[Feedly] How to Improve Social Marketing Results with Scheduling
    SocialOomph (for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS Feeds, Plurk, App.net and blogs). There’s no denying the importance of social marketing: with social media now ranked the #1 activity for web  users and 93% of marketers harnessing the power of social media for their businesses, it’s never been more apparent that the big social marketing plays a vital role in business strategy. While we all know how crucial it is to plan WHAT we are posting, are you aware of how significant the WHEN and HOW also is? 2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download. There needs to be a strategy. Easy. 3. Always
    [Feedly] 11 Ways to Jumpstart Your Instagram Branding
    And nearly 60% of Instagram users admit to checking their feed at least once a day. Starting your Instagram branding from scratch can seem like a tall order task. Far too often we see brands on Instagram turn their channels into graveyards. Typically you see about 15 photos, 150 followers and zero updates in the last couple of months. If you’re reading this and know you fall into this category–that’s fine–we’re here to help. Integrating Instagram into your marketing and branding strategy is essential for any business trying to grow their audience. You Build Trust. Don’t risk it.
    [Feedly] 7 mistakes to avoid in personal branding and building authority
    When you look at the big picture and see how all these tactics go together and feed on each other, the long road suddenly becomes an enjoyable one. Building your personal brand can lead to fame and fortune or it can cost you years of wasted time. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, so I guess you could call me an expert in taking the long road. started doing search engine optimization back in 1995 when it was much easier. These days, Internet marketing, whether it be search or social, doesn’t come from merely sprinkling miracle grow on your digital flowers. Table of contents.
    [Feedly] How to Keep Your Social Media Marketing Going While You’re on Vacation
    Make content curation easy on yourself by using a tool like Feedly to follow and discover blogs and industry news sites. When you’re scrolling through your Facebook news feed and see something they’ve posted that you’d like to share, use Facebook’s saving features to bookmark the links for later. Use Twitter’s list feature to create a feed of your trusted sources or the saved searches feature for industry keywords, and scan these feeds daily to find curated content for your business. Ready? Create a content plan. Embrace content curation. Assign a backup person.
    [Feedly] How to Find Amazing Content for Your Social Media Calendar (And Save Yourself Tons of Work)
    Facebook search is also helpful, and Facebook provides a list of trending topics on the right side of your news feed. Social Media How to Find Amazing Content for Your Social Media Calendar (And Save Yourself Tons of Work). Social media marketers know that curating, creating and posting social content can take a lot of time. In fact, many freelancers and agencies stay away from offering social media services because it's so time-consuming. However, this is a field that is growing exponentially, and you don't want to miss out just because of the time crunch. But how do you know that?
    [Feedly] Facebook Instant Articles: How to Get Started for Business
    How do you know which articles in your Facebook news feed have been optimized as an Instant Article? Through an RSS feed. Once you’ve installed the plugin, you’ll automatically get an “RSS feed” from the plugin, located at yoursite.com ?feed=instant-articles feed=instant-articles or yoursite.com /feed/instant-articles, depending on your WordPress settings. The RSS feed is really important. Paste that RSS feed URL into Instant Articles > Configurations >Tools > Production RSS Feed. With its 1.51
    [Feedly] Facebook Displaying Vertical Videos in Mobile News Feed
    Facebook has begun displaying vertical videos in News Feed  in its flagship mobile application. Tim Peterson of Marketing Land  reported on the update, and a spokesperson for the social network told him via email that its tests found that users watched vertical videos for longer time periods and with audio when they were presented vertically in News Feed, adding: We know that people enjoy more immersive experiences on Facebook, so we’re starting to display a larger portion of each vertical video in News Feed on mobile. Readers: What are your thoughts on this change?
    [Feedly] Effective & Motivating Ways To Boost Your Creativity
    Motivation breeds creativity – use it to feed your creative energy. It’s difficult to feel inspired by an inbox full of emails and a to-do list that keeps growing. Increasing the psychological distance between you and your tasks may seem counterproductive, but it actually boosts creativity, insight and clarity. Other than distancing, what else can you do? Here are seven awesome strategies to help you access your (trapped) creative genius. Let the genie out and power through that to-do list with some new creative solutions! How would they solve your creative puzzle? Not really.
    [Feedly] 10 Tips to Optimize Your Presence on Pinterest
    The Pinterest Smart Feed function (discover more about it here ) focuses on the quality of your pins and profile. Vertical images show up more powerfully on mobile and tablets and so will have more of an impact as users scroll through their feeds. This will also avoid you flooding feeds by posting all your pins in one go. Ensure you know what these top trends are by regularly looking at the Pinterest home feed and react accordingly. And remember, high levels of engagement are key when giving you that important boost in the Pinterest Smart Feed. Thanks Pauline.
    [Feedly] How Facebook Live Will Impact the Near Future of Video Advertising
    Facebook Live and in-feed video are catalysts in that growth. What does Facebook Live  mean for the future of video advertising? It means YouTube  and Hulu  will be eating Facebook’s leftovers. As Facebook–which has most of its traffic on mobile–increases the adoption of its Facebook Live platform, we’ll see the landscape of video advertising change dramatically and quickly. In a very short period of time, video buyers are considering Facebook as the most important video–not just social–advertising platform. Study commissioned by Trusted Media Brands.
    [Feedly] There’s No Perfect Headline: Why We Need to Write Multiple Headlines for Every Article
    And after  recent algorithm updates , we’re now likely to see a lot less clickbait stories sticking around in our news feeds and seeing sustained engagement. Both of these examples have clear images to convey the message within the tweet, making it more eye-catching for people as they scroll through their feed. This entices readers to click on the link and feed their curiousity. Most people don’t read content online. In fact, eight out of ten people will only read the headline. For content writers, that fact is alarming. Not anymore, anyway. Let’s dive in.
    [Feedly] What You Missed at Social Fresh 2016
    How to Create Stopping Power in the Feed by Stacy Minero, Head of Planning & Creative Agency Development, Twitter. Move from mobile-first to feed-first. 10 Social Media Trends You’ve Been Ignoring Download. Last week, more than 300 social marketers came together to get inspired and learn from the industry’s top brands and thought leaders. This 4-day conference was packed with case studies, workshops, and round tables. Here are some of my personal favorite presentations and lessons from Social Fresh 2016. 1.  Sally says: . How is my brand different? Which do you choose?
    [Feedly] Twitter Adds New Featured Stickers for Dog Lovers
    The feature allows users to decorate their pictures with stickers before sharing them on their feeds. Ahead of National Dog Day  Aug. 26, Twitter released a new set of featured stickers in a “We Love Dogs” category. Twitter introduced the stickers feature to users in July. Ahead of Friday’s #NationalDogDay , add some bark to your photos with pawsome new featured #Stickers. Go mutts! https://t.co/ZFPOwT07qy. ZFPOwT07qy. Twitter (@twitter) August 22, 2016. While users can add these stickers to pictures of dogs, the stickers can also be used on any other pictures.
    [Feedly] 5 Essential Chrome Extensions for Social Media Management
    Best For Content Curators:   Feedly Mini. Feedly Mini allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds plus tag, share or subscribe to anything juicy that you find online. The Feedly Mini extension adds a small icon to each page so when you click it you can automatically add feeds or share to your accounts. Need to speed up your Feedly? Once you’re tried them you will never want to live without them! 1. Best For Busy People:   Pocket. The “Save to Pocket” browser extension adds a Pocket button to your toolbar so you can save pages and read them later.
    [Feedly] How Is Instagram Becoming More Usable for Your Brand and Your Audience?
    And, unlike Snapchat’s weak discovery feature, brands can achieve prime visibility at the top of their followers’ feeds. Ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed and thought, “Wow, that’s cool!”, Instagram has released many features in the past year, all of which are primarily designed to increase usability for both brands and typical users. The Quick Guide to Social Media Attribution Models Download. Here are the key developments which have made Instagram more “usable” in the past year, and why they matter to social marketers.
    [Feedly] How To Prepare for a Social Media Internship
    spent hours scrolling through the Simply Measured blog and social media feeds. The easiest way to stay up-to-date on current trends in the industry is to make sure they show up on your Twitter feed. A few of the accounts I follow are Adweek, Buffer, Hootsuite, and Social Media Today (among others). The first day of a new internship is like getting ready for the first day of a new year of school: you try on clothes until you find the perfect outfit, you’re excited to meet all your new potential friends, and you just want everything to work out perfectly. Clean Up Your Own Social.
    [Feedly] Facebook Launches Lifestage Video Profile App for Teens
    As reported by TechCrunch , Lifestage allows users to view videos from their classmates in a feed, but the app will only show content to users once 20 people from their schools have signed up for it. Facebook introduced Lifestage, its new stand-alone iOS app for teens, which allows users to create video profiles and view videos posted by other users at their schools. Lifestage allows users to record video responses to prompts in a variety of categories. For instance, one series of prompts allows users to record videos of their “faces,” like their happy faces and angry faces.
    [Feedly] Master New Skills: Social Media Power Tips to Be More Successful
    Drag and drop your photos to see how it’ll actually look on your Instagram profile feed before scheduling it to post. Let’s face it, social media is getting more complicated as time goes on. Instead of being successful with your 2014 social media plan, you need to stay up-to-date. Enter these social media power tips! Guy Kawasaki and I were recently invited to give a presentation at an event for Gone Social in San Francisco. We compiled a group of updated social media power tips to help jumpstart your social media marketing. Get your own copy of  The Art of Social Media  here.
    [Feedly] PPC vs SEO
    The Advantages of Feeding PPC into SEO, And Vice Versa PPC is a perfect testing platform for SEO, the SEO suggest may be a keyword term worth the time and effort in ranking that term. PPC outsourcing further explain that SEO can feed back into PPC campaigns Because SEO casts a wide net, traffic logs can sometimes reveal lucrative keyword combinations that the research tools do not. PPC (pay per click) and SEO (search engine optimization) are two major channels which made up the search marketing. Buy Position: want to rank number 1? You can buy it with PPC. SEO has no such control.
    [Feedly] PB148: Juggling Family Life and Blogging? Here’s some Tips on Getting the Balance Right
    But in order to serve them and to feed them, to cloth them, I have to have some kind of income. Finding a Balance Between Family Life and Blogging Life. Today, we are talking about family and blogging. One of the reasons I was attracted to blogging was because it seemed like something that would allow me to have some flexibility in my life and time for family. Today, I’m going to talk about how that turned out, and the struggle and tensions that can arise when blogging with family around. There are also challenges with working at home and being so close to family all of the time.
    [Feedly] PB148: Family Life Blogging Life Balance – Tips on Getting it Right
    But in order to serve them and to feed them, to cloth them, I have to have some kind of income. Finding a Balance Between Family Life and Blogging Life. Today, we are talking about family and blogging. One of the reasons I was attracted to blogging was because it seemed like something that would allow me to have some flexibility in my life and time for family. Today, I’m going to talk about how that turned out, and the struggle and tensions that can arise when blogging with family around. There are also challenges with working at home and being so close to family all of the time.
    [Feedly] Front-Loading Branding Makes Twitter Video Ads More Effective (Study)
    Video ads were found to be twice as memorable in Twitter’s feed compared with on premium sites, due to content in their feeds being seen as “personal” and “self-curated,” as well as relevant to users’ interests and “less intrusive.”. By partnering with IPG Media Lab for this media trial, we’ve been able to demonstrate that Twitter’s highly curated feed environment actually impacts how brand messages are received by users because they are in an open and discovery-oriented mindset. Providing heavier, early branding can help drive awareness at lower levels of viewability.
    [Feedly] PPC vs SEO
    The Advantages of Feeding PPC into SEO, And Vice Versa PPC is a perfect testing platform for SEO, the SEO suggest may be a keyword term worth the time and effort in ranking that term. PPC outsourcing further explain that SEO can feed back into PPC campaigns Because SEO casts a wide net, traffic logs can sometimes reveal lucrative keyword combinations that the research tools do not. PPC (pay per click) and SEO ( search engine optimization ) are two major channels which made up the search marketing. Buy Position: want to rank number 1? You can buy it with PPC.
    [Feedly] 4 Mistakes Marketers Make With Mobile Facebook Ads
    People seeing your ads in their Facebook News Feeds  aren’t actually searching for your products or services. Advertising/Marketing Facebook ad revenue Ad Targeting Address Blair Symes Call Conversions Call Now calls to action Conversions Cost Per Lead CPL daily active users DAUs DialogTech discounts eMarketer geo-targeting Incentives Local Awareness Ads Location mobile News Feed Phone Number Promotions retargeting Return On Investment ROI smartphones Targeted Ads travel wifiIt’s no secret that digital advertising has gone mobile. Mistake No. 1: Location, location, location.
    [Feedly] Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords: Which Is Better for Your Business?
    Facebook Google Ad Targeting Adobe Stock advertising Algorithms clickbait contently Engagement Google AdWords Joe Lazauskus Lars Backstrom Marketing mobile News Feed Newsroom Pages Paid Google Search PPC reach Referrals Search Sherry Gray Targeted AdsFacebook’s numerous changes to its algorithm  have many marketers scratching their heads. With the social network changing the content users see every few months, every business is scrambling to keep up. Before we talk about paid ads, let’s talk about native reach. So, you get more reach if you generate more reach–got it.
    [Feedly] Podcasting: The New Frontier for Women Bloggers
    Related Stories Four PR Podcasts to Add to Your List Why Podcasts Work: Five Reasons to Start One Seven Podcasts to Add to Your iTunes Feed. The data is clear, podcasting is on the rise and doesn’t appear to be stopping. Here are five steps to get you started and on your way. The post Podcasting: The New Frontier for Women Bloggers appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Feedly] Using Social Media Data for Targeting – How to Locate and Action Real Audience Insights
    It’s not hard to see the day where ads regularly pop up in your social media feed for the exact business within a couple block radius. The internet has ushered in a great era for marketing: the analytics era. Pretty much everything you say and do on social media is trackable in real time. With a large enough group, insights can become really valuable in allowing marketers to directly target their most likely customers. There are lots of ways to generate leads from social media , this just takes it to a whole new level. It all starts with newspaper. The Evolution of Narrowcasting.
    [Feedly] Say Goodbye To Clicking And Swiping
    We will have the regular audio feed back for you next Monday. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It's not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly to SoundCloud , if you're interested in hearing more of me blathering away. morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel. Is you car about to become KITT from Knight Rider ?
    [Feedly] How to Roll with the Instagram Changes when You Depend on It For Your Small Business
    The most influential instagrammers and businesses doing amazingly well on social media, and Instagram especiallym all have the same thing in common: they have stunning feeds. You look at their feed and its dark and blurry and doesn’t tell any sort of story. Jayde Leeder is the creative force behind Little Paper Lane, a stationery boutique on the Northern Beaches in Sydney that also has a thriving online arm. She also oversees a full graphic design studio specializing in wedding stationery and hand drawn signs, alongside teaching and managing social media. Its crucial.
    [Feedly] 5 Highly Effective Ways to Increase Social Media Shares
    Fewer clickbait stories are appearing in News Feed thanks to a new update. Facebook will crack down on publishers who continue to rely on clickbait headlines by de-emphasizing their content in News Feed. 5. Engagement is a huge part of social marketing. It’s one of the main metrics marketers turn to when defining the impact and effectiveness of social marketing campaigns. When it comes to measuring engagement , there’s little doubt that social media shares play a critical role. Engagement like comments and likes are important for gauging interest, but shares drive reach.
    [Feedly] How To Keep Up With A Million Social Media Changes
    Checking your social media feeds and looking out for what is trending enables you to stay in touch with discussion, debate and engagement as it happens. follow Twitter feeds; have fine-tuned my Facebook feed; and read online industry publications to stay up to date.”  . BLOGS: News feeds and RSS feeds.   If signing up to newsletters isn’t your thing, then news feeds and RSS feeds can help to keep you in touch with what is going on. BLOGS: Feedly. Social media marketing never stands still. The good news is that it can be done.
    [Feedly] 7 Brands Winning Social Media During the Olympics
    As an extension of this notion, campaigns need to feed a brand narrative that is sustainable over time in order to achieve success. The Summer Olympics in Rio this year are a first in many ways: The first Olympics broadcast in virtual reality. The first time that South Sudan is competing as a nation. The first Games hosted in a South American city. The first American to compete in a hijab. The first team comprised of refugees. How to Create a Conversion-Based Social Campaign Download. Post by nike. This is Unlimited Rory. justdoit Nike.com/justdoit. Put ‘em up. realshellyannfp https://t.co/4SuOIuS34w
    [Feedly] 7 Important Instagram Features Your Brand Should Know
    For mobile users, circles now appear above your regular Instagram feed. Here you can hide your stories from certain users’ feeds and select who can reply to you via direct message. Users have been waiting for months to see changes to their Instagram feed. Essentially, the new algorithm prioritizes content from users you frequently engage with by putting their latest posts at the top of your feed. For some businesses, it’s hard to stay up to date on the latest Instagram features. Social networks are changing all the time. That’s why we’re here to help you. Instagram
  • JON LOOMER  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2016
    [Feedly] 10 Recent Changes Impacting Facebook Advertisers
    News Feed Updates. If you aren’t aware, software like Adblock Plus has been created for users who hate Facebook ads so much that they add a plugin to hide ads from their news feed experience. News Feed Updates. If you chase the Facebook news feed algorithm — you shouldn’t — you’re having a busy week. 1. About a year ago, Facebook implemented changes to the news feed algorithm that were intended to punish click bait. Facebook has made a flurry of updates during the past month or so. Updates include… Blocking Ad Blockers.
    [Feedly] Permanently Set Your Facebook Feed To Show Most Recent Instead Of Top Stories
    Another strange one is the fact that Facebook loves to show you the “Top Stories” that it thinks are important in your life and while that works for some, there are those of us who prefer to see our feeds in chronological order. You can manually change your Facebook feed to display the most recent posts, but Facebook will change it back to Top Stories after about 24 hours. It also gives them more control over your feed, as opposed to Most Recent, which simply dictates that the posts will be show in chronological order. sk=h_chr The ?sk –Sean.
    [Feedly] Facebook’s Latest News Feed Algorithm Tweak Eyes More ‘Informative’ Stories
    Facebook wants its users to find their News Feeds  to be more informative. The newest tweak to the social network’s News Feed algorithm , announced Thursday, is focused on delivering more stories that users find made them “feel more informed about the world around them.”. People from our Feed Quality Program look at each story in their feed and rank it on a scale of one to five—one being “really not informative” and five being “really informative.”. Readers: What are your thoughts on the latest change to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm?
    [Feedly] 5 Ways You Can Grow Your Instagram Account Without Ads
    Do they actually enjoy having you show up in their feed? Instagram drives massive traffic to brands and online stores alike. With With over 500 million monthly users and sky-high engagement rates, your business can’t afford to not utilize this platform. 2016 Instagram Strategy Kit Download. But, where do you start? If you want to grow your account organically before investing money in  Instagram’s ad platform,  this post is for you. Below are five ways to grow your account and get your business in front of targeted followers. 1. Reach Out to Existing Platforms. via @biancaxunise).
    [Feedly] The Wheel and Spoke Model of Content Marketing
    Related Stories The 11 PR Professionals to Follow Podcast: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Popular PR Show Seven Podcasts to Add to Your iTunes Feed. There is much debate about where content lives and whether or not the wheel and spoke model of communications is dead. Here is a different look at it. The post The Wheel and Spoke Model of Content Marketing appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Feedly] A Modern-Day Marketer’s Guide to Creating Epic Video Marketing Content for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and More
    Over the last several months Facebook has begun to place a huge emphasis on video content in their news feed algorithm which means more organic reach and growth for marketers. Video marketing has taken the social media world by storm. People watch more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook. YouTube brings in nearly 125,000 video views daily. Snapchat alone fuels more than 10 billion video views  every single day! What was just a blip on the radar a few years ago is now a top content marketing priority for brands and influencers everywhere. Yet You need … Resources. Equipment.
    [Feedly] PB145: Is Your Obsession With Creating New Content Hurting Your Blog?
    Maybe there was some questions in the comments, maybe as I’m rereading I start getting ideas for posts that could be done, that follow it up, that update the idea that could be a new post, so that I can feed back to our writing team and say, “Hey, we did this post six months ago. Is Your Blog Being Hurt by Your Obsession to Create New Content? But before I do – a couple of quick pieces of house keeping. Blogging Groove Update: Facebook group will remain live. We will do some ongoing challenges. You can take the challenges any time. Topics – beginner to advanced. Then 2.5
    [Feedly] 6 Must-Dos for Best-In-Class Social Media Customer Service
    Take a page from Lowes’ book, a client we’re proud to collaborate with, who has a constant thread of replies in their feed to ensure their customers are always receiving the best experience. If your customers were to grade your customer service on social media, how would your brand do? Would you be an A student? Maybe sliding by with a C? Or would you be trailing behind the rest of the class ? If you’re not at the top of your class and on your way to valedictorian, it’s time to rethink the experience your brand is providing your customers on social media. Make Time to Be Available.
    [Feedly] What the Instagram Algorithm Means for Your Business
    Earlier this Spring, Instagram announced its plans to reorder its feed using a new algorithm that bases delivery on relevance. Instagram is an insanely popular mobile destination, so it’s not unusual for it to pop up in online and offline conversations. But lately you’ve probably noticed a lot more chatter around one specific area: its algorithm. more personalized experience is beneficial, but not everyone is happy about it. So the new @instagram timeline is pretty much the worst. Chaotic, no organization, hard to follow.
    [Feedly] Social Media Tips From Around The Web
    She looks at how to curate your feed, connecting with groups and even how to time manage and elimnate the negative. .  Who remembers the Pets.com once famous icon?  The world of the internet is one of here today and gone tomorrow. Since Diva Marketing (Blog) launched in 2004, social media has gone through changes that have disrupted our digital experience. Long form text posts (blogs) have been joined by short form content that includes various forms of media from photos (Pinterest, Instagram) to video (Snapchat, Pericsope). Now Twitter is testing a 140 second video option for Vine.
    [Feedly] The Complete, Always-Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising
    From this screen, you can change the post you’d like to boost, and (here’s the most hands-on part of this step) you can view how your boosted posts will look in three different locations within Facebook: Desktop News Feed. Mobile News Feed. By default, Facebook will show the ad on the desktop News Feed, mobile News Feed, and the desktop right column. ” Similar to the previous ad types, with the “Send people to your website” ad, you can choose to show it in the News Feed on desktop and/or mobile and in the right column on desktop.
    [Feedly] Is Facebook Using Instagram Stories to Overthrow Snapchat? | Social You Should Know
    Many are excited about this, because it will allow storytelling without overwhelming the feed or a user’s profile with content. This week is all abuzz about the Instagram Stories release (and how similar it feels to Snapchat) and the NFL’s multi-year partnership with Snapchat which marks a major move in support of the platform. Meanwhile, we just found out that we’re a finalist for the  2016 Nonprofit PR Awards  for our work with the American Heart Association’s  Go Red for Women. Instagram Stories Roll Out, Providing Competition to Snapchat. Did you miss our webinar on Chatbots?
    [Feedly] You may be scoring the wrong engagement metrics
    participate in groups, I pay for coaching on occasion, I read feeds, and I consider myself “a Fitocrat” – it feels like part of my identity. I wrote a post over at AssociationSuccess.org that you may find interesting, in which I share a couple of stories about my personal engagement with some organizations… I am a member of La Barra Brava , which is the supporter’s group for the MLS soccer (football) team DC United. We are the ones you see on TV chanting, banging drums and waving flags. If we score a goal, we chant. If we concede a goal, we chant louder. Read the rest here.
    [Feedly] How To Increase Your Instagram Curb Appeal To Attract More Followers
    Instagram Stories , which appear at the top of your feed, are one way. Social Media How To Increase Your Instagram Curb Appeal To Attract More Followers. There's been a renewed focus within Instagram to support you and your business with discoverability. But there's been a more subtle, yet powerful, technique as well. Whenever someone follows a new Instagram user, they're now presented with far more suggested users than before. This is your chance to grow your audience! Note that you can also see similar recommended users even if you're already following an account. Curb Appeal.
    [Feedly] Social Media Updates: July
    Changes to News Feed Ranking: Facebook announced another   change to the algorithm  that determines what people see in the news feed.  Remember: the news feed algorithm regulates whether your fans see the content you post on your business page. The first change deals with posts about “trending topics”  For example, if you & your friends are posting about the Dallas Cowboys game on TV, you’re more likely to see those posts in your news feed as a trending topic. One Many new updates were announced in the world of social media in July! Facebook.
    [Feedly] Why Instagram Stories is Actually Good News for Snapchat
    In fact, watch for an even tighter Instagram to Facebook posting interface, and possibly preferential algorithmic treatment for Instagram Stories in the Facebook News Feed, with Instagram essentially becoming a front-end publishing engine for the mothership. At this moment, the only things more plentiful than Olympics coverage and Presidential faux pas are predictions of Snapchat’s imminent withering and demise, due to the near pixel-for-pixel mimicry of the newly launched Instagram Stories. Here’s but one doomsday account. ” It’s a trope as old as media itself.
    [Feedly] Facebook Testing ‘Start Camera’ Prompt, Rio 2016 Filters from MSQRD
    Facebook is running a test in which mobile users are shown a “Start Camera” prompt atop their News Feeds  and given access to animated selfie filters from recent acquisition MSQRD. Facebook Mobile 2016 Summer Olympic Games acquisitions Android Animated Filters Brazil Canada Filters iOS Josh Constine MSQRD News Feed Olympic Games Olympics Photos Rio 2016 Rio de Janeiro Sachin Monga selfies Start Camera Summer Olympics Techcrunch VideosNow, mobile changed things a little bit, but we didn’t really change our tools. Images courtesy of Josh Constine, TechCrunch.
    [Feedly] Facebook Eyes Clickbait-Free News Feed
    Facebook hopes to catch clickbait  in the algorithm net it is using to clean up its News Feed. Research scientist Alex Peysakhovich and user experience researcher Kristin Hendrix detailed the latest change to the social network’s News Feed algorithm in a Newsroom post , saying that the tweak was a response to feedback from users. They described the update to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm as follows: We’ve heard from people that they specifically want to see fewer stories with clickbait headlines or link titles. This is similar to how many email spam filters work.
    [Feedly] The Sprout Data Pipeline: NSQ and Beyond
    Because this system feeds data to all of our core Sprout services, any centralized technology puts the entire platform at risk. Most topics feed direct customer features, but many topics feed offline analytics processes for our data science team. One engineering challenge we face at Sprout Social is the diverse ways our customers want to access their social data. Social media is fast-moving and real-time but also requires long-term insights via reports and analytics. These use cases have very different technical design considerations that Sprout engineers work on every day.
    [Feedly] How to Repurpose Influencer Content for Your Brand
    If you scroll through the brand’s social feeds today, you’ll start to see how they’ve allowed the #WakeUpAndGo theme to influence their overall digital marketing strategy and grow into something beyond their initial batch of influencer-produced content. When it comes to asking whether or not your brand should be repurposing its influencer-generated content – there’s really no question about it. Many companies, like Carusele , have recognized the power that lies in influencer-generated content – encouraging brands to feature this content on their own channels. While Hills Bros. Think Big.
    [Feedly] 8 Ways to Consistently Generate Excellent Content for Social Marketing
    Instead, you can use a content curator like DrumUp, choose a theme, add your favorite RSS feeds, and discover fresh content — all in the same place. Solid content is integral to a social media marketing strategy. Your campaigns aren’t going to work if the kernel (the content) is not appealing. Your Your content is: How you communicate your brand message and value prop to your audience. How you create awareness about your product. How you get people to buy your product (eventually). How to Create a Conversion-Based Social Campaign Download. Employ a Content Curator.
    [Feedly] Instagram Stories vs SnapChat in a Nutshell – What You Need to Know
    These stories are non-intrusive and do not currently appear in the standard feed for Instagram users. Instagram recently announced a new feature called Instagram Stories that looks, smells, feels and behaves a LOT like SnapChat! The new Stories features empowers users to share their favorite moments in 10 second increments. of video and photos into a story that gets compiled and stored right within their Instagram profile. Instead, people can easily choose to watch or ignore the Instagram Stories of the people they follow. Similar to Snapchat, the Instagram stories only last 24 hours.
    [Feedly] 62 Experts Share Their #1 Actionable SEO Technique
    Looking for the best ways to improve your SEO? Yes, it can feel overwhelming when you have to sort through the mountains of SEO techniques out there… So, before you use a technique, you want to know that all the time and effort you spend on it will be worth it in the end. We decided to find out which techniques are the most important to focus on, so we reached out to 62 experts and asked them this question: What is your #1 Actionable SEO Technique? Write Quality Content. The first thing I will do is find a topic or search phrase that I want to rank for. Zac Johnson. Did you like this?
    [Feedly] Introducing Facebook Contact View With Message History
    In the History tab, Sprout users will see a unified, two-way feed of the following interactions between their Page and any individual Facebook user: Wall posts and Page mentions. Facebook provides multiple communication touch points for brands and customers to interact. Over time an individual can comment on your post, write on your Page, tag your brand in their status update or reach out to your brand on Messenger. For a customer, Facebook is highly convenient. However, for brands managing a consistent customer experience on Facebook can be incredibly challenging.
    [Feedly] My Favorite Instagram Timesaving Tips (that you can borrow)
    Agorapulse allows me to see just comments in an inbox-style feed and get to “ inbox zero.” When I first started using Instagram, I got into the habit of taking a photo just about every day. Later, as I started posting for my professional accounts and for clients, I realized that my current methods for posting and engaging were time consuming. needed to be an Instagrammer with great strategy and great time management. Here are the five Instagram timesaving tips that saved me hours in the long run. 1. Plan content ahead of time. changed my tune and started thinking ahead.
    [Feedly] Instagram Stories VS. Snapchat Stories: What It Means for Marketers
    Because they disappear after 24 hours (and don’t appear on your profile or in your feed), Instagram stories enable you to post experimental content, and then, if that content works well, roll it out on your “regular” Instagram profiles and other social accounts. Stories from Followed Accounts Appear at the Top of User Feeds. This means it is time to aggressively increase your follower count, so that you can be top of feed and mind on as many user feeds as possible. Wow, that came out creepy. Creepy, but true. According to Snapchat’s website, .
    [Feedly] Instagram Launches Instagram Stories: What They Are, How They Work and How Brands Can Use Them
    Content shared to stories also won’t appear on your profile grid or in the main Instagram feed. Instagram Stories appear in a bar at the top of your feed — and all Instagram accounts will be able to share stories, from your best friends to your favorite popular accounts. Many of the platform’s 300 million daily users see the Instagram feed as a precious place for only their best content. Instagram Stories provide a way for brands and individuals to post more without overwhelming people’s feeds. What might this mean for marketers (and for social media)?
    [Feedly] LinkedIn Etiquette: Are You Breaking The Rules?  
    This is so you don’t annoy connections in your feed who will be notified each time you change something — and also not to alert your boss if you are tidying up your profile ready for a career move! Like every social network, LinkedIn has its own official rules of conduct. But But most LinkedIn etiquette expectations come from the LinkedIn community. In this article, I’ll tell you the fundamental Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn etiquette and offer up a few tips to help you network like a pro on the world’s top professional networking site. Do: Connect Straight Away. Kind Regards, Charli.
    [Feedly] 15 Uncommon WordPress Plugins To Enhance Your Blog’s User Experience
    You can select the post to be hidden from you home page, category page, archive page, author page, search results and even your RSS feeds. It’s no secret that user experience is important. As users land on your website, you have a split second to capture their attention. If you fail, they may leave and never return. Therefore, it’s important to provide an engaging user experience to your visitors. Specifically, your website and content need to be: Easy to understand. Easy to learn. Engaging. Efficient. Error free. Effective. Let’s take them one by one. 1. A3 lazy load. WP-PageNavi.
    [Feedly] Facebook Introduces Rio 2016 Features
    Finally, Facebook users will see a special greeting atop their News Feeds (pictured above), leading them to a page with Olympic content including search results, conversations, events and Facebook Live videos. Events Facebook 2016 Summer Olympic Games Android Applications apps Brazil closing ceremony Facebook Live iOS Live Streaming Live Videos Masks MSQRD News Feed Olympic Games Olympics Opening Ceremony profile pictures Rio 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics Temporary Profile Picture Frames VideosThe social network will do the same prior to the Aug. 21 Closing Ceremony.
    [Feedly] How to Grow a Twitter Chat to Reach 1 Million People: Learnings From Two Years of #bufferchat
    If they were the same topic, would the repeat chat clog up our followers’ Twitter feeds? From  productivity  and   social media strategy  to   self-care  and   reflecting  — even  gifs ! — we’ve had a blast getting to join with our community every week for the past two years in #bufferchat. . More than one hundred chats later,   #bufferchat   has turned two! What began as a curious community experiment has grown into a pillar of our community efforts. At the beginning, we had a lot to learn about how to start a Twitter chat. Jump to: The origin of #bufferchat.
    [Feedly] How to View & Measure Your Tweet Activity
    They could just be doing it to engage with you or fill up their own Twitter feed. When someone replies to your Tweet, they took the time to actually stop in their feed and read it instead of just scroll past. How well are your Tweets performing? Unfortunately Unfortunately a lot of businesses don’t know the answer to this question because they aren’t measuring their Tweet activity. Getting to know the data behind your Tweets is important because it shows you what’s working, and more importantly, what’s not. How to See Your Tweet Activity. Top Tweets. Likes.
    [Feedly] Employee Advocacy – How to tap into the Influencers you are overlooking
    Rather than spamming them with emails with content/cues to post, it is better to give them a feed that collects all of the company’s content in one place. Remember the time when offices used to restrict access to Facebook during work hours? Not only is that a thing of the past, but companies increasingly encourage their employees to Post and Tweet now. Employee Advocacy is all about employees becoming evangelists of the company they work at. Social media is emerging as a powerful tool to tap into this resource-base. This makes the reach more valuable in terms of credibility.
    [Feedly] Perfecting Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: 10 Social Media Best Practices
    Social media is huge, and one of the most common methods of accessing Facebook and Twitter is pulling that handy smart phone out of your pocket and checking your feed on-the-go. Peer-to-peer fundraising relies on your supporters as they connect with their networks organically. Incorporating social media into P2P fundraising can amplify your fundraising efforts and tap into your supporters’ extended networks. After all, social media is a significant aspect of people’s lives. Many use it daily, as a means of connecting with friends and spreading news. Brand your campaign. Provide toolkits.
    [Feedly] Facebook’s Birthday Gift to Users: 45-Second Videos
    12): Users will see a prompt atop their News Feeds  on their birthdays, after which they can preview the videos before they go live and add or remove specific posts. Facebook Web Video Birthdays friends Friends Day News Feed VideosFacebook plans to begin sending its users birthday  wishes in the form of 45-second videos featuring recaps of their friends’ birthday greeting posts. The social network has begun rolling out the feature, and users should start seeing it “in the coming days.”. Readers: What do you think of Facebook’s new birthday videos?
    [Feedly] A Complete Guide to Facebook’s Q2 2016 Earnings Call
    The best marketers understand that people watch video differently in mobile feeds. We introduced lead ads  in Q1 to make it easy for people to fill out forms on mobile devices right from News Feed. We also want to be thoughtful about making sure that each person’s overall feed experience has the right balance of organic and ad content. News Feed. But if we started playing an ad in the middle of a feed before you got to the video, then that would really go against that. The fastest growth regions for advertising revenue in the second quarter were the U.S.
    [Feedly] 9 Unique Ways to Explain Social Media Marketing to Pretty Much Anyone (Even Your Boss)
    Periscope might equal “behind-the-scenes videos” Facebook Live might equal “streaming video feeds” Snapchat might equal “in-the-moment entertainment” Bonus : Here’re some tips on how to convince your CEO about social media’s value , using data! 2. Your Quick quiz for social media marketers : Raise your hand if you’ve ever been asked, “So, you get paid to go on Facebook?”. Probably quite a few of us, right? People get social media. But it seems many are still bewildered by social media marketing. Be patient. Others aren’t. Your CTO.
    [Feedly] How to Market on Social Media Like a Global Brand
    Feed the content monster with Feedly. One important aspect of smart social media for brands is what I call Feeding the Content Monster or filling your content calendar. Want to market like a pro? Curious how the big brands market flawlessly? Get your own powerhouse social media strategy in motion complete with a checklist. I’m super excited to partner with Sprout Social on a free webinar on August 2nd at 3 pm ET. Of course, you’re invited! RSVP here. Manage conversations for multiple accounts. Easy-to-use daily and weekly social media task lists.
    [Feedly] 10 best content marketing tools
    Feedly: Trend discovery tool. 10 Feedly : This is another tool that helps you find out what the competition offers to your target audience. In addition to competition monitoring, Feedly is an awesome tool for discovering the latest trends in your area. Cost: free, with option for Feedly Pro for $5/month. Website Grader, Open Site Explorer & 8 more tools. Post by Kate Simpson. ontent marketers have access to hundreds of tools that can make their jobs more effective. We’ll list 10 awesome content marketing tools that will definitely improve the way you work.
    [Feedly] Why Snapchat Memories Will Be Pivotal (And Why Marketers Are So Excited)
    Memories can feed the evolution of Snapchat’s ad product. Snapchat is rumored to be working on a Facebook-like algorithm  that would curate Stories and show users content it feels they’ll enjoy most at the top of their feed, rather than displaying each Story in chronological orders as the app does now. If you could travel back in time to when Facebook or Instagram first started grabbing mainstream attention, knowing what you do now about the opportunity they hold for brands, you’d jump aboard, right? Well, that opportunity is now on Snapchat. Video
    [Feedly] The Twitter Best Practices Handbook
    Use Pinned Tweets: Ensure your feed has a pinned Tweet to showcase one of your more engaging posts. Don’t let your Twitter feed become stale. With a limitation of 140 characters, Twitter instills users to be creative and succinct with social media. Not only that, but with more than 310 million active users, it’s tough to know how to stand out and be heard. Following the most essential Twitter best practices can make you more visible to your customers. Use the buttons below to jump to each Twitter best practice: Or jump to the Twitter best practices infographic. 1. Links in bios.
  • AGORA PULSE  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Feedly] How to Monitor Social Media Conversations Using Agorapulse
    Now your monitoring dashboard will have a real-time feed of all public Instagram posts with the hashtag #peets. Did you know that Agorapulse allows you to monitor social media by capturing key conversations on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? If you’re ready to get serious about social media listening, check out what we can do for you. Monitoring on Twitter. With Agorapulse, you can discover Twitter conversations containing words or phrases specified by you, filtered by language and location.  . Want to set up a listening station like that? Well, great! Monitoring on Instagram.
    [Feedly] The Evolution of the Tasty Video
    Within the last year, you may have noticed an explosion of recipe videos appearing on your Facebook News Feed. The short, simple videos that we drool over on a daily basis started with Tasty , a production of BuzzFeed Video. With 64 million page likes and counting, Tasty sees consistently high levels of engagement on each one of its videos, which are viewed millions of times and boast thousands of comments. We’re going to dive into what started the Tasty video trend, why it’s so successful, and which brands are adopting Tasty-like content on their own social channels. Tasty Beginnings.
  • AGORA PULSE  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Feedly] How to Promote Your Blog in 8 Seriously Easy Steps
    If you do, you will be able to see a preview of links you post directly in the Twitter feed (see below). Are you missing opportunities to promote your blog? When I first started blogging I’d spend hours writing the perfect post, share it out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and then move on to the next one. Sometimes I was lucky and my posts would strike a chord with someone, they’d get shared or make their way up the Google rankings but in most cases, they’d remain dormant. It’s this 8 step system I’m going to share with you today. Evergreen. 2. Seasonal. 3.
  • SOCIALIZED  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Feedly] Comments Were Meant to Be Deleted
    Here’s what someone posted as a comment: “I’m always a bit surprised that anyone on social thinks they “own their feed” Not true on Facebook. You can help curate a feed through your preferences and who you “friend” – but you don’t own any feeds. Even The platform owns the feeds. But if you seriously think you “own” your feed, well. It’s overly simplistic to classify everything we come into contact with online as “a feed.” If you do, we can be friends. will delete them.
    [Feedly] Why Publishers Need to Walk Away From Facebook
    In late June, Facebook once again announced a News Feed algorithm change —this time to focus more on friends and family content, and less on brands and publishers —a change that’s not all that surprising since Facebook is organized around who you know. Facebook is also closing its News Feed application, Paper , further curtailing choice of outlets and hastening a consolidation of power that benefits no one but Facebook. And that’s not all. Yikes! But publishers are not quite in as dire straits as it may appear, even with this seeming abandonment of Facebook. percent on Facebook.
    [Feedly] Drastically Improve your Social Media Success
    Spend time with the positive people who help feed your passions and inspirations – use these interactions to fan your own joy and spirit. Can you drastically improve your social media success with one tip? Yes, you can. The one thing that’s really holding you back from success is you. Yes, you. Comparing yourself to other people. Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt Click To Tweet. Comparison could be making you feel jealous, unhappy, and possibly crushing your creativity. Stop it! Looking around on Facebook and Instagram can create FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • AGORA PULSE  |  SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2016
    [Feedly] Should My Agency Use Social Media Automation?
    Can you engage with your audience if you are solely automating or using a feed to post for you? Don’t be afraid to schedule your industry news and tap into RSS feeds of those influencers you love; balance the scheduled messages with posts, stories and blog articles which will humanize you again. “Should I use social media automation or can I simply post organically?” ” We have this conversation about once a month in our office with clients. Let me tell you, there are pros and cons for both, and ultimately we always end at the same point. Why does this happen?
    [Feedly] Facebook Tests Snapchat Stories-Like Quick Updates; Won’t Roll It Out
    Facebook later told Constine it was testing Quick Updates with some mobile users in an effort to create tools for users to share content with only the friends that they want to see it, rather than on News Feed , adding that the social network has no plans to proceed with the feature. Facebook Binary Capital friends Josh Constine News Feed Photos Quick Updates snapchat stories Techcrunch text Text Overlays Tiffany Zhong VideosNot every new feature Facebook tests makes it to launch. Take Quick Updates, the social network’s take on Snapchat Stories.
    [Feedly] #SproutChat Recap: Social Media & Marketing Resources Roundup
    A1: I visit my Feedly list for social media multiple times a day: https://t.co/u8r7OZtHIv All professionals have their go-to news outlets, blogs, podcasts and social media channels for advice and inspiration to better themselves and advance in their career. This week at #SproutChat , the community shared their favorite social media marketing resources. We’ve put together a roundup of some of the best ones. Check ‘em out and bookmark, follow or subscribe for your own benefit.  . Breaking News about Social Media Networks. SproutSocial A1. sproutchat. a1: I love mashable! SproutChat.
    [Feedly] What Every Social Media Intern Needs to Know
    After reading many blog posts and scrolling through the entire Simply Measured Instagram feed, it was easy to tell I would be working at a cool place with a ton of talented people. My name is Audrey, and I am the Social Media Intern at Simply Measured! I’m going on my fourth week here, and I couldn’t have picked a better place to spend my summer. I’m Audrey! I’ll be a Senior at the University of Washington this fall. When I first heard about this internship, I knew right away that I had to apply. ” I wanted to do more than just tweet things and get coffee. Data Matters.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Feedly] Never Has LinkedIn Been More Powerful Than Today
    All feeds and updates that any individual sees are predicated on the people that they are following. I see information based on the people that I am connected to. LinkedIn is the most powerful weapon you have in building your reputation. . believe this. Wholeheartedly. The problem, of course, is that we live in this strange new on-demand world. What do you want? What do you need? We can access almost anything with our smartphones and the flick of our thumb. A car. place to stay. Someone to mate with. You name it. It's all right there. Instantly. It's not a smartphone. the other day.
    [Feedly] Native Instagram Analytics Are Here…Sort Of
    Based on Facebook’s newsfeed adjustment trend, it’s fair to guess that this will be as high as it gets with the Instagram feed algorithm. If you are like the members of the analytics team here at Ignite Social Media, you’ve been anticipating the release of an official Instagram analytics platform ever since Facebook purchased the platform for a nice, round $1 billion. It’s taken four years for a native analytics offering from the tool, but it’s here! In this post, we’re going to “unbox” Instagram Insights and show you what we’ve all been waiting for. reach.
    [Feedly] Periscope Adds Highlights Trailers, Embedded Tweet Support, Android Auto-Play
    You can watch highlights of your home feed to catch up on broadcasts you missed from the last day, highlights of somebody’s profile to get a flavor for their previous broadcasts, or highlights of any search result (like #NoBillNoBreak or “pottery”) to get a convenient overview of any topic. Finally, on auto-play, Periscope wrote: On Android, live broadcasts will auto-play in the watch tab and global feed without sound, so you can see what’s happening around the world immediately when you open Periscope. LIVE on #Periscope : On the range with Jason Day https://t.co/0NhfLaEeNA.
    [Feedly] Best Practices for Managing a Crisis on Social Media
    They are more concerned about the current news and conversations within their feed – individuals commenting on the news, expressing personal thoughts and opinions, etc. With recent current events and tragic news in the media each day, it’s time to talk about best practices your brand should use when it comes to social media during a crisis. Far too often we see brands really mess this one up. I’m speaking specifically to brands, not individuals. But, if you are an individual who manages a brand’s social community (like a Community Manager), this message is for you. Go Dark.
    [Feedly] 7 Types Of Awesome Social Media Content Your Brand Can Be Creating Right Now
    Along with  driving massive engagement , GIFs help you explain difficult ideas, add some visual variety to your feed, and have some fun with your audience. Live videos are watched 3x longer and shown more in News Feed. Facebook has even decided to push up Live videos in user News Feeds. Have you ever wondered why people love eating at buffets? It’s not because all-you-can-eat options are better for your wallet; in fact, economists have proved  ordering traditional dishes is actually cheaper. Humans crave variety. Custom GIFs. great GIF is worth a thousand words.
    [Feedly] PB134: How to Decide if You Should Start on a New Social Network or Medium
    Everyone’s been talking about Facebook Live, it’s an emerging medium that many bloggers have been experimenting with lately. I’m seeing a lot more of it in my Facebook feed and this blogger noticed the same thing, they noticed other people in their niche particularly getting into it and wondered whether they should too. How to Decide if a New Social Network or Medium is Right for You. Today I’m going to help you decide if you should start on that new social network or that new medium like a podcast or a YouTube channel. This is a very common email that I get. My Audience? For Me?
    [Feedly] 10 Social Lessons for B2B Companies
    You are responsible for feeding your audience likable and useful content, engaging with your audience, and listening for feedback (both good and bad). Doing this will help you stand out against your competitors as people scroll through their social media feeds. The social media landscape is ever-changing, and so is the way people are making buying decisions. 10 Tips for Increasing Brand Engagement on Instagram Download. Social media is a great tool to attract prospects and customers with your content, and guide them through the buyer’s journey. Get Blogging. Set Goals and KPIs.
    [Feedly] Twitter Basics: How To Get Started On Twitter For Business
    Once you have followed some profiles, you can click on your home tab to view your “feed” or timeline (TL). Your feed is all the latest tweets by persons who you follow. The volume of tweets in your feed can be overwhelming. What Makes Twitter Different. On Twitter, you’ll find friends and family as well as celebrities, companies and strangers who may share your interests. News networks (like @AP and @CNN ) will post breaking news announcements, companies may hold giveaways, celebrities post announcements on what they’re working on and everyone has conversations!
    [Feedly] Why LinkedIn is the Only Social Media I Use
    Okay, sure: it might not have the billion-plus users that Facebook has, and you won’t find LinkedIn feeds at the bottom of a television broadcast like you do with Twitter. This is a guest contribution from Matthew Oleniuk. Close to ten years after Facebook took the world by storm, there’s not much point in stressing the importance of social media anymore. You just can’t grow your blog or your brand these days without having a social presence – so everyone races to create their Facebook page, and their Twitter profile, and their Instagram portfolio. Right? Isn’t it just for job-seekers?
    [Feedly] Why LinkedIn is the Only Social Media I Use
    Okay, sure: it might not have the billion-plus users that Facebook has, and you won’t find LinkedIn feeds at the bottom of a television broadcast like you do with Twitter. This is a guest contribution from Matthew Oleniuk. Close to ten years after Facebook took the world by storm, there’s not much point in stressing the importance of social media anymore. You just can’t grow your blog or your brand these days without having a social presence – so everyone races to create their Facebook page, and their Twitter profile, and their Instagram portfolio. Right? Isn’t it just for job-seekers?
    [Feedly] 15 Awesome Social Media Apps for iPhone
    Catch up on blog content using Feedly. Instead of visiting your favorite blogs every day, add them to Feedly and track them through this tool. Using your mobile for social media marketing will make you more productive and efficient  when marketing your business on social media. You have your mobile with you 24 hours a day so you might as well get more benefit from it! Some applications will just waste your time and some will benefit your business.   The applications we have selected below will make you more effective on social media. Manage Twitter using Tweetbot. PRISMA. Phonto.
    [Feedly] Facebook Android Users Can Now Save Videos
    Users with version 85 or beta version 86 of the app can select “save video” from the drop-down menus on videos in their News Feeds, and those videos will appear in their Saved  directories. Apps Facebook Android Android Police Bloomberg India Michael Crider Mix News Feed Save Video Saved The Next Web VideosFacebook quietly added the ability to save videos for later viewing to its flagship Android application. Readers: Would you like to see Facebook roll this feature out globally? Screenshots courtesy of The Next Web , Android Police.
  • KOKA SEXTON  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Feedly] My End of Tour. #LinkedInLife
    people in marketing to feed the sales machine. Transformation of self. I was once awe struck by this place. From the first time I logged in, I was hooked. That was 2005. LinkedIn has been the app that connected me to opportunity. Literally. I had become one of the most vocal people in the sales industry about it’s potential. I led a social selling movement initially with no data but a solid belief that this was the right thing to do. Social selling became my new religion and I spread the gospel every chance I could. never imagined the possibility of being within these walls. Next?!?
    [Feedly] Twitter Basics – How To Get Started On Twitter
    Once you have followed some profiles, you can click on your home tab to view your “feed” or timeline (TL). Your feed is all the latest tweets by persons who you follow. The volume of tweets in your feed can be overwhelming. What Makes Twitter Different. On Twitter, you’ll find friends and family as well as celebrities, companies and strangers who may share your interests. News networks (like @AP and @CNN) will post breaking news announcements, companies may hold giveaways, celebrities post announcements on what they’re working on and everyone has conversations.
    [Feedly] Twitter to Live-Stream Two New NBA Shows
    This expanded partnership will help feed our fans’ growing demand for the NBA by more deeply integrating the league across Twitter’s many platforms. Twitter’s live-video-streaming  pond added a big fish: the National Basketball Association. The social network and the league announced an expanded content partnership Tuesday that will bring a new weekly pregame show to Twitter, along with a second show, for which the details have not yet been worked out. Existing content includes: #NBARapidReplay highlights. NBAVine highlights and behind-the-scenes footage. Plays of the game.
    [Feedly] 6 Facebook Features Marketers Overlook
    Popular Facebook features like Pages, News Feed and a suite of advertising tools have made this network a must-have for marketers and advertisers. If you’ve been Liking Pages as your brand, your News Feed should be full of interesting content. Facebook will occasionally show you reminders of your saved items in News Feed. 4. What began as a simple platform for specific college networks has grown into a hub of social activity for 1.65 billion monthly active users. Since 2004 countless new Facebook features have been released for you to use to meet your business objectives.
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