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Facebook Creates Organ Donor Update

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They want to lower the number of people who die each year  waiting for an organ donation. More than 114,000 people in the United States, and millions more around the globe, are waiting for a donated organ that will save their lives. Many of those people – an average of 18 people per day – will die waiting, because there simply aren’t enough organ donors to meet the need.

The Most Important Post-event Engagement Tool

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Think of the last branded event you created and the engagement tool you used. Whether it was a trade show, industry event, or conference, chances are you started engaging with participants via social media weeks before you ever did in person. Perhaps you joined a LinkedIn Group to get the dialogue rolling, or maybe you used hashtags in your tweets in anticipation of the event.

How to Optimize Events with Social Media [Infographic]

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Nothing promotes event marketing as well as social media. As a result, social platforms are a great way to publicize events in real time. In order to generate social media buzz on your business’s upcoming event, create and share content in the weeks leading up to it. Connect with other event attendees on social media. If there isn’t an event page, create one.

Five Things You Need to Know About Planning a Media Event

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Plan a Media Event I found that planning a media event is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I’ve done many of them for all different types of clients and occasions, and no two are exactly alike, which makes planning a media event that much more fun! Here are five things you need to know about planning a media event. 1. You know, Murphy’s Law.

Top 5 Twitter Management Tips for Non-Profit Organizations to Increase Followers Organically


The social media network isn’t just limited to commercial entities, but is also beneficial to a wide range of not-for-profit organizations who support various causes. The challenge for most organizations on Twitter lies in getting a good number of followers, and growing followers. Make sure to include your branding collateral as well, such as your organization’s logo.

How Being Organized Can Change Your Life

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Organize Your Tasks. quickly learned how to prioritize and delegate to other departments.   I had to become organized in how I did my job or I would have drowned.  . organized my tasks into three folders on my desk: Today; . Stay Organized with These Steps. Organization = Better Health. You are paving your own destiny because you took control and got organized.

Do Social Referrals Affect Organic Traffic?

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Jay’s podcast got me thinking of another area where social media doesn’t get enough credit:  the organic traffic that comes to a website as the result of an initial social referral. Below is how the sequence segment should look ( clear here to add it to your view ): This segment includes anyone who initially entered your website, and then came back through organic search.

7 Tips to Creating an All-Star Event

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Events can be a great way to build relationships and nurture leads. Tip: make your purpose clear before the event so people don’t feel like they’ve been duped into attending. 2. We picked a catchy name which made it possible to turn the event into a series. If it’s a public event, share it on all your channels: website, blog, etc. What’s your Goal? Pick a Theme.

Beyond Press Releases: Using Stories to Land Your Organization on the Front Page

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Whether you’re publicizing a fundraiser, milestone or new service, stories can help to drive your organization beyond the business briefs and closer to the front page. Sooner or later, your organization will need to reach out to the media. Beyond Press Releases: Using Stories to Land Your Organization on the Front Page. Guest Post by Elaine Hughes. Find the story hook.

13 Ways to Use Facebook Events for Your Brand

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Organic reach has dropped, younger users gravitated toward newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat and there’s more competition than ever. Now you have to dive into other features like Facebook ads to comply with their algorithm, but what about Facebook events? How to Create Effective Facebook Events. But it’s not just about creating great Facebook events.

The Three “Ss” of a Successful Live Event

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The Live Event: The “New” Social Media Platform. Putting on a successful live event, however, takes more time and effort. Why Put On Live Events. live event is your own social media platform. live event is the perfect platform for establishing your credibility, generating leads, and—when done well—making a profit. The Three “Ss” of a Successful Live Event.

Can Social Business Reshape the Organization?


This is a great slide deck by Rawn Shah, social business strategist at IBM, one of the most social organizations we know of – from his presentation at the Social Business Forum in Milan last week. Read this pensive post by John Stepper  for more on that event). What happens when we hit Slide 28, where the organization wants anyone in company to form their relationships.

Changing the World for Women…One Organization at a Time

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Women are not being invited to events as much as men. But plenty of women organize and coordinate those events. The organization is built on getting results and we’re moving more and more toward achieving goals vs. working more hours. A couple of weeks ago, we learned about Marissa Mayer joining Yahoo! It’s funny. How Do We Do That? It’s not easy.

Understanding the Nature of an Event Using Social Analytics

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Recently, I was asked if Social Analytics sheds light on the nature of online events like the Netflix Outrage , which happened a few weeks ago as customers voiced extreme disappointment at Netflix for imposing a $6 a month increase for customers who still wanted DVD delivery. Understanding the Nature of an Event Using Social Analytics is a post written by Tamar Weinberg. ].

Why You Need a Social Media Policy in Your Organization


In a previous post called Implement a Social Media Policy: Make Your Employees Brand Ambassadors , Marina introduced what a Social Media Policy is and briefly described why it is important for your organization. Generally, every negative post should be seen as an opportunity for an organization to improve. Protecting your brand and business. It never sleeps and it has no limitations.

The Data-Backed Guide to Event Marketing on Social Media: How to Get People Talking About Your Event

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Taking an event from idea to sell-out is no easy feat. And half the battle of organizing an event is marketing it. Best of all, social media event marketing isn’t as time-consuming as you may think. One of the greatest feelings in the world is walking into one of your own events and seeing it jam-packed with people. How to share on social before the event.

How to Create a Pinterest Place Board for An Event


Be sure to take advantage of the board description field to enter as much information as possible about your event and a link to your website where they can get more information–and hopefully register. Add pins for the event venue (e.g. If your org has a large Pinterest following, you might try offering an event map board as a sponsorship opportunity for local businesses.

How To Organize A Brand Hackathon (And Why) – Interview With Betabrand’s Chris Lindland

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The company used its customer newsletter and social media to promote the event. ”Compensation: ” It’s also a good idea to communicate as much as possible in advance of the event to “bat around, or bat down some ideas that won’t work beforehand.” ” The best Betabrand brand hack from the event?  What’s the ROI of a Bigfoot Sighting?

12 Tips to Organize and Run a Tweetathon

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If anyone is not familiar with a tweetathon, it is basically a telethon type event that is held over Twitter. As I mentioned earlier, I’d had the idea of doing a tweetathon-style “event” when we were first planning our strategy. separate tweetathon “guide” for each such event, that linked to relevant documents. Background. Decide your hashtag.

Membership Growth Online Summit: An Incredible Event for Nonprofits


Lately you’ve been thinking a lot about how to grow your organization. Wild Apricot is hosting this year’s Membership Growth Online Summit. This is an incredible opportunity for any nonprofit leader and association professional to learn the best strategies on how to grow their memberships. That’s what the Membership Growth Online Summit is all about. How to Turn Millennials into Members.

[Cool Social Tools] QiqoChat for Live Online Events


Here’s what QiqoChat can help your community do: Let your members “self-organize” and schedule video chats to discuss the specific topics that are on their mind.  In-depth written conversations to get people thinking and exchanging ideas even before the a live event begins.  This makes the live event that much more productive. ————-.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter Organically

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To stay organized, add everyone to a private Twitter list. It’s almost like an online networking event. If you have the budget, mix in ads with your organic strategy to get the best of both worlds. This post How to Get More Followers on Twitter Organically originally appeared on Sprout Social. Share Amazing Content. Who’s following them? Engage. Contests.

Adding Satellite Sites To Your Hybrid Event Mix


Think big massive events, large numbers of people…and many locations. That’s the best environment for satellite sites or pods with your hybrid event. satellite site is when a group of people gather together to watch a live stream from your main event. Creating satellites sites with your hybrid event is best described as creating your own television network. Creating satellite sites with your hybrid event is nearly the same thing. If your organization does not have chapters, look at your customer profiles. Presentations hybrid hybrid events

Can Leaderless Organizations Win?

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Whether it's the Arab Spring , the Tea Party movement or Occupy Wall Street , what is it about leaderless organizations that makes it all seem so strange to us? In 2006, I made the six hour drive from Montreal to Boston to attend the first PodCamp Boston unconference (a participant-driven or self-organized gathering). Prior to that, I had attended some of the initial BarCamp events. The idea of a self-organized event was foreign then. Where are the networking events taking place? So, can leaderless organizations truly get results? self organized.

Top Social Media Presentations from Fusion Marketing Experience Event

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I had a great honour to participate in Fusion Marketing Experience event organized by our friends at Social Marketing Forum. It was a great experience and probably one of the best social media events that I’ve attended recently and not only because of the impressive list of the speakers ( Olivier Blanchard , Dave Chaffey , Trey Pennington and etc.)

5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling


Luckily, there are conferences, meetups and other events aimed at people in exactly your circumstances in cities all around the world! No matter where your travels take you, you’re in the vicinity of colleagues interested in exchanging ideas, conversation and insight; here are five events for busy entrepreneurs who love traveling : 1. Photo Credit:

5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling


Luckily, there are conferences, meetups and other events aimed at people in exactly your circumstances in cities all around the world! No matter where your travels take you, you’re in the vicinity of colleagues interested in exchanging ideas, conversation and insight; here are five events for busy entrepreneurs who love traveling : 1. Photo Credit:

Getting Overwhelmed? Get Organized!


Here are some simple ways to organize your sources of incoming information on social media, email, and blogs. Twitter now allows you to add Twitter members to Twitter Lists , which helps you easily organize people you are interested in following by topic. Facebook allows you to create custom friends lists to organize friends in several areas: under Account > Edit Friends, whenever you add a new friend or accept a friend request, and when you click on Friends under your photo on your Facebook homepage. Your Organization Methods. Twitter Lists. Facebook Friends List.

The Impact of the Social Customer: Changing Your Organization from the Inside Out


Event report: Fusion Marketing Experience 2012 Antwerp – Day 1. Event report: Fusion Marketing Experience 2012 Antwerp – Day 2. If you’re interested in booking Jamie or me to speak at an event, please contact  Marsha Broniszewski  at  Infinite Speakers. Fusion Marketing Experience Antwerpen: quotes  (Great selection of tweets in two Storify slideshows). Humanize

An Open Letter To Conference Organizers

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Dear Conference Organizer, It's rare that you will get a letter from someone like me. speak professionally at over 60 events per year, due my industry involvement I also help to organize a handful of high-profile events every year and, top of that, I am a willing, happy and paying participant at many conferences per year. As the years pass and the events management industry continues to evolve, I would like you to consider the following concepts. Be careful how you market your events. Keep in mind that participants do more than pay to attend your event.



“WHAT GOT YOU HERE” EVENT & RECEPTION – MARCH 18, 2015. The first event in the series “What Got You Here” is a discussion on the pivotal points in our personal, professional and industry lives when we realize the “tools” that got us to where we are now will not get us to where we need to be. In the DC area? You’re invited to join us!

Guerilla Community-Building Group Provides Insight to Modernizing Your Organization


attributed this to the event that I called “the advent of utilitarian social media sites” which, in hindsight, is sort of silly because if you put anything to use, it is utilitarian – but I digress! believe associations and other organizations, or even a group of erstwhile unaffiliated individuals can learn a lot about modern community building strategies and tactics from Office Heroes.

How could your organization use Instagram?


Does the work that your organization does lend itself to photos? Does your mission tell a story?  Do your events live on in photos? The photo-sharing app Instagram hit 5 million users this month, sharing 100 million photos. Maybe. Maybe not. But I’m spotting some very interesting business uses for it. How could you use Instagram? Implementation apps mobile photos

Social Media Events Calendar and Advice Guide

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The social media events season is again upon us. It’s going to be an exciting Fall for me, as I hit the road to talk about The NOW Revolution and other aspects of social media and content marketing. I’m often asked what social media events I recommend. If you think the social media event will be great, chances are you’ll be right. The people you meet. Sweet.

Galvanizing Your Organization to Help in a Disaster

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Whether it’s leveraging your online community, offering financial resources or volunteering, almost every person and organization has assets to offer. Before going too far, please ensure that the organization is motivated by a clear desire to resolve or provide relief to a devastating event. Prepare for Unfortunate Events. Disasters are such times.

What’s Next for Social Media and Events?


Woe to the networked nonprofit or association who only thinks of events in terms of their end of year fundraising gala or annual conference! With events, planned or otherwise, what kinds of best social media practices should nonprofits be using today? Hashtags are wonderful awareness builders, and they can now drive donations around events as well. and loves working in #nptech.

How To Create Stunning Social Media Posts For Holidays, Trends, Events And More

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Social Media How To Create Stunning Social Media Posts For Holidays, Trends, Events And More. PromoRepublic - the new Calendar of Content Ideas helps you create stunning social media posts based on holidays, trends, events and more. This results in a less organic form of reach and engagement. Sponsored Article. Graphic Editor. Automated Posting. Statistics. Graphics Editor.

Three Ways to Avoid the 5K Fundraising Event

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Most nonprofits stick to some of the tried and true fundraising events to support their organization, raise money, build supporters, and gain wider recognition throughout the community. These events are the annual 5K run and the banquet dinner. We get them the local media coverage and we increase awareness for their organization with new audiences and past supporters.

The Social Organization: Social Media Metrics

The Social Organization About Rachel Social Media Metrics Social Media Examples Enterprise 2.0 Events Examples News/Commentary Organizational Structure People Relationship Management Social Media Marketing Technology Web/Tech Weblogs Archives March 2009 February 2009 January 2009 December 2008 November 2008 October 2008 September 2008 August 2008 July 2008 June 2008 More. We use web2.0

How-to: View and Organize Fan Pages on Facebook | Almost Savvy

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Here is a quick and easy way to organize your content stream on Facebook using Friends Lists, so that you will be more likely to see the updates from your favorite pages. Organize them in a way which makes your favorite content easier to find. Most often, you’ve joined a fan page because you’re hoping to learn, interact, take advantage of limited-time deals, etc.