Sat.Dec 01, 2012

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On Being Human: The Ties That Connect Us


Yesterday I felt happy. Then I learned my mother has cancer. broke. know what it is to be broken. If there’s one thing I can truly call myself an expert in it’s the human mind. I’m an expert by experience and I think it’s no coincidence I do what I do for a living. feel a lot. Certainly now. Cancer. Mother. You know. There’s millions of people suffering and having cancer. The downs. Reasons. Ratio.

Why We Need To Talk About Testicles

Ari Herzog

I bet you know someone with a silicone bracelet promoting awareness of breast cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, poverty, or some other cause. Each wristband comes in a different color and is worn with pride. It is common to spot an awareness bracelet and ask the wearer about their personal motivation. “Why do you have a mustache?” told them I was raising money for the cause.

Book Review and Giveaway- The Commitment Engine by John Jantsch

Janet Fouts

The Commitment Engine: Making Work Worth It , by John Jantsch. Anybody who has ever read one of John’s blog posts or heard him speak knows he’s a straight shooting, plain speaking business leader who has a knack for making just good business sense available to everyone. In the Commitment Engine he shows us what commitment really means in a business and a personal sense. Maybe not.

Why Social Media is a Check to Your Passion

Engaging Brand

There is a Zen saying that is posted on my says. "To her lover a beautiful woman is a delight, To a monk a distraction. To a mosquito a good meal.". When you a running a business it is so easy to let your passion overtake your ability to remember to keep honest to that passion and to keep seeing the world from different angles. listen to many podcasts that I don't totally agree with, I read blog posts from people who have a different view point.why? because I live and breath my brand but social media is part of my development to see my market from different viewpoints. Related articles.

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A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

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Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #128

Twist Image

Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Jackie at Krispy Kreme Delivers! YouTube. "What if you decided you needed to learn to handle rejection as a basic life skill? Maybe you'd try to practice it by making outlandish requests. What if those requests were answered? " Lost was a huge success. darkness collar [.]?

Blogging the Festive Season: The Not-for-Profit Blog [Case Study]


Stephen Pepper is insurance administrator by day, youth worker and blogger by night. He and his wife run Youth Workin’ It , a not-for-profit site that provides consultancy and services for youth workers and organizations worldwide. This includes blogging 6 days a week about youth work. As part of our Blog the Festive Season series, we asked Stephen how he and his wife are preparing the blog for the festive season. What does preparing the Youth Workin’ It blog for the festive season mean? This will be your second festive season on the blog. What did you learn last year?