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How do you prepare for unpredictability?


Anna Caraveli, our newest columnist , has a thought-provoking post over at the Demand Perspective called Engaging New Generations: Is it a Numbers and Data Game? An excerpt (my bold): Do we develop future members with formulas about how they behave with the only determinant being age? As a baby boomer I am supposed to feel all kinds of things that I do not actually feel. Read the full post here.

Nonplussed By Google Plus


Google keeps fiddling around with the Internet, and (to no one’s surprise) they’ve done it again. Their latest change – Google Search Plus Your World – could be the most disruptive ever. Here’s their official announcement: [link]. You might be shocked to see what shows up in your search results, if you’ve been plus-ing or sharing some things via Google+.

Will the CoTweet gamble pay off?

Sherrilynne Starkie

CoTweet , the easy-to-use and fantastically handy social media tool that lets many individuals to collaborate on publishing content on Twitter, is going the way of the Dodo in a few weeks. Image via CrunchBase. ExactTarget , the company behind the tool, announced on its blog this week that CoTweet is being rolled into a new enterprise package called SocialEngage. CoTweet will cease to be and SocialEngage will not offer a free service. The company had not published any pricing information for SocialEngage; it invites users to contact ExactTarget for more information. Related posts: New Twitter.

Comparison of 100 Top Companies on Social Business and Corporate Culture

Convince & Convert

Are social business and corporate culture inevitably linked? In a recent podcast , Mitch Joel interviewed Fred Reichheld, author of The Ultimate Question 2.0 , and creator of the Net Promoter methodology. Fred made a statement that has stuck with me in the several weeks since I tuned in: “You can’t be the best place to buy, if you’re not the best place to work.” ” As social business moves from the toddler stage to youth stage, it’s becoming accepted wisdom that the best and most social organizations transform from the inside out. Social Business Comparison.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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Feeling Lost? Let a Blogging Roadmap Lead You to Success


This guest post is by John Davenport of It’s been said countless times in the blogging world that in order to be successful we need a plan. But how do we create this plan in a way that will help us reach our goals? Do we scratch it onto a piece of loose paper? Do we grab a crayon and write it on a napkin? Do we create a text doc on a PC and save it in some folder filled with hundreds files? We create a roadmap. When I first started blogging I had one goal in mind: to grow my audience. So I created a roadmap to get there. You should too! Too many great ideas at once.

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Thoughts From The Content Marketing Institute

Twist Image

Episode #289 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. As each year passes newer and more impressive forms of content marketing become available to brands. Social Media acted as a massive catalyst for this. We now live in a world where any business (or individuals) can publish their content - in text, images, audio and video - instantly (and for free) for the world to enjoy. The big question is this: is the world enjoying all of this branded content? There's no one better than Joe Pulizzi to help us navigate through the noise. blogging.

Cell Phones And Social Media – The Big Mover For 2012?

Small Business Mavericks

There is one trend in society that smart marketers are starting to use to their advantage. That trend? The prominent use of cell phone cameras. The camera in a cell phone today is far superior to some of the best digital cameras of five years ago. The use of these cameras is so dominant that, on most days, there’s a news story on one of the TV networks that includes a story with pictures provided by a local using their cell phone. In fact, you can often see video footage of an event that was taken via cell phone. So how are marketers using this to advantage?

Ten Blogging Lessons from Chris Brogan


2012 is the year of oversaturation. On social media too. So says Chris Brogan. He has a point. You know the phenomenon. There is too much ‘noise’ And we need filters. “Curation” is hot. That’s why Twitter acquired Summify. We will scale down. We live in a consumption society, says Brogan. “People can barely [.]. Blog Blogging Content marketing blogging lessons Chris Brogan

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

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