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    [Feedly] Facebook Private Messaging for Brands
    Due to lesser engagement, brand’s updates would rank lower in the news feed because of the EdgeRank algorithm. So brace yourselves brands, you need to keep coming up with interesting content to secure the engagement levels and to be seen in the news feed. How to Improve Your News Feed Ranking on Facebook. Tweet According to TheNextWeb , a new Facebook communication option appeared for Asia-based page admins. Apparently, this allows business pages to receive private messages from their fans. What does it mean for brands? What NOT To Do On Facebook.
    [Feedly] How to Use Social Media Strategy to Reach Mommy Blogs
    Supporting their social network feeds shows them that you are also in support of all of their efforts to get more traffic and followers. They have a very active Twitter feed, Facebook page, and comments section. Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed. This is a guest post by Vanessa Van Petten. Since I had no marketing budget, I decided to spend all of my efforts partnering with other mom blogs and asking them to post about us. Here is the list I use. Like this post?
    [Feedly] Clickbait: Information overload! How can brands cut-through all the noise?
    In 2014 Facebook took steps to try and crack down on those gaming this ranking using clickbait, and in February this year it introduced an update based not just on what users engaged with in their feed, but what they wanted to see. Last month Instagram followed suit and announced it would alter user’s feeds to optimise the content users “care about the most”, and Twitter has also adopted a similar change (although users can opt-out and revert back to the chronological feed). You won’t believe the hidden message in this blog post! Platform crackdown. Learn and adapt.
    [Feedly] Facebook Unveils the Most Powerful Social Ads of All Time
    Facebook has just integrated Page Post link ads into the News Feed, and the result is the most precisely targeted social advertising the marketing world has ever seen. It’s a no-brainer that Facebook ads that appear in the News Feed, such as Sponsored Stories, are much more effective than typical display ads. In these ads, marketers can share links to vibrant video, text, and photo content in the one place over a billion people check regularly—their News Feeds. And now marketers can target these social ads based on a user’s browsing and search activity.
    [Feedly] Social Media Isn’t About The Numbers! Or Is It?
    To be honest, I love that LinkedIn is now feeding me articles that are popular with those that I connect with. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. If you ask me what my Klout score is …I’ll likely vomit. Too many folks get caught up in the numbers game when it comes to social media. They use numbers like “friends”, “followers” and…ewww…”Klout” to determine whether they are doing social right. Heaven knows that it doesn’t tell you whether you’re engaging in social media properly. Maybe. Maybe not.
    [Feedly] How I Use Triberr
    So while I’m checking out a post (because yes, I do read all of your posts which should comfort you and my Twitter audience alike), I can pick up the post author’s Twitter handle and add it to the tweet so they know their post is being shared as well. 3. I use a custom RSS feed. Triberr was actually my motivation to create a customized RSS feed for my writing, which has come in quite handy on other sites that allow you to have RSS feed sharing, including my LinkedIn profile ‘s WordPress app and Dooid profile to name just a few. have everyone set on manual.
    [Feedly] Micro Persuasion: Three Little Tips for Capturing Info Bits Quickly
    You can star items and even subscribe to either your history or these bookmarks as a feed. Annotate Bookmarks and Feeds with a Private Friendfeed Room. The second way to use this is to start importing RSS feeds into a private room. They offer bookmarklets and other tools for easy flagging, a personalized RSS feed as well as mobile versions that strip down the articles down to just text for low-bandwidth reading on the go. You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. Blog RSS Feed. Comment Feed. Enjoy! Thanks.
    [Feedly] I Have Read This, I Am Concerned - Social Media
    It Need Not Always Be 'Like' And 'DisLike' on Social Media Here is a scenario: On your Home Page Feed - You read about a very Disturbing Case for instance Abuse or a Missing Person. Moreover an Interaction will enable it to go higher on Network Feed. There is nothing to ‘Like’ or ‘DisLike’. But you need to say that you have ‘Read’ the Article. You want to show that you are Concerned. How about a Different Sign apart from the ‘Like’ and the 'DisLikes’ ? Join Me On TSU - The Social Media Site! Join Me Here: PervaraKapadia 2. Add Your Site For FREE!
    [Feedly] 2012 Round-Up Of My Social Media Cartoons And Comics
    hope you have enjoyed the social media humor and I’ll be continuing with my comics and cartoons throughout 2013 so check back or use the form on my home page to subscribe to my RSS feed and have them delivered to your Inbox. It’s that time again, time to bring all of my 2012 social media comic strips, cartoons and humorous graphics into one single post. If you haven’t already, also be sure to check out my roundup of social media comics and cartoons that I created in 2011. Cheers! Bloggers: Would You Rather Be First Or Right? Or Is It? Are You A Social Media Channel Changer?
    [Feedly] Industry Buzz: 4 reasons why is the up and coming community platform’s content source tool leverages the power of the entire internet to bring content that is relevant to your members straight to them in one integrated feed. You can choose the 10-15 most useful RSS feeds for your members and have them automatically bring articles and information into your community at a rate of your choosing. Users can grow alongside their customized feed. The Rasa setup stresses centering member experiences around the social feed structure as opposed to forums and chat rooms as other platforms tend to do. It truly maximizes our content.
    [Feedly] Auto-Post Your Blog Posts to Digg « Saying It Social
    All you have to do is log in to Digg then go to your Settings  and click on the menu item to “Import Feeds&#. Enter the URL of your Blog’s Feed and then you will be given a verification code to add to one of your blog posts so that Digg can verify your blog. Can’t wait to share our blog posts with you:-) Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit August 26, 2010 - Posted by akstout18 | Uncategorized | digg One blogger likes this post 1 Comment » I have been looking for a way to add an automated Digg feed to my blog. How cool, right?! Cheers.
    [Feedly] [Infographic] Facebook Is NOT The Largest Online Social Network, Email Still Rules!
    And your inbox is more successful at managing text and multimedia better than the Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, RSS subscriptions and Google+ feed combined. Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is NOT the largest social network on the planet. That honor still goes to email. Think about it, your email contacts are like your Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, and Twitter followers all rolled into one. With email, we send more than 188 billion messages every day, where Facebook and Twitter combined only traffic 200 million messages. Is email used to discuss common interests?
    [Feedly] Social Networking Stats: Millennials Are 56% More Likely To Find Brand Content On Social Networks
    The average millennial checks their smartphone about 45 times a day, and is 56% more likely to find brand content on social networks than on search engines or other online news feeds, according to SDL’s global study. Millennials crave customized content:  From social networks to news feeds and music streams, millennials prefer content that can be adjusted to fit their taste. The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 1.23 billion monthly active users. via  Facebook. YouTube. over 1 billion monthly unique users. via  YouTube. via  VentureBeat.
    [Feedly] 4 Ways to Make Sure You Always Have Something to Say Online
    Tools like Google Alerts and Yahoo Alerts monitor the web for you and alert you, by email or through RSS news feeds (see below), every time a new piece of information relating to your keywords is posted to the web. Using RSS (Rich Site Summary, or sometimes Really Simple Syndication) news feeds assemble feeds from different sources, including Google and Yahoo Alerts, into one place so you can scan all of them at once to find items of interest. What can I post that is topical, interesting and valuable? But that’s like hopping into a car and expecting to drive forever.
    [Feedly] 37 of the Best Facebook Page Apps for Brand Marketing
    HootSuite simplifies posting and scheduling Facebook updates, adding images, monitoring feeds, and more. RSS Graffiti automatically publishes your blog RSS feeds on your Facebook Page. One of the easiest ways to use your Facebook page to its fullest potential for social media marketing is to employ third-party Facebook applications. . Doing so makes your page significantly more appealing to your audience and improves user experience. Facebook page customization can dramatically increase your visibility, improve your branding, and create more leads and sales. Ripe Social. FanAppz.
    [Feedly] Identifying, Understanding and Influencing Social Media Users [Infographic]
    Overall, the report talks about how important it is to reach fans with relevant and engaging content in their News Feed, since their interaction with the content makes your message spread to their friends. Tweet In my last blog post , I wrote about a recent report focusing on how social marketing is more than just ranking up a bunch of likes! Further, several cases (respectively based on both earned and paid media) were included in the report in order to demonstrate how successful management of a community contributes to the brand increasing its sales figures. Social media personas.
  • FIREBELLY  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2012
    [Feedly] It’s Not Your Facebook Page, It’s You (That’s The Problem)
    If people don’t like what you’re sharing on your Facebook page, they’ll un-Like you, hide your content from their News Feed and/or never engage. The less they engage, the even less visible you will be in the News Feed (thanks to the EdgeRank algorithm ). I hear it a lot. “We had/have a Facebook page, but it didn’t/doesn’t do anything.” ” If you’re thinking this right now about your brand’s Facebook page, forgive me for being the bearer of bad news, but your Facebook page is not going to do anything. Promote your page.
    [Feedly] Think Like Zuck: 5 Business Success Secrets from the Great Leaders of Our Time
    All of its most important innovations, such as the Wall, the News Feed, photo tagging and Groups, have come out of this sense of purpose. At the age of 28, Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s 29-richest person and his company Facebook has over one billion users worldwide, only eight years after it was set up. Yet Zuckerberg “never wanted to run a company,” he said. “To me a business is a good vehicle for getting stuff done.” Below are just some of the insights. Passion and Purpose. What’s the difference between Passion and Purpose?
    [Feedly] HOW TO: Guide to Performing Website Audits
    Submitting RSS feeds to the sitemap will also carry a lot of SEO value since Google and Bing love RSS feeds. Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed. This is a guest post by Harrison Jones. Onsite optimization of websites is the most important factor in ranking better in search engine results. You can build all the links you want, but if your website isn’t optimized, Googlebot won’t be able to crawl the site properly. Canonicalization and URL Structure. Geo Redirects.
    [Feedly] Marketing, Social Media & Branding Blogs in India
    Home About In the Media themarketingblog@wordpress on Mobile Applying the Johari Window to a s/w Product July 24, 2008.3:37 am Marketing, Social Media & Branding Blogs in India Jump to Comments What XML feed of some of the best Social-media, Marketing and Branding blogs in India Why Thoughts inspired by Age of Conversation’s Douglas Karr. How Simply use the import feature in your feed reader to import from these blogs. Primarily, there was a need for an XML/OPML file for india focussed blogs. The list has just begun. simple and easy import for me. thanks for the tip!
  • KOKA SEXTON  |  FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2009
    [Feedly] friendfeed Explosion
    FriendFeed is a service which, instead of layering a meta-network on top of all your other social networks, will create a news feed incorporating them all much like the Facebook news feed. Users tell the feed which networks they belong to (Facebook, Digg, etc) and FriendFeed personalizes your data feed with info from each of the sites. I’ve had an account for a while and never use it actively. signed up for the FriendFeed account and plugged in all of my feeds and then left it alone. Set it and forget it. Looks like things are changing though.
  • JON LOOMER  |  MONDAY, MAY 11, 2015
    [Feedly] Master Guide: All Facebook Image Dimensions and Ad Specs [2015]
    Display specs — how it will appear — for news feed, right column and mobile. Success on Facebook has become an increasingly difficult thing — particularly for those not equipped with the proper resources. Bad design — whether of your page, posts or ads — can spell failure before you even hit “publish.” ” That’s why I had this master guide of all Facebook image dimensions and ad specs put together. This is actually the third of its kind that I’ve had created. Facebook changes so quickly that I need to create a new one every year!
    [Feedly] Companies Invest More in Social Media Marketing in 2014
    This seems to be because these ads are less conspicuous and take up less space on your Twitter feed as well as the Twitter homepage. Last year, Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers wrote a list of predictions for social media trends that would rule this year. One of the most accurate was his prediction that social media marketing would continue to skyrocket, forcing companies who were holdouts in the social media arena to finally buy in. Social media marketing is undoubtedly the new wave of marketing. Facebook implemented its promoted posts in 2012. Photo Source). Related articles.
    [Feedly] Pheed – Express Yourself on Social Media
    It has the well-known functionalities as other platforms, such as a timeline and feed with the people you subscribe to. This way you can charge others to subscribe to your feed. I have been looking into upcoming social platforms and came across Pheed, which for a while has created some buzz on the web and have been announced the breakout social media star of 2013. Pheed was launched October 2012 and was founded by a group of friends from the technology and entertainment community in Silicon Valley, California. It is a webbased platform, also available for mobile. Wasteland.
    [Feedly] Twitter Etiquette: Outside Voices, Inside Voices and Whispers
    Constant republishing of others’ content (RSS feeds, quotes, etc.). If you grew up with a mother anything like mine, many of your childhood memories include being shushed and reminded to use your inside voice. We had three voices, but the one we heard the most about was our inside voice. Heaven forbid we might say something too loudly and the neighbors would hear! Little did I know these voices would come in handy when thinking about Twitter. I had a recent conversation with Laura of EzraTech on Twitter about the practice of sending DMs (direct messages) to new followers.
    [Feedly] How to Adjust to Facebook’s Changes in the EdgeRank Algorithm
    In response to an e-mail from EdgeRank Cracker , a Facebook Ad Rep wrote: “We’re continually optimizing News Feed to ensure the most relevant experience for our users. But instead of spending time joining the “complain about Facebook” discussions , why not focus on how to make sure that your posts actually appear in the optimal amount of your fans’ News Feeds? According to the Facebook Ad Rep: “Posts that are more likely to be engaging tend to appear higher in feed. Have you already observed a decrease in your Facebook page’s reach? You probably have. price of $7.
    [Feedly] How to Create the Perfect #LinkedIn Profile #infographic
    Share news and information with your network through the activity feed. It all comes back to you LinkedIn profile. It doesnt matter how much activity you have on the LinkedIn network or connections you have. If you don’t have an optimized LinkedIn Profile then you are going to miss out on opportunities. In infographic from  Link Humans  they cover some of the top ways to build the perfect LinkedIn profile. Here’s some highlights: Start with a picture; people buy from people and a professional LinkedIn profile picture will help esablish trust.
    [Feedly] ViperChill Surpasses 10K Subscribers (Or, How I Gained 9000.
    You are here: ViperChill » ViperChill » ViperChill Surpasses 10K Subscribers (Or, How I Gained 9,000 Subscribers in 9 Months) ViperChill Surpasses 10K Subscribers (Or, How I Gained 9,000 Subscribers in 9 Months) Written by Glen, this post has 88 Comments I’m very excited to say that if you’re reading this, ViperChill has now passed the 10,000 subscribers mark. I’m actually writing this sentence (not the post) on March 11th 2010 sitting on a feed count of 4,717 subscribers (I’ll explain this later). Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" Thank You!
    [Feedly] The New 'Send' Button From Facebook - Social Media
    Thus if you do not want a particular information to feature on your network's feed and if you do not want that the whole network of your friends view it then this is an incredible facility. In such cases when you share the entire post with everyone it may start making people turn a blind eye towards your feeds as they are not relevant material to them. With the result people may start to 'hide' your feed on their home page. Very recently Facebook has introduced a new social plugin, the 'Send' button. It may not be general interest to all persons.
    [Feedly] Social Media: The True Impact
    More than likely, someone on your Facebook feed has posted a story, or you have seen a tweet about what’s going on. We spend a lot of time talking about how to make social media work for business and what kind of marketing targets social media users. But we don’t often take a step back and see the true impact that the addition of social media networks has had on our everyday lives. Ten years ago, could you ever have imagined what social media is, let alone how it has changed our world? Social media has made it incredibly easy for news to spread. The response was astonishing.
    [Feedly] How to Gain Productivity
    There were dozens of blog posts on my Feedly reading list. They had accumulated over the past few weeks and I’d only read a handful of them. While I could have kept reading at a snail’s pace, I decided to mark them all as read and to start fresh the next time I open the program. already feel accomplished. There are many best practices and guidelines to gain productivity — but the best is to declutter. If there are things that are pushing you down, remove the obstacles and you will rise up. Savor the weightlessness. Productivity
    [Feedly] We Interrupt This Lifecast: Syndication Overload (Part 1)
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Social Search: Tempur-Pedic "Ask Me" Commercial | Main | 4 Ways To Celebrate MLK Day With Social Media » January 13, 2010 We Interrupt This Lifecast: Syndication Overload (Part 1) I have never written a rant post before, but nothing seems to bother me more online lately than when I log into Facebook and Im assaulted by a stream of peoples tweets in the Live Feed. Social technologies make syndication and aggregation simple. Keep your #s, @s and RTs where they belong - on Twitter. Its annoying. Am I alone here? Thank you.
    [Feedly] StumbleUpon Channels: Which Media Brands Are Doing Well?
    Some more observations: The ability to connect RSS, Twitter and Facebook feeds makes it easy to maintain a Channel without committing significant time or resources. Consider creating a dedicated feed for content that makes the most sense for StumbleUpon. It has been a couple months since StumbleUpon rolled out its Channel pages for all members so I thought I’d check in and see how media brands are doing. To-date the media brands with the largest following have attracted 5,000 to 7,000 followers with quite a few channels still under 1,000. Breaking News. Lifestyle Content. Others.
    [Feedly] The New Dilemma: Social Media Exposes Us to Too Much, Too Often
    The introduction of social feeds by Facebook, Twitter and other social networks changed the way that people discovered content. We are consuming more and more content from our social feeds. This is a guest post by Jason Butlion. The way that we explore and discover content on the Internet has drastically changed in the last decade. The first major step forward was with Google which organized the Internet so that anyone could run accurate searches on specific topics they found interesting. The next evolution in content discovery came with the social revolution.
    [Feedly] How to Build Trust in Your Brand Using Video
    Forget about feeding them mission statements and vision statements; address your consumers individually and ask for their feedback. Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed. This is a guest post by Neil Davidson. Instead of requiring users to navigate, scroll, and click to access information, online video is a one-stop destination for information. It takes less time to engage the user than reading, and the user is then engaged until ready to follow an embedded call to action.
    [Feedly] Report: Social Marketing Is More Than Just Likes [Report]
    And not least reaching people with relevant content in their News Feed, where they spend the highest percentage (40%) of their time on the platform. As shown in the above model from the report, the first step for a brand is then to actually be seen by fans in their News Feed. Tweet Recently, ComScore , the global leader in measuring the digital world, published a report on social marketing and how it’s not just about getting likes! Facebook pages are the go-to destination. Compared to brands’ normal websites, a Facebook page has become the go-to destination for consumers and fans.
    [Feedly] EdgeRank Is Still Valid According to Study
    However, the algorithm EdgeRank seems to be a very good starting point for understanding the secret deciding what gets the highest ranking in your fans’ and their friends’ news feed. To sum up for those of you who don’t breath EdgeRank through the office air everyday: Time : The newer the post, the better the visibility in the news feed. More interestingly, Questions also attract a high level of engagement and thereby a high ranking in the news feed, despite only acquiring a simple cast of vote and occasionally writing an alternative option. The EdgeRank model. The results.
  • SOCMED SEAN  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2013
    [Feedly] PLEASE Don’t Visit My Google+ Page! Here’s Why.
    So Google can publish stats all they want, but until I see an active feed like Facebook and Twitter… I just don’t believe it. On my personal profile, you’ll get the same social media insights and analysis that you’d expect from my Twitter feed, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile. No, this isn’t another one of those anti-Google+ posts and no…it isn’t one of those reverse psychology attempts to actually trick you into visiting my Google+ page. In fact, I really don’t want you to visit my Google+ page and I have a good reason for it.
    [Feedly] Cool Sites:
    [Feedly] Never Miss Important Social Media Updates
    there are plenty of opportunities for important posts, yet you know how easy it is for your busy social feed to push those posts down and out of sight. To add them to that list, go to their profile or mouse over their name in your news feed, and click the arrow next to the "Friends" button. To the right of the Friends button is the Following button, which you can also use to make sure that any posts from that person appear at the top of your news feed. It puts you in control of your feed.) Social Media Never Miss Important Social Media Updates. even competitors.
    [Feedly] 7 Creative Ways to Increase Instagram Followers
    IFTTT is a great tool that allows your Instagram Post to show up as an image in the feed and not as a link. Are you on Instagram? Struggling to increase your followers? . Instagram can be highly engaging but there is a right and a wrong way to increase followers on Instagram (and followers). In this post I asked Sue B Zimmerman (the Instagram Expert), to share 7 Creative Ways to Increase your followers on Instagram … the RIGHT way. Sue is my Go-To-Gal for Instagram tips, so listen up!  . Image by Shutterstock. More is not always better. Bonus Tip: Always ENGAGE!! Over to You.
    [Feedly] New Home for The Engaging Brand
    If you subscribe via the RSS feed then can you change it to feed:// The new site can be found at As really value our conversations! Any problems just let me know at See you over there
    [Feedly] Social Networking For a Cause: The Power of Online Communities
    About two months ago, I was reading down my Facebook News Feed to see what my network was involved with that day and I saw that a friend of mine from high school had become a fan of a page called, “ Miracle For Megan Foundation Inc. &# As soon as I saw this I had to check out the page because aside from social networking, social media marketing, etc for business, my other major passion is fundraising, supporting, and raising awareness for special causes and charities – so I was curious as to what this foundation was all about. Everything seemed great in the beginning.
    [Feedly] Your Auto Posts On Facebook May Not Be Read - Social Media
    It is this algorithm that decides on which post should appear on your Personal Profile Feeds in Facebook. Facebook has been transparent about its algorithms. They are called EdgeRank. Recently you may have noticed that posts coming from similar third party auto posting sites are getting clubbed together. This will result in your Fans not clicking each time to check out what all is clubbed together. work as Freelance Social Media Network Online Professional. My Business Page is on Facebook at: [link] pervarakapadia Do join me
    [Feedly] How to Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, 2012 Edition
    Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed. This is a guest post by Tim Ware. ” And there’s no other option. consider this the biggest drawback with the Timeline layout, followed closely by no longer being able to set a default landing tab for non-fans. However, in this article, I will focus on the three visual elements over which you have total control on your Timeline Page. The Cover Photo — Make it Well Designed & Informative! ” to see examples and discussion.
    [Feedly] Nurture Your Pinterest Audience With These Fabulous Tools
    First, you can set up specific feeds from sites and colleagues who are routinely creating content that you know you'll want to pin. Second, you can search your feeds or the web overall for pins that fit a specific keyword or topic. But the beauty of having this kind of robust scheduling is that, once you set it up, all you have to think about is finding more content to "feed the beast.". FEEDLY. Last, but not least, is Feedly. You can organize your feeds into categories and topics. Social Media Nurture Your Pinterest Audience With These Fabulous Tools.
    [Feedly] Facebook Just Told Us How to Do Facebook Marketing
    Ostensibly, Facebook wants to keep the News Feed less cluttered and annoying for users, and I suppose banishing overtly promotional posts will have that effect at some level. One of my friends just this morning had a baby, and I learned that the baby is healthy on News Feed, and it made me really happy. That might be relevant to me, but not relevant to a lot of other people in the world, and that’s one thing that we try to deliver through news feed. ” If a business is sharing useful content, then we’ll show that in News Feed. Mark Zuckerberg.
    [Feedly] Will SEO Exist in 2015?
    Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed. This is a guest post by Brad Shorr. SEO used to be a self-standing marketing discipline, having a well defined, generally accepted set of activities and objectives. No more. Today, SEO is much more intertwined with other marketing activities, making it difficult to know where SEO ends and where social media, for example, begins. Taking all of this into account, I’m really beginning to wonder if SEO as we know it will be around in 2015.
    [Feedly] 7 Warning Signs That Your Blog Needs Better Social Media Management
    Your social media feeds are deserted. There are so many social media pages for blog that fit into one of the following categories: Feeds are empty – all that exists is the name and the last post was two years ago, even though the blog is still active. When you’ve identified a few related (or competing) blogs that share great content, add them to Feedly so you can see when they publish new posts. There is no one way to do social media right, but there are a million ways to get it wrong. Start with a good fresh strategy for 2016. That’s how you build relationships. 3.
    [Feedly] 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week
    Hart "Show The Love" Facebook Sweepstakes | Main | YouTube Tuesday: Digital Ethnography » February 26, 2010 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week Theres a lot going on in the social media space and so much can get lost or overlooked in your RSS feed reader. Facebook Secures Patent for News Feed By Ben Parr A new patent awarded to Facebook this week could have some big implications for the entire social media industry. The world’s largest social network now own the patent for the news feed. 2. But now what? Can One Bad Tweet Taint Your Brand Forever?
  • PAMORAMA  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, 2011
    [Feedly] 10 Tools for Measuring Your Social Media Influence
    FriendFeed, and RSS feeds and displays them in a slick interface all in one place. Meaningful exchanges constantly take place all over the social Web on a variety of platforms, connecting people and enabling them to share, critique, and interact with content and with each other. The type of information we share reveals a lot about who we are, who we know, and what we know — people tend to talk about the things they care about/are most knowledgeable about with others who are interested in similar subjects. The impact of those relationships affects our Web authority. PostRank.
    [Feedly] The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook
    Streaming only your blog’s RSS feed on Twitter. (If you’re following anyone like this, feel free to take my advice and unfollow them right now. Using your Twitter feed as a chat room for conversations that are exclusive in nature and not as a broadcast medium. As a friend recently said to me, “I’m tired of my Twitter feed being a [private] conversation between person X, person Y, and person Z.&# Why don’t the three of you get a room? just don’t want to clutter my feed with @name1 @name2 @name44 Tweets. Many call this spam. Usually.)
    [Feedly] How to build email subscribers from Social Media
    Twitter and Facebook) allow you to pin content to the top of your feed. There is a constant feed of existing blog content which is shared which results in more regular traffic to your existing blog content. I remember reading an article years ago about email being dead. Well…long live email. When you share something out on social media channels typically less than 5% of people actually get to see it. If you’re sharing on email around 20% of people will see it. And… … there’s also another difference. With email you stop at the billboard! Summary.
    [Feedly] 20 Ways to Cultivate Brand Unawareness in Social Media
    Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed. This is a guest post by Brad Shorr. Many businesses use social media to promote brand awareness, and it can be quite effective. Because social media is largely personality-driven, a savvy entrepreneur can level the playing field against much larger competitors and establish his company as a widely recognized, credible source. Here are 20 social media marketing errors that send people running, that make them tune you and your company out.
    [Feedly] 26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics
    Pamela Vaughan details eight ways brands can make the most of their LinkedIn pages (such as incorporating your blog’s RSS feed: “While simply including your blog’s feed won’t broadcast its content to your LinkedIn page followers via the updates feed on their homepage…it’s a really easy way to promote your blog content to the visitors on your page”), supported with examples from companies like and Zipcar. How can individuals use LinkedIn most effectively, whether for personal branding, job seeking or networking? ’”.
  • JENN'S TREND  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2016
    [Feedly] How to Run a Successful Instagram Ad
    Instagram ads are getting more and more prevalent in our feeds. If you’ve so much as logged on to Instagram, you’ve seen a number of these ads. And, some of them are better than others. Some of them are better targeted to you than others. Like ads on any platform, some perform better than others. And… The post How to Run a Successful Instagram Ad appeared first on Jenn's Trends. Instagram advertising instagram instagram ad instagram for business instagram marketing instagram strategy instagram success social media social media marketing
    [Feedly] Crime Doesn’t Pay, Especially When You Confess Via Social Media
    In the latest screw-up, a robber created an Instagram feed with the phone he stole from a victim, only to then be identified as the thief. Idiot crooks make me giggle and the news seems to be filled with criminals who insist on confession to the crimes they commit …even if they do so unintentionally via a social media channel like Twitter or Facebook. If you haven’t read it already, be sure to check out @AmyLynnStewart’s great post about losing her phone, only to have a cabbie steal it and post photos on Google+. The photos are a bit on the creepy side. Cheers!
    [Feedly] There Is No Free Social Media For Business
    Now people are up in arms about the recent disclosure that organic reach for Facebook business pages is declining and  businesses will need to pay  in order to get their companies posts and information in user news-feeds. Honestly, whether business pays to get into news-feeds is not the concern of it’s user base, who would just as soon NOT see those ads inserted into their stream.  It’s not realistic to think that Facebook should give small business a break out of the goodness of their hearts. Nobody saw how community could support a business model. Can you make money?
    [Feedly] Businesses use social media for the common good
    One is to simply use the tools to get permission from fans and followers to feed out information and links, generally driving traffic back to your main site. One example of the feed approach is Dell Outlet , which essentially streams details of the latest Dell offers onto Twitter. Rather than feeding out information, the company is promoting a campaign to reduce VAT on property repair work from 17.5% to 15%. Followers interested in buying a Dell can opt-in to receive those messages. Very few. blog comments powered by Disqus Blog Partners
    [Feedly] 5 Useful Facebook Updates To Notice
    Organic reach refers to the number of unique people who have seen your content in their news feed, ticker or on your page. The promoted posts will then reach more of your fans depending how much you spend and be shown as a sponsored story in their news feeds. When people engage with the post, it will be shown in their friend’s news feed too. Tweet As we already know, Facebook is constantly testing new features and optimising how the platform works, both for personal profiles, but also for company pages and Facebook’s marketing opportunities. Assign Admin Roles.
    [Feedly] Should you start a Google+ page for your business?
    The only way to know if your page has new comments is to browse the feed for the page. dutifully added the circle to my feed and now the feed is clogged up with an incredible amount of direct advertisements. All my clients are asking and it’s a tough question for many. For most small businesses I’m saying no, wait a bit. Why? There are so many things business page can’t do yet. For example: A page can’t follow you until you follow it first or mention it in a post. Hangouts don’t work on a mobile device for pages. Apply here. Great. Warning.
    [Feedly] What Happens When Facebook Fans Engage With You [infographic]
    This means, that in the infographic, we get to see how a “Like&# from a fan moves to the person’s news feed, which then becomes visible to the friends of this person. On our blog yesterday, we wrote about how to increase your news feed ranking on Facebook , where we spoke about EdgeRank. Similar Posts: How to Improve Your News Feed Ranking on Facebook. Tweet. Looking for social media news, I stumbled across this infographic named “The Anatomy of a Fan&# , designed by MoonToast , a social commerce platform. The Fan Engagement Spectrum.
    [Feedly] How To Monitor Your Three Essential Internet Marketing Strategies
    Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed. This is a guest post by Andy Havard. Internet marketing strategies vary depending on the nature of the blog, brand, or business and alter with accordance to their physical and digital size and their particular niche. When it comes to marketing any organization, product, or service on the web, there tends to be three essential ways of doing so: Dominating social media platforms. Utilizing Internet video. Driving traffic to websites. Summary.
    [Feedly] Marketers- Stop multi-tasking social media
    We all *think* we’re doing great when the Twitter alerts are rolling, Email’s pinging, Facebook is always open and your RSS feeds are pushing you new content to share. Instead of reading your RSS feeds while thinking about how/who/when you’ll share it, just simply stop and read the posts. Efficient right? The thing is, study after study shows us that multi-tasking is a myth. You’re not multi-tasking at all. Rather, you’re serial tasking and shifting your attention from one task to the other. Doesn’t your job? There’s an App for that.
  • JANET FOUTS  |  MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2011
    [Feedly] What does a latte have to do with a blue key?
    Nope, but there are places you could feed a person for a day or two on what you spend on designer coffee every morning. For the price of a grande extra-foam half-caf non-fat hazelnut latte you could change lives. Really. Five bucks can help the UNHCR support refugees around the world. You think they get lattes in a refugee camp? The Blue Key Community is a growing contingent of Americans to support over 6,000 UNHCR staffers working with refugees around the world to find them shelter, food and the care they need to survive and have hope for a brighter future. Quick Facts:43.3
    [Feedly] 8 Amazing Reasons Why Instagram And Twitter’s Changes Are Good For You
    On February 10, Twitter announced their version of a news feed algorithm and the Internet said, "meh.". month later, Instagram announced their version of a news feed algorithm and the Internet's hair caught fire. The uproar and outrage was so widespread, there was a petition against Instagram and the new feed, and the day before it's expected release everyone's Instagram feeds were filled with countless celebrities and brands posting pleas to turn on notifications for their accounts or else their babies might starve. Or something like that. Here's why.
    [Feedly] How Social Media Can Be Magic For Your Blog
    Alltop is the RSS-feed aggregation site that helps people scan the news and find content. You can submit your blog’s RSS feed in order to get it on an Alltop page. Social media can be the magic that helps people find your blog articles. A few years ago, blogging and social media were separate. Blogging was long-form, serious, and crafted. Social media was short-form, personal, and spontaneous. Some people predicted that social media would replace blogging because of declining attention spans. Blogging and social media not only amicably co-exist, they complement each other. Reddit.
    [Feedly] I Don't Care Where. You. Are. Right. Now. | Almost Savvy
    If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed ! Reply Mary Beth Deans says: April 1, 2010 at 3:42 pm And my very favorite: the people who have their Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn feeds set up so you see the same dang message 2-3 times. Because even though they set up the feeds, they aren’t clear how they work and thus post the same message on Tw, FB + LI. Right. Posted by Irene Koehler in Facebook , Social Media , Tips , Twitter on March 31, 2010 | 16 responses Hey, you! We need to have a word. like you, really I do. Still, it is your choice. Stop it.
    [Feedly] The Psychology of Facebook Page Engagement: Exploring Status Updates
    There are users who change the “News Feed” to “Most Recent” but this number is comparatively very low. As I write this post, Facebook has started rolling out more prominent designs of News Feed filters allowing a user to set filters. If you are a marketer responsible for the social media function or a sociosumser (social + consumer = A consumer on the social web) trying to get a grip of user behaviour patterns on Facebook then you might consider reading this further. They say that beyond “Facebook” profiles, the biggest thing to have happened to Facebook has been Brand-pages.
    [Feedly] 11 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Me to Unfollow You on Twitter
    If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed ! have found it to be a fabulous tool, through which I’ve come to know countless brilliant and fascinating people. To me, Twitter is about building relationships. Like all social media tools, there is no one right way to use Twitter. cannot control how others use it, but I can control who I follow and how I interact with them. follow most people back who follow me. like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I do aggressively unfollow if your use of Twitter is not aligned with my own style. Seriously. after all.
    [Feedly] The New Model: How Google+ “Gets” Content
    Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed. This is a guest post by Joel Harrison. The way content is shared today changes online marketing, putting content to the forefront of what users, companies, brands and products are about. Google+ has just won the People’s Choice award for social media at The Webby Awards presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. This may come as a surprise, since Google+ isn’t as popular as was first expected. The Old Model.
    [Feedly] How to Get Followers on Instagram: A Full Guide
    Fake Instagram followers tend to: Deceive new followers: If users come to an inactive Instagram feed with tens of thousands of followers, things feel deceiving. When businesses want to learn how to get followers on Instagram, there’s a lot of shady and unethical services offering to do it for you. At Sprout Social, we’ll be the first to tell you it’s always better to organically build your social media audience. By now most businesses understand the benefits of social media and using a platform like Instagram to gain better insights into analytics. Don’t trick people into following you.
    [Feedly] The Washington Post Social Reader on Facebook: Good First Impression, Good User Experience
    There are also attribution links to the original articles (although those links point to redirected feed URLs): I like seeing what friends have read too: Reporting friend activity gets overdone in social media, but in this particular app it did successfully get my attention. I was curious to check out what some real friends had read. Based on first impressions, I have to say I like The Washington Post’s Social Reader on Facebook. It offers a clean, simple user experience – big and open with lots of white space (in fact too big to capture well in a screenshot): (click to enlarge).
    [Feedly] 14 of the Best Content Marketing Tips, Tactics and Techniques of 2013
    Tom Edwards recommends ways to use Flipboard, an application that “visualizes your social feeds such as Facebook & Twitter as well as providing access to curated topical magazines all while allowing the user flexibility in how they consume their content of choice.” ” Content Marketing: Five Ways To Keep Feeding The Beast by MediaPost. Content marketing success starts with developing a strategy and roadmap, but the rubber hits the road with the execution of tactics (and measurement of marketing results to support continual improvement). How I.T. Amanda F.
    [Feedly] 6 Tools That Help Bloggers Manage and Monitor Their Online Reputation
    You can select the sources you want to search and employ email alerts or a personalized RSS feed to stay up-to-date. ” Twitter Search RSS Feeds. There’s no need to manually search it regularly when you can create a Twitter-search RSS feed that will update each time your name gets mentioned. To set up this RSS feed, you can use the following URL – [link] – or use this handy little tool to easily create Twitter search RSS feeds. Then add the RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader like Google Reader. Me On The Web. SocialMention.
    [Feedly] Social Media Updates: July
    Changes to News Feed Ranking: Facebook announced another   change to the algorithm  that determines what people see in the news feed.  Remember: the news feed algorithm regulates whether your fans see the content you post on your business page. The first change deals with posts about “trending topics”  For example, if you & your friends are posting about the Dallas Cowboys game on TV, you’re more likely to see those posts in your news feed as a trending topic. One Many new updates were announced in the world of social media in July! Facebook.
    [Feedly] Can Good Social Media Customer Service Help You Grow Your Brand?
    Brand Promotion: Using a site like Facebook as an example, any action taken by a member of your network will be made available to their entire network via the News Feed. This week we welcome guest blogger is Stanna Johnson from Qwaya. Stan is an online writer and a social media enthusiast who loves to write about the latest social media trends. Feel free to leave any questions or feedback about the article in the comments section below and Stan will check back to follow up. Every business operating has one thing in common. They all need customers. Remember that word “social”?
    [Feedly] The Psychology of Change: How We React When Our Favorite Social Networks Shift
    For example, when Facebook first released the timeline, it wasn’t greeted warmly by some users, but now the timeline favors content from friends over brands , and it makes our Facebook feeds digestible. When Instagram announced they were trialing an algorithmic timeline, they said that  most users miss on average 70% of their feeds. And the same will happen to Instagram when its algorithm based feed launches later this year. Instagram changed its logo on Wednesday, and as with almost any significant change to a popular social network, the internet was split.
    [Feedly] 4 Tools to Streamline Your Social Media Outreach
    It’s important that everything you post to your feeds be relevant and engaging. This Twitter plug-in was designed for tweets (hence the name), but now works with Facebook, FourSquare, Google+, and LinkedIn, filtering messages and news feeds from each service into a unified column display. Whether you’re promoting a product, a service, or just trying to expand the audience for a post on your blog, social media has grown into a digitized word-of-mouth marketing platform that, when used correctly, can outcompete a billboard or an ad on television. HootSuite. Digsby.
    [Feedly] How to Use Twitter Cards in Social Media Marketing
    They add a few lines of HTML metadata to blog posts and other thought leadership content that enable brands to stand out from the pack in Twitter feeds that are full of text. Twitter Cards enable publishers to attach media experiences to tweets — beyond the 140-character limit. They can help you drive website traffic, introduce new products and services, share rich content such as videos, and improve engagement. Bypassing the character limit also helps increase conversion rates. Follow her on Twitter at @pamdyer.
    [Feedly] Social Media Weekly Roundup 1/11-1/15
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « 4 Ways To Celebrate MLK Day With Social Media | Main | Youtube Tuesday: ESCP Europe Human Experience » January 15, 2010 Social Media Weekly Roundup 1/11-1/15 Theres a lot going on in the social media space and so much can get lost or overlooked in your RSS feed reader. Here are 5 news items or blog posts that I wouldnt want you to miss: 1. It makes for great reading and there are some tips in there for all small businesses to use about the social media channels that work best and how to use them effectively. 3.
    [Feedly] Social Media Weekly Roundup 1/18-1/22
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « We Interrupt This Lifecast: Syndication Overload (Part 2) | Main | Youtube Tuesday: Lost Generation » January 22, 2010 Social Media Weekly Roundup 1/18-1/22 Theres a lot going on in the social media space and so much can get lost or overlooked in your RSS feed reader. Here are 5 news items or blog posts that I wouldnt want you to miss: 1. Why Augmented Reality Will Change The World As We Know It By Giedrius Ivanauskas Augmented reality is clearly the buzz word of 2010. Is Advertising on Facebook Really Effective?
    [Feedly] 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Dentyne "Friend Request" Commercial: 60 Connections In Every Bottle | Main | Social Media & The Super Bowl » January 29, 2010 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read Theres a lot going on in the social media space and so much can get lost or overlooked in your RSS feed reader. Here are 5 news items or blog posts that I wouldnt want you to miss: 1. 12 Things To Consider Before Launching Your Blog By Francisco Rosales One of the best things you can do online for your business or your freelance services is to start a blog.
    [Feedly] 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « The Battle (and Blending) of Social and Search Rages On | Main | Toyotas "Sienna Family" YouTube Campaign » February 12, 2010 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week Theres a lot going on in the social media space and so much can get lost or overlooked in your RSS feed reader. Here are 5 news items or blog posts that I wouldnt want you to miss: 1. How to Do Everything in Google Buzz (Including Turn It Off) By Gina Trapani Googles new social media service Google Buzz will show up in your Gmail account this week.
    [Feedly] 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Social Media Bootcamp: Facebook For Business | Main | The New Dork - Entrepreneur State of Mind » March 05, 2010 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week Theres a lot going on in the social media space and so much can get lost or overlooked in your RSS feed reader. Here are 5 news items or blog posts that I wouldnt want you to miss: 1. The Current State of Social Search By Lisa Barone Social search can drive a lot of traffic for client who may not be ranking organically, but who will show up in social search.
    [Feedly] Social Media News Ticker: Foursquare Launches Swarm, YouTube Reportedy Buying Twitch
    Facebook testing ads shortcuts on News Feed – to make it easier for advertisers to monitor their ads, Facebook is testing out putting an ads shortcut link in the right side of the News Feed (Inside Facebook). YouTube ends public RSS feed of user subscriptions – YouTube’s RSS feed link was a great way to keep track of YouTube subscriptions, but the site’s new data API shows a “403 Forbidden” error when users now try to add the publicly accessible feed of new subscriptions from any YouTube account (NDTV Gadgets). Facebook.
    [Feedly] EdgeRank Of Facebook Just Got UpDated - Social Media
    Facebook has just Announced: That now there will be an even better way to go about the News Feeds. much better way to surface older stories onto your News Feed. An update to the News Feed ranking Algorithm. This means that the Organic stories that people did not scroll down far enough to see can reappear near the top of News Feed if the stories are still getting lots of likes and comments. This means that if many people have Interacted with your Post then the same Post will surface on top of News Feeds. This is incorrect. This is good news.
    [Feedly] Twitter Dashboard App Launches for Businesses
    Pepper wrote: Easily engage with your audience: Create a custom feed to find out what’s being said about your business. Use your custom feed to get right to the tweets you want to see first and better engage with your community. Twitter Tuesday announced the launch of Twitter Dashboard , an iOS  and desktop application aimed at helping businesses on the social network better connect with users. Chances are there’s more than the mentions you’d normally be notified about!) For example, if you work at a cafe, you may see a tweet from a customer who has a question about your hours.
    [Feedly] Google+ Tips and Tricks
    You can add your interests (called “sparks&# ) so Google can feed you topics you may be interested in. This post is meant to be a getting started guide for those of us who got an invite and are now wondering how to use Google+.  If you’re looking for an overview of Google+ check out Part 1 of this post: Google+ and World Domination. Start with your Google Profile. Your profile is going to list your +1′s, posts on Google+ and more soon we don’t know about yet. Fill out your about section. If you don’t have any, turn them off until you do. Account Overview.
    [Feedly] Email and Mobile - what blasts better?
    BUT how much can you feed into the mobile? Unported License. Based on a work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at [link]. Sections To Read Home Main Page Community - Social Media Network Online Who will benefit from this blog? Social Media Ne. Services You Could Avail Of By Partnering Me For Y. About Me - Social Media Network Online Contact Me - Social Media Network Online Your Contribution To This Blog - Social Media Netw. What People Have To Say About Pervara - Social Med. Naturally mobile is more on the move. What say?
  • DAVE FLEET  |  MONDAY, MARCH 5, 2012
    [Feedly] Where does content fit in Facebook’s new marketing model?
    There’s nothing new in the fact that  the vast majority of user/brand interactions come through the news feed. While marketers everywhere seem to be focused on Facebook Timelines for brands, the latest changes to Facebook’s advertising model represent just as significant a change for brands – if not even more so. How so, you ask? Let’s start by. marketer’s journey on Facebook: from engagement to advertising. Facebook has a saying that, “this journey is 1% finished.” Sound crazy? Enter Facebook’s new advertising products. Paid advertising.
  • KIKOLANI  |  SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2011
    [Feedly] How I Organize Google Reader for Blog Commenting
    So after a full weekend of removing feeds that hadn’t updated in a year, I began to slowly collect feeds from new bloggers I have connected with since the last time I did a full sweep of my RSS subscriptions. The main reason I use Google Reader is convenience. I can access my RSS feeds on any computer I am logged into my Google account. And I can access my RSS feeds on my phone via the Google Reader app for Android. See what posts have the highest engagement on any of my feeds with the PostRank Chrome Extension. So how do I organize all of those blogs?
  • GEMMA WENT  |  MONDAY, JULY 4, 2016
    [Feedly] Top Digital & Social News from Last Week – 4/7/16
    Facebook to focus on friends and family Last Wednesday Facebook announced another shift in the infamous News Feed algorithm. This update will promote family and friend content, rather than that posted by brands. This means pages with a high volume of “Page post” traffic may experience a decline, but those that rely on referrals […]. The post Top Digital & Social News from Last Week – 4/7/16 appeared first on Gemma Went. Social Media Tools and Apps
    [Feedly] Google: Watermarks in Google Shopping Images Violates Guidelines
    A merchant who participates in Google Shopping has received a warning from Google that the images they are using in their Google Shopping feed violate their guidelines because watermarks are included. link] Merchant promotional text on image(feed) Full Face Cushion for Zzz-Mask SG Full Face CPAP Mask – Small (ID:ABC). link] Merchant promotional text on image(feed) Comfort Series Nasal Mask Split Washer Kit (5 pack) (ID:ABC). In the warning message, Google provides specific examples of the inappropriate images, and I have posted one of the images above.
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2011
    [Feedly] Facebook Listens. RSS Added Back to Pages. Will Twitter be next?
    It appears that Facebook listened though, as there is now a "Subscribe via RSS" link on Facebook Pages, and the source now links to an atom feed for clients that want to auto-discover the feeds. Today JSON based APIs are quite a bit more powerful than RSS feeds and have become preferred by the vast majority of developers when building on the platforms you mentioned. This means that it's worth investing more time and energy into APIs over feeds. You can see it by looking down at the bottom left on any Page now. There is a glimmer of hope with this move by Facebook.
  • SPROUT SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, MAY 23, 2016
    [Feedly] 18 WordPress Social Media Plugins to Live By
    Instagram Feed. Use the Instagram Feed WordPress plugin to display posts from a single feed or multiple Instagram accounts. The great thing about this plugin is you can customize the look of the feed to make it more stylish and personalized. You can display feeds in your sidebar or within pages and posts. Try it: 8. Whether you’re trying to grow your social media following, get more engagement or make your website more dynamic, there are plenty of WordPress social media plugins to help along the way.
    [Feedly] Looking Back on the Year of the Panda: Google Algorithm Changes
    Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed. This last year Google brought a large number of algorithm changes to the table.  Although these changes helped increase traffic and rankings to many large corporations such as YouTube and eBay, it hurt a large majority of small businesses. According to Search Engine Land , some domains saw a 94% loss in visibility, and others were left picking up the pieces after they lost 80% of their keyword positions. labeled 2.51, 2.5.2, and 2.5.3)
    [Feedly] Opting-Out Of Facebook Sponsored Stories May Be On The Way
    ” as a Facebook status update, then Facebook could re-purpose that post and and add this advertisement to any of my friends’ news feeds: Unfortunately, regardless of whether you liked being a pawn in Facebook’s advertising game, there was no way to opt-out of being part of the program. In 2011, Facebook announced a new advertising program called “Sponsored Stories” that basically told your friends what you were doing in the form of an advertisement. For instance, if I posted “Grabbing my third cup of coffee from Starbucks today. Watch out co-workers!”
    [Feedly] Front-Loading Branding Makes Twitter Video Ads More Effective (Study)
    Video ads were found to be twice as memorable in Twitter’s feed compared with on premium sites, due to content in their feeds being seen as “personal” and “self-curated,” as well as relevant to users’ interests and “less intrusive.”. By partnering with IPG Media Lab for this media trial, we’ve been able to demonstrate that Twitter’s highly curated feed environment actually impacts how brand messages are received by users because they are in an open and discovery-oriented mindset. Providing heavier, early branding can help drive awareness at lower levels of viewability.
    [Feedly] 10+ Ways To Use B2B Social Media In Your Business
    Have feeds from Facebook and Twitter, an RSS feed from your blog, current YouTube videos, a Google News RSS feed for your company news and press releases, etc. Then, create an automated search feed for these keywords on Twitter to identify conversations people are having using these keywords. Social media should be an integral component of everything your B2B organization does including marketing, customer service, sales, and product development. It’s surprising how many B2B companies still overlook this key task. Eleven Different Ways to Integrate B2B Social Media.
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