[Marketing] Social advertising is a powerful next step
    If you’re a marketer, the decline of organic reach on social media channels should concern you. '(This is a cross-post from my Company blog.). Facebook is the poster child for this decline, thanks to the constant changes to its algorithm—and its recent announcement that brands would be able to reach only a small portion of the huge audiences they’ve amassed over time. But no matter where you do business, it’s much harder to grow social channels organically than it was a few short years ago. smart editorial calendar was once the golden ticket to success. Today, the calculus is different.
    [Marketing] 3 Must Have’s To Gain Customer Attention
    Content marketing gains business value IF it grabs people’s attention, without attention it is just words. Well, the social marketing mantra of either educating, entertaining or informing is a great mantra however it is the middle of attention creation not the beginning. Great social and content marketing starts before that mantra. Not from their angle but from the market’s angle. Branding Customer Service content marketing customer attention 'Anyone with a pet, child or need friend will know the desire for attention. That is a simple truth.
    [Marketing] Photos from the San Francisco Giants World Series Game 7 Celebration in the Streets of SF
    This was Market Street after the game. 'Photos from the San Francisco Giants World Series Game 7 Celebration in the Streets of SF. photos San Francisco game 7 giants world series
    [Marketing] BREAKING NEWS: Duane Forrester is No Longer Sr. Product Manager – Webmaster Outreach at Bing
    Whether that means that you’re at Microsoft, or maybe even Google, I’m sure you’ll have a very active role in the Search Marketing community. 'My good friend Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager – Webmaster Outreach at Bing, has just announced that he was “reorganized” out of his job as the head Webmaster Liaison at Bing.com. On his blog, Duane posted: Microsoft announced changes within the structures of several groups in the company. More to come… The post BREAKING NEWS: Duane Forrester is No Longer Sr. Thanks a lot. Search Engines
    [Marketing] Social Media and B2B – How To Gain Awesome Leads
    These strategies may not send you the thousands of visitors that a normal viral marketing campaign would send, but what they will do is send you a few select visitors who can easily make decisions. While LinkedIn may not have the same amount of users as Twitter or Facebook, it definitely has the highest number of individuals who are in the B2B market. Another telling statistic is that LInkedIn accounts for 64 percent of the social media traffic to corporate websites. ( [link] ) These statistics make a nice strong case that anyone in the B2B market should be on LinkedIn.
    [Marketing] Why your Core Values are part of your Marketing
    'One of the changes I’ve made to my marketing is the inclusion of my core values into my marketing message. Typically we are told that the marketing message should be about the people who need our services, with minimal discussion focused on ourselves, but I find that integrating your core values into your marketing is essential because it helps people understand what drives you to do what you do and explains why you will take care of them. And yet until recently I really didn’t mention this in my marketing. business marketing
    [Marketing] How to Improve Your Business via POS
    In recent years more and more marketers reroute their efforts from acquiring new customers to retaining old ones – statistics say that acquiring a new customer is 6-7 times costlier than keeping an old one. 'The shop is only as good as its service is. Even the most wonderful assortment of goods, advantageous location and brilliant advertising won’t help you if employees are rude and unhelpful and checkout doesn’t work as it is supposed to. And one of the best ways to improve your service is to introduce a high-quality, convenient and modern POS. 1.     Integration.
    [Marketing] 5 Best Marketing Strategies with Examples
    When they started out they didn’t even have a product to sell, only an idea and a marketing gimmick to sell it – on the first iPad was released they hired people via Craigslist to hand out their discount coupons in queues that invariably accumulated near Apple stores in large cities across the United States. 4.     Employing Content Marketing to the Fullest. The information age provides great opportunities for marketing, opening whole new avenues of human interaction and meeting. And it is not poetry – here are some examples of products that pull this trick off. The reason?
    [Marketing] How to Use Foursquare for Small Business
    Business & Marketing Social Media foursquare for business foursquare for small business how to use foursquare how to use foursquare for small business 'There have never been so many people willing to talk about exactly where they are and what they’re doing in exchange for incentives. The location-based service Foursquare offers individual users the chance to share where they are and get recommendations on where to go next. At the same time, businesses can attract new visitors and build customer loyalty. billion check-ins! Offer something free for every check-in.
    [Marketing] How Google Trends Helps Employers and Job Seekers
    Industries like tech and internet marketing are two of the fastest changing there are. If you’re looking at digital marketing careers right now, which kind should you learn? Google Trends says content marketing is the one still climbing the steepest, while many others have leveled off, and a few are declining. Content marketing didn’t really start to get hot as as topic until 2012. For employers, if you’re running a digital marketing agency, you might want to hire some more content marketers! It’s more than just funny. It’s a win-win.
    [Marketing] Why the Best Marketers Ask If You Want Fries with That
    'In the modern attention economy, a marketer''s caliber tends to be judged on the ability to discern noise from signal, making sense out of the deluge of data that overwhelms our collective senses and minds of everyone from the C-suite to the ground floor. But if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed about marketing, despite ceaseless advances in technology, it’s this: Marketers are still challenged to connect with real, live human beings. Experience with customers is the most sought-after skill in marketing — and for good reason. This isn’t just a gimmick.
    [Marketing] Data collection causing trust tensions amongst consumers
    If this trust gap continues to widen and results in a steady increase in the number of people refusing to share personal data, it could pose further challenges for marketers and researchers. Communications strategy Future of market research berners-lee data facebook Google marketers Moves My Tracks Orange researchers Walmart wearable devices 'The trust gap between consumers and companies continues to widen as concerns around how firms use their personal data are growing stronger. Moreover, nearly a third, 29%, have less faith in companies than they did a year ago.
    [Marketing] How To Gain Consumer Insights That Boost Your Marketing Results
    ” They must be involved and included in management decisions, product development strategies, and marketing discussions to ensure that the company remains customer-focused. It’s easier to set rules and regulations, or say that a product should be marketed in a certain way, but it’s not always best to do it that way. If consumers are changing so rapidly, what makes corporations think they can still market to them in the same old ways? Some of the best products and marketing strategies have been initiated by someone who said, “Interesting.
    [Marketing] Learn How Some Businesses Achieve Their Success
    If the product is excellent yet the market doesn’t understand it …it fails. If the product is awful yet the market get the idea…it fails. It is only knowing the problem in the market that you can create a great product. One is based on communication with the market to understand and the other communicates that understanding to the market. 'If only success was measured by how hard we work;if only success was as easy as the ‘experts’ describe. But it isn’t… as my Dad would say “Get over it, Anna! Just consider.
    [Marketing] Association Social Media: International Reading Association
    The social media strategist is part of the recently merged marketing and communications team. Before our team merged with marketing, we met regularly to align strategies. For example, when The Writing Thief by Ruth Culham was published, the marketing team sent out targeted e-blasts, purchased external ads, and ran house ads in our journals and publications. ————   Next up in our interview series, Jayme Gravell, social media strategist at the International Reading Association (IRA). Welcome! Who do you report to? . Do they have different audiences?
    [Marketing] What Good Is Your Analytics Strategy?
    It’s about internet marketing, and gamification is a very small part of that dynamic. Online marketing strategy starts with a target, a goal that you want to reach. Tracking & Analytics analytics online marketing strategy semantic analysis 'Let me share something you could not have possibly known: if I had put the word “gamification” in the title of this post the views would have jumped to 3 times as many as normal. When I look at the numbers, the highest views are of gamification posts. gamification mistakes to avoid! Add gamification and win big!
    [Marketing] UPS B2B Purchasing Insights Very Enlightening
    Be in the right place at the right time — utilize SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) to make sure people find you when they are looking. Marketing Tips Marketing Tools Marketing Trends b to b trends on on line purchases e-commerce buying for b to b purchasing John Sonnhalter online selling united parcel service ups ups b to b study 'UPS recently released a study they did on the behaviors, preferences and perceptions of industrial supplier performance. The UPS study surveyed 1501 online. 23% were on the job less than 5 years.
    [Marketing] Can You Build Trust Before the Transaction
    ” That is an amazing piece of marketing. Today’s Sprout Social Shoutout is for my friend Brian Carter , a fantastic social media marketing guru, especially good in Facebook and Facebook advertising. This video is f rom  Jay Today is my near-daily 3-minute video where I talk about social media, content marketing, business and life. 'What if you found a way to build extreme trust before you ever interacted with a customer? was speaking recently in Boston at an event for Straumann , where the audience was a group of very successful oral surgeons.
    [Marketing] New Twitter User Revamp: Plus 2 Bonus Pieces of News!
    Twitter online marketing social media marketing twitter followers twitter marketing twitter marketing strategy 'Twitter are working hard to reward their shareholders…and finally turn a profit. They opened up the Timeline to popular tweets from people you don’t follow, a big departure from the user curated Timeline of old. This is, however, leading to a growing user base who are, *sigh*, flocking to Twitter as it begins to more closely resemble the Facebook they know. This article will show you step by step what a new user can expect. How cool is that?
    [Marketing] Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post
    There’s quite a few factors that go into exceptional content marketing. Studies show that over  90% of marketers today are publishing custom content. It’s in your best interest as a content marketer to format your blog into short, easily-digestible chunks. 'What is the secret behind the perfect blog post? Is it the formatting, the research, the editing, the optimization, or the images? The answer is yes. Yes, to all of those things. Failing to perform any of these areas well can limit your blog’s success. An Eye-Catching Headline. Share an anecdote.
    [Marketing] Content Calendar for Content Marketing
    As we have recently made some significant changes to their website and overall marketing platform, I started to consider some new metrics to include in their monthly analytic dashboard. Metrics for content marketing, are key to understanding campaign performance! With content marketing, I like to be able to see what motivates a action, whether that is an email, phone call or a spike in traffic on the site. The post Content Calendar for Content Marketing appeared first on PWB Blog. Analytics Marketing content calendar content management
    [Marketing] 6 Best Jobs According to the Internet
    It pays to be prepared and know the current job market situation – what was a viable career choice just five years ago may be disastrous now, so it is no use listening to people who have been looking for vacancies then. 'Career change or the choice of your first job are both crucial steps, and they shouldn’t be approached lightly. According to the resume writing services , about 85% of people don’t know what are the most payable and demanded jobs are now and  what sphere they should apply for. So which professions are the best according to the Internet right now? 4.     Physician.
    [Marketing] Social Marketing’s Hidden Success Secrets
    The answer to this lies at the heart of why social marketing is liberating ; social media liberates you from having to come up with A truth and just telling THE truth! Business can choose to spin the story, they can choose to paper over the cracks in their customer service and they can even lie about the greatness of their products… but the truth is this… where once only a customer would know and just not come back for more, now a market will know through that one customer. Doesn’t that make it easier to be good at marketing? But what is to fear?
    [Marketing] STOP Now or Your Content Dies
    One of the things that marketers and bloggers can’t stop talking about is the importance of being a great storyteller. Content Marketing 'Failure. Even the sound of the word “failure” is disheartening. For me, it conjures images of a bomb exploding inside a watermelon. Am I alone in my sentiments? don’t think so. am inclined to believe that most writers and bloggers share the same fear of failure every time they publish a new piece of content. The biggest challenge confronting most writers is that there is no shortage of content online. How do we make this STOP?
    [Marketing] How Intuitive Is Your Site?
    All the best SEO and marketing tactics in the world are going to hit a blockade at your site if it doesn’t work intuitively for the average person. There are some things your website can’t live without , and all of them are based on the idea of making it intuitive — easy — to use so that the SEO and marketing tactics bear the fruit of conversions. 'I have a slight skepticism about the idea of “intuitive websites” because there’s usually a problem with whose intuition it’s designed around.
    [Marketing] What’s a Customer’s Lifetime Value To You?
    Marketing Tips Traditional Marketing building customer relations customer relationships how to determine lifetime value of customer how to keep customers John Sonnhalter lifetime value of a customer 'For all of us in sales, it’s all about now. Making this month’s/quarter’s numbers. While there’s nothing wrong with this, we all need to step back and look at the total value of a customer. We need to realize, that even though we got this sale, it doesn’t guarantee the next one. So what are you doing about keeping that lifetime customer?
    [Marketing] The Little Boy That Could (Or Why We Need to Make What We Do Brilliant Every Time)
    That marketing plan. 'Stephen was born in 1942 at a time of worldwide struggle. Europe was divided and broken, Asia was in turmoil and the United States had been dragged into a conflict it had tried to avoid. In fact, Stephen was almost never born – a missile fell on a property just two homes away from his parents’ house. So even before he was born Stephen was faced with adversity. As a child, Stephen was known as a good student, but not brilliant. He chose safe subjects like math and science, and continued this to University. At University, the problems started. Do it. Do it. Do it.
    [Marketing] We only care about you if it’s really about us
    It’s actually a symptom of an age-old marketing problem. Here’s how to fix two of the most common “it’s all about me” types of marketing statements and make them customer centric and customer valued communications instead. 2 – The difference is our people (perhaps the most trite sentence uttered in marketing today). The post We only care about you if it’s really about us appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute. Customers/Clients Strategy marketing messaging politely told her that we definitely were not going to do that. Of course not. Show me.
    [Marketing] 4 Parts of a Must-Click Call to Action
    Not every marketer has the time or ability to test every element of a website, but you don’t have to employ an entire analytics department to start running A/B tests on your CTAs. For example, marketers might assume that trust verification symbols or no-spam policies near their CTAs reassure customers. Social Media Measurement a/b testing call to action CTA marketing ROI social proof split button web conversions 'When it comes to CTAs, it’s tempting to scour the Internet for that one trick that will get your customers clicking. Use first person. Do they want to see prices?
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    [Marketing] A Terrifying Example of Content Marketing
    The video is a great piece of content, but as content marketing , it could use a bit more Ford in it. But it would be more effective as a marketing tool if I didn''t have to wait until the final four seconds of the video to glean who might be behind it. 'My friend’s mom is scared of the drive-through car wash. She somehow has managed to persuade some saintly employee that works at her local gas station/convenience store to crawl into her passenger seat and ride through the gauntlet with her. If he''s not on duty, she''ll put off the car wash for days until she sees him at work.
    [Marketing] 3 Things You Most Likely Do Not Know About Social Media Marketing
    'Most people think that social media marketing is really easy. While social media is quite cheap for marketers, this does not mean that it is free. Marketing Gurus Spend A Lot Of Money. Most marketing gurus are telling you lies. You have to make the most out of your Facebook marketing budget while gurus have much higher budgets. What you have to do is establish some sort of content marketing calendar. Social Media Marketing Takes Time. Social Media Marketing Has To Be Social. That is definitely not the case. Quantity Counts. Socialnomics
    [Marketing] Bill Hartzer – Weekly Update October 27, 2014
    SocialCentive Twitter Marketing Software Free Trial. SocialCentiv is some new Twitter marketing software (it’s really a dashboard) that feeds you Tweets by people. and here’s the post that I wrote about it: https://www.billhartzer.com/pages/using-socialcentiv-twitter-marketing-software-lead-generation/. 'Google Penguin Refresh last weekend, and Google adds Inbox by Gmail, which is useful for reading email on your phone. We have a few updates this week, and the major one was the Penguin refresh (a refresh, not an update. Google Penguin Refresh. Inbox by Gmail.
    [Marketing] Source Phoenix Review: A Live 2-Week SEO Case Study
    am going to be promoting Source Phoenix though, and I’m giving away my $697 product, Marketing Inc. To be fair to any potential Marketing Inc. If you want to watch a hugely successful marketing case study as it happens, this is one to look out for. 'Over the coming fortnight you’re going to hear a lot about Source Phoenix , a product being launched by Alex Becker but not something I would call an Alex Becker product. Similarly when everyone was pushing Cloud PBN I was telling people to stay clear because of all the footprints it has. to go with it.
    [Marketing] Do you really know your Customers?
    Unfortunately, this method also leads to higher prices, and limits your market. How Cultural Marketing Is Different From Consumer Insights. Consumer Insights Cultural Marketing Abraham Maslow Anthropology Clifford Geertz Cultural anthropology Human iPhone PepsiCo Pernod Ricard 'What is the number one way to succeed in business? It is to understand what people want. What motivates people to do certain things and avoid other things? For all businesses, employee motivation is a primary concern. If understanding humans is the goal, anthropology is the answer. Psychology 101.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2014
    [Marketing] 4 Great Ways to Break the Ice on Social Media
    The post 4 Great Ways to Break the Ice on Social Media appeared first on t2 Marketing International. 'It can be a little awkward to break the ice on social media, but these tips should help make it easier. There is no shortage of awkwardness when you are trying to break the ice on social media. You might spot a prospect and want to spark up a conversation, or see a potential lead and want to begin building a relationship, but you might find it very difficult to break the ice on social media without seeming contrived. Personalize Your Connection. Engage with a Tweet. Respond to Questions.
    [Marketing] 45+ Resources to Master Blog Writing
    This is a detailed all-in-one guide from Neil Patel, one of the top 10 marketers on the web. The talented marketers from Vertical Measures compiled headline tips to help you on your way to pro blog writing. Here is one more awesome resource to find the marketing tips you need. HubSpot is a content marketing platform with amazing software that helps businesses stand out online. As previously mentioned, a nice infographic is always an engaging marketing tactic. 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu. Well, actually it is. Grammarly.
    [Marketing] Another Reminder That Local Search Is Important
    Local Internet Marketing controlling local listings local directory local listings local search 'Well, it happened again. We were going out to dinner and discussing the options, and pizza was mentioned. Being a passenger, it was my job to look up the national brand pizza place and see what their specials were. It was a perfect example of why businesses should be controlling their local listings. Here’s what happened: I did a search for the pizza place & got the specials & sites in a neighboring state. tried to find specials and got menus with no prices.
    [Marketing] Market view: Twitter approaches one year on the NYSE
    It shares its Q3 earnings on October 27, shortly before celebrating one  full year on the stock market on November 7.  billion (though IG’s grey market , which allows traders to speculate on an IPO’s value, had long been stuck around the $44 mark), so Twitter managed to avoid the mistakes made by Facebook and enter the markets on a positive note. It also probably contributed to Twitter’s initial momentum on the market. Over the past 12 months the site has shown an ability to survive and possibly thrive on the markets. billion dollars and raising a healthy $2.09
    [Marketing] 509 – Design Thinking Behind Well Designed Products
    How to find out what product you truly create and what market you are in. 'How do you achieve a well designed product or service? Well, Jon Kolko,  Vice President of Consumer Design at Blackboard joins me to discuss how to approach design to deliver a well designed product. The discussion is based on his new business book Well-Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love. Listener of the week is Richard Saetre  who will receive a goodie bag to say thank you for sharing about the show. For your chance to win just share this post or leave an iTunes review ! We talk about.
    [Marketing] Weibo – a Chinese Social Media platform
    Facing such giant numbers of audiences and the potential reach it is critical for marketers that they know how to handle and profit from these popular accounts. Some unique and popular tactics, marketers can adopt. It works well with real-time hot topics, such as air pollution in Beijing and Single holiday (popular days for marketers). Important days for marketers. Single Holiday is on November 11, like cyber Monday, which is created by marketing companies to encourage online shopping. '“You don’t have Facebook in China?”. Sina Weibo. Tone of voice.
    [Marketing] How to Successfully Change Your Blog’s Topic
    During 2011 and 2012 I rapidly tested dozens of different marketing-related subjects and content types until I found the format and editorial schedule you’re reading today. 'Pushing Social was intended to be a social news blog similar to Mashable. had a good start and felt good about the topic. But within a few months growth began to stall. The signs were imperceptible at first: Visitors were leaving the blog within 7 seconds. Obviously no one was reading our content. Articles weren’t getting shared on Twitter and LinkedIn, the primary distribution channels for our content. How to Pivot.
    [Marketing] Why Doesn’t Your Company Have a Social Media Voice Document?
    Then talk about the voice as if it were a person, this helps to provide relatable context for someone who isn’t used to marketing-speak: “ The Marshmallow Pants Society is your bubbly ,  cautious friend that likes to have fun , but is responsible enough to get home by 10pm.” . 'Well, why not? few years ago, I think you could have gotten away with keeping the company ‘voice’ safely locked away in a few choice individuals’ minds at your company. This is no longer the case. Now let’s get to the meat of the post. It’s inevitable. Got it?
    [Marketing] Future Media Success Is More than a Path
    am struck by two common themes in online marketing today: the overwhelming movement towards analytics and the increasing drumbeat of visual media. Today’s marketing experts talk about visual media, but often don’t know how to develop and use illustrations, graphics, photos and videos. Marketing paths need creative levers. Marketing Photography analytics content contextual data evolution innovation levers media paths theory Visual war of the worlds 'Immersive technologies offer incredible new media experiences. It’s always been this way. Compel Us.
    [Marketing] Bad Assumptions and Bad Experiences
    Related Stories Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts Oct 19 – Oct 25, 2014 Brand Identity: What It Is and How to Maintain It Tips for Mobile Marketing: How to Bring Customers Into Your Store What’s Your Content Style? 'Most business owners try their best to avoid it. That place called Stuck. Nobody Nobody wants to go there, get there, or stay there. Yet, I know many owners and solopreneurs who, in their attempt not to repeat bad experiences and to avoid conversations because of bad assumptions, end up getting stuck because of inaction. Bad Assumptions. hire the wrong person.
    [Marketing] Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts Oct 19 – Oct 25, 2014
    Tips for Mobile Marketing: How to Bring Customers Into Your Store Brand Identity: What is It and How to Maintain It Tools and Apps with a Mobile Mindset (LIFT Clips) Quotes and Lessons on Living and Learning (LIFT Slides) SmallBizTracks Daily Podcasts you many have missed this week: SBTD Episode 93:  What is RSS and Is It Still Important? 'Week in Review October 19 – 25: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations  and  SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach.
    [Marketing] It's Not My Job Anymore
    'Do brands still need to be convinced about digital marketing? Digital marketing is an integral component of a proper marketing mix. In fact, I can selfishly argue that digital marketing is more important than most traditional mass media channels. That doesn''t devalue what can be done with traditional advertising, it simply means that digital marketing - on its own - can be enough to build, sustain and retain a healthy client base. Don''t confuse emerging media for digital marketing. See, this is why digital marketing reigns supreme. marketing.
    [Marketing] How To Speak So That People Want To Listen
    digital marketing. marketing blog. marketing podcast. 'Episode #433 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. How many people do you know that are able to get even one of their talks on to the TED stage? My friend, Julian Treasure , has done it five times. Crazy. You have to be working on some pretty interesting stuff for that to happen. And, indeed, he is. Over the years, Julian''s TED talks about the power of audio have become "must-watch" presentations. It is about to pass 3.5 million views. audio. brand.
    [Marketing] This marketing summit promises to be extreme!
    At the Extreme Small Business Marketing Summit , 6 small business experts will reveal their secrets to get more leads, convert more sales, win more clients, and make more money without driving themselves crazy or spending their last dime. The Extreme Small Business Marketing Summit  starts Monday, November 3rd. Here’s the speaking line up: Adam Urbanski, The Millionaire Marketing Mentor:   His topic is, 3 Step Stealth Marketing System Guaranteed to Attract Clients Like Crazy! The post This marketing summit promises to be extreme! Now, you can do it too!
    [Marketing] Where Does Amazing Work Come From?
    Native advertising, search engine marketing, sponsored tweets and more. You won''t find a marketing professional who doesn''t take the brief for what it is: page one of a much bigger story. marketing. marketing professional. search engine marketing. advertising agency bassettandpartners brand brief briefly consumer creative creativebrief design documentary ideation marketing marketingprofessional measurement nativeadvertising outofhome print radio realtime searchenginemarketing sponsoredtweet strategy tv tvcommercial webanalytics youtube foundation.
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    [Marketing] A Content Marketer’s Guide to Memorable Halloween Costumes
    'In my house, Halloween is the event of the year: an event that deserves lengthy planning, calculated costume construction, and boastful displays of said costume at strategically selected house parties and bars. Epic Halloween costumes are a lot like great content. naughty nurse costume is rarely worth a Facebook share or a partygoer’s high five (both trackable metrics in my book), but offer up something truly original and you’ll gain the general public’s attention and accolades. Follow these content creation rules and you’re guaranteed to have a Gaga-esque Halloween full of applause-plause.
    [Marketing] New Facebook Admin Changes
    This was done by clicking a link at the top of the page to either post as “PWB Marketing Communications” or, as in my case, as “Tammy Mayrend” Pages now automatically post as the page you are administering for.The toggle link at the top of the page is no longer visible. 'Most Facebook Page administrators know the frustration of posting updates and commenting on a post on it. First you needed to be either using the page as the “business” then you needed to toggle back and forth to “use the page as.” This is where I get a little excited.
    [Marketing] New Facebook Admin Changes
    This was done by clicking a link at the top of the page to either post as “PWB Marketing Communications” or, as in my case, as “Tammy Mayrend” Pages now automatically post as the page you are administering for.The toggle link at the top of the page is no longer visible. 'Most Facebook Page administrators know the frustration of posting updates and commenting on a post on it. First you needed to be either using the page as the “business” then you needed to toggle back and forth to “use the page as.” This is where I get a little excited.
    [Marketing] Brand Identity: What It Is and How to Maintain It
    If your marketing team can advertise and market your brand in a positive light, you have a shot at establishing a positive brand image. Companies change marketing campaigns and initiatives from time to time, but brand identity should remain the same. You can establish your company as one that allows customers to take an active part in marketing and advertising. Related Stories Tips for Mobile Marketing: How to Bring Customers Into Your Store What’s Your Content Style? Household names maintain their notoriety by being noticeable and consistent. Engage.
    [Marketing] Mobile Devices Are Changing The Way We Do Search
    think it’s always a good idea to do some reality checks every once in a while, and one reality check is getting a few different friends to show you what your marketing efforts and website pages look like on their phones. ”  – Rebecca Maynes. There’s a fascinating look at eye-tracking research on the Moz Blog. Rebecca Maynes of Mediative lets us see the results of their 2014 study on how users view and interact with today’s Google SERPs. But now that triangle is not evident in the way SERPs are looked at. What Does Your Site Look Like On A Phone?
    [Marketing] ICYMI – Ad revenues grow, Facebook reach declines
    Love, love, love this content marketing campaign from Virgin America – BLAH Airlines. 'Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Digital ad revenues grow 15%  to $23.1bn as mobile jumps 76%. Adobe has reported that Facebook organic reach is down 50% year-on-year. Twitter adds sound  through new audio cards. Google launches Inbox  – a(nother) new take on email. Ello secures £3.4m funding round. Campaigns. Image credit. icymi
    [Marketing] Storytelling, storytelling, and more storytelling
    'Seems like every marketing book, blog and study is talking about how we should be using storytelling as a marketing technique. Marketers clearly believe that storytelling is a critical component of their marketing efforts. It’s one of the most talked about topics in marketing circles today. So — no argument that marketing’s version of storytelling is critical to a business’ communications success. That’s because the marketers are staying at the features level of sales, not delving into the benefits that lie beneath.
    [Marketing] How I stick to a 30 hour work week (and how you can too)
    Social Media & Online Marketing business support business tips efficient working getting organised at work increase productivity online marketing for small business organizational tips productivity tips small business working productively 'I was sitting opposite my doctor in her consulting room – a fatigue specialist at The Royal Free Hospital in London. We were going through the results of my blood tests, and I was hoping for a conclusive diagnosis that would explain mysterious symptoms I’d battled with for the past year. No more that 30’ , I replied. It’s my choice.
    [Marketing] How to Manage 19 Social Media Channels
    Dave is careful to measure the KPI surrounding his social efforts, especially in the context of the larger marketing picture , as well. 27% of B2C marketers say the C-level of the organization owns the content marketing. 19% say product marketing owns it, and down at 13% there is a tie between PR and the social media team. This is according to 2015 B2C Content Marketing Trends, released by Content Marketing Institute in partnership with MarketingProfs. via Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs. DaveMurr Tweet This. via A Healthier Michigan.
    [Marketing] Tips for Mobile Marketing: How to Bring Customers Into Your Store
    Here are three tips to make sure your mobile marketing efforts are bringing customers into your store: Enhance Your Store Locator Vend Blog’s Francesca Nicasio has some important pointers for retailers regarding their store locators. Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing The Pew Research Internet Project reports that 60 percent of smartphone owners use them to access the Internet; 49 percent use them to get directions, recommendations and location-based information and 52 percent use them to check their email. Marketing Mobile & Local Small Business
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2014
    [Marketing] How to Establish a Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 9 Easy Steps (With Pictures)
    'Your business just opened a Pinterest business account and you’re wondering how to establish a Pinterest marketing strategy…that’s why you clicked on my very descriptive headline! This Pinterest marketing strategy guide will give you nine steps to follow to get your Pinterest interesting. How to Establish a Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 9 easy steps. Establish your Pinterest marketing strategy goals. The marketing options that Pinterest gives you are about as wide as any other social media platform. Find your target market. Find new customers.
    [Marketing] LinkedIn Influence: How to Build a Profitable Digital Presence
    Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Stephanie Sammons is an entrepreneur, a digital business and marketing strategist, and a Certified Financial Planner. Stephanies’s Top Sales or Marketing Advice – Invest in a professional digital presence. Stephanie and Jeff met as early contributors to Social Media Examiner – the host of Social Media Marketing World. Join us and 2,500 social media practitioners this coming March in sunny San Diego at the world’s largest social media conference :  Social Media Marketing World 2015. Download. iTunes.
    [Marketing] 3 Writing Techniques to Double Your Productivity
    Personal marketing to do. 'Productivity is huge in freelance writing and blogging. Like, make or break your business huge. What a lot of people  don’t often realize is that any freelance writer actually has a ton of stuff to do. First and foremost, there’s the actual work: the article writing/blogging/copywriting. Then, there are clients to email. Prospects to Skype. Sources to interview. Other freelancers to communicate with. Invoices to send. Finances to keep track of. Health insurance to pay. hope you’re getting the picture. Don’t know how to be productive? Start with an Outline.
    [Marketing] Digital Is the Answer. What’s the Question?
    Customer Experience Digital Transformation Marketing Strategy Fresh Perspective 'We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.
    [Marketing] Why Your Mobile Strategy Doesn’t Start With the Phone
    Mobile digital marketing human mobile strategy the mobile commerce revolution tim hayden tom webster 'Image via BigStockPhoto.com. It’s a bit of an exaggeration to say that a mobile strategy isn’t about the phone, but at the very least, it shouldn’t start with the phone. After all, if you were to read this post five years ago, chances are you wouldn’t have been reading it on the same device (or even brand of device) that you are using now. Mobility can involve technology, but at the heart of a mobile strategy lies the mobile human. tweet this ).
    [Marketing] Think Big and Act Small as an Entrepreneur
    Processes are not there to help YOU, they are there to help deliver those repeatable promises on a daily basis to the market. 'For such a glamorous sounding word, entrepreneurship is not easy. Long hours, high levels of resilience and strong belief are all required to survive… not even thrive! So why do it? Why break free from a more secure corporate life? Because a business can get in the way of doing business. And therein lies the irony; people want to create a business and when they do, they find it is not the ideal structure to deliver a great experience. So what to do?
    [Marketing] 5 Reasons Your Social Media ROI Sucks
    Do the same thing with your marketing. Also, make sure you’ve Facebookized Your Marketing. Social Media Tips for Social Good Companies That Will Get Your Message Heard (In Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day) What You Need to Know Before You Install Facebook’s Messenger App Association Social Media: American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) 3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Doesn’t Work for Associations Association Social Media: ASCD BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups. It originally appeared here at the Brian Carter Group blog.
    [Marketing] 4 Benefits of Being Partners with Your Agency
    Partnership, like a good marriage, and integration into and with your marketing team and plans make it easier for us to do what you need and make us invested in your work, and in your success. 'Scott Bessell, Idea Builder at Sonnhalter. Over the years, I’ve watched the relationship trend between clients and agencies shift from a partnership level to a vendor level. ve seen it from both the client side and the agency side. via Trevor Hurlbut. Understandably, agencies prefer to be partners. Trust is something that is earned, which takes time and is natural in a long-term partnership.
    [Marketing] What You Can Learn From Taylor Swift’s New Album Instagram Teaser Campaign
    While Taylor Swift’s campaign was a mix of both, you’ll see many companies picking a course of action depending on the company’s overall strategy for the announcement, marketing campaign objectives and anticipated excitement from your customers. PR, marketing, web, customer care) are aligned on the same announcement timeline and flow. The Best Marketing Is Personal. From the handwritten lyrics to imagery that feels in line with Swift’s lifestyle, her album promotion effort feels deeply personal and authentic and not at all like marketing. Life is good, right?
    [Marketing] What Social Media Means For Your Business in 2014/2015
    'SOCIAL MEDIA is no longer a novelty , but a strong marketing tool for small and medium business owners. few years ago it was very difficult for a small business owner to compete with big businesses and their marketing budgets for advertising and exposure. It outshines traditional marketing. Sign up HERE  to get my blogs on the latest social media and marketing trends, updates and best practices.  provide social media and marketing strategy sessions , ongoing consulting , as well as set up and execution on all social media channels. Social media is not a fad.
    [Marketing] Don’t Miss Out On Your Oprah Moment
    Oprah Winfrey had dreamt of being on stage with Tina Turner, when the opportunity came she spent the first few seconds worried, frightened and scared of messing up… she then realised that she had the chance of a lifetime and told herself to loosen up and enjoy herself… When it comes to social marketing think about this chance in our lifetime – the chance to miss out the middleman, the chance to help people directly, the chance to help people, the opportunity to grow your business without a massive budget – now tell me this isn’t your Oprah moment!
    [Marketing] 8 New B2B Video Content Marketing Trends
    This is the sentiment that started the Vidyard Ignite conference – the first-of-its-kind event specifically designed to address the issues that B2B marketers face when it comes to creating video. While it’s well understood that video marketing is an extremely unique and valuable tactic to reach consumers effectively, marketers often feel paralyzed by the daunting task of creating useful videos. B2B companies like to give the idea of “humor” in their marketing the brush-off. But more than that, he explored why certain marketing sells and other marketing doesn’t.
    [Marketing] Google Adds Google Plus Sharing Button to Header
    Are Google+ and +1 Changing Web Marketing? 'Google has just added a new Google Plus sharing button to the header, and it not only appears when you’re on Google Plus. In fact, this new sharing button now appears in the header even when you’re reading your Gmail. If you are logged into your Google Account (or logged into someone else’s Google Account, ha!) then you will see this new icon/button wherever you go (on a Google-owned property). The only place where I don’t see this new Google Plus share button is when you’re logged into Google Analytics. Gmail.
    [Marketing] Is Your Business Using the Correct Facebook Profile?
    'In our work with many different industries, including education marketing with schools and school districts, we’ve come across many different types of Facebook set ups. Facebook Online marketing Online Reputation Management Public Relations Social Media Social Media Education Social Media for Business Social Media Tips Facebook for business Facebook Pages There are three types Facebook offers: Profiles, Groups, and Pages. It can be confusing to sort out exactly what each one should be used for and what it should look like. What is a Facebook Profile? .
    [Marketing] 5 Social Media Tips for Social Good Companies That Will Get Your Message Heard (In Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day)
    I don’t have the money to hire anyone to do our social media marketing.”. There are SO many social media platforms out there to drive awareness to your organization: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vine, YouTube… heck, as social media marketers, there are some even we don’t know about! This is why we just launched a new ebook, Get Social: The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide for Social Good Companies , to help organizations combat their social media fears once and for all. 'Guest post by Meg Rulli, Co-founder,  ModMark Group. Social media? Well, you aren’t alone.
    [Marketing] 6 Ideas for Teaching Digital Leadership to College Students
    Here is an AWESOME example  of a business faculty member at the University of Delaware who had her students jump into #MMchat (a marketing chat). ' . Times have changed. Our graduating seniors can no longer rely on a one page resume to get their first job out of college. Our students need a strong digital reputation of which they can be proud and share with others. Some of our students may not want or be fit for the traditional career path, which is even more of a reason for them to leverage the digital tools that are available to them. This is also a great exercise in creative writing!
    [Marketing] Why Marketplace Model Is #Fail For Ecommerce?
    Digital Insight Digital Marketing 'Internet was conceived with a promise and hope that it will cut the intermediaries. Internet also promised democratization, i.e. whether you are a small time blogger or a big publication, whether you are a small ecom portal or an MNC ecom portal- you will have an equal and fair chance of doing business. think.
    [Marketing] The world of mobile payments in October 2014
    'October 2014 saw several interesting developments within the mobile-payment industry- arguably one of the fastest developing markets at the moment. Dealing in mobile-payment devices and software which allow smaller businesses to receive credit card payments, Square gained first mover advantage in what is looking like being a very competitive niche of the market. However, with the arrival of Amazon’s credit card reader at a much lower price , as well as Apple’s forthcoming foray into the mobile-payments space, will Square be able to maintain its market share?
    [Marketing] Is ‘Mental’ Health a Misnomer? Why We Need to Destigmatize Depression
    Constantly curious about all things digital, marketing, and more. Partner at Op Ed Marketing in Oakville, Ontario.  Read more at Op-Ed Marketing Blog , or connect on Twitter and/or LinkedIn. 'This is a guest post by Robert Clarke, and is a personal recollection and call-to-action on how we need to change the conversation around depression. Two young men. The first young man is 19, a constant joker who enjoys nothing else than making people laugh and bringing joy to those around him. He is big into robotics and the challenge of solving problems. It just doesn’t add up.
    [Marketing] Are You Using Automation Tools to Help in Social Media?
    Marketing Tips Marketing Tools Social Marketing automated tools for social media best time to post social media social automated tools surepayroll 'We’re all trying to do more with less. When it comes to social media, it’s no different. We should be focused on content and use automated tools to help spread the word on social platforms. Every industry is different, but following are some automation tools you should consider and an infographic on the best times to post. SocialOomph  – I use this tool to help repurpose my content. Courtesy of: SurePayroll.
    [Marketing] Facebook’s Atlas Ad Platform: 5 Must-Reads
    We’ve rebuilt Atlas from the ground up to tackle today’s marketing challenges, like reaching people across devices and bridging the gap between online. 'Facebook has revamped and relaunched its Atlas ad platform. Learn all about it in these five must-reads. Meet the new Atlas By Erik Johnson Today, we are announcing the launch of Atlas. Blog Facebook Social Media
    [Marketing] Your Customers CAN Handle the Truth
    This video is f rom  Jay Today is my near-daily 3-minute video where I talk about social media, content marketing, business and life. 'You can’t handle the truth! That’s what a lot of brands think when they have to share news with their customers. But guess what brands? When you’ve got something to say to your customers and instead of telling them the truth you wrap it up in this enormous layer of BS, guess what? You look stupid, and your customers trust you less, not more. had an amazing experience last night checking in at the Four Seasons Boston. Understand?”
    [Marketing] Snapchat as a platform for branded content?
    Snapchat as a marketing tool? . This makes Snapchat a creative marketing tool hard to ignore.?The Advertising App Best Practise Cases Brands Content Marketing Marketing & Communication Mobile Social Commerce Social Media Visual content Best Practice content marketing content production SMM Snapchat 'With the growing number of social platforms, businesses have numerous ways to communicate with their customers.? It seems like Snapchat has gotten a lot of attention in the tech world lately. on a one-to-one basis. Engagement Is The New Real-Time.
    [Marketing] Twitter Follower Hack: The Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Tactics to Use
    Social media marketing isn’t like traditional marketing, you have to present a balance of content or you’ll be ignored as just another marketer. Here’s a peek at Devumi’s Hootsuite search for tweets containing both “social media marketing,” and “#socialmediamarketing.”. This is social media marketing, not a magazine ad. Twitter social media marketing twitter followers twitter marketing twitter marketing strategy This tutorial is going to break your Twitter follower hack tips down into three parts: Those you do once a month. Tweepi.
    [Marketing] This is Your Brain on Content Marketing
    'The marketing landscape is a complex space. Though the debate rages on about who should “own” content (PR, marketing, social, communications, your landlord, etc.), it’s a distraction from the real question: Does your organization have brainpower in the knowledge areas required for content marketing success? Here we lay out the basic mentality required for content marketing success. Great marketers know their audience intimately and spend time putting themselves into the heads and realities of their audiences. Success is equal parts art and science. It
    [Marketing] Defending Customers’ Rights as a New Online Business Model
    In this area, just like in online business in general, content marketing is the thing right now – you should make sure your website has content that is interesting and useful for your visitors. 'With the business activities moving firmly into the domain of Internet, customer protection, transaction security and insurance in the World Wide Web become more and more of an issue. And, similarly to any other problem, it gives rise to business ideas that go about solving it. 1.     Legal Advice. Firstly, it will show that you know your business. 2.     Dealing with Online Services. Startups
    [Marketing] Stat-Driven Tips on How to Pitch to Big-Name Publishers in Your Niche
    Publishers Love Market Research. Fractl’s study showed that 39% of publishers put a premium on market research, especially if it’s exclusive. Doing your own market research is actually easier than you might think. There are two big R’s to remember when writing about market research – Relevant and Recent. My name is Will, and I’m a young entrepreneur and marketer living in Tampa, FL. 'This is a guest contribution from Wil of Startup Bros. What’s the best way to pitch a content idea to the big players in your niche? What should you write about?
    [Marketing] Socializing Annuities to Make More Income
    From new customers to those experienced in annuities, social media is hotspot for those in the market for annuities. One way annuity providers and marketers are increasing awareness is through National Annuity Awareness Month. 'Millions of Americans are taking advantage of everything annuities have to offer and social media is helping to spread the word. As with any financial decision, it’s important to get as much information on the subject as possible, which is something that the social arena provides. Interactive Social Resources. Questions and Comments.
    [Marketing] 3 Tips to Reach Generation Z on YouTube
    'Few marketers would use the term “child’s play” to describe traditional marketing techniques. Marketers in all industries want a piece of the Gen Z pie, but few actually know what to do about it. As the metrics come pouring in, however, the answer becomes more obvious: Adjust your marketing efforts to Gen Z buying preferences. Plan your marketing budget around YouTube. Even if you jump in now, you won’t be the first to dip your toes into the video marketing space. But with Generation Z — consumers born after 1990 — making up 25.9
  • ENGAGE  |  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2014
    [Marketing] Experience Marketing Versus Content Marketing
    'Content marketers, it’s time for a quiet conversation — about advertising. We do content marketing for our clients — and, increasingly, we do experience marketing. It’s been half a dozen years now since the phrase “content marketing” was coined. And you know as well as I do that whenever you refer to content marketing at a gathering of civilians, you get blank stares from polite people. live in Chicago, a tough, cynical, keep-it-real town, where money talks and the latest fancy marketing concept walks. Not advertising for our clients. And talk fast.  .
    [Marketing] How Storytelling Grows Your Social Media Audience
    Media that markets these days does much more than create awareness. That’s our challenge as social media marketers. About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the  author of  Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business  and host of  This Old New Business podcast. Awareness Blogging Community content marketing How-To Marketing Online Marketing Small Business Social Business Social Media communication community customers Jeff Korhan LinkedIn relationships social media social media audience stories Storytelling Tweet this.
    [Marketing] Another Penguin Update: What Happened?
    For right now, the question in most marketers’ minds is how this affects SERPs. 'Google has confirmed that the latest update happened last Friday. Did you notice anything? Some people did, and others didn’t. Matt Southern at Search Engine Journal looked at the reaction so far , collecting input all across the web, and I appreciate seeing the best in one place. One thing he points out is that we don’t know how long this update will actually take. Google confirmed the Penguin 3.0 SEO Is An Art, Not A Formula. It doesn’t work in real life, and real readers ignore it.
    [Marketing] Go Home with Social Media
    Twitter – Twitter is one of the best tools companies use for marketing their businesses. 'Owning a home comes with a good share of responsibilities. You need to take care of the yard, keep the exterior clean and looking nice, keep the interior in good condition, fix any appliances or items that break and more. Home ownership is expensive, but by keeping your place in tip-top condition, you can reduce or eliminate some of the larger repairs that may otherwise be needed. Connecting with Businesses to Protect Your Home. Are they hiring? Are they offering any discounts this week?
    [Marketing] The Power of Social Media in the Tech-Savvy Business Landscape
    Savvy business owners and marketers, having noticed the growth of this phenomenon over the past decade, invested heavily in channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Plus to grow their business, connect with customers, and raise brand awareness. By using social media for marketing, advertising, or networking, companies can increase their chance of engaging with potential and existing customers. The best part about social media marketing is that it can be deployed without spending millions. Why is social media so vital for business?
    [Marketing] Manufacturers: Do You Have a Loyalty Program?
    Marketing Tips Traditional Marketing distributor loyalty program end user loyalty program loyalty programs manufacturers loyalty programs tradesman loyalty programs 'We all want to capture more business, and the best source of that is from existing customers. If you were a retailer, it would be much simpler to develop a program. But if you’re a manufacturer who sells through distribution channels, your challenge is where do you put your efforts … at the distributor or end user? You’re between a rock and a hard place. And what about the cost? Is it memorable?
    [Marketing] Firebelly Begins Working With DirectEmployers
    DirectEmployers Association is a nonprofit HR consortium of leading global employers formed to improve labor market efficiency through the sharing of best practices, research and the development of technology. Firebelly will be providing a combination of owned, earned and paid social media marketing solutions to help. 'We’re excited to announce that we have started working with DirectEmployers.
    [Marketing] How to Turn Your Old, Forgotten Content Into Your New Secret Weapon
    Wouldn’t it be nice if content marketing were as simple as just creating stellar content? Part of it is a matter of numbers, because effective marketing isn’t just about quality content – it’s about algorithms. This is actually why earlier this year, I launched Edgar , my first social media marketing app. Content Marketing audience content marketing evergreen content marketing post repost repurpose social media update 'image via Big Stock Photo. Sure, you can say that crafting the most compelling content possible is your number one priority.
    [Marketing] Samsung and the dangers of the tech hardware business
    Given that only last year its dominance in the smartphone market was such that wild editorials speculated that it was in a position to wrest control of the Android operating system from Google, this is a somewhat precipitous decline. Strong words, but given the history of the technology hardware market this is all in no way surprising. The result of their success, though, is it makes it incredibly difficult for any handset makers using Android to maintain a market lead for any significant length of time. Forecasts of doom were swift. Happy days. Take hard disk space.
    [Marketing] The Language of Selling – Are You Using It?
    But there is one thing missing from all of this marketing talk. And it has to do with the epicenter of marketing and copywriting. Few marketers go to these steps to find out what their prospects ACTUALLY want. Most marketers will sit there and guess as to how their prospects will react. This isn’t a powerful tactic, and will not generate huge results for your marketing efforts. 'This is a guest contribution from Richard Akhmerov. Benefits, benefits, benefits. We’ve all heard that benefits sell, not features. Create needs, not wants. This is gold.
    [Marketing] What We Want Versus What We Need
    The thing is, as I discovered when I fell into marketing and then built on that with a degree in the medium, there’s a big difference between want and need. As marketers, our job is to find that difference and instill a desire to buy. 'Oftentimes in life, we have these little moments of real time to ourselves, where there’s nothing but silence to keep us company. In today’s always on, ever connected world, these moments in time become ever rarer, and we have to grab them while they’re here. In these moments, we see many things in a different light. wanted.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2014
    [Marketing] Link Building Tips to Keep Your Brand Above Board
    The idea of ‘viral’ is on every marketers mind. The post Link Building Tips to Keep Your Brand Above Board appeared first on t2 Marketing International. Search Marketing SEO google algorithm updates link building tips penguin 3.0 'Google just updated Penguin for the first time in a while, and these link building tips will help keep your brand from being hit by any potential penalties. When it comes to boosting your rankings on Google, link building is among the most viable strategies – assuming, of course, that it’s being done properly. Conclusion.
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