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Your Brand Screwed-Up On Social Media, Now What?

Almost Savvy

Headline from CNN. Bad things can happen to any business or brand. You do your best to avoid it; you hire the right people, make the right products, make the right decisions. Sometimes, though, things still don’t go as planned and something, someone screws-up. It’s often what happens next that can make, break or save a brand’s reputation. Confused? What happened first. Outreach.

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KitchenAid Handles Offensive Tweet Crisis Extraordinarily Well

Spin Sucks

I woke up this morning to a flurry of emails about KitchenAid. Apparently, whomever runs their Twitter account made the fatal mistake others before have done. Brands such as Chrysler , Kenneth Cole , and CelebBoutique have all made the mistake of tweeting something offensive from the business account, when it clearly was meant for the person’s personal account. It should be old news by now.

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89% of CMOs Say Social Data Has Influenced Their Decisions

The Realtime Report

A recent study of 100 CMOs by Bazaarvoice reveals that nearly half of CMOs have used social data to make predictions or forecasts. The survey asked members of the CMO Club (a forum for top marketing executives) how they value social data, as reported by MIT Sloan Management Review. In general, CMOs surveyed expressed a high opinion about the value of social data.

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How Social Media and Smart Devices Impact Consumers’ Buying Decisions [Infographic]


This brilliant infographic by Symphony Teleca entitled “The Meaning of Like”, illustrates how mobile devices and real-time access to review sites and social networks impact consumers’ buying decisions and overall retail experience. Social networks influence buying behavior. In response to that growing number, 85 % of people have already anticipated changes in their buying behavior.

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Social Media Automation 101

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Traditional Book Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Spin Sucks

On Inside PR , Martin Waxman , Joe Thornley , and I took what was supposed to be a one month summer break. Two months later, we got the band back together to get back in the groove and restart our weekly recordings. One of the questions they asked me yesterday was how six months of book tour travel and speaking had gone and whether or not I’d self-publish my second book. Book Publishing.

Facebook’s New Gifts Service: 5 Must-Reads


Facebook recently launched Facebook Gifts – a way to give real gifts to your virtual friends. Learn all about it in today’s 5 must-reads. Facebook unwraps new Gifts service. By Jon Swartz Facebook is hoping social-gift giving will be a revenue gift that keeps on giving. Say Hello to Gifts, Facebook’s New Mobile Revenue Stream. Facebook gift service may be present for firm, investors.

How to Improve Your Facebook Fan Engagement


Facebook marketing isn’t only about what you say — it’s also about when and how you say it. The key message from Buddy Media’s latest study, Strategies for Effective Wall Posts: A Timeline Analysis, is that brands aren’t taking full advantage of Facebook’s timeline. In the process, they’re missing opportunities to increase audience engagement. Facebook’s [.]. Branding Facebook Marketing Nonprofit Social Media Social Media Marketing Social Network Strategy Brand engagement Social media marketing Statistics

Social Networking Stats: Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Users, Foursquare Tops 25 Million, #RLTM Scoreboard

The Realtime Report

The #RLTM Scoreboard:  Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 1 billion active users. via  Facebook. Twitter: over 500 million users. via  Twopcharts. Qzone: 599 million monthly active users. via  TechCrunch. Sina Weibo: over 368 million users. via  China Daily. Renren: over 170 million users. via  iResearch iUser Tracker. LinkedIn: 175 million members. via  LinkedIn. Google Plus: 100 million monthly active users. via  Google. Tumblr: 76 million blogs. via  Tumblr. Instagram: 100 million users. via  TechCrunch. Tagged: 20 million unique monthly users. via  Tagged. via  Forbes.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Are Blog Subscribers the Only Success Metric?

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is by Jayme Soulati . If your blog was ranked (how does that even happen?) and suddenly had a ton of subscribers, would that change your outlook on blogging? Would you love every minute of it and revel in your success? Or would it suck the joy out of it for you? Didn’t think so. But just like any popularity contest, numbers – votes – matter, right?

Facebook Celebrates 1 Billion Users With Ad About Chairs


Facebook celebrated hitting the one billion user milestone by releasing a some-have-called-odd ad comparing itself to chairs. The video has already been spoofed on YouTube. You can watch it below: [Video URL: [link] ]. What do you think? Are chairs like Facebook? Blog Facebook Social Media

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How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Scores [Infographic]

Puzzle Marketer

I recently stumbled upon an useful infographic created by Digital Net Agency , a performance-based search agency with a concentration on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The infographic provides great insight into one of the most important aspects of paid search advertising, the Google Adwords Quality Score. Therefore, it is important to understand and measure.

A New Twist on Content

Social Media Marketing

Your marketing team and agency has just been put on notice. Over the last 100 days, Kraft Food's Oreo brand has been sharing a steady stream of some of the most creative and engaging content I've ever seen. If you haven't been following the Oreo Daily Twist , you've been missing out on a goldmine of creativity, humor and cultural awareness. Think about that for a moment. didn't think so.

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

What the Changing World of PR Means to Today’s Organizations

Spin Sucks

Last week was an interesting week in the high-tech, social media, Internet geek world. First, Twitter is trying to figure out how to clean up its act, have a consistent brand, and make money, so it’s  shutting out third-party app developers. Then, Justin Timberlake announced  a new MySpace , taking advantage of the hits Facebook has had on Wall Street. PR in the Past. This web thing?

App dot net- It’s not Twitter

Janet Fouts

When I first heard about my first reaction was probably very much like yours, “I don’t need another social media network!” ” Of course, being the geek I am I had to take a look anyway and I’m glad did. Before I get into why is worth your time, let me give you the back story. Wait, here’s a video, I’ll let him tell the story. like that.

Lexus Uses Mobile Game ‘Draw Something’ To Target Younger Audience

The Realtime Report

Last week Lexus added to the brand’s ongoing campaign for the 2013 Lexus ES by integrating ads into popular mobile game Draw Something. The aim was to draw a younger adult audience (under 45 years old) and to “engage this game’s huge fan base,” Lexus media manager Teri Hill told Adweek. “It’s a really good way for us to do something that’s more youthful. Why so brief?

How to Differentiate Your Content

Geoff Livingston

Image by Ksenia Krneychuk. After my speech two weeks ago on blogging , a TribeUp NYC attendee asked me how to differentiate content. I’m sure other strategists have their methods, but here’s how I do it. Become a subject matter expert. If you don’t, it will be difficult for you to compete. You need this knowledge to determine the trends you should cover. Start with Irreverence.

Social Media Marketing GPS

Tips for Creating a Profitable Trade Show Experience

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is by Allen Mireles. Have tradeshows become obsolete? Our digital world makes so many things possible today. Online and mobile tools facilitate communication and help us meet new people, develop relationships, and share information. We now reach across geographic and cultural boundaries easily and inexpensively–in real time. Or do we? It’s human nature. Plan, even.

5 Reasons Why People Share Social Media Content

Engaging Brand

People like to be liked and because of that, most people do share. . The key is that they share  (which is an unselfish act) for human reasons which tend to be selfish. Now I want to be clear - selfish is not meant in a dergoatory way. mean selfish in the fact that they share because they want an outcome, that outcome might be an unselfish Engaging Brand Share Model.

Are you strangling your community?


This is a guest post by Sarah Robinson, who wrote this fantastic post for us a while back. Her new book is out and I asked her to share some thoughts about community building, a topic dear to our hearts. BUY THE BOOK – FIERCE LOYALTY: UNLOCKING THE  DNA OF WILDLY SUCCESSFUL COMMUNITIES. If I said the name of the organization, you would instantly recognize it. physically winced.

Social Media Contest: Send Your Facebook Profile On A Cape Town Holiday

The Realtime Report

Users can send their Facebook profile on a holiday to Cape Town – and earn the chance to win a trip to the city in real life. The campaign launched this past Monday (October 2) and will run until the end of December 2012. The app aims to demonstrate the variety of activities that Cape Town has to offer. How exactly does it work? The  I ?

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Apologies in a Crisis and Other Lessons from Apple

Spin Sucks

On Saturday morning, Mr. D and I made our way to Michigan Avenue to visit the flagship Apple store. would have preferred the less touristy store in Lincoln Park, but we were there to get his new iPhone 5 and it was where they sent us (in other words, we had no choice). When we arrived at 9 a.m., the store wasn’t yet open, but they were letting people in who had reserved phones. Just a Rumor?

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Reverse Domain Name Hijacking: Why UDRP Reform is Needed

Bill Hartzer

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is “a disgusting practice…”, according to Rick Schwartz (aka the Domain King), and co-founder of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. “I always think about the mom and pop with one domain and their entire lives wrapped up in it. Along comes a bully and they are out of business. Robbing these folks of their dreams and livelihoods. That’s why laws need to be written.

The End Of Conversation

Twist Image

Can we move beyond the notion of brands engaging consumers in a conversation? I had the pleasure of presenting at a Google event in Chicago the other day. The audience was - mostly - business to business. They have a deep interest in digital marketing and social media but grapple with the idea of a conversation with consumers. don't blame them. don't see many people having any sort of conversation with a brand (and there isn't much conversation happening about a brand). Shocked to hear someone like me say this? Don't be. Social media is not a conversation. Engagement is not a conversation.

At Kellogg’s #tweetshop, Customers Pay For Crisps With Tweets

The Realtime Report

An innovative new campaign by Kellogg’s uses tweets as social media currency. Based in a temporary pop-up store in London’s Soho neighborhood, customers were able to “purchase” Special K Cracker Crisps with a tweet. The concept, according to  AdAge , is “a concrete illustration of the value that Twitter holds in the real world.” ” Consumers purchased a bag of crisps simply by sending a tweet in-store that includes  #tweetshop. The response was very positive, AdAge reports. So who has been down to our #tweetshop in London's Meard Street today?

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

On Crashing Weddings and Online Conversations

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is by Geoff Reiner. . crashed my first wedding in my late teens. I was with my older cousin who was rather intoxicated. A few minutes after our grand entrance, we were kindly asked to leave. crashed my second wedding a few years later. This time, I went alone. And fortunately I was able to retire before the whole activity got a bad rep. know, I know. Bear with me.


Myrland Marketing

LINKEDIN HAS BEEN VERY BUSY THIS WEEK They just rolled out a new feature called Skills Endorsements that allows your 1st degree connections to “endorse” your skills and expertise with one click. It is an interesting feature as it allows the credibility that can come from others speaking up on your behalf. Some might say it is a [.]. Social Media Uncategorized Consulting Endorsements Klout LinkedIn Marketing New Development Skills Skills & Expertise Strategic Marketing Testimonial

Facebook, a Company without a Vision

Geoff Livingston

Image via TrueRep. Facebook quietly retreated from its passive sharing model two weeks ago representing a departure from its current vision. For those unfamiliar with passive sharing, it was originally and controversially dubbed frictionless sharing when Timeline was introduced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg one year ago. No Vision, No Future. Image via gorbot. It doesn’t look good.

Brand Storytelling: Why Your Employees Should Tell Your Story

Blue Focus Marketing

Responsibility for a brand goes beyond the marketing department—it’s everyone’s job. You cannot stifle branding by slotting it into the same outdated organizational paradigms. New social technologies have mandated a fundamental shift in brands, but this shift can provide unparalleled opportunities if companies can harness its power. Employees are a channel to your story.

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Maximizing LinkedIn for Business