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Report: Social Marketing Is More Than Just Likes [Report]


Tweet Recently, ComScore , the global leader in measuring the digital world, published a report on social marketing and how it’s not just about getting likes! The report called “The Power of Like 2 – How Social Marketing Works” was made in a research collaboration with Facebook in order to deliver unique insights on social media marketing. Facebook pages are the go-to destination.

How to Kick-Start Your Content Marketing [Report]


According to the paper, the formula for success is fairly simple: Provide people the information they want, when they want it and where they want it – but this may not be as easy as it sounds. In the report, Founder & Group CEO of Mindjumpers, Jonas Klit Nielsen, states: “Companies need to be ready to think as publishers and not marketers. Go through one step at a time.

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Millennials On Mobile, Social Media [Report]

The Realtime Report

adults to feel that social media sites are very important for finding information about news and current events, according to a new report from Scarborough Research. A few highlights from the report: 60% of respondents had visited a friend’s page or profile during the previous 30 days. The November 2012 Scarborough Research report, “ OMG! 49% had updated a status.

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Analyze Page Performance With the New LinkedIn Company Pages Report

Sprout Social

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added the LinkedIn® Company Pages Report to our suite of network reports. The new report provides comprehensive Page level data to help social businesses make strategic decisions. The report enables you to benchmark your LinkedIn® marketing efforts with a big picture look into content performance. Closer Look at LinkedIn® Analytics.

Social Media is Key to B2B Content Marketing [Report]


Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling.  It is non-interruptive — instead of directly advertising your products or services, you are communicating with your target audience by sharing valuable, free information. Social Media is Key to B2B Content Marketing [Report] is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog.

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PR Pro Charged with Barricading Reporter in Room

Spin Sucks

I was reading my friends over at PR Daily yesterday and what did I find, but a story about a PR guy (I can’t even call him a professional) who locked a reporter in a room so he was unable to ask his CEO any questions. He locked the reporter in a room. Mike Elk, a reporter for In These Times ,  was attending a public meeting in Washington, D.C. publicly traded company.

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Reporter’s Twitter Account Suspended for Critiquing Olympics Coverage

Spin Sucks

According to , censor means, “An official who examines books, plays, news reports, motion pictures, radio and television programs, letters, cablegrams, etc., NBC released a statement saying: We filed a complaint with Twitter because a user tweeted the personal information of one of our executives. Have you ever heard of censorship? ” And now the “etc.”

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5 Ways You Aren’t Using Facebook Ad Reports

Jon Loomer

There was a time when Facebook ad reports were a secret among the most knowledgable advertisers. But since Facebook redesigned Ads Manager, the ad reports are now front and center. Let’s take a closer look at five of the ways advertisers like you need to be using Facebook ad reports… Facebook ad reports are powerful, but are you using them in these five ways?

4 Tools to Help Build a Social Media Analytics Report

Convince & Convert

Utilizing the advanced segment features within Google Analytics , we can collect a wealth of information about how each social channel is performing with respect to driving traffic and conversions on a website. Tools to Help Build a Social Media Analytics Report is a post from: Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy. Actionable Analytics. PinLeague.

Twitter Responds to Reports of Leaked Passwords

SocialTimes Twitter

Twitter responded to widespread reports of security breaches and leaked passwords with a blog post  by trust and information security officer Michael Coates. Coates wrote that Twitter investigated recent claims of user names and passwords for sale, and it found that the information was not obtained by hacking its servers: The purported Twitter @names and passwords may have been amassed from combining information from other recent breaches, malware on victim machines that are stealing passwords for all sites, or a combination of both. two-factor authentication ).

What Social Marketers Need to Know From Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2016

Simply Measured

Mary Meeker’s annual KPCB Internet Trends Report is a legendary and much-anticipated document for every person in business. This year’s report gave an intricate overview of the global economy before delving into more specific topics relevant to us marketers. Quick Reports for Measuring Brand Awareness Download. The 2015 Instagram Industry Report Download.

Introducing the Tag Report: Analyze Performance Across Your Tagged Messages

Sprout Social

Today we’re excited to introduce the Tag Report. With the Tag Report, social media managers can analyze the effectiveness of tagged messages with insights on volume and performance patterns. The new Tag Report provides a summary of messages tagged from Compose and in the Smart Inbox. If you’re using tags to categorize published messages, the report provides engagement metrics.

2013 State of Community Management Report Stresses Importance of Community Managers


So I was super excited to get a peek at the first report of the Community Roundtable’s 2013 State of Community Management yesterday and even more excited to see that it contains some great findings that should hopefully help show businesses that community management DOES matter. The biggest takeaway from the report, though, is that  community management matters.

The 5 Top Google Analytics Reports for Social Media Marketers

Convince & Convert

Where: At the top of the Standard Reporting interface, you’ll find a button for “Advanced Segments.” What: View reports that show the real-time and latent impact social media has on sales and goal conversion. Why: Social reports from Google Analytics allow social media marketers to understand what impact social media has now or later in the sales conversion process.

Analyze Performance with the New Facebook Pages Report

Sprout Social

Sprout’s Facebook Pages Report has experienced a major redesign to include an abundance of new data. Our new report enables users to analyze message volume, engagement, paid activity and audience demographics across one or more Pages through our Facebook Analytics tools. Analyze the demographics of different audience segments to inform message targeting. What’s New?

Leadtail Releases 2013 B2B Social Marketing Report

Blue Focus Marketing

B2B marketing firm Leadtail has recently released the B2B Social Marketing Report: Marketing Executives on Twitter. According to the report, Leadtail designed the study to help marketers better answer questions such as (1) which social networks should you invest time and money in?, (2) what topics should you create content around?, among others.

Triple X Niche Case Study Update: Expenses Report

Viper Chill

As promised in the first update I’m going to be sharing our respective reports in the same order so you’ll first hear about Diggy’s expenses, then mine, then Mr.V a.k.a If you would like more information on these tools, be sure to follow my thread (stickied at the top) on the case studies forum. Vladimir’s. Web Hosting : $14. GSA Search Engine Ranker : $99.

Companies Are Data-Rich and Insight-Poor [Report]


The amount of customer data can be overwhelming, and some companies therefore fail to turn the data into useful information and insight. The report Data-Rich and Insight-Poor Marketers Planning to Turn Information Into Intelligence in 2013 Survey Report by Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Yesmail Interactive states that consumers are overwhelmed by the amounts of messages.

Nielsen Report: Blogs Still on the Rise | ClickZ

Nielsen Report: Blogs Still on the Rise. Everyday humans are churning out more content than ever, and blogging remains an important avenue for consumer expression, according to an NM Incite report published today. Digital Consumer Report State of The Media: Q3-Q4 2011. People can swallow small bites of information from Twitter and Facebook much easier without having to read several paragraphs," says Mudd, whose clients include Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Verizon and Synovus. About us Contact us FAQ Write for us Advertise Report a bug Newsletter problems? Mobile.

Social Business Intelligence: Wisdom from the Outside-In

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Surveys are episodic and offer inauthentic information since the questions themselves alter the answers given, creating a distance between reality and what is articulated. Focus Groups suffer from the most human of all issues; the loudest person in the group wins and sways others through a combination of charisma and decibels.  In both cases, the information rendered is faulty. 

How Journalists Use Social Media to Report the News

Proactive Report

A new report from the Indiana University School of Journalism shows how US jouranlist are using social media to report the news.  journalists conducted during the fall of 2013, the new report updates previous findings and adds new ones concerning the role of social media in journalism. 56.2% use it to find additional information about a topic. 40% of U.S. Many U.S.

Reports of Websites Going Down for Lack of ICANN Email Verification

Bill Hartzer

There are reports that ICANN is now taking websites offline because of failures to verify ones’ email address. If Registrar does not receive an affirmative response from the Account Holder), Registrar shall verify the applicable contact information manually, but is not required to suspend any registration. So, if you get one of those emails, then do NOT ignore them.

Nielsen Social Media Report: mobile social web use on the rise


If you haven’t seen it yet, the Q3 2011 Social Media Report released this September by Nielsen is worth a look. Yes–these are the guys who do the TV ratings, and they’re measurement and information leaders for online and mobile media, as well. Highlights of Nielsen’s “State of the Media: The Social Media Report”. As listed on the NielsenWire blog.

Traditional Media reporting on Social Media

Laurel Papworth

First we need someone to pass the information on, via a retweet or something. There’s a wild ride at the moment as traditional media slogs it out with social media. Stories that are popular in online communities become mainstream media news. And well, celebrities made by traditional media bite back in social networks. Twitter is not broadcast so much as Ripple. Click for larger image.

Crowd-Sourced Information Online: Helpful or Harmful?

The Social Media Incubator

There’s been quite a bit of discussion about the reliability of online information that is compiled by individual users (think Wikipedia ). It has been creating buzz because, if passed, the Act “…makes the streaming of unauthorized content a felony,” reported Others rely on shared information from internet users on a daily basis.

49 Noteworthy Social Networking Stats and Facts

Webbiquity SMM

But despite the fact that 92% of small businesses agree that social media is important for their business AND that the majority use Facebook for their social media marketing, most also report that they don’t know whether their Facebook outreach is “working.” ( Social Media Examiner ). 46% of Twitter users follow news organizations, reporters or commentators. Infinit Datum ). 4.

Eight steps to thriving on information overload

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Books and Reports. « Professional services network offsite: Tapping the Power of Collaboration | Main | Audio stream of radio interview on Facebook, networks, connectivity, and media » Eight steps to thriving on information overload. In a world in which the pace of developments and amount of information available in any given domain is soaring out of sight, itâ??s

Your Client Hates You and You Don’t Even Know it

Spin Sucks

You may think your client is too busy to care about what you’re working on day-to-day, but I can guarantee they want to stay informed at some level. It simply means keeping them informed, without being asked, even when you think nothing is worth sharing. Lazy Reporting. When I was running an agency, my team occasionally got lazy on reporting. I’m not proud of this.

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The Calgary Zoo Shares its Annual Report on Instagram

Convince & Convert

When preparing its 2012 Annual Report, The Calgary Zoo traded its traditional PDF for Instagram. Proclaiming the 2012 Annual Report “The Year of the Penguins,” 55 photos and captions serve as the report pages and content. As noted in one of the images, “the early bird gets the shot,” and with their Instagram Annual Report, the Calgary Zoo did just that.

18 of the Best Content Marketing Strategy Guides of 2013

Webbiquity SMM

Noting that “The old adage — build it and they will come — doesn’t work for content marketing,” Laurie Sullivan reports on Forrester Research guidance on building a content distribution strategy to overcome the glut on content online. Content marketing is a hot topic, primarily in the B2B world but increasingly in consumer marketing as well. by GO Marketing.

Facebook’s New Ad Products for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

SocialTimes Facebook

Store locator allows Facebook users to quickly access a map displaying the locations of a retailer’s physical store locations, as well as information including address, hours, phone number, website and estimated travel time to reach those stores. People can click on the map in the ad to see information about nearby locations. Gain demographic insights about people who purchase.

It’s 2015 and #PRDiversity Is Still An Issue

Waxing UnLyrical

Yet, despite our increased awareness, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported as recently as April 2014 that many companies still lack diversity training, budgets and metrics. As of 2011, the BLS reported that only 8.7 strong example of this can be seen on PRWeek ’s 2014 Agency Business Report. Ed: Did you do a double take? And that’s no double talk.

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Business Development for Communications Firms

Spin Sucks

The first is a Bulldog Reporter book, but because they’ve recently gone out of business (sad face) and you no longer can buy yourself a copy, I’ve included some highlights below. Bulldog Reporter recommends using or to quickly get contact information, though I’m not super keen on buying lists. By Gini Dietrich.

What’s the law around aggregating news online? A Harvard Law report on the risks and the best practices

Harvard Law report on the risks and the best practices By Kimberley Isbell / Sept. 8 / 10:30 a.m. [So much of the web is built around aggregation — gathering together interesting and useful things from around the Internet and presenting them in new ways to an audience. Plaintiff generates or gathers information at a cost. The information is time-sensitive. But are they legal?

Monday Roundup: Smart Reporting

Waxing UnLyrical

Tomorrow #measurePR takes a look at smart reporting with three stellar guests: Founder and CEO of IrisPR, Aly Saxe ; CEO of Geben Communication, Heather Whaling ; and digital PR Strategist and Author of “SMART News,”  Sally Falkow. Author information Shonali Burke President & CEO at Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Around the Web smart reportingSee you soon!

Affiliate Marketing is Far From Dead

Spin Sucks

In fact, it actually looks pretty healthy. F or instance, we surveyed hundreds of advertisers for our affiliate benchmarks report. Paid ads are just that, but information from a third-party is different. By Chris Kramer. Affiliate marketing gets a pretty bad rap. Concerns involve the possible scrupulousness of affiliate marketing companies. Wrong. Monitor. Check. Introduce

Put Content Marketing at the Heart of Your Brand Strategy


With the enormous amount of time spent online on searching for information and connecting to social networks, content marketing is something marketers around the world have become increasingly interested in. 360i just released a very useful report drawing out the key elements of content marketing. Here are the key takeaways from the report: Digital branded content is a new animal.

How to Meet Your Consumers’ Social Media Expectations


In a recent report from Get Satisfaction , the expectations of this so-called 2nd generation of social media consumers versus the actions of brands have been sized and measured to give a status of how brands navigate in the landscape of social networks. At least, this is the initial step in the conscious part of the information search. Read the full Get Staisfaction report here.

Report: Women Use Social Media to Support Causes and Charities More than Men

Bill Hartzer

There is a new report out from 30 Hour Famine that shows that women are more likely to use social media web sites to support causes they believe in than men. For more information, visit According to the results of this study, girls are more likely than boys to friend, like, or follow charities they believe in. Social Media

How to Succinctly Report a Blog Issue to Tech Support


It’s important to report technical problems to your tech support (whether that’s one person or a dedicated support company) clearly and unambiguously, and to provide them with as much information as they need to get you up and running again, quickly. It’s a lot like writing: when you’re reporting technical issues, you need to write for your audience. Version.