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Rethink Your Website Redesign Process


Here are some examples. ——– As principal strategist for Tanzen , Carrie Hane untangles content by aligning people, processes, and systems so organizations are ready for what’s next. . This is the first in a new series of posts about rethinking how you approach your website. ————– Where to start? Step 1: Stop, Look, & Listen.

The Four-Step Process of Communications Planning

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Benson starts out by talking through the four-step process of communications planning and managing by objectives. It is free and it’s a two-step process. He provides great examples and case studies. photo credit: Shutterstock The post The Four-Step Process of Communications Planning appeared first on Spin Sucks. He’s a giant teddy bear (who wears a cowboy hat).

5 Examples of Inspired Checkout Processes That Bring Results

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Now, a typical checkout process has six stages, which may be compressed or expanded based on the brand in question. So, what does a great checkout process make? Let’s find out by examining what makes the checkout processes of some of the best in the business click. 1. Keep the Checkout Process Short, Keep the Forms Shorter. Self-Contained Checkout Process. steps.

5 Super Cool Facebook Messenger for Business Examples

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You’ll boost your sales in the process. 2. The post 5 Super Cool Facebook Messenger for Business Examples appeared first on Agorapulse. Communication is evolving into quick, short interactions. Research uncovered that 63% of consumers say their messaging with companies has increased over the past two years. This trend offers an opportunity to use Facebook Messenger for business.

Social Intelligence adds value throughout the Stage Gate Process

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Social data is becoming increasingly important in the new product development processes of many companies. For example, during discovery, social media data can help uncover ideas for new products or product line extentions to existing product lines. Social data can also be invaluable in the media planning and buying process. Related posts: How important is real-time data?

7 Must-Know Writing Tips [+Examples]

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Fortunately, there are ways to make your writing more engaging while streamlining your writing process. The post 7 Must-Know Writing Tips [+Examples] appeared first on Writtent Blog. Image source. Wondering which writing tips will actually boost your productivity and success? Following is a list of effective writing tips that can help you create standout content more efficiently. 1.

6 Must-Dos for Best-In-Class Social Media Customer Service

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If your customers were to grade your customer service on social media, how would your brand do? Would you be an A student? Maybe sliding by with a C? Or would you be trailing behind the rest of the class ? If you’re not at the top of your class and on your way to valedictorian, it’s time to rethink the experience your brand is providing your customers on social media. Make Time to Be Available.

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Influencer Marketing: The Simple 3 Step Process for Finding the Perfect Influencer

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To explain how to do it we’re going to use the examples of perhaps the best-loved product of one of the world’s most recognizable brands: The Starbucks Frappuccino. The example used here was for a product but the process is the same when looking for influencers for events, industry topics and brands. What do you trust more? Most will agree that the latter is more powerful.

What is the ideal social marketing process?

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Interesting to ask but do you know your process for social marketing? Sounds odd but as with any business outcome there needs to be a process. Always remembering there is a world of difference between a process and a checklist! They listen to what others do and copy; they read a book and apply the actual examples to their business. So what is a process?

Six Step Process to Clean Up a Company’s Online Presence

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Maybe it will be a situation like what I just went through with a client where leadership empowered the interns to own social and they created a huge mess (classic example, right?). Whatever the situation, if you’re charged with cleaning up a company’s online and social media presence, this process will help you to restore order successfully: Conduct a comprehensive online/social media audit. You need a buddy in the company who can help with the clean-up process. Today’s guest post is written by Nikki Little. . Create the social media strategy. Start scrubbin’!

How to Hack Your Efficiency with an Agile Blog Planning Process

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For example, here are some things effective blog editors do: You plan awesome content. Here’s exactly how you—and your team—will be super successful with an agile blog planning process. 10 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Planning Process With Agile Content Marketing I get asked a lot about how we publish content on the CoSchedule Content Marketing Blog. Excellent. Right? But

How to Write a Press Release in 4 Easy Steps [+Examples]

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Press releases generally follow a set format that simplifies the writing process. Bonus: Examples of quotes that work can be found here. Great Press Release Examples. Useful tips on finding good press release examples: Check out releases published by press release distribution services (e.g., PR Newswire, PRWeb etc.) Wondering how to write a press release? Great Where?

How to Build an End to End Social Media Conversion Process [case study]

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Would you like an example that you can follow? In this post I’m going to show you one example that you can copy for your business! I met Mike Kawula at a conference a couple of years ago and I was very impressed with his vision for Social Quant. Our PRISM model is an end to end process for selling which starts with sharing an update on social media. Summary.

Putting Customer First in Practice: a Humble Example


Sometimes ‘small’ examples and experiences can help you illustrate a more important point. ” Very simply put it’s about how talking to your prospects and customers, asking them the right questions (about their needs) and providing what they need, using buying process roadmaps, leads to revenue. Somewhere else in the same hotel are the speakers. Among them, Kristin Zhivago.

How to Speed Up the Blog Writing Process [My Method]


Earlier today I was asked for tips on how to speed up the writing process when writing longer posts. I don’t know that I have an answer that will help everyone with that one as I think it partly comes down to personal style, experience level and skill – but two thoughts did come to mind based upon my own experience. How Do You Tackle the Writing Process? It takes Practice.

Agile Marketing in B2B

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We knew, for example, the Bank of England would hold a policy meeting on a certain day. The key is not responding to events, but rather anticipating them with compelling marketing content your customers want and need. I’ll give you a single example that turned out great for us, and impressed the ITSMA judges. And did I forget to say it can produce stupendous ROI results?

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High-ROI Content, Streamlining Processes, and Other Content Marketing News

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Not only is there a mind-bogglingly impressive case study on the power of video, there’s loads of examples of real-life brands using Google+ Hangouts on Air to build an audience, create brand personality , and improve their SEO thanks to AuthorRank and Exposure. For many companies, cost and lack of access to high-quality video production are barriers to visual content creation.

7 FBML examples to rock your Facebook fan page.

home services Products.NET news system SMS product Articles Best of Subscribe forum contact Home > Marketing > Social Media > 7 FBML examples to rock your Facebook fan page. Mar 22nd 2010 7 FBML examples to rock your Facebook fan page. If for example you wanted some flash video, or embedding of a flash game, the FB:swf, and FB:flv are perfect candidates. You may for example, want to experiment with multiple calls to action – or offer multiple promotions to your audience. However I could do with either some working examples or some screen grabs.

Crisis Communications: Have a Plan for Success

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The Crisis Communications Process. Then I walked them through a six-step crisis communications process to prepare for every situation: Brainstorm every possible scenario that could happen to your organization. Your spreadsheet can be as simple as the example. By Gini Dietrich. What a whirlwind last week was at Social Media Marketing World ! Issue vs. Crisis. Is it preventable

How to Write a Business Book Without Losing Your Soul

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For example, I figured out early on that it took me two-and-a-half days to write a chapter, and three days to rewrite a chapter. Communication Writing book proposal business book writing how to be a published author how to write a book process of writing a book writing a business book writing plan It’s incredible to consolidate your thoughts and put them down in a long form document.

What Agile Content Marketing Means for Your Business

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It’s our ritual, our process, and the way we tackle each new piece of content. But we need to ask ourselves: with the amount of content we must produce, is the same old process we’ve done for years the best way to move forward? Agile is a process of creation that believes in the power of iteration, and in user feedback over singular genius. Agile Marketing Mitigates Risk.

Best Practices for Managing a Crisis on Social Media

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Let your community process, feel, discuss and heal from said crisis or tragedy. With recent current events and tragic news in the media each day, it’s time to talk about best practices your brand should use when it comes to social media during a crisis. Far too often we see brands really mess this one up. I’m speaking specifically to brands, not individuals. It’s Not About You. Go Dark.

Mark Zuckerberg Introduces Jarvis, His 2016 Personal Challenge

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It uses several artificial intelligence techniques, including natural language processing , speech recognition , face recognition  and reinforcement learning, written in Python , PHP  and Objective C. How much progress has Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg  made in fulfilling his New Year’s resolution for 2016 ? Zuckerberg said in a Jan. But often that isn’t enough.

4 Brand Opportunities for Instagram Stories

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great example of a brand doing this right is MAC Cosmetics. MAC makeup artists have been using Instagram Stories to take viewers on a step-by-step process into how they can apply various products like lipstick and eye shadow to get the results they’re striving for. Behind-the-Scenes Content. The content shared gives their communities an inside look at what goes on behind closed doors.

Strategic Marketing of Managing Expectations


For example, your company expects a product to generate specific and positive cash flow over a period of its life, and your customers expect the product to reliably perform functions you have promised them in your marketing communications. Most importantly should they influence the strategic planning process? “Happiness is in expectations management.”

World Class Processes, the War of Ideas and Other Content Strategy Wins

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Learn why you need to define your big idea, even if you’re already in the midst of creating content , and how to develop a supply of examples which communicate your greater goals. The Case for Associations Adopting World Class Content Processes. Is your company in the process of using new technologies for content promotion ? Getting the Most ROI Out of SEO. Marketing News

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Real-Time News Curation - Types And Real-World Examples

Print this article Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 3: Types And Real-World Examples Whats more important? So this is by no means an attempt to rank or highlight the best out there, but only a dutiful report of what I have found during my investigation and I am very eager to discover more great examples to expand this collection. Types of Curation 1. magazine in 2006.

5 Innovative Social Media Campaigns of 2016

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The process overall was fairly similar. While the year isn’t over just yet, a lot has already happened in 2016. From the Olympics to Harambe, the elections and everywhere in between, it has been a busy year. Thanks to all of these events and more, the social sphere hasn’t been any different. ShareYourEars. LowesFixInSix. While Vine may be no more , short videos certainly aren’t gone forever.

What is the ideal social marketing process?

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Interesting to ask but do you know your process for social marketing? Sounds odd but as with any business outcome there needs to be a process. Always remembering there is a world of difference between a process and a checklist! They listen to what others do and copy; they read a book and apply the actual examples to their business. So what is a process?

Facebook Develops Custom 360-Degree Video Stabilization Technology

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For example, it lacks features like foreign keys, online DDL, automatic deadlock detection (we use short lock wait timeouts) and native partitioning. Facebook announced at its @Scale Conference 2016  in San Jose, Calif., Wednesday that it developed a custom-designed stabilization technology for 360-degree videos. Facebook360DegreeStabilizedVideos from SocialTimes on Vimeo.

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What Process Do You Want to Lead Repeat Readers Through?


hypothetical example. For example, here’s a sequence of actions that you might want your readers to take (this is one I brainstormed quickly, so yours will, of course, differ from this). Subscribe: This particular process starts with a visit and the initial goal of getting someone to subscribe (to an email list). Follow: The next goal in this process is to get people to make a secondary connection by following a Twitter or Facebook account. What Process Do You Want to Lead Repeat Readers Through? What do you want repeat readers to do?

ACC: Our Stakeholders Are Beginning To Lose Faith In The Legal Profession [#LMAP3 Recap #2]

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Toby gave the state of the 3 Ps this conference addresses, which are: Pricing Process Improvement, and Project Management …and Amar Sarwal delivered a bit of direct, sobering commentary and advice from in-house counsel to attendees when he delivered his talk titled The Future of Legal Services: An In-House Perspective. Where Were The Lawyers? You can work with them.

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Deep Text: Facebook’s Effort to Better Understand Textual Content

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The social network said in a blog post  by engineer Ahmad Abdulkader , applied machine learning  platform team technical program manager Aparna Lakshmiratan and research scientist Joy Zhang that the aim of Deep Text is to better understand text across Facebook and to reduce reliance on language-dependent knowledge, adding that the technology is already being tested on Messenger  and offering the example that Deep Text can decide whether a user is looking for a taxi by distinguishing between “I just came out of the taxi” and “I need a ride.”. DeepText. DeepText on Messenger.

Real-Time News Curation - Process, Key Tasks, Workflow

Print this article Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 4: Process, Key Tasks, Workflow What are the tasks involved in the real-time news curation process? In Part 3 I have curated a visual list of both aggregated and curated news examples so that you can have a better idea of what news curation really looks like. What does exactly a news curator do?

Getting Ready for the Long Write

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For example, a communications book may focus on strategy and then tactics. You never know which pages matter more until the editing process. This is the most brutal part of the writing process. It is a fight with each sentence requiring serious effort, but once you get through that chapter (wherever it is in the process), you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Unyielding Search is Key to Creative Process

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particularly interesting discussion focused on the role teaching plays in developing one’s own skills, including a deeper understanding of the creative process. His examples were not only confined to teaching, however. Creative Process is a Process. But even the ones that suck are part of the process,” he explained. New York City – Soho. In Summary.

A Complete Guide to Twitter’s Q2 2016 Earnings Call

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We are in the process of fully rolling out this new feature, and as the rollout continues, we see that people using the new experience watch roughly four times more videos than those who don’t yet have it. Some of the content is exclusive–as an example, The Rally , which is a two-hour show Monday through Friday from 9 p.m. Product overview. No. 1 is around on-boarding. Safety.

Customer Service: Contrasting Examples

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April 25, 2008.5:51 am Customer Service: Contrasting Examples Jump to Comments Fed up with my usb-internet device , I’ve been trying to connect with the customer care executives of the company behind it. For a product which is essentially an ‘internet access device’, can’t we create multiple channels for customer interaction or try to think of a more smoother process for customer interaction ? Reply Becky Carroll April 29, 2008 at 2:57 pm Daksh, two great examples – and thanks for including Customers Rock! are from a different city.

The information processing view of humanity

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« Keynote: building the networked professional firm | Main | Mobile social networking, meaning virtual networks bringing people physically together, will inevitably be a pervasive application » The information processing view of humanity. For example,, used with judicious tagging, is a very powerful tool. About Ross Dawson. Keynote Speaking/Strategy. AHT Group.

$100 Off First-Ever Master Class on Community Management Best Practices

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Content calendar and editorial process. Announcements Community Management Social Media Examples Webinars Best practices community management community manager Content calendar content creation editorial calendar ignite social media Master Class proactive community building reactive community management Social listening Social Media Agency Social Media JobsFor the first time ever, Ignite Social Media is offering a detailed, 3-hour Master Class on Community Management Best Practices for 2016. REGISTER NOW. We’ll cover: The evolution of the Community Manager. Optimizing content.