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PR Industry Salary Survey Has Bad News for Women

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The PR Industry Salary Survey. Bloom, Gross & Associates —an executive search firm—just released their PR industry salary study …and it found the pay gap between men and women is still alive and well. Men in our industry are paid nearly $50,000 more than the women. Which is crazy because it’s 2015  and because we are in a female-dominated industry.

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Changes to the Barcelona Principles Hurt the PR Industry

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couple of months ago, we hosted Fred Cook —the CEO of Golin —on our monthly author Q&A. During the live session, I asked him why the PR industry has such a hard time measuring its effectiveness. To his point, it IS better than the original definition from 1982, but it still tells no one (including those of us in the industry) what the heck we do. By Gini Dietrich.

Libya’s Media and Marketing Industries Inching Forward

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The Tripoli trade fair grounds are hosting an event practically every week, offering businesses from telecoms to fashion, and garden furniture to construction, the opportunity to show off their wares to industry and consumers alike. Libya’s Media and Marketing Industries Inching Forward is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical. Experiences which will surely scar them for life.

14 Steps to Hosting a Successful Webinar

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Following is a step-by-step list of how to host a memorable, interesting, and useful webinar. Of course, this list may change, depending on your business and your industry, but it provides a good place to begin thinking about how to generate good, qualified leads from content. Image via Choose a topic and a headline that has great search potential.

Twitter Goes Deep Inside the Music Industry With Q&A Series

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Twitter launched a series of question-and-answer sessions with music-industry insiders, kicking off May 20 with record executive Kevin Liles , founder and CEO of KWL Enterprises and co-founder and partner of 300 Entertainment. Kevin Liles talks making it in the music industry. Monday May 30, Julz Goddard : Known in the music industry as YezJulz, the self-proclaimed director of vibes conducted a Q&A with her followers while on her spa day and broke down what it takes to create your own brand. Julz Goodard on being your own boss. Select highlights are embedded below.

How to Use Industry Insights to Improve Your Content Strategy

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He is an executive producer, host, and author. Leading With Imperfections. Originally from the world of stand-up comedy, Ron Tite was named one of the “Top Ten Creative Canadians” by Marketing Magazine. He His upcoming book, “Everyone’s An Artist (Or At Least They Should Be),” will be published by HarperCollins in the spring of 2016. In This Episode. Resources.

Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website?

› Home › Column › Search › SEO Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website? When something within your industry changes, you should have a forum so you can quickly post about the change and gain links. Mark Jackson | August 18, 2010 | 0 comments ); //]]> Share Tweet My company has recommended blogging to many of our search engine optimization clients.

Search Engine Optimization Firms Like RankPay Still Hurting SEO Industry

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It is the companies like Rankpay (detailed below) that are sending emails like the one below that is truly hurting the search engine optimization industry as a whole. would then look at the nameservers of the web host and send their web host an email. And if you are so inclined, I would even complain to their ISP (Internet Service Provider) for sending out spam. underway?

Host yourself: Don’t leave your digital space in someone else’s hands


When it comes to running a small business or blogging about your recent travel adventures to Spain, anyone who works online understands the need for speedy and effective Internet hosting service. While the quality of various hosting companies can vary widely, having 100% up-time is very important for the business or individual to stay productive. So, about web hosting services?

8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling


YouTube allows you to embed links to take viewers to other content, as do various hosting platforms such as Wistia, Sprout Video, and Vidyard, which also help companies by tracking user engagement with powerful analytics. Featured Implementation Industry InsiderHer new book is The Producer’s Playbook: Real People on Camera (Focal Press). 1 – Tell a Story. That’s huge.

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Guest Post Hosting: the Surprising Traffic Driver


But what about hosting guest bloggers as a way to increase traffic? Benefits of hosting guest bloggers. Every time I hosted a guest blogger, my page views more than doubled. The whole reason your blog will benefit from hosting a guest, is because of cross-promotion. Find her on Twitter @ ShariLopatin , follow her on Facebook , or visit her at “ Shari Lopatin: Rogue Writer ,” where she blogs every other Thursday about writing tips, funny stories, industry news, and media strategies. Guest Post Hosting: the Surprising Traffic Driver. New concept, huh?

How to Host Guest Blogs while Building your Credibility


One way to satisfy these challenges is to host guest blogs on your site. While there are plenty of tips out there on how to be a good guest blogger, what about being a gracious host? Image copyright denlitya - On my home decor lifestyle blog Stagetecture , I have hosted close to 300 guest bloggers to my “home,” and along the way I have been able to carefully perfect a system of hosting quality guest bloggers that helps my guests deliver a quality product to my readers and develops my credibility in the process. Remember: your home, your rules.

The Future Is Better Than You Think


I want to tell you all about a webinar that is hosting with futurist Peter Diamandis on Tuesday June 28 at 12:30 PM EDT. While this is good news for humanity, it is also a reminder that no industry will go untouched. Industry InsiderREGISTER. For example, what if you are a trade association for a sector that is about to become entirely automated?

Come Join the Party: Industry Leaders Define the Shifting Roles of Branding

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Sociable brands aren’t only about hosting fabulous gatherings of their own (owned media), but importantly about finding continuously new and interesting ways to bring value as social currency to their audience, increasing the likelihood that they will invited to the best conversations, online and off.”. From the moment we wake up, brands bombard us with attempts to get our attention. 

How Purpose Will Power Future Online Communities


As Community Architects (and Builders, Managers, Hosts, etc), we’ve always known that we needed to define a community’s purpose as part of strategic development, but we generally haven’t paid much attention to the role of purpose for community participants. The host organization evolves from an authoritarian role to become a responsive partner in co-development. a.k.a. Implications.

How To Create More Content, Faster, Without Sacrificing on Quality


Webinar, Tweetchats , hangout interviews with multiple people and hosting chat written questions… these are some of the ways you can pull it off. Tweetdeck is my own not-so-secret productivity tool that tracks important events happening in my industry. Cyfe helps me monitor and archive more context from industry. Content Strategy Industry InsiderWhat is this?

How to Source and Host a Guest Post Series


So today I thought it might be interesting to talk about the thinking behind trying out series, and step through some of the pitfalls you’ll want to avoid if you consider hosting a guest post series on your own blog. Over the years I’ve tried a variety of approaches to publishing guest posts, as I’ve found that audience preferences and interests change over time, as the industry and technology evolve. How to Source and Host a Guest Post Series. And recently you’ll have noticed our multi-author series on generating blog comments.

Why Become a Web Hosting Reseller?


Web hosting reselling entails renting a server from another web hosting company and leasing out bandwidth, hard disk space, and processing power to other customers at a lower rate. In turn, you can place ads on the websites of people you host on your private server. Hosting Reselling Can Be Difficult. Tags: Web Hosting Why Become a Web Hosting Reseller?

The Intersection of Online Communities and Learning Management Systems


We’re seeing some interesting things going on in the association industry at the intersection of online communities and learning management systems (LMS). We see the convergence of community/forums and online learning to continue trending.  If you work for an LMS, Community Platform or AMS and have thoughts on this from an industry perspective, please share! percent), Facebook (28.8

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

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10 Unorthodox Ideas for Local Citations & Links : If you have a local business and want high rankings, these are some creative ways to move forward to get some nice links: hosting parties at the event, selling products for sale online and offering feeds for the products, integrating badges or writing a guide of local places in Foursquare, and more. And I did. Do an audit to find out.

If Net Neutrality is dead, what does it mean for associations?


tell my friends that the association industry is the biggest industry no one knows about. And as an industry there are a LOT of websites with a LOT of content. This might push other hosting providers out of business. All I know is that as an industry we should be paying closer attention and make our voices known. Ok. I’ll admit this is a “sky is falling” scenario.

Come Join the Party: Industry Leaders Define the Shifting Roles of Branding

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Sociable brands aren’t only about hosting fabulous gatherings of their own (owned media), but importantly about finding continuously new and interesting ways to bring value as social currency to their audience, increasing the likelihood that they will invited to the best conversations, online and off.”. From the moment we wake up, brands bombard us with attempts to get our attention.

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The State of Community Management 2015


Here’s an excellent webinar recording hosted by Higher Logic where Rachel Happe and Jim Storer shared the highlights of this year’s study.  It’s a full hour but worth setting some time aside to watch the whole thing. Culture That Works Featured From the Trenches Industry Insider Open CommunityThe 2015 State of Community Management Report is out!!

The Impact of Millennials on Software Adoption


The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Josh Bland, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders. Culture That Works Featured Industry InsiderIn this episode we discuss why millennials are so optimistic (are they?), nonprofit CRM, and marketing automation deployment. They are generally optimistic in that way.

[DC AREA EVENT] 2015 Future of Associations


On June 18th, we are hosting an  invitation-only breakfast   gathering with one of the top storytellers in the world –  Mike Bonifer , Chief Creative Officer at  bigSTORY. From the Trenches Industry InsiderDETAILS: Association Executive Breakfast  with Mike Bonifer, Chief Creative Officer,  bigSTORY. Thursday, June 18, 2015 – 7:15 AM – 9:00 AM. NW, Washington DC.

12 Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation with Wiselike

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In short, Wiselike lets everyone host their own perpetual AMA , regardless of whatever industry you’re in (you could be a sanitation dude, a stripper, a forest ranger, an army general, a company CEO, or whatever else–it’s for anyone and everyone!). Industry NewsWith the rising popularity of AMAs, creating Wiselike was a natural progression. Your resume.

Using Social Media to Speak *With* Your Audience.


So building a custom experience to learn from an audience or host a Q&A is simply not an option. CrowdHall lets anyone with an audience easily set-up and host an online, crowd-moderated town hall. Set up and host a private town hall in minutes. Want to host a Q&A with one of your brand or organizational ambassadors? Industry InsiderBlog it.

Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy

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You are here: ViperChill » SEO » Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy Written by Glen, this post has 126 Comments Generally speaking, the more traffic you can get to a website the more money you can make. Health, gambling, forex and gaming industries for example, are very competitive online.

Did You Miss? 22 MUST READS of 2013


” The Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting Epic Google Hangouts  (Moz). Content Strategy Featured From the Trenches Implementation Industry Insider Social, In Theory Here are the best of those. Trust me, take some time with this list – you won’t regret it. These are in no particular order. ” Content Management Has It Backwards. Behavior Trumps Action. Richard Becker).

How to deal with Gmail’s new Promotions Tab


image” – where the featured image you want to use is hosted. Your featured image must be on a open host – either within the dotMailer environment, or something like WordPress. Implementation Industry Insider This post by Tom Corbett is reposted with permission from Business2Community. From the get-go, our entire Dev team signed up to kick the tires. Optimise your Text. Markup.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

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This list is incredibly long, but I hope it’s not any less valuable. I’m sure you’ll have a year (or more) of reading to do, but I know it’s worth it to empower you with all this great content that has been written by our industry peers. This is good stuff from the biggest experts in the industry. Of course, then, today is my birthday, but it’s a big one.

Six Sources for Nonprofit News


The topics and hosts of the blog carnival change monthly. The blog host determines a content theme, and bloggers are invited to submit any (relatively recent) published blog post on that theme by a certain date. The selected posts are published on the host blogger’s site as a themed blog post roundup. From the Trenches Implementation Industry Insider Nimble Nonprofit

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Why Cloud Computing Makes So Much Sense for Small Businesses


Cloud computing is nearly a $20 billion industry today. Tech & Gadgets cloud computing cloud hosting small business Before the Internet, everything was legacy hardware and software. You turned your work on and off and it only came with you if you brought it. Most of the time, that wasn’t possible, being that it was confined on a heavy desktop computer. It’s a game-changer.

How Associations are Rebranding Themselves for Relevancy


ICF International will host a live stream policy discussion that includes leading researchers, evaluators, and practitioners from key social and human service sectors examining the legacy and future of the Great Society “War on Poverty” programs. It’s no secret that technology continues to lead a vast majority of industries down the aisle of transformation.

3 Hidden Resources for Your #GivingTuesday Campaign


GivingTuesday could also be a great day to let one of your super activists manage your Instagram account for the day, or to host a Twitter chat. Cool Social Tools Featured Industry Insider Open Community Guest post by Jenna Sauber, CauseVox. ————– As December 2nd starts to creep closer on the calendar, you may be starting to feel the squeeze. Your Peers.

22 Effective SEO Tips to Optimize Your B2B Website

PWB Marketing Blog’s directory has dozens of categories from Construction to Industrial to Telecommunications. Move Your Blog Under Your Domain – If your blog is hosted outside your domain (such as on Blogger, Tumblr, or, you’re not getting Google credit for all the traffic you’re driving to your blog. Identify influential bloggers in your industry and trade links with them.

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The Future of VoIP


All the while, the verbal communications business – which essentially amounts to the VoIP industry – seems to be slowly dying on a consumer scale.  Such is why the VoIP industry has been, and continues to, migrate toward the business market. Tech & Gadgets future of voip hosted voip solution megapath voip people prefer texting to talking the future of voipWhy wouldn’t you?

The Social Media Monitoring Industry Meets Social CRM Head on

General The Social Media Monitoring Industry Meets Social CRM Head on By Luke Brynley-Jones ⋅ September 21, 2010 ⋅ Email This Post ⋅ Print This Post ⋅ Post a comment ⋅ Tweet This When I hosted Monitoring Social Media 09 in November last year, attendees were asking the same few questions: “what are the best tools for listening to our customers?” Look out.

Online Voting: Advantages and Challenges for Associations


voting website hosted on a secure server will only be accessible to authorized members through unique voter logins. Industry Insider Open Community PotluckThis is a guest post by Tim Madsen, marketing manager for Survey and Ballot Systems.  What do you think?  Is your association using online voting? ———— The Importance of Association Elections. Accessibility.

200+ Brilliant Content Marketing World Speakers (and Where to Find them on Twitter)

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The event is expected to host more than 3,500 attendees and to feature more than 120 hours of presentations, networking and entertainment. Bruce McDuffee, Knowledge Marketing for Industry (KMI). Mark Tennant, podcast host. In the universe of content marketing, few events rival Content Marketing World currently happening Sept. 8-11 in Cleveland. Jay Acunzo, NextView Ventures. 4.

Your Employees May Be Your Best Untapped Brand Advocates

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Stays up to date with news and happenings within the industry. If they’re working through social media, offer them valuable content — anything from a stat they can retweet to content they can cite to help position themselves as industry leaders when engaging prospective clients. Guest post by Liz Greene. 65% saw improved brand recognition. 7% had better brand loyalty. It’s simple.

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Seven Podcasts to Add to Your iTunes Feed

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Because I’ve been co-hosting one for years now, I like the sound of that. This NPR-produced (and Chicago-based) podcast is hosted by Peter Segal and Bill Kurtis and has a panel of three or four comedians. The Friday Five is hosted and produced by Tom Webster and “discovers the music DNA of interesting people.” By Gini Dietrich. Seven Must-Listen Podcasts.

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It’s that time of year again- the DoGooder Awards are back!


Winners will also receive free registration for next year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference, hosted by NTEN and additional prizes from the National Alliance for Media and Culture. Content Strategy Industry Insider Nimble Nonprofit Compelling cause-based video has the ability to advance social change and create real impact. Organizations and activists are more video savvy than ever.