[Engineering] Google Allows Official Representatives to Suggest Changes to Knowledge Graph Data
    Google Search EnginesThe Google search results of a search query for my name shows information from the Knowledge Graph or Knowledge Base of data. know that this data was originally pulled from Freebase , as I entered it several years ago when I was very active in editing and adding data to Freebase. regularly monitor the search results for my name. Today, Google started asking me if the data if the info was up-to-date and if I had any suggestions. This is new, at least for me. https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/6325583?p=kg_edit&rd=1. p=kg_edit&rd=1.
    [Engineering] The Digital Marketing First Timer’s Guide to Generating Leads
    Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) should be utilized throughout your website/blog and any other marketing efforts you make. SEO affects how a website shows up in a search engine’s unpaid (organic/natural) results. Not to mention it helps generate leads from a variety of sources, which is better at verifying your website in search engine algorithms. SEO involves researching keywords, or the words, terms, and/or phrases that people input into search engines when they want to find something. Guest Blogging. Influencer Marketing. eBooks.
    [Engineering] Four Types of Blog Posts Proven to Generate Organic Traffic
    Communication Content blog posts generate traffic grow traffic infographics list posts organic traffic organic visitors posts containing thought leadership reviews posts search engine results pages SERP social media engagementTo increase the number of organic visitors to your blog you need to produce content that is so compelling to your visitors that they deem it worth sharing. Your blog posts must be well-written, unique, useful, and frequent. Here are four types of blog posts that are most successful at attracting organic traffic.
    [Engineering] Moving Site from Static Home Page to Latest Posts
    just changed it from a static home page and I am now showing the latest posts, the blog posts that my site is really known for. I had been ranking in the top 3 for “search engine optimization expert” on Google, so it will be interesting to see if I can maintain that search engine ranking without having an optimized page about that topic or about those keywords. I don’t think it will actually make a big difference or matter much, but I certainly will be watching. thought it was time for another test, so take a look at my site’s home page now. Blogging
    [Engineering] 4 Reasons Why You Need Social Media for SEO
    Many people wonder why there is all the fuss about social media when it comes to search engine optimization. There has been a significant shift in the way search engines determine which site should show in the search results. If you go for traditional search engine optimization techniques, you will find out that they are way too costly. If you had reached a point of despair because no amount of search engine optimization seems to bring in the required traffic, worry no more because you now have the solution that you have been searching for so long. It is easy to use.
    [Engineering] Is Google Quietly Embracing Paid Inclusion?
    Google Search EnginesLet’s think about Google’s current product offerings, what services they are offer us as business owners, online merchants, and website owners. You can submit your website to get crawled, but you can also pay for inclusion. Over the years, Google says that it’s free to get listed. But really, is it? You can get included, but the options are very limited. It seems as though that Google just won’t send you a lot of traffic to your website unless you pay for it. Is Google quietly embracing paid inclusion? It no longer exists.
    [Engineering] SEO Search Engine Optimisation - Social Media
    We know that SEO means Search Engine Optimization. We also now that SEO is important for us to rank higher on Search Engines. quick tip: You need to get your Site, Blog, Social Media Page on to being Indexed by Search Engines. million people worldwide have used this Search Engine Submission Service Go Here And Submit! So go on and make your page go higher on search engines. This is a a process wherein you administer and focus on how you are going to bring your Page higher on chronological search of Google for instance. Change content and share fresh content.
    [Engineering] Social Media - A Site That Tells Your Age In Your Photo!
    Microsoft engineers Corom Thompson and Santosh Balasubramanian developed the site to test out the company's new face-detection API. Here is a website that tells you your age. Or let me put it as, it has algorithms that sense your photo and the tell your Age that you look in the photo. API is Application-Programming Interface is simply a set of computer instructions that allows a program to interact with a website]. When they were testing their face-detection API, they were hoping for, at most, 50 respondents to use the technology. The response was overwhelming. Here it is: [link
    [Engineering] You Had Me At “Giant Snow Lizzard”
    Regardless of who engineered the email, and despite suspecting Fr. So… we had a bit of snow in my neck of the woods this past weekend. Those of you who live in, or are from, Michigan, or Canada, or upstate New York (etc. can stop smirking. You guys are prepared for it. We’re not, dammit! The thing with storms, of course, is that you never know how bad they’re actually going to be. So even though the snow started last Friday afternoon, it wasn’t until Saturday morning that we knew for sure that we were in for a corker ( definition here, #2 ). Would. Anyway…!
    [Engineering] Your Content Isn’t as Influential as You Think It Is
    The top answers in the study are peers and colleagues (30%), news publications and blogs (20%), and search engines (13%). Content marketers like to think we are important. We’ve changed the face of modern marketing, haven’t we? We create the content that drives awareness, builds relationships with prospects, and helps move them along their path to purchase. Well, according to a study of marketing technology buyers by Walker Sands , we have a lot less influence than we might think. Let’s Let’s start at the top. What New in Marketing Technology? That’s how their marketing shows up.
    [Engineering] 5 Reasons to Invest in Social Media Promotion
    Online marketing is about more than relying on search engines to drive traffic to your website. Here are five good reasons to invest in social media promotion : Search engine optimization (SEO) – Social media promotion itself is SEO. It builds back links to your important landing pages and can even achieve respectable search engine rankings for your social media profiles. By finding your social media accounts in the search engines, you ensure that people who are already aware of your brand are finding you. Are You Investing Enough in Social Media?
    [Engineering] The Right Time is Now: 16 Gaps to Fix in Your Blog This Year
    Both readers and the search engines love new, innovative content in a blog and that means information or ideas that they have not seen anywhere else on the Internet. Now that 2016 is almost into its second month you may be starting to get frantic if you have not seen an increase in your following through your blog. It is not too late to do something about it and fix some of the things that you must be doing wrong. Described below are 16 things you can do to fix those gaps in your blog and get it where you really want it to be. The right time to improve your blog is now!
    [Engineering] 5 Tips to Ensure Your Visual Content Is Seen
    You’ll want both viewers and search engines to be aware of its existence, so scheduling multiple posts directed toward the same content is recommended. 5. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Is seeing really believing? A new study by Michigan State University seems to think so: “ The part of the brain responsible for seeing is more powerful than previously believed. In fact, the visual cortex can essentially make decisions just like the brain’s traditional ‘higher level’ areas.” ” (highlight to tweet). And how did attendees share what they saw? Generate Buzz.
    [Engineering] Google To Give Unsecure Websites a Scarlet Letter
    As you know, ever since Google announced that HTTPs is a search engine ranking factor, I moved this site to HTTPs and have never regretted it. Google Search EnginesGoogle will soon publicly use the Google Chrome browser to give unsecure websites a Scarlet Letter. When visitors use Chrome to visit an unsecure website, it will be very clear that the site is unsecure. The site will be marked with a red X mark whereas a secure website will show a lock symbol. The future. More like this coming down the pike. enigma2016 pic.twitter.com/7tWt08mQAd. Now I’m very happy I did move.
    [Engineering] Do You Have An Online Marketing Strategy?
    Search Engine Optimization – Your website needs to be optimized to receive the targeted traffic you want to reach out to. Make sure your website development team incorporates search engine optimization in order for you to achieve maximum search engine results. Online marketing strategies are a dime a dozen. Some companies don’t even have a strategy. Or, it would be more accurate to say that their strategy is to throw paint on the virtual wall. In effect, the strategy is no strategy at all. So, what are the components of a well-defined online marketing strategy?
    [Engineering] Do You Need Multiple Retail Channels?
    Web Design and Search Engine Optimization online retail responsive web design sellingMany small businesses still struggle with managing multiple channels. You have a brick-and-mortar store and a website. Isn’t that enough? Unfortunately, in today’s fast moving retail environment, no, it’s not enough. Customers are looking for a more complete experience in retail. Yes, they want to be able to visit your store on occasion, but they also want to be able to shop online. And they want to be able to access your website from any device. Cafe Press. Shopify. Oodle.
    [Engineering] Where Does Your Business Fit In?
    Search engine rankings – What are your list of keywords and where do you rank in the search engine results for each of those keywords? To judge the overall health of your business, it’s important to consider the online aspects–how you are perceived in social media, what your search engine results are, etc. One of the key components to marketing–and this applies to any type of business–is defining exactly where you fit in. Of course, we have to define “fit in.” ” What does that apply to exactly? Why or why not?
    [Engineering] 2016 Trust Barometer Digital PR Implications
    Online visibility: For the fifth consecutive year search engines took the top spot (63 percent) as the most trusted source for general news and information. The 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer published this week highlights some trends that are of particular interest to PR practitioners: Who to trust: People around the world are increasingly reliant on a “person like yourself” for trusted information and opinions.  Employees: People respond to regular employees, who are significantly more trusted than a CEO or government official. Make your employees your best advocates.
    [Engineering] 2016 Trust Barometer Digital PR Implications
    Online visibility: For the fifth consecutive year search engines took the top spot (63 percent) as the most trusted source for general news and information. The 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer published this week highlights some trends that are of particular interest to PR practitioners: Who to trust: People around the world are increasingly reliant on a “person like yourself” for trusted information and opinions.  Employees: People respond to regular employees, who are significantly more trusted than a CEO or government official. Make your employees your best advocates.
    [Engineering] 2016 Trust Barometer Digital PR Implications
    Online visibility: For the fifth consecutive year search engines took the top spot (63 percent) as the most trusted source for general news and information. The 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer published this week highlights some trends that are of particular interest to PR practitioners: Who to trust: People around the world are increasingly reliant on a “person like yourself” for trusted information and opinions.  Employees: People respond to regular employees, who are significantly more trusted than a CEO or government official. Make your employees your best advocates.
    [Engineering] How’s Your Website Look on a Tablet?
    Web Design and Search Engine Optimization responsive website design smartphones tablets website designOne of the biggest challenges to modern website design is ensuring that your site looks good on all devices. By “devices” I mean. Desktop computers. Laptops. Smartphones. Tablets. Television screens. Future technology. Naturally, we can’t predict what will become popular in the future in terms of technological advancements, so it’s difficult to predict what website design practices are going to be necessary five or ten years from now. But what is it?
    [Engineering] Free Search Engine Submission Get Your URL Listed On Google, Bing, Yahoo And More! - Social Media
    With business going all out on Social Media it is time that you have a good understanding of Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization is one of the clear ways in which you do things On Page and Off Page so that you feature a little higher in searches. Free Search Engine Submission Get Your Business, Brand, Referral, Personal URL Listed On Google, Bing, Yahoo And More! Do you have a URL that you want to submit to Search Engines so that you are much easily seen on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Much More? Just put your URL and that is it - you are set in the queue. Over 3.5
    [Engineering] Should the Phrase Link Juice Go Away?
    link building Search Engine OptimizationI ran across an interesting conversation on Twitter, started by Ashley and her tweet: “Sign my petition to get all SEOs to stop using the term “link juice” ” Do you think that the term “link juice” is gross? Does it relay un-professionalism in the SEO community? This power is interpreted as a vote of recommendation toward your site and is one of the most important factors in determining your site’s search ranking (and PageRank).” Could it be something like “link equity” I’m not sure.
    [Engineering] 7 of the best WordPress themes for event management companies
    Aside from its breathtaking design and multitude of customization options, this theme is optimized for search engines. Event planning and implementation has gone a notch higher over the years. Once upon a time planning a big event meant tons of advertising and that would cost a fortune. Today, conferences and other events are being planned in a much bigger and more efficient way. Think of church fellowships that are holding as many as thirteen thousand people, weddings with two thousand attendees and business conferences with thousands of professionals. Choose from the best. Keynote.
    [Engineering] 4 ways social media is going to help your blog grow
    There are so many things that you can do in order to capture the attention of internet users but then the best and most popular of them is search engine optimization (SEO). Optimizing your website or blog for the search engines is undeniably the easiest way to get noticed by other people using the internet like you. Google is the biggest search engine on the planet today. These are humongous numbers and were they to be transferred to your website or blog then definitely you are going to be at the top of those search engines. Social media is here to stay. Conclusion.
    [Engineering] 7 Ways For Custom Website Development In WordPress
    Doing so will help to assure that your site ranks as highly as possible in search engine results.”. 6: Security-. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge says, “I would say that a popular CMS, such as WordPress or Joomla may be considered secure in default installation if they are properly configured, don’t have third-party code and are up to date.”. 7: Search Engine Optimization-. Consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business website to enhance the visibility of your website on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engines.
    [Engineering] 60 Steps for Your Content Writing Checklist
    Your content is compelling to satisfy both readers and search engines, as they determine how relevant your content is. 8. Your article is easy to find in search engines. Your content provides links to authoritative websites, loved by search engines. The first thing everyone finds out about me is that I love lists and checklists. Shopping Shopping lists, to-do lists, reading lists—I am always thrilled to make them. It’d be a shame if I didn’t have a detailed checklist for my #1 activity: content writing. Idea Generation Stage. Concept. 1. Technical Aspects. 8.
    [Engineering] Your Social Media Lead Generation System
    Improving search engine optimization. In my last post, I talked about the most important thing in your online lead generation efforts. But today I want to talk about using social media for lead generation. How do you determine your return on investment (ROI), or should you bother? I’ll say right off the bat, it’s difficult. You should definitely measure your results, but don’t be discouraged if you find ROI an elusive target. There are many things that affect the ROI of your social media. Locating key decision makers that you’d like to reach out to.
    [Engineering] Your Whole Damn Life is an Idea for a Blog Post
    While browsing the homepage of my preferred sports site the other day, I saw an ad for a “content engine”, to help with blog post ideas. From the blurb of the sales pitch, this “content engine” would help you… …to quickly crank out s hare-worthy , clickable blog content that gets you traffic and converts that traffic into sales. Continuing down the sales page, though, quickly shows the flaw that this “content engine”, and other automated solutions like it, run into. ” promise, I thought I’d check this solution out.
    [Engineering] 4 Steps to Becoming A Community Leader And Positively Shaping Culture
    Honda, for example, announced that their drivers could buy bottled water created from the hydrogen fuel cell engine of their car. How do brands build or maintain a leadership position within their customer community? How do brands consistently engage and inspire audiences? What can brands do to shape culture, shift behavior and ultimately contribute to bettering our world? The domain of inspired activism is no longer restricted to non-profits and NGO’s, but has moved into the sphere of business, brands and consumers working together to shape a positive future. Community Engagement Rules.
    [Engineering] 6,595 Words on a Traffic Generation Tactic You’re Not Using (But Should Be)
    How the Fastest Growing Search Engine Uses Traffic Side Projects. Over the past year search engine DuckDuckGo grew from 5.3 It’s no surprise then that Moz.com’s Rand Fishkin predicts it will be the fastest growing search engine of 2016. If I ask anyone who uses DuckDuckGo why they chose that search engine over Google, it’s unlikely their innovative search features are the first answer that comes to mind. DuckDuckGo have done a great job as branding themselves as the search engine for private searching. depending on which link checker you use.
    [Engineering] Unfriend, Defriend, Kill Your Friend
    Sarah isn’t on Facebook, doesn’t tweet, shares nothing but her name and title on LinkedIn, and search engine results for her name (minus that LinkedIn link) are for someone who shares her name. Studies from the Pew Research Center and the New York Times indicate the typical American has 245 Facebook friends and knows 600 people both on and off the social network. In other words, if you’re a typical American, 355 of your peeps don’t use Facebook. They never did and they don’t want to join. once met a woman who works in marketing but cannot be found on Google.
    [Engineering] The Must-Follow Principles of B2B Social Media Success
    The key to social media marketing is for not just the social media marketers to be building in that engage and the conversations, but to empower those engineers, those technical experts, the people who know the product intimately to have those engagements. Jonathan: Yeah, or a well-known thought leader, engineer, whatever, who has established him or herself as someone who’s knowledgeable around that topic. Editor’s Note: Unfortunately the audio in this episode was compromised, so we decided to run the transcript only for this amazing episode with Jonathan Wichmann.
    [Engineering] The inseparable pair: social media marketing and content marketing for your business
    Derek Iwasiuk run’s national digital search engine optimization firm headquarted in Minneapolis. There was a time when social media and content marketing seemed like the same thing. You could use them interchangeably and not raise an eyebrow. Today, there is a world of difference between the two marketing strategies in as much as they still help each other out in various aspects. You will need content in order to move social media while social media is an essential tool when it comes to distributing content and getting feedback from your audience. Simple but difficult. Bottom line.
    [Engineering] 5 Things You Can Do to Escape Google Penalties
    Schema markup, or structured data markup, can be an effective way to improve search engine content discovery, organic search visibility, and indexation. With these links, you can help direct the search engines to pages with higher importance and those thematically related to one another. Digital Marketing google optimization google penalty search engine optimization search engine ranking search penalty SEOImage via BigStockPhoto.com. A new year brings along new opportunities and new challenges. What are those possible threats? Yes, quite a scary thought! But
    [Engineering] 5 Signs During The First Week of 2016 Our Work In Diversity In Tech Is Working
    Erica Baker, Build and Release Engineer at Slack Technologies, Inc. Engineer at @Pinterest. I t’s week one of 2016 and there are clear signs of hope for a true diverse and inclusive tech workforce and entrepreneurship ecosystem. know it’s early and we are really still at ground zero but we can have hope…right? Catalyst research shows that companies with more women on the board statistically outperform their peers over a long period of time. Deloitte Australia research shows that inclusive teams outperform their peers by 80% in team-based assessments.
    [Engineering] Google’s Link: Search Operator Is Not Useful
    Google Search EnginesAs you probably know, I’m a Brand Ambassador for Majestic.com , and as such I deal with a lot of link issues on a daily basis. recently had a conversation with someone who consistently uses Google’s link: search operator to look at the links to their website. They honestly thought that they had lost a lot of links lately. But, that’s not the case. The Google search operator for link data looks like this: link:domain.com. where domain.com is your website’s domain name. Log into [link] with your Google account and verify your website.
    [Engineering] Essential Tactics for Effective Inbound Marketing
    Search engines. Search Engine Marketing as an Inbound Marketing Channel. When we talk about search engine marketing we usually are referring to search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising. SEO means writing your website content, blog content, and other branded content in such a way that it stands a better chance at obtaining high search engine rankings. You want your prospects to find you in the search engines and navigate to your website. So what are those channels? Inbound marketing can comprise many channels. Social media.
    [Engineering] Email Opens on Mobile Increasing: are you Participating?
    Engineering or other calculators. Desktop opens are still more than mobile but the trend is closing the gap according to a recent post in emarketer.com. Mobile click through rates for US marketing emails sent by Yesmail clients in the later part of 2015 were up closet 14%. So what does this mean for manufacturers that are trying to reach contractors and tradesman? It means that whatever you’re trying to communicate to them it needs to be mobile friendly.Contractors check more than emails on job sites and the more mobile friendly you are the better  results  there will be.
    [Engineering] Whitehouse.gov Temporarily Redirects Home Page to HTTPs
    You may already know that I’m a big fan of moving your website to a secure version (HTTPs), as I moved this website to HTTPs days after it was announced that HTTPs is a Google search engine ranking factor. The official website of the White House, [link] has a temporary redirect (a 302 redirect) set up from the HTTP version of their website to the HTTPs version of their website. But, the White House website is doing it wrong. The proper way to redirect from HTTP to HTTPs is using a 301 Permanent Redirect, and NOT a 302 Temporary Redirect. That is probably not going to happen.
    [Engineering] What Is the Value of an SEO Audit?
    You can find a mountain of information online about how to perform an SEO (search engine optimization) audit. search engine optimization audit involves a comprehensive analysis of your site, and it works just as well for mobile as it does for desktop. Search engines use the links on your site for several purposes. First, links tell search engines how pages relate to one another. Second, search engines rely on backlinks, or inbound links , to judge the relevance, authority, and popularity of your site. Helping You Get Mobile-Ready.
    [Engineering] 88 Expert Content Marketing Posts Worth Another Read
    Outstanding Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses by Search Engine Watch. Crush Content Marketing in 2014: 5 Outside-the-Box Techniques That Get Results by Search Engine Watch. **5 STARS. As noted here previously, content marketing is now ubiquitous, with 93% of all marketers saying they do content marketing. All of those marketers are creating an enormous amount of content, which is making it difficult to stand out and rise above the noise. Image credit: HubSpot. These writers face the same challenge. Some date back a year or more but remain timely and helpful. Cohen.
    [Engineering] 2015 In Review: Hundreds of Entrepreneurs, A New Tech Conference, Diversity Progress, Awards & Good People
    Panel – Fireside 2020: Innovation & Inclusion at Berkeley Engineering, Berkeley, CA. The first Monday of 2016 is almost over. As I think about 2015, many would say it was a great year for me personally and professionally. Personally I would say yes, I’m healthy, Melinda and I are happy, my family is well back in NC and my son will be five years old this year. Professionally I would say last year was a building and growth year. BUILDUP also held two fireside chats, hosted a month long entrepreneurship worksho p series and a Shark Tank casting call. Both didn’t succeed.
    [Engineering] iWon.com Finally Shutting Down
    It was a web portal that included a search engine, but you could “win” rewards and prizes for using their site, up to a certain number of times per day. ” Search EnginesDo you remember the iWon.com website? The more you used the site the more you could win entries into the money that they were giving away each, and every day. never really spent a whole lot of time on their site, but I remember having an account and at least entering something every so often. But I never really did win anything. After many years, we have decided to shut down the IWON website.
    [Engineering] 4 Things Your Community Needs From You In 2016
    Today’s reality is that your phone, email, web and social are all parts of the entire customer care engine. When I first got involved with online communities (mumblemumble years ago now), they were largely digitized gatherings of misfit humans around common interests or topics. Suffice it to say that the world of Community has changed drastically since then, and as a result, the role of the people that steward and tend to those communities has changed drastically too. Now we have this interesting dynamic, especially between brands/businesses and their various communities. Period.
    [Engineering] 5 Components to Online Branding
    Search results – Search engine optimization is a key component to online branding today. Not only should you concern yourself with search engine results, but you should give serious thought to how you want your company to be represented in the search results. Online, that often means links from social media and search engine results, but you should think about this in broader terms to include devices. Branding online branding search engine optimization Social Media websiteThe basics are the same. The tactics for achieving that are what is different.
    [Engineering] 88 Marketers You Need to Follow on Twitter
    It has a ton of remarkable features, like automatically giving me links to all the Slideshare accounts on the analyzed influencers; providing a real-time feed of popular content they tweet; giving me a custom search engine that lets me query only their blog posts, and a ton more. Editor’s Note: This post is one of Convince & Convert’s Top 10 Posts of 2015. On my Jay Today video podcast  (iTunes), I gave a shoutout to someone who I respect and admire each episode; a person I believe you should be following in social media. Thus, I have 88 shoutout recipients to-date.
    [Engineering] Do You Optimize For Google Or For Your Reader?
    That’s because of one thing called over-optimization. A few years ago, Google tried to combat a practice called “keyword stuffing” by diminishing the search engine results of low-quality content that seemed to rise in the SERPs on the sole basis of keyword inclusion. Today, you’d be hard pressed to get that kind of content any kind of serious search engine rankings. Search engine algorithms don’t window shop. Trust me, you’d be better off simply writing content. Forget about keywords. But the truth is, keywords matter. Let me explain.
    [Engineering] 105 Ideas to Add to Your Editorial Calendar
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Platforms like YouTube make it possible for anyone to upload videos to the world’s largest video search engine tool, while giving them the ability to embed the videos nearly anywhere. It’s a great way to publish content optimized for search engines. Editor’s Note: This post is one of Convince & Convert’s Top 10 Posts of 2015. From our  research at CoSchedule , we found that planning awesome content is a major challenge for most content marketers. Really! Here ya go. Content That Tells a Story. Lists. How-To.
    [Engineering] 5 Tips to Land Quality Press Links Using HARO
    According to research done by Search Engine Land , you’ve got nothing to worry about. A great way of getting quality links is by using the HARO platform. This is short for “Help a Reporter Out” and it has been around for years now, but some experts don’t know what it is or how it works. Even if they do, they may not be using the platform as well as they could. Getting featured in one of these stories can earn you some incredible exposure and a great backlink to your site. know what you’re thinking: What about the penguin and panda updates from Google? These are high quality links.
    [Engineering] 10 Ways to Improve Your Editorial Calendar
    If you optimized your content for search engines , it’s possible that your audience is finding your old posts and sharing them again. Editor’s Note: This post is one of Convince & Convert’s Top 10 Posts of 2015. How satisfied are you with the way you manage your content right now? Do you use a content marketing editorial calendar but it still kind of… well… sucks? Chances are, you know there are things you can improve with your editorial calendar. But you just don’t want to change what you’re doing. Simply put: We don’t like change.
    [Engineering] Website SEO: How to Use Analytics and Content to Improve Google Rankings
    SEO or search engine optimization is a practice for building relevance (on page SEO) and authority (off-site SEO ) with an audience. This is Episode 61 of  This Old New Business  weekly  business podcast with Jeff Korhan. In this episode, we sit down with Andy Crestodina and discuss website SEO and how to use analytics, social media, and content marketing to improve Google rankings. Andy Crestodina is a co-founder of Orbit Media, an award-winning 38-person web design company in Chicago. He is also the author of Content Chemistry: An Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing.
    [Engineering] 12 Steps to Producing a Podcast
    All of these shows (and 550 more) are rated and reviewed at our MarketingPodcasts.com site, the first search engine for marketing podcasts. And lastly, take a look at our MarketingPodcasts.com site, and the first and only search engine for marketing podcasts. Editor’s Note: This post is one of Convince & Convert’s Top 10 Posts of 2015. Here at Convince & Convert Media, we produce three podcasts. Most frequent is my nearly-daily video show Jay Today (read this post to see how we make 8 pieces of content out of each episode ). How to Produce a Podcast. 1.
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #288
    Read this to understand just how smart digital experiences are going to get, when it comes to personalization and engines of discovery." Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . The Man Who Destroyed America's Ego - Will Starr - Medium. Children should be raised with unconditional encouragement. At least, that's what Carl Rogers said, and after centuries of belief in Original Sin, it was a refreshing change. Your move, McGuire." You might gain.
    [Engineering] Does Keyword Optimization Still Matter?
    Using them in the right place and in the right amounts can still get you prime spots on search engine results pages and drive huge traffic to your site. Header tags : H1 and H2 tags tell search engines that the header is important. Avoid using images in your header tags to avoid confusing search engines. Not only does it tell search engines that you have some very focused and relevant content about your keyword on your page, it also improves click-throughs by informing the user of the same. Location Is Everything. However, that does not mean keywords are irrelevant.
    [Engineering] 5 Ways To Expand Your Influence Beyond SEO
    I’m a big believer in search engine optimization. If you want your website to rank for the keywords that are important to your business, then you should write your content in such a way that your chances of obtaining high search engine results increases. That’s a smart way to go about content distribution. But content distribution is not the only way to achieve influence in the world of business. There are other online marketing strategies that can make you an authority and increase your influence among your audience. Social Media – This is an easy one.
    [Engineering] Paying to Boost Organic Search Engine Rankings on Google
    Google has always been adamant about the fact that paying for Google AdWords ads will not boost your site’s organic search engine rankings. So, I do believe Google when they say that paying for Google AdWords ads won’t boost your organic search engine rankings. Will that boost your organic search engine rankings? Yes, it will, you can actually pay for organic search engine rankings. At the Digital Summit Dallas this month, I was interviewed by Vizion Interactive about paying for Google organic search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization
    [Engineering] How to Develop Multi-Channel Content
    There were a few primitive forms of search engines. In the early days of Internet marketing, there weren’t that many channels for a small business to use for getting the word out about their business. Most businesses had a website. There were directories where those websites could be listed. And their were places where business owners could go to publish their articles. They were often called article directories. Then there were web rings and a few ways of advertising your website in hopes of driving traffic to it. Eventually, pay-per-click advertising came along.
    [Engineering] 5 Questions to be Cleared Before Start Building a Website
    One of these is known as search engine optimization or SEO for short. It’s a web design philosophy centered around obtaining good visibility on the major search engines like Google and Bing. To compete in today’s marketplace, you need to have a website. Online business now comprises a huge percentage of retailer profits. If you ignore the possibility of digital sales, you could be missing out on a huge source of revenue. However, what should be part of such a website may not be clear to newcomers. What Is Your Website’s Purpose and Function? There are many possibilities. 2.
    [Engineering] If This Is True, Brands Need To Rethink Everything
    From performance-based opportunities (like search engine marketing and email marketing) to affiliate marketing and, yes, even native advertising. search engine marketing. What can't a brand measure in this day and age? Well, they can measure everything. With beacons and in-store technology they can - literally - know how many people are in a store, how they move through it, how many buy, and they can splice that data up into time of day and down to products. Online is similar. How long was someone on a website? What content did they engage with? When (and where) did they leave?
    [Engineering] Grow Your Blog’s Traffic and Income by Creating a Resources Page for Your Blog
    Not only are pages on your blog dedicated to blogging resources good for affiliate income and to answer questions, but you’ll find they can also rank highly in search engines and has the capacity to do well on social if comprehensive enough and designed well. Not only are pages on your blog dedicated to blogging resources good for affiliate income and to answer questions, but you’ll find they can also rank highly in search engines and has the capacity to do well on social if comprehensive enough and designed well. Further Reading: Recommended Blogging Resources & Tools.
    [Engineering] 4 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Local SEO
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is currently one of the most important things to be aware of when marketing your business online. Search queries in both search engines and social media searches are driven by content, which can generate greater shares and link building that contribute to local optimization. Search engines will be able to pick out this content being shared across social pages, and use it to create relevant search results to match common queries. 2. This is particularly important for local SEO. LinkedIn. Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. Offer Localized Coupons.
    [Engineering] Virtual Reality: The Next Big Thing in Architecture?
    Pretty much the 3D level design technology in video games is best applicable to architecture and engineering, and it can then be modified and adapted to the needs of building real life structures. It seemed that back in the 90′s, the talk about virtual reality technology fizzled out into the aether, never to be spoken of again. It was a science fiction flight of fancy that captured imaginations, but seemed unfeasible and impractical in the real world. So people tucked away both their visors and dreams, but it was only for a while. Potential Uses. The Oculus Rift. Challenges.
    [Engineering] Google’s Change of Address Tool is Broken
    Search Engines GoogleGoogle’s Change of Address tool, accessed by website owners in the Google Search Console, is broken. It generally works for most website owners as it should. However, in my professional opinion it’s broken because it’s missing certain functionality that should be included. This missing functionality causes certain websites to not be able to use the tool. Therefore, in certain circumstances, Google’s Change of Address tool doesn’t work. It’s completely useless in it’s present state. One example of this is MediaWiki.
    [Engineering] What to Say When Your Friend Asks For Your Secret Cookie Recipe…
    In a new screen innovation lab, fifty engineers are designing advanced screen technology for Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, Macbook). What to Say When Your Friend Asks For Your Secret Cookie Recipe…. No comment. That’s what Apple is saying in response to their “secret” lab in Taiwan. The funny thing is that this lab is supposed to be a secret. The unmarked building in Longtan Science Park shows record of Apple moving in last April. But Apple is keeping it hush hush so, shhh. Source Fortune ). It’s Going Down…. Yet another security hack has happened. Source CNET ). Girl Scouts Go Digital.
    [Engineering] 7 Skills Your Content Marketing Team Should Master
    SEO – Search engine optimization is the ability to get your content ranked in the search engines for maximum visibility. While search algorithms are constantly in a state of flux, your content management team needs to be familiar with how the search engines organize and retrieve data. Small Business Internet Marketing content marketing link building search engine algorithms search engine rankingsContent marketing is an ever-changing discipline. They need to be able to think ahead, plan content around your promotional campaigns, and hold it all together.
    [Engineering] Creating an Authentic Brand Story at Swiftpage
    He engineers opportunities for his team members to live their true brand story, creating an authentic and personable brand identity that both customers and employees want to be a part of. Living Brand Story. H. John Oechsle has built an incredibly successful career by nurturing brand culture through the stories he crafts and shares with his team. As the President and CEO of Swiftpage, John has brought together a trio of companies that offer customer relationship management software: Act!, Sw!ftpage, ftpage, and Saleslog!x. The key to their success? The In This Episode. Resources. ftpage.
    [Engineering] Our Top Tips on Creating Content: the Most Popular ProBlogger Posts of 2015
    Guest contributor Jawad Khan shared three changes you can make to your existing and future blog content, without spending tons of money, to immediately start getting more traffic from search engines and social media websites. It’s been a great year here on ProBlogger, and as I advised (bullied you into?!) Check back tomorrow for the next instalment! Our Top Tips on Creating Content: The Most Popular ProBlogger Posts of 2015. Four Blogging Tools to Make Your Content Go Further. Tools! You guys love tools. Content Tweaks to Increase Your Blog Traffic Without Spending a Penny.
    [Engineering] Why Every Website Should Be Using SEO Strategies
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of boosting a website’s rating and increasing traffic by improving the site’s ranking on search engine results. The keywords are fitted into the articles posted on your site to make it stand out when the keywords are put into the search engine. Search engines are the primary determinant of the search results. Search Engine Optimization remains one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies for businesses today; there are numerous benefits but here are the key facts: Increased traffic. What is SEO?
    [Engineering] 22 PR Tools From the #PRstack Community
    Plus you will get Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, and even LinkedIn in one place, thanks to German engineering. By Stephen Waddington. In the past 12 months, the #PRstack community has  created an app that has characterized more than 250 third-party tools. It has published 48 how-to guides written by more than 35 community members covering different areas of the public relations workflow. lively community has developed and grown on  Facebook  and  Twitter. The community has developed a list of its favorite 22 PR tools for Spin Sucks. Anewstip.  Canva.  Pingdom.
    [Engineering] Smart Email Marketing is Here!
    Better than Search Engine Optimization, more powerful than direct mail, email is delivered to Smart phones and computers daily. You have a Smart phone. There are Smart cars, Smart appliances, and Smart tablets. There are even Smart people who design all these Smart things. The time has now come for Smart Email Marketing – email that reaches your customers with a message they want to hear and act on. Why use email campaigns. The simple answer is that if they are crafted correctly, they work. Email marketing tips. Use of bait and switch or deceptive subject lines.
    [Engineering] How to Strategize Your Annual Content Calendar Without Going Crazy
    Think about promoting your content via remarketing and search engine marketing with Google Adwords and related content advertising with tools like Outbrain and Taboola. I’m sure you can think of other ways to share your content with your unique audience. Remember that time when you wrote content to promote a new product the day before it launched? What about the campaign you nearly forgot to create for the event on Monday —but it’s Friday right now? Well, if you don’t remember, I certainly do. I’ve been there. And it sucks. It sounds simple, and it is.
    [Engineering] Six Must-Watch PR Webinars
    Launching the New Year means there is no better time then to rev up your strategy engines (vroom, vroom). By Laura Petrolino. On the sixth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you…six must watch  PR webinars ,  five PR books , four PR podcasts ,  three productivity tools ,  two Spin Sucks Crazy secrets , and the one PR tool you need for 2016. Now, obviously this is a tad difficult because ALL of our PR webinars are must watch. But hey, we get it. They make you work (or as the kids these days say “#werk”). You might have to watch them multiple times. Of course you do.
    [Engineering] The Many Big Mistakes Online Businesses Make in Digital Marketing Strategies
    Online social networking platforms like Facebook and the search engine giant Google are now allowing businesses to do targeted marketing i.e. companies will be able to send marketing messages to customers that have in the past looked for stuff that the company is selling. Search Engine Tips Digital Marketing Mistakes Digital Marketing StrategiesThe world of internet is full of articles, blogs and forums that talk about the importance of digital marketing for modern businesses. The more you emphasize on this aspect the less it is. are examples of those methods.
    [Engineering] A Step by Step Guide to Fixing Any Google Penalty
    Every web portal has to abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines to reach amongst the top ranking in search engine results. Two of the most common Google penalties are Google Panda and Google Penguin and few others which de-index your web portal and in some cases removes the website from the search engine results. The content of a website and back links generated are monitored by search engines to determine the authenticity of the service provider. Search engines prohibit indulging in such activities which can get you penalized accordingly. Website contact form.
    [Engineering] Why Blogging Is Not Your Only Channel Online
    Google still likes fresh, original content, and writing a blog is the best way to feed solid meat to the most popular search engines on the planet. It’s safe to say that business blogging isn’t going anywhere. While blogging isn’t going away any time soon, it is constantly being changed in its total form. For instance, it used to be that bloggers who were making the most strides in marketing themselves online would write daily posts in short bursts–somewhere between 300 and 800 words on average. Blogging is not your only online marketing channel. They might.
    [Engineering] Industry Buzz: 4 reasons why rasa.io is the up and coming community platform
    With rasa.io ’s Relevancy Engine, users are shown prioritized content from all of their communities that is most relevant to them. Startups and tech vendors are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms – SocialFish readers love to read about new tools and apps! ———– If you’re actively planning (or dreaming) how an engagement platform could breathe new life into your nonprofit or association, there are a daunting amount of options to choose from. It truly maximizes our content. In all, rasa.io
    [Engineering] The Two Secrets to Being Part of the Spin Sucks Crazies
    How can you use media relations to affect search engine optimization ? By Laura Petrolino. On the second day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you….two two secrets to being part of the Spin Sucks Crazies and the one PR tool you need for 2016. That’s right boys and girls! It’s the time of year where I help all of you get a jump start on your New Year’s goals by giving you the secrets to becoming a certified Spin Sucks Craaaaaaaazy. Who Are the Spin Sucks Crazies? Some Crazies are big commenters here on the blog, some aren’t. Some are active on our social media channels, some are not.
    [Engineering] Social Media Updates: November
    Now, when you spot something you like in a pin and you want to learn more about it, simply tap on the search tool, select the part of the pin you want to learn more about, and the engine will show you more pins just like that. And so November has drawn to a close and we’re slap-bang in the holiday season. Before everyone winds down for the holidays, let’s pause for a minute to catch up on November’s social media updates, which were significant. Facebook. These ads offer precise targeting and a greater reach. This is very important. Google+. Twitter. Pinterest. Skype.
    [Engineering] How to Make Google Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge Browser
    Windows 10 came with Microsoft edge browser preloaded, but uses Bing as the default search engine. If you want to make Google the default search engine, you will have to. Read full original article at How to Make Google Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge Browser ©2015 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved. Computers Google Tutorials
    [Engineering] The One PR Tool You’ll Need for 2016
    And, to Aly’s credit, she’s talked with me about that and has it on her engineering to-do list.). By Gini Dietrich. It’s time for our annual 12 days of Christmas! Now look, I know traditionally the 12 days of Christmas don’t begin until December 25 and end on January 5, but I am taking December 19-January 2 off (yippee!). And I would venture to guess the majority of you also are off…at least for a good portion of that. So it doesn’t make sense to run these blog posts during that time. and Gin and Topics. Let’s get started! Results By Client.
    [Engineering] How the Automotive Industry Can Benefit from Digital Marketing
    Through proper search engine optimization, small companies can also come out on top in the search results. With billions of searches being performed every week, these companies can become greatly known if they are able to get to the top positions in search engine results. Digital marketing has now become the most important type of marketing for any business with an online presence. Companies all around the world are now focusing more on their online strategies than they are on their offline marketing materials. Hitting The Target Market. Build your reputation. Remove Bad Labels.
    [Engineering] 6 Incredible Pointers For Making a Content Promotion Plan
    Will they find it through clicking on links in the content or using search engines? Guest Post by Jack Dawson. content promotion plan begins with conceptualization of the primary idea, and goes all the way to getting market feedback as well as results of the entire operation. The many steps in between are crucial to the success of your plan. Here Here are some pointers: 1. Research the audience. Audience research and analysis is essential to forming an effective promotion. There are over 3 billion Internet users currently  – a broad demographic! Through mailing lists?
    [Engineering] Why Google is Really Pushing HTTPs
    In a recent Search Engine Land article , Patrick Stox explains what HTTP/2 is, and what it means for SEOs. After all, Google has publicly stated that their search engine crawler, called Googlebot, is going to be supporting HTTP/2 soon. As you might recall, I moved this website to HTTPs a few days after Google announced that HTTPs is a search engine ranking factor. Nonetheless, my opinion is that there are several reasons why sites should move to HTTPs , including: – it’s a search engine ranking factor. Google Search EnginesLet me explain.
    [Engineering] How Brands Collaborate to Tackle Our Most Pressing Global Crises
    We see this through Caterpillar’s recent summit , which brought together a broad coalition of stakeholders ‘from engineering, construction and financial sectors, as well as thought leaders from academia, non-government organizations and government officials.’ With increasing coverage of the environmental and social challenges that we all face as citizens, business or governments, brands can no longer take a back seat in recognizing their impact and contributing towards tackling the critical issues of our time. Tackling a Specific Issue: Labor in Apparel Manufacturing. Why Caterpillar?
    [Engineering] Twitter and Truth: Social Media for Social Movements
    First gaining traction in San Francisco, the hashtag has led to a flood of participation of women and men redefining the traditional mold of ‘what an engineer should look like.’. At Twitter Flight 2015, the company’s Developer Conference, newly reappointed CEO Jack Dorsey reinforced a commitment to transparency and open dialogue. From Business Insider , “Twitter stands for freedom of expression,” Dorsey declared. “Twitter stands for speaking truth to power.” ILookLikeAnEngineer. BBOG #BringBackOurGirls. Successful Social Movements.
    [Engineering] 5 Ways to Generate Leads Online
    SEO – Search engine optimization is often narrowed to what takes place on your website. Website development certainly is important to SEO, however, you can also perform strategic search engine marketing through offsite content like articles, blog posts, and social media content. In a sense, all marketing is generating leads. Your goal is to brand your company, make it a recognizable name synonymous with quality, and attract new customers. Of course, there are a variety of media–online and off line–you can use to accomplish those goals.
    [Engineering] How Rich Answers Provide a New Approach to SEO
    Links help search engines measure your site’s authority. We created pages that included the video and the transcript, and made sure that the direct answer to the question was easily found by users (and search engines) on the page. Digital Marketing featured snippets google optimization rich answers search engine optimization search ranking SEO SEO strategyImage via BigStockPhoto.com. On Wednesday the 21st of October, I published the results of our latest study on Google’s Rich Answers. You can leverage this to jump above the regular search results. Tables.
    [Engineering] Would you join a Community Manager Association?
    There are associations for medical  and engineering society execs. Maggie McGary posits the question on her blog  [my bold]: How many associations pay not only ASAE dues, but also registration and travel for multiple staff to attend one or more ASAE conferences a year–easily more than $1,500 a year per person? A lot. So obviously associations–even small ones–are willing and able to pay dues to ASAE and many other associations that support other disciplines within associations–marketing, PR, information management, accounting, publications….basically There’s obviously ASAE.
    [Engineering] How Google Keeps Marketers On Our Toes
    When you take the time to study how the search algorithms operate and why they are important to your business, then you’ll be able to develop a search engine marketing strategy that is both effective and practical. In their updated rating guidelines , Google begins by explaining what a rater does and how important she is to improving search engine results. Mobile Marketing for Small Business google mobile search search algorithms search engine marketing smartphonesOtherwise, you’re operating in the dark. Why Mobile Search is Such a Big Deal. highly recommend it.
    [Engineering] 5 Google Analytics Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Campaign’s Success
    The breakdown includes figures showing link backs from the site of origin such as social media sites and search engine result clicks. Digital Leadership Google How To Search Engine Small Business Social Good Social Media Social Media Small Business Social Networks Socialnomics Statistics Tips Best Practices Brand Business social media marketing social media statistics social networking Social networks technology tips Web Design Web DesignerIntroduction. Social media marketing has demonstrated strength in virtually every. Audience Demographics. Acquisition Metrics. Visitor Flow.
    [Engineering] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    Ramsay gives us some stats that might get you thinking… and possibly Tumblr-ing… Google Releases the Full Version of Their Search Quality Rating Guidelines // Search Engine Land. Coming to you live from ProBlogger HQ, the interesting things we’ve found on the internet this week. May they help you blog better! Is Blogging Finally Dead? // Blog Tyrant. We’ve even talked about it too. And Dooce said she was over it. And then Mia Freedman jumped in. But there is no denying the landscape is changing. And it’s a behemoth. 160 pages packed with SEO goodness! Heaps?
    [Engineering] 5 Top Methods of Link Building in 2015/2016
    Analyzing them, search engine can determine the way pages relate to each other and provide actual information concerning the website’s popularity ranks in the Net. There are five secure ways you can follow to avoid getting in serious troubles with search engines. B2B How To Search Engine blogs Brands high quality content increase customer retention SEO methodsJust like a few years ago, link building remains important for true SEO experts, so all those linking-must-die talks can be considered as a pure nonsense. Why is that? They are: 1)      Guest Posting. Good luck!
    [Engineering] 2015 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials for Marketers and Bloggers
    WP Engine. If you have a WordPress website, I highly suggest you look into Synthesis and WP Engine. WP Engine’s Black Friday through Cyber Monday deal is 30% off the first month of all shared plans. Are you looking to add to your business and online marketing toolkit or learn something new? If so, here are my top recommended Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for online marketing education, web hosting, WordPress themes and plugins, opt-in forms, visual content creation, and more. More deals will be added and updated as they become available. Adobe Creative Cloud.
    [Engineering] How to Double your Income and Turn your Website into an Evergreen Automated Business While Working Less
    You can rank for more keywords, of course, but you cannot determine exactly how much traffic you’ll get from the big Search Engines. Hey guys! This is Hernan and first off I want to say a big THANK YOU to Kristi for the opportunity of letting me being part of this blog and adding value to this awesome community. Today I wanted to share some of my experience when it comes to doubling your income, cutting work in half and pretty much turn your website into an automated income generator. Turning your website into an automated income generator that you can scale is not that complicated.
    [Engineering] 8 Tools to Curate Content for Social Media
    Curata: This is an award-winning content discovery tool for finding the best content with their “self-learning” search engine, organizing it, and publishing or promoting it anytime and anywhere. Type a keyword in their search engine and find stories (relevant news, live events, popular campaigns, conversations, and even memes) worth sharing on the topic. search engine will draw from over 100,000 sources and has the best filtering capabilities. The “art” of content curation, as I like to call it, is a lot more challenging than it may seem. Check ‘em out! The trap.it
    [Engineering] How to Optimize Your Digital Marketing
    SEO to the Max – If your company doesn’t appear on the first page of a search engine, you’ll most likely lose a customer. Optimizing Your Digital Presence. We are now in the digital era. Meaning, print ads and newspaper articles will not get the job done when it comes to raising revenue and awareness of your business. And no, digital is not just social media. Optimizing your digital presence goes beyond social media posts and Facebook ads. Here are five tips to fully expand your digital presence. 1. As a company, it’s your job to appeal to customers and draw them in. Why does this work?
    [Engineering] 5 Sure-fire Ways to Avoid a Google Penguin Penalty
    General Search Engine OptimizationThis is a guest contribution from Steve Ceaton. So recently Gary Illyes from Google announced that hopefully by the end of 2015, Penguin updates will be carried out in real-time. Waiting for the next Penguin update has been the bane of many a website owners’ life, and getting hit with a penalty can cost thousands in lost revenue. For those unaware, Google has two major algorithms that can penalize websites, and they’ve named them after two cute animals. Penguin and Panda. penalty that will kill your positions on Google. But how do you build on trust?
    [Engineering] What Do You Want Your Content To Do?
    be a great engine of customer service. become an engine of loyalty and trust. What do you want your content to do? Have you asked this question? Do you ask it before you begin creating it? Do you even know how important it is to be asking this question? don't charge anybody for this content. don't charge anybody to listen to my weekly podcast. don't charge anybody for all of the links, thoughts and ramblings that pass through my earholes in places like Facebook and Twitter. If you want me to speak at your event, I will charge you. Content isn't one thing. Content is many things.
    [Engineering] Why Twitter Killed the Twitter Share Button
    It is one in a long line of examples where the Silicon Valley stars favor engineering decisions instead of marketing decisions and it is getting really tiresome.” Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Where’d the numbers go? Legions of bloggers and website publishers will log on November 21 and discover that the familiar digits displaying the number of  Twitter shares on their content have disappeared. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and all the street numbers had been washed away. For Now, POOF, it’s gone. Why would Twitter do this? What’s the upside? Kinda. Ta-da.
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