[Engineering] Blogging and Privacy: How to Blog Authentically Without Losing Your Voice
    For search engine reasons, I don’t use my husband’s name and I have given him and our children little nicknames I use instead. 'Laura Tremaine’s blog is called Hollywood Housewife because she is just that – married to a movie producer and living in LA. longtime blogger, she’s learned how to balance honest storytelling with keeping her husband, her family, and their life together somewhat incognito. Always only a Google search away from film fans, Laura has erred on the side of caution when it comes to sharing her tales, but manages never to lose the heart of them.
    [Engineering] Evolution of the Organization Pt. 1
    Sales should be speaking with product development, marketing should be speaking with customer service and support, and engineering should be speaking solution delivery teams. 'This concept and visual was taken from my new book, T he Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization. few weeks ago I introduced the concept of  The 14 Principles of the Future Organization  which outlines the crucial characteristics that organizations must have in order to succeed in the new business landscape that we are seeing emerge. Workforce. Adaptation.
    [Engineering] 7 Myths You Believe About Freelance Copywriters
    Search engines are not pretty effective at semantic search. 'While  92% of marketers believe custom content is “very effective” for their business, only 62% outsource their content creation. What’s with the 30% who like content but don’t use  freelance copywriters ? There’s a good chance they fall into the category of people who believe one or more of the most common myths about freelance copywriters. Individuals who think that copywriters are unprofessional or don’t have the right business background. They Aren’t Professionals. What can you do?
    [Engineering] Real Brand Storytelling
    He is also the co-founder of the Web Analytics Association (now the Digital Analytics Association ), serves as an advisory board member of Search Engine Strategies , the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and several venture capital backed startup companies (like Bazaarvoice , Monetate , Nomi , TagMan , and more). search engine strategies. 'Episode #446 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. have known Bryan Eisenberg forever. There were message boards and email lists. and Always Be Testing. He''s done much than that.
    [Engineering] 6 SEO Hurdles for Retailers and How to Beat Them
    'Written by Larry Alton Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are best practices that help move your website (or web presence) to the top of the results when people search for “your” keyword(s) in Google or another search engine. It’s not out to get you, and if you follow the best practices for SEO by Search Engine Land , it can substantially boost your business. Local SEO (LSEO) is the same thing, but it incorporates geo-targeting. You might have numerous product descriptions that are nearly identical, constantly shifting inventory, and other obstacles. Marketing
    [Engineering] Fetching Friday – 24 Posts on Marketing and Productivity
    Search Engine Marketing. 'Fetching Friday is back for week four of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing. 50 Amazing Resources That Will Make You a Better Writer by Jeff Haden. Reasons Your Small Business Should Start a Podcast Today by Dan Newman. Think Like a Journalist to Create Compelling Content That Gets Noticed by Pratik Dholakiya. Ways to Recycle Your Blog Posts Into Other Content Formats by Will Blunt. Social Media Marketing. Productivity. Distracted?
    [Engineering] The Way Data is Changing Small (and Large) Businesses
    Google is probably one of the biggest players in information playfield; by being by far the most widely used and popular search engine it manages to collect, analyze and store a veritable goldmine of information. 'Data is the big transformative element of society today. We are living in post-industrial world – and it means that it is the data, not material goods, that lies at the basis of, well, everything. But just because we have a lot of data it doesn’t mean we know what to do with it. Here are ways you can do it. The last is usually the arrangement that is struck. Sounds illegal?
    [Engineering] 3 Scientifically Proven Reasons Why Collaboration Empowers Your Social Media Marketing
    Be it that brilliant engineer who cracked a tough product fix or that colorful super fan who can’t stop raving about your brand, bring them on board to take your social media marketing from “satisfactory” to “superb!”. 'Most organizations have just one person (in-house or outsourced) that manages their social media efforts. And that person would not only handle social media updates; there would probably be a bunch of other things on the side that they would also look after. Wrong. Social media deals with people, not just one person. Collaboration Leads to Inspired Action. The result?
    [Engineering] 5 SEO Writing Techniques to Consider in 2015
    It might be 2015, but content and search engine optimization still go hand in hand. As an online writer or marketer, the key is to strike the right balance; create  quality content that people want to read and search engines want to index. Ideally, your outline will contain three elements: a search engine optimized headline that packs a punch, a hierarchy of keyword-rich subheadings, and your main message/thoughts/ideas for that piece (you will forget later). This might seem obvious, yet a lot of businesses today are still churning out articles for search engines.
    [Engineering] A Culture of Content
    “When content becomes an ingrained part of an organization’s culture, content strategy functions like a well-oiled engine, producing, circulating, and begetting content, creating numerous efficiencies in the process. 'Really like this Altimeter deck. Click the webinar link for a replay. In this 1-hour webinar , learn how companies evangelize, reinforce, and institutionalize the importance of content throughout and beyond the marketing organization. Rebecca Lieb and Jessica Groopman share findings and recommendations from their report, Culture of Content.”
    [Engineering] How To Sabotage Your Marketing Efforts
    think it’s like the many parts of an airplane: you have to have both wings, the body, an engine, steering, wheels, and a lot of other essentials all working together as a single machine or it won’t fly. 'You can have amazing SEO strategies, great PPC campaigns, and the kind of content on your site that Google loves and still end up with a big marketing problem if your customer service stinks. Seth Godin is of the opinion that many customer service departments are set up to say “ Please, go away ” instead of actually providing customer service.
    [Engineering] Stay a Step Ahead on Social Media: Tips from SMX Social in Las Vegas
    He blends a skillful mix of strategic search engine marketing, conversion rate optimisation, content marketing and pay-per-click advertising. 'This is a guest contribution from Paul Zubrinich of  Little Web Giants. Late last year, I returned from the biggest social media marketing conference in the world, SMX Social in Las Vegas. There were experts from all fields of social media and a wealth of new ideas floating about. Here are some of the takeaways. ROI is more than conversions. Facebook News Feed is like email with a 100% open rate” – Beth Horn, Facebook. Think about this scenario.
    [Engineering] Fetching Friday – 32 Posts on Online Marketing and Productivity
    Search Engine Marketing. 'Fetching Friday is back for week three of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing. Book Writing Productivity Hacks by Nicholas Carlson. FORCEdraft Doesn’t Let You Quit Writing Until You Hit Your Goal by Tori Reid. 25 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to WordPress by John Rampton. 12 Proven Ways Your Copy Can Get More Conversions by Chad Rucker. Dead-Simple Ways to Improve Slide Decks by Erica Mcgillivray. Social Media Marketing.
    [Engineering] How Would You Spend 30 Minutes On Social Media?
    You can lump some of them together, as Kevan Lee does on Search Engine Journal, but there are distinct responsibilities: Curating. There are good ideas in the Search Engine Journal article and I hope you find them helpful. 'Most of us spend a lot more than 30 minutes on social media, but many of us wish we could figure out how to do it. Twelve Things Social Media Managers Do. There are at least a dozen tasks that any good social media manager has to maintain. Crafting. Posting. Scheduling. Measuring. Analyzing. Responding. Listening. Engaging. Helping. Planning. Experimenting.
    [Engineering] InboundWriter
    'InboundWriter forecasts how your content will perform based on real-time analysis of your site, your competition, and search engine behaviors. Visit inboundwriter.com to learn more. yz (Hidden) Content Pros Sponsors
    [Engineering] Sometimes Data Is Just Data
    Not only that, but which brands have done that coupled with an engine of marketing that has leveraged those results to make their marketing cost less and be more effective? 'So, how is all of that data working out for you? There have been two stories in the news that have truly captured my attention (and a lot of thought) over the past few weeks. Then - only a few weeks later - a news item gets published on Quartz titled, Facebook data know you better than your own mother that states: "a  new study  conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge and Stanford University. brand.
    [Engineering] A Helpful Guide To Free SEO Training
    'It’s becoming a standard need for businesses of any size — the whole Search Engine Optimization thing is no longer the realm inhabited by the computer geeks. Everybody should understand enough of how the internet works to utilize SEO, even if all you are doing is trying to find something. For a business, though, SEO skills are increasingly sought among employees. There’s a challenge to this because the SEO of today is not the SEO of past years, so unless you have been keeping up with the changes, your skills are outdated. The trick is knowing what’s most helpful.
    [Engineering] The Best of Association Social Media 2014
    Elizabeth Bookhultz, Social Media Specialist, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) . 'So here we are, in a new year. And what a year 2014 was. Lindy’s happily ensconced at ICF working on some really awesome public health projects. I am now consulting under my new practice  Culture That Works  with Jamie Notter, where we work with all kinds of organizations on internal (employee) and external (member/customer) engagement and culture change related to technology change. Jamie and I  wrote another book  (out soon! You will hear lots more about it!). Centscere. Teem’d.
    [Engineering] Infographic: 11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs
    New content is the key to whipping out competitors in the search engine’s result page. This is for the prime reason that online marketers want to see their posts in top search engine results. 'It does not matter whether a business is a small or a multinational enterprise. Blogging is without a doubt integral to online content marketing techniques and strategies for a myriad of reasons. In detail, here are the four major accounts why online marketers need to blog as far as promoting a business is concern: 1. To drive traffic to one’s website. To escalate SEO or SERP. Content.
    [Engineering] How To Multiply Content and SEO From One Event
    People who are searching by typing in a question about the subject will be brought to the page that answers the question if the search engine can identify it. 'There is a good way to take an event your business hosts, like a workshop or seminar, and turn it into a lot of opportunities for SEO. Think of it as a big box of stuff you can unpack, label, and put where it can be used. Unpack The Content From The Event. There has been a lot of information generated for your event, right? How would someone looking for information ask about it? Label Each Page Correctly For SEO.
    [Engineering] How to Generate the First Customers for our New Online Startup?
    The following step was learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which basically is like working with search engines (Google, Yahoo! 'At the time of starting –as also happened to us—, most of the founders of an Internet startup focus primarily on the server’s technology, database and graphic interface. We really believe that, as our work is going to be brilliant, users will love to come by themselves. No matter how spectacular our online development is: unless we have visitors and customers, it is not worth it. It is physical work. Use personal media. Results measurement.
    [Engineering] 19 More Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides
    How To Choose The Right Social Media Networks For Your B2B Business by Search Engine Land. 'While social media marketing has become commonplace, questions about how to optimize the use of social channels and networks, and how to stand out from the crowd, remain. Image credit: KISSmetrics. The post 23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides , published here a few weeks ago, answered questions about social media trends, the evolution of social media marketing best practices, and how to optimize use of visual content. What are the best and worst times to post updates? Thank goodness!).”
    [Engineering] Optimize Your LinkedIn Efforts
    'Search Engine Journal has consistently been a source of good ideas. You may already have done some of the tips in Search Engine Journal’s list, and I hope you have. Recently, Kristi Hines’  10 LinkedIn Tips and Strategies You Need To Know  has some great ones. These are helpful suggestions that may be exactly what you are looking for: Learn how to unsubscribe from blog posts and unclutter your inbox. Changing the frequency of a group digest can make life less hectic. Seeing where you rank can help focus strategies. is a good idea.
    [Engineering] 10 Simple Hacks That Will Increase Your Blog Traffic
    There are a ton of things you can do to your blog to make sure that your content looks as good as possible when it’s shared on social media or picked up by search engines like Google. Back in 2010, Google engineer Matt Cutts announced that Google is now factoring site speed into search rankings. 'This is a guest contribution from Garrett Moon, co-founder of CoSchedule. Of course, you know that writing more blog posts will increase your blog traffic. If one blog post results in an average of 200 visits, then two blog posts should magically turn into 400 visits. Voila! Yes, up!
    [Engineering] How Social Media Affects Search
    Content Social Media andy crestodina Followerwonk Inkybee orbit media popular webinars search engine optimization SEO topsy webinar 'By Gini Dietrich. It’s our first webinar of the year and we kick it off with the one and only Andy Crestodina. For those of you who don’t know Andy, he is the co-founder and strategic director at Orbit Media, a web design and development firm in Chicago. He also hosted our second most popular webinar in 2014 so you know you’re going to get something good. Here’s the thing about this webinar. How Social Media Affects Search.
    [Engineering] 3 Proven Ways to Dramatically Improve Website Traffic
    It must consist of information that your visitors will want to pass on to others because this will: Increase brand awareness Improve relationships with your audience Appear more in search engine results Cultivate stronger trust from search engines Build authority and thought leadership in your field Reduce bounce rates and increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site Did you know that content marketing creates 3 times more leads per dollar? 'Every brand wants more website traffic. After all, more traffic can improve sales and generate company growth. You have authority.
    [Engineering] 35 Speakers to See at NamesCon 2015
    ” In the “Global SEO and Domain Name Preference” session, I’ll be presenting some of the results of my extensive Search Engine Marketing Study (New gTLD vs.Com Domains). 'From January 11 to January 15, 2015, the NamesCon 2015 domain name conference is being held in Las Vegas. I’m personally speaking in two separate sessions, and will be attending the conference all week. As with a lot of conferences that I’m attending and speaking at, I go through the list of speakers and hand pick a list of them that I think you should definitely not miss. President.
    [Engineering] 4 Simple Ways to Build Up Your Email List
    Getting prospective customers to your website via a search engine or advertising is no small feat; once they have arrived, ensure that they continue to receive your messages by having them sign up for your email list. 'For small businesses, the customer or client list is at the heart of the operation. The goal of customer recruitment is to keep them around for longer than a single sale or experience, after all. smartly built and maintained email list can ensure that your small business remains on the mind of your customers long after the initial interaction. Ask on your blog.
    [Engineering] The Upcoming Consumer (Looks Nothing Like The Consumer We Knew)
    You need look no further than the power of consumer reviews to tell a different brand narrative or e-commerce as an engine that allows consumers to "shop the brand" in a twenty-four hour cycle. When I think about what the media landscape might look like in the near-future, my focus has turned away from the engines that create awareness (i.e. Brands are looking at big data, in the hopes that mining these unique data sets will give them newer consumer segments or insights to create better advertising and engines of conversion. 'The consumer is changing. Correction. for money.
    [Engineering] Diversity in Tech, What’s Next? Collaboration and Capital
    For college students, CODE2040 leads the way to provide Black and Latino software engineering students internships with top tech companies. 'Repost from my November 26th, USA Today Article :  Wayne Sutton: Three questions about diversity in tech. Google kickstarted a movement among Silicon Valley and Bay Area tech companies when they released their diversity workforce numbers in mid-2014. USA Today has chronicled the many reports that followed from multiple tech companies this year, and hosted a series of interviews and events. One: will these companies start any diversity initiatives ?
    [Engineering] Is Your Site Self-Service?
    search engines advanced search digital native digitally native customer online health checkup self-service site 'An interesting observation was made in Jennifer LeClaire’s CIO Today article about customer service trends. The observation is that today’s “digitally native customer” (those who are comfortable and competent with technology) prefers a site that is self-service to working with an agent. have to agree. If I want an answer about a company’s service or product, I’d much rather go on the site and get the information immediately.
    [Engineering] SEO: The Must-Dos That You Just Can’t Miss
    30,000 visits a month from search engines doesn’t carry nearly the same social proof that 30,000 Twitter followers does. It’s that first burst of activity – of social sharing and people emailing it around and links coming in – that set the stage for ranking success in the search engines. Those words are strong signals to search engines of how and whether to include your page in the search results. Links are still a huge part of how search engine algorithms rank pages, and without them, you’ll usually struggle to perform. But, it should.
    [Engineering] From MAGNET: Attracting and Retaining Manufacturing Talent
    Starting with middle school age students, these manufacturers are sending young scientists, engineers, technicians and machine operators to visit local classrooms and talk with students about their work. Many manufacturers are also sponsoring teams for the FIRST Robotics or Robobot competitions giving students valuable hands-on experience and also the opportunity to work as team members with engineers, technicians, and scientists to solve technical challenges. 'Each month we be feature a blog post from our friends at MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network).
    [Engineering] 6 Things I Learned from Avatar King & Entrepreneur Brett Durrett
    Jason Cohen : founder WP Engine | @asmartbear. 'Durrett's Avatar. Recently I was able to chat with IMVU CEO and entrepreneur Brett Durrett. Durrett is not your typical CEO; Durrett is a rockstar that can program video games. In fact, he was programming video games for companies before he was of legal age to sign a contract. Today, Durrett is the dynamic leader of IMVU, the world’s leading 3D social network with over 130 million registrants and the world’s largest user-generated catalog of virtual goods with over 16 million items. Here are 6 critical items I learned from Durrett:  .
    [Engineering] Is SEO Still Relevant?
    Yes, the tactics used in search engine optimization have changed (again), based on shifts in how search engines rank content. Of course, the line between “content marketing” and “search engine optimization” continues to blur in terms of how those professional services are described, packaged, and sold. More Jay Today Videos From This Week: Jay Today TV job skills linkedin search engine optimization SEM SEO 'Are your skills massively in demand in 2015? Number one was big data analyst. That may not come as a huge surprise. And it never will be.
    [Engineering] Is SEO Still Relevant?
    Yes, the tactics used in search engine optimization have changed (again), based on shifts in how search engines rank content. Of course, the line between “content marketing” and “search engine optimization” continues to blur in terms of how those professional services are described, packaged, and sold. More Jay Today Videos From This Week: Jay Today TV job skills linkedin search engine optimization SEM SEO 'Are your skills massively in demand in 2015? Number one was big data analyst. That may not come as a huge surprise. And it never will be.
    [Engineering] Keep Duplicate Content From Keeping Your SERP Low
    'You would think that sophisticated search engine algorithms would be able to differentiate between similar URLs like. The goal is to make sure that the search engines (all of them) perceive your content accurately so your site can be presented fairly in the results of a search. “ [link]  . and  [link]  . and  [link].” ” You’d be wrong. That example is taken from Google’s Duplicate Content advice, and it would be good to refresh your memory about the subject before starting in on a content audit. What’s not to like about that?
    [Engineering] Time-Saving Tools and Apps for Social Media Management
    Raven Tools boosts the value of its social media management offering by including effective search engine optimization and advertising management as well. 'Social media helps you boost traffic to your website (and your physical office!), increase exposure, build awareness, drive engagement and create a community around your cause. But only when it’s done right. Appropriate, effective management is the key to ensuring you get the returns for your social media marketing investments. You’ll agree that proper management is in fact, the key to doing anything right. HootSuite.
    [Engineering] Get Creative with B2B Marketing in 2015
    Behind Google, YouTube is the second-most used search engine – which means there’s tons of potential. 'One of the best things about marketing is the constant challenge that comes with it. You don’t want to repeat yourself from last year, nor do you want to look sloppy next to the competition. B2B is especially susceptible to very high standards and unusual challenges. B2B marketing has to be smarter, sleeker and faster than B2C. Most of the people you’re speaking with are considering other options, have an idea of the numbers and are more interested in content and price than anything.
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #237
    like, say, your right to be forgotten from a search engine, you will quickly realize that our definitions of humanity need to be updated and redefined for where we''re at. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we''re recommending to one another: Typeset In The Future - Alien : " I''m a hardass about fonts. But this puts me to shame. Makes my unreasonable agitation at an extra space in the text of a menu seem almost normal. Almost." Alistair for Hugh). This guy has. Enjoy."
    [Engineering] Fetching Friday: 25 Posts on Business, Content, Search, and Social
    Search Engine Land’s Top 10 Columns Of 2014 by Jessica Thompson. Escape Google With These 12 Search Engine Alternatives by Chuck Price. How To Make User-Friendly And Search-Engine Friendly Scannable Content by Shari Thurow. 'Fetching Friday is back for 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on business, content marketing, search marketing, and social media marketing. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Business. 13 Value-Packed Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs by Eric Siu. How to Overcome Your Own Laziness by Eric Ravenscraft.
    [Engineering] Recent Posts: Expanding Social Authority and Enlivening Boring Predictions
    FIR B2B #20: Indium’s Awesome Engineers. Indium has created a creative and successful inbound marketing campaign that connects engineers to customers to solve problems in exchange for contact information. 'This blog hasn’t been very active lately, but that’s because most of my contributions have appeared elsewhere. Here’s a roundup of what I’ve been musing about. 10 Tips for Expanding Your Social Authority in 2015 – Midsize Insider, Jan. 1, 2015. go into detail on strategies to get more out of your existing social presences and where to experiment with new ones. 22, 2014.
    [Engineering] The Most Effective Way To Focus Your Content
    Google isn’t the only search engine working diligently to be the one people use, and it is logical to assume that a site that has content worth coming for is a site that will rank high in SERPs if the algo bot can see that worth too. Web Design and Search Engine Optimization content focused content natural language search Panda semantic search 'There really isn’t a way to separate content from optimizing your site for search. The way that search is changing by moving toward semantic or natural language search has been discussed every time Google’s Panda comes up.
    [Engineering] Do Brands Have Rights When Their Own Data Is Used Against Them?
    It''s a dangerous game because I''m often finding better flights than the ones that the airline websites are showing at the top of their internal search engines. 'This is an interesting one, isn''t it? Here''s the deal: A direct flight from New York to San Francisco is $1000 (as an example). However, if you want to fly from New York to San Diego during the same time, the flight is $750 with a stopover in San Francisco. Why not just take the Las Vegas flight, hop off in San Francisco and not get back on the plane? Why would the airlines mind? Doubtful. little data is a dangerous thing.
    [Engineering] Facebook Doesn't Get Small Data Right (And You're Worried About Big Data?)
    There is no doubt that there are engines of marketing technology that are using previously unavailable data sets, and combining them at speeds previously unimaginable to create new and interesting marketing opportunities. What''s more real is that there are very few brands that are currently able to fully harness, leverage and act on the isolated data sets that they have in regards to consumer usage, email addresses, search engine marketing results and customization of website based on usage. search engine marketing. can understand why some folks might be upset. brand.
    [Engineering] Announcing a New Podcast for Content Marketers
    That’s why we built MarketingPodcasts.com (the only search engine for marketing podcasts), and also why we at Convince & Convert are positively THRILLED to launch our third podcast… Content Pros. 'More than any other content format podcasting is poised to explode , because it’s the one type of content you can consume while also doing something else. That’s What Is the Content Pros Podcast? Taking a page from our successful Social Pros podcast playbook, Content Pros will feature real people doing real work in content marketing. . How Can I Listen to the Show?
    [Engineering] 22 Noteworthy Content Marketing Guides and Tips
    Noting that “71% of businesses across a variety of industries have increased company funding for online video marketing budgets,” Oren Smith looks at more than half a dozen ways to improve video SEO, such as targeting the right keywords and using supporting images and text: “images, links, and accompanying text all assist search engines with determining page quality. 'Content marketing is a hot topic. According to Google Trends , searches for “content marketing” have increased 150% in the past two years. Image credit: Intergage. by bowden2bowden blog.
    [Engineering] Is The Content Right On Your YouTube Ad?
    Helena Clark’s recent Search Engine Watch post has some practical tips for getting the content right on YouTube ads. 'One of the trends in online marketing is the increasing use of video. People just love to watch stuff, and as wireless services expand and mobile devices multiply they will be watching more stuff in the year to come. As she rightly points out, “ AdWords for video offers search marketers the chance to reach a big, very engaged, very specific audience with rich content. If they’re used well, we can create a big impact even with a limited budget.
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #236
    Also a perfect case study in social engineering." 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we''re recommending to one another: Was isolated from 1999 to 2006 with a 486. Built my own late 80s Operating System. What would you do if you were off the grid with an old computer, completely isolated from the world? This guy got pretty inventive. Much more a story of amazing human spirit in horrible conditions, but also some pretty decent hackery. Guess it''s a social network now."
    [Engineering] 5 Things to Think about Before Launching a Website
    Times when it was enough to stuff a website with keywords to get into the top ten have long passed – modern search engine algorithms do their best to sift out sites that contain poor or plagiarized content. 5.      Search Engine Optimization. 'In e-business, just like in many other spheres, the success of an enterprise is determined at the stage of planning: no matter how hard you work later on, if you’ve made some blunders in the very beginning all your efforts may go down the drain. Here are 5 things you should take into consideration before you launch your website.
    [Engineering] Content Marketing Is Dead (But There's Always This).
    The end of content as an engine of publishing. 'Content Marketing is dead. Right? That didn''t take long. I''ve been reading this notion of "too much content and not enough value" a lot lately. It usually starts with the premise that consumers simply can''t keep up with the pace and increase in content production and publication. We live in a day and age when anyone can create content - in text, images, audio and video - for free with global distribution. We live in a day and age when people like Bethany Mota can get ten million active subscribers to engage with her every move. author.
    [Engineering] Merry Christmas! A Final 2014 Weekly Update from Bill Hartzer
    Bill Hartzer Weekly Update – December 7, 2014 Domain Name SEO Search Engine Registration scam, Google SERPs Instagram. 'Google’s CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA won’t stop spam bots, Best Buy Oops, ICANN hacked, Freebase is shutting down, and Apple’s mysterious domain names. This will be my last weekly update in 2014, so I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. don’t plan on sending out any more updates this year. There were a few significant updates and blog posts since my last update, and a few other posts worth mentioning. In the email, they CCd everyone.
    [Engineering] Google’s CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA is Flawed, Won’t Stop Spam Bots
    Related posts: Search Engines Not Doing Enough to Stop Hackers The search engines, Google, Yahoo!, Google Search Engines 'Google recently released a new tool for website owners called CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA. It turns out that “bots can use an OCR tool to solve the information or require somebody to solve the image initially, post which, the bot can retain the cookies and continue scraping!” ” according to ShieldSquare. Mr. Homakov explains that Google’s new CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA is flawed. “The thing is No CAPTCHA actually introduces a new weakness!”
    [Engineering] How to Attract Visitors to Your Site
    Simple – purchase it via Pay-Per-Click search engines. 4.      Submit Your URL to Search Engines. Search engines like Google are one of the primary sources of traffic, and you should make sure you use them correctly. The first step is to submit your URL to those of them that interest you – although search engine spiders index websites irrespectively of whether they were submitted or not, it may take a lot of time – some sites have been known to wait for a couple of years before they were indexed. 1.      Holistic Approach. 2.      Testing: From Basic to Complex.
    [Engineering] Twelve Digital Tools You’ll Be Using More of in 2015
    With an affordable monthly plan (it’s only $15 per month) and a user-friendly interface, Nimble is a communications and connection engine for social people. 'By Jess Ostroff. On the twelfth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… 12 digital tools, 11  most read blog posts , 10 top communicators , nine great PR blogs , eight up and comers , seven must-listen podcasts , six communicator gifts , five communications trends , four free webinars , three strategy games , two Crazies’ secrets , and the PR win of 2014. Gini gives great directions. So these are not predictions.
    [Engineering] 4 Concepts Your Online Marketing Should be Ready for in 2015
    The man behind the search engine’s social site, Vic Gundotra, stepped down earlier this year; and arguably the best feature offered by the site, Hangouts, is now available as a standalone application. Apps Facebook Google Google+ / Google Plus Internet Marketing 101 Mobile Marketing Online marketing Public Relations Search Engines SEO Social Media Social Media for Business Social Media Tips Strategic Social Media Twitter 2015 2015 social media 'At the end of the year, many offer up their thoughts on what the online trends will be for the year to come. Could Ello rise?
    [Engineering] 5 Things To Keep In Your SEO List For 2015
    Streamlined URLs — because it makes sense to write the URL the way people or search engines think. Videos — because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. 'As the 2014 year wraps up, the predictions and lists for 2015 are starting to roll out. Just like all New Year’s Resolutions, there are some good ideas that everybody agrees they should do. The challenge is doing what you planned, right? Social media — because your customers can connect immediately. Content — because that’s what we are looking for when we go online.
    [Engineering] SEO Copywriting Best Practices for 2015
    Search engines now take an estimated 200 or more factors into account when ranking web pages. Some experts are taking it as a sure sign that Google won’t be the only search engine to consider next year.  While many of the principles of creating quality content through SEO copywriting are the same for all major search engines, there are some subtle differences, too. But even more importantly, you should keep in mind that this move was a strong move in search engine’s battles against spam. '2014 was another fast-paced year in the world of SEO. Absolutely.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  SUNDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2014
    [Engineering] The Most Anything of Everything in 2014
    'Every year, it is always excited to see what trends made it to the top spots on every one of our favorite search engines and social networks. Here are the winners from everything in 2014. It is always exciting to see the results from a year of searches, tweets, posts, shares, comments, and everything in between. This year, there were a few interesting results in different categories (perhaps most notably, the fact that Apple or Apply products were not in the most searched keywords on Google for the first time in years) and much of what you would expect to find. Google/Search. Facebook.
    [Engineering] 10 Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content
    Getting eyes on your content entails using a combination of SEO (search engine optimization), content curation, social media outreach, optimizing for readability, and email marketing. 'You work hard to create great content — people should see it. Content marketing creates brand loyalty by engaging current customers and attracting new ones. It gives your company a voice and positions your brand as the expert in your field. Producing great content increases sales and customer referrals and offers a strong ROI (return on investment). It’s 10 ways to get more eyeballs on your posts 1.
    [Engineering] How to Create Solid Marketing Content for Social Media
    Social media and content marketing are both designed to pique customer interest and boost search engine rankings. 'Content marketing has taken up a lot of the slack left by the decline of print advertising; it’s grown into one of the most-used tools for making an impression on customers, old and new. In recent years, social media has expanded to become an incredibly powerful way to promote your brand online. In fact, it’s pretty much necessary to maintain a social media presence to get relevant content noticed, and that means devising a fully optimized content strategy. Timing is key.
    [Engineering] Get Content First Format Content Later
    That’s why I became an engineer,” or whatever the circumstances are. Why couldn’t you go to Bobby the engineer in your organization, who hates to write, and say, “Bobby, just talk into my iPhone for the next thirty minutes and we’ll figure out ways to get blog posts out of it, and then once we have that audio clip, we can make blog posts. lot of times in organizations, especially big B2B companies they’ve determined that they need to create more content than ever. ” In many cases these employees are subject matter experts.
    [Engineering] Freebase is Shutting Down in March 2015
    Google Search Engines 'According to a Google Plus post today , Freebase is shutting down, and will no longer be available after March 2015. The current Freebase data will be ported over into WikiData. As you probably know, I have been one of Freebase’s biggest fans , and have a lot of edits under my belt there. I’ve also told a lot of people that they should make sure they have a Freebase page because it’s a part of the Knowledge Graph. even participated in a Google Hangout about Freebase: But now Freebase is shutting down.
    [Engineering] There is Nothing About Negative SEO in Google Webmaster Guidelines
    The guidelines all point to issues related to your website–but there are no references about doing something to your competitor’s websites that would cause their website to lose search engine rankings or get penalized. The bottom line is that Company One’s search engine rankings could possibly take a hit because of the 10 microsites with all the spam pointing to them. Search Engine Optimization 'There is nothing about Negative SEO in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Are you surprised? Well, I am, and I am not. It isn’t mentioned there, anywhere.
    [Engineering] Digital PR and the Google Penguin
    Google has recently admitted to Search Engine Land that since October 2014 their Penguin algorithm that addresses the quality of inbound links and fights spam has been put on a rolling, continuous optimization schedule instead of sporadic updates. Jill Kocher,  search-engine-optimization expert. 'PR pros are not all convinced that SEO is a skill they need to master. However, as content marketing gains popularity,SEO becomes more and more important. The more content there is on the web, the more difficult it is to find what you’re looking for. What does that mean for PR pros?
    [Engineering] 7 New Buttons Facebook Hopes You Will Use
    'Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern is a guy I pay attention to. His quick overview of the Call-To-Action Buttons for Business Pages  look like they may have come up with some very good options for your Facebook business page. Here are his “best interpretations” of what these new buttons can be used for since there aren’t more details on their functionality yet. Book Now:  To direct visitors to book a table at your restaurant, a room in a hotel, or a similar kind of reservation. Shop Now:  Direct visitors to your e-commerce store. In the US, probably soon.
    [Engineering] How to Rekindle Your Business Passion
    Our role is to add that interest by setting ourselves targets to motivate others which will provide the fuel of inspiration to keep our interest engines operating on turbo! . 'Do you ever find yourself just going through the motions? There is a spark missing, you just don’t get that thrill with your work? The problem is that even Google can’t provide a simple answer – it needs you to find your own answer. It’s a little like when you are driving and you can’t remember passing the last junction on a motorway. You are not alone. Remember why you do what you do.
    [Engineering] 23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides
    Brian Solis’ Conversation Prism Catalogs The Best Social Platforms by Search Engine Journal. ** 5 STARS. 'Though the use of social media and social networks for marketing is now nearly ubiquitous, and 78% of companies have dedicated social media teams, many marketers sill struggle with certain aspects of social marketing, such as formalizing strategies and measuring results. Yet as buyers make increasing use of social media to evaluate the offerings of and engage with vendors,  expectations will inevitably increase. How are social media marketing best practices evolving? do that for me?”
    [Engineering] Specialists and Generalists
    company will need engineers who are experts in certain programming languages and databases but engineers are also needed to work in larger teams that intersect multiple languages and datasets. 'According to Harvard Business Review author Vikram Mansharamani, the need for specialization is waning and generalist skills are in demand. He explains the difference with bark. There are many who have deeply studied its nooks, grooves, coloration, and texture. Few have developed the understanding that the bark is merely the outermost layer of a tree. want the forest. Thanks for reading.
    [Engineering] Online PR: The Big Three
    In addition to exposure, a PR campaign now has the ability to dramatically affect search engine optimisation as well as social following. Paid – Commonly known as advertising, this is media space that you pay for in print, radio, television, search engines or social network. With the Google Panda update, search engines are also taking into consideration how much a piece of content is shared to judge how useful it is to the user. Trend Related. Cause Related. Trend Setting. The Peso Model: Paid, earned, shared and owned media. Image Credit: Matt Camp ).
    [Engineering] Your 12 Point Content Marketing Strategy (Part 1 of 4)
    He’s an automotive engineer, amazing negotiator, and expert craigslist whisperer. 'Get new articles sent to you. Get New Articles. ve spent the last few months working on a riddle. How do you get people to notice your content when 2 million new blog posts will be published today. An already difficult question mutates into an impossible one when you add in the 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. This means that your business’ content is already buried one minute after it hits your RSS feed. This is what my friend Mark Schaefer calls Content Shock. Relevancy. Read it.
    [Engineering] The Way Television Should Be
    This is not the same length of adoption that we had with the initial Internet - when companies sat on the side-lines before adopting basic digital assets like a website and some form of search engine optimization. search engine optimization. 'What if television looked and acted like Netflix ? Many years back, I was blogging about the future of education. If I could find the specific link to the post, I would have dropped it in here. Their attendance could be physical and/or virtual. It seems to make sense, doesn''t it? You get accepted to a college. you get the drill. blogging.
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #234
    An amazing talk on the state of the music industry, by producer and engineer Steve Albini." 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we''re recommending to one another: Understand - a novelette by Ted Chiang. A couple of friends sent me this link over the past few weeks. Flowers for Algernon depressed me immeasurably -- to fly so close to brilliance and lose it. This is a suitably thought-provoking look at what it might be like to understand absolutely everything." Funny? amazon.
    [Engineering] Google Removed Carousel from Google Search Results
    This was originally reported by Search Engine Land back in November , but now that it’s been a month, I checked all of the other local categories that were bringing up the Google Carousel and it’s now totally removed from all local keyword searches. How Google Instant Impacts Search Engine Optimization Google Instant is an enhancement to Google’s search engine that. Google Search Engines 'Google has removed the Google Carousel from the search results. This has been phased out, and there is no Google Carousel anymore for any of the local searches.
    [Engineering] Web CEO SEO Software Platform Review
    Web CEO is a search engine optimization software that has a lot of great features. In this post, we’re going to look at how easy it is to research your niche, promote your website, track performance and optimize your web pages for higher search engine rankings in the Web CEO SEO Dashboard. Then select the search engines you want to check your site’s rankings on. You can select the country you’re targeting and Web CEO Dashboard will display a list of search engines in that country. Additionally, you can specify locations for Google’s search engine. Analytics.
    [Engineering] 6 Ways Social Media Affects Your Google Rankings
    Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn links are all taken into account by search engines as they analyze whether a page has useful information for a given search query. This will boost your search engine results. Other search engines have connections with other social media sites; for example, Bing searches are integrated with a user’s Facebook account. With Google’s Pigeon update this past summer, local search results became incredibly important in search engine rankings. This will lead to a rise in physical customers as well as search engine rankings.
    [Engineering] Google News Shutting Down: It’s Not Profitable
    Google Search Engines 'Google has decided to shut down its operations in Spain , and will no longer include any Spanish publishers in Google News. Google’s reasoning behind this is the new Spanish law that requires every Spanish publication to charge services like Google News for showing even the smallest snippet from their publications, whether they want to or not. Google News Shutting Down. never really thought that it would come to this. As of the writing of this post, Google News Spain is still up and running. Well, apparently so. Related posts: Yahoo! Shutting Down Yahoo!
    [Engineering] The Biggest Mistake Founders Make when Building an MVP
    They end up over-engineering the product because they don’t want to put it out in the world until it actually solves the problem. 'We just started inviting people into the alpha for a community product we’re developing called Groop. It didn’t solve any of their problems. It wasn’t supposed to. The product is a community platform so it needed a decent amount of features even for an MVP, but we did the absolute bare minimum. We kept it so minimal that there was no way people would actually want to use it. We didn’t build any of them. That’s it?!”
    [Engineering] Why You Should Make A Map of Your Website
    If there is enough for a page, you have a great reason to give it a page because search engines index pages. Website design and search engine optimization are interrelated because the design site affects how the search robot crawls the site. The page has to make sense to the search engine in order to be ranked. Web Design and Search Engine Optimization map your website site map website development 'Do you have a map of your site somewhere? It’s a good idea to take the time to make one, preferably on paper and big enough to be on the wall for planning sessions.
    [Engineering] Fight or Flight: Responding to a PR Crisis
    In marketing, we are constantly addressing issues such as low sales, increasing brand awareness, or better search engine rankings. 'By Stacey Hood. From the dawn of man, the instinct to survive has been strong in all of us. We either confront things head on (fight) or avoid/ignore them (flight). We occasionally do both, depending on the circumstances. This is a coping mechanism, part of our DNA. But it is not always physical; it can be mental or even emotional. Fight vs. Flight. grew up in a boxing family. My uncle and dad boxed in the service, while my cousins boxed Golden Glove.
    [Engineering] Will 2015 Be The Year SEO Dies?
    It is different now than it was five years ago, and the search engines will continue to change as they try to be what delivers the results the user is searching for. We are seeing search engines diligently working to add relevancy and context to keywords and code so that the interaction is more on the same level. 'As I look at the increasing number of predictions for next year, one that keeps popping up is the idea that SEO is dead. Or not. It’s hard to tell, isn’t it? The problem with predictions is that we don’t actually know what will happen.
    [Engineering] 8 Tips on Generating High Quality B-to-B Leads
    Handing off the lead to sales  - Depending on the criteria that you’ve developed, you need to forward the lead and what you know about it (in the sales funnel) so when sales calls on them, they know what to talk about, i.e., initial evaluation stages, engineering comparison questions or ready-to-buy type of questions. 'Let’s face it, in your world, qualified leads are or should be the holy grail of marketing. According to a report by Marketing Sherpa , 78% of B2B marketers biggest challenge is generating qualified leads. Close the loop on the lead - Did they buy? If not, why?
    [Engineering] How Much Google News Traffic Do Publishers Get? Here’s Data on 80 News Sites.
    SimilarWeb reports on search traffic from all engines so the news search data includes more than just Google News. 'Google News has been in the news itself lately, from European efforts to impose taxes to questions about its value and even suggestions for giving it a full redesign. But just how much traffic is it currently driving to publishers? In working with a wide range of news and content sites, I know that becoming an approved source and maximizing Google News visibility (through avoiding news crawl errors and editorial optimization) continue to be important priorities. 21 lemonde.fr
    [Engineering] Who Uses Bing? Make Sure They Can See You
    'Bing is the second most popular search engine, and according to a recent article on Search Engine Journal, Bing tends to be preferred by certain parts of the market. The search engines are in a constant battle for the user’s attention. Search Engine Optimization that isn’t flexible enough to change as the battle changes is not going to be successful. think that paying attention to the top search engine stuff without paying attention to the other search engines being used by your specific audience is shortsighted. Who Are These People?
    [Engineering] Five Best Practices for Start-Up Content Marketing
    This is due to changes in  search engine algorithms,  but also to make it easier for customers. First, other users in the future will be able to organically find this content through, for example, search engines. To do this successfully, transcribe the videos or podcasts into written text so the search engines can index the content, or make a summary of the most important items in text. 'By Cristian Rennella It’s been nearly eight years since elMejorTrato  launched, and from the first moment we focused on content marketing as a main strategy for our growth.
    [Engineering] 8 Successful Content Marketing Strategies
    Researchers have long known that the more often you publish, the better your search engine optimization, traffic, and lead generation will be. 'Image source. Are you sick and tired of feeling like your content marketing strategy is a whole bunch of guesswork? Even the most data-driven marketers can find themselves grappling with what to integrate next. The cost of creating video or infographic content can seem overwhelming. It’s hard to make the leap if there’s little proof in your  content market metrics that a new tactic will work. Well, you’re in luck. Image source.
    [Engineering] Bill Hartzer Weekly Update – December 7, 2014
    'Domain Name SEO Search Engine Registration scam, Google SERPs Instagram Date Mistake, 7Search Accused of Traffic Stealing. First they say it’s for SEO but then they say it’s for search engine submission. 7Search, a Pay Per Click Search Engine and Affiliate Network, has been accused of traffic stealing in eye-opening research paper titled Understanding the Dark Side of Domain Parking. Last week was a very short week because of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA, so I decided not to send an update. Domain SEO Service Registration Scam. Blogging
    [Engineering] Domain SEO Service Registration Corp. Domain Registration Scam
    who feel that they can get away with offering “search engine submission” services. The fact is, there is absolutely no need to submit your website to the search engines; most likely they have already crawled your website (especially Google). Search Engine Submission is a scam, and I’ve written about it before several times. It’s a shame that these scams exist after all these years, as they have morphed from a search engine submission to even a domain name registration scam. just got this email, which apparently is CAN-SPAM compliant.
    [Engineering] I Want To See Ads!
    search engine marketing. '"Of course, you want to see ads, you''re in marketing!". That''s not what I mean. Here''s the scene: I''ve been thinking about buying some stuff (books, yoga mats, whatever.) online since Black Friday. So, as I peruse this pretty little thing called, "The Interwebs," I''ve been either buying stuff or dumping stuff into a shopping cart. Attention brands that are doing advertising online: Just because I put something in the shopping cart and did not checkout (yet!), don''t you start with that retargeting advertising business so quickly! This is not something new.
    [Engineering] Pinterest Marketing: How to Build Sustainable Website Traffic
    Pinterest is a Visual, Mobile Search Engine. Just like Instagram , Pinterest is a visual, mobile search engine. Pinterest is a Visual, Mobile Search Engine Just like Instagram, Pinterest is a visual, mobile search engine. 'Listen to the Episode Below (0:33:56). Download. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Discover What is New for Business. Powered by Simple Podcast Press. This is Episode 20 of  This Old New Business  weekly  business podcast with Jeff Korhan. Do I have your attention now? thought so. Our Featured Guest: Cynthia Sanchez.
    [Engineering] 11 Things to Look for in Freelance Writers
    They should be able to create content that appeals to humans and search engines. 'Image source. Freelance writers can make or break your business. Hire the right ones and your traffic, leads, and conversions could skyrocket, while you save time and money. Hiring the wrong ones, on the other hand, can mean poor sales, wasted resources and opportunities, and a muddy reputation that can’t be salvaged. Who can afford that? Want to make sure you’re hiring the right person for your blogging and content marketing? Here are eleven things to look for when scouring the Internet for writers.
    [Engineering] Building your Website: It’s all about the Details
    If you’re not a tech savant, this may sound like a challenging feat, but don’t panic: you don’t have to be an engineer or learn to write code, because there are hundreds of services available to help you do it. 'Guest Post by Rebecca Hasulak Taking your brick and mortar store online is an exciting step in the right direction. After all, a website is official and opens up more opportunities for your business’s growth as a credible company in the eyes of potential customers. Why is this a crucial mistake? Where to start? What are they looking for?
    [Engineering] Modern Enterprise Link Building Strategies for 2015
    Initially, what I came to know is that creating links is an extremely important steps if you want to get quality search engine results. 'This is a guest contribution from digital marketer Ryan Chester. Everything needs to adapt with the advancement of customer needs, whether it is fashion, food or even enterprise digital marketing strategies. People should have to make changes in their principles as the time changes. Companies, who haven’t modified their strategies, or hired followers of old link building techniques, always suffer. Importance of links. On-Site Content Creation. Research.
    [Engineering] Google SERPs Say Instagram Post Made in 1970
    Google Search Engines 'While searching Google today for a random search query, I noticed that the first search result was kind of odd. The Instragram post was a travel photo and it had nothing to do with the query that I just searched for. But that’s actually what didn’t surprise me. I’m not surprised by Google showing off-topic results for certain search queries. What shocked me was that apparently Google says that the post was made on Jan 17, 1970. Yep, you got that right. So apparently Google thinks that this Instagram post was made in January 1970. have no idea.
    [Engineering] Three Web Design Trends to Consider for 2015
    If you run a WordPress powered site, Aesop Story Engine is a wonderful solution that enables you to blend multiple media together to tell one cohesive story. 'Ever since businesses started using the internet for commerce, one thing’s been constant: the need to evolve with consumer behaviors. Much like local brick-and-mortar stores need to adapt to compete with off-site retailers, so, too, do businesses need to adapt to the way customers interact with their sites when making a purchase. With that in mind, here are three of the more popular web design trends for next year.
    [Engineering] Jerks are going to be jerks: Do’s and Don’ts for dealing with jerks online
    'Rachel Kerstetter, PR Engineer, Sonnhalter. Sometimes in life you encounter people who are jerks. Via Mike Licht. As children, we were often told to ignore the jerks. As adults we find ways to cope with the jerks we encounter throughout our days. It’s a little more difficult for companies to deal with the jerks on social media. Unfortunately social media also provides jerks with a megaphone for their poor attitudes. You can’t make everyone like you on social media, but you can take the high road when it comes to the social jerks who you encounter. Don’t fire back at them.
    [Engineering] Promoting Exclusive Communities
      Notice the messages they use to promote the community: –  Worldwide:  Meet discerning, like-minded individuals from across the globe who share your lifestyle, passions and interests. –  Private and Secure:  The entire service is inaccessible from the public Internet, including search engines, and all member transmissions to and from Netropolitan are encrypted. 'Visit Netropolitan , a new community for rich people.  If you're building an exclusive community, don't promote the features of the site. This is by far the most important.
    [Engineering] 7Search, Others, Accused of Traffic Stealing in Domain Parking Research Paper
    '7Search , a leading Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising and Affiliate Network, along with a few other search and domain parking companies, have been accused of traffic stealing in eye-opening research paper titled Understanding the Dark Side of Domain Parking. Search Engine Optimization White Paper Fathom SEO has produced an interesting SEO White Paper that. It turns out that we, as a campaign owner, were billed for 23 traffic hits by 7Search (see Figure 6(b) in Appendix) but nothing was reported by the parking service (see Figure 6(a) in Appendix) in December 2013. The idea.
    [Engineering] Google’s Latest Algorithm Update Promotes Mobile-Friendly Searching
    Of course this is advantageous for site developers and search engine optimizers who will likely experience a surge in business from site owners needing updates. 'Does your site pass Google’s mobile-friendly test? While you were busy shopping for your Thanksgiving turkey Google quietly implemented another algorithm that affects websites that haven’t converted to a responsive (mobile-friendly) platform. If your website is not optimized for mobile traffic, you need to make it a priority. Links must not be too close together to make it easy for users to select the right link. Google
    [Engineering] Turf Wars: Online Advertising Is Gonna Get Interesting
    Over at Search Engine Journal, Ellen Gipko has taken a look at Why Amazon and Facebook Are Gaining on Google  and gives us what she sees as pivotal in this turf war. Amazon really is a ginormous search engine for shoppers, and it has collected lots of data about shopping habits. '“ Both Facebook and Amazon are coming at Google’s lock on advertising from new angles–that’s why this could be an honest to goodness fight for online advertising dollars  and beyond.” ” –  Ellen Gipko, SEJ. Ther are some interesting developments in the world of online advertising.
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