[Engineering] Your Blog Post Is Too Damn Long
    Instead, we have enormous competition to create “hit” blog posts that break out and find a larger-than-usual audience, fueled by social media and search engines. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. In the world of blogging for business, we have entered the arms race era. As I’ve talked about before, it’s not about blogs these days, it’s about blog posts. The day-to-day audience that reads a particular blog every day, fed to them by email and/or RSS, is fading away. Our analysis shows that comprehensive posts outperform concise posts, as a general rule. Where Does It End?
    [Engineering] How to Build Landing Pages for PR Pros
    We have engineered the simplest landing page builder in the industry, so you can create, edit and deploy your next high-converting page without touching a single line of code. One month before the webinar, distribute a news release (using the media relations URL you created with the Google URL builder in the body of the release) on the wire ( PR Newswire ,  PRWeb ,  PR.com , BusinessWire , MarketWired , or Pitch Engine , depending on your budget). By Gini Dietrich. Which means we have to do more than media relations. It’s frustrating to me. What is LeadPages? Never fear!
    [Engineering] Does Your Company Have the Patience for Content Marketing?
    Do a pilot program –   choose a market category and put metrics like increases search engine ranking or number of leads that will demonstrate to the bean counters that it’s working. By John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman at Sonnhalter. We live in a society that expects immediate gratification. This spills over into our business lives, and companies expect an immediate ROI on almost everything today — Content Marketing is no exception. Some companies are putting more eggs in the content marketing basket and are expecting big results in a short period of time.
    [Engineering] Jack Dorsey Officially Named Twitter CEO
    Before the search engine went public, Sergey Brin and Larry Page had dubbed “Don’t be evil” as the unofficial motto of Google. THE STORY – Jack Dorsey Officially Named Twitter CEO. Last week it was up in the air whether or not Dorsey and Twitter would be staying together. It was announced on Monday morning that Dorsey will permanently be the CEO. Source: CNN ). What to say when people are giving you shade… Dorsey is also CEO of Square. His position as CEO for both companies had many unsure about how his performance would be. Source: CNN ). DA SKIM. Source: CNN ).
    [Engineering] Why Small Businesses Need SEO
    It’s called search engine optimization (SEO). What I am saying is that SEO can be the difference between a business that fails to get noticed and a business that is found in the search engines by customers looking for your product or service. Search engine optimization is the practice of writing your content in such a way that search engines key on certain words and phrases and position your business website prominently for searchers to find. Your website will be more visible in the search engines. Higher search engine rankings mean more website traffic.
    [Engineering] Why You Need to Invest in Responsive Web Design
    They have proclaimed that having responsive design is the way is the best way to go, and their search engine results are now reflective of that. History repeats itself once again. In the past, companies didn’t have websites. Then, this thing called the internet hit the scene, and the world saw a relatively quick mass-movement toward marketing businesses online. Why the change? Because existing on the internet became a standard. Everyone was there. And if you weren’t, you were losing to competitors who were. If your competitors are a part of that 88.2%, now is a perfect time to get ahead.
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #276
    The traditional revenue model of content delivered with advertising as the money engine must change for the Web. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another: Haunted by data - Strata - Maciej Ceglowski. The second half of that tale, Maciej Ceglowski told at Strata , which I helped run this week in New York. It asks: what if we stopped praising Big Data, and instead thought of it as nuclear waste? Why should we care? Alistair for Hugh). . Coming soon.'
    [Engineering] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately
    Why Effective SEO Isn’t Simply About Creating Great Content // Search Engine Watch. While great content is the foundation of anything you want to do online it isn’t enough to grab all the search engine traffic you could be. Google Confirms the Real Time Penguin Algorithm is Coming Soon // Search Engine Land. A big hello from ProBlogger HQ on Grand Final Day ! So much footy to be had today ( and tomorrow , for NRL fans!) and so much food to be eaten whilst watching. Ok, that’s probably just me (for the record, I’m making this ). Number 5! General
    [Engineering] 86 Speakers to See at Pubcon Las Vegas 2015
    Search Engine Marketing EventsSo, every time that I attend a Pubcon conference (PubCon South Florida, PubCon Austin, PubCon Las Vegas, etc.) I hand-pick a list of speakers that you absolutely must see. Make sure you find me in Las Vegas this year, and let’s chat about it! So, without further adieu, here is my personal, hand-picked list of speakers you should see at PubCon Las Vegas 2015. These aren’t in any particular order of importance: Michael Black. Carrie Hill. Sean Jackson. Ann Smarty. Stoney deGeyter. Loren Baker. Christi Olson. Steve Hammer. Casey Markee. Lisa Buyer.
    [Engineering] Why e-mail marketing is an effective tool to increase your sales
    SeeWhy (Now Hybris )  conducted a research in which they analyzed more than 60 thousands transactions from different sites and here are the results: 56,8% of all the purchases were done thanks to email-marketing; 17 ,9% of all the purchases were provoked by direct entries to the site; 10,3% – search engine queries; 4,8% – contextual advertising; 4,3%   -social media. Many people struggle to answer the question “Which internet marketing tool is the most effective ?”. Most of them (even marketing specialists) believe that there is actually no correct answer. Personalization.
    [Engineering] What do you care?
    Lorne Pike is a communications consultant focusing on strategy development, website design, social media, and search engine optimization. Guest Post by Lorne Pike. As business people, we can all get tremendous value from defining a few principle statements. For what will we be known? What offerings make each of us less vulnerable to competitors trumpeting lower prices? What core values can we be trusted to deliver? Don’t even engage in such conversations, he warned. Keep business, business. In my world, business is never just about business. Care makes us care. That would be cold.
    [Engineering] 5 Offline Activities That Can Impact SEO
    Here are five specific offline activities that have the potential to impact your search engine optimization. Many people who come to listen to you speak will link to your website, tweet your speech and slide presentation, and help boost you in the search engine rankings. In today’s interconnected and integrated world, small- and medium-sized businesses can’t think in binary terms (i.e. online vs. offline). Instead, you’ve got to think about ways you can make all of your marketing pay off both for offline business and your online business brand.
    [Engineering] The Programmer’s Cookbook: A Toptal Developer’s Experience
    He got to achieve this goal at IBTA São Paulo, where he received his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering. But one key ingredient was missing: a real engineering job that would put his tech skills to work. “At the time I was studying Python, really getting into it, and I had found this company that was really serious about web standards and other such relevant material. “I love to cook. like it because it takes my mind off my job and any problems that may be going on, because if I lose my focus, I will burn the food. But here I am, and I couldn’t be happier.”.
    [Engineering] Experiencing a Brand’s Customer Experience First-Hand #Rutgers
    The MBS degree is part of the national movement of Professional Science Master’s (PSM) programs that brings together master’s level study in science, mathematics, or engineering with “plus” courses in business and policy. Science concentrations include: Agriculture & Food, Engineering, Life Sciences, Computer & Information Sciences, Health & Wellness, Math & Statistics, and Sustainability. Rutgers Graduate MBS students IKEA field trip. The students participated in a unique project that included a local field trip to global retailer IKEA. It isn’t even your product.
    [Engineering] 11 Ways You Can Learn Data Science for Free
    If you’re just one year from earning either your masters or PhD from any math, science, engineering, or social science field, then you can apply to become a fellow with the Data Incubator. Insight Data Engineering & Data Science Fellows. If you have a background in either math, computer science, or software engineering fundamentals, you can apply to partake in this 7-week professional training fellowship in New York City of Silicon Valley. million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions.” The Data Incubator.
    [Engineering] Will the New Apple Car Have Windows?
    According to the Wall Street Journal , the initiative is requiring three times the number of engineers that it normally would, and has a ship date of 2019. Social Fresh. Down in sunny Tampa, FL, Social Fresh 2015  kicked off on Wednesday. This event is run by Jason Keath and his social media education company (under the same name), producing conferences for industry leaders from around the world (so much to learn, always a blast!). Over the past few days, Social Fresh has generated THOUSANDS of mentions across the board: Other highlights? We have a prize for the winner! Congrats, Ricky!
    [Engineering] Getting Up and Running With Video Marketing
    description and title) to perform well in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and especially in Google and YouTube. First of all, my background is the education at what is now the Los Angeles Film School. I am a videographer and also a pro sound engineer. Yes, I produced some work for bands in Los Angeles before I decided to take the stage and marry a sound engineer. Now, I don’t do as much sound engineering because I don’t have to do it. It is ok that your web video is not what would be considered the highest quality in sound engineering and videography.
    [Engineering] A Letter to My Daughter On Being a Strong Woman
    About the campaign: The #DearDaughter campaign encourages dads to write a letter to their present, future or fictional daughter or granddaughter about what it means to be strong.  It’s part of Legacy Out Loud , a global initiative that empowers young women to think and act entrepreneurially, reverse engineer their careers, and become the leaders of their generation. T his post is part of the #DearDaughter campaign, and is written as a letter to my daughter on what constitutes a strong woman. Your independence. Your inquisitiveness. Your fearlessness. Your caring. Your openness.
    [Engineering] 4 SEO Tactics That Damage Your Brand’s Reputation
    That’s why you must take your company’s brand integrity into consideration in everything you do, including your search engine optimization efforts. SEO is all about boosting your company in search engine rankings, but you can’t step all over your brand during the climb. Each piece of new content has the opportunity to show up in search engine rankings and will give your audience new ways to engage with you. This is a good thing—when search engines focused on keywords, it became all too common to see terrible content bloated with keywords. Image via BigStockPhoto.com.
    [Engineering] Volkswagen CEO Resigns Amid Cheating Scandal
    Above all, I am stunned that misconduct on such a scale was possible in the Volkswagen Group.” He accepted responsibility for the scandal saying, “As CEO I accept responsibility for the irregularities that have been found in diesel engines and have therefore requested the Supervisory Board to agree on terminating my function as CEO of the Volkswagen Group. I am doing this in the interests of the company even though I am not aware of any wrong doing on my part.” THE STORY –  Volkswagen CEO Resigns Amid Cheating Scandal. Volkswagen has been in trouble recently. Source: TIME ).
    [Engineering] Why “The PR Industry is Dead to Me” is Overreaching
    You should take a PESO model approach every time and also create content, publish it, distribute it, use social media to talk to customers and distractors, create paid media campaigns, do email marketing and lead generation, build an organization’s search engine optimization, interact directly with customers and detractors, build the reputation, work through issues and crises, and even help build thought leadership and authority. By Gini Dietrich. And involve them in approvals and getting their voice right. But not in creating, publishing, and distributing it. Do Your Own PR.
    [Engineering] What to say when your Prom date picks you up in an Apple…
    Evidence supporting t he expedited release date is the large increase of Apple engineers with automobile backgrounds. What to say when your Prom date picks you up in an Apple… What kind of juice does this run on? Big news folks. You may not have to wait long for an Apple Automobile as you may think. Say that five times fast). Apple is speeding up plans for their electric cars. The big date? The cars will not be autonomous, nonetheless it’s hard to hide our excitement. Some from the successful electric car company Tesla. Hmmm very interesting. Vroom. little bit more….
    [Engineering] Components for a Productive Homepage in 2015
    Use the search engine within your website for calculating engine for goods and services; compare characteristics of goods, add online payment services, and online consulting. The most intimidating factor in homepage creation is that the first impression about your website is formed within the very first second. Moreover, it is impossible to argue with. Nevertheless, don’t be in despair, the following principles will allow you to become King of the 1 st second. So, pay attention. It is of critical importance in the process of conversion to turn your visitors into buyers. Usability.
    [Engineering] Video Marketing: Over- Or Under-Used?
    One might be tempted to think that, since YouTube is the second largest search engine online, video marketing is an over-used–or, at least, widely used–form of online marketing. Search engine marketing has the largest share. In fact, while it is used quite extensively (as of November 2014, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minutes), I’d say it’s still a bit under-used. Here’s why. As of January of this year, content creation has the second largest share of digital marketing budgets. Content marketing will be bigger than ever.
    [Engineering] 10 Blogging Tips We’ve Learned from International Idioms
    One writing tactic I like to use is reverse engineering a blog post. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Let’s face it: You’re not Neil Patel or Gary Vaynerchuck. I’m not saying you completely suck at blogging, but there’s always room for improvement. But nobody likes to hear that they’re doing it wrong—even if they are actually doing it wrong. So instead of telling you everything you’re doing wrong, I thought I would sweeten the deal. With these idioms, you will always remember how you can improve your blog. Don’t “Pedal in the Sauerkraut”. This French idiom means you’re spinning your wheels.
    [Engineering] Boost the Social Reach of Your Corporate Video
    If you have no knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation) then you may not know the answer to this question, which is an important one for the launch and promotion of your video. Consider using some of these tips to optimise your video and help it begin to rank in search engines and YouTube search. How To Search Engine Small Business Social Media Social Search Tips marketing SEO social marketing social media marketingYou’ve Made A Corporate Video, Now what? Using your video in email marketing, for instance, can significantly drive up your average click through rate.
    [Engineering] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately
    Aspects of SEO the Busy Entrepreneur Can Finally Stop Worrying About // Search Engine Journal. 10 Common Mistakes When Setting up Audiences in AdWords // Search Engine Land. I’ve been looking into AdWords lately, so this came at the right time. It’s the weekend again (with bonus school holidays for some!) and the wrap-up of blogging goodies online. No matter how much I think I’ve read on a topic, there’s always something I learn, or a new perspective to take that I haven’t explored yet. Do you agree with these? Solid tips that sometimes we forget.
    [Engineering] 5 Online Marketing Terms You Should Know
    Keyword – In search engine optimization language, a keyword is any word or phrase you hope to rank for. When it comes to Internet marketing, one of the most important things to learn right off the bat is the terminology. You can get lost in the maze of language if you don’t understand what HTTP and FTP stand for. Of course, just knowing the language isn’t enough. You’ve also got to know what the significance of each term is and how it can help you in your quest for more traffic, generating leads, and converting traffic to sales. They make great marketing tools.
    [Engineering] 105 Types of Content to Fill Up Your Editorial Calendar
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Platforms like YouTube make it possible for anyone to upload videos to the world’s largest video search engine tool, while giving them the ability to embed the videos nearly anywhere. It’s a great way to publish content optimized for search engines. From our  research at CoSchedule , we found that planning awesome content is a major challenge for most content marketers. Really! So that got me thinking: I’m a huge planner, and I’m sure you are, too. Here ya go. What Types Of Content Will Help You Tell Your Story?
    [Engineering] Why Burning Man is the Next Frontier of Networking
    As well as pencils , engineered specifically for Apple products: It’s not a stylus. Editor’s Note : It’s Monday, which means that we’re gearing up for a new installment of Realtime Today, a joint effort between Zignal Labs and Convince & Convert. In case you missed last week’s headlines, here are a few of the most important realtime media stories. To get the full scoop, subscribe to This Week in Realtime Media  and get the full recap delivered directly to your inbox. Apple Introduces New Technology. What’s new with Apple? A lot. See you next week!
    [Engineering] Six Simple Public Relations Efforts that Take Less than 10 Minutes
    Search engine optimization is not dead, but the days of quick-fix and hands-off link building are gone. However, public relations is a tried and true method of influencing people: Those who buy products, use search engines, and make recommendations. By Cam Secore. And, with Google giving a lot of their own pages precedence in the SERs , it’s becoming harder to make an impression on existing results.  . Six Simple Public Relations Winning Efforts. With a bit of effort and a little time, you can create considerable momentum by influencing others via public relations efforts.
    [Engineering] 5 Key Components of Successful Web Design
    Search Engine Optimization – Many new web designers don’t even think about optimization. Your website will either rank in the search engines or it won’t, and it will rank based on how well you optimize the content, the design elements, and even it’s functionality and navigational elements. Your website may be beautiful and have top search engine rankings, but if your users show up and forms don’t work or video presentations get hung up, then they will leave. Too much code results in glut that can kill search engine rankings.
    [Engineering] How Can You Jump Start Innovation?
    Entire markets have been changed by Apple’s products, Google’s search engine capabilities, Facebook’s network effects and many others who have introduced disruptive innovations. To thrive in 2015 and beyond the name of the business game is innovation. But that is a business game that requires more than a new marketing label or adding a new feature to an old product. It requires creating new things and doing things differently. New things come from innovation and innovation is everywhere these days. It’s not the same as invention, although folks often confuse the two.
    [Engineering] Explosive Customer Growth
    If you think you're in a competitive business, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that doesn't track you, but it's hard to compete in a Google world. Episode #479 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. The challenge with any business (the ones that are digital. and the ones that are not) is getting a consumer to not only pay attention, but to become a customer. Even then, getting someone to buy from you once is not the same as getting them to buy from you frequently. Gabriel Weinberg is the founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo. audio. blogging.
    [Engineering] 8 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing
    Optimize your posts – Search engine optimization is not dead. Social media can be fun. It can also be rewarding, or distracting. But if you are using social media to promote your business, here are eight ways to make it pay off no matter how much time you spend on it. Create a posting schedule – You can keep your social media content focused by providing a calendar or content schedule. Know which piece of content you plan to post on each day and rotate them around so that you post different content pieces on different social media accounts on different days of the week.
    [Engineering] Top SEO Do's And Don'ts To Try Out In 2015
    Search engine optimization was the key way of drawing visitors to the website and even today it is used as a preferred marketing tool, to get the message across to your potential customers. There are certain elements of search engine optimization which are important from the marketing point of view. Updating your blog no less than three times a week prompts search engines to index your pages frequently, and on top of that motivates audience to repeatedly pay a visit to your website, to find out what new content you have added. It helps engage your audience.
    [Engineering] What Do the Best Bloggers Have in Common?
    They are aware of the impact SEO can cause on their blogs so they always follow the legit and latest SEO standards to ensure that search engines will love to put them on top of every related query they want to rank for. They also keep themselves updated from the latest search engine algorithmic updates and keep an eye on Search Console and analytics to spot any unusual behaviors to take urgent actions. As a blogger, your mindset defines your attitude. Source: ProBlogger.net. In any case, a blogger must always identify the end-goal before beginning a write-up. It could take months.
    [Engineering] Bridging the Skills-Gap with Competency-Based Learning
    Their learning management system (LMS) becomes a learning engine. Post by Jack McGrath, President of Digitec Interactive. These guys are awesome, check out their new LMS platform here. ———– “Oh to be young and underemployed,” said no one ever. Yet this is the case for many entering the workforce today. In the eLearning industry we call this the skills-gap crisis, and it affects both college graduates and skilled trade workers alike. According to a 2013 Talent Shortage Survey conducted by ManpowerGroup, 39% of U.S. However, it isn’t all bad news. photo credit ).
    [Engineering] 7 Simple Ways to Improve Your SEO
    It’s not impossible to improve your search engine optimization. Not only do they clue readers in on what your content is about, but search engine spiders pick up on keywords to determine how to rank those pages. It isn’t easy either, however, it can be done with a few simple tweaks to your content. Here are seven simple ways to improve your SEO in just a few minutes each day. Write better titles/headlines – Blog post titles and article headlines are some of the most important elements on your web pages. Yes, do that. Don’t ask them to share it. It works.
    [Engineering] Why Project Management is a Must for Every PR Pro
    Project management has been around for a long time, used mainly in engineering and architecture. By Corina Manea. Ongoing learning is probably the best thing you can do to propel your career forward, whether it’s in PR or not. Gini Dietrich showed you last week three ways you can invest in yourself through learning—a must read article for every professional. Go ahead read it , I’ll wait. To say I like learning would be an understatement. love learning, the challenges it brings, and those “aha” moments. never understood it, really, I still don’t. Are you ready?
    [Engineering] The 9 Habits of Blogging to Increase Your Chances of Success
    Always optimize your content for search engine traffic. Even though we shouldn’t rely on search engines as our only traffic source , Google is still an important source for targeted audience traffic. This is a guest contribution from Jerry Low. There is one thing that all successful bloggers have in common with one another: Habits. They all have habits that keep them focused and productive no matter what else is going on. They can easily navigate the highs and lows of life and still keep blogging away. They also network with others restlessly. What does that mean? Uber Search.
    [Engineering] 2016 GMC Acadia: Luxury in SUV Form
    With only one engine under the hood of the Acadia, the SUV gets the most from its power plant that it possibly can.  The 3.6-liter V6 engine uses variable valve timing and direct fuel injection to offer an enhanced responsiveness.  This engine is attached to a six-speed automatic transmission to help maximize the performance and give the SUV the fuel mileage of 17 city/24 hwy mpg in FWD and 16 city/23 hwy mpg in AWD. What is it you want in an SUV?  Do you need a third row that is made for adults and not just for children?  of torque.  
    [Engineering] Speed… With a Trackhawk in the Lead
    Because Jeep and Dodge are under the same umbrella, as they pretty much always have been, there is some cross testing that takes place in order to put the same Hellcat engine that we love in the Charger and Challenger into the Jeep Grand Cherokee. seconds – In the tenth position we start with a car that is powered by a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine with 580 horsepower and 556 lb.-ft. seconds – Even though this is supposed to be one of the quickest machines on the market, the 5.2-liter V10 engine that brings in 525 horsepower and 391 lb.-ft. Hellcat-powered #Jeep ? link].
    [Engineering] How Much Time Should You Spend On SEO?
    How important is search engine optimization (SEO)? Is it so important that you should pore over every word on your blog and website to find ways to improve your SEO so that your content ranks higher in the search engines? If you have one blog post that is getting a lot of traffic and has respectable search engine rankings, it could be worth it to see if you can improve that post’s optimization to push it up further in the rankings and increase your traffic–especially if it is converting traffic to customers. Is there? SEO is still important.
    [Engineering] Guest Blogging Evolution: Why Top Blogs Did Not Accept Your Content
    Guest posts will be for people, not search engines. Here comes the ugly truth about guest blogging: All those sugary speeches about guest posting being a part of something bigger than banal link building don’t work (and they never worked) for top blogs editors. Let’s face it: what does guest blogging give you? Networking. Brand promotion. Author rank. Online reputation. Portfolio. Recognition. But it’s not all that simple. Do you hear that whisper from behind your shoulder? Links. Links! Guest blogging gives you links, you silly boy!”. Always. Experienced first-hand.).
    [Engineering] Where Product Purchases Begin
    That’s why search engine optimization and social media marketing are so important to local businesses. Did you know 97% of all local product purchases begin online? That’s right. When customers walk into your store to purchase an article of clothing, a pair of shoes, a new door for their bathroom, a lawn mower, a book, or whatever, there’s a better than even chance that they’ve already researched that product online. They don’t have to be sold. They’re already sold. Why is that important? In others, you can ship directly to them.
    [Engineering] Juxtapose Data and Produce Extremely Viral Content
    The striking thing about the changes was the repeated call for top quality content to make it with the search engines along with other SEO tricks and techniques and that was when I realized the content I was writing was boring. When I first started my freelancing career online my focus was simple – write about the subject or product. This I did but along the way I learned about style, tone and number of words involved and I incorporated them whenever the occasion arose. But it wasn’t until I came face to face with content marketing that my antennae really started buzzing and focusing.
    [Engineering] Should your online community be open or closed?
    Search engines can index posts and traffic from search can lead to more people participating. Your members would like to get outside feedback and perspectives on a specific topic or issue. • You need to improve your SEO and increase your traffic from search engines. • You have fewer than 50 very active members posting in your community. • You need to create greater transparency in your organization. This post originally appeared on  Online Community Results. ———— Open or Closed—Who Can Participate? Pros and Cons of Open Spaces. When to Use Open Spaces.
    [Engineering] 8 Data KPIs Every Blogger Should be Using to Grow Their Blog
    The major traffic channels are: Organic search traffic – Traffic from search queries run on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is a guest contribution from  Justin Butlion. When it comes to growing a blog, there are a hundred different directions one could take. Some decide that the design of their site is outdated while others remove or add share buttons in the hope of increasing engagement. In this day and age there are many free tools that provide insights with data that eliminates the need to guess. Bounce Rate. Can be found In : Google Analytics. Exit rate. Conclusion.
    [Engineering] Dear Google: Please Fix the Grammar in Your Search Results
    This leads me to start investigating when and why they suggest something different, suggest something that includes “did you mean” Google Search EnginesWhile I was looking at the search results for the title tag of a post that I recently posted today, I noticed that Google’s grammar is less than to be desired. You’d think with all those PhDs at Google the grammar would be better. Dear Google, please fix the bad grammar in your search results to you are not suggesting something that has bad grammar. ” Shouldn’t Google say this instead?
    [Engineering] How Customer Reviews Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing Campaign
    That’s because those reviews will be loaded with the exact keywords you need to improve your search engine rankings. Plus, they will be the kind of organic content that search engines prefer. There are plenty of opportunities to get your company’s message out across the vast social media highway. But you don’t have to blanket every single social network in order to be effective. Instead, work with the platforms that appeal to your customer base and that you know you could dominate with your expertise and resources. The answer should be a resounding yes.
    [Engineering] What Happened When I Removed the Blogroll from My Site
    Over the years you’ve probably heard people say that who you link out to is important, and potentially something that would have an effect on search engine rankings (and ultimately traffic to your site). 14 days ago, I decided to perform an interesting experiment here on my site, where I completely removed the blogroll. On August 17, 2015, I removed the sidebar blogroll links. These were sitewide links to highly trusted sites, all on-topic links. Here’s what happened 14 days after I removed the blogroll links from my blog. First, a little background. Blogging
    [Engineering] 6 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website
    Search engine optimization – Start by optimizing your web pages for search engine traffic. One visitor to your website from a search engine is worth ten from paid sources, because it’s a free source of traffic. If you aren’t generating traffic for your website, you can’t increase your conversions. So your first step to increasing your online business is to generate more traffic. Here are 6 powerful ways to generate more traffic for your website’s landing pages. Do it right and you can generate ongoing traffic for years to come.
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    [Engineering] Why the Upcoming Economic Collapse is Being Hidden in Plain Sight
    Imagine that the “CentralBankCar” driving the economy has already taken on a tremendous amount of weight, more than the engine can handle. It’s now a car with more weight than the engine can really handle. This is quantitative easing, producing power that the engine really doesn’t have to keep it running. This is not a conspiracy theory. This isn’t an alarmist perspective, either. Go to your local economy professor or banking expert to verify that there will be a worldwide economic collapse in the near future. It will crash. They could do both.
    [Engineering] Where Exactly Are Google’s Home Service Ads Displaying?
    Search Engine Land  just reported that Google’s Home Service Ads, which only launched last month, are already expanding from plumbing and locksmiths to house cleaners and handymen. For those who haven’t been following along at home, Home Service Ads are a new advertising block that literally replaces the local stack. That means if HSAs are showing in your market and you’re not paying for advertising through Google, your company just  literally  fell off the map. Yeah, we don’t like it either. The post Where Exactly Are Google’s Home Service Ads Displaying?
    [Engineering] 6 Underused Internet Marketing Tools
    More tools have been developed to help Internet marketers implement and measure successful marketing campaigns, and when we think about online marketing tools and tactics we often think about search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, blogging, and social media. You don’t have to distribute your books through Amazon, but Amazon does have a powerful marketing engine. Internet marketing has come a long way since the first days of the Web. But is this all there is? There are plenty more online marketing tools. You’re the expert, so why not use it? If so, why not?
    [Engineering] SEO Tips for Your LinkedIn Company Profile
    This information will require search engines to crawl the titles and learn more about who you are and what groups and ideas you are associated with. LinkedIn now has more than 332 million registered users making it easily one of the leading social media sites out there for businesses. Naturally, this has a lot of spillover consequences that can help businesses get ahead. For example, nine in ten recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates, and many B2B companies are actually finding customers through LinkedIn. 14 SEO Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile. Use Anchor Text in Links.
    [Engineering] How to Social Proof Adwords Campaign
    Case Studies Digital Leadership Education General Web How To Mobile Search Engine Small Business Social CRM Social Good Social Media Social Media Agencies Social Media Small Business Social Networks Social Search Socialnomics Startups Tips "Awareness adwords Awareness Inc. Having a properly managed Google AdWords campaign requires social proofing. This is especially important when it comes to optimizing a landing page or driving traffic to a site. Integrating social media with an AdWords campaign can be done with just a few tweaks to your activities. Set up a Google + Page.
    [Engineering] 5 Key Blogging Concepts to Advance Your Content Marketing Strategy
    The dynamic nature of the Internet and the search engine giants means that your content marketing strategies will always be moving targets, but the upside to this is that once you have an established strategy in place that maximizes all content in an ongoing way, you will be rewarded by progress and success rolling in with a snowball effect. I’m sure you’ve noticed the extraordinary rise of blogging. In fact, did you know that every minute of the day there are an average of 347 new WordPress blog posts that are published! How will people find your content? Know Where to Share.
    [Engineering] The Many Faces of Internet Marketing
    From there, search engines, forums, and pay-per-click advertising took over. Internet marketing has come a long way since 1990, when the World Wide Web had its grand kick off. In the early days, companies joined traffic rings and wrote articles for each other’s websites, or paid for display ad space. It didn’t take long for directories to pop onto the scene. Yahoo! was one of the first, and was the first commercial success story. Blogging took off like a rocket followed by social networking and video marketing. How should you proceed? That’s multiple demographics.
    [Engineering] Fresh Ideas for Staffing Your Hard-to-Fill Skilled Trade Jobs
    According to a recent Boston Consulting Group report, by 2020, there will be a shortage of 875,000 machinists, welders, maintenance technicians and industrial engineers. Today, we have a guest blog from Area Temps on new ways to staff hard-to-fill positions in the skilled trade industry. The job market is tight, and you have several unfilled openings for hard-to-find candidates, causing your company to lose production unless you pay overtime to your current staff. You’re not alone. Let’s explore why. Reason #1 – Flexibility. Reason #2 – Less Turnover. Reason #3 – Economical.
    [Engineering] 5 Vital Factors That Must Be Considered When Selecting a Release Management Tool
    Generally, release management is a process of software engineering that focuses on the development, testing and the process of deployment of software releases. Release management tools are in no short supply in the market. The process of selecting one to use in a business is therefore a challenge most of the time. You will find yourself totally spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the perfect one for your business. Use of outdated IT solutions in a business can be detrimental to the growth of a business. This is where the release management tools come in. When selecting a tool….
    [Engineering] Why Blogging can be a Ridiculous Waste of Time
    decided to try writing for the search engines, to see how close I could come to landing in the first slot of Google Search. I often get asked, “Do you make money from blogging?” ” I always respond the same way, with a knowing smile and the line “Do have ten minutes to listen to my answer?” because, if truth be told, the answer to this question is not that simple. No one pays me for creating blog posts for my own sites. No one pays me for promoting them, either. But, if I DIDN’T blog, no one would know who the heck I was. Adrienne Smith. The truth is: IT CAN BE.
  • KIKOLANI  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2015
    [Engineering] Writing for Effect: How to Create Exciting Blog Copy
    Search engines generally index pages based on text, even if it is just the “alt” text attached to an image. At the heart of every great website you will find great content. An awesome design is convenient, but without awesome content to back it up, you won’t get the results that justify whatever you’re spending to host the site. Sometimes people get a little confused about what the word “content” actually means, so just to help out those folks, here is a quick definition. Content can be: Text. Images. Graphics. Animations. Videos. Games. Be Dramatic.
  • SOSHABLE  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2015
    [Engineering] The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Brings the Sexy
    This pairing will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that brings in 241 horsepower and 273 lb.-ft. Once the C300 pair has been released they will be joined by a C450 AMG coupe that will be powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 engine that comes in with 362 horsepower.  Many times we don’t get a look at a new model a full year before its release, but Mercedes-Benz is offering that to us with the C-Class Coupe.  The car features a redesigned front fascia that is more vertical at the grill and sloped bac at the headlights.  of torque.  The car is overall 3.7
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2015
    [Engineering] Five Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog
    You can also tag photos with text descriptions to help boost your search engine optimization (SEO), so you not only enhance visual appeal, you also help boost your search engine ranking. They help search engines find your article. By Rebecca Devine. By now, most companies understand they need to harness the power of social media and content marketing. You’ve talked to enough marketing gurus and experts to know blogging can be a powerful way to expand your online presence and communicate thought leadership. Zilch. So what happened? Your Headline is Boring. And lists.
    [Engineering] Creating a Website That’s Built for Success
    First, one of the most critical aspects of succeeding online is to incorporate a good search engine optimization technique. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of developing a website to rank highly in popular search engines for a select group of targeted keywords. Search engine optimization is important because it can serve as a large amount of traffic for a website that does it successfully, and good SEO can be accomplished in a number of ways. The world of online business can be daunting, even to those who believe themselves to be somewhat tech savvy.
    [Engineering] Monday Roundup: Best Practices for Social Media Metrics
    Why: “Many of the social marketers and PR practitioners that I reached out to are perplexed by Snapchat although most agree that the potential audience is compelling,” writes Jim Dougherty in this WUL post that teaches you how to “engineer appropriate metrics” for your business via Snapchat. 6.  5 Social Media Metrics You Must Check Regularly To Grow. If you want to compete in today’s fast paced business environment, you have to be social. But just simply being active on Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest is never enough. ” 2.  ” 5. 
    [Engineering] How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Through Your Archived Material on Facebook
    want to share an intelligent way to generate a perpetual promotion engine. It’s also an important determinant for search engine visibility. Apart from hoping that old blog posts rank in search engines or users sifting through your archives, we also re-share old articles periodically on our page. This is a guest contribution from Jonathan Goodman. love discovering systems that work in the background so you can focus on your blog. What I’m going to detail is like the concept of compound interest. It involves Facebook. What I want to share with you isn’t how to spam.
    [Engineering] The 10 Commandments of Social Media and Content Marketing
    It is this sharing and discussing of your content that captures that attention of search engines like Bing and Google. The advent of internet technology has changed how people do things. Online shopping is one of the most popular activities nowadays. However, online marketing is even more widespread. Marketers are employing all sorts of online marketing to get products and services out there to prospective customers. The use of social media is not new, but it is really tricky even for the most seasoned marketing agents. At the same time, social media spans a large population. Listening.
    [Engineering] 4 Tips for B2B Social Media Success
    For example, engineers use social media to learn or seek information, so posts that work best are composed in the form of questions. Today we have a guest blog post from Stacy Combest, Marketing Team Leader at WTWH Media. It’s no secret that social media has become the major player in marketing, but with all the hype, there are still companies not ready to step up to the plate. In the beginning, business-to-consumer companies were reaping all the benefits of social media. Consumers were attracted to the informality of engaging with their favorite brands one on one. What did you do wrong?
    [Engineering] RipoffReport.com Removed From the Google Index
    Google Search EnginesThe problematic website Ripoff Report has been completely removed from the Google Index. Based on a Google search for site:ripoffreport.com, I can now confirm that RipoffReport.com has been removed. See the screen capture below: If you look at the search result, you’ll notice that there are notices referencing Chilling Effects: In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read more about the request at ChillingEffects.org. BIG NEWS: @RipoffReport seems to be gone from the Google index!!!!
    [Engineering] Should You Manage ROI By The Channel?
    Search engine optimization. Online marketers like to talk about return on investment. You put so much money into your marketing efforts and measure how much profit comes back to you. That’s good. But should you measure ROI by channel? It depends on what you mean by channel , but I’d say “yes, definitely.” ” What Do We Mean When We Say ‘Channel’? marketing channel is any vertical you pursue a marketing strategy through or through which you hope to attract leads and generate customers. Some marketing channels include: Social media. Pinterest.
    [Engineering] Twitter’s Innovative Use of Responsive Web Design
    And the search engines, as well, are realizing that. I am not sure if you have noticed, by Twitter has implemented what I would call a very innovative use of responsive web design. Responsive web design is where a website uses the same web design, but literally “changes” in a way that it looks good in any sized web browser–even on a tablet or smart phone. In the case of Twitter, you can see what I call an innovative use of responsive web design when you resize your web browser. But, if your screen is smaller, then it will switch, automatically, to an icon-only view.
    [Engineering] Simple Social Media Practices That Will Improve SEO
    When looking at Google, the search engine giant sees sharing as a sign of domain authority. Nowadays, SEO and social media marketing are interwoven. They are inbound organic strategies that are mainly focused on building an identity that is appealing and that would naturally attract site visitors. Social media is reliant on a visible, strong and high quality brand presence. Because of this, better SEO automatically means a better social media presence while a better social media presence offers better SEO. via  pixabay.com. Most small to medium sized companies do the work themselves.
    [Engineering] My Social Media Story: What Seems Like the End is Often the Beginning
    At the same time, I began telling people about my online journey, convinced that SEO and content were merging, and in 2013, wrote my first book  “ Findability: Why Search Engine Optimization is Dying + 21 New Rules of Content Marketing ” , which was the subject of a very complimentary article on Forbes.com  by Jason DeMers. T his is a part of a special series looking at how social media has impacted the lives of its users. This week, the story comes from Randy Milanovic. It was 2009. That was of course, until I was admitted to emergency and received a stage IV cancer diagnosis. KAYAK).
    [Engineering] How to use big data to find sponsors for your podcast and blog
    In the past year, we’ve launched multiple new podcasts , revamped our email operations, beefed up this blog even more, built the world’s first search engine for podcasts , and we’ve got a lot more planned. Here at Convince & Convert, the media side of our business is our fastest-growing segment. Plus, our oldest podcast – my Social Pros show – just won a Content Marketing Award for best marketing podcast. But now that I find myself running a media company, in addition to a consulting company, there are two questions with which I am consistently faced.
    [Engineering] 3 Signs Your Online Health is Deteriorating
    You can’t be found in the search engines – If your website isn’t getting indexed in the search engines, then it could be for a number of reasons. You have a high bounce rate – A high bounce rate could be indicative of a poor website design, or it might be because your search engine listings do not reflect accurately what your website content is all about. Once you know how your website is performing in the search engines, on social media, and in your analytics dashboard, then you can set about correcting any deficiencies.
    [Engineering] 4 Adjectives That Should Dominate Your Email Subject Lines
    And on top of kicking you up the rankings on the world’s second most popular search engine, there’s a giveaway? I’d open that. David Ogilvy once famously observed that since five times more people read a headline than body text, once your headline was written, you’d “spent eighty cents of your dollar.”. But with email subject lines, it’s the whole buck. If your subject line doesn’t grab a reader, pull them in, and motivate them to open the email, it really doesn’t matter what the email says, what it offers, or how well-designed it is. It’s just one more unopened email. Try these. Chill.
    [Engineering] 5 New Tips to Convert on Long Tail Search Queries
    Search marketers help search engines tie queries to products or services, directly or indirectly. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Today’s Internet users are looking for something specific using long tail search queries : deals on Samsung 46 inch LCD 1080p TVs, new high heels in style for spring 2016, best suit to buy for summer wedding in South, and safest new 2016 sedan for family of five. If you haven’t yet refined your brand’s search marketing strategy, you might as well be the coffee shop that shuts down on a Monday morning in the depths of winter. Conceptual Understanding.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 16, 2015
    [Engineering] How To Be a Better Guest Blogger
    But I will still publish guest posts. I don’t care if you make a living as a content marketer or a search engine optimizer but try to personalize your email to me. Every blog publisher wants to increase eyeballs and visits. We are open to introducing our readers to new voices by way of guest posts; but, after years of blogging and receiving email requests from wannabe bloggers, I’ve learned that a lot of people don’t understand the difference between blogging and article marketing. wanted to make sure my topic fits with your theme. What has a cost here? Unique content?
    [Engineering] 3 Growth Hacking Strategies for Bloggers to Quadruple Their Blog Traffic without SEO
    Reverse engineer your content creation. You simply need to reverse engineer your content creation strategy. Also use Google Analytics to find out the top pages that are sending you more traffic from search engines. This is a guest contribution from Anil Agarwal. Who else wants more blog traffic? Hands down, everyone wants it. Unfortunately getting traffic to a blog is not easy. Every single visitor counts. One of the hardest things for most bloggers is boosting their blog traffic. If you have a fairly new blog, it’s definitely a daunting task. Are you ready? Wrong. Bang!!
    [Engineering] One Year after Moving to HTTPs
    Search Engine OptimizationAbout one year ago, last August 2014, I moved this site from HTTP to HTTPs, and several weeks afterwards I updated the status of traffic, page views, and time on site. Several weeks after moving I some pretty good results, which I believe was a result of my moving from HTTP to HTTPs. year later, let’s look at what I’ve accomplished over the past year, and if we can tell if it was worth it to move. As you can see, traffic is not as good as it was the previous year. It looks like the sessions are down 34 percent and pageviews are down 23 percent.
    [Engineering] How To Use Majestic.com to Review Your Disavow File
    disavowed domain that’s really trusted can cause a drop in search engine rankings. Search Engine OptimizationAs a US Brand Ambassador for Majestic.com, you probably already know that I’m a big fan of their product, and use it on a daily basis. And as I use it, I am always coming up with new, innovative ways to use the Majestic data. It’s not just about seeing what links are pointing to your website. You can, for example, use Majestic to analyze your disavow file before you submit it. Here is why you would want to do that, and how to review your disavow file.
    [Engineering] 6 Ways to Generate Leads Online Today
    Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization is still a valid approach to lead generation. Video Marketing – YouTube is the second largest search engine online and one of the largest Web properties. This method in conjunction with search engine optimization and social media can be a powerful lead generator on its own. Small Business Internet Marketing guest blogging lead generation mobile apps online marketing podcasting search engine optimization Social Media Video MarketingIt’s also still growing by leaps and bounds.
    [Engineering] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately
    Read why Hootsuite think it’s an “email killer” Is Google Experimenting with Bringing Twitter Into Desktop Search Results?  // Search Engine Land. Greetings from sunny Queensland, where we are hosting the sixth annual ProBlogger Training Event! We kicked off the two days of learning and connecting with our fellow bloggers with some inspiring words from Darren himself, despite a few sore heads in the crowd after a solid night at the Welcome Networking Event last night! Tonight is our poolside party, which promises to be even bigger. The email list. Pro Blogging News
    [Engineering] Why and How to Add Videos to Your Marketing Mix
    Search engines   developed this with the aim of giving more interesting search results so you will have a video and a news story among the top three results of your search. YouTube has risen to become the global number two as far as search engines go. By Jack Dawson. It’s a scientific fact…. People remember what they see more than what they read or hear. Sight is the most powerful sense, as far as recall is concerned and when combined with the other senses, highly effective for marketing. Videos Increase Your Visibility. The Power of YouTube. Imagine the potential! Most Engaging.
    [Engineering] What Bill Gates Predicted About Content Marketing
    With the solution in place, HD Vest was able to partner Trapit’s discovery engine with the dashboard at Hearsay Social, a platform that manages the social, mobile, and web presence of financial services. This How important is content marketing? Maybe Maybe you should have asked Bill Gates 20 years ago. Gates wrote an article titled “Content is King” in 1996. (Maybe Maybe this is where the phrase was coined.) He predicted that content would be where most of the money on the internet would be made. Its most intrinsic value was that it could be spread globally at little cost.
    [Engineering] The Splintering of Content Marketing
    Search engines began indexing web pages, forums provided a place for people to hang out and get to know each other, paid advertising models have made it easier for marketers to reach their target audiences, social media sites make hanging out much more fun and efficient, blogging allows companies to reach more people in a shorter period of time, and video and audio podcasts offer a new medium for online marketers to exploit. In the early days of the Internet, if you wanted to market your business online, you had just a few options: Write articles. List your website in directories.
    [Engineering] 20 Tips for Better Business Blogging: How to Use Blogging to Generate Leads
    Blogging from a separate domain may not produce much results because most site visitors coming from traffic sources like search engines and social media will first land on your blog. Create something that adds value, something that helps people, something that both humans and search engines love. Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines. Statistics show that over 70% of buyers use search engines at the beginning of their purchase process. This is a guest contribution from Zoe Uwem. Blogging can be an effective lead generation strategy, if done correctly. Build loyalty.
    [Engineering] 29 Ways to Save Time and Overcome Your Marketing Challenges
    While search engine optimization isn’t really dead, his advice helps you focus on creating compelling content and distributing it effectively to your audience. To top it off, research from Pocket suggests some readers love lengthy articles , and search engines also seem to prefer long-form content. A couple months ago, we surveyed a ton of bloggers and marketers  from our CoSchedule audience to discover three of your biggest marketing challenges: 38% say it’s hard to plan consistent content that hits their goals. 22% can’t find the time to create content. Here ya go. Way  more.
    [Engineering] 5 Ways Construction Design Will Change Within the Next 50 Years
    So, all the outlining, engineering and construction plans are set and submitted to be built directly afterward. Through these new and innovative projects, engineers are adapting to new technologies for quick and economical production. Drones help in collecting data, executing sophisticated design strategies and accurate data transmission needed by engineers. Today, we have a guest blog from Jessica Kane of  Federal Steel Supply, Inc., discussing some of the new innovations expected to shape the future of the construction industry. Here are just a few: One Stop Design.
    [Engineering] 4 Ways Pinterest Can Help Drive Traffic To Your Blog
    With 73 million users (85% of which are females), an expanding presence outside the United States and upcoming buyable pins, this social media platform/search engine is now more powerful and sophisticated than ever. This is a guest contribution from Marie-Eve Vallieres. Nobody puts Pinterest in a corner. And that’s the beauty of Pinterest right there: their algorithm is not aggressive in the way Facebook’s is. People are either following your boards or they are not. Here a few tested and tried tips that helped me reach over 160,000 followers on Pinterest. Create bespoke pins.
    [Engineering] 5 Ways to Improve Your Online Shareability
    Being found in a search engine is important but perhaps even more powerful is having others do your advertising for you by way of online word-of-mouth recommendations. Blog Internet marketing Social Media advertising facebook Google Instagram linkedin Search engine optimization social media twitter Web search engineProducing content online is a really smart way to garner attention for your personal brand and your small business. By simply sharing something you wrote or produced, these third-parties are adding to your clout and your place as an expert in your field.
    [Engineering] Twitter Experiments With A ‘News’ Tab
    Think of it this way: Twitter’s raw feed is turning into the product’s engine. And that engine is powering mini-products with what is perhaps the best live feed of information in the world. Buzzfeed – Starting Monday, some U.S. Twitter users will see a News tab appear in their Twitter apps. The experimental feature, part of Twitter’s effort to make its best content easy to find, inhabits the middle tab of the app’s navigation bar and brings up a list of headlines that are trending on the platform. Tweets come after. Image from Buzzfeed. Twitter
    [Engineering] Guide to Your Local SEO
    Search engines are constantly on the alert and looking for certain signals, among these, social profile pages, local content, citations and links to provide their users with relevant search results. You would need to set up your address, name and phone number with local area code to make it easy for both search engines and people to discover you. Search engines cannot crawl images the way they do HTML. Search Engine local SEO SEOYou should really try to optimize the following areas as much as possible in order to elevate local search signal to a whole new level.
    [Engineering] 3 Prongs of Your SEO Fork
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is just as important today as it ever was. The search engines (especially Google) have changed the way they index web pages so often, and so drastically, that true SEO doesn’t resemble anything like what it used to be. For the most part, true search engine optimizers haven’t been concerned about keyword densities for almost ten years now. But the search engines see them. While focusing on these tags isn’t perfect, you can influence the search engines to some degree. But it’s still important. Meta tags.
    [Engineering] How to Measure PR and Marketing Outcomes on Snapchat
    So, let’s look at the mechanical goals (things we can see on Snapchat when we look under the hood) and engineered goals (things we can integrate into Snapchat to make it more effective for us). Fortunately we have a mechanism to employ that can help to give us a better sense of how Snapchat (or anything, really) is contributing to your business: engineered metrics. Engineered Snapchat metrics explained. attribute the term “engineered metrics” to Johna Burke, EVP of BurrellesLuce. Elissa Nauful  President/CEO BallywhoSocial. Views on Snaps ( V ).
    [Engineering] Why a Blog Can Help in Generating New Business
    usually advise clients to create a blog descriptor statement for the header that lets a reader and search engines know the purpose and intent of the content. By John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman at Sonnhalter. Your Blog is a repository of helpful content that can effectively attract a large number of prospective customers. Here are 5 simple steps and suggestions to improve your company’s blog as a major tool for fueling new business leads: 1. Creating. Each new blog post is a new opportunity for you to be found online by your best prospects. Write at least 3 to 5 posts per week.
    [Engineering] Five Qualities Your Next Content Strategist Should Have
    But a content strategist can’t be a pure engineer that deals only in data; they need to intimately understand the audience as well.  — Content strategist Sarah Finn of BestSatelliteProviders.com. By Elli Bishop. In the information age it’s no surprise content creation and management is a crucial consideration for businesses. But all the snappy content in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t get it to the right people in a timely and effective manner. That’s where the content strategist comes in. Content Strategist in Your Organization. Keen Understanding of the Written Word.
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