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34 (of the) Best Google+ Tips, Tactics and Guides of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Google+ (or Google Plus) is many different things, depending on who you ask. It’s the fastest-growing social network ever. It’s the tool Google will use to beat Facebook. It will fundamentally change SEO. It’s a pain in the arse because it’s yet another social network to join. It’s Google’s latest attempt at social media, and they finally got it right. ”).

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How Not to Get Promoted At Work

Spin Sucks

I was scrolling through some draft posts to get an idea for what I would write today. Last year, I copied a link (I think I remember my friend Rusty Speidel sending it to me) called “ 7 Sneaky Ways to Get Promoted ” into my drafts folder and I just revisited it. It’s in Shine , the Yahoo beauty online publication. In their recommendations: Use mantras; i.e. positive self-talk.

Bourbon, “Engagement”, ROI, & Transparency – The Kyle Lacy Interview


We wanted to do our photo shoot with Kyle but this will have to do. The guy opposite me at an upscale Indianapolis restaurant is telling me about being ready for “even bigger things” Meet Kyle Lacy. Many of you already know him. His passion and determination is palpable. We’re drinking wine and bourbon. By the way, did you know he drives a Cadillac? Test and build strategy.

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Social Media and the Solution to Your Problems

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is written by Ken Mueller. My wife is trying to kill me. She just read this book, French Women Don’t Get Fat , and apparently one of the reasons French women don’t get fat is because they drink a lot of water. OK, they do a lot of other things as well, but my wife’s big takeaway was: Drink a lot of water. Got a cold? Drink more water. Got a headache? Drink more water.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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Where The Boys (And Girls) Are

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In schizophrenic times, there's a good chance you'll see some schizophrenic thinking. It takes a couple of years as a Blogger to come to the realization that you will, eventually, write a Blog post that completely contradicts what you may have blogged about earlier on in your process. Some might see that as a complete corruption of being credible, I would argue that a lot of what happens in Blogging becomes a learning experience. Does this remove credibility from the Blogger? Hardly. yesterday (see: Fear And Loathing In Advertising ). Yes, some thoughts and perspectives change overnight. apple.

Want to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card? Tell Me About Your Favorite or Least Favorite Website.

Shift Digital

In a few weeks I’ll be leading a one day marketing event for nonprofits. We will be talking about both traditional and digital marketing. One of the main topics will be website design, format and structure. This is were I need your help! I want to hear from you about the best, the worst and the ugly websites out there – perhaps they have too much flash? Too much content? Amazon Cards.

Five Social Media Tips To Live By

Absolute PA

I’m excited. Keren’s excited. If you’ve got your ticket we hope you’re excited too. That’s because Keren and I are getting together again to present our popular social media workshop for small businesses. We love helping people get over their confusion about using social media to find new clients, leads and business opportunities. You don’t need to be everywhere.

Blogging: 3 Secrets To An A-List Blog [Infographic]


Tweet Every blogger wants to break through the clutter and be heard. Blogs are an important channel of communication, a platform to talk and be heard. Most of the time, bloggers will know the right things to do, write and talk about on our blog, but are often not able to put things in perspective or overlook them. I borrowed this from Heidi Cohen‘s blog called Actionable Marketing.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

What Bubba Gump Shrimp Can Teach You About Social Media

Convince & Convert

This is Episode 3 of the Social Pros Podcast : Real People Doing Real Work in Social Media. This episode features Lauren Fernandez , the head of social media for Landry’s Restaurants. Read on for insights from Lauren, our “Work It Out” advice segment, and Eric’s Social Media Stat of the Week (this week: has the role of the salesperson changed because of social media?).

How Far Should You Go To Protect Your Content?

Small Business Mavericks

There has been a lot of discussion over the last twelve months surrounding the attempt to protect copyrighted material across the Internet. Pinterest, a popular new social media site that is based around users ‘pinning’ pages or images they find useful, has released a meta tag for website owners that will help them protect copyrighted material. The tag itself is easy to apply – <meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin”> – this will prevent users from ‘pinning’ your content. In most cases, it may be shooting yourself in the foot.

Discover the Secrets of 9 Productive Bloggers: Blog Wise


79% of ProBlogger readers identify ‘finding time to blog’ as one of their biggest challenges. Last year I ran a survey among ProBlogger readers to identify what the biggest challenges that bloggers face are. A number of common themes emerged – one of the strongest can be summed up in these comments from readers: I just don’t have time to blog like I know I should.

Are you Listening to Your Stakeholders?

Proactive Report

In the previous post I took a look at how the 5W’s apply to Digital PR. One of the most important reasons for examining how you are using these 5Ws is that if you don’t, you have no Digital PR strategy. The first W is Who. Unless you know who you are talking to, odds are your communication efforts won’t hit the mark. Laswell). This is not new, and it is not rocket science.

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A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

4 Questions For Any Business To Ask

Engaging Brand

We start a business on the back of a dream, on the back of a desire to create something - whether a service or a product, we are always creating a brand. After a while we can get submerged by tax returns, by process problems, by IT much so that we can forget what it is that we were wanting to At the start and the end of the week, ask yourself these 4 questions to remain on track for your dream. Why do customers need what we do? What is it that we do? How it works better than what others do? How can we continue to surprise people this week? .

Blog Smarter: Invest in Your Own Success


This guest post is by Jeff Nickles of My blog grew by leaps and bounds in 2011. It was exciting! But it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t made a few smart investments in my blog—investments, you could say, in my success. I’m a regular guy and a part-time blogger just like many of you. I’ve learned how to grow my site through trial and error. Over the last four years, I have probably made more mistakes than the average joe. I’ve done a lot of the wrong things, but occasionally I get it right. The results I achieved. 141% increase in AdSense earnings.

The Key to Online Success

Ari Herzog

This is a guest post by Gip Plaster. Photo by manicmorff. Still Here: 1 Key to Online Success is Realizing Potential. I don’t know Ari very well, but I know we have something in common: We’re still here. No matter whether your reason for participating online is to make money from website ads, promote your products and services, satisfy your own need for expression or simply keep your name in front of people who could be useful one day, one of the keys to success online is establishing a presence and nurturing it. A Few Steps from Massive Success. Taking a Few Steps. What should you do? Are you?

What Did You Think of Blog Smarter?


Today marks the close of our Blog Smarter mini-series of posts, which explain a variety of techniques for scalable blog monetization. In case you missed them, the posts were: Blog Smarter: Don’t Just End Up Trading Hours for Dollars. Blog Smarter: A Step-by-step Guide to Boost Your AdSense Earnings. Blog Smarter: Turn Your Blogging Skills Into Successful Affiliate Promotions. Blog Smarter: 9 Ways to Make Money from WordPress … Without Having a Blog. Blog Smarter: 5 WordPress Plugins to Help You Make Money From Your Blog. Blog Smarter: Invest in Your Own Success.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

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Congratulations my data says you’re prego, social measurement and stock in beer

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In just a few short hours the five o’clock whistle will be blowing and I for one will be jacked to hear it. Long week that went by kind of quickly, how was yours? I’m looking forward to the weekend and getting our house ready to put it on the market to move to the ‘burbs. Have a great weekend and will catch you come Monday. How Companies Learn Your Secrets – Have you ever wondered how retail chains seem to know when you’ve got something going on? An engagement pending or pregnancy? Well if you do, be sure to check out this article on how Target uses data.