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30 Practical Tips for Producing Great Facebook Live Videos


This week we’ve been digging deep into Facebook Live Video. Earlier in the week I shared 10 benefits of building Facebook Live into your strategy and yesterday shared 12 different types of Facebook Live videos that you might like to create. Today I want to get practical and give you some tips on how to create the best Facebook Live Videos you can. Click this.

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11 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2011

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Facebook Advertising – will continue to improve and unfortunately get more expensive. So people are looking for an alternative and that’s Facebook Advertising. even wrote a book this year on just this topic called Facebook Advertising for Dummies (Wiley). Startups like Payvment , and Alvenda will help companies large and small to open up shop in Facebook. Enjoy!

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BYOG - Bring Your Own Gear

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I've always said that locking employees out of Facebook won't make them more productive, they'll just find something else to waste their time with (like smoking or talking on the phone). Laptops and smart phones are the personal devices most commonly used today, the IT managers said, but tablet computers are on the rise. " It's the iPad , stupid. facebook. Locking down computers from accessing certain websites is a common practice. In a hyper-connected society this type of practice (which is still commonplace) is creating growing concerns. Busted!

50 Shortcuts to Create Visual Content for Social Media

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Some places you can find Hit Lists are: Facebook Pages (Facebook Interest Lists are great for this). have used it for both but the magic (for me) lies in using Post Planner to find out what is getting shared on sites like Instagram and Facebook and then sharing more of it! Typorama – beautiful typography on your phone! 35   Facebook Live. And much quicker.

Will India See a Rise in Digital PR?

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For example, Kasturi and Sons Ltd, publisher of The Hindu , has recently launched iPad and mobile apps for its general and financial newspapers. Now, checking news feeds on smart phones, scrolling through one’s Twitter handle, and checking updates on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other online networks have become part of the urban lifestyle. Sixty two! ABP Pvt.

Social Media Is Much More Than Just Social and Media


These are the companies that have a Facebook page and run impressive campaigns to get people to “like” them. They think they are now using social media because they have so many followers and post something on their Facebook page every so often. In other words, objects such as cars, houses, iPads, etc. This is why we don’t see people with only one technology object, such as just one smart phone. They get that social means building relationships and that media is the form of communication that they are using to build these relationships.

Social Media During Emergencies

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Since I was evacuated last night, as I listened to tsunami sirens wail,  huddled in my car with blankets, pillows, dog, husband and a battery charger for phone and Ipad, the glow coming off my personal devices was my outside connection with the world. In the case of a diaster, when phone lines are jammed, sometimes Twitter is the only way to get information out. Response agencies really should be incorporating listening to the tweet stream and public Facebook posts into their process. wasn’t alone. This should just be part of emergency planning.

Create and Optimize Visual Content: a new PR skill

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60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business whose images appear in local search results. 3 7% increase in engagement is experienced when Facebook posts include photographs. Shooting – with a camera, an iPad or a smart phone. Editing – either in Camtasia or Final Cut.  Or quickly in iMovie on the iPad.  note the word compelling). Lighting.

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The Future of Pharma Marketing: The Game Changer (Part 2)

Blue Focus Marketing

Game Changer: Facebook Tells Pharma Brands They Must Allow Comments by August 15, 2011. Facebook’s dramatic move to engage pharma. Facebook told pharmaceutical companies as of August 15, they will no longer be able to disable the comment feature on their Facebook pages. New technology: The iPad is shaping up as the new game changer in the medical field. 

Second Screen TV - Research

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On goes the TV set, you flip open your tablet and smart phone ready to watch. Diva Marketing :  The Insight Report you did with CivicScience indicates that multitasking is the name of the game for 45% of respondents who acknowledged using a ‘second screen’ (smart phone, tablet or computer) while viewing traditional broadcast TV.  . Picture this. Will this change?

Diigo: A PR Tool for Social Media Releases

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With Diigo Powernote for Android smart phones or the Diigo Offline Reader for the iPhone you can read your bookmarks or the pages you marked Read Later while standing in line, on a train or a bus, or waiting for a meeting. the Diigolet is also available for the iPhone and iPad. Facebook. What is Diigo? These pages are bookmarked and become a part of your online archive.

Citizen Journalism: Who is a Journalist Today?

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Apple released the first iPad in April of 2010 and sold 3 million within 80 days.  In January 2011, 7% of Americans reported owning some kind of electronic tablet – nearly double the number that owned tablets just four months earlier.  3 out of 5 tablet owners consume news on their tablets and many news publications have created a tablet app. What does that mean? Her advice?  

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Social Sharing – Getting News Content Right in 2011

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They share news with one another on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Just this week Facebook surpassed Google and is now the number one site visited on the Internet. Facebook drives 3x more traffic to news sites than Google News. Social  sharing is the new holy grail of  advertising, writes Dan Greenberg, CEO of Sharethrough, in a recent Forbes article. News Releases.

Is Starbucks the Most Dangerous Competitor to Facebook? | E.

Convince & Convert

Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Is Starbucks the Most Dangerous Competitor to Facebook? Because of the commerce potential (subscriptions, coupons) a Starbucks local ad network (possibly empowered by Yahoo’s sales force) might even be a revenue share, making it even more efficient for marketers than Google Adwords or Facebook ads.

Why Your Business Presence Has To Be Mobile Ready


This is only going to get bigger with the addition of more entry-level android devices, cheaper iPads, mobile Windows 8 devices, and many other mobile options. 48% said that if a site didn’t work well on their smart phones, it made them feel like the company didn’t care about their business. Ten years ago, they might have, but not anymore.

Social Pros 15 – Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

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We use Argyle Social for our social engagement; we use Infusionsoft for our email; Janrain is our crackerjack social integration company, and Jim is our guest host for the podcast (and a smart guy). Jamie’s super-smart. Really smart guy, Eric : Yep. So what if Pinterest does send more traffic equivalently than Facebook to your site? Listen Now. Jay : Yes, indeed.

An Introduction to Instagram


Facebook bought the photography service Instagram for about $1 billion. Instagram allows its users to post photos online to several social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. While Instagram was only available on the iPhone and iPad for some time, the service recently released an app for Google Android smart phones. Features of Instagram. Use rewards.

An Introduction to Instagram


Facebook bought the photography service Instagram for about $1 billion. Instagram allows its users to post photos online to several social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. While Instagram was only available on the iPhone and iPad for some time, the service recently released an app for Google Android smart phones. Features of Instagram. Use rewards.

Preparing Students and Young Professionals for the Business World.

Spin Sucks

Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs to build online relationships with these people. As an example, every student must have a smart phone, every student must have a blog and other SM properties, and the school has gone as far as providing iPads to students. Not in terms of recording, but in terms of talking about it here. But I’m baaack! Create a blog!

Is Social Media Forcing Retirement? | Spin Sucks

Spin Sucks

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