Thu.Apr 19, 2012

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Mission Driven or People Driven?


Is your organization mission or people driven?  Are the two mutually exclusive or can they co-exist?  I am confused. The claim of being “mission-driven” has been increasingly cropping up in our conversations with association executives lately.  Everything in our strategic plan is guided by our mission,” I am often told. For many, it embodies a core identity; a raison d’être for associations.

Protecting Your Online You After You Die

Spin Sucks

Earlier this week, I was waiting for the plane to reach 10,000 feet and killing time by reading American Way. In it was an article about e-state planning , or preserving your digital legacy for after you die. How many of you have thought about this? Clearly he had scheduled tweets or Tweet Old Post installed, but it’s still extremely jarring for those of us still on earth.

How to Create Engagement Through Facebook Timeline


Tweet. The new Timeline design rolled out earlier than expected for many brand pages. In our previous blog posts we have gone through the functionalities. This post will focus on how you as a brand can engage your audience by using the setup of Facebook Timeline. The value of visual content. Tabs are also more limited than before. Share images that people can re-share with their friends.

Five Ways Brands Can Make IRL Connections Count

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is written by Barbara Maldonado. have spent my career creating events to connect brands with consumers. love events because they give people opportunities to experience the brand through their five senses with a healthy dose of emotion and excitement tied in. These meeting moments have evolved further with social media. IRL brings it all together. Be welcoming. 

Social Media Automation 101

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Show 381 - The Art of Search Optimisation

Engaging Brand

This week's  The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social media, business ideas and brand marketing tips, is ready to download. Eric Enge , CEO of Stone Temple Consulting  joins Anna Farmery to discuss  The Art of SEO.a book recommended by the wonderful digital marketing evangelist  Avinash Kaushik  of Google, who said these guys know more about SEO than any other people on the planet! We discuss. What SEO is not! What is the art of great search engine optimisation? Is SEO optimisation a science or an art? How to plan business websites for great search engine optimisation.

Online Ad Metrics & the Google Activate Initiative

Puzzle Marketer

The advertiser that only pays if they get a customer uses the CPA (cost per action / acquisition) model and is popular for affiliate marketing where publishers are willing to drive traffic to high quality brands and only expect payment when an action is completed. It protects the advertiser by defining the action and relating it directly to their business.

#SoSlam 2012 The One Event You Must Attend

Shift Digital

Each year, I look for 2 or 3 events to help me keep my edge, continue building my network and meet people who have similar passions in social media, digital marketing and blogging. In the last few years, I’ve been to a few – well – duds. You know those events – the ones that boast of a lot of answers and tons of great discussions, but end up leaving you high and dry wondering why you even bothered spending the money in the first place. Social Slam is not that type of event. Next week is the second Social Slam event in Knoxville, TN put on by my fellow Southerner Mark Schaefer.

Klout 14

Friday Fun: Entrepreneurship For Children

Diva Marketing Blog

Friday Fun  is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. waiting for the weekend playground time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly. time to go off topic. ruly wonderful the mind of a child is. YODA, Star Wars. What do children have to do with social media marketing? Nothing. Everything. . Stay with me on this one. . Strategy: What will you pack?

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Social media analytics in black and white

Danny WhatMough

A presentation I gave this morning for a PRCA breakfast briefing. Social media analytics in black and white. View more PowerPoint from Danny Whatmough. Danny Whatmough. social media Analytics prca whatmough

Four Dating Apps for iPhone


As Sir Paul McCartney so succinctly stated ‘all of the lonely people, where do they all come from’? Perhaps some things are better left unknown. With people moving from place to place, city to city and beyond, the cards are stacked against meaningful interaction. The best chance for a world of shut-ins is to break out and score a digital date with one of these four apps. Zoosk.  . Skout.

A Legendary Copywriter’s Secret to an Unending Stream of Ideas


This guest post is by Josh Sarz of I’m in love with blogging. If you’re like me, you marvel that you have your own website. It may not be huge for a lot of people who’ve been in the blogging biz for years, but it’s huge for me. My first few months of blogging flew by so fast, it seemed like only yesterday when I started writing online. My first blog was about everything under the sun. Tech, Social Media, Health, Entertainment and turtles were just a few of the topics my first blog covered. I was prolific. started fearing the blank page. Entertainment?

Women like Pinterest, measuring and Instagram

Jeff Esposito

Is it me or has Mother Earth decided that spring was overrated? In Boston, the week started out in the 80’s before closing out a bit cooler and days topping out near 70. Nothing like the crisp days I am longing for… Hopefully you had an eventful week full of nothing but goodness and an even better weekend planned. Enjoy this week’s edition of Five for Friday and I’ll catch you next week.

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Build Blog Products That Sell 3: Develop Your Product


This guest series is by Greg McFarlane of  Control Your Cash. Welcome to the third weekly instalment in our series on how to sell products of your own creation, via your blog, in a world in which everyone’s reluctant to spend money. If you’ve been following the series so far, (LINKS), then you’ve learned how to conceive of a product and conduct market research into its viability , at least in theory. In the process, you’ve learned how to identify your clientele, and create a product that: has unmistakable value. people will want. is a natural extension of your blog itself, and. Far from it.

Cartoon of the day

Jeff Esposito

Ever wonder where the concept of air mail came from? Cartoon of the Day Air Mail Air Mail COmic BC Cartoon comic


Tips and Tricks for Productive Telecommuting

Ari Herzog

This is a guest blog post by Liz Krause. Hive photo by kakisky. Nearly 10 years ago while self-employed working from home, I spoke to a friend who had an office job and to my surprise she told me she could never work from home and preferred her work place. It is not too often you come across people who share these sentiments. Home Office Business Essentials. Telephone. Internet. Work Environment.