Sat.Jul 09, 2011

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Too Much Noise on Google Plus? Here is How I Deal With It

Stay N' Alive

A lot of people are complaining that power users such as myself and Robert Scoble and others are causing too much noise in their stream. Scoble's wife even quit the service because of it (and I can't even convince my wife to use it even though I created an account for her). It's nothing new, though - this is a problem Friendfeed had when they first released their real-time stream (Just Google "friendfeed noise" to see what I mean). However, there are ways of managing it. I'd like to share some of the ways I deal with the noise. Scoble follows thousands. What matters is who you interact with.

Study Art

Twist Image

The greatest thinkers and the greatest businesspeople have a passion for some kind of art. It's easy to get all smug about a comment like that and think to yourself, "it's easy for successful people to have a passion for art, because they're the ones who are rich enough to buy it. and have the time to spend on it." " That's a myth. Whether it's art, music, dance, photography, architecture or literature, it's easy to have a passion for any of these art forms on the cheap. Having a passion for art with make you smarter, richer and more creative. and watch your life change. astaire.

Study 25

Observing Obama’s First Twitter Town Hall Live

Geoff Livingston

Attending the first Twitter Town Hall at the White House last week was quite an experience! For the first time, a President — Barack Obama — answered questions from digital citizens across America on the microblog network. The Townhall was the third social network appearance by the President, the first ones hosted on YouTube and Facebook. This seems like a smart move. Just saying.

How To Create A Holiday

Small Business Mavericks

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own holiday, Chick-Fil-A can teach you how. The fast food restaurant inspired hundreds of thousands of people to dress up like a cow and get a free chicken sandwich. That’s pretty impressive. When it comes to marketing – traditional or internet – it’s OK to get wacky. Wacky sells. It inspires. It builds buzz, and that’s what you want in your marketing plan. Starting your own brand holiday is a great way to build buzz for your product or service. So what kind of holiday could you create to sell more of your product?

Social Media Automation 101

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Momentous Moments

Waxing UnLyrical

We’ve crossed the halfway mark for 2011. And as we did… A space shuttle lifted off on its final mission. A new nation has been born. woman who helped remove at least some of the stigma surrounding alcoholism and addiction died. A man-made human organ was transplanted for the first time into a human patient. Momentous moments. Will you? Image: Thauran via Flickr, CC 2.0.