Mon.Mar 05, 2012

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Where does content fit in Facebook’s new marketing model?

Dave Fleet

While marketers everywhere seem to be focused on Facebook Timelines for brands, the latest changes to Facebook’s advertising model represent just as significant a change for brands – if not even more so. How so, you ask? Let’s start by. A marketer’s journey on Facebook: from engagement to advertising. Facebook has a saying that, “this journey is 1% finished.”

Why Komen Was Destined to Clash with Social Media


This is a guest post by Kami Watson Huyse, CEO of Zoetica Media and editor of the Communications Overtones blog. Lucky for us, she agreed. Enjoy. There are politics and then there are politics. And the worst politics are usually the internal ones. Anyone who has ever worked for a large organization knows the tangle of bureaucratic tape that it usually takes to get anything done. Photo by WeNews.

Let’s Change the World On International Women’s Day

Spin Sucks

This Thursday, March 8, is International Women’s Day. It’s not a day that’s widely celebrated in the United States (a fact we’d like to change), nor is it a Hallmark made-up holiday. It’s a day that celebrates women and Oxfam America thinks we can do some good, if we all participate leading up to the day. This isn’t just for women, though. Maybe it is your mom.

Facebook Timeline For Pages: 5 Must-Reads


Below are 5 must-reads on using Facebook Timeline for Pages that we wouldn’t want you to miss. The Complete Guide To Facebook Timeline Pages. By Brian Honigman Relax! You have plenty of time to get comfortable with the new timeline layout and add content between now and March 30. So here’s a comprehensive guide to all the new features that timeline for pages offers your brand.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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Change your Facebook Page name

Freelance Social Media

It used to be if your page had more than 100 likes and you wanted to change the name, you were out of luck. Now there is a process for changing your Facebook Page name! Click here>> change your Facebook Page. Has anyone used this process yet? This content from: Freelance Social Media. Change your Facebook Page name. ShareThis. facebook

Focus on Outcomes and Integration: Heather Whaling on #measurePR

Waxing UnLyrical

You know how we typically moan and groan about Mondays? “Oh, it’s Monday.” ” “Just another manic Monday.” ” We set up the start of our week (at least, it is for those of us who follow the Gregorian calendar ) for apprehension and drudgery. Poor Monday. Over the last several months, though, Monday has taken on a new meaning for me. ” YES, Heather!

A Scientific Approach to Writing Page Titles


This guest post is by Alex of Think Traffic. We all know how important page titles are for SEO and just the general success of our blogs and websites, don’t we? Well we are told often enough, so we certainly should… But how many people actually give page titles the amount of attention they actually deserve? Most clever bloggers spend a little thought on each page title—they think carefully about how to word it in such a way as to get both the search engines and the potential readers to pay attention. Today I am proposing a slightly more scientific approach to page titles. Step 1: Keywords.

FAQ 19

Why PPC For Small Business Is A Preferred Model

Small Business Mavericks

The online business world is very different to the offline business world – at least, that’s what many business owners feel. In reality, the two are not so different. Sure, your contact with customers is very different, but in many areas, managing each business is very similar. Business manager from both sides are only interested in one thing – growth in both sales and profitability. Marketing is always a thorny issue – how do you measure the success of sponsoring a local sporting team? For that matter, how do you measure the success of an online social media campaign?

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

You Know you’ve Been Blogging too Long When… #BloggingTooLong


I posted this on my Google+ account and on Twitter earlier today: You know you’ve been blogging too long when a family member asks for parenting advice and you write a 10 Point Answer, start brainstorming catchy titles and considering adding images and further reading. The responses I got were pretty funny from others who had had similar experiences, so I thought it might be a fun one to open up here on the blog. What have you found yourself doing that makes you think that perhaps you’ve been blogging a little too long? Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. Reader Questions

Show 375 - How to Influence By Word of Mouth

Engaging Brand

This weeks The Engaging Brand podcast is ready! - The free audio podcast for business covering social media, managment and marketing. Stan Phelps who spends his days providing consumer experiences that are memorable, meaningful and on-brand, we love his mantra ' Driven by client objectives. Inspired by bold vision ' joins Anna Farmery to discuss his idea of how small things create big impressions. The difference between Seth Godin's purple cow and Stan's purple goldfish . Why a goldfish? What are the factors for business success which can be created by word of mouth?

The Keys to Creating Unmissable Content


This guest post is by Jonathan Mead of Trailblazer. Over 1.6 million blog posts are published each day. That’s an average is 18.6 posts per second. That’s a staggering number. And with so much content being published, how do you make sure that yours gets seen? And not just seen, but commented on and shared? Many people focus on the tactics of getting content spread. They put up the appropriate buttons, ask for sharing directly in their posts, solicit their network, and do lots of things to push their message. This method used to work very well. Not anymore. Write about that.

Search Engine Technology Patent Portfolio Up for Auction

Bill Hartzer

ICAP Patent Brokerage is auctioning off a patent portfolio that enhances search engine functionality from Jason A. Denise. This search engine technology patent portfolio discloses search engine technology that can “significantly enhance functionality and user interaction compared to current conventional systems.” ” Here are a few highlights: – User interface enables concurrent viewing of multiple options from a set of search results. – Further, these relationships can be stored for future analysis by the user. Search Engine Technology

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Cartoon of the day

Jeff Esposito

Cartoon of the Day BC Cartoon comic Prehistoric Social Networks

How to change your Facebook Page name

Freelance Social Media

It used to be if your page had more than 100 likes and you wanted to change the name, you were out of luck. Now there is a process for changing your Facebook Page name! Click here>> change your Facebook Page. Has anyone used this process yet? This content from: Freelance Social Media. How to change your Facebook Page name. ShareThis. facebook