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MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook: Two-Year Growth Rates

Adam Sherk

With a new baseball season underway I thought I’d check in on the 30 MLB teams on Twitter and Facebook. Which teams are seeing the most growth? have not done a sports team comparison post in quite a while, mainly because the figures quickly become outdated and total reach is not all that important to look at. MLB Teams on Twitter. First the teams’ official Twitter profiles. 4/5/10 Two-Year.

Team 111

By the Numbers…Where Social Media is Today

Spin Sucks

I’m on a plane again, which means I have takeoff and landing time to catch up on reading. In the bundle I packed with me this trip is the April issue of Inc. you’re welcome, Margie …now you don’t have to read this one either). In the “ Crunching the Numbers ” section, they take a look at how many of us use Google to find local businesses. Use of video. Google+.

Are We Risk Averse or Risk Ignorant?


First a BIG thank you to Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant for including me in their book, Humanize in their discussion of “risk” (see page 70).  My contribution is that people perceive risk differently and react accordingly. First, I don’t think most people or their organizations really consider risk in their decision making. So they aren’t risk averse or risk prone.

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews

Webbiquity SMM

Innovation is alive and well in the development of cool free and low-cost web-based tools and apps. It’s great to find a tool that automates some little process or provides a new capability you’ve been looking for, and fun to find a tool you didn’t even know you needed. How can you quickly find out how far a link has spread on Twitter? Back up your Gmail account? PingTags. Buffer.

Tools 103

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

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Actionable Social Analytics: From Social Media Metrics to Business Insights [White Paper]


Tweet Recently, Awareness released a new white paper on social analytics and suggestions on how marketers process and assimilate seemingly endless social data. It has been noticed that marketers are turning towards social analytics to make use of this ‘big data’ while also attempting to understand consumer attitudes and behaviors and to harness these insights for business.

Engaging the Right Audience on LinkedIn

Adam Cohen

(Cross posted on the Fleishman-Hillard DNA blog ). LinkedIn, one of the established social networks, is making strides in advancing how businesses can leverage the platform to engage followers.  Several weeks ago, LinkedIn launched the LinkedIn Follow Button allowing followers to follow a company page on LinkedIn directly from owned assets like web pages and blogs. Engagement to the Next Level.

Social Media ROI: 5 Must-Reads


Here are 5 must-reads on social media ROI that we don’t want you to miss. Social Media Metrics That Matter Now. By Debra Donston-Miller As businesses get more sophisticated in their use of social networking, so too are the metrics by which they measure social business ROI. Measure Social Media ROI with Google Analytics Social. ROI: Are Your Social Media Efforts Worth the Money?

ROI 88

Social Media Breeds PR Laziness

Spin Sucks

Last week, because I was recovering from my sleepless trip to Norway, I wasn’t able to attend the PR Digital Impact Conference with my Inside PR cohorts, Joe Thornley and Martin Waxman. They were able to secure quite a few interviews with some of the conference’s speakers, which we’ll be playing in the coming weeks. And I think it’s a great topic of conversation today.

Drive Toward Social Intelligence Maturity

Propelling your organization to new levels of social intelligence skill and application is essential for maximizing the value of your listening and monitoring efforts.

Book Review: The Social Media Strategist

Dave Fleet

“Page turner.” ” Not words you usually expect to associate with a social media book. For anyone who is looking for a solid primer on social media within corporations, though, those two words perfectly describe Christopher Barger’s book The Social Media Strategist: Build a Successful Program from the Inside Out. Nowadays he plies his trade at Voce Communications.

Stop Trying to Take the Easy Way Out

Social Media Strategery

Lazy Peep by Flickr user [F]oxymoron. attended the PRSA Digital Impact Conference last week, and like many PR events, it had a mix of really great presentations but I also noticed the continuation of a disturbing trend throughout our profession – laziness. Laziness disguised as "social media best practices" and cool new tools. We're reducing relationships to impressions.

If Twitter Would Have Been Invented In The 80s


Last week we imagined if Facebook were invented in the 90s. This week, however… …we’re exploring what Twitter would have looked like if it had been invented in the 80s. Video URL: [link] ].

URL 78

The Communication Crisis Groupon Created for Itself

Spin Sucks

Oh Groupon. What are we going to do with you? Remember when Google offered them $6B and they walked away? Then they went public, in the hopes they would make more than $6B (they were valued at $17B, but raised only $700 million), and now Crain’s Chicago Business is calling for adult supervision, based on the accounting irregularities they provided to Wall Street. Invest in us. We promise!

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Humans Make Stuff Up


If you’re interested in making your organization more human, you have to be ready to face some uncomfortable facts about human beings. For example, we are messy creatures. We’re inconsistent sometimes, our attention is not always laser-like, and we make mistakes. In human organizations, we learn to roll with these imperfections, even to capitalize on them sometimes. It is natural.

5 Things Small Businesses Need To Know To Avoid The Groupon Curse

Waxing UnLyrical

Perhaps it was an episode of Extreme Couponers  or the explosion of social commerce sites such as Groupon that sparked my addiction to a good deal, but either way, I’m hooked on them. One night in February I was perusing Groupon and found deals galore capitalizing on the upcoming holiday. Image:  Mash Potato  via  Flickr, CC 2.0. I had never seen anything like it. The result? They Wow factor.

Future of Social Media?


Tweet The thought may have crossed your mind before – having a pair of glasses that connects your real life with your digital life. Simply by using your voice to check-in at a place or to get directions on a map to take you to the place you want to go to. couple of days ago, Google launched a two and a half minute long video that shows how this dream of technology could look like.

Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ News

Spin Sucks

It’s been a busy week in the PR/marketing/social world! On Monday, Facebook bought Instagram for $1B. That’s billion. With a “B.” ” On Tuesday, LinkedIn announced they’re rolling out some new features. And yesterday, Google+ launched a new design that looks scarily similar to Facebook. Is it because we truly don’t like change or is all of this really bad?

The Smart Marketer's Guide to Social Media Management

Engaging in social media isn't an option anymore. So if you're going to do it, you want to do it well.

5 MUST READ links this week


I’m still struggling to dig out from #12NTC  – by the way, all of the notes from all of the sessions can be found here – and one of my most important tasks when I got home was to dig through my Google Reader and catch up on all the posts I missed during the week I was away in San Francisco. Topics are fairly random, but self-explanatorily important. 1. It should just happen.

6 Tools That Help Bloggers Manage and Monitor Their Online Reputation


This is a guest post by Per Schmitz. Nowadays there’s a lot of personal information publicly available on the web. We all have an “online persona” which is directly related to the way people see and judge us as individuals. Unfortunately managing your online reputation is everything but an easy task. Actively develop your reputation by creating “positive” content.

New Research: Americans Hate Social Media Promotions

Convince & Convert

Among other disruptive characteristics that have altered the nature of business forever (real-time interaction, every customer is a reporter, customer service is a spectator sport, etc.) a major way that social media changes the game is the Democratization of Voices. Your Company Needs to Be Human Because You’re Competing with Humans. Go to your Facebook Wall and scroll down for a while.

Three Little-Known Ways to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is written by Jessica Lawlor. You know a site has made it big when even the President of the United States is on board. Seemingly everyone is using the wildly popular social network, Pinterest , and blog post after blog post touts the benefits of the latest social media darling. At Visit Bucks County , the official tourism promotion agency for Bucks County, Pa.,

Master The Next Wave Of Social

As social media adoption becomes more and more mainstream, marketing leaders race to keep up - creating blogs, communities, and Facebook pages, all too often without a clear road map in mind.

How to Buy a Website

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

This is a guest post from Andrew Knibbe, Marketing Manager at Flippa. Scroll down for a special offer from Flippa! Patrick Meninga’s post  a few weeks back mentioned his experiences in building and ultimately selling his website. Apart from a great how-to on starting up a site, it highlights the growing trend to buying websites rather than starting from scratch. Why Buy? Where to Buy.

Buy 56

The New Media Diet

Twist Image

How much media can you switch through in an hour? For years, new media speakers would tell the story of their sixteen year old niece, who plops herself down in front the television after school, grabs her iPad with her smartphone near-by and engages in the digital native dance known as multi-platforming. The picture gets a little darker. And its time might be closer than you think. More problems.

Six Amazing Stats From Blackbaud’s 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Report


This post originally appeared on Whether or not you use Blackbaud’s software, one thing you’ve got to respect is their commitment to researching what online fundraising strategies work best for nonprofits. Average Facebook and Twitter communities grew by 30% and 81%, respectively. Average value of a Facebook Like is $214.81 over 12 months following acquisition. Useful Data

Seven Tips for Preparing for a Broadcast Interview

Spin Sucks

You Want Me? Not My Client? Today’s guest post is written by Allen Mireles. Last month I was interviewed on a CBS affiliate’s public affairs program about the viral success of the Kony 2012 video. According to the Wall Street Journal , The Kony 2012 video has set the mark as the fastest spreading viral video ever. But we may not be prepared to do the interviews ourselves.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Photography for Social Media: 5 Detailed Tips

Convince & Convert

Daniel Lemin is Strategy & Analytics Lead at Convince & Convert. He also runs the consulting firm   Social Studio where he provides analytics, PR and integrated marketing strategy to his clients. The ability to wear and master a plethora of hats is understood by many to be the hallmark of a great community manager. It’s a demanding job, to be sure. But don’t stop there. What are your tips?

Tips 46

The Drug Of Content

Twist Image

At what point will the proverbial levee break? Marketers are busy telling their clients to start producing content or suffer the wrath of becoming irrelevant. My hand is raised and my head is bowed down in shame. Content needs to be created for a captive audience and we may - very well - be selling a bill of goods here. Should brands act more like publishers? Yes, they should but we have to monitor this situation very closely. We're asking a lot of brands. We're telling brands to create content. Short content (be on Twitter !) and long content (blog! and blog often). That's a lot of messaging.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook


(Click the image above for more great advice on getting Facebook Likes from the Oatmeal). Have a great weekend. Implementation Potluck