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Getting Big Data to Actually Work

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Most marketers I talk with today say they are drowning in data. But in reality data they really want sits in disparate systems throughout the organization. Or if their company has invested big money in a traditional data warehouse, the results have fallen short of expectations. And only a small percentage reported effective data management practices.

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Publisher Survey: Reddit Traffic Way Up, Digg Way Down

Adam Sherk

To anonymize the data I combined each site’s figures into a total number for the group. 12 sites is a very limited sampling so this survey is certainly not meant to be conclusive. Among the surveyed group, Reddit went from a combined total of 6.3 Nearly all of the surveyed sites have seen substantial gains from Reddit in the past few years and significant declines from Digg.

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Conducting Surveys: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Spin Sucks

know almost as much about PR as I do about women. I won’t go into the math, but suffice it to say that it is a whole integer well south of zero. I do, however, know a thing or two about data. Surveys are always good…well…unless you do it in such a way that it makes the customer mad and they decide to write a scathing blog post for a wildly popular PR blog.

The Emotion found in Social Data

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Some might, but the vast majority of people who share content, post comments, or offer sentiments and opinions online do so because they are in what Andrew Jeavons of Survey Analytics calls “the point of emotion.”  In other words, they are emotionally invested in the product, service or experience about which they are opining. Related posts: How important is real-time data?

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Actionable Data is Better than Big Data (And Learning Trumps Both)


At last year’s ASAE Technology Conference there was a lot of discussion of “big data.” ” I remember at the time that Elizabeth Engel was overheard on Twitter saying something to the effect of “Before associations get too into big data, they might want to get their arms around the little data they already have.” Humanize Useful Data

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How to Use Data to Tell a Stronger Story

Convince & Convert

Stats, facts, and figures—we all love data, and it certainly helps make content all the more powerful. Data, when used properly, makes an argument more compelling, underscores a position, and adds relevancy and authenticity to a story. How do you balance data, design, and messaging to tell a stronger story? These all make your data relevant and concrete. Whether

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IMPORTANT PLEASE SHARE: 5 Minute Social Media and Leadership Survey


This is a quick and dirty survey that will only take you five minutes – we greatly appreciate everyone’s particpation. Also – please SAVE THE DATE of October 16 , when we will be hosting a Humanize event in Downtown DC where we will share the results of this survey and an analysis of the implications for business. Featured Humanize Useful Data

2016 State of Community Management Survey – We need YOU


The Community Roundtable have launched their annual State of Community Management research survey. Improve your strategic perspective:  Upon completing the survey, you will automatically receive your maturity score by the eight competencies in the Community Maturity Model which will help you understand your program’s biggest strengths and weaknesses. START THE SURVEY HERE.

Social Media is Changing Leadership [DATA]


We surveyed 505 individuals about social media and leadership, as part of ongoing research related to the concepts in our book Humanize: How People-centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World. GET THE SURVEY RESULTS REPORT HERE.   The report is free. GET THE SURVEY RESULTS REPORT HERE. Debunking the Hype Featured Humanize Useful Data

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Survey of 100 Inbound Marketers: 73% Say Their #1 Blog Metric Is…

Writtent Blog

According to the survey results, most inbound marketers not only create content, but they do so every week. For example, according to the results of a 2015 survey by Gleanster Research, collaborating with Kapost, only 3% responded that content marketing was a future priority and 8% responded that it was a low priority. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this survey. Thank you!

Show 487 - Using Mobile Surveys for Customer Insights

Engaging Brand

Anna Farmery  talks to Mark Penson, CMO of Survey Anyplace , an expert in using mobile surveys to get real-time customer feedback. Are mobile surveys right for you? You can read more about Mark''s ideas on Using Mobile Surveys to Gain Customer Insights in this Engaging Brand post. Is emotion stronger at the point of purchase and should market research adjust their market research data to recognise that? The importance of providing a customer incentive to fill out a customer survey. Are mobile surveys only valuable in real time? We discuss.

The 2013 State of Community Management Survey


little bit about the focus of this year’s research, from the Community Roundtable’s call for survey participants (bold mine): Many of TheCR Network members and the organizations we work with struggle with some of the following questions: What is the benefit of a community strategy? From the Trenches Useful DataWhat difference does community management make?

Please Take My 2014 Reader Survey

Justin Levy

The survey is anonymous. The survey is easy to fill out. After I have compiled the data, I’ll share the results with you in a blog post. Thank you to Michael Hyatt for the survey suggestion. took some questions and re-purposed others from his and Mike Vardy’s annual surveys. The post Please Take My 2014 Reader Survey appeared first on Justin Levy.

In-House Counsel Use of Social Media Survey: An Interview With Greentarget’s John Corey

Myrland Marketing

The long-anticipated 2013 In-House Counsel Use of Social Media Survey conducted by Inside Counsel , Greentarget and Zeughauser Group was released today. In another blog post today, titled  Summarized: The 2013 New Media Engagement Survey , I provided a quick overview of the survey. Lee Pacchia : “This is the 3rd year for this survey. WHAT IS AN INVISIBLE USER?

How to Uncover Meaningful Social Data

Convince & Convert

Call it the Analytics Effect: People get so hooked on cheap-and-abundant data from sources like Google Analytics that they ignore useful data from other sources. To be clear, I have no illusions that analytics data is actually cheap or easy to capitalize on. social media ROI big data Social Media Marketing social media measurement tom mangan Image via

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The Moneyball Effect: Using Your Data


They invited a group of association execs and consultants to Nationals Park in DC to have a discussion about using data to make better decisions, and then watch the Nats play baseball (and they won!). At one level, I think it is a wakeup call for associations regarding how they use their data. As technology advances, associations are now becoming flooded with data. Humanize

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All Polls and Surveys Are Not Equal

Geoff Livingston

In Washington, polls and surveys drive policy decisions, particularly around campaign season. However, several online polls and surveys last week did produce highly questionable results, and in once case, was outed as a hoax tarnishing the Microsoft Explorer brand. The quality and value of their data is another story. Image by renaissancechambara. Indeed, they are. Facebook.&#.

The 7-Step, Data-Driven Way to Get More Traffic

Convince & Convert

So I researched the heck out of the topic to really understand the best seven-step, data-driven formula to create consistent content and set up a social media schedule that will help you reach your goals. Survey your readers to get their input. Use Data from Your Content Foundation to Plan a Better Blog Schedule. Content is data. Enjoy! Step 1. Easy, right? Step 2.

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Survey says… People do pay for online content!


Useful Data datalicious‘Nuff said, really.   The question is, what of your stuff is good enough to pay for? Buying and selling e-content. View more presentations from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

Show Your Fundraising Data TODAY and help other Nonprofits!


Join the Growing Nonprofit Community Benefiting From Specialized Fundraising Data. Get ready to give your data. The Individual Donor Benchmark Survey is back! Now is the time to be part of a growing grassroots movement to empower small and medium nonprofits to benefit from fundraisi ng data tailored to you. Click here to get counted in for this year’s IDB Survey!

Update Your Segmentation Model With Social Data Before It’s Too Late

Adam Cohen

Traditional customer segmentation models typically look at some combination of behavioral, attitudinal and demographic data. These models are built through survey data and can be the backbone of a sophisticated, integrated marketing program to identify, engage and activate those segments. Attention digital marketers: It’s time. This represents 31% of all seniors.

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[DATA] Social Business Benchmarking Report


I’m a member of the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) and they have just posted preliminary results of the Social Business Benchmarking Survey, conducted with the Leaders Network run by Vanessa DiMauro, whom you may know as a fellow contributor with me on Social Business News. The survey is ongoing, you can complete it here. Useful Data ” (My bold.).

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Social Media Data: Time to Embrace it

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Well that day was yesterday for many of the folks at Pivotcon where I debuted a presentation on the 12 Ways to Monitize Social Media which documents many approaches to ROI in social media more importantly half of them are ways to use social data to get a great return. 2011 MarketingSherpa study confirmed this with 62% of CMO’s believing that social media will pay off for them … eventually.

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MUST READ new Pew survey about groups on the internet


There is a brand new Pew Internet Research survey out called The Social Side of the Internet which is all about the impact of the internet on GROUP-FORMING. There’s lots of data in here about internet users joining groups, including associations. Featured Useful Data dataliciousSee what you think. Check out the report here.

What Social Data can Teach You about Audiences

Buzz Marketing for Technology

assumed that the top result, ESPN’s 2011 NCAA Football Rankings , would be the perfect match for our search, until I looked at the data. High-level survey data (like the data from the AP, USA Today and ESPN) can lead you in the wrong direction if your target is Millennials, Moms, or Consumer Tech buyers! Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

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9 Data-Driven Blog Writing Tips

Writtent Blog

We’ve surveyed the latest research and studies to provide you with the very best. Humanize Your Data. Better marketers use data to back up their claims. Research shows that people are more likely to take action based on data when it’s directly applied to them. Are you a self-proclaimed data nerd? Terrible marketers convey their thoughts. ” 2.

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It’s that time again: The Third Annual Association Content Marketing Readiness Survey


From contextual content to integrated behavioral data, there’s a lot evolving in the fluid landscape of information sharing. And, for the past two years the Association Content Marketing Readiness survey has looked into how they were doing with their content strategy. What will the 2014 survey results reveal about your work in the past year? Take the 5-minute survey here.

Companies Are Data-Rich and Insight-Poor [Report]


Today’s consumers share tremendous amounts of data about themselves through social channels. The amount of customer data can be overwhelming, and some companies therefore fail to turn the data into useful information and insight. In fact, 39% said they rarely or never customize their messaging by channel based on data insights. Real-time data collection a challenge.

The State of Social Media Marketing 2012 [DATA]


Surveying 469 marketers from a variety of industries, expertise and verticals, the report looks at how businesses are using social media (or not), the key pain points, and where businesses are heading in 2013. Featured Useful DataThis great summary by Danny Brown was first posted on his blog here. He kindly agreed to let me repost it in its entirety. Thanks, Danny! Scary stuff.

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What New Data Tells Us About Blog Advertising

Convince & Convert

Our recent market research study identified and analyzed all sponsored content from the top 100 lifestyle bloggers, discovering new data finds and trends about blog advertising. Here are the major takeaways from this new market data, complete with an infographic breakdown. The blogging space has grown to be a major part of online publishing with a huge following and audience.

9 Data-Driven Tips for Using Images in Blog Posts

Writtent Blog

Here are some data-driven, scientific ways to boost your visual content game: 1. In fact, the average among the 100 most popular blogs in a  survey by Blog Pros was really high. These types of infographics are especially popular if you’re showcasing original data from your research. These types of informative, data-packed visual content are still definitely in.

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10 Cheap Survey Tools for Bloggers Who Want Answers


And the best to do that is with a survey. How can surveys help you? This will help you create surveys, but it won’t help you get to those breakthrough insights that will turn your posts into reader magnets. To do that you need to know information like this: Demographics: A survey will tell you who’s reading your blog. Content: A survey will tell you what kinds of content your readers like. Products: A survey will also tell you what kinds of products your readers may be interested in. Top survey tools. WP Survey and Quiz Tool.

Video + Survey: Measuring and Defining Earned Media in a Mobile-First Digital World

Talkwalker SM

In a joint initiative, Talkwalker and D S Simon have released an in-demand survey and an in-depth video that will reveal best-in-class insight into how PR and communications teams are working to earn media and the tools and analytics they’re using to measure results. Budgets are growing fast for these innovative tactics, and marketers are beginning to see strong returns.  Key Quotes.

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Study: The Global Social Media Check-Up 2012


Tweet Burson-Marsteller has conducted a survey examining the social media activity of the world’s 100 biggest companies – the Fortune Global 100 companies. Facebook placed third in the survey. See all the survey findings here: Burson-Marsteller Global Social Media Check-Up 2012 from Burson-Marsteller. In this blog post I put focus the findings related to Twitter and Facebook.

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What Motivates People to Share on Facebook? (Infographics)

SocialTimes Facebook

Content marketing agency Fractl surveyed more than 2,000 Facebook users to uncover the motivation behind their sharing habits. 48 percent of respondents to the Fractl survey said they shared content to entertain their friends, while 17 percent shared to express themselves on issues they cared about. Facebook Infographics Alexey Boldin Fractl friends Issues men Politics surveys women

Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing

Invest in Data Measuring the impact of social media campaigns is systemically different from that of traditional marketing campaigns. While data is abundant, it is by nature unstructured. link] Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing « Manish Mandhyan's Blog [.] Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing – Mashable [.]

The Dog Bowl of Big Data

Geoff Livingston

Big data continues to confound the average marketer. The issue surrounds comprehending the data that matters. Big data has no value unless you can mine information sets to achieve better business outcomes. Which data sets make for richer relationships with prospects and customers? Marketing Big Data bowl customer database dog kpi return Vocus

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The Data-Backed Guide to Event Marketing on Social Media: How to Get People Talking About Your Event

Buffer Social

There was a lot of additional data and takeaways from this study, all of which we’ll be thrilled to share below. The data, originally researched through July 2014, still feels quite valid and accurate given what we’re noticing today with social media events; our current research and monitoring shows the same strategies and topics dominating the conversation. You can do it!

Survey: Twitter Less than 1% of Traffic to Newspapers and.

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Survey: Twitter Less than 1% of Traffic to Newspapers and Magazines; Facebook 1% by Adam Sherk on March 2, 2010 For my presentation on Twitter Marketing Tactics at SMX West this week I wanted to get a sense of just how much traffic Twitter is driving to major news sites. The highs for Facebook and Digg were 2% and 7.2%

Only 17% Of Businesses Measure Social Media ROI; 12% Have A Realtime Analytics Solution

The Realtime Report

Two-thirds of business managers agree that it is “important” or “very important” for their business to “analyze and glean insight from large data sets from social interactions happening in real time.” ” But the majority (53%) say they don’t know when they will be investing in solutions that support big data analytics.

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