[Feedly] Monday Roundup: the Measurati Meet #measurePR
    Why: “So instead of using the notion of Social Credit Score to define us, we used it to define what we’re NOT: we’re not in the business of oversimplifying to feed into a hype. Next Tuesday, for the first time in #measurePR history we’ll hear from 11 stellar guests. Are we crazy? Will we break the Internet? No one knows for sure, but we’ll have a great time finding out. So, if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, do so now. Why: “The culture, language and networks of China are vastly different than those in Europe and the U.S. ” 2.  PR is not changing.
    [Feedly] 12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Use
    When you create or follow a list, you may also see some posts from that list in your main News Feed. Mastering hidden Facebook features will help you get ahead of your competition. Managing an active and successful Facebook page with a thriving community can be a daunting experience.  As your fanbase grows, so does their insatiable appetite for content. Coupled with their comments, messages, questions, issues, etc., the time spent managing your page can grow exponentially. You can save items like links, places, movies, TV, and music. From a Facebook Page: Click   and then select Save.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2015
    [Feedly] Five Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog
    If an article pops up in your news feed, and one includes a gorgeous rendering of a luxury hotel, and other just has a headline that says “new hotel,” which one would you rather read? By Rebecca Devine. By now, most companies understand they need to harness the power of social media and content marketing. You’ve talked to enough marketing gurus and experts to know blogging can be a powerful way to expand your online presence and communicate thought leadership. So you upgrade your website, include a WordPress blog, post a few recent news releases and articles, and…Nothing. Zilch.
    [Feedly] How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Through Your Archived Material on Facebook
    They autoplay all over your feed and spammy videos stolen by unscrupulous page owners are everywhere. If an old status update (i.e., a video) is getting new interaction, Facebook will selectively “bump” this story to the top of the news feed for people who haven’t seen it. This is a guest contribution from Jonathan Goodman. love discovering systems that work in the background so you can focus on your blog. What I’m going to detail is like the concept of compound interest. It involves Facebook. What I want to share with you isn’t how to spam. It’s about email list growth.
    [Feedly] More Than a Stepping Stone – the Mid-Size City Becomes a PR Career Destination
    Take a look at the social media feeds for the media in any mid-size city around the country and you’ll see a ton of listicles , articles , and hype videos talking up their hometown. Image used under Creative Commons license. This post originally appeared on the PRSA Pittsburgh blog. Thanks to the seemingly endless demand for new content, hometown pride is stronger than ever before. And based on my newsfeed, Pittsburghers seem to love their lists more than most. That to really have a PR career, they have to move to New York or Chicago or LA. Can you expand on that at all? And we love it.
    [Feedly] @TechCrunch announces formation of CultureSphere’s advisory board #EmployeeEngagement
    The August 14 th TechCrunch article explains how the process works: “Employees upload their own photos and videos into the company’s feed in the iOS app. I’m thrilled to share that my new role as an advisory board member to CultureSphere was recently announced in TechCrunch.    I’ll be serving along with former Kodak CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett, Brocade CMO Christine Heckart, CMO Council founder Donovan Neale-May, and former Mitel CMO Martyn Etherington. CultureSphere was launched July 23rd. Once it’s unlocked, any employee using the app can share it more broadly. FOR EWORD by David C.
    [Feedly] One Super-Easy Way To Convert Traffic And Avoid 404 Errors
    Before we get to the tactic, I want to make sure you understand the value of an RSS feed. They can subscribe to your RSS feed and receive updates of new articles via email, via mobile apps like FlipBoard or via popular RSS readers like NewsBlur. Visitors who are interested in finding your RSS feed and subscribing to it are raising their hands and saying “I like your content, please give me more in the future!” Without an RSS feed, and very easy access to it, you’re missing out on an opportunity. So, what’s the magic tip? There you have it.
    [Feedly] The Four Outcomes Of Content
    Look at any one of your many feeds. What is your content trying to do? Why does your content exist? Who is it reaching? What business purpose does it solve? Is it any good? Does anyone care? If you weren't the publisher of your content, would it be the kind of stuff that you would be interested in? The list of questions is long, arduous and intimidating. We live in a world that marketers (like me) had hoped for (lots of people, creating lots of interesting content in lots of different media formats). Well,  "be careful what you wish for," as the saying goes. Content is media. It's fast.
    [Feedly] Another Perspective on the Zirtual Shut Down Overnight Story
    In fact, some of you may shake your heads in disgust and delete it from your inbox or feed. By Gini Dietrich. I am going to preface this blog post by saying it’s not going to be popular. And that’s okay because I am about to give you a different perspective on this whole Zirtual shut down overnight mess. That of a business owner in deep debt with no one to rely on because I was too immature and too inexperienced (and too proud) to ask for help. Making the Hard Decisions. certainly didn’t. My peers were still buying up real estate and investing heavily in startups.
    [Feedly] Tips to Prevent Compromised Facebook Accounts
    Often I read what’s happening in the industry and find any “news” that I see coming through the various feeds. I always check into my client Facebook accounts first thing in the morning. This morning at 6:30 a.m. noticed a post on one of the social media sites I follow, it mentioned a large scale Facebook hacking. By the time I got into work, the story was all over the news, and the sites were taken down temporarily by Facebook. Don’t click on strange links – Ever! Don’t click on friend requests from unknown parties. Facebook Security. Facebook
    [Feedly] 7 Twitter Mistakes You Need to Avoid
    If you want to stay above the crowd on your followers’ feed, you need to post several times a day, especially when Twitter moves at a really quick pace. When you follow too many people, your Twitter feed will have too many tweets of other individuals that aren’t related to your industry. Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms used by celebrities, friends, musicians, politicians, entrepreneur, big brands, and small businesses. It has already grown to 316 million monthly active users with over 500 million tweets sent per day. Twitter
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    [Feedly] Seven Elements of a LinkedIn Audit to Improve Brand Consistency
    Your LinkedIn profile photo acts as your avatar across the site, showing up in search results, your connections’ news feed, and any comments you make. By Erika Heald. Whenever I start a new job, one of the ways I get to know my fellow colleagues is to take a tour through their social media networks and complete a LinkedIn audit. This helps me learn more about their backgrounds, to see what the company values terms of accomplishments, and to get a pulse on how much of the organization’s content is being shared by employees. LinkedIn Audit: Seven Profile Elements to Review. Activity.
    [Feedly] Facebook launches live streaming, but only for famous people
    Live, as the feature is called, will show up in your News Feed if a celebrity you follow decides to live stream. Mashable - Facebook just got into the business of live streaming video. The social network added the feature to Facebook Mentions, the app launched in July 2014 that celebrities such as actors, musicians and athletes use to engage with their fans, who can leave comments. You’ll also get a notification about the broadcast if you have recently interacted with a celebrity’s posts. You can like, comment on or share the video while viewing a stream. Facebook
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    [Feedly] 4 Ways Instagram Ads Will Benefit Marketers
    No longer will there need to be sponsored content worked into a news feed in a clunky way (for example, comedy accounts sharing posts promoting iPhone covers) and marketers can focus messaging efforts on the users that actually want to hear it. Instagram recently opened its ad API, and readily available Instagram ads can mean great things for marketers. For quite a while now, Instagram ads have been something reserved for the most elite brand (willing to spend the high costs and take the time). These are a few of the benefits that marketers can begin enjoying thanks to this move.
    [Feedly] Social Media Updates: July
    Facebook Updates News Feed Controls: Facebook’s Newsroom announced new News Feed controls that helps you to improve and manage your News Feed with the following functions: Prioritise friends & pages you want to see first. Easier access to your subscriptions feed. July has been a bumper month in social media! All the major social media platforms came out with at least one update. Let’s get right to it…and check out my JULY TIP at the end… Google+ Makes Some Changes. Linkedin. Twitter. Find new Pages to connect to. SlideShare. YouTube. Instagram.
    [Feedly] 4 Ways Pinterest Can Help Drive Traffic To Your Blog
    There is no such thing as playing the Pinterest game or paying for advertisement in the hopes that an infinitely small slice of your subscribers will get to see your post in their feed. Think about it: by creating custom-made pins, you will immediately stand out on your subscriber’s home feed because you will present something they’ve never seen before. This is a guest contribution from Marie-Eve Vallieres. Nobody puts Pinterest in a corner. And that’s the beauty of Pinterest right there: their algorithm is not aggressive in the way Facebook’s is. Create bespoke pins.
    [Feedly] Twitter Experiments With A ‘News’ Tab
    Both of these products grab the best tweets from Twitter’s raw feed and present them in more digestible formats. Think of it this way: Twitter’s raw feed is turning into the product’s engine. And that engine is powering mini-products with what is perhaps the best live feed of information in the world. Buzzfeed – Starting Monday, some U.S. Twitter users will see a News tab appear in their Twitter apps. The News tab could lower Twitter’s barrier to entry a bit, making its platform and culture more understandable to  hundreds of millions perplexed by it. Twitter
    [Feedly] Why a Blog Can Help in Generating New Business
    Place your RSS Subscription Feed button above the fold, near the top of your blog’s homepage. would suggest setting up an RSS feed through  Feedburner. By John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman at Sonnhalter. Your Blog is a repository of helpful content that can effectively attract a large number of prospective customers. Here are 5 simple steps and suggestions to improve your company’s blog as a major tool for fueling new business leads: 1. Creating. Each new blog post is a new opportunity for you to be found online by your best prospects. Write at least 3 to 5 posts per week.
    [Feedly] Repurpose Content: A Test and the Results
    Which meant two things: If you saw the blog post in your RSS feed at 7:30 a.m., it showed there were already hundreds of comments. NOTICE: We were hacked a week ago and, since then, our scheduling and email delivery has been off. If you’ve received Spin Sucks twice or it’s been late, that’s why. We’re working on it! And my head might explode…not in a good way.). By Gini Dietrich. OK, OK. I’m finished with my experiment to repurpose content. Everyone talks about repurposing content. Look, it’s August and  no one is working. Likable vs. Successful.
    [Feedly] Increase Blog Traffic with These 12 Ideas
    haven’t posted much there lately because I have the summer doldrums (I have them every summer…I think I should have been a school teacher so I could have summers off), hence nothing showing up in her feed. By Gini Dietrich. Yesterday, my friend  Sheryl Brown-Madjlessi  posted on my Facebook wall, “Facebook is a jerk and never lets me see your posts in my newsfeed.” ” But, actually, it’s not Facebook. It’s me. Increase Blog Traffic. Following is a list of 12 things to increase blog traffic and beat the summer doldrums. Create a video series.
    [Feedly] Meerkat and Periscope Making Headway
    With Meerkat and Periscope, users can comment and like the feed; they can ask questions, so there is the engagement factor. Along with all the other apps and tools for social networking and marketing, you may be hearing a lot about Meerkat and Periscope lately. Though Meerkat has been around a touch longer, both are used for live video streaming, from anywhere to anywhere, and are a window into someone else’s world. They are similar, but have a few subtle differences and either may be a great social networking tool for your small business. The Eyes Have It. You already have them.
    [Feedly] #measurePR Recap (July 2015): Internal Communications
    then asked how our guests felt internal communications and PR should work together: A5 Employees are key source of intel for a company, so #internal #comms should be feeding rest of comms team. The July edition of #measurePR focused on an area most PR pros don’t often think about: internal communications. Here’s some of what we talked about: On best practices for internal communications and the measurement thereof: A2 Measure the right things, not just the easy-to-measure ones. measurepr. Q2 Don’t confine measurement to outputs. Have relevant KPIs to measure against.
    [Feedly] Moving Feedburner/Feedblitz Email Subscribers to Amazon SES
    How to Fix Feedburner Feeds That Do Not Update. We are moving all our email subscribers on Google Feedburner and Feedblitz email subscriptions to Amazon SES. This was long overdue and we promise our email subscribers an awesome experience. Read full original article at Moving Feedburner/Feedblitz Email Subscribers to Amazon SES ©2015 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved. Related posts: Google Reader Shuts Down, Is Feedburner Next? How to Retain Your Paid Membership Subscribers. Blogging Site News
    [Feedly] Last of the LIFT Clips — on ConverStations
    Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds (only from now on – at SmallBiz LIFT ). Over the past few years, the LIFT Clips series has presented hundreds of videos to inspire, inform, and educate business owners using the LIFT framework. We presented four videos to help owners to LEARN, IMPROVE, FIND FLOW, and THINK about their business, life, and growth in general. It might look like this: FLOW: Too Many Topics of Passion? Here are some words of wisdom and focus by Regina. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Feedly] Tips to Turn Your Customers into Your Brand’s Advocates
    Untapped Marketing Opportunities for Small Business Owners Why You Should Subscribe to Your Own RSS Feeds GUEST: Benefits of Crowdfunding Campaigns – Even if they Fail. Written by Kevin Flanagan. Transforming a satisfied customer into a brand advocate is rewarding. Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising available. Nielsen reports that 77 percent of consumers were more likely to buy a new product or service when hearing about it from friends or family. Offer the Best Customer Service. Your best tool for turning customers into advocates is customer service.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2015
    [Feedly] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Paul Sutton
    He does, after all, have three young mouths to feed. By Gini Dietrich. IT IS ABOUT TIME!! Why am I yelling? Sorry. Simmer down there, Gin. It’s about time we have Paul Sutton. Paul is one of my most favorite people on earth. He’s smart. He’s witty. He’s the father of three and isn’t afraid to be a big kid with them. He’s a newly minted business owner. He’s ahead of the PR trends. He’s opinionated. And he disagrees with almost everything I say. and whether agencies (yes) or freelancers (no) are better. We won a retail industry award for it.
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    [Feedly] The 10 Commandments of Online Etiquette
    Thou shalt not use your Twitter , Facebook , Google+ , and LinkedIn accounts as news feeds for your organization. By Gini Dietrich. How many of you love to receive spam email ? How about when you meet someone and they automatically add your to their newsletter list? And how many of you love to get information that talks all about the sender and tells you nothing valuable? How often do you unsubscribe to email lists and newsletters or click “junk” so they don’t hit your inbox at all? couple of years ago, I did some research on different programs for a CRM for a client.
    [Feedly] Are You Sure You Want to Leave Facebook?
    Based on this finding, we are updating News Feed’s ranking to factor in a new signal—how much time you spend viewing a story in your News Feed.” —  Facebook said on their blog. By Corina Manea. Everyone has heard of Facebook, no doubt about it. In fact, if someone says he’s not on Facebook, he might get a few weird looks such as, “Dude, what planet are you living on?”. Did you know 71 percent of online adults use Facebook? That is… a lot! If there is one constant thing about Facebook, it would be the algorithm changes. Because Facebook changed its algorithm in June, again!
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    [Feedly] Five Social Media Automation Myths Busted
    It also lets you edit queued posts, create and schedule custom posts, and link a blog feed to your social accounts to post automatically. By Sophia Solanki. Automation has always evoked mixed emotions from the human kind. We often see it as a replacement of the human element, which we cherish so much. What we have really seen, though, is that more often than not, automation has enabled humans to do and achieve more. Human history is a testament to that: It reduces errors, frees us of the mundane and repetitive tasks, and releases time for the really valuable activities. .
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    [Feedly] From Barbie to Birchbox: The Evolution of Content Marketing
    As to where the content is distributed, brands are leaning towards what I call the “jellyfish” approach where consumers are encountering the “tentacles,” or content, in many different places, their Instagram feed, Facebook wall, blogs they follow, shows they watch. By Matthew Meyers. Content marketing. If you follow the world of advertising and marketing, you know that it’s the biggest innovation since the iPhone. From Then to Now. But content marketing isn’t really new—many brands have been creating original content for as long as there has been advertising. Weekly? Monthly?
    [Feedly] The Enemy Found, a Preview of Perseverance
    will come any day now, and we’re already scrambling to feed ourselves through the winter. After many iterations, the sequel to my first novel, Exodus , is being released on July 27. At 160 pages, Perseverance is either a novella or a short novel, but don’t let the length fool you—it’s non-stop action crescendoing in an epic battle. In fact, you may hate me by the end of it because I kill off some favorite characters. Geoff has dove into fiction writing like a dog after a bone,” said Author of Amazing Things Will Happen C.C. Chapman. ” I hope you enjoy the preview. Patrick nodded.
    [Feedly] WATCH: Post-It Notes in LIFT Clips 07/18/15
    Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. We’re using lots of Post-It notes for the LIFTcanvas at our new project: LIFTboosters. To celebrate, here are some great LIFT clips using Post-it Note products. LEARN – How to Write a Book – 1st Draft with Post-It Notes. LIFT Clips
    [Feedly] 3 Untapped Marketing Opportunities for Small Business Owners
    Related Stories Why You Should Subscribe to Your Own RSS Feeds GUEST: Benefits of Crowdfunding Campaigns – Even if they Fail Why Images Work: 10 Reasons Visuals Make Good Content A Simplified Guide for Naming Business Products. Written by Kevin Flanagan. Sometimes small businesses struggle to keep up with the trends in marketing and advertising. If you want to survive as a small business, take advantage of both traditional and untapped marketing opportunities all around you. Here is a look at just a few of those possibilities. Traditional Opportunities. Untapped Opportunities.
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    [Feedly] Don’t Be a Lazy Marketer: 11 Content Marketing Ideas
    If you feed your audience healthy portions of pre-planned content, content you know they’ll enjoy (because you bothered to ask them), you’ll get so much more from your marketing. By Bryan Adams. Lazy marketers are all around us…i ncluding you, if you’re honest. Have you ever woken up from a Saturday afternoon snooze or raced back from work or the gym because you’re absolutely starving? Opened the fridge and experienced grade-A distress at the realization there’s nothing to eat? That’s never stopped us being hungry— and it’s never stopped us eating something, either!
    [Feedly] WATCH: DIY Video in LIFT Clips – 07/11/15
    Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. With this being the 4th of July, for many a time of fireworks and celebration, we thought a few scenes of fireworks from movies and television would be appropriate. LEARN – How to Use Cheap 3-Point Lighting. IMPROVE – Get Better Sound on Your Videos.
    [Feedly] ProBlogger Podcast Day 10: How to Use Alerts
    How to Use RSS feeds – Digital Trends. As ubiquitous as the internet is, you can’t be across all things at all times in your niche. It’s important to have a general idea of what the trends are not only for your sake so you can stay current, but also so you can share that information with your readers (perhaps in your next link post ? Or social media update ?). The easiest way you can stay abreast of what’s been going on is to set up alerts and subsriptions. Good luck! Further Reading: Google: Google Alerts – Monitor the Web for Interesting Content.
    [Feedly] WATCH: Firework Scenes in LIFT Clips 07/04/15
    Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. With this being the 4th of July, for many a time of fireworks and celebration, we thought a few scenes of fireworks from movies and television would be appropriate. FOOD – Ratatouille’s Tasty Food Mashup. LOVE – Fireworks Often Mark Happy Days.
    [Feedly] Is Your Digital Footprint is Hurting You?
    If you, like me, love ranting on Facebook or Twitter, make sure that you make your feeds private and turn off screenshot captures. Add clear pictures of yourself to all of your public feeds. Hey there Socialnomics’ers. In my work as a career consultant I’m often asked to take a look at clients digital footprints and try to explain what they’re doing wrong. The first thing to understand is that EVERYONE Googles you. There are two major problems when it comes to your digital footprint. 1. Get Rid Of Red Flags. With red flags you want to delete, delete, delete.
    [Feedly] Go Green on Social Media
    Whether you look at their twitter feed or a specific website, you should be able to pick up some valid information. Social media is fun. It’s the way media is going and pretty much everyone and every business has some sort of social media. It provides a sharing outlet, a way to connect and stay in touch. It also provides a great learning medium that we often overlook. No matter the topic, you can reach out on social media and garner great information. Learning More. Twitter is a great forum for this, as well as some of the lesser knows, like Prezi. Getting Involved.
    [Feedly] Like, Share,Tweet – Is that All You Can Do on Social Media?
    To make content curation simpler, and ensure that you’re sharing fresh, relevant content, use tools like DrumUp and Feedly. Guest Post by Jessica Davis. According to a non-exhaustive list on Wikipedia , there are more than 200 social media sites across the globe. Although you may have thought otherwise, social media is not limited to Facebook or Twitter. But with 1.44 billion monthly active users on Facebook , and 302 million active monthly users on Twitter , why would you want to be anywhere else? How can you diversify your social media channels? Generate leads. Track competition.
    [Feedly] [LIVE] Our Six-Figure/m Marketing Blueprint (Last Webinar for 2015)
    What I forgot to remember is that there are around 6,000 people subscribed to ViperChill via feedburner email updates, which link to our RSS feed, and as I haven’t written a single blog post about our video series or webinar training, you’ve may have missed out on this free training. Over the last few days I’ve been running a webinar which covers what I truly believe to be the best way to create a highly-profitable online business that you can be proud to own. Today is our third and final webinar that will teach this content for 2015. You don’t want to miss this.
    [Feedly] The Science Of Viral
    If you feel like you don’t have the time to go through the entire world wide web and hunt down the perfect articles, apps like Feedly and DrumUp can do the job for you. Something all psychologists have unanimously agreed upon is the streak of random in all of us. What we decide to click on seemingly has no pattern: or does it? Researchers have spent countless hours trying to rationalize why some content is more viral than other. And one thing they have all come to agree on is that viral content evoke some extreme emotion. What exactly IS great content? million views. link].
    [Feedly] More Socializing Can Lead to More Affordable Housing
    good agent will post listings on her social media feeds, along with stats and other information. When it’s time to find a place to live, it’s time to open up some social media. Whether you’re looking for a new house, a condo, a second home at the beach or looking to upsize or downsize, don’t overlook social media for finding affordable housing. Location, Location. Depending where you want to live, you’ll have different expectations. Perhaps you want a sprawling house in the suburbs. Check out some local realtors’ social media pages in the area.
    [Feedly] SMS and Social Media Schooling the Masses
    now has a Facebook page and Twitter feed. College students and recent high school grads are turning to social media to stay up to date with what’s going on around campus and around the world. Thanks to SMS (short message service), the academic masses are connected to social and school events like never before. With social outreach in mind, here are just a few reasons SMS and social media are beneficial to schools and universities of all kinds: High School and College Smartphone Stats. Smartphones and academia are quickly becoming synonymous and for good reason. They are: 1.
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    [Feedly] How You Can Use Promotional Products to Boost Your Social Media Campaign
    Offer Facebook and Twitter users a simple giveaway for liking your page or following your feed when they provide you with their email and mailing address. It’s no mystery why more and more businesses are turning to social media to help bolster their marketing campaigns. The right efforts on social media can lead to major increases in web traffic, brand recognition and communication with target audiences. That component is promotional products. On the other hand, when they are made to work together, they can achieve all of these things twofold. Encourages Sharing and Increase Followers.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 2015
    [Feedly] 70+ Blog Post Title Templates [Infographic]
    Considering how much content is flooding news feeds and streams, a catchy title is crucial. What should you title your next blog post? What will attract readers? These are a few questions most bloggers and marketers face when deciding what to title a blog post. It is the first thing a prospective reader will see and lead to their choice to click through on your content than something else. These blog post title templates are designed to drive higher clicks on your content and follow some proven formulas that work online.
    [Feedly] WATCH: Images, Emails, and Subscriptions in LIFT Clips – 06/27/15
    Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – Canva Tutorial: Create Beautiful Graphics Quickly, Easily, and for Free! IMPROVE – Quick Tips: Mobile Photography Tips. FIND FLOW – How to Stop Your Emails from Stopping Your Work Flow. Give a Boost to Your Business. LIFT Clips
    [Feedly] Tips To Get You Started On TSU [For Personal Use, Business Use, Brand Use] - Social Media
    Once a new user sign-up, they automatically follow your account and will see your updates through their news feed. Tsu is a great Opportunity. When I say 'Opportunity' it means ' a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something' - Repeating this: ' set of circumstances'. This means that there are a couple of things you need to wok towards so that you can achieve success on TSU. What Is TSU?: First thing first get to know the Social Media Platform: TSU is pronounced as 'sue'. You need an Invite Link though. ​ TSU Was Officially Launched On Tuesday21October2014.
    [Feedly] Social Media: How Major Industries Take Advantage of the Emerging Content Platform
    That was a first, a landmark as far as being a major social media moment, consumed not just by the millions watching it at the time, but also by the millions who saw it tweeted and retweeted on their feeds, and then those who watched replays of the event and read reports as they saw them in their newspaper – or even on their social media sites like Facebook. Hyperbole aside, these companies rely on tech enthusiasts – typically early adaptors of new gadgetry – and watch the word spread (hopefully positively) like wildfire over blogs, Facebook feeds, and the Twitter universe at large.
    [Feedly] Words and Pictures – the Batman and Robin of Content Marketing
    But does he force-feed them to our hero? Maybe it’s summer, with all the blockbuster superhero movies bombarding us in 3D. Or that I’ve never really outgrown comics and cartoons. But it struck me that the Batman franchise offers some great takeaways for content marketing. Let’s start with the Caped Crusader himself and his youthful, if over-the-top ward, and then look at the entire cast: Batman – He represents the writer, the hero and heart of the stories. They start with him, revolve around him, he’s our connection to the narrative flow. That’s when he turns to Robin and Alfred.
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2015
    [Feedly] 10 Facebook Hacks to Make Your Small Business Look Colossal
    For starters, you could create a list of blogs to follow on feedly and track their latest blog posts. Facebook organic targeting lets you control who sees your posts on their news feed. While all posts are still visible at your page timeline, you could target them to selectively appear in the news feed of certain groups of fans to get maximum engagement. When a social networking site (read Facebook) has over 1.39 billion active users it’s wise to have a good brand establishment over there. Get a fully optimized business page. Start attracting your potential fans.
    [Feedly] Google Launches A New Home For Journalists With “News Lab”
    For example, in partnership with social news agency Storyful,  Google rolled out YouTube Newswire  – a curated and aggregated feed containing daily newsworthy events that have been published to YouTube.  It also announced a series of initiatives aimed at supporting and verifying news videos on YouTube. TechCrunch – Google today announced the launch of a new site called  News Lab , a destination that aims to connect journalists with programs, data and other resources to aid in their reporting. Here, Google will keep a continually updated list of tools and resources at  g.co/newslab
    [Feedly] METHOD: Scanning and Saving Before Sharing
    tool of great help in my intake is Feedly , an aggregator for blogs, news, search strings, and other articles I am subscribed. I’ll take two or three turns at Feedly each day, saving the best for later. Skimming through the Feedly aggregator, I’m looking at headlines, author bylines, and the description to decide whether to save for later reading. Here’s a look at an estimate of a turn I take on Feedly: 500 items. Subscribe to them with Feedly. RSS Feeds Small Business Social MediaEach turn takes me around 15-20 minutes. 100 saved.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2015
    [Feedly] New Ways to Improve Customer Service on Twitter
    Your feed is easily digestible, but when you want to go into more detail, it can become tedious. Some recent changes have made it possible to really improve customer service on Twitter. Customer service has long been an area where Twitter has proven to be a valuable asset. The ability to communicate directly with clients (or prospects) in real time has made it possible to satisfy even more customers on a very public stage. That said, at 140 characters, there have been some limitations to what can be voiced. That has all changed. Why are they doing this? Character limits. Conclusion.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2015
    [Feedly] 10 PBEVENT Speakers Share their Morning Routine
    Then we all head downstairs, and I continue to the basement where my dogs sleep. I let them out of their crates, feed them breakfast, and let them out for the morning making sure to change the older dog’s diaper in the process. There’s a real buzz in the air now that the ProBlogger Training Event schedule has been released. Everywhere, people are chatting about where they’re going to be when, sessions are being highlighted, and bloggers are stalking the guest list, wondering who they’re going to meet. MRS WOOG: Mouthy 40-something housewife from the burbs.
    [Feedly] WATCH: How to LIFT in LIFT Clips on 06/20/15
    Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – How To Get Good at Anything in 20 Hours. IMPROVE – The Power of Incremental Improvement. FIND FLOW – How To Become A Lifehacker. THINK – How to Get Out of the Box and Generate Ideas. your presence or practice.  Subscribe today.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2015
    [Feedly] Time Spent Is The New Impression
    From the Business Insider article,  Facebook is watching how long you spend reading a story to decide what will appear in your news feed : "even though people may not 'like' or 'share' an item, they may spend significantly more time on it than the majority of other stories. Still, without the user physically acknowledging a piece of content, and knowing that Facebook is tracking our every move and able to manipulate the feed not based off of what we do, but by simply understanding - in a very profound way - what we're spending time on, has a distinctly Orwellian feel to it. .
    [Feedly] 6 Best Social Networks for Gamers
    This social network offers an activity feed to keep you abreast of all updates for your games and players you’ve connected with. The gaming world encompasses a fairly social group, with many choosing to join games that offer online competition and cooperation opportunities. Popular games, like Destiny, Madden, Halo, and others have helped players connect virtually in order to spar and team up for special missions and rewards. Raptr. great place to kickstart your social gaming network, Raptr offers a simple interface and quick tutorials to start you down your path. WeGame. Gamurs.
  • SOCIALFISH  |  MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2015
    [Feedly] 6 Social Tools to Use Immediately After You Hit “Publish”
    After all, Twitter is a live updating feed that is shifting too frequently for everyone to see it. know you can automate this part to send an email blast every time there is a new entry in your blog RSS feed. You have invested in that content. Your awesome team was involved. You all have edited, polished, and (finally!) published it. Time to sit back, relax, and wait for the views. Right? Um, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your work isn’t done. All of those fancy auto-post social tools can lull us into a false sense of confidence. Scheduling Tools. Oktopost.
    [Feedly] Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, June 7 – 13, 2015
    Week in Review  June 7 – 13, 2015: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations , Armchair Articulations , and LIFT resources shared on Twitter ( @mikesansone ): This Week on ConverStations METHOD: Writing Email With Eye Rests WHY: You Should Subscribe to Your RSS Feeds THOUGHTography: Pivot to Avoid Pitfalls GUEST: How Manufacturers Should Do E-Commerce Right GUEST: 5 Benefits of ERP Accounting Software WATCH: Personas, Personality, and Productivity in LIFT Clips 06/13/15 LIFT Resources Shared on Twitter This Week On June 1, we launched a new site and a daily newsletter called LIFT-a-DAY.
    [Feedly] WATCH: Personas, Personalities, and Productivity – LIFT Clips 06/13/15
    Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – How To Create UX Personas. IMPROVE – How To Feel Comfortable on Camera. FIND FLOW – Dominate Your Productivity. THINK – Is Media Our Drug? your presence or practice.  Subscribe today. Consider leaving a comment! LIFT Clips
    [Feedly] Social Media Financing More Information on Annuities
    Follow some of the experts’ Twitter feeds, and you can get some thorough information here. You may hear about annuities and wonder if that is something you should be investing in, but you’re not really sure what annuities actually are. You’re not alone. But where do you start in your search for annuity information? One great source often overlooked is social media. Social media can be a great tool for research in almost anything, including annuities. Take a look for at these tips using social media to find information regarding annuities. Social Media and Annuities.
    [Feedly] #LetsAskNancy 005: Lawyers, Should You Start A Practice Area Twitter Account?
    You then use this Twitter feed as a newsfeed, or news source, then share or comment on what you read that you think your clients and potential clients might find interesting. You might also embed this Twitter account’s feed on your practice area blog, as well as practice area pages on your website, and maybe even test it on a few of your team’s attorneys’ bios to further reinforce the firm’s involvement in this area. You have a choice…either listen to this post in the podcast player by clicking the arrow, read it below, or both! thanks!
    [Feedly] Why Not to Leave Your Social Media Reputation on Auto Pilot
    You may not care right now about those party photos from last Saturday that popped up on Brooke’s feed yesterday. Before the internet, all of us enjoyed a comfortable buffer of hypocrisy. We found it easier to appear to be whoever we wanted. Our private lives were exactly that: private. It was a lot easier to pick and choose what portions of your life were the knowledge of whom. But the internet changed things, as countless politicians’ scandals and embarrassing Facebook moments have proved to us. Image via FreeDigitalPhotos.net. This is a big one. Social Media Social Media Reputation
    [Feedly] GUEST: How Manufacturers Should Do E-Commerce Right
    Related Stories Why You Should Subscribe to Your Own RSS Feeds GUEST: Design for Content: User Experience is Key to Responsive Web Design GUEST: Benefits of Crowdfunding Campaigns – Even if they Fail Why Images Work: 10 Reasons Visuals Make Good Content. Written by Simon Horton After the technology shift and the growth concentrated only in retail e-commerce in recessionary times, manufacturers are taking baby steps towards direct-selling to their customers. And this sector unquestionably holds strong potential to evolve even in coming times. Feel free to reach him out on Google+.
    [Feedly] 3’s a crowd? Nope – it’s the magic number to max out your blog exposure
    Then you can keep posting your blogs over and over with no fear of being a broken record or creating a snooze-inducing repetitive social media feed. You’ve written your blog, spent time on the format, made sure you’ve linked to your other content , and tidied up your SEO so that the people who need and want to read your carefully crafted words can find them. Next, is to post your blog on social media…. So what do you do? We don’t want that. No way, Jose! You know I love to share how doing something realllly simple can make your content work really hard for you? More readers? Recycle.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2015
    [Feedly] Instagram to Offer Social Advertising to All This Year
    haven’t gotten any of the Oreo ads people are talking about in my feed, but I have gotten a few that were just plain pretty. Maybe my attitudes about some brands have been influenced by the social advertising images that pop up in my feed as I scroll. And now, we can all get ready for even more ads in our Instagram feeds. By Eleanor Pierce Am I the only one who likes some of the social advertising on Instagram ? have yet to buy anything as a result, but who knows. Instagram Ads for Everyone! Some of the features will feel familiar. Beautiful Experience About to Be Ruined?
    [Feedly] Why You Should Subscribe to Your Own RSS Feeds
    Feeds and syndication are a way your content has the potential to reach more than your imagination. If you have a website for your own business, you should subscribe to your own content and feed in several ways. Subscribe via Feed You should be subscribing to your content with some kind of feed or news reader. My preferred tool is Feedly. Subscribe via Email Why would you subscribe to your own newsletter or feed? Photo via DollarClubPhoto Why You Should Subscribe to Your Own RSS Feeds is a post from: ConverStations. Marketing RSS Feeds
    [Feedly] The #FutureOfBusiness WILL Radically Change Everything As We Know It
    The individual becomes the product as behaviours and events continue to feed this data well at alarming rates. I had the pleasure of taking part in  GoToMeeting  in Canada’s  #FutureOfWork  debate on Twitter recently. It brought together business and technology discussing emerging trends with respect to  Collaboration, The Internet of Things ,  Virtual Reality and Workforce Disruption  that will impact how business will function in the future. All this evolves the #FutureOfBusiness. how this change will impact business. how this change will impact the individual employee. VP of Yahoo!
    [Feedly] WATCH: Your Time, Your Path, Your Life in LIFT Clips 06/06/15
    Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – Getting the Most Out of Evernote. IMPROVE – There Are No Shortcuts. You Find Your Path By Walking It. FIND FLOW – Reclaim Your Life: Whose Orders Are You Following, Anyway? THINK – Why Some of us Don’t Have One True Calling.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 2015
    [Feedly] Disclosure. This Is A Disclosure.
    How often are you trolling the social media feeds and you see some kind of post about how great something is, or why you may want to check something out? #Client. It sounds encouraging. It's exciting. You click the link. Suddenly, you're immersed in a form of content, and your mind begins to wander back to the person who told you all about this experience. In a sense, you feel duped. In another sense, you don't begrudge the person, because they're simply trying to help out a friend, family member, client or employer. One must disclose. This is the day and age of disclosure. advertising.
    [Feedly] Celebrating Digitally Engaged #LGBT Campus Communities
    The Ohio University LGBT Center offers a live Twitter feed on their campus website as well as a social media portal to connect with the center on Tumbler , Vine ,  Instagram , Twitter, and Facebook.  While some institutions may still be developing space and resources for a full and comprehensive center, others have established centers that are thriving, visible, and actively engaging LGBT students, allies, and the whole campus community.  Among some of these centers are examples of extremely active and effective social media presence.  Resources to Develop Social Media Strategy.
    [Feedly] The Study Guide for Communications Professionals
    The Study Guide for Communications Professionals Do you have a Feedly or other RSS feed for your favorite communications and PR blogs (obviously including this one… )?  By Laura Petrolino One of the core values at Arment Dietrich is curiosity. We believe it is a crucially important trait for all communications professionals. We demand it of our team, and look for it when we hire. sense of curiosity means you have a passion to learn, an inquisitive mind, and see the quest for knowledge as a never-ending and fantastic journey. This is why we develop buyer personas.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 2015
    [Feedly] 30 Tips To Be a Digital Storyteller
    Set up a RSS subscription feed – and an email subscription feed. Everyone wants to be a blogger. After eight years at it, I know something about digital storytelling. wrote the below list in 2013 and recently updated it, providing a primer for people who determine  if blogging is right for them. 1. Choose a name for your blog. Pick a name that is connected with your goals and one that is memorable to the ear and finger. 2. Buy a domain. Self-host your blog via WordPress.org. It is more sustainable and customizable than the free version of WordPress.com. Create a description.
    [Feedly] Avoid the 8 Most Common Mistakes Brands Are Making With Instagram
    Once your post is older, it sinks down in the news feed and that’s that. Ever since it cropped up in 2010, Instagram has become one of the more powerful social networks around. It is now the place to be for more than 300 million users , and that audience continues to grow. However, as we all know, when it comes to social media it’s not just about how big your audience is but also how active they are. The Instagram audience is extremely active. About 150 million users open the app, spending an average of 21 minutes a day on it. That’s a lot. Not Posting Enough.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 2015
    [Feedly] Custom Editorial Means Setting Your Story Free
    Because no one cares about your company, they don’t want to see your product updates in the News Feed. By Daniel Schiller. I’ll bet you’re a big believer in the importance of the custom editorial role in your strategic communications framework. As awesome as your custom editorial may be, it’s likely you’ve only scratched the surface of this strategy implementation. You’re going to have to work it. You need to market your marketing. Reason 1: Meeting Needs Much? No one cares about your company. Which is why you’re investing in custom editorial—to get your story out there. Work it!
  • PROBLOGGER  |  SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2015
    [Feedly] How to Use Quizzes and Facebook to Build Your List… Fast
    You’ve probably seen them in your social media feed, you may have even taken a “Which Sex and the City Character Are You?” This is a guest contribution from Luke Moulton. If you’ve spent even a small about of time in the blogging world, you’ll be aware of the power of building an email list. Email is still one of the cheapest and effective forms of online marketing so as a blogger it should be high on your priority list. But how do we build a list quickly if we aren’t getting a whole lot of traffic to our blog? style personality test. The Technique: Facebook Ads + Quiz. The Quiz Results.
    [Feedly] WATCH: Creating Awesome in LIFT Clips for 05/30/15
    Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – How to Create an Awesome Slide Presentation IMPROVE – What Your Social Media Picture Says About You FIND FLOW – Curiosity is a Super Power THINK – Can Suffering Inspire You? your presence or practice.  Subscribe today. LIFT Clip
  • ABSOLUTE PA  |  FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015
    [Feedly] Are you in the Twilight Zone?
    It’s your creative tank that needs constant feeding and nurturing to keep the juices flowing and the business rolling in. 2. Busy’s the new black these days – ask anyone how they are (entrepreneurs I’m looking at you espesh!) and I guarantee you’ll get a response of “yeah, good, busy” from almost everyone. There’s always something… BUT, are you making the same mistake I used to? If you are, you’ll be wasting time and restricting your growth, never mind profits, all while feeling like the busiest bee on the block – gah!
    [Feedly] Get Social on Your Retirement Travel Plans
    You can use your own feed directly to ask your Facebook friends about places they’ve enjoyed and what they’ve done in the planning. It’s never too early to think about retirement. Some people start planning when they fill out the paperwork for their first job. Others wait a bit down the road, but it makes sense to think about it before it is too close. For those thinking about it, it’s not just the day to day stuff on their minds, but also things like, say, travel. It doesn’t have to be just bingo and early bird specials; retirees can see the world.
  • SOSHABLE  |  TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2015
    [Feedly] Facts about the IRS Hack would be Comical if they weren’t so Infuriating
    That’s enough money to feed over 32 million starving families in third world countries around the world. For years, the Internet Revenue Service has been an absolute joke of an agency. We don’t tend to get into name-calling or editorial elaboration on this site too often, but today’s revelation of a major security breach of personal information for 100,000 Americans is simply too insane to allow to slide without commentary. The most staggering fact that should blow everyone’s mind is that in 2013, $5.8 Please let that sink in. Am I being too harsh?
    [Feedly] Instagram is trying to lure back users with ‘highlights’ emails
    Some users are notorious for dominating photo feeds with continuous posts. MASHABLE -  Instagram  is reportedly getting ready to spam you with email blasts. If you’re not continuously checking the photo-sharing platform throughout the day, Instagram is experimenting with a way to show you what you’ve missed to entice you back onto the platform. Similar to strategies previously embraced by Twitter and Instagram’s parent company Facebook, Instagram is building email digests to keep users connected with the platform, according to  TechCrunch. Thumbnail from Shutterstock.
    [Feedly] Promote Retail Brands Using Social Media Tools: Analyzing ’TrueView for Shopping’ in Detail
    If the step-pronged approach is concerned, one must first connect the campaigns with the feed associated with the Merchant center. Google has been making a few announcements off-late but the latest one involving TrueView for shopping is what keeps the retails interested. This cohesion readily integrates YouTube Videos with the product listing advertisements, resulting into something known as TrueView for shopping. Other details and action calls also resort to these freebies, offering the retailers with an option that concerns brand promotion. Google Social Media Brand
  • DIGITAL DIVA  |  MONDAY, MAY 25, 2015
    [Feedly] Parties, Burgers and Bankies
    BECAUSE SHE KEEPS TRYING TO FEED ME DOUGHNUTS?! Happy bank holiday weekend to you all! What have you been up to? We’ve been celebrating our niece’s 18th Birthday in London, seeing my friend Sarah (you rock Sarah!… … she knows why) and having a bit of a relax. Earlier in the week I went to a Leeds Food Festival party…lush burgers from Almost Famous and cocktails at Epernay. It was lovely to spend some time with fellow bloggers (and work mates!) Becca , Harry and Jen. Harry covered the event on his blog. What else did I get up to?… Bargain.
    [Feedly] WATCH: Design, Schedule, and Monetize in LIFT Clips 05/23/15
    Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. Note : Every Sunday afternoon, our  Whistle Stops Weekly newsletter  is sent with at least one resource or link to L.I.F.T. your presence or practice.  Subscribe today. WATCH: Design, Schedule, and Monetize in LIFT Clips 05/23/15 is a post from: ConverStations.
    [Feedly] 7 Tools for Social Media Management, You’ll Love to Use Every Day
    Feedly. Feedly is basically a news aggregator that can pull any RSS feed. Feedly also shows the number of shares for each piece which is a great way to quickly grasp the social media buzz around a topic. This post was originally published on the Twitter Counter blog. Even if managing social media is your full time job, juggling different tasks throughout the day can be a challenge. From content curation to posting and analyzing your performance, it is important to keep your social media management simple and effective. Content curation. Swayy. Canva. Buffer.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015
    [Feedly] The 2015 Spin Sucks Inquisitions, So Far
    If it weren’t the crack of dawn and I’d actually thought about this before now, I’d have created Feedly and Twitter lists so you could follow them all at once. By Gini Dietrich Because I am willing to bet many (if not most) of the United States is going to cut out early today to start the long weekend, I decided not to feature someone new in the Spin Sucks Inquisition. It wouldn’t be fair! Instead, I thought I’d give you the list of everyone who has been featured so far this year. If you missed anyone, this makes it easy to go back and learn more about them.
    [Feedly] Buy Into Social Media When House Hunting
    Facebook – Don’t neglect your own Facebook feed. It’s a great way to get a conversational feed going. Everyone has a different list when house hunting. Some want new and clean and modern, others love the charm and history of older homes. However, older homes come with a price, and it’s not just in the upfront cost. You’ll often uncover defects or other surprises you weren’t expecting. Don’t let that deter you, though, if your wish is an older home. They are quite beautiful and have charm that usually cannot be replicated. Use Social Media.
    [Feedly] Better Blogging in Less Time {Podcast}
    approach – it’s not what you think but it will save you tons of time on your next post Content creation accelerators so you can spend more time publishing and less time staring at a blank monitor How to feed the content monster without burning yourself out in the process And my favorite – blogging tools! I haven’t talked about blogging in a while. Frankly, I’ve been wondering if there is anything new to say. That’s when it hit me that certain topics are timeless. One of them is how to publish better blogs in less time. My best practices around blogging has evolved over time.
    [Feedly] Pinterest doubles down on making money, rolls out video ads
    Cinematic Pins work similarly to Pinterest’s current ad products, Promoted Pins, in that they’re formatted to blend in with other items in your home feed — except for the fact they’re motion-based. MASHABLE -  Pinterest  may be a popular service with an estimated 47.1 million monthly users, but profitable? Not so much. To help change that, the social network expanded its ad products on Tuesday by rolling out video ads called Cinematic Pins. Gap, L’Oreal, Target, Unilever, Visa, Walgreens and Wendy’s are among the first crop of paid advertisers. billion. Thumbnail from Shutterstock.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2015
    [Feedly] Storymaking vs. Storytelling: Learn from Mary Poppins
    It makes one wonder what kind of brownies Mary was feeding those children. By Todd Wolfenbarger A few nights ago, I watched “ Mary Poppins ” with Lily, my 8-year-old daughter. About halfway through the movie, Mary Poppins and the children met Burt, a chimney sweep, as he was drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. In a surrealistic moment, they jumped through his pictures into the scenes he’d drawn. They visited a fair, took a carousel ride, danced with penguins, and joined a fox hunt. The scenes became real, the children became participants, and a powerful effect was unleashed.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2015
    [Feedly] How To: Boost a Facebook Post to a Targeted Audience
    If News Feeds are flooded with your boosted posts, you’re essentially yelling into your own noise. As Facebook transitions into a purely pay-to-play platform, marketers need to be familiar with the ins and outs of boosting posts on the network. It might seem like a simple task, but in order to succeed with Facebook marketing (paid Facebook marketing, in particular) marketers need to know how to boost a Facebook post. Determine Your Target Audience. First and foremost, you need to know what type of audience segment will be most responsive to the content. Monitor and React.
    [Feedly] Some thoughts on Facebook Instant Articles
    There is a clear advantage for IA posts immediately in that they look different in the feed so should immediately get a boost. Facebook’s Instant Articles announcement last week was met with a array of different reactions on Twitter. Compare and contrast: Facebook instant articles vs Twitter link pic.twitter.com/IlNCg68fYw. — Matt Roper (@mattjroper) May 13, 2015. think capitulating to Facebook with Instant Articles is the media equivalent of becoming Vichy France. But perhaps I'm a little hardline. — Mic Wright. brokenbottleboy) May 13, 2015. social medi
  • BILL HARTZER  |  MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015
    [Feedly] Interview With a Small Business Owner Crushed by Google
    Obviously to me, in part Google was/is prejudging my/any affiliate ticket website with a similar inventory feed as being duplicated spammy, garbage of no value to searchers. In that they integrate the same various broker feeds and sell inventory they don’t own but get a % of the sales just like us. Just because Ticketstub.com has an inventory feed from an aggregator that others utilize as well doesn’t mean should be shot down or excluded as spammy garbage. Just popping a feed on a site and calling it a business does not a business make. If so, how has it suffered?
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015
    [Feedly] 6 Ways to Make a Good Impression on Facebook
    The truth is, Facebook’s algorithm filters the news feed for each user, so there’s a very good chance that people who liked your page and would love to engage with your content are just not seeing it. Now that I’ve used a poker analogy to sell you on  committing to your paid social strategy  and made the case for  strategically growing your Facebook community , I wouldn’t want to leave you hanging by not explaining how you can turn those likes and followers into something tangible. Think new customers, repeat visitors, and eventually, an engaged community of brand advocates. PR Daily.
    [Feedly] METHOD: Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR) – Epic Content
    Blog Coach Marketing RSS Feeds Social MediaThere is some truth, I suppose, to the practice and success of writing “epic” content. recently asked someone to define “epic content” as best as they could. Their answer: TL;DR. Slang for Too Long; Didn’t Read. I’m not sure how epic any content truly is if it can be defined as “too long, didn’t read”, though most content of epic proportions probably is long. Some say a good, quality piece of content is 1,500 words. As a reader, as a writer, and as a coach. never print!
    [Feedly] WATCH: Creating and Capturing Creativity in LIFT Clips 05/16/15
    Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – Recording Your Screen. IMPROVE – YouTube Creativity Tips. FIND FLOW – Track All of Your YouTube Subscriptions. THINK – Creativity Under Pressure. your presence or practice.  Subscribe today. Consider leaving a comment! LIFT Clip
    [Feedly] With Instant Articles, Facebook Shows Us What Paper Was For
    After its release early last year, the  extravagant news-reading smartphone app  that  unbundled  the News Feed from the rest of Facebook quickly faded from view. The upshot: Paper, which does not have ads, is feeding a new source of revenue for Facebook. WIRED – Facebook Paper was a strange thing. But now it’s paying dividends—at least for Facebook. On Wednesday, the company rolled out what it calls  Instant Articles : stories from big-name news outlets that appear within Facebook’s iPhone app in their entirety rather than simply as a link to elsewhere on the web. Faceboo
  • LOUIS GRAY  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
    [Feedly] Preaching to Our Choirs and Setting Up Blinders for All Else
    But in the ensuing time, it's become even more clear that people, through constant following and unfollowing on our many social networks, are growingly subscribed to homogenous streams, and the content creators, be they bloggers, Tweeters, photographers or anything else, are limiting the subjects they discuss, to continue feeding the faithful. And my daily journey into Feedly seemed to be no different than any other time. And should somebody in our streams disagree with us, or launch into an off topic rant, we can easily unfollow them, and "clean up" the channel. Or race.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
    [Feedly] Customer Loyalty in a Changing World
    Customer loyalty and the customer service which feeds it directly translate into business growth and financial goals: According to Gartner Group , 80 percent of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20 percent of your existing customers. By Laura Petrolino. Customer loyalty is akin to a really solid marriage—committed, enduring, and monogamous. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-moving, ever changing world, the appeal of “new shine” can often distract from the comfort of “old trusted.”. But that is no longer the case. Customer Loyalty to Variety. And finally, cost : FREE!
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