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Social Business + Big Data = Business intelligence


quintillion bytes of data. To put it into perspective, we have produced more than 90% of all online data that exists in the world today within these past two years. Combined, this online data equals Big Data. Being Being exceeding interested in the talk of Big Data, I’ve recently been inspired by the research and development of Big Data related software and applications.

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Web CEO SEO Software Platform Review


Any successful SEO strategy requires a good deal of time on-page optimization, keyword research and other similar endeavors. And this is impossible to do on your own manually without SEO software… unless you have too much time on your hands. Web CEO is a search engine optimization software that has a lot of great features. Reviewing Your Data. That’s about it!

Web Presence Optimization Software Review: gShift Labs

Webbiquity SMM

gShift Labs is the first (at least that I’m aware of ) integrated software package for managing web presence optimization (WPO). What sets this software apart is its approach as much as its functionality; the people behind gShift understand that SEO, online PR, social media, PPC advertising and other tactics are each pieces of the larger web presence puzzle. Features. Pricing.

6 Strategies for Increasing Fan Engagement on Facebook (Wildfire Research)

The Realtime Report

Brand advocates — people who share content that results in a new person engaging with a campaign – generate an average of 14 earned media impressions each, according to research released today by Wildfire, the social media marketing software company recently acquired by Google. On average, only 17% of fans share a brand’s campaign with friends and family.

Why Data Driven Content Fails Alone

Geoff Livingston

Worse, the new account-based marketing trend — which is just hyper-targeted data-driven content marketing — focuses on precision provided by analytics, but not the technique used to create niche content. In many ways, trends like social media tools and data analysis provide new powers for marketing, much like an electric drill works better than a hand crank. Stories.

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The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research

Viper Chill

This is known by many as Keyword Research. It is this keyword research that has allowed me to get 981,000 unique organic search visitors to a 3 month old website, grow blogs faster than I ever thought was possible and – more than anything – allowed me to be free from a boss and the 9-5 grind. I say this because I want you to understand how important keyword research actually is.

SEO Software Tool Review: Colibri

Bill Hartzer

Having one location where you can access all of your data at one time would be much more useful, and effective, and essentially that is what Colibri works to do. At the present time, you can try this online research tool free for 7 days without having to choose a specific plan. Under each keyword there is a link marked “details” and “research”. Getting started is rather easy.

Business Travelers Increasingly Vulnerable To Data Theft

The Realtime Report

Business Travelers Increasingly Vulnerable To Data Theft. As a consequence, away from the office environment, there is greater data vulnerability. While technical defenses remain critical, appropriate training, planning, preparedness and vigilance can make a real difference in thwarting a potential data compromise.”. Top tips to help protect your data while on the move: 1.

New Research: Do Pictures of People Increase Facebook Engagement?

Convince & Convert

At Taggs, we decided to bring data to help settle the debate – Do people pictured in brand images help or hurt Facebook engagement? We used Taggs’ visual content marketing software to index 3,656 brand images published on Facebook since the start of the year. We dove a little deeper into the data and broke out our analysis by post likes, shares, and comments to shed more light on these results. The Research Methods Behind the Madness. Using the Taggs’ visual content marketing software , we analyzes 3,656 Facebook image posts from fourteen different brand pages.

Why Data May Be Steering You Into the Rocks

Convince & Convert

Yes, big data is all the rage and incredibly powerful. But… Data and insight are not the same things. Thirst for machined data can cause you to treat customer needs with LESS humanity and understanding, not more. Research told us this, and it was interesting information that we used when purchasing different forms of media to communicate to that segment of the population.

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22 Social Media Marketing Management Software & Services Reviewed - Online Marketing Blog

Over the past 6-9 months, I’ve been researching and reviewing a variety of social media management tools that help with everything from source network connections to campaign & social content management to monitoring & measurement. Provides social media audience research, acquisition, content promotion and measurement tools. Social Media Marketing is no different.

New Research Finds the Curation vs Creation Sweet Spot

Convince & Convert

This creation-vs-curation paradox inspired me to look for some answers in the data. The data behind this analysis comes from a sample of customers’ activity on Argyle Social, a social media marketing software provider. It’s clear from the data that companies in the Balanced category achieve the best results overall. It’s just awkward. Also: we’re hiring! ).

This is Why Your Customers Ignore Your Emails

Spin Sucks

Some email marketing software, such as Mailchimp , can recommend when it’s best for your emails to send, based on historical data of your lists. Email Marketing Marketing email marketing research email marketing stats email software MailchimpBy Stefanie Daneau. So why are so many companies struggling to gain consistent conversion and engagement rates with email?

Data Mining: The Ultimate Guide to Niche Analysis

Viper Chill

What your competitors are doing, how they’re making money and how they’re getting traffic are just a few things that you can discover with some in-depth niche research. 22 Resources for Data-Mining Your Industry. As interesting as that may be, I don’t personally have a use for the service any more other than for content inspiration and overall niche research.

The Fifteen Classes of the Social Business Software Suite (Q4, 2010)

Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang Home About Speaking Research Media Contact Subscribe via RSS Connect with Jeremiah: twitter friendfeed linkedin flickr technorati Connect with Jeremiah on twitter A few years ago, critics said Blogging was a fad. The social software space has ballooned into a disparate set of technologies, data types, and over 1000 vendors confusing buyers.

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Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing

Invest in Data Measuring the impact of social media campaigns is systemically different from that of traditional marketing campaigns. While data is abundant, it is by nature unstructured. link] Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing « Manish Mandhyan's Blog [.] Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing – Mashable [.]

Are You Ready to Listen Differently in Social Media?

Convince & Convert

Online customer service software company Conversocial partnered with New York University on research that found that more than one-third of all tweets to companies were about customer service issues, but that only three percent incorporated the company‘s Twitter username with the @ symbol. Location-based Market Research. Image via Crazy!”

28 Indispensable Research Reports and Marketing Case Studies for #SmallBiz Strategy

Writtent Blog

Ongoing education is critical, which is why we’ve compiled 28 of the brightest and most-inspiring research reports and case studies to hit the web in the recent months. Trust us, you’ll be unstoppable: Research Reports. 1. While PTC, a software company with over 5,000 companies, wasn’t exactly small, they faced a number of challenges all too familiar to SMB CEOs.

How To Fix Your Marketing Blind Spot

Convince & Convert

Note: I addressed this topic recently in a virtual session for GroupHigh , excellent influencer identification software that we use at Convince & Convert. More than ever before, marketers have access to data. Big data. Small data. image from Marketers think they’ve seen it all, but they are usually blind to what customers really need. Slides below.

Big data: seeing the forest and the trees

Sherrilynne Starkie

You can see the forest and the trees in big data, according to Nora Young , the Canadian author and the host of CBC Radio One’s Spark, in her opening keynote at last week’s Fireworks Factory conference held on Galiano Island, British Columbia. Her topic was “Big data as a new information ecosystem.”. Harvard calls big data the sexiest job of the 21 st Century.

What do you think about your community platform?


But where do community managers go when they’re getting ready to spend $10,000 or more per year for on-domain community software? Across the world, right now, thousands of community managers are about to decide which platform is best for their organization, but there’s no single source of honest community platform reviews, from real community managers, for them to research peer reviews.

Social Media Marketing Has a Major Influence on Moms’ Buying


Data from a new study by Child’s Play Communications, specialists in connecting companies with moms, shows that moms are increasingly using social networks to research products. Social Media Computing Embrace Social Media Facebook Marketing Marketing To Moms Media Marketing Media Platform Photo Sharing Pinterest Purchase Decision Social media marketing Social Media Platform Software Trust Social Using Social MediaWant to market to socially-savvy moms? 92% of them buy products based on social media recommendations.

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How to Guarantee Your Editorial Calendar Works

Convince & Convert

Most content fails, and the cost of that failure is real. I did some research and estimated that the cost to produce a blog post is approximately $900 (your costs may vary). There’s no point investing in software to help you craft more blog hits, unless that software actually helps do just that. Image via Today, it’s all about the hit singles.

36 Sensational Social Media Stats and Facts

Webbiquity SMM

Here are five key takeaways from the research below. Your customers will share your content too—but only if it’s the kind of content that meets their idea research needs, not just marketing fluff. Real estate has (by far) the lowest level of engagement (one “share” for every 19 social posts), followed by marketing services and software/tech. Think small.

Show 362 - IBM Research on Marketing and Social Media

Engaging Brand

Elaine Fletcher of IBM joins Anna Farmery to talk about their fascinating global research called From Stretched to Strengthened. Why and how people analyse data but don't track what the consumer is saying about them on blogs, review sites etc. How filtering of data could be a business opportunity. Elaine Fletcher of IBM joins Anna Farmery to talk about their fascinating global research called From Stretched to Strengthened. Show 362 of  The Engaging Brand leadership and marketing podcast  is live  just for  you talking about social media and marketing. We discuss.

Comparing 21 social media marketing tools [Chart]


According to the latest research  by TrustRadius, buyers of social media management tools are looking for eight core functionalities: Community management. on social media management software. The Buyers guide is based on the analysis of 400+ in-depth reviews and thousands of insights from real software users. Useful Data Publishing. Campaigns & promotions.

Social Pros 7 – Cindy Kim, JDA Software

Convince & Convert

This episode features Cindy Kim , the Director of Marketing and Social Media for JDA Software. Huge thanks to data-driven social media management software company  Argyle Social for their presenting sponsorship, as well as Infusionsoft and Jim Kukral at DigitalBookLaunch. good friend Cindy Kim , Head of Social Media for JDA Software. And Tom is a self-admitted data snob.

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There Is No Salvation for the ‘Facebook Expert’

SocialTimes Facebook

Some people even pretended to build software that mapped Google keywords to Facebook interests. That’s also why you don’t see any legitimate keyword, audience research or competitive tools  for Facebook. Back to the consultants and software companies, which had raised funding from venture-capital firms which themselves hadn’t used Facebook.

The Surprising Places Marketers Plan to Increase Budgets in 2014

Convince & Convert

Called 2014 State of Marketing , insights from over 2,500 global marketers , the report is full of data about marketers’ outlook and plans for the coming year. It’s no wonder then that the number one category of increase in marketing budgets in 2014 is “Data and Analytics” with 61% of responding marketers planning to boost budgets there. How You can’t.

Writing Around the Web – Keyword Research, Google+, and Google Analytics


What Your Analytics Software is Hiding From You – There are many reasons for confusing and missing data in Google Analytics. Here are just a few examples of the areas from which you might be getting conflicting data and the reasons why. Guide To Keyword Research – Part I: Keyword Discovery – Various methods and tools for keyword research plus how to organize your information. Part III: 40 Top Keyword Research Posts of 2011 – 40 of the top posts on keyword research tools, strategies, and optimization. Analytics. Business.

The Future of Social Media (And How to Prepare For It): The State of Social Media 2016 Report

Buffer Social

At Buffer, we’re always eager to dig up new research into social media marketing — things like how marketers are using social media and what they’re excited about heading into 2017. To better understand how social media marketing is changing, we collected data from over 1,200 marketers to create the State of Social Media 2016 report. – About the data. Research

Media Fragmentation: 3 Strategies For How Business Marketers Can Keep Up

The Realtime Report

This is a guest post written by Lisa Smith, Director of Media and Markets Research/Mindwave Research. Maybe you remember when media research was just about capturing TV viewership and print readership? Shifting the B2B Media Research Model. Will content and access methods continue to fragment further, creating additional challenges for media research?

106 More Amazing Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 and 2015

Webbiquity SMM

76% of marketers say they need to be more data-focused to succeed, and 74% agree that “capturing and applying data to inform and drive marketing activities is the new reality.” ” Yet only 39% report using customer data and behavior patterns to shape marketing strategy in the past year. Or have too many social media marketing statistics.” 68% of U.S.

What Does a Public Relations Career Look Like?

Spin Sucks

Bureau of Labor Statistics data analyzed by the Pew Research Center. Can you actually dig in and use the reporting software? Communication PR getting started in PR journalism and PR pew research center PR jobs prnewser public relatons careers public relatons industrydidn’t think I had time. Not a smart move. But, at that time, there were good journalism jobs available.

What Are Social Businesses Really Doing?


MIT’s Sloan Management Review paired up with Deloitte to do a research project around social business earlier this year. About half say social software matters now, but 86% say it’s going to matter in three years. Metrics are way behind (the most common answer to “how do you measure social software use?” Featured Humanize Industry Insider Useful Data

The 5 Key 2016 Podcast Statistics

Convince & Convert

My good friends at Edison Research handled the data gathering for my new book, Hug Your Haters , and we discovered that customer service is being massively disrupted. Now the Edison team is back with a new edition of their annual Infinite Dial research (they partner with Triton on it) and they’ve found another disruptive force… podcasting. highlight to tweet).

Future of Social Media Report with Jason Keath CEO of Social Fresh

Pam Moore

Most popular social media software platforms? He partnered with Simply Measured and Firebrand Group to develop “ The Future of Social Media ” research report.  It digs deep into how brand and marketing leaders are utilizing social media today and how they plan to embrace the new technologies and opportunities in the future. Most popular social media software.

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The Year Of Mobile? Sounds Like The Month Of The Smartphone

Twist Image

To date there has been a lot of research to negate both my personal enthusiasm and the data that Flurry (and others) are enthusiastically bringing forward. Data plans are starting to become more reasonable. The price of data plans are being built into the family cost structure (according to the MediaPost article). It's about data. It wasn't too long ago that mobile carriers didn't care about data. According to the MediaPost article, " Cisco predicted today that mobile data use worldwide is poised to grow 21x by 2015." data plan.

What Do We Need to Teach About Knowledge Work? | Computer Writing and Research Lab

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Computer Writing and Research Lab. in which individuals characterize parts of a large data set for their own use. Writing the learning organization: A framework for teaching and research. Bibliography Software. Computer Writing and Research Lab, The University of Texas at Austin. Main home page for Computer Writing and Research Lab. Now reading the header.

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Six Amazing Stats From Blackbaud’s 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Report


Whether or not you use Blackbaud’s software, one thing you’ve got to respect is their commitment to researching what online fundraising strategies work best for nonprofits. Useful DataThis post originally appeared on Average Facebook and Twitter communities grew by 30% and 81%, respectively. Average value of a Facebook Like is $214.81