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    [Data, Research] This Week in Social Media - 3/19/2013
    The Pew Research Center has released its report Teens and Technology 2013. Some of the findings include the following: 78% of teens have a cell phone 74% of teens access the internet on mobile devices (phones & tablets) One in four teens are "cell-mostly" Internet users Big data continues to be in the news. IBM is now offering a new Customer Experience Lab that is designed to harness big data for C-level executives to help craft business strategies based on insights. These are those links. The summary? Follow the money.and the audience. Content is no longer king.
    [Data, Research] Growth Hacking: How to Know Who Has Viewed Your Facebook Profile
    The same can be done for the friends of a profile, the attendees of an event, members of a group, and many more "groups" of people if you know what you''re doing - do some research of what data is available ( I have a book that can help ), if you want to dive deeper. I shared earlier a method I came up with that allows you to target the subscribers (now called just "followers") of a public profile on Facebook (you know, the profiles with the "follow" button like mine at - not to be confused with a business page). Let me share how. Have another good use of this?
    [Data, Research] Social Media Adoption and The Stages of Grief
    Try these tricks on for size: Back it up: Illustrate practical examples of s ocial media in action for business , and highlight some of the rich data and research emerging about its use and adoption. For businesses embarking upon pivotal and difficult foundational change (like this whol e social-media-integration-into-business thing ), there are distinct stages that very closely resemble the traditional “stages of grief&# we’ve come to know around loss in our personal lives. Here’s a bit about what I mean. Phase 1 – Denial: This isn’t happening!
    [Data, Research] Only Fools Rush In… Always Create a Strategy for your Business’ Social Media Presence
    It doesn’t even have to be too in depth or follow a set structure, but undertaking some research and charting findings alongside aims allows everyone involved to work towards a common goal with a clear idea of how to get there. The truth is that there are a wide range of social networks which could offer a valid way for your company to communicate with its audience and it’s definitely worth doing some research into other platforms and discover the ones your customers like to use. However, the widespread use of social media platforms has presented an attractive solution.
    [Data, Research] How to Make Google Look Stupid (And Why I Love the NSA)
    So, feel free to do your own research. Recently, I noticed a number of bloggers quoting the following graph: I don’t know why it suddenly became popular, since it’s a year old, but at first glance the data is pretty clear: Sites / pages with more content are ranking higher than those with less content. reached out to the ViperChill audience to give me some niche ideas and off I went: Sorry to disappoint the guys over at BlackhatWorld who said I was using this data for ‘blackhat experiments’; whatever that could entail. Aaaah my bad. Keep reading.
    [Data, Research] 44% of Google News Visitors Don’t Click Through
    Marketing Pilgrim home about advertise jobs books archives consulting contact all stories display reputation social search video more Advice Affiliate Blogging Direct General Legal M&A local/mobile Pilgrim News Research Rumors Shopping Engines Subscribe: « Older Entry Newer Entry » By Jordan McCollum on January 19, 2010 44% of Google News Visitors Don’t Click Through 15 The third annual News Users report from research firm Outsell has some interesting findings. Will this US data help out the German newspaper publishers’ case? Robots.txt.
    [Data, Research] Google Social Search: Are You in Your Target Audiences' Social.
    The Most Popular NFL Teams on Twitter and Facebook: 2010 Season Pew Research News Survey: Findings on Search Engines, Social Networks and Twitter Why the News Business Isn’t Profitable Categories Public Relations Publishing SEO Social Media Popular Posts The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement? Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Google Social Search: Are You in Your Target Audiences’ Social Circles? The same goes for the sites and blogs you follow via Google Reader.
    [Data, Research] Why the News Business Isn't Profitable
    Related posts: 10 Quotes on the Apple iPad and the Business of News Search Marketing Dwarfs Social Media in Interactive Marketing Budgets Video Interview: Rupert Murdoch Doesn’t Like Search So Much Pew Research News Survey: Findings on Search Engines, Social Networks and Twitter Pro PR Tips: 100 PR Tips from Rafe Needleman Published as a Book Leave a Comment Subscribe (1-2 posts per week) Connect with Me Recent Posts Which News Sites Get the Most Social Media Engagement? – Adam The traditional news business, as we have known it, is dead. OK, maybe not dead. Look at AOL.
    [Data, Research] SquareSpace vs Wix (and Everyone Else): When Paid Links Work
    Search Metrics, another tool that compares similar data, does not show such a big increase but my account is limited to looking at data for 6 months so I can’t see their growth over a long period of time. After doing a lot of research for this post (I found a lot of smaller sites ranking well I promised not to cover) I’ll probably contact some relevant sites in some industries to see if they have links for sale. It still amazes me when SEO blogs blindly tout advice we’ve all heard before. Surely it’s not still working, right? How are they doing it?
    [Data, Research] Content Promotion Strategy: 23 Proven Ways to Explode Website Traffic
    While best practices indicate that the majority of engagement occurs during the day, it’s critical to do your own research on the best times for content promotion. Not all data will inform, but Douglas Karr writes that the following measures can allow you to reach your tipping point: Keep a Close Eye on Real-Time Market Mood to Identify Content Promotion Opportunities. Market Research: Would you try a Peppermint Cappuccino? Patel’s research at QuickSprout and KissMetrics has found that email is the single most-effective channel for getting readers to return to your website.
    [Data, Research] 3 New Ways To Think About Amazon, YouTube And LinkedIn
    YouTube Is Where Shoppers Do Research. This data point still surprises many people who see YouTube as a simple online video platform. online research. Are you experiencing any digital marketing fatigue? Thinking about what''s coming next? Curious about what is around the corner? Just this week, three interesting news items emerged that demonstrate some big shifts in three of the major online social channels. Amazon Adds Ability to Buy Goods From Within Mobile Apps. Buying virtual goods in-app is nothing new, but buying physical goods in-app? Forget Amazon. adweek. amazon.
    [Data, Research] Does QR stand for Quasi-Ridiculous? (an analysis)
    according to new research by my client ExactTarget), many of your potential customers have the capacity to interact with your QR code. That’s commendable, as we all know that EVERY data point you request has a negative impact on your conversion rate. I understand QR codes are the new “it&# thing, the Taylor Lautner of calls-to-action. And indeed, given the increasing ubiquity of smart phones ( 41% in the U.S. But whether they will or not isn’t about technology adoption, it’s about design, relevance, ease-of-use, and suitability of purpose. Design. Whaaa?
    [Data, Research] 9 Problems Keeping Your Online Community from Being Great
    solution:  Do some competitive research. To read more about studies related to online communities, including the inspiration for this post – check out  The Virtual Community Blog , which has wonderful (though, dense) blog posts about the structure of communities, and the links to a wealth of research. I’m not one for lengthy introductions, the title of the post brought you here, so let’s dive in. Below are the aforementioned 5 problems, and I’ve attempted to provide a solution to help you remedy the problems. You don’t have passionate core members.
    [Data, Research] 101 Online Video Stats to Make Your Eyes Glaze Over
    Roughly 66% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2014. million words according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research How is online video changing the industry of business? T here’s a pretty good chance you just finished watching one before you arrived here. And after seeing how long this post is, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll abandon this in a few seconds to watch a video online instead. But, don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the only one. Just how prevalent is it? Internet audience viewed a video online. By 2013, 90% of Internet traffic will be video.
    [Data, Research] 5 Ways to Find Out What People Really Want From Your Blog
    While point 1 and 2 refer to the “ask the readers what they want” part, points 3 to 5 handle the more technical aspect of the user vs. content research, that is letting the data speak about what topics you should cover. 3. Keyword research. Get to know what is trending by doing some keyword research on Google, as well as on your blog. As of the free tools that can help you do the research, you may want to try out Google Trends , the already popular Google Analytics and your blog’s stats. small businesses that run blogs increase their leads number by 126%.
    [Data, Research] How to Become a Niche Rockstar: The Guide
    recent comment that made me smile was on a Wired article showing how MIT researchers had invented a single drug that could cure most diseases. also know that people in this niche don’t comment on some blogs very often, but there are ways to get some community activity: I’ll save the contents of that post for those in the Green space who want to do a little research ;]. Another job of this market research is to identify gaps that others may have overlooked. There are always going to be fewer influencers than there are people to be influenced. Stay Hungry.
  • DIGIGEN  |  TUESDAY, MAY 4, 2010
    [Data, Research] Twitter Launches New Embed Feature
    Nevertheless, I thought I would write about both today and with Twitter’s launch of their new embeddable tweets they are going to get a quick note here too. Embeddable features have always been a useful addition to YouTube videos, enabling the dynamic spread of great videos across blogs or other websites. However, Twitter has always had the problem, or we have always had the problem with Twitter, that we need to copy and paste or screenshot a page, to get those valuable tweets which we want to talk about. This is great as it enables quick reference of tweets without any massive effort.
    [Data, Research] The DARPA Collaboration Experiment and What it Means for Your Organization
    In 2009, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which is a research arm of the U.S. Social media can be used as a valuable data source. Department of Defense, put forth an interesting challenge. They were going to place 10 red, anchored, 8 foot tall weather balloons across the United States and have teams compete to see who can identify the location of all ten balloons first; the winner gets $40,000…that’s it.  No other information was disclosed aside from the fact that somewhere in America there were 10 giant red balloons hovering somewhere.
    [Data, Research] Finding Influencers using CisionPoint – Attend our CisionPoint Webinar Tuesday, November 16th 2PM EST
    CisionPoint is a Media Database platform, enhanced by Radian6 data, yet  it’s not really a Social Media platform in the same way Radian6 is. You can then go back and research a particular publication and find influential authors/reporters at it with phone numbers and email addresses and any notes that a person at Cision may have made on how to pitch that person. Other wise, Cision white labeled Radian6 as Cision Social Media, but until May, the data in Radian6 stayed in R6, while now, it’s also in Cision and mixed in with the Media Database, when it makes sense.
    [Data, Research] The Social Media Resignation: Bright Idea or Digital Downfall
    While more extensive research shows that this particular incident was a hoax it is still a virtual advertisement to encourage people to try other types of mobile resignations. For example, a Pew Research Center analysis  reminds us that as of February 2014, young adults with just a high-school diploma earned 62 percent of the typical salary of college graduates.  A May 2013 New York Times  article notes that college graduates’ unemployment rate was 3.9% A current and popular social media fad is posting job resignations online. compared to 7.5% for the rest of the population. 
    [Data, Research] and the Power of The (Internet) Pulse
    Hubbard speaks to in his new book – that aggregated data, which Shareaholic provides, gives extremely valuable information about the habits and desires of online humanity – and does so in a way that surpasses other forms of research in it’s possibilities.   I won’t spoil reading the Pulse for you, my review is at least several days away, though I think Hubbard’s book is one of the best I read, and I last year I also bought his earlier book on How To Measure Anything , which I highly recommend reading (and maybe I’ll go back, finish it and review it as well).
    [Data, Research] 5 Tips for Posting Pulse Articles on LinkedIn
    Here are some suggestions based on research: 1) Social Validation Ratio. The LinkedIn Pulse algorithm uses as social validation ratio to determine how often it sources a member’s Pulse post, says data scientist Andy Foote. Brian Lang’s research confirms this observation. LinkedIn Pulse uses an algorithm to determine how it should source your post. It matches content to an industry professional’s interests. So if you are a healthcare provider, you won’t receive posts on accounting. The relative number of views doesn’t matter. But go further.
    [Data, Research] The Digigen Wordle
    However, here is a wordle about my shiny blog. quite like it, although I didn’t really think I referred to Bloggers that much so find it interesting that they are such a huge part of the wordle. To Wordle your own site click here. Dan on A New Focus on Social Business Strategy. Powered by WordPress and Hybrid
    [Data, Research] Top 10 Reputation Tracking Tools Worth Paying For
    The obvious groups would be in marketing research, public relations, advertising, and then executives, who will not only have to sign-off on this initiative, but are most concerned with how their corporate brand is being portrayed in the media (new/traditional). You get a collaborative dashboard, which provides you with insight into whose blogging about you and allows you to share this data within your company. Data is captured in real-time as discovered and delivered to dashboard analysis widgets. Dan Schawbel is the author of Me 2.0: You might want all three. thanks!
    [Data, Research] Tablets and Smartphones Account for One-Fourth of All Paid Clicks
    The quarterly report analyzes aggregated client data from various industries on paid search marketing trends across search engines and devices on a year-over-year (YoY—Q4 2011 to Q4 2012) and quarter-over-quarter (QoQ—Q3 2012 to Q4 2012) basis. To uncover key trends for the Q4 2012 State of Paid Search Report, The Search Agency extracted client data from search engine advertising tools. The research sample included advertisers who had 15 consecutive months of data with The Search Agency, and had an established and stable business model from Q4 2011 to Q4 2012.
    [Data, Research] Who are your curators?
    They focus in on a particular discipline and spend their lives researching, writing about, and (less and less) teaching it. – Jeff Joe Rominiecki March 8, 2010 at 1:09 pm One great (and really simple) example of how to turn content curation into a potential money maker is Harvard Business Review’s “Daily Stat.&# See [link] Every day, they quickly summarize an interesting piece of new research or data and link to it. It truly is about contextualization and, in our instance, making research available and digestible to a broad readership. Live Better.
    [Data, Research] 10 New Year's Resolutions (for you) for the Year 2015
    Protect yourself and your data from the bad guys. Use intelligent data to make yourself a better person. Use intelligent data to make your home a smarter one. Once you know to count your data with services like Fitbit, running your home without data is kind of dumb. Find out why you''d state yours, and see if a little research could make you update your story. A new year is a somewhat arbitrary point in time to mark change. But tradition has it that we do two things when the calendar turns from December to January. In 2011, we refinanced.
    [Data, Research] Tradesmen Take Note: Earnings by College Major Compared to Precision Machining
    Today, discussing salary comparisons, we have a guest post from Miles Free, Director of Technology and Industry Research for PMPA (Precision Machined Products Association). The college major earnings data was posted by Planet Money on the  NPR site. I’ve discussed this in previous posts how there are other options besides a 4-year college degree and the debt that comes with it when choosing a career path. Today, The machinist earnings are a low estimate, frankly, because many machinists are scheduled overtime. We were well served by our college degree, eventually.
    [Data, Research] The rise of social media and other key trends from Waitrose’s Food and Drink Report 2014
    Waitrose has poured over sales data, customer research and conducted expert interviews to examine consumer’s changing shopping behaviour in food and drink over the past year. Last week Waitrose launched its Food and Drink Report 2014. This is the second time the supermarket has released an annual review of consumer behaviour in relation to food and drink. Seven food trends emerged from this report: As consumers’ lives become busier, convenience shopping has become increasingly important. Consumers are becoming more adventurous. Consumers are becoming more health conscious.
    [Data, Research] An Early Look at News Media Twitter Lists: Not Much Traction
    The Most Popular NFL Teams on Twitter and Facebook: 2010 Season Pew Research News Survey: Findings on Search Engines, Social Networks and Twitter Why the News Business Isn’t Profitable Categories Public Relations Publishing SEO Social Media Popular Posts The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement? Looking at selection of Twitter accounts from 30 31 news sites, I checked the number of Lists that have been created and how many followers each has attracted to-date. To reporters’ sources?
    [Data, Research] Strategy Lessons: The Water Book
    This requires research to garner a basic knowledge of the marketplace dynamics and stakeholder motivations. By assessing this data, a strategist should see obvious paths towards attaining desired outcomes, and choose the one that is most likely to succeed with the resources at hand. This is no different than focus groups in advertising or public relations, market research studies prior to product marketing, or competitive research in all fields. The market landscape, current attitudes and opportunities should be revealed in research. Image by Steve Depolo.
    [Data, Research] The 5 Cs of Blogger Relations
    Q&As, Skype Sessions , product reviews, research findings, new data — these are all strong potential content options. prTini Collaboration, Integration, Social Good. Home About Heather Lets Work Together Need a speaker? Sep 17 The 5 Cs of Blogger Relations by Heather Whaling Logically, when a PR person sends a quality pitch to a blogger, the blogger will want to cover it, right? Ahh, if only it were that easy … The top bloggers receive hundreds of pitches a day. Even bloggers with less traffic to their site are still being pitched on a regular basis. giveaway?
    [Data, Research] Social Marketing Trends to Look For in 2012: Predictions from Top Marketers
    Robert Collins of Social Media Breakfast goes on to say that “social movements and programs will become more integrated within existing business processes and become the driving agent behind purpose-driven product innovation, lead generation, sales, R&D, customer service, market research, communications, brand development, company culture, and, yes, marketing”. We all wish we had a crystal ball we can consult whenever we need to peek into the future.  Here’s a peek into the biggest social marketing developments you need to prepare for this year.  Best of luck in 2012. Mike Lewis.
    [Data, Research] Top 4 Digital Priorities for Higher Ed CMOs
    According to new research from Formstack , 35% of universities currently have a Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO. CMOs who use digital tools are more data-minded in their marketing decisions. photo credit: matt.hintsa via cc. In this relatively new role, CMOs are changing how higher education approaches marketing. With the right digital priorities, CMOs can have a forward-thinking impact on higher ed marketing. Take a page out of the university CMO’s textbook with these 4 must-have digital priorities: 1. Strategic Marketing Plan. Total Brand Consistency.
    [Data, Research] Google Introduces Wireless Service Called Project Fi
    Traditional cellphone carriers like AT&T and Verizon charge customers upward of $100 a month for their services, including phone calls and mobile data. Google’s service will be $20 a month for basic voice and text service, along with a flat $10 per gigabyte of cellular data. Since it’s hard to predict your data usage, you’ll get credit for the full value of your unused data,” according to the blog post. The New York Times – Now you can  Google  a phone call. For now, Project Fi could be considered an experiment. Thumbail from Shutterstock. Socialnomics
    [Data, Research] Language Translation and Social Media
    Anecdotal evidence suggests that the number of web users aged 40 and above who use social media is growing constantly, and research backs this up – a 2009 survey by shows that 22% of registered users of Facebook were aged between 35 and 65, with the fastest growing demographic being women over 55. If you’re a business that’s just starting out then chances are you’re not going to have a particularly large budget for your marketing and public relations efforts. Thanks to the wonders of Web 2.0, Furthermore, with social media you can get directly to your target market.
    [Data, Research] Statistics Show Social Media Is Bigger Than You Think
    Source: Twitter & World Population Data. Calculated based of Wikipedia article data found at Source: Universal McCann’s Social Media Research Wave 3. Source: Solutions Research Group. by Erik Qualman. Is Social Media a Fad or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?  Welcome to the Social Media Revolution: Stats from Video (sources listed below by corresponding #). By 2010 Gen Y will outnumber Baby Boomers… 96% of them have joined a social network. last year met via social media. There are over 200,000,000 Blogs. More than 1.5
    [Data, Research] A Look at Muck Rack's Twitter Press Release Service, 51 Releases Later
    search to get click data on each of those shortened URLs. reports from its search page are not very complete or accurate (you get better data on URLs you’ve personally shortened in your history when signed into search did have data on the URL in the most recent Muck Rack press release, reporting 65 clicks: That doesn’t measure up to the hundreds or thousands of clicks that popular content often gets via Twitter, but press releases are in a different category. So I’ve been curious to see how their Twitter press release service would do. URLs in Muck Rack releases.
    [Data, Research] Working at a Big Company Doesn’t Give You the Job Security You Think it Does
    These cuts are made by people in the finance department who are looking at balance sheets and data, not at people; in fact many call this “trimming the fat.” Research shows that by the year 2027, 75% of the companies on the S&P 500 will be replaced. The assumption of working for a large established company has always been that there would job security. You should always take a job at a big strong company because at least you know will be there for a while,” is what people used to say. In fact, many people today still believe this. Where’s the job security at these companies?
    [Data, Research] Tweet Spinner Review: A Powerful Application to Manage Your Tweets
    Personally, I think something along the lines of an exportable data set would be excellent, but I’m a digital pack rat. Based on this data, you might opt to prune followers. Even if you’re a small company, the keyword following options are superior, and it’s a lot of fun to actually get statistical data to see how well you’re doing. Thanks for doing the research. It’s especially difficult to build up a strong following. Fortunately, Tweet Spinner is here to help. Tweet Spinner Feature Set Tweet Spinner features four main features.
    [Data, Research] It’s More About the Social Than It Is About the Media
    But it’s not really about the bits and bytes and data and Dick Costolo, is it? That’s the second most important “logy&# – the satisfaction of being able to interact with each other and with companies in a semi-human fashion (well documented in ExactTarget’s (client) Subscribers, Fans, & Followers research). Tweet Sure, the gadgets and gizmos and the apps and androids of social media make it more convenient for us to interact with one another, and with brands. It’s why exile used to be a punishment literally worse than death. etc.).
    [Data, Research] We still send Christmas cards. Why new tech doesn’t always kill old
    In an era of text messages, Tweets, emails and short videos,  research for the Royal Mail found that 78% of UK adults would be sending Christmas cards via the post, and each person will send an average of 17 cards. And this means that digital cannot be considered in isolation from these other channels; it’s about mixing the right data sets, skills and technologies in the way that will best achieve their objectives. I just posted my Christmas cards, and it turns out I’m not alone. Things become more complex.
    [Data, Research] FreshNetworks Blog: Top five posts in July
    Over the first few months of 2010 we conducted an in-depth review of the leading social media monitoring tools in conjunction with our sister company, FreshMinds Research. The Famecount dataset is, like much data, not perfect but it does highlight some surprises that we can all learn from. Image by TheTruthAbout… via Flickr. As a social media agency , FreshNetworks aims to bring you the best posts in social media, online communities, marketing and customer engagement online. In case you missed them, find below our top five posts in July. 1. What does this mean? Tweet This!
    [Data, Research] News Sites on the New Digg: Who is Active, Who is Gaining Followers?
    Here is the reported data on 30 media profiles, ranked by number of followers (as of today): Profile Followers Following Diggs by Publisher Comments by Publisher 1 The New York Times 10,225 4 65 1 2 The Wall Street Journal 9,546 15 281 1 3 BBC News 9,222 0 5,423 0 4 Time 7,842 964 6,289 29 5 Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk News Sites on the New Digg: Who is Active, Who is Gaining Followers? But how will users respond to the new format? Do they want to follow and interact with specific media sites? Congratulations!
    [Data, Research] The Five-Step Maturity Model for Building a Collaborative Organization
    In my book, The Collaborative Organization , I featured a maturity model that Chess Media Group created based on our client experience and research. At this stage organizations are spending more time researching and understanding what emergent collaboration is and how it can affect the business.  In fact, organizations here may start defining what this means and what it can look like. Employees share anecdotal and data-driven information about the benefits of emergent collaboration. These are: The unaware organization. The exploratory organization. The defined organization.
    [Data, Research] The Most Popular NFL Teams on Twitter and Facebook
    Capturing data on only “official” accounts and pages was actually somewhat difficult (I welcome corrections if I’ve missed any). The Most Popular NFL Teams on Twitter and Facebook: 2010 Season Pew Research News Survey: Findings on Search Engines, Social Networks and Twitter Why the News Business Isn’t Profitable Categories Public Relations Publishing SEO Social Media Popular Posts The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement? The San Diego Chargers lead the league with only 28K followers.
    [Data, Research] Empowering employees to be brand ambassadors #amplifyfest #DW24 #DigitalWorkplace
    Social technologies have revolutionized the modern workplace, providing employees with new communication and data sharing tools that allow them to collaborate and interact in exciting new ways. AFTERWORD by Kevin Randall, Vice President of Brand Strategy & Research at Movéo Integrated Branding, and journalist for The New York Times, The Economist and Vanity Fair. But while internal social adoption continues to grow, many organizations are still unsure how to best represent their brand in external social channels. The Important of Establishing Guardrails. Hope to see you there!
    [Data, Research] 3 Tips to Reach Generation Z on YouTube
    What’s more, they research their interests on YouTube and Google interchangeably, and they can sniff out a phony from a mile away. Fortunately, brands have access to more data than ever when they engage in the digital space. Use that data to your advantage by focusing on long-tail keywords, short-tail keywords, and topic verticals that connect your brand to the most specific audience possible. Few marketers would use the term “child’s play” to describe traditional marketing techniques. But with Generation Z — consumers born after 1990 — making up 25.9
    [Data, Research] 11 Lessons For Social Media's Future
    What are practices we’ve held in other disciplines – research, testing, communication, pilot programs – that we can adapt to social to increase its effectiveness? Likewise, “engagement&# is not a universal idea , so understanding what you want in terms of outcomes – sales, interactions, suggestions and feedback, referrals – and how that lines up with the unique profile of your community is super important, as is understanding how much time it takes to build momentum for new initiatives (and have enough good data to measure against). Too rigid?
    [Data, Research] Do you have confidence in your social media strategy?
    When I got an e-mail today with a copy of their about to be released research report called The State of Social Media for Business 2010. The chart below illustrates one of the more telling bits of data. One of the definite perks of being on the SmartBrief on Social Media's Advisory Board is that we get sneak peeks at some of their offerings. dove in to see nuggets I could find.  ( You can download the a summary report for yourself by clicking here.   You can purchase the full report here.). consider them “very revenue generating.”.  But.
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2011
    [Data, Research] Torbit Allows Anybody to Speed Up Their Website in Minutes
    In addition, research by Akamai shows that 40% of users leave websites if they take more than 2 seconds to load. All that data is then sent back to the user in a cached, very fast, format. For those unaware, I recently switched this blog from a self-hosted Wordpress instance to The reason: Blogger's 100% uptime reputation and near instantaneous response. More on that in another post. That's why I was also very excited when my friend Josh Fraser, founder of Eventvue , came to me with his next new project asking if I'd try it. seconds to load. That's 1/4 the time!
    [Data, Research] Successful Business Women Push Back
    Research in the book Pushback proves that a woman’s ability to push back has an astonishingly direct correlation to her success. Here’s what the book had to say: “What caught my attention most in analyzing my data was the answer to a numerical question. It’s not through an easy breezy time do you learn the hard lessons. It’s through those challenging moments where it takes everything you’ve got… And for many of us (stubborn folks like myself) the best way to learn is through trial and error. you can’t do that 2. One of worth.
    [Data, Research] Backup. Restore. Protect
    designed to promote safe and secure second copies of all of your data, and I was spending it reinstalling my operating system due to a malware infection. And incidentally, a new piece of research just published shows how easy it is to fall foul of a widespread problem – on average 2 of the top 25,000 websites in the world (ranked via Alexa) serve malware to visitors each day on average. It may have been April Fools Day on Sunday, but it was actually Saturday March 31 that held all the ironic humour for me this year. So a Restore/Re-Install was needed. Aaaaaaaaaargh. Buffer.
    [Data, Research] This Communication Plan Doesn’t Smell Like Christmas Cookies
    However, recent data from the Workshop’s global Awe and Wonder meter shows there has been a steady decline in enthusiasm for the holidays. Research and Analysis. The formal research showed that jarrers were dissatisfied with traditional forms of secular celebration and see gifts less as something special but as the completion of their order. Without the input of communicators and marketers  far and wide I fear Christmas may be doomed. Let me explain … The other night in a haze of nog and toddies I noticed that the table next to mine had elves – two of them. 
    [Data, Research] A Refreshing Checklist for Your Content and Social Media Marketing Strategy!
    The list of these simple phrases should be completed after a keyword research according to the industry. Though “free” is claimed as a powerful motivating word, the recent Inbound Marketing Agents research shows that “value at no cost” is a more effective phrasing. 20 Data-Backed Ways to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing [SlideShare]. research by HubSpot explains why you should put “guru” to your profile, stay active on Facebook on weekends, ask questions, use links for retweets, always stay positive, and many more. Stay tuned!
    [Data, Research] Resonance, Relationships & User Experience
    The reason this doesn't happen very often is that it requires proactive research on the part of a brand. Note: Considering the relationship spectrum doesn't require CRM data but when paired with a CRM strategy, relationship planning can reveal the secrets to communicating effectively utilizing the various data points.). I remember being 5 years old, sitting in front of the T.V. and listening to The Count on Sesame Street tell me that 1+2=3. It was the first time I remember thinking about the abstract concept of numbers. This is the equation I developed. planned experiences.
    [Data, Research] Our Dangerous Addiction to Social Media Case Studies
    ” As Tom Webster eloquently put it in his recent Blogworld keynote , when research wears the cloak of content marketing, it’s a recipe for the incurious to pull a fast one on the masses, disguising pointless data as gospel. Tom was referring to data-dredging and the spate of statistical “best practices” that bubble up in social media like something in Jed Clampett’s back yard. The two most important words in social media should be “so what?” It’s like Moses in the bullrushes but with “math” instead of blankets.
    [Data, Research] New Economies; May The Best Street Win
    In effect, I am rewarded for my size and quality of my social network.  I am rewarded for my ability to research in the Internet to find likely prospects who would seek to travel at a time savings.  I am rewarded for my knowledge, associations, professional skills, and ability to analyze data and organize people.   I am rewarded for finding arbitrage opportunities in an inefficient industry.  I buy low and sell high – I am a Capitalist. So why can’t we do what Wall Street does? How would this work? Calling all unemployed entrepreneurs .
    [Data, Research] What Twitter has Taught Us About Ourselves
    Perhaps users are getting bored of Twitter, but Twitter has taught us alot of things about the way we organise, communicate and participate. I don’t see it dying, Twitter for me, is simply a symbol of the desire for real-time communications. Twitter has Taught Us: Organisation The simplicity of Twitter’s categorisation can be split into two areas – Lists and HashTags. What this has taught the average user is that they can organise themselves within a fast moving environment simply by creating human bookmarks – Lists and simple tagging – Hashtags. Micro-what-ing?
    [Data, Research] Measuring Social Media ROI & Goal Conversions with Google Analytics 5
    Save your custom segment Click on the Preview Segment to ensure that your segment is pulling in the right data, and then click on Save Segment to save your changes. Seeing Your Social Media Goal Conversions and ROI Whenever you want to view data specifically related to your social media referrals, you can do so by clicking on Advanced Segments , checking the box next to your custom Social Media segment, and clicking Apply. Now you can go through all of your Analytics looking at only Social Media related data including your conversions. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Thanks!
    [Data, Research] Content Is No Longer King: Curation Is King
    See Also: THE MICROSOFT INVESTOR: Even With Impressive ROIC, Stock Might Reach New Lows Watch Out Data Hogs: Verizon To Join AT&T With Its Own Tiered Data Plans Foursquare Is Going To Tell You Where To Eat Pretty Soon "Content is King" -- no longer. They massive influx of consumer created crowd content shifts content from scarcity to abundance, and then to an overwhelming fire-hose of undifferentiated data. You didnt do research at all before posting this article Steven. more topics Enter you email address and zip code to set up customized email alerts. Im ready.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 2013
    [Data, Research] Fetching Friday – 20 Marketing Links
    Local Search: How to Rank on Google in 2013 [Survey] – It has some interesting data about what local search marketers are utilizing and discovering when it comes to local search results. The Shelf Life of Your Facebook Posts Is Shorter Than You Thought [Data] – A new study from Wisemetrics goes to show that the shelf life of your Facebook posts is shorter than you thought. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Content.
    [Data, Research] A Comparison of Social Advertising – Digg, Facebook, Reddit
    Sources [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ] [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ 2 ] + Own data Own Data Own Data Target Level Category Home (50 options) Any subreddit (hundreds) keyword targeting section targeting keyword targeting The data available on each online advertiser was sparse to say the least. In the end, we included some of our own data to give a more complete picture.Our assessment of the situation is as follows; – Most data we could find indicated that it is VERY expensive to advertise on Digg for the amount of click-through you get. 01% (.01% 01% – 5%) 6.49%.01%
    [Data, Research] Why Your Special Offer Isn’t
    Yes, I realize that there are research studies that show a big chunk of social media fans and followers do so to get access to special offers. But that data reflects a moment in time, a vestige of the era (soon to pass) before customers were besieged by invitations and offers and contests and social shopping deals and bit.lys. Social media and its impact on business only exists because of the larger trend of customer information and consequent choice making. Of course not. But now, thanks to the advent of the Web, and then social media, everyone is an informed consumer.
    [Data, Research] Day 3 of Enterprise 2.0: Race with the Machine #e2conf
    It would be easy to dedicate an entire book to Andrew’s teaching, but here, I’ll pull out a few highlights from his message: The Big Data Conundrum. Everyone seems fascinated by the world of big data, as some would say, the world is one big data problem, with social software acting as a feeder for big data. Our belief that we are experts and that, with data, we can become better over time is being put to the test – consider the Second Half of the Chessboard. Brought to you by @ScratchMM , the conference correspondent for Awareness, Inc. at E2.
    [Data, Research] Marketers, Let Your Egos Go
    You could practically hear the Chief Marketing Officer''s bodies hitting the floor in March of last year when the research firm Gartner reported that by 2017, a Chief Marketing Office will be spending more on IT than the Chief Information Officer. Data + Testing + Web + Mobile + Social + Local + Personalization = gold. We have consumers increasingly willing to share personal data, the technology to create hundreds of fast and easy to execute tests, and additional technology to manage the complexity of the media buy behind it and yet, we''re all still acting like Don Draper.
    [Data, Research] 3 Great Safe Alternatives to Guest Blogging
    Write an article, publish a study, do some research that no one else in your industry is going to do. Publish the data in a.PDF and then provide a useful amount of the results: let people pay for the full report or ask them to fill out a contact form to download. Guest blogging for SEO purposes started its downfall recently, especially with Google penalizing MyBlogGuest , and before that it was Google finding and penalizing advertorials. And before that, it was paid links in general. So, what’s the next best thing to guest blogging? Alternative One: Paid Media. Publish it.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 2015
    [Data, Research] Fetching Friday – 23 Posts on Marketing & Productivity
    Google Researchers Introduce System To Rank Web Pages On Facts, Not Links by Matt Mcgee. 7 SEO Strategies You Can’t be Without in 2015 by Mackensie Smith. How To Integrate Social and CRM Data to Improve Your Twitter and Facebook Ads by Nathan Mendenhall. Fetching Friday is back for week ten of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing. Four Ways to Increase Social Shares for your Website Content by Greg Miller. Search Engine Marketing. Productivity.
    [Data, Research] How to Build a Billion Dollar SEO Empire
    The data in the charts below was compiled from a combination of the data in Ahrefs and MajesticSEO. What I didn’t tell you earlier in this post is that from my vast research, in nearly all of the hugely popular search terms that RMN are ranking for, there’s a 3-5 page website on the first page of the Google results with just a few hundred backlinks. knew about the company already, but I had no idea about the scale in which they were absolutely annihilating their competitors. Billion dollars. Fiery Start That Pissed of All Their Competitors. And it was. Valpak.
    [Data, Research] The Content Hustler’s Playbook for Brands: 5 Steal-able Ideas
    Or maybe step two, because before you create content you should be researching audience trends through social media monitoring and Google’s keyword tools (and other sources of industry intelligence). Plus, it gets more brains on the case and more data in your hands. Data Rules Everything Around Marketers). Unless you’re living under a rock (or in an apartment without an internet connection, which sounds a lot worse) you’ve undoubtedly noticed the increasingly loud chorus of brand marketers, bloggers, and media pundits singing the praises of content marketing. Very meta.
    [Data, Research] Google+ Is it a Digital Disruption for CMOs?
    Daniel Charboneau, @dcharb10, Vice President Strategic Partnerships, Spigit – “Not yet, Google Plus has the potential to become a very disruptive force to the CMO.  If Google+ embraces its potential as an identity data provider, leverages the Angstro acquisition to deliver quality, context, and relevance in user’s streams, and provides a path beyond content to participation and engagement with brands.  That is very disturbing data. Google + or Google - ?  20 Experts Voice Their Opinions. Ford is Fully Engaged in the Business Beta. Dell is Engaged with Google+ Hangouts.
    [Data, Research] 5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics
    It also visualizes the data with a pretty pie chart. Instead of being able to view a trending topic chronologically, the program takes public tweet data and uses pattern based analytics to categorize trends within trends. have just started a new research campaign on the great tools to build off of and this is like walking into a Las Vegas casino and putting in a dollar in the first slot machine you see and the bells and whistles go off… JACKPOT!! Research Lists. People Recommended Mashable Staff More people. Jobs Join Mashable on Google+ Welcome to Mashable!
    [Data, Research] Get the Most Out of Twitter Hashtags
    Jennifer Lori, Because you don't have any linkable data on either of your posts, we cannot tell if you're for real or a spammer. link] WhatBradDidNext A step towards organising tweet data. Contact Us Submit News Contact Us Write for Us Spark of Genius Series Mashable | The Social Media Guide Social Media Mashable on Facebook Join Us! One of the most complex features of Twitter for new users to understand is the hashtag , a topic with a hash symbol (“#&# ) at the start to identify it. So how do you disseminate and make sense of all this hashtag madness? If you a.
    [Data, Research] What does the future hold for digital marketing? Top tweets from #FODM
    More data = better service #FODM — Econsultancy (@Econsultancy) June 19, 2014.  . Launching new businesses and products in a fast-paced, digital world is tough so market research is more important than ever. Effective market research needed as 3/4 businesses & 8/10 products fail says @hughcarling #FODM. June has been a busy month in the marketing world, packed full of conferences to help marketers understand emerging trends affecting the industry. But if you missed out, never fear. We’re kicking off with eConsultancy’s the Future of Digital Marketing.
    [Data, Research] Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb
    If you want to see more about what the Singaporean students are researching and learning, you can visit their wetpaint wiki at [link]. data portability. ReadWriteWeb. RWW Network. ReadWriteWeb. ReadWriteTalk. Last100. AltSearchEngines. About. Subscribe. Contact. Advertise. RWW Daily by Email. RWW Weekly Wrap-up. Web Apps. Trends. Google. Microsoft. Facebook. Archives. Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media. Written by Sarah Perez / May 21, 2008 7:00 AM. / 25 Comments. Social media. Web 2.0. You know what these things are and you take advantage of them every day on the net.
    [Data, Research] 25 LinkedIn Case Studies for Successful Professionals
    Frank Coletta, CEO at Mobile Advanced Care in Brazil, uses LinkedIn to research professionals before meeting with them. 12.  Ed Campana uses LinkedIn to show recruiters how they can earn credibility with hiring managers by illustrating the data behind their searches.  He finds that he uncovers important insights that he would have otherwise not known. 2. James Filbird in China gets 75% of his business from LinkedIn. He has found that the quality of information, people and tools available on LinkedIn surpass all other social networking sites in terms of business. from ). 7.
    [Data, Research] Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!
    Through case studies, real-world research, and client examples, this book highlights how to harness their energy and insights. Maddie and Jamie provide a well researched, insightful and thought provoking exploration into what it might take to bridge the gap between current work modalities and future norms and behavior patterns. Robert Berkman, Faculty, School of Media Studies, the New School for Public Engagement and author of Find it Fast: Extracting Expert Information from Social Networks, Big Data, Tweets, and More. The pre-order page on Amazon is now live! Daniel H.
    [Data, Research] What to Look For When Hiring a Community Manager
    Mashable | The Social Media Guide Viral Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video About Mashable Company About Us Advertise Submit News Contact Us Announcements Resources Guidebooks Lists How To Trending Twitter List Directory Mashable Awards Subscriptions Partners W3 EDGE Rackspace Concentric Sky DynDNS Intridea Welcome to Mashable! Have an account? He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Organic’s industry-leading blog Threeminds , which features forward thinking articles on digital marketing. Do You Need A Community Manager? Or is your campaign focused on educating consumers?
    [Data, Research] 5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Boost Press Release Results
    Including a relevant infographic with your press release is a fantastic way to give media and news outlets a visual to go with your story, plus it takes advantage of one of the most popular ways to share data. Use Pinterest for Free Market Research. Pinterest is taking over social media like a tsunami of college students on a pizza delivery guy. Why not? It’s fun, highly addictive and – newly announced as the 3rd most popular social network in the World – it’s creeping up on Facebook with 11+ million users. Try these tactics. 1. Create a Pinterest Newsroom.
    [Data, Research] Messengers of Trust: Part II
    The Why Companies will empower their employees to develop real-time relationships with customers on the Web because, despite the marvels of digital data organization and presentation capabilities, customers (humans) are organic beings, not machines, and still long for human contact in many buying situations. Rather, it inspired companies to research how they could replicate success through automation. In Part II it is my intention explain the why. In Part III I will discuss the how. In the offline world humans are the messengers of trust. Anything less than human is inhuman.
    [Data, Research] 10 Quotes on the Apple iPad and the Business of News
    Some people might subscribe to it all by itself.&# - Luke Hayman , Five Ways the iPad Will Change Magazine Design “One sticking point for publishers has been whether they will have direct access to customer data, which they would use to sell renewals or related magazines and to tell their advertisers about their audience. You can view this in the spirit of Robert Scoble’s To create or curate? , or catch on that I’m on a project deadline and don’t have time to contribute my own thoughts. Yet they will read 1,000-page novels on their Kindles. Possibly. Save the media?
    [Data, Research] When Can CI Professionals Actually Get to Deliver Customer Intelligence?
    while back, I recall reading a report by Forrester Research. The survey showed that CI professionals continue to focus primarily on data integration, when their primary charter is to deliver insights. She said, “I have to spend 80% of my job getting the data ready for analytics instead of coming up with great new insights.” ”   Integrated customer data is critical to delivering insightful analyses, yet many respondents seem to continue to get stuck in the data integration process. Martha Bush. So what’s the holdup? That bears repeating. 
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2013
    [Data, Research] Popup Opt-in Forms: Case Studies, WordPress Plugins, and Alternatives
    In this post, I’m going to share my research into popup opt-in forms: who’s using them, case studies, WordPress plugins, and the alternatives for building your mailing list. My Data Shows Email Popups Work and Don’t Hurt (2012) – Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist for HubSpot, found that the signup rate doubled with the popup and there was an insignificant change to bounce rate. It’s been almost three years since I first wrote about popup opt-in forms on Kikolani. Back then, I was definitely not a fan. The times have changed though. Social Media Examiner.
    [Data, Research] Government Use of Social Media - "In Addition to," Not "In Lieu of.
    gov20 , internet , offline , online , opengov , pew , research , social media , survey , web20 This post was written by: sradick - who has written 82 posts on Social Media Strategery. Contact the author [link] Pew Internet’s “Government Online&# Link Round-Up « Government 2.0 [.] to Internet for government data, policy and services&# by Alex Howard at O’Reilly Radar Government Use of Social Media – “In Addition to,” Not “In Lieu of” by Steve [.] Social media in a nutshell: data-driven solutions that encourage participation and enhance customer service.
    [Data, Research] Advice for a New Internet Marketer (or How to Spot Internet.
    Not just a number cruncher but someone who can analyze Google Analytics data and other data to suggest profitable solutions. Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Internet , Marketing , Opinion , Search Engine Optimization > Advice for a New Internet Marketer (or How to Spot Internet Marketing Snake Oil) Advice for a New Internet Marketer (or How to Spot Internet Marketing Snake Oil) by Tamar Weinberg on March 10, 2010 Share I met her during my freshman year of college, though she was two years my senior. At all. Woohoo!
    [Data, Research] The Small Business Toolkit for the Social Customer
    You need something that stores all of your customer (and other) data, and e-mail is not going to cut it.  A CRM system will allow you to set up tasks, find all of your account information, follow up with prospects, build a pipeline, and much more. If I were you, I’d start planning and researching various vendors and start making the investment. decided to put together this little social customer toolkit to help small businesses get started with engaging the social customer. Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Social Channels. mail Marketing. Monitoring Solution.
    [Data, Research] 55 Fresh Ideas for Your Christmas Newsletter
    The data-driven marketers at  Outbrain report that using convenience themed words in email subject lines, like “quick” and “trick” will increase open rates. 4. Researchers have found that including video content in Christmas newsletters can increase open rates by 27%! 7. Image source. The winter holiday season means really, really big business. December consumer shopping will exceed  $469 billion dollars this year. In In fact, the average American  spends nearly $800 just on gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. Gift Guides. Templates or Tools. Be Nice.
    [Data, Research] Internet resources on information overload and productivity | ManagingIO
    NY times article pointing to the $650 billion cost estimate of information overload published by a US research firm. Data smog: newest culpri t in brain drain - Psychologists also say IO is bad. Framework for Information Overload Research in Organization s (pdf) - How to analyze IO in organisations. ManagingIO. Ideas and trends to tackle information overload. Skip to Content Home Login. Options: Normal Large. About. Entries RSS. Comments RSS. Internet resources on information overload and productivity. Posted by: Nicolas in: Uncategorized. Hereâ??s ;-).
    [Data, Research] Where The Boys (And Girls) Are
    It's going to be a fast and exponential shift (and yes, I realize that this statement flies in the face of some of the biggest research companies out there). The good news is that these bets have some data and trends that come along with them (a couple of aces up the old sleeve, to go along with that gambling analogy). What we actually see beyond a "snapshot in time" of data is, still, a massive and untapped opportunity. In schizophrenic times, there's a good chance you'll see some schizophrenic thinking. Does this remove credibility from the Blogger? Hardly.
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 2011
    [Data, Research] Social Media puts your business at risk! Are you prepared?
    The marketing technology company Alterian found out that 80% of companies struggle to analyze their social media data. You save time and money for research and you can bring custom tailored products and services to your audience much faster than your competition! As social media marketing is estimated to increase in the next twelve months by up to 25% companies should have clear how the online – social media conversation can impact their brand. How about your business? Are you monitoring social media to know what conversation is going on about your company? Bad news spread faster.
    [Data, Research] ANNOUNCEMENT: @CKBurgess to speak at #AmplifyFest 2015 @maverickwoman #SocBiz
    Human Centric Design | Big Data | Open Source | Crowdfunding | Cloud Computing |Embracing Disruption | Internet of Things | Industries of the Future. Storytelling| Native Advertising | Behavioral Economics | The Silver Dollar | Smart Devices| Data vs. Privacy | User Experience | Youth. AFTERWORD by Kevin Randall, Vice President of Brand Strategy & Research at Movéo Integrated Branding, and journalist for The New York Times, The Economist and Vanity Fair. Register for the 2015 Amplify Festival here ! You can read the full interview here. June can’t come soon enough!
    [Data, Research] Digital: a Core Part of the Marketers Tool Kit
    In a recent Forrester Research report, “The CMO’s Role in Technology Decisions,” David Cooperstein and Lisa Bradner state: “As technology becomes more intertwined with marketing efforts, marketing leaders must decide what their role should be in technology purchase decisions.”. The Forrester research suggests that there are three distinct roles that marketing leaders may play in technology decisions :  tech advocate, tech arbitrator, and tech activator. The CMO’s Role in Technology Decisions:  Forrester Research. In the Web 2.0
    [Data, Research] Creating categories and definitions by doing, not debating
    provide research for my own projects. provide research for other people. Put stuff out there and look at the response, using the wealth of data that is available and complimenting it with the right research. I just read a post by Peep Laja which talked about the old advice of inventing a new category to be able to charge more for your products than just slotting into a predefined definition, followed by a post by Neville Hobson on an attempt to redefine what PR means. When I try and define what I do for people, it comes out as: I write for my own projects. Buffer.
    [Data, Research] How Important are Keywords in 2015?
    If you stuffed your site, its meta data, and HTML tags with enough keywords, it was enough to win the battle against Google. By marrying the fundamentals of content marketing to the science of keyword research, you will be doing your site a huge SEO favor. With every passing year, SEO moves further away from the realm of clear and simple guidelines to the world of blurry indicators and stringent punishments for perceived transgressions. It was simple to do and easy to understand, albeit not the most ethical of practices. Location, Location, Location. Image via Moz.
    [Data, Research] Micro Persuasion: Turn Gmail Into Your Personal Nerve Center
    Data Shows English Blogosphere Has Peaked » Sunday, February 25, 2007. Some enterprising folks have taken data feeds from the BBC and CNN and ported them to Twitter. Im sure everyone has at sometime used some web-based email as a method of either moving data or otherwise storing something, by simply sending a message to yoursel. Or, what if hackers broke into Googles data which is archived of all this personal information. I was using Gmail as a repository of site logings, passwords etc. but recently Ive removed the data (though of course Google has backups).
    [Data, Research] Does a Social Score Make a CMO?
    One would hope Forbes would insist authors provide information sources and research criteria, even when it’s published under the guise of a blog. CMOs will need to comprehend how big data creates behavioral media customized to the one or the few. A CMO’s job is not to be a social media expert. A recent infographic published on a Forbes blog ranks the top 20 Fortune 100 CMOs based on social scoring. The graphic poses an interesting question: Should CMOs be judged by their individual social media prowess? More on this tomorrow. The Nihilistic Influencer Conversation.
    [Data, Research] Should You Outsource Your Social Media Efforts?
    Together, these two data points underscore a growing need for social media support among small businesses.   But hiring a social media consultant may not be as straightforward as hiring other types of professional service providers, such as a web designer or an accountant. For Have an account? Sign in All Social Media Tech & Gadgets Business & Marketing Video Mobile Dev & Design Media Social Good Startups Explore Classifieds ); // ); // Trending Stories YouTube Video of the Day: Is David Beckham’s Pepsi Clip Real or Fake? How well is your social media working today?
    [Data, Research] Big Brother is Watching You.
    Market research". " The best way to learn about how people buy is to watch them whilst they are shopping.look at the behaviours.look at who makes the decision.look at what creates impact to them". I was reminded of that through social media.because over 30 years later social media gives us the chance to know EVERYTHING about our potential customers. Good - convenience and detailed data. Bad - you lose the emotions and how they shop  and you can forget that data is a real person. looked at me and said. People are not clicks.they are balls of emotion!
    [Data, Research] Statistics on Advertising during a Recession
    But here is some real data that you can use to illustrate why that is a bad idea. McGraw-Hill Research study of over 600 Businesses found that: 1981-1982 - business that maintained or increased their ad spend during this time Averaged higher sales growth during the recession and in the following 3 years! I think Seth Godin outlined Marketing's Catch 22 best in his book The Purple Cow - (and I am paraphrasing here) - when times are tough the tendency is to conserve capital vs. when times are good the tendency is to not be aggressive. because everyone has increase ad spending!
    [Data, Research] “Super Indexing Sunday” Breaks World Record With 2 Million Records Indexed in a Day
    For those unfamiliar with Family History or Genealogy research, “Indexing&# is the process of taking scanned in images and putting them in searchable, text form that others can easily find. If these types of efforts continue, is going to have no problem growing by almost half its size in indexed records for the year.  As the world’s largest database for genealogical information, I think they could easily say that they could compete for the title of one of the largest databases of individual data in the world.  To me, this makes one Web 2.0
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