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How the Top 50 Nonprofits Use Social Media


A great infographic from Craig Newmark and Rad Campaign. Read more about it here. The data is based on the top 50 nonprofits by income as per the Nonprofit Times. Click to enlarge

Confused About Facebook Changes? (Free Webinar)

Almost Savvy

While it may seem that David Bowie is referring to Facebook when he sings, “Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes.” ”  I’m pretty sure he had something else in mind. Still, the lyrics do include “Turn and face the strain,” which may be how you’re feeling each time you visit the site. ” and “Where do I find…?” Can’t Beat the Price.

Twitter Direct Messages Are Useless

Jason Yormark

I want to be able to use DMs in Twitter, but really it’s such a vast wasteland of spam that it’s practically impossible to do. While I have a column for my DMs setup in Hootsuite, it’s really just for the rare chance that I may actually catch a legitimate message here and there. And even that is highly unlikely. It can’t possibly be that difficult. That would eliminate at least half of of the spam.

Using Content, Conversation, Value And Trust To Build Community


Without trust there is no “real” community. Community at work… Image Credit: STAN HONDA – AFP/Getty Images  . Community is an over-used word these days. Perhaps, it’s more accurate to say that there is a community continuum. Or perhaps – just many varietals of community. In these days, we’re used to brand communities both online and offline. People react.

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

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Websites, Emails, Chats, Forums, Social Media, Clouds, QR Codes

Social Media Network Marketing

Twenty years back having your Business and Brand in the virtual world was not a very digestible thought. Being on Social Media was not even thought of. People had started with the dot com [.com]. Unfortunately a lot of mishaps took place and the online world was seen with a lot of suspicion. This was not a wrong perception, there were many people who went all out and scammed on the net. People had made investments. There were people who trusted with a lot of money. Unfortunately they were taken for a ride and no one was able to track the criminals and the fraudulent party. Distances minimized.

Content Sharing: How, When, Where and Why [infographic]


Tweet Recently, on our blog we have made a lot of suggestions on how to make content sharing on social media more effective, and knowing the right time and good content to post is an important part of that strategy. It is an important topic that means a lot for businesses that want to reach out to its target audience. What is trending. This is also in compliance with the infographic below.

Gin and Topics: Cycling and Social Media

Spin Sucks

It’s almost time for PRSA ! I’m going to Orlando just in time for Chicago’s sub-40 degree temps. actually love sub-40 degree temps, but I guess I can do with sitting by the pool on Sunday afternoon with Abbie Fink (right, Abbie?!?). Don’t forget, if you’re going to be there, look me up! I’ll be the one with the two Canadians and large microphones. Man, alive. 1.

What Kind Of Marketer Are You?

Twist Image

Are you a marketing professional or an advertising professional? The majority of marketing professionals that I meet aren't really marketing professionals at all. The majority of them are advertising professionals. While it's easy to confuse the two, the systematic ghettoization of Social Media and how Digital Marketing gets rolled into the more general advertising initiatives are clear indications that we're not taking the opportunity to do something truly unique all that seriously at all. In the end, we're still being asked about the ROI of Digital Media like it's an advertising campaign.

Drive Toward Social Intelligence Maturity

Propelling your organization to new levels of social intelligence skill and application is essential for maximizing the value of your listening and monitoring efforts.

Getting the most out of Linked In Groups

Gemma Went

The lovely folk at the Design Business Association asked me to share some tips on how their Linked In Group members could make the most of the community. Here are my thoughts … Linked In Groups are a superb place to connect and collaborate with existing communities that have a shared interest, raise your personal brand … Read more. Linked In Social Media Linked In Etiquette Linked In Groups social networking

What Would Mickey Measure?

Waxing UnLyrical

I’m going to Disney World! OK, I’m not really going to Disney World. I am, however, headed to Orlando, Fla., tomorrow, for PRSA’s 2011 International Conference. love this conference. Not to mention it seems to be the only time Michael Pranikoff and I meet every year, which is somewhat ridiculous, given that we are both DC Metro area residents. Oh well. thought not.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Kitten Dance


This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. Blogging / Writing. How to Craft Contagious Content – What makes content go viral?

Ignoring Twitter = Loss On Noninvestment


A recent study from Maritz Research / Evolve24 found that 70% of companies ignore customer complaints on Twitter. Many are citing this as evidence that these companies "just don't get it," but I'd rather see it as a huge opportunity for those companies who are not participating. Anyone looking for

Study 24

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

How To Find Blog Content: The ONLY Source You Will Ever Need

Absolute PA

If you write a business blog I bet you run out of article ideas sometimes. So how would you like a steady stream of topics that you could always call on? And, supposing you could be absolutely certain that these blog topics would be of interest to your customers, clients and prospects too? have a fool proof way of finding blog content finding me. And I thought: this would make a great blog post.

6 Lessons I Learned Selling a $50,000 Website


This guest post is by Chris The Traffic Blogger. My hands were shaking like crazy and I had to focus very hard on entering my bank account information correctly. Just minutes prior a buyer had been approved for my website on Flippa (see the actual auction page here ), and I had to somehow manage to calm down to fill out my escrow payment options. The bid was an astonishing $50,000! Yeah, that amount was almost enough money for the down payment and closing costs of my first home combined. Today I’d like to touch on six major lessons I’ve learned from selling my first website for so much money.

Show 355 - Managing Talent

Engaging Brand

Show 355 of  The Engaging Brand leadership and marketing podcast  is ready  just for  you. To subscribe or listen for  free , you don't need to download anything and all explained at the end of the post. . Kevin Oakes of I4cp joins Anna Farmery to talk about The Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management which features chapters from leading business thought leaders such as Marshall Goldsmith.

How Many Share Buttons Should You Use?

Small Business Mavericks

When it comes to website design , one factor that bears a little forethought is how many share buttons, and which share buttons, you should use on your site. The fact that share buttons are a necessary component to effective web design these days doesn’t go questioned. Pretty much all web designers agree that share buttons add value to any web design. But what designers might disagree on is how many buttons are necessary and which ones should be prominently displayed. This largely depends on the type of website you have. It currently looks to be hot in tech circles.

The Smart Marketer's Guide to Social Media Management

Engaging in social media isn't an option anymore. So if you're going to do it, you want to do it well.

Confused About Facebook Changes? (Free Webinar)

Almost Savvy

While it may seem that David Bowie is referring to Facebook when he sings, “Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes.” ”  I’m pretty sure he had something else in mind. Still, the lyrics do include “Turn and face the strain,” which may be how you’re feeling each time you visit the site. ” and “Where do I find…?” Can’t Beat the Price.