[Marketing] How to Winterize Your Public Relations Plan
    In 2014, 46 percent of organizations operated without a digital marketing strategy, and only 44 percent of marketers had a content strategy. Or do you want to gain traction against competitors in a new market segment, or increase employee engagement? If the goal is to gain traction in a new market, seek media in that segment and align your media relations efforts with editorial calendars. 'By Anthony Hardman. Winter is coming (or maybe it’s already here for some of you). That makes me wonder, how many organizations are operating without a PR plan ?
    [Marketing] How the Joint Efforts of Customer Service and Social Media Bring About Success
    'Marketers know that learning to work with other departments has always been a challenge. In the past, the marketing department has always had difficulty with communicating and working together with the IT department. Now, the marketing team, and especially the social media department have a new challenge, and that is working with the customer service department to ensure that an excellent customer experience is delivered to each customer. If the proper level of customer service is not delivered, then chances are the social media team is going to hear about it.
    [Marketing] Companies That Fake a Commitment to Content Fool Only Themselves
    It is so good, in fact, that like any compelling film, it has drawn public praise and criticism from people who think that using the war for content marketing is exploitative. . And finally, there’s a third film (one that seems specifically made for content marketers like us) that explains the making of the film. For every major piece of content you produce — and for your content marketing as a whole — you ought to be able to proudly showcase these three stories: the story, the story behind the story and the story about the making of the story. grocery chain Sainsbury’s.
    [Marketing] Companies That Fake a Commitment to Content Fool No One But Themselves
    And finally, there’s a third film—and this one seems specifically made for content marketers like us, drooling on our own goose bumps—that explains the making of the film. For every major piece of content you produce—and for your content marketing apparatus as a whole—you ought to be able to proudly showcase these three stories: the story, the story behind the story, and the story about the making of the story. 'For years now we’ve been telling brands that they have to build their own media platforms, and most have done so. grocery chain Sainsbury’s.
    [Marketing] How Are You Utilizing Training?
    Kevin Higginbotham is the CEO of the Evergreen Marketing Group. Marketing Tips Traditional Marketing distributor training employee training evergreen marketing group John Sonnhalter sales training Viega viega educational facility 'I don’t think any manufacturer out there would argue the importance of training. What What manufacturer wouldn’t want to ensure their customers are trained properly on how to use their products or informed on their latest product offerings. Plus, But sometimes there is no substitute for in-person training. How are you utilizing Training?
    [Marketing] 14 Books to Read…or Skip
    Related Stories Summer Reading: Five Novels and One Business Book Plan Your Content Using a Marketing Funnel Anonymous Social Media: Why You Shouldn’t Participate. 'By Gini Dietrich Here we are. Just two days before Thanksgiving…and my last day of work in November. Because everyone in the U.S. has senioritis, I thought I’d not do my intended content planning blog post, but do a semi-annual book post. recorded The Friday Five with Tom Webster yesterday. If you don’t know his podcast, he interviews people around the web about their five favorite songs. Sweet Water.
    [Marketing] How To Write A Post That Will Rock Your Facebook
    The Content Marketing Institute found that active and exciting keywords such as “revealed,” “unveiling,” “promised,” and “coming” builds interest and suspense about the brand and its product news. 'Guest post by Cari Bennette. ————-. Are you getting the kind of response you want from your Facebook posts? You know, the kind where you get lots of reader engagement, ‘likes’ and clicks on your calls to action? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we’re about to share some of the best online tips for writing successful Facebook posts. Interested? Be yourself.
    [Marketing] 4 Questions CEOs Wish Marketing Could Answer – Without Having to Ask
    There are few marketers in the industry who haven’t felt the pains of working with a CEO who isn’t behind the marketing strategy. study by The Fournaise Group revealed that 80 percent of CEOs don’t trust – and aren’t very impressed by – the work done by marketers. While not every CEO needs to be a marketing expert, it’s imperative that CEOs have a clear understanding of marketing’s role within their business and how to measure its effectiveness. recently polled my network of CEOs to find out their top marketing questions. 'Image via BigStockPhoto.com.
    [Marketing] PR Pros: Start Thinking Bigger Before It’s Too Late
    recently had the pleasure of speaking at PRSA Pittsburgh’s Professional Development Day  where I spoke about some of the changes that integrated marketing is having on the PR industry. Before launching into your PR ideas, strategies and tactics, ask to see the overall marketing plan. Some of us have added things like social media, content marketing, media buying, and SEO/SEM to our resumes to try to stay ahead of the curve but these are short-term, tactical solutions. Public Relations brunner future marketing native advertising pr public relations
    [Marketing] Google Activates Their First New gTLD Domain Name
    As an internet marketer, I believe it’s important to let the numbers and the marketing data determine your actions. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately to determine the overall viability and marketability of the New gTLDs. New gTLD market share courtesy ntldstats.com As you may be. 'Google has activated their first New gTLD domain name, which is nic.google. Nic.Google currently redirects to the Google Registry. Well, after all, it could be a temporary redirect, with a plan on putting a live site on nic.google at some point? HTTP/1.1·302·Found
    [Marketing] A Perspective on Bitcoin and Other Online Virtual Currencies
    Although Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, there is a viable market for them. It supports Wiki, and helps online visitors access free and valuable information, most especially in the field of editing, marketing, and coding of Wiki online files.          •        Darkcoin. This is due to the fact that its investors can use Darkcoin in the acquisition of anything and everything, including black market items. 'Bitcoin, the most famous digital currency , is in the limelight in the last few years. The New Era of Commerce. Socialnomics
    [Marketing] Should You Care About Losing Blog Subscribers?
    Why Context Marketing is Nothing New The Little Boy That Could (Or Why We Need to Make What We Do Brilliant Every Time). Maybe. It depends. know – crappy answer, right? But each one can be applied to the question of losing blog subscribers and whether you should care or not. After all, as bloggers, we’re more often than not told that “it’s all about the list”. This usually refers to an email list, and why building one is important for your blog’s growth. m not going to get into the “do I need a list or not?” No, for this post, I’m going to assume you already have a list. Let’s dig in.
    [Marketing] 9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Have To Make
    On the other hand, when a business is trying to invest wisely in social media marketing, the stakes are higher, and mistakes can be harder to overcome. One of the reasons social media marketing is so powerful is because it enables a “faceless” corporation to become a friend. Are You Making One Of These Marketing Mistakes? Social Media marketing mistakes social media marketing mistakes 'It’s pretty hard to be involved with social media and never make a mistake — not even a teensy weensy one. That connection is powerful! Spamming.
    [Marketing] 2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales for Marketers
    If you are in the market for new tools and platforms for your business, then Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the days to take advantage of. Here are the best deals I’ve found so far for marketers – be sure to bookmark this page and check it frequently to see when new deals are added! You''re reading 2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales for Marketers , originally posted on Kikolani and copyrighted by Kristi Hines, freelance writer and professional blogger. The post 2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales for Marketers appeared first on Kikolani.
    [Marketing] Monday Roundup: Thanksgiving
    A Content Marketing Thanksgiving Feast with All The Fixings. Why: Planning and executing your online marketing strategy can seem overwhelming. In this still relevant guest post for Top Rank Marketing , Ashley Zeckman uses the components of a traditional Thanksgiving meal to illustrate how you can make your strategy manageable. In this post for Mashable , Laura Vitto introduces us to a cool way to pass the time while your turkey is in the oven… and genius marketing from Spotify. 'This Thursday we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S. A Decade of Thanksgivings.
    [Marketing] 23 Reasons Why Businesspeople Love Podcasts
    'Recently, we launched the brand-new MarketingPodcasts.com site, the first-ever search engine for marketing podcasts. Increasingly, business people (especially marketers) are using podcasts to stay on top of trends because it’s the most time-efficient way to get educated. Why did we spend the time and money on this? We have two podcasts of our own: Social Pros and Jay Today. Podcast listening increased 25% last year in the United States. You can multi-task your podcast listening in ways you simply cannot with other forms of content. No obligation.
    [Marketing] Making Sense of Social Media Analytics
    Whereas a few years ago in the association community, social media was a topic that dominated almost every event agenda, the topic has all but fallen off the radar in favor of this year’s hot topics, content marketing, big data and the like. One thing I talked about at NESAE was the fact that, for for-profits, social media measurement is a bit easier because it seems to be tied mainly to marketing or PR. If you Google “social media measurement” you get a ton of stuff about measuring the ROI of social media marketing or calculating social media share of voice.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2014
    [Marketing] 4 Ways to Identify Growth Opportunities on Google Analytics
    'Google Analytics is a hugely valuable resource when it comes to measuring the performance of your website, and the majority of marketers tend to use Google Analytics for these superficial measurement criteria. These four tactics are just a few of the great ways in which marketers can begin to leverage opportunities on Google Analytics for a lot more than simply measuring web traffic. The benefit of the Behavior Flow is that is can be a crucial component in ramping up your content marketing efforts. Identifying and cultivating brand advocates is every marketers dream.
    [Marketing] Nominate Your Favorite @SocialEmployee Advocacy Leader #EmployeeSEAL @Tom_Peters
    The #EmployeeSEAL Award will be profiled on the  Blue Focus Marketing Blog.  The brands that leverage their employee base in order to engage customers and prospects through social media are the ones destined to win the marketing wars. Edelman, Global Co-Leader, Digital Marketing & Sales Practice, McKinsey & Company. 'Nominate your favorite employee – @SocialEmployee Advocacy Leader. I’m happy to announce that the nomination for 50 Top Twitter @SocialEmployee Advocacy Leaders – #EmployeeSEAL is now open.  About the Award. Recognition. Eligibility.
    [Marketing] The New Rules Of Sales And Service
    How many writers do you know that have written books about space, the Grateful Dead, viral marketing, social media, public relations and more? This is the life of David Meerman Scott , who in marketing circles is probably best known for his bestselling business book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR (which, for many, is the bible for social media in the business world). We also look and how intrinsically connected sales, customer service and marketing have become. digital marketing. marketing blog. marketing lessons from the grateful dead.
    [Marketing] Fail, Perfect, Early – LIFT Slides 11-22-14
    'As we approach our customers and the content we publish, we always look for ways to give our people a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here are a few decks on  SlideShare  that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, , decks from SlideShare, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds. Note : Every Sunday afternoon, our  Whistle Stops Weekly newsletter  is sent with at least one resource or link to L.I.F.T. your presence or practice.  Subscribe today. LIFT Videos
    [Marketing] Making the Next Big Idea Fly
    Business & Marketing startup startups 'You’ve got it. You have come up with a new communication device that is going to make the wrist band mobile device obsolete. It’s compact, it’s trendy, and everyone is going to need one as soon as it hits the scene. You know that your concept will be the next big thing in an age when everyone wants to stay connected. Now it’s simply a matter of making it happen. Get the Patent. Don’t make the mistake of letting anyone steal your idea. Apply for a patent. Apply for a Loan or Grant Money. The Ball will Start Rolling.
    [Marketing] Business Transformation. From Marketers To Makers.
    Companies can earn millions of billions of dollars in the short span of four months, and the markets will pound them for not performing better. When they''re not doing that, these channels are typically leveraged by the marketing and communications departments, as a way to advertise some kind of promotion or product. Jay Baer often says that social media is the campfire, and that content marketing is the gasoline. Content marketing is no longer just about being relevant and consistent in how a brand publishes. Marketers should be helping to transform businesses.
    [Marketing] 6 Must-Read Books For Young Startupers
    Kocialski made a special emphasis on creating a successful strategy to boost the chances of success in the market. Social media has changed the nature of influence and it became an effective marketing tool to any businesses. Socialnomics is a useful reference for social marketing. It provides a thorough overview of the ways how social media is changing the marketing field. The The author did a good job in presenting high level analysis and practical impact of social media to companies that every marketer can appreciate. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.
    [Marketing] How To Enhance Holiday Marketing With Pinterest
    Why not use that visually appealing aspect of the holidays to utilize Pinterest in your marketing campaigns? The site has been reaching out to businesses and they have created a helpful page called Project Holiday to “help you add some extra tinsel to your marketing this season.” There is a lot more on Project Holiday, and I think it’s safe to say that Pinterest is planning on being a marketing staple in the future. Social media marketing is a powerful business tool that all of us could use. 'This is a visual season. ” 3 Ways To Start.
    [Marketing] How Instagram Took Over Thailand
    There are temples, palaces, markets, and a vivid nightlife scene. This old city is a popular tourist destination and offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the surrounding jungle, shop in the Chiang Mai night market, and visit the many temples. 'When you travel in Thailand, it’s important to understand the role social media plays in the country. While this may come as a surprise to many readers, Thailand has a huge number of social media users, so you can use it effectively to help you throughout your trip. The popularity of social media. million Twitter accounts, and 1.7
    [Marketing] [Cool Infographic Friday] Portrait of a Content Marketer
    '———– ( photo credit ). Cool Infographic Friday
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2014
    [Marketing] Content Marketer: Meet the Speechwriter
    'Content marketer, there is someone in your organization you should know, and someone who should know you. The first few years, no one talked about content marketing; they talked about how to make executive communications more strategic, they wondered how to measure the impact of speeches and they talked about the care and feeding of their powerful bosses. Last year, I asked for a show of hands: Who had heard of content marketing? This year I asked who had heard of content marketing, and all the hands went up. How could you not hear about content marketing?
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2014
    [Marketing] How to use Hashtags on Instagram for your Business
    The nature of hashtags on Instagram makes them the key element of your Instagram marketing plan. Without great hashtags on Instagram, your marketing won’t go anywhere. This article seeks to take you through the basics of Instagram marketing, and build up to more advanced tactics towards the end. Telling brand stories via hashtags is an advanced hashtags on Instagram concept that you need to start integrating into your own marketing. Instagram Uncategorized hashtag marketing instagram marketing marketing with hashtags social media marketing
    [Marketing] Does Your Content Pass the Resharing Test?
    Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick , the marketing power duo behind Canva ‘s social, are releasing a book in early December, entitled The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. This is the biggest mistake , he says, that digital marketers make other than not making enough use of visual content. Social Pros Podcast content creation content marketing digital marketing social media Social Media Marketing Social Pros 'Tweetable Moments Visuals are the difference between being noticed and not being noticed. GuyKawasaki Tweet This. Their goal?
    [Marketing] How To DIY An Online Store For Small Business Owners
    Promoting your store and focusing on the marketing, the blogging , the SEO , or using social media to build visitors to your online store. Marketing Small Business 'Writtten by Geoff Austin Ecommerce continues to grow and is worth over $304bn in the US right now. The peak online selling period has started and will run until Xmas. Black Friday which comes at the end of November is worth $1.2bn in sales. So it’s easy to see the benefits of selling online. Yet according to the NSBA , 72% of small businesses are still not selling their own products online. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Marketing] Content Marketing Tools: How to Get Relevant Website Traffic
    Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Ian Cleary is best known as “the tools guy,” especially as it relates to content marketing and social media. The links to all of the tools will be listed in the show notes below, so just site back and learn as Ian reveals his go-to content marketing tools, and more important, his strategy for using them well to accomplish practical marketing objectives. Ian Cleary is the founder of RazorSocial, which helps companies become more productive and get results with content marketing and social media through the use of technology. later.
    [Marketing] Insider secret! The system I wish I’d had when I started business blogging
    In that time I’ve written more than 200 articles about using social media, modern marketing techniques and email marketing to produce healthy growth and profits for small businesses and solo workers. Guiding them through the maze of modern marketing so that they can achieve success for themselves and continue to do so long after our work together is done. Blogging & Content blogging and content marketing blogging for business business blogging business support business tips efficient working getting organised at work organizational tips How did she do all that??
    [Marketing] SEO Isn’t Dead: 10 Ways to Use It for Business
    Marketer Brian Dean swears by long list posts for gaining rankings. If your website is an outdated mess, quality content marketing won’t benefit your SEO. Online Marketing SEO 'While it may come as a surprise to some people, SEO is still alive and kicking. magazine published click-bait piece recently with the title “ SEO is Dead. ” It promoted a “new” concept they refer to as online audience optimization (OAO). But here’s the thing. OAO isn’t anything new. In fact, it’s what smart SEOs have been doing for a really long time.
    [Marketing] Google Rolls Out New Mobile Friendly Tag
    The Google Android and Funambol Impact on Mass Market for Mobile Email Funambol has released a position paper that discusses Google Android. 'Google has started displaying new mobile friendly tag in the search results to show which sites are mobile-friendly and which sites are not. So, if your site is mobile-friendly, and someone is searching on a mobile device, and your site shows up in the search results, it will get a special tag in the search results. The screen shot above is from my iPhone, and is shows the search results for my name, Bill Hartzer. So, it’s not all in text.
    [Marketing] What Is Content Strategy, Really?
    say "not really" because content strategy is the most vexatious (I love that word) term in the marketing lexicon. Content strategy is even more confusing because content marketing is a nascent discipline with no clear rules or definitions. We don’t approach strategy from a traditional product or service perspective like, “How do we position this product with our target market to sell more?” To a content marketer, those  audience insights   are golden, and they drive everything we do in strategy. She needed help with content strategy. Got it. Except, not really.
    [Marketing] Inhabit One Social Media Channel
    Why not simplify your life and improve your marketing efforts by choosing just one? The purpose of media for marketing is to make an impact. About the Author: Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the  author of  Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business  and host of  This Old New Business podcast. 'Unless your company is a big brand, it’s unlikely your customers are scattered across multiple social media channels. Consolidate Your Resources. Obviously, your commitment to a social media channel will determine your success with it. Tweet this.
    [Marketing] A Systematic 3D Approach to Brainstorming New Content Topics
    'If you’re like most content marketers, you’ve become adept at breaking your niche or market down into its component concepts and writing about them in exhaustive detail. These adjoining markets also hold potential for information products – including those you can write and sell to your readers. Social Media Strategy brainstorming chuck frey content marketing mind map niche social media strategy topics trends writing But inevitably, you probably find yourself in a creative rut from time to time. What lessons can you extract from its evolution?
    [Marketing] Making The Impossible Possible: How I Created A Full Time Blogging Income With No Qualifications
    At the same time I’d market my skills to those who needed them – my blog a testament to them. Stacey is a Ghostwriter and Blogger who creates content for influencers in the digital marketing and WordPress community. 'Image via Flickr user Susy Morris. This is a guest contribution from freelance writer Stacey Corrin. It was a dark day in November 2012 when I first began to blog. Rain lashed the windows of the home we’d just moved into. Removal boxes lay strewn across the floor and the cries of my newborn twins rang shrill in my ears. felt trapped, with no escape plan.
    [Marketing] A Recommended Video Collection (and a free video)
    'A few months ago, I was honoured to speak at Moz's incredible Inbound Marketing Conference. learned more from this conference than any other I've been to.    They have just released their video bundle, you can buy 17 hours of footage from terrific speakers for $399. recommend it.    You can watch my talk  below:   Richard Millington, FeverBee: How To Use Social Science To Build Highly Addictive Communities (MozCon - 2014) from FeverBee on Vimeo. Branded Online Communities Managing Online Communities
    [Marketing] What Do You Predict For 2015 In Marketing?
    Advanced analytics and big data are like winning the lottery for digital media — data-driven strategies will integrate into every marketing decision, product development, and campaign planning. As a marketer, it would be nice to invest in the ads that will be welcomed. If you were making a list of predictions for marketing, what would you say? Online Marketing Articles 2015 predictions marketing predictions responsive design If your website is not responsive and ready for the small screen, they are going to go to another site.
    [Marketing] The Uber Issues Cannot Be Fixed by PR
    Related Stories Internal Communications: It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World How to Write a Business Book Without Losing Your Soul Plan Your Content Using a Marketing Funnel. 'By Gini Dietrich Yesterday I spoke at the PRSA Chicago  monthly luncheon. It was awesome because I was in my own hometown (yay!) and I was among my peeps. There is nothing like speaking to a room full of people who understand your language. You’re in PR? totally know what you do every day. Some people in the room even knew what the big, green Bacon’s books were! No amount of PR can fix this.
    [Marketing] How I Use Feedly and Pocket
    On occasion, I can share some of the best resources in a post, like I did in Best Practices of Email Marketing. 'I share a lot of links and resources. But, I don’t share everything. At this writing, I have 839 feeds (sites, blogs, search strings) in my Feedly Reader. This indispensable tool allows me to skim, search, save, and share relevant items in a variety of ways: Send Specific Feed Items I email industry-specific or interest-based items to individuals when I think they can find value for their business or possibly use for their blog or Twitter feed. prefer to filter if I can.
    [Marketing] Where I’ll be Speaking in 2015
    March 25-26: Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. I’m really excited to get to Social Media Marketing World this year. Social Media Marketing World. Until Friday you can grab a ticket to Social Media Marketing World at a whopping $500 off ! 'I’ve had a few people asking in the last few weeks where I’ll be speaking in 2015 – I can’t believe the end of the year is so close! love speaking and am excited by some of the opportunities next year. hope you’ll consider joining me both here in Australia and Internationally. 500 Off!
    [Marketing] The Dave and Busters Tweet Lesson: Stand By Your Brand
    So here’s where we’re at with a collective lack of spine in the social, marketing and advertising world: be creative, be dynamic, create conversation and excitement, but DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE RISKS. Does the marketing and advertising world really want to be known as the analysis paralysis industry whose signature color is beige? Tweet: Does the marketing and advertising world really want to be known as the analysis paralysis industry whose signature color is beige? It sparked furious cries of racism. It sparked snickers. tacotuesday. Stand tall.
    [Marketing] 5 Companies That Nail Social Media Recruiting
    We’re on the lookout for an innovative #Marketing & Creative #Producer. 'With big data recruiting on the rise, social media is playing more of a role in the hiring process than ever before. Industry leaders like Google, Facebook, Amazon and more are leading the charge towards a high-tech recruiting process, and social media is a big part of that strategy. Social media recruiting is still a relatively new game , and some companies play it better than others. These 5 companies have used social media successfully to identify and hire top talent faster. Twitter. Disney. Apply here!
    [Marketing] Buying Your Friends: The Pros and Cons of Purchasing Social Media Followers
    Yet in the marketing world, the stance isn’t always so clear. Some might argue the only way for marketers with a small Google+ following to get in front of and grow a larger audience is to purchase those followers. Facebook Social Media Social Media Small Business Twitter YouTube Google marketing 'linkedmediagrp via Compfight cc. Most see “buying friends” as a bad thing. Why else would every sorority member who’s accused of buying her sisters’ friendship deny it so furiously? If vanity metrics are important, buying them is a fast way to grow those numbers.
    [Marketing] 4 Ways to Turn Boring Data Into Captivating Content
    And guess what–market and competitor research (and any other data you may have gathered) doesn’t have to be boring and can even add value to your customers. Storytelling is huge news in content marketing—it can humanize a brand, making it seem more relatable and relevant in the real world, all fantastic news for the bottom line. With all this time spent playing, there’s hardly any left over for Internet users to become absorbed by the efforts of a hardworking marketer. little competition can be healthy in content marketing! How can you explain it?
    [Marketing] Work on Being More Social in the Job Hunt
    If you’re in the job market, make sure you take a look at some of these sites: Jobster – Jobster is a platform great for networking and job searching. 'Looking for a job is hard work. Luckily, social media plays a big role in finding a job, and there’s a lot more to it than just the big names, like LinkedIn. You can find jobs in your area and your field, and network directly with those offering the job. You can post your resume, video resume and add links to any sites you have. ” Twitter – Recruiters are always scouring Twitter for great candidates.
    [Marketing] When Does Convenience of Service Overcome Lack of Ethics?
    Related Stories Why Context Marketing is Nothing New The Little Boy That Could (Or Why We Need to Make What We Do Brilliant Every Time) Is ‘Mental’ Health a Misnomer? 'If you’ve spent any time online in the last few days, you can’t help but see all the bad news that keeps seeming to appear about personal taxi service Uber. While the service has come under plenty of criticism in the last 6-12 months over some of its practices, the last seven days or so has seen a major upsurge in negative stories around the brand. Quite the list, huh? Again, quite the list.
    [Marketing] Why Every Business Should Have a Facebook Presence
    Marketing Opportunities are Never Ending. Facebook really should not be underestimated as a marketing tool.  'With over 400 million users (and counting!), Facebook is the largest social media network the world has ever seen.  Forget about Myspace, Twitter, and Google+, if you’re only going to use one social media website to advertise your company, Facebook should be the one.  If you’re still not convinced, or don’t know how to create a Facebook page , keep reading.  This article will explain why your business needs a Facebook presence, and how easy it is to create one.
    [Marketing] Internal Communications: It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World
    Internal communications in a man’s world is very difficult, so I’m excited to share how I was successful in these industries when working with male executives, chemists, engineers, marketing managers, and salesmen. Again, football season had helped finalize the cemented marketing relationships I had formed and built by proving myself through my work. The CPR marketing manager was going to an important conference that not all of his global clients would be able to attend. This is NOT a diatribe against men.) Recognize that title? This post was headed in a negative direction.
    [Marketing] Does Your Inbound Marketing Funnel Have Enough Room For Trust?
    'Do you remember the first time that you realized the true power of inbound marketing ? was running a small marketing consulting company and was able to land a speaking gig in front of a large number of local non-profits. That’s inbound marketing at its finest, but, it may not be how you are approaching it. Marketers like to think of their blog as a funnel that instantly turns blog readers into paying customers. It’s not how you build trust, and that’s what inbound marketing is really all about. Here’s a better way to look at your inbound marketing funnel.
    [Marketing] How Bloggers Can Make The Best Use Of Their 24 Hours
    Charles has been studying internet marketing, web design , and tech start-ups for years, and he has been successful with multiple business ventures such as affiliate marketing (where 98%+ of people never make money). 'Image via Flickr user Thomas R Stegelmann. This is a guest contribution from entrepreneur Charles Crawford. Whether your parents believe you or not, there are ways to make a living off of being a blogger. And with as many benefits that come with blogging, who wouldn’t want to at least check out this lifestyle? However, being a blogger isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.
    [Marketing] Manufacturers: Contractors are expecting more from you. Are you delivering?
    only wish the Electrical and Plumbing markets would do similar research. Marketing Trends Traditional Marketing hvacr business John Sonnhalter what contractors are looking for from manufacturers what contractors expect from manufacturers what manufacturers can do to support contractors 'Progressive contractors, I believe, are changing the way they are interacting with their manufacturers. When I ran across this research recently, it verified in my mind that it holds true. did a podcast interview with Terry Tanker, the publisher, to talk about the results of the research.
    [Marketing] Are you feeling a little stressed?
    The country’s economy, a tough job market, and the rising cost of living are the top three stressors cited in a recent survey. The marketing insight that comes from all of that is — if we are feeling the stress, so do our customers. Simplify the choices: All too often, marketers believe they should offer as many choices as possible. appeared first on Drew's Marketing Minute. 'Feeling a little stressed? As we head into Thanksgiving week, for many of us it signals the beginning of the last frenzied six weeks of the year. And it’s not just work.
    [Marketing] How to Be an Average Marketer and Nothing But That
    Recently I was speaking at an event, and somebody asked me afterwards, “Well, tell me, Jay, what companies like ours are using these same marketing tactics? ” Ask yourself what kind of marketing you can create that people would absolutely want to receive instead of just tolerate. That’s the right question you should be asking, because… If all you care about is averages, you’ll never be anything other than an average marketer. More Jay Today Videos From This Week: Jay Today TV case studies jay today mack collier marketing strategy
    [Marketing] Join Paul Roetzer for a Special Author Q&A Today
    The Marketing Performance Blueprint Today at noon ET, we’re excited to welcome Paul Roetzer , author of The Marketing Performance Blueprint: Strategies and Technologies to Build and Measure Business Success. Paul is the founder and CEO of inbound marketing agency PR 20/20 , and a bit of a rabble-rouser, turning his back on the traditional marketing agency model and starting his own company in 2005, at the ripe old age of 27. Whether this new, tech-based marketing of today just a young person’s game. It’s just painful to think about, really.
    [Marketing] 10 Ways to Advertise your YouTube Channel (With Examples)
    Traditional marketing still works: Branded t-shirts and accessories. Collecting email addresses for email marketing. Boring, this is the oldest Internet marketing trick in the book! Everyone who’s successful still works on their email marketing, and you should too. Social proof in a social media marketing context is the idea that having higher social signals leads to more people thinking that you’re successful and that they should join you. We’re going to go a little off the well-beaten path with these 10 ways to advertise your YouTube channel. Yes, I know.
    [Marketing] Comedians In Cars Getting Organic Reach
    Last Friday, the company began to further distance the content marketing from the advertising. The general frustration of marketers is understandable (and, I''m not just writing this because I''m a marketer). Many brands had such few pieces of content getting through, that they changed their integrated marketing mix by redefining Facebook as a paid media (more on that here: Organic Reach on Facebook: Your Questions Answered ). content marketing. marketer. marketing. 'Jerry Seinfeld doesn''t have a throttling problem. It wasn''t subtle. brand.
    [Marketing] How Social Media is Shifting From Marketing to Targeted Digital Advertising
    'The trends have been pointing in this direction for a while, but now many social media companies are making it official. The “pay to play” model is in full swing, and despite how this might make social media content companies feel, this is a really good thing for businesses. Facebook is the most recent to announce that spam from businesses won’t be tolerated. This has really been the unspoken case for a while, but now they’re upping the ante by threatening to remove posts from brands that are too promotional. Here is a breakdown of the two options: Pay-to-Play.
    [Marketing] How to Write a Business Book Without Losing Your Soul
    Write the best book that’s in you, and then promote and market it to the best of your abilities. The market will tell you if they like it or not. by StickyBranding Related Stories Plan Your Content Using a Marketing Funnel The Dharana of Planning Anonymous Social Media: Why You Shouldn’t Participate. 'By Jeremy Miller Writing a business book is one of the most rewarding and difficult things you can ever do. It’s incredible to consolidate your thoughts and put them down in a long form document. It’s incredible to create a product that will bring other people value.
    [Marketing] Will Facebook at Work, Work?
    In this episode of TheFuturein5 I share my thoughts on why I think Facebook has a strong opportunity to dominate this market but I also highlight some of the key challenges that they will have to overcome in order to become successful in the enterprise collaboration space. 'Here is the second episode of The Future In 5 , the video series where I share my ideas, insights, and commentary on the future of work in five minutes or less! You may have heard the rumors that Facebook is launching a version of it’s popular social network for businesses to use in the workplace! In
    [Marketing] How to Use Trending Triggers to Create Contagious Content
    Digital Marketing brand bud light content marketing digital marketing facebook Festive Greetings Industry News nintendo san antonio spurs snickers Topical News trending triggers 'Trending triggers are a very powerful way for brands to connect with their audience. There will always be news concerning any brand’s industry, providing a limitless source of content for brands to make use of and get audiences to engage with them. He found out that triggers make up a large part of a potential buyer’s decision to make that purchase. For example, everyone knows about Bud Light.
    [Marketing] Top 5 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaign is Failing (and How to Fix Them)
    If you don’t have a dedicated social media manager and can’t afford a full-service agency, you should consider a service like $99 Social which develops and shares daily content for you in your own voice on social networks you market on. Unfortunately for legitimate marketers, the online marketing trade had gotten a bad name due to those who engage in ‘bait and switch’ tactics. GetResponse is an amazing all-in-one, automated marketing tool that offers customizable landing pages and email marketing templates. Yet not many found it.
    [Marketing] Are Keywords Really Dead?
    Keywords Are Marketing Clues. If the language of your market is the language of your content, the words they use to look for what you offer will already be in that content. 'With all the changes happening in SEO, it makes sense that some would declare the keyword to be dead. But then you read what others say, and they say it isn’t dead at all and keywords still have value. We have talked a lot about the changes in keywords  on this blog. What Is That Keyword, Really? Think about it: what do search engines do but search for the word that is typed into the search box?
    [Marketing] Plan Your Content Using a Marketing Funnel
    ”) and have followed the marketing funnel to do so. The Marketing Funnel In the marketing funnel, there is a lot of content you can create for each step in the buying decision. At the very top, of course, is how people find out about you: The social networks, blogging, search engine optimization, email marketing, and other types of content you might produce. The post Plan Your Content Using a Marketing Funnel appeared first on Spin Sucks. 'By Gini Dietrich Do you plan your content? As you know, we have a theme here every month (this month is planning!),
    [Marketing] What Can a Man in Just a Towel Teach you About Audience Insights?
    When the campaign resulted in low engagement, I had the enviable job of explaining why it didn’t go so well to Subway’s senior marketing team. What was new was the idea to market male hygiene products directly to women , with a masculine appeal. This marketing detective must formulate the simplest explanation (“Elementary, my dear.”) How important is it for a marketer to know that fundamental truth? Ideally, that someone is a marketing detective working for your brand who’s equipped with the resources and commitment to find it So what was going on?
    [Marketing] 8 Simple Tweaks to Boost Website Conversions
    'Since I discovered the sheer power of releasing premium content on opt-in landing pages in 2011, we’ve released over 40 marketing templates, e-books, and cheat sheets. The offer of 33 free marketing templates from our book Web Marketing That Works is a high value piece of content, and because of this, it converts really well. We ran a contest giving away 25 of our favorite marketing books including Jay Baer’s Youtility. ve set it to show up at the top of every page where we offer our 33 free marketing templates. Sessions. Conversion rate. New subscribers.
    [Marketing] Motives Matter To Members - Building A Community When Trust In Institutions Is Low
    In fact, they don't even join if they feel it's a marketing ploy.  'When a member joins your community, they're giving you power. The more people in your community, the more power you have. That power might mean more money, more prestige, greater efficacy, bargaining rights etc. Members don't mind you benefitting from their participation -  as long as they feel you have their best interests at heart first.    They leave if they feel they're being used.   Trust in almost all institutions is shockingly low. Don't be coy here.
    [Marketing] How Social Media Is Changing Prime Time TV
    Stock market stories can make their way into a Hell’s Angel’s feed. 'It’s easy to talk about how social media is changing the world. What’s harder to put into words is how social media has changed us. Billions of people fill their minutes (which add up into hours) with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Vine. But is social media a pastime? Or is it now a fully integrated part of our lives, impacting much more than simply how we interact with technology. Don’t like one take on a particular issue? First, TV 2.0
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2014
    [Marketing] 5 Tips To Drive Member Engagement
    'I recently had the pleasure of moderating a panel of some of the association community’s digital marketing advocates and leaders. Remember, email marketing is still one of the most effective channels to boost blog readership and traffic to your site. Kellen Company’s Anna Maltabarow gives a recap of the event here. No matter how you decide to approach it, content strategies are resource intensive and notoriously difficult to measure. So how can you be sure you are getting the best return on your investment? Big budgets aren’t everything. Create once and use again.
    [Marketing] Picture Better Marketing with Social Media
    'Whether you are a large company or one of the countless mom and pop shops that dot the nation in all 50 states, marketing your brand correctly is as important as anything else on your to-do list. With proper marketing, you enhance the chances of standing out from your competition, building a following of trusted customers, and increasing your revenue stream over time. With that being said, what are some of the best ways to market your brand as the year winds down and 2015 appears on the horizon? Social Media Brand marketing retail social networking television
    [Marketing] All Filler. No Killer.
    What kind of marketing do you really want? This week, Forrester reported that the standard tenure of the Chief Marketing Officer is expected to reach five years. So, while the marketing community is applauding this news (especially, if you consider that the typical CEO is lasting about seven years), it doesn''t speak to the broader issue and challenges that are facing the marketing industry: how do we truly develop brands that should be built to last, and not focus on trying to make something (anything) a viral success without any platform or sustenance behind it?
    [Marketing] How to advertise and optimise posts on Facebook
    This development, together with the recent statement from Facebook, underlines the importance for content amplification and increases the demand as marketers seek to compensate for the drop in organic reach. Advertising Brands Community Management Content Marketing Facebook Guidelines Mindjumpers Social Media Social Media Strategy Tips Content Amplification Content Strategy news feed algorithm social media monitoring Social Paid targeting 'Last week Facebook stated that they once again intend to reduce organic reach by making changes to the news feed algorithm. Relevance.
    [Marketing] Monday Roundup: Business Best Practices
    10 Must Read Content Marketing Posts for 2015. Why: Content marketing has remained a hot topic during 2014. Lee Odden showcases 10 of Top Rank Blog ‘s most useful content marketing posts. 'Smart small business owners are constantly learning and sharing tips and tricks of the trade, not just to stay ahead of the pack, but to keep their own skills sharp. This week’s roundup features seven posts from around the web that focus on business best practices. Image: Sung Ming Whang  via Flickr, CC 4.0. The Psychology of Pricing. Before You Respond to that Email, Pause.
    [Marketing] If I Could Start Social Over Again
    I’ve blogged before about how Facebook is almost a zero-sum game for pure marketing posts. Analytics continues to reaffirm that when posts are marketing centric they fail. Though I caught a lot of grief back then for not marketing on Facebook, I am no longer the only one experiencing this. feel like this is particularly true of marketing agencies. Unless your friends are all marketers or you have a serious ad budget, people don’t want to read crap about content marketing on Facebook. And a marketing agency is a B2B play. Not Blogging.
    [Marketing] 7 Ways to Spot Epic Copywriters for Your Site
    Content Creation Copywriting Online Marketing 'Need some web content for a landing page? No problem, hire a copywriter. But when you’ve invested heavily in your website and need compelling copy that effectively generates sales, leads, and conversions, what you need is an epic copywriter. Yes, there are many good writers out there, but not all of them can produce the type of copy that prompts action. Even those who can may not always be suitable. As Karri Stover points out in her post, there are  factors that distinguish great copywriters. Epic copywriters get you results – ROI.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2014
    [Marketing] Predictive Analytics for Data Beginners: An Introduction
    There are two ways in which predictive analytics can be defined, and those definitions are determined by your approach from either the sales side or the marketing side. Let’s start simply with a look at predictive data from the marketing side. Predictive Analytics in Marketing. When it comes to marketing, predictive analytics are rooted in two main criteria: trends and correlations. Predictive analytics for sales are much more about identifying opportunities both within your sales pipeline and in adjacent markets (which we’ll get to shortly).
    [Marketing] Six secrets to Six-Figure Product Launches with Jeff Goins
    Apple is one of the the biggest brands and most successful companies in the world not because of their marketing (they spend a fraction of what their competitors do on advertising), but because of the experiences users have with their products. In fact, it is the basic requirement to even enter the market. Or Tim Grahl who has already started replacing his income running a successful book marketing company with digital products that he launches to his list of less than 10,000 people. The market will always sustain more than you think it can. Thanks, Jeff! Urgency.
    [Marketing] Meditations On Social Media Marketing
    How well do marketers truly perform when it comes to social media? It''s a question that Jason Keath not only speaks and consults about, but he also gathers very serious marketers to attend his well-known Social Fresh events. digital marketing. marketing blog. marketing podcast. 'Episode #436 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Enjoy the conversation. audio. blogging. brand. business book. business podcast. david usher. Facebook. google. hubspot. inbound. iTunes. jason keath. social fresh. twitter.
    [Marketing] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #230
    What are some of the best; & probably cost-effective; ways to promote/market a new/existing book of any genre now-a-days?) - Quora. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we''re recommending to one another: How to be literate in what''s changing journalism - Press Think. Jay Rosen ''s excellent list of things he expects his journalism students to have understood by the time they finish in his class. With plenty of links. Alistair for Hugh). Alistair for Mitch). even better!
    [Marketing] 37 Speakers To See at State of Search 2014
    Back in 2004, I hand-picked about 16 of the best Search Marketers in Dallas to join me at a hotel conference room to talk about search. Search Engine Marketing Events 'After all these years, I still cannot believe that it’s come this far. It cost me $87 to rent that conference room for a few hours that evening, and DFWSEM was born. Now, 10 years later, I’m writing a post on my blog about the State of Search, an awesome conference where DFWSEM is pulling in nationally-known speakers for a two day conference about search. Awesomesauce. Brandy Eddings. Brent Csutoras.
    [Marketing] Media Redefined
    My friend, Jay Baer , just launched a site this week called, Marketing Podcasts , that acts as a directory to find the best marketing-related podcasts in the world. Four hundred podcasts about marketing. You could spend your entire life listening to only marketing podcasts, and not be able to get through all of that audio gold. content marketing. marketing. marketing podcast. marketing podcasts. 'When you think of someone who understand the state of media, who do you think of? You can''t finish the Internet. Four hundred. Jason thinks so.
    [Marketing] Facebook Facing Off with Google in Online Advertising
    Google and Facebook hold first and second place, respectively, in the $140 billion digital ad market. However, the gap between one and two is vast, with Google holding three times the market share of Facebook. Calling this approach “people-based marketing,” Erik Johnson, the head of Atlas stated in a recent release that Atlas will help marketers “reach real people across devices, platforms and publishers. By doing this, marketers can easily solve the cross-device problem through targeting, serving and measuring across devices.”. Why Should Google Be Concerned.
    [Marketing] Socializing Your Business Communication Needs
    Or perhaps you need a more strategic social media marketing plan. Running an effective social media marketing plan takes hours and hours of work. There are many other slightly less common, yet still incredibly effective, platforms you can market your business on. If you sell any type of product or provide a service where before and after photos can be shown, Instagram will be a great way to market your business; YouTube – Who knew that the music video platform was such a prominent tool for businesses? Identify Your Goals. Do you need to switch phone systems?
    [Marketing] How To Survive The Algorithm Apocalypse
    So what does the marketer do when it’s clear that what used to work isn’t working and the situation is dire? 'Were you affected by the Penguin update? Did you notice any effects from Panda, Pirate, or the combination thereof? Moz just posted Glenn Gabe’s entertaining look at The Danger of Crossing Algorithms: Uncovering the Cloaked Panda Update During Penguin 3.0 , and it’s entertaining in the same way that zombies fascinate current culture. When they compared notes, it became pretty obvious that more than one algo was being updated and affecting SEO.
    [Marketing] The Internet As A Utility
    For brands and marketers it is also an important debate, and one worthy of our attention and our involvement. marketing. accesstoinformation brand data edwardsnowdon facebook futurist internet internetculture internetofthings marketing netneutrality newspaper politics publicutility radio smartphone technology 'And access for all. In a post- Edward Snowden Internet, it''s hard to believe any politician who lays claim to the notion that we need the Internet to be treated as a public utility - much in the same way that we have railroads, electricity and more. brand. facebook.
    [Marketing] Is it Shortsighted Not to Host Your Own Blog?
    First, despite all protestations to the contrary, there is no “must” about anything when it comes to marketing. But if part of your “must” and marketing strategy is long-form content and thought leadership, then blogging is most likely going to fit in there somehow. 'Alison Kenney asked this question yesterday in a Facebook group I belong to: “When it comes to your own website, do you think a blog is a must?” ” You’re reading this blog on a business website, so you already know what my answer is. Usually, two reasons: 1. are not.
    [Marketing] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Jayme Soulati
    The wannabes are sending a thumbs up to first movers for solid PR blending with product marketing, consumer engagement, and word-of-mouth buzz.  She also is launching a podcast for mid-tier business about marketing with John Olson so watch for more on that later. 'By Gini Dietrich One of my most favorite stories about Jayme Soulati is she was in Chicago during the holidays a few years ago. Because things at work were very slow, I met her for a long lunch, which she spent flirting with the server. Every time he came back to our table, she reapplied lipstick. OHMYGOSH, NO!
    [Marketing] What’s Missing in Your Content Strategy? 10 Things!
    Only  44% of marketers have bothered to document their publishing strategy. Here are 10 of the most common things marketers fail to include in their content strategy: 1. Audit Non-digital content isn’t always the same as interruption marketing. Examples statements could include: Provide the highest-quality content marketing tips. Unbiased advice on Non-Profit Marketing. Marketing campaigns are a time-proven concept, and your content strategy should include them. Your content strategy should be based on  the right marketing metrics.
    [Marketing] Relationship Focused: How to Successfully Run Any Business
    Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Marty’s Top Sales or Marketing Advice – Do great work. If you enjoyed this episode of This Old New Marketing podcast, please  head over to iTunes  or Stitcher to leave a rating, write a review, or subscribe. About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the  author of  Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business  and host of  This Old New Business podcast. 'Listen to the Episode Below (0:31:08). Download. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Discover What is New for Business. Stop Chasing Squirrels.
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2014
    [Marketing] How to Market Healthcare Affiliations, Partnerships and Mergers
    We have seen the need to affiliate and grow across all sizes of organizations, from the Cleveland Clinics and Mayo Clinics of the world, to smaller and medium sized community hospitals looking to expand within their local markets. But marketing through these instances of great change can be challenging. This meant everything from a unified logo, system wide magazine program, magazine community hospitals marketing templates, public facing videos, etc. 'It’s no surprise that in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, hospitals are coming together more than ever before.
    [Marketing] How Century 21 Creates Award-Winning Real-Time Social Media
    “They understand the market better than anyone at corporate headquarters.” Matt credits his social creative team, the legal team, and the leadership at Century 21 for the real-time marketing successes they’ve had. For digital media marketers immersed in the field, it’s important to remember that. Social Pros Podcast content creation content marketing digital marketing integrated marketing real-time marketing social media Social Media Marketing Social Pros 'Tweetable Moments Today’s consumer wants it right now.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2014
    [Marketing] How to Create a Social Media Holiday Campaign
    computer store can put holiday themed wallpaper on their computers and use those photos in their marketing. Here’s one of my favorite examples of adapting to the current situation in your social media holiday campaign marketing: No power? You never know when that moment will come along, and you can do some real time marketing that’s much more valuable than any plan. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter instagram marketing online marketing pinterest marketing social media marketing twitter marketing twitter marketing strategy darkTO.
    [Marketing] Buying a Business: Are You Ready to Take the Retail Plunge?
    Making a plan means setting out some basic goals for the business like determining what you want to sell, who your market will be (e.g. You should also include a good marketing and sales plan. Businesses just do not run without a marketing plan. Do Market Research Who is your target market? This is one of the hardest things to figure out, sometimes, because products can have multiple markets. For example, if you run a coffee shop, you might think your target market is everyone who enjoys coffee. Know your market. Get specific.
    [Marketing] 5 Examples of Inspired Checkout Processes That Bring Results
    This satisfies the data hungry digital marketer’s needs while still being unobtrusive in the shopping process. Digital Marketing adidas checkout process crate & barrel cross-sells digital marketing disney distraction free ecommerce marketing minimal steps nordstrom online online shopping prestashop shopping cart short forms smart up-sells 'One of the best things about online shopping is not having to wait in line behind a long line of equally frustrated shoppers at the cash register. So, what does a great checkout process make? Minimal steps? Zero distractions?
    [Marketing] How Magic Johnson dribbled his way into Blue Ocean Strategy
    Late in his dribbling days, Magic tapped into the Urban American market and recognized an opportunity that had yet to be seized. Blue Ocean Strategy challenges companies to break out of the red ocean of bloody competition by creating uncontested market space that makes the competition irrelevant.” Magic found Blue Ocean when creating movie theaters that catered to the minority markets in Urban America. It has untapped the potential for other urban markets to follow suit with this available and welcoming care in the backyard of their neighborhoods.
    [Marketing] Help! How do I grow my email list?
    You’ve done all the background techy stuff in your email marketing software. Combine these 2 styles of marketing to get steady growth in your email list. Get creative for your rich n rapid marketing – grab your calendar and plot out which single activity will be the focus for each quarter and make it happen. Social Media & Online Marketing blogging and content marketing business tips Internet Marketing Services online marketing online marketing tips small business marketing Social Media and Internet Marketing
    [Marketing] Is It Time to Trade Your Blog for a Newsletter?
    'This is a guest post by Randy Milanovic, Principal of Kayak Online Marketing, and takes a look at a changing shift in how content is being presented. As a behavioural change, I found it interesting; as an online marketing practice, it wasn’t something I was willing to try. Lately, another set of well-known bloggers – including our host Danny here on this blog, and Shelley Pringle of Polaris Marketing and PR – appear to be refocusing their efforts into an email newsletter. He blogs about online marketing, SEO & social engagement topics. Nothing wrong with that.
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