[Engineering] 7 Tips to help you SEO-Optimize your Pinterest Pins
    It is now a powerful visual content search engine, and businesses can optimize their presence on the network to make themselves discoverable to their audience. Business Social Media affordable search engine optimization Pinterest PinsPinterest has undergone significant evolution in the last few years, becoming more than just a social network. Pinterest has over 100 million subscribers on the platform who search for and […].
    [Engineering] 5 Ecommerce PPC Strategies That Can Work For Your Business
    Long Tail Keywords – In the last few years there has been a change in the way users search for information on the various search engines. There is no better way to execute a Pay per Click marketing campaign than to implement it on an E-commerce store. The results are measurable and almost immediate. From the market leaders such as Amazon and Alibaba to the niche online stores everybody is employing PPC to attract targeted traffic to their stores and boost sales. Let us take a look at five E-commerce PPC strategies that can work for your business.
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    [Engineering] PB117: Case Study – How One Blogger Used a Blog Post, SlideShare Deck, Lead Magnet, Email Sequence and a Webinar to Earn Over $28,000
    Talked a little about SEO – particularly in search engines beyond Google like iTunes, App Store etc. Note: this episode can be listened to in the player above or on iTunes or Stitcher. Blogger Shares How She Made $28,000 Using The 4 Stages of Warming Her Readers Up. She did this by using a single blog post, a SlideShare presentation, a lead magnet, an email sequence, and a webinar. Recap of Episodes in Warming Your Readers Up Series. Episode 112. walk you through the 4 stages of warming your readers up. First getting their attention. Second getting them interested. Episode 113.
    [Engineering] 5 Ways to Build Online Authority Using Content Marketing - A Guest Post By Paul Chaney
    I've seen time and time again the benefits blogging can provide from a search engine optimization standpoint. Diva Marketing's 12th Birthday celebration continues with a very special post written by the first blogger I met IRW (in the real world) -- Paul Chaney ! One of the biggest lessons I've learned in 12 years of blogging and being active in digital communities is real relationship can and do happen online. As in offline, digital friendships are built through common interests, kindness, support when times are shaky and celebrations when good things happen. About Paul Chaney.
    [Engineering] Google’s Request for Rehearing Denied in Case Vs. Mississippi
    Attorney General Jim Hood claims that Google frequently allows websites that sell illicit drugs, stolen credit cards and fake IDs to be indexed in their search engine, and won’t remove those websites from their search results quickly enough. ” In late 2012 and early 2013, Hood and other state attorneys general began expressing concern that search engines were not doing enough to combat copyright infringement, the sale of prescription drugs and counterfeit products, and other “illegal and harmful” activity on the internet. Google Search Engines
    [Engineering] The Time Is Now For Small Businesses To Grab More Customers
    In February of this year, the Microsoft Bing search engine inched up  to claim approximately 21 percent   of US search market share up 1% from last year.  This post brought to you by Bing Network. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Jason Yormark. To succeed at building small business marketing strategies ,  you have to find a reliable way to bring in low-cost leads. As an SMB, your budgets are tight, your time is limited, and ROI is a matter of life or death when it comes to modern marketing campaigns. For many small businesses, the barrier to entry is cost.
    [Engineering] Supercharge Your Sales Funnel Velocity With Content
    Every time you write a blog post, it counts as another indexed page on your website , which improves your rank with search engines. I don’t mean to get personal here, but do you have a leaky sales funnel? Are you losing some customers somewhere along their journey from initial contact to final sale? Or is your sales funnel fully clogged, in need of middle-of-the-night emergency attention that’s costing you a fortune? Either way, I’ve got you covered—no charge—because either way, it’s all about your content. Guaranteed. And it should be customized for your buyer personas. Awareness.
    [Engineering] Image Recognition in Action: How the Green KitKat Conquered the World
    With the powerful technology behind our visual listening engine, brands have a simple-query solution that ensures they will no longer miss out on visual content. User generated content (UGC) is every marketer’s dream, as a creative customer base can be invaluable in spreading a brand’s message and surveys have shown that 93% of consumers find UGC helpful when making a buying decision. For brands, that’s a strong case for leveraging the power of UGC. But how should they go about finding this content? Combing through thousands upon thousands of posts manually is not an option.
    [Engineering] The Best Research Tools for Finding Kick-Ass Content
    Check out the following tools, all of which are free, have a free version or come with a free trial: Hashtagify : Not only is Hashtagify great for tracking critical social media influencers, but it acts as a hashtag search engine. This is a guest contribution from Jonathon Ohayon of Brilliance.com. From infographics to Slideshares, articles to memes; marketers and bloggers can never have too much help coming up with ideas for compelling, relevant content. However, ideas can be elusive and trending subject matter can be hard to nail down. Educate Your Content Creators (or Yourself).
    [Engineering] 7 Key Findings from Plant Engineering’s 2016 Maintenance Study
    Every year Plant Engineering conducts their Maintenance Study. Uncategorized facility maintenance maintenance Maintenance Study matt sonnhalter plant Plant EngineeringBy Matt Sonnhalter, Vision Architect, Sonnhalter. The objective of this research is to better understand maintenance practices and strategies currently in place in North American manufacturing facilities and the effects of maintenance on productivity and profitability. Shutdown Schedule – on average, all systems are shutdown three times each year. See the 7 key findings here. Download the full report here.
    [Engineering] Marketing Success Depends on Asking the Right Questions
    Her book titles include, “ Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher—How to Use Content to Market Online and in Social Media”  and “ The Truth About Search Engine Optimization” Formerly with Altimeter Group, Rebecca currently works with Netswitch Technology Management Inc., Q’s and A’s. Haven’t you ever wanted to know everything about everything? Rebecca Lieb feels your pain. Well, she at least wants to know everything about marketing. With years of deep research, Rebecca has learned where to find the keys to the marketing castle. Conglomotron LLC.,
    [Engineering] Gamification as a tool for innovation
    The Enterprise Gamification Consultancy researched  gamification platforms  and identified GamEffective, Infosys, Bunchball and Badgeville as gamification leaders, three platforms (Funifier, eMee, BizPart Engage) as gamification followers, and five platforms (Mambo.io, SAP, Playlyfe, Gamification-Engine, TribeCloud) as gamification contenders. TrendsSpotting has discussed “ Gamification ” in previous posts in  the context of “collective action” and crowd sourcing techniques. In this article, we will explore the use of Gamification as a tool for innovation. Efforts must be enjoyable. 2.
    [Engineering] Visual Content and your Brand
    The pay off is huge – the media, the public and search engines pay more attention to good original content. Social media has become a melting pot of white noise. For your brand to penetrate that noise and actually make any meaningful contact with your intended audience, you have to be ahead of the pack these days. And being ahead of the pack, in no small way, means that your content needs to be visually engaging. And according to recent research, humans now have a smaller attention span than a goldfish!  VISUAL REAL ESTATE. FOLLOW THE MONEY. BE ORIGINAL. CHALLENGES.
    [Engineering] What Happens When the Voice of Your Brand is a Humanoid Robot?
    Imagine doing your workout with your Under Armor robot, learning engineering lessons at college from a GE robot, or using an in-house robot as a Culture Captain for your company. Reading Time: 3 minutes A powerful transfer of power is underway around us. It takes many forms from drones to driverless cars to robotics factories made freshly famous by Tesla. This rise in robotics is remaking both the supply chain and demand sides of business (see ‘Rise of the Robots’ ), but they will soon transform brand marketing just as dramatically. Follow him on twitter @SimonMainwaring. Read More!
    [Engineering] Custom E-blasts…Direct Messages…touch the people you want to reach
    By Sandy Bucher, Media Engineer, Sonnhalter. Many of our clients use the custom e-blast, or direct message tactic, to deliver their message to prospective customers. The definition of an e-blast (email blast) is a single sending of an electronic message to many people. The best type is the custom, targeted or direct e-blast sent to an opt-in list that you specify. Here are some benefits of utilizing this type of marketing: The message is yours, and yours only ; you’re not fighting for attention with other advertisers.
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    [Engineering] 7 Ideas for Seriously Growing Your Subscribers
    Ideally, if someone is visiting via a search engine for a specific request, you want your blog to entice them to explore more beyond their initial topic. Your blog may look great and offer a variety of rich original content, but without a significant subscriber base, there’s only potential and not results. Fortunately, there are a number of proven tactics for getting more subscribers for your blog, which in turn can result in more subscribers and followers for your blog’s newsletter and social media as well. Reduce Your Bounce Rate. Use Tactful Pop-Ups. Recommended Posts.
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    [Engineering] Should You Rely On Google Alone for Online Visibility?
    Marketing SEO adwords affiliates bing Bing's AdCenter black hat SEO diversify your business visibility DuckDuckGo Email Marketing Google Google organic results Google policies Google rules keywords offline promotion online visibility ppc advertising search engines social media following traditional advertising yahooCould you be relying on Google too much for online visibility? Chris Hickman explains why you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket and how to diversify. The post Should You Rely On Google Alone for Online Visibility? appeared first on Spin Sucks.
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    [Engineering] PB113: 4 Techniques to Get More Eyeballs on Your Blog
    Search Engine Optimization. YouTube is a search engine – I made a video of me talking about a camera and put it on YouTube and it has been viewed 60,000 times. Note: this episode can be listened to in the player above or on iTunes or Stitcher. How to Get More Eyeballs on Your Blog. Today I am talking about how to get more eyeballs on your blog. How to get more attention for your content. How to get people on your blog for their first view. This is part of my current series on the 4 different steps you want your readers to go through if you want them to be fully engaged.
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    [Engineering] Google Search Console Search Analytics: Last Updated May 3, 2016
    Google Search EnginesGoogle Search Console’s Search Analytics feature, the feature that allows you to see the keywords, impressions, clicks, and average position of your website’s pages, has not been updated since May 3, 2016. Usually, Google allows verified website owners to see their search query data up to the past two days (the data is delayed two days). However, this week, the Google Search Console Search Analytics data has not been updated since May 3, 2016. As SEOs, we are always trying to improve the quality of search traffic to our (and our client’s) websites.
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    [Engineering] How to Update Old Posts On Your Blog (and When You Should Consider Doing it)
    When you’ve been blogging for a few years you’ll end up with an ‘archive’ of content and over time that archive can become a challenge to maintain and one in which you probably want to pay attention because it’s often posts in those archives that end up generating a fair bit of traffic – particularly from search engines. The posts I’m most likely to update are any old posts that are getting constant traffic either from search engines, referral traffic from other sites or social media. Do you update old posts on your blog? Changed Opinions.
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    [Engineering] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    The 7 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing | Search Engine Land. I’m SO guilty of number 1! So apparently you guys were just as confused as the rest of social media with the Facebook brand promotion brouhaha? You loved Laney’s post unpacking that for those of us who had little clue of what was going on. I don’t know about you, but I feel much better after reading it! So much to talk about today, not the least of which some changes at Instagram that look eerily similar to early Facebook ones. Read on! How Social Media is Ruining Your Business | Kickpoint. Moz will help!
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    [Engineering] 6 Surprisingly Relevant Reasons Why You Need To Link Build Your Content
    Backed by marketing studies and reports, we say that links are still in the core of search engines’ algorithm. Links are great for search engine optimization. Sites strategically rich with inbound links rank better in search engines. If you’ve been link building since 2012 and before, double-check and remove spammy links to prevent your site from plummeting down in the search engine. However, a lot of marketers are getting confused on the complementary relation of link building and producing great content. Increase the Good Kind of Traffic. How quickly things change!
    [Engineering] How to Create Unique Content to Build Your Blog’s Authority
    The reality of search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to understand. Search engines value your content as much as your viewers. And ultimately, you will need exposure in search engines to achieve success. search engine measures uniqueness a bit differently than your readers do. Keywords in the right places are indicators to search engines, which will help them to classify your site and target the appropriate viewers during searches. In addition to search engines, you need to consider your readers. This is a guest contribution from Julie Petersen.
    [Engineering] How New Platforms Allow Further Reach for Influencer Marketing
    And let’s not forget about the popular new platforms that Frank co-founded; SnapCodes is a brilliant way to rank and curate the most popular Snapchat accounts, and GhostCodes is a real-time Snapchat search engine. Quality Trumps Quantity. Ten Big Macs does not a Filet Mignon make. And if you insist on trying it anyway, we’re not responsible for the tummy ache. Frank Danna is a wizard of emerging platforms, superior content, and enthusiasm. In This Episode. Why alignment of values is essential for success. How micro-influencers are the next wave in marketing. Resources. Softway. Anchor.
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    [Engineering] Top 10 Content Marketing Tools for Serious Marketers
    Search Engine Expertise. Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) is an essential component of content marketing. Although many companies attempt to craft copy that prioritizes their company, brand or products on search engines, most organizations are better served to obtain SEO guidance from business that specialize in this area. Magazine ’s Fastest Growing Companies, Boostability techies are experts in search engine optimization and social media optimization. Search engine optimization is at the core of the Ignite Visibility. Successful content marketing involves.
    [Engineering] The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools
    find it to be very accurate and it’s great that I can see how much of my competitor’s traffic is coming from search engines, and what are their best referrals.” When evaluating the results of marketing and PR efforts, it’s vital to consider two perspectives: what is the trend of results (e.g., increasing social engagement, website traffic over time, etc.) and how do your results compare to your closest competitors? There are a wide range of monitoring, listening, and analytics tools available to answer the first type of question. Google Review Count: 400,000.
    [Engineering] How to Market Yourself as a PPC Expert?
    It is estimated that 87% spend on Search Engine Marketing goes into PPC and mere 11% into SEO with other strategies accounting for the rest. The demand for Pay per Click marketers in at an all-time high as small and large businesses alike are spending billions of dollars on this marketing strategy. So if you thought SEO was bigger it is time to think again. This demand has encouraged many PPC specialists to leave 9 to 5 jobs and start their career as freelancers. However starting your career as a PPC freelancer is never easy. It’s never easy and there is no single route towards success.
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    [Engineering] 8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling
    Youtube is still ubiquitous as a platform (more than 100 hours of video uploaded every minute!), and remains the #2 search engine, so including this platform in your audience outreach strategy is generally advised. 4 – Know Your Platform. Always hire a professional sound engineer for video shoots. sound engineer will use a mixer, listen to every take, and own a variety of microphones for different circumstances. Amy DeLouise is a video director-producer who specializes in telling real people stories that help nonprofits and companies tell their brand story.
    [Engineering] Best Responsive Web Design To Boost Your Online Business
    The underlying concern is that Googlebots and other search engine bots give importance to simple and neat page hierarchy, which they can only find in responsive sites. The concept of one-website-many devices is ideally explained in this informative article on Search Engine Watch. Having multiple versions of your site requires search engine crawlers to spend more time navigating each of the pages. While best responsive Web Design affects search engine crawlers in many ways, mobile behavior is another factor that Google takes into account. Mobile Behavior.
    [Engineering] Why Your Sales Funnel Is Probably Upside Down
    “We need to be more of an experience engine because customer experience is customer success.” Challenging the Sales Status Quo. We all know the sales funnel. We are familiar with its design, function, and purpose. But what if somebody came along and told you that your funnel had been upside down this whole time? And that starting with a narrow field of prospects and expanding as you went was actually better than whittling down from a large pool to a handful of qualified leads and customers? It seems crazy, right? The new revenue model has become all about customer experience.
    [Engineering] How to Create Your B2B Dream Team
    Email is a powerful engine for business services companies.  If you’re a B2B company, then you know just how important your people are to your company’s success. Don’t get us wrong—employees are an important part of every business, no matter the industry. Without good people who do their job and treat customers well, your business will not be successful. But in some cases for some B2B companies, especially those in the Services realm, your people are your product. You need to build the best team you can, or risk it all by having mediocre talent reflect poorly on your brand. case study.
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    [Engineering] 10 Keys to the Kingdom of Content Marketing
    All of this linking is picked up by search engines.  . Content marketing is hard work. You have to be a bit of everything to do it well – a marketing pro, a psychologist, an excellent writer, a solid researcher, an expert on all social media platforms, a creative, and a quick study, in order to keep up with the rapidly changing environment of all things digital. Balancing all of these personas may make you feel like you have multiple personality disorders at times, but take heart. Perhaps these 10 keys for content marketing will help. Write for Your Audience, not Yourself.
    [Engineering] Living Proof That Defense Contractors Can Rock at Social Media
    Building a social program from scratch is no easy task—especially when your target audience consists of engineers and rocket scientists who may not be all that interested in social media. “I work with a lot of engineers and rocket scientists that saw social media as something their kids did. Social Media Targeting. Raytheon is a technology and innovation leader specializing in missile defense, civil government, and cybersecurity solutions. So why would a business such as Raytheon need social media? Well up until 2014, company leaders didn’t think it did. Resources.
    [Engineering] 5 Expert Tips for Engaging Your Webinar Audience
    In the Performance Toyota webinar example, the dealer principal established his authenticity out of the gate by explaining his background: before getting into the car business, he was a trained engineer, which helped him realize that there had to be a better way than his current approach of developing homegrown pricing. Following up on last week’s post covering my most important lessons for attracting your webinar audience , let’s now pivot and focus on how to keep them engaged once they show up live as an attendee at your webinar. Use Industry Disruptions to Your Advantage.
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    [Engineering] The Truth In Digital Advertising
    search engine. search engine marketing. Don't believe every headline that you read. There has been a long-standing statement that,  "people hate advertising."  For years, I (and many others in this industry) have said that this is not true. In actuality, "people hate bad advertising." Nobody likes to be annoyed and interrupted. Everybody loves to be entertained and informed. There are nuances. Digital advertising brings with it many sets of bigger and scarier issues: tracking, fraud, viewability, ad blocking, programmatic, retargeting, and more. Video, video, video and more video.
    [Engineering] 7 of The Best Apps for Making Money Online
    The app works with all of the biggest and most popular search engines used today, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo, as well as other websites like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Walmart, and Tesco. There is an app for just about anything you could possibly think of, from games that keep you entertained, to apps that help you find jobs and real estate, and even apps that help you know exactly what first aid procedures to take during an emergency. But did you know that there are also many social apps that are designed to help you make money online? Apps apps best apps making money online
    [Engineering] KeliComm Headshots: On-Page Search Engine Optimization
    “I hired Caroline Melberg and Small Business Mavericks to help me ramp up my SEO. could not be happier with the outcome. Almost immediately I saw my Google ranking improve and within a matter of weeks, I moved up to #3 in search results. And I have yet to implement all of her suggestions. Caroline really knows her stuff, she’s a pleasure to work with and very accommodating. cannot recommend Caroline and Small Business Mavericks enough!”. - Jen Kelly, Founder, KeliComm Headshots. Portfolio
    [Engineering] How to Use Google Suggest to Improve Your Content Marketing
    This autocorrect feature on the search engine is what gives us suggested results in both the URL (for those who have Google set as their primary search engine), and their search boxes. It uses both patterns in the user’s search history and metadata crawled by the engine’s bots themselves to make suggestions based on partial searches. Search EngineBuilding traffic is a long-term goal, anyone will tell you that. My favorite method of doing this is through taking advantage of Google Suggest. But how do you exploit it? SerpStat. Bulk Suggest Tool.
    [Engineering] 8 Tips for Effectively Outsourcing Your Content
    Most people don’t have the talent or ability to become aeronautical engineers, brain surgeons, or UFC fighters, but writing is a skill that almost everyone has some level of proficiency at. In case you hadn’t noticed, the mass adoption of high-speed internet has dramatically transformed the way that businesses operate. For the first time in history, businesses are not impeded by geographical restrictions when it comes to securing a skilled, professional workforce. One aspect of a business that is particularly well-suited for outsourcing to remote workers is content marketing.
    [Engineering] The Humanization of Search & Why Business Owners & Marketers Should Care
    If you sell products online, always be thinking about how to help search engines better match relevant queries to products in your data feeds. This post brought to you by Bing Network. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Jason Yormark. The speed at which technology is evolving is at breakneck speeds. We’re living in an unprecedented era of technical evolution, and it shapes practically every facet of our daily lives. And at the center of all this technology is a concept that even pre-dates any of this tech; the ability to search and find information. Q4 2014).
    [Engineering] 3 financial services firms using incubators and accelerators to drive innovation
    Rather than opening its own accelerator the bank has clubbed together with Baidu, China’s leading search engine, and TusPark Global Network, to run Supercharger , a 12-week accelerator programme for fintech companies. Disruptive forces are set to radically transform financial services over the next decade. Traditional players are being asked fundamental questions about how to respond to the emergence of nimble and agile competitors and how to thrive in a disrupted world. But how can financial services brands respond to these challenges? Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator.
    [Engineering] How to Defend Your Name and Protect Your Reputation Online
    Keep in mind that with reputation management, search engine optimization and other areas of Internet marketing, a few negative reviews are better than no reviews at all. Defending and protecting your reputation online is more difficult to achieve than ever before. The speed at which information spreads online, the ever-increasing number of ways to share it, and the tendency of some negative items to go viral, has made the defense of your brand and reputation nearly impossible. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Improve Your Presentation. Use Vigilance.
    [Engineering] How to Use Your Inner Contrarian to Generate Endless Content Ideas
    Matt Clough is the content marketing manager at Cloggs and has covered a wide range of topics, including marketing, branding, SEO and entertainment and the arts for the likes of Search Engine Land, the Guardian and the Independent. This is a guest contribution from   Matt Clough. Whether your blog falls within a niche with apparently endless opportunities or a dreaded “boring” one, the one thing that all bloggers (and writers in general) come up against at some point or another is writer’s block. As a blogger, there’s a constant temptation to tell people what you think they want to hear.
    [Engineering] Google Showing Multiple Domains in SERPS for Site: Command
    Google Search EnginesGoogle is showing multiple domain names in its search results when the site: command is used if domains pointing to the main domain include the canonical tag. Let me explain by giving you an example. The screen capture above shows more than one domain for a site:billhartzer.com search. For example, if one site has a blog post on it and another site uses that blog post on its site and includes the canonical tag back to the original, then it’s possible that Google will show both domain names in the search results for a site: command. byrAO2qP5o0.
    [Engineering] How to Increase Your Content Visibility in Google Knowledge Graph
    At the launch of the Knowledge Graph, Google Product management Director Johanna Wright said, “ We’re in the early phases of moving from being an information engine to becoming a knowledge engine , and these enhancements are one step in that direction.” Schema markup is a set of predefined code that defines elements of your webpage and support search engines to return the best search results to users for a given query. Digital Marketing google knowledge graph google my business google ranking search engine optimization search ranking SEO
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    [Engineering] A Dying Breed
    The idea that bloggers were a good farm team to drive traffic and nurture the search engines faded, as all of the content just became. search engine. With each passing day, the blogger - as we have known them to date - is fading. . That may sound dire, but think about it in this context: do you still use a RSS reader? How many blogs do you subscribe to? Even the ones that you do subscribe to, how often do you click and really engage with the words? The truth is this: the world of writing online continues to evolve. Maybe that's the way it is supposed to be? This grew. content.
    [Engineering] 7 Content Marketing Secrets to Increase Organic Traffic
    This is the content that everyone refers to when they’re looking for information: “Oh, search engine marketing? Here’s a question for you: How effective is your content at driving traffic to your website ? If If your answer is “not very,” then this is the post for you. Even if your content is performing well, there’s always room for improvement. But But contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t require a new blog post every other day. As a matter of fact, you can drastically boost your website’s SEO traffic growth with just a single blog post.  highlight to tweet).
    [Engineering] Using Cloudflare or Other CDNs Won’t Help You Hide Your Link Network
    So, the search engines can easily see that you most likely own all those sites linked together by looking at the sites’ IP addresses. In theory, the search engine would ignore the IPs being on the same Class C Block because it’s possible that several sites are using Cloudflare. link building Search Engine OptimizationRobert Fisher recently asked a question over at Moz regarding the use of CDNs to potentially hide a link network. Unfortunately, though, that theory, while a good concept, just doesn’t fly.
    [Engineering] 11 Steps to Growth Hack Your Way to Blogging Success
    SEO Strategies There is a bit of a learning curve here, but if you are going to be successful, for yourself or others, you have to learn and implement those strategies that will get you found and ranked by search engines. So you want to blog. Do you own an ecommerce business and need a site-based blog to bring in more traffic? Do you want to start a standalone blog and make money? Or do you want to freelance blog for other blogs? Whatever your purpose, if you are going to be a success at this blogging business, you will have to follow some key steps – 11 of them in all. 1. Don’t be shy.
    [Engineering] How Technology is Improving Education
    For example, models can show a student how molecules will behave in a variety of situations, or students can learn about science and engineering topics with greater ease when electronic models and simulations are incorporated into these lessons. These games make it possible to solve real-world problems while playing roles like journalist, engineer, or city planner. Technology has had a huge impact upon the way that people live, work, and play. But it is also helping students of all levels achieve better results in the classroom. Royalty free photo. Prepare for Tests from Anywhere.
    [Engineering] Google’s Mobile Update and Online Visibility
    Q7:  92% of Americans use search engines. Friday’s #DigitalPR Twitter chat with Rafferty Pendery was all about the need for businesses to embrace mobile and prepare for Googles’s next mobile update.  Here is the transcript: Q1:  83% of small businesses say a website gives them a competitive advantage – is this any site or is it only true of a good site? You’d think that just any website is better than none, but that’s not always true. site that doesn’t get found is like owning a Ferrari when you don’t know how to drive– nice to look at, but useless!
    [Engineering] Google’s Mobile Update and Online Visibility
    Q7:  92% of Americans use search engines. Friday’s #DigitalPR Twitter chat with Rafferty Pendery was all about the need for businesses to embrace mobile and prepare for Googles’s next mobile update.  Here is the transcript: Q1:  83% of small businesses say a website gives them a competitive advantage – is this any site or is it only true of a good site? You’d think that just any website is better than none, but that’s not always true. site that doesn’t get found is like owning a Ferrari when you don’t know how to drive– nice to look at, but useless!
    [Engineering] 5 Expert Tips for Growing Your Webinar Attendance
    It would have been easy to simply target titles with manufacturing or engineering in them, but we would have not aligned the topic and value proposition to the right persona. 4. We did a webinar for a very well-known brand that chose their sales vice president as one of the presenters along with an internal engineer, and it fell flat. Webinars continue to be an invaluable content marketing tool for companies to attract and engage with prospects as well as retain existing customers to become your advocates. highlight to tweet). Before You Begin. Choose a Relevant Topic.
    [Engineering] Your Live Brand Is Alive
    So, in the old days, as brands would use popular keywords to game the search engines, now brands must use live video if they want some kind of organic placement at the top of the news feed (without paying for it). search engine. How live is your brand? About one year, I published an article titled,  Your Streaming Live Brand. As smartphones got smarter and mobile data speeds made streaming as seamless as texting, it became apparent that brands are going to quickly need to have a "live brand strategy." Last year, everyone was excited about Meerkat and Periscope (some still are).
    [Engineering] The New(ish) Trend Of Publishing Within Publishing
    Perhaps an advertising rev share deal with Facebook, perhaps a newish brand on a popular social media platform that would create attention for Business Insider, perhaps a deal with Facebook where this unique content might be used in the future if/when Facebook decides to get serious about being a search engine too, perhaps a data platform? If I had to start it all over today, I would - without question - publish on a bunch of existing platforms, and then have the articles posted here for centralizing, archive and search engine purposes. search engine. Where's the money?
    [Engineering] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    always forget there’s more to search engines than Google, and now that there’s so many more ads above the fold (which I tend to scroll past, I don’t know about you), it’s easy to see that plenty of people are using plenty of other alternatives. Happy Saturday, ProBlogger readers! also loved Bryanna’s guest post on how to create a business to bridge you from your day job to your dream job – so practical and such a great idea! How to Publish 6 Posts Every Week | Medium. How many posts do you aim for every week? Who do you think has got it right?
    [Engineering] Social Media Updates: March
    Due to the unparalleled reach of Google and their services, plugging into the Google My Business network means your customers can now find you easily through Search, Maps, and Google+, and you don’t have to struggle and rely on complicated SEO tactics to be ranked top of SERPs (search engine results pages)! March saw a few relevant new social media updates that will help you to be more effective, resourceful and efficient in your social media marketing for your business. Here we go…. Facebook. Views:  Number of times your video was viewed on a particular day. Pinterest. Instagram.
    [Engineering] Are you ready to podcast?
    Adding content like podcasts will not only add stickiness to your site, but Google and the other search engines will love that you’ve got a mix of media on your site. According to wikipedia a podcast is a collection of digital media files distributed over the internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and personal computers. Here’s my definition. podcast is an incredible marketing tool and a great way to generate new leads for your business. It can enhance your marketing in many ways. People consume podcasts in a big way. Don’t be afraid to be brief.
    [Engineering] 5 Things To Completely Revamp And Improve Your Digital Marketing
    This applies to literally everything important that is associated with search engine optimization. Did you know you could rank higher in Google search engines if you had a separate mobile website for mobile users? Search engine optimization, email marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing, banner advertising, social media marketing, blogging etc. Everything changes in this world. Some things change for good and others not for good. However, you have to keep changing and improving your digital marketing strategies because this will only be for your good. SEO, SEM, PPC etc.
    [Engineering] Warning: Are You Making These 8 Traffic-Killing Mistakes?
    Those posts will still get read – by people coming from search engines and by people digging into your blog’s archives or following links from other posts. This is a guest contribution from Ali Luke. Are you unintentionally sabotaging your blog’s chances of success? It can be really tough just to keep your head above water when you’re blogging. There’s so much great advice out there – and so many things you could be doing. It’s also easy to get things wrong. It takes time to build a successful blog. But you don’t want to end up taking years longer than you need to. page is really handy.
    [Engineering] Google Continuing to Allow Alternative Characters in Title Tags
    Looks like the cases I have come across are all search engine spam results, but the fact that these characters are even being allowed is a mystery to me. As you can see, this particular search result actually is interesting since it showcases several search engine spam techniques: – cloaking the page (show different results to Google’s bots than real humans). – usage of new gTLD domain names for search engine spam. Google Search EnginesLet’s look at an example: https://www.google.com/search?q=%E2%91%A0&num=100&safe=off&source=lnt&tbs=qdr:h&sa=X.
    [Engineering] An Expert’s Guide to How to Get SEO Right
    When it comes to bettering your website’s search engine ranking, the importance of following good SEO practices cannot be emphasized enough. This could mean that they have manipulated Google’s search engine to rank them for certain phrases in the short term. Further reading: Why Reputable SEO Firms Don’t Promise Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings. 4. Digital Marketing outsourcing SEO search engine optimization search ranking SEO seo campaigns SEO strategySydney-based Andrew Raso has a similar opinion. Further reading: Is There Such a Thing as Cheap SEO? 2.
    [Engineering] Business Storytelling From a Hollywood Screenwriting Coach
    Robert is a story mentor, the creator and leader of his famous STORY and Storynomics seminars, and a world-respected lecturer and teacher on story and the engines behind both business and narrative storytelling. The Story Master Speaks. Robert McKee is the master of Hollywood storytelling, and you may recognize his name. For the first time, we are excited to welcome a previous Business of Story Podcast guest in for another round. As Robert points out, “Rhetoric is not the way the mind works.” In This Episode. The difference between implicit and explicit story. Resources.
    [Engineering] The Ultimate Guide to Social PR Strategy: A Blueprint for Success
    Do we know how to apply smart SEO (search engine optimization) to the content we generate? If you work in Social PR today (and there’s a strong chance you do, if you’re reading this post), you might be hard-pressed to remember the “medieval times” of the PR world. You know… the “old” days, back when we didn’t have social media. No Twitter, no Facebook, no YouTube, no Blab, no Snapchat… none of it. If we wanted to get information out, we had to depend on the news media, which meant we had to issue press releases. GIPHY link. Listen.
    [Engineering] How to Find & Hire Good Content Writers
    You can use a search engine to find their social media profiles as well as a sampling of the work they have already done. When starting a new website, the tenet you will hear most often repeated is that content is king. When users visit your website or your social media presences, they expect to find content that is interesting, meaningful to them, and updated daily. Fresh content, whether the product of blogging, article writing, press releases or simply having a social media presence, is one of the most important factors for your online marketing approach.
    [Engineering] What's A Yahoo?
    search engine. How much time do you spend thinking about Yahoo? spend a lot of time thinking about Yahoo. Not the Yahoo you used to use as a gateway to the Internet (or for common searches), but the Yahoo of today. Yahoo is dead." This is the typical sentiment/eye rolls I get when I mention Yahoo (much like talking about MySpace ) to anyone, but I am left wondering if Yahoo's biggest challenge is how they communicate and market their own brand? That web portal/search platform called Yahoo has changed - dramatically - since it was no longer cool to use them for search. It's complicated.
    [Engineering] What You Need to Know About Sitemaps
    Sitemaps are one of such components, which are required to rank your website on the top of the search engine results. They ensure that your website is indexed on the top in search engine results. Also, when search engine bots go for indexing, they would prefer the websites, which have sitemaps in place. This helps you to keep a track of the growth of your website to search engines. They are not visible on your website but their work is to provide URLs to the search engines. However, it is very significant to know that what all you should incorporate.
    [Engineering] How to Harness the Elusive Power of SEO
    At Stone Temple consulting, the main areas of focus are content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media. Mythbusters: SEO Edition. As CEO and founder of the company, Eric Enge is charged with responsibilities like determining the future of the industry and a vision for the company and its clients, making Eric an authority on the aforementioned subjects. When analyzing these three deeply related topics, Eric seeks to debunk SEO myths that portray it as a cheap trick to increase website traffic rather than as a strategic part of strong marketing design.
    [Engineering] 3 ways car manufacturers are adapting to future proof their businesses
    In last month’s Agile Innovation Update we discussed how the manufacturer is trialling an app that allows owners to lock or unlock their car and start the engine from their smartphones. Take a quick flick through the news over the past couple of weeks and you’ll notice automotive manufacturers making headlines. But interestingly, it’s not releases of new models that are garnering media attention. In fact, it’s innovative propositions and the integration of new technologies that are gaining traction. Digital car keys. Driverless cars.
    [Engineering] New Search Engine Launched: Only Searches New gTLD Domain Names
    There’s a new search engine out there that apparently has ditched the legacy.COM,NET and.ORG TLDs (Top Level Domains) and only show New gTLDs in its search results. Using Google’s Custom Search Engine, Newgle has done what no other search engine has ever done before: only show search results from websites on New gTLD domain names. Newgle is a new search engine using Google Custom Search that takes the legacy TLDs out of the search results. Newgle is the first search engine that I’ve seen only use the New gTLDs in its results. Search Engines
    [Engineering] Google Wants Us to Share Links to Their Search Results Pages
    Google Search EnginesGoogle has added a share button to knowledge graph entries to encourage us to search more at Google. Whenever you search using a desktop (not mobile) device, and you see a knowledge graph entry on the right side of the search results, Google is displaying a share button, like this: When you click on this share button, you see this: You can share this link, which is to the very same Google search results page that you are viewing, on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, you can email it to someone, or you can simply copy the link (which is shortened). kgs/d3Tmp.
    [Engineering] Get More Social in Promoting Your Company Website
    Secondly, quality content will help your site rank higher on search engines such as Google, giving your brand more notoriety. Making sure your company’s website stands apart from competitors should always be high up on your list of priorities. With that being the case, take a few minutes to think about if your site is actually accomplishing this mission. If the answer is no, what do you intend to do about that moving forward? As a result, the probability of missing out on consumer revenue is high. Design a Winning Site Today. If not, what area or areas would you restructure?
    [Engineering] 5 Top Reasons Why You Need Social Media to Rank Higher on SEs
    Social media marketing is one of the most powerful methods of increasing your online presence and supporting your search engine optimization. Photo by ThePridhamGroup. The world of internet demands you to be on your toes at all times. While you are competing with your biggest competitors in the market, new ones are entering the competition in great numbers every single day. In the past you as a business had to compete with other businesses only. In this age and era your bigness is defined by the size of your presence on Internet. This thing became a huge meme on the internet too.
    [Engineering] How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps
    While they will cost you to buy, if you get one from a reputable source they’ll be secure, fast, have good search engine optimisation, will be designed for mobile as well as desktop, and be easy to install and customise. In this post I want to walk you through the basics of how to start a blog, and while I do, I want to answer some of the basic technical questions that many pre-bloggers need to answer to get their first blog up and running. There are many reasons to start a blog, but the challenge that faces all aspiring bloggers (including me back in 2002) is: how to start a blog?
    [Engineering] Why Most Companies Can’t Yet Handle Great Marketing Technology
    It’s just the gas in the engine. Image via Unsplash. The more things change, the more they stay the same. spent a few days last week with 10,000 digital marketers, enveloped by all things Adobe at their Adobe Summit event. They paid me to cover the event as an insider. It was my first-ever Adobe event, and I was impressed. Adobe Summit is a classy confab in every respect. It seemed like a too-eclectic mix at first, but Adobe did a very good job keeping a consistent messaging thread throughout the 3-day event: The business of the future is powered by customer experience. Smart man.
    [Engineering] Why retailers need to prepare for the imminent invasion of social commerce
    Retailers will always need an optimised website that prioritises user experience and engagement, but the social marketplace presents a feasible alternative to sales driven from organic search engine traffic. Social media has already revolutionised the retail industry by fuelling the rise of e-commerce and transforming consumer behaviour, but now it is ready to take one step further. Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all set to roll out facilities for users to purchase products directly from their websites in the next 12-18 months. How should retailers tap into social commerce?
    [Engineering] 10 Simple and Reliable Digital Marketing Metrics
    Organic: These are people who performed a search on a search engine such as Google or Bing, and clicked on your website’s listing in the organic (non-paid) search results. How: Go to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries. Go to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries – your Search Console data appears (including search terms). 8. What: Also known as “entrance pages,” these are the individual pages where visitors enter your site after performing a search on a search engine. Overall Traffic. Channel-Specific Traffic. Conversions.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2016
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #301
    Think about the things you tell the search engines. We probably tell a search engine things that we have yet to share with our spouses or close family members." Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . Conversational UI: a short reading list - Berg. "A few weeks ago I wrote a Medium post on chat as interface that sort of blew up. One of the best things about a widely-shared post, is the way you learn from the comments. Hugh for Mitch).
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2016
    [Engineering] Bots And The Next Wave Of Marketing
    In the past short while, we're beginning to see the rise of bots as an engine of powerfully good marketing, personalization and better service (look no further than the Quartz app above, as an example). Hello, Human. When you open the new Quartz news app , it takes a few minutes to get your bearings. This is not your father's news app. There is no infinite scroll, and there is no standard headline matched with a big image to capture your salivating attention, and get you to click. Instead, what you're faced with is the familiar setting of your messaging app. It learns. Bots have evolved.
    [Engineering] All Ranking Factors of Google Search Algorithm Not Applied to All Search Queries
    Google’s organic search engine algorithm is made up of a lot of different search engine ranking factors. When it comes to certain search queries, not all of those search engine ranking factors are applied. We should think of Google’s search engine algorithm and how it’s made up of all sorts of puzzle pieces. Google Search EnginesIn other words, Google may apply certain parts of their algorithm to certain keyword queries and might disregard other parts for other keywords. For certain search queries, Google uses certain pieces of that puzzle.
    [Engineering] Video Production for the Musician: If You Aren’t Producing, What Are You Doing?
    Being a professional sound engineer (as well as married to one), there is a wealth of information that I would love to share on that topic, but it goes a bit beyond the scope of this article. If you are a musician looking for exposure, you should be on YouTube. It really is as simple as that. YouTube doesn’t cost you money to join or post videos, and the potential audience is huge. Making videos of you playing your songs gives you content to distribute to fans, as well as to venues and record labels. So let’s take a quick look at how to make videos as a musician. That is it.
    [Engineering] Google Change of Address Tool Still Broken After 3 Months
    Google Search EnginesA while back I wrote about my utter frustration with Google and their Change of Address Tool. wrote about how their Change of Address Tool is broken. Well, honestly, I’m still frustrated. After 3 months, it’s still broken. If you look at the screen capture above, you can see that when you use their Change of Address Tool, Google doesn’t allow you to redirect to an internal page on your site when you move your site. Somehow you have to figure out how to make one site’s real home page redirect to the new site’s real home page.
    [Engineering] How SEO and Content Work Hand-in-Hand
    Communication SEO content content curation content curation strategy content marketing strategy content writing craft your content html5 internet marketing technique keyword generator keywords link building quality content ranking of mobile-friendly sites search engine optimization search engine ranking SEO and social media SEO elements site architecture writing tipsYou've produced your content. You published it. You're really proud of it. But no one visits it. Roger Gallager says you are missing. The post How SEO and Content Work Hand-in-Hand appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Engineering] Dallas SEO: Google Gets It All Wrong on Google Maps
    Or, perhaps this is a sign of yet another change to Google’s search engine algorithm? that has absolutely nothing to do with marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or website marketing. By the way, I don’t think the showing of this Dallas Dentist for “Dallas SEO” is limited to Desktop search results. I’m also seeing this dentist show up in the mobile search results, as well: Google Search EnginesTake a look at today’s search results for the search query: Dallas SEO. Feel free to click on the image to see the larger version of it.
    [Engineering] What’s the Future of the Independent Distributor?
    Technical/Engineering Expertise  – set yourself apart from the pack. By John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman, Sonnhalter. I’ve addressed this issue in the past, and as time goes on, but I’m afraid the independent distributor may be following the way of the corner hardware store. Distributors need to step it up a notch! Long before Grainger, Fastenal, Home Depot and the thing they call the Internet, the local industrial distributor was the backbone to local manufacturers and businesses.  My, how things have changed over the past several decades.
    [Engineering] Importance of Using Social Media for Press Release Distribution
    There is a major connection between PR and SEO according to an article in the Search Engine Watch. When creating a public relations strategy, a marketer’s first move is to commence on publishing the press release(s). This strategy would have been effective a few years ago; however, there are some tactics that are more effective today.  Ensure you know the right time to release a press release to improve its effectiveness to your public relations strategy. Benefits of social media press release. Provides for a multi media approach. Other Publications can pick up your Publication.
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #300
    We've been engineered in a very specific way, and any change to that will cause a whole lot of psychological trauma. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . Mergence-Accommodation Conflict: Why Bad 3D Literally Makes You Sick - Sports Video Group. I've tried good VR (the HTC Vive is absolutely stunning). But bad VR is off-putting. One problem is that while things might look near or far, your brain knows they're all on a screen near your head.
    [Engineering] Tips to Help You Drive Traffic from Facebook
    There are many ways to do this, both from search engines and other trusted sites. Setting up an ecommerce site is a little like grabbing the tail of a tiger: once you have a grip, there is nothing you can do but hold on. That said, today it is much easier to create a website than a decade ago, as there are many companies that aim to assist you with all the necessary steps along the way. For example, web hosts such as www.1and1.com can help you with your private domain registration. Buffer. Buffer is commonly used by webmasters and social media marketers to schedule posts. Canva. Edgar.
    [Engineering] 5 Effective Link Building Services to Try in 2016
    You can use these services to improve your rankings in search engines. Search EngineThe internet is a broad and complex place. It’s as vast as any country on the planet and filled with opportunities. Simply existing on the internet as a business is not enough to guarantee success, at every turn. You need to find effective ways to ensure that your website is working productively. This could be the catalyst of the failure or success of a business of any type. Link building is one of the most proven ways to increase the traffic that comes to your site.
    [Engineering] How to Use Emoji in Your Marketing Vocabulary
    Taco Bell celebrated the release of 2015’s new taco emoji with the  Taco Emoji Engine. Facebook Whether you love ( ) them or hate ( ) them, chances are that you have seen an emoji or two in your day. Maybe you’ve used a few of your own today. In the last year, these little faces and icons are revolutionizing the way brands are running marketing campaigns. The Birth of Emoji . Emoji were first introduced by Shigetaka Kurita who was part of the team preparing for the 1999 debut of NTT Docomo’s i-mode, or the world’s first major mobile internet system. Enter. Emoji say more with less.
    [Engineering] Marketing Marvels – Build Remarkable Content Marketing Hubs with Uberflip
    It’s not going to be on some sort of search engine results page or something. This is episode two of my new show: Marketing Marvels. There is A LOT of marketing technology out there, and it’s difficult to know what all the platforms and packages do, whether it makes sense for your business, how it stacks up to competitors, and a bunch of other key questions. want to add some much-needed clarity to marketing technology, and Marketing Marvels helps. This week’s show is on Uberflip – the influencer identification and connections platform.  Jay: Hey guys, it is Jay Baer. Exactly.
    [Engineering] Why Overlooking SEO is Killing Your Business
    One of the most important techniques you can utilize to increase your business’s value is search engine optimization. More commonly known as SEO, search engine optimization is what it takes to increase your relevance and make your web presence known. Search engine optimization requires you to do certain things to make your site easier to find through Google. Now that you understand why search engine optimization is so crucial to your business’s success, finding the time to utilize it will not seem so difficult. They will protect their business at all costs.
    [Engineering] Mobilegeddon II is Coming: Are you Prepared?
    – Mobile-friendliness is a search engine ranking signal on mobile searches according to Google. Google Search EnginesUh oh, Google just announced that a new mobile-friendly update is coming in May 2016. And, as such, I’m going to personally be the first one to call this Mobilegeddon II. Not because of the fact that the first mobile friendly update back in April 2015 was catastrophic–just because this is the second mobile friendly update for Google that they’ve announced ahead of time, and, well, the first one was called Mobilegeddon. The First Mobilegeddon.
    [Engineering] 10 Distractions That Sabotage Your Blogging Success
    The Engine Room. As a blogger, you have to take care of hosting, landing pages, WordPress, plugins, email management, and more – the engine room of your blog. This is a guest contribution from  Peter Banerjea. It’s a thrilling vision, isn’t it? You – a popular blogger. Writing posts that attract dozens of comments and thousands of shares. Your fans waiting with bated breath for your next post to ping into their inboxes. But the reality couldn’t be more different. You are just too busy – office, housework, family. And that dream of you becoming the next ace blogger?
    [Engineering] Apple vs FBI Case Explained
    One major flaw Oliver points out on the FBI’s side is if Apple engineers do engineer a code to unlock the iPhone they can simply “throw it away” however Oliver says “no one seriously thinks that’s going to happen.” Cough Cough More Privacy Please. That’s what everyone is asking for. Facebook, Google, and Snapchat are all taking measures to increase their encryption capabilities. This not-so sudden move was prompted after the Justice Department got pissy at WhatsApp. Source Mashable). Headlines Apple vs FBI Case Explained. ” Very true. Source Tech Insider).
    [Engineering] 16 Enigmatic Business Blogging and Other Marketing Stats
    Biro at TalentCulture writes passionately and practically about encouraging girls and young women to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, blogging about women in STEM and STEM recruiting. As winter comes to an end, so too does the  Winter Wonderland of Marketing Stats series that’s been running here over the past few months. This final installment covers some fascinating though sometimes contradictory and confusing stats about business blogging and the value of marketing. For example, what percentage of businesses maintain company blogs? Meghan M.
    [Engineering] How To Lift the Quality of Your Blog Posts with Embeddable Content
    There is an incredible opportunity for bloggers that will help improve the quality of their content, serve their readers better, and potentially help their blog rank higher in search engines – and not everybody is making use of it! There is an incredible opportunity for bloggers that will help improve the quality of their content, serve their readers better, and potentially help their blog rank higher in search engines – and not everybody is making use of it! Such a simple tactic, but so incredibly effective! Why embed? Increasing time on page and reducing bounce rate.
    [Engineering] 5 Reasons Your Business Absolutely Needs To Consider the Bing Network
    All additional exposure opportunities for your business outside of traditional search engine platforms. This post brought to you by Bing Network. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Jason Yormark. I’ve had a lot of experience on both sides of the fence when it comes paid marketing strategies and execution. Whether it’s been with an agency and working with larger brands and companies, or running a small business, it can be be very daunting and expensive to figure out how to drive targeted traffic and leads, not to mention, expensive. That’s exclusivity that can’t be beat.
    [Engineering] 5 Ways to Creatively Brainstorm Guest Post Ideas
    Mauricio Prinzlau is the co-founder of Cloudwards.net, a cloud software comparison engine for individuals and small businesses. Despite the rumours, guest posting is still an effective method to link building, getting the word out about your blog or brand, or simply forging relationships in any industry. But that’s only if you go about guest posting correctly: the wrong guest posting approach can get a website penalized, and put you out of business. Some believe it’s just a numbers game, others think quality matters. Ways to Creatively Brainstorm Guest Post Ideas. Name: Carolyn.
    [Engineering] PageRank Does Not Live Anymore; There Is Something Else To Work On
    SEO professionals can use the Disavow tool that allows the search engine optimizers provide a list of backlinks to Google that it wants to be thrown out of the index. Search Engine Google Page Rank Google PR SEO TipsThere was a time when PageRank mattered a lot for websites and SEO professionals and writers used to talk about it all the time. That time is gone and you don’t need to work on your PageRank anymore. There is something different that you have to work on now but it needs just as much attention from you as SEO did. This rule applies on the usage of keywords as well.
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