[Feedly] Apps Are Media
    Brands may spend more time thinking about what they're creating, instead of flooding the feeds with nonsense that might turn of people from the platform (good for users). . This might take some time for brands to wrap their heads around. Content is media." This may feel like a turn of phrase, at this point. We have seen such a proliferation of content that the vast majority of brand created (and brand sponsored) content isn't much more that an ad vaguely disguised as content (a wolf in sheep's clothing, as it were). Many industry luminaries thought it was way off. Content is media.
    [Feedly] How to Take the Challenger Sales Approach to Content Marketing
    ’ Very quickly, but subtly, the quantity overtakes the quality and you get into the ‘feed the beast’ mentality.” Prioritizing the Mobilizer. Pat Spenner educates us on wisdom gleaned from the book, “Challenger Sale,” written by his colleagues at CEB. Five sales rep profiles are established in the book, with one profile far outweighing the others in terms of performance, as backed up by research and statistics. Additionally, Pat shares the important seven profiles of stakeholders. In This Episode. The most important numbers to crack the code of sales.
    [Feedly] Facebook Is A Reflection Of You
    Just don't be mad at Facebook for all of this negative commentary and imagery that is in your feed. If you don't like all of the hate that you are seeing in your feed, you are following the wrong people. I'm often reminded of this when I hear people say how surprised they are that a specific political party is winning the popular vote, when - in their feed - they see nothing about them. Feel free to discuss politics, sex, religion and more on Facebook. Free will. It's a powerful thing. The content that you see (and that you are creating, sharing and "liking"). brand. media.
    [Feedly] Quick Tip – Searching Your Facebook Timeline For A Specific Post
    Three different people asked me similar questions about Facebook in the last month, which leads me to believe that even though this capability has existing for a while, some folks aren’t aware that you can search your Facebook feed for a post from the past. And it’s not just posts from the last week, it’s posts that go back years. When Facebook introduced their updated search graph a couple years ago, one of the capabilities was the ability to search for posts from a specific person or even posted by you. There you have it. Hope that helps others out there! –Sean.
    [Feedly] 8 Tools to Curate Content for Social Media
    Feedly: With the help of Feedly, you can manage all your RSS feeds in one place. Feedly is basically an RSS aggregator. Tell feedly to curate content from your favorite publications, blogs, Youtube channels, alerts, podcasts etc. Content curation describes the act of searching the web for awesome topics, blogs, quotes, news articles, videos, images, or other forms of content to share with your audience. The “art” of content curation, as I like to call it, is a lot more challenging than it may seem. If you’re a marketer, you would already know this fact.
    [Feedly] Social Media and Driving Currency
    Take Advantage of RSS Feeds. If you’re on Facebook, you can connect your Facebook account to your RSS feed in order to track news, posts, and updates from the financial institutions you’re following. Your RSS feed is basically another way to monitor social media activity that has to do with finances, money transfers, and so on. You can set up the RSS feed to import news feeds from all of your Facebook followers or from specific followers and businesses of your choice. Here are a few ways to do exactly that: Reach Out to Friends and Family.
    [Feedly] Facebook Responds to Worldwide Disasters With Safety Check
    As you’ve no doubt seen in the headlines (and in your own Facebook feed, most likely) is the groundbreaking use of Safety Check by Facebook in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attack. Facebook announced the launch of this feature in October 2014, inspired by earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, when people were looking for answers about loved ones. Safety Check was first  activated in April of this year during the Nepal earthquake , and until last weekend, was only use for natural disasters. Why has this been such a big deal for the site? A few reasons. Monty Minute
    [Feedly] Go Social and Learn From Those Who Have Made Successful Careers
    Here are a few standout things she’s done: • She engages – Her social media feeds are not all about her. Whether you look at Taylor’s social media feeds or other celebrities, you’ll find great tips on creating your own successful social media. The public looks to celebrities for many things -fashion trends, hair styles, what books to read or shows to watch, but what about entrepreneurial advice? Small business owners and those wanting to be entrepreneurs can take a look at the social media sites of celebrities to learn what it takes to be successful.
    [Feedly] How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Plan With 13 Growth Hacks
    The advent of motion in social feeds tends to stop scrollers dead in their tracks. When Startups are notorious for maximizing everything they have to grow their businesses. That That means the founders are also the marketers, the SaaS developers are also building the startup’s website and blog, and an office manager basically becomes the vice president of miscellaneous things. So when startups prioritize projects, they want to make the most of everything they do to get the maximum benefit from their minimal resources. And And that tends to look pretty scrappy at times. Result?
    [Feedly] 10 Unconventional Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile & Boost Business
    Keeping these companies and people on your feed allows you to stay on top of what they’re doing in the industry and keep an eye out for people on the move. For professionals and businesses alike, LinkedIn is no longer optional. These days, everything from sales and business development to content marketing and online learning is done through LinkedIn. When it comes to your boosting your business, here are 10 tips for getting LinkedIn on your side. Humanize Your Brand. In the current culture, brand voice is everything. Connect Strategically. Publish Content. Share Regularly. Reach Out.
    [Feedly] Gin and Topics: And Isn’t It Ironic?
    mean, there are human hands feeding dogs and cats. By Gini Dietrich. Did you know there are only six more Fridays until Christmas? And less than two weeks until Thanksgiving (here in the U.S.). Which means there are effectively only four weeks left in the year. Better get to it! With that, I shall leave you with Gin and Topics. have work to do! This week’s videos are courtesy of Lubna Sadik , Susan Cellura , Liz Reusswig , Mr. D. , and yours truly. 5. Britton Meets James Bond. This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Alanis Morissette Updates ‘Ironic’ Lyrics.
    [Feedly] 4 Ways to Improve Your Visual Content For Social Media Right Away
    Its feed continues to be dominated by incredible and death-defying stunts captured in photos or on film, which its fans adore: Go for the low-hanging fruit. In 1983, Steve Jobs famously lured Pepsi’s youngest CEO, John Sculley, over to the then-nascent Apple with a single question : “Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?”. There’s no doubt that Apple has changed the world today, but sugared water hasn’t done too badly either. How far in? And it’s been working out peachy great so far, especially on social media.
    [Feedly] How A Simple Blog Led To Writing For Forbes, Mashable, and TechCrunch (and 7 Tips to Help You Do it Too!)
    For good heavens, feed the editor! This is a guest contribution from Josh Steimle. I’ve had the privilege of my writing being published on Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, Time, Fast Company, VentureBeat, Entrepreneur, and several other publications, and if you aspire to see your writing in mainstream publications like these, perhaps there is something in my story that will help you get there. Prior to that, my writing had never appeared in a mainstream publication. I was just a guy nobody had heard of, posting here and there on my blog , with a small handful of readers. didn’t have a plan.
    [Feedly] 7 Biggest Keyword Research Mistakes in Search Engine Marketing
    Experienced marketers often target both types of keywords, and they allow long-tail keywords to feed their marketing campaigns to rank for crucial head terms. One of the most cost-effective ways to get found by people is through organic search. It doesn’t come as a surprise when we see SEO professionals and marketers trying to optimize their websites to get the best possible ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs). Regardless of whether you are just entered the SEO world or are trying to fine-tune it, you would know the importance of keyword research. Get your keywords right. 2.
    [Feedly] 9 Hidden Social Media Features to Help Your Business Succeed
    Embedding your Twitter feed into a sidebar on your website couldn’t be easier—as long as you know where to look. You will then be taken to this page: This page will have all the information you need to embed the feed. The embedded feed option would be an obvious option to advertise your own Twitter feed on you website, but you could think bigger, too. For example, if you run a marketing firm, featuring a client’s Twitter feed on your website may be an up-sell option. Consider some of these features below and how they can affect your business’s social strategy.
    [Feedly] Smart Ways for Small Businesses to Use Social Media
    When a debate between family and friends over the colour of a dress spread from their personal Facebook feeds to dominate Twitter, the brand behind the dress, Roman Originals , were the great beneficiaries. Social media is much more than just a way for friends to speak with each other. It opens up an entirely new way for businesses to communicate with their customers, and can help with seeking out new ones. You don’t have to spend lots of money to grow your online audience or host a successful competition. Bonprix. Roman Originals.
    [Feedly] ICYMI – Halloween, Facebook News App and Quarterly Earnings
    Instagram launches curated feed for Halloween . Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Facebook to launch News app next week. Facebook announced impressive figures during its quarterly call. Facebook launches “ Music Stories “ Image credit. icymi
    [Feedly] 4 Unique Ways to Market on Facebook
    Facebook shows other users what their friends have recently liked, and if they see your business crop up a few times on their feed, they’re more likely to do the same. 4. Social media marketing is an excellent avenue for spreading brand awareness, growing a customer base and increasing traffic on your website … or so you’ve been told. Surprisingly, the traditional tactics aren’t perfect for everyone, which could be the reason why your Facebook marketing strategy isn’t working. If that’s the case for your business, it might be time to take a more unique approach. 1. Start a Crowdsource.
    [Feedly] LinkedIn Groups Have Changed. Do They Still Make Sense for your Org?
    Because no control over what’s posted in your own group is “better,” LinkedIn “has improved the filtering of spammy and low-quality content so that promotional conversations stay out of the conversation feed and conversations can happen around more relevant topics.” Also, Job listings and job conversations posted to the main conversation feed are automatically moved to the Jobs tab—that is no longer optional and even if you had previously disabled this tab, it’s back. When a member requests to join a Standard Group, their connections in the group can approve the request.
    [Feedly] 5 Ways to Ramp Up Comments on Your Blog
    Comments feed the writers soul with proof of work well done. This is a guest contribution from Alex Ivanovs. It’s easy to think that not everyone likes comments, but the truth is that comments are what makes us believe in our content and its usefulness. The feeling you get from not receiving any comments on the content you write can be pretty devastating. You invest so much time into writing and publishing a post, and in the end it seems that you wrote it just for yourself. The idea that nobody cares is quite painful. Blogger mentions (name-dropping). Comment to get comments.
    [Feedly] Get the Repairs You Need with Social Media
    You can view a Twitter feed to see what customers say and how responses flow or Facebook for the same purpose. It’s a rainy Monday morning and your car breaks down. Or you’re driving to pick your kids up from school and get in a fender bender. All is okay except your car needs some repair. Whether it’s just a minor scrape and dent from an accident, more serious damage or a basic repair, you’ll need a reputable, reliable car repair shop to take care of your car. Drive Forward with Social Media. One of those ways is asking on social media. Your Own Rights.
    [Feedly] Feeling a Bit Lost? 4 Ways to Boost Productivity and Motivation on Your Blog
    Maybe you respond to a few insignificant emails, maybe you check someone else’s Facebook feed to be inspired what they’re doing and get stuck there for half an hour, maybe you throw your laptop out the window and play Candy Crush. There are many times in the life of a blogger when you find yourself unsure of where to go or what to do next. The problem is, most of us then just end up doing nothing. Or something that isn’t going to propel you in the direction of where you need to go. You’re not alone. Everything. Something. Just get started. Do a Brain Dump.
    [Feedly] Social Media Updates: October
    Boomerang is great, because you get to share awesome videos at the push of a button, which should increase engagement on your feed. As the year speeds to a close, social media networks are continuing to release exciting new updates for marketers and general users as they vie for the top spot in our campaigns. Below are some of the most exciting updates that happened in October. Facebook. Facebook Rolls Out Search FYI : Facebook offers a new search function that allows users to search for topics of interest from posts around the world. Instagram. Twitter. What does this mean to you?
    [Feedly] Instagram Looks To Snapchat For Inspiration
    Instagrammers were able to see this feature on Halloween when a prompt directed scrollers to an “immersive” video feed curated by Instagram employees. What To Say When Your Friend Copies Your Outfit… Looks like Instagram is using Snapchat and Twitter for inspiration when it comes to curated content. The social media site wants to take popular content for a specific event and make it easier for users to see, think like Snapchat Live and Twitter Moments. Curation is the future people! Source re/code ). Quote of the Day: “Look up.”. That is to beam internet everywhere. Source CNN ).
    [Feedly] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #280
    Harvard librarians are slicing off the spines of all but the rarest volumes and feeding some 40 million pages through a high-speed scanner. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . New font lets anyone learn Japanese - DramaFever. Cool design idea: Japanese characters that include their Western pronunciation, making it easy for anyone to find the Western phonetics behind Japanese words. What's happened to typography online is pretty fantastic."
    [Feedly] How to Use Twitter Removal DM Restrictions in Your Marketing Strategy
    It didn’t seem like that big a deal, frankly, especially when they had been successful using the SMS feed and getting followers into the conversion funnel. In July, Twitter announced that it was removing the 140-character restriction on DM’s and allowing, instead a 10,000 character chat message. At first, marketers responded with a “Ho-Hum” attitude. After all, they already had live chat on their sites, conversations on Facebook, and the ability to connect personally with readers and customers on their blogs. Some followers or groups of followers are already customers. There are limits.
    [Feedly] How to Effectively Use Facebook to Promote a Business Website
    Setting up an RSS feed from your website’s blog is sensible. A website is something all businesses need, whether they are the only show in town or a global enterprise with dozens of regional offices. Unfortunately it isn’t enough to just start a website – you need to market it or nobody will know it’s there. This is where social media comes into the fore. Royalty free photo. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are invaluable tools for any savvy marketer. So where should you begin? Create a Facebook Business Page. Make an Announcement. Direct Traffic to Your Website.
    [Feedly] Community design showcase: NTEN keeps it simple
    No sidebars, no ads, no banners, no event calendars, no leaderboard, no social media feeds. This post originally appeared on  Online Community Results. SocialFish and OCR partner on many online community strategy and implementation projects – contact us if you need help with yours. ———— Here’s an online community that is simple and elegant and works really well. Full disclosure: I did some pro bono consultation with NTEN before they launched this community and they didn’t ask to have their community featured here. You can check it out for yourself here.)
    [Feedly] The Ultimate Guide to Social Marketing for an Ecommerce Business
    Embed a Twitter or Facebook feed on your site. Think about how many social media accounts you currently have for your online store. Is it zero? Online business owners consistently make the same mistakes when it comes to integrating social media with ecommerce. One of these huge mistakes is simply thinking that having a presence on places like Facebook and Twitter is enough to attract more customers. This study uncovers various eye opening truths about social media, which assists in guiding your decisions on the social media front. Why not put in the research though? Surveys and polls.
    [Feedly] The Pale Blue Dot (Or Encouraging Greatness in Others)
    That job you hold down to feed your family? Have you ever looked around you – really looked around you – and saw your place in the world? It could be your place in your own particular world, or your place in the bigger picture. It doesn’t really matter – all that matters is you take that look around you and recognize your place in it. We live in a society that changes quickly and moves even quicker. It’s easy to get lost, swept away or side-tracked. Things we meant to do yesterday we don’t have a chance to do tomorrow. So let’s try. It isn’t.
    [Feedly] Is Blab the Savior of Podcasting and Online Radio
    When you produce a Blab, whether it’s a quick, ad-hoc conversation or a planned, produced broadcast, the company sends the host a high quality audio feed and a copy of the video. This simple gesture makes it easy to use the audio feed on Podbean et al and then syndicate it to iTunes, and then take the video capture and uploading to Youtube (or setting it up as a video podcast). Image via BigStockPhoto.com. But even with all that growth, podcasting is still a niche media type seemingly destined to be a tertiary way to get entertained or informed. nature of typical podcasting.
    [Feedly] Women Can Benefit Health-wise From Being More Social
    Not only can the blog itself offer great advice on staying healthy, but you can also learn about from the comment feed. Maybe looking on the Internet and social media for every symptom, ailment and health question you have isn’t the best idea – it can be terrifying. But using it to answer some general health questions about when to make certain lifestyle changes for your health isn’t such a bad idea. The Internet and social media can offer smart, current information about many health-related topics. You just have to be careful where to look. Growing Old Gracefully.
    [Feedly] ICYMI – Twitter Flight, YouTube Red and Snapchat
    Facebook tests a dedicated shopping feed. Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Twitter opens up its Amplifier video ad platform and makes it much easier to use. Facebook begins to allow temporary frames to be added to profile pics. Facebook supports iOS 3D Touch. Snapchat closes its recently launched Snap Channel. Twitter announces layoffs and shares rise. YouTube launches YouTube Red subscription service. Gnip opens up two new APIs.
    [Feedly] 8 Guiding Principles for Today’s Product Marketer
    Keep your thumb on the pulse of industry influencers, and build connections by subscribing to their blogs and social feeds and actively engaging them. Marketing is an absolutely essential component to the success of any product. When executed properly, product marketing helps gain market share, increase profit margins, and grow revenue. Of course, none of that is a surprise to anyone in marketing, but with the normalcy of today’s urgent and reactionary pace, it is easy to lose focus of what’s needed to be an effective product marketer. Don’t Overlook Position, Purpose, and Personas.
    [Feedly] Social Media for NonProfits: Not Strictly Unprofitable
    In the constantly updating feeds, how do you ensure most people see your posts? We have some amazing examples of social media campaigns by non-profit organizations. In fact, they were some of the earliest adopters of social media because it was a free platform to spread awareness. However, the only benefits they attributed to social media were more likes and views for their campaigns. Fast forward a few years and we have some interesting statistics that show that social media is much more than likes and views. However to gain all these benefits, you need to take certain actions.
    [Feedly] Tips To Improve Performance in Google Shopping
    Develop High Quality Data In order to develop a high quality data feed you have to concentrate on 3 factors – perfection, applicability & fine points. Fill your feed with plenty of relevant information. Means you must keep the data feed up to date to avoid going ‘out-of-sync’ with website the after a price revision or deletion/addition of products. Use the following ‘shortcuts’ to collate the basic data for the feed, so that you have more time to concentrate on improving its quality. fixed for the entire product range in your feed. Avoid promotional text.
    [Feedly] Social Media Is the King of Customer Service – and Here’s Why.
    The company has a vested interest in dealing with the question quickly and efficiently, since every moment that a complaint sits unanswered on their Facebook wall or Twitter feed is more bad publicity – and a well-managed customer service interaction on social media can be an invaluable piece of marketing. Social media use by businesses is now more popular than ever, and it gets more widespread every day. As a customer, it offers a great way to contact a company, with your complaint in the public eye and therefore guaranteed to be a priority for the company. It eliminates the funnel.
    [Feedly] Head to the Farmer’s Market for Great Exposure
    Sure, you may end up feeding the masses of the community a free breakfast, but it costs very little to offer a small taste of your wares if it means you hook a new customer. . By Hattie James. From taco trailers to jewelry makers, small businesses are finding a new way to gain exposure for their wares: The local farmer’s market.  . Farmer’s market were once the territory of die-hard whole food lovers and artisanal bread devotees.  . Today, they are a weekly meeting place for friends and family, a space for getting in a walk, a cup of coffee, and even a bit of breakfast.
    [Feedly] 5 Attention Grabbing Twitter Marketing Tactics for Non-profits
    Using content curation and scheduling tools like DrumUp and Feedly is a smart solution to this problem. Twitter is perhaps one of the fastest-moving social platforms. With hundreds of thousands of tweets being shared every day, maintaining visibility and driving engagement become key challenges for most Twitter marketers. Here are a few tips for your non-profit to make sure that its tweets don’t go unnoticed. Share fresh, trending content consistently. These tools simplify the process of content discovery and save you significant time and effort in the process.
    [Feedly] How Facebook is Slowly Strangling Twitter
    Facebook also tunes its News Feed algorithm to show Facebook Live videos at a high ratio, guaranteeing that early users will find success with the tactic. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. For years, Twitter has rolled out new features to make its service more like Facebook. Images in the tweet stream. Profile pages. Video. more robust ad platform. It’s as if the Twitter board of directors has spent the last two years pining to be as big as Facebook, and has consistently concluded that mimicking elements of that platform will unlock that secret code. highlight to tweet). Very good.
    [Feedly] 3 Brands That Know the Importance of Social Media
    See if this strategy works for your brand by silencing the sales pitch on social and concentrating on feeding your fans and followers content that will amuse and excite them. In fact, glance at your feed quickly and you might mistake a Taco Bell post for one of your best friend’s Instagram snapshots. While calculating social ROI isn’t always easy because likes and shares don’t translate directly into sales, there’s still no excuse for letting social marketing lag by the wayside. The actual product. What else won’t you see? Sales pitches. Think again.
    [Feedly] The End Of Blogging?
    To know me, is to know that I am still deeply passionate about my blog, writing and the digital publishing experience. I was there when it first started (remember Blogger ), embraced the power of RSS feeds (remember those?), It is because we are all content creators, publishers and skimmers of the feed. People used to catch up on their blog reading over a weekend, now we're all consumed with our feeds. So, come the weekend, whatever is in the feed wins. rss feed. you will see where this is going). The other week, I celebrated 12 years of blogging (not a typo).
    [Feedly] 8 Critical SEO and Digital Marketing Opportunities
    Also take advantage of additional opportunities such as the “news_keywords” meta tag and Editors’ Picks RSS feeds. I’ve been enjoying a needed break from blogging this year but I thought it was time to pop my head up and share some thoughts. So I put together a round-up of current SEO and digital marketing trends that offer good opportunities for publishers. Traditional websites will continue to be the primary digital home for news organizations, but the lines are shifting and more change is coming. Are you taking full advantage of these opportunities? 1.
    [Feedly] You Have Reached The End Of This Blog
    rss feed. or, have you? Posted by Mitch Joel on Tuesday, October 13, 2015. What do you think? blogger. blogging. brand. business blog. buzzfeed. content. content creator. content distribution. content marketing. digital marketing agency. digital marketing blog. digital publishing. facebook. facebook notes. google. google reader. harvard business review. inc magazine. walter thompson. james altucher. journalism. journalist. linkedin. marketer. marketing. marketing blog. mashable. media. media empire. media platform. medium. mirum. mirum agency. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. newsfeed.
    [Feedly] Effective Tips on Using Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Site
    LinkedIn users seemed to respond well to words such as “increased”, “improved”, “developed”, “created”, and “researched”. 7.       Don’t Ignore the Facebook News Feed Algorithm. It’s only logical that you try to understand how Facebook’s news feed algorithm works if you want your content to reach as many people as possible. Brian Boland explained that over 1,500 stories compete on average to appear in a user’s news feed. Basically, the more activity your post experiences, the better its chances are of being included in news feeds. 8.       Links vs. Images.
    [Feedly] Working with Influencers #ViralChat Q&A
    You can use Sendible to set up a monitoring feed of all content from the influencers you want to connect with. #viralchat is a Twitter chat hosted by Post Planner on Thursday at 9 pm ET. Last night’s  topic was working with influencers.  Here are the questions and my expanded answers. Q1:  Why are influencers important to a business wanting to grow a Twitter presence? They’re taste-makers and opinion leaders.  They are trusted by their followers. Q2:  How can a business build their influencer list on Twitter? Retweet something your followers would find interesting and useful.
    [Feedly] How to Create a Kickass Product Without Touching the Dev Cycle
    Sure, if the company has a boatload of money and is able to pay for so much visibility all over my Facebook feed, I may notice and that brand awareness will be there. So, you built a working product. People use it, they love it, and they tell their friends to use it. You grow your footprint. Awesome! Naturally, people who like you want you to get better. They email you bug reports. They email you suggestions. They email you because they want you to succeed. So why would you be so goddamn stupid to ignore that? Customer retention comes primarily from one thing: customer experience. Sorry.
    [Feedly] Five Simple Rules for Better Tweeting [Infographic]
    Often times reading Twitter feeds can seem almost post-apocalyptic. You scroll through your feed and you see nothing redeeming. vast wasteland of nothing. Fun fact, we used to refer to the World Wide Web with the same disdain. It essentially was the wild, wild, west where anything goes and anything went. Some think that’s no longer the case. never fear, there’s always Twitter. Twitter has, for quite some time, completely supplanted the title of THE place where anything and everything can be said in an uber public setting. But I digress. Where does that come from?
    [Feedly] We Have Smart Homes and Smart Phones – What About Smart Blogs?
    RSS Feeds and Creative Curating. Many of us have personal RSS feeds that show us what’s new on our favorite sites and allow us to access this new content. Rather than having to move between sites and scroll through pages of updates, Hootsuite Pro brings your Facebook feed and Twitter posts and mentions, as well as any other social media sites you may use, all onto the same page. This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. Automation has become such a pervasive feature in our day-to-day lives that we hardly even notice it anymore, and in fact, we even rely on it. Genera
    [Feedly] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately
    definitely enjoyed the restriction of the limit, it not only made me think through better tweets, but also kept it easy to read through my feed. A big hello from ProBlogger HQ on Grand Final Day ! So much footy to be had today ( and tomorrow , for NRL fans!) and so much food to be eaten whilst watching. Ok, that’s probably just me (for the record, I’m making this ). Quick Guide to Building a a Thriving Social Media Community // Social Media Today. Because without them, your blog isn’t likely to be read. IFTTT Recipes for Social Media Marketing // Social Media Examiner.
    [Feedly] 5 Ways to Keep Your Content Playful and Fun
    The life of the party usually has a catalyst, something that he or she feeds off. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. As a storyteller and an improviser, I get asked about humor a lot. I was invited to speak to a company a few weeks back on this exact topic. Kathy, how can we inject more humor into our social media and marketing videos? We’re fun. We want people to see that! We try to do video, and it’s like our un-fun clones show up. Help!”. That happens to all of us sometimes. The short answer? If you have great writers and improvisers at your disposal, go for jokes,  parodies, even satire. Beware
    [Feedly] Build Relationships. Not Numbers.
    Do you really think they are interested in you, or are they interested in making their profile look as legitimate as possible so that they can spam their Facebook feed with some Ray Ban glasses crap that you will hopefully see and act on? She friended me on Facebook. Not once, not twice, but a few times. Her profile photo made her look fantastic. Clearly, the plastic surgery worked. The way she flaunted her assets in photo after photo made her a prime candidate for some Sports Illustrated spread. She probably was too short to be a real model, I’d concluded. never met her. And yet.
    [Feedly] You don’t have to bare all to be seen online (here’s what to do instead)
    That’s more interesting than most things I see on my feed AND you aren’t losing your privacy or compromising personal details. If the thought of baring all on social media makes you want to hide under a big rock, for a long time, with a strong drink. have good news for you! You can still show yourself, your personality and your brand without compromising on your personal life or privacy. Privacy is a hot topic, and in the modern world it can feel harder than ever to keep hold of a bit of it for yourself. How much should you show? Is it really necessary at all? And, how much is too much??
    [Feedly] List of 3rd Party Social Media Tools #Blab #socialmedia
    Use the Feedly plugin for other people’s channels e.g Top Instructions: feedly in sproutsocial. Alerts from Google as a gmail or as a monitoring feed ( alerts.google.com – choose RSS not email). Shares Whether you are a VA looking after the Facebook and Twitter of a small business or the marketing manager who needs to social media Monitor Instagram and Risk Management, social media tools to schedule, automate, autofollow, autotweet, monitor are critical to saving time and resources. This list is not exhaustive, just what we covered in the 1 hour chat.
    [Feedly] 7 Ways to Be More Effective on Social Media
    Spend more time listening – You don’t have to sit and watch your Twitter feed, but do pay attention to what other people are saying. It’s good that you are active on social media, but how effective is your marketing? It’s not that there are right and wrong ways of marketing through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but you can be more effective with a few simple tweaks to your strategy. Here are seven ways to make your social media strategy more effective for your business. All you really need to do is post a few times a day. Mix it up a bit.
    [Feedly] 4 Steps to Boost Your Social Media Engagement
    Posting content on a regular basis is critical to showing up on users’ cluttered social media feeds. This social media management tool’s standout feature is its single, streamlined feed—a blessing for any manager who’s tired of juggling multiple tabs and menus. From Simply too many brands use social media as a free advertising platform where they can sell, sell, sell. While the drive to push sales on whatever platform available is admirable, social media (as most of us have realized by now) plays by different rules. Discover Where You Stand. Enter Tweet Jukebox.
    [Feedly] 12 Years
    and your feed. The challenge with that strategy is obvious: If I'm not writing and sharing with you, because I don't want to overwhelm your feed, that isn't stopping anybody else from doing it. September 29th, 2003. That's when I wrote my first blog post. 5000 posts later. and here we are. Deaths. Births. Downs. Health. Sickness. You name it. The highest of the highs, and the lowest of the lows have all come together in the past twelve years. My life. Your life. These words. You're gone and off to do other things. Why blog? I get asked this. Often. More than a few times a month.
    [Feedly] Social Media is Like the Telephone
    Strategically selecting and building this list will help ensure your feeds are filled with people and conversations that pique your interest. For example, a quick scan of a reporter’s Twitter feed will tell you if they are open to pitches via social media. By Christopher Whitcomb. It’s been nearly a decade since Twitter launched in March 2006 and while it’s been wildly successful, I still encounter business leaders and family members who think it’s all about bad grammar, cat videos, and other junk. They are right after all…there are a lot of cats and bad links out there.
    [Feedly] Take a Diet of Social Media for Better Skin
    Be kind to your skin and feed it lovingly. You are what you eat, right? This old adage may be more spot-on than you know. What you eat truly is reflected in your health, your general well-being, and your appearance. One of the most apparent things about your appearance is the way your diet is reflected in your skin. And if you are looking for some great tips on what to eat and what not to eat to keep healthy, glowing, youthful skin, take a look at social media. Finding out the Truth. As the following article looks at, finding easy diet tips for great skin is pretty easy itself.
    [Feedly] Today’s Biz and Buzz
    The event that only happens every 32 years was taking over Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter feeds. THE STORY – Volkswagen…Again. Volkswagen cannot get a break. After the emissions scandal, CEO Martin Winterkon stepping down and a new CEO being named, you would think they’ve had enough. What to say when the investigation begins…. German prosecutors said they have launched an investigation on Winterkon. Someone who was probably a little upset with the company complained that he should be responsible for the whole scandal. Source: The New York Times ). DA SKIM. Source: CNN ).
    [Feedly] The Marketing of Marketing is not Telling Us The Whole Story About Member Research
    Qualitative research can give us insights to feed the future. The marketing of marketing is big business. Billions of dollars of marketing products are sold each year: CMS’s, marketing automation, advertising, customer data analysis and more. We marketers are very good at marketing especially the most profitable marketing products. But the most profitable marketing products, the sectors getting the most buzz, can not necessarily solve our association’s problems. Big data, social media and video are all the rage but are not the necessarily silver bullet we claim them to be.
    [Feedly] Getting Started with Social Media for Your Small Business
    to help schedule posts and tweets on your social feeds, access performance analytics. 2.    Treat each medium as an individual entity. Social media is the new driving force behind a majority of the marketers to promote their business. Competition is tough, and getting a wide and loyal customer base is quite an overwhelming task. Social media is only going to grow in the coming years. If you are not marketing on it, then you are most likely missing a large chunk of the pie and letting your competitors having a field day. Listen to the rumor mills. Poaching through Linked In.
    [Feedly] Study Shows: Blog Posts Published on Weekends Get More Social Shares
    Lior Levin is a consultant to an rss feed api service and also works for a company called ily who invented a new phone for kids. This is a guest post from Lior Levin. You work hard to create relevant, engaging content for your blog and you want to be sure that it has as many eyeballs on it as possible. Sometimes, getting the job done can be discouraging and leave you feeling like you are completely reliant on your audience to do the job by engaging with your post on social media. But the successful brands who keep blowing up Facebook with huge numbers of shares aren’t doing so by chance.
    [Feedly] Why “The PR Industry is Dead to Me” is Overreaching
    Related Stories Podcast: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Popular PR Show Seven Podcasts to Add to Your iTunes Feed It’s Our Birthday! By Gini Dietrich. Earlier this week, I recorded the inaugural episode of For Immediate Release with Shel Holtz (sans Neville Hobson …sad face) and Frank Eliason (who, BTW, is ridiculously smart and I kind of have a brain crush on him now). During our more than hour long conversation (!!!) we got to the topic of producing content for executives so they can be seen as thought leaders. And involve them in approvals and getting their voice right.
    [Feedly] Online News and the Press Release
    In my B2T public relations world, I find that many of the publications that I work with are low on staff and have to produce more content to continuously feed their websites and some have mandated blogs with post frequency requirements. By Rachel Kerstetter, PR Architect at Sonnhalter. I’v e been reading the book, “ Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator ,” by Ryan Holiday at the recommendation of a colleague. It’s full of interesting, and damning, tidbits of information about today’s online publishing world. Allow me to stress the word “some.”. The angle is laid out.
    [Feedly] 22 Expert Guides and Reviews of 200+ Social Media Tools
    In the posts highlighted below, 20 (or so) social media marketing pros review more than 200 tools, ranging from popular, widely used tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and Feedly to intriguing but lesser-known apps. As social media marketing has become ubiquitous ( 88% of marketers say social media is important for their businesses), hundreds of new tools have developed just in the past few years: tools for social media management, monitoring, measurement, automation, identifying influencers, creating graphical content, and more. Image credit: Buddy Media. You can also post to Tumblr.
    [Feedly] Video Marketing: Over- Or Under-Used?
    Native ads are those ads that pop up in your Twitter and Facebook feeds (and other places) that look a lot like your normal feed posts. How powerful would it be to present your target audience with a video that looks just like any other video that pops up in their social media feeds? One might be tempted to think that, since YouTube is the second largest search engine online, video marketing is an over-used–or, at least, widely used–form of online marketing. Here’s why. Search engine marketing has the largest share. Why Video Marketing Is Under-Used.
    [Feedly] 7 Mobile Apps to Manage Social Media On the Go
    Feedly – get news stories right on your smartphone. Avid news readers need not look further than the personal newsreader app – Feedly. Feedly’s mobile app works towards letting iOS users read blogs, magazines and publications along with organizing all YouTube channels in one place allowing for higher shareability. While Feedly is connected to millions of feeds at any given time, the user is able to go deep to find that niche content that is specific to their work and passion. Download the Feedly app on your iOS and Android devices. Socialnomics
    [Feedly] A Dead Child on a Beach is Fine, But the Word F**k Offends You?
    After all, you only need to take a look through your Facebook feed, as well as news and media outlets and the comments that come after any kind of serious opinion piece, to see that the world is getting crazier by the day. We’ve all seen the tragic and horrific image of little Aylan Kurdi, washed up and face down on a Turkish beach after trying to escape the horrors of Syria. Offend You? Your Ignorance Offends Me. replied with my usual brass and unfiltered take when horrible s**t like this happens. Well fucka-doody-doo, mister, and excuse me! morals Click To Tweet.
    [Feedly] 25 tips on how to win hearts on Periscope
    This is a great little tip I got from Hilary Rushford and the reason is that it takes up more room in the Periscope feed. After a certain amount of resistance I fell totally in love with using Periscope. You know, the live video streaming app you can link up with you Twitter peeps? It’s quick, easy, engaging, human. And, mostly a great way to connect with your audience and other experts to learn AND share about business. You can connect with me here: Periscopetv/absolutealicia click and follow me to get notified of my ‘scopes). Ok, here we go…. WE WANT TO SEE YOU! No monotones.
    [Feedly] Bringing the Awesome at #AMSFest
    Watch the Twitter feed here! I’m here at #AMSFest  to bring you some of the tidbits and takeaways from this great event which brought together a big crowd of association executives and AMS vendors, as well as tech consultants working with AMS. AMSfest Tweets. Potluck
    [Feedly] 7 Ways to Generate Leads from Social Media
    Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and come across a family member’s post about which superhero they are? (Source). In a society that thrives on social media, marketers must learn how to bring in new leads from the networks or risk falling into obscurity. When executed correctly, you can use sites like Facebook to generate legitimate leads for your business. The best part of it? Social media lead generation isn’t just cost effective, but it produces actual results; reducing costs by 45% and increasing revenue by 24%. Quizzes. Source). Quiz in Action. Source). Videos.
    [Feedly] FLAWsome: How Awesome Leaders Deal with Flaws
    This post from Steam Feed by Martin Jones  outlines some great advice for rebuilding your image after a social media disaster.  What is FLAWsome? FLAWsome is a way to describe. Great advice from around the web: 1. From INC Magazine , Jessica Stillman outlines this important tip to remember when you are ‘in the moment’ Don’t have a knee-jerk reaction. A thoughtful, well-crafted response is better than a quick knee-jerk reaction. Its better to take an extra moment to deliver a carefully worded, and measured response to your community. 2.
    [Feedly] Be the Resource
    Use responses to the email campaign to feed your lead generation system. By Chris Ilcin, Account Superintendent at Sonnhalter. Content Marketing” has been a buzzword for a few years now, and quite frankly, it can be a confusing term to translate to your everyday marketing strategy. But for manufacturers, it all boils down to one simple sentence: Be a resource. You have a product, your competitors have a product, but now more than ever, your current and potential customers need information. Just like you, they are dealing with a skill gap. via Contently.com. And there are more examples.
    [Feedly] Mary Poppins Loves Social
    Users can choose who populates their feed and the number one rule at Xirkl is the user is first. Watch out for FOMO. The truth has arrived, and it’s knocking on your neighbor’s door. recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Glasgow announced that teens on social media are actually suffering from FOMO, you know that anagram don’t you? Fear Of Missing Out. The researchers questioned 467 teens ages 11 through 17 about their online habits, and found that many of them are feeling pressure to respond to texts, posts, and media 24/7. The proposition? The results?
    [Feedly] Mark Zuckerberg Wants You To Have A Virtual Reality
    Zuckerberg said Facebook would support spherical videos on their news feed and users would be able to interact with these videos by being able to “move around inside the video and view it from different angles” (Source: The Wall Street Journal ). THE STORY MARK ZUCKERBERG WANTS YOU TO HAVE A VIRTUAL REALITY. Facebook has been trying out tons of new things recently. The latest thing they are working on is bringing Facebook users a virtual reality from their smartphone (Source: The Wall Street Journal ). But how does that work…. DA SKIM. Quote of the Day: “Welcome to Nintendo.”.
    [Feedly] You Don’t Need an Instagram Strategy
    Just yesterday I was looking at the general Washington, DC feed on SnapChat, and in the midst of the updates Jim Beam ads ran, ten seconds each. You don’t need an Instagram strategy. Or a Snapchat strategy. Or a Facebook strategy. At least not yet. Instead, figure out what makes you or your brand remarkable to that specific audience group and then make sure you convey that in a way that will resonate. Go ahead, answer the question, “What makes you remarkable?” ” This is a reoccurring problem in social media. The whole initiative suffers for it.
    [Feedly] How She Does it: Blogger Pip Lincolne Talks Finding Time to Write Books
    When it comes to sharing great stuff other people are doing, I have all my favourite reads on Feedly so I can enjoy the in one time-saving window. then share the best of my Feedly reading, loading them up in Buffer with a chatty comment, an image and a tag for the great-stuff-creator where possible. Buffer sends them out to my custom schedule and using Feedly and Buffer together is a great time saver (you can also share directly from within Feedly if you like but I prefer to share on the actual Buffer platform as I like the interface.). overarching grand plan.
    [Feedly] Funny Friday: What Twitter Needs
    I know, it’s a bit snarky, but after seeing about 20 different “let me show you how to use Twitter” posts in my Twitter feed today, it just seems to me that there are apparently quite a few social media “experts” out there who don’t get that people using Twitter must already know how to use Twitter. These types of posts are the equivalent of sitting in the passenger seat of a car and saying “let me show you how to drive” while hurtling down the road at 60 mph. Like I said…snarky. But hey, it’s Friday. Enjoy! –Sean.
    [Feedly] Reasons Why Your Followers Aren’t Engaging with Your Tweets
    Twitter is extremely fast moving, and people’s feeds end up with thousands of tweets in them every day. Twitter can be one of the most important platforms that you can use to promote yourself, whether you want to get more traffic to your business website or blog, or just have a good means of connecting with people for your own views, thoughts and jokes! Of course, Twitter is not just about broadcasting things, you really want to get some dialog going and to know people are reacting to what you post. So what are some of the reasons why your followers may not be engaging?
    [Feedly] How to Use Your CEO’s Twitter Account to Build Brand Loyalty
    Have them tweet the contents of their bookshelf or RSS feed. Stumped for content to fill out your Twitter feed? Images can look great in a Twitter feed, but overusing them may get you unfollowed or muted. Filling Up a Twitter Feed While Maintaining Brand Loyalty. good Twitter feed isn’t all about the person who owns it. Looking for a way to get more trust in your brand, a lift in consumer engagement, and an edge over your closest competition? The The path toward all those goals may start behind the door with the “CEO” name plate on it. highlight to tweet).
    [Feedly] How Content Marketing Has Changed In the Last Ten Years
    Unfortunately, now the Stuff People Can Use is utterly drowned by the Stuff You Can’t Do F#@K all With But It’s In Your Feed Just The Same. It’s kind of scary to think about it, but I’ve been doing this “internet + marketing” thing for the last ten years directly in tech,  plus several more in non-digital sectors prior to that trying to convince luddites to adopt this Crazy Internet Thing. “content”), whether it be on your website or someone else’s. But it sure is different now. ” That was about the size of it. But listen.
    [Feedly] The Three “Ss” of a Successful Live Event
    That more than feeds everyone at our event, and the rest we drop off at a local shelter. . By Rich Brooks. You may have noticed that it’s more challenging to get engagement on your company’s Facebook page of late. The same is true of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and just about every other social media channel you know. The problem is, as soon as people see a new channel is working for another business, they jump in, attracted by the “free advertising” this platform offers. This makes it more difficult for you to get found and engage your community. Why Put On Live Events. And so on.
    [Feedly] 5 Tips for Optimising Facebook Ads Campaigns
    Doing this means that the “Friends of people who like your page” will see a little social proof on the ads that appear in their news feed. This is a guest contribution from Luke Moulton. Blogging about something you’re passionate about? chances are there are others just as passionate as you, and chances are, a high percentage of these people hang out on Facebook and share the stuff they’re passionate about. Using Facebook ads to reach your target audience can get people Liking and sharing your content, and kick-start your traffic if you’re just starting out.
    [Feedly] The Future of Targeted, Personalized Email Marketing
    You know it well because you subscribe to this feed. The changes in technology and communications occur with blinding speed. We’ve seen the rise and fall of Google+ in just a few short years; the rise of real-time mobile video like Meerkat and Periscope has been astonishing to watch. But throughout all of these changes, there’s still a fundamental communications technology that seems to be gaining ground recently. That’s right–email. Despite the bold predictions–time and again–that email is dead , it has yet to be buried. The future of email is actually quite exciting.
    [Feedly] 5 Secrets for Using Facebook Like a Pro
    If your intention is to remain neutral, then you need to be mindful of the updates you “Like” on your friends’ news feeds. When you “Like” an update that’s public, it becomes a part of your digital footprint and you run the chance of that update showing up on your news feed to friends. Many of you probably wonder why you never see posts on your news feed from a page you “Like” Due to the mysterious Facebook algorithm you will miss many important updates from pages you “Like”.  No fear, there’s a trick! Easy fix!
    [Feedly] Why Influencers Are Creating Content on Snapchat
    Why engaging an influencer genuinely will go further than spoon-feeding them content. It All Comes Down to Influencer Marketing. Most recently, Nick Cicero founded an influencer marketing company called Delmondo. Delmondo is an end-to-end platform for creators to produce, measure, and monetize content with brands, media companies, and ad agencies. On the flip side, they also help the agencies, brands, and media companies discover and connect with the creators who then create content for them all year round. In It’s not hard to see why. Quite the roster! In This Episode. Resources.
    [Feedly] Working Hard is Not Enough
    There is a desire to look as if you’re doing important work, but how often are you taking breaks, binge watching Netflix, and surfing through your Facebook feed? When you ask most business people these days how they are doing, many reply, “busy.” ” You Don’t Know What Busy Is. I don’t think that most people know what busy really is.  There’s a specific angle of “working hard” I’d like to address in this week’s column: working hard even when people think you’re a joke. Who wants to be thought of as a joke? Nobody. 
    [Feedly] Monday Roundup: the Measurati Meet #measurePR
    Why: “So instead of using the notion of Social Credit Score to define us, we used it to define what we’re NOT: we’re not in the business of oversimplifying to feed into a hype. Next Tuesday, for the first time in #measurePR history we’ll hear from 11 stellar guests. Are we crazy? Will we break the Internet? No one knows for sure, but we’ll have a great time finding out. So, if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, do so now. Why: “The culture, language and networks of China are vastly different than those in Europe and the U.S. ” 2.  PR is not changing.
    [Feedly] 12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Use
    When you create or follow a list, you may also see some posts from that list in your main News Feed. Mastering hidden Facebook features will help you get ahead of your competition. Managing an active and successful Facebook page with a thriving community can be a daunting experience.  As your fanbase grows, so does their insatiable appetite for content. Coupled with their comments, messages, questions, issues, etc., the time spent managing your page can grow exponentially. You can save items like links, places, movies, TV, and music. From a Facebook Page: Click   and then select Save.
    [Feedly] Your Content’s Missing Ingredient is You
    Content must compete with the aforementioned flood of communication storming through our respective social media feeds. It’s a simple approach to writing something that actually says something, rather than feeding the flood of online communication with thoughtlessness. It’s estimated that over 60 million new pieces of content are published online every second. Just two years ago, that number was only 20 million. Tweets, images, Facebook posts, short videos, and blog comments are a never-ending flood of communication. But where are “you” in your articles?
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2015
    [Feedly] Five Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog
    If an article pops up in your news feed, and one includes a gorgeous rendering of a luxury hotel, and other just has a headline that says “new hotel,” which one would you rather read? By Rebecca Devine. By now, most companies understand they need to harness the power of social media and content marketing. You’ve talked to enough marketing gurus and experts to know blogging can be a powerful way to expand your online presence and communicate thought leadership. So you upgrade your website, include a WordPress blog, post a few recent news releases and articles, and…Nothing. Zilch.
    [Feedly] How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Through Your Archived Material on Facebook
    They autoplay all over your feed and spammy videos stolen by unscrupulous page owners are everywhere. If an old status update (i.e., a video) is getting new interaction, Facebook will selectively “bump” this story to the top of the news feed for people who haven’t seen it. This is a guest contribution from Jonathan Goodman. love discovering systems that work in the background so you can focus on your blog. What I’m going to detail is like the concept of compound interest. It involves Facebook. What I want to share with you isn’t how to spam. It’s about email list growth.
    [Feedly] More Than a Stepping Stone – the Mid-Size City Becomes a PR Career Destination
    Take a look at the social media feeds for the media in any mid-size city around the country and you’ll see a ton of listicles , articles , and hype videos talking up their hometown. Image used under Creative Commons license. This post originally appeared on the PRSA Pittsburgh blog. Thanks to the seemingly endless demand for new content, hometown pride is stronger than ever before. And based on my newsfeed, Pittsburghers seem to love their lists more than most. That to really have a PR career, they have to move to New York or Chicago or LA. Can you expand on that at all? And we love it.
    [Feedly] @TechCrunch announces formation of CultureSphere’s advisory board #EmployeeEngagement
    The August 14 th TechCrunch article explains how the process works: “Employees upload their own photos and videos into the company’s feed in the iOS app. I’m thrilled to share that my new role as an advisory board member to CultureSphere was recently announced in TechCrunch.    I’ll be serving along with former Kodak CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett, Brocade CMO Christine Heckart, CMO Council founder Donovan Neale-May, and former Mitel CMO Martyn Etherington. CultureSphere was launched July 23rd. Once it’s unlocked, any employee using the app can share it more broadly. FOR EWORD by David C.
    [Feedly] One Super-Easy Way To Convert Traffic And Avoid 404 Errors
    Before we get to the tactic, I want to make sure you understand the value of an RSS feed. They can subscribe to your RSS feed and receive updates of new articles via email, via mobile apps like FlipBoard or via popular RSS readers like NewsBlur. Visitors who are interested in finding your RSS feed and subscribing to it are raising their hands and saying “I like your content, please give me more in the future!” Without an RSS feed, and very easy access to it, you’re missing out on an opportunity. So, what’s the magic tip? There you have it.
    [Feedly] The Four Outcomes Of Content
    Look at any one of your many feeds. What is your content trying to do? Why does your content exist? Who is it reaching? What business purpose does it solve? Is it any good? Does anyone care? If you weren't the publisher of your content, would it be the kind of stuff that you would be interested in? The list of questions is long, arduous and intimidating. We live in a world that marketers (like me) had hoped for (lots of people, creating lots of interesting content in lots of different media formats). Well,  "be careful what you wish for," as the saying goes. Content is media. It's fast.
    [Feedly] Another Perspective on the Zirtual Shut Down Overnight Story
    In fact, some of you may shake your heads in disgust and delete it from your inbox or feed. By Gini Dietrich. I am going to preface this blog post by saying it’s not going to be popular. And that’s okay because I am about to give you a different perspective on this whole Zirtual shut down overnight mess. That of a business owner in deep debt with no one to rely on because I was too immature and too inexperienced (and too proud) to ask for help. Making the Hard Decisions. certainly didn’t. My peers were still buying up real estate and investing heavily in startups.
    [Feedly] Tips to Prevent Compromised Facebook Accounts
    Often I read what’s happening in the industry and find any “news” that I see coming through the various feeds. I always check into my client Facebook accounts first thing in the morning. This morning at 6:30 a.m. noticed a post on one of the social media sites I follow, it mentioned a large scale Facebook hacking. By the time I got into work, the story was all over the news, and the sites were taken down temporarily by Facebook. Don’t click on strange links – Ever! Don’t click on friend requests from unknown parties. Facebook Security. Facebook
    [Feedly] How to Free Your Brain from Marketing Burnout
    You’re constantly having to check Twitter feeds, respond to comments, monitor customer engagement, and juggle a lot of projects at once because you often don’t have a huge budget for resources. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Something has to give, or your brain will collapse. Marketers have a lot tugging at their attention, especially social media marketers. Here’s the reality: Your brain is going to become overwhelmed by the amount of things you’re requiring it to pay attention to, and the only resource you have paying attention to your business will be out of commission. Yikes!
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