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Are Digital Badges and DIY Learning the Future of Education?


As someone who has a kid headed to college in three years, the concept of the staggering cost of a college education combined with the reality that a college degree (or even graduate degree) is no longer the guarantee of employment it used to be is one that weighs heavily on me. Shocker. So when I read this article about digital badges and DIY learning, I was intrigued. As if. photo credit ).

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Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Have Social Network

Spin Sucks

This blog post is for all of the women Spin Sucks community. Guys, you can read it too, but I’m not sure it’ll mean much to you. hate to lose half our audience on a Monday morning, but it’s going to be worth it to the girls. There is a new social network worth checking out…and it’s for women entrepreneurs and business owners. Project Eve  , launched just a month ago by two recovering investment bankers, is dedicated to furthering women’s understanding about business and overcoming hindrances to action. Sorry, guys. recommend joining the site.

Will Celebrities Ever GET Social?


It ‘s a given – Celebrities are social. Transformed by the Red Carpet, interviews and filling the stream via Social Media. Some are using the social universe well to promote… And that’s exactly NOT what I’m talking about. Do today’s media stars really get, or understand, the power of social media. Do they get the power of engagement that they have at their fingertips? Are they using the relationship they have with those who follow them to change beliefs or effect change? People matter, YOU matter , but brands don’t. But what do you choose to do instead?

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Nine Books for Communicators

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is written by Geoff Livingston. After reading   Molli Megasko’s , “ The Top 10 Fiction Books Every PR and Marketing Pro Should Read ” and Gini Dietrich’s “ Reading Fiction Helps Your Career ,” I felt inspired to offer my own suggestions. With that, following are my nine recommendations. Check it out. That sadness is bad. loved it!

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The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

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Social Media + Earth Day: 5 Must-Reads


Yesterday was Earth Day, but the information and recommendations shared in some of these 5 must-reads can help you be “greener” every day of the year. How To Mobilize Social Media To Do Nice Things For Earth. By Drew Bowling Recyclebank had the great idea that people could use this medium as way to educate and share information about some fairly simple habits that would make big impacts on our dear old planet Earth. To highlight some of the ways, they put together an infographic that details how you people could use different social media in order to effect those changes.

9 Facebook Marketing Tactics that’ll Triple Your Fans


This guest post is by Neil Patel of  Quick Sprout. Would you like to double, or  even triple the number of fans you have on your Facebook business page? Are you looking to turn those fans into loyal and active fans? Your Facebook business page can die on the vine without a loyal and active following. But success will never come overnight. Tactic #1: Crank out a lot of content.

So Blogging is Dead? Think Again!

Proactive Report

An article in USA Today says RIP Corporate Blogging. According to a study by UMASS fewer companies in the Fortune 100 and INC 500 are maintaining their blogs. hope that these companies don’t have any women customers.  The recent BlogHer survey of 2000 women in the  US found that women regard blogs as their most trustworthy source of information and advice. ” Lou Hoffman, PR veteran.

Pinterest Sweepstakes Microsoft Mouse Design: Case Study With BJ O'Hare

Diva Marketing Blog

Pinterest, the darling of food and fashion pinners, is on a hyper growth slope with brands that at first glance have nothing to do with "life style" e.g. business-to-business, technlogy, software, finance, miliatry, staffing companies and more. Hop over to my Pinterest brand board. Brands Beyond The Expected  to see 101 (and counting!) examples. Contests are hot hot hot on Pinterest. Windows.

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Are You Leaving The Blog Scene For Facebook? Don’t!

Small Business Mavericks

I really feel like shouting the DON’T in that headline. Anyhow, I have it out of my system now. Current research is showing that corporate blogging is on the wane with businesses preferring the short sharp and punchy content they can throw at both Facebook and Twitter. They are fine, for the first ten minutes anyway, then they are lost in the thousand and one other posts that appearing. They may grab people’s attention for a moment, but that’s it – there’s no long term gain. That’s where a blog has it’s corporate power for businesses of all sizes.

Lessons in Humanity from Shidoobee

Waxing UnLyrical

On Saturday, my husband and I drove up to Atlantic City, NJ, to see Ronnie Wood in concert. “Ronnie” is my husband’s favorite Stone, and when he heard that he was appearing at the Golden Nugget in AC, there was no holding back. So off we went. You’re going to laugh now, because I had a blast at the concert. We’ve seen the Stones before, but in huge venues.

Public Relations Isn’t the Cherry on Top

Social Media Strategery

Despite coming up with new definitions , there continues to be a lack of awareness on the part of our clients, colleagues, and friends about what we actually do and the value that we bring to a business. PR isn't: Some transactional activity that's thought about only after the advertising campaign is created. Something that's brought in after the product is completed and you're gearing up for launch. About getting media coverage. About making the public think your product is the best or that your company is awesome. Public Relations is much deeper than all of this.

On stage for Jigoshop…

The Way of the Web

I recently popped along to the WordPress London Meetup on behalf of my client, Jigoshop, who provide a free, open-source WordPress eCommerce platform. Here’s the presentation – I attempted to go for extra open source kudos points by using Open Office Impress, which then got merged with Rob’s Mac-based slides via Google Docs, causing all sorts of formatting fun. Buffer.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

So Blogging is Dead? Think Again!

Proactive Report

An article in USA Today says RIP Corporate Blogging. According to a study by UMASS fewer companies in the Fortune 100 and INC 500 are maintaining their blogs. hope that these companies don’t have any women customers.  The recent BlogHer survey of 2000 women in the  US found that women regard blogs as their most trustworthy source of information and advice. ” Lou Hoffman, PR veteran.

What's Your Brand's Snowglobe?

Engaging Brand

Watching a film at the weekend it reminded me of my fascination with snowglobes as a child. . Maybe as well it has prompted my fascination with social media and therefore social marketing. For me social media is like an online snowglobe. The more I shake it.or google it.the more the picture changes. The more I look, the more I see. The fascination was that although lots stayed constant, the special effects always made it feel new. And for brands they could learn too.shaking the globe will create different experiences.but the underlying scene is not changed.

Top Twitter Blog Marketing Tips


This guest post is by Lior Levin. Twitter is one of the top three or four social media marketing tools today, with roughly 12% of online adults using Twitter according to this Pew Internet report. It’s easy to quickly share promotions and ideas on Twitter, and if they catch on, they can spread quickly, even crossing over to platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest in the process. Since the cost of using Twitter is so low and the process of sharing tweets is so simple, it is an ideal tool for blog marketing. Twitter’s blog benefits. Twitter increases blog traffic. Find influencers.

The “Cardboard arcade kid”, vs “Push button to add drama” – value in viral video?

The Way of the Web

Two weeks ago I posted a quick blog post about a video featuring 9-year-old Caine Monroy , who built a cardboard arcade over a summer vacation, and waited for his first customer to turn up. Well, after two weeks, the result of his first customer happening to make a video about him, and then organising a flashmob via Reddit and Facebook is in. million views on Vimeo , with 10,400 likes. Inspiring.

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How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Social Media Influencers – What would you do? @spotus

Laurel Papworth

I occasionally see a campaign that I think is important but I can see they aren’t going around it the right way. Like this Spot.US cyclist story. Spot.Us is a site where journalists can post up that they want to write a story, what the story is about, and then the community funds it. It’s like Kickstarter but for journalists. But first: Bottom Left, Cyclist Story. credits. Now Spot.Us


Great Barrier Reef Competition Winners Have Been Notified #QldBlog


I’m really excited to announce that the ten winners of the Great Barrier Reef Competition that we’ve been running here on ProBlogger the last couple of weeks have been chosen. Over 800 entries were received. It was no easy task to shortlist them and choose the final winners because there were some amazing bloggers. As I looked through the entries I just kept saying to myself, “I’d love to have them on the trip!” But only ten can win and I received the list last night from the judges at Tourism Queensland. simply can’t wait to meet all of the winners in June.

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