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Six Tips for Using Google+ Now

Spin Sucks

Well, much to my chagrin, I just saw that PRNews is offering  Google+ training for $329. This is so disappointing to me. Clearly they haven’t read that the new tool is in a  sophomore slump and that it’s not yet available for businesses. So I give in. But I’m not going to charge you. I’m going to teach you how to use the tool, in its current iteration, right now.

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Understanding Which Social Platforms to Choose When [infographic]


Tweet Right messaging on social media is as important as using the right channel to spread it. Actually, it is wise to say that they are interdependent. Selecting the right communication channel for the right business and saying the right things on it, is something that we have been emphasizing during a long time. Mark Zuckerberg’s view of increase in social sharing. Infographic.

Important Google+ Update about Business Profiles


Google will be accelerating their roadmap to enable business profiles sooner than expected. How soon? No idea. But stay tuned. This will be the first hack-free opportunity for organizations to use Google+ to reach members and stakeholders. From the Trenches google

The Cross-Channel Customer Experience Must and How to Achieve It


If you occasionally read my posts here or elsewhere, you probably know by now that a consistent and valuable user experience, a multichannel approach with a strong dose of social and customer-centricity are my favorite themes. Actually, I don’t like the word customer-centric too much, I prefer the term ‘people-centric’. Why is the customer experience so important? Succeeding. How far are you?

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Social Media Automation 101

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#ASAE11 iPad app rants and raves


True confession: I destroy conference programs. Ironic, considering all of the hours I used to put into creating them back during my conference management days. But they’re big, heavy, and complicated. usually only need a few pages from the book, so I tear out that day’s agenda, and leave the rest in my room. But this year will be different! Woohoo!  The Dashboard. Manage Schedule.

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Are Google+ and +1 Going to Change Web Marketing?

Bill Hartzer

Larry Page, the CEO of Google Inc., declared Google+ stats: More than 10 million users of Google+ share and receive more than 1 billion items each day. Plus the G+1 button is served more than 2 billion times each day. remarkable milestone indeed! But in Social media, the context of usage is more important than the numbers, and so we’ll see how the new wave goes. This has a big impact on SEO.

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Business Lessons from the Woodtick Theater

Webbiquity SMM

A few weeks back, I had a chance to get away for a few days “up nort&# as Minnesotans say, for some fishing and relaxing with the family. While there, my mother-in-law took us to the Woodtick Theater , a bluegrass music show in the huge metropolis of Akeley (population: 432). That’s an impressive set of performance metrics for any business. So how do they do it?

Baby, Get (Hump)Back – Public Relations Lessons From a Whale

Waxing UnLyrical

When was the last time you got public relations lessons from a humpback whale? This past Friday, as I was looking at various social media platforms, I came across a video that one of my Facebook friends had shared. veered between smiles and tears – happy ones – as I watched it. Watch the video yourself , and you’ll see why. And I do feel all that. As they let it lead them out?

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Elite, Educated and Opinion Leaders Still Hold Sway Online

Proactive Report

A UC Berkeley study looked into who is creating most of the content online and they found that even though we have a plethora of easy publishing tools things have not changed  that much:  just 10 percent of us are creating and posting content.  And moreover, the better educated you are,  the more likely you are to post content. Seems that is still the case.

Monday’s 5 Social Media Must-Reads


Below are 5 social media must-reads that we wouldn’t want you to miss. ComScore Report: 27% of Facebook Browsing on News Feed, Just 10% on Apps. By Josh Constine Most engagement with branded content happens on the news feed, not Pages, yet the average brand in the top 100 Facebook Pages reaches only 16% of their fans per week if they post five days a week.

A social media focus group in the 99-year old home of the Red Sox

Jeff Esposito

Anyone who reads this blog regularly can attest to my passion for social media and for exploring ways companies can leverage these technologies to better interact with their customers. What you may not know is that I am also a huge Red Sox fan. So when I got an invitation from the Boston Red Sox to visit their home offices for a Twitter focus group, I could not have said yes quickly enough.

Dancing Naked Down the Street


This guest post is by Carol White Llewellyn of Family, by Choice. On July 7, Going Gonzo, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Blog , by Enzo F. Cesario, struck a chord with me. Copyright Sergey Peterman - His post reminded me of a creative writing course I took with the indomitable Dr. Abraham Rothberg , who passed away earlier this year. Jump the fear. Less is more.

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing/Non-Sales Professionals – Part I

The Social Media Incubator

It’s often easy to see how using the social networking site LinkedIn to find new potential customers could be very beneficial to sales & marketing teams.  But what if you’re not in sales or marketing?  How can you use LinkedIn to your benefit and the benefit of your company if your role within your company is not directly tied to bringing in new customers? Here’s a few examples of the benefits of LinkedIn beyond finding new customers: Building Credibility & Establishing Trust. Regardless of your role within your company, you are representing your company wherever you go.  Stay tuned!

Is Collaboration the Key to Blogging Success?


This guest post is by Onibalusi from I was looking up to the skies a few days ago and what I saw made me see how organized even animals can be. I saw around 50 birds flying from one tree to another and by the time they returned, each had a stick in its mouth—they were working on building a house. This taught me a very important lesson about blogging, and made me realize that every single thing around us can teach us to be a better blogger. If those birds could work in groups just to be able to build their house, then what about us bloggers? How do we then stand out as bloggers?

Why Perfection is So Wrong

Engaging Brand

I feel blessed that I am not a perfectionist in the sense that I will have an idea - give it a go, see if it works.if not change it, if it does run with it. Social media therefore for me is like being in my own virtual playroom. That search for perfectionism is wrong in two key ways. Perfection doesn't exist or if it does it is for a fleeting moment.


The Way of the Web

With the constant demands of content creation and digital marketing, plus an ever-increasing list of clients and commitments, I’m constantly looking at ways to be more efficient and effective in what I’m doing. MarketingMusicMonday inspiration marketing with songs motivation

Social Media Marketing GPS

Social Networking – Going Round in Circles

Proactive Report

Back in January I wrote about rumor that Google would launch a new social network at CES in Las Vegas. The feature that caught my attention was ’circles’ that allows you to create different groups of friends or contacts, and post content relevant for that group only.  Russia, Scotland, England, Wales, Germany – and that’s just in the last two generations). Connect with me.

Cartoon of the day

Jeff Esposito

Cartoon of the Day Bound and Gagged sword thrower


5 Things Article Marketing And Blogging Have In Common

Small Business Mavericks

Article marketing is generally thought of as something that takes place off of your website whereas blogging is generally something thought of as something that takes place on your website. However, you can publish articles on your website and you can blog apart from your website. However you look at it, both forms of marketing can fit nicely into what we call “content marketing.&# Here are 5 things blogging and article marketing have in commong: High quality content is very important. The same is true of onsite content designed to gain search engine rankings.


Why More Businesses Should Be Using Instagram

The New Strategist

An Instagram picture is worth way more than a thousand words. Why not let them speak for your business? Instagram is a ridiculously easy to use photo sharing service. You can then publish your creation directly to your choice of sites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr , and a few other social networks. Before and After shots of a baseball diamond, taken with Instagram.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto