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Sex, Drugs, and Social Media – Do You Talk To Your Kids About Their Digital Behaviors?

SocMed Sean

This blog post was originally posted over at PopGoesDad. Thanks to Kurt for the invitation to Guest Blog. I admit it…when I was in high school, I was a total metal head…and so was my mom. It was kind of strange growing up with a mom who listened to AC/DC, the Scorpions, and M­ötley Crüe and there were some awkward explanations to my friends about why she often wore a black Van Halen 1984 tour t-shirt. But any downsides to having a rock ‘n’ roll mom were usually made up for by the fact that she not only listened to the music, but also seemed to understand it. Rock And Roll! So I did. Cheers! **sex,

Music Crosses Borders. You Can Help.


Thank you to Rachel (Phillips) Slotnick for this post. If you’re in NYC, GO TO THIS. If not, please tell your friends about it. Thanks! __. It’s not news to anyone that budget cuts are running wild in the NYC public school system and the arts are the first thing to go. uestlove of the Grammy-winning band, The Roots. Tickets are pre-sale only and will not be available at the door.

Are You Worthy of Social Media? The 2 Types of Talk Triggers

Convince & Convert

The single most important element of your social media program is making your company worthy of discussion. We don’t tweet meh. We don’t upload blah to Facebook. We use social media to express feelings that are at the opposing poles of fascination and frustration. But the paradox is that Talk Triggers for social media most often occur offline, not online. There are two options.

Types 39

Can Your Web Site’s Rankings Be Affected By Negative SEO?

Small Business Mavericks

Is Rand Fishkin making a serious offer, or is he playing it smart and starting a viral topic? It’s possible he is doing both. Rand Fishkin is a well known SEO authority and he has issued a challenge to see if anyone can bring down his search rankings using negative SEO. There is a danger here in that hundreds will try, and the cumulative effort could have some negative impact. At the same time, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, who are talking about this challenge, and linking to his or other posts on this topic. This is really stepping into unknown territory.

SEO 26

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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Google celebrates the Sinclair Spectrum and so do I

The Way of the Web

Google has chosen to celebrate both St George’s Day and the 30th Anniversary of the Sinclair Spectrum with their Google Doodle today, Monday, April 23, 2012. And it’s something that brings back a lot of memories for me. Then came the delights of typing in the code copied by hand from Sinclair User and Your Sinclair magazines. Buffer.

Bank Transfer Day

Laurel Papworth

One woman, Kristen, got miffed with banks and created Bank Transfer Day, November 5th 2011 which led to 600,000 people changing their bank to a credit union, 16% of business loans shifting to Mutuals/Credit Unions. Ariana Huffington has started MoveYourMoney and others are following suit. Any bets as to when the banks start fighting back a la Fox News and Media? But it’s CHANGED. Blech.

This Week in Social Media

Koka Sexton

Let me start off by saying that I get a lot of email. I was just introduced to a service called Sanebox that has helped a ton. I wanted to give this new format a shot. There are many things I come across on social networks that are worth sharing and I’ll be finding some of the best of those and creating a blog post about them each week.