[Marketing] Working with Influencers #ViralChat Q&A
    Content Marketing content influencers Social Media Strategy thought leadership twitter#viralchat is a Twitter chat hosted by Post Planner on Thursday at 9 pm ET. Last night’s  topic was working with influencers.  Here are the questions and my expanded answers. Q1:  Why are influencers important to a business wanting to grow a Twitter presence? A1:  Let’s first define an influencer – if you have influence it means that you can create an effect, you can change people’s minds or get them to take an action of some kind.  An influencer has an audience.  A8:  See A3.
    [Marketing] Reading up on the News Habits of Facebook and Twitter Users
    Social media is an important aspect of marketing and for the best outcome as well as the best use of your efforts, it’s important to know where to focus those efforts. Habits of Twitter and Facebook users : As the following article looks at, through examining the news habits of Facebook and Twitter users , publishers can learn a lot about how to market the best through these sites. As an online publisher, it’s important to get your content read. You want to maintain good exposure to keep current customers and get new ones, too. Teens Are Different.
    [Marketing] What is Integrated Marketing, and Why Should You Do It?
    When Internet marketing started taking off and businesses began to implement it into their overall marketing strategies, there was no precedent for incorporating electronic and digital marketing techniques into a traditional marketing plan. Many businesses simply re-allocated their marketing dollars to pursue an all-in Internet marketing strategy. Over the years, businesses have learned that online marketing is just as necessary as traditional off-line marketing, but it shouldn’t replace it. Video marketing has matured.
    [Marketing] How to Make Ads So Good People Steal Them
    Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Want to generate more engagement with your company’s out-of-home ads? Make them so compelling that consumers want to steal them. If this seems easier said that done, consider taking a page from JetBlue’s #NYCTakeoff campaign playbook. In the campaign, JetBlue hid prizes in bus shelter ads at 181 stops across New York City’s five boroughs. The ads had different images, from a cheeseburger to a NYC cityscape, an airplane, and more, all in the company’s classic JetBlue design aesthetic. Take This Ad.
    [Marketing] How to Build Valuable Links with Your Content
    You hear about creating content like it’s the Mother Teresa of marketing, but when you focus your efforts on it, you just can’t seem to get the results you’ve been promised. Sound And we know that content marketing can help you do that. Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Content Marketing build backlinks content amplification content distribution content marketing content strategy link building trafficImage via BigStockPhoto.com. Sound familiar? Sorry, but that’s not going to happen.
    [Marketing] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Jodi Echakowitz
    We have come so far in the world of digital marketing, yet people still think the path to success is dictated by the size of their community, and not the quality of those in it. By Gini Dietrich. remember the exact moment I met  Jodi Echakowitz in person. It was at PodCamp in Toronto, gosh, nearly five years go? think it was March of 2011. Inside PR was a sponsor so I flew up to hang out with my boys and meet some Spin Sucks crazies. We still had office space, but I had four employees who had left Chicago and were working remotely. What is the Biggest Mistake You’ve Made in Your Career?
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    [Marketing] How to Get Followers on Twitter: With Famous Examples!
    Beginners Twitter content marketing hashtag marketing social media marketing twitter twitter followers twitter marketingEvery new user of the micro-blogging powerhouse is wondering how to get followers on Twitter. The main objective is to have a large audience to speak to, and to get them to do what you want them to. This can be great for brand exposure, for people with a cause on their mind, or for […]. The post How to Get Followers on Twitter: With Famous Examples! appeared first on Devumi.
    [Marketing] Social Media Updates: September
    September saw some great social media updates for marketers. Here Here are the most important updates you should be aware of to improve your social media marketing for your business: Facebook. Access new and improved ad formats to achieve your marketing objectives: Landscape photo and video to unlock new creative opportunities and give ads a more cinematic feel; Video ads of up to 30 seconds in length, so brands can engage in richer storytelling. You can also design header templates, marketing materials, documents, presentations, invitations and ads. Instagram.
    [Marketing] Who Owns Content Marketing?
    Rather than rushing to plant your flag in content marketing, invite others to participate. For more than 12 years now, I’ve worked at companies that have been committed to integrated marketing. That has given me the chance to work with a really diverse group of really smart people who are experts in their field. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on really big integrated marketing campaigns and to tap into industry-leading expertise and experience. I’ve always said that the actual integration is the best and worst thing about working in an integrated agency.
    [Marketing] Why the Quality Content Bar is now 10X
    Writing for the web, keyword research, SEO, visual content and data mining are all digital skills you need to succeed in PR and marketing today. Content Marketing content google online PR SEOWatch the video. An excellent explanation of how to research and create the kind of content that Google loves.  Note his comment about how visual content can make the difference.
    [Marketing] 8 Ways Mobile Apps Can Spearhead Business Growth
    Unlike the first generation mobile apps, developing a mobile app became extremely affordable now as market for business apps expanded and increased at huge proportion. Just by creating a unique mobile app and marketing it successfully your business and products can be discovered by people of far countries. Your business website while marketing your new app, social marketing and targeting search engine traffic will garner more user interest for all digital avenues, native app, social pages and business website. 5    Create brand awareness.
    [Marketing] How to Create a Kickass Product Without Touching the Dev Cycle
    Often, people are surprised that I migrated away from marketing to customer experience. Here’s the truth of why that happened: so many people enlist in marketing to acquire new users, but don’t give a rat’s ass about customer retention. Do you feel the same way when a company markets something well to millions of people? Outside an amazing marketing initiative I spearheaded twice (all of which had to do with one on one touchpoints and customer experience anyhow), I have grown paid customer communities more in the last 2.5 You grow your footprint.
    [Marketing] What Wikipedia’s Google Ranking Means for Your Business
    Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Digital Marketing research search engine marketing search engine results pages search ranking traffic wikipediaImage via BigStockPhoto.com. Let’s face it: Google loves Wikipedia. It seems like we see a Wikipedia result in nearly every search result page (a.k.a. “SERP”). However, Similarweb recently produced data indicating that Wikipedia traffic from Google had dropped significantly. This led me to ask many questions, and I set out to answer them. not including ad results).
    [Marketing] How to Use Email Marketing to Work Faster and Deliver Value
    Jeff Slutz (pronounced Sl-oo-ts) joins us from Nashville where he works at Emma, Inc., an email marketing software and services provider, as one of their senior content writers. Despite the somewhat daunting (and meta) task of working in the marketing department of a marketing software company, Jeff keeps a cool head. The most important aspects of email marketing. It’s a little bit about building up that good karma that, ‘Hey, we really have your best interests at heart and we want to see you do your best marketing.'” In This Episode. ̶
    [Marketing] Your Client Hates You and You Don’t Even Know it
    Not only will you need the right PR tools , you’ll also want to work with other teams handling sales, social media and digital marketing to provide an integrated picture of your results. . By Aly Saxe. Okay, “hate” is a strong word, but plenty of clients are in the habit of making silent assessments where they evaluate PR agencies without providing feedback. Maybe you read the AdAge  article, “ Your Agency Hates You and You Don’t Even Know It. “ If you haven’t, and you’re client side (or agency side and want a good laugh, followed by a good cry), check it out. Time = wasted.
    [Marketing] Current GOP Candidate Talking Points in a Nutshell
    Chalk this up to years in the marketing world. I’ll admit it. I’m addicted. have political speeches ringing in my ears through YouTube almost as much as I have Bible verses playing. While I rarely watch TV, I’m usually listening to something political, newsworthy, or Biblical. The only benefit to this is that I have a perspective on the talking points that the candidates are using. More importantly, I get to read between the lines about what they’re really saying. Here’s what I’m hearing from the major candidates right now. You hate Congress.
    [Marketing] The 5 Most Important Things You Need to Know About Programmatic Buying
    This means, marketers can define the goals, budget, and attribution model while running dozens of real time based variables on their campaigns. Speed is perhaps one of the most important things that marketers can rely on when reaching their customers at a moment’s notice. For ultimate results, integrate programmatic with the rest of the marketing mix. Most online advertisers will tell you that programmatic first began as a performance marketing tool. Media buyers are turning to programmatic ad buying as an additional advertising tool. What is programmatic ad buying.
    [Marketing] Your Blog Post Is Too Damn Long
    As a marketer, my thought is that the authors of these very, very, very long posts would actually get more bang for their attention-seeking buck if they broke this content up into pieces. Content Marketing blog post blogging content marketingImage via BigStockPhoto.com. In the world of blogging for business, we have entered the arms race era. As I’ve talked about before, it’s not about blogs these days, it’s about blog posts. The day-to-day audience that reads a particular blog every day, fed to them by email and/or RSS, is fading away. Where Does It End?
    [Marketing] Does Your Lead Nurturing Deliver Strong Results?
    Over 50% of U.S. B-to-B marketers said nurturing programs outperformed their counterparts from 10-30%. The key in lead nurturing is being able to define specific markets and subsequent messaging. If you like this post you may want to read: Lead Nurturing: What Industrial Marketers Need to Know. Marketing Tips Marketing Tools Marketing Trends demand gen report does lead nurturing increase sales emarketer.com John Sonnhalter lead nurturing why use lead nurturingBy John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman at Sonnhalter. You need to be relevant.
    [Marketing] Storytelling through the Eyes of a Child
    Business Building Content Marketing Strategy fairy tales storytelling storytelling for brandsAs a mother of three kids, I’m no stranger to story time. Stories are magical and inspiring. They allow us, if only for a moment, to travel to different times and places without ever leaving the safety of our own home. You may think you’re too old for fairy tales and stories, but think again. You are never too old to apply the lessons learned from stories to your business strategy. There has to be a quest. What good is a story without a quest? There has to be a hero.
    [Marketing] How to Build Landing Pages for PR Pros
    The lines between PR, marketing, and advertising continue to blur, which is great for the PR industry because we finally have data to prove we are an investment, not an expense. You can house this on your website and/or blog, distribute it through the social networks, and use it in email marketing. Now you want to think about email marketing, separate from the newsletter. By Gini Dietrich. But it also means we have to do more than report on media impressions ,  advertising equivalencies , and increased fans and followers. Which means we have to do more than media relations.
    [Marketing] Five Ways to Write Catchy Infographic Text
    It can be created by those with any design skillsets, and can be extremely effective for both marketing and education. By Florence Mendoza. One of the most popular promotional tools used in new media is the infographic. It is important to create them in a way that provides viewers with value. There are specific strategies you can employ with your texts to ensure catchy infographics. Here are five ways to build a  a memorable and shareable infographic. Do Not Overload Infographics with Text. Any visual aid should be appealing to the eye. Avoiding this is important for audience engagement.
    [Marketing] 3 Simple Strategies to Maximize Your Efficiency
    Inefficiency can be very costly, especially for those in social media and digital marketing. Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Digital Marketing business strategy difference-making actions efficiency goal-setting productivity time managementHave you ever reached the end of a day and felt like you got nothing done? This area of work never has any downtime, and it can be exhausting. But many people look at their to-do list and get so overwhelmed that they end up doing nothing. The DMA Strategy. No way! Helpful DMA Hints.
    [Marketing] Five Simple Rules for Better Tweeting [Infographic]
    For that reason, the cracker jack team at Digital Response Marketing Group , has decided to offer up 5 simple rules for better tweeting. Often times reading Twitter feeds can seem almost post-apocalyptic. vast wasteland of nothing. You scroll through your feed and you see nothing redeeming. Fun fact, we used to refer to the World Wide Web with the same disdain. It essentially was the wild, wild, west where anything goes and anything went. Some think that’s no longer the case. never fear, there’s always Twitter. Again, some think that that’s no longer the case either.
    [Marketing] The fourth quarter sprint has begun
    How are you doing on your marketing and sales goals for 2015? Review your marketing goals:   Was there something that you were gung ho on earlier this year? The post The fourth quarter sprint has begun appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute. Marketing StrategyIt’s do or die time.  We have 3 months until the year is over and the scorecard is tallied.  You can’t afford to let up on the gas as we approach the fourth quarter.  It’s now or never in terms of your year end results. Here are some ideas on how you can get yourself ready for the final push of 2015.
    [Marketing] Why Failing Fast Is Stupid in Social Media
    He is a maverick marketer who delivers scalable campaigns, embraces traditional modes of customer engagement, and possesses a remarkable cachet of mentorship, corporate governance, and brand building. Jeff Hayzlett’s new book, “Think Big, Act Bigger” Jay’s book, “Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help, Not Hype” HootSuite. A Recipe for Success in Social Media. Jeffrey Hayzlett is a turnaround architect of the highest order. You don’t need a million clicks. You just need one.” —@JeffreyHayzlett. In This Episode. Quotes From This Episode.
    [Marketing] Does Your Company Have the Patience for Content Marketing?
    This spills over into our business lives, and companies expect an immediate ROI on almost everything today — Content Marketing is no exception. Some companies are putting more eggs in the content marketing basket and are expecting big results in a short period of time. Joe Pulizzi , Founder of Content Marketing Institute   found in interviewing a number of entrepreneurs for his new book, Content Inc.,  By John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman at Sonnhalter. We live in a society that expects immediate gratification. The problem is, to build a loyal audience, it takes time.
    [Marketing] Calling all online community software vendors
    Is your community software company serious about the association market? It’s a signal to decision-makers that your company is serious about serving the association market’s unique needs. It’s a signal to decision-makers that your company is serious about serving the association market’s unique needs. Well, here’s the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about your community platform among association executives. Online Community Results is currently accepting sponsors for the 2016 Online Community Software Selection Guide. Here’s what you get as a sponsor: Leads!
    [Marketing] Are CMOs Putting Too Many Eggs in One Media Basket?
    As the economy improves and marketing budgets increase, the dollars are flowing disproportionately to online ads. Marketers last year spent $19 billion on search advertising, $7 billion on social media ads, and almost $4 billion on display (primarily banner ads). But are these increases the best way for CMOs to spend (still hard-earned) marketing dollars? For more on this topic, download the  Web Marketing KPIs  white paper. Learn about   web presence optimization  as a web marketing strategy. According to   recent research , U.S. Image credit: Pear Analytics.
    [Marketing] 3D printing: the accelerator for new product development
    Agile Innovation Digital tools and technologies Future of market research Innovation 3D printing agile innovation agile product development innovation Insight product developmentThis week my daughter turns 6 and I’ve spent my evenings frantically trying to find out where I can buy a personalised cake. But on my travels I came across something much more exciting – personalised, 3D printed sweets! German company Katjes Fassin, which produces a range of gummy sweets, is set to bring 3D printed confectionary to the UK.
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    [Marketing] Highlights from the Best Global Brands Report
    Here is a snapshot of the top 32 brands according to the report: Facebook, which last appeared at #29, has jumped up to #23, largely (almost entirely) due to the fact that the brand’s market value has increased by 54%. It also leads to a better understanding of why so many non-tech brands, like Ford, are beginning to focus heavily on the technological integration into their products (and, of course, their marketing). The benefit of a report like this one is that it indicates to marketers and brands where the priorities of consumers lie.
    [Marketing] 4 Gadgets You Can Use to Do Your Social Media Marketing on the Go
    One of the greatest things about being in charge of the social media marketing for a company is the flexibility. All you have to do is get the right gadgets, and luckily for you, there are hundreds of tools you can use to complete your work, which makes being a social media marketer a piece of cake. social media marketer is only as good as their devices, and for that reason, it’s imperative that you keep these items protected. An out of commission phone or computer could cause serious problems to you as a social media marketer, so make sure you’re prepared.
    [Marketing] Social Media for Financial Investors
    Making effective investments involves staying a step ahead of the competition and the rest of the market. With this in mind, there are three main ways investors can utilise social media: Predicting future market movements. Predicting future market movements. Firstly, social media is a fantastic tool for predicting financial movements before the rest of the market. These tools allow shrewd investors to predict changes in their markets and invest appropriately to ensure they benefit. When it comes to the world of finance, timing is absolutely critical.
    [Marketing] What PR Can Learn from Star Wars
    Our world is filled with a constant stream of marketing and brand recognition efforts. Star Wars doesn’t need to market itself, really. Recently, however, an unfortunate marketing misstep left a sour taste in some Star Wars fans’ mouths in the form of a blundered toy release. Leading up to the release of The Empire Strikes Back, fans were in a fervor to get their hands on a Boba Fett action figure (a character that had not yet even appeared on screen), and the market for Star Wars toys have stayed strong throughout the years. By Zachary Evans. Hasbro? Disney?
    [Marketing] Why Media Must Remember That Twitter is Still Relevant
    Social Media Strategy edward snowden John Boehner netflix realtime marketing realtime media twitter water on mars zignalYour Next Flight… Equipped With Netflix? Bingewatchers everywhere, rejoice! You can now stream your favorite (and “favourite”) programs and movies while you are cruising through the air on Virgin America. Looking closer, the moment that news of the partnership broke, positive sentiment peaked with 160 mentions of Virgin in the media: What does all this mean? Virgin America’s #NetflixOnboard was an immediately well-received promotion.
    [Marketing] Are Your Podcasts Social Enough?
    Not everyone is aware of the importance and benefit of incorporating podcasts into their marketing strategies. However, podcasts have their own realm of benefits and adding them to your marketing efforts is a smart idea. Add it to your marketing rotation and watch as the benefits abound. No matter your profession, you know the importance of promotion through social media. But what is just as important, is the cross-promotion and hitting up all avenues of social media. Let’s take a look at podcasts. Incorporating Social Media to Promote Podcasts.
    [Marketing] Myrland Marketing Motivation: It Is Inevitable
    Myrland Marketing Motivation, A Little Virtual Encouragement To Start Your Week. More Motivation Than Marketing. Nancy Myrland is a Marketing, Content, Digital & Social Media Strategist, Speaker & Advisor, helping lawyers, law firms and legal marketers grow by strategically integrating all marketing disciplines. She is a frequent LinkedIn and Twitter trainer, as well as a content marketing specialist. As an early adopter of digital technology, she also helps firms with blogging, podcasts, video marketing and livestreaming. Take a moment.
    [Marketing] Why You Need to Invest in Responsive Web Design
    Then, this thing called the internet hit the scene, and the world saw a relatively quick mass-movement toward marketing businesses online. Since the birth of the mobile web browser on flip phones in the early 2000’s, and with every added layer of “smart,” marketers have had the complex job of managing how websites look across mobile devices. Even so, it’s amazing to see the whirlwind of different screens being used, even in a B2B market like ours. Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. History repeats itself once again.
    [Marketing] Monday Roundup: Measuring Storytelling
    Why: “Though media relations and other PR strategies have always contained elements of storytelling, the rise of content marketing and brand journalism means communicators must craft tales that their audiences want to read if they want to stay relevant and gain public favor,” says  Beki Winchel as she explains what tools you can use to “prove your worth to executives and clients.” ” 6.  A solution to the content marketing measurement puzzle. Marketing Mythology: The ROI of Storytelling. Every PR pro knows the importance of storytelling.
    [Marketing] Sunsetting the Tenacity5 Brand
    Erin Feldman will inherit our remaining content marketing accounts and execute on them through the rest of the year (and hopefully beyond). She is a fantastic marketing program creator and writer. Marketing Me, Myself and I brand close erin feldman fold sunset Tenacity5I am publishing this post with a profound sense of sadness. Over the past six months, Tenacity5 experienced a lovely spike in growth. It was followed by an epic collapse while I was in Africa , creating a challenging situation. Now I have decided to sunset the brand at the end of the year.
    [Marketing] What College Football Teaches Us About Brand Development
    Related Stories Six Ways to Bring Old Campaigns Back to Life The Pop-up: A Marketing Tactic we Love to Hate Why You Should Stop Worrying About Differentiation. Branding Marketing brand development brand strategy college football ducks laura petrolino nike nike branding university of oregonBy Laura Petrolino. In 1997, when Phil Knight challenged a Nike design team  to tackle brand development for the University of Oregon, little did he know he had also unofficially launched a new and very profitable division of Nike. Brand Development isn’t Only External.
    [Marketing] Social Media Management Must-Have: ScheduGram
    The post Social Media Management Must-Have: ScheduGram appeared first on Firebelly | Social Media Marketing & Management Company. In my first must-have post, I wrote about Sprout Social —my favorite tool for scheduling content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. It doesn’t schedule posts to Instagram. That’s where ScheduGram comes in. Must-Have: ScheduGram. ScheduGram doesn’t just send you a reminder to post to Instagram like Hootsuite and other platforms, it actually posts to Instagram for you. Must-Haves Social Media Management
    [Marketing] The Art Of Work
    Curious about how this type of person has become such a great marketer? digital marketing. marketing blog. marketing podcast. Episode #482 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Passion just isn't enough anymore. Some might argue, that it doesn't even really matter all that much, because you don't have to tell someone to do something that they're passionate about. if they're passionate about something, they would already be doing it. Jeff Goins lives and breathes this world. Enjoy the conversation. . audio. brand.
    [Marketing] Donald Trump Had Great Ideas for His Airline as Well
    He had some successes that came about as a result of his tremendous business skills and ended up gaining nearly half of the market travelling between New York City, Washington DC, and Boston. This is the story of a very rich man who decided to get into something with which he had no experience. He was determined to win by insulting his competitors, using his business success as the basis for the move, and by throwing out ideas that sounded great to the layman. We’re not talking about Donald Trump’s run for President… not yet, anyway. link].
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #276
    The free-marketeers at The Economist think we're being stupid." My job is marketing. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another: Haunted by data - Strata - Maciej Ceglowski. The second half of that tale, Maciej Ceglowski told at Strata , which I helped run this week in New York. It asks: what if we stopped praising Big Data, and instead thought of it as nuclear waste? Why should we care? Alistair for Hugh). . See above for the second half."
    [Marketing] Find Your Next Big Idea
    digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. author bassplayer bassplaying bigidea bigmagic book bookwriting brand businessblog cbc creativeidea creativelife creativesoul creativity digitalmarketingagency digitalmarketingblog eatpraylove elizabethgilbert groove groovethenotreblepodcast jwalterthompson jwt marketing marketingblog mirum mirumagency mirumagencyblog mirumblog notreble publishing q qoncbc stevenpressfield ted themusiclesson victorwooten wpp writer writing What's your big idea? Struggling with finding one? Dig deeper.
    [Marketing] Know Your Hustle. Own Your Hustle.
    My friend (and current SVP of Marketing at Sysomos ), Amber Naslund wrote an incredibly powerful piece on her blog the other week titled, I Give You Permission To Stop Hustling. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. What are you chasing? What are you running after? Is someone chasing you? To hustle or not to hustle? That is the question. Or, Or, at least, that seems to be the battlecry of everyone you follow online. Why am I not there? What am I missing?" FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is real. Seriously, watch his video.
    [Marketing] 5 Organizational Tips Essential for a Successful Social Media Campaign
    You’ll also need to think about how your marketing plan will be executed. If your internal procedures and policies are a mess, you’ll have a hard time putting in the energy necessary to make your social marketing succeed. Here are some of the best ways to make your social marketing campaign more efficient, productive, and organized. 1. But a great social marketing strategy actually starts with your employees. It’s important to stay connected, not only with your social following, but also with your marketing team. Build Meaningful Relationships Among Employees.
    [Marketing] How the Internet Enables Marketing’s Story Villains
    Think of all of the opportunities we have as marketers—to interrupt, to target, to track, to block ads (whoops!). Monty Minute digital marketing facebook api internet disasters marketing messages Martin Shkreli monty minute people scott montyEvery good story needs a good villain. If that’s the case, the Internet is the world’s best story—and one that never ends. And, as Internet outrage usually does, this issue faded away in due time. Now this may seem like a giant hoax—stunt to generate publicity. They said “integrity.” Peeple, people.
    [Marketing] Five Things to Know About Stripe’s New Relay API
    If you’re not already excitedly Googling “Stripe Relay” with baited anticipation of how you can use Relay for your business, here are four other really cool things any marketer should know about Relay: #1: Anyone can now sell stuff on Twitter directly in the app. A version of this article first appeared on the BLASTmedia blog. On Monday, payment processing company Stripe Inc., launched Relay, a set of APIs for building in-app buying experiences. In addition to Twitter, other Relay launch partners include Inmobi, ShopStyle and Spring. It’s still too soon to tell. Socialnomics Twitter
    [Marketing] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately
    IFTTT Recipes for Social Media Marketing // Social Media Examiner. 17 of the best WordPress Plugins for Marketers // Hubspot. A big hello from ProBlogger HQ on Grand Final Day ! So much footy to be had today ( and tomorrow , for NRL fans!) and so much food to be eaten whilst watching. Ok, that’s probably just me (for the record, I’m making this ). Quick Guide to Building a a Thriving Social Media Community // Social Media Today. Because without them, your blog isn’t likely to be read. For all y’all who are into shortcuts (you know I am!) Number 5! General
    [Marketing] Slum to Satellite – A Story of India
    Communication Content Marketing Personal Brand story picture storytelling story of indiaWe know “a picture speaks a thousand words.” ” I’ve been on the Indian leg of my Jollye Olde Global Speaking Tour (as I like to call it, with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek) since last week, and everywhere I go, there are pictures just asking to be pocketed. Because India is full of stories. Everywhere you go, it’s a story here, a story there. Sometimes I think we Indians (I still say “we” Indians, I don’t think I’ll ever stop saying that!)
    [Marketing] 5 Ways to Keep Your Content Playful and Fun
    Kathy, how can we inject more humor into our social media and marketing videos? Humor can power your marketing and social media. I am a huge fan of using comedic devices—the comedy police from ComedySportz and The Second City would revoke my improviser card if I said otherwise. Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Content Marketing content creation content marketing humanization humor video marketing video production video strategyImage via BigStockPhoto.com. We’re fun. We want people to see that! Help!”.
    [Marketing] Build Relationships. Not Numbers.
    still find myself being thrown in a marketer’s camp. wrote a bestselling book on social media marketing, and that is what I became known for, though social media marketing is already dead. After writing regularly about the virtues of social media marketing, it finally culminated in 2011 when I said point blank: social media marketing is typically a failure. This means I’m still perceived as a key marketer. She had over a dozen friends in common with me–from all walks of life, but mostly in the marketing discipline. And yet.
    [Marketing] FreshMinds shortlisted for MRS Award
    News award market research market research awards MRSWe’re delighted to announce that we are finalists in this year’s MRS Awards! Our work with O2 has been shortlisted for an award in the Applications of Research category, which is designed showcase work which highlights how research can effectively aid decision-making. Commenting on the news, FreshMinds CEO Caroline Plumb said “We’re delighted to be shortlisted for the Applications of Research Award. It’s a real testament to our great team and their commitment to driving growth for our clients.”.
    [Marketing] How to Sell Smarter Using Social Insights
    If knowledge is power, then knowing what’s happening with your customers is the most powerful marketing tool out there. Social data can be used to discover a brand’s voice, perform market and audience research, and determine how effective a future campaign will be. These days, the amount of audience data available is almost unfathomable, making market segments much more specific, detailed, and relevant. Tapping into the “right” market segments—segments whose interests and values are aligned with your brand—can be the catalyst your campaign needs. Are sales dropping?
    [Marketing] You don’t have to bare all to be seen online (here’s what to do instead)
    Strategy Stuff business marketing tips online marketing for local business online marketing tips small business advice small business growth strategies small business marketing social media for business social media strategy Social NetworkingIf the thought of baring all on social media makes you want to hide under a big rock, for a long time, with a strong drink. have good news for you! You can still show yourself, your personality and your brand without compromising on your personal life or privacy. How much should you show? Is it really necessary at all?
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    [Marketing] Shareable Seven: The Best Free WordPress Themes for Social Media Sharing
    Resource Websites content marketing facebook marketing online marketing pinterest marketing social media marketing social sharing twitter marketing wordpressWordPress have done everything possible to help people build great websites. For those looking for the next level of website development and social sharing, this list of the seven best free WordPress themes considers how good the theme works, as well as how easily it leads to social sharing. In a previous article, we looked […].
    [Marketing] 86 Speakers to See at Pubcon Las Vegas 2015
    Search Engine Marketing EventsSo, every time that I attend a Pubcon conference (PubCon South Florida, PubCon Austin, PubCon Las Vegas, etc.) I hand-pick a list of speakers that you absolutely must see. Make sure you find me in Las Vegas this year, and let’s chat about it! So, without further adieu, here is my personal, hand-picked list of speakers you should see at PubCon Las Vegas 2015. These aren’t in any particular order of importance: Michael Black. Carrie Hill. Sean Jackson. Ann Smarty. Stoney deGeyter. Loren Baker. Christi Olson. Steve Hammer. Casey Markee. Lisa Buyer.
    [Marketing] Why e-mail marketing is an effective tool to increase your sales
    Many people struggle to answer the question “Which internet marketing tool is the most effective ?”. Most of them (even marketing specialists) believe that there is actually no correct answer. SeeWhy (Now Hybris )  conducted a research in which they analyzed more than 60 thousands transactions from different sites and here are the results: 56,8% of all the purchases were done thanks to email-marketing; 17 ,9% of all the purchases were provoked by direct entries to the site; 10,3% – search engine queries; 4,8% – contextual advertising; 4,3%   -social media.
    [Marketing] Real-time Bidding is the Future of Advertising 
    When most marketers and advertisers hear the term real-time bidding, they likely think of auction houses, not lucrative business strategies. Marketers and advertisers target their ads—and ad dollars—to the most qualified prospects. Marketing and advertising teams might spend weeks negotiating direct-buy contracts and planning traditional ad campaigns. Marketing Land uses the example of a company that sells to sports enthusiasts. Brands can more effectively market to their desired audiences, and publishers can earn more by selling premium advertising real estate.
    [Marketing] What The Heck is Growth Hacking?
    Growth Hacking is much more than just “good marketing”  It’s a reader, customer, subscriber acquisition methodology that lies at the heart of Facebook, Dropbox, AirBnB, Buzzfeed, and Upworthy’s success. Blog Marketing Social MediaGrowth Hacking. It’s okay if you’ve dismissed Growth Hacking as another $1,000 consulting phrase. However, you should take another look. Want to know more? Listen as Laura grills me on the fundamentals of Growth Hacking and practical ways to apply it to your business. Click here to view the Show Notes.
    [Marketing] How To Develop Branded Swag That Your Fans Will Love
    Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. If Cinnamon Toast Crunch has anything to do with it, the days of eating a delicious breakfast and your friends not knowing about it are over. Knowing that its fans shouldn’t have to choose between eating or posting on social media, the company has risen to the occasion with an exciting new creation – the selfie spoon. While the spoons themselves were free, fans did have to pay for shipping and handling. At press time, all 1,000 spoons were spoken for and en route to their new homes. The end result?
    [Marketing] How to Enable Salespeople With Content Marketing
    Merrie Beth seeks to connect local advertisers with local consumers, offering on air advertisement as well as accompanying digital marketing. Sales enablement is extremely important to her process, though she recognizes that your average sales person doesn’t want to sit on the phone with marketing talking about strategy; they want to be selling. Through creative internal marketing, team building, clear communication, and documentation of goals, Merrie Beth has helped her team at Cox Media gain a sterling reputation. A Data Geek With a Passion for Content. WIIFM?
    [Marketing] Are Businesses Ready for True Reinvention?
    When we started ARCOMPANY a few years back the vision was to help companies realize the change that was happening in the market: how people are communicating differently and driving the discussion, how the increasing connectedness is changing people’s perceptions about the world, and as a result, their behaviors. Those organizations that have the luxury of large media expenditure will continuously outshine those companies who are rationalizing and making marketing more accountable for every dollar. This is what the market demands. Consumer attention is in hot demand.
    [Marketing] Q4 is Here: Planning for 2016 is Upon Us
    What is your marketing strategy? By Gini Dietrich. Here we are. Fourth quarter. kind of can’t believe it. This year has gone by incredibly fast. But, here we are. It’s time to work as fast, and as hard, as we can to meet (or exceed) the goals we set a year ago…and it’s time to begin planning for 2016. Side note: I just wrote 2017, which makes me wonder if that’s foreshadowing on my part and we should just skip 2016.). year ago, I read Traction and it changed the way I run the business. OK. I am here to tell you, it works. Review Your 2015 Plan.
    [Marketing] List of 3rd Party Social Media Tools #Blab #socialmedia
    Shares Whether you are a VA looking after the Facebook and Twitter of a small business or the marketing manager who needs to social media Monitor Instagram and Risk Management, social media tools to schedule, automate, autofollow, autotweet, monitor are critical to saving time and resources. Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Radian6) for CRM integration. In this blab session we looked at low cost or free tools for VAs, online businesses and medium size businesses. This list is not exhaustive, just what we covered in the 1 hour chat. Schedule multi platform updates. Feedburner and RSS.
    [Marketing] Pump Up Your Corporate Events with More Promotions
    How To Social Media events Promotions text marketingCorporate events are important facets in the business world. Whether it’s an internal affair or a larger multi-business conference; a great deal of planning goes into these events. Not only planning before the event, but during as well and follow up after. Reminders need to be sent, sometimes changes happen and other notifications need to get to the event attendees during it. What better way to reach those you need to than through text messaging? Mobile is the Way to Go. Send a quick text message with the new location.
    [Marketing] The Evolution of your Business
    Maybe the evolution is in how you market and explain your business. Courtesy of Wikimedia. The other day I was meeting with a business connection and in the course of our meeting she suggested I explain my services in terms of strategy and advice. She felt that the title business coach was a bit vague, but that when I explained what I did in terms of strategy and advice it helped her understand what I offered better. spent the rest of the day thinking about what she said and decided to start calling myself either a business strategist or Adviser. Blog business
    [Marketing] Effective Strategies to Get More Social Engagements
    In addition to engagements, you can also collect their phone numbers and email addresses which can be used later for email marketing. She is an expert blogger and writer and users her skills to promote effective marketing, social media and learning strategies. Socialnomics brand building consumer content Marketing Strategy Social MediaOf course, getting more engagements on social media is one of the best ways to make your social presence stronger but this is not easy and majority of the people fail to do so. There is no harm in recycling your content. Author Bio.
    [Marketing] 7 Ways to Be More Effective on Social Media
    It’s good that you are active on social media, but how effective is your marketing? It’s not that there are right and wrong ways of marketing through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but you can be more effective with a few simple tweaks to your strategy. Social Media authority social media marketingHere are seven ways to make your social media strategy more effective for your business. Spend less time posting – You don’t have to be a posting powerhouse to be effective on any social media site. Make yourself an authority.
    [Marketing] 4 Steps to Boost Your Social Media Engagement
    For example, a technical question on Quora can be answered directly from within the tool by your product manager, while a promotion-related query on Facebook can be tackled by your marketing manager simultaneously. Advertising professionals have known for decades what social media marketers are only just realizing: A  celebrity endorsement is social media gold for your brand. Getting face to face or screen to screen with users in real time is an option that no marketing platform other than social media offers. Discover Where You Stand. Enter Tweet Jukebox. You should, too.
    [Marketing] Reaching Professional Tradesman: Why Content Marketing Works When Advertising Might Not
    Heidi Cohen had an interesting article regarding advertising vs. content driven messages that had some good points for the B-to-B market. B-to-B lags behind the consumer counterpart in doing research before they contact a manufacturer or distribution point. Marketing Tips Marketing Tools Marketing Trends Social Marketing Traditional Marketing Uncategorized does content marketing work better that advertising heidi cohen John Sonnhalter razorfish reasons why content marketing is better than ads why content works better than advertising
    [Marketing] What do you care?
    Whether we’re getting a coffee or marketing strategy or traffic ticket, listening and caring can be competitive advantages. In my work as a communications consultant, I help clients focus their resources on their most profitable markets, relationships, and activities. I get them to grapple with what their true brand is, and how to win customers’ hearts. And yes, in return, some clients have asked me about my own juggled joys and struggles as a single dad who is also a marketing consultant. Guest Post by Lorne Pike. For what will we be known? Keep business, business.
    [Marketing] The Three Ts of Content Creation [Video]
    The Three Ts of content creation are important for any marketer. The post The Three Ts of Content Creation [Video] appeared first on t2 Marketing International. Social Business Social Media Marketing Videos content creation marketing video video tipsWhat exactly are the Three Ts of content creation? Creating content is never easy. With so much noise across the many media on the web, creating content that gets noticed can be a difficult task. When it comes to content creation, there are a few key elements on which to focus. But what are they?
    [Marketing] Creativity Boost #4
    Other Posts You Might Like Born Creative Now Available Born Creative – Our New Book Will Be Free For 500 People Marketers: Video’s Time Has Come Zemanta. Now that I’ve published my book, Born Creative , I’m researching additional exercises to help boost your creativity. These will go in my next book, but I’ll be posting some of them here. So, let’s take a look at what I call Unmatched. First, go buy a box of wooden matches and some glue, Elmer’s or Gorilla Glue will work. This house must stand alone when completed. My Creative Team
    [Marketing] A Look Back: What to Look for in Your Next Social Media Director Hire
    Do you understand how social media fits into the overall marketing plans and goals of any organization regardless of industry? It’s either an integral part of every marketing plan or it does have some role. 2. Can you develop a methodology that includes resources, team structure, core processes, and best practices that can be  scalable across the board with media and marketing teams? Could you identify and define social media opportunities for clients as they align with their overall digital marketing goals and strategies? Let’s hope so! Self explanatory.
    [Marketing] What Are The Best Ways to Develop Your Social Media Skill Set?
    If you want to use social media as a sales tool however there are fundamental issues you need to know regarding marketing practices, especially if you are going to invest in paid forms of advertising through the social channels. One of the best ways to gain a clear understanding of business and marketing strategies is to undertake a degree. Once you have a strong grounding in marketing what is the best way to develop your social media skills? Learning through Experimentation. Many of us dive in and explore this option. Attend a Course Run by a Social Media Expert.
    [Marketing] 5 Offline Activities That Can Impact SEO
    Instead, you’ve got to think about ways you can make all of your marketing pay off both for offline business and your online business brand. Ask conference organizers and other organizations you speak in front of to put your website address in your bio on their marketing collateral. In today’s interconnected and integrated world, small- and medium-sized businesses can’t think in binary terms (i.e. online vs. offline). Here are five specific offline activities that have the potential to impact your search engine optimization. You can even go further than that.
    [Marketing] 12 Years
    wanted the words to provoke newer - and better thinking - about making your marketing do more. No, I didn't start that train of thought, but I have been a loyal advocate of marketing over advertising. blog marketing. content marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. September 29th, 2003. That's when I wrote my first blog post. 5000 posts later. and here we are. Deaths. Births. Downs. Health. Sickness. You name it. My life. Your life. These words. You're gone and off to do other things. Often.
    [Marketing] Social Media is Like the Telephone
    As simple as it sounds, whenever I’m trying to explain the value of social media for marketing, communications, and life, I often compare it to a telephone. Still, if you’re on the fence about social media marketing or if you need to convince someone else in your organization to begin using it, here are two quick ideas to get yourself into the right conversations. Related Stories Social Media Contests with Real ROI Twelve Productivity Tools for the Digital Marketing Pro Gin and Topics: Old People Nae Nae. By Christopher Whitcomb. It’s all about how you use it.
    [Marketing] How Smart Brands are DemoCasting in Social Media
    Brad Walters , Direct of Social Media and Content Marketing at Lowe’s told me: ““The Millennial demographic is an interesting target for us. Learn more about their incredible social media and content marketing program that includes DemoCasting and a lot more, in this episode of the Social Pros podcast. As reported by The Drum, Nescafe’s global head of integrated marketing Michael Chrisment said: “The dotcom is a reflection of us talking to people; this approach is dead. The answer, consistently unsatisfying in its lack of specificity is: “it depends.”
    [Marketing] 6 steps to creating an effective infographic
    There’s no doubt that infographics are an influential element of today’s marketing landscape. The post 6 steps to creating an effective infographic appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute. Infographic Marketing Business infographicThey take advantage of your audience’s ability to process visual information quickly and to retain the key facts long after the words have faded. You can use infographics to: Tell a story. Weave in insightful data. Build your brand. Increase SEO through easy sharing. Increase your credibility. So don’t skimp here.
    [Marketing] How to Get More out of your B-to-B Strategies to Reach the Professional Tradesman
    Marketing Tips Marketing Tools best content strategies to reach the professional tradesman content strategies for manufacturers content strategies to reach the professional tradesman improving b to b content strategies John SonnhalterBy John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman at Sonnhalter. When developing content, manufacturers may be concentrating on the wrong types, making the results less than desirable. Many focus on product brochures and slide presentations as they are easily available. recent article eMarketer.com talks about ways to improve performance on developing content.
    [Marketing] The Programmer’s Cookbook: A Toptal Developer’s Experience
    Marketing Offbeat Technology technology Toptal“I love to cook. like it because it takes my mind off my job and any problems that may be going on, because if I lose my focus, I will burn the food. It’s nice when you see your wife and your friends eating your food and they say, ‘Hey, that was good!’”. The question was, on the surface, an innocuous one. I had asked Willian Fernandes if he had any hobbies outside of work. The more I thought about it, though, the more apt it seemed that Willian should have a passion for cooking up delicious meals for his friends and family.
    [Marketing] Come celebrate Jamie’s recovery and the book launch with us!
    The art of creating a culture focused on timing and flexibility to make you a better leader, communicator, marketer, and crisis manager. You’re invited to a very unusual event! It’s a strategic workshop! . We got our heads together with our friends at Epic PR to put together a strategic workshop, a book launch party, and a cancer fundraiser all rolled into one! Sponsored by Higher Logic at their brand new HQ in Virginia, the theme of the event is defining and communicating your organization’s culture in tangible, actionable ways that garner results. It’s happening!
    [Marketing] Thirteen Ways to Get the Best Out of Networking
    Someone is on the job market and is meeting with everyone he or she can to try to find a job. By Gini Dietrich. On Sunday, I was trolling through Facebook during the horrible, horrible, horrible Bears game (yet, I couldn’t bring myself to turn it off) and found an article someone had posted titled, “ How Not to Be a Networking Leech: Tips for Seeking Professional Advice.” ” If you read Spin Sucks often, you already know the “can I pick your brain” question is one of my least favorite (and if you’re new here, I really, really hate it). Um, no?
    [Marketing] Ted Cruz on the Free Market System
    Featured Messages Offbeat Politics Capitalism Conservative Economy Free Market System Freedom messages Ted CruzOne of the greatest misconceptions in American politics today is that capitalism is evil. While there are aspects of capitalism that allow for wrongdoings, greed, and abuse of power, the system itself allows for those who can spread success to do so. When we take away that freedom, we solve much fewer problems than we create. The visual nature of social media means that from time to time we will be sharing messages that should resonate for our audience.
    [Marketing] Experiencing a Brand’s Customer Experience First-Hand #Rutgers
    On September 23, 2015, for my Rutgers University graduate class in Marketing Assessment and Analysis, I was pleased to orchestrate a trip for 35 students in the MBS Master of Business & Science program. The project also includes an analysis of the company’s digital and social marketing strategy and content marketing approach, and recommendations for how IKEA can best meet its marketing objectives. It isn’t your marketing message. Edelman, Global Co-Leader, Digital Marketing & Sales Practice, McKinsey & Company. It isn’t even your product.
    [Marketing] [New Video – New Thinking on Social Employees] What’s In It For Me? #WIIFM #HR
    The brands that leverage their employee base in order to engage customers and prospects through social media are the ones destined to win the marketing wars. Edelman, Global Co-Leader, Digital Marketing & Sales Practice, McKinsey & Company. [VIDEO] “What’s In It for Me?”. Use the Win/Win to Unlock the #SocialEmployee #WIIFM. For many in today’s plugged-in social workforce, it’s not enough to be content with simply getting the job done. Today’s employees want to know that what they’re doing is both valuable to the company and beneficial to their careers.
    [Marketing] 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Social Media Marketing
    While these accounts can be powerful tools when used correctly, there are also a number of legal essentials for a marketer and legal issues that all business owners will need to consider. Here is a closer look at some of the legal issues that can take place when businesses utilize online marketing and how to craft a comprehensive social media policy for your company. 1. Marketers need to carefully review each ToS and ensure that they stick to all guidelines. Every Social Media Outlet Is Different. You Cannot Prohibit Negative Reviews. Full Disclosure Is Vital.
    [Marketing] 11 Ways You Can Learn Data Science for Free
    Marketing Offbeat Data guest post marketingAccording to a report from McKinsey & Company , “by 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions.” When you combine that figure with the expectations of big data increasing the annual GDP in retailing and manufacturing by up to $325 billion by 2020 , you can easily see why learning data science should become a top priority. The Data Incubator. Reddit.
    [Marketing] Video is The New King of Content Marketing
    The path to video supremacy is well underway with Nielsen revealing that 64% of marketers expect video to be a key part of their content strategies. It’s not just the blue chips and consumer giants that need to get behind this trend; SMEs need to embrace the possibilities of video content marketing as well. This is particularly true of social media content, which has become the latest and most brutal marketing battleground. At Mindjumpers we’ve got a dedicated video production team, ready and waiting to help kick-start your video production and content marketing output.
    [Marketing] Give Your Content Marketing a Social Push
    With that in mind, it is all too important that your content marketing efforts on both your website and its links on social media be top-notch. In the event you have content marketing which is stale, uninformative and full of errors or just plain boring, you will turn off consumers’ quicker than a rate in your prices. So, how do you get the perfect content marketing formula? One way to go about it is by considering hiring SEO agency services for your content marketing needs. Social Media content marketing SEOConsumers Are More Social.
    [Marketing] How To Write Engaging Facebook Posts
    One thing that every social media marketer knows is that Facebook has been around for a long time, so finding new ways to engage your own Facebook fans is crucial to maintaining your following. Facebook team’s findings show that people react better to posts Facebook can help with the marketing of your product but it’s your website that will clinch the deals and do your selling. If some of the content you publish there doesn’t stand out and has the same feel as previous posts, your followers will begin to ignore it until some eye-catching content draws their attention.
    [Marketing] Will the New Apple Car Have Windows?
    On Wednesday, Savannah Peterson , Director of Innovation Strategy at speckdesign, led the share of voice among Social Fresh speakers, just edging out Nick Cicero (Founder/CEO of Delmondo) and Chris Moody (Director, content + social at Oracle Marketing Cloud): And by Thursday, we found that Scott Monty  and Chris Brogan  were making the most noise: . Social Fresh. Down in sunny Tampa, FL, Social Fresh 2015  kicked off on Wednesday. Over the past few days, Social Fresh has generated THOUSANDS of mentions across the board: Other highlights? We have a prize for the winner! Congrats, Ricky!
    [Marketing] 3 Marketing Metrics for Savvy Content Marketers
    Traffic is nice and all, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to measuring your content marketing success. Metrics are what businesses and digital marketers around the world use to determine how effective their marketing strategy is. Breaking down that data and developing a better marketing strategy is one of the keys to consistent growth. Measuring metrics can actually become intimidatingly complex, especially for the inexperienced digital marketer. Your ROI is what proves the value of your marketing strategy. Bounce Rates.
    [Marketing] The Marketing of Marketing is not Telling Us The Whole Story About Member Research
    The marketing of marketing is big business. Billions of dollars of marketing products are sold each year: CMS’s, marketing automation, advertising, customer data analysis and more. We marketers are very good at marketing especially the most profitable marketing products. But the most profitable marketing products, the sectors getting the most buzz, can not necessarily solve our association’s problems. There are key marketing principles not much talked about that are at least as important. Where we can market to them?
    [Marketing] 9 Social Media Marketing Twitter Chats You Shouldn’t Miss
    Twitter chats can be a great way to solicit (and share) social media marketing advice. What: Business professionals from around the world gather each week to discuss tools and methods for effective content marketing. What: The web’s most forward thinking social media marketers come together to discuss different social media topics each week. When: Tuesdays at 8pm EST. Sample topic: Social Media Influencer Marketing Demystified. What: In-depth discussion on social business, marketing, media, leadership, ROI, and relationships. Social Media Marketing Twitter
    [Marketing] Think Big. Act Bigger.
    While the company did file for bankruptcy, he managed to transform that experience into his current brand of being a "celebrity CMO." We would often run into each other on the speaking circuit, but I was profoundly humbled when, in his first business book, The Mirror Test , he named Six Pixels of Separation as one of his favorite books on digital marketing. digital marketing. marketing blog. marketing podcast. Episode #481 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. His approach was larger than life. audio. blogging.
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