[Marketing] 2015 Marketing Predictions Pop Culture Style by @SteveOlenski via @Forbes #SocBiz
    Enter a new marketing channel we call ‘branding from the inside out.’. The generation that helped to define what it means to ‘go social’ will fuel a re-birth of creativity and help us to re-imagine the future of marketing. Cheryl Burgess , CEO/CMO, Blue Focus Marketing. The brands that leverage their employee base in order to engage customers and prospects through social media are the ones destined to win the marketing wars. Edelman, Global Co-Leader, Digital Marketing & Sales Practice, McKinsey & Company. 'Written by Steve Olenski via Forbes.
    [Marketing] Marketing Doubleshot Podcast - Ep. 2 - Creating Smarter Content & The New Approach to Blogging
    'In this episode, Josh Muirhead and Jonathan Barrick look back at 2014 and talk about what digitally savvy brands in 2015 will need to do in their content marketing strategies to truly achieve success, as well as how the world of blogging has evolved to a rich-media platform. marketing strategy digital marketing content marketing blogging social media marketing marketing doubleshot Links and resources mentioned in this episode: Gary Vaynerchuk on the importance of Context -  www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT7hAh5hxkk. PT7hAh5hxkk. NJnP2wsgnoA.
    [Marketing] The Point Of Creativity In Business
    Creativity is still core to a marketing agency''s success. It''s an article titled, They Is Gone, But Creativity Isn''t , that tells the all-too-common tale of a fellow marketing agency that shut its doors, and what this means about the future of the marketing agency model. There was never much room in marketing for creativity with the singular purpose of creativity. Again, nothing wrong with an art studio, but it''s NOT a marketing agency. marketing. marketing agency. marketing capabilities. bastardization of the what art is. analytics.
    [Marketing] Best Buy Mistakenly Exposes Their Exclusive Blogger List
    Perhaps this might be a content marketer’s dream, to have these email contacts? recommend that in the future Best Buy use an email list (email marketing software) to send these communications out rather than using the BCC feature of email. Since I am on this email list, I realize the confidentiality of it, and what could potentially be done with the list by content marketers, SEOs, or digital marketing agencies. In the email, they BCC’d everyone. Best Buy also send those bloggers certain products to test and review. From: contact@XXXXXX. To: WOLFBloggers.
    [Marketing] The Power To Smile In A Digital World
    Marketing is edging ever-closer to customer service, and vice-versa. Smiles are probably more contagious and viral than most of our marketing initiatives. marketing. brand brandambassador brenebrown collaboration customerservice digitalprofile digitalworld empathy facebook garyvaynerchuk ginidietrich holidayseason iphone marketing oprah oprahwinfrey personallife professionallife scottstratten smile technology ted tedtalk vulnerability 'What does true customer service look like? Still, it''s something that most companies are not thinking about (enough). This is true.
    [Marketing] Which Comes First, The Audience Or The Product?
    'Joe Pulizzi has a lot to say about content marketing. Steps to Revising Your Content Marketing Strategy to Attract and Retain Future Customers  reverses the traditional timeline for most businesses. A great invention is produced and the marketing department is given the task of getting that product known to the world. do think that building your email marketing carefully is important because an opt-in email list is composed of people who already want to know what you have to say. Most businesses will start with the product.  Different Strategy.
    [Marketing] Take The Brand Spirit Test
    Driven by plans, forecasts and improving the market share, they can easily fall into the insider trap. They are driven by results rather than the market. The irony is that the only way to deliver results is to be driven by the market! 'Brands and humans have one thing in common; when young they want to be older and when older they wish they had the spirit of youth. We are wishing for something that is impossible and worse than that…it is not the time any of us have walked this earth that determines whether our spirit stays young and fresh. Brands need spirit.
    [Marketing] Social Sharing: What Makes It Tick?
    So, for example, in the past you would have seen me live-tweet ad nauseam from, say, a marketing conference, or be online all of my weekend waking hours. As I said to Mark, one thing I have realized is that if one’s business is PR & marketing, then a certain level of social activity is necessary. 'At the heart of the social web is what we call social sharing: literally sharing other people’s content because you think it will benefit others. The psychology of social sharing. ” There are tons and tons of quality content out there. Why me?
    [Marketing] Content Marketing: How Anyone Can Build an Audience
    Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Joe Pulizzi is sometimes referred to as the godfather of Content Marketing, which is a new way of going to market that is revolutionizing the world of marketing. Content marketing is a simple concept that has been around for a long time, but implementing it well often requires unlearning traditional marketing and selling practices that many of us have used for years. Whether you are interested in driving sales, eliminating competition, or happier customers, content marketing can help – and Joe Pulizzi will show you how.
    [Marketing] The 10 most-read FreshMinds blog posts in 2014
    The report examined the core areas of a business where social media listening can add real value and also reviewed the top social media listening tools available on the market. In this blog post, we picked 5 large food and drink companies doing just that – from Cadbury which is using 3D printers in its product development process to AB InBev whose Open Innovation Portal has fostered an innovative, weather-dependent marketing campaign. Is Jelly a new market research tool for brands? 'On Fridays, we bring you the FreshMinds picks. Are you Listening?
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    [Marketing] The Best Brands on Instagram 2014
    Uncategorized content marketing hashtag marketing Instagram instagram marketing online marketing social media marketing '2014 may go down as the Year of Instagram as the photo sharing app surpassed the 300 million user mark. This number surpasses even the mighty Twitter. Brands in 2014 have finally gotten on board with Instagram, and some exciting content has been produced over the year. Here are five of the best brands on Instagram according to which are my favorites. The Best Brands on Instagram 2014. urbanoutfitters – Urban Outfitters.
    [Marketing] Plan to Action Starts on January 21st
    I learned about network marketing and coaching.  'From Plan to Action is a 12 week class that teaches you how to write and implement a business plan for your business. If you are feeling stuck in your business or want to make 2015 your best year yet, this class can help you get the necessary clarity and direction needed to move your business into the right direction. Here’s what a couple of people who’ve taken this class previously have to say about it: Taylor’s class has totally changed my life.  I like doing business this way.  — Tracy Vorster.
    [Marketing] Timehop Helps You Build Community with Nostalgia
    Not only has nostalgia been shown to help counteract loneliness, boredom, and anxiety—it’s also a very powerful force in marketing and advertising. Nostalgia marketing offers consumers a piece of that happy memory in their present day life. As with all messaging, it is very important to thoroughly understand your target market prior to using nostalgia in any of your communications campaigns. Branding Marketing community building Customer Experience nostalgia nostalgia marketing nostalgic communications timehop 'By Laura Petrolino. Ask yourself why?
    [Marketing] 5 Important Things To Know About Your Ad on Google
    It looks like it comes down to the same thing that marketing has always had as a bottom line: you have to know your customer and your business before you can come up with an  online marketing strategy  that is appropriate. It will be interesting to see what the next year holds for internet marketers and ads. PPC for Small Business google online marketing strategy viewability viewability study 'Did you know that many of the ads served on the web don’t actually show up on the screen? Isn’t that kind of crazy to think about? What Does This Mean?
    [Marketing] Can Nick Saban Teach You How to Create and Promote Stellar Content?
    Today, I was reflecting on what type of strategy businesses needed to adopt to win the content marketing game. For content marketing, this looks means crafting the absolute best piece of content with your very best effort. So when I say focus on the process, I mean measure how well you are performing on the elements, that when added to together, creates a winning content marketing strategy. The First Step to Delivering Elite Content Marketing Performance. Blog Strategy content marketing Social Media 'Get new articles sent to you. Get New Articles. Pardon Me.
    [Marketing] [Cool Social Tools] Hot Online Community Platforms for 2015
    HigherLogic : This online community vendor is the market-share leader in the association and nonprofit space. Socious : A well-known option in the association and nonprofit market, this enterprise grade community is a BIG product with many lesser-known features to surprise and delight their customers. 'Guest post by Teri Carden and Ben Martin of Online Community Results. ————— Due diligence. It’s a real thing. And associations need to do if it they’re shopping around for an online community platform. You must explore your options! Get it here.).
    [Marketing] Ten Communicators to Follow
    with a little bit of crisis communications and content marketing thrown in. 'On the 10th day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… 10 communicators to follow, nine PR blogs to read , eight PR up-and-comers , seven must-listen podcasts , six  communicator gifts , five  communications trends , four  free webinars , three strategy games , two  Crazies secrets , and the  PR win of 2014. Only two days left in this series and it won’t be me who finishes it up (though Lindsay and Jess won’t disappoint!). Merry Christmas to me! Ten Communicators to Follow. Scott Baradell. Abbie Fink.
    [Marketing] Harvey Nichols Helps Customers Clear Up Holiday Gift Misunderstandings
    While the goal is to help its customers get exactly what they want, the campaign is a prime example of useful marketing. 'For anyone who has ever received a holiday gift that was so far off the mark, this one’s for you. Inspired by “rubbish gifts,” UK-based luxury fashion retailer Harvey Nichols has launched a new campaign called, “Could I Be Any Clearer?” To send a not-so-subtle Christmas gift hint to a friend or family member, just visit the Harvey Nichols website , or dedicated campaign microsite. The eCards are a bit naughty, but in a playful way. Oh, and to Marc Jacobs.
    [Marketing] Tweeting during a crisis: #SocialMedia Voice
    teach 1,000’s of social media and online community and pr and marketing people a year – and have done for the last 10 years – good chance I knew them if they were in Sydney. knew Karen had been the marketing manager & heard in the forums I belong to that Alyssa was the social media manager. 'Shares Just a short little post on the storm around my 3 tweets regarding the Sydney Siege. Where is the social media manager for @LindtCafeAus #MartinPlace  which was retweeted 21 times. hope they are ok. Read what you want into that but does anyone know? And still is.
    [Marketing] Firebelly begins work with Team USA
    Blog Social Media Marketing 'We’re excited to announce that we have recently started working with Team USA—specifically U.S. Synchronized Swimming. Synchronized Swimming, also known as USA Synchro, was established as a nonprofit organization in 1979 and is the United States national governing body for the sport. It is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic.
    [Marketing] Social Media Monitoring: Know Your Customers AND Competitors
    'We all know how influential social media marketing can be. Hashtags are valuable marketing tools. But to truly be successful, you must add some sleuthing to your campaign. Social media monitoring is one of the most often overlooked opportunities. Take the time to get to know your current customers, your prospective customers and your competitors. Doing it DIY Style. ve been reading tons of articles lately that feature cool apps, tools and programs that can make your spying easier and more efficient. Sure, those tools are great—but they aren’t free. And let me tell you. Watch out.
    [Marketing] Google and Our World of Search in 2014
    In the world of Digital Public Relations and Marketing we are apt to become cynical fast. 'By Cokey Falkow. What is it about the new face of the web? Why is it so powerful? What has changed in the world? The The answer is everything, and nothing. The world has changed, sure… the only constant is change. But the way we search for things, the way we consume information and experiences has changed completely. The world has indeed changed. While there are still wars and tragedy every day, you don’t have to consume the news the way it was previously done. The choice is there.
    [Marketing] How to Improve Your Content Promotion in 10 Words (or Less)
    'Creating great content is indisputably the first and most crucial element of an effective content marketing strategy. The Challenge in Content Promotion Content marketing is booming, which means that you’re facing more competition than ever in publishers’ inboxes. Content Marketing content content marketing content promotion digital marketing pitch placement publishers strategy But the second, and no less important, step is honing your outreach practices in order to earn placements with the publishers you’re targeting. Here’s why—and how.
    [Marketing] Case Study: The Local Stories Project
    Best Practise Cases Brands Community Management Content Marketing Engagement Facebook Infographic Local Local Social Media Marketing Localization Marketing & Communication Research/Study Social Media Marketing Social Media Strategy best practice case local local content local context local targeting localization SMM 'Last week we discussed the importance of Local Social Management. Today The Case . In 2011 NPR commenced a project called “The Local Stories Project”  , an experiment aiming to localize content on their Facebook page. Crowd Pleasers. News Explainers.
    [Marketing] How to Create Solid Marketing Content for Social Media
    'Content marketing has taken up a lot of the slack left by the decline of print advertising; it’s grown into one of the most-used tools for making an impression on customers, old and new. Social media and content marketing are similar. If you have a content marketing strategy at all, you’re already well on your way. Social media and content marketing are both designed to pique customer interest and boost search engine rankings. Your social media strategy doesn’t have to be especially different from your content marketing strategy. Target your messages.
    [Marketing] The Internet of Things – overhyped and premature or an area of opportunity?
    Consumer behaviour Customer experience Digital tools and technologies Future of market research App Annie Apple connected devices Gartner Google HomeKit Internet of Things iPhone Nest Silicon Valley Siri smartphones 'The Internet of Things (or IoT) is the talk of the tech community and brands, from Silicon Valley to Silicon Roundabout. Put simply, it’s about devices connecting and communicating relentlessly with each other.  Why is it important? According to Gartner, by 2020 there’ll be 26 billion connected devices globally, generating a projected $7.1 trillion in sales.
    [Marketing] 10 Things Epic Copywriters Do
    They’ve also mastered the art of sales, psychology, creative branding, marketing, and so much more. If you’re already a competent professional at your craft, you’ll need to consider making yourself into a true epic copywriter by acquiring some new content marketing skills. If you’re in the market to hire a staff copywriter or  exceptional freelance writers , use this list as a guide for skills to look for. All marketers are in the business of changing people’s behavior. 'Image source. Check out our comprehensive guide  here. Strategy.
    [Marketing] What are you doing to build your “Proprietary Audience?
    Jeff’s take on social media and content marketing revolves around one thing – THE AUDIENCE. The book is an easy read and I would recommend your marketing teams look at Audience as a new marketing discipline. Marketing Tips Marketing Trends Social Marketing Traditional Marketing audience building a proprietary audience building a proprietary database how to develop a database jeffrey rohrs WTWH media 'I had the chance to hear Jeffrey Rohrs speak at a  WTWH Media  event recently and subsequently read his new book,  Audience.
    [Marketing] Get Content First Format Content Later
    'Get all JayToday episodes at [link] (watch video to see amazing quilt at my Mom’s house) When you’re doing content marketing, you need to worry about capturing the content first, and the format for that content second. Research from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs consistently shows this to be true. In many cases, to get this new content they need, marketers need to go to employees who are not in marketing and say, “Hey, can you help us create some content?” She’s now the senior vice president of marketing at Sysomos.
    [Marketing] Join Diana Kander for a Special Author Q&A Today
    From her arrival from the Soviet Union as a refugee at the age of eight, to her skills selling flea market goods to classmates at a markup, to her current life as a successful entrepreneur, attorney, author, and Senior Fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, she knows what it means to start at the bottom, and use your smarts to claw your way to the top! January 21 – Jeremy Miller, with  Sticky Branding February 18 – Hessie Jones, with Marketing as You Know it is Dead The post Join Diana Kander for a Special Author Q&A Today appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Marketing] 4 Essential Viral Video Marketing Tips: Be Seen!
    'CEO: “Okay, here’s our viral video marketing plan: We start out with a spinning close-up on the logo, cut to a shot of me talking about the virtues of Product X, show an image of it being used, then finish with the logo again. That right there would be a CEO who really needs some viral video marketing tips! This article will look at 4 viral video marketing tips that can help you get that attention – but you had better be ready to WORK!  . Viral video marketing tips – get ready for views. You need a complete online marketing plan. Great.
    [Marketing] Social Media Marketing Pain Points for Small Businesses and How to Deal with Them
    Once the pain points related to social media marketing are addressed, you can easily start promoting your services and products on social networks with poise and confidence. Socialnomics content marketing management Social Media 'Small businesses are often apprehensive about social media and if it can really help in business growth. This anxiety usually comes from not knowing the ropes or being unaware of how social media can be used to an advantage. Managing a dozen social media accounts at a time can be intimidating, and it may not bring out the expected results.
    [Marketing] You Only Have a Nanosecond to Get Their Attention. How to Use it Wisely.
    'Categories: Blog , Content Creation , Content Marketing , Social Media Marketing , Tools and Resources , Visual Marketing Tags: content marketing , social media marketing with images , visual marketing , visual marketing apps , visual marketing stats Think about how quickly you scroll through your news feeds looking for an interesting post. You may have noticed that visual marketing is the white-hot topic and that’s because it works… beautifully! What was it that made you stop to read a specific article?
    [Marketing] Freebase is Shutting Down in March 2015
    Why SEOs Need to Pay Attention to Freebase If you are an online marketer, and, more specifically, and. 'According to a Google Plus post today , Freebase is shutting down, and will no longer be available after March 2015. The current Freebase data will be ported over into WikiData. As you probably know, I have been one of Freebase’s biggest fans , and have a lot of edits under my belt there. I’ve also told a lot of people that they should make sure they have a Freebase page because it’s a part of the Knowledge Graph. On June 30, 2015, Freebase will retire the website.
    [Marketing] Speed of Resolution Over Speed of Response is Key to Social Media Success
    The issue of scale Sure, we’d all like to think our companies (either own, employed or those we buy from) are the biggest on the market, so we should expect a 24/7 every-minute-of-the-day personalization level. 'For a lot of consumers, companies that can respond within minutes on the social sphere send out a far more positive message than those that dilly-dally. But does this type of instant response really benefit us, both as customers and brands? While this speed might be something that would always exist in an ideal world, unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world.
    [Marketing] A Better Guide to Promoting Your Content with Social Media
    Social Media Strategy calendar content engagement content marketing coschedule digital marketing social media promotion social media strategy timeline 'What happens once your blog post goes live? million shares? zillion click-throughs? bit less than that? Well then, you might need a better content promotion strategy for social media. For a long time now, we’ve been hearing the benefits of content creation, and the cries have been heard. Content is being created. In fact, there were 730 million blog posts published in 2014 alone ! Think about it; it’s good math.
    [Marketing] Digital PR and the Google Penguin
    However, as content marketing gains popularity,SEO becomes more and more important. Content marketing isn’t a new idea for PR.  Now content is the hottest new marketing idea.  Digital PR is now a vital part of the marketing mix. Content Marketing Online PR digital PR google online PR Penguin SEO 'PR pros are not all convinced that SEO is a skill they need to master. The more content there is on the web, the more difficult it is to find what you’re looking for. We’ve been doing this forever. And it’s all being published online.
    [Marketing] Manufacturers: What are you doing to improve the customer experience?
    Marketing Tips Traditional Marketing Uncategorized emarketer improving the customer experience listening to customers 'Today more than ever,  customers are expecting, and in some cases demanding, a better customer experience. These types of experiences have to start in the C suite and trickle down. The customer service department may be on the front line, but they can only mirror what management has in mind. Do your top-level folks really understand the needs of your customers? Customer service: Is your company obsessed with it?
    [Marketing] Missing the Target: When Your Audience Is Elsewhere
    'So, you decide it’s high time to run a social media marketing campaign and promote your business to a target audience, which doesn’t know about your existence, but desperately requires your services. So, the content plan is thoroughly written, the social network is chosen and you already feel the rays of the nearing success – but in several weeks comes the realization that the campaign is spreading slowly and that the growth of clients and visitors on social network’s account doesn’t correspond to your expectations. What is the problem? Let’s sort everything out. Twitter. Facebook.
    [Marketing] 23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides
    'Though the use of social media and social networks for marketing is now nearly ubiquitous, and 78% of companies have dedicated social media teams, many marketers sill struggle with certain aspects of social marketing, such as formalizing strategies and measuring results. What trends and changes in social media do marketers need to stay on top of? How are social media marketing best practices evolving? How can marketers make the best use  of visual content? Social Media Marketing Guides. ” B2B Social Media Marketing Guides.
    [Marketing] Nine PR Blogs to Read
    Keep your recommendations to PR blogs only (no marketing, social media, content, or the like), pretty please. 'By Gini Dietrich On the ninth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… nine PR blogs to read, eight PR up-and-comers , seven must-listen podcasts , six  communicator gifts , five  communications trends , four free webinars , three strategy games , two  Crazies secrets , and the  PR win of 2014. have to say, I love this series we’re doing, but the lists are getting me in trouble! So, while there are only nine PR blogs mentioned here, the list is actually much larger.
    [Marketing] How This Fashion Brand Found the Sweet Spot in Blogger Relations
    huge part of this brand’s marketing strategy is blogger outreach. Sam Zivot is the brain behind all of Lorna Jane’s digital marketing, including blogs, social, email and search strategies. Lorna Jane’s multifaceted blogger outreach strategy matches the different components of their marketing strategy. Marketers can often score posts from sending free products. 'Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Usually, I see brands sit on one of two sides of the fence. Either they work only with blogger networks or agencies, or they own their blogger relationships in-house. Meet Sam.
    [Marketing] How LinkedIn Supported my Transformation of Self
    took a chance at a marketing role because I felt I had something unique to offer. found that my understanding of social networks, a curiosity for new tools and the use of content marketing became a powerhouse for my professional brand and the company I worked for. Working for the worlds largest professional social network and managing a content and social marketing team was not what I would have envisioned. I’ve spent the better part of 4 years answering this question for sales and marketing people. In the end I became none of these things.
    [Marketing] Specialists and Generalists
    don’t know if it is preferable to market myself as a specialist or a generalist. 'According to Harvard Business Review author Vikram Mansharamani, the need for specialization is waning and generalist skills are in demand. He explains the difference with bark. There are many who have deeply studied its nooks, grooves, coloration, and texture. Few have developed the understanding that the bark is merely the outermost layer of a tree. Fewer still understand the tree is embedded in a forest. And yet, both specialists and generalists are each needed. want the forest. Thanks for reading.
    [Marketing] Online PR: The Big Three
    'As the fields of public relations, social media and marketing becoming more integrated, the practice of online PR is becoming increasingly important in order to stand out on multiple platforms. Owned – Everyone knows that content is king, and with the rise of content marketing more businesses are opting to create their own. As the different types of media become more closely entwined it seems that digital marketing campaigns are beginning to reflect that. Trend Related. Cause Related. Trend Setting. The Peso Model: Paid, earned, shared and owned media.
    [Marketing] Improve Holiday Usability with These Nine Heatmap Tools
    'By Ryan Chester For marketers and web designers seeking to improve website usability , heatmaps can provide extremely helpful information. Marketing Websites attentionwizard clicktale ghostrec heat map heatmap loop11 mouseflow seevolution sessioncam usability usaura userreport website analytics website interactivity website usability heatmap helps organizations understand website usability by reporting on particular sections that attract a lot of scrolls, clicks, or other website interactions. Below are some of the leading usability testing tools.
    [Marketing] Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’s SEO-Friendly ‘Bluebird’ and the Betterment of a Google Ranking
    However, what many fail to recognize is the prophetic, Nostradamus-like, subliminal message that Baskett originally fed American marketers at the time of his pioneering music video’s release in 1946 — exactly 60 years before Twitter and her globally-recognized bluebird ever became an actual tool for internet fanatics. The post Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’s SEO-Friendly ‘Bluebird’ and the Betterment of a Google Ranking appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute. Marketing SEO digital Twitter Enjoy this post from Lucas Miller. Enter Twitter, stage left. Answer: nothing less.
    [Marketing] How To Write Mobile-Friendly Emails
    mail Marketing for Small Business e-mail marketing email mobile-friendly email mobile-responsive website 'Are you reading this on a small screen? The majority of us are using our phones to do more and more things online, and checking email is a big part of our activity. Because mobile usage is so prevalent, it makes sense to have a mobile-responsive website. It also makes sense to write your emails with the expectation that most will be read on a phone. The ones that are read on a big screen will be easier to read, too.
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    [Marketing] The Rise and Fall of Big Data Hype
    It is once it leaves the Peak of Inflated Expectations that we can begin to identify its real, valuable applications and it can be applied to a variety of markets at scale. Currently, the big data hype that we have seen surround the fields of marketing, sales and operations is dying down. The post The Rise and Fall of Big Data Hype appeared first on t2 Marketing International. 'We are still a few years away from fully utilizing big data, but we have now moved past all the big data hype. Source: Gartner. Where was ‘Big Data’ before? What exactly does that mean?
    [Marketing] 25 Questions I Ask About B2B Content Marketing
    'At Convince & Convert we’ve been doing a lot of content marketing strategy work for B2B companies lately, and while every client circumstance is different (which is what makes consulting an interesting endeavor), I’ve definitely found some common themes and typical areas for improvement. Here are 25 of the questions I’ve been asking to B2B companies about content marketing. Maybe some of these will make you think about your own content marketing program and opportunities to expand, enhance, and optimize it. How do you get non-marketers involved?
    [Marketing] Video Killed the Video Star
    'Tenacity5 will release the second edition of its email newsletter, the Monthly Marketing Mashup this week. ” Everyone is talking about how important video is to online content and marketing. This month we dig deep into the video market to give you a complete briefing on the Internet video trend. It may be the best marketing making fun of marketing video ever. CMOs and marketing executives know that video is a priority. Sign up for the Monthly Marketing Mashup today ! Here is the November edition, “Video Killed the Video Star.”
    [Marketing] The Eight PR Up-and-Comers
    Today she is the PR and content manager for The Focus Group , an advertising and marketing agency in Hattiesburg. 'By Gini Dietrich. On the eighth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… eight PR up-and-comers, seven must-listen podcasts , six  communicator gifts , five  communications trends , four free webinars , three strategy games , two  Crazies secrets , and the  PR win of 2014. Friday afternoon, I posted on Facebook that I was looking for the PR up-and-comers and received nearly 150 comments. The Eight PR Up-and-Comers. Without further ado, the eight PR up-and-comers.
    [Marketing] Small Business Owners: Writing Articles and Guest Posts
    Every industry and every niche market has at least one site positioned as its leader in content and community. 'Would you like to extend the reach of your business, creating a touch point to new customers? Consider submitting an article or guest post to other sites. There is one for your business and marketplace. quick search on Alltop.com will show you tops sites for almost every type of industry. Perhaps the site you find caters to your kind of customer. Find it and submit an article or guest post. If you can’t find an email address, but you find a form – use the form.
    [Marketing] 55 Fresh Ideas for Your Christmas Newsletter
    The data-driven marketers at  Outbrain report that using convenience themed words in email subject lines, like “quick” and “trick” will increase open rates. Marketer Liga Bizune recommends sending a series of emails, perhaps themed around Advent, the 12 days of Christmas, or Hanukkah. Even though consumers are more engaged with marketing emails during the holidays, being too generic won’t do you any favors. Exclusivity is a powerful marketing tactic. Email Marketing Online Marketing 'Image source. Gift Guides. Free Gifts.
    [Marketing] Join Europe's Top Community Professionals In London (Speaker list)
    Jenn is responsible for the growth and manage of not only 400,000 online marketers at Moz, but also a  terrific team  of community professionals.    This makes Jenn both the top expert in SEO use by online communities and provides an incredible depth of expertise in everything related to online marketing. 'If you weren't sure about attending SPRINT Europe on Feb 24 - 25 , we hope this will persuade you. Please  Please send it to your boss, colleagues, and anyone else you believe should attend.  We have 16 of these remaining.
    [Marketing] How to Use Twitter Cards in Social Media Marketing
    How to Use Twitter Cards in Social Media Marketing is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog. Forbes Top-25 Forbes Social Media Power Influencer, Pam is strategic marketing leader in Seattle and a major Seahawks fan. Related Articles 8 Tips for Managing a Social Media Crisis Don’t Make These 9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes 12 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy. Branding Content Marketing Social Media Social Media Marketing Twitter Social media marketing https://t.co/x8HoullQMT
    [Marketing] FTC Social Disclosure Rules
    ” Last year, the FTC released revised guidelines  that made it clear that marketers have to apply the same standards– including full disclosures– to short-form ads on Twitter as they have to older traditional media. The FTC suggests that marketers could flag Twitter ads by including “Ad:” (three characters) at the beginning of the post or the word “sponsored” (nine characters). Content Marketing Mastering Social Media 'Last week’s FTC / Deutsch LA settlement sent shivers p many a PR spine. PS Vita [ruling] the world. Learn about it!
    [Marketing] Your 12 Point Content Marketing Strategy (Part 1 of 4)
    Content marketing works if  you work it. The Content Bubble is about the burst and like the dot-com bubble – only businesses with a comprehensive, well-designed content marketing strategy will survive the backlash of disillusionment and finger-pointing. We believe that a successful content marketing strategy is built on 12 key points. Over the next 4 weeks we’ll examine all twelve and give you some pointers on how to apply them to your content marketing strategy. Relevancy makes content marketing work. wish content marketing was a 1x tactic. Relevancy.
    [Marketing] Is your digital marketing team ready for 2015 yet?
    2015 marketing goals] are closer than they appear. They will excite their consumers by being tech-focused within their marketing. It’s not about seeing how many tweets you can promote or how many videos you can make in your marketing budget. Digital Leadership Social Media 2015 planning Digital Marketing ibeacons marketing goals Marketing Strategy mobile smartphones social media planning social mediad technology wearable technology '2014 is coming to a close and 2015 is approaching faster than we expected. No brainer. But what else? No brainer.
    [Marketing] Win More Pitches
    As we all know, pitching for new business is the lifeblood of any marketing agency. digital marketing. marketing blog. marketing podcast. 'Episode #440 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. If you''re in the agency business, you know the new business development and pitching grind like no other. Winning the pitches. no matter how great of a closing record you may have, is such a strange thing. and can be. Still, the process must be understood, executed upon and mastered. Win More Pitches , I believe him.
    [Marketing] The Way Television Should Be
    Yes, newer episodes of your favorite shows may be marketed as a "moment in time," but the water cooler discourse dissolves into something else, because we''re all consuming television on our own schedules (like binge viewing an entire season over a weekend). 'What if television looked and acted like Netflix ? Many years back, I was blogging about the future of education. If I could find the specific link to the post, I would have dropped it in here. Their attendance could be physical and/or virtual. It seems to make sense, doesn''t it? You get accepted to a college. you get the drill.
    [Marketing] The Instagram That You Hardly Know
    It''s a trap to think that Instagram is an amazing marketing channel, simply because there are a lot of people on it taking photos and sharing photos. Instagram ushered in a new era of "winners" in digital marketing. The lesson for marketers is clear: don''t just post photos as an afterthought. From the piece: "''I think we''re at the stage right now where exchanging simple text-based messages on a social platform seems antiquated,'' says Debra Aho Williamson , an analyst with eMarketer who has been covering social media and realtime marketing for more than a decade.
    [Marketing] What's Next For Marketing?
    With that, I can''t help but realize that what''s next is not where the attention needs to be paid for marketers. While presenting at the HubSpot ''s Inbound marketing summit this past year, my close friend, Christopher S. Penn from Shift Communications asked me to discuss the future of marketing at the FutureM event (which was taking place at the same time). For me, the future, really is today for marketers. future of marketing. inbound marketing summit. marketing. 'Who isn''t fascinated with where the world is going? and our fronts. Probably.
    [Marketing] Facebook Marketing: How to Target the Right People Every Time
    Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Many of us have experimented with Facebook marketing to extend our reach using basic advertising and boosting posts. However, Jon Loomer says reach is overrated, and that there are smarter ways to use your Facebook marketing dollars. Jon shares a number of Facebook marketing best practices in this episode, including how to use the more advanced techniques to save time and focus your advertising budget on the right audience. Jon Loomer believes the first step with any form of marketing is to go after the people that know you.
    [Marketing] Is Your Social Approach to Recruitment Working?
    Effectively developing a good social media marketing plan takes time, patience and practice. 'Whether you’ve just begun your small business journey or you’ve been in the field for decades, recruitment is an ongoing task that is ever-changing. Owning a solid company starts with having smart, dedicated employees. With millions of people out there, how do you find the right people for your company? Social Networking Proves Popular. An infographic from Staff.com found that 92 percent of companies are currently relying on social media to meet their hiring needs.
    [Marketing] Why Every Mobile App Should Be Connected to Social Media
    Because people love sharing what they are doing on social media so much, businesses can use social media as a great marketing and advertising tool. 'The technology business world has changed drastically over the last few years. People in the tech business are quickly figuring out what works and what does not when it comes to making money using technology. Many business owners have had to take some big risks to discover what will work best for their business when using technology. These risks have allowed other people to see what will be successful when using technology.
    [Marketing] Is Brand Engagement Over on Facebook?
    Use Facebook as just another social media network in your toolbox but not as the be-all end-all of your marketing campaign. Every brands needs are different of course, and if you need help evaluating how your brand is using social media as part of your marketing strategy let me know. 'The news about Facebook lately has been pretty grim. The Wall St. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads. Here’s an example. Too pushy? What if I LIKE watching Gary the tiger? per month. The Wall St.
    [Marketing] New Facebook Changes: Target your Audience Effectively
    Will this make marketing on Facebook easier for you?  . 'If you are one of the many people confused by Facebook and its ever-changing algorithms, you’ll be pleased to know they’ve recently made some favourable changes to their operating system. see it everywhere – bloggers desperately trying to reach their Facebook audience, and being thwarted at every turn. Facebook has been experimenting a lot this year with delivering the best, most tailored newsfeed to its users, but at the cost of our readers seeing posts. New Facebook Tools Changes. Have a recipe post? Post End Date. Insights.
    [Marketing] The Importance of Localized Branded Content on Social Media
    Only then it will be possible to create authentic branded content that works for a local market, embracing the local trends, traditions and humor. The 'The best performing and most valuable content provides relevance for the user as well as the brand with a great respect for the context. What What is happening right now in your local community? And do you take local context into consideration when creating Social Media content for your global brand? We believe that it takes a local to tab into a certain location’s tone of voice and cultural understanding. Facebook.
    [Marketing] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Carrie Morgan
    Before I committed to a marketing and PR career, I was a horse trainer. 'By Gini Dietrich Hey, Carrie Morgan ! How did we meet? can’t remember! Hang on. did a #FollowFriday on her exactly one year ago (how weird is that coincidence?). Let’s see if it says how we met. Totally doesn’t say. We’re both communicators so it has to be that she stumbled on Spin Sucks or I stumbled on Rock The Status Quo and the rest, as they say, is history. mean, I make my team call me that, but I sign their paychecks. What is the Biggest Mistake You’ve Made in Your Career?
    [Marketing] 5 Tactics You Will Need to Use in 2015 to Market Your Small Business
    It’s almost the end of the year, and that means it’s time to amend your marketing strategies to meet all the coming changes. As we move into 2015, here are five tactics you should be incorporating into your own marketing strategy. It won’t help if you haphazardly blow your entire marketing budget on ineffective promotional content. At this point, we no longer require a long list of statistics that show mobile is dominating the market – it just is, and it’s time to accept that. Marketing 'Written by  James White. How can you do all this?
    [Marketing] How to Use Tumblr and Automated Tweets to Drive Awareness
    More marketers need to take advantage of the ability to automate messages to their audiences that are timely and valuable. Jake Sorofman shares some highlights from the Gartner 2015 Marketing Spending Survey on the Gartner blog. Not only are marketing budgets expected to increase by over 10% in 2015 , but they also account for 10.2% With this increase in marketing spending comes an increase in the importance of customer experience. She’s an incredible marketer.” barimogil Tweet This. Much More Than Sales. Social Media Number of the Week: 10.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2014
    [Marketing] SoundCloud Mobile App Adds iPhone Playlists Feature
    With users now able to create playlists on their phones, anywhere they are, it makes SoundCloud marketing an easier sell. SoundCloud music marketing music promotion online marketing online music marketing soundcloud promotion soundcloud tips 'The SoundCloud mobile app is a key part of the SoundCloud experience. The SoundCloud mobile app team is always working hard to create a better experience for users. As always, stick around for the end of the article where I publish my favorite track on SoundCloud right now! How the new SoundCloud mobile app feature works.
    [Marketing] Who Can Benefit From Outsourcing Payroll?
    Business & Marketing business apps business tips business tools payroll 'Outsourcing payroll functions is an excellent option for companies that want to operate more efficiently and at a reduced cost. If you are interested in pursuing this as an alternative to an in-house HR department, this list may help you determine whether your business needs will be best served by outsourcing your payroll. Your Managers Are Overworked. Tracking and adding up hours worked can be a laborious task, especially for companies that employ a significant number of non-exempt (that is, hourly) employees.
    [Marketing] Why Facebook’s Updates (probably) Won’t Kill Your Business
    Facebook’s push toward paid advertising is likely to aggravate an already tense relationship between small businesses and social platforms over audience ownership,” says Steven Jacobs of Street Fight , a Colorado-based media-and-events firm covering local digital marketing.” 'There has been a lot of misinformation out there about Facebook’s latest announcement. The big issue is that some posts by business pages aren’t being seen by as many people as they used to be. The point of view of the business owner is very important, but Facebook really cares about the users. Buy Ads. Exactly!
    [Marketing] 5 Tips for Finding the Right Social Influencers for Your Brand
    As marketers, we create content in order to persuade and engage with customers. The concept of partnering with bloggers and other active social media users is called “influencer marketing”. Despite its apparent advantages, influencer marketing is a wasted investment if you are not working with the right ones. However, marketers should resist the urge to only look at unique visitors as a measure of reach. As with marketing any website, it often takes multiple exposures to get a visitor to click and check out your site, and you want to make sure they come back.
    [Marketing] Are you Missing Out On The Boredom Opportunity?
    Your market, your customers are bored with their life. 'Money is tight. Hours are short. They need you to fight their boring life. Now for me life is never boring! But many people want more from their life, many people want to surf the web and be entertained, informed or educated. They want someone to provide that something that will provide some element of their life that they feel is missing. Now before we judge whether people should take more responsibility for their own happiness, let’s see the business opportunity for us. Boredom is opportunity. Boredom is an invitation.
    [Marketing] 6 Ways Social Media Affects Your Google Rankings
    Don’t short your digital marketing efforts by neglecting your social media accounts. 'As technology progresses and the Internet becomes an increasingly complex and crowded place, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. When it comes to your business, this can be a big problem. Your ability to be heard in the crowd and make valuable connections can play a major role in the present and future success of your business. This means it’s important to link your social media and SEO strategies. Social Sharing and Link Building. Making Connections  . Personalization  . Reviews. Google
    [Marketing] From MAGNET: How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Innovative Company
    As many manufacturing companies have a complex and vast array of products and services, each with different audiences, showcase pages allow you to address different markets with customized content. Take advantage of this marketing tool to develop deeper relationships with your audience and “showcase” what makes your company innovative. Social Marketing linkedin MAGNET Manufacturing Success showcase innovation 'Each month we be feature a blog post from our friends at MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network). How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Innovative Company.
    [Marketing] 7 Insights to Consider When Redesigning Your Blog
    Pushing Social provides content marketing strategy to the leadership teams of very smart organizations. I’m a marketing strategist, coach, and writer. 'Get new articles sent to you. Get New Articles. Even though I have developed hundreds of blogs and websites, I still struggle with redesigning my own site. Pushing Social is my baby and it’s tough to be objective. So this time around I relied heavily on a team of designers to help me reimagine how we deliver our message. These insights were the litmus test for every design decision. 2) Less is More. We love call-to-actions.
    [Marketing] Seven Podcasts to Add to Your iTunes Feed
    Marketing Smarts. 12 Days of Christmas Communication Chip Griffin doug haslam for immediate release inside pr joe thornley kerry gorgone kevin anselmo mark story marketing smarts MarketingProfs martin waxman media bullseye mitch joel neville hobson podcasts shel holtz six pixels of separation the friday five tom webster wait wait don''t tell me 'By Gini Dietrich. There have been lots of predictions that 2015 is going to be the year of the podcast. Because I’ve been co-hosting one for years now, I like the sound of that. Seven Must-Listen Podcasts. The Friday Five. reads it.
    [Marketing] How to Put the Customer First With Human Marketing
    From a marketing perspective, it allows KLM to tell the story of how it values the consumer experience. As marketers, we’re often focused on the campaign, the sell or the advertisement, however, this video is a valuable reminder that we need to focus on what’s important – the customer. 'The best stories are often deeply personal. This sentiment is exemplified in KLM’s new “Cover Greetings” video. Filmed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the video showcases how KLM surprised passengers with something special and unexpected – handwritten messages from loved ones.
    [Marketing] Where Do We Experience Community? (and why forums are struggling)
    Part of that can be attributed to the PR, marketing and sales teams of each.   The great exceptions like communities hosted by Lithium/Jive and co prevail by heavy marketing and forcing members to use them. 'Many platform vendors are going through a tough time.    Others are experiencing breakneak growth. The rest is trend-related. The  The big trend is where we  experience  a community. Do we go to distinct, carefully branded, destinations to experience the community? Or does the community come to us through existing channels? 
    [Marketing] Wearables in the Workplace
    Are consumers or businesses ahead in the wearable market? 'Click Here to Subscribe via iTunes. Click Here to Subscribe via RSS Feed (non-iTunes feed). link]. The one stat you need to know. Research last year by Credit Suisse called wearable tech “the next big thing” and predicted the industry was set to grow from around $3 billion to $5 billion today to $50 billion within five years. What this episode is about and why you should care. Wearable technology is an up and coming trend.  What you will learn in this episode. What stage are consumers at with wearable technology?
    [Marketing] Fight or Flight: Responding to a PR Crisis
    The Fight in Marketing. In marketing, we are constantly addressing issues such as low sales, increasing brand awareness, or better search engine rankings. The Flight in Marketing. 'By Stacey Hood. From the dawn of man, the instinct to survive has been strong in all of us. We either confront things head on (fight) or avoid/ignore them (flight). We occasionally do both, depending on the circumstances. This is a coping mechanism, part of our DNA. But it is not always physical; it can be mental or even emotional. Fight vs. Flight. grew up in a boxing family. Bullying. Clever.
    [Marketing] Why Last Week’s FTC Twitter Violation is a Total #GameChanger
    If you’re a brand marketer, what I’m going to share could save you millions of dollars. Although the guidelines apply mostly to advertising and marketing, as social marketing morphs into social business, they’re important to anyone who uses social media for work. As social media matures into a communication channel for employees outside of marketing and PR like sales and customer service, the real challenge is making sure everyone understands their compliance obligations. Digital Marketing 'Image via Shutterstock. This one is big. Why does the FTC care?
    [Marketing] What Happens When You Change Your Blog Subscribers Over to a Newsletter Format?
    Earlier this year, I took stock of the content I was producing, and decided to stop writing solely about marketing, social media, etc., In fact, I only wish I’d done it sooner… This originally appeared as a guest post on the Kayak Marketing blog. 'About three months ago, I made the decision to change up the way my blog posts were delivered to email subscribers. While RSS subscribers would still receive the usual instant notification once a post went live, email subscribers would now get my post as part of a weekly newsletter. This played into reason three.
    [Marketing] What are Twitter Offers & How Can a Brand use Them?
    market right now, but plans are underway to expand it. Twitter online marketing social media marketing twitter marketing twitter marketing strategy 'Twitter recently announced the launch of a new type of Twitter card. It is exclusive to the U.S. The basic idea behind Twitter Offers is that it will allow advertisers a better way to track their ROI from Twitter. This is due to the nature of Twitter Offers being right in Twitter’s system. The system isn’t perfect, but you can use Twitter Offers for your brand to drive sales campaigns, and measure your ROI.
    [Marketing] Get Social Media Right: Five Things you Just Can’t Miss
    It’s marketing 101. Here are some of the top indicators every social media marketer should pin to the wall. With so many metrics out there for a marketer to measure, life just got harder for content marketers. For contemporary content marketers, metrics are best classified into classes, and then each asset must be measured against the overall performance of the asset class it comes under. Cyfe integrates with social media networks, email marketing tools, and all other major sources for your traffic, revenue, or sales. Business Assets. Retention.
    [Marketing] Data for customer closeness: Is in-store finally catching up with online?
    Agile Big data Digital tools and technologies Future of market research Innovation analysis Andrew Murphy behavioural data customer closeness data data exhaust forrester John Lewis path to purchase Retail retailer 'It seems strange to begin a retail blog post by talking about a lack of consumer data. Much of what’s currently written relates to how leading retail brands are getting closer to their customers by analysing data. Very few companies have even attempted to collect meaningful behavioural data in-store. None have cracked it. appeared first on FreshMinds.
    [Marketing] Will 2015 Be The Year SEO Dies?
    How are the changes in SEO affecting your marketing? 'As I look at the increasing number of predictions for next year, one that keeps popping up is the idea that SEO is dead. Or not. It’s hard to tell, isn’t it? The problem with predictions is that we don’t actually know what will happen. Look at all the predictions in the past, and the number of really funny ones about “the future” are the stuff of comedy. Here’s My SEO Prediction For 2015. SEO is growing up. Babies are different than kids. Kids are different than teens. The little kid got big.
    [Marketing] 8 Tips on Generating High Quality B-to-B Leads
    'Let’s face it, in your world, qualified leads are or should be the holy grail of marketing. According to a report by Marketing Sherpa , 78% of B2B marketers biggest challenge is generating qualified leads. Marketing Tips Marketing Tools Traditional Marketing b to b leads closing the loop on leads high quality b to b leads marketing sherpa nurturing leads Here are some tips on how you can improve your process: Create a plan  - that will include message, method of delivery, when to hand lead to sales and measuring ROI. If not, why?
    [Marketing] Association Social Media: The CFA Institute
    This year, the social media team — along with our web team — joined the global marketing and communications division. now report to our chief marketing and communications officer, based in London. ————– Today’s interview features Len Costa, Head, Communications & Content Strategy for the CFA Institute. 1) First things first –  in what department in your organization does your role sit?  Who do you report to? . Along the way, I took on responsibilities for digital innovation as well as mobile and content strategy. Thank you so much Len!
    [Marketing] Social Media ROI’s Missing Ingredient
    Market research insights and reduced customer churn/increased lifetime value are two potentially massive social media benefits that are under-discussed and rarely modeled accurately. This video is f rom  Jay Today is my near-daily 3-minute video where I talk about social media, content marketing, business and life. '(watch video to see my son artistically photo bomb me). Are you putting all of your emphasis in social media measurement on exactly the wrong thing? did a webinar recently with my friends from Expion about cross channel social media analytics. Now You Know Your Costs.
    [Marketing] Building Your Business Presence: Images
    Marketing Social Media 'It should come as no surprise that images continue to drive traffic. Photos, especially pictures with text overlays, get more noticed, more clicks, and more shares. The flip-and-click action of mobile devices certainly fuel the popularity of image-heavy content. If you want more traffic and more awareness for your business – feed the fanaticism of this photo-friendly phenomena. Finding images to use on your site is only the initial step. ize, quality, and punctuation of your images can also  help in building your business presence.
    [Marketing] 3 Conversion Psychology Principles to Use in Sales Copy
    It may surprise you, but marketers are as well.  ” In order to convert new leads, a marketer needs deep understanding of their company’s customers. Choosing to integrate behavioral psychology into your sales copy process could be the best  content marketing decision you make this year. 'Image source. Sales people are in the business of convincing others. HubSpot’s Ginny Soskey writes that it’s crucial to understand why “other people think and act the way you do.” People Seek Pleasure. Esteem, including achievement and earning respect.
    [Marketing] A Unique Value Proposition and The Island of Misfit Toys
    In marketing, we throw around the term “ Unique Value Proposition ” often. Related Stories How Anheuser-Busch Redefined Experiential Marketing Three Psychological Secrets to Turn Visitors into Customers Five Best Practices for Start-Up Content Marketing. Branding Marketing branding your unique business business branding unique business unique value proposition 'By Laura Petrolino. How’d you like to be a spotted elephant? Or a choo-choo with square wheels on your caboose! Or a water pistol that shoots… jelly? We Are All Misfits! Don’t Hide Your Spots.
    [Marketing] Social Media Strategy Template
    92% of marketers claim that social media marketing is important for their business. Content Marketing Mastering Social Media 'Download the PDF of the Social Media Strategy Template here. link]. In January 2014 almost three-quarters of all adults were active in social media, according to the Pew Research Center. 83 percent have a Twitter account and 80 percent are on Facebook – a ten percent increase since 2013. Pinterest has seen remarkable growth in the last three years: 11 (2%) F500 companies had a Pinterest account in 2012. Meritus Media Inc., Meritus Media Inc.
    [Marketing] How to Drill Down to Your True Target Audience
    If I could give every marketer a pop quiz, it’d only have one question: What’s the most important element in a campaign – cleverness, appearance, or relevance? Every marketer worth their salt has learned that message by now; all the pretty and witty creative in the world isn’t going to hook your audience unless the message actually matters to them. Dissecting your buyers might not be the most glamorous part of marketing. As marketers we need to get to the heart of what makes people, people – emotion. 'Image via BigStockPhoto.com. It’s relevance, of course.
    [Marketing] Stand out from the Crowd: Simplicity Tips from Amy Lynn Andrews
    also liked the idea of permission-based marketing which gives  me  the power to go to my readers instead of waiting for  them  to come to me. In 'If you’ve been blogging for long, you’ve no doubt heard of Amy Lynn Andrews. Plain-language blogging tips, tricks, and tutorials are Amy’s game. And while everyone gets louder and brighter on the internet in order to catch your attention, Amy is whispering. And it works. Slim down, pare back, focus on your priorities. Amy would want you to! The Useletter. decided to focus on quick, bite-sized tips in my emails. But why?
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