[Engineering] How to Build a Billion Dollar SEO Empire
    Jacob King was the first person to discover this back in 2013 and prompted Barry Schwartz, owner of Search Engine Roundtable to question whether Retail Me Not and other brands under Google Ventures’ watch would ever be subject to Google penalties. I’m well aware that the number of domains that a website gets links from is not the only important factor when it comes to search engine rankings. knew about the company already, but I had no idea about the scale in which they were absolutely annihilating their competitors. Billion dollars. version of their website, here.
    [Engineering] Easy B2B Tips for Google+ Users
    If businesses reciprocate by giving nods of approval to the things you post, that could mean your company ranks higher in search engines. 'Businesses often use Google+ to connect with target audience members but forget it’s also a useful tool to gain prominence among peers in the marketplace. As this is an invaluable aspect of Google+, keep reading to get some actionable strategies for reaching out to other businesses in an effort to benefit your own. Use Google Circles to Create Personas. Create one for vendors, another for advertisers, and so on. Know What Resonates With Visitors.
    [Engineering] This Has to Be the Worst Excuse for Charging for Link Removals
    ” link building Search Engine Optimization 'One of the tasks that I help website owners with is cleaning up their website’s backlinks. If a site has been penalized by Google, or the website has been penalized by the Google Penguin algorithm update, then it’s necessary to take the time to try to get the low quality and toxic links that are pointing to your website removed. have actually a pretty good response rate when it comes to contacting the site owners. Many are very helpful and will remove links if you ask politely. But the one I got today has to top the cake.
  • LOUIS GRAY  |  MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014
    [Engineering] Automatic Takes On My Driving Data, Says Slow Down
    The dongle monitors engine health, and promises to avoid your needing to go to the dealership for repairs if your check engine light goes on, taking away one of life''s greatest mysteries. 'Data makes you smarter, and can make you improve your behavior. The more we learn about how what we consume impacts our bodies, how exercise can help you lose weight, and how smart energy use can reduce costs and be helpful for the environment, improves all our life decisions. Trip reports from Automatic Show Costs, Quality of Driving Setting up Automatic was, as you would expect, very easy.
    [Engineering] 6 Lessons for Writing Irresistibly Magnetic Blog Post Headlines
    Blog Promotion Case Studies Search Engine Optimization Writing Content 'This is a guest contribution from Matthew Capala of SearchDecoder.com. Many newbie (and sometimes even veteran) bloggers erroneously spend 95% of their time creating blog content and only 5% pondering titles. Unfortunately for these bloggers, most readers’ attention spans expire in seconds. Unless you reel in your readers instantly, your well-crafted content goes largely unnoticed and going viral becomes impossible. Set aside at least 15 to 30 minutes for choosing a magnetic title after crafting your post.
    [Engineering] Keyword Density: When Is It Enough?
    can’t tell any client that having a phrase appear on-page 10 times will return first page search engine results (SERP). 'Last week I was chatting with a client about their on-page content, specifically they wanted to know “how many times their intended keywords should appear on their web page?” ” I told them what I tell all of my clients, that there is no magic number. Instead it’s about having good, relevant content in addition to mentioning the intended keyword phrase. However it also takes website visitors to bring up web traffic numbers too.
    [Engineering] Reaching Out to Birth Parents Via Social Media
    Among the ways: Create a blog – You can start a blog with basic information about yourself so you can be easily found in search engines. 'According to PBS.org , adoptions represent approximately 2.5 percent of all children in the United States. That means that each year, there are 1.5 million adoptions taking place in the U.S. alone. But what about these kids’ natural parents? Do they ever go looking for them? And if so, how do they go about doing this? And if so, how do you go about finding that information? How adoptees can find their birth parents. Using social media.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2014
    [Engineering] My Voice Is My Password
    " The news item goes on to source several interesting technology companies that are working to replace text passwords with things like fingerprint readers, voice recognition engines and even heart rhythm monitors. 'Is your head bleeding? Is your heart bleeding? Here''s my thought (and, I say this with full disclosure that I am no IT expert and have limited knowledge of the hacking space beyond a personal interest in better understanding technology - peace and love. peace and love.), but the process of text-based passwords needs to be tossed out. It just has to happen. It gets worse.
    [Engineering] Key success factors in viral videos marketing
    type the ad name on Youtube engine to show it to  friend) is not reflected. 'After watching hundreds and hundreds of the most successful commercial video, I identified four major current trends that make brands successful viral video producer. You can look at the video here: First, global corporation extensively investing in TV advertising use social media to give to their TV ads a 2 nd life. For example, Evian (Danone), the most performing commercial channel on YouTube with over 230 millions accumulated views, massively invest in distribution. They buy YouTube sponsored video placement.
    [Engineering] Google Adds Report Spam, Paid Links, Malware Page to Quality Guidelines Navigation
    Google Search Engines 'In the past 24 hours, Google appears to have added a new page as a part of their quality guidelines: a page that explains how to report spam, paid links, malware, and other problems. Previously this page was not a part of their quality guidelines located here. However, a tool that I use to track such changes indicates that this is a new page, or at least it was just added to the Quality Guidelines. The Report Spam, Paid Links, Malware, and Other page has several sections: Spam. Paid Links. Copyright Issues. Objectionable Content. Malware. Other.
    [Engineering] The Benefits of Making a Business Blog Available in Multiple Languages
    It enhances a business’s internet presence by ranking the blog higher in non-English search engines, in addition to English search engines. 'Your company blog: while often neglected due to its perceived lack of purpose (and the commitment it requires), it is also a personal way to convey a message to a client base that isn’t possible with different forms of social media. In short, it’s a cost-effective and simple way to connect to an audience and receive their feedback. Breaking the Barriers. It creates a barrier between a customer and the business he is paying for a service.
    [Engineering] From MAGNET: Find New Talent
    This program allows Northeast Ohio manufacturers to be part of the solution and help attract and engage young people in engineering and manufacturing careers. MAGNET student interns learn by doing under the supervision of senior product development engineers. Engineering Technology. This pre-engineering program is a rigorous national curriculum that prepares students to pursue an engineering related or technical program in college. By the end of 11th grade, these students have studied digital electronics, principles of engineering and blueprint reading.
    [Engineering] What Every Marketing Department Needs to Know About Google+
    Google+ and YouTube Work Hand in Hand The world’s biggest search engine owns the world’s second biggest search engine (YouTube), and YouTube is now integrated with Google+ through the comments system. '“Ghost town.” ” “Waste of time.” ” “It’ll never happen.” These are common sentiments when it comes to Google+, but it really is time to rethink your strategy because  Google+ is not going away. know, your department’s resources are all tied up with other channels, like Twitter and Facebook, and you think Google+ may well be a flash in the pan.
    [Engineering] How to Host Your Domain Name with Bing.com For Free
    could imagine that they might not have a problem with it, as you’re technically giving the Bing.com search engine “free traffic” and visitors, they might not want you doing this. 'Tired of having to pay for web hosting and don’t want to park your domain name with a domain name parking company ? Well, you can (temporarily) host your domain name with Bing.com for free. Just as a disclaimer, while I have discovered that this works, I have not verified with anyone at Bing as to whether they are “okay” with doing this. How to host your domain with Bing.
    [Engineering] Some Questions About Your Questionable Content
    68% start their content sourcing at search engines and portals, 40% go to vendor websites, and 25% are activated by an email from a trusted source or peer." search engine. 'Marketers, we have a problem. Do you know how long an effective Facebook post should be? If I told you forty characters, what would your reaction be? tweet should be 100 characters (even though Twitter affords you 140 of them). It makes perfect sense, right? know that people like Tom Webster over at Edison Research is, without a doubt, rolling his eyes. I''m with him. Ahh, the human condition. So mystical.
    [Engineering] How Does Social Media Impact a B-to-B Purchase?
    46% of buyers use search engines to start their purchasing process. 'B-to-B purchases are usually more complex and the selling cycles are longer with multiple decision makers in the mix. recently read a post by Heidi Cohen,  B2B Purchase Process 2014: What You Need to Know , that highlights findings from the DemandGen’s 2014 B2B buyers behavior survey. Here are some points of interest that would relate to Manufacturers: Purchasing process teamwork – 55% include 1-3 people and 37% include 4-7 people. They’re not looking for information, but quality content.
    [Engineering] Dr. Houzz Reveals a Widget-Flawed Google Algorithm
    missed the news as it “broke” but Search Engine Land wrote a pretty scathing review of Google and Matt Cutts in their post entitled: “How a Single Guest Post May have Gotten an Entire Site Penalized” I’m not going to rehash what a lot of bloggers have said far better than I could so I recommend you read their article to get the full story. Danny Sullivan, the founder of SEL, is pretty much the number one authority when it comes to search engine news and Google goings-on so I found this part of his analysis interesting, but not surprising: “ [.]
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, APRIL 7, 2014
    [Engineering] Trust Me, I'm a Marketer
    You can game search engines. 'Think for a minute about who you might expect to meet in hell. have a pretty good idea of the type of person who might be on your short list. Aside from the truly reprehensible—like the people they make Law & Order episodes about—there would be sleazy lawyers, of course, and fraudulent investment bankers. few Internet comment trolls and maybe even a couple of snake oil salesmen (who''ve been in line for a long time). But who else? But they each have something truly unforgivable in common: They lie, cheat and steal. We''ve applied terms and conditions. We''ve
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 2014
    [Engineering] 3 Tips for Using Google Keyword Planner
    As a search engine marketing professional, I’ve spent a lot of time using Keyword Planner. 'Google Keyword Planner is a helpful tool for conducting research to drive an SEO campaign or content marketing strategy. It allows you to identify key phrases to target based on how people are searching, as well as monthly search volume estimates. Unfortunately, the keyword planner often produces so many ideas that it can be difficult to filter through them to find exactly what you need. These three tips can help make using the Google Keyword Planner easier and more effective.  . results.
    [Engineering] What Does Integrated Marketing Mean to the Future of the PR Professional?
    Today we have Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Managers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysts, Digital Analysts, Community Managers, Content Marketing Specialists, and way too many social media ninjas, gurus, and rockstars. 'This article originally appeared in the April edition of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) magazine, Communication World. . For years, marketing, advertising, and public relations folks fought over budgets, scopes of work, ownership, and talent. It was an inefficient, yet accepted dance at organizations of all shapes and sizes.
    [Engineering] You Should Study These 9 Beautiful and Strategically Brilliant Blogs (Especially #5)
    I believe the blog’s success can be traced to an excellent search engine optimization strategy. 'Do you look at other blog’s in your niche for design, content, and marketing inspiration? Well…don’t. While your peers may have stellar blogs, I believe that using them as a benchmark will cause you to create a slightly different version of their blog. This is why you often see an entire niche using similar templates, navigation, and editorial strategy. Successful blogs deliver content with a fresh approach. Open up a blank document to capture the ideas inspired by these blogs. Tumblr?
    [Engineering] Every Blog Post and Update is Part of Your Inventory
    Those posts and updates become your social inventory for the human reader, and for the search engine robots that index your site. 'As a teenager, one of my “chores” was to keep the inventory room of my parents’ office in order. When I first got the job, I thought it was going to be easy. My parents owned a real estate office. How much inventory could there be? My dad made sure i learned the answer to that question quickly and on-the-job. Signs of different shapes and sizes. The posts that help put up the signs. Give-aways like calendars and pens. Business cards.
    [Engineering] Creating Products Week: How to Create Products for Your Blog
    The second group spend so much time polishing and perfecting that they either don’t ship anything because the product is never ready or they end up with a product that is over engineered. 'Darren  says : Today is part 4 in our ‘creating products’ week here at ProBlogger and now that we’ve done a lot of the ground work and decided on what product to create , we’re moving onto the all-important challenge of actually creating the product that we want to sell on our blog. As usual – I’ll chime in with my perspective along the way. Planning. Be Proud.
    [Engineering] Creating Products Week: Which Product Should I Create?
    Google wasn’t the first search engine on the internet, but it was the best. 'Darren says : Today Shayne Tilley continues our series on creating products for your blog  by examining the important question of “what product should you create?” ” This is a question I know many ProBlogger readers are pondering because I get asked it many times. “Should I create an eBook, a course, a membership area or something else?” ” “What topic should I create a product around?” Second only to “what should I blog about?” Not What… But Why.
    [Engineering] Integrate Social into your SEO strategy; the future of link building
    Search Engine Socialnomics Startups Business content marketing Google Internet Marketing marketing Search engine optimization Social Media Web search engine 'Do you wear many hats as digital marketer? Perhaps you run social media campaigns and also SEO campaigns and you are spread thin across the two disciplines. SEO and link building by itself can exhaust one person’s bandwidth. There are only so many hours in a day. run into this problem myself, I am in charge of all things digital marketing related, inbound and outbound for our startup GreenPal. 
    [Engineering] Google To Make Not Provided Keywords Exclusively Available to.Google Domain Names
    Plus, who knows if your new https site will come with a possible search engine ranking boost? 'Google soon will revoke access to all websites’ Not Provided keyword data normally viewed via Google Webmaster Tools , Google Analytics , and Google AdWords , and offer 100 percent of the keyword data exclusively to site owners who move their websites to the new.Google gTLD and make their websites secure. According to my sources at Google, the company’s overall goal is to get as many website owners to move their website to the new.Google gTLD. Domain Names
    [Engineering] Linkedin Update: Linkedin Products & Services Page To Be Removed
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Showcase Pages. 'Yes, that’s right.  On April 14 Linkedin Products & Services Tab will be removed from LinkedIn Company Pages! Until then, you can edit existing products and services, but you will not be able to add new products and services. So, on April 14 : Your LinkedIn Products & Services pages will go away (disappear). Deep links (URLs that lead directly to those pages) will no longer function. Customer Recommendations on those pages will be lost *See TIP below…  . Showcase Pages. See screenshot below). PNG, JPEG, or GIF. Max 2 MB.
    [Engineering] Blog Posting Mantra No. 7 – Check SEO
    If you write content and create descriptions to please a search engine – you are missing the boat and sinking your efforts. 'Checking SEO for each of your posts is a newer addition to the original Blog Posting Mantra ( 2006 version ), mostly because it’s become relatively simple with the use of plugins. You’re probably using WordPress as your content management system, ideally on a self-hosted basis. If you have access and ability to add plugins, then you’re on the right track. The three plugins I recommend most for SEO purposes are: Yoast WordPress SEO. Bloggin
    [Engineering] 5 Social Media Sites Our Business Must Use
    Google + is social networking with a competitive edge – your Google + activity is picked up and indexed by their search engine, which can boost your Google rankings. Remember to… * Make your updates relevant to your product or service; * Be patient – take your time searching out people in your field or who are interested in what you do; * Keep active – regular activity will help the search engines to find you. 'Perhaps you think social media is primarily for time wasting and posting pictures of your pet or your latest selfie. It’s time to join the party. Twitter.
    [Engineering] 5 CRO Tips That Can Also Help with SEO
    'Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and search engine optimisation (SEO) are like two sides of the same coin. Search engines like to know exactly what a visitor will find on arrival and the more relevant the site is to the visitor’s search criteria the more likely they will remain on the site and perform the necessary task that will convert them from visitor to customer. Increase the value of your linked pages with the search engines by trimming back the number of links per page. Search Engine Optimization Why is speeding things up important?
    [Engineering] Digital Options for the Mobile Tradesman
    'By Sandy Bucher, Media Engineer, Sonnhalter. The World Wide Web turned 25 years old on March 12. Do you remember life before that, when you wanted to get the latest news and information, magazines and newspapers were only available in a print version? How times have changed, and the options to get information are numerous now. These days, if you have time to read the latest issue of your favorite trade magazine, but don’t have the printed version readily accessible, you can read the digital version on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
    [Engineering] 30 Resources to Learn the Art of Writing Google+ Posts
    Search Engine Journal did a fantastic job of covering how you can benefit from one of Google+’s latest developments, the addition of image thumbnails (shown above). 'Are you pretty clueless when it comes to Google+? Unfortunately, it’s probably time for a crash course. Recent studies reveal that the social network has pretty much come out of nowhere to register 1.15 billion people as members. While its engagement rates are arguably much lower than Facebook or Pinterest, you can’t ignore the large percentage of its members who use the platform on a regular basis. Image source.
    [Engineering] Social Media Sites Rank Lowest For Customer Satisfaction
    Internet Portals & Search Engines 76. 'Out of websites in 33 industries, social media sites provide the least satisfying experience,  according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI) first-ever website benchmark. Released today, the study found that average website satisfaction is 78.2 out of 100; social media websites rank at the bottom of the barrel with an average of 68. Credit unions earned the top score for website customer satisfaction with a score of 86, followed closely by consumer shipping and banks at 85. However, there are plenty of exceptions. Banks 85.
    [Engineering] The ProBlogger Infinite Scroller WordPress Plugin
    With an endless stream of posts there is no point of reference for people to go back to: “I remember seeing that on page X” If it’s not backwards-compatible (ours is) it will affect how your site gets indexed by search engines. 'Last week we made out first plugin available on the ProBlogger Community: an Infinite Scroll Wordpess Plugin. It’s It’s a plugin we’ve been using on Digital Photography School  since we redesigned it late last year. Once you get to the end of the new list, it will load more until you run out of posts. General
    [Engineering] Is It A Penalty Or An Algorithm Change?
    'Matt Cutts received a question about how to know if and when Google has penalized a certain site and I think there are several takeaways from his answer, detailed at Search Engine Journal. In that case, you just have to get more competitive and learn how to fight back – in an appropriate search engine marketing manner. SEO for Small Business algorithm google search search engine optimization search rankings SEO First, you’ll be notified in Webmaster Tools if you’ve been targeted manually by the Google webspam team.
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 2014
    [Engineering] Social Media Analysis Just Got Easier!
    Our sentiment engine runs on every feed – allowing you to filter posts to the right team or team members. 'Jugnoo has refocused the platform to serve those who aren’t getting enough insight from simpler solutions or who feel that they are getting too much (and paying more than they should) from more advanced social media analysis tools. We are excited to share our new look and new name for our feature platform which is called  SoMeAnalyzer™. Here are some of the distinct advantages of the product: Dashboard. Do everything from inside one tool. Visualize. Workflow. Reporting.
  • ENGAGE  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 2014
    [Engineering] How Search Engine Marketing Can Quickly Drive Traffic to Your Website
    When a person conducts a search, search engines filter through hundreds of thousands of websites in a matter of milliseconds to provide results relevant to the search query. If your site is not optimized to show up in organic search rankings (SEO—search engine optimization) or you are not running a paid search campaign (SEM) , it will be difficult for your prospective clients to find your website unless they manually type in your web address. SEM stands for search engine marketing, and it’s a way to drive traffic to a site by essentially paying for it. 'It’s 10:30 p.m.
    [Engineering] 3 Great Safe Alternatives to Guest Blogging
    link building Search Engine Optimization 'Guest blogging for SEO purposes started its downfall recently, especially with Google penalizing MyBlogGuest , and before that it was Google finding and penalizing advertorials. And before that, it was paid links in general. So, what’s the next best thing to guest blogging? What are the alternatives if you don’t want to participate in Guest Blogging? There are lots of them, but I decided to pick three that I really like right now. These aren’t necessarily in order of importance. Alternative One: Paid Media. Publish it.
    [Engineering] Conversion Case Study: How I Made $7115 From 85 Unique Visitors
    In the past I’ve sold products in the weight loss and search engine optimization niches. 'This is a guest contribution from Marcus Maclean, of The Million-Dollar Case Study. Image from DryIcons. Over the years, I’ve created and sold several “how-to” information products online, but none have been as successful as The Million Dollar Case Study. Within days of launching the site, I made $7115 from the first 85 unique visitors. Since then the site has continued to grow steadily, and I’m still amazed at the conversion statistics. Ignore The Crowd. And That’s It.
    [Engineering] Set Your Talents Free
    Related Stories Opening Day, Opening Weekend, and Launch – Friday Flutterings Fix the Part to Fill the Whole BuzzSumo – Search Engine for Finding Content, Keywords, Influencers, and Social 3 Tips to Engage and Serve With Social Media. 'Some business owners are creative types, Not always behind a counter or desk. Wanting to show their talents and tools, Needing more than simply words to express. Maybe it’s the sound of four-on-the-floor , or how to put pencil to card. Sometimes it can be a project really super duper big. Which for most of us could be quite hard.
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #196
    'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "If something doesn''t kill you, as the saying goes, it makes you stronger. That''s sort of how evolution works, so when scientists devised a form of corn that poisoned a common pest, they told farmers to plant normal corn alongside it -- so the bugs that survived didn''t build a resistance. Guess what? Like vaccines and global warming, people were happy to enjoy the benefits of the science but less quick to heed its warnings. The rest, you can probably figure out."
    [Engineering] New Search Engine Features Beef Up Restaurant Results
    Because of the massive demand for restaurant information from local and mobile searchers, search engines are looking for ways to provide more relevant information to users. While adding a menu may or may not increase local search engine rankings, having this information available to searchers makes restaurants more attractive to eaters. Restaurants that make this information available to search engines like Yahoo! 'Google and Yahoo! are once again competing for local and mobile market-share with new features that promote additional restaurant information in search results.
    [Engineering] Opening Day, Opening Weekend, and Launch – Friday Flutterings
    Related Stories Fix the Part to Fill the Whole BuzzSumo – Search Engine for Finding Content, Keywords, Influencers, and Social 3 Tips to Engage and Serve With Social Media A Wave and a Smile Goes the Extra Mile. 'It’s almost Opening Day, and I agree with Ozzie – it should be a National Holiday. It has been a day of celebration for me for decades. Please make it official, sign the petition ). … It’s opening weekend for Divergent and while I won’t make it opening weekend, I look forward to seeing it. The book was great. It’s about the experience.
    [Engineering] Are Brands Ready For The Instagram Economy?
    No need to invest in a hefty Web build that will need shopping cart software, merchant accounts, social media extensions, search engine optimization and more (plus, the cost of driving traffic to a destination site, instead of simply being active in a social media environment that already has traffic and interest). search engine optimization. 'When you hear the name Instagram , what do you think of? For most brands, when they think of Instagram, three ideas probably enter their noggins: 1. Is Instagram the future of e-commerce? new form of commerce that makes perfect sense. apple.
  • E-LIGN  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 2014
    [Engineering] The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem
    They’ll be able to come in, ask many questions, identify the company goals and then say something like… “The marketing engine infrastructure should be built on SalesForce CRM, HubSpot Marketing Automation, WordPress CMS, Google Analytics, Authority Rank, and Unbounce.” Email Marketing Inbound Marketing Local Listings Mobile Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Traffic Analytics Website Design 'Originally posted on LinkedIn by Cody Ward. love this graphic above by Scott Brinker. Every company needs a Marketing Technologist. Basic questions.:
    [Engineering] All You Need to Know About Using Exclusivity for Better Product Launches
    This accumulation of momentum resulted in all tickets being sold out in 6 hours and a re-engineering of the event set-up for us to allow another 100 people to attend. 'This is a contribution by our very own Shayne Tilley. Image by Flickr user EricaStLeonards. Launching products and campaigning can be fast-moving and complex beasts. So what do I mean by “exclusivity” and “limits” in the context of a launch or promotion? Exclusivity: Exclusivity is about creating a proposition that will not be available to the general public. This can then drive two responses: 1.
    [Engineering] 3 Benefits To User-Generated Content
    SEO opportunities – UGC most likely utilizes keywords that are important to your search engine marketing efforts. 'User-generated content (UGC) is any content created by users of your website. It can be blog comments, forum posts, guest articles, author bios, or anything that is created by your website’s users and published on your website, blog, forum, or other Web property. So what are the benefits to allowing this type of content? We all know about one of the drawbacks: Spam. UGC can very often just be another form of spam. But what if it’s not?
    [Engineering] How to Write a Blog Post in 30 Minutes
    Create 140-160 characters of truly great content to describe your blog on search engines. 'Image credit: Flickr. What can you do in 30 minutes? You can lose yourself in an episode of your favorite half-hour show on Netflix. You can get distracted by Facebook and fall into a black hole of unproductiveness. What if you could get an entire blog totally ready for publication in this amount of time? It would be pretty world-changing, wouldn’t it? m not suggesting that you start publishing anything that’s less than awesome in the name of efficiency. Here we go! Before you start: 1.
    [Engineering] Fix the Part to Fill the Whole
    Related Stories BuzzSumo – Search Engine for Finding Content, Keywords, Influencers, and Social 3 Tips to Engage and Serve With Social Media A Wave and a Smile Goes the Extra Mile Your Content and Calls-to-Action are Part of Your Digital Inventory. 'The look of horror washes across the faces when they hear the recommendation: We should probably change or improve part of your   (fill in the blank with design, process, routine, etc.). No matter how much emphasis is put on the phrase PART OF, the WHOLE is often what appears in the mind’s eye. Twenty years ago. Small Business
    [Engineering] MyBlogGuest.com Guest Blogging Network Penalized by Google
    blogging blogs link building Search Engine Optimization 'MyBlogGuest, a popular guest blogging network, has been penalized by Google. In at Tweet posted by Matt Cutts of Google last night at one o’clock in the morning, Matt posted: Today we took action on a large guest blog network. reminder about the spam risks of guest blogging: [link]. Today we took action on a large guest blog network. reminder about the spam risks of guest blogging: [link]. — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) March 19, 2014. There are other pages, such as Ann Smarty’s Twitter account, that show up instead.
  • JUGNOO  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 2014
    [Engineering] How Social Platforms Give Brands a Competitive “Moat”
    In a Forbes interview he talks about how Cisco, with its Cisco Learning Network, was able to stave off a lower cost competitor because of the community they had developed for engineers using Cisco equipment and training. 'Harvard Professor Miko?aj Jan Piskorski has written an interesting book on how brands have used social media to foster connection between its own customers , and creating a community around their brand in the process. This insight provides the key to how companies can leverage social platforms to create a sustainable competitive advantage.
    [Engineering] Amplify Existing Symbols, Don't Create New Ones
    Element14 is quite literally a symbol for engineers. 'Symbols help unite groups. Online or offline, we share the same symbols as the groups we belong to.    Symbols is any idea, image, expression, or entity which has a unique meaning to insiders. Outsiders might not understand it, but insiders do. The quantity and depth of connection with the symbol, the more we participate.    But it's hard to introduce new symbols. It  It feels fake. This is why hashtags like #pepsitothemaxi never take off on twitter. This works both online and offline. 
    [Engineering] It's A Small (And Strange) World After All, Brands
    We can talk about the merits of social media as an engine of engagement and conversation for brands, but the simple truth is that it is nothing more than a public publishing platform. 'How much control does a company really have over their brand? Never has this question in business been asked more than in the past decade. It''s one of the fundamental reasons why I''m such a massive advocate for marketing to become a horizontal function within the organization instead of it''s current role as a vertical. What is the face of the brand? or fruits (hungry for a Grapple ? apple. applications.
    [Engineering] BuzzSumo – Search Engine for Finding Content, Keywords, Influencers, and Social
    BuzzSumo – Search Engine for Finding Content, Keywords, Influencers, and Social is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading BuzzSumo - Search Engine for Finding Content, Keywords, Influencers, and Social ! 'BuzzSumo new search and save feature has made it a go-to tool for finding content, keywords, influencers, social sharing, and more. The search and save feature , a close proximity of our old  Search Once and Subscribe  mantra, helps you save time and stay on top of topics that are important and relevant to your business. Filter by Content or keyword phrases.
    [Engineering] 15 Places to Find Free Images for Your Blog
    Keep in mind; it might not be the best option if you’re in a pinch, since its built-in search engine doesn’t always return the right results for highly-specific queries. Every Stock Photo is more than just a search engine for free photos; it’s got a focus on quality. Another search engine that integrates directly with Flickr, Photo Pin is incredibly fast and easy-to-use. 'The ancient saying that a picture is worth 1000 words comes as no surprise to content marketers.  It’s certainly possible to buy images. In fact, it’s easy. Let’s get started: 1.  Google Advanced Search.
    [Engineering] Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Guest Posts?
    When I speak about reputation, I mean both your reputation as a guest author and the reputation of your own website for search engines. Yes, these tech or fashion blogs were really good and informative; they were clean, they had high ranks, they were authoritative, but… my link did not look natural there, and search engines found it artificial as a result. Please, compare these two by-lines, and try to guess which one looks more suspiciously for search engines: And. 'This is a guest contribution from Alex Strike, writer and blogger. Give me more! More blogs! . Topic?
    [Engineering] Adaptive Marketing and Digital Darwinism: One Can Prevent The Other
    In light of the already satisfying customer experience, after brainstorming, you decide that SEO will be the engine, gasoline and the tires to accelerate your new marketing vehicle. Business Marketing Strategies and Tactics Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Technology adaptive marketing digital darwinism 'A Thought Experiment. Imagine for a moment, you’ve just been hired as the new Digital Marketing Manager for a growing internet-based startup with an online advertising business model. Don’t suffer from Digital Darwinism. What Can We Learn?
    [Engineering] Adaptive Marketing and Digital Darwinism: One Can Prevent the Symptoms of Another
    In light of the already satisfying customer experience, after brainstorming, you decide that SEO will be the engine, gasoline and the tires to accelerate your new marketing vehicle. Business Marketing Strategies and Tactics Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Technology adaptive marketing digital darwinism 'A Thought Experiment. Imagine for a moment, you’ve just been hired as the new Digital Marketing Manager for a growing internet-based startup with an online advertising business model. Don’t suffer from Digital Darwinism. What Can We Learn?
    [Engineering] I’m an Official Majestic SEO Official Brand Ambassador
    link building Search Engine Optimization 'I’m really excited about officially joining the Majestic SEO Ambassador program , and to have been accepted by the folks at Majestic SEO. I’ve been a proud user of Majestic SEO for many years now. From the Majestic SEO Site: “Brand Ambassadors are friends of Majestic SEO who are located around the world. They are individuals who have shown their commitment to Majestic in one form or another, and continue to promote the work of link building, data and reports which Majestic SEO produce.”
    [Engineering] Are Long Or Short Blog Posts Better?
    The folks who argue in favor of long, in-depth and well-researched articles argue that they are better for SEO and achieve great search engine factors based on the strength of their on-page SEO and the ability of the blogger to promote them through social media and attract inbound links. On the other hand, advocates for multiple short blog posts over a period of time argue that the number of pages increases your opportunities for better search engine marketing and therefore give you more search rankings with increased traffic. They make some good points. So who wins?
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #195
    'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "This is an important topic. Many of the decisions we''re going to face in the coming years will be made by machines, optimizing and ranking our lives and choices. But those algorithms are black boxes, opaque and arcane. How does Facebook know which stories to show you? If we want to report on the future, we need to understand the decisions these algorithms make." " (Alistair for Hugh). "Is crowdsourcing good? Or just pictures of cats all the way down?
    [Engineering] 21 People I Want to Hear Speak at Pubcon NOLA 2014
    Search Engine Marketing Events 'The PubCon conference, being held in New Orleans March 17 to March 20, 2014 at the New Orleans Convention Center , is a great conference that I’m attending and speaking at next week. don’t remember how many PubCon conferences I’ve been to and spoken on panels at, but it’s going on at least 10, perhaps 15 of them. There’s a reason why I always look forward to PubCon, and it’s mainly because of the speakers and the sessions: and the content that they present. Craig Paddock – Lots of knowledge of Keyword Research.
    [Engineering] Will The Yahoo!-Yelp Partnership Seal The Deal?
    Local Internet Marketing local businesses online reviews search engines yahoo yelp 'If you own a local business in your city, a new partnership between Yahoo! and Yelp could give your business more exposure at Yahoo! Marketing Pilgrim’s Cynthia Boris compared the Yahoo! listing for a restaurant with Google’s and favored Yahoo!’s. ’s. think I agree with her analysis. There are a couple of things that Google does better, but overall, Yahoo!’s ’s listing is more intriguing. For starters, the Yahoo! and Yelp adds more value to Yelp. Yahoo! and Yelp are?
    [Engineering] Google Penguin Recovery: Site Owner Doesn’t Know About Resources Page on His Site
    link building Search Engine Optimization 'I spend a few hours each day helping site owners and business owners recover from the dreaded Google Penguin algorithm update. thought that I had received crazy emails from site owners who don’t know how to update their website. But it’s also amazingly hilarious to me when I run into a site owner who doesn’t even know that certain pages exist on their website. After my email, Lee responded a few days later, with this: Subject: Re: Question about XXXXXXXXX.com From: "Lee XXXXXXXXX". do not know how to undo what you say happened.
    [Engineering] Why This Website Owner Won’t Remove a Low Quality Link
    Search Engine Optimization 'Wow, I now have heard it all. Seriously. There are reasons why website owners will not remove a link from their low quality website to your website when asked, but this one really takes the cake. For a little background, I routinely help website owners clean up the links to their website as part of my Google Penguin Recovery services. Not only do I identify low quality and toxic links to websites, I help remove those links from the web. In this case, here’s the email that I sent to this website owner. Thank you, Bill (on behalf of XXXXXXXXXXXXX.com).
    [Engineering] 3 Important Questions To Ask About Posts in Your Blog Archives
    While you might not want to do this with every post – if you have an older post that gets traffic from search engines it can be well worth doing! 'Image via Flickr user theunquietlibrarian. Here’s a quick exercise that I encourage you to do every now and then. Identify a post in your archives (preferably something that is a year or more older) and then ask yourself these three questions: Can I update it? Many times the posts in your archives can do with a refresh. Can I Promote it Again? Many of the posts in your archives could probably be promoted in some fresh way.
    [Engineering] 4 Ways To Use Rich Snippets
    'A few years ago the three major search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo! This is a microformat markup language that allows webmasters to further define important elements on a web page so that search engines can catalog it easier. These are: Person – If you have a directory of persons on your website or authors that write content for you, this markup will make it easier for the search engines to catalog those persons. SEO for Small Business microformats Rich Snippets schema.org search engines – got together and created Schema.org.
    [Engineering] Even If You're Not Doing Social Media, You Should Still Be Doing This.
    Sadly, most brands see social media analytics tools as an engine to better understand how they are performing in social media. 'In an effort to better involve themselves in social media, many brands still attempt to decide which channel to hop on. It''s easy to do this. It''s easy to be attracted to whatever the bring and shiny object may be at the moment. Brands can be like little, distracted squirrels when it comes to social media. Many are wondering if Instagram , Vine and Pinterest can help them be better and do more. It sounds a lot like traditional media. and that''s because it is.
    [Engineering] Are You Using Landing Pages?
    good landing page will target a particular audience using a unique page that allows visitors to download the appropriate content (you wouldn’t have the same offer for say a tradesman and for a design engineer). 'No matter what kind of promotion you’re doing, when going after the professional tradesmen, the bottom line is you want them to ask for more info and ultimately a sale. You can’t do that in an ad (print or digital) by itself. You need those that are interested in whatever it is you’re selling to go somewhere to get more info. 50% of those who respond aren’t ready to buy just yet.
    [Engineering] Problem Examination: Mental Models
    During times of radical change our frames of reference need to be adjusted if not radically re-engineered. 'The term “mental model”  describes a set of ideas, conditions, or assumptions that decide how something is approached, perceived, or understood. We all have mental models that frame our approaches to understanding and solving problems. The reason most problems don’t get solved is because we continue to try and solve them using old mental models. But How Do We Change Our Mental Models? Ever wonder where people get their mental models? The Sellers Are No Longer In Charge.
    [Engineering] 6 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Google+
    So every time that +1 Button is clicked, it feeds Google’s advertising engine, allowing them to match more targeted ads to you and everyone connected with you through your Google account. 'Here’s one of my favorite current hobbies: I sit down with potential clients, throw out a reference to Google+ and pause for the inevitable response – that “it’s never going to take off” or “we don’t believe in it.” ” Then I slowly shake my head, take a deep breath, and reveal what Google isn’t telling you about the significance of their social push. ” 3.
    [Engineering] 10 Ways Marketing Agencies Rock the Web with Content
    The American Indian Science & Engineering Society has a long-standing magazine, Winds of Change. What they did right: Taking the magazine digital was a key step for PohlyCo, who recognized that engineers and scientist’s today are highly sophisticated when it comes to technology. 'Is there anything better than a real-life content marketing success story? didn’t think so! What if you’re trying to make a startup seem like a bigger, more well-established brand? Or what if you’re trying to create simple, accessible content around a really complex and technical product? Did it work?
    [Engineering] Skip to the End: 5 Great Ways to Make Your Readers Care
    Endings are supremely powerful ways to motivate people, to build a loyal following, and engineer a lot of sales. 'This is a guest contribution from Mike Sowden. Have you ever taken part in a business presentation that just died on the spot? Say you’re up there speaking. Nobody is laughing at your jokes. Your throat has dried up. Dark patches of panic-sweat are appearing all over your shirt. You suddenly need the bathroom. What’s the number-one thing on your mind? Or say you’re cringing in the audience as someone tanks up on stage. ”). Here are a few suggestions.
    [Engineering] 5 Link-building Linchpins for 2014
    Digital Leadership Featured Search Engine Socialnomics 2014 SEO tips link building 'Introduction. Link building is still the bees’ knees of SEO, contrary to ravings from prophets of doom who are laboring to emphasize the importance of indicators other than links and the threat posed by successive Google updates. If you attach too much weight to the lunacy, the changes of you being spooked by Google updates to the point of jumping ship are quite high. While you would be drowning in your fear, others will be cashing in on link building like never before. Renounce the Evil Ways.
    [Engineering] Domain Names, Developed Domains, and Expired Domains
    'When it comes to search engine marketing, one issue that many people struggle with is the domain name. There’s some confusion out there regarding domain names and how they effect a site’s ability (or inability) to rank well in the search engines. thought I’d talk a little bit about domains in general, mention some issues involved when it comes to domains and rankings in the search engines, and how one might go about searching for and evaluating domain names. It kind of stopped being a factor when it came to the actual search engine rankings.
    [Engineering] Being More Social With Aging Parents
    Instead of browsing a search engine and weeding through article after article, search on Twitter. 'Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, something new comes your way. Maybe you’ve got your teens all set – an idea of college, maybe even some money tucked away and you feel great. Then you realize that your aging parents need some help. They are on a fixed income and need some guidance in creating a budget, and guess what- you are the one to help them. But do you really know how? Maybe not, but there is help for you out there. Social Networking.
    [Engineering] Do You Forget “Marketing” in Your Content Marketing?
    Optimize it for search engines! Make sure the post is optimized for search engines before you hit the publish button. 'You’ve invested your time, energy, and money in writing quality content that drives traffic. Yes, this is a great start, but what many of us forget is actually marketing the content we’ve written. Writing is not enough: to be heard you have to share your blog posts with others. Do you also forget “marketing” in your content marketing strategy? The steps below briefly outline what should be on your content marketing “ta-da” list. Description.
    [Engineering] 5 Things You Should Know About Headlines
    well-written headline online is optimized for both search engines and social media. 'Headlines and title tags are important web page elements. Whether you’re talking about blog posts, static web pages, social media content, or something else, your headline has the potential to attract loads of traffic or to send it away to another corner of the Web. You hope you’ll attract the traffic, but to do that you need to understand some basic things about writing headlines. Here are 5 things you should know about headlines before you start writing them. Don’t mince words.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 2014
    [Engineering] 4 Growth Opportunities You Might Have Overlooked
    All that to say is do not overlook the power of Google+ – and Communities in particular – when it comes to increasing your brand’s presence on search engines. 'Growth opportunities exist all around us on social networks, and there is a good chance we have overlooked one or two. We are always looking for growth opportunities on social media. After all, why does our business have a presence on these networks if not to expand? These four growth opportunities are surefire ways to get your brand noticed in new communities and by potential customers across the social web.
    [Engineering] Choose Your Words
    'By Rachel Kerstetter, PR Engineer, Sonnhalter. spend about 90% of my time in the office writing something – news releases, feature articles, testimonial stories, ad copy, social media updates, blog posts, emails, etc. When you’re writing anything from a formal proposal to a memo or a social media posting, the best advice to keep in mind is: Choose Your Words. When choosing your words, make sure that your message is clear and concise. Why would you write 50 words when you could write 5? Keep it short and clear. Make your point and let your busy audience move on.
    [Engineering] Collaborative Business Alliances – Be the Resource for Customers
    You could subscribe to certain categories on Alltop , use   Google Alerts , and social search engines such as Topsy and BuzzSumo  and send along informative or interesting items. 'Who knows your customers better than you do? Knowing your own customer is something you’ve been working on since before you opened your doors the first time, right? If you think about it, one of the strongest collaborations you have in your business is the one with your customers. They’ve come to rely on your experience and your expertise. Be the resource for your customers.
    [Engineering] 10 Tips to Be Successful on LinkedIn
    If I search for your name on Google, Bing, or some other search engine, your profile link will appear in the top 5 results. There is a correlation between the frequency of your updates and the frequency of search engines indexing it. 'LinkedIn launched on May 5, 2003 (on my mother’s birthday) and currently has 277 million members — with two new people creating accounts every second. Here are updated LinkedIn statistics to impress your boss or your mom. joined LinkedIn in February 2007 and I’ve actively used it over the years both as a consumer and a teacher.
    [Engineering] Guide to Online Studying
    UC Berkeley Free Courses are also available in all areas of study, including Engineering, Psychology, History, and many more. Stanford Free Courses are very popular for those interested in Engineering. 'Are you contemplating the idea of continuing with your studies? Maybe you weren’t accepted to the college of your dreams or you didn’t get the scholarship your education was supposed to rely upon? There is no need to be disappointed when the Internet offers plenty of opportunities for you to gain profound knowledge in the field of your interest. tutoring platforms.
    [Engineering] Beginner Week: My 43 DOs and 25 DON’Ts of Blogging
    Don’t write purely for search engines. 'Eleven and a half years ago when I hit publish on my first ever blog post, I had little idea what I was doing and what was going to unfold for me over the coming decade. As I prepared for a recent mini ProBlogger event event in Perth, I created a little list of some of the ‘dos and don’ts’ of blogging that I wish I’d known back in 2002 when I started. As it’s Beginner Week here on ProBlogger, I thought it might be appropriate to share them here on the blog today: Note : these are MY dos and don’ts, and reflect my own style of blogging.
    [Engineering] 21 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2014
    InboxQ is one heck of a smart search engine, which takes your industry keywords and connects them to questions that are being asked in real-time on Twitter. There’s currently reports that Google Alerts aren’t working as well as they used to, which is why SocialMention is an incredible search engine for getting a quick glimpse into trends, breaking news, and important stories to shape your content. 'What if a marketer was only as good as their content marketing tools? believe there’s actually much more truth to that statement than many of us realize. Here are the very best: 1.
    [Engineering] Cool Social Tools: Ravetree
    For example, the search engine DuckDuckGo has garnered a fair amount of attention after revelations about the NSA prompted some people to stop using Google. 'This is the second in my new series of posts from software and app and tech vendors who have new tools they’d like you to know about. Vendors are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their products for us to review. ————— We Should Support Privacy-Based Web Services. SITE: Ravetree.com. Brent Baker, Davidson Wicker, and Aaron Sollars from Ravetree).
  • ARI HERZOG  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 2, 2014
    [Engineering] Got Value? Stop Using Social Media.
    The shelf life of your blog post is as long as people link to it, comment on it, and search engines give it high rank. 'Social media posts expire very quickly. Consider Facebook, for instance. Engagement = likes, comments, shares. Impressions = the number of times a post is displayed in the news feeds of your followers and/or their friends. Reach = the total number of users who are sent or shared an impression. This graph indicates the first 12 hours of your next Facebook post; and concludes you’ll achieve a 75% engagement rate after two hours. Thanks for reading. Media blogging
    [Engineering] How Not to Break the Bank on SEO
    Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process used  to help improve your search engine rankings. Social Media is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the search engine algorithm, meaning being active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 'It doesn’t take a genius to realise why it’s important for businesses to have a strong online presence… but just in case! We are now living in an age where everything and everyone is online, the development of tablets, androids and smartphones has simply added fuel to this fire. Understand Your Market. Use those terms.
    [Engineering] Beginner Week: Bite the Bullet and Start Your Blog with this Seven-Point Checklist
    You’ll also have the option to make your site invisible to search engines. 'Welcome to ProBlogger’s second theme week – where we take a topic you’re interested in and drill right down to bring you all the information we can find to be of use to you. This week we are focusing on newbies – what do all beginner bloggers want to know? What are the first points of reference we should use, and where do we go from there? Even if you’ve had your blog for a while, it’s a great refresher of what really works in getting your site some traction. To do: . password.
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #193
    "I once spoke with a proponent of electric cars who pointed out that, if we were trying to get the internal combustion engine approved today, nobody would allow it -- it''s essentially an explosive on wheels. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? American Experience. "This is an hour-long documentary. It''s also a time capsule. But for now, go back to a time when the future was bright and plastic, and a generation of women found themselves building a business empire one plastic tub at a time."
    [Engineering] 5 Benefits Of Upgrading Your Google Analytics To Universal Analytics
    Adjust list of recognised search engines. With Universal Analytics, you can now add, delete or reorder the default list of search engines to more accurately collect traffic data. In the past, traffic coming from non-standard search engines could skew your traffic data. However, it’s now possible to add more search engines into your settings, giving you a more accurate reading. 'Universal Analytics was introduced as a public beta in March 2013, and since then many have debated on whether to upgrade or not. But, before you do, read on. Greater tracking. Web Analytics
    [Engineering] 15 Call to Action Samples for Rocking Blog Posts that Convert
    Social media shares send a clear signal to major search engine that your content is relevant, high-quality, and valuable. 'Blog posts without a call to action are like Facebook posts without images. Or Tweets without links. They work, but they’re a lot less effective than they could be. It’s no secret that creating high-quality blog posts can be incredibly time-consuming. Once you’ve written, edited, formatted, and quality-checked it, do you want your efforts to generate results for your brand? Of course you do. We live in a culture of information-saturation. What are Calls to Action?
    [Engineering] How Social Media Can Work Wonders for Your Business
    Helps with Search engine optimisation. 'Social Media interaction is now the top internet activity and as a result has changed the way businesses operate today. Many businesses that have used social media in their marketing strategy, have seen very positive results. For example, 74% of marketers saw an increase in traffic after spending just 6 hours per week on social media and 52% of marketers have gained a customer through Facebook, and 35% have done so through Twitter. Increased brand awareness. Advertise your assets that make you stand out from competitors. Reduced marketing costs.
    [Engineering] 5 Places To Find Information For Your Blog Posts
    The search engines – Use Google and Bing to search for topics. 'Conducting research for your blog articles and other content marketing initiatives is one of the most important activities you can perform. In fact, if you aren’t doing research, then your content is going to be dry and boring, maybe even lacking in the facts department. You don’t want that. It will affect your readership. Don’t rely on it completely. You’ll still need to verify the information, but your competition is a good place to start.
    [Engineering] 6 Tips For Using Video to Tell Your Story
    'By Rachel Kerstetter, PR Engineer. Producing and using video content effectively has been a popular conversation topic around the Sonnhalter office. had the opportunity to attend a presentation on storytelling with video by Chris Miller, director of the Akron Digital Media Center and editor of the Akronist.com. asked Chris if he would be willing to share some ways that video helps tell a story or some tips on using video, here’s what he said: Because we live in such a visual culture, video has become a crucial means to communicate a message. So, again, shorter is better.
    [Engineering] 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Get More People to Share Your Content
    That’s why it’s important to develop a keyword map, says my colleague and search engine guru Peter Zyburt. Use Google Analytics to see how the search engine ranks each page and identify the words responsible for driving non-paid search traffic to your content, says Zyburt. Search engines will love you for this—and, if your content is good, so will your readers. 'There’s a lot of noise out there on the Internet today; to stand out, you have to have great content. can’t tell you how many posts I’ve read that start this way. But let’s break past the obvious for a tick.
    [Engineering] Do You Make These Mistakes When Writing Content for the Web?
    Search engines figured that if something was important enough for you to emphasize, that it should clearly be used to categorize your content. This tactic was quickly abused, leading to loads of hard-to-read articles online: Search engines no longer place any additional weight on bold text, but from a reader-experience perspective, approach this tactic with extreme caution. It’s also critical to keep in mind that search engines place emphasis on subheadings as a tool for categorizing and ranking your content. Staggering, isn’t it? The “Wall of Text”. Overuse of Bolding.
    [Engineering] Didit Acquires LVM Group
    ” Kevin is also very active as a speaker at many of the major search marketing conferences, including PubCon and Search Engine Strategies, now ClickZ Live. 'Didit , a digital advertising and marketing company based in Mineola, New York, has acquired LVM Group, a Manhattan-based public relations firm. Didit has been leading digital marketing agency since 1996, and has been providing full-service online advertising and marketing services for just as long. Didit was co-founded by Kevin Lee, one of the SEMPO founding board member and CEO of Didit. Marketing
    [Engineering] Crazy, Sexy, Cool: Attributes Of The Most Clickable Ads
    "The online ads Americans are most likely to ignore included: online banner ads (73%), followed by social media ads (62%), and search engine ads (59%). 'How entertaining is your brand? On the surface, this may seen like a simple question to answer. If you produce movies, energy drinks or running shoes, you probably have something that is highly entertaining. Most of us don''t work for brands like that. We sell valves, insurance policies, accounting services and the like. Not the kind of stuff that evokes deep emotions like laughter and tears. Screaming louder than everyone else.
    [Engineering] Fresh Content Is Crucial To SEO
    'One of the biggest things that anyone needs to know about search engine optimisation, or SEO, is that fresh content is still king. Overall, you must remember that the end goal of your local SEO in Brisbane is to bring people to your website, but the goal of a search engine is to get people to the results that they desire. The work that is done for SEO in Brisbane must be geared around showing the engines that the site is valuable and desirable to the readers. Search Engine Optimization It can quickly become outdated. Learn more.
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