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Two Major Changes to SEO this Year

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is written by Adam Justice. SEO has a few basic principles that will never change, but search engines routinely refine their algorithms in ways that usually make any fringe efforts worthless. Every few months there is a new set of best practices, and another group of web properties are adversely affected by changes. Latent semantic indexing. In fact, it counts against you.

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Understanding Viral Content Marketing [Infographic]


Tweet On our blog, we have several times written about how to create a viral success. Through a guest blog post called “ Tips for Viral Marketing Success: Channels, Stories and People ”, our posts “ Viral Campaigns: Do’s & Dont’s ” and How to Create Viral Success: Top 10 Viral Campaigns. Also, we will look at why and what kind of content goes viral. Why do people share content?

New Infographic: Associations Going Mobile


I’m doing a session all about mobile with Jeff De Cagna and Paul Gannon at the ASAE Technology Conference on Wednesday morning. Mobile is something Maddie and I think and talk about a lot. And after posting that “ mobile apps are a waste of time for associations ” on this blog last year, I’ve gotten a number of requests to talk more about it. Enter Results Direct.

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Alan K’necht: Über Thinker & SEO Brainiac: An Interview


Social analytics, the role of social in the future of SEO, and his favorite city – Auckland. Our visualization of the candid, cerebral, caffeinated Alan K'necht. I’m thrilled to bring you this interview with Alan K’necht! Alan Alan and I hung out in San Francisco recently. This impact is only going to be further improved upon by the leading search engines. Favorite Drink?

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A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Women Are Our Own Worst Enemies

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“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” ” -  Alice Walker. There is a very interesting debate happening online. It’s being highlighted with the  Miss Representation Sundance film  about media being derogatory to women. The trailer shows media talking about  Hillary Clinton “looking haggard and 92.” Be kind.

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The Cost of Marketing on Facebook [Infographic]


With close to one billion members, Facebook is a very attractive marketing platform. The Facebook Advertising team has done a great job of working with company engineers to build a self-service, easy-to-use product that makes Google AdWords look quaint by comparison. Advertisers can target users by age, location, or area of interest, enabling very focused marketing efforts.

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How to Find and Ban Members in Facebook Groups

Almost Savvy

Seemingly stealth group members. You know they're there, but you can't find them. Today’s post is written specifically for those responsible for managing a Group on Facebook. Facebook Groups don’t get as much buzz as Facebook Profiles (soon to be known as Timelines) and Facebook Pages. Still, there are many wonderful uses for Groups. Or, is it? Are you a Facebook Group Admin?

Ten steps to building a community blog that rocks!


Just presented this session at the Technology Conference on Wednesday (opposite an Ignite session, no less – so happy I had a nice crowd!). It was a simple case study, using associationTECH to look at why we created the blog, what considerations were involved in setting up moderation policies etc, how we connected it to the wider tech blogosphere, and how we measured success.

Marketing In the Round

Spin Sucks

This post is co-written by G Squared ( Geoff Livingston   and   Gini Dietrich ). Guess what?!? We finally get to talk about our new book! We joked, early on, that it’s not nice to tell prolific bloggers they can’t write about what they’re writing about. It’s been a challenge, that’s for sure. mean, really  cool. About the book… Integration of All Disciplines.

How To Make The Best Use of LinkedIn Groups


Tweet We have recently been writing about how to make the best use of LinkedIn for your brand. So far, we have written about LinkedIn pages and Recruitment Solutions , which are the direct ways of marketing your brand. One of the most efficient and subtle ways of marketing your brand on LinkedIn is to work with LinkedIn Groups. Starting a Group on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to do that.

Drive Toward Social Intelligence Maturity

Propelling your organization to new levels of social intelligence skill and application is essential for maximizing the value of your listening and monitoring efforts.

Foursquare Needs Term Limits For Mayors


I’ve been on a bit of a Foursquare sabbatical lately. Self imposed exile maybe. But more like Ulysses (the Greek hero not 18th U.S. President), I’ve grown a bit discouraged with the lack of benefits, the lack of interaction with my friends (interaction in my peer group seems like more of a novelty) and the growing addiction I was urging myself into. Consecutive limits.

How To Market Your Business With A Blog

Small Business Mavericks

Everywhere you turn, you can hear someone talking about a blog. Whether they are writing a blog or they are reading a blog, one thing is for sure. Blogs are wildly popular. And one more thing is certain – social networking is the most popular thing on the Internet. You might as well jump on the bandwagon and market your business this way. Blogs are like websites, but you have social interaction with your viewers. Many blog sites are free and easy to use, too. Each time you post a blog, it looks as if it is an individual web page. One of the key things to remember is SEO.

The New Yorker Breaks Embargo and Violates Ethics

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I love The New Yorker. It’s one of maybe five magazines I still subscribe to the print edition. love when it arrives because it means a good two hours of solitude while I absorb every article in the month’s edition. But I’m mad at them right now. They ran a movie review of “ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”  a week before the embargo date. It’s OK.

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The Worst Reason to Hire a PR Pro

Waxing UnLyrical

Recently, I received an email from someone asking if I would be interested in providing PR services for a fundraising campaign he is embarking on. He is doing this because so far, at least, he’s been unsuccessful in securing funding to build a prototype for what sounds like an interesting invention in the energy field. So now he’s turning to crowd-funding. Not yours. Hire for quality.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

The Truth About Facebook and Grades


A recent study on 1,839 college undergrads provides some interesting insights between Facebook use and grades. Infographic created by Provided to idaconcpts by Greg Voakes. Via: Social Media facebook and grades facebook and grades infographic facebook infographic truth about facebook truth about facebook and grades

[Infographic] Facebook Is NOT The Largest Online Social Network, Email Still Rules!

SocMed Sean

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is NOT the largest social network on the planet. That honor still goes to email. Think about it, your email contacts are like your Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, and Twitter followers all rolled into one. With email, we send more than 188 billion messages every day, where Facebook and Twitter combined only traffic 200 million messages. Absolutely!

Measuring Results at the Enterprise Level

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That’s right! It’s that time again. Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap)! This week we’re talking online monitoring, measuring results, some elbow grease, and marketing expertise. Rusty Speidel , a friend I met on Twitter who later became a close offline friend (mostly because we both road bike), has been giving me a hard time about measuring results. theend.

Infographic: The psychology of social commerce

Gemma Went

Now this is a nice infographic that looks at the psychology of social commerce (or in other words, it looks at our behaviour and what drive us to purchase online). I can certainly relate to this and rely on reviews and recommendations of my peers for most purchases. In fact I rarely search for anything … Read more. Infographics Marketing Social Commerce infographics social commerce

The Smart Marketer's Guide to Social Media Management

Engaging in social media isn't an option anymore. So if you're going to do it, you want to do it well.

4 Radio Apps for the iPhone


There are so many wonderful radio apps out there to choose from for your iPhone. With the endless choices causing you such needless confusion and wasted time trying to decide, it is truly a wise decision that you have made to consult this consolidated and concise list. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and pick one. Here are 4 great radio apps for your iPhone. Wunder Radio. TuneIn Radio.

What “Saved by the Bell” Teaches us About Influence and Ambassadors

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest post by Justin Goldsborough. Remember that Johnny Dakota “Saved by the Bell” episode? You know, the one that taught us “There’s no hope with dope.”. Thanks, NBC. The more you know… There’s another lesson that can be learned from that episode and it has nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with marketing communications. Think of the term “buzz.” Think raving fans.

#FollowFriday: Bryan Willmert

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About two and a half years ago, I met Patrick Reyes for lunch in Grand Rapids, Mich. I was there speaking and he (kindly) drove down from Detroit to dine with me. During lunch he asked me if I knew Bryan Willmert. said I did not and he made an extra point of telling me I needed to find, and follow, him on Twitter. Am I glad he did! How do I explain Bryan? dabble, but he really uses it and loves it.

Add a Local Element to Your SEO Links

Small Business Mavericks

As I’ve written before, having a successful SEO strategy involves a number of elements, with getting your content out there being foremost among them. But having links is still an important part of the larger strategy. Recently, I’ve written about the importance of making your links diversified and able to fit naturally into a body of text. I’d like to now try to complement that advice with another important link consideration: locality. successful inbound link is one that can appropriately mirror a potential consumer’s internet search. SEO for Small Business link building local search SEO

Master The Next Wave Of Social

As social media adoption becomes more and more mainstream, marketing leaders race to keep up - creating blogs, communities, and Facebook pages, all too often without a clear road map in mind.

Principles of Social Business


Olivier Blanchard needs no introduction here. Flip through this excellent slide deck. Principles of a Social Business Intro 7DEE. View more presentations from Olivier Blanchard. Social CRM and ROI The Social Organization

My Wake Up Call

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest post by Martin Waxman. remember a time not too long ago when I knew how to do my job really well.  I’d get up in the morning, scour the media and go to work, confident  that when a client would call, I could help them out. knew what worked by doing; that is, based on success. And (mostly) they were. ” Well, life goes on. And before we know it, we get really good at sleepwalking.

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Gin and Topics: Playboy, Siri, and a 666 Sticker

Spin Sucks

It snowed! It snowed! It finally snowed! Granted, it’s just a dusting, but now I can say December 9 is when we FINALLY got snow in Chicago. think this is the latest we’ve ever had snow. hope Mother Nature makes up for it in the coming weeks. While I’m thinking about snow, which makes me think about Christmas, you only have 15 shopping days left. Are you almost finished? Lucky him.

Case Study: How Campbell Makes Up to $10K/m in the Forex Niche

Viper Chill

When I was working in a clothes shop, dreaming of making a living from the internet, I remember one thing that really kept me motivated was reading success stories from other people. Just knowing that someone, somewhere was doing exactly what I wanted to do was enough to keep me putting in the hours. Earlier in the year I shared an example of two moms making over $5k/m online. Follow trends.

Maximizing LinkedIn for Business

Get started on truly maximizing your LinkedIn presence with this informative eBook.

Social Commerce Psychology [Infographic]


Tweet Some of the best marketing campaigns are based on the study of consumer behaviour and how the idea would be perceived by their target market. So, it is quite fair to compare the role of strategists to psychologists. The same is depicted in an interesting infographic by TabJuice. Further, they have linked those behaviour patterns to data that explains how shoppers make purchase decisions.

Old School Marketing Totally Rocks


Last week I organized a marketing event with some darn good speakers. The days before it started, we were still trying to sell some tickets, and I asked some people I know if they would join us, via Twitter. One of them tweeted me back and basically said “what, no QR codes and NFC ticketing, [.].

Five Ways to Be Productive While Unemployed

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is written by Molli Megasko. . Did you know 9.2 percent of 25- to 34 year-olds are unemployed in America? I’m not an expert at being out of a job. In fact, I don’t know what it’s like, and I’m definitely not sitting here saying it’s easy by any means. What I do know is how to look attractive while being unemployed. Call some nonprofits. Start your own thing. 

15 Things I’ve Learned from 138 Social Media Tweetchats

Direct Marketing Observations

More than 2 years ago Jason Breed and I decided to create a Tweetchat.  The format was pretty simple, we would find a killer, compelling host in the social space, like a Beth Harte who was our very first host, and we’d pick a killer, topical, compelling, subject. After we settled on the topic, we  would collaborate on 3 questions and off we would go to promote it for the following Tuesday. When Jason first called me, he was looking for ways to  brand  his previous company. At the time, the Tweetchat, “ Journchat “, was on fire and that was our inspiration. No two are the same.

Book Review And Giveaway: The Real Truth About Social Media

Josh S Peters

The  real truth  that “cuts through the bull shiitake of social media…” huh? We’ll see about that. When I first heard about this book I thought “oh great… another.” ” Though after a quick read I changed my tone. Weighing in at 105 pages this books holds a lot of value in very few pages ( sounds like another great book I know of ).

Reflections on Dell’s Social Media Facility

Geoff Livingston

Dell continues to be one of the most innovative companies out there in social media. Yesterday, on the one year anniversary of its Social Media Listening & Command Center , Jason Falls and I toured the computer giant’s headquarters. We met with several critical players on the Dell team, from perennial leader Lionel Menchaca to Amy Heiss , program manager for the Command Center.

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Get Traffic And Retain Them On Google+ For Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

Google+ is one more feather in your cap on the Social Media front. The question is how should you get more Traffic to your Google+ Page? Also what should you do so that they do not 'Un-friend' you. Here are a couple of points that you might want to work towards so that your Google+ Pages have a good Traffic flow which you can retain as well: Remember to update your Profile Page. Have an appropriate image and proper Bio-Data. Use Keywords wisely and sparingly. Have Content that matters. Make your Content SEO based. Google+ gives a good opportunity to write in-depth Posts. Hoardings and so on.

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Is Your Flinch Response Holding You Back?

Twist Image

Does your flinch response still protect you? Tony Blauer is a a world-class close-quarters combatives instructor who now spends his days training law enforcement, military and civilians in his personal defense system ( Blauer Tactical Systems ) based in San Diego. I had the pleasure and honor of not only training with him for over a decade, but in also being one his coaches and friends. While training with Tony, I also spent time learning some of the more traditional martial arts at other local schools. It's a whole different scenario when you get jumped in a parking lot. The Flinch. The Book.

You Suck! So I Unfollowed You On Twitter!

SocMed Sean

Maybe you should be more interesting! Let’s get something straight. For those of us who take social media seriously,  it’s not a game. It’s not about numbers, it’s not about volume, and it’s not about tweeting every little thing we’re doing all day long. In fact, for me I make my living from social media and I take it very seriously. So, to be brutally honest, I don’t care how many followers you have. I don’t care about how many tweets you have. I don’t care how long you have been on Twitter. I don’t care whether you #followback.

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Can Oracle Be More Boring?

Ari Herzog

Oracle Corporation is launching a new social network — called the Oracle Public Cloud — geared to business departments to share and collaborate. It’s scheduled to arrive in 2012. But can they create a more boring video? By contrast, Google Inc. created a more attractive video about their Google+ social network that launched earlier this year. Thank you for reading! Media Youtube

How To Set Up a Google+ Page


In this article I am going to talk about the ins and outs of setting up a brand page on Google +, the web’s newest social network. brand page on Google + is basically the equivalent of a fan page on Facebook and I highly recommend it for all of you budding marketeers. Setting up your page. The very first step is to create a Google+ Profile. Create our Google+ profile at  [link].

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