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Tweet late, email early, and don’t forget about Saturday: Using data to develop a social media strategy » Nieman Journalism Lab

Zarrella works for HubSpot , mining data on hundreds of millions of tweets, blog posts, and email newsletters to help marketers find trends. Here are the slides from Zarrella’s webinar : The Science of Timing View more presentations from HubSpot Internet Marketing Posted March 29, 4:30 p.m. blog comments powered by Disqus « What’s Project Thunderdome, you ask?

How PR Pros Are Using Social Media for Real Results He also points to these tools that he enjoys playing with: Lugiron Hubspot Mixpanel ManyEyes (for visualization) OneRiot Wildfire Until we reach the stage where drawing contextual correlations between social media actions and results can be more easily measured (or at least, more easily distilled), it is vital to have concrete goals before starting a social media strategy in PR and to also have some sort of baseline. Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Small business Mobile 2.0 See how it works here. Claire McCaskill , the junior U.S.

Interview with Social Media Citizen: Chris Tompkins

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With that said, I enjoy the approach of David Meerman Scott and the company HubSpot. It is a free download, just Google it and you are on your way! You can download the audio, share with your friends, add to your website and blog… and so much more. Chris has spoken at many national and international events recently sharing the dais with heads of Google and YouTube.

50 Ways to use Social Media, listed by Objective « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

Download the Social Media Press Release (pdf) and at least see what parts you want to take into your traditional press releases. RhinoSEO Website Grader ) It offers the similar grading as hubspot but looks at other factors too like sitemaps Marcy "Supporting: Getting your customers to self-support each other" --I've never really thought of that, to be honest! Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang Home About Speaking Research Media Contact Subscribe via RSS Connect with Jeremiah: twitter friendfeed linkedin flickr technorati Connect with Jeremiah on twitter @ spicedawg56 It is!

Blog World 2010 Recap – My Notes and Experiences


Get in 10 minutes early, start building up energy by giving an overview and what they will get at certain time intervals of the webinar (free download 45 minutes in, special deal they can’t miss at end). Hubspot is a great example – they give great content, build audience trust, then pitch product in the last 15 minutes. Ok everyone. Notes from the Blog World Sessions.