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Keeping a Journal: The Power of Daily Writing

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The practice of keeping a journal is not foreign to writers, but experts say it's a very powerful tonic for anyone who does so. The post Keeping a Journal: The Power of Daily Writing appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories On Writing and Advice from Ernest Hemingway Ad Blocking, Brand Journalism, and the Publisher’s Dilemma Content Marketing Most Certainly is Not Dead.

Facebook Journalism Project: A Complete Guide

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Facebook’s efforts to bolster its relationships with media and news organizations and journalists continued with Wednesday’s introduction of the Facebook Journalism Project. Simo introduced Facebook Journalism Project as follows: Facebook is a new kind of platform, and we want to do our part to enable people to have meaningful conversations, to be informed and to be connected to each other.

Journalism Is Not Content Marketing

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I didn't consider that "true" journalism. I always held journalism to a higher standard. Once all of this research was gathered, these journalists would draft, write, edit (and, with the help of an editor) re-edit and toil away to make their works (once published) resonate. After writing for magazines and newspapers, I started publishing a few of them. journalism.

Ad Blocking, Brand Journalism, and the Publisher’s Dilemma

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The post Ad Blocking, Brand Journalism, and the Publisher’s Dilemma appeared first on Spin Sucks. Communication Content ad blocking ad networks brand journalism content block content trends Forbes free content native advertising paywall Sponsored contentAn experiment Forbes created around ad blocking forces Spin Sucks to take a look at what that means for PR pros—and how content is affected. Related Stories Content Marketing Most Certainly is Not Dead To Have a Content Marketing Strategy or Not…That is the Question Create a Winning Sponsored Content Strategy.

The Future of Journalism from Warren Buffet’s Viewpoint

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Last month, in a move that surprised many of us close to journalism, Warren Buffet bought newspapers – 63 of them, in fact. But when posed a different way, most everyone in the room either doesn’t read the major dailies ( New York Times , Wall Street Journal ) or they subscribe only to the digital version. publisher and editor, Davis Kennedy. Quite the opposite.

The New Journalism

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This is an amazing story (and you can watch the video that started it all below), but it's also another shot against the bow of traditional journalism as we've known it to date. It is an instant publishing channel that treats all pieces of content equally. The new journalism (and the new Marketing) is about having a nose for news. The new journalism (and the new Marketing) won't be a as heavily reliable on the traditional media channels, because now we have other ways to get stories to spread and reach critical mass. This is the new journalism. journalism.

Will A Brands Next Big Move Be A Journalism Department?

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The platform allows everyone to publishing anything in text, images, audio and video instantly (and for free) for the entire world to see. Flipping from content marketing to journalism. I was thinking about citizen journalism. Maybe the reason this Blog has some level of success is because it's more like journalism than it is about what Twist Image offers and sells (I prefer to write relevant articles about this industry). Is the world ready for real Brand Journalism? brand journalism. citizen journalism. journalism. journalism department.

Jennifer Nycz-Conner on How Technology Is Transforming Journalism

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Jennifer Nycz-Conner is an editor at the Washington Business Journal , where she serves as the business anchor on WTOP and she runs the Working the Room column. She has seen how digital media from blogs to today’s newer technologies like Meerkat and Periscope have changed journalism. I have seen [the paper] move away from a weekly, where we focused on publishing once a week.

Jodi Gersch on Social Media-Driven Journalism

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She will be speaking on a panel with the Washington Business Journal’s Jennifer Nycz-Conner at xPotomac on how the digital media revolution’s continuing impact on journalism. GL : What’s the biggest thing you have seen changed in journalism as a result of social media? Social Media data Gannett Jodi Gersch journalism local national trends USA TodayActionable.

Official Publisher Profiles on Digg One Year Later: Followers up 720%

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When I did my original post Digg v4 was just about to come out of alpha so there has been a significant increase in exposure for the profiles and many more publishers have created them. The Wall Street Journal 52,031 9,546 445%. Most of the publishers continue to follow very few others: Profile Following 8/10/11 Following 8/4/10. 14 The Wall Street Journal 17 15. Yahoo!

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How are association publishers building new and existing revenue streams?


The Angerosa Research Foundation —a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the association publishing and communication professions through industry research—is gathering data on diverse sources of media-related nondues revenue at associations across the country. Thank you in advance for your participation and your support of the association publishing/media profession.

Great journalism – impartial but not neutral?

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It’s sad in some ways that a lot of great writing and journalism has been inspired by tragedy and loss, but at the same time, it often allows some good to come out of the events by providing insight and inspiration. Three articles I’ve read recently reinforced that, along with also highlighting an interesting point from a book I’m currently reading on media ethics which states that journalism should be impartial but not neutral. Published on The Guardian website, it’s received a lot of respect for the way he tackled the subject.

Traffic Rises 350% Year-Over-Year For Social Publisher BuzzFeed

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Calling itself “the social news and entertainment company,” BuzzFeed demonstrated last month that whatever the publisher’s formula may be, it’s working. A recent shift in Facebook’s algorithm has helped drive traffic to major publishers , and BuzzFeed is seeing some serious benefits from the change. According to Sunil Rajaraman on Huffington Post, BuzzFeed is “re-creating world-class journalism, but just targeting a younger audience” — and using social media to do so. What’s behind this record growth? By 2016.

The Future of Media in a Digital World

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On October 13, I attended the event, “Journalism Disrupted, Journalism Reborn: The Future of Media in a Digital World” hosted by Weber Shandwick, that included a seriously impressive panel of experts—and perhaps most impressively, it was an all-women panel (one of the first times I’ve seen this in Silicon Valley). By Juliet Travis. The Future of Media Panel. Can’t Do Both.

Journalism And The New Media With Jay Rosen

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My professional career started off in Journalism (this was prior to becoming both a Publisher and Marketer), so yes, I have a soft spot for all things Journalism. There's also an important link between Journalism and Marketing. There are few who are looking at Journalism and the New Media with a sharper eye than Jay Rosen. Rosen teaches journalism at New York University , where he has been on the faculty since 1986. He is the author of PressThink , a blog about journalism's ordeals in the age of the Web, which he launched in 2003. journalism.

Social Media News Ticker: Facebook To Buy WhatsApp, LinkedIn Opens Publishing To All Members

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Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: LinkedIn opens its publishing platform to all members. Facebook. Facebook tests mobile “Highlights”, a cheat sheet to your friends’ lives – last week Facebook released its 7.0 Twitter. LinkedIn. Let us know in the comments below.

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Facebook in Talks for Exclusive Video Content (Report)

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Facebook took similar steps for its Facebook Live livestreaming feature, as Deepa Seetharaman and Steven Perlberg of The Wall Street Journal reported in June that the social network had reached nearly 140 agreements with media companies, publishers and public figures for Facebook Live content, with those pacts valued at more than $50 million. In what seemed to be an increasingly inevitable move, Facebook is in discussions to license exclusive video content. Readers: What are your thoughts on Facebook’s move toward original content? Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Facebook Plans Major Campaign to Promote Facebook Live (Report)

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Facebook is planning a major campaign backing its Facebook Live livestreaming feature, including television spots and billboards, Deepa Seetharaman of The Wall Street Journal reported. According to Seetharaman, the social network’s in-house ad studio, The Factory , created the campaign with the aim of encouraging more “regular” Facebook users to try out Facebook Live, which has exploded in popularity with media companies, publishers, celebrities and public figures.

Citizen Journalism: Who is a Journalist Today?

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Citizen journalism doesn’t only apply to major political events or disasters. Citizen journalism is one of the hottest buzzwords in the news business right now. Many newsrooms are implementing some sort of citizen-journalism initiative. Almost every news release they crafted specifically for these sites was published. Opportunities to act as a citizen journalist abound.

The Medium Is/Is Not The Message

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Fax machines were still nascent and hardly being used by publishers, journalists and companies. Pitching stories to be published was a brutal affair of rejection. The ability to use one of these online publishing platforms was - in the purest sense of the word - transformational. I could write, edit and publish my ideas (in text, images, audio and video) for free, to the world. My content could reach everyone online, by simply publishing it. Now, it's close to 20 years later and blogging is nothing more than publishing. . journalism. publisher.

Content Marketing As A Profit Center

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The quality of the content did not want to be soiled or manipulated by which brands were flowing advertising dollars into the publisher's pockets. Sure, this is still the case for many, but native advertising is a new reality and - more importantly - the many brands that are now in the content creation, distribution and publishing business continues to grow at a rapid pace. content publishing. journalism. publisher. publishing. Content marketing. be careful what you wish for. The water is getting very murky out in the marketing world, these days. brand.

The Four Outcomes Of Content

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If you weren't the publisher of your content, would it be the kind of stuff that you would be interested in? Editorial content is journalism. Content so good, that consumers or publishers will pay for it. Writing books, publishing articles, selling reports and more. journalism. publisher. publishing. What is your content trying to do? Why does your content exist? Who is it reaching? What business purpose does it solve? Is it any good? Does anyone care? The list of questions is long, arduous and intimidating. Content is media. It's fast. Revenue.

The End Of Blogging?

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To know me, is to know that I am still deeply passionate about my blog, writing and the digital publishing experience. lamented the death of Google Reader , and still - to this day - love to hit the publish button. Magazine and others started accepting and publishing bloggers alongside their most respected journalists. And, in many cases, bloggers were instantly granted journalist-like credentials, because of the platforms they were being published on. Brand name publishers, to be sure. digital publishing. journalism. publishing. my blog)?

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How publishers curate the world of content

Blog Publishers integrate new Foursquare features Article SB Nation: Turning fan bases into media brands eMedia Vitals Life Beyond Print.™ Content providers are experimenting with all sort of ways for editors and technology to push outside content to readers, whether through aggregation or curation (for a lengthy discussion about the difference, check out the Nieman Journalism Lab ). While publishers choose to utilize aggregation and curation platforms in a variety of ways, the main point is clear: Many media companies see benefits in collecting content from around the Web.

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5 Media Relations Strategies that Help Get Your Brand Story Published

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While this is not good news for the media, it has opened many new opportunities for businesses and organizations: brands can become a content resource for the media (earned media), publish their own news, (owned media/brand journalism) and buy space for branded content on news and social sites (paid media). Brand journalism – think like a publisher and write your own stories.

Survey: 60% of Physicians Believe Social Media “Improves the Care They Deliver”

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Many physicians are making use of social media – as a way to manage new information, discuss the latest journal articles or research, and to help provide quality care. ” Twitter is also useful for David May, MD, who looks to other doctors on the platform to offer their opinions and add to the discussion about the latest journal articles and research. Dr. Robert S.

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The Story Of Vice And The Future Of Media

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I wrote for music and lifestyle publications (I even published a few), and managed to become friends with artists, industry professionals and other media outlets. the editors and publishers of the printed press controlled which artists got coverage (and which didn't). Along with publishing two magazines (and helping to laugh a third), I did a lot of freelance writing. I'm not sure how many pieces of mine actually got published at Vice back then, but I do remember a piece about Bill Shields making it to the magazine. journalism. music journalism. apple.

Poor Media Literacy Spawns Fake News Successes

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As social media has risen and traditional media have lost market share, news outlets have moved to tabloidesque journalism from formerly trustworthy brands. I started reading more conservative outlets, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, as well as the Washington Post and USA Today. They tend to be slow to publish stories that show Trump in a negative light. Slanted News.

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Just Say "No" To Content

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Brands seem to be publishing "because they can," instead of "because they have something interesting, unique, compelling and important to share." and how often to publish it. Perhaps it is my background in journalism, or perhaps my studies of media, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for the publish button. Still, brands do feel like they can (and should) publish anything. Figure out what makes your brand exclusively right to publish something. content publishing. journalism. publishing. Can we have too much great content?

This Blog Is Dead

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What we had was place for online journaling. It was a technological and publishing breakthrough. Suddenly, the cost of publishing plummeted to zero and publishing to the world was almost as easy as it was to print up a document from your word processor. Suddenly, anyone with connectivity could have a thought and publish it in text for the world to see. For a person like me, publishing a regular blog enabled me to build an audience, to have a direct relationship with people who liked the same sorts of things that were turning my crank. journalism.

Facebook Shelling Out $50 Million for Facebook Live Content (Report)

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Reports of Facebook paying media companies and publishers for Facebook Live content have surfaced in the past, but The Wall Street Journal has details, as well as a confirmation from the social network. Steven Perlberg and Deepa Seetharaman of the Journal reported after reviewing a document that Facebook has reached nearly 140 agreements with media companies, publishers and public figures for Facebook Live content, with those contracts adding up to more than $50 million. million from March 2016 through March 2017), The New York Times ($3.03 million).

The Failing State Of Content Marketing

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Everyone is publishing - in text, images, audio and video. Some may point to the fact that the content is nothing more than marketing blather thinly veiled as genuine content, or that the vast majority of stuff we''re calling "content" is merely the publishing of a press release that has had its jargon surgically extracted by a former journalist. The truth has become bigger than what is being published. What the biggest publishers in the world tend to shy away from, when it comes to explaining how content becomes successful, is the distribution of it all.

Be More Human Without Being Too Personal To Build Your Brand

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In my first business book, Six Pixels of Separation (published in 2009), I put forward something that I had previously written about on my blog - and an idea that (still to this day) gets me excited about brands, consumers, technology and how marketing connects it all. There is also a sense that because people don't understand how media and publishing truly work, that these social channels have become a graveyard of TMI (Too Much Information) and oversharing (please, show me what you're eating for lunch!). journalism. publishing. That's a big deal. Not everyone is.

When Traditional Media Fails To Understand New Media

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Does new media undermine journalism? There is (still) a tremendous push from professional writers and journalists that providing content for free to online media channels undermines journalism because the content should never be given away for free. The output of it has been requests from editors to contribute to magazines, newspapers, TV shows, a significant book publishing deal, speaking opportunities and - most importantly - countless new business opportunities for Twist Image (the main reason we started this Blog in the first place). book publishing. journalism.

A 22-Point Blog Post Checklist: Before You Hit the “Publish” Button

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Check out the world of difference it makes in the example below: Image credit: Search Engine Journal. What are other things you check your post on before you hit the publish button? The post A 22-Point Blog Post Checklist: Before You Hit the “Publish” Button appeared first on Inbound & Content Marketing Hub. Are you familiar with the power of checklists?

7 Steps To Define Your Content Center Of Excellence

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I want to ensure that whatever messaging that I produce, publish and promote ties back (as closely as possible) to my center of excellence. Content works for me, personally, because of my background in writing, journalism, media and communications. I often get feedback when the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast is published later in the day on Sunday. My listeners know that it's published early Sunday morning. journalism. publish. publisher. publishing. "You're that social media guy, right?". I get that. The branding guy. The marketing guy.

Maybe You Should Quit New Media

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I believe that the Internet has brought forth the chance for everyone to publish their thoughts - in text, images, audio and video - instantly and for free to the world and such a profound gift should not be wasted. You could chalk this all up to lazy journalism (or, a complete lack of journalism), but there is something deeper. When we see online publishers like Buzzfeed , The Huffington Post and Medium , what is plainly obvious is how passionate and knowledgeable the content creators are. digital publishing. journalism. lazy journalism. Really?

Ex-NBC News, CNN Anchor Campbell Brown to Lead Facebook News Partnership Team

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Facebook tapped a television journalism veteran to head its news partnerships team: former NBC News and CNN anchor Campbell Brown. Brown announced the move in a Facebook post (embedded below), saying her role will be less editorial and more focused on “working directly with our partners to help them understand how Facebook can expand the reach of their journalism and contribute value to their businesses.”. I will be working directly with our partners to help them understand how Facebook can expand the reach of their journalism and contribute value to their businesses.

The Secret To Getting Picked

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While I left journalism long ago, the feeling of choosing myself was profound when I first started this blog back in September 2003. I submitted it, and couldn''t wait to see it get published. First, I immediately published the piece on my own blog. journalism. publishing. Being picked by someone or choosing yourself and leading. which do you choose? It seems like an obvious answer. Any self-respecting individual would say that they would prefer to choose themselves and be solely responsible for their own success and self-worth. They prefer to be picked.

What Does Eight Years Of Blogging Get You?

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As fast and simple as it is to publish content with a Blog, success with a Blog as an engine of Marketing is a slow process. The only part that isn't selfish is that I publish it for the world to see, comment on and criticize. I wish more people understood the power of having a living and breathing ongoing publishing platform that allows you to demonstrate how you think, that anyone can access from anywhere. I made a commitment to publish six pieces of text-based content and one audio piece each and every week. journalism. publishing. Yes it is. media.