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    [Engineering] Throwback Thursday: Search Engine Watch Circa 1999
    Today is Thursday, and every Thursday I try to feature one search engine or search engine website. Today, because of the official announcement that Danny Goodwin is leaving Search Engine Watch , I thought I would feature Search Engine Watch. Let’s take a look at what Search Engine Watch looked like back when Danny Sullivan owned and operated it, back in 1999: SEW was a part of, and Danny Sullivan was the editor. In fact, it was more about educating people about search and SEO (search engine marketing). Search Engines link].
    [Engineering] Inbound marketing is not for you if you are not committed
    Inbound marketing can help a business to get seen, get found and to get leads! But inbound marketing is a strategy which requires a lot of work, creativity and focusing on goals. With Inbound marketing you can become outstanding attractive and get found by your target audience, leave your competitor far behind you and increase your market share and revenue. Inbound marketing is the marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers. Inbound marketing is related to permission based relationship marketing. Inbound marketing can help you to: A. Stand out of your competition. C.
    [Engineering] Search Engine Technology Patent Portfolio Up for Auction
    ICAP Patent Brokerage is auctioning off a patent portfolio that enhances search engine functionality from Jason A. This search engine technology patent portfolio discloses search engine technology that can “significantly enhance functionality and user interaction compared to current conventional systems.” – Using this search engine system, a user can provide comments or tags to search results, determine relationships, and link them accordingly. Search Engine TechnologyDenise.
    [Engineering] Social Media Marketing Daily Tasks or How to eat an Elephant?
    When you are active there, means when you get into the conversation and share your content there than you increase your chances to found in the search engines! Most people who are interested to market their business on the web and especially in social media become overwhelmed of the necessary tasks which need to be done to achieve any serious results. They feel that they need to handle an avalanche of information and requirements to get the necessary steps done. And I fully agree with this. As any other marketing activity you cannot expect to do all the necessary tasks at once. Monday.
    [Engineering] Search Engine Optimization: Recovering Lost Traffic and Links on your Website
    Recovering this old page from an older version of the website will ultimately help the website’s search engine rankings. Related posts: How Search Engine Optimization Adds Value to a Website Most likely, if you have a website for your business, How to Properly Redirect a Domain Name and Get Link Credit I recently received an email from Duane Long asking a. Link Building Strategies for Search Engine Optimization in Dallas October 14 Attend the Link Building Strategies for SEO Event in Dallas. Tags: Search Engine Optimization So, the page was not included.
    [Engineering] Throwback Thursday: iWon Search Engine, Circa 2001
    Each Thursday I’m starting a new tradition here on my blog: to feature an old search engine. Today’s Throwback Thursday search engine is, circa 2001. Well, that business plan didn’t last long, iWon is not a search engine or “start page” anymore. Search Engines Today is Thursday July 3, 2014, and that means that it’s Throwback Thursday. There were quite a few, so I think I’ll be able to keep the tradition going for quite some time. Back in 2001, did you make your default home page in your web browser?
    [Engineering] Small Business SEO Strategies
    Does this mean that it’s not possible for a small business to gain considerable rewards from search engine optimization? As one of the leading search engine experts in the UK, Keith Barrett has used his considerable online marketing experience to help numerous businesses over the course of the past decade. =. What’s the biggest mistake that most small businesses make when it comes to SEO? Personally, I would suggest that a common problem is being unrealistic about what can be achieved. Ignore massive corporations! This is not a coincidence. Target cost effective search terms.
    [Engineering] Search Engine Optimization Tip: Your Heading Tags Should Include your Keywords
    Lately, it seems as though many people have been concerned about over-optimization when it comes to search engine optimization of their web sites. That’s why I continue to post these search engine optimization tips , so we can get back to the basics here of SEO. This is how you inform the search engines and visitors about what you have to offer on your various web pages. You will also be able to get higher search engine rankings and far more traffic than before. When was the last time you received a full search engine optimization audit of your website?
  • BILL HARTZER  |  SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2010
    [Engineering] Search Engine Optimization Tip: Add a Breadcrumb Trail
    This is only one seo tip out of many search engine optimization tips I have been providing over the years. All of my search engine optimization tips are meant to be specific, they should not take too much time to implement, and are meant to be directly to the point. For this search engine optimization tip, let’s talk about adding a breadcrumb trail to your site’s navigation. And since some search engines are now watching how long your visitors stay on your web site, it’s increasingly important to do whatever you can to help them navigate your site. Widgets.
    [Engineering] 5 Things you should do in 2011 to generate more business
    Also include a breef description and TAGs in your video to make it better visible for search engines. Business will not come to you until you are visible and in communication with your target audience! We have put together 5 things you should do to make use of the steady growing and global internet market. 1. Use Video to address your message. Show dont tell! The more you are able to show your products, services and references from satisfied customers them more trust you can earn! You can show how the product works. It’s not necessary to make them like Hollywood clips.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 7, 2011
    [Engineering] Easy Inbound Marketing for Real Estate Agents
    As every business, real estate agents need to get leads to sell real estate. As times get tougher real estate agents are confronted with a massive change of their business as other industries are. The drop of real estate rates associated with surplus and decline demand make it hard for real estate agents to do their business. The agents with a huge number of recommendations from their private and business network are able to manage these times. But what about those who also came to the limit of their private and business network? solution could be to expand the network. Facebook. LinkedIn.
    [Engineering] Mobile Marketing Goes Online?
    By Alexander Gregori. Not so long ago marketers were excited at the prospects of a new tool: online marketing. They could send out personalized emails directly to leads via email at almost no cost, create a store front of their business with websites, place banner ads on other websites , create newsletters and blogs. Then the whole thing became more sophisticated with tools like Google AdWords, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and e-commerce. Suddenly the whole world was connected and marketers had unleashed an animal. Enter from stage left: mobile marketing! Oh my gosh.
    [Engineering] Search Engine Optimisation
    Search Engine Optimisation has been portrayed as a black art for many years. The post Search Engine Optimisation appeared first on TheWayoftheWeb. But the real secret of SEO is that it’s actually a mix of common sense and a lot of hard work. We employ some of the best SEO specialists in the UK to take care of the hard work for you – using specific tools and knowledge from working on a large number of sites in a wide range of industries. It’s not about getting you to #1 on a Google search for an irrelevant keyword. Keyword Research. SEO Workshops and Training.
    [Engineering] Search Engine Optimization History: June 12, 2005 Was a Historic Day
    When it comes to the Search Engine Optimization industry’s history, I bet that you did not know that June 12, 2005 was a historic day. According to a new tool by Google called Google Correlate , there were far more searches for “search engine optimization&# than ever before. In fact, so much so, that the data stands out like a sore thumb: If you use the new Google Correlate tool, and you search for search engine optimization , you can see clearly that June 12, 2005 was clearly amazing day when it comes to the history of search engine optimization as an industry.
    [Engineering] 10 Business tools for Small Business
    If you are looking for a small business and then you need to grow you business very well. You need to know how to expand a small business as you should know about business tools that are very important in making your small business successful. There are a plethora of business tools to grow our small business, but here are 10 important business tools that we are going to describe and these followings tools are worth a closer look. Notixtech : Nowadays, everyone is on mobile and they do mobile texting, checking mail, and checking other things like score of the game. Tweet this on Twitter!
    [Engineering] Top 10 Keyword Research Tools
    So, there is in built search engine that displays search result that are based on relevancy and sorted out on date time stamp. Nowadays, a keyword research tool is very important to compete in the arena of internet marketing as without it, there is no way to survive in the arena of internet marketing. Therefore, there are a plethora of keyword research tools, but the most top 10 keyword research tools are below. It has feature of high quality, frequently updated and clean keyword database. It is free to use and having its own keyword research tool. top keyword research tools exposed.
    [Engineering] 10 Great Ways How to Reach Global B2B Customers with LinkedIn
    This makes it much easier for the search engines to index your profile and for future customers to find it during their research online. Here you can add your websites with up to three links, your Twitter with up to two links and your interests which can be made of keywords to get better found from search engines. LinkedIn has about 100 million users from all over the world and the majority of 56% comes from outside the US. LinkedIn offers a wide toolset of features to get seen from future business partners. To list all of them would lead to far. Twitter stream. Publications.
    [Engineering] In-House Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Job Opening in Dallas
    I have a friend who currently has a job opening for a Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization / Social Media job in the Dallas, Texas area. This is a full-time in-house marketing position, and the person will handle all of the marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization for the company’s two websites. The post In-House Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Job Opening in Dallas appeared first on Bill Hartzer. Search Engine Marketing Jobs – Customer Service experience.
    [Engineering] Book Review on Global Search Engine Marketing for Search Engine World
    My Global Search Engine Marketing [Book Review] is up at Search Engine Watch – go take a look – and remember that International Social Analytics Listening is the another side of the same problem as Global Search Engine Marketing. Web Analytics
    [Engineering] DataSift Curation Engine Aims for Relevance in Real-time
    Mapping Startups & Services Filtering For Relevance In A Matrix DataSift Curation Engine Aims for Relevance in Real-time On August 27, 2010, in Social Web , by Mahendra Palsule As I have said many times previously, if 2009 was all about the hype of Real-time, the future is all about capturing Relevance in real-time. Number of Retweets Whether tweet contains a hyperlink Datasift is a rules-based engine that can filter this firehose using thousands of complex rules and provide a filtered stream in real-time within milliseconds. It is just a matter of time. link] [.]
    [Engineering] 5 ways to include your social media to offline marketing
    Offline marketing is the one of toughest jobs in these days because nobody has time to listen to the direct marketing executives and to read advertisements in the newspaper, but everybody spends around 4-5 hours on the social networking websites. So, social media is one of the cheapest ways by which company can advertise its products. Social media websites like twitter, facebook and blogs have become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. In return, you can offer them to win a contest that may be of any useful product that they are searching for.
    [Engineering] Skype down: How does this affect your marketing?
    In these days where the ability to communicate is important to stay in touch and to do business a total down of a service can mean the difference between success and failure. Kommunicaton is an important part of the business building process. Especially if you have something to sell what is much more expensive you need to open all possible channels to stay in touch with your target client and deal partners. To loose the ability to communicate means 100% failure, no matte in which businesses you are. It is vey useful to have a backup system for cases like this! Ideal for the tech savvy IT users.
  • LOUIS GRAY  |  SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2010
    [Engineering] Blippy Reviews are Crowdsourced Product Feedback Engine
    Some of the original feedback on Blippy , the purchase sharing service that tracks your linked spending, said the service was about as exciting as reading old receipts. But as the service matures and gains new features, we are seeing the content expand, making the network a potentially vast repository for first-person reviews of brands, products or customer service. Just as Foursquare has learned , the simple act of a status update displaying one's location or item purchase is not enough to build a community or a company. My quick review of a U-Haul purchase on Blippy. Kaplan said.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011
    [Engineering] 6 Smart ways for local inbound marketing for restaurants
    Your video content is indexed from search engines and makes you get better found from your target audience. Your blog content is indexed from search engines and makes you get better found from your target audience. Restaurants are mostly dependent on local clients. As any other business it is important for them to get found and to get visited in the second step. How can local internet marketing help to increase customers and revenue for restaurant? When people research for products and services they go online first. No matter if they research for local products and services.
    [Engineering] How to overcome the Social Media Cash Cow fairytale
    It’s a widespread superstition that you only need to be there in social media and you will get a ton of customers and sales. That’s 100% wrong! As any other communication channel social media has to be done the right way. How the description says, it’s a communication channel. This means two way communication and not one way dump and boring marketing slogans! Dump and boring marketing slogans are still common use in social media, and those companies still seriously think they do social media marketing. Brain vs. Budget = Inbound Marketing. Gain enough trust and credibility.
    [Engineering] Search Engine Optimization: Why We Still Need Meta Tags
    Recently, there has been a lot of debate in the search engine marketing community about some of the more simple or basic elements of search engine optimization, a web page's meta tags. Combined with the title tag, I still believe that as online marketers we absolutely need to make sure that we continue to populate these meta tags correctly and appopriately on all pages of our websites or our clients' websites even though some search engines do not use certain tags for ranking purposes. The search engines did not look at the content of the entire web page.
    [Engineering] Show 294 - All about the Referral Engine
    » Show 294 - All about the Referral Engine Show 294 of The Engaging Brand leadership and marketing podcast  is ready just for you. speaking with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing fame who has written all about the Referral Engine. speaking with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing fame who has written all about the Referral Engine. The Engaging Brand Home Podcast Online Social Media Training Speaking Contact & Bio Subscribe/RSS « Does your brand create celebrity customers? Main | Have you got the crumb factor? Is marketing on the web different?
  • INBLURBS  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 2011
    [Engineering] 6 Reasons for a corporate blog to get business leads
    In other ways, it is one of the effective efficient inbound marketing strategies to improve search engine rankings. Blogs are search engine friendly. Search engines like the latest content and always look for fresh content. will help in getting recognized online by search engines. As you get more traffic from search engines, you can get more leads for business lead generation campaigns. Corporate blogs are now of the prominent inbound marketing strategies to gain targeted web traffic. Advantages of having Corporate Blog. Show your expertise and Authority.
    [Engineering] Get targeted web traffic for small business marketing
    Inbound marketing is nothing but getting found by the customer easily in the search engines, social media networking sites etc. Search Engines. Search engines generally brings targeted traffic for sure but you need to submit your site map in these search engines and should regularly post informative content in your website by tagging with good keywords. Search engines usually grade the websites with their own rankings. So search engine rankings help in finding your website in the starting pages of the search engines. Inbound marketing.
    [Engineering] Search Engine Optimization
    Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (pdf). You can use this to understand the basics behind the scenes on how search engines like Google see your website or blog. I found a few references that might be useful to you. The first two are in PDF format, so they’ll possibly ask you to download them. They belong to Google, so I’ll presume they’re clean. Website Grader from Hubspot. This tool is a really great way of seeing how you stand with typical SEO and social engagement scoring. Start here. WordPress SEO. Hopefully this is helpful to you.
    [Engineering] comScore Search Engine Rankings for October 2013
    Every month at about this time, I try to post the search engine market share, the search engine rankings, for the previous month as reported by comScore. In retrospect, it’s interesting to look at the comScore search engine rankings for October 2007 : Google 57.0 %. Google’s websites and web properties have 66.9 percent market share. Microsoft own sites, including, took some more market share from Google, and now has 18.1 percent of searches. percent of search queries conducted during the month of October 2013 were performed on sites owned by Google.
    [Engineering] This Week in Infographics: Start Your Engines!
    Most people think that starting a business in a bad economy is a bad idea, but that’s actually not the case. There is less competition, a head start for gains once the economy turns around, and lower wages and office space prices. This first infographic highlights why now, more than ever, is the best time to start your own business. The next infographic we’ll look at compares the actual Ford Fusion and the Greenlight Collectibles car. Can you tell the difference? Toy makers have gotten very good at making toy car replicas look almost identical. It’s Startup Time in America.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011
    [Engineering] The web marketing value of Facebook like Button
    Profits of any company depends on how effectively their products are visible in Internet and how effective are their marketing strategies for getting targeted web traffic from search engines. Social Media buttons like facebook, twitter and linkedIn have huge web marketing value and also play a major role in social media marketing. Advantage of Social Media Buttons for sharing. There are different ways you can share your website or online blog articles with people online. Businesses display the number of times articles in their blog are shared in major social media communities.
    [Engineering] Search Engine Optimization Tip: How to Effectively use Keywords in your Heading Tags
    Ultimately, that will allow you to be more successful with your search engine optimization methods. This is important to do because that is what tells the search engines that these particular words found on that page are the most important from all of them that are displayed on that page. With the use of heading tags on your web pages, you offer some type of structure that is the foundation of it for the search engines. It will certainly help you to get higher rankings in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization
    [Engineering] SEO Search Engine Optimization Specialist Job Opening in Dallas Texas
    ClickMotive, a company that provides digital marketing solutions for the automotive industry, is looking for SEO Specialists to fill a role as part of the Search Team supporting car dealers in their Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing efforts. Staying current on Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing topics. Search Engine Marketing JobsCandidates should have 1 to 3 years of SEO experience as well as strong communication skills and desire to learn new things. Familiarity with Excel and basic html would also prove valuable. Proficient at Microsoft Excel.
    [Engineering] Search Engine Marketing Specialist Job Opening in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
    LuckyVitamin Corporation, a Top 500 E-commerce retailer located in the King of Prussia, PA area is looking to hire a Search Engine Marketing Specialist. – Administer daily operational tasks associated with search engine marketing. – Manage relationships with search engine vendors and other third parties on behalf of company. – Experience with major search engines and paid search networks (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook). Search Engine Marketing Jobs– Analyze keyword library and expand appropriately. – Update reports and databases.
    [Engineering] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & New Search Engine Community
    This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup and a new search engine news community on Search Engines / SEO / Analytics. For all of you who loved being able to voice your opinion about news in the Internet marketing and search engine world, but have sadly lost your say on Sphinn, why not check out SERPD ! The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. Blogging / Writing. Facebook. look at four Facebook success stories.
    [Engineering] Search Engine Marketing Job Opening: Advertising Inventory Analyst
    Related posts: Search Engine Marketing Job Opening: Search Project Manager ICONSTAFF has openings for a Search Project Manager. Search Engine Marketing Job Opening: Account Directors ICONSTAFF has openings for Account Directors. Search Engine Optimization and Network Marketing: How to Get More Leads I had an interesting conversation over the weekend with Marvin, Tags: Search Engine Marketing Jobs ICONSTAFF has an opening for a motivated, organized and energetic Advertising Inventory Analyst. Running various reports from the ad server and site analytics application.
    [Engineering] Bing Search Engine Losing Users Fast
    Bing , one of the newest search engines on the block powered by Microsoft, had a great opening with a strong marketing campaign, but lately has been declining on the number of new users to the search engine. According to stats recently released from a study performed by Chitika , an online ad network, traffic from August through the first half of October appears to show that the number of users coming through Microsoft’s search engine has declined much more quickly than they were expecting for this time of year. Tags: Search Engines Share this on
    [Engineering] GROUPON your Revenue
    GROUPON is a deal of the day website that is localized to major markets worldwide. GROUPON negotiates huge discounts up to 90% off with popular, large and small businesses worldwide. They send the deals to thousands of subscribers in their daily email, and send the businesses a lot of new customers. nlike other advertising models like classified, it doesn't cost the merchant anything to participate. GROUPON uses social marketing sites like Twitter and Facebook to further promote the offer. One coffee shop in Portland was swamped with a stampede of over 1000 customers on the first day.
  • ENGAGE  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 2014
    [Engineering] How Search Engine Marketing Can Quickly Drive Traffic to Your Website
    When a person conducts a search, search engines filter through hundreds of thousands of websites in a matter of milliseconds to provide results relevant to the search query. If your site is not optimized to show up in organic search rankings (SEO—search engine optimization) or you are not running a paid search campaign (SEM) , it will be difficult for your prospective clients to find your website unless they manually type in your web address. SEM stands for search engine marketing, and it’s a way to drive traffic to a site by essentially paying for it. It’s 10:30 p.m.
    [Engineering] Google’s CookieChoices.Org Search Engine Now 404 , the search engine (a version of Google) that Google registered and then put live for a few days is now gone. RT @bhartzer : Google's [link] search engine is now LIVE [link]. Domain Names Google Search Engines Well, I didn’t expect that. Or maybe I did? Back in mid May, right after the European ruling came down related to the “right to remove” your details from Google, a mysterious domain name called was registered. The whois record showed that it was, in fact, owned by Google and pointed to their name servers.
    [Engineering] Throwback Thursday: LookSmart Search Engine Circa 1999
    Search Engines Do you remember LookSmart? Back in 1999, the LookSmart website looked like this: Back in 1999, you could search the web from the site’s home page, or you could click on one of their categories, and then a few more clicks… and then finally get to their content. For example, there was shopping content: This was essentially merely a list of search results, with plenty of featured sponsors and sponsored ads. And “article” from was #1 for the “shopping and services” search results/category.
    [Engineering] Launches Map-Based Vacation Rental Search Engine
    As you might recall, a while back I talked about the Hotpads Search Engine when it was launched. Recently, , the housing search engine, introduced a new way for cost-conscious shoppers to plan their next vacation with an interactive, map-based Vacation Rental search. This is the first map-based vacation rental search engine. Search Engine Marketing and Website Marketing Services As a search engine marketing and website marketing professional since. Tags: Search Engines There is nothing more important to vacation homes than location.
    [Engineering] 5 Keys to Ensure Your Business Blog Content is SEO Friendly
    They offer a valuable opportunity to increase exposure to your website and improve your search engine rankings with each and every post you create. Search engines give great weight to content that’s housed within title and header tags. Second, images have the ability to appear in a search engine’s image search; a function completely separate from the typical organic search results. These not only increase the number of links to your pages (a huge factor in search engine rankings), but they also give you a chance to integrate those keywords again. Not SEO savvy?
    [Engineering] 7 Tips to Target Customers and Get massive Search Engine Traffic
    7 Tips to Target Customers and Get massive Search Engine Traffic. Your corporate blogs and business websites need to have much search engine traffic to increase your revenues and profits. Here are 7 tips for you that can help you to target your potential customers and help get you massive search engine traffic to gain high profits. 1- Know your customers – first of all you need to know your customers well and from where they are. Do you have any tips on how to increase your Search Engine Traffic? Find here more info in our Categories: Get Found Online (181).
  • E-LIGN  |  THURSDAY, JULY 25, 2013
    [Engineering] Why Are My Search Engine Keywords Returning (Not Provided)?
    One powerful example of this is viewing and learning from the data provided by search engines. In addition to information on referring domains, search engines typically send over the keywords searched by the visitor. The biggest search engine out there is Google, and up until a few years ago, openly shared the information they collect about the search terms used to find a particular page. The search engine went “dark” for users that are signed into their services. After The post Why Are My Search Engine Keywords Returning (Not Provided)?
  • KIKOLANI  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 30, 2010
    [Engineering] Does Search Engine Optimization Benefit Your Visitors?
    These 9 tips are geared toward simple ways to optimize your site for your visitors, not just for search engines, although these techniques might help you get better rankings as well. Whether you like SEO or not, I hope you will enjoy my latest guest post “ 9 Search Optimization Tips with Benefits for Your Visitors.&#. Included with these 9 suggestions are 35 resources and tools on implementing each of the on and offsite optimization recommendations. This guest post is also an entry to the Bad Ass SEO Guest Blogging Contest. 200 Prize Sponsors. Link Building from Daniel McGonagle.
    [Engineering] Improving your business in social media
    Lists are best ways to attract search engines. Social media marketing is one of the cheapest ways of marketing and brings quality traffic for your lead generation campaigns. This article provides important tips to use major social media marketing sites to generate traffic for your small business. Using Facebook for your business. Facebook is one of the top social media marketing sites in Internet that is now having tremendous popularity online. Millions of people all over the world visit facebook. To increase your business visibility in facebook, these are the best option. Create lists.
    [Engineering] Six Skills Every PR Pro Needs
    Search Engine Optimization. Now we have to take that skill and learn how to optimize our content so it’s being crawled by the search engines, while also being highly valuable and engaging. Search Engine Marketing. Communication Trends content marketing inbound marketing integration pr industry PR pros results search engine marketing search engine optimizationIf you missed it a few weeks ago, the New York Times  wrote a piece about redefining public relations. You see, the last time PR was defined was in 1982. Yes, 30 years ago. Content Marketing.
  • INBLURBS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2011
    [Engineering] Inbound marketing targeted low cost lead generation and where to start?
    Up to 434% more indexed pages in search engines. When businesses become aware of inbound marketing strategy they don’t know where to start. The necessary tasks which need to be done to do an effective sales lead generation online sometimes look overwhelming for most of the business owners and company marketing professionals! Mostly the question occurs “where can I find one resource to tie all the loose ends together” to get started the easy way? But on the end there is no easy way with inbound marketing. This strategy is a “the more you put in, the more you put out game”.
    [Engineering] November 2010 Search Engine Market Share
    Every month about this time comScore releases the search engine rankings data, and I report it here. These are not the actual search engine rankings that you see when you search at a search engine, which are constantly changing. comScore, Inc. NASDAQ: SCOR) , a leader in measuring the digital world, has recently released its monthly comScore qSearch analysis of the U.S. search marketplace. Google Sites led the explicit core search market in November with 66.2 percent of searches conducted. It actually looks like Google’s sites are going up in market share. percent.
    [Engineering] Initial Impressions: Lazyfeed Discovery Engine - The Steve Rubel.
    Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 18 Jul 2009 Initial Impressions: Lazyfeed Discovery Engine This morning I received an invitation to Lazyfeed , which debuted at the TechCrunch event last week. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Louis Gray has been playing with it and likes what he sees. Here are my initial impressions. Screen grabs follow. Pros: Its a great way to discover new content to either read or eventually share with others. found some great content such as how to get your Gmail Task list outside of Gmail and more.
    [Engineering] How to reach 43 percent of all online consumers with your brand message
    Stats show 43 percent of all online consumers are in social media. Is your business there too? 78% of online consumers research online before they buy! They research preferred in blogs and their social networks. Can your future or existing customers find you in social media? Are they able to find you when they research on Google, Yahoo or Bing? By engaging in social media you increase your chances by about 54% to get found from your target audience when thy research for products your business also has to offer. An average Facebook user has about 130 friends. Start a blog. Engage in Facebook.
    [Engineering] 5 Steps to Attract More Customers and Increase online Sales
    5 Steps to Attract More Customers and Increase online Sales. Attracting more and more customers for your business blogs is very essential to increase online sales. It is therefore needed for you to focus on better marketing strategies and techniques that will help you to attract more customers for your business blogs. Here are some simple steps to attract more customers and increase sales. 1- Attract more customers by adding great content. Secondly you can announce some prizes and contests for your customers and can arrange good prizes for them. Tweet this on Twitter! Download article as PDF.
    [Engineering] Spammers Still Hurting the Search Engine Optimization Industry
    No wonder the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) industry has such as bad reputation. I am amazed that there are still so many SEO snake oil salesman out there spamming small businesses. The only way that the Search Engine Optimization industry is going to start to get our reputation back is if we start educating local businesses about what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable when promoting a business online. Tags: Search Engine Marketing bhqi547xyn. Let me ask you one question, first. Have you ever heard of a “heated pet&# ? Until I started reading it.
  • INBLURBS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2011
    [Engineering] Facebook’s Online Education Center for Businesses
    As you publish content and do discussions and interaction on Facebook you increase your chances to get indexed from the search engines like Bing. This could bring your content up in the top search results and help you to get seen through your Facebook marketing on the search engines. Facebook has over 700 million users worldwide. It has become a powerful part of marketing and communication for major businesses and thousands of small and mi sized businesses as well. B2B and B2C companies profit from it reach and various marketing opportunities. Facebook for Business.
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 2011
    [Engineering] Social Media puts your business at risk! Are you prepared?
    The marketing technology company Alterian found out that 80% of companies struggle to analyze their social media data. As social media marketing is estimated to increase in the next twelve months by up to 25% companies should have clear how the online – social media conversation can impact their brand. Not taking the effort to monitor social media conversation can result in the risk of failing to engage with potential new and existing customers on the web! How about your business? Are you monitoring social media to know what conversation is going on about your company? Bad news spread faster.
    [Engineering] 2015 SEO No-No’s
    In this article you will find the top 5 tips of what not to do when you’re trying to optimize your online pieces for search engine purposes. Digital Marketing SEO Google Google AdWords Google Panda Organic search Search engine marketing Search engine optimization Search engine results page SERPs Web search engine We see the articles containing tips of what to do when it comes to SEO all the time- redundant, complicated, and hard-to-implement. To some extent we cover the same basics here, but with a twist. The post 2015 SEO No-No’s appeared first on.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011
    [Engineering] Inbound marketing or think globally and work locally
    Most companies think to get customers from all over the world but miss to focus on their local area, which is much easier than to try to get customers form the other side of the world. The best and easiest way is to get your Google Places listing first. This is very easy and a great point to start your local marketing! Make your listing in Google Places. To get found you will need to find the best long tail keywords and to include them into your published content. Research long taile keywords and include them into your content. Did you build your Facebook fan page yet for your business?
    [Engineering] LeapFish Search Engine Continues to Grow User Base
    I have talked about the LeapFish search engine earlier , as you might recall. I am a lover of LeapFish, particularly because I think LeapFish is one search engine that might actually have a chance of making it to the big-time. LeapFish anticipates that there will be more than 20 million searches in 2010 at their search engine. LeapFish reported that at its ongoing growth rate and with its new partnerships, the search engine anticipates more than 20 million searches to be executed in 2010. comScore December 2009 Search Engine Rankings comScore, Inc. Digg this!
    [Engineering] Cranberry Launches Search Engine Optimization for People Service
    Cranberry , a company led by led by Internet visionary David McInnis (formerly of PRWeb ), has launched PeoplePond , an Internet service that provides search engine optimized (SEO) profiles and online identity verification services for individuals. Related posts: Search Engine Optimization: Why We Still Need Meta Tags Recently, there has been a lot of debate in the. Search Engine Optimization: Is Social Sharing the Next Link Building? Search Engine Optimization: Why a Blog is Important When talking to business owners about marketing their businesses on. Peter Joles.
    [Engineering] Using Social Media Monitoring to Improve Your Search Engine.
    Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « 7 Important Steps to Great Business Communication Spacebook and Danceroulette Music Video » Using Social Media Monitoring to Improve Your Search Engine Marketing Relevance Posted by admin Aug 27th, 2010 Tweet Written by J-P De Clerck , who is an experienced content, conversion and social media consultant. Maximizing effectiveness for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be quite costly and rather time consuming. These were selected to draw from the search engines.
    [Engineering] Search Engine Adds New Features including Anonymous Twitter
    Aafter , a search engine that bills itself as a high privacy search engine and one that actually pays you to search, has added many new features, including a new way to post to Twitter anonymously. There are web search engines on the internet that are really useful in terms of its multi-faceted utilities. often use a site called which is a high privacy web search engine that works much faster than other popular search engines. here is a list of what has recently added to their search engine: Cash-Back on Lowest Online Prices.
    [Engineering] Internet population has crossed 2 billion
    The UN’s telecommunication agency released a statement that the number of internet users in the world has now touched the 2 billion mark. Around 6.8 billion people are on the planet currently. The statement shows that about a third of the world population surfs online. The exact figure stands at 2.08 billion at the end of 2010, compared to 1.86 billion a year before. The Arab region (88 million) achieved the greatest growth and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Asia and the Pacific are the leaders, with more than 857 million internet users. Download Our FREE Report Here.
    [Engineering] 10 Reasons Why Your Competition Is Beating You On Social Media
    Tweet Although you might not want to admit it, I bet you’re paying attention to how your competition is doing on social media. Have you noticed lately that their social media profiles are growing a lot faster than your company’s social media profiles? It might be because of one of these ten reasons: 1. Your competition has a presence on multiple social media sites. Your competition understands the importance and value of building an online brand presence through the use of multiple social media platforms. Create a presence on all the popular social media sites. 2.
    [Engineering] Drew McLellan - The Marketing Minute: Real time search engine for.
    [Engineering] If You Don’t Think Social Signals are Important for SEO, You Don’t Know Google Very Well
    There are still many in the search engine optimization industry that are fighting the concept that Google (and Bing) is taking social signals into account at a high level when determining search rankings. There’s another thing to consider, though, as pointed out by Search Engine Watch last month. Bing Featured Google Search Engines bing google Google Analytics search engine optimization Search Engine Watch search engines Searching Web search engineIf you test it thoroughly, it because extremely clear that it’s real. Are you listening?
    [Engineering] How to transform your offline marketing to online inbound marketing
    More and more Marketers which are active in offline marketing start switch their marketing to the web. To gain profits from the switch from offline to offline you need to set a committed strategy. This strategy includes a rework of your offline activities to drive your audience online and a website optimization, re design or complete rework to capture your audiences’ attention. Here are useful tips how you can make it work for your business. Drive your audience from offline to online. To achieve this you should include your website URL in all of your print material. Groupon your revenue.
    [Engineering] Link Building Strategies for Search Engine Optimization in Dallas October 14
    have to admit, search engine optimization (SEO) is difficult. Not only do you have to have a great website that takes into account the “best practices&# of search engine optimization, like Title Tags, Meta Tags, Heading Tags, Alt Tags, and making sure your “keywords&# are mentioned on the page, you have to deal with the constant, proper link building. To get noticed by the search engines and to get noticed by the search engines, you need to concentrate on getting links that other people will notice. What about a “grey hat&# link? Does it matter?
    [Engineering] comScore August 2010 Search Engine Rankings
    Every month about this time comScore releases the search engine rankings data, and I report it here. These are not the actual search engine rankings that you see when you search at a search engine, which are constantly changing. 0.0. * “Total Core Search&# is based on the five major search engines, including partner searches, cross-channel searches and contextual searches. Searches for mapping, local directory, and user-generated video sites that are not on the core domain of the five search engines are not included in these numbers. comScore, Inc.
    [Engineering] Is your health care institution prepared to communicate in social media?
    A study done by National Research, a health care research firm discovered that 96% of their respondents use Facebook, 28% of their respondents use YouTube and 22% of their respondents use Twitter to research on information about health care. The study shows that people which are more likely to use social media for health care information research have an average age of 42 and live in households $75,000 annual earnings or more available. What does it mean for hospitals, local doctors and other health care related businesses to engage in social media in real time? Do you respond in real time?
    [Engineering] SEO Strategies: Optimisation Ideas for Your Google+ Page
    With this development, search engine optimisation has evolved yet again, as it always does with any advancement on the Web. Influence – Expand your connections by joining the Google+ community in various networks; this way, Google’s search engine spiders will find your Page appealing. Google+ Google google plus guest blog search engine search engine optimisation seo SEO strategiesMost of us know that social media has been playing a big role in several businesses’ Internet marketing campaign. And, right now, Google+ is one of the dominating social networking sites.
    [Engineering] Start Your Engines: It’s Startup Time in America
    Many people are skeptical about starting their own business, especially in this economy. However, now is probably the best time to do so. There is less competition, office space costs are low, and you’ll have a head start on gains once the economy turns around. Check out the infographic below presented by ProfitBricks to learn more about why now is the best time to start your own business. Infographics business economy infographic startup
    [Engineering] Throwback Thursday: Search Engine
    At that time, Ask thought the future of search was people who went to search engines to ask a question. The post Throwback Thursday: Search Engine appeared first on Bill Hartzer. Related posts: Throwback Thursday: Search Engine Watch Circa 1999 Today is Thursday, and every Thursday I try to feature. Throwback Thursday: LookSmart Search Engine Circa 1999 Do you remember LookSmart? Throwback Thursday: iWon Search Engine, Circa 2001 Today is Thursday July 3, 2014, and that means that. Search Engines Oh how they were wrong. And not questions.
    [Engineering] Seven Reasons Why Your Facebook Page Doesn’t Cut it as a Replacement for a Website
    They rank well in search engines (for the most part) and they’re easy to update with pictures, links, and text. . It’s not an e-commerce engine or indexable website. And they want you to create fresh content so you rank better in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization. Business Marketing Strategies and Tactics Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Facebook Page replacement for a website search engineIt seems to happen a lot: a company solves their website woes with a Facebook page. And no website. Yes, Facebook pages are great. commerce.
    [Engineering] 5 ToDos for your Social Media Success in 2011
    You should focus on major trands to market your business. Here below are 5 todo's for you to be a step ahead of your competition! 1. Shift your employee recruitment to social media. Let your employees find you! The same rules which apply to attract new customers the social media way, also apply to attract new employees. You need to be there before you offer a job. Means, you need to communicate and to generate trust before you are actively looking for employees. You can do this by show a human face of your company. Let your staff write a blog and show insides of your corporate culture.
    [Engineering] 8 Ways to increase your conversion rate
    As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential element of any inbound marketing strategy and can account for up to 25% of your website search engine results. 3. Implementing Landing Pages. Optimizing Website and Content for Conversion. Implementing Micro Sites.
    [Engineering] Why most companies will lose the search engine war
    [Engineering] UC Berkeley’s Engineers Week #Fireside2020 – Innovation & Inclusion Panel 2/26
    Engineers Week was created to connect students from disparate engineering departments, showcase the achievements of our 62+ student organizations, and highlight UC Berkeley’s commitment to promoting diversity and emotional engagement on campus. Location: Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center. Hosted by UC Berkeley’s Engineers Week. We are pleased to announce we have partnered with Tequity, a newly established student organization focused on outreach and minority inclusion, to launch Fireside 2020. – Kat Manalac | Moderator | Partner at YC.
    [Engineering] United Domains Launches Search Engine for Online Names
    The domain name registrar United Domains has officially launched , new search engine for discovering and registering online names. You can use Namecheck to do a simultaneous search of domain names, trademarks and usernames for the most popular social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The easy to read results page lists available domains, usernames, and word-based trademarks in green, registered ones in red. United Domains acquired the domain name in November 2010 for $50,000. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Digg this!
  • BILL HARTZER  |  MONDAY, JULY 20, 2009
    [Engineering] comScore Search Engine Rankings for June 2009
    This is the first time we’re seeing data that includes the new search engine percentage point gain versus May, after introducing its new search engine, Bing.&#. Based on the five major search engines including partner searches and cross-channel searches. Searches for mapping, local directory, and user-generated video sites that are not on the core domain of the five search engines are not included in the core search numbers. Based on the five major search engines including partner searches and cross-channel searches. comScore, Inc. has 19.6
    [Engineering] Getting found online with social media SEO
    And since search engines started indexing social media content, social media SEO helps you easily to get found online. Getting found online is now very easy with the help of social media SEO. There are many websites that help you to get found online. Get found online with presentations: It is easy to get found online by sharing your presentations in some top websites which are visited by customers. By sharing your expertise, you get found online very easily. Some of the top sites where you can share your presentations are. Slide share. Docstoc. LinkedIn. Facebook. Myspace. Youtube.
    [Engineering] Coliseum New Home of Oakland Raiders and A’s; Deal Will Help Their Search Engine Rankings
    But did you know that this deal also will include text links, which will ultimately help’s organic search engine rankings in Google? Based on my previous extensive link building and link research, it is inevitable: whenever a company buys the naming rights to a public stadium where events are held and tickets are sold, the site’s search engine rankings always go up. Which, in turn, will help their organic, or natural search engine rankings. The agreement with the Internet retailer will run for six years at a cost of $7.2 million. Tweet This!
    [Engineering] 102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)
    Search is as popular as ever, but the percentage of searches actually done on search engines declined slightly in 2012 (by about 1%). Still, organic search on search engines drive 50% of all referring traffic, compared to less than 8% for social media. YouTube is the world’s second largest social media site, with 800 million unique monthly visitors, and the second largest search engine. Professionals in architecture and engineering (7 years) and management (6.3 What do buyers really want from social media marketers? 25 Social Media Facts and Statistics. 1.
    [Engineering] Pick Up The Commitment Engine
    My friend, John Jantsch, has a new book out that I love called The Commitment Engine (affiliate link). I’m just about to launch a new podcast, and this serves as a kind of “preview” episode before the “official launch” of that. Listen in to this interview, mostly about The Commitment Engine, and a chat with the Duct Tape marketer himself, John Jantsch. Make sure to check out The Commitment Engine. But this isn’t about me. This is about John. Well, it’s also about me. He cross-interviews me from time to time, too. Low tech. : ).
    [Engineering] comScore February 2010 Search Engine Rankings
    Every month about this time comScore releases the search engine rankings data, and I report it here. These are not the actual search engine rankings that you see when you search at a search engine, which are constantly changing. Based on the five major search engines including partner searches and cross-channel searches. Searches for mapping, local directory, and user-generated video sites that are not on the core domain of the five search engines are not included in the core search numbers. comScore December 2009 Search Engine Rankings comScore, Inc.
    [Engineering] November 2013 Search Engine Rankings Released, Google Loses Market Share
    comScore has released its monthly search engine rankings, the numbers that detail the search engine market share. Google actually lost search engine market share last month, as it went down 0.2 Google now has 66.7 percent of the market share for searches, followed by Microsoft (Bing) with 18.1 percent, and Yahoo! with 11.2 percent. is down to 2.6 percent and AOL now has only 1.4 searches were conducted in November 2013, with Google’s websites ranking first with 12.1 billion searches. Microsoft had 3.3 with 253 million. percent. Internet Usage
    [Engineering] 31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO
    ” As indicated by the posts from Search Engine Watch and All Twitter highlighted below, that is starting to change, but only just. Beyond Search & Social: Online Marketing in 2014 by Search Engine Journal. Time for a New Definition of SEO by Search Engine Watch. Social Search Engine Marketing Throws Search Experts A Lifeline by MediaPost. Laurie Sullivan reports on recent research showing that “Social signals continue to make their way into search results—making social search engine optimization the next major trend in organic listing.
    [Engineering] 3.5 billion Reasons for Content Marketing on Facebook for Lead Generation
    This makes it easier for search engines to find your content and to index it. This makes it easier for search engines to find your content and to index it. More than 3.5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, videos, etc.) shared each week on Facebook. Facebook is accessible in 70 languages and has about 750 million users worldwide and there is actually 1,5+ million active business pages online. There is no doubt if you want to reach your target audience the chances are good that they are on Facebook. But what’s in for your business you will ask now?
    [Engineering] Overtake 33 Percent of your Competition by Measure your Marketing ROI
    If you are in B2B than this data could be very interesting for you! Moreover if you read them backwards you can learn how to overtake about 33% of your competition by simply measure your marketing ROI. A new research done be Sagefrog Marketing Group and reported be eMarketer found out that about 33% of B2B companies did not track return on investment (ROI) at all. Do you measure your marketing ROI? If not yet you should do it as soon as possible. To measure the marketing ROI is easier than you think. What does this mean to your business when you are selling primarily to B2B? Salesforce.
    [Engineering] How I Tweaked my WordPress Blog to Rank Better in the Search Engines
    As bloggers and website owners, improving our websites is an absolute must, and search engine optimization is important if we want to get more traffic through search engines. But I also knew that I couldn’t have the old pages and the new posts existing together because that would create duplicate content issues for my site with the search engines. also preferred to have more pages indexed by the search engines anyway. How I Tweaked my WordPress Blog to Rank Better in the Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization SEO wordpressHere’s how I did it.
    [Engineering] Study shows: 20 of 100 of your customers are researching on Google
    Udi Manber, Google’s VP of Engineering, gave a brief 15 minute presentation where he also explained that 20 to 25% of the queries we see today, we have never seen before.”. People hear from their friends’ info about products and services and then they go to their favorite search engines and try to find more information on. More and more people research online on search engines before they buy products and services. To tag it right with long tail keywords and include a keyword rich description can also help to get it found on the search engines.
  • WORKFACE  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 2011
    [Engineering] Going Social in Search Engines
    How can search engines become more social? Make no mistake about it, social media websites will start to operate more like search engines, and search engines will start to operate more like social networks. Search engines (think Google & Bing) on the other hand, have vast troves of data indexed. It's been widely covered that Bing is incorporating social data into search engine results. Survey: Can you see search engines such as Google and Bing becoming social tools in the future? Search engines and social media will always be separate. 13.87.
    [Engineering] 6 smart steps to start up your Inbound Marketing in 2011
    With inbound marketing you can gain a competitive advantage against others, the smart way! Some advantages of inbound marketing for your business: A. Save up to 60% of their marketing budgets. B. Stand out of their competition. C. Generate a massive amount of leads. D. Get up to 55% higher lead conversion rates. E. Increase investor rates the smart way. 1. Identify your buyer persona to reach them laser targeted. To know who your buyer persona is gives you the opportunity to learn where they are on the web, so you can reach them laser target. Setup landing pages to capture leads.
    [Engineering] 47 Percent of your competitors are not using Social Media for business
    As social media is indexed through search engines, the chances are good that your business appears in search results of the big search engines when potential customers are researching on the web! Hiscox surveyed US small business leaders and found out that 47% do not use social media for business. Furthermore 24% of the surveyed stated they do it when they have the time and about 14% indicated they don’t know enough about it. Maybe they do communication through telepathy or any other exciting media. I am just kidding, let’s get serious now. It will never be perfect!
    [Engineering] Recruit your employees online and save thousands of dollars
    How business has gone the social media marketing way there also recruiting is changing. Business will spend less money in the future on head hunters and advertising to attract employees! Recruiters will increasingly use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to discover their candidates. Studies show that about that about 60 to 70 percent of recruiting is now happening through social networks. Ted Williams, the “homeless man with a golden voice,&# is a prime example of where recruiters are hunting for talent. Involve all your employees in your social media activities.
  • SOSHABLE  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 2013
    [Engineering] Hiplogiq’s Engagement Engine Drives Clients’ Social Success with Real-Time Leads
    ” Using a business’ keywords, location-based tracking, and social media influence scores, HipLogiq’s patented Engagement Engine(TM) technology monitors Twitter conversations in real time, looking for relevant tweets. ” When a customer downloads the offer, he or she is entered into the Engagement Engine, which is an automated email marketing follow-up system. Big or small, all businesses face the same day-to-day marketing and lead generation question: “How do I find new customers who are actively looking for the products and services I sell?”
    [Engineering] Top Search Engine Optimization Firms for December 2009
    Every month, Top SEOs comes out with a list of what they think are the top search engine optimization firms, the top search engine optimization companies. As someone who has been in the search engine optimization industry since the mid 1990s, I can tell you that while I don’t totally agree with these “rankings&# , it could be a place to start looking if you’re wanting to hire a search engine optimization company. Related posts: comScore December 2009 Search Engine Rankings comScore, Inc. Tags: Search Engine Optimization Perhaps.
    [Engineering] Who is most important - the captain or the engineer?
    If you want brand loyalty, customer loyalty or team loyalty always remember this little story. " A ships captain and his chief engineer got into an argument about which one was more important to the ship. The Chief went up to the bridge and the Captain went down to the engine room. Business is all about relationships. Relationships to products and services. Relationships between leaders, teams, relationships between investors, suppliers, customers etc etc. remember Dad saying always remember relationships work best when both respect, and both work together. allows you to listen.I
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