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StumbleUpon Traffic to Magazine and Content Sites Down 27%

Adam Sherk

The news of layoffs at StumbleUpon reminded me that in compiling some year-end social media referral data I’d noticed that a number of sites had experienced declines in StumbleUpon traffic. To get a better sense of the situation I pulled StumbleUpon referral figures from 2010-2012 for a group of 47 news and content sites that we work with at Define Media Group , primarily magazine brands.

Announcing The Socialized Business Podcast

Justin Levy

After a few months of brainstorming, planning and prepping, Jason Keath , Michael Brito and I are thrilled to announce the launch of The Socialized Business podcast. The first episode of the show is already live. During this first episode we discuss why we decided to launch a social business podcast, what social business means to us and discuss the future role of social media managers.

Don’t Blame Facebook: 10 Reasons Low Conversion Rates Are YOUR Fault

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in Advertising Applications Branding Content Marketing Customer Experience Facebook Inbound Marketing Listening Personalization Social Media. So, you’re one of the seemingly millions of brands out there using Facebook to lure people over to your website. You’re not alone. The following are the 10 top reasons brands fail to tap into the real potential of Facebook.

Social Media Fuels Krispy Kreme Launch in India

The Realtime Report

Social media was a driving force behind Krispy Kreme’s launch in India this past Saturday. The doughnut chain worked to drive up likes on Facebook, handing out free boxes of doughnuts at malls and schools and announcing special deals on the social platform. Social Media Campaigns Social Media Case Studies doughnuts Facebook promotion fast food India Krispy Kreme product launch

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

6 Social Media Metrics You Should Be Looking At

Koka Sexton

There are hundreds if not thousands of metrics you can track in social media. So how do you decide on which ones you want to focus on? guess that depends on what results you are most interested in. I’m pretty vocal that if you’re measuring fans and follower growth as a primary metric that you are making a mistake. Not that these numbers are good to look at but they are only for your vanity.

How To Make The Best Of Facebook For Your Business And Brand - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

Facebook has turned out to be one of the most critical and ultimate destinations for most Business and Brands. Since practically all are on this same Facebook Platform it ends up being important. Infact it has almost substituted the other contact details mentioned on visiting cards. The unfortunate part is that not all Business and Brands are active although they have created their Facebook Page. If you have created the Facebook Page then see to it that you are active on it each week. It is great if you can attend to it atleast four times a week. Additionally you should also monitor your Page.

The New Face of the Groundswell Featuring @dinodogan

Geoff Livingston

Triberr Founder Dino Dogan is leading a session at xPotomac on the New Face of the Groundswell. The premise of the session focuses on the consolidation of the social web into corporate media companies. Combined with the increasing focus by search algorithms on frequency and social validation, this consolidation has harmed individual blogs and voices. Here is a sneak preview of Dino’s session!

6 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective


Over the past few years, research has continued to prove the benefits of email marketing for business: Low costs, high conversion rates and detailed tracking are all notable features. The best news is that the majority of people who receive permission-based emails open, on average, 78% of them. Crafting an effective business email is both an art and a science. Great. But where’s the sale?

Hospitality & Tourism Students Meet Social Media

Bare Feet Studios

This Friday I am speaking to about 150 Maui high school students who are in the hospitality and tourism track. My friend Pomai Weigert , of Ali?i Kula Lavender , is determined to get social media best practices embedded in our Maui tourism community as early as possible! She presented a number of awesome ideas at the Social Media Club Tourism event last October , and now we are taking action steps.

Choice is not Customer Experience, How I feel is.

Engaging Brand

Choice is everywhere. We are lucky little bunnies aren't we? . The business opportunity is huge. Stop competing on choice, start competing on experience". The web naturally offers the choice, what social media allows is the chance to offer a better experience. So being active on the web with a strong website is only the first part of a social marketing approach. Yes, I can do more online.

Drive Toward Social Intelligence Maturity

Propelling your organization to new levels of social intelligence skill and application is essential for maximizing the value of your listening and monitoring efforts.

11 Reasons Your Blog is on a Road to Nowhere (And What to Do About It)


This guest post is by Henneke Duistermaat of Enchanting Marketing. You’re smart. You got drive. You’re blogging, and blogging, and blogging. You’re producing good content. But somehow your efforts are not rewarded. Your enthusiasm for checking your traffic stats is gone. Because the trickle of traffic makes you feel down, lonely, and maybe a little desperate. Are you wasting your time? It’s tough.

Community Manager of the Year Finalists

Jeff Esposito

A few months back, I was named as a finalist for community manager of the year from Oracle /Vitrue along with Stacey Acevero  and Carly Severn. Next Monday is Community Manager Appreciation Day where they will name the winner, which I think they’ll have a hard time with but really can’t go wrong. Will you/your company be celebrating community manager appreciation day?

Four Simple Traffic Strategies for a Post-Panda and -Penguin World


This guest post is by Lisa Angelettie. For many years, there were bloggers who could follow a few basic SEO rules, publish a post, wait for Google to spider and rank it, and watch the traffic flow in. In fact, many of these bloggers made a living primarily from the incoming traffic that Google sent them. Did these bloggers commit an online business blunder? Absolutely. Write guest posts for them.

Are You Rushing to Be First or Trying to be Best

Convince & Convert

In this edition of the weekly Baer Facts video series with Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget , I talk about the relentless pace of “news” in the social media age, and the danger of valuing speed over accuracy. About the Jay Baer: Follow @jaybaer Jay Baer is a hype-free social media and content strategist & speaker, and co-author of The NOW Revolution.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

How Facebook Graph Search Will Improve Your Business

Small Business Mavericks

A few days ago, Facebook introduced Graph Search. You can sign up here. With Graph Search, Facebook users will be able to search and find business recommendations from their friends. This is good. And there are certain types of businesses that will benefit from this in a big way. These include: Local businesses. Restaurants. Artists, musicians, and authors. Travel destinations. Any business where a recommendation might be expected. Picture a young lady planning a wedding. She needs a wedding photographer. Who will she ask? Where will she go for a recommendation? Her friends?

6 Tips to Make Your E-Mail Marketing More Effective


Over the past few years, research has continued to prove the benefits of e-mail marketing for business: low costs, high conversion rates and detailed tracking are all notable features. The best news is that the majority of people who receive permission-based e-mails open, on average, 78% of them. But crafting an effective business email is both an art and a science. Great. But where’s the sale?

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Jeff Esposito

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