Is.
    [Marketing] Turning Your Blog into a Lead Magnet – 5 No-Fail Tactics
    Your content is solid; your headlines are great; you try to follow all marketing trends and your analytics are telling you that readers are coming. Neil Patel is a well-known expert on content marketing, and he is pretty famous for his long posts, on his blog QuickSprout – some of them may go on for as much as 4,000 words. Most content marketers think that contests are for social media platforms. The Ultimate Guide to 160+ Business and Digital Marketing Conferences in 2016. Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 25 Content Marketing Resources. The Solution. Not so!
    [Marketing] Seven Steps to Combat Blog Content Thieves
    Related Stories How to Create a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan for Your WordPress Blog 5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Sucks How to Use Affiliate Programs to Boost Your Income Stream. It can happen to the best of us, usually a surprise, and often undetected – people online publishing your blog content like it was their own. It’s an incredibly disappointing and frustrating experience – one that listener Grant has recently discovered. He asks: “I just discovered another blog is republishing my content in full on their site. include links to other posts in my blog.
    [Marketing] How to Thrive in the Era of Interactive Content
    With 15 years of experience technology marketing, Aaron brings a keen eye for how to successfully market to marketers through engaging and interactive content.  He has become a skilled advocate for interactive content and its growing importance in the field, with the goal of getting more people into the funnel through engaging and rich experiences. Many marketers struggle with the definition and application of “interactive content” for their customer base. Why interactive content should be on every marketer’s radar. In This Episode.
    [Marketing] 5 Big Business Concepts That Startups Need to Steal
    Major corporations invest millions in their branding, choosing everything from the colors, images, and style of their collateral to their key marketing messages with the utmost care and consideration. Invest in the best that you can afford from the start; a well-designed, attractive website and marketing collateral creates the image of an established and professional organization even if you’re a brand-new company. 3. Most people understand that running a small business is a completely different experience than running a major corporation. Outsourcing. Professional Branding.
    [Marketing] The Humanization of Search & Why Business Owners & Marketers Should Care
    Digital Marketing Small Business Social MediaThis post brought to you by Bing Network. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Jason Yormark. The speed at which technology is evolving is at breakneck speeds. We’re living in an unprecedented era of technical evolution, and it shapes practically every facet of our daily lives. It was only a few years ago that people only owned one or two connected devices, but now that has evolved into people owning an entire ecosystem of connected devices…phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, even our cars. From comScore’s “2015 U.S. Q4 2014).
    [Marketing] Why and When You Should Outsource Your Marketing
    When does it make sense to outsource your marketing and when are you better off keeping it in-house? The post Why and When You Should Outsource Your Marketing appeared first on Spin Sucks. Business Growth entrepreneur build your brand copywriting design highly targeted traffic hire a pr firm Lead Generation media buys outside agency outsource your marketing PR tracking website design what's the ROI of your campaignsGoutham Bhadri looks at how to bring together the best team of people to build your brand. What’s Your Definition?
    [Marketing] How are you sharpening your saw?
    Find a few reliable sites that focus on marketing and not just digital marketing. appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute. Are you consciously sharpening your saw every day? Maybe it’s just because I’m living through it, but I truly believe that there’s never been an era that has experienced the rate of change that we’re enjoying/enduring now.  It presents us with some remarkable opportunities to explore new tactics and tools but it also presents us with what sometimes feels like an insurmountable challenge of trying to keep current. Still too daunting?
    [Marketing] How to Stay Relevant in an Algorithmic Instagram Feed
    What an Algorithmic Instagram Feed Means for Marketers. Marketers need to up their game now. This puts the onus on us, as marketers, to produce higher quality content. To demonstrate this, let’s take a look at some of the culture-based communities I’ve identified using Affinio , the marketing intelligence platform. Armed with this data, marketers are able to create brand content that fits seamlessly with what their target communities are already producing and engaging with. Get more content like this , plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free.
    [Marketing] How to Create a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan for Your WordPress Blog
    Related Stories 5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Sucks How to Use Affiliate Programs to Boost Your Income Stream How to Use Your Inner Contrarian to Generate Endless Content Ideas. This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. Have you ever lost something important? Maybe your computer froze just before you hit “save” on a document, or maybe a sudden accidental coffee spill fried your hard drive. Whatever the problem may be, without a backup of information contained on a hard drive – either using external hardware or a cloud subscription – you have to rebuild from scratch. General
    [Marketing] The 4 Secrets of Influencer Engagement
    Guest Post by  Jordan Feise. [Ed: Jordan works for Traackr, an SBC client; we developed the Academy of Influencer Marketing together. Her Influencer marketing has officially gone mainstream. 84% of brands plan to integrate influencers into their current marketing strategy. Agencies and enterprises alike are investing in and executing successful influencer marketing campaigns. Although most brands have adopted the practice of influencer marketing in some way, shape, or form, the level of maturity within brand’s influencer marketing practices varies greatly.
    [Marketing] Are you ready for the true digital natives?
    The Millennial generation has been a hot topic for managers and marketers for many years now; in fact you used to call us Generation Y. Everything travels fast, which enhances the need for real-time marketing and virtual communication. Video is such a valuable content marketing tool for your brand as it is. Refresh yourself on 6 Tips For Using Video To Tell Your Story and make sure you’re working video content into your integrated marketing plans. By Rachel Kerstetter, PR Architect, Sonnhalter. Millennial Technology Experience. Infographic via Fluent. Video.
    [Marketing] How Giving Back to Your Community Inspires More Engagement
    Michael Georgiou is living proof that success comes from serving your market diligently and generously while taking the time to add personal touches. Imaginovation is an exciting web design and development company that thrives on the passion for using well-developed strategies and the latest technologies to provide customers with top of the line marketing and communications products. Are You Helping? Think it’s all about you? Not so. We’re all anticipating their launch of Imagine Commerce at Catalyst 2016! In This Episode. How to find inspiration by inspiring others. Resources.
    [Marketing] Resources for Small Staff Associations
    This is a list of free or cheap web, social media, marketing and design resources that I presented in my session, 20 Tools to Help You MacGyver Your Small Association’s Communications, at YourMembership Xperience 2016. It includes not only the 20 covered in the session but a bunch of bonus links with even more great, free resources for busy, budget-strapped association marketing/communications/web pros. SOCIAL MEDIA/MARKETING. This post originally appeared on Mizz Information. ————-. Prefer a pdf version you can print? Here it is. WEB/ANALYTICS.
    [Marketing] Internet Consumption Per 60 Seconds
    Content Marketing Facebook Google Infographic Instagram Linkedin Marketing & Communication Social Media Social Network Twitter Visual content YouTubeEvery day, every hour and every minute, overwhelming amounts of data is being generated as consumers hit the internet to connect with each other, search for information, watch clips, be creative, download entertainment, shop and do much more. Similar Posts: Instagram’s New Algorithm – What You Need to Know. The Rise and Rise of Emojis – Is The Way We Communicate on Social Changing? Clickbait: Information overload!
  • DEVUMI  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 2016
    [Marketing] Crucial Things You Absolutely Should Be Doing in Social Media Marketing
    Social media marketing is the latest trend in marketing for business. To make the most of social media marketing, you need to consider how you are going to approach it. The post Crucial Things You Absolutely Should Be Doing in Social Media Marketing appeared first on Devumi. Facebook Instagram Marketing Twitter instagram marketing online marketing social media social media marketing twitter marketing youtube marketingIt’s no surprise because it offers the biggest reach with the best targeting in the whole industry.
    [Marketing] 7 Instagram Marketing Tips For Bars, Restaurants & Breweries
    We receive a lot of questions from bars, restaurants and breweries about marketing on Instagram. Those that are actively monitoring for, and engage with, customers’ photos of their products instead of just posting their own. 7) How can we learn more about marketing on Instagram? The post 7 Instagram Marketing Tips For Bars, Restaurants & Breweries appeared first on Firebelly | Social Media Marketing & Management Company. Instagram Social Media MarketingSearch for those tagging your brand in their photos or updates. Respond to mentions and tags.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 2016
    [Marketing] Advertising and Marketing Awards Are Stupid Vanity Metrics
    Advertising and marketing awards are hardly representative of a successful marketing campaign these days. The post Advertising and Marketing Awards Are Stupid Vanity Metrics appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Looking Back at Weird 90s Marketing Find Brand Clarity With Four Identity Fixes Five Ways Content Marketing and SEO Can Work Together. They are merely a popularity contest in which the coolest brands with the biggest budgets win over the judges. Comments I don't think anyone's arguing that awards are “the most. by Carlin This. So much this.
    [Marketing] More Churches Showing Faith in Social Media
    Your marketing content needs to separate your brand from the others, be they businesses, organizations, churches etc. To some people, using social media is quite literally a religion. They rely on social networking for myriad of things, most notably promoting their brands to current and potential customers. So, are you one of those brands that will literally pray consumers will find out about your products or services by tapping into some of the most popular social media sites? In the event you are, you certainly are not alone. Social Networking Answering the Call. evolving.
    [Marketing] 3 financial services firms using incubators and accelerators to drive innovation
    Incubator and accelerator programmes are proving to be an effective way of keeping pace with the market and disruptive forces. Disruptive forces are set to radically transform financial services over the next decade. Traditional players are being asked fundamental questions about how to respond to the emergence of nimble and agile competitors and how to thrive in a disrupted world. But how can financial services brands respond to these challenges? Here are 3 great examples of firms doing just that: Barclays Techstars Accelerator Programme. Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator.
    [Marketing] How to Double Your Social Engagement With Images
    While the initial investment is higher than the purchase of a single smartphone, it’s possible for marketers to learn how to design new images from scratch. Get more content like this , plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Facebook users are sharing 684,478 pieces of content per minute. Each day, there are more than 500 million Tweets processed on Twitter and 80 million photos posted to Instagram. With such an influx of content on social media, it’s more difficult than ever for brands to stand out and get noticed. highlight to tweet). Photography. Graphic Design.
    [Marketing] Social Media Marketing for Android Watch
    Thanks to the rapid adoption of Android users among the Android mobile users, a new opportunity for social media marketing has opened up. As users increasingly prefer to stay connected with social conversation and remain updated, Android watches can come to their aid and consequently social marketers can grab the opportunity to go even further. Naturally, Android Watch is more likely to spearhead the boom of social media marketing in wearable devices. They allow us to remain updated without needing to pick phone. Can wearables be considered as the new mobile?
    [Marketing] Enterprise Innovation Platforms and Online Innovation Campaigns
    Effective innovation campaigns using advanced  technological platforms can help companies collaborate through all the innovation stages: Idea generation : Teams can be challenged to identify innovative solutions that can promote the company’s strategy and market value, improve internal processes or contribute to the community. Innovation platforms are fast evolving to address the need for controlled innovation management in large enterprises. Leading organizations require a coherent  approach to innovation and a practical solution to incorporate and monitor best practices.
    [Marketing] 5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Sucks
    Because in this article we review a number of the strategies that small business owners use to really suck the life out of their marketing. Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Sucks. 1. However, it is time that you ditch the napkin approach to planning your digital marketing. Real businesses have real marketing plans that guide them over the course of a week, month, year, and longer. That is why it is a bit disturbing how Smart Insights reported that 50% of businesses do not have a digital marketing plan. What marketing intangibles can you use? It works!
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 2016
    [Marketing] The Ultimate Toolkit for the Professional Content Marketer
    Content marketers have to wear many “hats.” This is a huge job, and it is no wonder that many businesses are abandoning their content marketing programs in favor of just plain old web-based advertising, if they can sustain it on their budgets. It may be that you just don’t have the tools that can make the job of content marketing so much easier. You may find that you even enjoy content marketing. Of all the complaints from content marketers, this one is always at the top of the list. Ah – here is the crux of content marketing – the content you produce.
    [Marketing] The Shocking ROI of Influencer Marketing
    Four trends are converging to make influencer marketing an increasingly important part of any B2C or B2B marketing program: There is a glut of content being created, and breaking through the noise is more difficult than ever. This last point is a major key, as the perceived authenticity of other humans contributes not only to the rise of influencer marketing, but also its cousin – employee advocacy programs. Influencer Marketing Isn’t New. The underlying premise and even the primary mechanics of influencer marketing have never changed.
    [Marketing] Why Content Marketing Can Work for You
    Guest post by Amanda Subler, Public Relations & Media Manager for Content Marketing Institute (CMI). and Europe producing a documentary about content marketing for my company Content Marketing Institute. But one of my favorite trips was to Warsaw, Virginia, where a little fiberglass pool seller used content marketing to not only save their business, but gain international fame and even go from selling to manufacturing their own pools. That’s when Marcus discovered “content marketing.”. Last year I traveled the U.S Ever heard of Will it Blend? Heck yeah.
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