[Marketing] Why You Should Add Sponosord Social to Your Content Mix
    One of the most remarkable things reported is how quickly sponsored social content has gone from an obscure experimental form of content marketing to one of the top and most influential ways to reach your target audience. Here are some other interesting findings highlighted in the report: Sponsored social is the third most effective way to reach audiences, behind content marketing and experiential marketing. Of the marketers using sponsored social, more than half feel better about it than did a year ago. 52% of marketers have a standalone sponsored social budget.
    [Marketing] 2015 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials for Marketers and Bloggers
    Are you looking to add to your business and online marketing toolkit or learn something new? If so, here are my top recommended Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for online marketing education, web hosting, WordPress themes and plugins, opt-in forms, visual content creation, and more. Also worth noting – if you ever considered purchasing Digital Marketer’s premium training courses The Machine (email marketing) and Funnel Blueprint (sales funnels), then you will get a one-time offer after registering for the webinar to get them both for $1,997. AppSumo.
    [Marketing] Seven Marketing Mistakes That Are Waaaaaay Too Common
    That’s when marketing mistakes come into the picture… Let’s have a closer look at those marketing mistakes, and point out some ways to fix them. With all that being said, it’s also more than easy to go too far in the opposite direction … which brings me to the third of marketing mistakes. So if even someone like Steve Jobs started by entering a market, and only then found his passion later on, why not do the same? For most niche sites, affiliate marketing is how they make money. Other Marketing Mistakes? By Karol Krol.
    [Marketing] I’m Speaking at Intelligent Content Conference 2016
    That’s also where I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Content Marketing himself, Joe Pulizzi , in person for the first time (having previously blurbed his first book and spoken with him a time or two by phone). How smart marketers and content strategists alike are evolving their approach to content and meeting the needs of mobile-first audiences. Speaking content marketing content strategyIt’s been five years since I’ve spoken at a “content conference.” Which leads me to… I’ll be speaking at the 2016 Intelligent Content Conference.
    [Marketing] The 4-Step Code of Conduct for Winning at Online Reviews
    Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Discipline is essential to running a proper business. The most successful business owners have great habits. Whether checking inventory at the end of the day or following up on each and every email before closing up shop, it’s the little things that make big differences. You need the same kind of discipline when managing your online ratings and reviews. While some business owners may think they don’t have to deal with what happens on rating-and-review sites, they’re wrong.
    [Marketing] How to Double your Income and Turn your Website into an Evergreen Automated Business While Working Less
    However, I see many marketers that don’t have strong enough Call to Actions on their websites so that people can actually subscribe and get more awesome free value on their emails. Blogging Business SEO Social Media Tips conversions Email Marketing funnelsHey guys! This is Hernan and first off I want to say a big THANK YOU to Kristi for the opportunity of letting me being part of this blog and adding value to this awesome community. Turning your website into an automated income generator that you can scale is not that complicated. Actually it’s quite simple. That’s it! Hernan.
    [Marketing] The New Rules of Social Marketing and PR
    Who would have thought getting fired from a major real-time information company would lead to a hugely successful career in marketing? David’s marketing insights helped transform one of his books into a staple of the marketing canon. Translated into 26 languages, adopted by hundreds of universities and business schools worldwide, and with over 350,000 copies sold so far, “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” is now in its 5th edition. How over-zealous influencer marketing can actually alienate your audience. In This Episode. Resources.
    [Marketing] 8 Tools to Curate Content for Social Media
    Of course, in this case, we’re not talking about curating content to use on personal profile pages—we’re talking about content curation for the purpose of marketing on social media. If you’re a marketer, you would already know this fact. Curata will also help you analyze your content marketing and drill down to what worked and why. This is a perfect fit for your business needs, whether you are an agency, brand, publisher, or simply a content marketer, looking for increased loyalty, leads, and audiences. Check ‘em out! The trap.it Cool Social Tools Implementation
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    [Marketing] The Social Media Manager’s Morning Checklist
    The post The Social Media Manager’s Morning Checklist appeared first on t2 Marketing International. Best Practices Social Business social media manager social media marketing social media morning checklistAs a a social media manager, there should be a carefully organized social media morning checklist referenced at the start of every day. social media morning checklist is crucial to getting a jump on the day ahead. While your day in the office might have ended with the rest of your peers, the socialsphere was still very much abuzz after the lights went out. Review Mentions.
    [Marketing] Coolest 10 Free Social Media Tools
    Bitly has two primary functions that make it invaluable to social media marketing professionals, and pretty much anyone else who shares links on social media. If you’ve got a business that you’re trying to get off the ground, or even if you simply want to establish your own special personal brand online, you probably already know that social media is a valuable resource. However, with social media services exploding over the last decade, the choices seem endless, and daunting. Take a gander at some of the coolest ones below. DrumUp. Newsle. Canva. TweetDeck. Followerwonk. Ease.ly. Bitly.
    [Marketing] How to Use #PRStack to Create a Community of Action
    PRStack was born from frustration at t he lack of mature workflow for public relations and a vendor market which sold on features—not on finding solutions—to real PR problems. By Scott Guthrie. PRStack began life as a blog post railing against the t he lack of mature workflow for public relations. The post, written by Stephen Waddington , partner and global engagement officer at Ketchum, chimed with fellow PR practitioners. Liked-minded PR professionals coalesced around a central theme of wanting to nudge the PR industry— and its vendor offerings—forward through action. What will it do?
    [Marketing] How to Optimize Your Digital Marketing
    Optimizing Your Digital Presence. We are now in the digital era. Meaning, print ads and newspaper articles will not get the job done when it comes to raising revenue and awareness of your business. And no, digital is not just social media. Optimizing your digital presence goes beyond social media posts and Facebook ads. Here are five tips to fully expand your digital presence. 1. Attractive Website – The first thing someone who is interested in your company (or just browsing the web) will do is look at your website. As a company, it’s your job to appeal to customers and draw them in.
    [Marketing] 3 Ways to Get Personal With Your Prospects
    There was a time a few years ago when every new marketing innovation was about reaching more eyeballs as quickly as possible. If you’re still incentivizing your marketing team on new leads rather than the number of people it converts, you’re living in the past. Here are just a few ways marketing leaders can evolve beyond the mass approach. Today, the notion of  personalized content curation  is the biggest trend in marketing. You’ve probably heard this buzzword around marketing circles: account-based marketing, or ABM. Think of marketing the same way.
    [Marketing] Why You Need to Build Your Email List Organically
    Of all the marketing techniques I involve myself with, I like email marketing the least. Some of this may seem like commons sense, but the little things with email marketing can make or break an email campaign. If you want to be effective with your email marketing, then make sure to focus on organically building your list. This is an obvious stat, but some marketers overlook it. Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Forgetting the importance of organic lists can harm you more than you think. The results?
    [Marketing] Monday Roundup: Thankful Thoughts
    It also allows us to extend our flexibility while still allowing a core team to be in control because there are layers of approval and posting rights. 2.  Me. I’m thankful for  Janet Fouts ‘ book, “ Mindful Social Marketing ” because it says something really important: that the more mindful we are about our lives, both at work and outside of it, the better our actual work is going to be. 3.  For anyone who’s ever worked on marketing personas, this is gold from Colbert.” Laura Kaslow. Elaine Armstrong. ” 4.  Radhika Nandwani. ” 6.
    [Marketing] Thanksgiving Marketing Statistics You’ll Gobble About
    What I can do is provide you with some fun-filled Thanksgiving marketing facts to help pass your time with friends and family while celebrating this holiday weekend. How to Use the Thanksgiving Marketing Facts. Thanksgiving Marketing Turkey Talk. ” Linda: “Oh Lucy, you sound more and more like your mother every day” Why does this matter or having anything to do with Thanksgiving marketing? Obviously no discussion of Thanksgiving marketing would be complete without talk of Black Friday. By Laura Petrolino. Where did November go?
    [Marketing] Why the Changes to LinkedIn Groups are Better for Your Users – and You
    Here’s the thing: if you’ve been using LinkedIn groups as a place to “push out” more marketing messages, you’ve been missing the point. These spaces were never meant to be the sister to email marketing or a bulletin board for your association’s products and services. As marketers, we’re always looking for new and creative ways to get our message across. If you’re facing pressure within your organization to just “send out” a message to prove you’ve covered your bases in marketing a product/program/event, try a research or analytics-based approach instead. CC BY 2.0.
    [Marketing] Four (of the) Worst Practices for Pitching Bloggers
    Influencer marketing has become a key component of PR and web presence optimization. Many of the top experts in PR, blogging and social media have written about influencer marketing strategies and tactics. For example, this blog is focused on B2B marketing. Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Social PR Apple blogger outreach how to pitch bloggers influencer marketing Mashable social PR Southwest Airlines TechCrunch TOMS Shoes worst practices ZapposIt’s also challenging to do well. Don’t Even Pretend You’ve Read the Blog.
    [Marketing] Extraordinary Brand Experiences
    digital marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. marketing podcast. Episode #489 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. How many brands truly deliver extraordinary experiences? Not the kind of rare stories you read about on Mashable , but the ones that do it day in and day out. for all of their customers? When it comes to brands doing things right - constantly and consistently - I think of the work that Denise Lee Yohn  has done over the years. audio.
    [Marketing] Content Marketing: More is Not Necessarily Better
    recently read an article by Carlos Hidalgo  from Content Marketing Institute on How to Develop a Buyer-Centric Content Marketing Strategy that made several good points. Content Marketing’s main purpose is to drive specific business outcomes. He points to a 2014 ANNUITAS survey where  less than 3% of those responsible for content marketing activities were happy with their outcomes. By John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman at Sonnhalter. Your potential audience doesn’t want quantity, they want quality. You need to accelerate demand, not noise.
    [Marketing] The Culture Of Malcolm Gladwell
    With that, anybody with an interest in business and marketing will love it too. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketing. marketing blog. bbc blink bobmarley bookpublishing brand business businessblog businessbook creativity culture davidandgoliath digitalmarketingagency digitalmarketingblog documentary hmv jwalterthompson jonronson jwt malcolmgladwell marketing marketingblog mirum mirumagency mirumagencyblog mirumblog nonfictionwriter thecultureshow thenewyorker therollingstones thetippingpoint writer writing  appblink. bob marley.
    [Marketing] Facebook Responds to Worldwide Disasters With Safety Check
    Facebook’s example reminds us that we all have the ability to go further and provide some value to our customers, above and beyond our own marketing efforts. As you’ve no doubt seen in the headlines (and in your own Facebook feed, most likely) is the groundbreaking use of Safety Check by Facebook in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attack. Facebook announced the launch of this feature in October 2014, inspired by earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, when people were looking for answers about loved ones. Why has this been such a big deal for the site? A few reasons.
    [Marketing] The skinny on the Small World Labs – Personify merger
    With this acquisition, the CEO of Small World Labs (me) will become the Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer and will have more people reporting to me than before. 5. You will have heard about the Small World Labs/Personify merger  that was announced two weeks ago. From Michael Wilson: Hey Ben, thanks for covering the news. We are excited about this at Small World Labs. We’ll do our best to learn from the mistakes you describe above from MemberFuse and Abila/Avectra. Online community is central to my heart as you can see from the Our Story part of our website at [link]. Michael Wilson.
    [Marketing] What Do You Want Your Content To Do?
    It was an inbound marketing strategy. There are no ads or sponsorship on this content (or surrounding it), because there is already a sponsor and advertiser: Mirum (our marketing agency). The idea is that the content is solid, that it provides value to you and - if everything goes well - and someone's in need of digital marketing services, that they think about Mirum and all of the value that our content has provided in the marketplace for well over a decade. content marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. inbound marketing.
    [Marketing] Why I’m Loving the Pure Blogging Project
    It’s the direction my own blog had been moving in for a while (from its initial premise of marketing and social media topics), and – going by the comments after each of the two posts linked above – many others wanted to see a return to the “pure blogging” approach. No easy listicles like “Top 50 Content Rules for Content Marketers”, blah blah. Earlier this year, as summer started to get into full swing, I published a couple of posts that talked about getting back to pure blogging. Not for glory. Not for fame. Not for fortune. No buzzwords.
    [Marketing] What Is The Best Content Type To Share On Facebook?
    Online marketers from all around the world struggle to find the answer to this question and the truth is that there are not many things associated with digital marketing that are as controversial. Some of the marketers will tell you that you have to share funny, witty images. There are marketers that recommend using videos as much as possible on Facebook and others believe that infographics bring in the quality that people are looking for. Marketing in general is highly volatile. via pixabay.com. It Is All About Target Audience. Experimentation. Conclusions.
    [Marketing] Should You Hire a Ghostwriter?
    When a business starts to develop a long-term content marketing plan, one of the things you’ll have to do is decide who is going to manage that plan. You can hire someone to direct your in-house marketing efforts and write all of your content for you. Even if you go with an outside agency or hire a marketing manager, you could still be relying on the writing expertise of ghostwriters. With a marketing manager, if she is overloaded with tasks, a ghostwriter may be a necessity. Small Business Internet Marketing content marketing copywriters
    [Marketing] Unpacking the Perfect Business Social Media Page Design
    By now everyone knows that to have a successful online marketing strategy you need social media pages dedicated to your business or brand. In fact, if you are just starting out and need to develop a social media marketing plan, take a break from this article and check out our social media marketing company to help you create more of an overall strategy for social first before diving into the tips mentioned below. However, not all pages are created equal. Before You Get Started. then you want to go work on that before you work on this. The Banner Photo. Your Profile Photo.
    [Marketing] Why Twitter Killed the Twitter Share Button
    It is one in a long line of examples where the Silicon Valley stars favor engineering decisions instead of marketing decisions and it is getting really tiresome.” If you’re reading this blog, you are in the top 1% of experienced social media and digital marketing practitioners in the world. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Where’d the numbers go? Legions of bloggers and website publishers will log on November 21 and discover that the familiar digits displaying the number of  Twitter shares on their content have disappeared. Now, POOF, it’s gone. Kinda. Ta-da.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2015
    [Marketing] 4 Tips to Get Free YouTube Subscribers for your Channel
    Tutorials Websites YouTube content marketing online marketing video marketing youtube business youtube for small business youtube marketing youtube strategyEveryone from the newest YouTube user, to the top subscribed YouTube star (shoutout to PewDiePie), wants free YouTube subscribers. They’re the very core of your regular viewership. Every time they log in to YouTube they’ll be able to see if you have new videos for them to watch, and will slowly start to learn your […]. The post 4 Tips to Get Free YouTube Subscribers for your Channel appeared first on Devumi.
    [Marketing] What New Data Tells Us About Blog Advertising
    Influencer marketing has been on the rise with brands exploring sponsorships with YouTubers, Instagrammers, Viners, Snapchatters, and every other emerging social platform. With the rise of new social media channels, influencer marketing company  Mediakix  evaluated who’s advertising with bloggers and how this space has grown. Our recent market research study identified and analyzed all sponsored content from the top 100 lifestyle bloggers, discovering new data finds and trends about blog advertising. On WordPress blogs alone, over 409 million people view more than 20.4
    [Marketing] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Jennifer MacDonald
    That social media marketing is easy. If you’re a successful social media marketer, heck nowadays it should be any marketer, then you know how to tie all of your efforts back to business goals. And it’s not just social media marketing that is hard, sometimes it’s the fight for that position that takes the most effort. I. ’m referring to the constant training for your team and your C-suite, and reminding them you can’t build a community overnight. . She writes about marketing and online advertising. By Gini Dietrich. That is when I met Jennifer MacDonald.
    [Marketing] Employee tracking at work. Is it really needed?
    If left unmonitored, human mind has a natural tendency to wander into prohibited zones. A two year marketing research by Court revealed that the word ‘Sex’ was the most popular term searched over the internet. According to a survey conducted by ComStore Networks in 2002, about 60% of the online sales took place between 10 am and noon, which is normally the time when many people are at work. It is quite apparent that employees use the web-access provided by their employers for non-work related activities. These measures would ensure increased work efficiency and a rise in productivity.
    [Marketing] Wrap Your Gems of Knowledge In Big, Crisp, Images
    – A marketing technology analyst who consults with leading brands on their content strategy. – A marketing technology analyst who consults with leading brands on their content strategy. Your brain is an image factory. Right now it’s churning these raw words into a big picture for your mind. The majority of us think in images. We remember images. We value images. Don’t fire words at them. Paint a picture they can take with them. Here’s a message I received in my inbox today: Subject: Signs Your Web CMS is Not Cutting It. Dear Richard: Is your Web CMS cutting it? link}.
    [Marketing] More profits and fun, less yucky marketing? Here’s how!
    And it makes the yucky marketing and sales part of business a *billion times easier (*approximate value). The post More profits and fun, less yucky marketing? Social Media & Online Marketing blogging and content marketing business support business tips small business marketingDo you know who your competitors are? What makes you different from them? Do you understand why someone is more likely to buy from you or spend their money elsewhere? I’ll tell you what it’s NOT; price, qualifications or years in business. It’s how much they like, know and trust you.
    [Marketing] 6 Scientific Strategies to Improve Your Content With Visuals
    Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Digital Marketing brain science content marketing visual content visual marketing visual storytelling visualization“Why isn’t anyone reading or sharing my stuff?” If you’ve ever produced content for the web, you’ve probably asked yourself this question at one point or another. Your content’s “findability” is often a big part of this equation, but that’s not what I’m going to focus on today. That’s where visuals in your content come into play. Seeing Is Believing. Stay Relevant.
    [Marketing] Unique Keyword Research Technique to Spot Hidden Market Opportunities
    We are offering you two tools that might come in hand in your quest of spotting market opportunities: Google Trends and BrandMentions. Do you go through the effort of integrating the new keywords in your marketing strategy? best nyc restaurants”, for instance, has an impressive 400% rising rate, so it might appear like a good idea to switch to that instead, or simply try to add the phrase to your marketing tactics. There is only so much time in a day and if you want to use your work time most effectively, you constantly have to make decisions about how to spend it.
    [Marketing] The Blog Code: Finding the Soul of Your Content
    The differences between marketing to small businesses and large enterprise companies. “The way I look at social media marketing as a whole is that we’re being social first, creating media second, and that just happens to be marketing.” Tommy’s path wound a bit before ending up in marketing. Shortly after graduating, he found his way into marketing. He connects the dots for us: “When I first got into marketing, it was after I had graduated from a film acting conservatory. The Tommy Walker Manifesto. In This Episode. Trello.
    [Marketing] 7 Blog Post Ideas for Nonprofits
    ———– Florence Mendoza is a content marketing manager at Buy an Essay. She provides content writing and marketing advice to aspiring bloggers. If you maintain a blog for your nonprofit, chances are you’ve come up short on ideas more than a few times. What kind of posts will capture the interest of your readers? Well, in fact there are lots of creative ways to keep your blog active and interesting. Here are some top ideas for writing awesome blog posts for your nonprofit: Photo Essay. All photos should be the same size and quality. Community Stories.
    [Marketing] 3 Simple Ways To Show Thanks To Social Media Followers
    The post 3 Simple Ways To Show Thanks To Social Media Followers appeared first on Firebelly | Social Media Marketing & Management Company. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are three simple ways you can show your followers you appreciate them. #1 Respond. Answer their questions and address their complaints. Thank them for their compliments. Nobody likes to feel ignored. No response is a response—it says you don’t care. #2 Retweet. Retweet, regram, repeat! Chances are, your customers share your content. You should be sharing theirs too. Don’t have the time? We can help!
    [Marketing] Want To Break Into Digital Marketing? Do This First.
    “How do I advance my career in social media or digital marketing?” ” Usually someone has become enamored of the social web or the power of digital to accelerate marketing and – just like many of us – wants to devote their careers to something they feel is changing the world for the better and where they know they can make a difference. One: Learn marketing. But marketing. The principles of product-market fit, positioning, understanding your customer, understanding the market itself. It’s two-fold. Not social.
    [Marketing] How Pabst Blue Ribbon Dominated the Millennial Marketing World
    The beer of  Pabst Blue Ribbon  has been described as a lot of things:  Delicious, cheap, watered-down hipster trash, the breakfast of champions (okay, maybe that last one is just me), but no matter what it’s called, the PBR brand has earned the right to be called the next Millennial marketing machine. Marketing. After hiring Neal Stewart, a 27-year-old marketing manager, PBR started making themselves more apparent within lesser known “hip” events and soon after they realized the opportunity in front of them. Millennial Marketing and Experiences. That’s right.
    [Marketing] 5 Reasons to Get Off the Couch and Trademark Your Slogan Now
    Many hours of marketing and marketing materials can be wasted if you lose a trademark case, so getting a trademark early can help avoid wasted money later. It can be a lot of work to rebrand if someone else takes your slogan, as your marketing department will have to start from the beginning again. Trademarking your slogan might not seem like something that a company has to do immediately, but it does have its advantages. Here are five of the best reasons to get a trademark on your slogan. Image via  pixabay.com. 1. It Can Drive Social Media Tags.
    [Marketing] How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Plan With 13 Growth Hacks
    That means the founders are also the marketers, the SaaS developers are also building the startup’s website and blog, and an office manager basically becomes the vice president of miscellaneous things. Here are 13 data-backed growth hacks we learned at CoSchedule while building our social media marketing plan. think you’ll find they’ll work for your social media marketing, too. And that last one leads me right into the next growth hack for your social media marketing plan. What Growth Hacks Will You Use In Your Social Media Marketing Plan?
    [Marketing] How Writing Sponsored Posts Changed the Way I Blog (and Why it Might Change You Too)
    Although the occasional post was sponsored by one of those marketing organizations like “Got Milk” or “California Raisins” that promote a whole food, most foods that got featured in a sponsored post had been processed in some way. This is a guest contribution from Katie Moseman. It certainly didn’t feel like selling out.   It felt like being paid to write, which for me was a very good feeling. Since I blog about food, almost all of the sponsored posts were for foods. tried very hard to stick to products I’d actually serve my own family.
    [Marketing] 3 Tips for Getting Your Online Video Act Together for 2016
    Online video marketing stats abound! Time and again, we see and hear countless online video marketing statistics like these: Consumers spend 5.5 Video is the most popular content marketing format for 2015, ahead of case studies, blogs and infographics ( 2015 State of Digital Marketing , a report featuring insights from over 600 marketers from Web Marketing 123). Statistics like these are pervasive and underscore an undeniable truth: Videos continue to be part of the regular mix in marketing strategies. Show me the video marketing money, honey!”.
    [Marketing] 6 Alternatives to Google Analytics
    These are all packages on the open market right now. There are plenty more analytics programs on the market. I believe most website owners are still using Google Analytics. There’s really nothing wrong with that, but you should know it’s not the only option you have. There are perfectly valid reasons for not using Google Analytics. For one thing, did you know Google owns your data? And that means they could close it down any time they want, or sell it even. Another reason you may not want to use Google Analytics is because the data is unsecure.
    [Marketing] Six Things to Consider Before You Engage in PR
    If the firms you interview don’t talk about how to integrate media relations into a larger communications (or marketing) program, you will feel like you’ve wasted your money. From our experience, particularly in a B2B organization, email marketing is the very best way to drive sales or gain new donors or get people to an event. Affiliate marketing (even though many think that is a dirty word) is the third best way, but only if you’re smart about who your affiliates are and what they can say and do on your behalf. Your 15 minutes of fame. Seeing your name in lights.
    [Marketing] Why is Twitter a crucial channel for trade associations and advocacy groups?
    This dynamic makes the platform a prime marketing channel for trade associations and advocacy groups seeking to shape the national dialogue. This post originally appeared here and is reposted in its entirety  because it’s too good not to share. Disclosure: The National Association of Manufacturers is a former SocialFish client. —————— During major political events like the State of the Union address or presidential debates, Twitter serves as the national town hall: a place to learn about and debate issues in real time. ShopFloorNAM explains.
    [Marketing] Authentic Speaking: How To Master Every Stage Performance
    Michael Port has been called “an uncommonly honest author” by the Boston Globe, a “marketing guru” by The Wall Street Journal, and a “sales guru” by the Financial Times. About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the  author of  Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business  and host of  This Old New Business podcast. This is Episode 56 of  This Old New Business  weekly  business podcast with Jeff Korhan. If you have struggled with the concept of authenticity, then this podcast episode is for you. Key Take-Aways.
    [Marketing] 15 Digital Skills for PR & Marketing Pros
    [Marketing] Is Your Franchise Getting Its Social Message Out?
    Just like with any other business, social media has become a key component in the marketing of social media. Whether your franchise is a hair salon, a frozen yogurt shop or a tutoring center, social media should be part of your marketing plan. Use a variety of social media methods to market your franchise. For many people, owning a franchise is a viable career move. It provides leadership opportunities, a chance to be the boss while having support from the main company, working with an established brand, and being part of something that you feel strongly about.
    [Marketing] Is Your Social Media Team Working with Your Web Designer?
    The funnel model of marketing has shifted from trying to get a customer in and having that customer relate information to gaining customer loyalty and providing customer empowerment. The social media team is responsible for ensuring that the SERPs and social media responsibilities of a business are handled properly and that the website has the information that is expected in today’s market. When social media was just getting its footing, web designers and those who claimed to have a social media-friendly website simply added their media icon with a link to their footnote.
    [Marketing] Use the 87% Formula to Improve Your Next Presentation
    The bottom line for communicators and content marketing is to be effective. Related Stories Successful Team Involvement in Content Creation A Holiday Guide for the Content Marketer Content Marketing: Use the Five Principles of C.H.A.O.S. Communication Speaking barack obama bill clinton brian williams content marketing great orator oprah presentation skills tom hanksBy Brian Burkhart. I’m going to come right out and say this: Far too many presentation experts concern themselves with teaching clients the ins and outs of delivery and not substance. It’s substance!
    [Marketing] Twitter polls versus Google Consumer Surveys: The good, the bad and the ugly
    With just two options and running for only 24 hours, the polls are very simplistic and are very unlikely to set the world of market research alight. great example of this came from Marketing Magazine who just last week tapped into the hugely popular #onthemoon hashtag to understand reactions to the new John Lewis Christmas advert: Do you think this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert #OnTheMoon was better than last year’s Monty the penguin? Marketing Magazine (@MarketingUK) November 6, 2015. This month Twitter rolled out a polling functionality to all users.
    [Marketing] The Only Thing That’s Dead Is Your Everything Is Dead Spiel
    No. I’m more tired about the constant “The End of PR”, “The End of Marketing”, “The End of Blogging” and “The End of Advertising” missives  that seem to be flying about at the minute. I can’t open my email subscriptions without the latest link shouting out “The end of…. I’m a little tired. Not physically. could always do with a little more sleep, but then so can everyone. Where now for Industry X?”. It seems that there’s an “End of…” blog post for every *normal* one at the minute. Why do we have to bang the nails into the coffin of industries that are still very much alive? End or Mend?
    [Marketing] Turning You Social Media Profiles into Sales Machines
    The first goal of using social media as a marketing tool is to develop relationships and trust on the part of your target market. This is a compelling marketing tool, and now that interactive content is so easy to develop, you should use it. Here’s a quick wrap-up: Using social media as a marketing tool must be carefully planned and implemented. Nothing happens until someone clicks something. Whether it’s a click to comment, to share, to take a quiz or survey, or to link back to a blog post or landing page, your social media content has to compel readers to do it.
    [Marketing] 3 Really Difficult Ways to Create Great Customer Experience
    All marketers – all businesspeople, really – tell themselves the exact same lie: “Our customers are just too busy to pay attention to us these days.” Image via BigStockPhoto.com. How do you make purchase decisions today? Availability? Reputation? Before long, it will be Customer Experience. According to Walker, by 2020 customer experience will be more important than even price  for B2B buyers. You probably believe this, as the importance of “customer experience” is in the lips of every consultant, and in the pages of every business publication.
    [Marketing] 10 Unconventional Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile & Boost Business
    These days, everything from sales and business development to content marketing and online learning is done through LinkedIn. For professionals and businesses alike, LinkedIn is no longer optional. When it comes to your boosting your business, here are 10 tips for getting LinkedIn on your side. Humanize Your Brand. In the current culture, brand voice is everything. In order to connect with your potential clients and partners, your company’s voice has to resonate. If your company’s page — or your own — is riddled with dry facts and stock images, it’s not exactly inspiring. Reach Out.
    [Marketing] Using Google Analytics to Unlock the Secrets of your Blog’s Audience
    Benjamin Mangold co-founded Loves Data, a digital agency helping people understand how to get the most out of digital analytics and online marketing. This is a guest contribution from Benjamin Mangold of Loves Data. Do you ever think Google Analytics is a bit overwhelming? Do you ever get stuck on where to start? If you’ve already logged into Google Analytics then you’ll know it provides an incredible amount of information which you can use to gain powerful insights into your blog’s audience. Keep It Simple. Bounce What? Bounce Rate! Well, great question! Now what is a user?
    [Marketing] 2016 Budgets: How Much are you Going to Spend on Social and Mobile Marketing?
    Mobile marketing – Has this been on your radar screen? What’s amazing is that only 23% of marketing projects run by B-to-B product companies use marketing analytics. Here are some highlights on budgets: Marketing makes up 10% of overall company budget. Product companies currently spend 8% of their marketing budgets on social media. In the next 5 years, they will spend 18% of their marketing budget on social media. Here are some highlights on mobile and internet: B-to-B product companies currently spend 5% of their marketing budget on mobile.
    [Marketing] Build an Online Course: Lesson #1
    This means they are learning something new and are about to embark on something that is going to change the way they do content marketing forever. By Gini Dietrich. We launched our online course, The Modern Blogging Masterclass , last week and holy cow! What a crazy few days it has been since then. Though we’re only a quarter of the way through the course, I thought it would be interesting to blog about the lessons from each week, if only to have them to compile into an eBook later, but also to serve as a starting point for those of you who want to create an online course.
    [Marketing] What Exactly Do You Do?
    ” the delightful Shelly Kramer asked me when I met her recently face-to-face for the first time, at a Minneapolis internet marketing event. common enough question, but it got me thinking: in more than five years and nearly 500 posts about web presence optimization, SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, and inbound marketing on this blog, I’ve never actually answered that question here. guess that’s because I’ve always wanted this blog to be about you, the reader, and your need for digital marketing information and guidance. It happens.
    [Marketing] The Importance of Local Activation on Social Media: West Africa/Nigeria
    Similar Posts: Video is The New King of Content Marketing. Local Social Media Marketing Localization Marketing & Communication Mindjumpers Network Social Listening Social Media Best Practice Community Management content marketing Localisation Relevance social listeningThe Mindju mpers Network is still going strong. It’s our own ever-growing global network of Local Social Media Managers around the world who help us ensure contextually relevant content through social listening, content production or response management. million users it had in 2014.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2015
    [Marketing] Key Audience Metrics in Google Analytics [Video]
    The post Key Audience Metrics in Google Analytics [Video] appeared first on t2 Marketing International. Google Analytics Videos audience metrics in google analytics google analytics tips marketing videosWatch the latest video in our series with the Social Media Strategies Summit! In this instalment of our video series in conjunction with the Social Media Strategies Summit, we cover some of the key audience metrics in Google Analytics. Watch the video below and get a better understanding of what your Google Analytics data represents!
    [Marketing] Build an Audience with Podcasting in 2016
    There is no one right way to build your digital audience, but according to Joe Pulizzi , founder of Content Marketing Institute, it is essential to choose and focus on one primary channel. About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the  author of  Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business  and host of  This Old New Business podcast. If you were starting today, would you choose podcasting as the primary channel for building an audience to support your business? Ownership and control of your content and the audience you build is vital.
    [Marketing] Top Online Marketing Ideas for Auto Broker Business
    Car broker business has become more competitive than ever and in order for one to flourish at it there is need to leverage the use of modern online marketing technologies. Online marketing forms an integral part in car broker business in an effort to make car sales. However, the online market world is always on a constant change and one must be on their toes always to use it effectively. Below are some useful online marketing ideas that could help you out. Personalizing Marketing Campaigns. Connecting with Online Leads Effectively. Offering Special Promotions.
    [Marketing] The One Thing That’s Still True About Marketing in 2015
    For a long time, I wrote about marketing. So many things in business either drive TO marketing or FROM marketing, and the ties to sales and branding and customer satisfaction and internal morale and culture and how communication as a practice evolves are really vast. took a marketing job again. The interesting thing is that marketers, in large part,  are my customers. Maybe, just maybe, I’ve still got something to offer in this little marketing corner of the world after all. Marketing and Advertising Social mediaStay tuned.
    [Marketing] Do you really understand your buyers?
    Yet somehow, we have to figure out how to market to them in a way that allows them to consider what we’re offering. appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute. Marketing Apple Inc. Do you really understand your buyers? No matter what you sell or whether your buyers are purchasing your wares for themselves or on behalf of their company – you are selling to human beings and they’re an odd bunch. They make decisions based on some very odd triggers, beliefs and reactions. This isn’t about tricking them or selling them something they don’t need. This is true online as well.
    [Marketing] Mixed Emojis Flood the Rising Tech, Business, and Political Debates
    From its Sunday kick-off, to its Tuesday wrap-up, #PRSAICON generated well over 15,000 mentions: Among the chatter, “PR” was (unsurprisingly) a top issue, along with “branding,” “marketing,” and “advertising.” Our takeaway?  As forecasted in a previous #TWIRM , more and more businesses are employing emojis into their marketing strategies. Business: #PRSAICON. Last week got off to a busy start in Atlanta, as the Public Relations Society of America held its annual international conference. Politics: GOP Debate. Tech: #TacoEmojiEngine.
    [Marketing] Authentic Storytelling in an Age of Mass Marketing
    has revealed the extent of the average adult’s daily exposure to marketing and advertising, and the results are shocking. Brands need to strip back to the basics to succeed with their marketing campaigns. . If you’re reading this, I’m sure you can think of a few examples of poor, scattered, and dreary marketing. In the podcast, Ted explains how marketers can learn from the best by crafting a passionate story that wins over the heart and emotion of the individual. . The post Authentic Storytelling in an Age of Mass Marketing appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Marketing] 10 Essential Online Tools for Small Business Owners
    If you do any business online, or if you are a small business owner in the 21st century, you should be familiar with basic online tools that will allow you to run your business, market your business, and interact with your customers. SurveyMonkey – SurveyMonkey is a great way to conduct market research by taking customer surveys. Here are 10 of the best online tools for doing all of the above. Freshbooks – A great service for sending invoices, tracking the time you spend on projects, and more. This will make your business more efficient and profitable.
    [Marketing] How social media and DBA experts will help your business grow
    It is these amazing concepts that are being harnessed for marketing purposes. If you have not heard about social media marketing, then you need to do plenty of research concerning it. Businesses are making really good money by marketing their products online and precisely on the social media platforms. Market research. Doing market research has become so much easier nowadays. Market researching has never been easier, all thanks to social media. 5. The world of social media has totally revolutionized how people communicate. Twitter is not any different.
    [Marketing] 3 Lean PR Strategies Every Business Can Practice
    After all, content marketing results in three times as many leads as other types of marketing (but costs 62 percent less). Forrester Research recently found that buyers will independently find three pieces of content about a company for every one piece that is put out by its sales or marketing departments. You can get a lot of runway out of case studies by posting them on your website or including them in email marketing messages, on landing pages, in social media, as part of a speaking proposal or award submission, and beyond. Image via BigStockPhoto.com.
    [Marketing] Watching the Content Marketing Trend Fade to Black
    Content isn’t going anywhere, but the content marketing trend may be disappearing much quicker than we think. This trend movement more to do with marketers failing to deliver results with general content than the role branded content has on the Internet. The B2B marketing crowd is moving beyond the content marketing trend and adapting account based marketing. Advertising crowds are adapting real time and programmatic marketing. The result is a perception that the content marketing trend is waning. The marketing and PR industry did.
    [Marketing] How to Use Location Data to Decode Customer Conversations
    Marketers are constantly trying to figure out how to reach their target audiences. There are many different theories out there, and every campaign is unique, but one thing is certain: Social media must be a part of your marketing strategy. It seems obvious to include social media in your marketing efforts, but it can be challenging to figure out exactly how to do that. The amount of social data is massive, and marketers need a way to mine that data.  Traditionally, marketers would search hashtags and keywords to see what is being said about their brand.
    [Marketing] Successful Team Involvement in Content Creation
    If you are in charge of content marketing for your organization, continued quality content creation can often seem like a daunting task. You manage team content creation, but struggle to get all the different voices and writing styles focused, engaged, and organized into a solid and effective content creation and marketing program. You attempt to engage others from your organization in content creation only to get blank stares and snarky comments that “content belongs to marketing,” or that they “have more important things to focus on.”. By Laura Petrolino. Messaging.
    [Marketing] Get More Social on Your SEO Needs
    Such an approach involves not only sound content marketing, but also strategically linking keywords and finding the appropriate means to bring traffic back to your website. When you’re in need of search engine optimization (SEO) services, do you think of turning to social media? If the answer by chance is no, then it would behoove you and your business to think again. As more and more folks have been discovering in recent years, engaging in social networking when you’re in need of a service or product is a great means to increase the odds you find what you are looking for.
    [Marketing] 7 Popular Blogging Tips That Don’t Always Apply
    If you want to stand out in this oversaturated content market, you need to have a strong, unique niche for your blog. This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. Ask anyone on the web for advice on blogging, and you’ll undoubtedly get a response. Survey a hundred people—including readers, amateur writers, experienced professionals, and even industry influencers—and you’ll likely find dozens of common themes emerging between them. That’s because there are certain general “best practices” that everyone knows, or everyone’s heard, as they make their way into the blogging world. General
    [Marketing] How To Unleash The Power Of Strategic Thinking
    digital marketing. marketing podcast. Episode #488 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Strategy. More than any other component in what makes a brand successful, strategy is at the core. What does a good strategist do? How is their work delivered, and then injected into a company? How do companies take that strategy and turn it into a valuable part of their culture. It seems like corporate mysticism. It is not. Great business leaders and thinkers like Peter Klein have the answer. It's not fake. It's a system. audio. blogging.
    [Marketing] Moms, Dads And Kids. The Digital Reality
    As a marketer, we are often asked to create content and better connections with these personas. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. marketer. marketing. marketing blog. Are screens good or bad for kids? How safe is the Internet? If you have kids in your life, these questions are of concern. All of this technology is so new. From the hardware to the software. We're all confused. and everyone has an opinion. I've had parents come up to me, corner me and ask these questions. It's a huge challenge. So, here we are. What's right? What's wrong?
    [Marketing] The Real ROI of Social Media is Revenue
    In marketing we want to see 4X to 5X ROI on a campaign, if we could hit 10X then it was a home run. It got a raise out of the group and like I did here, it’s still a point of conversation because in reality, how do you calculate the ROI of your parents? I get what he was saying and out of context from his thousands of other videos and keynotes, I might have walked away believing that social marketing wasn’t supposed to equate to revenue. Social media or social marketing has one goal in a business. We need to hold marketing leaders to a higher standard.
    [Marketing] 5 Signs of a Positive Social Media ROI
    Here are 5 ways other than sheer money to judge whether your social media marketing is yielding a positive ROI. That could lead to an increase in revenues down the road, especially if your e-mail marketing is as effective as your social media marketing. If you spend $500 on the marketing campaign and see only 50 new subscribers that represent $5 potential purchasing power each, that’s only a $250 return. Social Media citations e-mail marketing engagement social media marketing trafficOn the other hand, 200 new subscribers if a payload.
    [Marketing] New Branding Techniques in Digital Environments
    This means businesses need to bridge this digital divide in order to run successful branding/marketing campaigns. While this is good from a consumer standpoint, it is a challenge for marketers who must devise ways of reaching platform agnostic consumers, according to Mollie Spilman, EVP, Global Sales and Operations at Millennial Media. Moreover, multiple device ownership means marketers and brand evangelists have to deal with an ever-increasing number of consumer "touchpoints" (any time consumers encounter brands). Another key branding channel is search engine marketing.
    [Marketing] Retaining Customers Requires Innovation
    Henry Ford was hesitant to make any changes to his two decade-old vehicle, and thus Ford began to lose market share. If you run any kind of business, you need to be constantly improving your product or service. Or at least considering what your customers need—which includes how their needs may have changed over time. By 1927, cars from Ford Motor Company accounted for more than half of all automobiles in the world. But it was also in the 1920s that Alfred Sloan at General Motors applied trends in the fashion world to the automotive world and introduced the annual model year change.
    [Marketing] 6 Brilliant Online Marketing and Advertising Methods for Internet Businesses
    There are a horde of advertising and marketing methods at the disposal of companies these days, thanks to digital media. Here are just some of the best advertising and marketing techniques that businesses can implement for attracting their target audience and developing long-term relationships with customers: 1.    A beautiful website. If you are successful, you will have an excellent marketing channel at your disposal that will not cause you any financial difficulties. The power of word of mouth marketing cannot be and should not be underestimated. 4.    Email marketing.
    [Marketing] From Community to Commerce: Making the ROI Connection
    This webinar featured Meagan Fish ( @ iRobot ) Global Social Media Manager, iRobot, Andrew Ashton (@ @AndrewLAshton ) Digital Marketing Specialist, Pizza Hut and Jordan Slabaugh (@ jordanv ) Vice President of Marketing, Wayin. Here are three key takeaways from the webinar: Social Media has gone mainstream ow so you should be measuring social media in the same way that you measure any other marketing investment. Conversion Conversion Optimization Optimization ROI B2B Marketing iRobot Pizza Hut Social Media Wayin
    [Marketing] The One Thing You Can’t Ignore About Sponsored Content
    When I set out to research this ginormous question, I started compiling a survey of questions to ask other marketers. While I was typing and plotting and planning, I realized the question isn’t a matter or marketing opinion. When it comes to my marketing philosophy and speculations, it is no secret that I have always advocated for a more organic and relationship-building approach to influencer marketing. The giant IF: Paying influencers for brand recommendations works IF it is part of a relationship-nurturing approach to marketing.  And I still do.
    [Marketing] How This Social Media Campaign Got 2 Million Views in 2 Days
    highlight to tweet) Use this notion of borrowing from and innovating upon existing concepts to drive new levels of creativity and success in your marketing efforts. Get more content like this, plus the very BEST marketing education, totally free. Social Media Case Studies celebrity influencers influencer marketing millennials snapchat social media campaign social media case study social media strategySprite’s recent Snapchat campaign in Brazil is making waves worldwide for successfully generating over two million views in days. What’s Old is New.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2015
    [Marketing] The Coming Twitter API Change: Twitter Share Counts to Disappear
    Devumi Twitter Websites online marketing social media marketing social proof twitter for business twitter for small business twitter marketingTwitter’s coming API change, on November 20 2015, is a very bold move on behalf of the 140 character platform. The impact will be felt across the entire Internet, or at least on pages with Twitter buttons installed! This move will eliminate all tweet counts from their Twitter buttons so that people can’t see how […]. The post The Coming Twitter API Change: Twitter Share Counts to Disappear appeared first on Devumi.
    [Marketing] Announcement: Storage Solutions Joins Firebelly Roster
    Firebelly came highly recommended and we’re excited to work with the team,” said Michelle Coleman, Director of Marketing Communications.  . “B-to-B is very different from consumer work – it requires a higher level of precision targeting and very specifically tailored offers,” said Chad Richards, Social Media Manager and Firebelly veteran. The post Announcement: Storage Solutions Joins Firebelly Roster appeared first on Firebelly | Social Media Marketing & Management Company. Firebelly News Social Media Advertising
    [Marketing] Meet The First Batch of Startups In The BUILDUP Fellows Program
    Throughout the fellows program teams will experience workshops lead by industry experts, connect with successful mentors and work on key areas of their business such as achieving product market fit and pitching. During the Fellows Program the startups worked out of Galvanize, participated in one-on-one office hours, pitch practice, workshops on finance, leadership, and product market fit. At BUILDUP our mission is to mentor, educate and connect underrepresented entrepreneurs in technology. Educational fireside chats with investors/founders. Entrepreneurship workshops. BuildUp
    [Marketing] Big Data & How It Will Benefit Your Business
    Small Business Tips Virtual Big Data big data marketing data collectionBig data is surely the buzz word in the contemporary technological scene. This evolving term is deployed to define a voluminous sum of semi-structured, unstructured & structured which can be mined to gather important information. Now, if you want to be specific about the data amount here, you should know that big data does not actually refer to any kind of specific quantity but it’s mostly used while speaking about Exabyte and Petabyte of data – that doesn’t assure easy integration.
    [Marketing] 4 Ways to Improve Your Visual Content For Social Media Right Away
    While many brands have their fingers dipped into the content marketing honey jar, the energy drink company has gone all-in, head-first. Most companies won’t have the resources (or the stomach) to go all-in like Red Bull did, but thankfully, there are low-hanging fruit that can be easily picked by any marketer – even those on a thread-thin budget. ” Do you know of any other visual low-hanging fruit that social media marketers could use immediately? There’s no doubt that Apple has changed the world today, but sugared water hasn’t done too badly either. How far in?
    [Marketing] 6 Influencer Marketing Strategies to Boost End-of-Year Sales
    Image via BigStockPhoto.com. I don’t know about you, but as a marketing professional, the transition from t-shirts to flannel is reminding me that there are less than  two months left in the yea r. Conversations I’ve had with others in the marketing world seem to revolve around a desire to  create some last-minute, cool marketing strategies to power higher sales numbers through the end of the year. This stat hit home so hard when I read it the other day: Close to 75% of influencers don’t feel valued by marketers.  And you can. Send a Surprise Gift.
    [Marketing] 5 Ways to Increase Your Social Care Efforts
    Social media in general isn’t just for the marketing department nor is it a bottom-up or top-down approach. Let’s look to  Jimmy John’s  who have an entire department (marketers to college grads to stay at home parents) offering some of the best customer service through social media I’ve come across. You may be waiting for @ tags or hashtags you have marketed, but guess what, fewer than  3% of customers directly @ mention brands. Take a second and think back to the last great customer service you experienced. How did it make you feel? SHOW THE LOVE.
    [Marketing] 6 Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect for Content Marketers
    Content marketers usually have a lot on their hands. Chrome extensions for content marketing are inexpensive, easy to use and serve a variety of purposes. They make life as a content marketer, easier and less stressful. Lets take a look at six such extensions that are perfect for content marketers: DrumUp. This extension is great for content marketers who need images of specific products/ descriptions or text. RiteTag is a must have social media marketing tool for Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media platforms. Pocket. Snip.ly. RiteTag.
    [Marketing] The 22 Greatest Villains in Literature
    Related Stories Fourteen Greatest Villains in Literature A Holiday Guide for the Content Marketer Introducing The Modern Blogging Masterclass. By Gini Dietrich. Today we are going to talk about the greatest villains in literature. It has been said that Randall Flagg (originally from Stephen King’s The Stand and then appearing in eight more of his books) is the greatest villain of all time. He certainly is one of the most scary. read The Stand for the first time while Mr. D and I were traveling in Paris for our 10-year-anniversary. More of the Greatest Villains of All Time. perfect.
    [Marketing] Digital Innovation: How Millennials are Redefining Work
    In this episode, listen in as we have an interesting conversation with speaker, author and podcaster Ryan Jenkins about how to better lead, communicate, engage, and market to the Millennials and Generation Z (the post-Millennial generation). About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the  author of  Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business  and host of  This Old New Business podcast. About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the author of 
    [Marketing] How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Software
    It’s not easy choosing the right software for your content marketing efforts. The reason it’s so hard is that there are so many requirements for an effective content marketing strategy. Take, for example, marketing software “landscape” diagrams like this that showcase endless logos in random buckets of functionality—great for gaining a sense of the vast number of options, but oversimplified for the purpose of making choices. Many touch on a variety of functions and processes across marketing as a whole, while others truly do focus on one small piece of the puzzle.
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