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Social Media Stats [Infographic]


Tweet 2011 was a great year for social media where we saw true integration of “social” to our lives. To demonstrate the growth of social channels in the last one year, here is an interesting infographic designed by Internet marketing firm Dream Systems Media based on the data provided by AdAge. 56% of consumers say that they are more likely recommend a brand after becoming a fan.

Timing Your Social Media Marketing


Social media marketers always wonder when the best time is to post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and the myriad of other social platforms for optimum customer engagement. Is it in the morning, since many people check their Facebook page before they go to work? Is midday better because users look at their Twitter stream while they’re eating lunch? Is evening best?

Attack of the Consumer! The Many Ways Consumers Can Put You Out of Business Online

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

This is a guest post by David Rodnitzky. Having the best prices and largest selection of products means nothing on the Internet if you don’t back it up with incredible customer service. Treat customers badly and you will be out of business – period! Bad customer service will get you banned from major advertising networks, skewered in organic results, and ridiculed on social networks. With almost 7.5

Reading Fiction Helps Your Career

Spin Sucks

I’m an English major. Not as in the language, but as in literature and creative writing. preface with that because what I’m about to say may come across as biased. Fiction. As it turns out, though, I’m not biased (well, maybe a little bit). In the November issue of Scientific American , author and researcher Keith Oatley describes what reading fiction does for our minds and souls.

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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Four Ideas for Your Business Facebook Page

Spin Sucks

Let’s talk Facebook today, shall we? Sorry, Howie. know you’re not a fan so you can go read another blog today. I’m going to make a pretty big assumption most of you have at least checked out the new timeline. Even if you hate it, if you’re using social media for work, it’s important to understand how these most recent changes affect your business pages. Subscriptions.

Are Google+ Business Pages Replacing Facebook Pages?

Janet Fouts

I speak a lot about Google+ as a tool for business. In fact I’ve just written a book called “ Google+ for Business Tweet ” and I’m presenting a second Roundtable  in February. And there you’d be mistaken. Here’s the thing. If it had any of the following features it might be a contender, but as it is today? User interface editing abilities. Hangouts.

Google 101

The Sharing Avalanche [Infographic]


Tweet Social sharing is the backbone of social media. Every time a piece of content is sent out on a social channel, the aim is to have it shared and increase the brand’s visibility. Some even say if it doesn’t share, it isn’t there! Voltier Digital &  Plastick Media have put together a great infographic, with some interesting stats: 1000 people post to Tumblr every 60 seconds. infographic].

SOPA, PIPA, and the Wikipedia blackout: what it means for associations.


I’m confused. figured I’d start this post with that, just so you know that I don’t have any answers here. Only questions. At the risk of inadvertently raising political ire from every corner, I’d also like to start by saying that both sides have important points to make. I’m talking about the  Stop Online Piracy Act  ( SOPA ), also known as House Bill 3261. Doomsday.)

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Pros and Cons of Changing the Name of Your Blog

Spin Sucks

And we’re back! I’m not sure our being dark yesterday had any effect, but we made a statement darn it! Plus, I got a day off of writing. Which, I have to admit, made me a little off kilter. No Spin Sucks to check multiple times a day. No crazies commenting. No getting my own personal writing accomplished the day. expected to enjoy having the day off. I was wrong.

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The Lost Art Of Hard Work

Jason Yormark

I admire those that work their asses off. Surprisingly it’s a rare trait.  I’ve come across far more individuals that do not give it everything they’ve got then do. For the past year and a half I’ve watched my wife transform her body through diet, working out, running all kinds of races and Tae Kwon Do. She’s an absolute warrior when it comes to fitness, and it was a decision she made to work incredibly hard to achieve her fitness goals.  I’m constantly in awe at her tenacity and dedication, and it certainly inspires me to do so in my life. My point?

Path: the sequel

Sherrilynne Starkie

Well over a year ago a new social network, Path, was launched. It was positioned as ‘personal network’ and friends were limited to just 50, a number based on the psychology theories that 150 is the maximum number of social relationships any human can handle. The launch had received a lot of positive coverage, but following the initial buzz things went quiet and Path seemed to be forgotten. 

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Corporate Humanism is the #1 Trend Business Trend that Matters in 2012


… at least according to the always super smart Rohit Bhargava. This slide speaks for itself; and it’s what we’re digging deep into in Humanize. The book breaks down how human organizations work at all levels, and explains how exactly you can start helping your organization become more human. Check out the full slide deck from Rohit here.

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A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

#FollowFriday: Kristine Simpson

Spin Sucks

Many of you may not know Kristine Simpson. She stalks Spin Sucks , but she doesn’t comment often so you wouldn’t recognize her name from there. But she’s someone you need to know! Other than being an account coordinator at Thornley Fallis , she is the producer of Inside PR , the weekly podcast Joe Thornley , Martin Waxman , and I record. And she freaking rocks! So check her out.

Anatomy Of A Blog Redesign: Meet The Standard WordPress Theme

Jason Yormark

I have to admit, I’m a WordPress theme junkie.  I’m fascinated with the art of blog design, and I often find myself spending too much time browsing some of the industry leading WordPress theme sites.  My personal favorite site these days is certainly Themeforest as they have a tremendous variety of themes available. I’m also guilty of growing bored with my theme design on about a yearly basis. But rightfully so I believe. Last year I paid a pretty penny for a custom site that initially I really liked, but just like anything, times change. Wordpress

Using Google+ Hangouts to Get More Exposure for Your Google+ Business Page


This is a guest post by Kevin Lau. It’s still the early days for Google+ and plenty of people are getting to grips with the various tools this social platform has. This is even truer for business users, who have only recently been able to set up business pages to help promote their work. One of the main features Google+ has to offer is Google+ Hangouts. Now this has to be done carefully.

Facebook study confirms there’s no echo chamber online


"People are more likely to share information from their strong ties, but because of their abundance, weak ties are primarily responsible for the majority of information spread on Facebook. If an algorithm like EdgeRank favors information that you’d have seen anyway, it would make Facebook an echo chamber of your own beliefs. That’s exactly what Bakshy found. Really interesting stuff.

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Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is written by Jay Dolan. . I was trying to think of the most influential social media campaigns of 2011 the other day, and I couldn’t think of one. honestly can’t think of one social media promotion that was so innovative, I had to tell people about it. Much of what I read these days is all about failures. Blogger outreach failures. Twitter failures. Facebook failures.

How I Reached #1 on iTunes: A Guide to Launching a Podcast

Viper Chill

As many of you will know, last week I stuck to my promise of launching a Podcast in the new year and released the first episode, ‘ How I Would Make Money Online If I Was Starting from Scratch ‘ I had hoped that a lot of people would get some value from the recording and be able to start 2012 in style, but I didn’t anticipate what happened next. Why Start a Podcast? Intro / Outro.

3 Tips to Use QR Codes For Information, Not Destination

Convince & Convert

QR codes ask a lot of prospective users. Possess a smart phone. Download a QR reader app (or other format like Microsoft TAG). Have the phone nearby and usable when you encounter a QR code (easy in a magazine ad, perhaps less so for QR codes now appearing on highway billboards). Be motivated enough to actually perform behaviors 1-3. When should it be used? sustainability!) Bravo Scotty’s.

Is Google+ About To Make Facebook Frown?

Twist Image

It's time to pay attention to Google+. Back in July, I Blogged about Google 's foray into online social networking, Google+ (more here: Co-dependency In The Age of Facebook ). At the time, the majority of the discourse surrounding Google+ was about whether or not it would be able to compete in a Facebook world. First off, their growth has been much more impressive than most people realize. gmail.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Six Reasons to Practice Social Media Authenticity

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is written by Tyler Orchard. . The popularization of social media has created two very different environments. On one hand, social media has produced a world of  vast connectivity. Consumers and professionals are linked without boundary. Barriers that once limited engagement are overcome with new ways to network. They maintain a one-way conversation. Clear Operators.

4 iPhone Apps for Twitter


It seems that no matter what site gets developed for a specific Internet browser or for a given operating system, there will always be some hot shot programmer out there that will find their niche by making it a better mousetrap. Check out these useful 4 iPhone apps to use Twitter. HootSuite. HootSuite  is perfect for those Twitter adherents with international interests. Not only that. Tweetbot.

About SOPA and Today’s Blackout – Infographic, Video, and Call to Action


Today, Kikolani is joining in the SOPA Blackout and will go dark from 8am to 8pm EST. This is in protest against SOPA / PIPA legislation proposed by the U.S. Congress. Others joining the protest include Google , Wikipedia , Reddit , WordPress , Greenpeace International , and many more listed at SOPA Strike. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+ !

Interview with Community Manager: Ben Bateman from Square Enix

Social Media Citizens

Ben Bateman is community manager from Square Enix. An energetic and highly talented gaming specialist interested in all aspects of game development. Currently Community Manager for Codemasters, supporting all boxed titles including DiRT 3, Operation Flashpoint Red River, F1 2011, and Bodycount. often find out new strategies or ideas through what they’re tweeting about. Are you building a franchise?

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

Three Values to Hold High in 2012

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is written by Shelley Pringle. . Once upon a time in a land far, far away—actually it was in Canada so maybe not that far away for some of you—I worked for an integrated marketing communication company called Promanad. Promanad had one of the most interesting corporate cultures I’ve ever experienced. And indeed we weren’t. Three Values to Hold High in 2012. How about you?

Who Is Using Google+? Infographic


2012 is the year Google+ will sink or swim. Take a look at the infographic below to see who is using it. Click to view larger. Via Flowtown ].

Google 45

The Social Networks Your Organization Needs This Year


Socialbakers released an infographic a while back, providing an overview of the social networks that are important for organizations in 2012. The infographic is based on data that look at how some major brands and media companies do on the big social networks, taking into account three different parameters. In a blog post on [.]. Blog Connected marketing Research Social media marketing Facebook Google+ Jan Rezab social networks socialbakers Twitter

Am I participating in the SOPA strike? You betcha!

Janet Fouts

On January 18 websites all over the net will go dark from 8AM to 8 PM, and this will be one of them. Well for one, because I still can. One of the most powerful things about the internet is that it is largely not controlled by government. Sure, I’m against piracy, but not if it means DNS filtering that could actually penalize lawful businesses. Want to know more about SOPA and PIPA?

Maximizing LinkedIn for Business

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